Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 03, 1878, Image 2

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j. a. MACsrunnir.
.. .Editor
Supreme Judge,
of Lancaster.
MtraWr of Congress (Long Term.)
of CutulH-j Co.
Htnbt.v of Congress (Short Terra and Coat.)
THo3. .T. MAJOH3.
of Nemaha.
of Tolk.
of Seward.
Secretary of State.
of Thayer.
of York.
of Lancaster.
of lancaeter.
Attorney General.
of Dawson.
Lund I'omii'ifsloner,
of Clay.
republic .n count r ticket.
Tor State Senator.
For Representative.",
For County Commissioner 2d. Dlst.
For District Attorney 2d Judicial DIst.
of Otoe County.
o'.es ?
is our opponent now for
Republicans, remember the Mass
Meeting on Saturday at Eight Mile
But for factious opposition on the
floor of the Convention, Cass county
might have hail a candidate for a State
office to-day.
The State Wool Grower's Associa
tion met at Lincoln during the State
Fair and decided to hold a grand sheep
shearing at Kearney, in the spring at
such particular time and with such
regulations as the President, Hon. Mo
Bes Stocking, may hereafter direct. Suc
cess to the sheep-raisers.
At the Democratic Convention at
Worces'.er, Iass. Ben Butler's men
entered the hall and took possession
by force. The anti-Butler democrats
retired nnd will assemble at Faneuil
hall, the coming week from whence
they think old Ben cannot diivc them.
The mob rule of Butler's gang is going
to react and hurt his cause. It lool;3
now hs if conservative Republicans
and Democrats x-ill unite to put down
Kearnv-is:n and Butlei-isni.
At ll?ht Mile Grore, on Saturday, Oct.
12tb, at 2 o'clock m.
The Republicans of Cass County are
requsted to assemble in mass meeting
at Eight Mi'.a Grove, on Saturday, Oct.
12th, 1878, for the purpose of opening
and inaugurating the campaign in this
county. It i3 desirable that every true
Republican turn out to help us to
ictory. J no. A. MacMurphy,
Ch'n Cent. Com.
The Democratic Convention at Lin
coln was a curious affair. A- synopsis
of the proceedings appears elsewhere.
Tire facts are the younger element of
the party just deliberately and with
malice afore-thought sat down on all
old chaps and say they mean to keep
them there. The soft money wing
won the day entirely, though we do
not believe they care one cent about
the money question in reality and as
soon as they can eliminate those they
oppose from power in the party, th
party as a party will return to its dog
mas on finance.
Mr. MacMurphy, the candidate
from Cass did not get the nomina
tion, but was third on the list when
during the stampe.lo for Alexander
the delegation from Cass asked him
to withdraw. The result shows now
that had ho held o.i one more ballot
he could have ben nominated. A
number c.f personal friends would
have voted for Mr. MacMurphy on
the third ballot, and he had already
tnoujh to have prevented a nomina
tion on that ballot had ho not with
drawn rather ag dnst his better judg
ment. Of the light made on him
from Cass county when on the floor of
the Hojsc, we shall speak hereafter.
Of course wo arc late thi3 week:
The publication of the tax list
turned out much larger than
we or toe .treasurer expected, ana
although we have three extra hands
and have crowded everything, it will
s'.illbe Saturday before all the paper
goe3 to mail. Any extended notice
of the convention, all comments on
its course, the platform, notice of
home politics, candidates, all person
al and local notices, correspondence,
fcc., must be excluded uutil next
week. We did hope that when our
electioa was postponed until Novera
bar we would have some chance in
the fall for notice of fairs, and pub
lishing of tax list before the cam
paign op&ned, but tha Legislature
also changed the time of bnd sales
to November and everything comes
together again. This year all in two
week's jtymft- Nest week we shall
discus th.: platform and convention
roceocUnjjs 2-ore fully. ''
Exciting1 Sessions Tuesday and Wednes
day Many Double Headers The
Fall Ticket Nominated Glo
rious Work.
The Republican State Convention
met in the Opera House, Lincoln, on
Tuesday to nominate a full state tick
et. There were about three hundred
delegates in town and many visitors,
and the hour3 preceding the opening
of the convention were occupied by
the crowds at the Commercial House
in discussing the merits of prospective
candidates and the peculiar features of
the situation. All agreed however in
one respect, namely, that the conven
tion would consume considerable time
in finishing its work.
opened shortly after 3 o'clock, when J.
W. Dawes, Chairman of the State Cen
tral Committee, called the meeting to
order. Judge M. L. Hay ward, of Otoe
county, was unanimously elected tem
porary chairman, C. F, Goodman, of
Douglas, temporary secretary, and Geo.
Brooks, of Knox county, assistant sec
retarv. The committee on credentials was
appointed as follows:
First District A. II. Babcock, of
Pawnee county.
Second J. II. Stull. of Nemaha.
Third J. C. Laughlin, of Burt.
Fourth C. L. Lewis, of Seward.
Fifth J. II. McCall, of Dawson.
Sixth J. B. Barnes, of Dixon.
At Large Sam Chapman, of Platts
mouth. Mr. Hascall made a statement in re
gard to the double-header from Doug
las County, and asked that the commit
tee explain who the contestants are
from Douglas County. The chairman
stated that the committee had been di
rected to leave the whole matter to the
During the evening session a number
of contests and several Counties were
settled by the Convention, and the or
ganization of the body was made per
manent. In the contest of the Doug
las County factions Mr. Connell and
Mr. Thurston carried on the argument
and theresult was that after a bitter
debate the Thurston delegation was
admitted, receiving 1GD votes, while
the Lake wing had but 119 of the 279
votes cast. The Franklin county fight
followed, and finally the Valentine
voters were admitted. The Gosper
county feud was settled by the delega
tion themselves, and after an exciting
wrangle the Hays delegation were ad
mitted at 3 o'clock in the morning as
the real representatives of Madison
The following ballots were taken on
Wednesday night:
First informal for Congressman:
Cronse, 110; Valentine, 93; Blanch-
ard, 43; McBride, 31 ; Mason. 23; Gwy-
er, 1.
Four formal ballots were taken and
the final one stood thus:
Valentine, 181; Crounse, 91 ;
ard, 29.
In Wednesday evenings meeting a
ballot for congressman for the short
term resulted as follows: Majors, 265;
O'Hawes, 33; Major's nomination was
made unanimous, and lie w;is then
norrinated by acclamation for contin
gent. The informal ballot for Governor re
sulted: Nance, 81 ; Dawes. 67; Daily,
63; Chase, 34; Abbott, 24; Holmes, 16;
Croxton, 13.
The third formal ballot resulted in
the nomination of Mr. Nance as fol
lows: Nance, 1C3; Dawes, 87; Daily,
41 ; Chasf , 7 ; Holmes, 3.
On motion of Judge Post the rules
were suspended and E. C. Carnes was
nominated for liautenant Governor by
Samuel L. Cannon put in, nomina
tion Jr.o. A. .MacMurphy, of Cass;
A. D. Siocum, Dr. Sadler of Adams;
C. Walker, J. F. Zediker of Frank
lin; W. B. Parish. D. B. Slaughter of
Lancaster; J. XV. Davidson, Bruno
Tzschuck of Sarpy; A. S. Weaver,
S. J. Alexander of Thayer; G. C.
Reed, T. Harlan of Harlan. Some
one whose name could not be ascer
tained nominated D. II. Wheeler of
A formal ballot was taken at once
resulting as follows:
A. MacMurphy 29
S. Sadler.
J. F. Zediker
B. D. Slaughter..
Bruno Tzschuck.
S. J. Alexander
Th03. Harlan
D. II. Wheeler.
Whole vote cast 297
J. A. MacMurphy 39
S.Sadler 31
J. F Zediker 17
B. D. Slaughter 105
Bruno Tzschuck. . . 15
S. J. Alexander 91
D. II. WlieeW 8
Thomas Harlan 1
Votes cast 307
Seeing that a combination was bc
iug formed to elect S. J. Alex
ander on the next ballot, Mr.
Zediker then withdrew in favor of
Alexander, followed by Tzschuck
and Sadler. D. II. Wheeler's name
was also withdrawn.
MacMurptry then withdrew his
name, leaving the contest between
Alexander and Slaughter.
The third ballot was
D. B. Slaughter, - - 123
S. J. Alexander, - - 184
Alexander's nomination was then
made unanimous.
Tzschuck being out of the wa
for Secretarj-, Leidtke, the only Ger
man candidate in the field, had a fair
show for Auditor and was nominated
on the third ballot hy a vote of 1S5.
It was nearly morning on Thurs
day. The balloting on Treasurer
was c'ose, resulting in trie nomina
tion of Mr. Bartlett, of Lancaster,
the present deput.
Prof. Thompson,' present incumb
ent, was nominated for Superintend
ent of Public I ctr action.
Gen. Dillworth was nominated for
Attorney General.
F. M. Davis was nominated for
Land Commissioner by acclamation,
there being no other candidate.
The convention adjourned for
breakfast. After that the committee
on Platform reported, and a Central
Committee was appointed.
A disgraceful debate occurred
on the adoption of a resolution re
garding bridge tolls at Omaha, and
the convention was etill wrangling
when we left Thursday noon.
It is impossible to publish the
platform this week. It is a sound
money platform and on it we will win
the battle. XV. XV.
The Judicial District Convention
met at Nebraska city on the 23d, and
John C. Watson was nominated by ac
clamation. Mr. Watson is a young
Attorney of Otoe, who has won his
way by energy, industry and ability to
a high position at the bar, and will no
doubt make an excellent District At
torney if elected.
The ends of the Greenbackers who
are fiat money men, who believe that
the government can stamp leather,
wood, stone or paper, and ca:l it money,
could only be attained through revolu
tion. It is impossible, under the pres
ent constitution, for the government
to make, (not coin) money. With the
mere demagogue who only hunts an
office, and who only cares to create a
disturbance and dissatisfaction with
the party in power it is useless to ar
gue. He neither knows nor cares any
thing about the true principles of fi
nance, nor the facts in the case.
To the hone. t Greenbacker who is
deluded with this notion of irredeema
ble paper money and oceans of it we
say examine the facts and see when
and how you can gee what you think
you want suppose your theory is cor
rect, suppose fox the mere argument
that your fiat money was the money
we want and need, how will you get it
through the gr-enback party? The
Congress that meets this winter is not
a greenback congress, in your sense of
the terra. The congressmen you elect
this fall do not take their seats until a
year hence, and then the first practi
cable thing they could do, (provided it
was then a fiat money congress) would
be to submit an amendment of the
constitution to the people. This must
be ratified by two-thirds of the states,
which would consume another year al
most and does any one of sense sup
pose two-thirds of the states would
ratify any such amendment? This is
the only way under the forms of law
that such change could be made, the
only other way, as we have s.iid, is by
revolution, anarchy and confusion.
Long before this could be accom
plished the money question of this
country will have settled itself, and
the conservative forces of either old
party will have placed a sound, re
deemable uniform currency before the
There will be no finance question be
fore the people in '80 no greenback
question. It will be whether bam my
Tilden or some other democrat shall
be president provided the old Republi
can partv i3 not strong enough to elect.
That will be the issue.
'I he State Fair.
Our space is so limited this week
owirg to insertion of the delinquent
tax list that we have room for only a
few notes of the State Fair, of which
we should have been glad to give a
much fuller account. The weather for
the first day or two was rather unfa
vorable being somewhat cold and
windy, but it did nut deter people from
coming and the last two days being
pleasanter the crowd numbered from
5,000 to 6,000, and many were obliged
to be content with the most insufficient
acommodations or even none at all in
tlii way of lodging.
The display of farm and orchard pro
ducts was a sufficient advertisement of
Nebraska to satisfy the most incredu
lous and to further advertise our re
sources, the U. P. is having samples
of the finest specimens of fruits and
vegetables packed by Mr. J. T. Allen
and sent to the St. Louis fair and from
thpnee to the Chicago Exposition.
The statistics in regard to tree plant
ing in '77 and '78 would almost surpass
belief were they not vouched for. For
'77 the number of trees planted was
more than thirty and one quarter mil
lions and for '78 eighty-eiglit millions.
There were 64 acres of fruit trees in
'77 and 4000 acres in '78 exclusive of
firapes. Treeless prairies in Nebrska
wiil be a thing of the past soon.
G. W. E. Dorseys horse Saturn was
awarded the sweepstakes prize over
thirty competitors.
Nemaha took the premium for the
best fruit display.
To show that the state north of the
Platte is rapidly cat hing up with the
south Piatte in fruit culture Hiram
Craig oi Washington Co., took prem
iums for best collections of autumn
apple3 and second best of winter ap
ples, and Burt Co., Agricultural Socie
ty for the best collection of pears; II.
Craig for grapes. Chas. Meyer of Cass
county, premium on brooms; L. A.
Moore, Plattsmouth, best basket cut
flowers, flower wreath, round bouquet,
and best collection Begonias; W. J.
Ilesser, Plattsmouth, best collection of
greenhouse plants, foliage plauts, cala
diums, ferns and palms.
Races at the Co. Fair.
On Saturday, in the foot race. Bud
Smith got first money and Geo. Foster
(colored) 2d. In the afternoon race
Jas. Woodard wins' first and Foster
again wins second.
Friday Kearney's horse Jno. Gantt,
won first mouey against Streight's
Bronco Jim; owing to the track being
so wet Streight's horse could not rrake
Saturday There were a number of
running ra:es, mostly won by Ricke
baugh, an Iowa professional, and one
trot between Jones' Black' Bess and
Pettit's stallion; Jonea won. No
On on ay i tb
Democratic Convention.
The Democratic Convention asseni-
! bled at Lincoln the 25th. and after a
hot light and a desperate one, resulted
in discomfiture to the i Id Bourbon hard
money element, and triumph to the
fiat-faction. Henry C. Lett, of Nenia
ha was elected permanent chairman.
Hon. J. Sterling Morton being called
upon to make a speecli, was unmerci
fully choked off by the opposition.
The platform committee made a ma
jority and minority report on the
money question, the majority favoring
specie resumption and currency con
vertible into coin, the minority, repeal
of the resumption act, and more green
backs. Greenbacks carried by a ma
jority of thirteen. The nomination.
were; Supreme Judge, Jno. D. Howe;
for Congress, short term4 Alex. C. Bear;
Congress, long term, Maj. J. W. Davis,
for Governor, Gen. XV. II Webster; for
Lieutenant-Governor, F. J. Mead ; for
Sec. of State, Benj. Parmerton; for
Auditor. E. II. Benton ; tor Supt. Pub.
Instruction, S. L. Barrett; for Attor
ney General, S. II. Calhoun; for Supt.
Pub. Lands and Buddings, .las. Mc
Cready; for Treasurer, S. II. Cum
minajs. The Greenback candidates endorsed
by the Convention, were Howe, Su
preme Judge; Davis, Congressman;
Cummings, Treasurer; Calhoun, At
torney General.
Transient. 23 cents a line. Regular advertis
ers. 10 cents per Hub. No advertisement insert -a!
for less than 23 cents.
Legal notices at Statute rates.
Uorneys and officers of the law will be neld
responsible for all leal notices they hand in,
and all parties demanding a proof of publica
tion of any notice will be lie Id for the Duplica
tion fee of such notice.
As our space is limited, all communications
mist be bnef aud to the point, with no waste
f words.
The paper ts responsible for the correctness
according to copy of paid matter and paid Le
gals, only.
Any person who takes the paper regularly
i the pns'-oftlce, whether direeled to his
from the iHis'
name, nr whether he is a sirscr.ocr or 1101 is
responsible for the pay.
2. If anv person ordeis his paper discontin
ued, he must pay all arrearages, or the publish
er mav continue to send it until payment is
inaue.'nnd collect the whole amount, whether
the paper is taken from the office or not.
3. 1 lie courts have decided that refusing to
take newspapers and periodicals from the post
office, or removing and leaving thein uncalled
for, is prwia facie evidence of intentional
Can't some of our subscribers bring
" some vegetables?
Harry Robinson the man with the
"Silver Horns" will give an entertain
ment Oct. 8.
Patent Risjht Gregory the bys
call him. Hu's on the Float, but will
never float in.
Coming! The renowned Plunkett
Dramatic Combination, Oct. 14th. Re
member the date.
Remember that for boots and shoes
Rockwell cannot be beat in price
lias a large assortment.
We learn from the Omaha p ipers
that a temperance audience who had
assembled to hear Mrs. Van Cott, but
were disappointed by her lion arrival,
were very agreeably entertained by
Mrs. Spurlock of Plattsmouth who had
gone up to hear Mrs. Van Cott.
Rockwell has just received nino
c bests of choice teas, which he sells at
from 25ots to 81 per pound.
The best
bargain in teas you ever saw. 2Sif.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood lo3t their
onlv daughter, little Amelia, age l sir
last week. Saturday. The funeral took
plaee on Sunday afternoon, and was
attended bv a large number of friends.
Those who talk so flippantly about
heavy taxation, and oppose the present
issue of money through the National
Bank, we would call attention to the
fact that Greenbacks issued direct by
the Government are not taxable at all
and the rich man could and would ac
cumulate his pocket full of them on
which no taxes could be collected, un
der the present Constitution. Remem
ber this.
Rockwell keeps hardware and
q ieensware. and by Jove lie keeps ma
chine oils too.; and I declare, lie keeps
pa'ent medicines also, so there is no
use of staying sick. 28tf.
Dr. Jo. Hall left on Saturday last
for another course of lectures at Rush
Medical College. We command his
preserving effort to fit himself for
the profession he has chosen.
J. P. Young has established a "sub
scription news asrency" in connection
with his news depot, where ou can
subscribe for any newspaper or maga
zine desired and thereby save money.
The first sociable of St. Luke's
Guild will meet at the house of Mrs.
Latham on Thursday, Oct., lOih. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Remember, if you wish to subscribe
for any paper or magazine, go to .1. I
Young, the "subscription news agent"
and you will save money.
Attempts have been made several
times to enter the house of Mr. R. C.
Cushing, within the past two weeks,
and as Mr. Cushing is away from home,
Mrs. C. has only succeeded in driving
them off by alarming tha neighbors,
Mr. Elton and M". Johnson. It is
hoped for Mrs. C's peace of mind that
the thieves will ba discovered and
Rockwell, of Louisville, has just fin
ished his new store, 23x35, which he
has full of new goods. Re. sure and
give him a call we know you. will
uy if you do, for he sells very cheap.
There will be a Red Ribbon meeting
at the Methodist Church, Monday eve.,
Oct. 7th. The meeting will be address
ed by David Tatim, of Cleveland, O.
All are invited.
Methodist Episcopal Re-Unlou.
The raemlers and friends of the M.
E. Church will hold their annual re
union at Duke's Hall on Tuesday even
ing October 8th, for the benefit of Rev.
W.S.Blackburn. A grand good time
is anticipated. Fresh oysters and sup
per will be served by the ladies of the
church. A unique and novel Ai t Gal
lery will be under the supervision of
the young ladies. A cordial invitation
is hereby extended to all to participate
in this token of esteea. for this Rev
erend gentleman and his family -who
have so faithfully served us -during
th9 p-ist year.
Uj rjrrr nS.iim fiiiUe.'..
Mrs. A. G Hatt left on Thursday
last for a visit amongst friends in De
troit Michigan
Mr. O Gass and Mother from Ohio
are visiting their uncle and brother
P. P. GaS3 of this city.
Mr. S. L. Moser of Albia. Iowa, made
the Herald a call Monday last.
We omitted to make mention last
week of a call f rum Ranger, one of the
edicors of the Western Magazine pub
lished in Omaha, and whicn by his en
ergy in canvassing has attained a con
siderable circulation. We regret being
absent when he called.
Mr. Win. B. Wright, a representative
of the Boston Traveller, has been visi
ting the Herald for some days. IIj
attended the Republican Convention
at Lincoln, but what his opinion- of
that institution really are we have
been unable to draw from bim even
with a cork screw.
Mr. W. S. Wise, who has for some
time been studying law in the olliee. of
R. B. Windham, passed an examination
on Wednesday and was adaiittel to
the bar of this state. He leaves to
day for Ann Arbor, and we wish him
all due success jn his persevering ef
forts to fit himself for the practice of
the law.
Rockwell has the neatest assortment
of lady's dress goods ever brought to
town. Be sure and see them before
the assortment is broke. They are go
ing off fast. 2Stf.
The following communication nas
been received, as will be seen, by
Rev. Mr. Burgess, a member of the
school boaid, and as wo are desirous
of giving all parties fair play, in the
unfortunate complication which has
arisen in our school affairs, we pub
lish i cheerfully:
West Troy, N. Y., '
Sept. 24th, 1873. (
Rev. IT. B. Burgess, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Dear Sir: I write you concerning
Prof. Ev T. Simons, formerly from
this count', who is now engaged in
teaching in your city. I have known
the gentleman for a number of years.
He ranked among the first teachers of
Albany county. For two years I came
in contact with him in an official ca
pacity. I have visited his school, No. 8,
always foui d it in first-class working
order and know that he taught the
higher branches, preparing pupils for
admission into college. The fact that
he taught the school for four consecu
tive years is conclusive evidence that
he is a first-class man in respee'. to
moral characttr. learning, and ability
toimpart instruction, lor no section
under my jurisdiction is more exact
ing than the locality from which Mr.
Siniois resigned when he came to you.
I have sent them three good men. and
in conversation with one of the officers
lately, he said, "they are not E. T. Si
mons." You mav state to your board of edu
cation that Prof. E. T. Simons is a
gentleman, and his scholarship no one
will doubt, and as for power to im
part instruction, few teachers ate
Resp y i ours,
XV. J. McMillan.
Sup't of Schools,
Albany Co.. N. Y
J. P. Young will soon distribute cir
culars containing a list of the most
popular ami leading papers and maga
zines published.
Wheat. No. 2
" 3
" rejected
Hail v. No. 2
' S
' rejected
51 TV'S
Latest new
,.r.r: M.'.r.KKTs
Nr.v Hoas, Oil
io! J,. . .
Ch u aoo. Oct
Wheat -
Native C';u!c
Texas Cattle
Just Received
At Rock well'b, a very full line of Mil
linery goods of the very latest stj les.
such as flowers, ribbons, plumes and
tips, silks, velvets, lady's ties, bonnets
and hats, an'l many other little novel
ties that cannot be had at any other
place in town. 28tf.
Wanted. A good girl for general
housework can find steady employment
by applying immediately, by mail or in
person, "to H. J. Streigiit,
28t3. South Bend, Neb.
Rockwell keeps clothing and gent's
underwear. 28tf.
For Sale. A wire plant s'and
wiili trellis, at a bargain. Inquire at
the Herald office.
Lost On Cass Co. Fair Grounds, a
fine linen handkerchief with lace bor
der. Leave at this office.
Found Left on the Cass Co. Fair
Grounds, one shawl and one parasol.
The owner can have them by proving
property and paying for this notice.
Rockwtll has a full line of Grocer
ies. 28 tf.
Settlement Notice.
I shall be found at Fred SLadel
manu's Bakery for some time to come
for the purpose of settling all my bus
iness, collecting my debts and accounts
and paying my own. I want my busi
ness affairs wound up as speedily as
possible and would thank my friends
and lati. patrons to come around and
help me to square up by settling all
our accounts.
Ve:y Respectfully.
20tf Wm. Stadelmann.
Notary Public.
J. C Newberry, Notary Public,
and Real Estate Agent, Weeping Wa
ter, Cass Co. Neb. Letters answered
promptly and all business attended to
at ouce. 2C;4
Slippers 53c a pair at Merges. 6tf
Good second-hand organs and melo
Deons for sale or rent low. Leave ad
dress at Mr.O. F. Johnson's Drugstore
cor 6th and Maiu Sts.
Jakes Pettee,
9tf. Dos lor in ilusioaj Intrumtala.
. 3.
1 o?'i
2 Toa Ki
2 .TOuiS .15
3 cit4 35
Latent Honor l'aris Exhibition or 1S7S
-iwa Jiiin-nt iiuld Jiedals Awarded
to .tlaau A. tsamliu Oiuu Company.
The Mason & Hamlin Organ Com
pany have the honor to announce tiiat
they have been awarded the first prize
gold medal at the Paris Exhibition of
1878, for the -superior excellence of
their Cabinet and Parlor Organs.
Thirty leading manufacturers of lved
organs from all nations were among
the competitor, and the various juries
who have made and ratified the award
were composed of the nio.-.t eminent
professionals and exports of their re
spective countries.
In audition to the above the Mason
& lliiiiilin Organ Company re
cei veil the dis: ingiiished honor of the
award of a separate Gold Medal to the
superin endent of their factory, Mr.
W. O. Trowbridge, in testimony of the
excellence of their work in its detai a
and of the completeness of their sys
tem and thoroughness of factory ap
pointment. This is in accordance with the uni
form experience of the Mason fc Ham
lin Company who have been awarded
First Medals or o. her highest honors
at all World's Expositions for elever
years, viz: at Paris. 1SG7; and Vienna.
1S73; Santiago. 187.); Philadelphia.
1875; and Paris 1378.
Messrs Mason & Hamlin will be hap
py to send descriptive circulars to any
applicants. Address,
Mason & Hamlin Organ Co.,
154 Tkemont St., Boston ; 25 Union
Sq., New York 230 and 2.12 Wabash
Ave., Chicago. James Pettee.
University of Nebraska.
Instruction given in all the branches
of a liberal education. Open to both
ladies and gentlemen.
Candidates for admission to the
Pr-paratory Department must pass a
fair examination in Orthography,
Reading, Arithmetic. Geography, Eng
lish Grammar, and the History of the
United States. Instruction is given in
r her Arithmetic, English Analysis,
and Physical Geography, cash for a
single term.
tuition free to all.
Fall Term begins Tuesday. Sep
tember 10, 1878, and ends Friday, De
cember 20.
Winter Term begins Thursday,
January 2, 1879, and ends March 21.
Spring Term begins April 1, and
closes on the Second Wednesday of
June, the day of the annual commence
ment. Catalogue, containing full informa
tion, can be had upon application to
E. B. Fairfield. Chancellor.
Lincoln, July 6, 1877. 17in9.
Stoves put up and blacked. Pipe
cleaned and aTl lix-rd up in apple-pie
order by Chas. Brown. Leave orders
at Bob. Sherwood's store. 25-tf
Goto Schlegel Bros, and get the int
tag Lorillaid smoking Tobacco.
Go to Rockwell's for all kinds of dry
goods and groceries at bed rock prices.
-; nnn li fi worth of Farm ritoorcit
0J.Vli.Tf t w alone can be saved by using
Centennial Rat Exttrmi vouu).
A Schlegel & Bro. have on hand the
best rands of Smoking and Chewing
tobaccos. 14tf
You can save a large per cent of
your coin crop by reading"Three Blind
Mice," and following advice. 34lf
Smoke the B. & M. in
gars at Schlegel Bros.
Nebraska ci
Prints twenty yards
6100 at
Five pound of best rio coffee for SI
at Rockwell's 15tf
Send your orders for cigars to A.
Sehl.'gej i t6 Bro. they guarantee satis
faction in price and quality. lltf
Pension Papers.
Those wanting pension papers ac
knowledged will please remember that
J. R. Toman, Notary Public, Louisville,
has a certificate of the county Clerk
filed with the LT. S. pension Agent and
can attend to all such business. 52;f
Go to Jones & Stroud for a good
team just now. lOtf.
Thirty of the best organ makers of the
World are competitor? at tiie Paris Exposition,
a cable dispatch to the Associated lre-s says
two highest gold medals have been awarded to
the Americau makers. Mason & Hamlin.
Use Centennial Rat Exterminator. 20tf
Go to Rockwell's at Louisville to
buy your millinery goods, they have
just received a large and well selected
stock of ladies hats and trimmings of
the latest stvle. 15tf
Slippers 35c a pair at Merges'. Stf
Horses for Sale.
Jons & Stroud have 13 or 20 head
of good work and carriage horses for
sale. 10if.
Mouey to Loan.
Wo will negotiate loans, in Cass
County on improved farms, on five
years time of
ten per cent semi annual interest
and 1 and h per cent commission
each year.
Funds obtained promptly, call on or
address . Moore & Ocobock,
south side Gov't Square, Lincoln, Neb.
A (Jetlc Hint.
In our style of climate, with its sud
den changes of tempera tire, rain,
wind and sunshiHe often intel niingh d
in a singie day, u is no woialer that
our children, liiends and relatives are
so frequently taken from us by neglect
ed colds, half the deaths rcsu'ting di
rectly from tlds cause. A lwittle of
Bosclue's German Sxrup kept about
your home for inuue Jiate. use will pre
vent serious sickness, a large doctor's
bill, and perhaps death, by the use of
three or four doses. For curing Con
sumption. Hemorrhages, Pneumonia
Severe Coughs. Croup or any other di,
sease of the Throat or Lungs, its suc
cess is simply wonderful, as your drug
gist will tell you. German Syrup is
now sold in every town and village on
thife continent. Sample bottles for tri-
! !. tCc; rcg'lHrrr,.75c. tRff a'!
Says SIrown's ISlackbcrry and
C;iiigc-r is a safe, pleasant and reliable
remedy for Diarrha a, Dysozttru. ('fio!
era Morbus, and ftnnmcr (.-omjilairit.
Procure a bottle of thi Celebrated
Family safeguard at once. Delays crv
Dangeious. Price, fifty cents per bot
tle. Ilrown'g Vegetable I,!vcr
I'lIIs are the standard remedy for the
Liver and Bilious diseases of this cli
mate. A trial tstiblishts them in every
Western Family.
Hi-own Arnica Naive lias no I
equal for removing inflammation and
for healing old sores and ulcers. All
of Brown's Popular Family Medi
cines "
For sale by Dr.MV. E. Donelan,
Clufpman &" Smith; J. II. Buttery and
O. F. Johnson. -
lotf Plattsmouth, Neb.
; An Astouishing Fact.
A large proportion of the American
people are to-day dying from the ef
fects of Dyspepsia or disordered liver.
The' result of tliTse diseases upon the
masses of intelligent and valuable peo
ple is moat alarming, making life ac
tually a burden instead of a pleasant
existence of enjoyment and usefulness
as it ought to be. There, is no good
reason for this, if you will only throw
aside prejudice and skepticism, take
the advice of Druggists and your
friends, and try one bottle "of Green's
August Flowei. Your speedy relief
is certain. Millions of bottles of this
medicine have been given away to try
its virtues, with satisfactory results in
every case. You can buy a sample
bottle for 10 cents to try. Three doses
will relieve the worst case. Positively
sold by all Druggists on the western
continent. 281y-eow
The At. aula Ua., Constitution,
Recently published a long account of
the des'truetiveness of the "Sherman
Rat winch is c to 4 tunes as large as
the Northern Rat. On the 17th of
Sep ember. 1877. the Manager of this
celebrated paper having tried Centen
nial Rat Exterminator says: Gentle
men your "l'izen Stuff" knocks "Sher
man Rats," stiff and cold.
Osaoe, Iowa, Dec. 20, 1377.
Star Manufacturing Company, Fort
Madison, Iowa; Gentlemen: The Cen
tennial rat poison, received last Mon
day. We have given three doses. On
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
nights, and we verily believe there is
not a rat or mouse left. The saw mill,
feed, custom and merchant's mills were
full of them, as were also our houses,
cooper shops, barns and hog pens.
Sii ce giving them the poison they have
been running round as "crazy as loons"
and the liver bank is line with dead
rats, in fact it has created a terrible
commotion among Hiem and they have
all left, thanks to tho "Centennial Rat
Exterminator." each box of which is
worth a twenty dollar bill. We will
see our druggists and have them send
for it. Thanks, thanks. Very respect
fully. E. M. Britts. & Co.
This great economizer for property
holders, farmers, tt al., is for sale by
druggists ami general dealers every
where. Price 25 cents, large cans SI, 00
Ladies Serge Shoes GOcts.
" " Slippers...."". .r)0 cts.
" " Leather Shoes 75 cts.
Shoes and Boots are down to rock
Mens Buckle Alexis... . ". S 1 .0
" Prince. Alberts 1 5
" Whole stock Rrogans 1 50
These goO' s and others including
a large stock of aH kinds
of Boots, shoes and Slippers, must be
sold. No trust.
Ctf Peter Merges.
Cautiou to Smokers.
From and after the 1st day of May,
1878 all boxes containing cigars of my
manufacture will have my name bold
ly printed on the inside of the lid. This
is to prevent counterfeiting my brand
of cigars, with an inferior quality of
cigars, resorted to by some unprinci
pled manufacturers. None are genu
ine unless plainlv labeled:
Plattsmouth. - - Nebraska.
White fish at 80 cents a kit at Rock
well's. 15tf
Consumption Cured.
An old physi'-ian. retired from practice, hav
i had placed in his hands by an India
missonary the formula of a pimple vegetable
remedy, tor the speedy and permanent cure for
conHiiihption. bronchiti. catarrh, asthma, and
all llinuit anil lunjr affections, also a positive
and radical cure for nervous debility and all
nervous complaints, fter having tested it
wonderful curative powers In thousands of
cases, ha felt it his duty to make it known for
his mi (Term k fellows. Actuated by this motive,
and a desire to relieve human suffering. I will
send free of charge, to all who d-ore it. this
recipe, with full directions for preparing and
using, in German, French, or English. Sent by
nuiil bv addressing w It h stamp, naming this pa
per, W. W. Sherar, 14a Powers' Block. Roches
ter. New York. 26t4
In Bankruptcy.
District of Nebraska, ss ; at York the 27th dfy
of September. A. li. 1873.
The undernigned hereby gives notice of Us
appointment a assignee of David R. Cr egan.
of Fairmont, in the County of Filmoi e and Slate
of Nebraska, within said district, who has beeo
akjudged a bankrupt upon hi own petition I y
Jno. L. Webstei, Register in C.tiiki Lii uy fcr
-aid district.
S. V. '.goue. Assignee.
Estray Notice.
Taken up on the 17th day of September. A. D.
1878, as a stiay in Weeping Water, in township
10 ninth, range 11 east, in Cass County, Nehras
ka. by the subscriber, who there reeidrs. one
chestnut sorrel horse, with white spot in the
forehead, with near hir.a foot white, a small
tear on point of right shoulder, also a scar on
left fore foot, supported to be about 8 years old.
Said horse had on an old saddle and blind bii
dle. and a ludier when taken up. The owner of
eaid propertv ran have the same by proviug
property anil pavi. g expenses.
Dated this lbt day of October. A. D. '878.
28li A. L. McDOSALO.
Master's Sale.
District of Nebraska : Tn the Circuit Conri of
the United States, for the District of Nebraska
Jeremiah Watermajt
vs. vln Chancery
William r. Bakbocu etaLi
Tublic notice I lierel y given that in pursu
ance of a decree eu'ered in the above cause, on
the l7tU day of May. 1878. 1 YVatvon li. St.iiih.
M. uster In Chancery of said lout t will, on Mon
day, the l ttli day of October l7f. at the how of
5 o'clok in tiie afternoon of the said day at the
front doer of tht: District Court House in the
I'ily of Seward. Seward county Nebraska. ell
at public auction, the following described prop
erty to-wit: Ihe east half of the noitlicast
quarter of section twelve Vi) in township num
ber twelve (t2 in range four, east of the 6th I.
M., being eighty acres of land in Seward coun
ty Nebraska. Watson li. Smith.
',inh-t. ept.irt.irrs. Matei-in Chancery.
IiAEWOOD & A1IP3. 2514
Notice of Assignee of his ap
pointment in Bankruptcy.
District of AebrasJca s;
At Lincoln the day of September. A. I)..
1878. Ihe undcrsiued iirrebv tiv-s i. .-.tire ,,j
his appointment as assignee of ".linos 11. .Mo
Murtryoi Lincoln in the CouiUv of Lancaster,
and (State of Nebraska. within said District, who
has becu adjudged a Jiar.krupt upon his own
petilion, by J. L. W it rater, lyglstcr in Bank
ruptcy ior s&irt iiiotnet, .y. f.r. Knoz.
In Bankruptcy.
In thi Tihtrirt Court of Vir. Cnitrd Xt.i!., H. J -it
the ltr':t ' "V'oi.ifct. in thr. m itt n f A. Li
' i iln, ttdi'Hi it;it.
United Stales DL'.l.f t Cosi.-f Clerk' Otter.
O it A, Sent. ,
To t'.'!i')!y i' r! . y f'nnrrrn:
Notice is hcrei'V piven a ( Union li1
been, to wit. on ilie lth !y t Se::e:nbet, A.
I. IP 78. filed fi Said DIM net U' A. l..
Keith, of FaillHonnf, In na'd District, who )i::4
Keith, of Fa'imoniif, lit sa'd District, v
been heretofore duly declared twi;!u i
llie act of Cdil;;re entitled -'An Act t
t UIll'tT
to 0f :!'-
lish a uniform svsieni 1 ankrnpiev t'.io.iKli
out the Unite! Mates," ni'i'iiiw.,; Al ;i,eh 2, 1m:7,
and an amended. br a discharge and i ertilicate
thereof, fiem all hfs dchu and other claim
provable under S..M art. ami Hint Hie i.'th day
ot Oi-Iobcr. 1STS. al - oiOCiv p. ft., iti M. nmre
J. L. Wel-sier. I. !.., the teisteriii bank
mptey lor faid l;.V.ri t at Omaha in vniil Jis
tiiU is the time ami plii.-c a"i!iel for ll-e
hiMiin nt the fame; n!:"ii hi. I where you
may attend, nnl ,iow i'.hiv, tf ,t) vim have,
why t he pi ei of the ai'i !o'i .'ioni t cot
be Ki-a:-.ted. W.U.-ON H. SU1IH.
Legal Notice.
O. A. Cl-.'sV-in. 11
Nebraska, will f.iki
the L'olinlV of C;
i tit of the ,S'ae
cot lee thai J. .!. ;.np,
J"'.. in el.l:i.k:i.
on the liilli !av of S ni-niiu r. w, .. hi,. pet, -tton
in the iM-dnett l'-.iat. of yvi Ci i.f.'y la
I lie State, of NeoiMbka. ai-.iiiii-t t 'ir .-.ii.i ;. , .
Clehom. defendant, seli.i.i; f .1 " ii t!..a ihf . ..: t
11, n. I irf;ii"i li kin ' .ii.i.'it .n;,. i i.H :.imj
J. 1Um, on lots niiml-ered 11:', 4X). tr.l, ;r.,il :: .
in the to n of Louisville, in said C:i-s eientv,
Nebraska, to scenic the payiaet.t of l0." hi- 1
Interest according to a cert iiii piiniiiso; v t i
referred to in sai.l tnoi A nd ni i:t I vi!
raid tl. A. t le-ln.rn may pay said Mini ro
churned ami iMeicM. fldl'i'the iitll d;i ci J.l.i ;.-!..
1CS, or that :id pienii-c ni.iy l e !d to
the same. and the s iiil C. A. icyhorii not:!.. 1
I hat he is to a open r and a;;-er id pet mou i i
or iu-lore the 11th day of Neveiulei . 1 "7.
Dated sept. is. ikts. .1. J. l',o-.
liy Willi-: rr, h! atl'y. W.
Master's Sale.
DtMrlct of Nebras:.,-.S5 : In the Circuit "
of the tinted Mutts for the District of m b
Jkueiuak Watkrman 1
vs. - In Ch;'- '
John MAN;;orrsT. )
rORECI.OSUKE Ol Mn;;r(;.ci:.
Ttlbre noti-'e. is hereby (ziven that in p:
ance of a drcrei entered in t i-e iitn-i e c yii
the lTlli day of May lb7i. I Watsmi It. .v
Master in Chancery of ;;iil Court, v
luesdav the lfnh day f Octimer. ir-r
the hour of 2 o'clock iu Hie afternoon o:
day. al the front door of the Io-tiet C
House in the City of Lincoln. I :i::c iMcr on.
Nebraska fell :ii l'lildi'' A net son, the to! n
desi iit ed property to-wit : 'Ah" i:o;;h Ji..l
the north east Vjuancr of he. ii.u
twenty-six in TownMup number si-vi a ii, 1 ;
number seven. e.-st of the -ixth Prlm-lpa:
l idian, iiceoioine. to the l J oven incut Sni w
the Mate of Ncbicska, in'-tibter c .
' I M
I1 . ti
.. .; i
ii - v .
1 1 . i :
. . 1
i .
. 1
, ( f
i : v ,
Nebraska. Wisi.n it. smi 1 1:.
Omaha. Sept 1-Uh. 1T. Master l.i Cham : y,
ilAKWiii.D & AMFS, Solicitors for I'ifT. I
Legal Notice.
To Oeorye TV. Cody, Xnn-rexltlrnt JV'rn. ??.'
You are hereby noticed t!irt Mcll-vi !. '
rick, on the llth dav "f s.-i-eii:ber, A. 1 :
riled her pet it ion in the D'strict t'ouif r'.
and forCasi County, Nebraska, Jieatn t i: '.
An. oil, '..iry E. An-4ell, (ieore W. ! inac r
and licorte W. Cody, defendant!, senium f,
that the said Kdwm Angell and Mai.v I- A -gave
a minlSMe to the s.ild .Moil-ra i'.il: :
on the north half (tiH) of tin: south-v. (--t
ter (sw'j) of section numher thirty-'oi.i
township twelve il'l. north of iuh.- iiiii" ,,
east of the sixth Ih principal m.-i niun.
Ca:-s County. Nebraska, to secure the payme
nt sixteen huedli 'l doliai" v.l.r,i.K!.!"i aeroi.'M
to four eertain promissory uut rcf.-rr-d t
aid tutrigae, a. id that since the giving ..f . .
inortjiine tin; other defendant, (e-ori-o '
Codyl and .ieor;e A . ilo;.l.iiid li!e. oi
some interest in said premises, under t-n
hilwm Anuol! and arv 1". Aii;;e!.
praying that the said Edwin Aripel! i.m ;
t'.ieHiiioi'i.t claimed to he due on ..'..: i- . , !
wit :
'A he sum (f nine jK.:r!r-d pr.i . -,:r! .
dollars and seventeen cent (f-'-t.'T) .ia
eresl thereoii at the rate of s.-vi nr. - e-i i.
per ai'.lill.ii from Oct. 6th. lr, .", Ill a ! .
be named by t he court, or l.i .1 -t o... ;'... ii.
that said premise may tie sol.l :i p. . m.' i .
and the said Uenre V Co-.:,-, o. f. i-,
hereby nol iUr d t hat he !.i reij'itri'd '
and Sill S we I- i .nd petit!) n on or In fe:e t;.- I
ihiv ot November, A. I.
s'ept. irtii. i;. 1 1.. r.: ::tc;c.
B A. if. Wit si-N. tier a' t'y. :
Sheriff Sale.
T.y vlilue of an-order of s ile is".
liam II. Hoover, Clect of the !,.
within and tt.y Nmah i Coun'y.
to u. e direct rd. I will on Wir 7tn ).
A. 1. l?.t. at to o'.-'oi-';. a. in., of .
the oui h door of th'' uo: t llou i
mouth, in said County, sell ;i pubm'
fo!ov. ing Heal IN: de to w :t : T'...
(s. of the smith est quarter '
tlon number lontv-'-llit u'X. i
number ten i lo) north ol rane omul
east containing eighty acres tbL s
levied upon and Uiir-ii the,.i-:
ml I, l.urdii k and l'..-.r ..el.. '.
to h sf V rt Judgment of said Co...i.
bvJen:i' W. It. ed Com pan v t':r.
riJtts:aout:i, Neb., A 1st S'lh. .
j:. V. Mini'.
2it5 c.n. c.. :
d l.v v.
ii.' e
.-I r-t.
I .: '
i i.
. 1 ; i
II u.
.ii e
;- of .
. I I.
J-. r '
Piii, wi iI1i.ii Hi .nr. rw il
l'j oui j:jsix b: m. a
PittsliurEli, Barriteg,
EnItiEore, WasLiaLtcn,
PiiilailelpSia & fio Ysrk.
Great s:oi I I.I it t-
via rrsw York crrv
Rtaf:hes all Point in P('.t '.
did Xlv; Jcrs'-y.
Pullman Palace Cars
M A O X I F I C E y T C A 7. X
SD -
Janney' Ner Pdtcnt Safety Platform
and Couplet.
Elegant Eating Houses
Withlhe popular Vestibule trirj : '
Reaches PHthuikt. :3i . tn. ; 1'r:-i'-
11 :K a. tn. ; Philadelphia, 4 :j p. ni. : N J -.;
6 :4o p. in. ; Posiftn, o :15 a. in. ; Halt .ir. r:- C
p. m. ; Washington, 9 .00 p. tn., next cay.
5:15 I, fll. Itlnntlc ZZxi. t'lVii
With Drawing-Hoam an.1 II del Cur.
Reaches PiU'bnrgri, 12:'5 p. M ; lien '.
lo:55 p. in. , I' 3 :3i a. in. ;N" v.K
r. a, m. ; Special lsiill i.iiphiji. i'.ecpl.c O..."
ou this I'r'.n. remains lu depot (.-til
a. m.. afioiding l u'ladelphit pasc.'.:n;eii i. i
bight's rc&t.
9:1 P.M. Night Exr. Except SaturdV-
With Drawirg-Rojm Shying C-zr
echrirtburrh 7 :?o p. m. ; Harr'.t..."..'.
3 :5(t a.l. ; Haltlmoic. 7 a. m. ; .;M:iry .'
0:5&.m. ; l'tolladi'lphi'. m- : N-
JO :3-'. a. m. : st.-M.. :4-- 1 i:.;'.- .l '-j...-inoie
atid -.. .tsn.:.; .-m 5-..eej..i.s Car on m"
'1 l.ii j.
i a;;i; a ; v, as an v oi iibr J-t" f-
tSrTb'Oiirh Ti::;f s fr.r Sale at Ml Pi , --T .-'
Points In the W'si sk fir t! '. lata-i'."-
F. r j.tvn.5.
Ge-i Tick-: ..;., 1 Hi' ".'.