Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 20, 1873, Image 3

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Kailroad Time Table.
IS. & M. I'.. 11 IN NEBRASKA.
Mail i Lx. 1:V p. as. Mail nnd Lx. 11:13 a. in
tloii'tit i Ao. fc:lU a.m. -Freight A Ac. Z.Ui i-m
B. 3c M. 11. U. IN IOWA.
iia 5; L Tx. 5;o p. ni.: Mail Si Y.x., a. lo.
Ae'tion V FrVnt ' o ui Ao'iion A Fr' i'-J-'iop in.
Pacific Lxpre. .t:2i t m ! Atlantic Lx. -Pii-l p lu.
Tbe Tr-int-frr boat ui!! leave the Depot tocon
neot with F.i-"S urii trains 4 minut"? carli
nr than t he t in:j sriven nl.o e. 'I he boat is run
by Chicago time which is iiiinuie? lifter tiiaa
PltL-ir.-um time.
In connection vrh Duriinit'on Sc Mi'snun
River Kn.iiri.ait in Nebr-i-oia.
Depot at toot of Jone? i:ect.
IKAVK-". ARntTF"-..
PluttjiTiouth I-") p.m. I PI iU?TEouta 11:'0 a. in
do M.i'i p. tu. I do .':'r a. m
Omaha 'i it. in. I Omnba 4 l7 p. la
ao 7:00 a. tu. I do 2:l'j p in
Z C. ST. J OK. i C li. R. R.
Mail and Express 4:1S p. in. ."0 a. ro.
Niht Kxpres? . S;f' a. rn- Srl: p. m.
1 ti kivc p "ntrprf from Pltt?mau.n -loe
oncpcnno roin South or North by lcavitiK lre
a the 12 t-i u- train.
C. B. i St. Toe U. It. Pniita 9 p ra. 10.3'J p n
C. li. Si 6t. J"0 It. li. North. Sf i. tu. 1". '-Ttu
li. A" M. K. K. Ilvl, Vpm. l'J.:a)piu
B.i Jl.l:.U.Vi, 4i'"-
Oinahat.y Knit ? l ia 1V,atJ
WrH-kiL'i'y.l'Ji'. 9 pm. 7piu.
Oiiii c h.inr". tro'.n 8 a m to P ia.
. i ... . t.'j.i t
J! V. MUt.IATX.P. M. j
LOC A L A I) V I" f. r I ; K M K XTS.
Trr,.-ioa' fi-cts :i lino. Keg-ilur a'l-er-iern
i) -"!.its iir tin-?. No U'lvertUcmeat in
ier'eJ lei! tlswi -'" fcnti. a Iv. rti -Mncnt- vill bo chariteJ to the j
partie.Uandiasth'-tn it5- j
A" nr frn-c U liniitr.l, all coriTrur.i.'ation j
mii!'. be brief nr.! to the p. .int. vrith no iri'.'.cot
SUJ;;-C!Ii;i:it.s J
Are wurMf l t ., n tify tho olTa-e if the paper i.
ut Jel.vcr.-1 Pr-i-tiy. I tiffWitn. j
1. Any per--''" vli- t:k a pt.t rcularl? I
cn tHc !-'. ofii'T. nl'.rlh-r . n:'t.l to ro-"
ircm tic pi-i ',.:' . i ...... ,
nam., or vi."ti. r he is a subfril-or .r not-w
re-ix.n -ih!c t'-T the i uy.
I. ir :mv ir.n ir r his pap' r tii-jntin-j
uei. hun'Kt p.-y nl! rr-:trr.-...r the rul.h!--cr i
u::iy c.n:ir.ue to M.-: .i ir ui:f.I l-aj inert :?tr.:ii-. ;
an i .i!,-i t t!i foimimt. wbether the ;
"a cr . tit'ti from the i:i- t ist.
pa; cr
3. iLccoirtihuvo 'J-ciVI th..t refiMit- s
i. . ............ j ... 1 ..... .,l.,.nt4 t-..'i. ttie I .--t
f'V'e..r r-ov!t:g ;n 1 l:riitu th-t;t im'-:l!e1 '
for. i prima t'n-i ei M-r.-.-c .f ii.U:utin-tl truvd.
: ' .. ..., rii ..v i
for thri-pii or j. u-. nr: 1 ..r.iiTin it ?top- j
pe l tt a t-rrtaifi Ha.c. will fsr-l if stopped; j
but. r :.,n,i.!e f.r rUt ha- b,on j
,!in, b" .-.r tim-:. nor for r-u-r supp-iscl
'o hartben :: v.n t.y , tli.T t other?. Our j
b. V.i !l..r inn-t !:o tha z-il-'-o f-r all old sub- j
- c r-oro:.; vr 1 1. .J.
Th weather ; PiiM andpf.u Hkt
h'cr G-50-' ti;-w ' Ad." about mi'.k.
Call at M:- ("rockers rci Fe the
la:e: Cjhw of sprirtir ii .J. -t.
We e:iU ?.t:ei!ticu t.i tin st.iteru-ir:t of j
Cap. IMm-r'- In-.tranc, Compuuiet, j
, . .t : :
, . ,(
School Ui.oks, at j.uLt..n.-rs pn-:s, at
SStf P. O. P. ok St jre.
See Dr. done' "Ad." "in Farmer
ani IIoremeo," i' RiotL-r column of
th; J -r.Al.D.
I SVh-.a f k Co. w st r.f R ot
l ' i i t..t r-onn- '
f(-os. c.erv au 1 tr o;i. iu tioi i.'uu- ;
'icr-old. ' Todtf i
r , , , .
. t i
S,.t b;,at hnd of emirrant on Tuesday ,
. ....
fcbout lo .v. M. Goo i Lr ,MB..y. ;
Ml kind t fteYsirc tpachine rcr uleu i
xn 1 ntta;hm.r:ts, b,r :.e at J. II. but- .
tery. (V, and gq wt::a yoa want. j
Pubrctil.ft lor tin Herald; Roes j
evtrT.vhera, bj everybody. Job
it ,i. .,.? i' ii I
work l:.n cr.cap work w:itite1. Lw. ;
Vivian his the nicest Scvi.l? oranges j
for sale. Call and get an c range we
diJ. 1
r . i
O. F. Jo tm son has pure suow lu. ;
co.loil-Ifret-.-f.:r s,,c. No ex- ,
p.oMnr, ru, ,
1 ,n.
Otr, the Vftcrinary Surgeon, has re
moved to the little brick, north side uf
Main street, west cf the Court House.
Kemember this. 4-1 if.
Tha lee has all left the Mi-wiri, and
tho beautiful jundL'ht cf prinw glances i
ov-r the bread water of tho Missouri,
cc-o more.
We had iuteuded tu -ay few word?
on mwp'JUt, tb: week but owing to
bre:i ;e, that is uli-.t id b!e. wo rhail
put U ff for tha nr'. isue. -
Kimember Frank Wl,",.., tho croccr,
one o:
f the be--t fellows at.l the Ve,t cro- !
cer? in the wold. Cad ani buy your
potatoes nnd t bines of White. - 44tf
IJu:ne-s room fer rent one of the best in the city enquire of.
D. li. WiiEELea k Co.
11 Sd 22tf.
Lots No. 8, 0, and south half cf lot
10, in thick lo. Good house, with five
rooui, pantry, cellar, cistern holding
100 barrels, on the phic. Will be sold
ch3p. Ea.-.uire of D. II. Wheeler A,
Co., or cf E. B. Lr.vis. 51tf
Wanted A live man to take the
atjericy f..r the I tu proved Lock Stitch
Grover ec Baker Sewing Machine for
Cass County. Apply to J. M. Nowland,
Nebraska City. 45wtf
All caniiJatjs for City Marsha! are
requested to report at Pugilistic Benevo-
..... nnj-ijujiitij, in ..jauj streat, on
riday evening next, that we may know
all the candidates by fight, that none
may be left off the roll, and that each
zaay Rive an exhibition of their muscu
lar developments in order that we may
judge of their qualifications for service
in the arduous and manifold duties re
quired by the party that wields the Mar
al'f haten
Latest style of millinery goods at
Mrs. Crocker's. Call and see them.
Mr. P. (loos will furnish milk, this
summer, twice a day to ill parties with
in the city limits. Mr. Goos keeps poo l
milk, and is on; of the most aceomrrio
dating men we have evor don't r, ith.
See advertisement in another c-luivn,
and buy some m'lk when you want it.
New pnods, at the i-hee store, next
door to the post ofiic, cheaper than
Juries It. Cftry, State Deputy. Sons of
remporat'ce, vi;ted I'Lttsmouth on
I'Vid-jy l.i-t. Mr. Cary intended to lec
ture here, owin to some miJ'inder
standinx ahotit ti.'ne, ro y re parations
had l?on mad for him. lis will pro'ia
hly return in June, r.T.d v;n t-hh'.l then
have the pleaura of hearius? IiIto.
All candidates for cfTicr- will l.c ac
nonneed in the lltia.VLD for one dollar
each. Said notice nt to exceed five
The Molly I;Gee ii cavlkeJ at lat.
and on Monday thfy pushed the cd 1 irl
in the coM Missouri, when her dander
riz, and s-he snorted fire at her persecu
tor, and tried to c.-cape to the Nchra.ka
side, amonu' white fi;lk.i ; hut tha s-i!kcn
hand of strong attachment to the Iowa
fdiorc still hell her hound, and at this
writing we Xebra.kians f:ave not had
: the chance of ruhbiny noces with the
Molly McGee this sprin?
Lati-'i:. On Taeid iy she came over
to s -e the IIf..hi.d, and hlow oft tteatn.
A D.jmr.cratic Lihrral Convention to
nominate City, Ticket, will be hel l in
the Court House on Saturday March 22 7? o'clock in the evening. A full
attendance is espcete 1.
Uy order of Committee
At the foliritation of many ve'ers, I
have to inform the voters of the city of
I'i:itt.mitith. that I PJ an independent
01Ij;,h(. f,r ,J.C 0,e (lf (;ity M.ihal.
(ifiO. FlCKLFll.
Pi. .i r.-MOU T It. March !), 1S7.
Jan.ns il'ilv's fcaui ran awav. down
Ma;u rcet, on Thuday la. t, and all
' '
tJ.e ne wly r:0:i::i:ate i larslit!. JTOt CUt
. , , - ,
in the rtveer, ati-i tnreiitene'J to fcne em
- p t;PV did' at stop. The team of Ilu-
bie's never minded a peg, but went
. , i i i .
round fceeond trtet, ao i the la-t the
Heiiald -:.iv of them they were on the
Tt. l, i;f,ct BiufTs.
IjVrKXNoWly hurt, teanl al right.
The Mayor HOW prOpoeOi to fine the
Jify Marshals, and from the proceed"
1 ::y cah hore a n-w eurry comb a-:l
A f;,rr.i r.f 4"" a.vt ?, ith house and
o!iier iu: pro vf men .'., threo -tiiileg north
,f Jh-att-mouth. For r srticulars en -
'i'i-r,J Ht tlu 11 'Zt-
y Ssxm m. E-j. father of Herman
. .. .
i Co., I.MKS e.'i.'t, tl.ii week, to see Lis
. 't .. , .
jfVen1' Mayb(j yon turni ng Mr.
j No v"ui an is t'.r.ri over It I'm i irctoo or
ChicivO, "or murhe way dowii in York
State, for that's what we c ail ? 'v.'.z ea-t.
Well, that won't do, in this case, f.r
v- . .
" , ,
'enm tfic i-.c-rnng pon i. a:).S way up
eat to "Yarminy." old Germany, to see
the friends of '"ling -yric," an 1 may a
happy voyap-2, a h.vA wei;-o?!K nr. 1 a .-ale
, , , v
retur - i ! v.-je!.s:ted tt Newaian pere, j
u the .. w-.?h of ths JlKaALI. I
, , , A ,
j )y!:L
. ...
,T ,-. - t
Ju-t see, the .io;!v MJiee sil n;ht
' ,,,,. ,
once Jrcre, an i Loati I Icr the frcat
V"ptern .-hore.
lvtiir.Uit? can inr.v cr-s th old n:ud
,y Ht Pliffsniourh, old landit-. Tha
fi'i"?, largo fetry boat, Molly McGo, has
b.'cn re 5ett;d and re-built, a:ii is r.ow
that waatJ ferrying across the.
Coin? one 1 Come all !
A7T21'7Iw!C 1 ! I .
County and City orders bought at the
Fdephaot Store at the highc-t figure
The Vice-President 6tuck on a bar.
Saturday. The President went up to
i..;., .cr orLe j all day Sunday, got
! her ptnrd? stove in and finally brought
i her off. and they both ciiuo back to the
j 1C 83 pf-'ud!y as though nothing ha
Uu .Hon tay tli3 wate
j "1 J 1 '
I If we were inc. mod taytli3 water r:z, and the
her rCftulir trij.s.
to bo politically
facetious, we might compare the fate of
our reji V. P. to the mishap of the B.
Si M. b"ats. lie, too, stuck en a bar,
the President w. i;t to hp, help iu a billet
doux, nnd tow he lljars safe at home in
South BrtlJ.
I! till (Oil., hi Alt ! COAT. ! l!A!tl
(Oil. !
At Miekelwalte's yard, corner Sixth
and Main streets. Good Anthracite
Co d ca hand all the tin;. lOltf
Pi.ATTSMOurn, March 14, 1S73.
Editoii HcfiALD .S'iV . In your
I.t6t ii-uo I notice that a few names, and
anions them J. II. Stinchcoajb, are pro
posed for Marshal of the city. Suppos
ing, as a matter of course, that you
mean J. W. Stinchcomb that's m
allow me to say, that having so recently
arrived in the State, I am not familiar
with the duties cf tha office, and not
being a very apt scholar, and further re-
membering the old rumor, that you cau't
learu an old dog new tricks, mny I re
turn to my friends many thanks for
their kinds intentions, and leave the
Marshalship to the field, and say hur
rah, all I Here's ray dollar.
J. W. Stinchcovb.
Y cce iellar. fEp.
Mrs. CrtK;ker dcires to tate to her
customers, o!d and r:ew, that fhe is ex
pecting an a.-sort!jient of new tprinu
styles of millijery goods this week, arid
should be happy to have til interested
call and examine them. i?he had a!o a
new stock of patterns and the latest
sljlcs for cutting r.hd making dre.-scs,
and will guarantee satisfaction to a!l who
ma' patronize her. Country produce
will be taken ia exchange for good..
Tiik SiiNATK Win. Kdgertoa Pro
prietor, cosy, warn, and comfortable,
drop in and see us. Liquors and cigar.
warranted pure and good.
Nov. 13, diwtf
Uearddey, City Editor of the L:ncoln
Leader, called ou us Mo ml -.y lart, and
we see by bis paper that he h- been do
ing our town in i newspaper cCi:es up
in prhit. Think you, Mr. Leader.
Uniika the .Jiniru :l mau, Le dees uoi
make fun of our pavcta ;nt.', r.:id say
they few up and hit his ties ar.'d sa on.
Neither did he march up and dowo the
hilis snortirug after pvctty at,d .kfch like.
RKll) TMI.i.
Gioda not sol i at less than co.t. No
goods given away, ut good goods at the
Lwe.-t prices for cu-h, at
I'lattsu outh, Neb.
Mr. Herman Slmrt Newman stepped
info the I i ERA M o-Tice and begged our
pardon ; statin,' at the same ti.ue that
he thought we knew better,or be phoeld
have informed us that he is not a candi
date f r Marsha!, ou: f r Myor.
Major or Matvh :3, II. S. N. has cur
best wi-he tor success, and may he
lengthen out Tais vis i:, hi.s limbs, purie
and hi. years in ofuco.
Ileruian, where'n that dollar?
All persons holdin;; shares in the I'rutik-
lin Town Cortinany are notified thit
mu.-t pay up the a-sessuients w?hin
thirty days, or said shares will be for
feited. Also the?? which were forf- ited
at the tiiue of cr;a;vi:t.:r the name of the
name of the town from Waterloo to
l'ranklin, ere allowed to come in, up-?n
payment cf ail assessments t:p tstlii
date, if attended to immediately.
I'y order of the IJ.iar 1 of 1 directors.
G II. BLACK, I're-ident.
Tiios. Tollock, S c'y.
Platt.-mouth, March 3, 1S73.
Mickejwaite 'c Co. desire to i';f.n:i
th(r public that they have on hr.nd and
shall continue to Ve'p through the win
ter, herd coal, which they will soli it
low market rates. loltf.
Oar Ilih,,rui:;i!Rtariaii frieri ls met at
Fitzgerald's Us!! on the evening- :f the
,. - ,,, snd , vl a rousing oid Fourth ot
July i.T honor of St. l'atrick. MeDo
told .akestorie-, Line!. amr "Th9
v-;..o. ,. ti,n" ; ft.,,. ,.. i
all th oth-r hi ii -s and er r;rlt-:n;i dan d
and pupped and St. Patrifked to their
heart:.' e on'snt. live the Slum
rock., E pluribus Platts
mcuth. I'Vtit Uvnt. The lar;;e ar,d comMiodi
ous wareir.oru, cellar and o-'ee ort l!d
floor of biiildin now occupied by Jacob
Valiory, jr., in Masonic Hloek. Enqjiro
It. . LlVIMlSTON or
,.r t t r.-,-..
L. 1. !t KK.
Our city t-Iectio.i npproaeheu
ana ytt
no Flops have been tsken to call a cau--js
or any nmiinatin body together.
Vi'ould it not bo well to meet with that
view, in the several wards. ou Saturday
everiinir rest, :i i elect d.-legifes, say
ten from each wari. to a City Conven
tion. o Le held on th sucjjp di:: Mon-
day, or sosr.e time t.ext wc k. If --eetus !
to be yjuerally concadrtd that ni politi
oal caudi iates will bo brought forward.
Parly hate p. 'id party pi.!it.i;-s may
wali 1c laid aMde in tminiciprd elections.
The best men f ;r tho bort places ought
to be the :ule, an I above til we must
have an economical admini.-tratian oft
city affairs, cr we shall wake up aad find
oureelves minus our inhabitants some
fine moiling.
To the Electors of the City of Piatts
mouth, (Ifctkmon.
As the City Election will soon take
place I beg leave to ask your suff.ase.
and support, trusting you wil! deem me
wortleyofit, I shall place myself in tho
field, a Candidate for tho office of City
Cierk. Kespectiloly Yours. "
wl. J. W. Haines.
A convention of the voters of Piatt.
mouth will be held in eaeh ward, on
Saturday, March 22, at 7 o'clock in the
evening for the purpose of nominating
candidates for Counciimen, and to select
ten delegates from each ward to attend
a convention to nominate city officer ;
aid convention to b 1 " "
House, on Moniay v---:--a. Jlirch
Tha ictrii conventu.. . ... :o:-
low s :
Fir.t ward, at Fitzt- "
Second ward, Brick r .......
Third ward, M-cV--
.i pS
Fourth ward, Turn.:
IlVivian, J. ii. i...--ry,
E. G. Dovey, J. A. MacMurphy,
S. M. Chaptaan, J. W. Marshall,
Wm. Stadelman. Ii. C. Cu.-hiog,
G. II. Black, and many citizens.
Hon. J. Ii. Frown
Has come to town.
With a pii',? but upon hi? crown.
And in.ucncs the streets, up and down.
Now, LiaUdUi rumor says that Brown
took sach a liking to Legislative buness
during the past term, that he has con
cluded to establish a little Legislature of
his own,' where he can act as Charmm
of tha Committee of the Yhle, and is
now down here to secure a Porter for
that purpose.- For further particular!,
rrnmQ iU.
There is no t ain w):i ;h the C'entjiur L ciraent
will not .t.-;iae. no swvlli:) it iil not subdue,
and no .'amentia which it wi:l not cure. This
ustror.g l.-vcKUiige. Lut it ii trae. Where the
part arc not eot.e, its t-C'ev-ls urc marvtlcus. It
has produce i core cures of rhcuniati-ia. neu
ralxiu. lock-juvr, p:ilsy. tpraiu?. sweLiotjH, car,
nche, caked-breasts. sealJn, burn?, salt-rhcu'ii.
Ac, upon the buntan traine. an J of strain?.
ypavia. galis. Ac., upon anhnaU in one year
than have ali i.ther pretended retne iim siuee
the world began. It is a
fcl!-h-nlin pain-reliever. CrippUs tiirowitiray
their erutehes. the larpc ttjIU. poisonous bites
are rendered harm'e s and the ouit:cl are
healed without, a scar. It is no hunvug. The
rceip i puh!:tfhe;l around tach, botUe. It is
scllintr as no artierlo ever before sold.Rtd it soils
beeau?e it docs ju.-t what it preteuds t do.
Tho.-e who now isuij. r from rht:uiauti?m, pain
or svfllins deserve io suffer if they will n.'t uu
Otitaur Liniment. More than 1-X) certiti -ates
of re::i irk-ib!e cure-, including fio7..--u limbs,
chronic-rheu'jiiit'm. (?"-ut. running tumour?.
Ac. have been received. V.'e will o;id a circu
lar;!5f eertifica'es. the recipe. Ac. Kra
ti.i. to any tie renue-t:i;a it. Oiia bottle c-f the
yellow wrapl-er t'entaur Liniuivct U worth i-r.e
hundred dollars for ?paincd i r sweenied hor
ses ana mule?, or for screw-worm in sheep.
Stock-owner? this liuituent is worth ourat
teiaiou. No f;:ini!y thoaid be without Cetituur
Liniment. J. 12. P.osts it'c, New York.
( chlorla is more thau a substitute for t'a.--torOil.
Tt is lid only .' article in existence
which is eeitaiu to assiinilnte the food ,resu!'ite
the towel?, cure wind colic and produce naiur
r.l skt.. It contains iteither tuinerls. i.ior
rhine or alcohol, and i? to take. Chil
dren liced not cry and mothers may rc?t.
Tr--Q 7- 1' -T' !
Call and see the low gaiters at the
shoe store, they are so beautiful, so pood
at.d cheap. ilf.
We call attention to th fact that the
IIkrat.d i" now printing and ofTors to
print and furm.-h carl?, envelopes, biil
heads, letter heads, statements &e., at
rates so low that hu-itiess men wiil find
they can have printel card j and papnr?
for the same that the whitj pajer would
cost them.
Go to Vivian's for groceries and pro
visions. o'ltJ.
Wm. Stadlemrn, the clothier, has
moved to Parmele'.s new store, oppo-ite
the llrooks hous, ou south side Main
street. Kemetnber the place.
Our list of candidate? for City Mar
tihal, hns created .-onie small excitement,
a tempest in a tea-pot, as oae may f-y.
Th Herald informed yea that it ha 1
not type enou.'h of the r:iht kind to
"trt up" nil the n-iuies presented to our
notice vn candidates. This has caused
a xu L-unde r.i t and iag ; then, minor causes
of jaa!oa-y have -pruiig up, some don't
like the crowd they are ia, a-id others
djn't like the crowd they ain't ia
Oae man refuses to tun at all, and anoth
er says he didn't want Mar-hal, but it
was Mayor he wha af:er.
So it oe3. lj-t a poor editor do hi-j
i be?t aad he fuil to phn.-e cvtrpbody,
ani then the pay. look at, it. Th-se fel
lows, inste.i l c f c.-.iiiln;; up and paying
us our d,n!:ir promptly, uri taking our
dollar and trym-,' to buy each other o.T
? !t i.a . our u-t
iwt have been oou.rht oil thu-, we un-
dcirsitd. M-re want to cou:3 in. but as
they have cot any dollar, we can't an
tiOUT.c? them.
. Of t hose ttho- credit is rood, and
w!io vrtru h-fc -u Sa-t week, v.e ;tnr.;.iiace
the following Ii-t : Fred. I.tlrhifl
Hr.i. IF-mple. Iljuk Streisht, F.ank
Canurh, L- n. CuM:i::;:ha:n, Hon. T. M.
Muiq-Jctr, Gcoige Brown, John chcr
LUio, Tutu. Murphy, Chorley lilaek,
Judcre O'Neill at;d many others.
This list will ho f:)rittnu"d next week,
and until ail re included who d -sire to
vote i r be voted on lor Marshal.
BcmIcs these, Hoi; Ddom cime down
or. a special engine, Motid.i', in order to
run. He cl.ims Piatt.-mouih as his
home, and says ho never ha? moved his
washing from here, and ititesids to v. .to
and run for Marshal. (lie give McDo-
n:h th ' ,lo'!:ir ' u'-i- )
Manv oi l rcsideuts, who have been
tone a year cr so, but claim they hove
always got their washing and things in
Piatt-mouth, ari corning back on April
Fool's day, an 1 mean to run. It is now
reported that Sam Chapman is the most
prominent can didate, although Juke
Maxwell savs if he ludu't been fooled
into accepting such an unimportant
offua as Jud'e of tin Third Dl-trict.
Court, he would fro iu, try Sam a tilt, and
we believe the Judge could be elected
over anybody. Several of the Bank
men ate talkitic of running, at.d Clark
has hired au extra clerk to help figure up
the exact net proceeds of tho profit?
from the Baok to each partner. If
tlr-y full below a Marshal's sal try. one
of th"iu etnas in for a chance e.r City
Marsh!, sure tho lucky man to be de
cided by drawing cuts.
Old mn Newman came very near not
going to G-rmany, knowing very well
that if Herman would withdraw he
could bo elected. He offered Herman
the be-t buttle cf Schnapps in histtunk,
but the son finding ho had bicn an
nounced for Mar.-Ii il iu-teal of Mayor,
refused to jrivo up his chance, and the
old man l.a i:o:n off in hih dudgeon.
Our boys down at the office are pretty
quiet, but Hatliaway and Stiles have a
bout, every now and then, aud each has
offered the other his dollar to withdraw,
several' times. The two devils have
taken up the quarrel, and one shouts
Sales, forever, while tha other sings
Hathaway, till you can't rest.
MeDonagh and myself have ordered
pi.tol? for one and coffee for two, and
proposd to tattle our hash that way.
Estray Notice.
Taken up, by the suh-criher, livingtwo
miles south cf Sauth Bend Stations
South, Bnd Pree't Cass Countv, Neb ,
on the third dav of March, 1873, four
he-id of Texa cattle, described "as follows:
One steer, red and white e.!or, marked
with siit in end of and part f
left ear, supposed to be two years old ;
one red and whife nicer marked with
crop on left ear, and slit on under .-ide of
right car two years old. Ono red and
wiiite Bteer, two years old, no marks or
brand perceivable, two years old ; on
dark red heiter, with crop on left ear,
two years old.
Fnrrz. Krampean.
South Bend, March lit, 1873.
uaritv, ;ii:i
Corn, l.ilo
Oats 1 4 f C
i'J"ci -iUtiA'i
Iiest Fine cut and cigars at
3jif P. O. Dock Store.
Vivian's is tlie place to buy your gro
ceries and provisions. 20'.t'
Large and well a-sortcd stork of gen
eral merchjudi-e at Clark vt Plumtners:
Try us. rJS itt".
At Clark & llumiuer's evervthinjr a
farmer needs can he fouud. Call and
see our -lock. USdif.
v.'lark it Pi't!i:.i :r Dry (lO )d.s, (J rever
ies and a tJetn-ral assortment. We sell
ciieaj) and buy often. 2s,lrf
See adreriiemr.t of Dr. Duffs' Dis
pensary, headed Hook fV.r the Million
Marrctpo Guide in another co'imho. It
should be read bv ail. dccldiwly.
For new,- cheap goods, call on lb
Schnis-e k Co. Mr. S having just re
turned from the east is prepared to fur
r:ih goods at eastern ptiees. TOdtf
A git! to do house wvk, for a family
of three; best wages paid. Inquire at
the Postoffiee. , 51 12 ;iWJ..l.'d,
Council CiiAMErt. March 15, '73.
Council met in regular sesaiju. Pres
ent, M. Ii White, Mavor Counciimen
Huttery, Vr"ayman, ivinn and Cushing.
Journal of last meeting approved.
Finaoee Couimittse filed rej'ort of city
finance. Report accepted and ordered
to be spread upon the record, llepoit
is as follows :
To the Mayor and Counciimen of the
citv cf Plattstuoufh :
Your committee, to whom was re-T
ferred the settlement with the City
Traa'urer, b.'g liave to report that, they
have performed the duties required of
them, and herewith subaiit a report of
the linancial conditio:) of the city, and &
statement of the receipts and expendi
t.nes of thj same as shown ty the settle
ment sheets herewith presented, and on
file in the ofri-e of the City Cle;k.
Ail of which i lespectfully submitted.
Joum Wayman,
Fitianee Committee.
1 'iatismouth, N:b. Ma ch 15, 173.
Amoutrt tares assessed fbr
1SC3, $'10,073.38
Amount taxes collided for
sC9, 14.4GS 54
Hal. taxes uacoliected for
1S69." $2,504 S4
Taxes asesed f r 1S70, J2,5;;9 17
" collected ' " 17,144 20
H;d. taxes lsTO uncollected, $5,3'c4 SS
Tax s a-;esRed for 1 871 ,
$23,913 50
I4,9o t.ll
" culleoted "
Bal. taxes 1S71, uncollected, S:S,04'J.30
Hal. t .xesdua 160, 1870 ail d
Taxes a?es-e 1 for 1S72 (none
of which lias been expend
ed). $'2o,,s",4.15
Uct.Xieij Ud cah o;i h ind, 8 4C) 04
Total due city, $40, 1 73.0
, . . i icn
mnunt taxes cohectod ISC?,
SiO 18.1, ?4G,.O.04 i
Atu't recived from ali other
mirc?s, inelmling sale ot i
llU School bonds, .5,W),.S9
Total from all sources, . $80,484.83
Ti.fid am't expended, 18CJ to
March 1873, 72,024 19
Bal. cah in Treasury, $8,400.04
Councilman Wayman and Dr. Ii. it.
Livingston repotted to the Council as to
examinations and experiments with fire
engines, and recommended the purchase
of nn engine now held for sale by the
city of Council Bluffs, aril
On motion, the Mayor wra instructed
to necotiate a loan of $2,000 for the
purchase of the same, ami the con.sti uc
tion of the necessary ei'terns and welis.
The claim of O. F. Johnson was re
ferred to Finance Committee.
The official bon I of J. W. Barnes,
City Assessor, was presented and ap
proved. The following accounts were allowed
li. Vivian, tah.rv as Couucilataa and
i i- w v i
merchandi-e. lo ; aviuaii itt ur-
tis, tinn txended for city, $10. 50; Jno.
Waj-cin, txpen-en paid ou city bu-iue-s,
$41.50; M. W. 3 1 organ, salary as Mar
shal, one month, $50 00; Geo. Fiekler,
services as special police, $4.00 : Geo.
W. Fairfield, City Eo-ineer, $S 00 ;
Vs.lh'ry & Buffner. loprehandrse and
stove rent, $0.rVj ; J). M. Mullen, labor
on streets, $12.00 ; J. Valiery, Jr., ser
vices as School Director, two years,
$o0.00 ; O. F. J ihn- jti, one city map,
$1.50; M. Waybrishf, hauling for
schoo , $1.00; W. L. Hobbs, wood for
school-, $1.00.
Council adjourned
M. L. WHITE, Mayor.
M. B. Reese, Clerk.
Election Notice.
Notice is hereby-given to th. qualified
electors of the city cf Plattsuiouth that
an election wiil bo hell iu said city on'
the firt Tue.-day in April, 1S73, being
the first day of faid month, for the elec
tion of the following named officers to
wit: .
One Mayor
One City Marshal,
One City Cierk,
One Police Judge,
One Sup"t of Common Schools.
On City Treamrer,
One City A-e-sor,
One City Engineer.
Al-o the f o. lowing Counciimen to be
elected from their respective ards
One Councilman, First War!,
Oo Councilman, Second Ward,
Two Counciimen, Third Ward,
One Councilman. Fou-ih Ward.
y.aid election wiil be held at the u-ual
places of ho; jirjg elections in said city.
The polls ti be opened at nine o'clock a.
m., and close at seven o'clock p. m.
M. L. WHI IE, Mayor.
M. B. RkkwB, (Sty (Jerk,
"SVantcd Corn oil Subscrip
tion at this oilice immudi-
j tL'iy.
j .
r!tnintctr3iro'c Qal'i
By virtue of a license an 1 order of
sale entered by the District Court ct Ne
braska, in and for the secon J Judicial
District, sitting in Dmidas County, in
the muter of tho estate of Erms Wil
liams, late of said Douglas County, de
ceased, under the ssal of said court, and
to me, the under.-igned, directed, as ad
ministratrix of said estate, I will otTer
fofsale nnd sell ut public auction to the
luirhest bidder, on the 24ih d.iy of
March, A D. 1873, at 12 o'clock at noon
(holdin-: said sale open for erne hour
thereafter) at the door of the building
it. which the Di.-fnct Cou:t in and lor
Cass County w;is hist held in the city of
Phitt-mouth, thvt following described
re;d estate, to-wit.: Lot seven (7) in
Block thirty five (.""), Lot six (0) in
Block thirty-six (3o), and Lot one ( I ) in
Block fotty two (42), ali in the city of
Phot-mouth, County of Cass and State
of Nebra-ka, t' j c.y the d.bts and
charges airatust said estate.
Cat 1 1 Alt! N K Wl I.l.f A MS,
Administratrix of sahl estate.
jVOTICE is hereby Avr n that by yir-'-
-tue of au order of sale is.-uedtby the
Clerk of the Di.-trict Court witi.iu and
fir Cass Co., Neb., and to me directed
wherein William Stadelmann is Plaintiff
and August Murphy is Defendant, I wiil
on Monday the 14th day of April, A.
D. 1ST.'!, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day,
stt. the front door f the Court, House in
the ciry of Piattstuouth. iti said County,
offer for side at public auction the lot
lowitip real e.-tate, to-wit:
Lot No. sixteen (10) in block No.
three (3) in Stadehuaun's addition to-thc
City of Platfsniouth, Ca-s County, Ne
braska, heretofore at;achod as the prop
erty '.f stid Defendant, and to be sold to
satisfy a decree rendered at the Septem
ber adjourned term A D. LsT2, and on
the 12th day of December. A. D. 1872,
atrain-t the sail Austt-t Murphy, and in
favor of the said Wiiiiam Stadjlmann.
Given under my hand this 12th day
of March, A. D 1S73
J. V . JOHN-ON',
Sheriff Co., Neb
Sheriffs Sale.
In the District Court of Nebraska in
ami for Cass county.
John Dill and the heirs of Wil iam
Dill, decea-ed, Sarah Did, widow of
William Did, and John M nifort, Ad
minis' rai or t.f the e.-tato oi iiiiuui
Did, deceased,
George Jet. nine's, Annie M. Jennings,
William E. Sheldon, Ad lit Sheldoti,
his wife, Chas. E. Hayley and Jennie F.
Hayle', his wile, John II. Hayley and
his wife, Edward Guodcnough and
Gotideitough. his wife, James Sweet,
Juiiin Met calf, A. Howcn, Attorneys
in fact and Trustees of the Sto -k holders
of the Fat uiers aud Mechanics Store oi
Ncbra.-ka City. Wi.'liuui Horrigan,
Evandcr W. Harnum, Lcgett & Cu.,
and itichard D., as llecciver.
Uy virtue of un order cf sale issued
to me in the above entitle 1 esse, out of
the said court, I will, at one o'clock P.
:.i , 011 the I4!h day of April, A. D.
Is".'., oiTor ut l'eiSjlio Stilo to the highest
and be.-t bidder, at the front d or of the
Couit Hoiiro, in I'iiittsmouth, Nebraska,
the lolioftiug described tracts of land
to-wit :
uorthca-t quarter (1) of section No.
twci.ty-cipht (.28), in township ten north
of range thirteen eat of the -xth prin
cipal .Meridian ia Ca?- county. Neb; a.-Ka ;
also a part of the west haif (J) of the
northwest quarter 0) of section twentv--seven
1--7; adjoiidnj; the tract firr-t de-
i .. i .... i . ... ' . i :. . . i j
scrioeu, ii. uiicr tract oeu:tr UKscr;ui:u
oj ' nt .... :,.., ,...r
... ,r, K,.,:
twenty-seven, (27) in ten moth
of range thirteen aforesaid, luircit.if
thence north fifty one 1 51 I rods and six
teen (lo) links; thence e:;-t eighty i-v.))
rods; thence south tifty-one (fil) iod.s
and sixteen (10) links; theneo we.-t
eighty (8u) rods to the place of betdn-
ninjr. I tie aoove tracts ol land wiil hi
sold on said day, separately, to sati-fy
the decree of tlie court in favor of the
I liintihs against th.- defendants, and as
the property and real estate of the de
fendants ; and at the same time and
place I will separately offer at public
sale, by viitue of the order of sale in
this case, the remaining poit:on of the
west haif I) tif tiie northwest quarter
(1) of .section twtnty-seveu (-.7), in
township ten north cf range thirteen
13ea:tin Cas County, Nehra-ka, ex
cepting the liuil hou.-e and lot, the
ll.mman house nnd lot, and the
McGregor house and lot, as the prop
erty and real e.-tate of the defendants,
to satisfy the amount found due iu the
above case to the defendants James
Sweet, Julian Metealf and A. Bowen,
as trustees for the stock holders of the
Farmer-' and Mechanics store of Ne-
I braska City. All of tlie land described
is to be soi l to sati-ly imirtt'ises tincn
,.no 1 1 -. 1
the same.
Given under mv hand this 12th day of
March, A. D. L73.
Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Stevenson c Haywahd,
.V) it. Attorneys lor Plaintiff..
John V. Farweil & Co ,
i s?3. if ;
. i&j t hi
V lC -V". .fy-.Tt-
TIioh. IV. Khryock,
And dealer in all kinds of
jFiirsiitisre ?
MATS strkft. (tblri door elt of P O
Platismcuth - - - fte.
" Pg and Vvni?hinit neaUy ueap.
The Uadersivmed bus on hand and is
All kindi of .
GOTTcrnvoob lukbe.
At his Mills at the Ferry Landing at Plattomoutb
0rtier3 Promptly Filled.!
Junc?d diwtf
TTErPIJfO ttatsii, xvn.
T. Ii. 1 P T jSl ,
TXTJlLKR In Tru?. Me licirrs. Taint?, Oi!s
I Varnish. lVrfoiiiery, Sjtai ioi.ary, Motions
Cigars nnd Tobacco wlo
xnv siiwrxo macuini:
lluci very 1'nsy.
P.ucs very Fast,
Kur.s Trry Still.
Has a Kew Shut tie superior to ail others.
Defies Competition.
Great Improvements in Needle.
t'auuot be Bet Wrong.
Agents Wanted.
Ad.lrr?? THE "VI:TOn"5. M: CO.
51 Tenth St., 1 doors west ot 15roaday, N. Y.
Matiufjeturo the Celohratcd
The?o Organs ere unpurposed in quality of
tone, style of Cniih, simplicity of con.sti uc! ion',
at.d dur ibiluy.
" Also. MKI.ODKOXSS in various styles ani
unequalled in tone.
Send fjr Illustrated CaLalcgue.
Address Xitr II avf.s Obsas Co.
New Haven, Cor.n.
Aj-r.ts Ti'tnted.
Lo.k to Your Children.
The Great Soothing Bemedy.
MRS. ! Cures colic nnd itripirstr irt1 Price
Whitccmfc'i the bowel, nnd t h ii it t V ,
Srup. t he procc? of te ! h T.t!. Onts.
MRS. Sun lues c invul.-ion? sml. Price
WhitscmVs overeoaies ail diseases inci-i 2-
Syrop. dem to i' an J ehiiilren. Cents.
MfiS. Cure? IHarriniM. I'ysento
( hifcomb's ry and ?
Syrup. children of ail !?'.:.
It is te rreat lufan's' nnd Ch .1 lren?r.Sooth
ine Hetnedy, in a'i di r lsr? Lrou!it on by
teethinir or :iy nlher cause.
Prepared by tho tlrafton Medicine Co., St
Loui? Mo.
Sold by druggists and dealer? in Medieinso
everywhere. dec'dd-lw
e lermband w tf.ta
- la ttsm o nth, Neb raska .
f am prenared to aecoinino..Pi;e the public vrith
Horse?, ("iirriaire::. Iti ;ie? and a No. 1 HcArse
oo short notice nnd rca-onabln t.-ruis. A Hack
ivi'.lrun to the steamboat luiadiuit,aud ail parts
ot the city iien dc-ir. l
1 ji ii .ry 1. 1S71 .l.vwtl
rJrtS. A. D. vHiTcoras
Dress and Cloak Maker.
Rooms three doors wst of Crooks ilo'imj
CDTTIX15 & FfiTTi.Wy
made a specialty.
4- Patterns of all kinds constantly oa ian 1
0mt-,ha Karbls Works.
M . j7F-E e n a n .
Manufacturer arid I'eaVrin
met.tsiti Piair-mt.uJh Cem
e t a r y
The ratronage of Ct-?3 Co-jDty i re'pee'fay
solicited. '
di'.-wT Cm . i
. -- ,
CQItAD IILISEL - - j - - Proprietor
Flour, C-rn Meiil. Fee 1. Oway on hanl
and for oalj at lo-re.-t Cuh i rieir,
H'P.TheTIitchest price paid for Wheat and
"C;"i?"Particular attention yiven to cu
torn work.
T r C??
For specimen or xvora-man-hip refer t.XW
to8iiitii s an.l a f rv moroi- l r-y ,i ,,,i. rnuliiini m to order rloth-
J&M.JLp. 2 JiL5 1 i.SJ ii I f l 'O eOi. r nrto-!. . f,.,',
v-. hCTn; "t ui'f- 'lie--1,-...
til j A' f fSSai, Pi,- --.ii.wit;. ",'tliV,
Bens leave to irform the farmer-.
Ca-s C. iu n ty t h 4 1 he k c- ps a go. .1 N-.
me mi!c north of Mt.'
Ai! kinds of irm wors- art. i .-
cd tu Wa:-is reiair d. F.trm i' .
plements . ac!u'!y mm b.-d L vt-i
price- and work bt;e ott sh'.'l todice
. .Grain received iu payim-nr tiivi- r-t
a trial. C'HAat. TllKANY.
8 Srt-Ty.
To the Esl North and Fnuihes.
PTATT0.N3. KTrBP.w M!'l.
Leave Plnttiniou'h 3. Op. in. iJOLC.
Arrive Iiu lineton T.iOa-'n. lO.Mp. e.
" wen lota 11.15 a-11:. '. a.
" ChicuroiC.D.AQ.' S.l.'. p. i .1 T.OOI.m
" Peoria . " ''.yi a. nt.1,
" Ir..rplis'.I.15.tV. :15p. ,.j 9 2t a. in.
" Cineiti nati " ll.i'O p. in 4-15 p. cw
" LcTa:i?p"t T.I'A'.Vj SV p. ni.' C.:0t q.
" " I 2.1.' a.m.; tSOp. r1.
t -ThroiiKh Car? from Mi.?oiiri V. iverto Chl
ciiko. I niiianapoli?, Cincinnati, Lt us;jort ani
'onnc tioin at thno points with l.nei Il
inr 10 the Ln?f , North ami South.
1 hi-i is the yVerr, ,sA..rfr;, (,.' I.rnl tnj Tir.ip
tit Itoit".
p.. not ho" deceived, bv.t fl t.mi TYke ift
the Ilur'iiir'or: nnd ili.-jouii Pwirer bmlr'.iid.
tten'l 1 icket Client. Un"l hopl
liloxicjr Saved.
Buying Your Green-hcuso anr
Betiding Plants.
4.V M
DON'l send La-it for Plan's when you ea:i
Ket iu-t a Kood for le-? money tienrnr
home. To my mi'i.erou? friends and putrnns J
would "fy that I leive the larr.t und bfl
sto.'k i f plii ill? ever otlorcd lor Mile in I lie wt
and pro.o?e to K'U til em at rcai.' price.
Ue suro a"J send for tny
Kew Descriptive CatalaguR.
whi'-h will be ront fre to b!! wT"i ap;dy f .r Ii'
Then nive me your orderi, urd 1 f'el onli lenl
I can s;it isly you.
Ad Ires?. t. J. UKs'-ir-p.. uiw riutt mouth. Nut.
Down Town Barker Shop
One door from D. If. Wheeler's OiUcc
P00NING. " -!!:!-Chi
Ed rail's1 Hair Cut.
I-p-jciil attCLtion given to this L'no.b of li.
Call aud sets
13 O J5 7 E,
v, En Tii,
And you will get a Boon in t , .
17 JftXInTrrsikT 2
GKf IDE Iii-:?'T.
IOOC Yrnh find i.-' i.i'.H;i ' olhf
JJtrditiiorti ".
C'X'O i::iKravin?s; is Id Puirc Iprirt-i. Pri-c Sis.
KTUnU IT I Wil-h to f,U..ill C-T:irt . I . fi nil 'o.n ?
v l coii.-'.ilt it. Lehuyli-r Coli-ix.J
Every scholar knows it value. .
II. l're..;ott. tl e Historian.
B "Cti one of my daily i, o;'-. .
IJohn L. Motiey. tie ilitonati. i c
Qo far ns I know, best defiuh. Hiefi'ihary.
ij I l!o i c .M;ia.j
Thebet guide cf . students i.r nurla:.rai'.
.I. .hiil. V. Uittier.,
Excel? all others in dfcfiiiiti(reieni.i!i.' term?.
I're-iJeiit II U' hcock.J
Keinarkabie riiianenjiuiji of loiina i knowl
' tdije. W. . ( lark. Pi .-'t A i . Colli K.J
neee-spy for every intrilii lit. f.itnijy. Milder-1
t--.. lo r, au 1 Po l.-.-, ional i.imi. V. ni.t Li
brary i. ' .:.ii. :cte v.dthoul th' be-! i nif-i-h Oic-li.-nary
Publi-hed by A- C. M VdtHJ AM. S;-r.nGeld,
.Mas-. Siold by all i;o.kellcri.
Webstet'i Prinmry Seiioot I'et'rjEd l'n'gs.
' School (,
v. -"'i ::
c:i li
(.'..nut it; i.'ouso won
H'.crhn- iliu.-tratii.iM n I niuf-y aluiblo taoltl
not to be foil. 1 el -ivrhtre.
p.,bibh."i bv ivr-'.v, lla':i:man. tat-
LOK .V (JU., Nuw Vork. ' ".
Tte adcert'irrs bel-jio rcfx you to th
Publisher of thiapnpf' an regard their
perfect rcHa'AHti, and v hen vritin? to
then, please mention you t'j.w their Adver
li.semen in thil jxiprr.
0 - i icKMnt o..tii
"j liiit ilinct fioiu tiii-lr !ioiie. nhlrh Tilll
f. H .r made In th" In si M)Ie. Mii.ped Iy ex-C-
pre-,, . O. 1'.. villi the pruili-ire ur
aLiinicir nn.l n-foraltrif at tli.-lr Apemx-,
if not -:tisr.u turjr.
PtllDTCf ;:uVofM';r-ii'-r'.nrerri-nt H'DtirfB
i oris--vn.r!
n f oiirit--.1. I it urm:teel,
Ttiutlm Ir-tlilnur n niwialtj. KenJ
I wic. rJMP-lOX--- PTKT (lllllVt.
1 i ii t t:i ll. Al. rn iil..
! fi.f&& "tJi- t-i- lii.-trkiiiK .islio-i . .n . i;o-.
jf,-i-t'StiS!. !-" . r'..rr I,'s, J ilnO .. K" , AC.
' -.". YSStj All i.i.s. o-,io l-.i i ii-o -r up.
I "" nri,.,. jst. or r. n.Ii 01 I) r'lfor tliu
-i, .sr p-.l.oli r -.!. I. r, M.-. s.i.t
l -x.; rir- r,r,,;j u ill -:-y i .r us. ii io
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