Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 28, 1877, Image 3

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B. & M. R. R. Time Table.
Corrcvttd Sunday, April ist, 1877.
'iU? J -45 a. m. A I rives H reO a. in.
2 :.'KI i. in. ' 3 p. 111.
Leaves a jr. :t. in. Arrives 10 :24 a. in.
' 6 :00 p. 7 :15 p. in.
Leaves PlaStsmoutli 9 :4' a. in. Arrives Lin
e;n, 12 13 p. in. ; Arrives Kearney, 8 :o0 p. in.
t'i tight leaves 7 :io a. in. Ar. Uneu!n 12 :25 p.m.
L-avt-s Kearney, 6 :10 a. ni. leaves Lincoln,
12 :-i3 p. in. Arrives Hattsimmtn. 3 :15 p. n
F.ight h aves Lincoln 11 a. in. Arrives
Piultsn.uulh, I :12 p. in.
Express, f. :ir, a. rn.
Fnv.eiiger, (train each day I 3 :"0 p. m., except
Saturday. Every third .Saturday a train eou-UeC-:
at the usual time.
i:sTm.v, NOitruFRi &. h;iiiikk.v
A 1 1 iv r at - 'j a. ni.
Depart at - " :TU a. hi.
i :00 p. in.
Ariive at 10 :;:o a. in. Depart at
Arrive at - 3 :j p. m. (iRpartat
2 :15 p. iu.
3 :K) a. in.
2 :00 p. l.i.
Arrive tit 12 :x) in. i Depart at - 2
Arrive at Z : o m. Depart at - 1 :on p. in
Iran-lent. 2.1 cents a line. Kegular foveais
rs, tiiet'iits per line. N ad vertiscuicul iusel t
e 1 lor less than 2" cents.
Legal indices :;t StaPlte rates.
.Attorneys and officers ,f the law will be odd
r-jpousiliie for all b'g;d notices they hand in,
and all pai tics demanding .a proof of publica
1 inn of anv notice w ill te. held lor the uublica
tion fee i i jt: h notice.
As our splice is limited, all coiiiii:inic.i,'ons
-ji:;-t be b; lef and to tin-jioint, with no ua-le
of winds.
The paper H ivionsible fur the correctness
according to copy of paid matter ami paid Le
gils, only.
1. Any person who takes the paper regularly
from the" pos'.-ollice, whether itiec;ed to his
eame, or w netber he Is a subs'.:' ner or not i.s
rcwponsible for tlie pav.
2. Jf any person nrtlcis bin paper discontin
ued, he must pay all arrearages, or the publish
ci may continue to send li until pa incut is
made.' and collect the whole amount. 'whether
the paper is ta'-n trout the n:Hee or not.
3. lite cents have decided that refusing to
t ike newspapers and periodicals from the post
tdhce, or removing and h aving them itneailed
Ijr, is pr'.a-i facie evidence of ls rKXHOXAL
Fireworks and cannonading on the
It h here.
Slippers for 35 els at Merges'. 12tf
See Dovey's new 'j col
about his new store.
Sage Bros, have a tine article of wire
netting for sale, at only G cents per
square foot. I2tf
-Go and see Dovey's new .stove new
They all smile all over.
35 ets at Merges. 12 tf
Thomas Wiles wind mill was blown
to pieces in hist week's gale.
Fine white rose and maple syrup at
W.iUachV. Try them. 1H3
- 11 aU fare for the fourth on the B.
A; M. Go and see t'..,- fun.
Fine boots for i?.;.0M
Fine Sewed boo:s -S7.0
Alexis buckles S-L-Y
at Robert Sherwood's.
What a handsome new wagon May
; r Johnson drove by here the other day.
Choice lot of Hungarian Seed for
ale by
Ru fen eh & Black.
Ma-'oy Lodge meets on Fiiday
evening July Oth in regular communi
cation. A full attendance of members
is reipitsted. By order W. M.
Slippers for 35 ets. ut Merges. 1-tf
John O'R-varke h is berronis on? of
the proprietors of the Beatrice Cour
ier. Every fashionable shade of silk for
trimmings, and also every fashionable
-hape of hat, can be seen at Solomon &
Nathan's emporium. 5tf
Fourth of July at Weeping Water
that appeared in last week's IIekald
will not come off as there is nothing
at W. V.'. at all. M. Wart.
Try the Pearl white Drip syrup at
U-tJ Weckp.ach'.s
B. Siebold has been appointed Coun
ty Deputy for the patrons of husband
ry, and will attend to all business that
it may be ncees-sary to transact iu this
capacity, promptly and faithfully.
Address Plattsmoutb, Neb.
The best line of syrups in town at
14-1:;. Weckisacii's.
Why will ye thirst, when you can
get Ice cold Soda Water ginger ale and
.Peruvian beer drawn from Tuft's Pat.
Arctic Soda Fountain at the P. O. N.
D. for only octs a glass.
Read, Read.
Fine calf boots made to order for
Sewed boots for 86.00;
Men's Alexis buckled shoes 4.00;
Repairing and every thing in propor
tion at Merges. 12-tf.
County Commissioners Meeting.
The Co. Commissioners of this
County will hold their regular meeting
on Monday next being the 2d day of
July, 1S77.
Remember, ladies, you can get the
best and latest styles of ladies and
childrens' shoes of all varieties, at
13t3 Stadelman's.
The Fourth of July notice that ap
peared in the Herald will not come
off as there is to be no celebration on
the 4th this year at WeepingWater.
11. Wart.
They had what is called .VCbivnree"
out at Bob Wilburna the night of the
storm, on the occasion of tho marriage
of Mrs'. Wilbsirn an oM lady of 53 to
.1 gentlemen 50 years old. The
boy 3 were too rough, and damaged the
house eonsidera My.
Fine calf boots made to order at
Merges for 81.50. Sewed 36.00. Men's
Alexis 51.00. All eastern goods at pro
Fourth in Platlsruonth.
There will be an elegant display of
Firev oiks in Piattsmoutb on the even
ing of the 4th. 101 gnus will be lircd,
and $101 worth of Fireworks shot off
from HUh School Hill.
Collection Malice.
Mike SehneUbather & "Win. llassler
desire to give notice that they want
every person owing them to make an
endeavor to
at once, as they have been badly dam
aged by tlie storm, having to rebuild
their shop, and nee l the money at once.
Please come forward and settle, all of
you, and greatly oblige the undersign
I'oartli of July at Loci-mile.
Trains wid be run at half fare on
the 15. & M. It. for the Fourth of July.
One fare round trip tickets for L.ouis
ville and else when; good from the 3d
to the 5tli will be 3old at all the prin
cipal stations on the road.
(let your Magazines bound. Xow is
your time. At the IIekald oQk-e. tf.
Everybody celebrates the 101st ani-
vcrsary of our American Independence j
and J. P. Young at the P. O. News De- j
!ot has the largest stock of choice con
fectionary, nuts, oranges, lemons and
Fourth of July goods, in Plattsmoutb.
Give him a call when in the city, and
he will sell you goods cheap.
We are not the only people visited
by hurricanes this season. The next
Saturday alter our big blow St. Joseph,
Mo., caught it heavy. Walls cracked
liked nut shells, roofs sailed off into
space. A beautiful new Court House
they were building was partially de
stroyed, and pedestrians hustled round
Any one wanting a No. 1 musical in
strument will tiud it to their advan
tage to examine the tine Mason & Ham
lin Organs we have lately delivered
here. 1 have also the agency for the
best piano made, "The Weber," which
was awarded tlie highest premium at
the Centennial. Give me a call, and I
wiil be happy to impart any informa
tion jo it wish.
J ami P e r t e ;:, A crt
Plattsmoiith, Neb.
I'ottenger and two other dutehrneu
got caught in a pen yesterday with the
door locked, and no mo le of transit on
ly through the iransome. One of the
men being smaller than 'Putt" thought
he'd try the t ransom e and see if he
could not find a key and let his com
rades out. To use his own words'they
booskted me oop like a squirrel, and I
dropped me down like a frog, and den
deui two fellers sthay dere until I find
dem keys, dots a goot vile, you bet."
Query. What was "Pott" doing shut
up in another mans oniee? That's
what we want to know.
Joseph Lloyd, who has lately been
working on the Railroad va severely
injured last Monday by the backing of
a train over him. He tried to pass
over the track as the train backed and
having on rubber boots, slipped on the
wet iron, before he could recover bis
footing tho cais were on him. He
was rolled over and over under the train
Gears going over him before they could
be stopped, but almost miraculously
he escaped with a broken thigh and a
badly cracked ankle. Bad enough as
it is, but Joe is worth a dozen dead
men yet, and says he'll hoe corn next
year and let some one else do tho rail
roading. Henry Beck, our old and reliable
furniture man, has been getting on new
goods all the time. Such easy chairs,
such beautiful bed room sets, such ele
gant mirrors, wh it nots and brackets,
it is a pleasure to go there and see what
he has.
hail and husk mattresses worked over,
new all English wool mattresses. Mr.
Beck has completely soi l out one lot
of goods since moving into his new
store, and has replaced the same with
new styles and new things. Now is
the time to buy cheap, as he is bound
to push his trade for all it is worth.
His building is 107 feet long instead of
yo, as the Herald stated last week,
and it is chuck full of goods, which
must l a sold, so come along and buy
them as fast as you need anything,
farmers and all.
Ilijh School Latertairsuioiit.
Fitzgerald Hall was packed last Fri
day evening, as we never saw it before,
to witness the closing exercises of the
Platlsmouth School children for this
jear. There must have been 700 peo
ple present, and many left the doors
because they could not get in.
It was very long, but by all odds the
best performance of the kind ever giv
en in Plaltsmouth. The patience of
both children and audience cannot be
praised too highly. In the space we
have litre we cannot notice every one
that took part, and where they all did
so well it would be uujust to notice a
few. The children behaved splendidly,
the teachers deserve great credit for
their drill and the correctness with
which they rendered their parts. Prof.
Drumruond, has taken great xains in
the exhibition and deserves the thanks
of the people of this place for his care
and devotion to the interest of the
Fhank Leslik's Popular Month
ly for July is on-3 of the tt -l nuiuUra
of the work yet issued. It3 articles,
beautifully and liberally illustrated, aro
timely, highly interesting and instruc
tive, especially '-Russia and Turkey,
their War Strength, Sovereigns, etc.,by
Win. Staughton Chasa;"The West End
of Paris;" "Malta' "Mrs (ieneral
Gaines;" "The great Grain Movement,"
etc., etc. In addition it contains innu
merable paragraphs on various interes
ting subjects something for everybody
besides the usual number of short
select stories by popular and gifted au
thors, and which are really captivating.
This magazine of 128 pages and 100 il
lustrations must, in view of its actual
ly being the cheapest" publication of
the kind in existence and at the same
time one of the most select and univer
sally welcome, continue to increase in
public favor, and rank with the pub
lisher's Sunday Magazine, the high
est among all our American month
lies. The Popular Monthly may De
obtained for $2.50, and the Sunday
Magazine for 3. for one year, lost
paid, from Fraxk Leslie's Publish
ing House, 537 Pearl Street, 2s"ew
The Storm of Last Week.
In addition to the particulars given
last week, we learn that the severe
wind of the 20th did great damage all
over the count)'.
at weeping water,
it blew several small buildings over,
and mashed in Reed R103. glass front.
Wood's store, the hotel and a shop or
two were damaged badlv.
they seem to have caught it the worst.
All the buildings in the town but three
were blown oven Henry Streight's
house was blown off the foundation.
hU liule i,oy Rot out of the house ai)(1
wa3 blown awav and
lost for n time,
causing the parents great fear for his
safety. Providentially he came back
after the storm, all right. Tlie li. &
M. wind mill was blown over, and the
German M. E. Church blown off its
the R. It. wind mill was tore down, two
houses blown over and one man pinch
ed. At Louisville they estimate the dam
age at 2,0'J0.
Win. B. Hicks, house, near Concord,
was torn all to pieces, his arm broken,
he bruised badly generally. Mr. Young,
on Dovey's place, had all his out build
ing blown down, himself and son were
out in the storm and both were knock
ed down by Hying boards. So says Mr.
A. N. Sullivan tells us in his neigh
borhood the storm lasted t wo hours.
Mew the houses of Mr. Blanckard and
Mr. Harris down, blew Jno. Gilmore
out of his wagon and broke the wagjn
up, injuring him ; blew the school house
near them over. One of L. Sheldons
tenant houses turned over three times
with the people in it. It blew a reap
er half a mile andr tore a cornplanter
all to smithereens. In fact we could
fill the papr with minor accidents,
blow a ways and bruises.
The r.iin storm of Saturday washed
crops and land badly in places.
WILLIS W ELISOR V at the iVMdence of Roll
er! V,V;:- i-n. ner 1'i t'tsmoalli. Ne!., June
l-77. hv Wi:i. II. Newell. Comity Judjje. Mil.
HnrrroN YS :i. Lis to Jilts. Nancy L. Wkl
i:oi;n. Persoaal.
Capt. Palmer was appointed Grand
Marshall by Grand Master Liniger.
The Fairmont Bulletin has changed
hands G. W. Wiedel being the new pro
prietor. L. G. Todd, our old farmer friend
nods cheerfully at the Herald now
and then ; that's right.
We see by some of the exchanges
that the Falls City Globe Journal has
passed from Ed. Howe's hands.
A step-son of Mr. A. G. Ilatt's had a
watch stolen from him ou the train
near Atchison by some roughs.
The Peru Herald, Edited by W. B.
Ferree, readies us. Good luck, William
but its hard times to start new papers.
Hon. Geo. S. Smith left for Santa
Ros;, Cal. on Tuesday, jo bring Mrs.
Smith and thelessei Smiths home once
Mrs. Win. L. Wells and her children
leave us to-morrow morning on a short
visit to her father and family, in Mills
Co., Iowa.
Wni. Rose, of Nebraska, called in to
Fee us on Tuesdaj-. He talks sensibly
and encouragingly about farming in
Wiley Black, of the llrm of RufTner
& Black, is getting to be one of our
most driving business men. Wiley '11
come out at the head of the heap one
of these days.
We met at Omaha last week. Judge
Sweet, Hon. Lee Love, Judge Valen
tine, 1 Ion. Frank Welch, Hon. L. W. Os
borne, and a host of old up Country
friends, brother editors and " sieh."
Mr. B. Spurlock, an old resident of
Plattsmouth who lias been living iu
Falls City lately has returned to stay
with us and maybe found at Mr. I)o
veyis new store. Glad to welcome Mr.
S. back.
Daniel Wheeler, Jr., and Mrs. D. II.
Wheeler returned last week from a
long trip to Michigan visiting old
friends; Dannie hits moved his Express
office into Duke's old store building
and is buckling down to work again.
Anthony G.IIatt, our esteemed re
turned Black Hills friend has given up
gold diggin' fcr the present and is del
ving in hi3 well furnished and grow
ing garden, from which he extracted
the lirst new potatoes of the season
last Monday and divided with the
Herald. We'll try our Quartz Mill
on 'em to day and see how the "11 pan
r.i 1- - '--,-. J
Grand 4th of July Celebration.
To take place at the P. (). News De
pot in Plattsmoutb. Neb., where I
have just received a large stock of Fire
works Flags, Fire crackers, Torpedoes,
Toy Pistols and Paper eaps Ualloons,
Lanterns etc., to be sold cheap for the
101st anniversary of our American In
dependence. A grand Display of Fire
works and Balloon ascension will take
place in front of the P .O. News Depot.
13t2 J. Ph. Young.
Pen PhnttMortlie Editors.
pCi nlral C ity Courier
In looking over the cards presented j
us by the different editors on the re-j
cent excursion, we are pleasantly re-
minded of our many new friends, whose J
faces we still see in vivid imagination j
and whoso voices jet echo along the
corridors of our memory, idly linger- j
ing over the evt-nts of the pleasant
journey, refusing to yield to forget ful
ness. The lirst card we picked up, is,
strangely enough, that of president of
the tribe
J. C. MacBride, of the Nebraska Far
mer, Lincoln, a dignified, matter of fact
royal chief, the same at morn, noon
and night. On the basis of a sparing
acquaintance, we chalk him down as a
fine fellow, and hope to know him bet
ter hereafter.
Our modesty prevents our publish
ing the good words the C. C. C. says of 1
us. Sutlice it to say we. appreciate it
fully, Ed. Herald.
The Seward man Thomas Wolf is
anything but a wolf; instead,-a rich,
rare and racy chunk of a fellow, with
an equal supply of ready wit and solid
dignity, and we predict that his career
along the highway of life will be
as brilliant and succcessful as ours.
Stth P. Mobley you've heard of
Seth, of course. Words refuse to de
scribe this knight of the pen! He is
eighteen feet tall and six inches ami
three-quarters wide. Full of fun and
a good fellow. The way he made the
dinner-basket look sick, however, as
tonished tlie natives.
Lou. B. Palmer, a Hastings' bird
yes, we remember him, We remember
how the pillows, sheets and covers tlcw
around that night in our room at Og
den, also but of course Lou. was sound
asleep(?j. Ilosvsomever, fun is fun,
and we have not met a friend in a long
time whom we liked as well or had as
much sport with as this genial, daring,
good-looking Lou. Palmer. And don't
you forget it.
Geo. B. Moore, of Brownville a
quiet, modest sort of a fellow, but ap
parently a mighty man, even if he is
hard to get acquainted wkh. He'll do,
Lw. Ley, the Stanton Bugle blower
is equal to the emergency. He weighs
only one thousan 1 pounds, looks like
Senator Morton, e.nd thinks it would be
sweeter than maple lnobtsseu to be a
Mormon with fu'ty-two wives.
C. II. Toneray, Fremont, would make
a splendid congressman. He is a nice
chunk of probably two hundred and
Gfty, gentlemanly, whole-souled and a
pleasing writer. Ha says, remember
ing the huge rocks and snowy peaks,
that "sublime" is a tame word. How
would "grauderest" do, as a sort of a
wild i.-di like word?
Frank E. Wellman, a Suttonite, is
well named ; as a well-men he made
grub look appropriately sick, however.
Frank is a lengthy success, yet lean
cross-ways, and as an editor is on the
"home stretch."
Ed. J, Hall, Ashland, is not tho fel
low we had mapped out in imagination,
but a reserved, bashful big boy, with
a plug hat and a cute eye. Ed. once
ujion a time called us a "bull pup," and
we returned the compliment by call
ing him a "calf." But we met, hugged
and kissed, and the calf and the bull
pup were exceedingly glad.
L. P. McCIarren, Lincoln well, we
got one little look at him, but the rest
of the time he was frozen to that state
room, insured in the prospective Mat
rimonial Company, and the happiest
mar. on board.
J. F. McCartney the Omaha blonde,
genial as sunshine, mild as autumn,
and a jolly boy, had his heart crushed
by a Salt Lake city damsel, wortli "p50
00), and consequently gave us the g. b.
(grand bounce). But we'll forgive him
this time.
"Lot" Brown, Nebraska City, is a big
lot of a little man, quiet as a kitten,
beautiful :is a peach, and funny. Lot
mad a lot of fuii in that Pull m m, and
lot us all remember Lot with lots of
W. J. Cuddy, Omaha ha, never you
mind that rich wife and beautiful hus
band," dear Cuddy is the gay, clever
little city editor of the Omaha Daily
Republican, one of the leading journals
west of Chicago. What would our vis
it to Omaha have been but for friend
Cuddy V We shall always love him.
He can ride in our carriage if he wants
to when we get one!
Charles T. Bunce, of Omaha, is one
of the most appropriate fellows we have
ever met, a rare and shiniug light in
the tribe.
Clemie Chase, son of ex-Mayor Chase,
of Omaha, a fine little fellow, and we
hope he will be "a editor" or President
of the United States whichever he
likes best.
Maggie T. G. Mobley is no les3 a
mirth provoking, lively member of
the association, than she is a dashing
writer, presiding over one of our "spi
ciest" exchanges.
This empties our editorial card-basket,
the other members forgeting to
hand us their daubed paste-board. We
are very sorry, as we are never happier
than when so lovingly recounting the
virtures of our beloved brethren.- We
hope they will yet send in their cards,
securely corked and sealed, by freight
t "L- il
In appreciation of "the grand cause
of Universal Liberty,
The Clan Na Gad
will celebrate the lOLst Anniversary of
American Independence, in
Wcdiits'iay Ece.July -ith, 1877.
Music, Fireworks, Balloon Ascen
sions. Reading Declaration Independence
Ten minute addresses on Liberty.
Patriotism and Sociability, by
of Omaha, and others.
to begin at 10 p. m. Every lover of
Liberty, mule and female are invited.
Refreshments at Fred. Stadelmann's.
Omaha Brass and String Band on
deck. 13t2
Ordinance No. 79.
An ordinance to provide for the filling
of vacancy in the otlices of City Clerk,
Treasurer and Marshal.
Whereas; there is no provision un
der the Statute for the rilling of vacan
cies in the offices of City Clerk, Treas
urer and Marsha, of cities of the sec
ond class, except as contained in Sec.
20 of chapter 9, revised statutes.
More new suits of cheap cool clothes
for hot weather, must be closed out, at
I3t3 Stadelman's.
Hubert Sherwood' Price List.
Fine boots for 65.0o,
Fine sewed boots for $7.00 '
Alexis buckle shoes $1.50
Ladies Calf Shoes for 82.2 5
Repairing equally cheap.
We have made arrangements to have
Magazines, Medical and- Lav reports,
and other pamphlets bound. Apply
at the Herald office. tf
DENTIST, i !2 an 1 2'.'i Farnliam St.. between
Mth and lrth. Preservation of the naMral
I eet h made a specially. Oldest practicing Den
tist in the City.
Our gunsmith, Mr. Kinser, is an in
ventive genius, he has not only invent
ed and made every part of a riile that
will throw three b ills at once in three
different directions, but he has just in
vented an emery rod. that attached to
his lathe will put as line a polish on the
inside of tlie barrel as can be done in
London. 1113
Early Seed.
The Early San ford Seed corn for
sale at Rulfner & Black's this corn will
mature if planted early in July and
yields equal to the old dent. St 7.
ho Centaur Liniiaonts atiay pain.
subdue .swellings, he,:! burns and w iilcuie Kheu
matis'.n. Spavin, and anv flesh, bone or muscle
ailment. The Whiie "Wrapper is for family use,
Ihe Yellow Wrapper for animals. A !i-t of Cae
iared::'!ils are contained around each I utile
They re cheap, speedy ai.i certain.
Alio L-.-iij . j uOU J and harnde-s
remedy for children, is Piicher's Castoiia. it U
as pleasant to take sis honey and as certain in
i f s e.'";'-1.,;s as Castor Oil. For Wind Colic,
Wi.rnis. ; -tr Stomach, am! Disordered Bowels,
there U uulhiit like. Castoiia. 12113
The millinery department of Messrs.
Solomon ..v Nathan, is particularly full
and cr.mpleie this season. Their con
nection with their wholesale house at
St. Joe gives them advantage over all
smaller dealers. They propose furnish
ing that class of goods in greater vari
ety, and at lower prices, than any
house on this side of the Missouri Riv
er. 5tf
A few City orders for sale.
Full line of every kind of goods at
the Store of J. V. Weckbach, which his
army of clerks are dispensing as fast as
they can hand over the goods. tf.
Ask Yoarself these (Jaeslions. .
Are you a despondent sufferer from
Sick Headache, Habitual Costiveness.
Palpitation of the Heart? Have you
Dizziness of the head? Is your Nerv
ous System depressed? Does your
blood circulate badly? Have jou a
cough? Lo Spirits? Coming up of
the food after Eating? &c, . All
of these and much more are. tho di
rect results of Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, and Indigestion. Green's Ait
gust Flower is now aeknowleged by
till Druggists to be a positive cure.
2,-100,000 but lies were given away in the
U. S. through Druggists to the people
as a trial. Two doses will satisfy any
person of its wonderful quality in cur
ing all forms of indigestion. Sample
bottles lOcts. Regular size 75cts. Sold
positively by all first-class Druggists in
the U.S.' 11-tf-alt.
M At ' 1 1 1 X Ell Y.
Lfd!l;'e:enr ma(di!nei? with
which lluMder, Cabinet
j Makers, Wagon Makers
and Jobber in miscellaneous
work e: i ite as to l'At.
tv am 1'iiicK with steam
power manufacturing ; alo
Amateur's supples, saw
bindes, fancy woods and de
sins. Sav "w here yon real
this and send for e Ualoirue and prices. w.e.
Joil.v BAHNliS, EocKlord. Winnebago Co.
I'd. 132.
Have yon seen the Centennial Panel
pieces, painted by Frank Stacker, and
on exhibition at Carruih's? 43tf.
Team of large horses, harness and
wagon for sale at a bargan. Enquire
at Sage Bitos.
A new American and a new Wilson
for sale at the IIekald Ollice.
Early Seed corn (Sanfordi at Ruff
ner fc Black's. Bt7.
If you want to get your chimneys
cleaned or your stove polished, call on
Chas. Brown, or leave orders at John
Boone's barber shop, at any hour of the
day or night. 0 cents a-stove and 51)
cents a flue. 42tf
Old newspapers for sale at the IIek
ald oilice, T5c per hundred.
Fine Boots for $3.00.
Fine sewed boots for 7.03
. Alexis Buckle shoes for 1.50
Shep.wood's hoot & shoe Empokium,
Plaltsmouth, Neb. ll-tf.
Our lady trimmer is an experienced
artiste and can trim in any stvle desir
ed. 5-tf Solomon & Nathix.
Pr. SchercUs l'abio'c Synipj
S k. a 7-;.rsT Ton le, am r T.I a w rm -re V i i.i s
Tne-ae medicine: have undiinblodiy pcrlufn.ed
nior-f cures of Consumption than any other rem
edy known to the Anieiiean pnM!e. They are
compounded of veelalde invedicn! s, and eon
luin noiiiini; -which can be injurious to tiie im-
iiii'.u constitution. Oilier remedies ;idvetii" l
as cures foi Consumption, piobab'y eoniainupi-
nin, which is a i-oniewhat dangerous dnu in al I
cases, and If taken freely by couMimplive p- 1
lien:, it inut do pteat injury ; l"r its tendency
I.s to conrtne the inorhid matter in the system, I
which, id course, must make a cure iinpossjp'e.
hchctick'.s imimouie Hvruu if warranted no; to i
,.,,ran .i i article of it is corniced of t
powerful but harmless herbs, which act on the
funx. iivt r. stomach and Mood, and thus cor
rect all secretions, and expel all the di
sease a matter from the body. 1 hese are the
only means by which eoin-iimption can beetl ed,
and as Scheiieli's Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed
Touie, and Mandrake pills ai e the only medi
cines which operate lathis way. it i- obvious
they are the only genuine cure for Pulmonary
Consumption. Each bottle of this invaluable
medicine is accompanied by full directions. Dr.
Scheuck is proles:onally at his principal office,
corner Sixth and Arch .streets, Philade!u:.ia. ev
ery Monday, w here ail leliers for advice must
In the whole history of medicine, no
preparation has ever performed such
marvellous cures, or maintained so
wide a reputation, as Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, which is recognized as the
world's remedy for all diseases of the
throat aud lungs. Its long-continued
series of wonderful cures in all cli
mates has made it universally known
as a sate and reliable agent to employ.
Against ordinary colds, which are the
forerunners of more serious disorders,
it acts speedily and surely, always re
lieving suffering, and often saving
life. The. protection it affords, by its
timely use in the throat and lung dis
orders of children, makes it an invalu
able remedy to be kept always on hand
in every home. No person can afford
to be without it, and those who have
once used it never will. From their
knowledge of its composition and
effects, Physicians use tlie Cherry Pec
toral extensively in iheir practice, and
Clergymen recommend it It is abso
lutely certain in its remedial effects,
and will always cure when ernes are
possible. For sale by all Dealers.
J. V. Week bach will pay in cash or
goods the highest market price for any
amount of potatoes. 2'Jtf
"40 acres in sect ion town twelve, range clov
en. 3 miles south-east of Louisville talion, 15. &
M. R. It. Cass County,. Xcl ia.s'. a.
139 Acres I'EicJer Ci:ltiva(ioa,
Willi house aud barn, orchard and forest trees,
plenty of sorim; water. Will be sold iu i acre
tracts If desired. Enquire of Jos. Schlater.jew
cler, riaitsiaoidh, Mcb. . HtnO
Julius Pepperbcrg, Cigar Manufac
turer, on Main St.. l'lattsmotith, Neb.
Cigar ('iippings tit" Spanish and Ameri
can i'obai-coes for smoking purposes.
Foi Sa Best qualit ies of plug-smok-iig
too teeo always on hand. -20-tf.
Loaral Notice.
To Hurlwc 3T. Tuillc:
You are hereby nidified that liei rietla H.
Tuttie Ii:h fu -d her pe'i: ion iu the District Court
of Cas- County and State of Xel ra-ka, icratust
you. the object and prayer of said p' tuion is
that she may be divorced from you. sl:e siliees
a causes therefor. w:ll;ii! absen'ee oa your p ut
for more than two yea; ;md a failu e to furnish
a sir! tat do main tui nance, you are f ui ! her notified
that you are required to answer sac,4. p lition on
or before the tdh day of August, A.I). tsTT.
Chapman & SpitAiiCE, solicitors. 14U
Slr.iveJ from Phittniouth on Tium1:iv timru-
in;r. tlie 15th day of Mav, 1st7, one bav Itoise, 10
years o'o. ami atiout 1.", 1 1 inns hlh. a alt le h;te
ou one hind hoof, blind ni left eye, cannot, teil
his blindness only by trying the eye. The eye
appears as ;:ood. and is as full a riht eye. Any
iillortnatron leading to his recovery liberally re
warded. (UtJ) E. il. lliiKRl.VUTuN,
Sheriffs Sale.
Bv virtue of an execution Issued by Wm. L
Weils, clerk of District Court, second Judicial
district, wit In n and for Cass County. XclTaska.
;nd to me directed. I will on the Siith day of
Juiy. A. D. Is77, at 11 o'clock, a. m., .of sai l day.
at the south door ol the i oint House, in lue
cny of I'laiiiuoutli. in said Count v, sell at pub
li;1 "auction the tollowinu real es.ate to-wit :
Lots live, six, seven and eiL'ht ti, 7 & S), iu
block one ( 1 , in Miekeiwaii's addition to the
city of Platisniouth, Nebraska ; also lots one.
two. three ami four, (1. i", a iS: 4i. in block two i2)
in same addiliou ; also lots one. two, ttirei
four. live. six. seven and ci-'ht. (1.2. 3. 4, D, t5, 7
& kj, iu block three (:,i. in same addition ; and
also lots o:i", two. three and four, (1, 2, 3 & 41. in
block four (4) in fame addition ; and lots one.
two, three, four, live. six. s:jven. einht, nine aud
ten, O. 2. 3. 4. r.. 6. 7, S, 9 & 10), in section twelve.
il2i, town twelve (12). north l-iinire thirteen (13).
cast of the sixth (f.ih iniiiciiial meridian, as
shown by the plat of Wneatlcy and Illissimda
.MicKeiwaii on tile in me county t ieiKsnnce
of Cass County, Nebraska ; Tne same beini: lev
ied unon and "taken as the property of W iiet
ley Miekelwait. dffendant ; to ati-fy a judi
nient of said Court, recovered by .John D. Tutt,
Platismouth, Neb., June 27th, A. D. Is77.
ii. li. CLTLEK,
i4to .Sheriff.
Legal Notice.
Estate of Wcllielniine Mertens. deceased.
Notice is hereby riven to all persons having
claims against the estate of Welhelinine Mcr
tens, to file the same in the ofiice of the County
Judge, I'lattsuioutli. Cas Couniy, Neb., on r
before the 22d dav of Dccemher, A. D. t77, and
to meet the adiniui-trator of caid estate at one
o'clock of saiJ day. at said lime and place, for
the allowance of ilie same.
Wm. H. Newcll, County ludcre.
June 19th, 1877. i:t3
Legal Noti
Estate of Mathias Tyson, deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all persons having
claim against the eMate of Mat bias Tyson, de
ceased, to file fhesainetn I lie ollice of the Cnuu
ty Judge, Plattsmout li. Cits- County, Neb., on
or before the 2tith day of December, A. D. 177,
aud to meet the admieUtiator of nid estate at
one o'clock of sa'nl day, at said time aud place
for allowance of the same.
Wm. H. N ewell, Countv Judge.
June. l'.Uh, 1S77. Ut3
Legal Notice.
Estate of P. J. Smith, deceased.
Notice is hereby given to ;,11 persons linvln;;
chains against the estate of P. J. Smith, deceas
ed, to tile the same in the ofiice of -the County
.) udge. Plat! Miiout b, ass Couniy. Neb., on or
betore the 2lst day of December. A . 1. 1S77. and
to meet the administrator of said estate :it one
o'clock of said day, at said time and place, lor
the allowance of the same.
Wm. H. Xr.wi.Lt., Cotitity Judi;e.
June luili, 177. l:u:
Legal Notice.
In the niati'-r if the estate of T. A. King. Ee-
fore W. 11. Xcwell Couniy Judge, in and tor
said county.
To whom it tmty cunc:) a:
Nt!ce is hereby giviui that an''c.iti,ui bps
been tiled in the County Court to have W. T.
Ft beridge appointed ad mi nisi ralor of the estate
of T. A. King, deccasi d. a.nd said caiwe is t-et
for bearii-g e.t the oh'ce f the County Ju'!e. in
Plattnioiith. on the 2:!h day of June, A. D. I.s77.
at one o'cltH-K p. ni. of said day, at which time
and place all persons intereiv d mav njipeirand
show caiiNC. il 'any t hey have, wily the said W.
T. Etheridge should not be ap(ointed such ad
ministrator ot said estate.
Witness mv hand this p.uh day of June, A. D.
1?77. at l'latti"ii!out!i Neb.
I2t3 W. H. Nkwf.ll, County Judge.
Taken up on my farm on the 13th day of May,
1S77. One dark bav Iiorse 13 bauds b;gh, 9 or 10
yexrs old. star in forehead, bolii hind feet w hite.
Farm is fdttiaied 6 milea soutli -w est fioni Weep
ing Water Falls.
V."re(iin Water, May 301 il, 1677.
lite- T. Clakk.
Probate Notice.
In (be matter of the estate of Henry Caribni t.
deceased. Ia-fore V. H. Xeweii (. ouutv Judi;;,
in aud for Cass county, Nebraska.
To uh'im it may ror.;r;t:
Notic- I hfirrby given that Eli.abe!h Cmibart
has ".led an apjdieat iou in the County Court, in
aim iiTiavi t ouniy .hi-di aKa. to lc appointed
atrix of thcVsiate of "iii i,rv' .:tiihart
auuiiui .i r
iifcf iiwi, iimi s;ini i:;mi.s ii set for nciaii't
, and said cau.e i i set for 'hei:i u.E at
1 ho nni:. of .,1,1 - ,. i,,.i ... i i -1 ., i , r. ! i,
ou the ixi dav of Ju-;e. A. IKU", at on- o'H.k-K
p ni ofs iid'd iv -it whic'i tin' -nid place a'l
persons interested mav appearand h. v cau.c
if at.v thev Inif whv the said Hiy ilx'lh in-
hart should not be appointed sucil admiuist.ra
trix ol said estate.
iiness my hand at Piatl"inouth, Neb., thi
13Hayof June, A. D. !s.7.
. Wm. M. S'c xxn I , Co. .lad-;-.
fi it ,! i- i - v-
r-?:-ived to tV lower p-i!t of Main street
n v.iiat ivas Djvv':; Store, tlis
-- 5i.,,
XlllIlGI13j kJwwCil 01 iHxUlLurO
... . . ,.
is larger than he expected, and he
T fT" T
yy I ! di O ill Lj ll VJ 1 i!
..., i,.,...!
! i
l'-M.-"i w
Greailv Reduced Prices, s
Rememlier the new st'ind down town, a 80 :
FOOT STgRE. Two stories tail of lia tiilure. ss
Before I pack it awy and have to Ili kIIp it
all over. 1 want to sell oil a o. id deal. Mow i.s j a
your time to buy,
In FlaUsr.iJiit'i, Neb., on Fourth St., about I he
you w ill find :
Corn i'Saiiler, (hand &. Iiors?)
Sti!Zy Flows,
and ail kinds of Farm Implements and
Shelf Hardware, Tin Ware, &c,
Hungarian and Millet.
Ssed for Sale
V,iyon, Bii'juy, 2livldm and Flow re- j
pairniy, and giurral jobbing.
I am now prepared to do all hinds of repairing
ot larui mid ol iter niacl.itiery. as tiieie
is a yood lathe in my shop.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
has taken charge of the -wan-on shop.
He is well known as a
tfew Wagons h?iI Pitch's u:aue to
Shop on Sixth street, ooposite Streight's Stable
tVl!SOB.i:SAL,L: axu iie:taip...
The old tOXXEK STARLES In Phittsniniith
Neb., have been icascil by Dr. Jones, and be
has opened a new and hamNou'e livery iu this
w ell known barn. The finest mid best of hoists
and carriages always ready to let.
Horses kept for Sa'e
or to Trade.
I desire to give notice that I have a larire.
haiuNome brick barn, with plenty of room for
horses and wagons. I can put farmers stock
:m 1 wagons, loads tif grain or ativ'.hiMi ail mi
ller cover, il. the drv. Reteciuber this.
Thanking all mv i;.' p.itior.s for their i.e-iiy
favors. I solicit their trada Ibis coining year,
sat ist) ed I can accommodate t hem totter and do
better by theia than ever before. 3-yl.
jiaehluit. ?t an old llaker aii'l Siua
net of 'I lirefliiic rtIurliiii-M,
has opened asdiop on Sixth Street near Mr. Don
e!!y.s'lhieksmit!i and Wagon Shop where he has
prepared hnn-elf to do ar y and all machine win k
w ithout eveepiiou. He ha a No. 1 Lathe can
turn iu wood, iron, sleelu, and all ot her metal in
connection w it h machine worn. He can do any
thir.g required in a gunsmith, even to making a
gun. of which we have the evidence in h Pat.
breach loader throwing one two or three balls at
onee at will of the gunner.
Mr Hen. V. sitrader a farmer uearKock f'.luffs
an edd acquaintance of Mr. Kinser from irgin
ia can be refcred to in regaril to his former con
nection wil li the manufacture of thresliiug ma
chines. tJivrf Mr. Kinsrr a call and will insure
you satisfactory work oil any part of a Thresh
ing; Machine. 52-ni.
l fl il n'':,n"t bemad
UliUm,"!t!l i!I th '
JlJjJjjLliose willing
jt'an't be made by every ngnt every
efMisinesswe iuiuimi, iui
: to work can easily earn a
rozen (looars a nav rtgnt iiitiuit own ik-ii cs.
Have no room to exolain here. iiuMiiess nlcw?
at and honorable. Women, hov.s and girls no
-..II .. T.ti.i. Wa ,,111 f,,r,xi. i...M,l..t.
outfit free.' Tiie basin -ss nav- bi-ilcr than anv
thing else. We wv.l bear expense f starting
you. Particulars free. Write auix see. Farm-;
I ":;::V, o:.e.VVf," ' Z ? - X'Z'
should vriVe to us and learn alfab out the work
it ouce. Novfisthe time. Don I ilelav. Ad -
'r'iLE & Co.. Augusta, Maine.
.. . ', !i;!i!i,-!
Ufl;.Ktk- -,: M v
A--i : ':;.-" X -f
i 1
. Y Mi!
it R 'J-i
We were the first to introduce tLis very worthy varietv of swine l.;l .1 1 1 - - lta
tested them thoroughly and we are convinced they are by 'far the 11101 .l;i d'le bu-td for tin
. . . r . 1 1 . ... -........ I. 1 ... 1 . . - J
farmers of tint conn 1 rv for the fii!o i er r"io!is :
E.niy'.tity, ip ; t depn.-itio.i, goud breeders, go.e! mother, and the very best .e:l in
Iho w oriii to cross witn tile b'igf. i-oi. uieeds, icisiug thera beauty ol iorui, ino.iovi.ig teii-
! fattening qualities .and greatly iiit rvAi lg t, e
a'!' "Oxr ureeu. lneir eo,or is D'.ack, t he skin
! neuce nicy navt no .siau i or skui uiscase w r.icli
I try. :.! J ..ey ar- ni,l r.,M,j,-rl t rnokra in eoinnioii with her swine. li.-y .are ibe la -ct i t.
i t:'c s,nad br-eds. i. aKtng from three t: four huudiaU D'S ii Mie J 8ar-tiii.nt;i k.i iifu-: . ) r
' 70J pound:-t:d can be f k-td ;tt Huy age.
e have leiw a very -hoie lot of nigs from mx diflereot ImporU'tloi.s. av l jre prepared t
male pigs properly for g, and warrant
Ull i fi5 1 Uiii i ' ' '-' --
n WKxro;; r. iov.'a.
11. 1
I . . l!i-.Ai!o.CTPNP Pi, MP
Fl a t ts no u th . Si ;-.
PosMsms the Foll-m'iay Sitijcriard-'-
1. It is nev.-r aff-'cted by frost-- lcptb itu;
tapninn. rai-inu of the handle or oi her cat e
2. " It starts wiih the lir e or second in "h ,
the handie. and the tlo.v ceases t he moiui u!
slop, leaving no drippings to iorui mud or ic
w inter, on and a round the il..i!onu.
3. 11 throithly veiitiiafes the cll. r. :
it of foul air.
4. It fcaves its cost every year iii labor ; if r.
to easy
5. It Is Invaluable in cae cf lite an eni u
eT ready at yotir door.
C. The cyliudei lu-iiife d ulnae. s!id !a.-ed
the in-i'!e. is eipial to, and much sti'-ui :
tltere is no sliiae or l.'lll ever collectiie; 4-n n
7. The well requires no ' leaning out aft -i
of thc-e pumps is set in one thai is clean.
s. It combines both the f;
principle, w liich elves it an i-iual pristue ;
the water, t brow in a; a tendy strc.n n. hot h .
the up and down motion of I he handle;
9. l liis pti'iip always hi b-'-s nicl n aler f
the Mart, the water slat. din j d-t-lt w the i . '
in a si one cylinder.
in. The buckets may be removed at any li;
without moving the pump or platform.
Thev will throw from fitly to scvenly-flve I-
from t he end of a hose, l;i;i weilsup to ;: :
feet deep, with one band power.
They are alno very iisidul ior w ashing (Ml
ges, windows, .sprinkling lew us. K
Ea.-1 of Platte Villi: j IJx.ise.
In liv Town.
O'ood Teams A;r;ys i-n II' n f.
Careful Drivers sjnt with c;
riages if desired.
Carriages sent to Depot p meet a!i tir
whenevcr ordred.
THi ONLY HE-iS'-E i.'t TOWN,
Funerals attended ami artiaes fund bed
friends. Address, .1. W. SUA N X; '.
42-ly i'ilits-I-vilh, Xe'o
O . " --.
S" - ' i '
t - . "
s- Z. -J t fi
1 i
-J- "
2. O
1 2
C CO v- w
IB r.
is T
dealt: :t in
n & TI? r rT
Lounges, Tables, Bedsteads
etc., i.ic, Ere.. "
Of All Descriptions:
I of aU slzcs- ",,! Hndsold . Iir.ip for ea-b.
With many thanks rr p;.-! patmnage. I invli-j.
invite all to call and oan in" my
4otf. rritxiTi tr. roi'Fis.
four 8i
-' v vo "-- s .---,, ' '.
unality ot the bauis. which hi
1.01 e. i:c,i o;.
is perfectly sinooiu. ami v 1
n and ba -
w hire tmgs are surij ufi in a mac s::i c -
every pig puie or no sa!
, .':. ;' '':
ibepon, i'jn In ..,- !'.).. f---ii
- r.