Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 15, 1877, Image 1

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Sl'ACK. 1 V.
1 It'll-. . . .1 IVl'
s4rs. . ; i .-
3 s irs . i a lot
' col . .'. (O
' ul..! Run,
1 dl . .. ' 1.1 (Ht
-' w. n v. l in. 3 in. i f. in. ( ! yr.
. I .' I tiMHi .e, ;.'i no ( i ft T(
- ro 2 ;s a l-.t taeo m or
? 7S5i 4(H) K.i I.I 11 i.' ii,
s (hi in no J2 vi vjirio t'Sini: ,V: 't
IV. If! l.'lWI I S (l!l IIHHI M'0
I HIM ! .t. 2511. llm't Mi I 'I- ,l. t
On Vine St., or.e Block. Norm of Min,
Corner of Fifili Street.
TERMS: $2.00 a Year.
;t?Al! Ai!verii.-iiin tills line in:iitoi ly.
; y-Tnii;sIcr5t advutiieiiu tits must lie iiald
fur iu mtvnisve.
i,a,:ki.' cam titv.
Terms, in Advance:
one copy, due year
One cnov, sir months
One copy, three months..
.. l.oo
.. .50
Ht!-J . pics if the Il'KAI.I f.irsjile l.y .1 J'.
0u114. roM iM. o t,,.,-.s . F. J"llIl
SOIJ,001-!UT Ol iMllill Hint I-'illh SO, els
National Bank
.Toiin Fit-!KRAI.i President
i.yZTv VicH' t '
.!. h in; 11 :iuk Assistant Ca-shic-r. j
This Eaik W now open for l.usiness at their
itw 1 i ti . comer Main aiei Sil!i fcticets, suid
ii pre aid! to tr.;tta't si gent-rul
StocWs, Bonds. G-IJ. GovernmenJ and Local
L-prslls Rewired and Interest Allow
ed 011 Tim? Certijuatex.
Available in nnv part or the t'nited St:its and
In all tlie 1'rnic-i i:l Towns aail OiLK.a
of Europe.
a u i:ts ro:i Tim
Indian Liiie and Allan Line
V K.T V. A 15 KICH.
IVr-nM v. ili!ii;; to lii '-i; i:t tlu ir frioiuts
l.'.iioi.e 11
I-L'HCIIASK TI'-Til'.T-T ri'.OM vs
T 1. r o u z h to I' 1 h 1 1 111 o 11 1 '1 .
"S3 W r
E3 s
is O
V.- r-j
O w
Excelsior Barber Shop.
Mi-ay;:;;? nv.i'. l.z.iotr.'i.
t uiJ;.r - iii.r ;s :i:;:I S.itlvN
.:;: si:;; udon::, (.e.vt.s.
Ar.,1 !:"t a V.s;i.' -CliEAX;
r i
i-i:'; i. : r. !t"
. ., w. e , f 1 'i-,t t !
...-,-. ,-". --3 -e-T I
i.-..!.!" s.i - Al. 1
my i- -: 1 sl-.-;-i f-:i wn-tf "in ic I
, , . . , . , . , 1
Li E E i" , c T .
o i" e ti
-rv. 7, C7, ;
bZili;iijLKiJ, iiW !
rr.ATTSM'UT.t. NTH.,
Rrj;iir:r of filet i.-i Rn-.jints, Rollers,
Sun and Ui it Jfili
; 1 am ts;a3I fsttsi:;k.
AY- : ' ' 1 Pip--. Fore.-- and Eif; riM.Sraii!
-af-'t v- A'a'.v (.overoors. and all
Kinds of Itrass 1'ierii.e l"ii : ins.
icji-jiircii on short iioli-c
K A i'. M M A C 1 1 I N E IO
Jlei i-.r.-d n S.'.i. 1! N :.. E'M
"YO U X G '." 1
4 2 O
! n
Can air
f-t in I
fliv c- t'ro
lie. 't --.i:
G l '.J-'.
rijis he f jttp.d at Halt's Old
. n-udy to Sell Rue bast Jlen!.
Inivs fre-b f it-cattle, sbee-.i. 1iol-.'Vc
ni the farnuTs every day, and bis i
:;i a :ooii .
risi), axd row., a
Eea'.trs in
1 jirjJy
i iu; E;.st ef the lV-t-OuK-e, l"..s !.!i;onth.
... : (I ;
rrr.ctical AA'orkeis in
ZIER Y, d c, t.v;:e .i-sori".:";t of Hard ana Soft
Wood a nil Coal Stoves for
Ahv:.js on H:i:ii.
fv.iv vaiUtv or Tin. SV-eet Iron, raid Zinc
AYolk. kep; 1.1 Slock.
Done on Short Notice.
; ifEVKn vTurxo rAi:::A sted : :s
I'ltlfK I-OW SOWX.
Herald Office
ran your
O ii Ti I
CI!A?.iM & HVKAiilt'.,
! Ami Solicitors in Chancery. O.Tce iu I i'tzer-
lll'l l.lUCfv,
LAW (II'FK'K. Ileal Il;ilc. Fire and I.ifeln
sur;t!i'-e Av'f-its. 1-iattsnioiiih. Ne'iraska. Co-
l-cto,s. tax-payers. Have a coirptetc attract
Uar.s. &e. i-
It. It. IYXt'II.
Otlicc in Kitt-fiilJ liim-k, riaitsitioutii, Nt'li.
jam:: v.. noiiiiisox.
ATTOUNEY AT E V. Will jirarrloe in C:in
and iiiHtiiniii t'o-.mtii'H : ci v- j'kviI
to Poil-t-tiin.- :uit :ilitra-liif title. Oifn-e wit h
;-. s. Smith, I'itzcralil i:!-k. l'latt-montli,
Nebraska. Uyl
if.O. . NIITII.
ATTOKNEY AT I. VW anil Uc::l It tc liro-
L-f SnPfi-il ?ltt.t :f.i i'iv't'11 to I -llltl'l't illllH
I 1 .,11 .,Mt..r ?iTf..rii" th ti:f In ri:il put.liP.
i :'' on il Hour. iv r l'ost On-cf". I'latLstiiout li,
Nfin-askit. -tn) :.
.JH!V X. II A IX i
.trsTii-i: of T.ME r i: i:. ami -oiifctor f
drlits. i-oib i-i ions li);"'.!1 ti om o;! i)o!!ar to ;.!
:li.i:s:!nii do 1 us. Moit:;:i'-. lf"--. n'.fi Mu
rr in-Jt 1 iiiiu n:.; dr:sv. ::. ;.nd :'.! m ;.:;. t'M- i-n-.s
iisuaMv lri!ii'.a-l,l Imoi a .1 ns.i I in; I Va -"(..
Ht"it of ri'fi-ivrci L'ivi-:i if ri-iiuir 1.
OlVrt on Main street. West of Cniirt TIon.
4i-yl .liUS V. II .VINES.
I'lattiNir.onth Xifliraika.
rilYSICIAN & Sri:r,E')N. toidr UN T"o
f'.inii.:l serviees In llie eitiiM.s 111 I'as- county.
Koiili ii'-i1 si;,;licat corner Sixt'.i and Onk s's. ;
otlicc on Main street, two iloors we:,t of Slxtti,
I'iatt'inomli. Nebrask:!.
itit. 11. ui ii
a'iei.ils to f::l! in the country as; fin city.
o;'ice at .1. II. lli-.ttery's lironii-dis-i-iiMi-
ma a Mieci.ilty. KiicuiiiaMsm cured.
t. J. 31. Y. ATKSEn'AX.
Pliysio Hedical Prdctiticnor.
.-: Vri'i -. Vrs.- Co., ?...
; "A'v.hs at tie' flic" mi Saturdays. 4-yl
I keT on Land
Host's 3IilVi.uKco IJrcr.
w r;i.n lip b;id fit nc otlier
A 'so t'!'- b -r of
irY7- LTlr'r.:. AXD CIG.iTl.
F.J. Ilnsoirjanm.
LzxiLOFF .: ;;cj.v.y.?,
O : 1',, -r '-r.t nf t" i-rder- Il;ji;se. V'e
i.eeji 1 ae Lot of
Beer, Wines, Liquors ?z Cigars.
:; !,; Const a r t!y 1 .1; II: n.l.
LY-ril!('i-'.S mh:1 V ST-tii;l.L!S;
AK ..u,,,.,.,,,.;- nuKT. .n
i-i 11 a H vn-niax iTiox i
E-VTS'J bv saiuj.I-.. ' .. bindi:--s. i ili.s: r:i -
i:n:, etc. I'liev are vii".!r w ir-is it every
Kind. i.n.J rr for CHvasM-m. All t.H-
U.oiv u i-biiisi erne'-. ,oncn. and 10 t. i-r.s. atldKfS
a:i.S St VMMEI.E&CO.Si. Em is. Mo.
".n:uf. cf.irer of and Dealer in
rcTf rn rr?.? T?
atii'W l " i tTi.wr Cin.w 4
coll a ny.
Dji)9 with Naati;3s Lis pitch
The J:;.i'v 1:1 t-e.-r wlieu "Tmli v's iiat-l-lit
seil a ljii.l.i! ie liOie eo'lars ale cold.''
a Ma-n street ncaily opjiosite the Court
IhiL-L', l'i;it tr liu ui!l, eb.
HorsES For Sale.
Tbe bin in and sr-Ilinx of irrmd inaue
:be specialty o the liuiii's.
Hsw Horses H Carriages,
ar.d pTtt'.e horses, for E:i.!i:.-s to drive aia k'jt
at this Sia'ile.
Also a o.irry all. which runs to thp depot, and
v. ill rurrv p;tst ni is 1:1 111 ai.v pl.:ee in li on
Feed and Sale Stables
Corner Cth and IVarl Sts.
IiOl:Si.S 1;i.I)KI l-.Y TIIK
For h Fa!r Ciinui:ien.
.euhsr at:e:iiior. nr.i.l to
Braving and
i raining
T51(TTt; STOC K.
-A Iieare f .ii!::s!:ei! ,'.!cn ':.!!ed for.
A !!
Attorney ani Counsellor at Law,
Wi eth St.. N. AY.. 1 1 . O. Lock Cox 171). '
AYasliinton. D. C.
Late Evaminer-ia-Chief Cnitcd States Patent
OiiW : Member of tin Ear Supreme
Court of the United Mates.
Patent Lair Prar-tirs in the Patent Of
fice anil the Courts a Specialty.
tatknts ortaivfo ix tiik l'nitfi statfs.
Ca::apa. Ex;lam. Fkaxck. iki;maxv,
Eissi a, 15kl:ii-m. Italy. &r.
ErFFPEi CKs : Hon. AV. I;. Allison. V S. Sen
ator: iov. iv J. liirkwiMid. V. S. Senator;
.luitp AY in. lAiimhride, t-E C: Justice
Sam'; Miller. (". S. Supreme Cons t : Hoi . ,1a-.
IIarl.111, Ex-Secretary Interior. Justice J. F.
Dillon. V. S. Circuit Court: .ImE-e E. E. U.
I Clarke. Chairman Appeal Hoard. Extent Oiliee ;
Col. T. M. Yail. Sup. Kaiiwav Mill Service:
"rn. .1. .i. iieoricK. r.-suii r. inter, licv. ;
' Judfie E. S. Sanipxm. C C. : Hon. Oco. AY. ie-
Cra ry. Secretary ot AYar ; Col. L. D. limersoll,
. Cliicao J'ojt. -.'jinrtoc
.says a Hoston plivsi'-ian. has do -(jn:-.l as a blood
purifier. Ilearini; of its mativ wonderful cures
after all other it-medics had failed. I visited the
laboratory, and convinced myself of it genu
ine merit, it is prepared froni bark1, root .s. a- d
hi-ibs. each of wliidi is h i-rlil v eifciive. au-1
they are i-ompo-iiiiied in su-h a manner as to
produce a.tonisliiflK results."
Te get l ac
If the great K'.ood I'urifier.
Tegetlae -
AYil! cure the worst ease of Scrofula.
IsreconiinenUed by physicians and apotliecarie.s
II-is effecled some marvelous cities in cases of
Yegetiae '
Cure the worst cases of Canker.
Meets with wonderful sueces i:i Mercurial dis
ejuscs. derf ul sueces : i:i
Will eradii-aie Salt Khetiin fruni Cue bysleui.
Kemoves rintpit-s and iln ::o:s f;-o:a the face.
Cures Co:iti:i::tlo:i am! ret;u!,i;os the bowels.
Io a vaiiiable r.-iit-ly lor Iloadac'ie.
AVill cure Djsjiepsi i.
Eestoies tlie entire sy-K-iu to a liea.Uiiy eo'.nl'
tinii. lnn'oiSiin
1? uiulillu
Eeinoves the cu.i e- o; D..zii)es.
Eclievcs I' at the
TT t
Cures Tains in the Eact-c.
E.Yecl'iaity c::.l.'.s K: la-y Conij al l
Is effective in its '-.ire nf Keiiia! Weakaoi-s.
Is ttie i;r : t rf i-icdy ii.r;d la biti-y.
Is ai t'.o-At.-d.-il i y a-.i c';:sies of p '.;'u- t" be
1 lo-:,..sf a:o: I j.iabtcble b.o-J'.i il.I i Her
ia tiie -.vci hi.
Erared iiy
12. II. KTKVIIA'S, 5Iston, 'lass.
Ve&tins is M by ell Mwtii
C. HEISEL, - Pi' cprietcr.
Flour. Com 3Ia I . k Feed
Always :i !'.:i;h and f..r-ate at 1-nvest cash
pri' t '! b.e l.icliesi prices pa: ! t'r V:?eat tu.d
( i rn. Earlieiiha-atti n'ion iri veil eesio-.u v or!;.
J . S. GREGORY, - - - Proprietor.
Location Central. Cood Sample Eonm..
Every atteatioa paid t quests. 4:'.mr;
C0I 31 e-k(Tll hotel,
I.IX OLX. NKii.,
J. J. I.UIIOFF, - - - Proprii tor?
Tl.e best kn )V.-ii ai;d mo popular Landlord
in t he State. Alw ays s;,ip a to : Coaneeicial.
tw von i iiicufro :iil Situ
' r'rn o
X ;i-eat Ite;liu-lin in I'ricci of
El ites red'ieed from j'l to an per c -lit. Write
for l'!':-t:;iieii Catalogue, wuli rcduceU prices
for HT7. A-l Ire-s.
fd Sniitli'ield St.. 1'ittst airli. I'a. tsyl
A'lio!e.s:;!e and Uetail Dealeis in
Pine Lumber,
EU' ETC.. ETC. '
Mai., street Corner of Filth.
FLATTSiiOUTH, - - - - XEI3.
Still Better Rates for Lumber.
Harness r.lanufaulurers,
and al! kids el harness sroek. coustaally on
Fruit, Con lectio i! cry,
Grocry Store
l!eiueni1er i lie place opposite E. C. Dovey's
on Lower tSI:iiii Street.
2 1 -1 v ST HE I OUT if- MILL Ell.
love vs
to ('.f with vou!"
Were Ave to hec.ine ;t-fiuai;!t .l with J say i 11.4 this she ahniptly shut the
the history of wl... ate tVa;itiLT ; ,i.or in his face. He went directly to
down the stream of time, wo should I j,;3 niothers hnrnhle home. Th-re he
learn that not a few, inst,. td of l.eii, ! nt :l ;ina eordial Aveleome de-
governed hy pure affect ion. allow ilum- ; s,,ite forlorn appearance. He next
selves to h influenced hy sinister mo- j ,it.Sp;.tched a note to' hi.s hetiothed, s;
tives iu fonninp; matrimonial al ian- j ncitin-an interview, rei-.resentin,: tliat
ces the most important step that can ; llH n.;ls jmxi,,,, to s:-e. h-r, an 1 hoped
he taken in Miii world one which, per- j evon jf ;,rv)l,.r, misfortune.theirhopes
haps, more than auy o;her, al'f-cts oui ! of we;liih had not been realized, it
hapniness or misery, lint I set out to j would not produce si change in her
relate a narrative, not to write an es- j iVeTins'toward him. To this sh sent
say. I will premise, however, that t!ie j ;)n ;ml:y reply, inrormino; him that
main incidents of this slory were f j si,ft vis!ied him to annoy her no more.
actual occurrence, the writer h ivin.o:
been furnished th'ni from an authen
tic source.
('harles Denton was a native of ! ;-
mil. 111 I'iiiiy nit-; in- ii. 1 i mi- in.-.nji-
1 , - -
tune to los-i his father, wiio h-i't his j sjl0 wi.s-il him to uii l 'i's in 1 lii.i
mother not hi affluent circums. m-e;. henceforth th"V vver- to he :h str.i:i
but yet not entirely destituto. An j r;.,;. Jjs it;j i.Ki:iMt wis E5i rer
liumblu cotla?e home was left unen- j jn ti.? (xtre.n-. a:i.l s!i ; v '. a l i v
cumbered, nn-1 by industry an 1 ec.-mo- j fur;j, .r j,..r-,j .i ..Ue.; ,1:1 Ills p-rt.
my she was enabled to rear h-r only ThU was enough. Kr a that ,i.a
child respectably, p;ivin? hi;n a fair el-i ...i .,. , t ) ,;i;.i!c oi- j... slVi. ;1S ;l
u-ation in the frc-f s-n ls '.vhivli h ive j lilf,n.;,M,vy .An, .Wi worn in, whose
I""-' !"''"n the tf'.ory oft .at a.;-ie:it city. ,.l;ti,, j hvi W:ls f s..-.r ,u-rau liz-ment.
Above all, she sotisrht to instil in'.o his ! r:ltlu.r tl lM t!l(, ..nj-,y,lV.:.t of the hi-!i-yo:i:!rr
mind lib' prim-iph-s of honor eJ j,oiier feeihu'.s of our nature. Vith
aud integrity. Avhit:!i were cilculated in sl weck :lfter j,,,, ari.ival. lie went to
as a safeguard in future lift'. j :l ijvo;-y st n th3 vicinity and se-
Esther C mniiur w is ;il.s a nit ive of i ct(.a ;l siln-lil team and cinipue,
Boston. Her father vas a retail gn- j ;la 1 j.jj,, the priee. si-uifil his wil
cer. He was a man of wori.h and en- j jj., o become the parch aser 0:1 a
joyed the coa:i lenc-of thos;i Avh know ; s!,,irl cn,.it, II-was asked what so
lum best, j euri ies tiiat ho could pay for it he
Charles and Esther in early life ,,,;, t ,iV(. H ; replied. "Tlie presid-vit
evinced a mutual att.tfhmnt. In tlieir .,,i:i (ire;t v,-s 01 thi Fanners' and Me
ciiildi.slt aiTtirs Ch ides av.u always c!ulni(.s' i x-(!W YodcCity." lie
her champioa. an 1 to a. id from school j w IS to! j tll lt ,.. s!l ,-ee.dv.! an aa
her c o-.npanio-i and esi-ort. As they t sxver on the dav. The Grni
advaaei-d in years this preference fr j uder mh:;d to tll? bank, and were in
each other in-r-.'se.!. and wlion our lie- ft,ritle 1 that he h al a b i sit -of forty
ro arrived tin; ae of twenty-two
they were atli iu ;e 1. and wi.h the c n
s"nt of t!i-ir juretits. In leed. th it
they would unite t'.e-ir (h-s'inies in a
iuatrir-aoni d alliance, if their lives were
spared, had for ye u s been a forej.n.
conela.sion am-ir fheir friends.
At Ihe ti:n of whieh we write, th i
exri ement in reierenc; to the dis -ov- j
ci Y of p)! 1 in Cdifarnia w.i :t its ;
hei;r!.t. In c :n n n with m lay, t'ii t. j
was afl'i""!o.j with the go'.d f-ver. and :
untold wealth tlitted b :f-re his ima-.;1-'
nation. Of ourt; this av.u :i-.n;,'!
their themes of tronvrs i" i.n. After!
rotraete l disea ;si ias of tll ittip id
ant subject, they (1 1 j 1 to ;i'.;i l i
the app aiute I we 1 li t r 1 iv. u atiMl i is.
shoal 1 liave tried hi; f v a i ia this
new Ii l r. la, and (if :'i.-:r r . ' ! 1 1
dream i were reali. -li r'-'ira with a
co;npet?nf-. 'Yi'h fi' '-.l vow -a f
cotist-tuev, toev p'.V 'l: i
straucr 'i's. ail e:n I'lnf-s- -1 i
and riv iti ms; s') t uj v
g a- s a
-t.r !. toils,
t 't- so-de-
and build castles of ooal vi.
On his arrival at- the Empire city
Me euihar' ing for the golden shores
he dispatched a missive to his betroth
ed, informing her of his continued good
Iieal tit, and that ere her eve fell upon
the lines he r.ted lie would be at. the
mercy of the win ' an 1 th- waves. start
ed for the go il of their h r M. From
tha1 tim" they were rega! ir e n rrso in
dents. After a lapse of three months,
he wrote her that he had one thous in 1
dollars as the reward of his toils, an 1
that-prosppfts before him were of tie
most ll atterbig character. He contin
ued to send her letters regular! v, !ut
after Avriting the one first allub-1 to.
he made no mention o!' his success, but
gave her assurance of Irs continued
good health.
.., i.,.t i ..,
L 1 e r j tur-ii ..:i.k.i:.i 1 1 . 1 1.
into the rmvit ocean of cternitv sinee
otir hero's departure, and he turned his
face homeward to the borne of his
boyhood, the scenes of his early life,
where dwelt his be' rot lied, whose im
age ay a s enshrined in his heart of
hearts, and whom he fondly hoped and
believed cherished for him an undying
affection, which time nor circumstanc
es coull change. Daring the home
ward voyage, his fellow p i.ssengers no
ticed that he was extremely reticent,
mingling but little with others, an I
that he was dressed iu a miner's suit
that had evidently seen no lit Ie sei vice.
Arriving at Xew York, he found his
way to the I-sinner's and Mechanic's
Bank, and made si deposit of forty
i i.i.m : . l i ii ,
:s sic lu.iiatanee vilh h ;r that s-i ; po
this he took the tirst tram for ii iston. ,
.v ..... r .. , , . i sessed the elements ot a true woaiau.
On abgatnig fro n the cars, h;; wended i , ... , ,
, . . . . . , ... he led her to ih-; attar, and in ide her
inousauu uoii.u s iu goi.i. lHVing l me i
his way at once to the home of the
father of his betrothed. As he reach
ed the residence, he rang the door bell,
which was answered by his betrothed
in person. Instead of a hearty, cordial
greeting which he had si right to ex
pect, she seemed dism ivt-d at his stp
pesiranee; g azed sit him si moment in
astonishment and exe'raimed. "Is i.
possible that you sire not able to pre
sent yourself in si better plight than
tins! What have you du"e with sill
your money ?"
He replied, "I have done the best I
could. Are .von not ul id to ve me eA--en
if I have no m m-v?'
"Xo, indeed I am not. If you have
kept rne Availing ali ie--e years, hop
ing and expecting to m irry a rich man,
rind have rune luck a beggar. I want
nothing more to do with you. Where
is the thousand dollars yuti wrote to
me so long ago about y"
"Oh, I spent that long since. I
thought you would give me a g!;i 1 aac 1
conie. whether I hstd money or not."
"You Avtre grandlv mistaken. I
! Iitivt not waited tlifsc to he :i
j lic'i rn ufs wife, to take tip with ;i
! poor one, an.l I will have nothing ir.oiv
For years she had cherished t! hope
that on his re ;urn s!i3 would hfcotue
t!ie wife of a wealthy iti m, an.l enj y
all the a lA'.uitaL'-.'s that riclies aiforded.
an. I m ho !i. 1 i!s 1 ' r u r I . r 1.1
) 1 : -s
thous an 1 d dlars i:i their bank. They
sent a mess it ta him that th-j team
was a: hi- :!i , i!. H i s-at th -n
word that h- had chatie-l his miii l,
and did n t wisii to par . h is--.
Hit. th- s'jivt of hii wealth was out.
'Is m ithtjr 1 1 1.-' I liiai to in
apparel betiltiu his ci re-aaistaiie-.s .
This lv di 1. -T.i- r a .n ir .if his wt-al.h
reatilir: I his for.ii . 1 1 ly 1 ve, an I s!ie
i-.iiaie. li itely d .;.) it ;ti : 1 a not ? to him.
iv.j i jtt:i aa iat'rvie.v, l'i v i ii him
assara a v o" h u.i lyia alf ' .-tioa,
a ;ki!) ':: p ir 1 a far ii ;r refasil to
see hi n. a t 1 itnp'.oria? him to forgive
and ov. '.-;. k ih p ist.
..s he took na u ) iej of this, she ar-
rayed h
V liked
a i
ia h
attire and
street in front of the win-
da ,v ol ai i
h-!i 1? wliica h
r.a ling passing it repeatedly, hoping
to gain hi attention. 15 at it was sti.l
j, vii;i. never raised his eyes fnp.a
id. bonk, and sjeme I oblivious of her
' A few weeks rolled by. Has compa
ny was s night in thy most fashionable
j cireb'3, but he studiously decliael to
acrvpt any ol toe in vu.iLioiis lie receiv
ed, lie p usaade I his mJier to dis
pose of hei property, and taking her
with hiia started for the young and
rising State of Wisconsin. Stopping
;i't Xew York, lie dr.jvv hi m iney from
Liie bank, a i l journeyed onward to his
future iVesteiu ham.e. Arrived there,
he piirca is-'d a large farm, erected a
lai ge d welling, and se. tied down a a
fanner oa a larg sc. i.e.
T .v.) years pass i. a a I o ir
m ia led ta rep ' ;t a l I ;..
wliose ae j a liutau-ja nj ! "; .u
this time riser.; s -ale I in t ie
h-o 1, .i-i euiigr i it fro.n M is ;
e-ro .- i:a
n of .ill
i. Ah l it
i ! gli ' ) r-
i i . ' ; . --.
ir a. h .it
I His na n-' am-; 1j -o.i II iiisM;.
J his wife an I t wo y-.-.iag cai
i s i.i-iu lots esi-era n aie, ia me i
! ' recupertti ug his fus- fading h-Mitli
He was ji lising lawyer, whom nature
had lavishly e.i lo.ved with iatelleciu
sil gifts, iiat consumption had chosen
him for a victim, and his fast failing
health silmouished him that unless his
disease was; speedily arrested, bis wife
would soon be a wido.v. and his chil
dren fatherless. It was all in vain.
After a few months of languishing,
during wliicli tim; Charles h ul been
his const in. and valued friend, he ba le
farewell io cart ii.
In our hero, the disconsolate widow
found a sympathizing friend, whose
hear., hand and parse, were open to re
lieve her Av.mts and c ue for her fath
erless ones. Iu one year after The
. desith of her hudiund. believing fro.n
mistress of his home, an ' quj ;i of hi.
His friends appreeiati ng hi abili
ties, sent him a their represent itive
to the Legislature. II"re he displayed
integrity, patriotism and ability, siud
was re-elected almost unan imouslv.
Al the close of his s eon 1 term in th.;
legisl.iiur. he was honored with si sea.,
iu Congress. His aged mother was
gathered to her Father's home o;, high,
but she left behind her numerous
friends who deplored their loss.
Chai le's home Avas indeed a happy
one; the troubles through which he ha I
passed serving to qualify him io appie
ciale and enjoy the blessings vouch
safed him. Estiier still leads a life of
"single b!essedne-s" iir her Eastern
home. Xews of Charles' rising fame
deepens her chagrin at the fatal mis
take she made, in preferring wealth to
the joys of domestic bliss in the walks
of humbler life. She has become a
genuine specimen of si sour, vinegar
faced old maid, whose mind constant-
j ly broods over v;hat "mic;ht h.iA-e bten."
Corre-i-ond'Mice Cincinnati f imuirer.
C.vfp Oiuo, ISlack Hills, Sept 2 ,
We had to hang a man here the other
day. We'd been putting it off on ac
count of a lack of time and a bit of
sentiment, till the morale of our small
town had at last become as bad as
t lease of Chicago.
Thomas Y. Shoals, Avho has friends
1 fli-ccii I? i r!jn,inoin -i.i.l tvlni li'l
, ' - " ' , ' "'
I loon in Yijf i.l j liimiill fni- jonia Yti l!U
vi in v i oav in iitoi it .7vi.iv
past, entered oar town ten days j
ao. lie was a whiskey-drinking, and
trouble-making rouh. He brought
several i:cnbli tt devices with him to
Avax our hard-woi kiui people out
of tlieir dust, and he hadn't" been ia
camp more than two days when most
of his had points came out. At the
end of five days he Avas ordered to
h ave, but, he boldly refused to obey the
.v irii. Tkerenp m, on the morning
c;' the siclh day, he was waited upon
!' ten iv.'olv ers, backed by ten men,
. i o": i:i.-d tiiat fifteen ininu,e.s, City
ii.ii,' ,tiiu-'., u.uM be oiven him to get
oji.l shooting iiistance." He got.
No one cared what became of him or
wnitiier he went, and as lie passed from
.sight no on expected in see him again.
According to rule, we confiscated all
his property except a mule, and mule
and man went away together.
Somewhere outside of camp, Shoals fell
iu with some Texans who were on the
make, and as ugly as himself, ;md the
gang entered our camp, armed to the
teeth, two days after .Shoals left it.
The four lambs cam in on a gailop,
whooping and yelling, alid as they halt
ed upon the public square. Shoals sang
"Trot out my goods, you wiiitediver-
ed dust-diggers, or we'll cut every
throat in camp."
That meant us, you see. Same Were
diit gm.
some w.t.
, a:,d sjine un
v. were waking
oti " of the Tex ins
der groan
up to th--
. an 1 wh
ita alt ::. m :
'Harry up now, for it a all we kin
do to hold onto the tiiggersof these
shoot ei s.
Oar old boss didn't like tluir style,
for one. He was iittin a new handle
to a pick, and aams at the door of shan
ty X'o. 3, Avhen they rode up. Reach
ing into the hosse for his two revolv
ers, he rose up and Avalked out upon
the gang just as the rest of us were
making a rush tor our shoo. ers.
"There's the old devil kill him,"
yelled Shoals, and the four at once be
gan firing. of the Lord
being on the side of the upright and
the innocent. They all had si shot in
before the old man gjt ready for busi
ness. He put one of his bulletts be
tween a Texan's tAvo eyes, his second
into another's shoulder, and by that
time we were all pegging away. How
on earth -J or GO bul.ets could be fired
at close range and only one man killed
and another wounded is a conundrum
for mathematicians. -The dead man
fell in a heap. Shoals was dismounted
and the other two got out of camp un
der cover of the smoke, one of them
certainly hit iu tiie shoulder. We pur
sued them on foot for half a mile, and
the wounded one had hard work to
keep his seat. X,i. a miner had been
hurt, but nearly a dozen of them hadi
bullet holes through hats ami clothing
and a eamp-kettie was struck no less
; li in four limes.
A fter dinner the men gathered and
s i iale v.-iss p i. upon hi. trial. It had
-- n ;:ei " '.s.iry to bind him hand and'
fo t, and when he was brought out and
1 ii i upon the grass his fury rose to the
ninest p. tc!i. Hecuised everybody
and every thing, ami uttered threats
ihat made some ot the men grow pale.
When asked if he didn't know the pen
alty attached to conduct such sis his, he
cried out :
"I'll dare you to harm one hair of
my Lead! You are a set of cowards
si lack of coyotes si gang of Avhite
faced babies!"
It ay sis orr busy day and Ave couldn't
fool away smy time. A noosed rope
wits .thrown over a limb, the free end
manned, sui l when the noose had been
passed over the fellow's head he was
asked if he had smy message to leave
for friends:
' I AYii-it to tell
as Lis snnkish e
fif e; "I ; j mi
dig the heal t o.i
you li. is," he hissed,
s Loked from face to
. me us y friends will
t i verv oiie of the
lie iai4. ,i h IV
peril .ps si i l-Jd S ;u ii
IcccMtly, and
original to
the literature of -last words," but he
refused the chance. His feet were un-
;ed and he was lifted up. There was
not a minute between him stud eterni
ty, but yet be kicked right and left like
si twin mule, and was cursing God sind
man when pulled oil bis feet. It's
tough business, .his choking si human
being to death, but it takes csue of
them ever after. This Sho lis thought
no more of killing si m m than some
folks would of taking si chew of tobac
co, .and it was a bad day for him ay hen
he came among the 15 ackeyes.
Last April a man named Roberts,
who came out here from Delaware,
was captured by the Indians near Dead
wood. When they had robbed him of
every tiling except shirt aul p nils, six
of the seven redskins were iu favor of
turning him loose and letting hiin g-t
back to the city. .The seventh suvago
protested against this action, and when
he had to suomit to the m ijority he
struck Roberts iu the mouth Avith the
head of his tom:ihsiYk, smashing out
several teeth and inllicrinjr other inju
ries. Raherts tool; a lo.ik at ihe
warrior, ind when ha was turned loose
lie vowed to ret even if he ha 1 to stay
out there until Darwin turned ba ;k in
to a baboon.
Tho mills of th-j jtjI grin I for the
savage as well m for ths white mn.
Roberts and others have a camp about
two miles above us. Indi itt b ars
and loafers came into all the camp al-
most daily, and the o her day the old
top-knot who played smash with the
Delaware m la's teeth enter;' the camp
and wa it I to tr i le a I t of fresh ven
ison for bar-leal. Roberts identified
him in an instant, an I th; venison and
the savage were "jerked" at ona and
the same motion.
All the men iu the camp knew how
Roberts had been served, and when he
had the right man iu his grasp, there
was no one to plead the other sidj- of
the case. The Indian was stake 1 down
on the grass as a first move. He rec
ognized Roberts, and, realizing that the
hour of reckoning had come, hi Avhin
ed like a dog. He offered rid ', knife,,
and all else to settle the dentistry busi
ness ; but the miner couldn't have been
bought off for Sl'J.oa.). When lie got
ready he went to work with the red
man's tomahawk and deliberately
knocked out every tooth he c.mid get
a, an.l he didn't miss a great many.
The Indian had no more grit than a
boy., but yelled like si regiment of cav
alry going into a tiglit. A tooth for a
tooth was not enough for Roberts, and
he coolly sliced off his victim's cars,
working slowly and doing a lirst rate
job. Then he sh ived the warrior's top
knot off tiiid turned him loose to liu l
his friends and receive their praises on
his early assumption of fall style.
The wretch didn't wait a second after
being told to go didn't even ask for
his ears as pocket-pieces. R ihert h i
them piiuiel up a relics, wiihabijful
of teeth hanging above Ihe.n, aa 1 to
strangers he explains:
"Tlie darned Injun who pick n.y
molars with Lis Thota is-ha vk wirts
to leave the c eintry on the very fi:t
train, or he'll wish he'd been Lor:: a
UrJUIe IJibles-
From the New York iiiuis.
Formerly the lamp-chimney vexed
the souls alike of the righteous and of
the wicked because of its exceeding
brittleness. It broke whenever a:i ef
fort was ma le to clean it. and frequent
ly ii Hew into pieces when no man wa-
touching it. and merelv of its own
wicked will. Men with small salaries
Avere often brought to the brink of
ruin by the constant drain upon their
pockets vyhich resulted from the effort
to keep two or three lamps supplied
with chimneys, and it is believed that
Mr. Oilman was induced to steal .S00.
000 chiefly because his pride led him
to use none but unbroken lamji-chim-neys
although in his pathetic and
veracious confession he unaccountably
fai! to mention the fact. Xow, liow
cAer, ti.e invention of llaslie glass has
rendered tiie chimney no longer a grief
an I a burden. The new Rustle chim
ney can not be broken with anything
short of a sledge-hammer. It can be
- ,lsei1 as :l Ibimmer wherewith to drive
nails and to loosen the bungs of beer
barrels, or sis si club for the siccomoiLi
tion of burgl.ii-3, or for the purpose of
instilling great moral lessons isito the
minds of youth. Thus the lamp-chimney
is cured of it brittleness, sind no
longer exhausts the pocket and ruins
the temper of the householder.
The human baby is, of course, far
more complicated in its structure than
is the simple lamp-chimney, but it
shares with the old fashioned type of
the latter the fault of extreni ; brittle
ness. It is true that the baby does
not bresik in consequence of unequal
expansion or contraction, and can be
submitted to extremes of heat sind cold
without cracking; neither doe3 it tly
in pieces Avhen left to itself, even when
bent stud twisted by the severest colic.
Xevertheless, si baby is aim ist certain
to bresik when dropped, even from a
very small height. This can ba demon
strated by a very simple experiment.
If ive take a baby of s ay six months
old, and of the weight of about thirty
rounds, sind drop it from si height of
four feet to the' floor, it will break into
from two to eight pieces. Of course,
the pieces remain attached to each oth
er by clothing and pins, but that its
framework is broken si very superficial
inspection will show. It is th is extreme
liability to break which renders care
ful men so reluctant to hold babies.
A man who accidentally 1 re tks a baby
i;wavs finds liimse'f iu a nunpleasant
position, and the baby's mother is sure
to show by her'i..t that .she regsirds
him sis careless and aw'kward. The
worst feature of the case is that a bro
ken bah can rarely be repaired s.i as
to be in all respects sis strong sind beau
tiful sis it originally avsis, stmf in case
it is hopelessly broken, it is impossi
ble to replace will prove
satisfactory io its owners. Hence, the
wise man carefully abstains from hand
ling babies, whether he has any share
in their oAvnership or not. The brit
tleness of babies is, moreover, a source
of much trial to nurses, and debsirs the
small boy from much innocent amuse
ment. Were the baby firmer and
tougher jn texture, it would te very
useful sts a club in drivingaway strange
dog3 and objectionable children both
of Avhich constantly molest nuraes in
our public parkland it could a!so i.o
used by the small boy precisely as a
pillow is now used, sis a weapon of of
fense in the deadly pi.-low-lights which
lay low so many stout clocks, and gal
Lint bronze statuettes.
The discovery thsit the brittlenes
of lamp-chimneys can be overcome ha
stimulated a St. Louis parent to invep.
a style of baby cart not bo readily
broken. He recently tried an experi
ment with si novel baby which uppeai
to have established very thoroughly its
remarkable toughness. The baby in
question avsis of the girl pattern, and
outwardly resembled all other babies
of the same age and sex. It was put
licly dropped from the fourth story
si building on Ashley stivtt.and stru
a hard stone pavement, sifter a f;dl v."
at least fifty feet. Tht,se who saw ll
supposed accident wore filled with Ik
ror. and had not the slightest dot
that the boy was smashed in a tin
sand fragments. A philanthropic m -hastened
to the spot with a basket,;,
a coroner Avho had been hunting t .
succcssf ully for corpses since thee.i
dawn, gave si triumphant whoop a-
proceeded to impanuel a jury with,
delay. To the un mingled sis'.oni -mentof
everyone and the uus;.e:,
able disgust of tho coroner, the b -;
was found to be unhurt, an.l aa
picked up was found to be in the .
of playfully swallowing ;i horse-:
that happened to lie within ilsn
The most thorough inspection fail,
find a bruise or a break anywheri
the surface or in the interior of the
fant. Its toughness was denioisslru
and it is hardly necessary to say t
although the public and the lOCrt'j p,.t
regarded the baby's fall sis an siccid.
there can be little doubt it was dr .
ped as sin experiment by iu confide
inventor. If the proems by which this St. Le
is baby was deprived of its natu
brittleness proves to be applicable
all infants, it will be of sti
ice to mankind. The minds of t
mothers will be relieved from const;,
apprehensions in regard to windo
and stairs. The fall of a baby fron
topmost btory of an apartment I - V
ingto the street l avement belo.v u 1.
not create the slightest ui easiness, .-.
cept, of course, iu th ; man on win
new hat it may fall. and theg,ll(. whl
is now placed at the lieu 1 f the Ptsi r
in houses i.ufestel with infants a
become entirely obsolete. It i-3 -probable
that babies will ever be ..
si hammers, inasmuch sis they will
less convenient than tho Bastio lat .
chimneys, but for heavier work,
us diiving wedges into logs, or
packing earth tightly around nevi
set posts, a medium sized baby wb'
invaluable. Confidence between
smd woman will be vastly incr
when the former csm handle a i '
without any fear of breaking it, san .
may betaken for granted that unhr. ;..
able babies will be iu far greatt .
mand than the present variety
Thus does science by ste.idy steps ;
move the obstsicles to the comfort .
happiness of mankind. Xow that i.
breakable infants have biren itnent.
the only further -
be desired is the invention of ;iu - ,
tic and compressible child, that :
made to fit cl-dhing of any size, .ut
is not probable that Ave shall have ,
Avait very long before this desired i ...
vention is patented and brought Ufo .
the public.
' Not a Mathematician.
She ivas a little girl who wa.: t : ,
of her arithmetic. She took it into h
head to read the IJible, and, b. g.n;,
with the account of creation, see ,
along very wed for a winle, but v.
denly threw the book down, sav..:
"There. I don't want to rea 1 jlny
of it." "Why. what's tho ...
sisked her mama. ".'Jjesiuse they
to study Arithmetic there," was th
ply; "just hear this, 'and the ,
commanded them to multiply ;n
face of the earth." And there wa:, :
more Rible for her. Xew Iku
Printing Oflice Secret.
A properly conducted printi: g .
is sis much a secret sis a Masonic 1
The printers are not under oath ,
crecy but feel themselves as ti
honor bound to keep otlice se i
though triple oatlied. Any em,
in a printing office avIio wilfully ,
gards this rule in regard to j.r
ofiice secrets Avoiild not only lie
by bis brethren of the craft, out
lose i ij pinion at once. W -this
statement because someti .'
h.appens si communication
in si newspaper under an asstn i' ;
nature which excites comincrr
various parties try to find out
the author. Let siM be ssiv. ;
truble of questioning an em;.!
the printing office. They a .
nothings upon such points;:;
On such points they have eyes ;;n
no mouth; and if any fail to o'
this rule, let them be put dov. i;.r '
honorable members of the ere.ft. 1.
the same in job printing. If sir yt ".
is to be printed and kept secret, b :
proper notice be given of th- dsit
secrecy, and you might as aavI! c uc
a Sphynx sis one of the print '-i s. so ;
even the secret books for l.-J,"-.
printed without fear. Ex.