Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 15, 1877, Image 3

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-- i .mm- r -&g '
J S.V"- .--
l i
I ii b
- . - - t?
... ; .j '
!' - . I - I U 1! ii 1 4
;:?'r-i '."'..i J3 ."!ilC?CA- . . .
t . 1 . i .1 P - it i 4 ? . . 1 ; : - v. ' . .
Trswstent, 25 oofa a lino. Begulnr acrrjr-.fs-o,iae8lsi
per lino. - No dvsrtenient inaei t
ni loCleoM Uian 4 eenta.
JjegU nottcea at Biatnte rate".
JUtofney-i -nd officers of the law rill be nHd
T3sponslDi (or B iecral notices they hand in.
na ad fwrtlea demanding .a prott of publioa
Uon cl auy notice wUi be tie"d (or the o'ibtlu
Cfoo tea oi sucxk notice.
At oar pact Is United, all e'.tinnnre'ons
3iwt,be T-i and to tti point, w uti no vaata
a( wdU.
- Ttm stent, a eer: u
M 14 oeats ocr Una.
4 Cbrjtes t1" ecnu.
ti.w ,;.a...;.i. '.:...-'.
amount of pctat'Jna. ,
Centennial ranufcIory. Gents'Sti'?
custom work, warranted at" K b Sher
wood's. . . -. ; ' i'.
for 81.73 Ht
i. . m v
Messrs., fitreight & M.ller . jvlsh to
ca'I tho attention n tht-ir customers
to the fact that it Is toe use
Piiine ilit'riin Ma;;!? fi'i7r at
r. o. xews Defttt. . i- ; till -
rr;-ni coco mnts, oranges u;iJIcaion3
at t'.io P. 0. Kev. l Iii-p!,
v J uJi.-tJil. v-i. 4 r. ri'fi .l a-.-: J.-r:'i S:li.S,
.'ulc'kih hi ; 'tv!..! i'. !;Cti TS. Will,
. iiuit, . i- lioubn. i ri.ictpl'w. and Jospph
lt-1 ituujts ; ' - 1 - -
Pj tf Bvo cxccaMofi? Ismsd ly the
C'.cts ot tiio DLttrict C ui t. 24 Judicial liistiiet
-.'. .::.:.-.-: : r. Ciuaijr, 6leliaU, and. to
;'C v 'coi-.n. : v: 1 ;.ic day .i April, A.
i. 1-.:. , ; ! :: .v. i.. of said d.ty. at to
t...u.- - i ;:.c O'jrt iloune ia tho -ny of
f v ! t , ill s,.Ia C-oiinlv. sel.Ht 1 iipuC Ai:r
t Tifitvli-ic.hl r: !'r -it Ji. .! 1 T -i f!it-
tin. . 'vtm,!,. up accounts at the ctomeucetnenc ; niL suf.if ipnrutiwa tver in-
t: 11 TV . -r- - -,,,,, ,.(,, tuoiirt.iiip.c. t v.oi:3 use
iiu'ir hi a it fo:i).Y3 ih;it tliev iv.n.-.t .. . ..... ... ...... ,,
.Kd-to !,:vt- fn,,rI VrJy. Tl1 Wou.,fl !,,ia. Hernon!,r. is lua .
. Avf ptny who takes
tme Ike noa--nifiec. tvhctl
bum, or whPttoer lie U a fnhcriuer or not ij
rrspoRstbl for tb pny.
iJ m iiiusf n nil nnvHi;!"1. or the imbll.-ih-
nsd. be iaust pay all arreu;tss. or the inUilMfi
rmu eontlniia to tend ii. until nvmciit li
roado. and collect the whole nmnt. whrther
die paoer ia tait?a from the omce or not.
S. ib cuuru have decided tiiiit refusing to
. ta newpaHra and periodicals froin the post
oCe, or reertng mil l-&rinz tiicm Divcail-nl
fci, ( arte erl.teace of isfTENTio.VAi.
have lipen acc )muirKlated" to hnrnss
and other pfMxls, that they will he ex-
!i'3 ev-
2,0 ;erj'i-j
m continue to end ii uiuil payment J I pf-cted to C.i!l and aettle their accemts ?.,t , ' V vof",, ., ',-r'i- ,. v
and colleet the whole amount, whrther ft i" 1,. :.. ti...;. 1 i,u'- le-lrt- - -? a. . sr. a. 11,
. '-''' poor, suIiVri:!?. sk.tic.J prv.i-ii g-.i;.K
tha. is complete, and all want:n-; ; tht, v;;1 (;, .......i., j
anytluriff in ll.eir line Trill find it to , ri.OI:, tJ)(lU. t, tt t, L; ,j:;t ,
Papoterits, s'atijnsr, j'J...i3, 3p-tuhl
in Bw Balls and B iU at tue P. O. t . e f -in- real rsu e to-tii s iwie Kami.
Vi.u-a TW..f Rl1! ' I'-'-'i rv 1. e v. Uj L. IiobliH i:ii-tu, conUtii-Mi
i"H i". ,u 1 () nri.t.v.' ! ..:: i -oae acrv3 more or lee,
j ii !:; ,u , iv. ..:y -atj v.-u aud tweuty-eivht In
ItrtfTTi- r. wv v tt"j i" -" riv- i "'r'' '-i' Vt-i.. 1.0..:. r ue fourteen. 64t ot the
I... a t, d'-cji.-ed i:i foiiOWS s
1 : .:, c it Unlui 55 20-13 acres j
1 sec i?. eostaicia Jo-piO ncres ; ;
in 1 C 'litiicin' Zj 70-100 acr; s : - '
bojia ii.rlx C-vi) li'-nn-Ciiat ;'iitrrrn':4) Of
&ec.ioii ivvtmy-n.jriii i;tn. hi !;!!;: 60 ac: c.
.iii.ii La (; ) 01 tii r iiDii.-i ta.-t yu.utor
u. la:;,.i Vt HUarter -(lrO of-?
1:;) . 1 t.-my-fcit liv ctiUUlL.iiu '.to a.-rv.
if ti.: ia-u-: quarter tneH of thi corth-v.-e
,l qj:..-.c: UvK. 1 1 ! M.ul!i-i ij.1-! ;:i:irtyr
js.-'j : ijtrt tisu iix'eaiy-cl'at i-'S t juLalciaj
1 .. .... i,t , 1 r
"A l;l. I-, ll'lj'i;.
severe toui::-.. Croup J ti-r
Laud Lun disfan.
? .t. if - wr - - 1 1 : 1
""rcT.o T. Cao :;nd E'- ' fc.jlLccsiso.'-i-ac thi I ,
- L.-1.1 01 j, 1. i & t. -J p-j::iuii, a 1 iauci
i.i. ce reli. Ai.AriA Cir.oti. Joiui W. Carrei!
Tranr-h If. Cumd; and Alzcr!a C-trrcir. nors
n iutsci tithwii cf NeurasJct!, s-iu take notice
Uiit iUe piaintlils tovo uamoJ. of the State of
Wisouslu.didoataeSdia dT of January. A
I. 18H, file the r pelltiou iu the UUuiet Court
of lUe Juoiciai District. In and fur Cas
County I't'bni.s&. bmni liie stud Francis hL
Uanii, Algeria Carreil. Jo;.u W. Carrell aad
jvlw liarrrl, rtefnda-.iiJ, KeUiuc forth the exe
cution 01 ci-itHin uioru-aire by the aaid Fran
fHU. i;rrf II, and Alzeria Giureil. to the said
J. I. G'a? ft i.. on t'.ie east half (em of tlwj
sontli-wei quarter isrrli) of svcilob twenty (?)
and fotir(icrea all in town eJeven (11) range
lourten U) nnri rue w h iix th3 north-west
quarter (nw) of eertluti twwKyahie ('"i lu-vu
elvi-u (ii rn.ijra fouit eu(M, m Cms .'o-.!aty,
NebTn-vKH. to sp!;;i the p.iyn.eal ; os., rg-
crciiBi: to a certain pro.iiLnory r?. msniioned
ia liit i.iUi I'l.iittae. and t'.at "fla.-e liic piving
03.111 nitirlgaji--, t;.c s;iid JoU: CitiTell claims
iiae imprest in the said luml 'onder the satid
Fraacid M. Carreil and Jlzrfa Caiw-U, jirayia
.hal an accoaiit uiay U Um-tj of amount
due t hereon, that puiniiffs c !.. fee fciiowed a
reai-oiiu!t- aituruey's fe. lliat Ihes-M iu
teresl of tl)er,;tjil Jv.uo Carreil twj rtet Unvd fnfe-
A::. y;- I .;t
R & M. R. R,.Time Table.
Corrected Tuetday. February 6th, 1377.
Leavea s .-45 a. m. Arrive- 8 Aa-in.
" 2 UJ0 p. in. ' 3 :IS j. m.
from o:jaha rox platt3mocth.
Loaves i) a. ro. Arrive3 10 :! a. lit.
' 4 -00 r- ni. " h p. f.
" e fjo p. m. T .-t p. 4i.
ros TTtr. vvrsT.
Leaves nattvuo'iUi 3 :!-. n-.. Arrira Lin
coln, 12 H5 p. in. ; Arrives Kearney. 8 n) p. 111.
Sr. Louis Exphps's- i'la'umoiali,
4 A3 p. ni. An ive-, Liacorr., 6 p. in.
Freight !s ivea 7 :13 a. m. Ar. Lineoin V :Jb ;.n:.
raoM t;ie vpcst.
Lrrt Kearn.'y. 3 :) a. rn." Tavrs Uatn'n,
12 :15 p. ru. Ariives Plul'iir.oalh. 3 :15 P- m
8t Loura ExpRitw- Leaves Lineo'.n, 7 :20 a.
m. Arrive Fiattrtinouth. 10 :S4 a. in.
Fr-Hghl leavs Lin'o'ta 11:15 a. ta. Arrives
Platuiitouiih, 4 :12 p. ia.
FjorftS-o. S rf-A a. m.
FuMeuser, ttrain each day) 3 :! p. m.
full s ork of groceries also kept con
.itrtiitlv 011 hand. I r - 45tf
For Sale at a Barr!n.
one block south of Miin Street,. ...
try it. If you
;!. vou can !X t
: Uiv- a . .iLi.-e: :.k M'.:;u r (y'i u H'C tliu wl;tO
! ts.t iju.-iter is.rrr lt.c-.i cMt'-i'a (i.j,
Voiir j ni:fiI!-tS in i i-:-i .i t'.,c fixot -.C i.) i:nsiv i.-it:S;:.b-. twn-
it 1 y-.:: r o'.vm lauit,
Ilattsi:j.Hith and iret a Satople Bottle for l' '-z -r-r' '' 'V 11 44 ; A -'t ' ; -ost ! r,.u.
10 cents :t::d try it; ture dovs w 1 ! I j , : ,u.;. .o.i f.s.ea . .lij." t :
riov to tiir.t of pi-iisaM, and tiit tlie said prein-
mttv lf 5i.Wl f- 'itii:fv ..; :?i-7 f!.i1m iti-
Use property of les the said J .n Vf". Cajri'ai and Francis Car-
. . .. re.l iay sua: lut.'rsjt and f.)ft l y a dav to
I j i vtiuri rc:.i, r.i t.iij 1 :a;i.ed by timrt. itn.i thi said FraneiJ I
..-.a. iv-oii. i liiiTHi a.Liii iz'.T:a. ur.r: ::rt- neren noiinca !
t.l-if. tiltV ill'. rftiifyT In ini.;ir ...I rmwvlT i
alio pi'Uii.ifi on ir m-iore the Jo. u a y til Apm,
A. if. ioi,". or ! toe.eia -et i-iU wi.l le
tak-u 3 true, tcid ju.ln mi ie.i .'eied aaitiet
... I. (,'Ail. ix., nv
TLi, B. V.'ioham. tbei:-Att'y.
j r ia.-tr - - '
. " j . j j.. n.
i n-neve !:y case.
L-idi;.-o ;o .Va!l-ry & Drew's, and
June B'ack will fit yon -out w ith a flue
shawl at a vry lovv figure1 -the stock
of slriwls must so d. 4&t2
Any person having the Grain Co'a
sacks will o!'ig tnerl-y returning the
s-irne at ;ice. Fued Gorier.
J. V. Weckhach has returned froai
i: or
the Eaa; with an f-itir" 1:? v
poxls o!. the ro a 1 n: 1 co.n'iiz in every
d;iy or t"v.
Arrive fci - t vO a. m.
I Depart at
5 :m a. 10 .
3 p. tu.
Arrive at l(:S0a. ni. i Depart at - J :1 p. n.
WFSTfcCX via b. h.
Arrive at - 3 J5 p. m. i Depart at - C 0 a. ni.
vrr.t:rxo ititfr. i
Arrire at 12 :oo r.i. ! I-"i art at - S :1 p. ra. .
sck PLrrr a vi- ioit mills. :
AriiTu at 12 9 m. ! Depart at - l :W p. ni. )
J. W. MAIUK II.!.. P. M
Elsm P.irnt'e Ijsz a waon lat
week and John Sh i iniu soais d-.vahle-trees
and things. Tues-Hy th wag-.:i
was brought back in front of I)trif
blacksmith shop wita co:apli;n-:its
of the borrower we s:ipp.. Wish
some oiie wouhl brin. oar ol 1 bench
back soon. It- etti.'i iuiarn -r a::d
53) B ine!:?
Ht at
M Y ,0 t .:.;:. (. :. f... 1.1 i.i i M. ! 0: ,-trfi'-ipi i :
" j .a - f--n (" m r.M ii ivo cast vl the J
A.t 1 f.-o lot .i (.i i :.v. t-'.-.O (14 e:
;;;tij.'.' lil I.OC'v JS-nilJ.
fcnenlf s caie.
juliin Ptpperber. f'iirar Maaufac
tmtr, on Main St.. PUltsm'uth. Ni1!'.
t'iar riijipings of .Siiani"". ; i A.-v ri
an Tob.tccoes for 8u k:.;; j.-;; ;';:;.-.
For Sale. qu diti.-s r-'V' : --: .1
'ni tobacco ahv ivs on i n. -T . -
For limn:3 iii.muf.ioiurH Bohtr.- Sher
wood cann.-it iic equilr-l, ;;t the old
stoix of tjlier .food S .Sta'Ji'bnan.
Ea-wf il ft Co. plaintiffs vs fv; A. Fo'den, Oeo.
F. McMMRii?e, oei. S. l.-aiiey and Vi.licIifly &
Co. deft Pil i' i
Aii.J idiiiuii'' t; and ;i!r. (?' ri: eat i F-y virt'i'? of ;m xe;'r.t:')r.'-.! Dy D. MeCu
i.'.'1 :) yi lit-j ia an.i i-.g:-: ..: ir. .. jck ihm 1 (lrii iI tli ilricl Court. Heeond Judii-ial;i and one (i ea t i uaoic iiua4a iu iCoc iv i iit 't, wiihiu aa d lir Olvic Couitv. Nebraa
iiiuils. -i ka. and b ite .Miveted. I wi!i o . tue 2d day of
Ami also a'.l f bioc-k fve (') r;,Triii and Cve J iiarca. A. 1. 177. at one uVIock p. 111., f said
oty, at t:i r;di"Jict 01 i.f.i. r. Mc Manure. In
e.lSl l:f OUO.ii- ifllUirf III lulM'K h.i:ffs.
Ai:il ...mi i.i t t.iii.' .s;x (ii; tl ' . t tl Siud t f
(."i; e -t 01 pi.u.n: s!jd ir - in Kiif i.iuaVi.
.11 I a ?j ..11 L.I - wm-i (ii ii --, it and Cve (5
ti.L i-i pu.;.l: aijuare m i;;ik liiiill.s.
.X...U . ..)i. u ie, tme-. imi, oU'vra. and
I wv;: ii,-. ::. I .', 1! Jfe ll.) iu l:.- six ..j; ti. at
tme ( 1 i stdtn vt puiilic :uare ia iluek il.ii.fs.
Aim iws. ou seven (r and eiitt i in !ock
&, i5 ..-t of p.iouti ua ir- ia JiiiuT-i. a.l
ui .. t'ouidy. Aetiiitha.
Ami a'.-tt; i-.It; t U' real estate, as the
prjH'rty ol'.S. K.Holdi.s. lo-.til: ui" fisria
r.ii..u l ie N. K. Ili'liits I;trm t'oataia:u tme
uuiiiliril unii M-v-ii!y-li'e (l7.ii aces luot.j or
!M, and tli'si-i ;ut'i a.s f-dio'-vsi :
l .it; i;oi t.i-'-t esi ';u .1 iv. r uitv'i of smali-oa-it
tjuartt. 1st-' "i .scnoii i.'f.'iv -t-i.'t ."'i 1.111
it l, f.rVli I I i I f.n:c f 'il iecu (.4; eai ui ix:!
pri.iciai iM' eouiaiuiuj' i m-rca.
l.iO'-riv I'recfli'it. in Ciiss Count v, sse ii ut nublie
auction the foilon-in ersonal pro -erty to-wlt :
O-e tlireslnn? muc.iiiic (separator and horse
power coinrieie; also two horses.
The s.iiii lti.:g levied upon ane taken ? the
property 01 tiro. rt. Hailey. n of the defend-ani--.i
ti '.itfsi'v a jadgMie i.t of atd Court, reeov
eiert . hd-c!I & Co.. plaint; Its.
i'I-uiii:ou;h. Nebrakva. Marrh sth. A. D. 177.
.V)i3 M. Ii. ( LiLtB. hlieria.
iiaii s v .vrer:ii'ie Mciii.m n.ur kc-; - j u !;i '" " v
newer is a cie:iti;w cm.n..aiio!i ot ! ...-iiiu twi-ut .-i-i.; it tomivi.n e..-v,-a'i
Estray Notice.
Tp.krn unhythe "ubsribT. living Ave rr.iles
soiati of V.cfjiU'i; Waicr, one Dun ilare. alxut
t'HMteen ! .is Is t 'l a: id ab'iut ei-'lit yi-ui old.
Lad a Ucx c. w!isa ticn up.
VVn. ClVf Tlx.
yf,... j;.- v'ai.-: March 2i, 1877. otS
.onie of tl.C !;;. powerful restorative ra..j,c iou.t.'en 1.1 IJ v.m ..f t-e ;..U p....c.:.a 0
rt.u.i.i ...f tk.t. a.iii,i.uiu. it . -i ,.e .-ii.! na.t r ,' oi l!e o-e... quarier T. ,
r-s on..s jr.TV hair to its original color. fe-ij of&cctbu ii-.iiy-o-.f -! j t....?!;,. ei?v- ( L'' -,-'" '''-t-
If ii-i.i'cf.-j ;!, o.-:tlti v.-Iii i-!.-im Ir l, ratine f.i;--.'-i. I Ij eat .,1 ..:.a piniw.- i ." .ar9 n;tiW that
T O'-r jl 7Jr'r;.'t
;tvs Ccun:y. E3 :
cures t!andrui'f and humors, und ' s,. ua. pait a c.e in
I'ms-irai of the hair. It furnishis the i l'ilw me s...:.::-f.u,t j..:.-r t., -i .u
. ,. -.-....-. ,:i 1 .: 1 .1 1. .: ! 1 10a I viiii y-o;:f i Ji . I -; . ;.-.t i ,i . in 1 1 1 ! r;i
..lA.t-ijii t-.v v. .i.u.i f ii -t-i : iu.l..-em i f; a.sta I ;b.c..iui-uicri-
is i.!-rns:iiil
w;i;it it.
ii.o ii.i!ri:lii.S!,sn,ii.!.. ..ih. i , ooui:i-tos. tpiui ,er oi kocuuu itveiny- ftraex. ;vitci.f.--. &;.. the f.d!owig oenriincd
Utisnrpn.sswl as a !ia:r-dH''-:: i.T. It is : iv, ;j.m..u etevca Ui r i..v f.iari.u reni i:.:a:c : n.o si.i ta tl:;14, ah.-ieid huadred
the rf..noPAical preparation ever j i";'-""1 i-'--p-i '"'-- --ia- . f1''-1,:.1;' ril-l'J;'' "i:Ji' l?,-12
It ilia':j:
" li. ! l
u: ..a, coi. .
r.t: t
1- s
ouiii-.-. nuan.T r.-..i ot the
ue i;::;;.'-.i that on thesjth ajvoi jiarca
itNO i-'tMifk i. i:... t:i. tin' pr'ii!ieuere-
ist .iua.-'cr .' 'a if.-rijrtl. eoiun:issitji:crs vvt.i (na!e. u
Koui.vr vj'piv nil tai.n-), pioi;et'ii iu iiib
ii.uii.Hji-' areruiiiij tu W'.i ny icason ot tl:e ap
proir;trin by r Ui iiiirllnst;;:; nr .i ii"?.tiari Kiv
er K.ikr-ii.t C..-iapa:;y in thfA- Kit. t'r depot. ;...(-, lotiii.l l:ou . turn tnoies. stoe
Actiivj- " i!.r ,t cUavia" niaus rnln to
tli stt)na.:h. As a siiie a:nl $.tf iv:a;
rrn' ov tor coi.!.. c.
tKkt- -r or, -t Tar.''
"W'e have a QiO half scholarship wnr
rant on Bayli? Ierca"tile Col'rge
which we tt ill sc'.l very chap. ff.
ror cheao an 1 na-it repaii iu? cro .
tho Centennial ?t tore. HO 4.
nffe: d t the pt:bl:c, as its effects i t"-
raain a lon. time, iuaki:tir only an oz-
rhs u'.id s-4i-t hi. -is I rdKional apn--!citi!.:i nec2?-5ary. It is
it nvor f.iili to ! rw.bainnira and us tl by envr..w.
! ihi oo,l and ufcVM -do.-s nv harm. 3U4. j iii.'t.udi :nru. i-iul .iiueialiy -eni...;;--..
I - : M)v tise s: ttr .ss.-iyti o. ;d i-i t.s.
i-.s- i Tin p 'pnhifity of Halls Hair R.-:.--.v-
j r in'-re.w,e. wttn i :", or m-i.-'y
years, both iu this ''" rv and ::: f. r-
i; ia::.l
Mus-U tr c atra;iio . o
S;fi produces As In: ::,
iuhah th - o vapors of '
: tu - air
Mi- ren-Tar.
Have you seen the Centenni il Vc'
pieces painted by rrank :;ta.l:-r. an:
on exhibition at CarnrhV? 43i f-
Teata of larg horses, harness an.'.
waoa for salo at a bargiu. Enquire J
;r Bbos.
for 91.15 at
Readv Made
at co.-t. at
R?pairins at the ho:n m mnfactory
of Bob Sherwood. Centennial II vi:'
A CliiM's fur co l r "o n h
at :h? Hfhald 02! -ie.
""3 lb PRE ill IirTTEir
If j'i;i w;i.!t to Z' L your ciiiiil y-:.
cl-'i'ned or your stov -i:is.!. d. ell n
Cii-is. Brown, or Iave or lers at -Iii.'i'.i
rli.U li. IS
llf.S ('. I
j .. .c .iU i.. i ia i:-..i-:v c:.; ; lj r,.jlA
'( S .L.:.: ', 1.1 ....... I j .i fo..ii.y.
r. .i i.
. i.ii : l ti . t i ; .. - v. f -. . . . . i" i. ! i j u o : 1 1;
:.. i . r i 'i- ; ; o: c m tm. '. v J !wj !on
; Li'j mat;: oia teen tt..i e.iM t.i iti-. ii . in.
; -j. ; u.. t'.i' j" : ..' . ... .ia tnit
ti 'j fi:..i f.c c ;.- :' r.-c..:. fi-i.: r ti .".!t:.-
... i'-'1 i vd' s'i.i! n i,.i.i. .i v i -e'.j id
3 .Id i -il.-.., 1.1'.'.: : - i . ..j-t'.-li; Uid,
t i i.)., .y t ; , ., k. r..-.i liiirly
I--': t . 'j ...:. .i.i... : . r L " , iim: . . i.. 2;i :r e.:.
f.ll-i-is;. i-:-.- r;: ..!.:. S....I.I
- - -i. - . 0 . -, c ...-. I.OUJ ' .
..i t.
a : 1 1 J V.Io.vii.j; ? -..t", a. l.?
pI.Tl i'iH.i."iii J.ti CKJ', (3iS Couiiiy. .eU.
1 i'l,i u:-.i' l.;;u. I. i.
Ec e: i.xtrioK & Missouni Piteh P.aiikoad
( Oi'.i'A.vv is.Nlbuaka. by
iii I 1'. iVi. AIakqustt, Ati'r.
Legal ITotlce.
'ctr.'.s'.;:'., C.a.ia Couaty.
'(ic :u"? "tirrvi '".;it on the 5tt":j ua 1 cl ?."arch
I '.'T. js; two o'ebi-K p. ni.. on tu proui.ita lKr-
i;i ui v-iit-ed. :c: r..'.: i'.: i.i uni&.4 VOU
s.i... ! a.ij'ly rH' sait:i ; pr.x:svt to ojos liic
0. t!ilui'4 a-.-.TdtRa to you tV I'Ji'-Oil oi ap-
1 . -. j-.'ic.i'-iii t y u.v liar I'm M:.M.-Uii Riv-e.-
lUi.road t.oir.pahy ia .ebraai:a. it ticiot.
i.!-cti!'.r fhops. round houses, i urn lab e. ide
iii!t !. sovii..:ie!. &c, the i..!uvt iag tte.irribed
real est at-? : Tiie east i:j.;siter:i iinntuel and
liini'l y-ti e v;.i;u- fe-j; '.f !o t:.; inj;'. bltH'X (Co
tr;y-ni.'-.'. .- !i .'- .i; i.a ii'.-ori d p!.l at 1'
wwMtsi C;:y, '::u-a .' ...;. y, cU.a.-.ka.
iV!.nii:.' 1,7.
B':'.I-II'.i.i.-, Letter I lends,
TUer? will be rn-vtiaj in the C-ri - j
to !S'iS l. PI tti-.- ' -t'-. r 'Tf -i:i!i I
u-7 tt 11 a. m. All iivtnbers an.l oL.i- ; tM;r (.wt s-.ipplyin.t-nstotaers with
ers are requested to ! (vrv It in 2 !n he line- of jreneral up-i-
; i-:: 4nis'- th? nitst msonaUe terms, j
f railed en Prank Stadter this ; totk k,t ftili and co-upiet. 80tf
Wc'-t:, ana oa v u.;:::i ;ntt tn2 stu ito
ilmoAt made up oar min i w.j h id
wandered into g-jui fairy h-tant. V"o
cannot b?pin
f resc-i voi k on
and as it yourss!f. Tiie room will be i
opened for an lea Creaai Parlor the j
coming saason. bv ilr. F. StacL-ha-iP.'i. j
llr. Stadcer ho'ds forth at the Pic-
. - T"t 1 . At. .
lure Crauery or nana t unuu. uive 1
him ft rail-and leav orJars for a nor-
j Mr. aI. ilarp.iy, a p'i oiojr tp o:
j ir "o ... c ei '.v.- : . l.-r 7i'.C . . i f w a.... f l .u - .
; ... . .-. . 1 . -- : ' 1 - -' -
i ' . " ' i i;.!iu.-!tiifvt.iUt'-'. ':
Il :: ' ; , ii. i ;i -.. t.r. ; j .u.. -
i-5.-:;"Ai?F -'4 f.P.AMI'ICEO. ; ;. . i v O .:' ; tv - .. ..(..- . . v'.1.' . ' - -. ' . : i.-;cr
J t 1 ...... . . . . . . " fc ; 1 : .4 t.., , ..'-. ' ,.i .irivi
" O :'ii. ut - ni . ' .-..'.: r. -t'.-:'e. j 1, : ..o.-e P.-i.iivs. i... . . . .. ! . s u:ii.i'i;;a
. . ; lb r 1. . 1 r' , ' f ... ti,-. .'"'-.-'.".'.'--"---'
Boone s barber snop, at any tioaroi th- yxi. 4 ,.-. 4t a. -j-.c T.i tht-v v:fi i "' i-,it.a :,i ot i.W uu:V.v..t cjU.-r- j prr,-. v n.-.
Cl-tV r liitfilt. CMltii II .-.tOVe an.l O ' . - , ... . ' ,. t Mr iV.V 4t i.i -;rv ! ..1 m-.--.- n:'.-.l .J.', 1 .va.i:p iiOU-.wO
cents a flu-. 42tf r:itIl"'I-v o;': - " i: -v;thu:f,-ur.j ! -'V';'";'-'.'-'-?-'''11" 1. the p:aitr r,f iMe ets:c Janes M. EunJy.
Mr. ;h unbyr.-j ..lid his !est t- h ' -:. ;-.u ! ; tTJ-r " ( iv. wm- I -. n. :.v-,.-Cii. co.u-iy
fJBEAT B AR' JAINS. ' They h ive now i.: ;re I, t::-:s a.i '. t' I r ; 1; 1;::,' :';'r.t ,lU ! r tv.o t? mX' rC:-',,t"y
- I bought a Idrc-- jtb lot of h:td wither Had ve., t.o:n oppotlu- ! ..'i , d ( ; J j Xtr
BOOTS I riff t.nv.t,.s no ,Mt!.-.. .. V- Tr.'?' :,' J-T-'.':' l; " i i-1 Cms Ce-nty, Neb.. L be ahatei
1 . . . . . , ' iii.i'.i n i.r in tidii.t") .'i. 1.111 j,
liiMsiiivm.tkiii .i. ii !-. !. ".:; ;r;.! .-.' 't ';:" c 1 '-. t '"1 '; I i.,ce...i'.;. i si mwU :utie is Net fjr Le r-
, I- - i - - - . i ; . . , . . . ... .
I t!-..-n ' A'. .:. C. u. :!,:: '.i'l :Pil ''iV:-'! 7. y.-rs.
I j t I .. il tit .a. t' : :; - n.; i. .::! ;v
t;I.'l 'f A l . XZ IX V M 'A f.) " bt -!: f::. -si :.;; :::.ri
.j , I - ; . " t-i i.i p.w...- tu '...i?ii i..'::..
r r...-, r r"T ' n : ' Tl : ' A. I OI, l f.-..' ' 1; a '.! .1 I'M'K- J".r C J ' .'':t'". d
-. '7"-" : a:. ..i kmc ::.: I.t.---c tt.r.-e i j
fi'.hulj ii Su- e'.;i,l li wrst ot i ..u,i,u ov .u i.-.'C.v
e-v-.:-.:w. I N ; anrl
'"1 IJ
ftn.l stU than
&-.. ;v t ar nil. ;on-.
i'r.Tiri". MEit-sr.
""v .-iTor:-- ;n :t; t ni
kdf at the Hckald ):rice.
AT! son
The rr.u J;r:--.f.n as ituii!
taisilav .'ii-..t.'.v;.d ant J. S.
our t-i p'.asioti an-1 successful r.ier- r ;lor;vd t a'.l oa :at-.!i:.K
! i.i ee t.;. : : i
li:;; i o c'.!! t.f !!: I.'.d:: !y .tude la Pii.ia-i.-.i.
o.l le.' .u..i d .y (t M.'l'Ca. A. I. 1377. it
ri-n viui:.-. i.i. of K.i.d siay. .tt w::!cii aad
p.acr a.i pei.ins iarereK.ed appear and.
.o.v C.....V.-. it' anv liiev tiiivt'. vrhv tne eM,
i Jdi.ii i i.ivc'.i sin.'.;. i ai.i be appelated such ad- -j: oaia iie.
vt ii-ir. ray haid ia;a lOiii day of Marli, A.
I 1) 1ST,".' il. ii. Ji'tWiLL,
ir vySlJjt At O Li'.'U.
to d;:rili9 the b-iutiful Envel ipe.- IMrnphl -is and Canls print
, ... eI at t.i.s ohP... A!i woik ex bed i
Dnwads and ceihn. ! tic;Usiv and ne.C.I v pveont-.h
Il.'.Vii . U: r.?Aitr.
j s "i.r.vii.-arav.
TVeeiiias Wa:.:r, M..rt a :..t. 1?::.
21. L. Wliilo cl.yd on us nettin last
i i
w - k pevious to leaving for the B ;tck J j
Wm. - ta.!: l:r. tan bavin;; bee i ap: Iiit' 4 :'"-"
tiie V. Marshal f ir liii t State :n ' v' :
the uuLtArrMr.g acc;ii;:l of V.'.-i Siadeltaann
and of Slu 6i Madiiiaann. i . o '.
these concerns are hereby eat'ed . t -pear
at ttiestara of tliesuM '" n s
in tiie city nf f!att3:u xuii. C a.i "
or bfef'e tie !5t!l day of ;.i!. 1 '" '
t'.emcat of said accaunt.-.. or -. . i :
be tnv.r te.-rc-'i t'l ih? ': tt ' '
ease to- c i.!' i! -:i ri.l: e .. s .
co:ne for aril. ' m. i kn",
". !T. . .'.: MS Coile.-.t r
... ,i i
j In the dKtrtet coorr sbUJt'.J ju tloial district,
1 .-2VCI f?l !t ! in iiiiu for Caji Coautv. .NfOi'-wa.
t I.i ": ; ..i.:iie i ; li n-:; b::.Ls. Ne''. : and jOm. j r . !'; u-rtt'd M nd J . 15. li!iil!lSoil, as adinlnU
Ad ! i ...d : i'o i . i s... ii i i-i !n . f . : west i tr.ittiu ut in i:-t itc w laniu C rover. uceeas-
Jiil. ! of pi..-::t sq-iare ia ...v. k liinns : nai a'-t j j y.':::! .j. rni;..n, l'au.taa a. notion,
1 A 1 t,f 0..;1'a Oil 1 I l.'lii... ILlld f-':: "irr.- I .i..... ........ 1! :T i.:t..nrt.- I'll .i.
' of public vi;t-..i lii i;.)c.t Lluiis. Cs t-.3-.:i!!y. .io.-'.i ft?:utitutciuimi:CoiiiL'uuv. Ue.lifCattu
S.a. W in. a. v. ,-:i:i. iv 11. 1 'ji Cilii'.-e A. v hue
t..u . i t", as w:e pi'o perry or a. k. ii.!;!w, 'r..
t'n.y-jj.e ii
lfe, Ol ilH llilVH"
f ll:. 3 .e .ud six I. All i uj ilii:. jvelP;
' i. - .:; n w tue ci.j of Halt-siuodtli.
C'-" sa..a y. N.-tias
ui J."t c ; -.od i.tads U'ld bit are
1 . . ... i fi v t'C 1: , I
' ail ia :.iv I,,.? i !.- .N,
, i '. i i u: .;. tt-i-iw ka. and a!i ail ol
i .n il i.p.iu ;is r ti pn.'pciiy
' .fi.i .!.-sc;i!i .s.:i: re ;u tit-he. I
.i iat:i nii.i lit:i. ia. 7. on an or-
. i i s .e.I iro .. i.tit. it.tiii in
.. .i t-.. ivi oNry, subjeet u the
r.t t'iii.ot,..
. i..?i,. .;::i, .Neb.. M.uc'i 1 J : 177.
.M. k. i'irr:,K.
72.3. SLena C-.-s C.i.. Nrh.
trsi- H- c-iu att yot..
l iiit.i-iii'.'iuli, Marci: 7i,
for the mon.b endirj- Feb. 16. 1S77.
SfaitiS j Av. At tgn-t.-vnre.
jS-gK3 'Corp. Ill -nshaient j
' jrreat Git'rit who lias ben with us iui- j
somj tLutf lefi for Gra.ii to
I V, , :M
make ois iioaii. V7e wisa lli. Ala- pV. tiv.t i
p iv ah s.i :ci.s in his n-.v.v id ico uu I ! '-!T"n
are sorry io ioie him Itoiu P.ttsiuoulh
tv d wero iiat.seti c.i mskum l:is "j jt.i . -
i from our friend tlie Hon. Prarik kVcich
j the cither dav.
Ga:-'."-:wc r; r.
i y i. v,-n o f.ii y
IhoriTz Sale.
he)'-: y v,-n o ?.u p:-r o:':'-. v:o:n
iirvp.r...;; ; '' tiii- ii:: v '1. A.'Kwvaii.i '.-b.'aii;:v.r.
'r! 1 I'. A. !. ilii i ..! :r:y ;::i.i
... ; .-in , ii--'.: n:i : . . ' i ii.; lie. n lit:
I i :-... t ii: n:v e.ta-n-.-.. sw l v-:i -..:v mi:
' Wi waru t!iii.Hil t.i i 9- ir.r'. ! .'ior u.;t..' t: i:.i:e. (frt:: 1. A. LLi.-o.
Uy virt'ir of five exeeu:io!i i io.1 bv ;V.e i
1 ia "f t lie li.l ; i.a i u : of i nd '
fi il d-.atnet niibiu ::? e'.:ss t'miatv. ,- I
baka. an.l t ite u: ,1, t wpj on ii.l- ...ii '
C:y f Mi.: h. A. i. L-.7. at i ' t.VItt-r ;,. t.i.. of i
'-.lid ti:.y. at li.e Mi:I kn-.a ;u I tie h ; i I
I i i.i m a r.mi.S. .t'ii.,W ..! t eo i:.! v. Sf- . ;.l :
I tVist.s S -ii-'.
o o c r
I -
. .ap't.
I Tiiev wcTi? r.iti:?r bored cna would
t ... . .
: think the oUier uijht at Oni.iiia. '1'he
j board ot trade met an t the simooI
i board aad tiie 17, i b.iarJ O'-sidvs a
: number of oilier bores Ij-u oa "the
i streets.
.'aimer ha r.lun;:.d from
Mrs. F. l";s:er.;nd Mis "e!':tS!fMi h" v? tr":--"1
iiiio t ia iir-..s!:i.. ;. jiii bni!i'ss. aid t V . 1 ! i I i.e
r.i- :i. d tu Ii -'.r iini- ;.t w ti.i c.j work i.i ! 't-ir
hn;t e:,-:l s.iid ?re t!:ti'i at tto- :--":uenet. r.
KIaU'I. m:e t't.tur w,st o? t::-. -';.-bd
llou?. S.aisi :etioa i:.ia."..:t. t'd .iti o cr .t
ifi'.rratr. 7-:i
... -L.irce aio. k
V.'II-.fEi: toil AAV LS,
'I ; . ; . :U t. at -
' SCIIXAS-iR tl- ;R Ail BERG'S.
i:c i.utaittn me .u.u'.t.t- aad r ::; f
:-l if ;
O.o iot ff T7 i.! T.i s-A I '':.-n. a?.;. I r i i ir
.-.-'.:..; said- l.j of ):.! fail oi U:T :' v..
i.o.-.r .icra a r-suier i i cr i--.,.i ii ou
i-t I -.tiit sell -PI !. :s ::a-i I.i Lead rltiin ynir
oi'i sl.-i a.r.l ii iUdi r-x-.i (.-; nHr li
. i
res::--i:.-o oi ,li-...-pii .- ;!
0"..-:t .'"lis ,: l.'.r-i :: at
t .'. - :.i . .'.' :s- ij .t
i-f ; . . s i'i !'..
1 " 11 Kl 1.(1CK l.O'tl-i.
, a -. t .. - i .. . o i
jl-1 v cr. ;.' i f -.--ia t
I f!i'u ; 1 1 - , v s.
r I--. : to- i . :
.t.. :--.--K-i. o-... -i
-l'l o't
i-'t Of -i'-IY-
t ('-ll iiiia
. ;".!.-.) mi"
V.-.i n'f tl'i.f
...iti- i
aad . N. 51ernai!i.
Tlie ,-u.;.v tnc.-UUc fif A-Vf.rdsfcit.
"i mis" J. iioi ioii. l aiiHua A. jioi ton, HiUbard
,. frpi-iicei", I '. W. 1 liliiil .t Co.. S-i. J ;. pll Jlju-
it!a-iii:iu CompuLy. A'eil .t Caiin, Win. A. and S. N. .ticiii.iin, noli re.-idei.-l. deieud
win taste ioiit:e uasd piaimiu-t did on
tnr soi day oi r eeiu,.ry. 177, tins, pei'tiou
in nit- mace of tin; Clt-r ot tue di-d.sel eoun, in
auti iori a-is Ceuiuy, acoraitaa, ayaiust said nou
revtlfiit tlcifud.ini'. anu tue t!iuic-aiu named
i-m Vui orteatiatitsel.tiaiin a jaiti: inent agau.(
iviiiis J. in riuu and i auinia a. Morion, lorthe
sai.i us i u iiiou-iiuu ujj.., itU int. r-sttiierc-o:i
at me rate of w n per et ui p-r aniui,.!. Loin
July 1H.I, mid i dti iCL" oi a foieiiosUie ol
a iu'oi i:a;e fciveo to seizure -sid suia. aitl note
aud Peintivcn to -M.-uiia Gtuver, de-
i ceasod. ol wnose tr-tut ptaintins ar? di:ii.UJ-
ti-itior-. A .i'-y . ;' -5" a dectee o. lurec.oiure
ai-iin-l aa i - ila c-.-u i.-a.-fi of s .ii i;i0i".jraie-J
pt-'peity. I le s.t.s.S vO.a.i --"- i-i'l-.u'd io.lo-s,
w .-. : i uit.i s...; i-., i el the noria-ea'it
: :. -. tfe.ii JU ;..ll"..-t:i C3I ill town
l'.: v. .u t.1 i'..!i-:e ft- Tea (l!;. ea d ! a p. in ;
j .., -. :u: ,j-e.!t tiuurt-.r (.xe'i ot ttei.tion
. r!u' i.. - ai iu.'.L ii:;. i-.-u i lO.i r.i-ii, fievea.t u)
j i .. .t via p. i- ; di') iue ii'ji'iii lt;s i:i'.i i oi i he
I .iiuiis-v ' r-i t"ir.rp.r tf t.f su eooa -t-n-U iji sa
f l ..A a iVill..!...!'.!' f. Cl VM .21 V. .si l'( Ulf uu 1'.
l i.. :.. (.
r i:i t a--. . t sl
ed to a" p.-'r ii1::
vv.u'.t. ii - it y miertsi tdey. or ay ol luein laay
li;:Ve iu i Ur 1-,'i.iL'. aua ai u p-iiyit. ta:-l Cojtl
to det-ixa a.iy e; inn de.endaLitt inr.y t.ave
given aad ian-rieti tu paa-dta. f.ud u:-.i o..itr
rei:e i-.itf.piny in.y nn'eci. ion arc iieri y le
il ai red to iii..ver ica petnioa on or l-i're
Apr.t -. i, ' -.".", or dei.i-.ii; . in l.e lairien - against
vc-t oi yea ap i atti p-.t.i.'ii.
li. E. I'l-.TTESGIlLStA
1 "' J. ii. ii-ii-.: .
As .idi!.iu.-: rao.r-,J riaLntitTs.
A. L. SfHAGVi; aval 1 . B. ilAKl,
Thetr Attorn.-r., v-: oi Tubi-ia.-i.. una
.1 tu - .: d t'.-fead.-.i.i."' revpuf
, an -Mer e.:'.u m-siii-rn. Jii-l o... v,-
.-. i! i-
GEnTRurc T. Jo:iK3 j;c.
Waiitsio'toii and tu Uesttiiptioa ot t.iu
scenery, the uud iohs ol t!i A'rei
ident. tue gcaiai nature of G '. Ve.ii
! and our beua.ors liiere, was sj t.ui
I . . , r..l
j iu la.ii .ve a. uj, tor ij.j.-js il o.-uee s
! rauche to "Kit,' for a pa.s o tr.tta t-s '
so as w; codi i t j 'A'.i-aiu.-. l too. j
i And our r-.i.irut'.l drfjujitic irieml :
j j. V. tt eckOacit iias j.ut itii vf .l iro.a l.
Wrtahiutou and ilio "tviii." iL- is en
;0'.: c.'.itciAiNs!
tdiJi-: LAfi; t-noi:s.
t'-'i" c!.Ta -it
M E UG L 1 1 G K SiOIIi:.
Legal Nctioo.
rS rrnl
ii ih .1 51 J
.i .'ir-iit :" -. , ! -i -
..w. : ur
V 'lj.. '.'
. -. V.
. v . ,
j o (toaiuiuu ....ii tiie uu.. -iii. 13 fil- i
j thusia-jiio stbottt Pi'iiiiJeisi jl.iye aad lj I itt "" ' cfl'? ' c'-" t
says he-is a sraud-loo.iUl i.J 1- ictia i : tb.e t.e.Jy r-r.-r ',:: , '. a r ' v iii'i'die "ii v
. .. :i ,
.1. -
I 1 1
uiau aud will make a nauio-r i Pivsi- i', p.V.,',".'"'
'J i.eie nrrt t-vo k
"Oaee 3Icr onto the Breaclt, Kind
dent, sso long l
AtA -pet jQut, Breche and things as j Rev. Father Hayes, one of the "firs i
. l!Tial. - " r .. jriiests 5ettli in ttiis town ' has re
.' - - I iu rued to this cliars-- aad caih-d oti the
. " TAXS NOTICE. T f H' Herald Tuesday. Hives is n lucky
VTm. Stad el man lists ajiia openett i name jus now and we" bviieve this
Tfils store for a short time, (see notice
elsewhere).' and has a largo stock, of
goods that m'ist be soM in sUt diys.
They will be sold at 25 pr. c:. b-ss Jh?in
east- Thit handso n ' stock of Boots
find shoes just laid in 1 isc fa'l must l e
soli also 23 p-?reert b?!--w cos . Now
i the cine'sz os in CO d.tys
for c-f : r-t-'i c
:. .. ".i .-.'s. m. -i.iu-.--t. Kiir.j
is l ie . eul.inr lai.iitio;it.
W.iMt t;
-.". t i.
innt ! for t a- Piu.i'f i ( .in
which - lo v i:i ' o o -. i
a-iJ s.r. i t- i torit'! a. id ii.u.iii
sr.v toud.'iful.
Wiipp l.'i.i-'
I'-'M iinT Xilid.
pa h d li.e
. .i.'ii' is".-:
l uao:.. lit, c IS. ! . .-
; . -. ri y. ; ,i -,-. li ; . .- - t -.. ,
day CO day itrfti :..! i-.i- :;
Mi ei s; :p;e i-.:.d t.-.i.'-'v t-iy
L-iut. ;ssid ii;." - ;. ! i r .
i iii.iKitf : : ' j i . '--:.-... ii
i-i ;.( t ,: i.-r ,i
y.;.lhz:i .Toko v. O:".;- !t : V::e, Sruh Mi;
Ad'!. r".:-:n t.t. Paris. T...,".i. ? 1 Ag
r.t t. Kua;.p. si ml l.'avi I .1. ;'
lo Aysses C. Kaa; ;. re i-i"; otit o."re:e:aat.
Ta jtn; ncreny t.r...h;ii tiii f .'.!. a-i Juiie-t.
platsa::?. ds-l oa fin- C.i rt :y .': i.i , A. L.
ie;.'. r.i-- i.t it ii.-ii '.i. 1: Ceart in
and lo: lis - -untv et t as ncJ .Siitic -f Nfbms
. a-; i-st the r-dd (ifi'jy ::..!:e. j-arah ,Mc-:-i.
vn M. !V.rk.'l"!:.i:M I t.o.;;..t:i, Afies
rvsinpp, s'.tnt I'iivid J. ij-i.ica. ut .'e.'iuitnis.
--ou.:r Pit t :.t iht.sal 1 Uloi-i:e'.'d:Adie -.nd
ran VieAtlif on tiifSM.l da v t.f Ai..! . A. 1.
g ive :ia.;-f-e: to?::o ..j.;,; ;-av-iutd. I'usk
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(itt'ii of serf ijn i..;si!lr tiiiiiy-iieu i.'.i.
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Notice of liCKit-rUon.
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Sheriff's Sals.
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j,Z COiT 707. IxlK 1 EXT TfllRTY PAT?;114 Plater's rest in Washtiigton
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, 1 fiiiir;i' V. -,( f ij,,.,,' it M'jf T;,, Co-.,.ity. .'.-hi.. -ku. iiv-iiaitr t..e said Jo- ( in te Cityl in tie.fd Cfenfv. lT
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f,.A.,, sat' tlie f'.o' i n. - oi ti.e-.ji-i tt i-d p.i m-t, n-- si-it-: !. v-rU! i ,;vt.r"e irorn tbe ttotet j v.-is : ihe i;t!h half .s-i oi t-ie norta-e.--s: :
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' . t'-t a -iiovp. for the puriKit of t-orreiui ' ' t" "-r ' oa-ii.d ys r.-jetren rso'v iu her ; x.u;rder ten (to- of riit:i-e an.i.ber ten ilo) j
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F. S. vVhits. j comin? manner.
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r. P. GASS. 3d Wiird
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t.neu :iai sue is required to a;i;:- ar slid answr-r besns levied niMin and tai-..-n as tfi- nep..-rt7 of
said petition m or bofore the ICih oy of Aprii. i Wii.i.iai Qinnn and Ci a Q iinn. u- fendau ; to
A. I). 18.7. or J:.(tr;iieiit will herndeied aisnsi s-uiriv a depress of said ."ari, recovered hv '
you as prayed tor in said petition. Charles M. iiie-Ibv'. PiainCsf. '
I . l?Xf-tKtm.b7 f ii ftnouth, tut,.. F-r. 2it, A. D.
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