Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 29, 1877, Image 3

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t :
'V XT ?. rr r-. x . .
1 il l'j tl 1 It A 1j J ),
11 fcf T p TiVio Toh'n ,
xj. iv. XV. lllllc itlUiC .
Curru-ird Weiltifvltii, 0--iol'r HI, 177 '
. ro;: omaiia ririMl-L.vTT.sM)i;TU. I
' "es ' :i" i. l i. An i v- :'' a. tn.
- p. in. - :; -A.'i p. iij.
ri:oM o:.!aha fob. fi.attsmoith.
Luros '.' :)-. :i. Anivt s M a. in.
0 :J0 j:. - 7 I'. In.
I .:. -s r! :'.. -1.1.' Aniv- U:,. !
r !- '" : Arnves'y, :- .. la. ;
I r-'ilit K-.i os Hi :-ji .1. 1:1. Ar.'jln 3 11.111. !
1 1
f i:m Tin-: wrsr. !
J p. 111. Am''- 1 latlsinutitli. a j. 11.
Froiijlit l'-nve-t Lincoln 11 Ui a. in. Aiiivcs
riaUMiiOiuli, p. in.
i;oiX(i EAST.
I"pt'-s. 0 :!." a. in.
rasst-n-icr. m-iiin eu:h day) 3 :.V j. m-. ; t
i iir.l.iV. Fvcrv ll.ird S.itiir.Ia v a tr;iia ns!i-
l.C' t-i at Hie ni;;;l t'.iiie.
RHIVAl. AM) Iii:i-AI:TL lii: ;f FLATTrJ
J ill .MAILS.
I.ASTKISN. .Vfil'.'fll F.'.IS SilTIII-nX
I ic-iart at
r. :.".'i a. in. 1
;.r:;vc :.t
::".o a. in.
I'M . in.
2 A'i I. la.
0 :' 0 a. in.
'j p. in.
OMAHA '1A 11. & "M.
Ani at 10 a. in. l-;)aitat
r.-iv..' at
Arrive at
3 :15 I', tn. I l'cpai t at
12 in. I I). part at
II-.CK l:l.rK S,: rl.,s Mll.I.s. 1
uriveat. i-m. i.1' J P--j
. ,..-n--UJJ-.iJ...l- 'V,.-. j
1 . : a 1 - a 1 v 1: i r . s i: m i : x rs.
Trati'-iciK. 2". en's a line. Keidar advenis-e-s.
10 (!! t . -r 1. 1..-. N.t advcrii-caici.t iu-,eti-t
1 forh-ss :lu m e'e,;its.
I " ' li lKic.s at Statute r..t-.
Aii'.rn. , and otiicers of t hi' lew w:;i be neid j LiLei i'.rv Society. Subject: " "i v il iza-r-.-;..ii--;l.!e
li.r ah Iced iietici.-. H-y !t; :.. in,! ' " ...
.-. t.l i.'-l .aiti.-.d.-ia:i.idlt;.:.a proof ..; '.-it.c.ea- tldl IieVl l" g 'CS back Will'ds.
1 ...1 1 ! ai.v cti.-e v. i.l I..- h.i.l tor the vnli.ic.i-
lion lee oi r-'lcll
, - oi.r si ace is limited.. ;.'l c.i'.inr,iiii.-:i,,ons !
3-eisf l.t It.'icJ a'l-l to tiie point, unii Was.u i
..; v.ot-d ,. i
The paper is v.-p.eisit.:.' f..r t!:e"co;r; (!::; ;
.'...if.!!:".' t-.) coj-y of paid matter and paid l.c- j
e-vi ;. I
1. AtiV per-.n v. ho t:ike- ll'.e -iptr v; t!nr!y j
f:oni!:ie' p..-.. -..nice. . in I r i;.i"';' Ins
1. i:uc. or nether lie is a s-jl-'riYnvr ' ot is
, S,. ,;-.hie tortile p:,V .
'. I a ii I ci m 0. .ft s ii is 1.1 u . 1 . 1 1.1
11-d. h- i.n':. p;y ail r.rn-.ira-ifs. ..rth- s i.ldidi-
. ,- ll.aV eoaiil.e... to .-e;... c.oo y i it
I. :.;.i c.i.h-i t the wie.l" : nenn.t. v, :h th. 1
r .s ;
u 1
. l.
:i t iiat re
1 Hi- enu I . Ii.e. .
r.f v. -e.ipers :iie
a - to !
ic -Js i'ro'ei : ne p.
liiir thil l nncall
:...!. ttr t. 1.1' :ii',' : '
I T. i "".;.( . 'ii' c
i ii 11 1'.
1 I
of j.vrKMiN.i. j
I'se "e'cistt.-iiiii-i1.
il j.:
Phil Young has got the jiandsom- !
t lot of babies v. e cut' saw of the j
The s 1.
Thursday 1
affair and
abb at Mrs. Skinners last
enb'g. a very pleasant
rv well at ten led.
o'l :::;
and n.-k him
colors ar.soi led-1
:n;ng. 1
a. i' is 1 1 to i,'o Joe. Lbyd.
more .-.; :;'.'. the stitets, in ;i
eh iie.pfwVed co'.e.Iit(.!i.
a mi
-se-.vir.g M.
1 l W t..l s. l'.O W.
1 a .each!, to oi".
.'hlU'-S re
i aoi r.x
F. A.
ail cd. far
any machint
--Mr. Peter
elai.,1 ('f Ibi-ti: 1:1
. d oil li e HggAl.D i.. -t
!aiei it.-ili: sttai tun
fv fa.uiiiar to tle Ldi-
tols co:n:: y, c.;h.
Mid'. Mr Lve!
name s -.ii.ds ve;
u..r of t Ids paper
A communication irom i.:a
iind some lo-al matter inu-t li
until iuc.t we.-k, as we go to Pies;.;
'.Ve ht-.-sday af .eriiooa. in or ha- t- let
the Printers have a good home Thanks-
giving !
t .
We would like the Editor of Ha
Watchman to show us the authority 1
lor using any such word as "heartfelt- !
.Iiy. or a proic-sor 111 t.i.t..:M....
Mae I'toos ur-e some astoroa.iii.g woia.a. ,
t -.- wa.i,i, .,,V! healed 011 '
.1 . 1. Il...'.l. ' ..v-w - . iu ipiantitv, .piiiliiy anu puce..
Will not be undersold. -Ttf j
i ..j ......a ,,i i:-ii . tn., nt ii
.Vlr ittl-..Ili v,'vv,
1 ,. , ,
:;:at, licnry ..;csi;iivio v. as muh -ioi
billed in th" F.bick Hills. We can no!
vouch for its truth.
The Annual Festival of the Wo- j
ta in's For ign Missionary Society, held j
n i'ar...ele Hall, Friday Evening, was j
. , . . . i i . , i ..... - ...,.
Vi'i v v. e.i ;-.Lt"n'.:eo, macs le'.tt-i t.i.ui ;
we. anticipated, tiie music, was excel
V and thf enjoyment immens-?.
. i
Any person not receiving their cor- j
ideate of election prompt iy will please i
edify the County Clerk, at once giv
..g their full uame aud lb O. address,
t is impossible to know the address of
,11 tho candidates elected.
C. P. Mooo.e, Co., Clerk.
j press, d! f a i epp sed to the third
A St. Lot is paper says: "A lawyer ; le ru, that I had no thought Hat my
by the name of Ohost is practicing in name would ngtlti ns-il iu conitec
Idncoln, Xcb., and :m cx' baag" wants turn with lh i- otibv bur, to my $a- at
to know how he can ever 'sp.-ctor sue- j
ee.-d. He will doubtless demon;tratc ;
-il.ililv :it ":i!,!iii ii : tti:" foes aod :
- i
thva reach the -houl of his ambition. I
Oh Dear! We fear our boasted Ital-
m Skies have left us for aye. There!
ave been more raiuy, cloudy, muggy i
..VS this fall tUati we ever saw in
' 0 , , . , l
-rciri"-d7:i before. If planting trees a:;d 1
.... , ,. -, , ' " ... j
uiidmgs and a.lro.m., dots all this j
e"ll have to quit setting out any more i
t erests, and voting bonds to Itailroads,
.,e can't en line such weather long iu
i r pretty state.
Mr. Wm. llodc-n, living near Eight
V:! Crove, this county, receive;! i tt l
uam from Corinne, Utah,
at a son of his, who has been in tlct
untry lor the past nve years, was
ot aud kid d no particulars given)
l n-l-iiiT tel. -if ul.iil.l ,l,va n ito
.......... ........ AA.j.MA.m - ...-.1 ,
: . -. . . 1 . . it- 1 - .-1-.. .'
:,i..ju. oiu wai liiiiiiei.i.ittij K'Jll,
-k to send th btdy on here. ?.Ir. I. !
i trothci-in-mw of Xr. Jos. Lloyd.
, . .
- t if.un h mi u.u rcia-si sorww
; mat .nr. .toman, ul BtOiiiavdie, lias lost
umu vye, cm; oi .
unavoidable afc'ilf.i 'j lh it- hitmen i
1 "'e a. (..(..., napp n
f'Vf' - T MO'tV nti'1 then. Having already ,
!?st a K ihi deprivation on- j
; l,llvs u' l!l "truest, sympauiv vi
! II !
! tiit; enure community.
John Way man is building, casting,
niakina !iHv iron front for (Juthinan's
and ;,ia.sonic IJ!, this will b- a 'tvat
- , ,,. . ... ,,
1 in jro vi'iiL'W I . v is always u
, , , , ,
Harlan's li-nturo, Momlay Dec, 3d;
-Adriiission 2 cts; Tiie usual musical
- j,t;'l t U!iiu"!it of f.i- .Sofictv will i
! givin with th Lfttmc
'n .crA.
Don't wait until the h
! fore sfh'ctio' votir tovs and hoi id..
ioods a! the P. O. News Depot.
Hai.l Da!
W;iit am! se what the ladies of the
Pics': yterian CJmrch are getting up in i
1 ine v..i o! i;i,.-,s"i jjonies at.'S preiiv ,
lite w.l 01 i;i.v,sii l'.'ltics anS picny .
things from Mr. Harms'. Omaha, be for j
you b::y your (J!iristin:i:i pr srnts. j
Pemember Hn. Tluu. Harlan's
lecture on M ouday Dec. :d at t!i Iligli
School bui!uir:gbofore the Piattsrnoutli
Left nr couimences at 7:30
Aikiii sion 1 cents.
Pie'.t-u.ont'i L.t
Xo. 5.
A. Ma.-.s will J.-.,:d th-ir A::;...:.l M i
i-unic Pt-sti val on
i::t'!::iri:!r r.TTif. l i'l.
Furth'-r particulars will appear ::
week's j:iper. The cininiitt
. .
wjl0 j,uve the Festival in charge this t
year, are: .1. 1 . .J oh.'i n, J. Pe'.p -r- ;
hen:, d. V
!.t: so
S. S. Hinkie,
X. l;!aek, aiel Jo n JI
1 rn
h - speak that everythiug-will be dont t
to make '.he entei t...u:ai nL a complete ,
success, a:? has been th? verdict hereto- j
A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
j Farmers, what is t!u use of buying
1 goods of a p ahller, when von can buv
the same goods at Sen!. iter's Jewelry
.-tore for 25 per cent less. 3U1
! Ducks! Dji't Ihey.
I Ms u-s. Jones. :-i.i;;h.Mat!.ens,Sam.
i Long and 11 P. Lewis returned from
' a plea-ai'it and successful hunt over in
j Iowa, last. Tiiursday, and presented the
i .i.i-e w 1 i
iih tbree
' tie. a)(i',
line duck-
li ie rea.-
son to think there mi-;ht
m..,.v' m I . a'.mg !..
be a !eei e r j :::p-':i: ; .:i ik .
j .irke 1 Jones, don
! Loeg :ays go lo Low
! t!. d iv 1 a-," ku
I go
nd jj"'.vis
s ;il! ab-m
i aa we
rame j:r
a m
if Ttoll V
Co to the p. O. X
,- .Not:
. . !. ..,.,1
l'i"y Paiar. f :' yea;
; ( a;.; a.,-: s.i i :-'. ns"
. i . -.
Tiu .rn 1 Ctiina
' . ' 1 . , . I .1 1 i . : 1 :l ! . . li: J I
; : e. t .
a: all pi ice.-;; IP b-.i's ceding babies
i cxprca-s wag aas, !. iglis. doll perambu
I latoi's, toy c ai ts, bird cages, toy l'sirni-
, t:u'c, l-'d'cs, c. ,'.tr, m la-el all kinds : 1
I of hoii-.bsy presents, at bard
tl times prices.
d f:
b.'St ft'oTU
' ;n e:a
kat has
t o
town, cd v i
can be foira.l '
t until i ;::u !
T -
j e ,y. ..u,x (1..t lJlf,n
mv bead !
h ., . , i;1 r(.;i, ,
to re:
,,..,t j u..., o:,,.(. ., ; hiek tail d.-i r.
I expect to have venison or other game
each week hereafter during tho.oasmi
r. m. rorNo. i :
r,-, "111 re. , -
I here will be a i haaksgi vmg Pall
given at Fitzgerald Hall on Tarns- t
day HvitNtNu, Xov. -.''Jrn, 1S7T.
P. P. Living-ten, J. W. Marshall,
dVhn OTiourfce, J. P. Young,
W. L. Weils, . Jas. Orace.
t;c:c:;ts to ball C-i 25.
First Xutiona! Paki. ry, f.r iill persons j
wishing the same.
Hcst of Muaie engaged for this snec-
T-tt fieees'oo A. f"ei
eneral invitation is
extended to all'.
A Card.
sick loom, Plattsmoittit, .ov. t.
Devi; Hebald: After serving as
Co. Assessor for two years, for Piatts
mouth Caty precinct, I so freely ex-
surprise, mi C. mornl;ig alter tiie l.Ue
e.ectio::, (a-u !i-tv..i,' ice.-.ved the It-.,. si ;
iut Ion tiiv ii aatf t. ;. i I iee n :
- -
placed upon the ticket, 1 was inform- I
i i:.. a..:.... i . . . r . t , , . .
i oy my i i o.c. an ia. it i nan reen eieci-
eu assessor; not having n.e opportunity i
to decline the nomination. I shall not
i now after the fluttering majori.y giv-
en me, resign the It was said by
. II I.l'. H..11.1I 1111: Viiiti . 1, ii.U .HIM I'I
, , , , , . ,-
one -I ask no favors itiiii shrink lf.mi
.. ..... , . ,
responsibility, and I can adopt tne
litUer S!ljlum.m I feel like asking the
fitvor, the co or-eriition, ittol the iissisi-
anee of all ii the Work, believing tnat
much time iind expense may lm saved
thereby especially mav this be done- if
each one would make in advance a
schedti'e of househo d personal proper- j
ty, thereby saving miie.ii time of the!
assessor. - As I t-hall endeavor to dis-
J charge th duties of ihe ottb accord-
j mg to law and the la s; of my ability, j
j I trust thru it rvi . b- .v,:. to the su. -
' :..c....i: '( .1 . ... .: ..:... .
i3ii.uii;i ti tie-' i:-fi(. Tjiij.,ir Ul tux
- ., .. . "
; H'iiOVV C!U;'.I'I..1. . I tiiV,
.-. . .-.'.u(e.-t,
--.tses-or iiicct.
):ir Tin-lhi-uah-H-Ia-lioiis.
Mr. and Mrs. MacMurphy of the He::-
ALI,ji;l.i a Tin wedding at theu house
ir i -.' . ii
,onday evening, .Nov. 2 ;, and two more
sri,ri.s,..i people you never saw. Wi.di-
in;; to m;lky So:n:j note of th-3 filght of
ti,..e orl the ly5h Anniversary of their
weJ'h;(l life, and having i;o toddlers lo i
s,ace oi V.v: 3 ;ars as th -;y rod. it struct
theill that iL WOllld llH a 1'ood WaV VO
rl .
get a few of their neighbors and friends
together and make merry on tin, not
dreaming of tho beautiful things
Ui0S3 sun 3 kin 1 nciii'ibors an J frien Is j
would lay iii in store for them. J
tire da' mentioned the early express be-
gan to bring tliin-'s in from Chicago
and abroad. The afternoon mall brought j
a reuieinoeiauce from Lincoln and a j
teler:1.!!! from Massac!) u setts told i
tliem t!iey were not forgotten even ii !
o! 1 and far away New England.
As the evening grew older, hosts of i
home friends dropped in and soon the :
tabhs and chairs were covered with
valuable, curious, and beautiful nrcs
onls;a very iiandso:::3 spoon holder,
far removed from tin except in color,
an epergne ornamented with most beau-
tiful '.lowers, abed room set, an exqui-
ito mc.cle ilisli. Anions i its' ;u:;
KO plC.vl;' (I1SII. Al!lii:i? ine cnri'-.u l
were, some preyed sea moss, miVl. -,-.ain
specimen, framed in tin; pie. me of
Mr. and Mrs. MacMttrpiiy in street '.
costume, framed elaborately in tin; A
tin neck-lia twas that a hint. Pan? and !
tin studs, witli masonic emblems there- l
. . , , . 1
on; A tin wat.-u .main and l);-ii;t:
ooniii tin brackets and a car 1 re eaiver. ;
Among tiie funny, were tin whistles
till von ; mhln't rest! a hugs rtistv old i
coff v boiler, done up in an acre, of j The gratidet bargains ever known
p:tper and tied with rope; an t iabor- ! in this town c m be had for the next 00
ate- bundle with fortv wrapping and j li,.vs clothing. JJoou antl .sh.oes in
Tr . . . , ... .. , clu.dmg a sutiei 1 stock d ladies mid
m iuv In:;: A Ln-; interspersed with stic: s 1 . . , . . , . . ., ,..:M , . ,, ,
1 1 co ie ' n ns .- !e es, whien w ill be sold clear
of cindy around ic contained at : ov.m for cash. Such bargains were
I ';t;i small tin-whistle ; several rat- j
tl.-s, a complete set of 5tsh-s, tiny and
dain'v: a if we ho .ran to trv to enu- ;
UF.'rate; theiii all, the I f 1:
.i.: would
, ,. , ...
nave to i)uol:-.'i .'.a oxum suuice tostv
'Vcning v.Mi a very nappy 01m ai
will b.i r;
mb-re 1 at the IIk::ali
ln.i!i;.; as or.u of the bright marks in tiit-ir J
oi.nev thiv
70 me.
Lhigcne .'di-ylbM, Typo graphical en-
Ineeroflhe Louisville Phronicie was
i in.ti' ove r .unuay
1 on the Ifrii- !
it one 1 1
ert Weill
:: ::, cai.e
ALU Monday and eonmiiiy inviled 1
out to Ovstets and such, at bis house
ere eeming ito'oert, never re. ine:
tue.r, 11 we can i.e.p n.
Vi'hi. Snort fixed our pump nietdy
last week. We gue.-'s William is a v;;l-
j vy kiti'I of fellow whose suction is al
ways right and no lost motion about
-r !
ih v. A. B. l !e..c. '.
:! oi i i l
VS! We:;.h,,
! i li. j.--.-: le
I.. I O: ... ..
a::'. , h.a'.i of
i Tb- bride. Miss V
y, is Ihe ca'.'h- J
j ter oi o:e of the oldest set ti; rs in tb
I County, both Dr. and Mrs. Wiley :.i
known far and wide for tie-:.- I. i-pita
i ity. Tiie i vioi.i. .'?r. Laa; in. is ;-'e
, !'. ,f f '... oh 1 .. .!c;s in i 'ass. b" h;a
j self ii . 1.1-7 i: w. though, o : Wood lbs
; e., wii re ic ha-, a cait!- I.teai. T.:
1 wed'di" ' to..k ;!.;,". at Ha m.. The:''
1 oa
!a-t, at
:r. ;
e: Mix. lb-,
y. Mi', a id
... i . . ...U
1 i-
Mis. Lam
1::. naat :vv s. ."
:., M'-. and
D ill els. Mr-:.
.---r frien Is !
ef tl.e f.Oid'v la
f .
rsoUiii'v brown to ;
' t.:e ; . r.uALD were present. o-uir.'.e
; cp.i.-.t follow- I t!:a cer. nioay
uu i
i tli" let ): fo'in'.e d-parted for P atts- ,
j month where day tcek the rail for
I Chi -ag ', iind further cast in Illinois
;m . ! imhina. lies :s aoout '... lot
ing v..' can have down to Doc's,
ol the if ::::a i.i mad the most of the j
rt unity. 1:1 stowing away ..more 1
g'.o-l things than uu.i!. From the !il.s
. , tf ,, , .,
W" sto.e oi. tae or'e.Ie to the !a-Jt m-Ut,i-
. , .. ,
liiiol turkey, we t-tljoyeu OVery bit Ot
: t -o.-l o'i'v 1 roe the r--t '-i-ildM-"
. -. , .... i .-... l.o.n. ti... i..Au ..tiei.l..
down there will com.; around white
we pre above ground yet.
Mrs. Wih-y ,11. 1 not forget the print-
ers. neither
ir. Fa man, as a huge cake
4.t rs a', the ofTce can tes-
-1 hd
tify. V.l 'jg'.'.-i .v,0.
Clot ul seeoiiil hands organs ami meh-
leoos for sale or traite f-hein
: o
James I'ettee.
at .Johlr .)n's Drug Store.
sim:ciai, notices.
. ; arising from impurity of blood. 15y its
, invigorating ell'eets it always relieves
Farmers, shoot that peddler with the j aud otten eures Liver Complaints, Fe
v. Iiite hoi -,.-s if he does not sell goods I male Weakness,-..; iUid I rregubti it ies,
che;ip enough. t:.5t4) F. CAB.nrTll. ! andis apotent renevyerof vi.ality. For
i puiaiv ing tb Blooil it li.-s no eena.l : it
A good house and lot fur ah for
One block north of the Court
House, in, Xcb. Apply
to J. W. Marshal! ; or, M. H. Mnrphy. "
t! 1 t t
.! Fresh Cvstersl
. yme oysters will be ionnd
r s. wiiites's every week during tho
. . . . . . " ,
reason, a.mi v i'ht.' everv saiuiuav,
,.,.Ct.ivt:tl liu tri,.( t.Ve! V Satur-
- -
; ,i ,y ,v
express. Call ami get the
amr of thing;
F. S. Wbite.
I , .
i 1 cu can save a larue per eent of
x,ir ...-,, t,v IV ..;:- i,r(.(.
.-'-on 1 nret 1.1. iui
Mice, ami following advice. Ctf
I have secure! the sale of the mag-
. i iiilinont C!.... s, r. 0 1.1
nilieent Ceo. Sieek & Co. niano, and al-
! .i.i'l tl
i the Ha.let & Lnmston piano, both
i 'f which I can sell at very low prices.
j Jamfj Pettee,
Dealer in afo-'eal Ii.eir.ioieot
Ceo. IL SI at
; M.uj-Sn Iowa
ers ot i rn
i Stilt-'i i
IV e f;tl SiTV
,P..n h-.vo . Delfr-i'
your holiday goods
rush at the V. O. Xews Depot.
' ger. luu oi fC'-yjj rit witiio::: the rl in- : 'i ' ' '''i-1' .'e- "'e' ' '- :.. v ., : . : . o-.:.- of s . a. '.vvv, 1 IV It
-r & 0, Mamir-.cttir- . -"r stryeiinine or : lrlJX i I 'yf:,J i
1 tv v .. .-iau ii.aTtir- ;.,SHn:c. (U r.-.e ihirtcen st east of ti,.- ,. i;l ; .::;,,'', 't; ! .,; , ei ' V-l' ' Tea Years Credit att
1 oarmaeeiiticals 1- ,r. ;t . i B K t , ? P'rVi-V i Cr.Ut ai
ntinmves Nine. the y.,,, will reeottunend it u r r
e you Better, and you ."',' ;.,,.:. i-or-saie everywhere. ; 'h;'HhV drT 'o "'r''-' ' - w.n.e i-lim levied u....n and ad Prvutlun u
Messrs. E. G. Dovey it Son have a j
fine stock of imWkip Louts, also a
large assortment f lames side? hire,
varh-tv, fvr salt- at h-Ktoni tu ices. iive
tl,:tn a ,a:l for anythi.,:, in the line of
?T-.-!K-ral Hlt.-rf-haii;i:-i'. at their I.eW Ston-
in ' l..-'l if '-t!.i VI vm!i -.'. "TLf
,,-,i t . il M., i-JlKil . .u
, f ,. . .. ,,,.
v ,T ,. ?. ..,!i',.,. .,.;., f.,h'i-:,,,!j
i aui. . u ,uii iin ci u.i i.'i .iti iuijm.-j.
Fanner.-and Ilousekvej ers yive tliein
a call lor anything m the line ct .ei!
cral mi
27 tf.
Organs and Pianos tuned and re
1 paired, orders left at Johnson's Drug
iSlore will receive prompt attention.
Jamks Pirrriti:,
Dealer in Music.:! Instruments.
J! ) acres in sf.-tion .' twolvcranjieelov
1. :i i.ii!i s'l.itii-east of Lttaisvii'.c tation, 15. &
M. '.I. It. I'biH C'.ni.ily, Nebraska.
ISO U t'i' i I p.der C't3JI3yiii ion,
:ic.u-.c aa;I Ivira, orchanl aa.l forest tree-",
plmly if :r:n water. U 'itj bt sold in SO acre
iraris if il.' -ii cil. Fii'iuire of Jos. iSchlater, fen der.
Fiaitsrnoulli. 'el.-. H111G
For sale, cheap. l.V) Desirable luiilu
iri4 lots in the- ci!y of -Platlsmoutli,
Tiile pet fee. Taxes all paid np. Terms
easy. Apply to A. W. McLaughlin
P.-ibhier 1st Xational JJank. 'Silt
i a;n h:u-!i iigsla
''! , 1,u xv' :UM7 V''1'"-' Sl.?v:9
and Cie:in ('oiinnevs ana do it ad m
th? vt.,.y .j, lll(,st satisfactory
manner! Price. 50 cents a storv.
('lf A It LEV PliOWX.
Cev. r kin.wn
cloti.iiig emp.r
ftta-lei man's
201 f
I.a.i iier.'
von can get Pi;. its and Shoes of all
" styles, patterns and make, from
Xo 1 i:astki:: imrs::s
also a line stylish perfect lit of
i fr.m t!:e iintd Fre!i.-!i Pa!f iJoois made
lit ine state, -'.vu, at price;-, mat
i .;; iili;n. Ladies and Children's
;'.ioe.; a speciality.
Fi;tek -.ikf.'.;
to Tr. i .'. i f :.:!' rtr.
Act .v.V.v. and at once procure the
. . I- ..: r ..-.71. .. o 1:..:. ...
1 " '. amn ...
1 1)1;. i-fTLKi:.-.; t;ii::f iATiv i;;:mi:dv
p.nd Lis. f i i!!-. a inoitive. pi'rm.inent
c.... v ,r-'i'..i . , 0:-,..
! ciati
Lu:ub;!-r", tiotii, pain in Hack,
Head. Heart,
is. ; rvoits,
es. ,; Fit
'. ( s d.e;(;its
i " I 1. id and
e Pi.
j d P.rave!. Albuaten. A!
eida, rc
d water,
aid Mitl
":i'?. for
; ti
i:on or irate", ;o -.a coi.u
1 i t.-. ; tl... i"-..'.;..i
! ii-'.. s'.' ' 6r. i'V- ;'.v F tFs.-nj.-i
debilitated constitutions, incre.:?:,...; vtg-
or. strciigthcus the s stem, tones th.;
stoma.c'.i, and inerr'a-ei :ip,.'tit. A
1 e.'.ts.inL saosiiitiie lur iron, woieii
e. ;:st 1 nates the ".'. is at ei oe-e roys in
lh: ri'!
(i'-n.'.n :i
',-,' V' t'
fur Lung Pi-case.--
ting Pi-cases, lb onehi: i-g Cotighs
, , r. . , . 7
( olos. a S'lp'U'ior Com-. itsat toil
s .juichlj- nao renevt s r.api.
ly. V:ir urnggi.ts. Chapman ii (Jlass
are iV'-uits tor Phitlmouth. xtn-vl
Ii i.; ihe duty u every per
has ii..ed ie j-c:m::;'s C?-;: !.'
t o let ii s v. o;r!er! ui :y all! ! s !
Y 1 1 E I '
i t
. 1 ,
, roaets i.i ctii'i:icr Coiro;;nit 100,
! sev
re Co:: aa Crotiji. , Pneu-
rn aoa,
a:.d in fact ail threat, and lung
s. r' person c a: use j. with-
' dis -as
out lonue -ia e reiief. Thre
it o.-es
j will ri lieve aaiy cas g and we consider j
1 il liie tint v of ali j dnicgis-s to reccom- 1
iinael it ;.o t he poordyiticonsunintive,
ai le.t-r to trv o;p
ottk . a.s b), ) do;;-
i eo .
I one
iiles were so!.' hi.- t v and no
ise wh.-ie it failed w as report- d.
sn -'i a 1 1 e'ieine us da (Jcit'IAX t-;Vtt-
ff cantpi; be to widely
nown. Ask
our Drug.i.-t abitt it. Sample h-it-ties
I.i ;iy sold a. 10 cents. Pegular
Si'--! -a cents. For sale bv. I'i tf-alt
.-- t o 1 1
: P U v ? O -Ta 77 v- 5 ntfrrr-' I
a ISO -J: vi.L II JAO j I
t l!'';! ''':' hf":i';" vi '"- .".V'.-
I A '""' d"-,l'- b. y ot I.e.- aa.i tnl i.e.';
; .M-ae-yt lee'.-o-a. raiu-oad fi.-d ahor w,e-ai
i '-..r tee (vui-.try, l iv.a.v
i ViiKX '4 V.-iTi".i evec a n. ,v. T!a'
1 ''!'::: b" i,1'i"l :?''K ':'v"t; lv" -.' oi . . i.a- v....- .s t -l h, , a. '. i ...1
oil.; a. r vv... ,.s. t.-.a :ae l-..t t ;, ;i--,
S t A'.DA !t ) r.'V-.iC IV" "".
ST. Lotus, '.in.
Xolidr.g sb.oit of unm: dak: bb-beue-il
.S eou I'er: ( :I Upon teilS of thousands
of sii!i'"!V!'s co;;;.' originate and main-
cm tne reputation Wi.ieu .v:"B s ab
s. iv. lai.l.A enjoys. It is a compound
of tae nest v eg. tai-ie it it ere. 1 : vea. with
. I , - . .-ti . it .
the I. -times ol P. das: .Ulii iOi.l Ii'oii.itnd
i is he liiOt (hi ctnal of ail relileoit s
for si'Vof uliii!-:. !';i.''.':!'i
o, or oioo.i tlis-ei-ssfu!
and cer
j orders. Fni foriuly s'.ie
! tiiin in its remedial effects, it produces
rapid, and complete cures of ;-ci'of:ihi,
S-uvi. Humors, P::e.',.!es, Erup
tions. Shin Di-'iatses end all disorders
tones ui. the system, restores a;..l id e-
S;'rv: s ,:;" head Si, and itn parts vi
reel eiiei-y. i-or lorty v.-.-r.-s ti
een in extensivi; us--, an i is to- ! as
most available nr-dicim.
or ta
jug s;c:.g i-veryvv of re.
Fon sale bv ai.i.
It .ei.e f t its weak, it -"r.e:s.a a.l .'. aaei
1; iiii'i paiiii'u! ,li". .-cs cried w i1'"!...:!
' ,. . , . , . , , ......
t I 'eticn... i'-e.'c.r:.' i.eils hu-I ,.. ...r :;p;ie.,ia-es.
aa a a.. a: t a. an, an I now to rami, t a.- e, ;(-
1:11, c from tiie saarto'ts. Boos. wUh f-.!i 1. .-H-
all p.,:"i"-
' i:i;U v. i-,.,) f-
' Galvanic; Co..
I . .. , , ... .. '
A. '.die
lu.v .v hi.ii
- O.
Air -Three F.'teet .Mice.
Ttirve t h ao.s tad re. ts : Tin ee t Let. -and rats ! in.. u -and reas !
See !:.ov they tain ; tniak vviiat they c"t
.'Oi 1 01, s 10 i- i'.t.
!'f-',.. 1 r . -
1 1 ',. sm-r t:.c .a -n.'.-.s wife ;
1 r. ,xt.'.!.' -'.' I';:I '"' 'iseic-s ittnle,
;;y . eH1, . ti.,.M. ,.m!..,:tl ( , .st!i ))f .,. .,.
15v giving tUrm"L'.'ntnuiaf Hat Ex-
U-n.ihtatnrr th safest ami most ,-er-
; ti,,M 'at Lx-ermitiiitor m the world.
T. ! . oi coin .utuite.iiy
- T f .;.! ,.,ai,.r ,JV,;
j po-t fim your premises and kill them
1 as they travel, thus lea via no telltale
I 'lead rat to warn others from rating
; v cllteuni.-.I Kat iAli'i'min:!-.oi'. i till
84tf Box iOO, Ft. ilaUison Iowa.
Choice, l.V Selecting V ' 1' - "'T "X p-Stpabl on ! , ,el petittt.nVn .,r before Monday the o,,U . blv v, . eu...
' ' - lee.';.' .a .-. . s-.:j i-r 1 f v.-.- . -.f fh.ii.inWf i n ie. ,,oi,Uci n,..iii, :fi r-. v ' "'', de -ed. .ids ; to s.o isfy a . t;i mr.hh-ts and ;r-., rot
now, before the T,.I;,y(. ., " I he taken as trueandjud-me.,t ren.lere.l -a, -cord- ! b. i - . - a iV 1 1 ! 0 rt" L'J -u-il"'s eeii. : v. ill mailed free
Fana far Sale,
A , nm.d f miI of 1J0 S1(.ro, for
no.'ir hi,;ut .Vi tirov. Cmm.y. Sc. 1 he
' Vr,,tl,l;i;' ' k w ''v' I ' '
; f. , t i;.. la,;:;!'?
rJ t-ie J-r.w..;-. "''
I .
C.')vw'T'?T ."'tV 1 T
An olil pliicin rs'tiivd from active iiraci;,
lavl::js l.a.l i.laeo.l la hi hauls hj a:i E:ist la-
1 ,liau iv:i.i:virv ih funm..:! .f .'iNii.!' it v';.'.t:i - i
j -
iiio ii:ieoy lor uu; t-peciiy ana p"iim-.iieii curt
of CoLsutuj.Jioii, r.roiicl;iU.s, t'atarrli. Asthma,
and all Throat aa;l hun. ar:cc;ior.s. h'.ho a tiosi
t'.vc and ra'lieal -'.nt for U'i.etal Dehilily a yd
a'! net vons coaip'.c.ints, a'icr having tin. roughly
tci-tcd its wiaidciful curative powers in thous
ands of cases, feels it Lis duty to make it known
tc his suaeririij fellows. The recipe will he sent
free of cli.irp, to all who desire it, iit'A oi
ii ctioii.s f. r prciuiriii ' aud sueeesi-fii'.ly u-itv.
Address witli fi!;:!i!, miiiiiiiL: iviper
i,r r
C. Stotie.-Il Nort'i Ninth Stiecf, Fhii-h-Jphhi
Fa. yii.i'i
a In I tioofctor lOcecU
I bad it 3-1 yearn;
cured mysiilr
ts civet, fu'l p-ir-
Uculars. Dit-CK-CYKKS,
122 E. Madlsoa tt CUcao. ill.
"1 Wi'
J ulius Pepnerberg, Cigar Manufac-
turer, on Main St., Plattsinout!;. Xeo.
Cigar Clippings of Spanish and Ameri
can Tobaccoes for smoking purposes, i 1
Fur i.r.'e. P.estiiuaIitie.;of piiig-smok-
, , , . . . ...
;.ng tooacco on hand.
:iew Go ads at Scklatera.
Joseph Sclilater, tiie Jeweller, has
gone into a new and extensive line of
goods in addition to his usual Jewelry
Stock. His stoic is I'd led with new
and bear.t:fnl goods of varioiio kinds.
his new stock of Watches, Clocks iind
Jewelry, Silver Ware, the la st in the
- II." 11.. s .
Spectach;, pocket knives, Purses; Chi
na and Pahemiau Ware; Musical In
struments, Strings and .Music Looks.
Children's toy Wagons Hobby horses,
&c, and a host of kitick nacks and cu
rious toys for holiday presents for
children's amusement; Ihrd Cages,
Cent's Canes, Umbrelas and a large
line of new goods in every branch of
the business. (Five- him a call
Jos. Sen latch.
Sltf Main St. Pl.ittsmouth.
Sheriffs Saio.
F.'-vir'.ne of an otdwr of sale it-sned ly Win.
L. Velii-, Cler'K of tiie District Co.iri. 'ill .1 n.iici.d
District, w itti'.n and for Cass County, Ne'.rai ka,
and to ine ,li: cctcd. 1 uid .i liie ' day ot D
cctahi r, A.J). I sTt. at in o'clock, a. in., ot s:iit
day, at tic s-vtili iloe.r of the Com l, in
tiie CltJ' of I'laOsinonth, ia rfaitl county. S' t: at
pulilii; miction liie following l' t s.ate,to- 11 :
Lot Twelf tl-i ia IdocK c:;,'tiiec!i 1:1 the .'!'. v
01 i ii. is'iionta, Cass Ciii.tV, Nebraska. Tiie
s uae Lcimr levied nnoa an 1 taken a- tiie pro;t
ei 1 v 01 .lames 11. Dick ;.nd 71 .iri;ari t C.
liei'. aaaie..- : lo iatis'y a jadinetit oi .-e.e.i Ccari.
ivc.vered by ..! a bie.o.;, pi.auti.;'.
I'iallsinouiii, Nth., Nov. Ji-i, A. I). 1:C7.
'Til7, ' 7-5. 1: CJTI.KU. Slit lie.
T.c.rvol f.Tnf
In the mutter ot tho tsfit ' of S oni'.el j':iy d-cea-ed.
iiei ii o Win. il. Ncv. t i', L'oiaay ati.ije
in aa l for Cass Cianty.
To ir'to.n it miy evrtrern:
Not if .J Is lit I. iiy jei veil that Oliver S. May low
11 led an .tpp.ic.ilioli .11 itie County l.oiirt. in aitd
tor c-i.-.s t Vitaty. :et.. to have V. li. 11. an
. :e , .iee--t :n! ra : or of It:. of
. j rg.i.oK . .e. a-. .0..: :;:'' can M se. i-. r
I Fi.l.t-ucuait s:t t.:e Uta i:i..' o' D -cleaeer, I-.";.
1 at ;; yh-ri p m sa'-r-i.- y, at w.aca o...c
i ,o.d i-eeec ail .' is..:..- iiaeicsi -a r.av tip ir
:..,.;: c;..u.-.-. ..'.;. y ln- ;...v.-. way I'i . .-aid
a .
.etaai.: e 1 a. or or s,.ei cist e.y ot 7..0C
ill (. t h, Nfi).
- a Wo.
.nuer, it. i
). ti. ., .a rail
t j.y
;.. of f:ii coe-r
; 1" s-.t.- I- en d tiy V.'e
..ii .ct v i.ari.'.'d .. t.aic:.
1 . 1 en:;: v. :r 1 ..
... '! i i.c .--i -i e . ,ti 1;
1 : -; oVei.-:.. a. ;a . of .s.i
.1 ,ae ('.a. 11 ii'.e.-e. t
:. ia s-iid 1 . - i' :
,:n i . i.l 1 si .. ic, lo-v. ii
. I .S. I 11 i f. I i .
i ..'!, V. il .1.1 t;.!.i
a.r'.".l. V. 1 la. . '
. at o.c see. a d.
i'ny .e' i'i:.". t Jei
tl-: .. a : toil it: ' ;
a .
-1 1 o"o i ':
a l 1 : i ; . 1 ! I".'. . eh 1 '. ( i ! ) ra: nice .".
.!! oi iheiei! F. .-I . ia Caa !v . Ne.iie.s-. a.
i:c s oae a i.e; le. t-d epa;, .eel .atati as (he
. aeerty of .l.aei . ( :a..-. .-.o' '!! Case, aad it.
. . i. vi-is, .1 eieia' a.::: - ; t' .ii :.."' a jial- itei; 1
oi sael Ctaaa. 1 -cytrltat by
hid. J. 1. 111. tel.
i'iai:si...iu'h. Nth.. Nov. 23. A. I). H77.
.::a M. B. CL'iLi.t: Mit'
OilOs. lit U i-vlis.
Bv virt'.ie id :i exei.'iitiiai i.-.ait: I by W.11. It.
Ni-'.Vtil, Ct.ii.ay .lii.i--', wuliai and" for Ca -Coa:.!v.
Neiu,-.:,a. ai.i :n 'n.- .1 reel.' j.. 1 win 1 11
til" day a 1 leeelllbi f, A. 7). 177, tit 10
o'c:i"'i. a. t il. of sai l cay. at lee rei;!eee" of
Jo nn: iiai. '..'.;;;. on sec! :.i;i t w: mi - i-c, in i ipi ea
jia e: ii . ! . ia Said Ceiae.y. si-ii at ;.h!ie aueoaa
li:e'o . 'i-.i-j, prop.-i tj . to-v. il : c-ne
tiio ta coin reed ia wiae taa-. iatie. iae
sa t-.c b; tiip lev icil upon :.i:d I ui.t-a s tl.e piap-
:ta sua ion a.u.atuan Ball and Aiii.i.1
'( OS ! U tii' ; l. satUtv jndtjale..t .i'
s.,i.t cuui-i. ivcovi'.v.t by .Julia J. .U.a.ny,! lahu-
Ur .,.,M,im,th Neb., Nov. ?a,i. A. D. 1S77.
::;c M. I', swortir.
( ,'l v ot ,i..aa: aan I.:.. :, oia- 01 tie- t.CjtS'.C.iOs
T,pc-pl I'-Jo1'!?-
AwSt VlutVylJ.
In the matter of the est i. e of Ileni y Aniisnn.
decea-e'i. oi tiC'tai-'-i ...i! rail ts.itj;
To A li'.a A iidsou. A'a-ri Ai'it-.m. and A'.aiie
Ac. is. "a, us oi the c-iet" of io:vy .'at..:.::,
d 'c.-.'.scd. o ; ,oe i.e : - . y .ee ate i ta;u L'i .a .t
1 D.i ,.;v. ad.eiu. it.'.., - r ... i a; - a.- ol
! Al:.i.-i:i. le,',i. ii..a ,la a. . a e-
i : l:vl'
. V. " a . . . . V : -
: i iiiiii. ... .......... .s.i.-i . . . . . a
,. .- t .. s.e, .. :.. ...
t illilj! , a as..
t late no- t ac paym if d. o ,i -la.a..;
:..'an-i vii.l i-i.'i;-. i ;i, .aal e-a-. ei yo.t ,.ie
t ol died to appear b. i-.o'e Ui.-e.'.rS. '. l'ouati.
.liaise ol s.ti.i Court, oft ta e.iinl tl .y of t n
.liitui n v i.'iiu. A. D. 1S7S, a. tee t'ntal ilo.isc'. i:i
l ilieCitvof lii.iisi.ioiii a. Ciiss I'o ii.U. Ncliras-
ka, aim stacv cause v. ny s ua s;..e -.loiiid lull be
made, and sai.i .lcca.;e Uiautd tee-t be tiiiiUed,
i: are- t here be.
E. C Do V F.Y.
Administrator of the estate of Henry An. Nan,
deeea-ed. by acid ,:.,. S. Smuh, his Att'y.
Legal Notics.
VVilliaai S. Wood-', of the Stale of Missouri,
wip la ,e mo! ice Thai oa tiie Hie ii 'tli day of July,
IV 1 .77. V itraltn at Itevo f'lpd Ids li-litioii Oi
i iu-- D.-.'rict CMuit, il .j'udi-i:tl D,trici, in and
i lor iis ouuiy, Neuraska, a-.';i::st .lames ai.
ii.mia. .ii..i unit v. oour , ;:iei vt ;t: aiiii n. a ii
i .- 'o in : tor: ii t lott .lames v o, and -da. !l
! 'U Uni,i-tb'uve !tli!Mr,;i;'f t-i the sai-t A'era
t Ilea Deyoi ii the e.t-t iiai: (go of the ct.itth-
' i euirt.-;-(' t of t i.e uor: . -,a:-t rptarter ('4)
: : .-ec, 11..1 7o. i hiriv-t .vo -'i.'i to.vnsh;-. iiu'
! t -a i'e';. re.a :e No. t::'n t", i ,1 ') ea. t o'f ttie t'th
i i'i i :c; pat .Meri ii.ea. to Fecare Itie iiayni ".':! of
: '-gna i.e-i acoi a 1 a to a c.-r; a:a e iclerr" I to
' iu .:itt tiii'.rt'ati.i, aitd 'that Winiar.i S. Woo,'.;
' V' :'1; : si"tt'' ia'co.-s; p eg of saia iau;!. wiiit'ii
acipiii-c.i since the date of pljuitots
! IM,..tu':'.ee. aad pravin ; that sai.l sum i.iav be
i ad wen naei it at 1 1 per cent, ti'oui .1 ill v 1'.
i 1-71. id i th' Vm. S. WoiPt may be repined
lo aopear and a 1 -.ver sai l pet:!i-e,. sett nuii rttl
ies t Wins, if any be mav !i..vt'. before the
m:j- 01 a e.iuaty, A. 1 . l -.s.
A ta: n w Iikvo, bv
M. L. Haywai: I) & (Jfc-o. S. :s vutu. his iitt'vs.
Legal Notice.
Cleir'.'s L:i7enhy. P t'ic Setie if Colorai'a.
v.-iii t tlic co. i. e tii-'t Wti'.hnti Ball, of t tie Coun
ty oi Ca-.s ami Slate of N. 1 ra-.tia. .U.I on the fa h
day of Hctohfr. A. I. 1-7". tiie his petition in
ti-.e Di-'lrict Court of Cass County anil Seite of
NcPra-ka. airaiust me A mbrose Laenoy ami
tile said Charles Lacn'nv, licfcndiints. setting
f-'.rtli liial the eiid .left iideeas are ie I d ted t-
sai.l pi ail, fid ia the sum tf ,i.';o.oi, t .'ia. r
i' .1 12 p-r e-'nt. ee crest on ttie s-eaa. f :o.a 1 he
Mil day of A pr i 1-7.;. ::( trdi'.i t; f he (eiu,;- .."a
certain p;-..;iii-.-nrv i.eie liiade i:i v i ii i : e t -live
red on thai d ae. And red the s:. :.; ..-.' tit
id caused an or ier of att'iciiaa'iii ;oi-ii:.'-,, 1 ,7
said Court, on t !ic same day aensT the:". .,- -1
V of s iid defend;' n. Charles Laen iiv, a a. I ' ie
.tme w:i.s on the said at ti d 'V 01 1 't-;. 1
VViiaaAM Bali.. Pl'fr.
ty "vViLirr Fott-c rjt, bit Att'y.
I nt 'I ll.l.lil.ll OALL. 1 1 1 .. I
SIieriiFs Sale.
By v!rl tie of as execut ion Issued hy V-m. L.
" '. :;: of :he i'Mwt 'curt, -d .lav-tat
i 7:'.u ,!'!'" c':'(V; -!.i v ;; l", !,,,,.U;V !'J
j lV a' -u? VrT.? .i
I : li'.; h M l-iH.L.iih. yt y.-.-riy. s-il
;..ic. i j;;.- r.,.i..v.!!:j r.-Si c .:; I .. r -
jvii: J. i:.:-. ...u.i !.,..( K o.i i.. .:( .Iv . f
t:. i . ;:.(;;..- c .;i:iI V. :. i .. s O.IC L
I 'in- SCVi.-l . .,,;, li-.Ucil .- S ij.C J..J. I'llV l-f 1 -
, i:...n O !!;.'. i. .-icn. !::. ; L -;:;h y a ;;.!
ir.-Nt f t -iia t tin t. !cMVc:i-a by i iioiii.ts l..i-
- n.-ws .t r.. i.'.-i.niiT.
1 i..ii.:t;uiii, .xa., ; v. .... ..
Sheriffs Sale.
IV. virtue of Ut; pxrc.if ions 1-sne l l.y V. F.
N. ll.-iis.n, ' rk of Ine id-trict t'ouit", wi l It i it
;id for ( ti.ic I'oimly, Xciii':A:i. and lo me tli
rcc.ed, I will t.n the etii lay of Heceinlier, A.
I). Istt. at 1 1 n I'i.vk. a. in., oi sai 1 day. i-t tlie
11 sid. in e of J. r.l. i 'arter, in Mi. l'lcas.uit pre-ci.-ct,
ill !.! t'oe.nty. s.-ii ;;t. pninie unction t:ie
f" !.!. i:;'; j I'.opcrty. t'.-.;; : Dae lot
..I - . lh.. r;.M .. . r'-r. f ,:.. . ...!
! Pico 1-V J. :.l. .U'icr. siipiH'Scil lo l.f Ci: V acres
1.. ,11c u: ic j li" ucii. ; irt c-ii n ;;n-i l
'. ...:...!...;... 1 I
nirei. ai'.,- :v.-c.ji.M-ry ! .1. . arter. tt.-teinl
1 s :; -I v 1 eices i t c' retro 1,
'. V, i. e'er. n: -.v.
1 ."at
Neh . ..v. v'J. A. D. IS 77.
M. 15. C; 1 i.ia;. SlieiiiT.
Bhorius Scic.
F.y V.rt:. of oo-!:;i!H .a:e-? hv .Via. It.
Ne.vei!. County Jn.t.T. x.iltiin and for Cass
C'.u:-a ;-. cu,r,tk:i. 'iml to la.' d-aeel.l, I wilt
oil the 4tli day of iJ.' A. 1. 1.--77. at'l.'
n'cloek Pi., of s: i'l iiav. at lac 1 cit:ei,ce of V in.
j (,,';.,
hi Stove. Co c pici.ic;. in said Count v.
sell a pe.litic .v.ici ;,,a tin: foili.u ii.;; personal
property i-w!t : Trie corn nnvii on liie l.irni
;. tio-ed I'V Win. Onniv.. and ftl-o itic corticrio-
i.l land. O' It re is . iie
',;'" " "l '" ''," i;''' ":
!c o, x !. i. d ni'"ii a ml tMiit'.i as I he proper: v of
. 1.1 . , .;.i!i. , .n.iiirii ;i j ii' ; z. ' ; tel.
of .said t'.na t. lv-overcd hy .tthti If'itzeialdiir.d
e.lso Li e l.y C. . MeCiirmic!; & Co.. ptai airs,
r.tnl Win. il. i;ee.t and S '.11. ie.iua aoj dcicii.t-
Ftattsiisoat li, N'c'a., Mr.v. -1. . 1. 177.
S"a-' -'. Ji. (. I'Tl.t.i:, siicri.'T.
Shciiffs ale.
I'.y va tr.e ; f :mi cx"cn'i i!i i-::ed hv V.'m. If.
Nc'.r.i, t'tiniov .lit.l to. v.i ioi :e.,i f r Ct'vs
County. Nelo slet, ; n. ( 1,, me :i:'cet"tl. I wiii on
t tie i'. fi da v of ! ) cciche. a. IV IS. 7. at ..'chu !;
1. 111., of s::M it :y. tl: !'.: f Wot.M.
beck, in V.'p.'pir : V, ao-i ! .a 1:11 . ia a,-, i ii.i'i-
tv. ..!! ai nai. ic ' : it lo.-.j.. ' ii 'isciial
1:ropert-. so--.:' : i ', : a :: i ri. aa.i the
r.mi s!:i:.l:, ;'.i: 'lc t .o't 1 ' : :.e -. i'i Wei. II.
Loci- , ia sai.l pi. ci..-r. 1 c ii. i.isr levied
i'.;on r : t. . : :n .tic p-'op.-iiy of Win. 11.
F.eck one of toe 1 l.-iene aa '. ia ;m act Ion v teeic
i i t!l sac.i '.Vat. Ii. feck aad Writ, t'aiiei are
.Ii fen'i:!!i. . : t., p ag;.. n jieiue: en i o .said Caart
rcceverc.i l.y ('. It. .'! ,,n..i' k x I'.t-o. j,'aia::f.
iaaioaioaih, Neb., Nov. els... A. ). 177.
::.ii :i. B. CtTLKK. Siien:7.
Leffal Notice.
To C!nnh.4 A. Mctlrann:
Von are hereby not itied tle. Ti:Ii:i A. Meat
man lias filed iter petition in the District Court,
ill tiie Count y t-.i I :im and State of Ncln :iK t.
a'iain-t you, the oi'jt ct of caitl petiM oi bcia
tiiar stt"ma v be divoi'. cd from jon. Sle? here
by ,i t ctase of said snit, ilfnU tl -seriion
and nb-eiice, and faiinre 10 provide for
lier j.. (e -r p: .eec' iuti, iaainteiiaee and si:;i
p.iit. Von arc h. i iiy noi;!jed to iin..T "aoi
pelition 00 or Iicfoi'e the 'jd day of t li. .1 maarv
term, A. D. Is7.i. Fot'aion .1 Nov. 17, A. 1).
177. .Il'l.! A A. M r M.MAX.
u7.-U l.y J. It. MoattisoN. lier Att'v.
Le.erai Notice.
Sta'o of N'c'a'- s'i.a Ctss rotiitty. To John
N'-u ton ;.U" i.f .said County yo'.i nr'e herehy no
tifiec' 1 hat do!. a r.'.ack has this .iav filed his pe
tttioa in tho District Court for" sai I Countv
.i:iinu the Court for a (ic rce In sell liie la is
(ha ia in a mol t - a'e ej vca hy you to him
ami to see i-e'y a note t f ha lei ccconipaniie; said
nior'Lraue ilea 1 I ,'at.e ulsr. Is;... yo;t are le're'-v
icteieii to 1 aake a !el-nsc according !: Ihu
O!o'. isnan ,,f j la' si at 11 jc oi. a dcciee vv id he ten
th red bv tlciaitlt.
l i aiseivia-h, Neii, Novcaiher CI-1. 1 .77.
ii-ii-4 M. (Ia-Tiiv.
A'toMicy for Fiaielifr.
'i l'l '" 0 i '
. til S A tlit
r.y viittie tg ii'-i rder f-f :. hy Win. L.
V-'.-os l '.-!:. of 1 ec Dtstri-'t Ct ii. i, v. iiiiiti
!'..!' (as- c.eeity. 7( bra .tia. ae.d t.. lie i.iireetfd
I v. ill. ell ihe lull! i'; J i f Deecmlit r. A. D. Is77.
,".t. I'i i.'i'lw-' p. ic. !' a.. UI day. at the fintii
door of ti. 1 Cie.trt in tiie" city of Flatts
1 at 1 ut h in said ( o'.iai y, sc!i at public and ion the'x real est; t lo-v it : The sotitlt west
tjiiam-ris .v ' ) ef ; he ou! e. v, tvl tpiatler is v
.. 1 of s i ... t ai t 1; ta.i ia '.own 1 1 rona of r;'.ee;e
1! ta.ft ol (. '.: i.. .as.) he sol. ill e.t.-i eeai i-r
. - e ' 1 -, of 1 lie son 1 Ii ea-1 i aart rr ; s e 'a 1 i.l t lo;
otcltof i'e.e s...i:n wst tptart-r l.s w ')of s. c
; ae. ..-.vniv t ,. a, ,) mv. a r we I c nor. !i of ran re
1 e,,-' td ,st 1. ei., tin s..nif licin levied upon
ea! t -.kea as ihept ..p-ny t.i'.lohn iiartitiiit! t'm.t
Sarah I lur: an. a 'i i-inl :iti' ; t r iy a
eeaa I'i -. ia . ..orr. rece. -e-.-'l i-v r.::a s! :.ei'
ie - a .1 a . . e h. a :ii;iv. i'hii 1 1 ai's. .
Fiatis:...!,..:,, S. i)., Nov'. 7. A . 1 . is. -7.
'.-i 5 !. ii. '. L !'L !-.!!, S'lclirT.
e- v.r'
ns ! -
t oe.ii
cot a i::
and fo.- Chss
C. iea v. Nchra-k-i. an-! to c d rcca a, I w ill . .11
t le l;.i day at D.-e-ath-r. . D. D-til tao'ceicK
a. in. o! svi ! day. ;;t tie- r 'i.b'ece of .John IM-cr-ti'ti't'-r.
1 s ! .i precinct, Cass couatv'.
pu' .;.- ii..-,':i ttif f ahovv mir
.: aaii prop-ny. lo-v.i:: The e-ira in t he
aod ;gr;?;::u!e;S
same : in'-T lev leu ii' iai a:a. la..-n as the prop
c.'C fdabll Ivii'lie'rlrr. llOi'Inl.illl ; o tatity
e. jua.iiieii: of said Court, recovered by C. II.
.M-eCort'ik't: Bro.. plainiiii . "
Fiau."' arnlh, .Vcti., Nov. vl. A. I"). U77.
e".J . Tvl. Jl, Cl'TI.KK, SjitM'I'T.
soorjfr.q Solo
Bv vtrltif of tui orth-r of e:.
i-si:ed by V: 1
L. Weds. Cteik of lh-
Coin :, cd diaii- 1
cial i-i-iie a, vviiaia for Ca.vs Coai.ty,
i.e:;;,K;:. ;...d to -ae il'i'i -r; a. I '' id 0:1 tiie Ctth
! i i.-ece.iier. .V. D.
s.i at . 1 o ce;i :;, a. in.
:i .1 .r ..:' i e.e 'oiti t.
1 ileus:.. ;a lie. city of J'jAtfen.mtii. Nt-hra-ka.
::i C.naay. sell :.t p.ihiic ai:c: ton .t hi fol-io-'.
ice.r re.,1 e; tale to-wit: Conita. ucmi; iit a
p-'k.t i -C7 O.i'l iv,'.- II-' a : it of the Soiit !i ca -it Corn
er of ; le' west le if of the sen1 h we -r pi tr: er of
s.. i-:ioa seven i7,i i-.e.vasi.ip iwe-ve ,pji iiorilt .f
i .1: ec foai o-t n ( . i i .' a-t . v hien .oiu! Iiy actital
:.:tivcy is BiCti icci ;. -' of tiie s,.at a-vwsl coru.'r
of sal i .''Clin::, t acnee v. e-1 4' j p.ei 1 tie nee not ill
c'ui I.l.i i'-'ei t , i'i'.' ee.-a. lei fee: Cicaee south j
c'ti .'.:! feet to the ptjcs of I-, -.aaaii.w. enrajn- I
iertvvo .'iCiTs i. rue or less, i in- r.aaie J.d!is !
IcVicl ue ana iaiit-n a- tiroi.sriv o- I . V
Kiiij il erie: Uir.,'. tleieit-i.-etts ; to s .tify.a
jiniii.e.e at ot -ai.l Coiiii. i'eetver?-a oy L . il. 1 Vr
liie:.... pl.t.n.ia.
I'I .ti,,ii...tii. Xel.ri'.sh.-i. Nov. e;sr. A. D. 577.
it a ". t t. li. Cl 'I LKlt, Slid ill'.
fcherlU's Sale.
Pa- vii-
f :i:i t":.uti,'i: i.-u.- l bv Win. I..
;s. .' .:;-. nt I Di-.-icl OoiiiT, v.'al.ia am!
,'. .- -, s : --eeii v. NePr-isk I. at: i io ni" di.-ected.
. i,; till t he 'euii a, :y day ot De -ember, A. t.
1. 77. ; ! 11 oYioci;, a. in"., of sai day. a! the
ui.ili am r el alii' 1'iiiiil i!.. use. in Hie (iiy oi
I'I., 1 i - eiee. 1 a. ia s.ttti Ci'itut y. sell ;i t public auc
t io.i t iie ioiiov. in j real c-late, to-w it : Bc'in-
1:111 ; ;il 1 ic ouarier -.-.aaia corner, on tin- 111. ri
side of sec. i : sevei.t.-.-ti (17) town eievea (111
lan-Oi i.f ranee '..iiilecu il I' cast d the i,li p.
?! .. I lit: ice e-i - t 1 u vie y iC.o c!::-.iiis t tie nee seat 11
twen! y-foe.r ic'4 cliatrs c.csi t ve:io,' yj-
i-itniii- 1 hence sain ii sit ecu 1 l.n chains t bence
west twenty (Cid chains tlica.-c tiorili forty ( ID)
chains thence cist twenty i.i: chains tii the
piace of beid riiiin:r. aud cor.tainiiar 12s acres
mole or le: s. and known as a pa it l Ihe Joseph
S..ns farm, in lim k I'ttdT-. pretiuet in said Coun
ty. The same beiii j a-vi.-d noon ami taken a
tiie property ef Jt.-epit s..iis.iit of tiie licfenti
aiils in ii i;; .vl.e'ein .I.i-a-pli S'.terannd .for-ej.ii
Siii.-. are litl'eadai.t - : to sea lsy a jadeo cut of
said ourt, recuvt'it-d bv itdtotiiid it. WooIhcv,
la ie.iouth, Nth., 7ov. . A. D. 177.
:i;;:5 M. 13. Ccriau:, siioriff.
Legal Notice.
Jos. Ciiani-icr, of tiie State of .Missotiri, Har
iLon ( iiaie. ter. oi te,e Stale of Colorado, ai d
the lfirs of M.oy .loiinsoa, deceased, wiii tatie
! Lou el. I ia v e... oi U:a; otinl j of Cass,
ui ill.' State of Ncbra-i.a. did 0:1 the eta dav of
Vietol cr. A. D. Is77. liie her petition in thr Dis
trict Court . '! Jit. tic i.i I 1 1 tit . vv i : bin and for
l ass I entity, Ni-ii'iiii, !!j.;:iin:-t Win. il. Smith
as a laiii'i.-', r.ilor fi t :ie of John 'liatnl-i-r,
di . ea-c.l. Harriet liarr. Sanm.'l Ctiandier.
fo. Ctiaaiib-r. liarosaii ('iniii'li r,
Bvowi'. !:.;.- -.vido.v of .lohn 1 handler, d-eeased,
V.hii. Cliaiiuter. and the lte!r of Mary Jidiason,
decease.!. SCttU-.L' foittt that :-;lld .ioitii ( iiand
ler rave a inort. - .'". to the said I.n M ii-hm
on t ne 11 on h-e si (; 1 art cr i 'v of seel ion live tr.)
iu lovvnsnip i-)cvcti . 1 ! 1 nori h of raiim- ihirt'-eii !
1 13) easl of the lit-i r. .V!.. ia said Caut.ty oi Cass,
to secure the payment of slii. o (.0. accortiiu to
a cct !::ei lace r f-rred to in siii.': mori ;:;"rc. and
tiiat sim e tiie eivtu- of said inort e.-eee. the ot!i
cr detent; irits t-tai ai .sinic iai'-ret ja said hinds,
under the -uid .lohn aa.l
praying tl'.at said mho may be paid with inter
est, at 12 p. r tent, from 7.! at -It at ii. 1st.:, or that
-:.; I pre 1 -i s may If sold to pay tie-sanie ;atid
li;" .- -, t .1 I ....T.-U , !en pan Chandler, and
Co tiei s.-i .',..: I'V .1 .(i:sil : . d .-.-Cil -t d. rtl c feij ,: ir-
i a ; .. a .j - - : - i ,. .,-.. .-!- ie ;. U: ion on or l.c-
:i AVK'
iri ;..!t'
-- - -...- ,'s O- 1
lo. O :. x a I 1 O :'L i Ki .
11 --.. -.. - . . ,
ji'.i.Mii'iiiij, ..t;'.i...iiv. .. iM,.
-.y -i. CLn.rj, ii.:.
I vv v'.r-.: of .in order i.f.f.V issiici hv Wi. U
, iv..- , i i,. ,-,,( c... iiiei-i.-i. ...... i. w it ! nr. I
: ' - 0..y ..f i . d-r. a. l.
; XZKl' 1,
! ... ,a .j,! v. .-il :.t .if..!i.- nuc'
.,,,.;.,,.. -t . .,,t mV'II 1 7;
... ;;. vK f;,.., -,.t , ; : i;, Xlw fitv .f l'l.ill--
i . i ' ; v- N ..;,. Tin. ;..n In
. i .. .. (i , , ,.. j ,, , , ,;, :l , f. j l;,,.,, ; i ). -, ,, ,,. , t y f
i , ... .., J.!;.....,. ;ni ii'.mNl I :ii I ix of tlic ..-talc of
; wn.j,... . ... .i.r...,l-...i 1.. s .iii-
! ju",:.;,'.,t ..f' 011:1. by II. A. Wa-
kV ,, ,T: su t i
ri tiLsmoatli. Neb.. -Nov. :. A. I. ISTT.
M. 15. 1:. xr. tu, Sheriff.
JVeiP, Chun. Fimt Class Mail Shop,
on Main street ia Fred Kro. hterN old stand.
Ewi vootlv on hand for fresh, tender meat.
J ti NS jt,i,dW V B-7i
iiAiibWA!::-: stop.k,
In Fhittsrao'.ttli, Neh., on FtctrVa St.. about tiie
j on will that :
L'ri;i Z'iaalfi'K, ;i.srsd - Iiorsc)
.vjis-rlntg IIivs,
t:!livato rs,
and nil kin Is of Fe.rm Implements and
Shelf Hardware, Tin Ware, &c, tic.
Hungarian and Millet.
Seed for Salo
3 -.til
Subscribe for the IIekald and jVe
Lruska Farmer; only 2.0.".
Cood fresii milk
k rrn rn' d r-.s j iuv !: i x pla tt.m octu
j. f. i:2i,iJMa!-:ssTa:ii.
(iivi: vou
-Idyl and serve you roau'.ariy.
As tiie time approaches for the renewal of
sulis. iiptioi.s. Till! SEN would remind i'.t
friend- and we'd wisher' every a here, that it. is
ttahi a candidal e for tiici,- consideration and
support. Epon its record for lite past ten years
it relies for a eont iiiuanee of the hearty sympa
thy and jrenen. us co-operation which liaveliith
erto l.e 01 extended to ii from every tpiarttr o
the Union.
The Iail.v Si:u is a f ar I'Tre-Hheet of 2s
cot.enns. p: i:e by mail, po st J. .id, 7 7 cents a
io".!Ii. or !5it..7t'f 'per year.
Tho MriTi.Liy ei'itioti of Tin: St' is an elslit
pae sheet of a, colitnins. White giving tin? news
of the day. it iitso contain" a larjje of
literary toid liiisceltaneotis matter sp'j ;h.t!y jire
pared for it. Tiik Sl'.Mi AY Slav has met vvilh
great sueces-". Best peid ei.J :. y ."ar.
The 1VcH..lj tj;t:i.
AViio d'jes not kao-.v The Wkkkly Sl'n? It
circulates tiiro a-Cinat the I'niled State, the
! V .! Ninety tt.ousat.d f.ti.ii-
Iie! greet its vvt hoaie paes weekly, and rt-pirtl
it in the liuht of ahle. couasctbar. and friend.
Its iiewi, editorial, arieai'tural ami literary de
parlatents make It esseii; ia'.ty a joutnitl for tli
family and tiie tirr a.le. Terms: 4n- Ooilnr
a year. ) ist iciid. Tiit-t price, (pia'.ity consider
ed, inakcj it tiie ; acapest ne .vspuper piihiislicj.
For clubs of ttii, ith 10casii, vs witl .send an
extra copy free. Ad. lo ss
3113 I'VBLiSIlEI, OF THE SUN, N. Y. City.
Drugs? Medicines?
All Parcel-r.r
ALSO 1 fV-
H-! I J.
Stationer;- J SdsiiK
T ofne t 1?
S'r'critio:i. Ca
by an Itpcirt
con. FIFTH
I hi
IN neb;
! J"7,.-si
-uf-t i.-J. 1
IX "VJtlil
. 1
i Great Acl'anta;
y yt 2
'in at,
. rtfe
i lie
I - ...a-..--., nit to r
V1. .V.-KI .in '.l!. ll..-An . . .
f - ' A,
1 . -,, --- . ' vr-.- -i '111
fV, 1 1.-. . . - - X V 4 1
r st
UEET8 fi
I rinc ! 2
it iiyo :
.'iuXiCai ,
i i0yt LlSs
An Address t: ii
D' you .-.nt pr a ii" t s? '.' r
I '. you w nai to eel l id of eie. lt''
Do on v a ul soml b mi; to rent
1):) Voit ant a i;r.,d :o.p.-n 1 '.
Do you want to '.a t 1 id oi iiervvT
1 10 yon want eic.d tl'tic I ion .'
Do oil want. 10 sleep v-.'cli .'
Do ' '"l VV f to leldd 11 j. V rll Cat-
lv viiu w :;nt ;t I tisk Mild ir'v'. 'J't. .
It " t ott di,
J. H. ZE1L1N
Side- pi o;u ictois
l'liiiivdclpula. -Miiimoiin' Liva
sj..t .:? ,,
hi V. n' V clef Mi
U ,V;ctvA' . Inl'irioii- .
,-i': '.4 viancc, I
X--l' - X 5?r ' iT VKi. .
;i"!L -'.s'Ail X hi- b at "
ed in co int lies where Liver Di-e:-val!.
1 r w 1 1.1. t a a: K A 1.1. lost. si
iKitAoi'.Mi: r or tiik Lt 1 1: ..
I.i. til l.A 1 K 1 11 I'i I.l V Hi AM) 1'ilKV
Hmi;s.w r.u ny.i.' ....
Is eii.iiietdlv a Family Mc.lieine ; ; . i
kept leatlv for iunn. leoe ri'mn't ; -
an' of sie'i. uitfj and ni.oiy a do'.
laid doctors' hiils.
After over Foity Years' ti ial it i,s -iim
th" most nmpial il'.e.l iiniitiat-' '
t lies from persons of t lie liiifl.esl it . .
icspoiiMhiiiiy. Euiiiiciil pliy.siv...:e . .
il a the rau.-i,
1: r rmm : I s cs: s - ? ;
Tlllt SMol "I.DKIi.x DIZIM SS. mi
ACi. 11 ) I AS1 K IN I lilt .i(H 1 II. .
D.fc ! VI 'KM V. Le)t AND 1" i
Oi t'si'UlNit or A DiogA.iLD Ll. I.
cot.if i- ii s :?ii:NJ.
For cli'.lilvcit cotnplailitntf o:
colic, headache, or sick slonntci
11 t e ispeou 1 ei or luoie Hiil tic.
relief. Citihlreii. as w ell as aiiuli
eat sometimes too luueli snppe;
or eat somclhiii'i liicli does not
li'rit vt'll. proibieiuy:sor,rstoHt
ai h, heart tuiri, or rest 'essness
a t-ood dose of Liver jiemdaloi
vviie;ve relief, 'litis aiijias lo
pultons of ail a;;es It is tin:
chciiphit. Jiurest aiel In st i-am;)?
MciliVine lit Ihe v, o -dl I
IT JI.l.W 'SO V.H'A1j.
Thousands lead in isei'sd.Io livs. fOvfTerful
dv.sncpsia. a disorderctl rUniia -h an l li.l
tlucin-4 hi'liolisiics-.. heart burn, o.nli .-'
wcaivticss in cut:!, ir ajipelile, low spirits,
food afler cal in,'.', and oflen emlia 111 f
tac!. of fever. I '.ieyknovv they ate i-it
Kid little sympatiiy. 'the iinfailiiiM ion
pvev.'iit thci-e Hint teslore le: '
SlMSioNa Livi:a F.ta.l LAion.
S!AM"l-"Acrt'i:KI) OSI.V BV
.Thick, SLoo. Sold by all Inntists.
s. t- . t.- .. , .... I .. I ' .
The old r.ONNFF. STAFLES n.H:
Neb., have iicen leasetl l.y Dr. .lones. - a
has opened a new and handseia lively
wcil known barn. The fiiict stud best o . .
aiiii t ai iiai-.. .ii ui s i can y 1 1. i.-i .
lorses kept for S:
or to Trade.
I tlesire to the notice that I have . '.
handsome liricK barn, w itn plenty of r. ''
horses itml wnaotm. lean put fan in i
an I wupitis. loads of grain or any! bin;; ... Ihe dry. Ueiueuuaer this.
'1 hanking all my old pa! i nns for I le i .
favors. I solicit tii.-ir trade t ids coiuiti
satisfied I call accommodate litem beltei
better hy tlu-ia than ever beh-ire.
OU aVtTv-XZTsT STRTillcV d Battle Valley House.
Inthe Town.
Good Teams Always on llatu.
Careful Drivers soiit vith c;-.
riages if desired.
Canltee-; sent to Depot to meet all It,-wheiicvt-r
Funerals attended and carriaires fiiniisi.fd
liietids. Address, J. W. SHANNON.
-12-Iy PthUt 'moutli. Net
i elacliiii Jt. an ol.l tllaltfr aud Iiuu
j ucr of Iliri'shlns ."lacliines,
! has opened a shop on Sixth Si rect near Mr. Don
i eby's Black sniti li and W imoii Shop whei e lie h;.?
jiieoaicti hi in - a to do ray anil a I! machine yvoi!:
witln.iit cM'ept ion. Delia-a No. 1 Lalbe car
I urn in wood, ii on. Steele, and ail 01 her 1 eta! ie
connection wih ni.'irhii.c -.oi I;, lie can
t !l iilf; ret nil e.l ii: ;i eiie-i" ;-1 . ' '' loai -,
mill. Ol' VV !; It'll V . . ' ; , . . - , te'ee 1 1 1 at .
ii each i.c-.l'T tt.i't .: :' .o.c t o or t 1: . I.e.. is at
once ; e :l i.f j ac a;;u.. -r.
! r i .cm. W. Slu m. or a l::aiu-r i:'':'i !.o- I.h.lTs
.an olil of Mr. in!i i i : 1 1 V nei
ia can be rcfeled lo in 1 ..;:: ! 1.1 .0- fo, : 1 : ci n
ncci ion with il.' in 1 11 ul... i 0 .' of 1 iT " si: , u . ti.a
cliines. ( iiva Mr. K ;ie f .-a e 11 .a i .-ill insure
you satisfactory W01K oe any pail ol a Tltresd
111 Machine. a-i-iuG.
j JOII.V Ii"W, Propi lelor.
! '123 1: OL 51CMACit,t: ICOlaSK.'
! Good acconimodiitions for Fe.inicrs
t and the traveling public. Hoard .'?1 per
day. Meals 25c. Fntirely refitted and
re-furnished, and farmers are n quest
ed to call and get 3 meals and Jx-d for
; SLOO. Sir.'J
U w
f . a - f -v
For Tliroit, Ltnjc. Asthma, r.nd E iUsf a.
or niiKFhuun FJ ir;iru. u... u-ii, rjuu,
Iruci.iiw, unci A -iij rr-A.
oiS'x-i Ttiroftt, i7c.iif.. Li.", TitLanrj CjugU eixt
I' liie ii.-tuU..
forest Tay SaSve,
8 a.n-lor l .a 1.
ill fi.'-.u U r 3 ul tl'S a
- ... ... ... V
c-r t nswa uarc?,M,t itixtan, bla Diseases
tl.e loilct enu xiiUi.
forest Tas inhalers,
I or InLa!ii.3 for CatarrU, Ccnua:ptIoD. Atittmi.
X'or Sale by all Jiru'jlsta.
Mauiifactiirer of attd l". alerin
Jfci -fcl icS.
Done with Noatnos Dkp ' ''i
The only jd x" i;i t.'. A .-i where 'i'lirtet .at
Cut .ec; a.lJt;t.Uib!u t.oie,e eollar Hi- ..'. ."
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