Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, May 29, 1879, Image 1

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    &JrA Stock oi' Iiev iresii tioous is always- appreciated wy tiie People, fto Old Siiop Wora shoddy .' Goods in Our Stock, Wescott & Towcii. TinT kit. Mali on the i'ost will invite yoii in ,4idc.p.
published Vi:i:v thuksday
Ob Vlrws St., One Clock North of Main,
Corner of FifUi Street.
A lVL)tTIMl Jt A T I: N
.r.v.T. I 1 w.
2 w
S w. 1 in. 3 in. I 6 t. 1 yr
1 N l! . . '! V 1 M' S2 r.,i!i!2 Ml.?.', fK M WiJ.Jtf! (i
iKtv.. 1 'I' u no 2 in not in
:is'ir.. 2iki 2 75 -I m i 471: K (to I l.'t not ?n ul
'it'll.. iSC-to 8:' 10 '; (k,1 2i hi) 2 ix)
'i Oil. . I X Ml! 1-' (X1: 1 , (ill IX CO' 2", 0'lj 4'l (HI
1 !... I i.'i cVi 1" 1111, 21 ( ii -i mi; 4.) (; GO tH
, "'
i -1
(TERMS: $2.00 a Year.
lAM Advertising bills etuc fiuarlsily.
5 .r-Tr:ni'!:-;-nt aJTerUsemcnls must b
for In advance.
Terms, in Advance :
fines rny, on? year
One coj y. six months
")nj copy, throe mouths
J nni roj . (,f t!:e IlFi:Ar.-i f .r s,l at
.1. mi2,;i!. tlio IVi-toilici; irv !( (iMt,
1 1
? :
. 1
ft f
National Bank
JOIIS riT7-.Klt.LI
K. I iv hi.
A. W. Mi I. M c.Hl.IX...
iON II O l'.ol KKK
';ishiiT. (.';iJi!T.
This r.:mk l-i now oM'ii fr lnirif rit their
ucw rourii. onrivr M;mi uml Sixth st ttts, anil
Iin-j'.in-d to transact a j;riiiral
Sick, Bonds, Gold, Government and Local
l'ejK!fitv lli-re i red and luff rest Allow
ed on Time Ctrtijbatts.
dkafts ?DTZjrvrjr1
AaJ.l.l'J in any part of the Unite. 1 .statet ami
!u tl.e rrin-iiial Towns ami fit its
tyl Kin i,".
ac "roil tiic
Inman Line and Allan Line
Person wishing to hiin; out their fjii'U'ls from
Eii;i;n' ran
Tkroush to (' 1 a 1 1 s m o u t Ii .
dealer in
to be
Notions, Queenswaro,
j.iul iii faet ovorytbins call lor in
the line of
General Merchandise.
A.i kimls of ooiilitry nodine takcrii in rx
e!iii:u'i! lui goods.
O -i! '.el ill
b a? o vss,
w Lrr jKii at-j:
tve, r ri .. i n'.
Vi.,; Dia East of t'.ie Pct-or:ii
Practical Workers in
heft iiiox, z::;c, r.v. j:i:a-
Z'Ell V, et c, tt '-.
f ar-r.' a' -' tL:'-pt . i !l anf. Soft
I'uini s, Class I'iiM-s ami l'it'.ings.
0O."J1j stoves,
Woed a:.:1. Cnai Stoves f ,r
1IEAT1: Oil C00KIN(S,
Always on Hand,
r'vry v niotv of Tin. s;eet Iron, ami Zinc
tjr f.v fiJi'Tii 1 n p.'.i .'..'. 1 a " .'v;
i-t.-i'-v ihiv'x.
IX SflBit VSIiA.
Great Advantages to Buyers
IX is;;.
Ten Yearn Credit ett C 2)rr cent lute rest.
S'.c Ye :rs Cndtt ul G ) e-nt Interest,
and 20jcr re id- Pis- mint.
Oter Liberal Discount Vnv a1i
Itholiatc 0:1 I'nr't ami l're;;rlit,
ivnd l'reiiiii:ii) lor Iiiiprovc
ioc;if P.iiiit hlets and Map, containing fall partic
tiiars w iii l.e in e to ai:) part of the !
mi on a !!; li :it ion to
I N K.lll't A .-I. A.
A. Sclilcgol & Bro.,
Manuf utiirvis i f
jhnte cig-ars,
And dealer.-, iu
T 0 15 ACCO'S.
Special P.KAN I S and si.s of C I G A 1 ! S made to
older, and satisfaction guaranteed." Chjar
clippings .old for smoking tobacco.
Haiti St. one dooi west of Saunders House.
Excelsior Barber Shop.
Hain Street, rioite SenrtiJers House.
Espeeml attenGc-i.-gi-?1, t
err ivn err Iinriw o t-s..' i AAi L.l lUt). h, OhNTfc, j
....1 .. 1. ........ ;.. .. 1
Dr.XTI.ST. and Hnnia palhio I'liy-ii-ian. Of
fice roriK-r Mam ainl r.lh st's., over lleroM's
store, l'lattsniimtli. Nel. 2ly
ATTOItXJ.YAT LAW. fratlcos in Saun-dei-M
ami Cass C'ouutii-s. Ashland, Neblaska.
It. It. 1VIM)II All,
ATTHUNT.V AT I..WV, I' tsmont h. Xfb. Of-lUc-Krunl
ilui'iu over Chapman A- Smith's
1 rtijr Stni '-. 4:iiy
Jt. 1C. MVlXtiSTUX, 31. I,
OFFICE MOCKS, from 10 a. 111., to 2 p. m.
Exaii'inii: Siiiiicon for I'. S. IVnsion.
I'KAf'TISING TIIVSICIAX. will atteDi rails
at all hours, riijrlit or clay, l'lattsmonth. e-
rn.ska. Oli'n-e in t haiimaii cc Smith's Drn
storr. 21y
AITOKN'K V AT LAW anil Ileal Kstate Bro
ker. Special atir-nl.on mveii to Collections
and a'l matters a tic rtimj tl'.e title t real estate.
OHii-e on 2.1 Iluor, over I'ost Uliice. i'lutlsinouth,
c-l raska. 40 I.
jA3ii-:s 1:. .flOKKISO.V.
ATTOUNKY AT LAW. Will praetic-p in Cass
niiil ailjnii'.iiiX Counties ; t-'ives s; ml attention
to ciill.-ciinns ami attracts ,,f t it 1-. ittice with
Geo. S. Smith, i'it','elaul Uloek, I'l.ltlsmonl h,
Nebraska. " lTyl
i. 11. t iii:s:i,f.i: a co.
LAW tirriCJi. l;, ai I. taie. Fire and Lifeln
sur.n.ei; As'i nis, I hitisinnutli. Nc lra.ska. Col
ic -T'r-. tax -pavem. Have a com; !ete ab"traet
c.ft:;iis. i;ny "and sell real estate, negotiate
loans. M'. I5yl
.5. if. 11 A t.l,. .'I. I.
OFFICE il!i !r. Livingston Sontli Side of
Main S'lei t. !ictwceni;ik mid 7th sticets. Will
aileiri c alls pi oiiii.tly. 4ty 1
ii AV. l'l,I TT!:it,
5IaS tsmcMit li. Xcliraska.
Office on Main Street over T. Vt. S'.uyork's
Fi;ri.n me Store. 3 My
JiA5I. ?I. cl'JI AJ'MAX,
And Solicitor in Chancery. Office in Fit7.?er
1 iyl l'l. AT'l S.'-Ic 1 t'TI I, NEP..
I). It. W!l KRI.KU,
i. sri'NK.
I'lattissuouth Xfbi-asUa.
c ::aiic.j;s n"Ai:::..
Tonsorial Artist.
Place of l,t;sfii"srt 011 Mh'ti St.. I ctvceil 4th
; I r i . .! 11 ici.s. Sii.imi'oollij, Shaii:y:, cllil
iii 1 :i 's hair cm ! iiu. c lc. c ic. 1 '.'!'
.. J. I21HOFF, - - - Vrourutnr.
1 Pi t ki.ou n ali i mot pop' Laadlord
in tl.e .stale. .M..i.. .-: i'i ai me 1 oaiiMciviul.
LEXilob'F tf- i;(f.y;;s.
, i , "! Ar xi
1 : e c'nx-r of t !
:ii:ai'ii-.j H-;:sc. V.'c
Beer, Win e3, Liouois&Cigai.
C:'l!i'.t (.: :.:: :" -,:i if -ml.
7 . .n. O'JlEh'OIlY, - - - Fiopritt ir.
I.oe.uioti Cc t !;:;l. Oond Sample K00111..
E .! :ttte.:'.i-:n p. id to icsts. 4";:irt
Pi. AT Til. ..... N'KII
occ i) ev rA Yr:i!0Ti-7L"r
i -1 ; r: mo n t, n i-: i i 1 : a s k a.,
FHAXK FA II'.' ELL - - - Prop.
Good rooms. 00;: board, and e very thinjj in
aj.plc oi order. the (' :: U-ntal when
Villi vi-it Fre;f.ont. Mtf
I'LA'fT v i-1!. Til, Xl'.ii.
C. IIYAVA., - Irossslor.
Flour, Ciiii :--al d- Iid
AIw-.ivs en l:'tid si!,d for -:!'; at pi -a est cash
I oi ii'i s. 'i In-fi-l 11 :c.s ni id to!- Wncvit ami
Cc-in. atlep.lion lt o c ii-toiu work.
pi. -.7 : ! a 1 :!. 1 r...
U'-pnircr .'i'-n.i Fuji. fx, P'd.hrs,
.V .'" I (J; i;t Jit' 11
c;as ami nteam i'ii'Ti-:t;s.
t'rouv':t Ir ci !':.'. Fere.- an. 1 F.if: Pipes. Steam
..ill S: . 1 - ;.' v e Gov ertioi's. ami all
khiesot i';iss l";-,;ine I" i i : 1 r.;;s,
H-p-aired on -'ici'l noli
FAD ?.t
Src-i-cssor to
. t 1115 IT I
k 1KJ Lit
J 1 1. UilA ii Ji,
-;!cr in
iT.iirr m i i:i y:' . sn.i's. ron.yr auti-
ff.ys. r.HMS A- OL.V. LAMPS ,r,ld
! r.A m r ( tons, sr.'.rpexyiiv. foyyyc-
TioSyUILS, 1 I'.lA ri li. 7C. I US, Ac. ions Carefully Comoa nlcd day or
n:;!:!. l.'eni.-m'i.-r the j. lace, .1 ;;.- h ui
"jloot ,v Ma c' & liny S'.o-e.
AYcej-.ii? AVatcr, - rVt-lr:iIiR. V.u
Till. IftlLNi) of all::
"1 no ar-tn lire ; Hollo way's Pi. is gave me
a In-: It y op.c "'
" Vinir Pii'.s are t'i'ii veil ens."
"1 scn,l for another bo-x ai. ! kc: p tl.em iu the
"in . II'!o av l-.::s r-ired mv he:i lac ':e that
wa- -hroaic."
j "I ;:lTe otic of Vo ir Pills to mv babe . V.ol
i er e i.iiiiI.ik 1 !, o; 1 le dear i. ot v e il j,, ;. ,i .-, y.
,'iv i::iii-ea hi ;i i,..rii:u' is rmv caied.
"Yonr!..,x i !'.,;;:. v.c.v 's ointii'ci.t .-iircd mi
of ao.-.-s in ?i.. .,-:,! I' M'lia.- of vciir
Omfai't.t l-e'ii:ml thecal--, and iii noi-c' ha
li li.
' .-!.! me two b- s; 1 v.;.c f.-r a poor
-I ,:.y T.,M- a dollar; yo t price centf but
the moo '. in" ! i.-.e is -.viiali a eoll.i , .'
"Si i:d me live boxes l your rii:."
"Let me have tliiec b -v. - of jour Pill l,y ri.
ti:;n mad. lor Cbills and I', v -r.''
1 iiave over 200 sn-li ! i onoiiiafs ai thee
Imt w ai.t of s;tc-e compels me to conclude.
For Cutaneous Disorders,
And all eruptions i f tile t'd- Oiiiiiiie?t is
mo-t inva' !t does not heal externally
alone. I...1 pcin: 1 ai i s v-i'li tl-c nno, st .iieiiing
effects to tin.- very root vt the evii.
Possessed of t';i- KEMED V. '"very Man maybe
his own Doctor. It t:..' v be ruM-ad into iiie
system, ui as to tench any internal complaint :
bv lhese means if cures ;" i.;esor Cleers'iu the
Til KO.VT, STOMACH. LIN El:. lTst-:. r otli
er parts. It is mi I nta 1 :b!e Kemed v for PAD
LEGS. PAD p.K EASTS, C.mtraetcit or Stiff
Joints. ccl'I, KHEUMATiSM, and all Skin
iMi-fli-.TANT CAfTiov. None are genuine
unless t In- so-na! ore of J. Havuoc k. as .-cent
f"r the l.'niti-l s;,f.,, snrrouuds c;,eti box of
l-iils nn.l oitm.,,t. P.ox-s;l! 20 c, tus, r,2 cents.
ami each.
I Tln'iv i . c otisi.Ien.i.l.
saving bv taKio
'in- -r r -1 . it . ?
stale 'JJireclory.
A. S. PADDOCK. C. S. Senator, ppatriec.
ALYIN SACMiKltS. I. S. Senator, Omaha,
THUS. .1. MA.IoPS, Leprcseiitative. Peru.
ALPINCS NANt'K, Goverfior, Lincoln.
S. .1. ALEXANDER. Sec-rel a rv of State.
V. W. LEI DTK E, Auditor. Lincoln.
(L M. HA P I I. KI T, Treasurer. Lincoln.
S. it. Thompson, Supt. Public Instruction.
K. M. DAVIS, Land Commi.-fioiier.
'. J. DILWOC'I II. Attorney General.
KEY. C. G. HAI.'I.'IS. Chaplain of Penitentiary.
Id;. II. P. MATTHEWSON, Supt. Hospital for
. the Insane.
Supreme Court.
.S. MAXWELL. Chief Justice, Fremont.
GE . I;. LA K K. malia.
AMASA COlJli, Lincoln.
tecourt Judicial District.
S. P.. POT'ND. Jiidae, Lincoln.
.1. C. WATSON, Prosi-cntinn-Att'y. Neb. Citv.
AV. L. WELLS, Clerk Dint. Court, l'lattsmonth.
County ZJirectory.
A. N. SPI.LIYAN, County Judge.
.1. D. Tl'TT. Counl v lelK.
J. M. PATTElisc ,', County Treasurer.
It. W. HYUKS. Sheriff.
1. W. FA II! FIELD. Surveyor.
1IFNPY Wof.FE. Liberty Precinc t.
JAMES Cl.'WVl oKD. South P.encl Precinct.
SAM E lilCilAUDSON. Mt. l'leasant l'reulnct.
City 7Jirectorj;
J. W. JOHNSON, Mavor.
J. M. i'A I I EPSON, Treasurer.
J. D. SIMPSON. City Clerk.
P. 15. Ml UPHY.Citv Marshal.
WM. L. ELLS. Chief of Flic Dept.
c: n 1 13! t.s.
1st Vvard-.I. PEPPEltp.EKc:, Y. V. LFONAP.I).
2d Ward G. W. FA1KF1ELD, J. Y. WECK-
4th Ward P. .M CALLAN. E. S. SHAKE.
7WAt-JN'0. W. ?IA1.'SHALL.
B. & M. R. R,.Time Table.
Tahimj FJ-evt Mety 4, 1879.
Leaves 7 :(' a. m. Arrives S !. a. in.
" 3 :5' p. 111. " 4 :5j p. m.
Leaves 9 :10 a. m. An ives lo :t,i a. m.
" . 0 :eo p. m. ' T :io p.. m.
i on THE AY EST.
Iea vi s Plattsmoii! h 3 :4" a. m. Anives Lin
coln. 12 -!.' p. in. ; Arrive.-- Iveatuey, 7: i p. in.
Freight leaves j :no a. m. Ar. Lincoln 2 :.V p.m.
FitiJM Tin; WEST.
Leaves Kearney, ( :50 a. m. Leaves Lincoln,
1 .30 p. m. Arrives Piattsmouth. 4 :2o p. m
Freight h aves Lincoln 11 :4; a. 1.1. Arrives
Pia'.tiiMoi.ih, 4 :.'' p. in.
Express. 6 :15 a. m.
l'asser.i-r, (train eacli day 4 :2C p. in., except
Satuiday. Every third Saturday a train con
nects at the usual nm.
K. V. K. Ii. r'Ime Talilo.
iTahinu KJcet Smuhiil. Airc.' 2.'S, 1370.
SMlll. I
.r. !
ti :27 1
c: :,s j
7 :25 I
7 :
s a'i)
s ;", '
ti :ln i
J ;..".im
l'l. I E GILL.
LED ICl f).
' 1 ; i i: 1 ( N.
Fi'.A : K 1.1 N.
p.;. i ;om i :
i 'hi;tii.
I 8 :;,."am
j 8:02
7 :40
' C ::io
ii :ii)
' r -.::
j 5:2.-.
5:1 Cam
v. s., .n. . ii. rs. tiis: Tin 2.2:
V. i.i WAKD.
E;v:s Mail.
Leave cb'a . -o l'i to r ipai
Me:: ; 1 aspin I t.'sini
" Gal. ,,:, - ; 4 ".."pai .ri .':i;m
1 i-:' i i u . n 1 -i'.'iii-x s Man:
" l.'.ii.:' .i:i M "";in 11
t h i: i; ::i 1 i al l 2 l." piii
" C"Iiim 4' i:.i r 1 ! !il
lo il c i.i k 7 ! : in 8 j ; m
Air. 1 l.iltsjau-itis . U2'iam,
F.-tpss Mail.
I.e'ive PI.o t -I'lotHli :: ."'iipm " "amn
;;.m1 ' ).. ;; oopm s
' Cie.ton pi .-.;a ii i U l.",am
Cii:.! 'i":i 12 ."m 2 I'pi.i
0;iu:uva a io-m iapm
P.mlin'tton c; v.tjai l ;p:n
" Gch-sliiii j; .. .- iuu li i. .'Jim
-ii.'.ot.i 12 t'plll a ie.Mll
Arriv hiea.o .;:;np!ii: 7 oeam
ON LY 27 HOj:.S To St. LGFiS bv the new
Pol I E ji:! i pe: ; d v: i MON.MOL'TII. l'CI.L
P.iirli.igtoii to St. I.iiis without chan.ue.
M.. you arrive- in Sr. I.oi'lS theuext eveningat
K :2( and h'avimj St. Louis at s :.i) a. m.. you ar
rive in i ! i: i - inoiit li 9 :-'' t lie next inoi nii;ir.
Coupon Tickets for sale for all points North,
South, Fast and
D. W. HITCHCOCK. Ticket Agent.
Co n. Western IV ss. Agent.
J. M. l'.F.' il r t. Ajent. l'lattsmonth.
:- :
. : a ,
r. s.
Pa fore iTecidlng what Meat Market von are gr
1ns to patronie during IS7:. call in and see
M.iin St.. PlattMiic.uth. Neb.,
Who is on dec 1: v ith nice i:.uts and Steaks.
Irish FIhi. I'cef. Imk. Veal. Mutton,
I'ouli ry, everv thing in I m line.
Prh-ct a.i L,r a H e f.u ; l, ;-c iinl
r I ir(-e n;.,. ,.
,;'y Proprietors.
Ifeirnrss Man 'furtunrs,
and all kinds of harness stock, constantly on
Kemeniher the place opposite E. G. Dovev's
0:1 Lower Mairi Stii-i-t.
ZTllF.iajTT f- MILLED: ,
The Fanner's "Wife.
tJp with the birds In the early morning:
The dewdrop glows like a precious Rem ;
Ecautiful tints In the skies are dawning,
But she's never a moment to look at tliera.
The men are wnntin.:; their breakfast early,
She must not linger, she lnut nut wait ;
For words that are sharp and looks that are
Are what men give them when meals are late.
Oh, plorious colors the clouds are turning.
If she would b'.it look over hills and trees ;
But here are the cJLhei and here is the ctiuru-
Those things' must always yl.tld to these.
The world is filled with the wine of beauty,
If she could pauS'i and drink it in ;
Eut pleasure, she fays, must wait for duty
Neglected work Is committed sin.
The day grows hot and the fcnndsgrow weary ;
Oil, for an hour to cool her head
Oat with the birds in the v lads so cheer) 1
Hut she iiiisst gxt dinner and bake the bread.
The busy men in the l.ny fli ld working-,
If they saw her sitting with Idle hand,
Would think her lai'y, and cull it .shirking-,
Aijd she could never make them understand.
They do not know thjt the heait wit'ain her
Hungers for beauty and things sublime ;
They only know Unit they want their dinner
Plenty of it and Just "on time."
And after the sweeping and churning and bak
ing And dinner dishes are all put by,
Bhe sits and sews, though her head Is aching,
Till time f jr supper .nd "chores" draw d:k'.i.
Her boys at school must look like others,
She says, as she patches their frocks and hose ;
For tUo world D quick to censure mothers
For the least neglect of children's clothes.
Iler husband comes from field of labor,
He gives no piaise to his weiiry wife.
She's done no more than has her neighbor ;
Tis the lot of all iu country life.
But after the ttnfe and weary tussle
With life is done, and she lies at rest,
The nation's brain and heart and muscle
Her sous and dal.ieis shail call her blest.
Aial I think !he sweetest joys of Heaven,
The laiest bliss of eternal life,
And the fairest crow n of all will be given
Unto the w ay-worn farmer's w ife.
California Farmer.
Joel Newman clcc-MoJ that he could not
be a farmer. His father was ck-votcd to
iigricultual puiauita. and beemtd to like
the busiuess; but t!iat was n roason why
lie (Joclj should adc; t that blanch of
industry as-a icn. I lo tispired to
tomcthiug higher, rcgaicliug all ordinary
manual labor mititel y below his consider
ation. At the age of seventeen. Joel con
cluded to choose a iirofcssion, and con
sumed the remaining years of Ids minor
ity in determining what it should be.
Oa the very day that he was twenty-o:;-?
he decid-d that all im-io! taut cjiu-s-tiuu,
and soiemnly consecrated himself to
the healing art. This Avas certainly an
era in his existence, and destined to ex
ticise a lasting iullueiice oa his future
1'ut tlp-re Avas yet ar.rilher viiul j-oint to
be U rm iaetl what .ai ticuiar medical
j-atform would it be best for liim to
s!at:d v.j i 11. Mi a;!d he cml.-r.ica allo
pathy, hydropathy, c.r beeoioe a regular
vegauiiiuii .' it v. as no ir.attcr for
Joel to ciioiise between Cia.en, Hahne
mann, lJie.-!n;., and the various systems
of bob-mi o-m-.'iii. al jn.u t:ee.
Having considered the iii'.iinsio value
ef water as an clement, l.a f.iaily threw
a casting veto in favor of hi"drojathy.
.Mr. s'ewiiiiin, his father, wiiiing to grat
ify his sou's wishes, accordingly packed
him oil" to a 'water-cure"' esl.ibli .hinc:it
wiiere he mig.U learn theory and practice
at the same time.
Jcel entered tijon I113 duties with an
awful sense of its re? portabilities I ressiug
r.pou him. He realized, or tried to,
that henceforth he avus to deal with that
potcut agent water, wl.icli avuuKI kill or
cure according to the way in which it was
Place a patient in the water up to his
chin, and lie may remain there fifteen or
twenty minutes without sustaining iuju
ry; but," said, the professor with increas
ing solemnity, "just rcvei so the method
of application, and put Lis head in for
half the time specified, and the conse
quence Avill be serious."'
Joel ventured to suggest that death
might be the result of such a procedure.
"You are correct," returned the profes
sor encouragingly, "ami that proves that
water is a powerful element, and requires
to be handled cautiously. Many lives
have been lost by water."
"At the time of the flood, for instance,"
remarked Joe!, timidly.
'Precisely, sir; but it was used in that
case to elfect a moral cure. It will be
Well to observe, perhaps, that Ave do not
prescribe for such complaints at this es
tablishment. AVc ileal Avholly with phys
ical cvi.'s."
The doctor paused a moment, and then
pointed to a large manufactory not far
"There is another Avonderful application
of water," he resumed, and xvill give you
some faint conception f its power'
"It buoys up great ships, also," added
"Ah, yes; it is truly an important cle
ment in commerce."
"Sailors literally lie on it," continued
our hero.
"Young gentleman, you arc to learn at
this institution the sublime art of apply
ing this great power to the cure of dis
eases. 1 shall not develop this science to
you all at once, but gradually as your
mind expands. You may now go and
put half a dozen xvet sheets upon that
delicate voutig man xvho "came this morn
ing." 'Shall the water be entirely cold?"'
aked Joel, with a shiver, for it was a freez
ing January ctay.
"Apply it iu its natural state, Dr. New
man," replied the instructor with a gra
cious smile, "and don't heed any squeam
ish objections that any patient may make.
In all cases you Aill please follow di
rections to the letter. Tl.e young man
who Avill bo. made the subject of your
treatment is somewhat deranged iu his
mental faculties, cons-quetitiy ids eccen
tricities and peculiarities tue not to be
noticed. You will lind him in number
Almost overwhelmed with the contem
plation of the power of water, Joel sought
the room indicated, lie fouud there a
young man about his own age, "who, al
though somewhat pale,' h I not manifest any
particular symptoms of illness. He ac-
knoAvledged the ncophyts presence by a j
formal bow; the obvious weaning of i
which was: "AYill you be good enough to1 .
tell me your business T'
that this vatk-nt
.,:,l,I"' '-"rr perceived at once '
n-l'r - I
per Avorks, and took measures according
ly; he deliberately locked the door and
put the- key hi his pocket. This proceed
ing on his part caused the patient to di
late his eyes anel favor him Avith a long
and by no means friendly stare.
"Pray, sir, why do you lock my door?" he
said at length, striving to speak calmly.
"iSo that Ave may be secure from inter
ruption." "And why do you desire to be secure
from interruption in my roomf" a&ked
the patient with some severity of manner.
"I. at present, have control of this in
stitution," returned the other resolving to
suitably impress the mind of the invalid
vnlh a realizing sene of his importance.
"The deuco you have!"
'Please, don't bo profane, sir! Prepare
yourself for treatment, said Joel, with
"Yes ; take oS your clothes."
"You can't you comprehend?''
"And what do you intend to do?"
"Apply six wet sheets in succession;
give you a copious shoAver bath ; soak your
fee t in cold water; wrap your head in a
saturated towel; and
"Let me inform you. sir, that I'm not
in the right mood for joking at present;
so you will please vacate the premises
immediately," interrupted the invalid
" i ake oil' your coat, that's a good fel
low," added young Avater-cure, soothing
ly. '""Will you go, or shall I throw you out
of the window f ' reiterated the patient,
"Come, let us be reasonable. You have
come here to be cured, and the professor
has given the treatment of your peculiar
case into my hands; so let us proceed at
once to business. Here, you perceive, are
the proper materials to work Avith cold
Avater, sheets, and so forth."
"Are you a fool or a Avag?" usked the
person thus appealed to.
"I am :m humble disciple of Prcsnitz,
aid hope to be the means, with the bless
ing of Heaven, of restoring you to perfect
health. Prepare for the sheet."
"You are an entire stranger to me, f.nd
iierhaps you are ignorant oi the fact that
.am one of the principals of this estab
lishment," resumed the patient.
Joel had heard that it was a good plan
lo humor insane persons, so he concluded
that it would be the best policy to let the
invalid have his own way.
"1 Ui.oiv You c.l'O h mailed cohseo UeDce,
"i:t liia. u:S .'101 tMiclt the J leSeiit ques-
ci; .'lot neeil lo le
i. iiie rules of the
by t:.i.s lime .To.-i had prepared a sheet
in Avhich to wrap the sick man, and the
icy water was trickling through his ling
ets. The patient, as if shuck Avith anew
idea, began to take oil his coat, but the
embryo doctor could not help remarking
that there was something sinister iu the
expression of his eyes.
The gai merit Avas thrown with a jerk
upon tue back of a chair, while the own
er commenced to roll up his shirt sleeves
iu a resolute and cminods manner.
Dr. Joel began t have suspicions that
the man's intention was not quite friend
ly, and not knowing how far his insanity
might carry him, concluded that there
was not a moment to l c lost, and to open
ing the saturated sheet with a sudden
movement, ran forward and threw it over
his hca 1. and ch.--ped his arm.? about his
victim, thus eilectually pinioning him.
The sick mm Avas for a moment rend
ered helpless, and was in a partial state of
suffocation, Avhilc the chilling element,
Avhich had been subjected to a January
atmosphere, xvas pouring down his per
son, striking a deadly shiver to the mar
row of his bones.
The poor crazy gentlemnn, finding his
position Avas dieadiully unplea.-atd. made
a tremendous eltort to recover Ins liberty.
The doctor and his patient both xvent
down together, the latter kicking, strug
'diny, and swearing to the extent of his
They rolled over and over, ups'ot chairs,
bowls, and baths, producing a general fu
rore among the moA-ablea in the apart
nunt. Joel, thinking his reputation at
stake, persisted with a pertcnacity worthy
of any cause, in keeping the highly
medicated sheet e.ver his patient's head,
notwithstanding his gurgling, muttered
imprecations and continued I'oundering.
llendered completely de.-perate at
length by the agonic- of suffocation, the
derangcel gentleman succeeded, by a
mighty convulsion, in shaking oil' his per.
secutor, and then rang the bell furiously.
The peremptory summons was instant
ly answered, and steps were heard on the
"IJurst open the door,'" shouted the In
oatie. The order Avas immediately obeyed, and
two attendants et,te:ing, fcund the parties
staring at each other panting for breath.
"Seize this man and prepare him for
the wet i.h-eet," said toe patient authorita
tively. "He is a maniac, and has just had
a violent paroxysm of madness."
No sooner said than done. The two at
tendants fastened upon voung water-cure
like poverty to an honest man, amtiiewas
soon divested of clothing, Jiotvvitlisiauding
his vehement protestations that there was
some mistake.
A terrible chill shook his frame when
he saw the sheet approaching, fresh and
chipping from the water, lie could not
lor the Lie ot Lim sen press a nervous:
scream when the freezing shroud was un
ocicmonlously wrapped about him, and
In; Wits bunched a bed and strapped
"There, my fellow. I'll teach you what
it costs to play oil" jokes upon me," said
the crazy man, with a maliciou3 grin, at
the same time taking his coat upon his
arm, and leaving lr more comfortable
"Who is he?" rucked our hero of one cf
the attendants.
"Why, that's Dr. Fiood, one of the prin
cipals of the e-t djiishment "' was the
prompt rejoinder.
Upon hearing this piece of information
Joel's teeth eh. ill .red more violently than
ever, and l.e IV It cheap eiio-ugh to be sold
lor a very small sum of ready money.
He was kept uud-A treatment neat iy all
day, and had ample time and opportuni
ty to reflect on the beauties of w:;ter-c ute
Uefore night the aiiair "leaked out,'
reached the ears cf the prof.vsor, and was
soon known to all the inmates of the
house, producing much talk and merri
ment. "When our aspirant Avas fairly released
he had changed his mind in regard to
hydropathy, and concluded to adopt some
i other profession. He was fully com raced
tuat water was a potent agent, but must
be applied judiciously ; and Avas eiuite as
certain mat ne naci mistaken number nve
for number four. At any rate, in his own
experience, he had found it, as he alihm-
,"! "powerful cold in January."
A" b't f!'.-r dark the ensuing iJkt a
young man of just Joel's size and com
plexion was seen to enter a stage-coach
that passed the elder Newman's farm once
every twenty-four hours; whether that in
dividual was our hero we will leave the
reader to judge:
Killer 011 tUo "Bucolic Tress."
Those persons vrho for same inscrut
able purpose of providence are permit
ted to bray as editors of the bucolic
press in Nebraska, wero, at last ac
counts, lost atnongother specimens of
the vegetable kingdom in Shaw's
grounds at st. Louis. Mr. bhaw will
rind great dimcuity in assorting some
members of that crowd from the small
er variety of cabbages in his kitchen
garden. We commiserate Mr. Shaw
and the cabbages poor things! Oma
ha Herald.
The above, while only an averago
specimen of Herald blackguardism is
especially odious from its contemptu
ous violation of those sentiments of
fellow-feeling si ml honor1 which should
and do characterize the representatives
of other professions. If a leading law
yer, doctor or clergyman should thus
speak of the great body of his profes
sional brethren whoso crime it might
bo to occupy a humble position, he
would verv speedily liud his occupa
tion gone. Vhy a man who happens
to bo an editor cm better claim the
prerogative of egotistic seif-suilicieKey
to ubtisi; th rani; and hie of an honor
able1 trofc-bsion of which he asstimes
to be chii i' ti.s the editor of the Her
ald does assume to be chief among Ne
br.i.skn journalists is not apparent to
the naked eye. Th editors of Nebras
ka and especially the editors of "the
bucolic press" ate; not in any respect
behind Avhat the edifcor of the Herald
assumes to be w hen ho affects the role
of the gentleman, the scholar and
the patriot. They are an enter
prising, industrious, loyal ami helpful
race. The strength of the weekly
press of the state lies far more among
the people than does that of the daily
press Avith ::11 its pretensions to supe
ri r character and influence. No more
se'f-saeriiicing and disinterested body
of men adorn and honor any profession
in the state. They are the bone and
sinew of all that is most efficient and
useful in Nebraska journalism. -y
virtue of their services they arc tl.e
humblest of them, entitled equally
with the editor of the Herald to the
"customary courtesies" of transporta
tion and commerce. Republican.
Weeping Water Note.
Horse training is the order of the
liaiii has blessed this part since last
we wrote and crops have improved
Perhaps it would bo well if I give
this week a list of our business firms,
so that the. county in general may know
that they can procure anything at W.
W. We have three mills all iu good
running order, one owned by Clinton
Sc Johnson, one by J. Tewksbury and
the other by Wave Allen (our Green
back Allen); Dry goods and groceries,
Fleming v'c Itace and Keel Kros; Hard
ware. Woods Bros, and Chase ei Co.;
Drugstore, A L. Marshall and P. S.
Karnes; Furniture, C. Thorngate; Har
ness maker, (i. Kerry; Watchmaker, S.
K. Potter; Implement store, Karnes fc
Parkins; Koots cc shoes, J. Marshall $:
Son; Refreshment house J. A. McDon
ald ; Meat market, Sam Ripley; Feed
and livery stable, Ja. (Tisbee ;ind Ilig
ler ; Land agent, F. M. Woleott; Klack
sui'ths, D. Jones and G. Lambring;
Wagonmuker, Russell; Dressmakers
and milliners, Mrs. Joseph, Miss Kates
and Mrs. Sayles; Physicians, W. D.
Giboon. and J. W. Thomas ; Sewing ma
chine agent, J. X. Kr-ithly ; Kuilders,
Rutnor and Kivctt; Painter, Krossmer;
Lawyer, Udell; Justice of the peace, J.
Chase; Weeping Water House, lligler;
all of the above linns are doing a :;ood
business, am! a number will be added
this summer.
Mr. Spore's son was badly bitten by
a rattlesnake on Thursday last think
he will know the taste of poor whisky
in the future, and will also be very
careful no doubt, where anel when hs
sits down, at least he will look first.
We noliceMis. 1. C. Fleming taking
daily riiles, ja-lge her health is improv
ing, tit least we hope so.
Dr. Mathews, Dentist from Nob. ci
ty, has been making hid monthly visit
here this week, we notice quile a num
ber of ladies haAe been relieved of
their grinders.
Oar town board now consists of the
following gentlemen. D. C. Fleming;
Geo. Lambring, J. Chase, L. L. Reed
ami I). Johnson.
We noticed the smiling face of Wi
ley Khtck in oar town on Monday,
guess Yfil-ey stili loves Weeping Water
or tit lease some folks belonging there
to. Our hotel s it n;i-' again postponed
for want of witnesses.
Our leading nu n have been talking
of getting up a Cass Co. Fair this fall
to be held at Weeping Wattr, we all
think it a verv good idea and .r, ill be j
:r great advantage to our town, and the
county in general; if our most wealthy
men will only take an interest in it,
there will be no clcubt but that it will
he a great success.
Dr. Kutlcr is preparing to leave, he
is going to locate somewhere out west,
so we have only two Drs. now left.
Cong, church has no pastor yet, think
it is time they were getting one.
Idie brass band lias been practicing
of late, getting ready for our grand I'.h
of July celebration, wc are going to
have a
r.Z oi:e this yea:
iNTi.U Nos.
Sit. Pleasant Notes.
Ed. IIeualu: Farmer are? gener
ally done planting corn here; first
planting is up and looking line. The
cultivator anel harrow tre now in use
cultivating corn. Small grain is look
ing well. There ia an average crop of
small grain sown here.
There is a pr ospect of an abundant
crop of apples, peaches almost a failure.
James Pitman and A7ifo, of Indiana,
are here visiting his father, mother,
brother and sister. lie thinks Nebras
ka the " Koss" grain state.
John Lough, fed' Indiana, is hero vis
iting bis uncle,-W. J. Lynch, and trav
eling for his health. That enemy of
man, consiupt ion, has marked liim for
its victim. We hopo the Nebraska
climate may prove beneficial to him.
There is a very prosperous .sabbath
school at this place superintendent,
A. K. Howard, a young man of piety
and promise.
Rev. Wm, Worley is the pastor of
M. K. church here; there are nearly
one hundred members in his charge.
Preaching ever other Sabbath, at 11
o'clock, a. m.
We have the oldest Good Templars'
lodge in the state. The charter bears
date of Sept. 1st, lSfif); issued by the
It. W. G. L. of North America. We
number about GO or 70 members.
A'e have had two very severe eases
of lung fever in this neighborhood dur
ing the last few weeks, viz., Wm. T.
Schkoiimier and Tom Carroll. Roth
doing well.
P. S. Minor .and wile buried their
little girl on Saturday last. She died
of scarlet fever. .Sckibulek
The Nebraska Weal her Service1.
Tunpvrature.. The highest noun tem
perature was t-'l degs, reported from
several stations, the lowest was '20 dec s
in Logan Valley, Cedar co.
Average of nom observations was
GO cleg.
General Frost on tSth and 17th, lo
eal frosts on 1, Z, 0, 4, -"5, 7, 11, lo, 11" n
and ClKh.
IliinfuU. For all stations east of
the C't!i principal meridian, the aver
age was two inches, for all west of that
line, t .vo and one-third inches. Min
den station reports 9.93 inehes, but as may be some mistake abom this,
I have not included it in the averages.
Most of the raiti3 were l--''l, there
having been but two gc r.cnd rains dur
ing the month. The rni i. fail of Apli!
this ysar AA'as almost the same us last
year ; that it seems -.b ier this year is
due to the fact that at the beginning
of April 17. the ground was well
supplied witl: moisture, but in Id, J it
was very dry.
Frera'di.rj wind, was from tlu-outh
east. A severe wind in Kearney Coun
ty on the 2ist. Violent thunderstorm
in K'lffalo co. on the ('Hi. Haloes w:t n
in Cedar co. ou "ith and 'i'.'i.
-; 'ati)!i ct-". Plums in bloom
10;h in noitli part of tip; state, Peac'
lfhh, Apple trees on -'.'id, Kox Eider
leaf on 'h.
The following items -were ebtained
from the V. S. signal service cllleer at
Omah i.
Highest temperature 81 on 2Jd
Lowest " :rj "
Greatest daily range aiP "
Total movement of wind
month was 7oSi miles.
Highest velocity of wind miles
per hour. No. of clear days, 10.
S. R. Thompson,
Only 15 1.00.
A prrfc" t Time-keeper, Ilunting
Ca a-, an I Heavy Plated Chain, latest
style. We warrant il for five a ears to
denote time as accurately as a .-irlOO
Chronometer Watch, and will give the
exact time in any part of the world. It
also contains a First-Class Compass,
wort h alone the price we charge for
the Time-keeper. For Men. Kojs, Me
chanics, School Ti achers, Travellers,
and Farm' is it is indispensabl-;. They
tire as ges.i-l as a high-priced watch,
and in man v eases more reMa'.de. K.ys,
thin!; of it! A Watch
and Chain for 1 .';. The, S daigraph
Watch is used by the Principal of the
Soiiierville High School, and is b. ing
fu.sV introduevd into all the sch -ols
through the United States and is de
stined to become th most useful Time
keeper ever inented. The Solargraph
W.-c ch recieved a Medal at the Me
chanics' Fair, at Roston, in 1878.
This is !! toy, but is made on scien
tific principles, ami every no warrant
ed to be accurate and reliable. YY
have made the price very low sin: ply
to introduce them at once, after hici;
the pi ice will be raised.
'Pi o S 1:. ri:i i IVntr-li on! r'li"!i! i
put up in a peat outside case, and
by mail lc- anv address
for sl.fiO. V.
iave made the price so b
p.e.tse : :
i i ... a. . !.
.send t wo stamv f convenient to help
pay postage. Aeidrss l;tinly.
Eastijun M an t: a ct tr i: i n Co.,
Kockiaui!, Mass.
Jaelieious IJcncvolcnee.
It Is rot always the best kindness to
simply iciieve want Avith speciric sup
ply; very e.-fp n, jdvin.- uiuiey or means
in such cases i au injury.
The v, holes in itler is clearly stated in
the following p.-iragrai.Ti from the pen of .'
Wm. Saunders " (
. "Indisri-iiainat-e (--len-it i,- le:i,tj i., ;L"i. i
I less want; and of all charities tho most I
j effective are th"s ; which provid.e renr.i- .1
uerativelalior lor the workman, thus mak-
ing even charity the means of increasing !
I productive labor, instead of k-ndh.-r its I
loHueuce to a system of relief v. LI 1;" de-gra-les
labor and crccura- o idleness au l
Udell's Living Are.
The numbers of the Living Ao loi
the weeks ending May 10 ami 17, re
spectively, contain the following ar-t'ek-s:
Memoirs and Charters of the
Lennox, Edinburgh Review; Cobbciit,
Cornhill ; Kiography, Travehund Sport,
Klaekwood; Residual Phenomena, Fra
ser; Count Leo Tolstoy's N ovel's, Nine
teeth Century; Kurma, Fortnightly
The Cmbrella Klrd. Hatter's Gazetto;
Science and Faith, Sir A. Panizzi, Hen
ry James Jr.'s Ideal of American Cha
racter, and Karthborn Meteorites, Spec
tator; Uphill Work, and Historical
Casuistry, Saturday Re'-iew; with lur
tber chapters of Jean Inelow's "Sarah
le Kerenger;" Jerome Rongrand's
Heresy, a Tale about Pnests; and,
among other poetry, Tennyson's "De
fence of Lucknow."
For fifty-two such numbers of sixty
four largo pages each (or more tin v.
3,001) pages a year.tho subscription
is low ; while for s'lO.r,;) the publishers
offer to send any one of the American
monthlies or weeklies v. ith The Liv ing
Age for year, both postpaid. Lit
tell c co., publishers.
A Special Oiler to the Readers or ThiV
I'ii per.
$7.0) FOR (J.ULMS.
The American Diamond Dictionary
containg oO.oon words, orthography,
prontmciut im and definitions accord ing
to the best English and American
Lexicographers, illustrated with near
ly 'Jou engravings ; satisfies the wants of
the scholar and at the s:me time is just,
what a plain unlearned person needs.
It is decidedly the 1 est diet iouary ever
printed. Contains 700 double column
pages. Superbly bound in doth and
edit. Type dear and handsome. Snit.
free r any reader of this paper upon
reedpt of iii) cents, in pay actual post
age ami packing charges. This great)
offer is good for thirty days only, and
is made-solely for th purpose of intro
duction. Kut two dictionaries will be
sent to one address. This appears but
once OftUr noi.r. Send diver, curren
cy or C-ei rit postage stamps. Address,
at once. National Jiuufc L'vnipany, lloek
land, JIa . .
A Great Literary Work.
A work that every lover of good lit
eratures wants at constant cammanJ,;
because, while, it is superlatively at-.,
tractive and interesting iu itself, it is
also a key and index to ail other good.
English literature, enabling one to see'
and judge for himself what authors
and boohs arc most eh sirable for him
to read - su'di is the new Acme edi
tion of Chambers's Cydopn-dhi of Eng
lish Literature. In i'.s nearly ;-l,&00
pages it give s biographies of nil P'deeL
KriU.-li and American authors frt.nt
earliest t inn s to the present, with
ckcice and chai act erisi ic selection!
from the ir writing:-, thus bdng a con
centration of the best productions of
modern intdh-ct. it is published in
eight he'i'dy and beautiful lfimo volume.-,,
a', p: ices so low as to seem real
ly astonishing tn most
bll el'S,
viz.: in paper, complete. ?'2.t)!; cloth,'
8:;.00; half r
OC'-l ,
." ; half moroc-
CO, the four volume edition. !?'L7..
From these low rales a discount of 10
per cent, is al'owc d to those ordering,
before Tu!." l,;u: ta further discount
of Hi p--r cent, when on! .red iu clubs
of :'ve ,.; :.: ,;e. It is m,t sold by deal
ers or a..-en but only to buyers, di-,
rec', by the publishers, the American'
Ko;k ie iMa-e, Tt Keeklliail tl--t
New Vcu !:, who Avill semi specimen pa
ge's, ice., fre" on request.
It is : :d 1 i:v;t Germany will f',n:i begin
thii coin a ' oi' a large amount of silver.
Judge D'lvis, Unite-1 Ft ales Senator
from 11;: ' 's. it tneli r-tood to bo a re ally
Avcakhy man, the figures being ovi r a
million. He is a man of large frame,
commanding presence?, uml full of common-sense;
and good humor a perfectly'
fearless man, as the following anecdotes
Avill attest: A well-to-do fanner was once
convii ted before hi. a of having counter
feit United Slates notes in his possession
with the intention of passing thciu. Re
fine pronouncing sentence Judge Davis
a-ii' il him if lie ha 1 :u ranged Ins si. lairs
in aiitii ip.uio i of his enforced absence
from home. The farmer replied that tho
conviction was a surprise tohim, and noth
ing was in crder, but tht lies could settle
his biudi -s in about t--n days. N. one
was Ibua-1 to go on h's bail-bond, and tho
judge allowed him to d put ct I is own
recognizaie a. The 1 evy-rs laughed at
the ric:i "f tie; firmer b: ing fooi enough
to e :.;.ie b:.: l. again, Judge Davidu-j-is'cd
ti...l h ; fid not "taken to the tall
limb.r." Hi-i judgment of human nature
was confirmed, for th-- firmer f ppra.-'d at
the appointed time and re. "iv e l ids sent
ence. A loved Virginian oiee begin a
suit before i iui for a review d" the proced
ure ('0,000 in State bonds.
Senator el'D- n'tld :.r rued tht.-t as theC'on-
li.-e-i'tiou -va t in e.e t ,..
hue in the'
Latere of an a ii.i'.r.dty s.ei.euv, there could
be i:o review. "Vv'ed,'' sai l the judge,
"th re may
no prccc
M'Douald, for a review in an adn..ra:t
ciise. but wli' ii such a thing a ti. s can
happen, it is time there was a precedent,
and I am going to make one."
J ne Aignans.
Some old Indian c-JIIccrs call thmi "nig--gers''
or "deini-savages." Yet most of
tlieni have fine features and sj h-n lid
physique. They are said to call them
selves "Keni-IsracI,'" an I to tru e tin ir de-
Saul. Th- if Hebrew
i vision int tribe i bear
i . : .. : ..... !...
p.ij-iogi. -l-iv, ce-
ing the .':.!!. :li:ir am -il oi I -it. I, J U-
nl Ibrahim, their custom of aveng-
ing o.oo i, mr oi c ianguig tin. r oossi s-
. ' - ,. ., , i
; ioj,.j v. r, v i v ji't ire ill ' -. at -i iiv.-,iioivj v-a
j rupt'.on of the jubilee), make the I ypotii-
s;s at teait inte --resting. Th-j hill trib -s
who inhabit the borders are j co; le nh.s
; hand is against every man, and. iheii.;'i
some e.f tlieia arc iiominally sui ' -e t to
I tho Ameer, there is ;: re d sti.e; ain . and
no common aatiop.r.I 'e -lir.g. v.t:i:
j the universal hostiliiyto the "F ri;
i o- f nc'g'ier. ' These" "P.. tl: :!-,' ;
i are uu dly eal.'eil, sp-'ak th J P'rdi
I gaag.- w hi..- t!ie uauie f A: rliun '
i r .
, they
v hm-
eh: !-s
i i s c f
ail the inhabitants.
tl.e kind wldeli. :dte
Tbr-i;- ,,e .
ter 1 CU .el g e
tue nravcrs. ablutions, and fa- ts siinr eised
to I e Ins da-.?, leaves the in five to habrlge
tiseir nat'iral in i'.iicts. 'l'i,e,em n, who.
a!' Usttaby pretty, are mere horseholu'
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