Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 28, 1878, Image 3

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    li ERA LI.
B. & H. R. R.Time Table.
Corrti.Ud Friday, October 18, ISIS.
l-fflvcs 7 .-no a. ni. Arrive 8 :tr. a. m.
2 -.35 p. in. " 3 -'" !
LtatM 9 -J-0 :i. in. Arrives 1 1 :'J0 a. in.
" 6 :oo p. in. " 7 : p. in.
Leave Flattsraouth io :2 a. in. Arrives Lin
m. 1 -25 i. m. : Arrives ivewiiiey, y. o p.m.
freight leaves a : a. m. Ar. Lincoln 2 :) p.m.
leaves Kearney. 6 :22 a. in. leaves Lincoln
II :I5 p. m. Arrives Plattsmouth. 3 :00 p. m
Freight leaves Lincoln U a. m. Arrives
i'latlamuiitu, 5 :0u p. in.
Espress. 6 :15 a. in.
Paaseuger, (train each day) 3 :.V p. m.t except
Saturday. Every third Saturday a train con
ii ecu at the usual time..
II. V. II. II. Time Tabic.
Takina Kffcct Monday, AVr. 4, 1379.
Leave Arrive
Ayr 8 :21 p. m.
Hasting. ' :i p. ui.
I Blue Hill. ..8 :M p. in.
f Cow I cm 9 :47 p. in.
J Red Cloud, 10 :M p. HI.
OIlTII Waltl.
Leaves Arrive
"1 C'tiwle 4 :41 a. in.
iiod ciud. 4 :w a.m. I ",.I.'::;;S :
J Hasting. ...7 a. in,
a , ,,. I Depart at - 6 :."M) a. m,
Arrive at m. j '.. .. 3 :00 p. ,u
AjtIvo at 10 uK) a. m. Depart at - J :15 p. Hi
Arrive ar S :15 p. m. Depart at - 10 :00 a. m,
Awlta at 12 :OU in. Depart at - 1:00 p. Di.
AlfKe at 12 :o in. I J lepai tat - 1:00 p.m.
J. W. MARSHALL. 1'. M.
LOC A L A D V E K T I S E 11 K N TS.
Transient. 2j cents a line. Regular advertis
ers, is cer.u per line. No advoruaumaut luseit-
J for Ik tli ah 25 renin.
I-evnl noticet at Statuto rate.
aiOriify and ofhrers of Hie law will be neld
rt-snonnlbte for all leual uotiees tht-y hand in
and all partira rieinamllui; , a proof ( publica
Hun of any uotire will be held lor the publica
Uua fo of such notice.
Aa our apace Is limited, all conimnnlcaMon
ainst be brief anl to tli Mjiot. with no waste
f words.
The paper I responsible for tho correctness
arroru'p io copy ii paiu matter nnu iui j.c
g&l. only.
1. Anv nerson who takes the paper regularly
frum tbo post-office, whether ilire:td to his
name, or w ln-th'-r lie Is a subscriber or not Is
r-ipoi!!lil lor the pa v.
j. If any i-crtoii oril-rs hU paper tliscontin
ned. lie rims' nay all arrearages, or Hie publish
er may continue to send it until payment is
inade.'and roller! the whole amount. Whether
the par-er is t.iWi-ii from the oflli-e or not.
S. 1 lie courts have derided that refusing to
laki ne wspapf rs and periodicals from the post
o3ee. or reinoviiiie and leaving ilit-m inn-.illi-tl
lor. Is pt-imti facie evidt-m-e of ixtf.xtio.nal
Th Streets wore crowded Satur
day as usu.i!.
Prof. Love is fund of eiucstrl;in
nhip to judj?. JuhnsoH of Weeping Water
wiva In town Ttifsday.
Remember John Dillon In "My
Awful Dad" is coming.
If Undines isn't picking up in lhi
town It can't Le anywhere else.
St. T-nko's Churcli in Retting a
winter ovsrco.nt of new shingles.
- Weckbach is bniitliiijf two more
new houses up o:i Episcopal hill.
Srvcral sections of hiick sidewalk
are Loin on Mnin street.
r Lawyer Morrison aporta a hand
tuinfl giey horse and new veh'.cle.
The IJ. & M. folks Rie building a
new section house out t the "Y."
I'liil Young Buys he sells " Toolh
lue."' That's too thin, Thil, or else w'd
Lave a tooth in.
The Episcopal church is getting a
new roof, and calciinining the inside
is next in order.
The sound of tho hammer mid the
whiz of the rip-snw lire heard in the
land all day now.
The two now houses on the hill
near the Kpiscopal church, build that
6treet up considerably.
Treasurer Patterson lias bought
a handsome team of carriage- horses to
drira in that new buggy.
A reward is hereby offered to any
man that will get the better of John
Shannon on a knife trade.
Dr. Schildkneeht is bound to etop
the ravages of that creek, and is doing
tome effectual work on it this time.
Late as the fall has been, lovely as
the weather has behaved itself there j
nre yet some folks that are not through
Dr. Clutter, our new dentist, seems
to have plenty of work and we believe
Is a real addition to our society and
At last Phil Young has procured
the people's favorite, "John Dillon," in
"My Awful Dad." Phil has him book
ed for Dec. 17th.
All the way from Omaha we learn
that Mr. Joyner, our Rock Bluffs mail
driver was attacked by a road agent,
vulgarly called a robber.
"We heard the other day that there
were to be twelve weddings in Platts
mouth between now and New Years.
Do tell ! Hurry up so we can Ond
put who are the twenty four parties.
We rather think the Council ought
to raise that street peddler license.
One dollar a day does not pay for the
money they take away, and many of
them are nuisances anyway.
The buggy fellow did manage to
sell all out here. We never thought
lV could; but gas, cheek and good
lungs work wonders and almost every
body is happy now with a new buggy,
ehluey, black and varnishey.
Mr. D. Soliday, a cousin of Mr. John
Wayman's from Ind., will be here soon
accompan ied by a Mr. Haas, and the firm
may put in a large stock of clothing
aud furnishing goods, a jobbing stock.
We hope the gentlemen will be pleased
with our town and its business pros
pects and stay with us permanently.
Miss Martin, of liellevue, is giving
thanks to-day with friends in this citr.
Willie Gj'ger came down to eat
Thanksgiving turkey at home and
take in the dance.
Mis3 Carrie Bennett accompanied by
Miss May Dundy, a daughter of Judge
Dundy, and Miss Mamie Dakin, came
down from Brownell Hall last evening
to spend thanksgiving.
Mrs. W. L. Wells and children came
in from the farm on Monday,- for a
short stay in the city. The change is
very acceptable, after their sojourn of
loncsomeness in the country.
Be Happy.
Old Santa Claus has mada hi3 ap
pearance and established his headquar
ters at Chapman & Smith's, and went
on his way rejoicing, to return again
and appear on the streets on Christmas
day for C. & S. Come one, come all
and see what he has left atC.&S. The
largest and finest line of Holiday pres
ents for old and young. 30t4tf
It is astonishing to see how many
Ema!l but nice looking houses are be
ing tucked into the hills back of the
machine shops. You have to go on an
investigating tour occasionally, to find
out how much there is of Plattsmouth,
Subscribe for your papers and maga
zines with J. P. Young, and save rnon-
Last Sunday a week was the best,
livery day Mr. Jones ever had at his
barn. Everything wont, doable, two
times and single.
Secure seats for Prof. Cook's enter
tainment, at P. O. News Depot.
Don't fail to see Mis3 Crawford in
her wonderful second-sight mind read
ing and carivoyant tests Friday even
The onlv fresh lemons in the city at
the P. O. News Depot.
A lazy fellow down street thinks
Ellison will be of some use yet. He
may invent an electric spark in a cigar,
so that when you nip the end off the
cigar will light itself, thus saving the
trouble of striking a matcln
The undersigned respectfully an
nounces to the people of Plattsmouth
and ('ass County that he is now receiv
ing the finest and best selected stock
of goods for the Holidays that ever has
been displayed in this city, consisting
of gold and silver watches, fine jewelry,
clocks, silverware, vpcclaclcs, pocket
knives and razors, fancy goods, music
al instruments ami toys; which will be
sold very cheap. Thanking my fr'unds
and customers for past favors, I flatter
myself that the old standby will not
be forgotten. Come one, come all. no
trouble to shoa- goods. Kespectfully,
3!t4 Jos. Sen later, Jeweler.
Spiritualism exposed at Fitzgerald
Hall, Friday evening.
The funniest thing in the newspa
per business is to watch a patent out-
sido editor trying to explain why he
can't insert an article on the first page.
Camden Post.
Prof. Cook, th pioneer cxpoger of
Spiritualism, at Fitzgerald Hall, Fri
day etening.
Our new Dentist, Dr. Clutter, is
meeting with well merited success.
Having a thorough knowledge of his
profession, backed by an active expe
rience of over ten years, he can guar
antee perfect satisfaction in all opera
tions. Those wishing dental work
should call on him. 36t2
The w ind rushed down the street
and took Billv Stadelmanu's hat along.
He ran, and the hat ran. It's curious
how a hat without legs can beat a short
man with two le;S.
The largest assortment of dolls, doll
heads and bodies in the city at the P.
). News Depot.
Opposition is the life of trade. The
two gentleman down on Main St. in
foreign costume ran each other lively
oaturdav. Medicine vs trinkets.
I will try hereafter to have celery
and oysters here regularly if I can get
i regular set of customers for the
same. 1j. It. JJennett.
At the Express office.
Judge Maxwell is about publishing
a legal work on the Powers and Duties
of Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs and
Constables in Nebraska.
Photograph Albnms from 25c up to
810.00, also autograph and pocket al
bums at the P. O. News Depot.
We should like to know who W. X.
Davis, of Plattsmouth, is. He writes
the Sidney Telegraph that he has a
trotting colt " Maud," four years old
that can wax those fellows at and
the Telegraph says: 44 We are ready."
Turn out everybody and see Prof.
Cooue Friday nignt.
For good and cheap sheet music go
to the P. O. News Depot.
Itev. DeLaMatyr has removed his
family to Plattsmouth, where that ex
cellent gentleman will labor for this
year. No man ever made more devot
ed friends during a two years' resid
ence in Fremont than Mr. DeLaMatyr.
He is an honorable, accommodating
gentleman, besides being a good
preacher and a most exemplary chris
tian. He is heartily commended to
tho people of his new home. -Fremont
For Sale or Trade. A Bargain.
Eighty acres of choice farming land,
partly under cultivation. Inquire at
this offlce A rare chance. 86t3
For Sale.
A large, good bay mare, 7 years old.
Works single or double. Is kind every
way. For sale cheap or to trade for
smaller horse to mate another. In
quire at Herald office. 36t2
To Bent.
Forty acres of Land within three
miles of town, and a pair of horses to
sell with the same on time if desired.
Inquire at the Herald office. 36t4
The press throughout the eastern cit
ies are loud in their praise of Prof.
Cook's entertainment.
An Old Lady's Trick.
Sheriff R. W. Hyer's, of Cass county,
was in this city this morning looking
after an old lady, some fifty years old
by the name of Elizabeth Hickman
who is charged with having fleeced
some of the Plattsmouth people to the
tune of S190.00. Mrs. Hickman has
been runing a farm for the past year
about 2V miles from the county
seat. One day last week it is charged
that she unlawfully did get S100 from
one Fred Gorder, a grain merchant of
Plattsmouth, as an advance en some
corn she said she had. It is also said
that she played the same game on
another party to the tune of S90. It
now seems that the old lady with her
children, and household effects left
Plattsmouth last Sunday morning,
taking her horses and worldly effects
with her, and leaving behind no show
ing of the corn she said she had. The
sheriff ha3 tracked her thus far, but
here he is at present unable to find any
further tracks of her. She is said to
be a cripple. Neb. City News.
Best brands of cigars, fine cut, plug
and smoking tobaccos, at the I . O
News Depot.
Information that Pays.
With its reduction in price and its
great amount of useful information,
the American Agriculturist can hardly
fail to pay well, all who invest the
small sum required to get it. Bead
the advertisement.
Miss Bertha Norris who met and ex
posed Miss Miller, the Memphis, Tenn
Medium in her Spirit Bride Seances, at
Fitzgerald Hall, Friday evening.
A little girl, resident in Platts
mouth, aged between two and three
years went to church for the first time
with her grandmother not long since.
A short time previous she had been
much interested in the pranks of a mon
key which was exhibited on the streets
by a man with a hand organ. She sat
very quietly in church until the organ
sounded forth its strains, when she
leaned over to Grandma and inquired,
"Grandma, where's the monkey?" We
didn't hear whether she was answered
or not.
There will be no school to-day
(Thanksgiving), but parents will please
see that their children are in attend
ance on Friday aud Saturday, us the
monthly examination will be in pro
gress and it is desired that the schol
ars should all be present.
J. W. Love, Principal.
There will be a pound festival at the
M. E. Church at Weeping Water, on
Thursday eve Doc. 12, 1S73. A gener
al good time is anticipated. Every
body is invited. By order of Com.
Ben Hempel runs the lower butcher
shop on Main St., and don't you forget
t. lie keeps good meat, is willing and
obliging to customers and wants all
the tnu'e he can get.
Let it coma. An exchange says : "In
the good tune coming, beggars will
ride in carriages, lawyers will have to
saw wood for a livelihood, and news
paper men will swing on the gate and
eat molasses candy." Now, where is
Frye? Lawyers saw wood, hey!
John Fitzgerald has sued the City
for his warrants 3,000 worth. It
seems some time ago Fitzgerald had
received and gathered about $3,000
worth of ordinary city warrants. In
one of the spasms of virtue and econ
omy which visits this town semi-occa
sionally the Council thought they
could save money (and do justice, we
suppose,) by funding all the outstand
ing indebtedness of the city, warrants
and all. Fitzgerald handed over, at
the city's request, $3,000 of warrants
and received the equivalent in "fund
ing bonds." The other day the Su
preme Court said the funding bonds
were illegal, being issued in excess of
the 20 per cent, valuation of property
allowed by law. So Fitz. is out unless
he can make the city return his war
rants, for which he now prays, &c.
Sam. M. Chapman i3 his attorney and
has prepared a brief that's full of fund
ed wisdom about this matter.
Prof. Cooke.
On Friday evening next, Prof. Cooke,
the renowned exposer of Spiritualism,
will appear at Fitzgerald Hall, ably as
sisted by Miss Selome Crawford in her
wonderful mind reading, second sight
and clarivoyant tests, in which ques
tions secretly written by any in the
audience, instantly destroyed or con
cealed, will receive intelligent answers.
Also Miss Bertha Norris who met and
exposed Mrs. Miller, the (Memphis
Tenn.) medium in her Spiiit Bride Se
ance. The Press throughout tho coun
try are loud in their praise of his per
formances. He appeared at Lincoln
Nov. 20 and 21, and the Lincoln Jour
nal in a column notice each day pro
nounced his entertainment the best of
the kind ever given in Lincoln. We
clip the following from the St. Louis
Republican of recent date:
The Olympic theatre this week is the
scene of one of the most enjoyable en
tertainments the season has produced.
Mr. Cooke comes out with the some
what novel title of an exposer of spir
itualistic trick?, and backs up the asser
tion with as complete and astonishing
an exhibition as lias ever been shown
to the public. The second-sight busi
ness, the clarivoyant test and spirit
bride levee, by Miss Crawford and Miss
Cooke, are quite as wonderful and
could be described in columns. The
Professor has a quiet and irresistably
droll way upon the stage, and luckless
he who provokes the current of his
fun ; for the entertainment is as condu
cive to humor as it is creative of won
der. It is worthy all that can be said
in its praise.
U. S.P
Manufacture of strict
ly first-class ri.inos. We sell direct to families
from our own Factory at- lowest wholesale pri
ces. Beautiful new 7H Octave. Rosewood I"i
utios. Sent on trial. Thousand m ue. Heavy
discount to c:vh buyers. IKl.N'T buy until you
read our Catalogue. It will interest you Mail
ed free. 33t3
Importers and retailers of
Offer the most attractive Fall and Win
ter stock ever shown in Nebraska.
Guiuets Black Silks of our own impor
tation, $1.00 to S3.00. Silk and Wool
Dress Goods. Black and colored Cash
meres 50c to $1.50.
We have largely increased this de
partment and will duplicate eastern
prices. Beaver Cloaks from $3.50 to
$40.00. Matelasse Cloaks from S5.00
to $50.00. Cloaks or Circulars will be
sent on approval to responsible parties.
Ladies in th. habit of sending East for
Goods are particularly requested
to give us a trial.
33tf. A. Crvickshank & Co.
Proposals for Grain.
Chief Quartermaster's Office,
Omaha Bks Neb., Nov. 4,1878. )
Sealed proposals in triplicate, subject
to the usual conditions, will be receiv
ed at this office, until 12 o'clock, noon,
on Wednesday, December 4, 1878, at
which place and time they will be op
ened in the presence of bidders, for
furnishing and delivering, in quanti
ties as required up to June 30, 1879, at
Omaha Depot, Nebraska, or at stations
on the Union Pacific Ilaihoad east
from Kearney Junction, one million (1,
000,000) jov wis Oats; and two millions
(2,000,000) poiuids Corn.
Proposals for quantities less than
the whole required, will be received.
Preference will be given to articles
of domestic production.
The contracts will be let with the
provision that the quantities contract
ed for may be increased or reduced one
third by the Chief Quartermaster of
the Department, at any time within
sixty days after date of contract.
Bids should state the rate per 100
pounds, not per bushel; should state
the year in which the Corn proposed to
be furnished was grown, and should
bo endorsed on envelopes, "Bids for
The right to reject any or all bids, is
reserved. M. I. LUDINCTON.
33-4t Chief Quartermaster.
Apples for Sale.
Good apples can be had at the Ex
press Office for $2.25 per barrel, apply
at once to Capt. L. D. Bennett. 35t2
Cheaper than the Cheapest,
Ncrer Undersold
in Boots and Shoes at Merges'. 31tf
Horse for Sale.
Ono bav mare four years old for sale.
Time will lie given. Apply to Mai-
dauer & Herrmann. 34tf
Remember that for boots and shoes
Rockwell cannot be beat in price. He
has a large assortment. 2Stf.
See E. G. Dovev & Son 8 assortment
of Lady's cloaks before purchasing
F. S. White is looking for another
car load of those fine Michigan apple s.
Don t fail to bo on hand. 34tf
For Sale, Cheap Farms.
S. E. i 14, 10, 12; S. E. 15, 10, 12;
N. W. U 12. 10. 11. near Weeping Wa
ter ami W. hi N. E. A 28, 12, 11 ; S. J
S. E. 'i 21, 12, 11, near louisville, $10
per acre. 10 years lime and o per cent
interest, small payment down. Call
on or address with stamp, S. b. More
house, Nebraska City. Jot2
Belmont, Cass Co. Neb., Nov. 18, '78.
Ed. Herald: Dear Sir I hereby
notify the public against purchasing
any paper or papers against me held
by the Iowa Central Iron fence Co., of
Marshalltown, Iowa, or any person or
persons claiming to represent said com
pany ; said paper or papers bear date
Nov. 13th, 1878.
35t4 G. W. Swartz.
A nice assortment of Repellents
Cashmeres, American Dress Goods,
lies, Ruching, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Scarfs, Ladies and Children's Hosiery,
Felt Skirts, Sec. &c, at
E. G. Dovey & Son s.
Those wishing Oysters can obtain
them by the can or dish, of the best
)iauds, cheap, at Henry Thierolf s, two
doors east of the l'JO. 34tf
Rockwell has a full line of Grocer
ies, asti.
A fine assortment of Blankets at
29tf E. G. Dovey & Son's.
Rockwell, of Louisville, has just fin
ished his new store, 23x35, which he
has full of new goods. Be sure and
give him a call we know you will
buy if you do, for he sells very cheap.
For Sale. A wire plant stand
with trellis, at a bargain. Inquire at
the Herald office.
Boots and Shoes Cheap.
call and examine prices at
31 tf Merges.
Ladies, Gents and Children's Under
wear, Cotton Flannels, Red Flannels,
Linsey and Jeans, at
E. G. Dovey & Son s.
by buying
boots and shoes.
31tf at Merges'.
Rockwell keeps hardware and
queensware. and by Jove he keeps ma
chine oils too.; and I declare, he keeps
patent medicines also, so there is no
use of staying sick. 28tf.
Good second-hand organs and melo-
Deons for sale or rent low. Leave ad
dress at Mr. O. F. Johnson's Drug Store
cor Cth and Main Sts.
James Pettee,
9tf. Dealer in Musical Instruments.
Rockwell ha3 just received nine
chests of choice teas, which be sells at
from 25cts to $1 per pound. The best
bargain in teas you ever saw. 28tf.
We see that Merges got the premium
again at the State Fair on his own
work for beauty and durability. He !
really does make fine and good work, j
Don't be Deceived.
Many persons say "I haven't got the
Consumption" when asked to cure their
Cough with Shiloh's Consumption
Cure. Do they not know that Coughs
lead to Consumption and a remedy
that will cure Consumption will cer
tainly and surely cure a cough or any
lung or throat trouble. We know it
will cure when all others fail and our
faith in it is so positive that we will
refund the price paid if you receive
no benefit. Is not this a fair proposi
tion. Price 10 cts. 50 cts. and $1.00
per bottle. For lame chest, Back or
side, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price
25 cents. For sale by Chapman &
Smith, Druggists.
Why will you sutler with Dyspepsia
and liver complaint, constipation, and
general debility when you can get at
our store Shilohs System Vitalizer
which we sell on a positive guarantee
tocurevou. Price 10 cts. and 75 cts
For sale by Chapman & Smith, Drug
"HACKMEfACK" a popular and
fragrant perfume. Sold by Chapman
& Smith, Iruggists, Plattsmouth, Neb.
341y eow.
Caution to Smokers.
From and after the 1st day of May,
18.8 all boxes containing cigars of my
manufacture will have my name bold
ly printed on the inside of the lid. This
is to prevent counterfeiting my brand
of cigars, with an inferior quality of
cigars, resorted to by some unprinci
pled manufacturers. one are genu
ine unless plainly labeled:
Plattsmouth, - - Nebraska.
An Astonishiug Fact.
A large proportion of the American
people are to-day dying from the ef
fects of Dyspepsia or disordered liver.
The result of these diseases upon the
masses of intelligent and valuable peo
ple is most alarming, making life ac
tually a burden instead of a pleasant
existence of enjoyment and usefulness
as it ought to be. There is no good
reason for this, if vou will only throwr
aside prejudice and skepticism, take
the advice of Druggists and your
friends, and try one bottle of Greens
August Flower, lour speedy relief
is certain. Millions of bottles of this
medicine have been given away to try
its virtues, with satisfactory results in
every case, lou can buy a sample
bottle for 10 cents to try. Three doses
will relieve the worst case. Positively
sold by all Druggists on the western
continent. 281y-eow
Rockwell has the neatest assortment
of lady's dress goods ever brought to
town. Be sure and see them before
the assortment is broke. They are go
ing off fast. 23tf.
Thirty of the best orsan makers of the
Worbl uii- eonmetitorrt Ht the 1'itris Exnosition.
a cable dispatch t. the Associated Prces says
two highest irold metlals have been awarded to
the American makers, .Mason & Hamlin.
The Atlanta (a., Constitution,
Recently published a long account of
the destructiveness of the "Sherman
Rat" which is 2 to 4 times as large as
the Northern Rat. On the 17th of
September, 1877, the Manager of this
celebrated paper having tried Centen
nial Rat Exterminator says: Gentle
men vour "Pizen Stuff" knocks "Sher
man Rats," stilt and cold.
Osaoe, Iowa, Dec. 20, 1877.
Star Manufacturing Company, Fort
Madison, Iowa; Gentlemen: The Cen
tennial rat poison, received last Mon
day. We have given three doses. On
Monday, Tuesday and Hednesday
nights, and we verily believe there is
not a rat or mouse left. The saw mill,
feed, custom and merchant's mills were
full of them, as were also our houses.
cooper shops, barns and hog pens.
SiLce giving them the poison they have
been running round as "crazy as loons
and the river bank is line with dead
rats, in fact it has created a terrible
commotion among them and they have
all left, thanks to tho "Centennial Rat
Exterminator, each box of which is
worth a twenty dollar bill. We will
see our druggists and have them send
font. Thanks, thanks. ery respect
fully, E. M. Britts, & Co.
This great economizer for property
holders, farmers, et al., is for sale by
druggists and general dealers every
where. Price 25 cents, large cans $1 ,00
Pension Papers.
Those wanting pension papers ac
knowledged will please remember that
J. R. Toman, Notary Public, Louisville,
nas a certificate of the county Clerk
filed with the U. S. pension Agent and
can attend to all such business. 53tf
Just Received
At Rockwell's, a verv full line of Mil
linery goods of the verjrlatest styles,
such as flowers, ribbons, plumes and
tips, silks, velvets, lady's ties, bonnets
and hats, and many other little novel
ties that cannot be had at any other
place in town. 2Stf.
A (j! en tic Hint.
In our style of climate, with its sud
den changes of temperature, rain.
wind and sunshine often intermingled
in a single day, it is no wonder that
our children, friends and relatives are
so frequently taken from us by neglect
ed colds, half the deaths resulting di
rectly from this cause. A bottle of
Boschee's German Syrup kept about
your home for immediate use will pre
vent serious sickness, a largo doctor s
bill, and perhaps death, by the use of
three or four doses. For curing Con
sumption, Hemorrhages, Pneumonia
Severe Coughs, Croup or any other di,
sease of the Throat or Lungs, its suc
cess is simply wonderful, as your drug
gist will tell you. German" Syrup is
now sold in every town and village on
thi b continent. Sample bottles for tri
al, 10c; regularsize, 75c.
SrrTTrz "sri remedy ron baldhess
RJ JrVV. J? rrweriptton CTree K "T
-fi I rfthrfr " will agrM to paf
I. wtieo . a.w rrowui ul Ualr.WtiUkars or Mow senna
la artaatlr prndneed.
csmdenon ft Co S Clinton Flaoe, New Tork.
From Dark to Dawn.
In this new volume the popular Author of
Nioht Scenks i-the Hiui.K portray with
vivid and tlinllinu force the events of Sacred
Truth, and adds freh testimony to the beauty.
puino ami sumunity ot the stories of tne iiibie.
Agents will find this Book with it sparkling
thoughts, beautiful ensraviugs, and rich bind
ings, tbe best in the market.
Recommended bv leading thinkers and writer
Sells at Siyht. Makes a magnificent Holiday
I'resant. Steady work and txood Day lor-
Agent.-". teachers. Students. Ministers. Young
Men or Women, For Circulars, terms, &c, ad
dress. J. CVfCl'llllV A CO., rabllshens.
rniiaueipnia ; Cincinnati, o. ; ciiicage, in. ; M,
Louts, Mu. Xili
$r fAA fit A worth of Farm Produce
'""''""'' '"alone can be saved by using
Centennial Rat ExUrmiwjuu.
Rockwell keeps clothinc and cent's
underwear. 28tf.
Wanted: Work in a printing of
fice in this State. Have worked two
years at the trade. Address E. May
field, Plattsmouth, Neb. 3iU
" The New Party."
Just arrived from the East and the
"old settler" in the west, find that the
old E;tstern medicines do not relieve
the diseases incident to this new West
ern climate. The verdict of every
family using Hrown's Vegetable
Liver 1'lllM, is that they have no
equal for relieving constipation, sick
headache aud biliousness, and that
Lurcka Acue IMIls never fail lo
cure the chills when taken as directed
Ilrowii'N Cough Italsam, for
coughs, colds, and lung affections, con
tains no stupefying opiates, but re
lieves bv soothing the irritated parts,
ami producing easy, gentle expectora
tion. llrovf-ii's TarTrodies, are val
uable to public speakers and singers,
and all atllicted with sore throat and
ISroivii's Arnica Salve stands
without a rival for removing inclina
tion and Lealing old sores, ulcers and
Sarsiaparllla, Dandelion and
Iodine of Potassium. is the kingof
remedies for blood, liver, and skin dis
eases. For sale by Dr. W. E. Donelan,
Chapman & Smith, J. H. Buttery and
O. F. Johnson.
15tf Plattsmouth. Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by Wni.
L. Wells, Clerk of the District Court, within and
for Cays County Nebraska, aud to me directed.
1 will on the 28th day of December. A. D. 1S78.
at lo o'clock a. m. of said day, at the south door
of the Court Mouse. 10 aaiu county, sen al pub
lic auction the following real estate to-wit :
The north-east quarter (Ht) of aection thirty (30)
township twelve ili range thirteen (13) eat Gtli
P. M. iu Cass County. Nebraska. The same be
ing levied upon and taken as the property of
Henry Snyder aud Nancy C. Snyder, defend
ants ; to satisfy a Judgment of snid Court recov
ered by O. 11. Reighard, plaint ill.
I'lattbinouth, Neb., ov. 2sth, A. D. 1K78.
3Ct4 K. W. Hvkks, Sheriff.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the last will and testament of
Mar-h n. states dec d. In tne County court
of Cass Co., Neb.
Notice is hereby given that A A. Lavarty lias
tiled in tile ollice of the County Judge of said
Countv. an iiiHtrunit-nt ill writing purporting to
be the last will and testament of Sarah Instates
dt-e'd, and the hearing of the Probate of said
instrument is st-i xor nie ziuii iay 01 -oveiiiuer.
A. 1. 1x78. at one o'clock i. m. of aaid dav. at
the office of the County Juiltie. at I'lattsuiouth,
in said Couutv, at which time and place all per
sons interested may appear and show cause, .f
any tliev have, why said in.-tiument in writing
should not be admitted to Probate and taken
as the last will and testament of said deceased.
Itiuvs inv hand at- PIatt!moutli this 12tu day
of November, A. D. 1S7S.
3413 A. J. hCI.l.IVAX, CO. JUflfce.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Charles H. Wins-
low, deceasef. In County Court of Cass
County, Nebraska.
I'pon reading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of Sarah M. Wimslow, prayins that ad
ministration of the .-state of her deeeaeed hus
band, Charles H. Wintdow, may be granted to
her: Ordered that notice of the pendency of
caid cause be published in the Nebraska IlKit-
ai.i. a weekly newspaper printed and puniisiii-
cd and in general circulation in said county, for
three consecutive weeks, aud that said caue ho
set for hearing at the office of County Judge at
I lattsmoutli, in said County, at at one o ciock
p. m. on the 4th day ot December, a. u. is.s. at
which time and place all persons interested may
appear and show cause, if any they have, wliy
administratton of eaid estate should not be
granted to the said Sarah M. Winslow accord
ing to tne prayer oi saw petition.
A. . M L1.1V.1S
i L.S-
t County Judge.
Administrator's Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that I E. O. Dovey,
in pursuance of an order of the District
Court of Cas County. NehrasXa, w ill sell at
I'ubiic vendue at tne trout noor oi me court
House at riattsmouth. Cass Connty. Nebraska.
on the 12th day of December. A. D. 1S7S. at
o'clock. I. M.. the following described real es
tate to-wit : East half of lot one (1) iu Block
tliirl v-threo (33) oue Brick store and twenty-
twn2i) feet front, tin Main street, adjoining
llenrv Hoeck s store, laying across lots b, 9 ana
10 in block (31), 2s feet on Main Street, laying
icross lots 8. 9 and 10 in block (31). one house
and twentv-two (22) feet front on Main street
laving across lots 6 and 7 in block (3D north half
of lot 5 in block (31 ). lots 7, S. J. lo, 11 and 12 in
block (223). all In the city of Plaltsmoiith as
shown by the recorded platjof saiil City. Als
lots 8. 9 aud 10 in blocK s, in I liompson s Addi
tion to the city of Plattsmouth. ANo the east
half of North east quarter cf section No. 34
township 13 north range 12 oast of 6 P. M., all
in Cass County, Nebraska. The terms of said
sale will be as follows : The purchaser shall
pav one fourth cash in hand, one fourth in six
months, one fourth in twelve months, and one
foul th in eighteen months from date of sale, the
purchaser shall L'ive his note drawing 12 per
cent interest from the dates thereof, secured by
a mortgage upon the real estate so sold lor the
deferred payments. Said sale will be held open
for one hour, from two o'clock until three
o'clock p. m., of the same day.
3f)t4 r,.u. iiovr.r,
Adm'r. of the estate of II. Ainison, dee'd.
Estray Notice.
Taken up on the 24th day of September. A. D.
1S78, as a stray in Weeping Water, in township
10 north, ransre 11 east, in Cass County. Nehras
kn, bythe subscriber, who there resides, one
chestnut sorrel orse. witn wane spot in tne
forehead, with near hind foot white, a small
scar on point of right shoulder, also a scar on
left fore foot, supposed to be about 8 years old.
Said horse had on an old saddle and blind bri
dle, and a halter when taken up. Tho owner of
said property can have the same by proving
property and paying expenses.
jiareu mis lsi tiay oi tjcioocr, a. i. is.s.
32t5 A. J. McDonald.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Mala street. Corner ot Fifth.
Still Better Rates for Lumber.
Shenandoah Nurseries,
Mr. King desires to thank his old pa
trons for their favors the past season
and to state that he will be here about
the Holidays with a full supply of
He earnestly solicits your patronage
for the future; relying on the reputa
tion of the past. These nurseries are
near you, the stock is acclimated and
does better. Call and see. Mr. King
will canvass Sarpy County as well as
Cass. Remember the name and the
place. 34tl3
On Blaln street nearly opposite the Court
House, Plattsmouth, Neb.
HorsEsfoR Sale.
The buying and selling of good horses made
ne specialty of the business.
New Horses & Carriages,
and gentle horses, for Ladiea to drive are kept
at this Stable.
Also a carry all. which runs to the depot, and
will carry passengers from any place u town on
In th. Known worM. 5.M.LB H tch F kbb ti Aun
Annua, A. rol'LTRR tX lnCA... lu
PREirir wATcn xxn run-
tem-winrier.Frer with every order. Out-
lit Uee. J. B. Gi lord & Co.. Chlcuw. IU.
Announce that they are prepared to furnish alt kinds of
At Wholesale or Retail !
Hoqs Killed and Packed
&&BJ-a Wwlesale and Retail.
SPECIAL JRj .A. T 33 S !
Given to HOTELS.
SHOP North side Main, Betwreu 4th and 5th Streets.
O'Neill & Marthis,
East of Platte Valley House.
Iu the Town.
Oootl Teams Always on Hand.
Careful Drivers sent with car
riages if desired.
Carriages sent to Depot to meet all train
whenever ordered.
Funerals attended and carriages furnished to
iriends. Address. J. W. SHANNON.
42 -ly Pllaltsmouth, Neb
Drugs Medicines
'--fJ.Tfl - --L
All Paper Trimmed Free of
Stationery, Magazines,
Latest Publica lions.
Presirriptlona) C'arenilly Compounded
by an Kxperienced Dracsiat.
Brick Livery Stable,
The old BONNEK STABLES In Plattsmotith
Neb., are now leased by Jones ; Stroud and
they ar keeping a new and handsome livery in
this well known barn. The finest and best ol
horses and carriages always ready to let.
Horses kept for Sale
or to Trade,
W desire to give notice that we have a large,
handsome brick barn, w ith plenty of room for
horses and wagons. I can put 'fanners stock
an 1 wjigons. loads of grain or anything all un
der cover, in the dry. ICemember this.
Thanking all old patrons for their many fa
vors, we solicit their trade for the future, sat
isfied we can accommodate them better and do
better by them than eve r before. 3-yl.
Harness Manufacturers,
and all kinds of harness stock, constantly on
Remember the place opposite E. G. Dovey'
on Lower Main Street.
Great Advantages to Buyers
IN 1S77.
Teu Years Credit at C per cent, Interest.
Six Years Credit at C pr cent Interest,
awl 20p-r cent Discount.
Oter Liberal frHM-onntsi Vmr ftnh-lthr-batrn
mi Kfvre ami KrtlitM,
and Preminms tor Improve-
Trmphlets 'and ap. containing ftH jsrticl
wars will be mailed free to any part of the,
uoaldon application to
II .X C O lS .N KJs B. A 6 KA
a-v r-r- tl'V rtvA.
rroprU tors.
Corn Planters, Cultivators,
Sulky Plows.
are now " off" but I still have tho
Harrison Wagon,
the best and cheapest wagon in the
market by all odds.
Spring Wagons,
Buggies, and Three-Seated Wagons;
and the world renowned Courtland
Platform Spring Wagon.
for all kinds of
Agricultural Implement's
In every variety, and at
Bed Hock Prices.
Mowers Sulky rakes and all kinds
of Rakes, Forks, etc., etc.
Now is the time to Buy
52tf Plattsmouth, Nebraska
i. teu:
Boston Public Schools,
Mass. State Normal
The New England Conser
vatory of Music LEx-
Philadelphia Exhibition '76
No other Piano Forte bouse, with one excop
ion, received more than one.
During the Concert Season of 187G, 7T
these Pianos were used in Bonton and vicinity
in more than 125 concert.
The season of 1S77 aad 7 premises a Still
greater number to Le aJJed to the list.
Notices of onccrls-
"Remarkable for Its purity, richnc.s and ev
enness of tone." Boston Journal.
"No such instruments have be'-n l eard in a.
Lowell concert room before." Lowell (Mass.
Daily Citizen.
"Surpasses anything of the kind preAously
heard in our city-" Lowril Vox 1'opuli.
Cneiallea oy any inai nave oeri useu in
our concerts." Louisville Daily Courier.
lias been appointed azent for these cI?brai4
Piano. Scud for catalogue.
i Plattsmouth, Neb.