Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, May 22, 1879, Image 3

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J 3
T li E 11 E R A L b.
Look out for lightning.
Mot time we had a circus.
I-nst class Cultivators at Fred
Cabinet Cards 61.00 per doz. at
-From 2 to 7. teams crossed daily
per Capt. Sol id ay.
Everbody can set ei:;ht Pictures
at Carruth's fur 81.00.
Those Iron Clad overalls at Wes-
ket & ro well's. 1
Cultivators! Cultivator ! ! Tit Fred
C order's.
Shingles $2.21 to 63.00 per M, at
"Watei Loan & Soa's.
Smoke the boss cigar standard
"A", for sale by J. P. Young. It
liost Cultivator in the Market at
Fred II order's.
Cap. Palmer hns fonrFralrie Dogs
and Mrs. P. says " dogonit.'
Common lumber 617 per LI, at
"Waterman Son's.
Those Cultivators at Fred G order's
must be sold.
Just received, those children's nob
by suits at Wescott & Powell's. 1
Geo M.itti.vm of Sauth J.jnl was
in town the other da-.
Photographs never so low, 62.50 a
dozen at Fkaxk Cakucth'.s.
We will tiy and give the com'rs
proceedings next month for more fun.
A complete line of While Vests
just received at Wescott Powell's. 1
C.'.n furnish Hoard 'for three or
four gentlemen. Enquire at this otlice..
When you want good Pictures cal 1
at Carruth's and see his 62.50 per doz.
"Waterman has just laid in a big
new stock of lumber. Now is the time
to buy.
Charlie Black deals Put the Boss
Soda Water, at Smith & B'ack's Drug
Store. 8tf.
(Jo to Schlegel's for cigars and to
1 aeco new pi, ice two door west of
old stand.
Mrs. Shera of Hock Bluffs is build
ing a residence on tha earner of 7th
and Oak streets.
Call early and examine that fine
linjuf piece goods at Wescott & Pow
ell's. 1
The best fine cut chewing tobacco
i i the city, go to the P. O. News I)o
pot for the same. 1 1
New Styles, Elegant crises. Mason
A: Hamlin Organs at Dr. Johnsons'
Drug Side. Sl2
John Leach has fixed up his little
stoic on Main Street, and repaired the
hidewulk at his own expense.
If yen w;mt i'-o-ci'M Soda Water,
fiesh from the fountain, go to Smith
iv PiaekV. Slf
All sorts and stjles of organs and
piano's, (iro. Woods & Co's make, at
Henry 1 ;eck's, I'lattsmouth, Xeb. inf.
Ice Cream! lee-Cream! At Mrs
Zncv ell's, on Main Street, next door to
John Duke's hardware store.
Chambers, the hunes maker, has
peme of the nobbiest harness ia town,
now made up. Just take a look at em
1 on can find the largest stock of
"Wall Paper in this market at Smith &
Black's. tf
A ndy Taylor shipped -IS head cf the
finest kind of steers o:i Tuesday. An
dy is the boy can do it and no mistake.
It is curious that the Street Com
missioner dots nut undertake to have
the sidewalks and street crossing fixed.
Xew Styles Mason & Hamlin Oigans
constantly coming in at
Di:. Johnson's Drug Store,
St:J 0th, South of Main St.
Tim rains of Monday were very
thankfully received by the farmers
and others who have garden "sass"
about coming up.
Henry Boeck, agnt for Geo. Woods
A Co.8 organs and pianos. Sold cheap
for cash or on goou" approved security-
Eureka (I have found it) the boss
Ice cold soda water, Phil Young at the
1'. O. News Depot sells it, only 5c a
glass. lt
Levi Churchill, of Rock Bluffs called
Dr. Thomas and P. S. Barnes of
Weeping water called last week. "
Our Leadville correspondent last
week gives us a very good idea of that
wonderful country.
Mr. Wm. Case of Centre Valley, call
ed Monday to see the Herald and tell
us how lightning feels.
Mr. Hawks of Elm wood called on
the IIekald this week and had a
very pleasant chat with us.
Billy Edwards, Cor. Omaha Herald,
stopped over(?) at this city on his way
borne from the Cassler swinging party.
II. M. Bushnell, Esq., has just re
turned from the Editorial Excursion
to St. Louis, where he represented two
Nebraska papers.
Miss Emma Herold started for
Bloomington last week, where she will
spend a month with Mrs. Bodine. "We
hope you will have a pleasant visit
Miss Emma.
Mr. Maurice O'Rourke, tailor, from
Malvern, Iowa, has taken up his resi
dence in Plattsmouth, and i3 working
for Mr. Cox. .t. O'Rourke was for
merly from Ann Arbor, Midi.
Wantkd to sell. A good sound 5
year old bay mare, good traveller and
kind every way. Apply to IIlkald
office. ifm
Montgomery (not Wes.) has gotau
express wagon, the seat of which is so
tall, the boys ask him how the weather
is up there.
"Happy Thought," Jackson's Best"
and "Golden Rule" chewing tobaccos,
Lest in the market for sale bv J. p.
Fencing 616 to 617 per M, at Wa
terman & Son's.
The Jackman & Sons' "Bona and
Sinew Flour" that's the brand, Louis
ville, Xeb.
Geo. Dovey has returned from the
East looking much improved and in
excellent health and ppirits for new
work and more of it.
We call attention to the r.ew Ad.
of Jackman & Sons' Louisville. Their
"Bone and Sinew" Hour is just the
thing. Try it and see.
John Bons, proprietoi of the Platte
Valley House, left here last Thursday
for Leadville. Pretty long trip for an
old mau to take all aloue.
Messrs. Henry Boeck and Woodson
had a slight difference of opinion last
week one day. lt was finally adjusted
before his honor Judge Sullivan.
Mrs. Newell opened her ice-cream
room this week. All desiring nice de
licious cream should visit her pleasant
cosey little, place and try the I.-C.
Wes Montgomery has a hen that
"stole" her nest and laid twenty
eggs, and after setting on thorn suffi
ciently, hatched out eighteen chickens.
Wm. L. Wells, w ife and children
returned to their country residence
near South Bond on Tuesday of last
week, after a visit of several weeks to
this city.
Schlegel Bro's Cigar Store moved
-new stand new cigars good tobac
co always. In Jo'.ia Leach's forn:-r
building, next the brick bluck on Main
School Examinations are the or
der of the day this week, and many
poor scholars are trembling in tiieir
boots, only buoyed up by the pr sp ct
of vacation in the near future.
Mr. C. E. Wescott of the firm of
Wr.-;cott & Powell, went to Oaiioa
Tuesday, to seen re the services of two
or three first class coat makers, to as
3iil in their fast increasing trade.
C. II. Parmele is fixing up the old
Atnison Store and making anew build
ing of it this will be a great improve
ment on Main Street. Oar painter
fiieu'd, Ashley will be better fixed too,
when it is done.
By an oversight or misinformation
we neglected to notice that Miss Mav
Richardson took her Sunday school out o tne Jiome grove lor u pic
nic dinner last Saturday a week as well
as Mr. Parmele.
The Cass County premium list
will be in press soon and will be
out sometime next month. Mr. J. X"
Wis Secretary, will bs happy to fur
nish anyone with a copy as soon as
they are completed.
The strawberry festival given by
the ladies of the M. E. church last eve
ning netted over 627 for the benefit of
the pastor. We acknowledge an invi
tation and regret that absence pre
vented our attending.
After the shower Monday when the
rain had almost ceased falling, out of an
apparently clear sky, came a clap of
thunder that shook the town accom
panied by a. bolt of fire that struck the
n. w. corner of Geo. Weidman's place
on Main street and passing down the
west side of the door, entered the
ground and waseeu no more.
Weidman, himself, and another par
ty were severely shocked, John Shan
non who was sitting just inside the
door, waiting for the shower to pass
over, was knocked down and consider
ably shaken.
Mr. Oldham on the street forty feet
away felt the shock and Mr. William
Case, of Centre Valley, who was pass
Ing nearly in front of the saloon was
knocked down and had to be led to
Donelan's drug store, where he soon
recovered without serious injury. It
melted the bo!t3 in the hinges of the
door and kicked the green screen off
its hinges and upset the mustard cru
et, breaking glass in tho middle door
to the dining room. The Editor of
thi3 paper across the street, opposite
the County Clerk's office saw a ball of
fire before his eyes, a tremendous ex
plosion and felt a little shaky for some
time. Just as close as we want to get
to that kind of lightning.
Mayor Johuson has been making a
nice picket fence around las residence,
which. add greatly to his already beau
tiful yard.
Great strength and solidity; Beauti
ful quality of tone, excellence of ac
tion finish of workmanship in Geo.
Woods & Cos Organs. For sale by
Henry Boeck, Plattsmouth, Xtb. Otf.
Schlegel Bros, have moved their
elegant cigar store into John Leach's
buildiag, next to Fitzgerald Hall,
which they now own and where they
expect to do business hereafter.
A little diffickulty" occurred be
tween two of our citizens on Saturday
p. m., for which JuJge Sullivan taxed
one of the parties Sio and costs, 614 23
Thomas, formerly of the Chronicle
and boss Gregory had a law suit last
week, over the old Chronicle Subs, tXc.
-Verdict for Thomas,
M. L. Thomas, Editor of the Red
Cloud Chief, formerly editor of the
Cass County Chronicle, was here to
collect a balance coming to him from
the latter paper, which six Jurors con
cluded was his just due.
Our Cerrespondeuts will confer a
favor if they will write on one side of
the paper, only. Several have been re
ceived lately written on both sides, but
bv mere accident thev have been notic
ed in time to be " set up."
Henry'Boeck has developed a new
branch of business, viz ; Agent for Geo.
Woods & Co's organs, of which Mr.
Boeck expects a large lot of different
styles and varieties soon. Call and ex
amine. Otf.
Our correspondent from Green
wood says lie is glad we have added
our Temperance column. The ladies
who edit and the IIehald are both
pleased with the result of common
sense and christian charity.
John Leach is fixing up the old
stand, fsot of 3th street and enlarging,
for summer trade. John always keeps
a nice place, clean, fresh gods where
ever he is. Doa't pas3 his modest
stand without droppiig a nickel.
Some of our most prominent men
have left their measure at Wescott &
Powell's for the latest style suit of
clothes, which is a sufficient guarantee
of their reliability as to quality and
price of work.
Lewis Follz of Weeping Water, is
launching forth in a good direction.
Ho is about to start a Hennery, on a
large scale. He will keep every de
scription of Poultry, and will be pre
pared in the future to furnish the
county vflth anything in that line.
The busiest place we have seen is
Wescott & Powell's, with their new
tailoring establishment they just mer.'i
to make things hum. Mr. Cox, their
tailor, is a good workman, and they
keep a large and varied assortment of
The sudden death of little Daily
Sentinel caused no small amount
of happiness to the community. It
was the youngest, oldest and only child
of ThoniPson, and no one will miss its
non-appearance, for
" Brief, bravo, and glorious was its young career."'
It lived without a friend, and died without a
--At the recent meeting of tho
Sportsmens' Association. Dr. Living
ston was requested to prepare an es
say on The Sporting D jg," for the next
annual meeting. If the Dr. will en
gage the rest of his family to help him,
a very exhaustive article would doubt
less be the result.
Dr. Livingston's famous Irish set
ter family, father, mother, and seven
children took their departure on Tues
day last to enter a canine High School
at Kearney, from whence they will
doubtless graduate with high honors,
but that corner in the meantime is de
solate and the flowers occupy undis
puted ground.
In answer to a " querry," we state
that manuscript for publication must
be prepaid at Ictttrpustaye rates. Will
our Correspondents remember this,
please. Oaly printed proof sheets or
sheets accompanied by manuscript to
denote the corrections can nass at anv
less rates than the regular letter (three
cent) rate.
Mr. Chambers showed us the oth-
tr day several sets of light double har
ness that were very excellently mad;?,
and in exceed i ugly good taste. Also,
a light single harness or two that
would be hard to beat anywhere
He has now a Xo. 1 track harness made
np for some oik, which will be sold
Fred Gor.Ier is slid under ths wea
ther; we are real Sorry for p '. Fred,
he is a haul wording, industrious man
and to be laid up right in the busy sea
son is a groat loss to him. By the way
he has a fine lot ot corn cultivators
which hois anxious to sell arid as he
cannot give Ii'm personal attention to
the business the Herald bespeaks the
attention of his facials, now.
A little daughter of Mr. C. W.
Green who is living in the Methodist
parsonage, was playing at the residence
of Mrs. Miles Morgan during the rain
storm on Monday last, and endeavour
ing to go home during the storm she
was swept into the gutter by the wind
and rain, and only saved from drown
ing by the timely aid of Mrs. Morgan,
who barely kept out of the sweep of the
water herself by the greatest exertion.
Mr. and Mrs. Green desire herewith
to express anew to her their thanks
for her active efforts to save their
The Dickens.
The Dickens Entertainment was a
yery great success and seemed to
please all our people as much as any
thing we have had lately. The house
was crowded and all the parties per
formed exceptionably well. Mr. Wool
ey, as old Wellor, surprised everyone,
also his plea as Serg't Snubbins was
excellently well dwne.
Mis. Squeers just beat anything
Pickwick was immense; but kfamive
Veller remored the dilapidated linen
from the juvenile tree as a pure Hen
glish character. They were all good
and we should like to mention each
one by name, but time and space for
bid at present.
The proceeds, after all expenses
were paid, were SDG.50 which was
applied on the Rector's Salary.
F. S. White has a big ice house
full of ice whicli he is selling to his
customers at low rates, and no one
need suffer this summer for a cooling
medium no matter how hot the wea
ther may be .
Mr. Hunter's ability as a perform
er on the concevtina was amply de
monstrated by hi3 recent performance
at the Dickens entertainment, and he
informs U3 that with his own instru
ment he could have done much better
although that hardly secm3 possible.
A. G. Barnes, well known here,
and now living at Lincoln, is having a
great deal of family trouble. Monday
Mrs. Barnes shot twice at Dr. DeXayer,
a brother-in-law, accusing him of se
ducing hor daughter, and mal-practices
toward herself. The case is attracting
considerable attention in Lincoln.
though no details have been obtained
aa yet. Both Mrs. Barnes and DeXay
er are under arrest, DeXayer having
fired two shots in return at Mrs
Chambers! Chamber's! The har
ness maker, has a large lot of spring
goods on hand which must be sold at
once and cheap. Farmers, give him a
call. Saddles. Bridles. Harness. Whins.
Lap Robes, Dusters, Summer Robes,
Fly Xets, Light and Heavy Harness,
all aching to be sold. Trot in at once
and show your grit, for at this pace
the shop will soon win the heat and be
out first. it
One of our advertisers will, we
hope, not be offended at. the non-appearance
of part of his locals, that
were sent in last week; though wholly
unintentional, it was partly the care
lessness of our foreman and partly the
carelessness of the writer, by writing
on both sides of the paper. Composi
tors become so accustomed to hanging
up " copy" as soon as one side is " set
up," that unless the article is not Un
shed u the first page, they never look
it the other side for more.
-Mike Schntllbacker has just built
and is showing up a new Dexter
Spring Buggy. Theau springs are far
saporior to any other now in use, and
do ride most superbly. Tl.o Editor
and Mr. Pettee took ;i twelve mile ride
ia this one th otlur d iv. before it
went to the painters, and wc pronounce
it the n2'fti nltr-c of spring?. It is a
neat, t?'.t y mada wagon beside the pa
culiarity of Spring anJ f.flLi wheel
which is also a new patent. The wag
on can be seen at Mr. Ashley's paint
shop and is for sale -cluap for cash.
escott and PowelP
6 6
1TOW 'EJIDlzr m
T A "&k C? "(Ft T.l rr-s
uch a Stock o Goods ?
! Never !
"W li AT ! ITE YER?
Well, Hardly Ever I !
TTe are the leaders of the style, as you may pithily .sw;
B'e buy our clothing all the while, of WESCOTT cf- P.;
'Tis there we g:t our Shirts, our Coats, Vests, and I'ants,
"And so do our Sisters and our Cousins and our Aunts."
Nobbicst and Latest Styles of Suits Awful Cheap.
I5?Will sell vou rpadv m:ulp suits, or t.ikp vniirnrlr
Th piece good". The woll known cutter and fitter. Ml:. F. M. COX, will exeeute'thuii work xu
mat nut- dim j; utii aitirtr uiiMacuuu.
The Largest and mot Complete STOCK of Dry Goods
Millinery and Clothing ever placed before '
the luminous orbs of our many
lis EB2?Sis oods,
A e introduce all the LATEST FAltHICS of the season. Our 10, 131; 13
IS, CO, 22 and -' cent Press (loods are well worthy tf your inspection '
Also, a fulllineof WHITE GOODS. 1 HKS. 'i' LIXi YS TWO TO V '
SHAWLS, and countless articles impossible to mention in detail
Our Millinery Department
Embraces all tho Latest Novelties in LEGHOllN FL TS FRFXCH C7J
the admiration of every one. We also show 1,000 trimmed hats from 31 up.
For Sale.
The Ilodapp, or old Joe Brown
House on Gospel Hill. Apply to Thos.
Pollock. Otf
To Kent.
llooms in the llolbrook House, ap
ply to Thos. Pollock. Otf
Don't forget to call at Dr. Johnson's
and examine our beautiful Xtw
8t3 Jamks Picttee, Asent.
Tho IJaston IJ tick board.
An entirely i:ew style of road-wa
gon. Invented and patented by the
Rev. W. II. H.Murray. No deadweight
on axle; all the weight being suspend
ed in mid air from the points of four
flexible steel-springs. Xo jar, no noise,
the best, lightest and strongest road
wagon ever made. For weight it will
carry more than any buggy, carriage
or wagon made. Call and see at Her
ald ofliee.
Jno. A. MAcMunriiY,
OtI Ajj't for South I'latto Couutry. Xeb.
'k - o . c - w i
Ct . - . ,
. -r - ' rr : . , r . .-.
5T 2 5s -SIZ 1-2
H S 2 - g - j. r -- -'i
rt ZJ -n ? .?' c
r; 4 T , - - o ' ZZ '
9 ---7. '.. -
0 t.XCi - s ? t .
as'S- n - x
2 3 e o . c
-r . ; : '".US'
- -' . r T.
rj -7 J c2 " "
" r c
tt tc'C E. Ei 2 ;3 ,i
Tor Sale.
A large fine black mare, eight years
old, kind every way, good worker.
Cheap for cash or good note, good se
curity. Apply at Herald efiiee or ta
James Pettee.
Streiyht fc Miller.
Lap Roles, Summer Dusters, Xew
RSSy Tops, and a heap of new and
stylish goods in their line. Xew light
harness and horsa equipments always
oji hand. Call at once for bargains.
This being the last week of school
we had intended to fhid out in person
what was being done, and report, but
press of other duties h;is prevented our
doing so. Wo hear oh all sides howev
er good reports of the progress of the
school, and the beneficial results of
good discipline and mutual co-operation
on the part of the teachers. Wo have
not learned that tho board have done
anything in regard to next year, bu
tins'- they have had enough of the bad
effects resulting from constant change
to incline thern in the opposite direc
tion. The present corps of teachers
seem to work well together and to have
had good success, and we hope they
may all come back to us another year.
The Ladies of St. Luke's Guild de
sire to thank those ladies and gentle
men outside of their organization and.
the church who so ably and cheerfully
assisted them in the late Dickens' En
tsrlainment, giving much valuable
time and talent; also Mr. Young for
his liberality in the sale of tickets,
Mrs. Stadelmann for the use of rooms,
&c; and Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Hun
ter for the music so kindly given and
which filled most effectually an other
wise lamentable void; to Prof. Love
for his services as stage manager,
which made all go off smoothly, and
to many others who aided them in va
rious ways. They hope some day to
be able to return the many kindnesses
shown them.
A very important trial to the de
fendants and laughable to others
came off last week over our old city
tax cases.
Sometime ago several. Gentlemen in
town, it seems, agreed to pay a pro
rata share of tho expense of a suit
to test the validity of certain taxes
here. As usually happens in such cas
es some paid and some didn't, and by
and by Lawyer Webster, of Omaha,
who conducted the suit, in time sued
for his fees. Chapman appeared for
Webster, Windham for Stadelmann,
Smith for Vallery and others included
in the suit. Pottenger for C. II. Par
mele and L II. Euttery, Stone for J.
u. buttery and Wheeler. Marrison
looked on and laughed and Col. Phil
pot of Lincoln dropped iu to see the
fun and learn some Plattsmouth law.
The case was finally adjourned until
next week.
I)tut be lieceived.
Many persons say "I haven't got the
Consumption" when asked to cure their
Cough with Shiloh's Consumption
Cure. Do thev not know that Coughs
lead to Consumption and a remedy
that will cure Consumption will cer-
tainiy ami surely cure a cough or any
lung or throat trouble. We know it
will cure when all others fail and our
faith in it is so positive that we will
refund the price paid if you receive
no benefit. Is not this a fair proposi
tion. Price 10 cts. :0 cts. and si.00
per bottle. Por lame chest, IJack or
side, use Shiloh's Porous i'laster. Price
2 cents. For sale by Chapman &
Smith. I)ruJTurists.
Why will you suiter with Dyspepsia
and liver complaint, constipation, and
general debility when you can gt at
our store shiloh's System Yitalizer
which we sell on a positive guarantee
tocurejou. Price 10 cts. and To cts.
For sale by Chapman & .Smith, Drug
ist s.
'IIaTkMI-I i ACiv' 'a popular and
fragrant perfume. Sold by Chapman
cV Smith, Druggisls, Plattsmouth, Xeb.
tH'.y eow.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by t!ie sulisei il.or. living on t lie past
,i ill 11. w. 'i of c-fction L's, town 11. ratr.'c ;i, cast
in Cits pnimty, Neln-aska, t!it -jiitti "l;iv of
Man-li. ls.y, one day in:uv. sin.iil sie, w ith a
very latin whit in the f'rHie:ul. and a whilf
spot 011 Hie riaht s-uie of the she also
li:i a h.'.ulstall of a halter on (.newish, with
white liiic.'kh'.s). She is supposed to he al-ont
live years old. The uwner i requested to come
and pay eharges and take her av-av.
sij j. k. Nichols.
0,1 May m. 173. the firm of Chapman .t
Smith was dissolved hy mutual consent, lr.
Chapman retiring. bills iialnst the firm
will he settled by Mr. Smith, and ail ae:'eii;its
ilue the firms of Chapman Smith. Ompinan
& (lias, or lr. (i. i'. Chapman must be settled
before the lirst of .Tune. Is7: ; and after that
date all account v. ill he placed in the hands of
a collector and sued, ricasc call at their old
stand and set lie at once and ohlir.
JK. L li. ClIAI'MAX,
2 C.J I. Smith.
AND FURNISHING GOODS. The only houso in the city that carries a
clean Fresh block of CJoods of latest styles and fabrics known of the season.
Will find here displayed a Cue line of Furnishing goods that cannot fail to
command their attention and patronage.
Sheriff's' Sale.
A largo and well selected Stock of
Eastern Dools aud Shoes at Sherwood's
cheap. -iiti
At It. Sherwood's, made to order Fine
41tf Calf Boots $3.00.
For Sale.
The X. E. i section 21, town 11,
range 12, situated in Mt. Pleasant pre
cinct, Cass county, Xeb., at Ten dollais
per acre on the following easy terms,
to wit ; one fourth cash, one fourth in
one year, one fourth in two years, and
one fourth in three years; with only
eight per cent interest on deferred pay
ments. For further particulars enquire of
J. M. Pattkiison,
8U Plattsmouth, Xeb.
T.y virtue of an or ler of sale i-iu d bv Wm. I..
ells. Cierk of the Iistriet Cniat within and
for Cass County .Nebraska, and to me directed,
I will the i;.h ,i;iv ..f Jttri.-. A. I. W.. at in
o . lock A. M., of said day, at the south door of
the Court House in said count v, sell at I'ublie
Auction the followi.i real estate, to wit : Tlie
northeast quarter (lii ol section nine :) town
ship Mo. twelve (l.'i; also the south half of
south half ,.f the south
east quarter C.i) of section four H tow
shi; twelve tU.i, north : ailiin raaire thirteen (13)
east ot the f'lh I'. M.. brim: the proper; v of the
p'.amtiU. 'the same beii levied upon and tak
en as the piov:erty of !I. li. ivttit. defendant,
to satisiy a judgment of said court, recovered
by John lil.u k, plaintiff.
riattsmoiith, Neb.. Jlav 14lh. A. n. 1879.
5 i:. r. iivi:i:s.
Sheriff, fas. Co., Neb.
Dissolution Notice.
Xot ice hereby given that the firm of Kd
nertoii A; f.all is hereby dissolved by iniitual
consent this iNtli day of April.'l the said
t ;eoiKc Kdnei I r-n i ;o pay iill debts of t ie old
t rm and receive :l accounts due the firm ol
Kderton ami liail. i;ko. Khokisto-v.
Wm. S. Hall.
I'latt-mottli, April 23, 179.
Why Will You
Allow a cold to advance in your sys
tem and thus encouiage more serious
maladies, such as Pneumonia, Hem
orrhages and Lung troubles when an
immediate, relief can be so readily at
tained. 7io.scW.v German Syruj) has
gained the largest sale inthu world for
the cure of Coughs, Colds, and the se
verest Lung Diseases. It is Dr. Bos-
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Wm. K. ronel,tn,
deceaied. In the county court of Cass Co..'
Nebraska :
Cpon readinj and filing the d:i!y verified pe
tition of Allie V. Donehui. pr.-ivMo; thai admin
istration of the estate of v m. "K. loni ;m, de
ceased, be granted to her : Oid. red that notice
of the pendency of said raiivi be .published in
thee Nebra.-l-.a 1Ikhai.ii. a weekly newspaper.
I'rilitod. publi-hed. and ia uencral circiilaiion
in said e, -unt v. for three colisevi:i e weeks,
an. I that thi hearing of said c:iue l.e i-ei for
the'jsth liav of Mav. A. I . lsT.i at mi,, i.vioei.-
m., at the otlice of the Comity Judge, at
laitsmoiuli. at which time and all ner-
son.s Intel es'.ed may ope;ir and show cause, if
.any they have, hy a!miuist rai ion of said es
tate should nut he granted toll.esii.l Alii.. -
I loucl.i;), accoi iiliig to tile praverei" said peti
tion. A. N. SL1 L1VAV,
riattsmouth.Maylst. IS79.
Suits from S6.00
We havo tho best assortment of
To be found.
u-tCall and compare our Goods and Prices, and you will receive the
benefits derived therefrom.
; L) 1
P7fi TT
w a r -
III. .i
11 vi..i7. jr
v. 5 . 're j-v .
In Bankruptcy.
In tiie District Court of the Tinted Stales for
the District (lf N.-braska. in the matter of
Jtihu i. I. yon, IiaiikMipt.
Omaha, N't b., May 2, 1S79.
To whom it may coi-cern :
Tale notice hereby that :i. petition has been
to n it, on the LNtli d.av of April. A. I) ls7' liled"
in said District Court bv .loini 1". Lytin ofKal's
Citv. in said 1itri-t. who h:is been heretofore
iluly declare.l bankrupt under theact of Con
nie i entitiei "An Act to establish a uniform
system ol bankruptcy throughout the L'nitrd
Stales." atiproved Mareh- TiT. and as mm.n,i.
an I ..
Cliees iauiOUS derilian presci'lptlcn, I or ft di.chari;e ami certilicate thereof from
and is prepared with the greatest care, act andTt'Ttilt'.', .in.Vr'
and no fear need be entertained m ad- 4 o'ciock, i. m,. at the oihee (".f j. ' A. WehVier
ministering it to the youngest child.
as per directions. The sale of thi
med'eine is unprecedented. Since first
introduced there has been a constant
increasing demand and without a
single report of a failure to do its work
in any case. Ask yoar Druggist as to
the truth of these remarks. Large
size 75 cents. Try it and be convinced.
u wnl pity At;":;Uiu:xi.u.yof ti'tj jt-r mouth
ant exfMiiiiev or ni iow a lai conmi?-f ii'ii, to 1 our
nw ai wpikU i ful invutiriiii. Wt mean rhit trtvm
Fine Hoots Custom made 5.00 at
44tf fcjiiJin wood's.
Made to order
41tf at SiiEiiwooD's.
I.'bo Ilie ... ... . . '''
oj ii,:iim np:cv ior said ois
trict. at .hnaha in said district is the time and
place assiL'iied for the hearing of the s;
w hen and where you inav :tteud. and show
cause, i! any you have, witv the piayer of the
said peliuuu should not be irraiacd
wat.son h. .sinrii,
l- Clerk.
Sheriff's Sale.
t'KTKii 3ii:r(it;s7:1 j; .-'
Great Reduction in Boots & Shoes I
20 to 25 Per Cent.
Slens' rrinrp Albert
" I-asiing liuekle
' " Conirresff
" Thisr? Hail Shoes
" Two-lhK-klc flow Shoes
' Genuine Hand Sewed Ties
" Hand Sewed Alexis
Ladies' Slippers
Half Shoes
" l'ehhle Coat, bide I.ace '
Kip. '
" Flench Iiutton
" Cioat, iiutlon, (woiketl button-hole)
...SI f" Year. tl.2".
... l -" " - 1.7.
... !..'- " " 17.'.
... 1 " " 1.7.1
... l.M " 14-
i;.v) " ' a.oo
... 4.. J
$ .r,r,
.. i.-i " " l.KS
... i.s-, " " 2 40
-, " 2..r.U
. . . .'.' " " f,.iii
... 1MW " " 2.7S
Smith & lilack
Iiaving purchased the stock of Drugs,
IJooks, aud Stationery of Chapman &
Smith can now be found at their old
stand, with a full stock of Pure Drus
and solicit the patronage of the people
of riattsmouth and Cass county, and
thanking our customers for past favors
we hope by fair dealing to receive the
same in the future and invite all to
give us a trial. stf
T.y virtue of an order of sale issued by Wm I
Wells. Clerk of the Ji-trict Court within and'
for Cass County, Nebraska, aad to me directed
I will on the L'd day of June, A. J. ls;;i, at
10 o'clock A . M., of aid tlav, ;it the south door
of the court house in s aid county, sell at public
auction tli following real estate, to nit : 1 lie
east half i '4) of Mock numlier t wo hundred an 1
twenty Cijoi. in the city of Mattsmouth. Nob. ;
also, the undivided two-thirds of the fol
low in;j described tract of hand, tu wit : Com
mencing at the southeast corner of the South
west quartern) ;f o. . quarter (.jof section
twelve iiJK town twelve 12. nouh of ranire
tiiirteeii (is). ea.t of the ij;h r. JI. ; thence
north M'Vi'ii (7) cluiiii.s juni twenty-eiht (l!s)
links ; thence west, four (4i chainsaiid forty (4i)
linkH ; thoncr north. ; an- west, liftv-three (50
links, tot' e place of be-mninc ; llience west
t.-ii (10) chains and seventy-four (741 links
thence iiorih,. seventeen (17) ch;tius and ninety
one r'l) links ; thence east, six h) chains arid
six () links; thence south 11 ly east, nine
teen (l;o chidiis and four t links ; hence Kouth
f east, sixty-live ova links, to the place of
beginning, containing fifteen acres; Also, two
(2 acres, described as follows: Commencii:
titty-two (j.l'j rods and fourteen (14) feet lioitii
of the s w coiner td the s e quarter. (.j of the
s e quarter i'i of section tweive (121, town
twelve (li'i north of ranjiu thirteen (13) east
tiienci; north, twenty 2i rods: thence ea-t'
sixteen Pi) rods; thence south, twenty ciii
rods ; thence west, sixteen (lu) rods to place "of
beL;inniiin, Cf utaii.iui; two acre- : Also eom-meie-:n
ten (lot chains and si.rtv ()) links
north ot s w corner of the s e quarter (',) of the
e quarter (Vi) of section twehe (tji town
twelve U- north of r;inte thirteen ( l.i')' e;ts
thence west four 4) chains and eihty-i-even
(7) links, thence north 14' :u' wet live t.ji
chains and tifty-seven (.17) links ; thence east
six ii) chniiM and twentv-si (jr,i links ; thence
south, five t.lj chains anii thirty-nine :):i links
to place of beiiiniii. coiuainiiii: three (.:
a res ; Also commencimr seven (71 cI.-ofw ,m,i
ly printed on the inside of the lid. This . twenty-eijjht links north of tiie foutheat
. fr..i'M.. f, r i.i.i l.ii'..f . ........ ...rii..-,.
v . ............... Uli r-, .jin. ifi oj lMo SOiltii-
rafti .5,i'"'t1rr -f i"i twelve I2, town
. ..f i t ooii ii oi liMie inii teen east
re. Yen can make money by selling
Slerlim; Chemical Wicks 'Never ii"('d
triniiiiin No smoke or smeli 10 cents each. 3
for 2.1 cents. Send Mamp foreataloue of Won
derful Inventions, Maple and fancy jioods. I 'ar
sons, Foster & Co., 1.1 Clark St.. Chicago. l;nt
Thirty of tlie Ie.t ornan makers of the
World :re competitor at the Paris Imposition,
a cable dispatch to the Aiiciated l'lers s;iys
two highest jold medals have been awarded to
the American makers. Mason & Ilamlin.
Cauticu to Smokers.
From and after the 1st day cf May,
1S73 all boxes containing cigars of my
manufacture will have my name bold-
is to prevent counterfeiting mv brand
of cigars, w ith an inferior r;uality of
cigars, resorted to by some unprinci
pled manufacturers. None are genu
ine unless plainlv labeled:
Plattsmouth, - - Nebraska.
in P.nn yAllES of residents wanted. For 2.1
iU.l'tU names and 25 r ents we will send
you a lice m!k handkerchief, every
thread silk. Kecilar price, l.oo, U. V. Fosfr.
i CV., 12 j Clark Street, ChicUpO, 111, Jmu,
thence west four !) chains and forty 40 i links
thence north i; :,) west, one II chain and
ciehteen jj links ; thence norlh 14- m' west
two (2( cha:n.s ami thirteen 113 links; thence
east ur 4' ehai'is anl eila v-deven 17 links ;
tin nee so;;lh three (M chains and l!iirtv-t Ao
!-t2l link, to the place of be-innin-. coutainiii"
one am, a oa'.f (l',j acres, together vt itli all the
privileges Siud appiirtenain-es. The ."ame beti"
levied upon ami t;ikeU as the properly of II 'iT
Montgomery and .M.-.raret .Xloutoiiiery. de
fendants ; to Ht!sfya j i lrmt nt of s iif court
recovered by Tootle Hani, & Clark, plaiiinit.s.
01 j
tilQllll Co.
Standard Singer.
t'20 this Sljle.
- EH
A ai
CO pi a
Nev i ncuts wiit, ted in every town, Sampli
marliine lui iii-.hed on appliiai' i".n. i to let
forwitid -d With :! r, as a uaiaef e it K'xl
faiit, -the balance, .-w. to be pi.l.l iifier livo
lav- dial. Kvery laacl.iiie w;iri .i:. !,!, and
written ",i:u autee f.ive;i with cie ii iu;e lib e tt
keep in order for lo veal ' Two machines,
one aildn ss, i:t ; three riiichme. ; four
machines r;t; live machiiies, .--5. Special
prices on larne orders.
I'aksmns. ;ystki: & i ..
Cma iz'j u l-i Ciiii k St., Chicago, III.
Wines, Liquors
Main Street, opposite the f'ouit lloukc.
This place is Jird opened, nem, yood gooM or
r.'l kiads. We w iit,t to keep a g'io I lioue ani
i-'cii' e oiir customers.
to -
w 0
- CO
FUKN I T L'Jli: J) EA L E J W,
Louisville, Neb.,
The name of Iho Place !
-i-Y call at
J P ti y ;j,vi. A. J. AMI DAKOTA.