Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 08, 1877, Image 3

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. local at?vsexisemi:nts.
Ttja'lJtuJ. V cea:.i a It lit .jtilar an;. irus
i vjtim pe- t.ue X J advertisement insert -ti
lot tea Um i uU
15 Jre and oCw-Jr X tt ! Hd
qocs a feotioe they i-d la.
ttoa t oiMMii ootloe.
AitanM Is UmKod. all cornmnnta:ofM
at vuui.
Tnutr Vaci. JV e.-ms. Uno. Reg ,il.r ad vertU
ers .3 eeaw rr Une. No aJr.rt.s!'i.-n ..isrrt
d. !. k'ksui at.
v A4T pf-ntua who Vk the paper rezularly
trow tao po'-oflc. whether dir.ed to his
nam, or wbther lie U a iibs;riter or not is
rw'iJO'iible tar tba ;.
all soy iinnuB or.leis his paper discontln
zimL 1 must pay all aiTe;u-agei, or tUe publish
eontloua to send St until payment !
uari. and coUect the whole amount, whetne.
Um paper k takea Iron the office or not.
X vna eourw have Uactded that refusing to
aewspaver and periodicals from the post
ofcioe. ar and Waving them
tor. h prtat urw evident of istentiokai.
, 21 A K Hi LI?.
8WlSDLC-riHLBY-Marrio at ther ic.:e
vl t-e brldf's p.ircnts in Eight Ml!. Cm.c,
March 4th. A. D. 18T7. by Situ ici .r.l.n.n,
x:r it M. Swixalk to Mot Mi( i'iin.ii
all of Cass County.
HILL Man led ou the day of
t n-fh lorr at tne residence 01 u. iv. liarr.
Cieeuwood. Mr. Exoch COBUBjr mad Miss
Emma Hill. Hon. D. K. Bair officiating.
SPECIAL, notices.
Legal tlctiee.
The if'i of Eight Mile Grove wilt
jiiv :i Taiit:. Party and a giant Oyster j
Kinu. ii. ti.. B.t;-Ht Church on ilou- j
.!.., M:.r-..i lath, 1H77. the pro- COBURN
cpr-'iis U tint ''Ti' tit of SifV.J. A.IIud
The weather being; so unfavora-
ble on the emung or me . FILf Y0UR PApEUg.
- ' , We re trivinff the County Organic
Taction, ana icereior ti e v.i - - . -
tlon Bill In instalment in the IIer-
a imn i I ald. It is very lone.. When fmir.hed
Come one, come an. n - - C,
-fimf. old an.l we shall comment thereon.
t"AJCtlCVl. VIlint'"v"l
youri, brins your lilies; the calico
nnmr, nn.l nt ckUes will be the excice-
ins.r.r '.iiriiiD-the evenms. ana uie com
mittee will spare no pains to make you
ill liannr.
1 Remember tho time and place.
limUv evenintr. March 12 h, 1877, in
the Baptist church, Eight Mile Grove.
By order of lujmmuiee.
Everyone ought to read it carefully.
See Slier woods new Ads.
Agricultural Society meeting on the
24th at 2 P. M.
B. & M. R. R. Time Table.
Corrected Tuesday. February Gth, 1577.
' J 10 P- IA. 3 :
Lcra Ild. ArriTW 10 :M a. ra.
itp.a. 5:0p.M.
" aH p. aa. T : p. ni.
1atm Fl&ttsnioutfc :V a. m. ArriT Lln
olu, 11 -IS p. m-; Arrires Keamy. p. u
r I FirtKM - I-fae PUtUuiouth,
ArriTet. unco.n. p.
A few City wilen for aie.
See Stadelman'a notice of re-opening
and appointment of sale, &c
Vaw Rttclc of sDrinz coods coming
in tliis week at Va lery & urew a.
The Arm kno u a Hubbard Si Tewlatmry Is
fuis day dlssolTed and J. S. Tewksbnry U au
thorized to ettie aU outstanding aceoonts.
Weeping Water, Maroh 1st, 1877. ' '
xsm htulelmann haviaz been appoiutad by
.'the U. 9. Marshal for this State a Collector of
.... ii . nrki' flt.HlrQSLnn
and of Sherwood A tadelmahn..'. '. AlI otrlD,
tnese concerns are nrrcuj cuicu
pe;ir at the ore er the saia wm. waanHiuo,
in'thecityof flatumouth, County of Cass,' on
or befoie the I5ih day of April 1877. for the et
tlciuent of said accounts, or said accounts will
be transferred to the hand of. the lawyer ih the
ease for eollection with costs.- 3a cost? and
come forward. Wm. TAri.MKX.
Plattsuiouth, March 6, 1877. 'i ..v.. ,
NOTICE. ; Jr 1
Greenwood. Feb. 24th. 177.
Notice is hereby zUen to idi jiersons whomso
Top corn and hickory nuts at the P.
O. News Depot.
For fine fresh smoked ham and fish
J. V. Weckbach will pay in cash or
goods the highest market price tor
n..,trni ii man n fact orv. Gents fine
V !..
custom w rk wairan'e 1. at Bol Shi'i-
ihs fi m4 f.i - II it s aul Wheeler
wcie nml h- re Monday night.
500 Barrels
ut at
T..i;.iti TMiwrlprT CAirAr Manufac
turer rn Miiin St Plattsmouth. Xeb.
Cicar Clippings of Spanish and Amen-
.-..m TfiiiMi'ciiM for smokins Durposes.
Foi Hale. Best qualities oi piug-snioK.-
;,.ir tMun"n fllwHTa on haud. -U-ll,
that an artit-le of separatum h: this oay
lweu uivpn letween I. A. Kiiijtnnm.coean.iHs.
. . i L'in. i. r..ii.m ant una
nil hruus from liarlHiring her or srllln lier
,.....!. mi mv piiviiw. 11 h I will mi none oi
her bllla alter this date. (43l 1.A.KISO.
Ti.a r.u innwn 99 Rwnlrr & La7nbv hare
. . t ,: i .... I.v inn!ll-lf 1 PT,.
ment. all accounts ill Imi colietted and debU
uaumra oy ?ir.jiteripr.
l laiismouiu. rri. io..
In the District Court of the Kocou3 uAijtal
nial rict In and fur flu CoolT. ' ebr&SKa.
Jerome I. Case and Stephen BuU,ccir,po!o?Uo
M. Carrllv AlerU CrrtU. Joim V. CwtcU
and aobu Cjirreil, deieudauta.
i luocifes Ul iuc o w va . v'i owaw - . i
tliiU tU irUiuUili. abov named, ox tne state oi
D. 1877, file the r petitiou in the Oistrict Cwirt
of the K-oond Judicial District, iu and for Caw
i . k i - n ...... , l . n ; .4 ItVanMa M
Carrell. Alzrna Carreli. John Vv. Carrell and ,
jonn uarrcii, aeienaaui. wiuDh'
.i . . . . . . . n B.u tli. a,M 1 nut.
cU M. Carrell, and AUeria Carrell. o the.aatd I
J. I. Case ft Co.. ontbeeaHt half (ett bf the
outh-weMt quarter (swK of aectlon twenty (20)
anu our t jicrc ait iu owi nnru f ..
fourteen (14) and the' w haU of the north'-weat
..u of .iu.lli.1. ti.l v.nini. 11 tOWU
eleven (it) ranee fourt en (14). in Cas county,
NcbravKa, to secure tlie payment f, ac
cordlnir to a certain promissory' notf. meuuoned
. . . .. ! i - . ..... . ....4 rliut .i.l.iAtllH trivllll
olsaid niortfiaite, tue aid Jolin.Carreb claims
some interet. in uie sati i"i uiii--i n.c
that aji account mav be taken, of the amount
Hn tliornm that DiuntiSa also b allowed a I
reasonable attorney's fee, and that the said in-
ifri rn ul !imu w v.. 1, v. 1 v .. k. . r
rlor to mat 01 planum . anu inai uic kiu
1 .... f.. . ..r.. .l .. in,f ffd ..(.jlin nil.
Iuju Ti.a u'i mi 1 ..11,1 w '.1 ri j mi. ii r mi.iru , i
rell pav aaid sum interest and cotU b- a day to
ba named by the Court, aud the aaid Francis
I1. tiirrri auiu nucim v. v.. - j -
that they are requested to appear and answer
A. l. 1877, or the tacts therein act forth will be
tuki-n m true, and ludcment rendered atcalnst
vou. - J. 1. CA6 ti jo., oy
(5 j)
7K, B. Windham, their Atfy.
Legal Notice.
(lit to Robert Sherwood for the most
Mo nf Riif sawed boots. Can
not be equalled in Nebraska far prices,
nualit und durability. One door west
trwiht iiu7 -io a- ra. at. uiu um - 'i- , .
. - . - a . I IjlKtlltJ nuu ui.un""v "
fijom the west. j wheeler.- t it bad 3iue glass f stadelmann's clothing store.
'IJZ.tuia ta .tm,i4li.r.rin.iiie or two 5 hours
Vi :a p. in. Amcii''" - j ' -
hi. Loui Exeitaas- I-eares Uneola,7 a. . y rv aHy,
Bi. Arrive Plattamouth. 10 4 a. m. J , r
Freiftht leavos Uncoln 11 :i a. m. am
i w ri.i..i.j w u Vi.llt Sliort have ron
i..... ,i Linn Iiiumimi and would be
pleased to have those in want of work in their
line to call ami sre mem n.j """' V "
Elster, one uoor west oi mo aiumu.
House. MutisfacUon ituaranteed and charges
Large stock
at cost, at
FbUtauoath, 4 :13 p. tm.
Kxpreas. ()tin. .
Fiaeacr. (train each day) S JO P-
Mil CTU MAlLti-
i Depart at - : a. wi.
Aartvt ai - - a. ni. j - a ;oo p. in.
Arrtva at ! a. m. 1 Depart at - 1 M P-
WESTfltX VIA . r .
AziV4 at J5 P. ni I Depart M 8 0 a. m.
wricriKa watfr.
Ajctve a M o m. i Depait at - J)p.m.
itocit ' rrrs A rrxiox mills.
AjtIv at s . I Depart at - 1 0 p. m.
We bavYe a S40 half scholarship war
rant en Baylies Merc"tile College
avhlch we will sell very cheap. f f.
JL fine lot of fat cattle, 3 head,
transferred from Mr. Oldham to Mr.
Mcpherson on Friday last.
The Her. Mr. Church of Neb. Uni
versity "Unitarian" will preach in
lhe Court House on SuiuLir March
11th at 11 cVoek A. All art m
liallr invited.
The Cas Cu ity Aric:" ur il Soci
ety mt onJS tt-ir l v ia-t and re-cin-.'l
the action of 'a ? V-A. lOd'.
mnt-'i y th rtir 'I'tun Is to On fr
Precinct anl ttppjinteJ meivin two
wetki from the coining Saturday (24th)
for a taking at the Court
IIou3e to decide oa re-leasin or re-locating
of grounds. Particulars next
Fresh Cocoa Nut at the P. O. News
Chapped hands are cnred.every time,
ky using the "Forest Tar Soap."
For cheap an I neat rep tiring rro to
the Cntnnial itore. 50t4.
II are yeu seen the Centennial Panel
piec., p"mtfd by Frank Stadter. and
on exhibition at . Carrulh'a? 45tf.
Team of large. h'rs'8. harness and
The Musical Convention now in sess
ion at the Methodist Church is hard at
work under the efficient and thorough
baton of Prof. Geer. Nearly forty
singers are taking advantage of the op-
Eitrhty car loads of freight for Emi-
irrants coming to Nebraska have cross-
the transfer of the B. and M. here this
The Concert given by the Musical
Convention on Friday night at the
Methodist Church will be a rich treat
singers are lading auv.t,itC ua music
portuni y and improving rapidly uiTder . ,
his directions.
The Convention will close With a
r.,n- m TTriiiiv ovenincr. when a
VU1ULI b v, a. .- C
trood nroersmme of Vocal and Instru
mental Music will be given by our best
talent, assisted by two lady vocalists
from Tabor, Iowa.
F. S. White goes east for goois. See
his notices.
good bargains!
fur 81.73 at
tr,..-eN SfifiTlit .fc Afiller wish to
call the attention of their customers
ti tlita, that it is customary to close
up accounts ;tt the commencement of
the vear. As they are expecteu to pay l.i Is it follows that they must
have funds to pay with. They would
therefore notify their customers who
havo been sicrrominodated to harae-js
and other go-ds, that they will be ex
pected lit cull and settle their ucccounts
at their eailiest convenience. Their
stock of hiirness and olht-r poods in
t!-f line is e.):ii.lvt, and all wanting
il...;.. T...r. ...ill f!...l i In
i ilTiVlIllIll; III l!H"li li.lf ii i.
their advantage t give them a call. A
full a o,-k of groceries also k-pt con
st.mtlv on hand. -15tf
ThaSidnev TeleoraDh has a most
wonderful notice of the arrival of Cap.
Bennett and Messrs Leonard ana
itamo in tiipirftitv on the way to
the Black Hills.
We are authorized by the School
Board to state that the city schools
will be re-opened on Monday morning
next, the 12th Inst, to complete the
remainder of the term.
At the Methodist Church on Friday
evening the Musical Convention now
in session wil; co.iclu.le their labors.
;md (nr people should turn out en
masac nr.d show their appreciation of
home effoits.
Whether intended for the IIcrald
man himself or for younger and fairer
members of the. family the Herald
enjoyed a must melodious seranade one
evening last week, right under the
window M.i id. Our only regrets are
that we could not at the time oby the
kind requests of the lovely .insers.
They asked us or somebody to -Peep
through the lattice, dear." The fac s
are that our Sunday pants were at the
tailor's and our only other lot out on
the line after a cleansing and we
cou'd not peep. Besidt-s well, it is'nt
bet to say anything about the appear
ance of those that did peep. Wf wish
wagon for sale at a bargian. Enquire j sonaebo It w l 1 writ a v wt ci
at Sage Bros, j quelle on prop r stv.e for appear-
For home manufacture Robert Sher-
vr Oi m l c;intif)t be enualed. at the olu
store of Sherwood & Stadelinan.
I bought a large job lot of
fiii'l sell them
before they are all gone.
Peter Merges.
The Centaur Liniments are the
rrpatcst remedies ever discovered for all flesh.
hone, and muscle ailments Bites. Bruises,
Swellings, Burns, Rheumatism, sun joints, a.
wimt the White Liniment does for the human
famiiv. the Yellow Liniment does for horses
and aniiuali. They are cheap, they are conven
ient, and they are certain in their effects. .
Children ery for PIteUer's Castoria.
Tt i measant to take as honey It contains
no morDhine or other deleterious iugredient.
; and is sure to expel wornu, cure wind colic, reg
ulate the bowels and Stomacn, ana overcome
irritation caused by rah or cutUusi teeth
Mothers call rest and children enjoy health
I who use Castoria. It is harmless, it is Cfrtju.
It is speedy, ana it is cneap.
for $1.75 at
Tlr- imivftrsill accord AYER'S CA
thartic Pills are the best of all pur-
. rat a 4l..
gatives for family use. iney are me
product of long, laborious, ana success
ful chemical investigation, and
their extensive use. by Physicians in
a .
their practice, ana oy an civiuzeu na
tions, jiroves them the best and most
effectual and purgative Pill that med
ical science can devise, ming pureiy
vegetable no harm can arise from their
ni Tn intrinsic value and curative
powers no other pill can be compared
with them, and everv person, knowing
their virtues, will employ them, when
needed. They keep the system in per
fect order, and maintain iu healthy
action the whole machinery of life.
Mild, searching and effectual, they are
specially adapted to the ueeda of the
digestive apparatus, derangements of
which they prevert and cure, if timely
taken. They are the best and safest
physic to employ for children and
weakened constitutions, where a mild,
but effectual, cathartic is required.
For sale by all Dealers.
In the District Court of the Second Judicial
i n-t ript in und for Caa Countr. Nebraska.
Ernest Kupke, plaintiff, vs Jahauua Kupke,
i i. Af .1... nu f U..lna tn tllA
aioiianuii. nupur, m .uc v.i j . ... - i
State of, will take notice that hruest
KunKe. oi ine county oi, m mc
..... .li.l ,hu url, .1 v t1 Pi.irn:irV. A. 1).
111 in A. A, 1 1 11 if., it. v. tr- m. v. j - - - ' .-- .
....... ..... ..... Ii. .1. Ikiwtrii.t f Hurt all
1"! I. IlltS UI3 1 1 .1 Lllll iu -. ,T
Cass County, Nebraska. aKainnt the said Jo-
liailtlia nui'ACi mrinmniii! ,... " J . ' r-
lition beina to serine a divorce from the bonds ,
... ... ; . i. u..l i Ti.ln.iit.-A
oi mail iiiiuu y witu nc aou
and lor the custody of two children now in her
. I . l. .. 1.1 I. .h..,i.i tWiiTiir ftfi no-
1K1TS"HI1, ttllU lllO aAlU WllAMllM . "
titled that she is required to appear and answer
shio pennon ou or ireiuic mc iii j
A. D. l77, or Ji:d)rmeiit will lie rendered against
r iH ... ..a. i . i i i.
. uu a. u j .v. . . . r
J t'uvniT KT'ait. bv
R. B. WiVdham, his AU'y.
Legal Notice.
State of Nebraska, Cass County.
Trt A. if TUelte.
You are notified that on the 26th day of March
1877. at two o'clock p. in., on the premises here
in described, commissioners will (unle.s you
sooner apply for same), proceed to assess the
damaires accruing to you by leasoo of the ap-
.... .1. Uiirlli.ortrk.i ..H Afit-Illri ItlV-
liiviil Irtl luu vy iuo .'"i uu(,lv"
er Kailmad Com pan v in Nebraska, for depot,
machine shops, round houses, turn tables, side
. i- . tf.A . I., f. .1 1 f i it ir ilnai.rilaii
tlilt'KS, SWlltllcn. , .uo iwiiu..-.. '
real estate : The south (1914) nineteen hundred
. . . . f . . . . . .' 1... 1 I I t b1..VUI 1 TI
anu iouneen square tert m i yiti w
ntOCK (bo) SlJtlJ-tllter. nnu.ii ii.uiu,u
plat of riattsmouih City, Cas County, Neb.
rciiiuaiv 171.1. toil.
Bukungton & Missouri Kivkk ILvilroai
roMrANV is jAiiiusRA. ii
4t4 T. M. Makqcett. Atfy.
Legal Notice.
r'C3 L-J
liAw American lind a new Wilson
for sale at the Herald Office.
Our enterprising and successful nier
cliants, E. G. Dovey & Son, are btiM it
their post, supplying customers witli
every .hing in the line of general mer
chandise on the most reasonasue teiius.,
stock kept full and ctunplete. oJtf
The case of small pox repotted here
is said to turn out nothing but old fash
ioned chicken scratch. Its all right
State of Nebraska, Cass County.
To John W. Shirlcv.
You are notified that on the2Cth day of March
ion H m ia'! t, tn irni tin Tiri'iuisats here
in described, commissioners will (unless you
SOOIier apfliy lor samrj .i uvri-u !.. a -..oj .....
aaiiiages accruing i ou uy rcaawii c if
pyopriatiou by the Burlinpton & Missouri Rir-
... i.. :l. ...l 11. ...... i. v in Xi'lir.k : lor fliMiCl..
CI Iklllt'U.t -Wlillll' J ii" - ' . . , - ' . j
machine shops, round houses, i urn tab' es. side
tlitcKS, SWIlfliea. Ki:.. tne loiiomms ucsmucu
i - I . a . iiai.limn h mill r.l allll
ninety-live square feet of lot (s nine, block (49)
forty-uine. as sliown on recorded plat at Platts-
luoutn i;iiy, casa touniy, i-t:uiva.
.. i . . . . ...I i . i..
4Kt4 T. M. MAKuUm, All'.
L Jl J
Sheriffs Sale.
Another lot of fat
7-tttle. 15 head, ing at !.ire s?: an . les. If you stop to
bougktby Chas. Holmoa of Mr. C has.
Swan. March 2U
Heser says the eggs of grasshoppers
re encasetl in a fluid similar to mercu
ry, and connot be. froz-m by the coldsst 1
tmprature in this climate.
The Plattsmouth Literary appeared
In force Friday evening. Hon. Josep!i
A. Coanor led oue side and Hon. W. L.
Wells the other, and th question was
that old one, whether Napoleon ought
to have been an angel or not. That
wasn't just the way they put it, but
then it meant the same.
Bro. Frye was the hero of the eve
ning, and "Gad" the Slaughter-man of
the Lincoln Journal who was present
was so tickled that he proposes to get
up a petition to Congress to have the
whole society transferred to Washing
ton to take the place of the Senate next
tession. He thinka they are better
' The question next week is, Resolved,
that a fellow generally walks straight
because he is afraid of getting hurt,
and not because he likes it.
The leaders Are Mr Thos. Wiles and
Mr. Wayman, and the Lyceum goers
juay eip?ct t hear a good debate.
OKID bargains!
for S1.75 at
. Re tdv Made
at cost, at
trt a i voi-r t-1. ni.s ou oeiore you
peep, he singe r- ;nav bo gone. If you
hurriedly spring out to ooey promptly
it is just possible that the singers
would be go-ie too, so quickly one
couldn't say anything. What'll a body
W havu't trot the small pox. but
we've caught blue glass and a musical
Bv v.rtuftof an order ot saJe. issued by Uie
Clcik of Uie Diatriet Court, in the Second Juai-
hrawka. and to me ilirected, I will on the 20th
riav of March. A. I. l;;, at 10 o'clock a. m. of
said day. at the south tioor of the Court House
in the itv of I'lattsinouth. iu said County, sell
at public auction tho following real estate to
...... ti.a ......ii. Iul'.i nf thp Hurt
Wit . illtc -.w.ll.i i.i. a V ' I ' ... - . ,
, . u.w.i I.,,, taann i v (9HV in townsliiD
.lUill vr-l lirrii in -r ' ."v...j -.,i - .
number ten Hoi north of rauae namber ten d)
Nali. Tin-came
beiiig levied uhii and taken as tn-e pioperty of
Willfain Quinu and lilla , ijuiuu. defendants ; to
sanely a uriT'e ui mhiu uuu, i .-v. iliv j
Charles M. Kellopp. plaintift.
i'lattsmouth. Neb.. Feb. 2lst. A. D. 1. ..
4ttii M. B. Cutlilk, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Sale.
all Fall and Winter goods
to make room for mammoth
50t3 F. S. White.
If you want to get your chimneys
cleaned or your stove polished, call on
Chas. Brown, or leave orders at John
Boone's barber shop, .it any hour of the
day or night. 50 cents a stove and 50
cents a flue. 42tf
Legal Notice.
... ... t. ... ... nAAMi. Tntilia 2imli
.aill.tll .luiir. ni'iap . -.- .--
Aitie, Kiwin M. Park. Thomas Thompson, Ajt
u a C. Knapp, end David J. teldn.
lo Airiu-s (.'. Knupp. non-resident defendant.
Von are hereby notified that Nathan Jones,
plaintiff, did on the 6th day of March, A. 1.
1877. file .is petition iu the District Court in
and foi the county of Cass and State of Nebras
ka iicaiiisr the said George McAdie. Sarah Mc
Atiie, Kiwin M. I'ark. Thomas Ihoiupson. Ague
C. Knapp. and David J. Selden. defendants.
Kctting forth tliatthe said George McAdie and
Santh M'-Atlie ou the 22d day of August. A. D.
I87:. gave a mortgage to the said Kiwin M. I'ark
.... .1... li..1f inLii nf tl. t.iirr lir.t ni 1:1 r-
.1 vur ii.i. ill iimi i . I . . . v- ..... ... .
ter (xwii) f section ntiiiiber thirty-two (32),
; . aIavah ntpllt m rutiiva n It I II
fcflV llSklip UUIHI'CI riv'Clli HWiuiui laaib
ur tru tjv-i wa mti 'A " - . . .
G p in) In saiil county of Cass lo secure the pay
ment ( Thirteen Hundred and rifty Hollars
according to ten certain proinmaory notes re-
at,. a A I a mah.....a ih-lt t Via 1 M t 1 af
said totes to-wit : two hundred dollar, falling
due September 1st. i74. was afterwards trauH
ferred by said Elwin M. Park to this plaintiff
mil o.iirrs ot 5aiu muci nric ki airiti -m .v
defendants Agues C. Knapp and David J. Sel-
J 'PI... ..l.r,..nnA , Hi. . .r in r la Ihflt lan
UCUi I IIC BUU'IIAUID VI 1 J'l C.J . . ...w. "
(-counting may be had of tha amount due this
opes in
Fresh canned fruits, candies, nuts
raisins, figs, garden seeds, cigars, tobac
co, Ac., at the P. 0. News Depot
Summer complaints are always
troublesome and some times fatal.
i "RaniMallv umnncr f!hilrlrpn. All Phv-
I sicians recommend Blacklierry Prepar
ations as toe uest anu naiesw tor tne&e
diseases. Dr. Green's Blackberry Cor
dial will check and cure Diarrhea. Flux
and all looseness of the Bowels. 50yx
We are pleased to learn from Mr.
Wettenkarap that his boy who was
taken to Indianapolis some timn ago
is much better.
J. T. Lloyd called and "saw" the Her
ald last week.
j S tm Barker, our Uuclo Sain," ship-
pel 110 head of fat cattle to Chicago
I last week.
j Tito Rev. Mr. Iluusou of the Eight
Mile Grove Baptist church, called on
the Herald lately.
Mr.-. HttL wifaof A. G. Ilatt has
been very :ck we regret to learn.
' Mr. Fox of the dim of Fox and Glover
i Louisville also one of the proprietors
I if I I... I' ... . II ... t K Knn
l a in V).IU Ullllky Avlll UlltlJIO UtV Urcll
in town for several days attending the
Musical Convention. Lie is a very
pleasant, clever gentleman.
sister and Miss Wifrht
Tabor, Iowa are attending the
More unto the Breach.
And get your Breeches and things as
Wm. Stadelman has again opened
his store for a short time, (see notice
elsewhere), and has a large stock of
eoods that must be soid in sixty days
They will be sold r.t 2- pr. ct. less than
cost. That hiindvn? stc,-.v of Loots
and shoes just I ti 1 in lasj fall :nmt be
sold also 2 p I' ivut le).iw cost. Now
is the .i-ui fc ! tUiitg .v-iS in GO days
for cash and v.-;is".i osiiy. 50-2t.
Rv virtue of an order of sale, issued by the
j-'t ...Li. i . . li;...mtl I'.inrt alf tllA Mlil.illlll .111-
dicial District, within ami for Cass County, Ne
. . .t r ...:il . . 1.a I :T Ii
day of March. A. D. 1S77. at 11 o'clock, A. M..
faidday. ut the aouth door of the Court
House in the t ltv oi rialU'iuouin. insaiowuu
... ii .. niii.iii.ri tin. fulliiaviiiir Heal rs-
tiite. to-wit : The north-east quarter (ne1) of
seciion seventeen, in township twelve (lif; north
... n ...v i i.r ilia i;tVi n in in I ' n
County. Neb. ; also, lot elevcu ( 11 on Aavles 1-
lanu in iala couniv. i ue s;uii ithib "i;
on and taketi an the property of George W alradt
m .la. .1 .... . .1 n til OllltllV
judgment of Vail Court, recovered by Jasper
tsiuweii. piaiutui.
riatt-smouth. Nebraska, rebruary 7th. A.D.
1877. (4tit5) M. B. t'VTLEB, Sheriff.
'UUU11I11K IIinjF l7 IiaU Id fcW Biinnui wuw "
plaintiff, and that naid premises mav le sild to
a tut? nine imnm am trtj, uuum
eo. McAdie and Thomas Thompson pay said
note interests and costs bv a day to be nanif d
by the Court. And the said Agues C. Knapp Is
notified that she Is requited to answer said pe-
. I . . 1 IV.. 1 1. H.d .f A nril A 11.
tiliuu nil ji 11. A v. i n auc aula. mj v. . ... ...
T. B. Wilson, Attorney. a-C
Sheriffs Sale.
lrinl rwiinrf tiiiil thtvrnunlt- und
h mailer as ?i.fto hooks on
For 1H77
n..l..l... li..1 ..a .lull.
the sublect. Sent for inc. which will be allow
ed on the nrst orur lor seetis. j. . mur.
4tia Seed Grower. Rockford, HI.
1?l . V.I..nnl 1.,nlr r.t PIltjiimoii,i. Viatim.
J II n 1 iiailUlltH 1M1..M n - - - uiii
ka T. Wm. L. Hobbs.N. U. Hohha. and Jos.Shera.
Jos. Sans anil N. K. Hobbs, sureties. Alnosauie
plaintms vs josepn nnera anu josepn nau.t.
By virtue of five executions, issued by C. V.
Moore. Clerk of the District Court, Second Ju
dicial District, within and for Cass County, Ne
braska, and to me directed. I will on the 19th
dav of March, A. D. 1877. at one o'clock p. m.. of
said day, at the east ftore room In Fitzgerald's
block, in the city of Plattsmouth. in said county
sell at publiu auction the following personal
property, to-wit : (said ale to be continued from
day to day until all the goods are sold), a large
lot of staple and fancy dry goods, giweries,
boot' and shoes, hats and caps, ladies and gents
furnishing goods, wines, liquor and cigars, and
canned gotxls and other articles usually kept in
a country store, alu-i fifty-two head of fat rattle
and fifteen head of steers and heifers coming
two years old. and two cows, and also forty liea.i
of stick hogs. The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of Joseph Shera and Jo
seph Sans, two of the defendants : to satisfvflve
judgment of said Court, recovered by the First
National Bank of riattsinouth Nebraska, plaint-
t n .
til I.
I-lattsmouth, Nebraska, March 8. A. D. 1877.
50t2 M. B. Cutler, Sheriff.
T ttt Warkisc Cta. We are now
prepared to furnish all clashes with constant
einplovmentt home, the whole of the time, or
for their spare moments. Business Lew. light,
and profitable. Persons of either sex easily
earn from 60 cents to A5 per evening, and a pro
portioual sum bv devoting their whole time to
the business, llovs and girls earn nearly as
macli as men. That all who see this notice may
send their address, and test the business we
make this un parallelled otter ; To such as are
not well satisfied we will send one dollar to pay
for the trouble of writing. Full particulars.
1 .... . 1. an !"t I H .1 1 "1 1-11 t n 11 1 1 1 1 . ! 1 ll 11111
luilllinn, "i'i . i i-. ii. . v. . ...
work on. and a copy of Home and Fireside, one
of the largest and best Ulii'-trated publications.
Jill sent tree nv mail jv-anrr. n yuu wan. jci-
manent and profitable work, address
Geo kg it Stikson & Co.. Portland, Me.
nrPfin TtTin
4JS JJ LaAaiaX V
tm v
ReM's riaml Trlbote. a book of 90
pages with Colored Plafe. describes BOO vari
eties of FZouwrn, Vegetable. Bulb. Ac. Price
10 ctu. Tnis work with 6 puts.
inelmilnir Pan-n; and erbtna, for 25 ctt.
C J V UWlti an .ti- .- .- -l.a - a.i s 1 - - -
W. II. KEID. Rochester, N.
Meution this paper.
When you call on your Grocer or
Shoe Maker fr eit.-er or both the Pat,
Wood Box Stove Polish Paste and the
Pat. Wood Box Shoe B acking and he
tells you Tie has letter or makes any
excuse, you may be certain he has a
stock of old kiuds and dare not- offer
these until they are sold. For sale by
Sheriffs Sale.
Pure Mieiiiivi Mapla Sugar a he
P. O. News Depot.
" I " ..a. . 1 - Ta.nH.A riliiiv
aru4inn at uie uuui" iu.uiuii.wij i -
of" Bob Sherwood. Centennial llomp Prof. Gecr and
1 w .. a . i t .
a.auuicvct.urjr. from
Solomon & are receiving J MiSS Lollis;4 ia B us
,?ir new goods, ami wi'l be m js. hap- j --. uer school having .closed last
jr to show tlim. Vii?n more of them i Friiay.
hrrive they will specifv pric, etc in ! M h , . f Veen-
their -big ad." Thankful for p tst p it- Mr' J-hm a.i ami s.stcr. nom eep
fOna?e we solicit a sh.tre of trn le from ; Z Water, ar? 1:1 town attending the
Witt- Trijan.l sin."? tb miSklu mid ivilluall ; f I" .--1 i
Una te us wp will i i;o1
' Cr nifAv Jf "2T a a -vr u f
Tt w TXT .11. . . . .l .
1 W uTiu bat I ro.ul. tor in 3 animeaS"
i." -w t.v a a a w ' r
Philadelphia Store, -j les prevented.
Boschke's German Syrcp can now
be purchased right at home, it is the
most successful preparation ever in
troduced to our people. It works like
a charm in all cases of consumption,
Pneumonia, Hemorrhages, Asthma,
severe coughs. Croup and other throat
aud Lung diseases. 20 person lias ev
er used this medicine without immed
iate relief, yet there are a great many
poor, suffering, skeptical persous going
about our stree.B wJi a suspu-ioiis
cough, and the voice of consumption
coming from their lungs, that will not
try it. If you die it is yur own faul.,
as you can go to your Druggists iu
Plattsmouth and get a Sam pie Bottle for
u ceii is and try it; three will
relieve any case. Regular etie only 75
cents. 50-tf.
Subscribe for the Herald and -ter-Oceanf
only 85.80 a year.
RussU & Co. plaintiffs vs W. A. Folden. Geo.
F. McMannee, Geo. S. Bailey and Wilheltny &
Co. defendants. . .
By virtue of an execution Issued by D. McCu
ag. Clerk of the District Court, Second Judii-ial
District, within and for Otoe County, Nebras
ka, and to me directed. I will o : the 22d day of
March. A. D. 1877. at one o'clock n. in., of said
day. at the residence of Geo. F. McMamiee, in
Liberty Precinct, in Cass County, sell at public
auction the following personal pro-erty to-wit :
One threshing machine (separator aud horse
powrr csimpieicj also l uuiscs.
The same being levied upon ane taken as the
propertv of Geo. S. Bailey, one of the defend
antsp to satisfy a judgment of said Court, recov
ered by Russell & Co.. plaintiffs.
Plattsmouth. Nebraska, March 8th. A. D. 1877.
isnt3 M. B. Cutler. Sheriff.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the subscriber, living five miles
south ot Weeping Water, one Dun Mare, about
fourteen hands high and about eight year old,
had a headstall ou when taken up.
Wm. CayciIiU
Weeping Water. March 2d, 1877. 6015
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale. Issued by tho
Clirk of the District Court, of the Second Judi
cial District, within and for Cass County. Ne
braska, aud to roe directed. I will on the 12th
r.f March, A. D, 1877. at io o'clock, a. m.. of said
i:iv. at the south door of tne Court House, in
the i;it v of I'lattsmouth. in said County, sell at
publi: auction the following real estate, to-wit :
The south-west quarter (sw!4) of section thirty
(30) lit township eleven (11) north of range twelve
(121 east in Cass Co. Neb. The same being lev
ied upon and taken as the propertv of Harvey
Carper, defendant; to saiisfy a Judgment of
said Court, recovered bv A. P.Weston, plaintiff.
Plattsmouth. Nebraska, February 7th, A. D.
1?T7. i4W. v 1J B CVXLK, S0r.ff.
Pure Blood
Is the life, but bad blood is an abomination.
From it and derangement of the kidneys and
urinary organs come most of the pains and
aches and all diseases of the skin. Dr. Green's
King Cure is a remedy that is intended to strike
at the root of this trouble. It acts as a diuretic
. ..... I In j.ia.a ixf 1,11111, 1 1 n 1 1 f 11 l"' 1 " 1. 1 U Tl li
CTdCUaill IU 1. V.-lTO Va ii., - ' ' ", - -
all diseases of the kidneys, while if acts on the
stomach as a tonic. It moderately accelerates
the circulation, gcntlv encourages the action of
tne ooweis, anu poweniuiy uukmkmh', um uun
nary secretion purifies and cleanses the blood,
thus removing the cause of boils, carbuncles,
scrofula, and all eruptive and cutaneous dis
eases ; reduces inflaniotory, rheumatic and neu
ralgic pains, and aches, allays inflamatiou of
L- isnain irluml3 unl f. 1 l-tlU 1 !!' Mill)
joints, softens and carries off gravel and osher
calculus deposits of the urinary organs; cures
Diabetes. Bright's Kidney Disease, Lucorrhea,
(Female Weakness,! Scrofula and all diseases
arising from disorders of the urinary organs and
impure state of the blood, and especial! v adapt
ed to female complaints. It is a safe and pleas
ant alterative, and cures without depleting the
strength of the organs or the tone of the gener
al system. In other countries its reputation
was no high that It gained the title of "King's
fur.." a HmIIv iia of it will in tuost c.'tses. ore-
vent, and in all cases mitigate the attack ot the
diseases for which tt is recommended, it is
beneficial for washing eruptive discharges on
IlieSKlIi; UUl IW rilUUIUI! Mum, ui arirm aiiuu
in the joints, use nr. Green's Crimean Linament
for man and tx-ast.
For sale by O. F. Jflbason and by W, . Done
Ian, soyi
rP tune IEastf I
to ttEae
Saand wBiere
we huy
Where a
weighty toSg
toeli hvM
ens feaclk. 5 .
aaid he'ilfl
sell cheap
oe dieo
SSL XX Mrcco. t
- i
. vo.. .-asra7 mmuc.- i tnctxier Tnonrrnir ana teott mTir ;
. . ua a,icn inTirTrra j $i'iueucca.-TrQtirurK-.iSr
- . - r
!i tires.
nSMnVSv?'1'11 lXnC murU- 01 nn-rwwu.ut we nave
- . ' 1 '.vhee t!t'-re u't 'tiru-p.-utr-
m- '
f ' 1