Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 26, 1877, Image 3

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    H E II E II A L I).
' Transient, 25cents a line. Kegular advertis
rs, im cents -r line. No advertisement iusert
?J for lew than V cents.
Lesal notice at Statute rate.
Attorneys and otltecr .f the law ri iil be nchl
fejoiensiblc for aWleifal notices they lutml ill,
situ! sill parties demanding .si proof of publica
tion ot any notice will be Isciu
for the V'Ubhc.t-
tlon foe of such notice.
A nr.r space Is limited, eoinmunieaCtuns
nust be brief said to the .,iiu, wltli no warde
The pafer n re spsMisible for the correctness
according to copy of psiid matter ami jjuiI Le
gal. only.
1. Any person who takes the paper regularly
from the s'-oitice. whether din ;ed to his
name, or whether tic Is a sub-Hriber or not-is
resixmsihlo for tfce pav.
2. If ray person ordeis his p;iier discontin
ued, lie ia-ist p:iv ll sirrefirases, or the publish
er may ci.ntimie to tPinl it until pnvmcnt is
made, and collect the whole amount, whether
the p.ip-T is taken from the ohies or not.
3. I ie com ts have decided that refusing to
t. iivv-.i:per and iodicals from tiie mxt
p:Iu c. or ivm.v h!4 ami having them cm-atled
for. i )Tit,n t-jcic cv i .l- ucc i t imi:m i". i.
13. & M. R.R.Timo Table.
i.'unnttd Xumlay, April 1st, 1877.
Ltavt-t .", :' a. M. Arrives 8 a. in.
-2 :JO p. 111. " 3 :Vi p. m.
Lea-, es 9 nl a. in. An i e 10 :24 a. tn.
t :W p. in. T : l-
roK jm: wKsr.
Leaves Plstttsmo 1M1 :ia n. 111. Arrives Lin
VC'.li.U l." p. ill. ; Arrives Kearney. : ') p. tn.
i"r--.'fcht le.ivsT :M:i. la. Ar. Lincoln ii
i :.t rm: west.
.-e.avos K t -ii 'n -v. i : ' a. m. Lcives Lincoln,
J.t :io p. in. Arrives i "l. 1 1 1 111 : 1 1 1 . 'i :1." l. m
KrIht leaves Lincoln 11 :r, a. in. Arrives
rilif.siii'ju'.ii. 4 AS p. lit.
170IN'.. LAST.
Express. C :) ;l. in.
r:i-nK r, itiaia each day) -i :' p. in.
i;i(iVA(. am iirrAK'n hi: or pi.atts-
JIOl III MAILS., xokturkx k soi niKi:N
Arrive at - 9 :"! a. 111.
Popart fit - 5 r:w r. m.
- :o.i p. in.
Arii-.e at 10 C a. in. I Depart at - 2 :15 p. in.
VCSTF,:iN VH !'.. Sc M.
.rrie at - ? :j p. 111. I Depart at - 0 :( a. in.
VVK.I- riN't: WiT'f!!.
Ariivr at 1.' :i o in. i Depart at - '.' :"i p. in.
U- Civ I'.I.l Ft S rXIllX MILLS.
Arrive ar. u n -i :u. 1 Depart sit - 1 :' r- "i.
J. W. MA US II A LL. V. M.
P. .ill to-night, at I'itzgerahl Hall.
L";;;e stock of D.ied Ik'ef, canvassed
at W'-ckbach's.
Coot', wool hats for els. ;-.t Sti'.d
ci man's.
Mitaical Concert to-r.ight, a'. Pilz
g -raid Hall.
No 1 Sugar Cured Haius canvassed
at Weckbaeh's.
tit... d pair plough boots for c'2.00 at
St.tdclnmu's. tf.
-OuH-cit ;md Jkill to-night go
ar.d har, and ee. and dance.
ir want a No. 1 cheap suit for
-0. so to t.iue'itiian's. If.
As wo are all sefSil. now, k-t v.s
v.-bat we si re .v -rh.
.uo-l pair ovcrar.'.s for 40 cts at :-ra!-t
Iioais's. tt-
-No ivnu'dy can compare with "For
est Tar Salve" for curing Piles.
Hats A Hat One Hat sit Stalel
luau's -J") to r,D ct-; S to 7. Apr 11).
Eli Plummer. the Merchant h;is gone
cast fur a new stock of general mt r
fhandise Ioik out l-v his add next
week. -t-1-
There is a horso race reported at
Hock Dluffs on Tuesday . bit ween a
horse owned by Sharp and one by
C raves.
Mr. Noniiio.fs Politics for Young
America. Who's got him?
rull.toek of extra groceries at
Wcckb ich's.
plow r-nor.s
only 03 cents at Merges shoe store. It
Tii! number of inhabitants in Cass
County, according to last census is 11.
22 .
The Saunders House is doing a
gou-1 b-asines evidently, from the ap
pearance of the Ih gisstcr.
Mrs. Johnson and Miss Sweeney keep
n hand a stock of gloves, ties, Alc, of
standard brands ami styles. 4r,'
Messrs. E.G.Dovey and Henry Doeck
have trailed business houses. Well, rny
lliiiig to make business lively. It
l'resh stock canned goods, oranges,
lemons, raisins, tigs, dates, cocoa nuts,
apples by the barrel, etc, at the P. O.
News Depot. o-U
Every fashionable sliade of silk for
trimmings, and also every fashionable
shape of hat, can be seen at Solomon &
Nathan's emporium. 5tf
Frank Guthiuan says (that is he
thought he said) that some of the big
men of Plattsniouth have shown a
great ileal of cf.lcial debility lately.
Don't fail to try the Diamond Crown
Fine Cut, the "boss" chewing tobacco
iu the market, for sale by J. P. Young
at the Post Otlico News Depot. 3-tl
Mrs. Johnson & Miss Sweeney are
agents for Dutterick's patterns, and are
constantly getting in new styles. 4.2
Where's that chap what wanted to
know the length of our cookies? stove
four or five weeks ago. We want some
nice dry cqttonwood, "cut up," about
Our lady trimmer is an experienced
artiite and can trim in any style desir
td. 3-tf. S'OLOMOK & Xathax.
Dr. Sehild knecht came home last
night with a buggy full of geese and
the Herald well the- Hesald will
have goose for dinner.
Ve learn that the Presbytery of Oma
ha, at its late session at Papillion, elec
ted Chaplain Wright a commissioner
to the General Assembly, which meets
in Chicago on the 17th proximo.
A new and varied stock of
See their new alvertiseinent in another
The Onialia Musical Concert will
give an entertainment in this place, on
Thursday evening, (April 20th). under
the leadership of Prof. Dueler. Tho
admission is Q cents. Thure will be a
ball after the Concert, admission also
1'or Sal?.
One Jack, four years lu, sound and
kind. Inquire at this o!li.;e, or of
LjAwklnci: Smith.
near Pock Dluffs. 4U
The corninunicition in regard to
School districts, in another place, is
published because the writer's name is
signed to it, and the 1 1 i:hali presumes
lie knows what lie is writing about.
It is a matter, of course, of which we
could know l.otliing alTout the facts.
Mrs. Johnson & Miss Sweeney have
blocks for shaping over old hats, into
all the latest styles. Go and they'll
make your old hat look"amaist as wiel's
the new." 4t2
The hoppers are hatching out in
patches all over and their hum as you
drive them up sounds like the whir of
woodcock or quail. Can't the State
Spvirtsmans' Association offer a prize
for s;!v)oti:ig them. How would hot
mush lo, sent from a mortar, say, and
spread over a lively patch of-hoppers.
Do something for us yeXimrods.
A note for 800, dated about the Cth
of April. Tlie note was signed by Sid
ney Miner and J. C. Norris and Ander
son lioot endorsers. Any party find
ing the same wiil please return to J.
Stroud at Plat tsinouth, Neb., and
")-tl J. Stloud.
Will the per.-ou who borrov.'ed our
Noidiiou's Politics for Young Ameri
ca, be kind enough to return the same
to the IIluald oilice.
"We have no 20 years exieriencs jji
the booL and s'uoa manufactory, and
!i:ive already learnt it to perfection.
Coed tlil'J caif hoots
ma Da To oudl'.iYo:: .SJG.50,
at. Xt rj'iS
shoe stcr. 5tl
We u:i Icrstaii-l from Mr. Drummon-.l,
that th.'-re ; boa Lite.stry Soci-jly
rt.trted in c-'r.uce.tou with t lie school,
to be held in the High School huilding.
and the iirst mc-etinj vill J. e 0:1 Friday
eveni!1., at 7;.'10 sharp.
P. S. V, 'itite has just received a lot
of Uriisr-ells, ingrain, and oil cloth car
pets, also a hL of new style carpeting,
ranging from 20 els. per yd. up. If
you wai't a I;trgai:i in carpets for cash
give him a call. o-ii
- Ki.te Chfiton appeared in .Lincoln
as an orphan, an I strange to say, escap
ed unburnt and unharmed by lire. Xo
l!ani"s bigger than those iu the grate
leaped after her this time.
The millinery department of Messrs.
Solomon it Nathan, is particularly full
and complete this season. Their con
nection with their wholesale house at
St. Joi! gives them advantage over all
smaller dealers. They propose furnish
ing that elas; of goods iu greater vari
ety, and at lower prices, than siuy
house on this side ox the Missouri Hiv
er. otf
We lind "The Ladies of the White
IIousv" in Frank Leslie's Popular
Monthly for April succeeded in tho
May number by "The Presidents at
Home." by Benson J. Lossing, LL. D.
Tlie article is illustrated with 17 fine
engravings, showing places of interest
in the history of our Presidents from
Washington down. The May number
is replete with choice literature, em
bracing short stories, incidents of trav
el, anecdotes, poetry, art science, etc.
It has some 70 illustrations among its
10J pages, concerning Penjamin Frank
lin, Santiago de Cuba, Elephant-Kap-ping
in Ceylon, Charcoal-burning, etc.,
etc. It is indeed up to its best stan
dard, and well worth its price
for one year. Send to Frank Leslie
oil Pearl Street, New York.
closing out::
The most elegant and best line of
of all grades, including a most beauti
ful assortment of
of different colors in tho market.
To be closed out for cash. Hcaon,
change of business. (-Uf) P. Meitgcs.
A i;ras!i:p;K?r llemedy.
A S.dinss, Kans-is, correspondent of
the Kansas City Jourail gives the
following 'hopper remedy.
We have li Ad the grasshoppers hatch
iug out here for some time past very
numerously, but the pests are begining
to be things of the past. We have
got the upper hand of them. It is very
simple and easily managed, and we are
killing millions of them.
Take a piece of sheet iron, say 10
feet long and 2 or 3 fc-et wide; saturate
a piece of cloth (calico, or anything)
with coal oil and place it on tho sheet
iron; place the iron on the ground,
and two boys can draw it. The 'hop
pers will jump onto it as it is drawn
along. They touch the coal oil and
it kills them almost instantly.
Cl'Uui;i oL-i u; v '.: -'. " "
S-1.00 ami S3.00, at tho It Oihce ' jwi
Depot. s .1
The debate before the JLiteary
Society on Saturday (the 29th) light
will be on the question of tho opjres
ion of Ireland vs Poland and Joe on
ner and Frank Stater will take. a l inil
and may be a foot in the melee.
The following are the leba 01s
on each side.
Affirmative. Negative.
Wooley. Conner.
Fairfield. Drummonl.
Fry. Nichols.
Morrison. "Way man.
Wells. O'Neill
McDonagh. MacMurph .
Windham. Cashing.
Excelsior Humes Shop.
Any thing in tlie line of Hames or
Harness trimming in any style at 1 ry
an and Chambers. 5-ti
Wishavfj made arrangements tohve
Magazines, Medical and Law repc-is,
and other pamphlets bound. Aply
at the Hekald oihce. t!
To the executive committee and
board of directors, of the Cass County
Agricultural Society.
There will be a meeting of the 020
utive committee and board of direct rs,
of the Cass County Agricultural Sode
ty, in the Court House, in Plattsmoi ;li,
Xeb.. on Tuesday May 1st, 1S77, ai 2
o'clock p. in., to take action on reput
from committee on Premium List, ; ad
all other business that will comcbef ve
said meeting, all members of said cc 11
mittee, and board of directors, are ht:!
by requested to be present.
Jiy order of the President.
412 J. P. Yol'xg, See'y
Oid newspapers for sale at the Hik
ALD oilice, 7,1c per hundred.
I would respectfully announce to tie
Ladies of Plattsmouth, that I am p e
pared to do dressmaking iu ail the l. t
est and most approved styles. Yoir
patronage is kindly solicited. Cutti ig
and fitting a speciality.
Corner Main and Sixth Sts.
6-tl. Miss Despaix. '
closixc; OUT.
The best and largest stock of
in the county, bound to be sold out f r
cash. (4tf) Petf.i: Meuges. . Daily.
Xew supplies of millinery goods, it
t,.i.., c. 1 ;.. . ; ............... ..Mil-.
j J113. ) iMjuffu.i cv .-i n.i o i .ivj d.i 11 .
newest shapes 111 hats, .Normandy, 1j1
ton, hats turned down, hats turned ip
on on" side, hats turned up in front,
hats of chip.of straw, black Ilus, white
hat , brown hats, cream-colored hats.
Then the trimmings; handsome French
fiowers, cheaper American flowers, bi:t
just as handsome, in cream color, ia
sulphur odor, in mandarin, the ex
tremely l'ashionahle color, and in any
iliinj von m av call for. Go and look
at tbetiL 4bJ
Coiacll Proccetlir-j-s.
Council Chamiie:;, April 21.
Mayer Johnson in the chair, and
Clerk call.-1 the roll. Preset, Mayor,
Marshal, Clrk, s:nd Co-:ncilme:i Wells.
Icrri::g!".n. j ,VPV-t Pepporberg. and
Guthiuan. Ah-u-nt -Cushhig, Plum
mer and Yallery. Minutes of !at meet
ing read and approved.
Minute? of board of equalization re;td,
and, aft'-;r certain corrections in min
utes 1:1 regard to assessment of C. IT.
Parmele, were then approved.
Councilman Welhi ollcred a resolu
tion requiring Clerk to cuter all City
Ordinances heretofore passed in the
mi'iute hook, indexing same passed.
He-port of City Marshal ending April
1-j. Reported two prisoners arrested
and placed in jail, and lined S" each.
Committee on fire and water asked
for permission to fix up pump, at the
well of the old Piatto Valley House,
and any other wells on Main street,
and keep them in repair to be iu readi
ness in case of tire passed.
On motion, reading minutes of board
of health was deferred until next meet
ing. Moved that the old board of health
bo re-elected, with the exception of J.
M Patterson, in whose stead Dr. ft. H.
Livingston was placed carried.
John E. Parties was appointed by
the Mayor, and confirmed by the Coun
cil, as sexton.
Mayor appointed City Marshal to act
as Street Commissioner, which appoint
ment was confirmed by tho Council.
Mayor called the attention of. the
Council to several matters, such as jo'o
bing wagons on the street should pay
license, &e. ; further stated tha "he has
in his possession about 623,000 iu fund
ing bonds, turned over by Mayor Liv
ington. Mayor informed the Council, that he
had as the opinion of Judge Lake, that
city dare not draw more than 90 per
cent, of our levy.
Moved that the disposition of tlie
funding bonds be made a special order
for next meeting carried.
Councilman Dorrington offered a res
olution authorizing the Street Commis
sioner to employ teams, tcand remove
th loose dirt from the wall of the cut
on Pearl street carried.
Pills of O. H., F. M. Young,
W. F. Dennett, J. H. Johnson. W. F.
Morrison, and others, were presentel,
and passed into tho hands of the finance
Resolution oiYered by Councilman
Pepperberg, re luiring City Treasurer
to piess the collecting of all delinquent
city taxes carried.
Resolution, by Councilman Pepper
berg. commendatory of tlie late Mayor,
P.. II. Livingston, ia the discharges of
his ofiichd duties, was read, and on mo
tion of Mi. Pepperberg, was passed.
Moved that Ordinance Xo. be
made special order for next meeting
Moved, that the applications for li
cense bo made a special order for next
meeting carried.
On motion. Council then adjourned
until next regular meeting.
i tut cole . L j , , i. 1 ; cc 1 . ' ' 1 -Drew
will please come forward ami
settle at once as the books must be
close dnow Remember this. To
be found at the old store, now occupied
by Eli Plummer, Plattsmouth April
13th. A. Deew.
Elegant new fiowers in all the latest
shades, till ul green, iri'itisJaria and
sulphur color, silks to mutch, stud Mis.
L. IJ. Crocker. & Co.- will put them to
gether to form a hut after the latest
style and to suit everyone, at a moder
ate price. - 4-3t
Commissioner's Proceedings.
Plattsmouth, April 3d, 1877.
Board met at 1 o'clock p. m. Pres
ent Arnold Ramsey and Wolfe, Com'rs,
W. L. Wells, deputy clerk.
Petition for appointment of A. A.
Laverty supervisor of District Xo. 30,
was granted.
Order allowed G. M. Flower, super
visor Dist. Xo. 32, for $10.
The following accounts were allow
ed on general fund:
J C Xew berry justice's docket. .
II J Streight. paper fastener, etc.
P L Wise, making abstract en
tered lands
O F Johnson sundries per bill. .
W Ii Wells cash paid for seal of
district court
F. E. White, coal for use of Co...
3 33
13 SO
The following accounts were allow
ed on poor f mid :
J. C. Eikenberry for keeping, pau
pers at poor farm 38 00
Clapp&Greenslat. goods for pau
pers per order of com'rs
G. II. lilack, salary Co. physician
quarter ending April 1st, 1877.
Henry 13 eck, 2 coffins for paupers
20 00
30 00
14 00
The following was submitted to
Judge Sprague for his opinio.n: "Does
the money received by Cass county on
redemption of tax sales belong to the
general fund, and should tho same be
added to amount of levy undrawn and
drawn against ?"
Ordered that assessors' claims lie ov
er until next meeting of the board.
The claim of Elsie Miller for care of
Mrs. Engle was rejected.
The following claims were allowed:
P. J. Snook, cutting and storing
wood 11 C8
M. P. Cutler, boarding prisoners,
jailors fees, etc 104 30
J.C.Cummin, sundries as per bill 10 00
C.P.Moore, clerk for enteriugset-
tlement of Treas., postage etc..
J. II. Puttery, sundries as per bill
12 00
0 03
Ne:;. Hkkald, sundry printing
per bill ... 23 73
Allow on poor fund, Fred Goer-
der, for coal 20 20
J. II. Puttery, sundries as per lull 9 03
The following claims were rejected:
Jno. E. Rai nes, digging grave for
11. Garrett's child 2 00
Frank Young, boarding small
pox patients 53 00
Tini remonstrance, asking the with
holding of the publication of statement
of financial condition of tlie county,
etc., boing taken up by the board, Mr.
Ramsey moved that the remonstrance
lie on the table, seconded by Mr. Wolfe,
upon which the aos and nays were ta
ken lo-wit: Aye, Mr. Ramsey; nays, Wolfe and Arnold motion lost.
Thereupon Mr. Wolfe moved "That
the publication of the llaau'-ial state
ment of Treasurer be published in the
Ne;;;:aska IIe::ali." Mr. Ramsey
declined to second tlie motion, and re
quested the clerk to note his position
o.i the record, he taking the position
"that the matter of tli" publication of
said statement had b:eu disposed of,
sind that to order it published in anj'
other paper than tho Vtrouii;le would
be doing an injustice to the publishers
of said paper.ctc." ilr. A mold second
ed the motion, when the ayes and nays
were taken on the question, to-wit:
aye?, Mr. Wolfe; nays, Mr. Ramsey.
Mr. Arnold voted aye, and declared the
question carried. It is therefore order
ed that said statement be published in
the Nehuaska IIeuald.
Tha following claims were allowed
on the general fund:
G. P. Crippen services as super
intendent for Feb. 1877 00 00
G. Yi. Crippen, services as super
intendent for March, 1377 10S 00
G. P. Crippen, office rent, etc.. . . 23 30
The following accounts were allow
ed on the land road fund:
G.W.Fairfield, staking out bridg
es. &c
G. W. Mayfield, assisting rairiii 1.1
11 00
3 00
Eor the Hkisalh.
School District Affairs.
Mr. Editou I have a few plain un
varnished facts to offer tha readers of
the Heu.ald, viz;
It is a fact that a certain man drew
up a petition asking for the division
of a school district, which petition was
signed by ilcrcti supposed legal voters.
Two other names appear on the same
sheet signed to separate communica
tions, one of which was on the back,
stating that the writer was not settled
permanently, and did not wish to take
any part iu the matter; the other, a
non-resident stated that he owned 120
acres, and intended to build.
It is a fact tint a certain county
Superintendent of Public Instruction
did count thirteen names as signed to
said petition, and granted the same.
It is : fact that before and when
said Superintendent granted said peti
tions he had before him a remonstrance
against granting said petition, which
remonstrance was signed hy twelve. le
gal voters.
Twelve vs. eleven eleven counts
the most and wins.
It is a fact that before and at the
time said petition w;u granted, anoth
er petition signed by twelve legal vot
ers was before said Superintendent
asking for tho division of the same
school district on another line, having
no remonstrance against it, which pe
tition could not bo granted by said
Superintendent, but must be and was
laid over indefinitely by said Superin
tendent saying he did not know as said
petition was the wish of the people.
The above faots are dated April, 1877
Cass County, Xebraska.
Lewis Calkins.
o. j:.
Rush Fellows has returned from
We are afraid the letter of F. P. C.
is to personal for publication.
R. Ashmun, W. W. drops down on
the IIkuald once more.
G. T. Thomas, of Four Mile, made
the Herald happy by his presence one
day not long since
Jas. Hall Esq., of Eight Mile Grove
called on tho Hekald one day last
week, It ain't corn planting lime now
diet Smith went down to Lincoln
and skated around with the yjmng la
dies, oh so cute,we'll never tell who.
Capt. Paine, he fell under the table
and tried to grab a bench leg. The leg
came off and Capt. kept on. If he'd
been a big man the floor would have
been no where.
The grange Xctcs Ltttrr issued by the
Executive Com. of the State grange, at
Lincoln a very neat little paper, 1. E.
Peardsley manager- comes to hand.
Mrs. Marshall has just returned
from a Session of the Womans For
eign Missionary Society held at Lin
coln. Eli Pluintner has gone east to buy
a crop of goods and if wheat goes up
much more he'll come back with two
stores full of truck to supply the de
mand. Our friend Reed at W. W., is a very
pious man, lie won't work Sundays nor
even pay for work done on that day.
That's right, we'il read our Pible bet
ter next time or old Martin Luther.
Tom Stevenson, of Xeb, City, Law
yer, in town Monday says hop hophop
ers ca can't get out an injunction big
enough to cover this country and serve
it iu time to destroy all the crops.
T. A. Taggart, Salesman for the fujn
of Weil & Calm of St. Joe was takTa
very sick at the Stadelman house on
last Monday evening. Dr. Hudson at
tended him and the next morning lie
went on his way rejoicing.
A good blooded Jack, also kept at
the same place with the stallion "Ma
jor", at reasonable terms.
5-t2 H. L. Skiuvix.
You can get the best 3ct. cigar at the
P. O. Xews Depot, a fact that cannot
be disputed, which we can testify to
from personal knowledge. 3-tl
The undersigned will keep a town
herd, having rented the Platte Bottom
for that purpose. We shall commence
the herd on the morning of the 1st of
May. All persons desiring to put cat
tle in said herd must have them prompt
ly on hau l at7 o'clock mornlug.and
we will not be responsible for any dam
age loose csittle may do after that time.
We shall have eoireli at the follow
ing places so ;;s to accomodate all.
South of town near MicUd wait's
One oy thr old circus ground on
Washington Ave.
One oil Cth street, near (.'has. Vi all's
Cows fi per month.two hd., ?2, 3 hd.,
73 cts. apiece.
Li:Asi.r.Y, Oi.ivr.r., Tjiompsox.
1 113 MARKETS.
noiir: maukeis.
i i:r 10. c. 1:. -.vni ri:.
C.i! rt. . .
I I lls
.... 1 JO'.-- 12i
:'. I Hi
latest new yolk make lis
Xf.w Your. April 2".
(ioia IOC7
Cuicaoo, April
Flour "i iV .i 7.)
Wheat 1
Coin al 37
live ::'!
H."irL-v, ;-
I loirs,". , .-. rtv-- .- sr.
Cattle 4 -r
Get your calling cards at the IIekald
Latest styles of card board and papers.
Posters Bill-Heads, Letter-Heads,
Envelopes, Pamphlets and Cards print
ed at this oilice. All work expedi
tiously and neatly executed.
Go to Mrs. L. B. Crocker and Co's,
and see the latest styles in hats. -l-3t
Win. Stailelmann bavins been appointed by
the r. S. Marshal f r this Slate as Collector of
the oiitsta;ilhi accounts of Win. Stadelinana
anil of Sherwood & Stadylmann. All ovvm
these concerns are hereby called upon to ap
pear at the store of the said Win. Stadelinann.
in the city of Mattsni.uioi, County of Cass, on
or befoie tlK. I.Vih day of April, 1S77. for the set
tlement of said accounts, nr s dJ acoants will
be transferred to tho hands of the lawyer i!i th
ease for collection with costs. Save costs and
come fonvsird. Wm. Stahklmanx,
C. II. VAioniLK, Collector.
I'latt-niiHith. March 0. l7r.
V. S. Owin- to complications in settling oth
er bnsine-s the time nf clo-iin our boohs will be
extended until May 1st. After which date all
unadjusted accounts, due either of the old linns
Avid positively be collected by law.
Wm. STA1H.L.MAX, Cellector.
By universal accord A ye it's Ca
tiiaictic Pills are the best of all pur
gatives for family use. They are tlie
product of long, ktLorious, and success
ful chemical investigation, and
their exttnsive use, by Physicians in
their practice, and by sdl civilized na
tions, proves them tho best and most
effectual and purgative Pill that med
ical science can devise, living purely
vegetable no harm can arise from their
use. In intrinsic value and curative
powers no other pill can bo compared
with them, and every person, knowing
their virtues, will employ them, when
needed. They keep tlie system in per
fect order, and maintain in healthy
action the whole machinery of life.
Mild, searching and effectual, they are
specially adapted to the needs of the
digestive apparatus, derangements of
which they prevent and cure, if limelj'
tsken. They are the best and safest
physic to employ for children and
weakened constitutions, wher a mild,
but effectual, cathartic is required.
For sale by all Dealers.
:.iA.muakk Lu.i.s. s;id if taken bcloiv the
liners are destroyed, a cure is i il.t ted.
'In these threw medicine Dr. .1. It. Sclienel;
of I'hiladelphia. owes hts unrivalled success l.i
the treatment of pulmonary
The J'uliii'tiiie yrup rineiis the tuoibid mat
ter in the hmtrs : nature throws it oh by .;u eay
expectoration, iorwiien the plib'm i matter
is ripe a slight coicrh will thio.v it o(T. the pa
tient lias rest and tlie liuijrs betrin to heal.
To enable the pulmonic .syrup to d.i this,
SeheneX's Mandrake l'dls and Scbeiu-k's Sea
Weed Tonic must be fin ly used to cleans the
siouiach and liver. Scheaek's Mandrake I'iil.s
a'-l en t he liver, i -etnovimi ail obstruction, re
in X the -:i!l bladder, the bile stalls fretdy, and relieved.
N-iii'in !;.s .s.-m v'eel 'l e.n'e is a jrcntle J-thnii-laiit
:c.:d alterative : 1'ie alkali ef which il is
composed mixes with the toed :inl prevents
suuiii:. It assists tie- i-Urcstion by toi.ei ej
t li" stomach to a tieai'hy eoedilio'i. so llmt t !.e
food and I'ul i onie Syrun will make j.ood blood :
then the liins heal, and the patcait wiil .surely
get well if cue is taken to prevent liesh cold.
All who w ish tauii-u!t Dr. Sehenck. either
iM-rsotmlly or by letter, can do so at his ! inci
pal oliiee, corner of sixth" and Arch Sts., i'hila
delphia, every Monday.
Selieuek's medicines" stre o!d l y all driiK tists
throughout the country. " :it9
A few City orders for .sate.
J. V. Weckbach will pay in cash or
goods the highest market price for any
amount of potatoes. " 21.'tf
Centennial man u fac t o ry.
custom work warranted, at
Gents fine
Bob Sher-
Xo. 1 plow shoes for :S1.20. Xo. 1 la
dies serge shoes, 81. Xo. 1 Chicago kip
boots for fM.!0. Childrens shoes from
30c up. Those goods must be sold in
sixty days. Those wanting bargains
must call soon at the store of Wm.
Stadelmann. 2t4
Notwithstanding the fact Unit Til
den was defeated I do not intend to be
beat by any Blacksmith in Xebraska,
on anything in my line, from shoeing
a horse, mule or cow to mending a cast
iron stove or building a wagon or bug
gy, putting a plough in order or repair
ing tiny kind of a break in machinery.
The best of timber constantly on hand
for working into buggies, sulkeys, &c.
A No. 1 Painter competent to do any
thing in the line of painting buggies
or wagons.
Thankful for past favors I am ready
to bo forgiven for my misdeeds and
will endeavor to give satisfaction in till
canes. . -
32-4t Prick Shop, Fifth Street.
lio.sciiF.E's Geemax Svnrp can now
be purchased right at home, it is tlie
most successful preparation ever in
tio luced to our people. It works like
;i chat t:i in till cases of consumption,
Pneumonia. Hemorrhages, Asthma,
severe coughs. Croup and other throat
aud Lung diseases. Xo person has ev
er used this medicine without immed
iate relief, yet there are a great many
poor, suffering, skeptical persons going
idiotit our streets with a suspicious
cough, stt.d the voice of consumption
coming iron their lung-, that will not
try it. If you die. it is your own fault,
as you can go to your Druggists in
Piaitsmotitli and get a Sample Dottle for
10 cents ami try it; three doses will
relieve any case. Pegular size only 73
cents. " 50-tf.
Wedding Bristol card board
IIleald oilice.
at the
If you want to get your chimneys
cleaned or your stove polished, call on
Chas. Brown, or leave orders at John
Boone's barber shop, at any hour of the
day or night. 30 cents a stove and 30
cents a Hue. 42tf
Have you seen tlb Centennial Panel
pieces, painted by Frank Stadter, and
on exhibition at Csirruth'sV 4 3tf.
See T.J.Todd's new cake pan. 2-ltf
Team of large horses, harness and
wagon for sale at a bargain Enquire
at Sage Enos.
Xew cake pan, enquire at the Ili.n
ALD oilice. 2 It.
Diseases of the Kidneys effect the
whole system. Should not be neg
lected a single day. Tar acts direct ly
and is the natural remedy. Take the
"Forest Tar;" it is a pure preparation
and cures when other remedies f.ul.
A new American and a new Wilson
for s;de at the 1 1 Lit ald (Jtlice.
Messrs. Streight & Miller wish to
call the attention of their customers
to the fact that it is customary to close
up accounts sit the commencement of
the year. A they are expected to pay
their bills it follows that they must
have funds, to pay with.. They would
therefore notify their customers who
have been accommodated to harness
and other goods, that they will be ex
pected to call and settle their accoounts
tit their earliest convenience. Their
stock of harness and other goods in
that line is complete, and sill wanting
anything in their lino will find it to
their advantage to give them a call. A
full stock of groceries also kept con
stantly 0:1 hand. 43tf
Get your Magazines bound. Xow is
your time. At tlie IIeuald ofliee. tf.
Julius Pepperberg, Cigar Manufac
turer, 011 Main St., Plattsmouth, Xeb.
Cigar Clippings of Spanish and Ameri
can Tobaccoes for smoking purposes.
Fur Sale. Best qualities of plug-smoking
tobsteco always on hand. 20-tf.
Binding done at the Herald oilice.
Our e"terprisi:;g and successful merchant.--,
E. G. Dovey A Son, tire still at
their post, supplying customers with
everything in the line of general mer
chandise on the most resisonable terms,
stock kept full and complete. 3!itf
The undersigned is prepared to bore
wells to any depth on short notice
one foot hole and good tubing put in.
All work warranted for one year.
Pii'LEY & McDonald,
Weeping Water Cass Co., Xeb.
. 32-8t.
For Sale at a Bargain.
one block south of Main Street
G EX Ell A L 21 JSllCIl A X til SB.
Full lino of every kind of goods at
the Store of J. V. Wer-kbaeh, which his
army of clerks are dispensing as fast as
they can hand over the goods. tf.
A Xo.
1 Hat from
23 to 30 cts.
for .51.73 at
Heats' Mihrniiksc. JJi-cr
coitstantlv on hand-Aii-l
beat lUi,ts,;s Ci'Ur. 4t l
Ice cold at
! line to call aad sec them at the residence of Mis.
I Lister, one door west of the Saunders
House. Satisfact"! Ja j; and cliai-'.'cs
moderate. ;-tf
31 0 N E YT 0 L 0 A X .
To loan oa 'unmoved farms in Cass County, sit
lowiaieot inlenv f. A noaoatious solicited. !
l'latt.suiouth, .Me.reh;. J. N. WISE". I
The latest, greatest, :in(1 n,..
Ijaoie remedy ever rut together bv medical si I
ence tor Khei.i'i it i.-m. Woni..-.. s-.t'-J'.ii!-s du ns
Caked Lieast. a. is Hie Ccuta'ir Liniment,
'there an- two kinds. What the While l.lul
inenl is for i he hntauti Liven-.-. t i e ; ! r.i r kind,
w Inch Is yelKu" in co ol , i tor spa- i:e d. knee
sind ctr.-iired horses and ;.r.iaia!s. Their rlleets
sire wonderful.
Mothers who haver,kail.i lnluh
children. c;m secure health for the children and
rest lor then. salves by nsin;: Dr. 1'itcher's Can
toria. It contains iio iuorjiiu'ie or sinvthim; in
jurious. U is as plenvtnt to take as honey, and
is certain to care Wind Colic. iei:u!;ile the bow ¬
els and exe.-l worm-'. Tor Tcelhiii;; cliilJit-n
tl,..i-.. 1 ,,..t Ii '..'...,... ;.. ...... 1
Bridge Notice,
"on.-- h hereby ziven that sealed bids will be
received up to the lirst Tuesday in dune. S77,
foi ioe huihin.u' of Cl) four hi id;es. for Cass Co.,
Nebraska, lb id;;c-!- to he eons; rm ted in accord
ance wdh plan and mecitieations on lile in the
oi'a e of County Clerk, reference Vtsiug iiad
tie-ret o.
Lid to state price er lineal foot (horizontal
measure), in cash, and also iu warrants o:i tlie
Lie if e Kuud.
Kv order of the Heard.
iL- C. P. .'uOi;e. Clerk.
Ily V M. L. i'FI.I.-, Deputv.
SfcerM'3 Sale.
n- viruie i f aa execuiia-.i, is.nnvi bv the Cba ':
of me Disi rict Court, yd .judicial Disira-:, v. 11 h
ln and lor 1 as? Cou:;ty Ne!r;i.sU-i. aud to me di
rected. I v 1:1 ,01 tte--jsi!i day ot M.iv, A. D. 1S77.
;a l'l o'eioe;, :l. :.. of s.tld day, at t he so.ltll door
i the Com t House, iu the cilv ot liattsmouth,
in saici C. um 1 y, sell at puMic auction the follow
in real estate, to-wit :-Lot one o ) lot two co
lot three (.ti ! t foui- lot live (."ji lot six (tij lot
seven (7) lot ciuht .s) lot nine CO and lot ten (to)
All iii section t .velve (l.M tow 11 twelve tl'2) north
of rane thii tcciM 13' ea"t ot the nth I. M., as
shov.ii by the pint of Wiieat I v sind Iliisnlania
M.e.-telw;iit, 011 tile in the Coiiiity Cbaks o.hci!
o! Cass county Nebraska. I shall commence
w ;th lot one 1 1 ) and sell enolieh ot I hese lots to
t-al isiy tin execution uicl cn-!. Each lot con
tains about two acres, 'Ihe same betnjr levied
upon ami ta!;eu as the properiv tif Wheatly
Miekelwait. defendant : to satisfy a Judgment
ids;. id Court.reeovere.l by dohu D.Tutt. plaintlT.
laaltsmoulll, Act'., Ajirli . J. in77.
M. jj. I'l-ttlmi, Sheriff. .
Legal Notice.
T. '". Weckbach vs .fob 11 Heim and Oswald
Gnthmaiui vs John Heim.
In Justice Court, before John V. Haines, J, 1'.,
iu and for Cass county. Neb.
To John Hi im, uon-rexident defendant:
Yon are hereby notitied ttiat on the 17th and
Isth days ol April. A. D. 1S77. the Haiti jii-tice is
sued orders of attachments ami garnishees iii
the above entitled causes, for the sums of sii(i.l!5
in favor of J. V. e'-khaeh. and 11.45 iu- favor
of Owaul Giithmanii. plaintiffs. - .
l'la;t:::iiuuUl, April tMth. IS77.
Joux W. Haines, J. P.
J. V. V.'E'TIiACK,
OslVAI.ll (jfjlllt.lS.V. r.3
Sheriff's Sale.
Ly virtue of an execution, issued bv Wm. If.
New-il, County Jude. within and for Cass
County. Nebi aska. and to me directed. I will on
the 7; ii day of May. A. D. 15-77. at HI o'clock a.
111.. 01 said Uav. at "the resident- of C. J. Mniih.
in the city or I'iaitMiiouiis. in .vnd Count v. s ell
sit public auction the following personal proper
ty, to-wit ; uee.ver and reaper combined,
one seeder, one corn plow, one pi'ow, one lot of
y ood, one i midair null, one harrow, one lot of
barley and oio- snovel. '1 he same he in 4 levied
iiiui and t:!keu as the property of t '. p. Smith,
one of the d 'feud. in is ; to si 1 i.-'iv a judgment of
sai l Court, lceovered l)V Vallery & itulluer,
I'iattsmouth. Neb., April 24tb. A. D. 1.77.
5:-' . M. 11. Ccilkk, Sheriff.
Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Notice is herebT j;ive:i that by virtue of si
power of .sale, contained ia a cicifte! laortirsti.'e,
liiven on the 7iii day of Apia!. A. D. l-7t. uuu i:e.
ordeil on the 5ih day of .I.ocii.A. D, I-', , iu
book E. t Chill lei :lortsi:4 ICeeords. of Va.-S
Comity. Nebraska, pa o- isi.liyl). V. MclCisinon
Cotiniy Cierk, :ind records of s lid con ty by C,
I'. Moore. dej,ut , hl-h same moi l irare was ex
ecicel by Amrn.-t K. A null, s.smoi I iie- to A u-?-l
Siali. moi !-i-ee. to M-ee,ie I he p.C. l.iciil of
promissory note bearing eeii- d tie i'"i'h -v.d
1:101! .;e.;e. ;u:d made by Aipi-I i". Aladi. pay a
l.le to Atiu-1 Slod or elder .v;x nioiitiis .ul'-r
dale o! 1 -se suia td i i.V).ooi one: join-lied aiiil tt f
ty dollars, with 12 per cent, per annum, upon
wki- li said note and ini.rt:e. the ;iid A 11 vt list
SloII el. tuns there is due'uapaid, a! the time
01 the brst'Mii.i.-i of tins notice, Ann! I'l.tli,
A. D. Is77, is ( sre.e ) one hundred sind lii'tv dol
l.ii -s iu -hictpiil ii Mi i 1 '."darn JUlv-l'our doll. us aud
i.iiieiy-iae cents in.eivst aoial.pi ineiptil and in
terest ?';. :ir. '1 his morinaue was irtiled oil the
''til d f, ot March. A. D. 1-..V, 011 piie l.js, l,ooK
E. oi t 'hat tel Mori i;,i;,u record ot raid c unty,
and aNo on hook 1-. 4r sunt 4 'i. of Chatti 1
M-'i i.' ia.- reecud of sai i count v, 011 ll.e nth diiy
ot Apld Is7'i. Tee uinler- L-ned will sell ;it pati
J:e unction, to th" highest bidder, i.-r ca.sii, on
the 1ih d:iy of M:. v. A. D, s;7. at . I o'e'oel- a.
I ! i. Ot S.lei tl.IV. it IilUeid-r Slalioo. m 'sfr Ci).
Nebr-'.skti, the loiUwpi deserihed pt od 1 tv, up
on v, I.:. Ii -aid niort-eiae is a lien. c -.. It :' One
two story lvalue limce. ls' j by- ., leet. nicuitej
on I iie uort'i si-le of the raitncid ti l..-::. ;il In
tielder .-! lion, b.-ii: situatcti betwei-: the r.tii
ioad track ml trie south a.-et ( e-,j:ir i. reek 0:1 tiie
icon ii. s ud bi:iluiii he.iie; built td' pine lamber,
and l.iteii.ied l .r a wag 01 .sl.oj), bu; not bciu'
ebt irely coaij'h ted.
April, IS77.
AUfscsT STALL, Moita-ee.
E.y M. E. CCTLFtt. l.-is aent. "" 5t4
Sheriirs Sale.
Lv virtue of sin execution, issued by the Clerk
of the District Court, second Judicial Dsilnct.
within and for Cass County. Nebraska, and to
me directed. I will on tlie llth day of May, A.
D. 11 o'clock a. 111.. of said day, at the
south tloor of the Court House, in the City of
I'iattsmouth in said County, sell at public auc
tion the followii-ir real estate, to-wit: The
north half u't d l.ds nine. ten. eleven and
1 welve c to 1 1 & l) in block ei;rhty-lour isl iu
the town of Wcopii-i; Water, Cass Co. Nebraska.
'1 lie same beinu levied upon and taken sis the
property of E. D. Coat man now Coirswell. de
fendant : to satisfy h judgment of said Court,
recovered bv A. G. thirties, plain! liT.
1'UtL-inou'lh, Nebraska. April 11. A. D. 3s77.
3.0 M. E. Ccri.K.i;, Sin rid.
Legal Notice.
In the District Court, Csiss County, Neb.
Csdvin II. l'aiinele vs Henry Siert and George
To llnmi -Sic) t and (Jcorge Sicili, non-rci h id de
ft ei'ila.V.
Vim and each of you aie hereby notified that
on the 'J-.ilh dav of August. ls.V.. f filed my petit
tion in the ( thee of the Cierk of the Di.stlic
Court, iu and for l as County. Nebrasksi. the
object sind pravcr of which is 1.1 lecovcr judy;
me;it :e.'-ii;i--i vim mioii a 'i-;ai!i proini-sory
note, for I lie sum of si M.w II h t he lalere-t theie
oa from the tenth day of February. 1S7J. at the
ii:te id' Vi per cent per Siiinum. and c Ms of suit,
and that unless von appear aad answ er said pe
tit ion on or before tiie Jb-i, day 01 May. A. D.
IS77. jiidinear will be ta.ieu against u"i fors:i:d
sum of .d tti. iiitereM aird costs, accoidiiis to tiie
prayer of said petition.
Sam. M. Ciiac.m an, his AU'y. -14
Slieriifs Sale.
I'.v vii tae of an older of
ssil is-aed by the C cos td the Di-triet Court
of the Second Judicial li-tricr. w ithm and for
Cii- Count v. Nebiiisk.-i. and t n li'feeted. I
nntheiNfh day f April. A. D. 1S77. sit 10
o'cloek. A. M.. of Niiii! day. at the south tloor of
the Coi'ur House, ia llio City of ria.itsuK.uih,
in said County. ell at pul-iici!ictioii tlie lobow-inirn-id
e.ii.tV, to-v it : The ein-t ba!fie'j)of
tlie north-west quarter tie 1 k ) of section fourtti
town ten ( to. tutu of ranee eleven til) cast of
the .ah p. M. Anil also the south-east quarter
1 se'-.j td' the sou ill-wee t nurte r tsvt 1 of section
thin v-three i;j t) town eb-ven ill) mat 11 of late.-e
eleven 1 U 1 eat of the fit il P. M. sill in Cass Co.,
Nei. 'i !i,- same l-e:;o.; levied upoii siral taken as
tb pro;" rtv of End S. l-'risbc 10. d Sarah K.
l-'risbe, detetid.oits ; s-:ti-f a d-cree of ssiid
Court. neoeied bv m. I'. 1 !;i!i. plaiiiiitf.'.lti!, Nti.. .,-;o-( h .'.di. A. D. Is77.
it; li. i. i, sheriil.
Iii Bankruptcy.
Ill the Distii.'tX'oui t of the I'nite.l States, for
th" jitricl of Nebrakii.
In Iff mutti nt' Ji,.;,ti Slf-ra, IttinUruid.
Di.-t rict of Nelilaskn. i-s ;
1'iiis is to ;sve nidice I hat oa the 7th day of
April. Is77. a warrant of bankruptcy was issued
out of t he Di-t i id t '01:1 1. of 1 he Ciiiied stales,
for the Dis'i i-t of Nebraska. ii-'ni.isL the said
! ,losep!i shera ot Jtocr; It. litis, in the County of
, i . s"s. in said i.iiicr. who has been adjudged a
I bankrupt un creditor petition; and the pny
! n.r nt ot any tic hts. ml tho di-lixery of any proii
I erty bebne'rii; to b itikni;it. to hiui," or to
1 his "us", iiui lie' ti'isnsfer td a.- rojitrty by hiru
' for.d.oleu I y iaw.' Qi'i.'f
! That a niw-tiie- of the ncklui-s of raid bauk-
ra;il, to prove their tb-' .s and tf i buose one. of
more jus-llf nee of ids e-tate, will he held at a
Court of Hankrupcy to Ue hohleii at Omaha, in
said iLruact, on the ltd tiny of May, 1-77. ;u t wo
oVIock p. m.. nt the oilice "of I. L. WeL.str-r, Lt..
tho Kei.-ler tn Eankruptcv of said Court.
William. Daily,
4tJ U. S. Marshal for satd District.
In I'lattsmouth, .Neb., on roiirtu St., about til''
you will find :
Coin J'hHilcis, &mml hour;.
Stirring fIo?v,
S'nHiy IMonx,
aloi M,
and all kinds of Farm. Implements audi
Shelf Hardware, Tin Ware, ur.
Hungarian and Millet
Seed for Sale..
CM Z L .H .1
Peed and Salo Stables
Corner dill and l'earl ?t.i.
HOlisr.s IloAntiltD HY Till!
way, va:r:ihv, o:r jioxtu.
SOL!) Oil TliADEI),
Fer u Lair CoaiinUNloii.
ti:a3:s at "all iiouks.
I'aiitc' aitt-htioil paid to
Driving and Training-
Ai.?ii A hearse furnished when ended for.
At the old Hyatt Uarn, (lately Jones' rablc).
111 riMtt.smoutti, Neb. Will keep co:istantiyo:i.
hand u number of
Horses for Sale.
The btiyin? and selllnx of good linri:s ma In
the specialty of the business. A new
with ifentle horses, for La'llcs to drive is kept
at the Stable.
11-j'l. E. PAPMELK.
Wagon, Ei"J!;, Ma-hint and Plow rt
palrinj, aad tj neral j'JJAiig.
I am now prepared to do all kinds of reimirisii
id farm :i.d ol her machinery, sis there
is a yood lathi; in my shofi.
The old Reliable Wagon Maker
litis taken ciiurgf of the waiai .lio(.
He is well known as a
NO. 1 WohK.MAN.
Xew Wsisoiis n! Itu;in uind lt
ir:!- r.
Shop on Sixth sl.ct t. oyp-uipj Streiht's .Stsible
A N it
All kinds cf
Xeatbj i- Prvm pit
Horse, 3Inlo& OxSlioeins,
In short, we'll shoe anything that b;t.
four feet, from a Zebra to a Giraffe,
Come and see us.
on Eiuli St.. between Main and Vine Street,
just across the col lier flotu tlie NEW IIEKALV
UFFH'K. lojl
roil loin
C!ioice Wine:, Liquors,
Cheapest Place in Town.
lin' A k 011 di owjhi or hi the litth:
Families Supplied 6.y the Doicn.
a:)tt i Ji. MURPHY.
m:v li very stable,
Tlie old r.ONM-ll ST A Ftr.E's In Plat bunoutll
Neb., iiiive been leased by Dr. Jones, and bi
li.-n opened a new and handsome livery in this
well known barn. Tiie finest and best of hones
and carriages al .v:?ys ready to hd.
Horses kepi for Sale
or to T rade.
I desire to s!-e noliee that I have a larsto,
handsome bin k barn, w ith plenty of r in for
hoies and w serous, lean put farnnfis stock
ail I vvnL'eiri, loads of grain or mythiig all Un
der cover, ir the dry. Itemembcr litis.
Thaiikimr :'d mv ol pati 0111 for their many
fiivoi-. 1 solicit their trad this eomimt yesir.
.;t -ied 1 cao ae'-oiiiliiodiite them butter and tlo
better Ly them than ever before. 3-yl.
Ui:0. W. KLNSEI!,
liucLinlit. A mi till KaUev mid Ituu-
uer or 'f!ir'f IiinK Marhin.
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