Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 26, 1878, Image 4

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TrTSTATTV rrlievrs and pTmnrr:ty mtm thH
licuh.oir.a nl-ci "j ia t.ll it v;i;-viif r.t.t(fffi. It
cR3p i tiio BMotiuniT n:il liuanatr properties ot
tl.-:. herb i:-J l'iir- M iiinr v-uL.t::i form. i'r-e
Ir ji.i cverjr U'..rou cuaianmiati- n, j Ih ttila rn
fvit J1IT. rs froui uv.-ry otiicr kr.owa renicdv. Ia
Or.cort yeir It l:ni form 1 I's way fro'n ttio Atlantis
t.- t' recilSc toa-t, a. id wtirevcr know a lix ho
rem tho marvl.trj iei-i..Vr 1 ;rth.t treatment cf Ca
tarrh. TliO prcprl t ) liavn lxv-a Waitel upon li-f
priilicrr.i-n rf u !. '.I reflation wliohavo beea
cured ty tt:i3 .'iuuv, r.-ij wie cunsljer
1I expens tut p'TtmiAl trmiljl.-", uprrrij th9
food ni tti -h ;:t tlii c!r -1 la which thry
CT-ve. V boa vti licar u wcsiuv irenflemiri of la
telilcenra n: r,fi3entr:t s iv. " I own ruy Ufa t-
t-nnibm'a lcadl al Curo," y.;i mp.y foci amnre't
fliat it 14 fia article of ffrent viii.i, r.4 worthy
to bcclfwjaajaj" the ljjard uieUical sptcliic
(.1 tao a-,-.
Frin Tmncf't T derive toa lu i-Ily use It to rna
LU-MU' WELLS, or Wills, Faego Co.
iT haa corM me after twelve J jar of tnjluter
rutit'-'l efrncr. .
OiO. W. liwCGTITON, WaltHam. SUet.
IrOLLO'.VJ-::) tli" directions to the letter and om
Lpr.y to I have hal o pcrruaaert cure.
1. W. C.UAY, XI. 1., iitntTiMK, Iowa.
TITAVK recr,Tmrmrtcl It t-f nulla artiTribttr cf my
Jrlnfadt, nil t f whom hr.v? eiprei"" 1 t- mi
tii'r h.Rfi csUmata of Iva t1uj &i.d fe-'jod effects
v. it. BOvrrrr, C5 rixa bt, et. Locts.
ATTK" TS-ifngr two bo:lc3 I Pnd nmtf pirnv
r.'-r.flv inrr'l. I lniv fcli-c-j rcommcn'l'fd
cvroou LuaJr-'l bottl-a t-!-'.i tli" irrcjUit ao
Ctbi. Vr!. w. AT'MSTI.OV'i,
liJ 1J Vl.ii joJ Alt , Eostox.
"VTE hs-fl yll FA7rrf)?i' r.Amcnt. CrKit ff
M rt'uriT oij? T- f r iffl t an u incliilly t!mt
?o nv-T M a p.fTjilHr f-f-nrr :.t I' that Kfive mirti
rnivrtrtal ;'.iaiu:u.u. ii have yet U Kara of lUa
trut rv'"".' ! -Ir.f.
b. jj. lALDV7i;j a CO-.TAsni-tOTOH, Ixa.
TII cir r'T-rto'l li r-.y cifif- "t!;vtoi:i'9 RT)t
ciL ti.K r.s-o r 'niRrLdbl'! l:r;vt It pirtiikvl
to tno.r TIioli.!' f'Tif.T'i v. r -iit:f lV.m ncy
of I t - ps jul r-nitM :tl' cu'if.d not be true. I
tT.-forc :u.- i.M.'avit t'j II b. f jr j Suiii I.
Tl.i.nrm, r -.:. :c .t th-j '-t-. iinstrtn.
V. f'f;:s A t un i-'it. G- r.-rul Aa.iit iuJ Vi'!iu:
i.c I ri-Sts I'- f.Ui, M".
An ElectTvGfi.lTanf nntltTy crwiblnoil
-lth a hiu'-Jy WpHcate! &treiiKljhci.in3
r!ater, I'jiiri! nq; t'm bv,t fPliftrr for puill
Pffcpiffl, I tsrnt fi?r cno of COX.LTX'3 VOL
TAKJ VLAf I and It h been of . cat bncl)3
In rduciiiit aswc-lliiijr li my left eUe Hint two pi. y.
bM'lni.B prono jiir.' l Kaiirj-mpnt f t!i Bploea,
n.d one prououue-jd It an ovrlan Tumor.
I.. A. lOSTEB.
CTirmiAirTA, Lso March SO. lb. 7.
f!nt:tnen. Knciocl yon will find ?2.IS. and I
Wfh ycu wo'il I s -.d m-; anmh'r d'z.'ri your
yon will see tlr-t I c:ia Ujtotu jtiii:i? t o b lpotlirrs
In eome wiy -v-a ir I am n.'. be up sad
around. '1 licro trc n nurifbcr who liavi tried your
ll-irtf-ri wbolmd Riven onttbut Rll ila?ter wrc
f d 1 jr nothiuif .an 1 row Join with r.m th;t thpy
are the b'it Un havf ever tried. I Lava got alnn;?
tass winter brtrr th.m I bav bforfi in thru
1-nr. Wiilicd 1 could have hcrd of your plaatcrs
r. I.OP.ETTA M. CK03S.
EALLST03 Epa. N. T..TIar.-t 27. iiJTi.
To cnreftil to cull forCOLI.TXS VOLTAIC PLAS
i EH left yoa pi t Bo:iio wurtlil-ss lniiti.tlon. Pol 1
l y a'i W'Ii.jIi !!.: a;i 1 iictali Drnf-ifUm tdronirhouC
t) e UniWd Mit 8 and rnnad ia. and by WELkj A
I OTTLK. Propriftont. btii. Hua.
P pi tiii Ex?
For TEN YEA.H3 TtTT'3 r.LS
hnve 1 . -n the reco.jnir.ocl tiniii'ard
C'artt sty TZcdicizieinall the Atlantic
Ktatc9 Front Jtlaine to Slexieo,
BCni'ccly a famil cr.n ho found that
does not thmi. It is now pro
posed to mako their" rirlttca Uann n
in tile WEST, with tho certainty
thnt ns Boon ns tcsled tlicy will be
come popular there as they txro
nt tho Vot !J ami South.
NO. Tl'.cy arc Intended for dis
eases thst result from malari
cl PcijC.n end a Dcransjed
D5f . TITTT lino 1cTntpl -rpr.tT6ve
yrnr nIUf f.tinly cf thr I.iver :i:il llio
I.'Miit hn-t !'!:iiiitrctc:I tlmt it rxrrH
crcHler iiiHi' ovr th- nyMrn thitrt
liny iilhrr iirtim r.t" tlif tnrly ; IS :ct-l lun
nrfl Asiinilitioss of lfr t'vS o:i ihi(lit
!rcnilH the vitai'.ly fit' Ihf boil j , cur
rifil on tli rout-li it : I lie rttnlnr ct;r. u of
I hp howrh i!t'irmli mi it, unci wlurn tlirro
lni:ptic:t t?re i!rrnrr;-t!, lite Ilfirt. :l:e
J'rr'in, thp i ?Ji2ry, ittfB SUsn, i; fact the
tiiliie orfcuiiiNm .s ni! i ivi!.
Dell Psin in the Side HnilShouIder, loss of
A" pot it; CorttglTontct'e; C-.r.liv o Bo weNj
8ic!t-Iwa'.lat'ho ; Wrov. siness ; "Weight in
tho Stcn ieh r.Pt-r catiriK, ydth Acidity and
Uelehiriijip of Vicd ; IiQw Spirits jjtioss
of ILiery ; Ua-sociability ; andfdre'ooflinss
of Evil.
fOO.V iollows
Tlis first close produces an ef
fect AYiiicli ftcn astonishes tho
i tiillrer, jrivin a cheerfulness
of mind ami bouyancy of body,
tovvhili he v. as belore a strang
er. They create ar-i Appetite,
(Jood Uiestion, and
" .V y j?untr.t;nn "i in a mslari.d tlitrict. For
.'! year. I could not make liulf a cror on
. voniit ol cii kat 1 employ one hnndn-d and
t.'Ty hands, oitk D ba'if f tuftn woro viciL I was
i: "irlv di?-"o'irMircd wben I bt'irau the cue of
Tl iTM'll.LK. 1 used them aa a pre
caution aa veil in a cure. The r-sn!t was
narvi-ilous ; rov laliorers ivcamc hearty, rohut,
aud l:appy, umi I have had no fnnher trouble.
i itii tneye l iljs I would uot fear to live ia the eTa:np."
E. KIVAX, Havoc Saba, La,
" 1 have HM'il your I for Dyspepsia, Weak
Srouiach n;i.l Nenour-ueff.-, aud V:.n my I never
h id any llfii'r to ilo Tne ro much f;ool in the
Why of rte'dicii:-. They are pood as you re;-reM-i:t
t liem. 1 recommend them aa the Ilfil
Pill in xl.-teiice, and do all I caa to acquaint
Vipers wi;li tl-ir pnKl miTiff".
J. W. TIUUETTS, Dacota, SIimX.
Office, 35 Murray St., New York.
ion SALE r.y
Great Advantages to Buyers
IN 1S77.
Tt ?i Yenns Credit at G per cent IntSi est.
&Lc Vcuis t'ifilit at c, p, r rent Interest,
cad i r t,d Disvjiiul.
I.i!'Pr?l ViKPOinif For CrtSb-ICae'-i"-
tu J'.irrn a.;t Kreitht,
Curb pn-linpocf S Kyonu'-l IAf-i'-At. Cues con.
t;:" It. Sai:ii,r l 1 ai; r'-ved lii.:.tiDf Tube,
f i;l iiin-t thi-.ii I r Its ii u - 3. i'Hep. 1 HI.
I. rr.nH t-y v. K,.'ji'i'! tin I ri t-vil Jniff1ctt n-..!
Health in Literature.
If one desires life, says the Yon'.h'd
Companion, he desires a goo 1 tl.iriff,
lrovitled he can do its wo:k. He
should, however, heed the advice of an
English medical writer. "The first
things," lie says, "to which one enter
ing the profession of literature mut
m:ike uj) his mind, are to be respect
able and healthy."
Many men of genius have left belvnd
tliem but fragments instead of com
pleted work, because they would not
live respectable lives. Uurns ruined
hs usefulness by drink and idleness
Cow per, on the other hand, w;u fo
afllicted with a natural gloom as to be
often tempted to suicide. His life -was,
to quote his last words, ' unutterable
misery." Yet his writings exhibit but
a faint trace of this melancholy tend
ency. Daily exercise, temperate meals
and a i unctual observance of regular
hours of study and ret, preserved his
reason, and enabled him to do much
good wo;k.
Thomson, the author of "The Sea
son'?," says the writer already quoted,
"faded away from lazy and self-indulgent
habits." Dr. Samuel Johnson
was scrofulous, hypochondrical, corpu
lent, and averse to bodily exertion. He
was passionately fond of eating an I
drinking, yet he restrained him e'f,
walked a good deal, and worked stea l
ily s nd patiently. Later in life lie
abstained entirely from wine, because
he thought it injured his health. He
rested his mind with spoitive conver
sation, and even when his body broUe
down, the retention of his mental fac
ulties rewarded him for the care he
had laken to preserve his health.
Robert Sou! hey, who made literatuie
a healthy and successful profession,
lived a very rational life amid the fresh
air and quiet of a country home. He
ass 'dated wilh congenial and loing
spirits, to k regular exerci-e, main
tained a frugal table, worked industri
ously, and lived temperately and
chastely. His mental powers abode
with him in old age aud his memory
is blessed.
The more delicate the machinery of
the body of a literary man, the easier
is it disarranged. The more sensitive
his mind, the more readily may it be
clouded. Therefore, if he would eo -linue
useful, he must take care of his
Asphaltlc Wood Pavement.
Recently at the Society of Engineers,
London, a paper was read by Mr. Hen
ry S. Copeland on "Modern Roadway
Construction." The author first ad
verted to ti e extent to which the work
of road making was constantly goin
on at the present time, and i.o iced the
progress made by the various nations
of antiquity, the stale of deiay into
which the medieval roads had been al
lowed to fall, and the various attempts
made to improve them since the begin
ning of the present century. He then
d scribed the principal sys ems of road
way coiistruc'vion now in u.e, and
pointed out the extent to which, h:
considered, they met, or failed to meet,
the requirements of a good modem
roadway; namely, safety, easy traction J
noiselessnes, freedom from dust and'
mud, durability, facility, and cheap
nets of con-ti uclion. maintenance and
repairs to itself, and to the gas and wa
ter mains, etc. He explained the pr n
ciples .upon which, with a view to
avoiding the defects of pievious sys
tems, he h;:d d s gned the asphaltic
wood pavement, the use of which w-
now increasing. Th's pavement con
si.its of a bed of concrete, with a layer
of a phalL over it. Upon this are laid
tianverse courses of red pine blocks,
with intermediate spaces. Tho spaces
are filled in partly with heated mastic
aspha t, and then with coarse lime and
gravel grout, flushed with hot air, to
the surface of tlu read way. About ; n
Huh of coare gravel is then spread
over the roadway and left to be worked
in by the traffic. The author finally
examined into the expense of construc
tion and maintenance of the various
systems of roadway, drawing the con
clusion that though, for town roads
macadam was the cheapest in original
cost, was by far the most expensive
over a term of years, whereas, although
asphaltic wood pavement cost more at
first, it was cheaper, over a lengthened
period than macadam, or most other
roadways; and would compare favora
bly with other systems, in that ana
most of the requirements of a gOo-d
modern roadway.
A rrcnilnm Orchard.
Prof. Real, of Michigan, makes the
following statement iu regard to a pre
mium orchard of that State. "The
older nrt of the orchard was set about
twenty years ago. About half of tne
trees were rOf it-grafts, and the other
half natural iruit, which has since been
top-grafted. In the beginning, Mr. L.
II. Bailey, of South Haven, the owner,
was strongly impressed in favor of top
grafting trees of natural fruit, but he
now confesses that he sees no differ
ence in the bearing, growth t r haidi
ness of the trees propagated in these
two different modes. The trees are
set forty feet apart, in squares, which
is seven to ten feet more than is com
monly practiced. They now evidently
need all the room they have. From
former experiments, I know the roots
reach across each other, from tree to
tree, all over the orchard. The e trees
generally bear full every other year,
though some bear moderately every
year, and a few bear heavily every
year. This year there is about a fifth
cf a cr p of fruit more than can be
said of any other large orchard in the
For some years, Mr. Eailey has ma
nured the ground all over heavily once
in three years, lie also mulches a part
oE the time with brush, straw, etc,
He plows about once in three years,
and prefers at that time a heavy dress
ing of horse manure and sawdust; the
greater the proportion of manure to
the sawdust, the better it suits him.
For some years the owner has not
been able to fill his orders for apples.
One of the chief reasons is that he
raises a good deal of fine fruit, and
never ships any but first-class, extra
j apples.
! The brandies are started five feet
! ffr-r.v tllO f r1 11 n .1 mwl . . liaarlnlf
: i "td t.) ;' rr'in 1. Th rod 1 in? moth
Yirtiie In Whistling.
An old farmer once raid he would
liav a hiied man on his farm who
lid not habitually whis.le. Re always
hhc-d whistlers. Said he nevi r kne.v a
whistling laborer to liml wilh his
iood, his bed, or co:np!ai'i of any little
extra work h was asked to p if mi.
S : h a man was g ner.t ly kind to c i.d
d en and to a'liuialu in his care. He
woud w i-to a chill d lamb iiit )
armth an I I fe, and would bring in
his hat fail of e-'t;s from the b un wi;h
ont breaking one of them. He found
such a man imue careful bout cl sing
nates, up bars, aud seeing ih. t
tha nuts on h s plow were all propeil.
lightened before he took it oi;L into the
:ie d. He never knew a whistling hired
man t" beat or kink a c uvr drive i or
ii i run into tho stabi . He had no
ticed that tin sheep that he fed n the
vard or shed gathered around him ;?s
iie whistled withou fear. He lad
: ever employed a wh s ler who was
not thoajjilful and economical.
Children and Rirt.
The New Haven Register has been
investigating the qut slion of children's
lla iug w ith di t, and th's is tin con
. sion arrived a" : The best plaything
o: your c sild eii is dirt. Tnis te.,cn
114 m y not s t-m oithodox, but it is
.rut i eveitheles.. It is hard t fee the
: can dress of the iiuhu wrinkUd
nd bemired. it is hard to f-es. the ro-y
e. ks and li e liimp ed I ands II at wv
dearly love to kiss covered wit'i dirt
a most deep enough to pi u t potat es
All this is anno;, iug. but it is almost a
eeessity to the chil '.r "n's i ealth. The
ear h is a good mother. From it we
. in- ; upon it we live; and to it we
liall it-tun. O.didreu i at u i al I y hive
: e ea tn. If thev no little
i hey wil. improvi o. o: c lio.ri a tick.
nd ilig in H.e . :iulcn. Th y will tun
t. e v lingers in the dirt a d s ir it i p,
re th ii.i the air that tsvpes. It
eeais to be a! ins inctive wish
hem. Fies'i arih is their delight a d
.n d pie a luxury. It is well to ir s ;
v" - mi chil.lieii in ike morning fur ditty
orU. A cheap c.i'ico apron and the
o d -.-d pair of shoes :h'-y lnve should
' oi. If it is pleasant let them play
h v. hoif in. rn in in all the dnt and
.mid they l;k . They will l ave an in.
eps. anion ii of i mi and conn; in v iih
iiifte .in eyes, n-s, hecks, an i hard
:: in llesli ,
Slurs on Women.
Of ;d! evils prevalent among yoi ng
o, wl- kn iw of i one n ore i lulttb g
ts moral eff els than to spriik
, t y o the virtues of women. .Nor
s iht re :in H ii g i i wh.cli y ung nu n
re : o tlior- u ;h y mistktn as the lo.v
sin tie .hey form as to the integrity
f x oni 'ii. Xut f their own mothers
.nd sisiers, let oi o'l eis, who, th-y
rg't, are some ody 1 1-ru's mo Ii is
nd . is. i r--. A a rid-', no jeifaon who
-i iireitders to this d. b-tsing habit is to
e liustrd with an lvquiting
nt grity of fhara-ter. l'lai.i wonls
siiou d be Fpoki-ii o'i iis oii.t, for ti e
;vil i a gci.i o.-e, and deep-rooted.
1 young men are s in iinies thrown
ii o the s- ciety of liio.iguih ss or de
r vt-d won eu, they have i o in re
i, t t to in asurn alt other Wooit n by
nat tli- y see of the e, than they i a v
o t s i.i jib ti e char, tier of honest and
respectable citixei s by the develop
ment of crime iu o .r jioiice courts.
t ur young u en remember that
!i ir chief I appiness in lite depends
po . tin ii utter faith in wome i. Xo
wr'dly wis h m, no m sai.thr' pic phi
s p!iy, no generaliz -.tiou, ran cover or
-ake.n ti iitii Ii slit ut t t.k -ihei rec
:d of itself for it is i o hing less than
Ii s -end s!::n.d put, an everlasting
: a' upon lips i : t ;.re went to speak
ightinujly of woulii.
Cheap Articles.
A ricent writer sagely rein irks that
excellence and cheapness cannot g
t gether, an l w e would save ourse ves
much aunoyai ce and ilisappointment
by leco-n zing and remeru'-ering t!ie
fact. He adds:
The house which the c n'ractor
builds too cheaply will invariably have
weak walls, woo I work t'tat w.ll shrink
a' the corners, plastering that will dio;
off, and paint that will cnuk. How
can it I e otherwise? The luilderwil
not in ke a pn se :t of good work an i
good mate, ias to his pation; ehe p
work will be given for cheap p:;y. Ti e
tailor will rot put good ma erial and
s;.il!cd labor in the suit of
which looks as good as the best, but is
s. Id at a price tar below what is asked
lor the g nuine article. It cannot be
doiie, and it should not be expected;
but rather those who are compel ed to
buy cheaply should philoscphica 1
make up their minds to bear the c us
quences that must follow cheap pur
chases. Tae cost of anything, a d c c -sequeiitly
its viiue, is measured bv
two things: quality of material and
the l..bor employed to make it. The e
;n tuin m y be superior or n f -ri r.
In c iise(iie':ce of the demand fid
cheap art. ties, our ftoies are tu i n
f. lior goods. Furniture made of un
s ason. d wood aiul ha'tl- glued to
gether; mi sical iiisirun ents that rr--mere
varnished c. si s wii- the imita
tion of keys, strings and reeds for int -rior
mechanism; siiverw r" with a
varnishing coat of shining g'os?; jew -ehy
that is fair to look upon, b
hope essly tarnished by use; clothiu
that presen s a fair ex.- rior. but thai
lips and fades and los, s shape when
orn; gloves that gape a! t Vi ry seam
at ihe lirs. wealing these, and intni
nieralile other constantly recurs in in
si- nces of infeiioiity, impress upon us
the fact that, ordinal jly, cheap things
are the den.: est.
In Brazil the heat oi the clin ate .e
cludes the sailing of beef iu large piee
3s or joints. Ininiense quant it es i f
dried beef are produced, both for home
consumption and for exportation.
Each anim il yields about- 1W) pounds
of dried beef; C3,t wjV to 4o,000,ikkj
p unds are sent Jii ud'y to Cuba tor
the black population. Chili also ships
limited quantities of this charqui, or
sun-dried beef.
Those men who are always waitirg
for a more favorable season than the
present to engage in any enterprise,
or postponing any effort until tho time
when they imagine they will be best
qualified for successful exertion, will
probably die without accomplishing
any valuable rjunos and waste their
.' -; -I:
-i iy-u.--t-f-y
'1 -i
All Sorts.
Emeralds oft n have cav ties which
piii-li"- li ;M d that does Hot expand
wh n hf? ded.
A t itii is t'.e 1 ' e wl ere pe p'e juit
the r mo;i s it v i l be bandy wh n
ot: e. .o ks w; nt i .
Trade winds are vast currents of air,
ivhkh sweeji round ihe g obe ovtr a
oeli of some 12,0 rO miles in wi ith.
As a nil t ie grea'esl quantity of
rainfalls near the equa'or, while t e
mouiiL decreases tow aids the u lei.
For fixing metal to 1 athtr, wash the
metal in hot gel itino, nt ep the leather
in hot gall-nut inlusiun, n.1d unite
ivhilu hot.
The Vi nnese cabmen enjoys a wide
n pt.tation It r sl-itful driving, and he
is both i reeder and trainer of excellent
loch, of Hungarian and Russian
A little urchin in one of our schools
being asked, "What is Rhode Lsl u:d
celebrated for?" r p!bd, "It is the on'y
one of iIk? 2'ew Eng'and States which
is the smallest."
A hf ii-fcbo'idt r in Troy, In Dili g up
h s census schedule, under tne c-duu.n
eaded 'where born," de-ciibed one
! ids chii. lien as"boin in the pailor,"
iu I ti.e otiiei '-up"
Krs s T a he "Were doe-Jail
v ur nr. i ii p.o.hi. c go to?" l'.oy -"It
':-s into th- I o j e1'." 'IV cher
11 pr! Wh.-i l!op;r?" fi y
ti 'u phaiitly) (.'las.-hi ppi-r."
Light ing has been provd, in -ne
list: nee, to h .ve struck a chinch with
i f ice eqti.d to more than 12 .obO I oi se
. ver. or eq-i il to thwrais ng of SSl,
inO.lXX) p. u .ds one too. in a minute.
A si;b c ib--r wro'e t a ;oui iial t
uake fOir.e n qu- i.-s aixui. He n.l
vr-'t's I ir. The w eked edi.or re. lie
hat he w. s i!nd'!L" ihe nn,iv-si n tnin
. !. iii-x. world won d i't have anyf .ir.
"The m )"ii is always just the same,"
ie said languidly, "and yet 1 always
and si me new beauty in it." It'j jus(
: . I. .1. . . . .. I... ...... 1... I II a
So Willi HI-- UUtus, nuc ic.'uiuicu. v
took the hint, and bjughl tickets for
The fool'h man saith unto the world
ml the people thereof, "Lo, lam a
candidate," bat th wise man dissem.
bleth within himself ;n I d. clanth un
.o the folk, "Lo, 1 am in the hiuuJs of
nv lriends."
A teacher said to a dull pupil: "When
I was our ago 1 could answer i ny
question in the a ithm. ic." "Ves.
aid the small child, "but you nnis. re.
uemlK-r you had a ditfereut te;icher
f, o;u what I have."
"Exercise your patieiicct for a while
and you will gel practice," said the o d
physician to the young doctor who h id
rec. ntiy "put cut his shingle. " "Yes,
but I don't have any patients to exer
cise,"' was the reply.
. w ii" me chain, in May -nc (iff
i any, v n o.mi into the ivdar,
o; ed ' .; I t ; e bun-jsi-f sixt:'-' n ia-1-s
'.;t h thiOiil, a: d Ol d ill a delude oi
. e. t. us can ihg l is unhai'py iai t
.. r d ub.e i eiv.iVem--ii .
The Italian Government has decide !
to hold an exposition J't Ron e in lsl,
beginning February 1, and end ng
June tlO. French papers think that the
late date of closing wil! afford sttan--;trs
excellent pportuiu i-s 1 r catch
i g lu.tlari.d fever.
"My greatest pleasure," sail C;.rlie
t o :l 1 1 ten I thirty years a-o, "is to
mouiit my horse and rid; out in th
teeth of the wind away lioni these
-nioky st cuts or London." It p ob
;ibiy i as gone a long way to htlp h.iv
to becouie an ociogeiiariau.
The number of equine b'rt1 s in
France in 1S75 is stated to be nearly
W.COO, of which a teinh part is thor
oimhbied. The French army l e juires
j ,(!!!) horses w hen on a peace looting;
tie Russian army, 88,(;0; and the
stro-lluugai ian army, 40,()il0.
l'lanehe (lo Eth just returned r n
-.heir summering): " Why, ho a thin y, i
iiMliV" F he! "Of co rse my d a
four to let es a day. an i ti e Geroi. 1
four times a week, a e not laiti-i. ng.
B si li s, o: e d esu't w ish t cmiw b ci
to society looking like a d diy-.uaid.
A J l n Bull, com ersinj wi.h a Ca
..di n Indian, a k d him i- h ku -A
hal tin .-nil i.ov r s s tu ih - Queers
luminious. ".No." said the Audi. in.
Do yoa know il e reason wiiy?" as veil
John.' "i'.eeaiiso lU-avui is a: raid to
trust an E .jiliahman iuttie dark," was
ihe sav te's reply.
A Frevch wi man was lately watch
ing a cow lee ling b. t e roadside. She
t ed round her body the iope attudicd
t'the 'east. A lnuse coining ;l i g
t o road at a sharp trot terrified the
cow. which started at a gallop, d lag
ring the p' or woman over heids an 1
litcues, and finaliy killing her.
I I 'V has become so hiih in 'be Lo i
Ion c utii tiiat it is asserted tha- at
. st -;A):!',0C! change ban Is over t. e
i d 'aires ev -iy season, ii-.l both
i. nor and ort it e si tie down into t ie
thirlp d ruin. '1 o the c ubs can be
ui ced the tlowniad of many of the
. oung men of En gland.
A jlonle: n; Jouinal s'ates that a
wine grow i-r -n the (iiionde h s discov
ered a means i f rid f ih. ph 1
1 xer;i. lie h;is remarke t that a para
site of the strawbeiiy plant cariied on
i war of extermination against that
nsect, and that where the straw Ur.y
s grown among the vines they have
not been attached.
Bending down the branches has been
io n d conducive to frtntl ulness iu
trees. It n..s i een proved th t by fix
ing clay bails to the exti euii' ies of she
ii. o s of young apple trees a '.e; ni'd
umm I", w hicii, depressing the n stag
aite ; t -e sap, and !) I need the produc-
- ion i f abundance! of ilow. r- buds. A
i ere temporary ad van tug.
A colored firm recently dissolved
partnership and posted the following
notice to the public: "De dissolution
of co-parsnips heretofo resisting be
twixt me and Mose Jones, in de barber
profession am heretofo dissolved, l'us
sons who owe must pay to de subscriber
Dem what de firm ose must call on
Jones as de firm is insolved'
Admiral Areas, commanding the
Russian fleet in the Black s- a. in I L;
nspection of one of h:s vessels, found
i teapot that had a thick coating of
rust. lie ordered that it be preset ved
u the Museum of Models in Xicolaief,
is an exhibit of the negligence cf tho
. '"v.,- ; l ity -fre,i rr ( - ; i : J ' lioan , atll
The Trade of Damascus.
Damascus his been ruined by Iht
opening of the Sin 7. Canal. T;i over
I n 1 trade, bo h O imtal aud Euiope
iiu, by caravan, witii ffigdad, and t h:
l'er.-ian Gu.f, has been diverted to tin
waterway. Tne compeliti -n of Indi:
and China in silk aud se.arne s-eu
through the c iiial I. as sensibly affected
the value of these p o lucts; the !a e
discovery of alazuine has rendered
valueless the cultivation of madder for
frxpoit; and the diveision of large n im
bersof Moslem pilgrims from a l p.uts
of the East (who had hitherto made
Damascus their point of arrival and
departuie, with niuc'i profit to the
cit) to the sea route by the canal, h s
contributed, in no small degreo, to its
downward progress. Hou-.e lent has
d-cl ned thirty an I fifty per cent, and
large numbers if empty shop.i and
house', in every part cf the city, indi
cate the gen- r il decline. Tho stiee s
are filed with beggars, both Mos'em
ai d Chi ist ian, and that, loo, in a city
where eightetn mouths ago a beggar
was a rarity. The more e'evate I dis
tricts of Lbiti 'ii, w ii cii foimerly co:i
tributed the principal put on of meii
dicants during winter un nth-, haw
this yen" ."ent double the number to
swell the amount of local iud.i nee.
The fa: -famed Eye of the East is now
dull and ius ivle.- s.
Th I ie, trees iu the vicinity ot tin
1' -S. mite valley in California are wel.
i i. wn .o i.ltiii 8. eveiy i iie. at :ea::t i -j
r on. In t e gr. ve are two
Si umps, l. iger ti a i any others on the
o s , and th Yo-Semite Commission
.rs !i;iv ii w let a ci ntrai t to bore a
o!e .hroug.i one of ti em lor the sta
: s io pass t r i irii. Tne stun p is 3i;
. et in d: meter, a d l!ii hole wi i be
Tcet e i :e u d 10 fe t high. Driving
r i.g'i a slump witn a coach and four
oic-i w i l i e ;t ii(-w exper.ence to tuu
r s in t .at iciti ty.
Iiishop McCloskey of th Roman
Cat 'Otic I oees-of Louisville, has is
mied a circular letter t bis pri-sts,
('idling attt iitio;i to the "scan lal rrow
ug out o.' the us cf intoxicati: g Ji
iii,ir.i at uici ics gotten up lor church
uirposi s," and "M-uiey obtained
n this way brings w Ith it no blessing
iili. r for i i i st or people. Financial
rain is a p-dt y compel sati u tor tio-
il 11 f s Is. We Iheivfoie 1' nbi I t!:t;
. of in'. ok ea: o.g liquors -it pici
t -1.1 fo ttuii.'ch pill poses, and v.c s-d-mnly
remind pastors who mi. tioid;
:' their dutv to hoi i picnic-sof liieirr vi-i-esji.insii.i.i.y
tlo y .ucur by p-". nii! t ing
t.i it eo'-u I' us, a d ar' ii-uri t y
e yoeng, to rein i u nway fr 'u: ('
-..,e eraiid pr -t -! " n i f th -ir b ue .-
!. irg .i i ;i ' i i ' y s t in.'"
hole-iato am! Wehul Heaters in
Mam street. Corner uf PiTtli,
rLATTSMOUTTf, - - - - XER.
Still Eetter Rates for Lumber.
James Pettee
Musical Instruments,
Sole A p2?ointiny Ayentfor
Tho I'nrivalleil .1ton & Hamlin
Atso. tlie Sleek. Henry F. Miller, anil Ihiltet
.t I'miision l'iano.H for Cass anil Sarpy count ie.-.
Neb. f ill anil see
at ofTJeo. Sixth r.r.r ilonr so'it h of Mein St.
1'i.ATT SMtil' i l?. m;j,. :::k1 i--' iii!: I'i-iaos O-ar-i-:'? a
specialty, uioli I t in-skiii; Hi hat. is of '!r. S. M.
Drown, a tuner oi ll.i: ry-ltuee years eiipeiinee.
has come
And he has brouirh
??i -1 J4:rI"-- a---' ' vM"afyf ? - .".r? I feJ"S." A' l-
Dress Goods, Staple Goods, Fancy
Goods and IV otionsyou ever saw.
rV say BBOtlaiiBg f grccs
Se by fiiieaere5feooS aeael
1r fill yow eaHi94rest
liats mul eap till
Spring and Summer Goods
Xntr r rhanno howl to sell
a I -tJ-Wi,aBJ ' aifaW cj-BLaLl jfcfaj-j.
1 -, MTniTiala'l ' - - T--r r--vy , ,
no ciiAXia: oi' c.virs!
om: road, om: .manauexent!
From mi wgia ga to
Piitshrgli, Harrisl-nrs,
Baltimore, WasiiiDztca,
PMlkelpMa & New YcrL
(i eat Short Line
Readies all Points in Pennsylvania
and JVi rc Jersey.
Pullman Palace Cars
Kvl'Il'I-KI WITH Till: Fd.Er.ll ATI 1)
Jauney's New Patent Safety Platform
and Coupler.
Elegant Ealing Houses
With the popular Vestibule Slopiny Car
Iteaelies rittsimi'rli, -j ::;o a. in.: llarrii-lnirir,
1 1 -A- a. III. : l'lill;nielilii:i. 4 -.00 l. in. : New Yolk
(i :b i. in. ; Boston, ii :15 a. in. ; 1 !:il t i more 0 :Ja
p. in. ; ashiagton. y :CiJ p. in., next ti:y.
.5:15 I. I. Atlantic Kxp. (Oa!ly)
With Prajciny-Pooiii and Hotd Car.
erielies Pitt - lnii-.. -li 12 -ir, t. in.: llnni -itnii
li).-.") ). in. , I 'lal;ul.-l ill J :!." a. ill. ; New York
i :Yi a. in. ; Special l'lrilitl-: ; ! i i t Nleepin- C;r
on lliis ! r.tia, w liieh reiii.iiiis ia ilepot initi! 7 :ii
a. in., iitionling hleludelpliia pavseiiers a f'.ill
tiiybfs le-t.
:S P.M. Night Exp. Except Saturd'y.
H7t't Prarciny-Po'iin Sletpiii- Car.
tJi'iietifs Iltt-!tiirtili 7 ::si p. in.; llr.i ri-l'i'nr.
.; ::n a. in. : Hall limn ;-. 7 :A" a. in. : Washington
li :ii.". a. in. ; I'liiiaileipiiia, s : a. m. ; New York,
in : .. a. in. ; iiosion, s :,o p. :n. i nroiezn liiiiu-
iiniir ai.d aslilntoii Mi-i-;i;is C;.r on tins
; "T!'.i'.n;v-h Tie!;. ; f, Sale at all I'l ieeipa!
!'. .iiiis in 1 'if Yi"e-t. A foi mem i;- t he 1'i.iU I'
n.U.M-.ii 1 I'. N 1 l. A-'. IA 1.1..:-..
i". i:. :.iYt;i:s.
-l ily Jen. ra.s. .s. Ti ket At., Cimcaoo.
isx.eiM j. -i ti.i; ilttj,
??, Clean, First ('la's Meat Shop,
on Main Street in Frei! Kioetiti rV oM strunl
10. er tody t.i: li;:ii,l or fresh, teio'.er iht-af.
IEA I.rii IN"
Ail Paper Tnnimect i?i-ee of
Stationery, Magazines,
Latest Fubliciitions.
Prescriptions Carefully ComponiKled
by an Kxperienc-eil Irruy;iji-t.
keme:.hjei: the rLA E.
the finest of
ever and ever so cheap
and undersell anyhody. II nrry
has once more
who is. on ami after
Mr. Weckbacli having prone into tho Lurulu -1 hu-itu .- I projiose to run tl c
ohl KMPIRi: awhile mvi-t If.
AY e art In almost .taily i- t -it( (,f
w tiictl tve offer our frieml .-nat tlie I'tililie at
at piti es
Caslmicres, Alpacas, IK-laiius, Ac.
Calicos, from 12 to 1G Yards for $1.00.
Muslins, from G cts. a yard up ward.
The finest .stock or White I'etlspiva.!. ever hi-onI.t to tlie 4'it v.
Buell's Cassimcres, Tweed?, Joans, and Cotion.idos in
fill Slock.
Vr, H,9-3!f?fcnr'i: H TlrK-r Y-t f-N'T -
11 iii il Cu S c&z 'A il ii V h fr
Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods.
I ilesiic to sft all nry thl jtatrons hack anil want to h.-Mil niauv of the ones as I can i'ltAXK or i ll.MAN.
":-'iy plat r.idUTi:, a ask a
BOOT sjd
li h w
II I! hi
H k o
s n p. S o
mi hi
s ri i l o Oi
l O h
si r
H 'i co W
2 u H
s-z n K3
tt Z Vi
5 O
o ffl
.y J.-' T
:.:,-...; r-s
5 tf ' t i -
t -
r-' - -
- T '" a
J l ! f . , f . . ' . .
i is.-
and more, by buying vsaaclthie tustt will Ius. ye a l.i-j d:-, lsI iL, 1.
latest iuiirovcu.ciiid.'.
Liberal Terirg to Ajetit.! liul Vaiiasu ' f..,
Bcud-fJr Circular. ' i-t.,..iic-
I5, TtiLIUSiS Ai:c
" come hack" to
this date sole propi i( r.
aiael Moit&M,
to suit Ihe times.
. -v. 1 .
v- '.
iV-'VYvl; i J
I', li :. "
;' "'. - -Vf -7- V'.iT .
f- -j f ) Li. y : -
r i!!:.v:s:-'r4
- 1