Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 13, 1873, Image 2

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    , . -lt'"W'"'MI"iMiMiMMMMMMMMM '-MMnilll,lin mm
J 1L-E. t .
V all parts of the Stato and country re
PVeirulty solicited for the Herai.p.
V9 do not read anonymous letters and coin
manieations. The name and adJres of tin wri
ter aie in all cases indisspene.' lc. as cuiranty
.f jtoxl faith.
l M W-".ll .,.
SEE Ol'HFLi:.lIDmil i.lST.
W't call attention to the splendid Club List
offered. It is our desire to place before the
people of Cas Co. every opportunity for infor
mation and instruction. To all those who wish
to take any of the publications mentioned be
low we offer them a. the following low rates :
Harper' Magazine and Herald one year $1 75
Leslie's Ills. Ncws'per "
Chimney Corner '
Scribner's Monthly "
M'oodV house 'd Slag. "
Lea'ie' Ladies Mar. "
Teton' Mus. Monthly "
Atlantic Monthly "
Prairie Farmer
Chicago Inter-ocean "
Ppirit of the Times "
Tnrf. Field A- Farm "
New York Times
" " Tribune "
" Ledger
" Weekly "
Rural New f orker "
Toledo BLde "
AVhat Ntxt?(chroino)"
l'hrpn. Journal "
4 75
4 75
1 75
4 75
4 7j
2 50
4 E0
4 00
5 00
3 00
3 00
6 25
6 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
4 CO
4 00
4 00
3 00
2 00
3 50
Of crtiKO those terms are understood to be
strictly cah in advance. -411 taking advantage
ot this clubbing list will receive tho IIkbald
from now till the first of January fnte, so the
eaoner you oiue the more you will get for your
To thosa owiuz back subscriptions on tho
IIksald we make the following offer to contin
ue from now until the first of January.
To any who will pay ns two years subscrip
tion, that is, their back subscription, aal one
year in advance we will give a handsome chro
nio, a picture worth two dollars, called. The
Kii'cr Crot. Ir id across encircled by a wreath
f flowers-color 1. Or. if they prefer it, Wood.s
Pocket Magnifier, being a magnifying glass
uitatle t slip in the pocket, worth ?2 M.
To any one p-ying two year's subscription as
above s'ated and seventy-five eents in addition
we wi'.l give The Globe Microscope worth $3.50
or a gold pen with silver case worth the same
We make tlie abeve liberal offers because we
are very anxious to collect in our subscription
1 ist and start on an entirely cash basis, which
we shall ehdeavor to make our ru'c hereafter.
A Splendid Chance.
fe will send the Herald and Dcmorests'
Monthly, which is SI for one year, to any per
son who pays us S3..VJ
In addition to both Periodicals at the price
named, a choice from a list of extraordinary
Premiums.! given to each subscriber to Deni
crest's Monthly. Among these are a line pir
of Chromo Picture.i CFalls of Niagara and Yo
semite Falls), worth $10 ; or a good Stereoscope
with a scries of views ; besides numerous other
valuable p.-emi-WJ worth from two to ten dol
lars ea oh.
The best beys' and girls' magazine, and the
NunBiskA IIkuai.I) at greatly reduced rates.
ATe will send NEBitk-KA IU.ram) and Demoh-
t'sj Yoi'xg Amkuica, which D Sl fx) for one
year, to any person who pays us S2.10. Deninr
est's Veung America is always sparkling with
entertaining 5Striif;s. Poems, Music, Puzzles.
Games. Travels, and other pleasant features
! profusely plustrated. nnd cannot tail to
amuse, instruct and elevatcand assist to make
; live? of vu
. and happy
Tlie Herald has been thinking of
turning "joor." It is a hard word to
s:y It is considered a ungraceful word
by Home, but in Casjs, county, we can, at
present think no other way of turning
an honest penny to quickly and easily,
and keeping the wolf from the door as
by turning pauper. Yes, pauper.
Throe fino farms are now set aside for
their use, costing soma $8,000, and a
building said to cost about $6,000 more,
when finished, id to be added to their
oaiforts. As there are but tiro people
for all this to be divided up among, and
they will have a good farmer and other
"help" provided for their ue and ac
commodation, tho Herald decidedly
thinks of making the third. What rents, bad debts, insurance and
high price of paper and materials of all
kinds wo are getting mighty h.ird up.
The town U dull, printing scarce, pay
pcarce. We owe one grocery bill of
$10.00, and a livery bill of , and
where the money to come from the
L awyers only know. Gentlemen,
County authorities, let in in. We
want a third interest in one of those
farms, Oh, do 1
the lives ,f youthful Americana useful, truth-
1 Ul 1
On the Fourth page of this week will
be found a valuable article on education
al matters. Iiad it, all.
We call attention to the change in the
time-table of the I, it 31. in Nebraska
as published on our local page.
Economy is the order of the day here
after, in Cass county. That's right, we
go in for that, but it's "poor" economy
to ftop the fpigot and leave the bung-
hole open.
A correspondent sends a letter, in
which he Fays A. & B. do some kind of
busines?, but in the MSS. we can't te'l
whether it i.s a heavy or a heavenly busi
ness. Beats Greeley how some of these
fellows do write.
The IVgwlature at Lincoln are waking
up at last, and thisj week promises to Le
a lively one. Penitentiary investigation
new Constitution, Temperance law, a'j
tend to rouse "them fcllera" and make
'cm growl.
COAL ! COAL ! 1 COAL 1 1 1
We want coal, we must have coal.
If it is not in Nebraska there is plenty
along the lints of the U. P. K. li., and
the proposed extensions of the B. & M.
II. II., and they must brinij it to us at
reasonable rates.
We talk of manufactories, and we
need them. We want, Nebraska needs,
corn starch factories, potato starch fac
tories, oil mills, paper mills, rope walks',
wool n mills, brick mills pottery mills,
and she ha3 an abundance of the raw
mitetial to run all of them and make
them a success if sha had one thing
more, and that indispensable ; that onu
th'iDg is ckenp fatl. Gen .lemcn investi
gators, scientific spouters, original "ge
niuses," give us this some of you, and
the hardy yeoman of Neb-aska will do
the rest. They'll show you a State in
ten years that will beat Massachusetts,
Pcnusjlvania, and Illinois combined,
and we think Texas might bo thrown
in. Why, we have corn wasting by the
tons, flax rotting wild, lime ready burned,
city trying to crawl to a moulding ma
chine ; grass for billions of sheep, and
grain for as many cattle, whose hides
can run a thousand tanneries. All it
wants is coal, grit, enterprise, a little
money and a cussed sight of faith and
waiting But it'll come yet yoa see 1
1T3W3PAPS3 S73S:3!PXI3JJ3.
Pltase Head this, All Hands.)
We received a letter on this subject
last week, which we publish below,
omitting the names of tho parties.
February 9, 1S73.
I'd. IIe.iald: By jours of this
date we are your debtor to the amount
of ;'G.:25. We subscribed and paid for
your paper for one year, with the ex
press understanding that unlcrs we re
newed, the paper should stop. I told
Hatnaway r wouM not take Lis or anv
other paper on any other considers
tion. Now you send on a bi 1 of this
amount. Wedoa'tlike it, but to end
itwill pay onc-liaif the amount, if yea
ceive another thousand when he had
cast his vote. lie said he had taken the
money for the purpose of unmasking
and exposing the treachery, fraud, c 'ir
ruption and bribery of Senator Potueroy.
Mr. York then delivered to the clerk of
the convention a package containing
$7,000, which he declared he had re
ceived from Pomeroy in consideration of
his support. liaising his hand, he
called upon the ncembers of the conven
tion, the multitude assembled, and the
(Hod of the Universe, to witness the
truth of bis statements.
The impression created by this as
tounding statement beggars description.
The friends of Pooieroy were thunder
struck. Pallor sat upon their counte
nances, and consternation seized them.
The evidence was so direct and canvinc
ing that no one dred attempt to refute
A motion wa3 made to postpone tak
ing tho vote for two hours. Mr. Adams
wanted time to investigate the truth of
the charges.
Johnson, of Anderson, said lie ad
vised Col. York to take Pomeroy's mon
ey : said othir officers had been engaged
in bribery, and ha was prepared to prove
The motion to postpone was lost, and
the roll was called. Most of the mem
bers explained their - votes in hort
speeches. Many of the explanations
were quite amusing. Old man Dillard
said he had never been bought, and he
thinked God that $7,000 had not been
offered to him.
say ro.
See the detailed accounts of evidence
on the Credit Mobilier cae, and also in
regard to the Kansas and Missouri Sena
torial troubles, cn the first page of this
week's paper. Fullest description found
in a weekly paper.
If tho railroad companies of this
State, are really in earnest in desiring
that no adverse legislative acts be
passed against them, we will just give
them a hint. . Choke off the Omaha
llernhTa advocacy of their claims, and
it will help simplify the caw amazingly
We call attention to our funny man's
letter, on the first page of this paper.
If Josh Billings kin beat that, we give
in. The best of it is that the Kditor of
tho Herald don't know whether he
meant it or Dot, but it was too good to
Appleton's Journal for February, lie
before u3. It is a very interesting num
ber, indeed, "Eggs in England," is tho
title to one piece, but "oggs in Nebras
ka" would suit us better. Well, well,
a few more day3 like these, and we'll
have oceans of 'cm.
We don't say "so," and for these rea
?0C3. The newspaper law about taking
papers out of the office is very plain,
and wa meant to cover and avoid just
! s.ich difficulties as this
We are sorry for these gentlemen, but.
t would respectfully call to their mind the
faot that we are innocent purchasers of
the Subscriptioti hht of the .NEcnASKA
IIe'IALP. The former proprietor assured
us that the List was correct and a bona
fide li.-t of actual subscribers. We paid
valid money for the same. The
gentlemen who write this letter and all
others in the same fix ought not to
blame us fur their carolessnes. When
ever Mr. Hathaway or any other editor
sent the paper over the time you sub
scribed for, you should have j aid for it
(if unpaid until then) at once and then
refused to take it out of the ofLce, and
especially when you knew and could see
that there va3 a change of proprietor
thip in the Herald, and a printed no
tice that tho present owners had pur
chased the "Subscription List" of the
Herald, you should have paid up the
back amcu'jt, an 1 then stopped your
paper. It won't do to receive a paper
for two or three years and then claim
that you have ordered it stopped long
ago. You knew it was coming, and
that you read it, and some one was ex
pecting pay for the same. We say this
in all kindness to you", gentlemen, and
all others in the same fix. Our lot and
our cause are hard enough, and require
the closest watching, without having to
be responsible for others' oversights.
See Newspiper Laws on second page.
We sent out a number of bills last
week to our various readers, patrons and
customers, We hope thy may be
taken in good part, and receive t -c
prompt attention which our needs de
martd; at the same time there is no in
tention to crowd or push any party to
extremes. We have a great deal stand
ing out cn subscription, somew..ere in
the neighborhood of $2,500. It is in
small amount j and caa scarce'y be felt
by the parties paying, whil3 the sum
total to us would be a boon indeed.
There are a number of papers that have
been running for. several year. Every
now an then somebody writes that they
never ordered it or didn't know of it,
&c, to obviate all. this, and get the
books in goid fhape, every person tak
ing a paper from this ofuje will receive a
notice when it is over-due or unpaid
more than a year. This ought not
to oOfetid any on, and will help us to
keep things straight, amazingly.
We have paid out a good many dol
lars for fuel, this winter. We adver
tised that we would take corn or wood
in pay for papers. Would you bclievJ
it? Not an car of corn has come in yet
on that offer, and we have bought corn
for cash all winter. Two little loads of
wood came in cn subscription. Friends,
th!3 is rather rough on U3, and it we
ask you now for some money pray re
member that paper, printers' coal, ar?d
all these things have cost money all this
time, and we feel like the breaking up
of a hard winter, pecuniarily, just now.
Observe our little symbols tl "ti, friends,
and make our hearts glad with cash or
COrn' mmmMwmmmm
Cedar Creek, Neb., Feb. 10, '73.
Tlr. IIcLlAln : Thero may bo per
sons in the remote corners ol the earth
who are not aware of the fact that there
is a town in Nebraska, on the line of the
B. it M., by the name of Cedar Creek.
To all such we would say that : if they
should ever be so fortunate as to take a
trip over the aforesaid road, if they will
cast their eyes southward when they get
about fourteen miles west of Platts
mouth they may see the town. There
certainly is a town site here, though it
may require a very close observation to
get a sight of the city. This town in
like Glendale, and 'other places in the
county, "only great in that strange spt-
a name." Future generations may be
hold a second Chicago here; if they do,
in all probability they will have the
pleasure of building it. The Messrs.
Inhelder do a heavy business in the
grain trade, here. About a mile from tin
(prospective) town, on the romantic
stream from whijh the town derives its
name is a saw and grist mill, where Cot
tonwood logs are "ripped up," and
everything is ground, except the face of
the poor. They make an excellent arti
cle of flour, and, 'lis said, that they
positively were never known to chase a
man for the sack when he had left the
In our last letter we spoke of the
miserable little saloon, iu Louisville, a
gate of hell ; not for the purpose of in
juring the proprietor's business, but
merely'to express our contempt for such
low haunts of vice, whereupon some
person takes offense, and comes out in
the W'ltchnvin with an article denouiic
ing us in the nt violent terms, calling
us "the devil." Now that is cool.
The State Grange of Nebraska met at
Lincoln on the 4th inst.
A friend in Minnesota writes to the
Columbus Journal uuder a late date,
that the weather is grettly moderating,
the thermometer having gone up to 35
below zero 1
J. M. Pattee, of Lottery fame, has
bought Iledick's Opera House, and in
tends tarniug it irto a. hotel on the Eu
ropoan plan.
The following threatening "Notice"
appeared in the Schuyler RfQister:
All persons having Deeus, Mortgages
or other Instruments in my ofEce that
were Isft lor record and FEES not paid,
will please call, pay lees and lift them,
Eistciy of Stsvrart, ths Cbstinais stress.
G. B. Stewart, tho lawyer who shields
him-elf behind his profession, and who
refused to expo-e his tlients' business,
is to night in Ord way's custody. Stew
art is well known here, where he has re
sided a dozen yars or more. He is
counsel in tho Perkins claim against Itus
bia. and has recently won' a suit in Kan
sas for a largo sum against the Kansas
Pacihc road. He is a man ot giant
frame and possessed of considerable force
and ability, lie is a Keutuekian by
birth and known ii years cone by as an
original emancipationist, always impe
c inious, yet always controlling large in
terests. There is little doubt here but
that he knows the use of the Pa -ifio
railroad money in securing the legisla
lion of 1C4, by which the Government
mortgage was made second, uut tlure is
I 'ss doubt if he does know that he will
n t tell He has excellent material for
recusancv as a witness, and not only '.he
w !1 to hold out. but the ability to defend
his po-itiou. It. is possible, however,
in spite of his obstinacy, that the facts
will le developed, as Stewart banked at
sn institution here, which, having laued
four years ago, was made a Congressional
investgatlm. Of the Pacific bonds placed
hs Dura nt in Stewart's hands, eight
thousand dollars were lost by the bank's
failure. Ail the papers are on hie, and.
( n motion of Mr. Lynch, are to bi trans
ferret! to the Wilson Committee. S:ew
art's accounts are embraced in these pa-
ners. and those acquainted with the in
vestigation arising through Paymaster
Puuldiivi's defalcation, declare that the
key to all of Stewart s business will be
found in tins bank arvount.
The committee asked tho IIoue to
order Mr. Stewart into custody, for their
examination, but the House, actinz un
der the more careful resolution offered
by Mr. Bingham, directed that he be
brought before its bar and there inter
rogated. This is the usual course.
All Aleut Two C:r2s cf f7coL
In the financial art e'e of the St. Louis
Globe, speaking of resumption of specie
payment, and which -the article favors
at once the pertinent inquiry is made:
In this connection, we would like to a.-k
what differcncn there is between one
lurmber of Congri'xs who is a stock-
holder in a National Bank waking laws
gnvermn? our national currency, and an
other member of Congress who is a
stockholder in the Credit .Mobilier legis
Ialin? cn railway subsidies?
We should say that was hot. The
rest cf this letter is about a personal
matter,' and the Herald caunot lend
its space to discuss the same.
The Editor doe3 not remember seeing
the letter alluded to in which the Saloon
keeper at Louisville "caught it," but
they have answered back, it seems, and
"!' jj. g-i3 snyi 1 u reiurn. we
guess it had better be dropped. Ed.
One of the most remarkable and trag
ical scenes ever enacted in any Legisla
ture of the United States since we be
came a nation took place at Toptka,
Kansas, last week. For the benefit of our
readers we clip the whole scene from the
Globe. May such a scene never have
the chance to occur again, must be the
prayer of all good ciiizeus.
Mr. Price moved that the Conven
tion proceed to ballot for United States agents ; one millwright ; one druggist;
Senator. Mr. Guerin nominated Judge one blacksmith; one plasterer, one
I .1 - . . , t
Cur ircnY;rs.l
There are twenty two farmers in the
present Legislatnre : one stock-grower,
eleven lawyers; one phyucian,' four
merchants ; o:;e builder, two real-estate
In a Sa
John J. Ingulls, of Atchi.-on, in a thort
and appropriate adJress.
As the Secretary was about to l-esrio
calling tho roll, Co!. A. M. York, of
Montgoino.y county, rosein hi- place and
desired the attention of the Convention
while making a brief statement. '1 he
clear, ringing voici of the Senator im
mediately caught the attention of the
multitude. He said he came here with
a desire to oppose corruption and fulfill
San Vranoison fnnrf il, , ij. the requirements of his oath, lie hal
day, a little dialog ran n 1 liNrd the charges of corruption against
to wittier "You say yo-j were at ! 'iV', Fomcroy ; had heard the denial
Lou-e every night?" "Yessir." "Wcr- gT n?,!,c"es8 ot ,the lelte.r '
y,.u his partntr ?" "No, H'r " " Anv LaI l(.a.ih-s benator himself deny it ;
iclaiire if his ?" "Vn "UK, had t?V interviews with benator I era-
you doing at hi house every night roy ; iV 4h.e flwa to
. 'I was sparking hi, vik'ghLr" ' voti1 nd V: Ile pronged
. 'c-olez. 1 f ort and received seven thousand
Irll- a A'.3U 1 I'UlrlUJ 3 OWll liaiKJ, nun
)y your debts snd be kaj yy.
nurseryman; one jeweller: two bankr rs
Nine were born iu New York, f'ourt.-en
in u.:io, nve in i t-misyivunia. two jri
Vermont; six in Illinois, three in Indi
ana, one in New Hampshire, one in Ger
many, one in lennessee, one in Norway,
one in Missouri, on) ia Prussia, and
one in Maryland.
Forty-one are married, ten are f ingle,,
and one a widower.
The average age in the Senate is forty
years, in tho IIouso thir;y-scven. Senat-
tor lirown is the oldest mombpr of the
Senate, ajr N. K. Griggs the youn
gest, 28; H . D. Scott the shortest; Guy
Barton the best looking ; J. W. Osborn
the only hincle man in the Senate. J. II
Master of Otoe is the oldest man iu the
House, age 53, J. L. Brown, of Cas the
youngest, age 24; JL H. Sessions of Lan
caster, is the tallest. They are all hand-eome.-
An occurrence took place in this town
on Friday la-t, that may turn out a very
.'erio'uS affair.
Two parties, father and son, from
Iowa, haulel two loads of wood over
here, which they sold to Mr. Harvey
Sage, as Mr. Sage avers, at five dollars
p?r cord. The wool was driven to the
rear of Duke's store and unloaded. Mr.
Sage went out, with a square in his hand,
to measure the wood. The - younger
man askel him what he was measuring
the wo ij for, and on Sage's reply, "that
he Wailtcd to SI P. linw many irr- tlic-rc
were." he answered that they sold the
wood by the load, at five dollars a load,
and not five dollars a cord. Sage main
tained that he bought the wood by the
cord. High words ensued, and Sage
avers they both attacked him the fath
er with a stick of cord wood. In the
melee the young man was knocked
down an I barked somewhat, and tho old
gentleman - got a cut over the head with
the square, which broke in his skull and
has endangered his life.
At this writing he lies at the Brooks
House in a state of semi-torpor, and
grave doubts of his recovery are enter
tained by his -Pbysicaus.
Sage has been arrested and held to
bail, awaiting the recovery or deceae of
the wounded man.
Tuesday Mo.rning. Tho parties in
jured give their names as Utterbach,
and Jive in Iowa, some eight miles below
here, and nearly opposite, Hock Bluffs.
The old geatlcinan is a farmer, and
well to 3o. The young man has been
rather wild. . j
Yesterday, Dr. I ivingston, of this
place, and Dr. Peabody of Omaha, per
formed an operation on Mr. Utterbach' s
head, removing tome pieces of skull and
relieving the pressure on the brain. He
seems better to-day.
This is a very sad affair for all paities.
The Herald, of course, at this time
as no opinion in regard to which party
has been most to blame, and simply tells
the story as it is told by the most relia
ble authorities. One thing we will say,
however, we are glad to know that nei
ther party bad a revolver strapped to
their back, and with murder in thir
hearts, picked a quarrel, depending on
such weapon, to come out first best.
Whatever may come of this afiair, it
was a natural ebullition of temper on
both sides, and fought out y.ith the
weapons of tho moa:ent, and not those
carefully kept for suc-h an emergency.
We will give our readers the latest
news, on Thursday, in regard lo this
matter, Rnd meanwhile, for the sake of
all concerned, sincerely hope that Mr.
Utterbach's wounds may not prove fatal.
Latest. Dr. Livingston having sent
for Dr. Peabody, as consulting surgeon,
these gentlemen, on Monday Iat, re
moved twenty-four small pieces of bone
from Mr. Utterbach's skull. These j
pieces were from the size of a pin point
to splinters as large as one's little finger
The wounded man, on Wednesday,
was not perceptibly better. Mr. Sage's
bond's have been increased to $2,000.
NEW YOIIK, February 12. 1872.
Money Active at 1 4(U-32
Gold Firm at Il4(all41
CHICAGO, February 23, 1S72.
Hour Quiet Oufoo 75
Wheat Dull 1 22 't. I 23
Corn Less active
Oats Easier - 25'fl27
Bye Dul ftiCaCa
Friday morning, '. eb. 7.
An effort is being made by lobbyists
to assemble a new Congress on March
4th. - -
Gen. Dix's son-in-law says that Dix
never had anything to do with Credit
Mobilier. The money paid h:m by the
U. P. Company was salary due him as
president, and also for certain stock in
tha road which he had purchased and on
which he had never received anything.
Gen. Dix is preparing a statement con
firmatory of the above.
English Parliament assembled on the
5th, inst.
Saturday morning, Feb. 7.
The public library of Boston will be
opened on Sunday, hereafter.
Iliilway travel in the north of Spain
is interrupted by Carlists,
John I. Blair was examined before the
Poland Committee, yesterday.
The Brooklyn fires prove to be the
work of incendiaries.
McNult, the Peoria wife murderer, wag
hung yesterday. He protested his in-
noceuee to the last.
Senator Cameron is ill.
The President has pardoned Eli R.
Stewart and Ilobert II. Mitchell, Ku
kltsx era of South Carolina.
Sunday, Ftb. 9.
The epizootic ha3 reached California
Much excitement prevails in Utah
over the- Presidents policy in transfer
ring troops there.
Ex Governor Geary, of Pa., died very
suddenly at Ilarrisbursr. yesterday.
Tuesday, Fib. 11
Street Letter Boxes are being rifled
in New York.
Great excitement in Utah, over the
present state of affairs.
Immense fire in San Francisco, a build
ing burned containing thirty thousand
cases cf coal oil.
King Amadeus, of Spain wishes to
Wednesday Morning, Feb. 1:
A fire nt Granviile, N. Y., burued the
best portion of tho village. Loss, !?S5,
000 to $Io;),0'J0.
Mori, Japanese Minister, gave a re
ception at Wa-hington, on the 10;h.
The jury in the case cf George Irnin,
indicted for murder, found him guilty,
and he was sentenced to be hung.
Total shipments of ore from Colorado
fjr the week ending the 8 h hist., fifty
tons ; average value, $."U0 per ten.
Silver bullion shipment, $10,()j'J.
Secretary Fish, this evening received
the following dispatch from Minister
"At nine o'clock to-night the corte
adopted a Kepublican form of govern
merit by a vote of 25'J in the afiirLHative
and 32 :u the negative."
Mrs. Edwin Forrest has notified the
executors of her late hushaml's will that
she will apply fur her dower iu the
estate, on the grounds that Forrest was
never divorced trour her,
London, February 11.
The steamship Talisman foundered at
sea cn a voyage from Br iz iian ports to
Hamburg. Twelve lives were lost.
Commissioners Noiice.
Whereas, it appearing to the satisfac
tion of the Board of County Comiuio
sioners of Cas County, Nebraska, that
the M'opj.-itlon. to irivo One'l
and Thirty Thou-aud Dollars of the
Bonds of Cass Couutv 10 the St. Louis
and Nebraska llaihoad Company in ai l
of the construction of the St. Louis and
Nebraska Trunk Railroad in said County,
also Bonds at the rate of Five Thous
and Dollars per mile to the Weeping
Water t; Piatte Valley Bailroad Com
pany to aid in the construction of th"ir
road in said County, was duly submitted
to the voters of Cuss County on the 25 ih
. 1 . 1 ik 1 . . 1
ujy ui uanuury, XJ. 1SU, au 1 was
published in the i'iattsmuuth IJekald,
a paper published in said County, lor at
least lour cousecutive weeks next alter
the JSth day of December, A. D. 1872,
and said pap r was, during said time,
of general circulation throughout Cass
Due and legal proof having this day
been filed iu tins ethos and it lunher
appcari. g that a copy of said proposi
tion was duly po-ted up at each and
every place of voting in tnj ;veral pre
cincts of Cass County during the entire
day iu which the election was held, and
it appearing that the tWtion in said
proposition mentioned, was h.ld at the
time therein specified, in the several
precincts of said County on the 25th
day of Juuuary, 873, an I was conduet-
cu :u the manner pre.-criLed by law ; and
in consideration whereof, and of the re
port, the Board do find and declare hat
the whole numLer of votes cast "For
Bailroad Bonds" and in iavor of said
proposition at .-aid election, was Nine
.Hundred and Sixteen; and the whole
number of votes cast "Against Bailroad
Bonds" and aaiust said proposition, at
sail election was Five Hundred and
Fifty-four, and it, is now .-diu Jged and
declared by this Board that a majority
or sau votes cast was in favor of aid
proposition, and that all the require
ments of law have been strictly com
plies with in the premises.
Jt is therefore ordered and adjudged
that One Hundred and Thirty Thous:n 1
Dollars of the Bonds of Ca-s County be
issu. d to tho t-t. jaiuis and iSehraska
Trunk Bailroad Company through tfceir
trustees as prsvided in said proposition,
and that Bonds at the rate of Five
Thousand Dollars per mile in like man
ntr be issued to the Weeping Water &
Platte Valley Bailroad Company through
trustees in like mar. tier. A copy of
which Bonds are in the words and fig
ures to-wit:
And the Board do further adjudge
and declare that said Bonds when issued
and delivered shall be a valid and sub
sisting debt, acainst said County, and it
is hereby ordered that notice of the
adoption of said proposition be publish
ed in the Plattsmouth Hekald for two
weeks, and that the Senior Commission
er be authorized to procure the necessa
ry printed aud engrossed blanks for said
Bonds, as he shall deem proper, upou
application being made by said liailroad
C in panics or their assigns, to have
said Bonds issued and placed in the
hands of the Trustees as provided for iu
said proposition.
Resolved, That the Scior Commis
sioner and County Clerk of Cass County
be. and they are hereby authorized and
required to sign and execute said Bonds
according to law.
23- IL'SK'W
HT'CIR, 1S73.
Xo Family can AUbrd to
do Without it.
iT;ivi:sMon::;o(i and attractive
Bi'.AUiSii JlAni li Foil THE MiNEY
I'll AX ANl'utlll.K PKriloDR'AL.
OllUO.K PUliLltfllKl),
The Leading Xcwspnperj Pronounces
ie Best and Mot Ablv Edited Amer
ican Magazine.
Mec:s the Wants of every Member of the
It Contain XJiotuf Iful Arllrlrsb)- Oar
Ablrxl Wrllen.
It oiiliiiiH Nit t-lcliv f I.irHiid A(l
von in re.
It ltn Mrrll Stories ly Our Ilesl Sov
ItlniHMiurtht'jrirsIu K;oSi dumber
The new department of SriKSTlFic
Miscellany appears iu each
"Eirst of nil in attraction wo pluee, "ihe
Galaxy.' " St'imlnrd. Chicago.
"Will sustains its reputation for vigorous and
racy wriiinfr. A. 1 . Iribunc.
" 'Tlie Ualaxy' i.s a ways more a ungrmne
than sir.y, nnd uire varied in its rautre than
an v ot ht-r." Lull cntlent.
"A mil! periu'liea!; a cre'lit to Amcrii-nn
peno ucal liu-ruture. rinlit-tetihni I re..
1 hure is n'lt a uuil pa?e Dctwevn us covers.
V. )'. Y';;)if.
"The variety of itJ content", tliei; soli.l worth,
their brillinnco. an 1 thi-ir great interest, make
up a. rencral Hmraetrr of great excellence lor
every t umber " t'ot Boston.
"Always ahiy edited, an l roinarkaMfi for the
ffoo.l judgement displayed! ia the selection ot
current topics lor uise ;.-;si n. In this way it
iuite eclipses the wire conservative periodic
al. of the duv." ,W Jtjumnl. Mass.
'We are incline. 1 to holieve that more down
riirhl g 0d literature is erowdeJ between the
covers of 'The Galaxy' than any other .njeri
can magazine can boast of." Chicto Thhc.
ishcldon .V Company ha ve opened a mine of
interest in their magazine. 'The Galaxy.' by
drawing to it the con;iiiur.ic;itions of prominent
puolio men upon inestious- of general interest-"
Ann, Philadelphia.
"The reported incre pe in the circulation of
'The Galaxy' i h rdly to be wondered at. tor it
is cert limy the best of American magazines."
;"'" Luffalo, X. Y.
'"The Galaxy' i one of the fulle-t. and, ta-kr-n
nltog ; her. richest, of the many nonthlies
which have jriv'cn such an enviable name to
our Amcri?-.ti wajf-mno literature."- Huwl iv
ScLoul lirner. Philadelphia, Pa.
I'RK'E33 Crs I'EIt.M JIBEIt.
Pcbsckiptiox Pkick. 51 00 per year.
The (jaI.xt triff he -nt for the wic 1S73 trtth
ctiy arte tf i)f filfwiity rio'ft-af ' thr pri'ie
ttametl.' Wit? " Jl'trprr Week 'y,f r J'irprr's
il'iZ'tr." or " Ajtjt? tnii'fi 'fiturtifif." $7, ih r-;n-I'tr
prier i"v 3S. ith " A'ery Stvrtl'ti. r-'fj-vttir
irir With'Onr Yt.u(t t ''ikt.' $r -"VO
rf anlnr prive With " Li' ell 9 Living Aye,"
Sl'J reja'tr prifc AdUrti
SZ2E2LDO:V & Co.
077, Broadway, N. Y.
T h e Lin co In Route
St. JosEra. Teccm3kh. Topeka, Pawsek CirY,
Leaven win th, 'jawkkntk, Falls
City, Wiiiik Cloud, Dosiphon,
Kansas City,
Cincinnati, IxruxAroLis. C'oi.cmbcs, Louis
ville. Nashville, Memphis. Chat
tanooga, Moiiii.s. Atlanta,
And all the Points ia tl;e
Southwest, South and South
e a s t.
The Z'J t turnout h E'eople
Py takiij(? the tx press train at Lincoln on the
Atch ison .y JYctirasfitt Ilm It.
Upon their arrival at Atchison. Kausaa, tho
Can obtain without delay or iue-jnvenience the
Sluepiu Car accommodations anJ will
Karly next morning, being a much
Iloute than that via. Pacific Junction.
Track and Road bed are in ex
cellent condition. The? pas
senger aceoiiiuiodatioua
are of the Lest.
Ltavo been fparej to make the traveller ciai-
fir table.
Lay Over Checks
Will lie jrh'en by the conductor to tlog3
wishni!? to stop oft at any of the
many places of interest on the
Atchison and Nebraska
Rail Road,
Without incurrius any AU.DITIO'X
ALEXPKXSE. Thus affordinir Trav
FLER3 unsuria-sej laeiliticg for visiting the
Barley Dull
Cattle Good,
Hns Live,.
$4 40.'5 00
4 KK .'3
I hereby certify that tho foregoinir is
a true copy of the proceedings of the
Board of County Commissioners at a
session held at PJatt.eruouth (he 4th day
of February, A L. 1S73.
P. Y. kKixxox,
CV'unty Clerk.
The Great fie ma
il a Valley."
taencral Phos A(rent,
44t? Atchison, Kuiut.
Proposals for Mail Contracts
Post Okficb lKiARTMsr,
WASiu.vuros. Deo. 1, l"72. I
TJItOp Si A I.S will be reeeivel at the 'ont-uet
Ollii-o t tin D:pari.!iiv!i'.. until " p. a, oi
Mareh :i, t. v c 'itnynu !,i:ii,?m the
roiie.t :!.. :. irni'i J'irly 1,1s; .', to Jttue J'Jt;..
1S74, in LUd JStuti- (!
N i:BitAS!CA.
on the routes an 1 by iho stheddlei of depart-
urts a:jd niriViilp i.eiein ipi'cilled.
Iteci.iiuii.s announce I by or befure March
( iS. 'Ida x irtfi rxi'H inr cartfuif the la (r,oriiM,
ami intruvtiti;;H uiinrxrd.)
The letter. fu. o.) iudieafe that th.-r i? no
poiit oUu-eut tao i-lnre ii.-uue.i. e.ervieo mil not
be let wheru no oii'n-es ei?r.
M.iJRAi-K A.
14501 Froi-i Xortri 1 laf.e. by Stc:kvtlle. lied
I'l.-w. n.i.l Luer'.'ille. to Hhjs t lty,
Kun.. J'J ini'es and b.vk, onc e u w-ek.
Leave Xori'n 1'latio Moiidny r.l H a. in.
Arrive kt Ihivs City Syi uniy by b' l. in;
Leave lluy-t City, Mond.iy 't H a m.
Arrive ai XomIi I'b.tte Saturday lvC p m.
I'r i n?.il invited to end at V.b'l Willow,
1 !.l miles le. di- timee.
14502 l'rom Line(dn, by 'i'iiton. Ouk Creek n.
o.), anj (Sann Creek, to UcLton, 4i lulled
anvl brfek. onee a week.
Leave i.meolii ilouday nt C a m
Arrive nt JJint' ii by 7 i in.
Leave lienlon I ue.-d.iy nt (5 a in.
Arrive at Lincoln by 7 p m.
11.V!.'1 KriTii Ple:i:int Hill. Iiv Tabor. L'loieville.
Lmiiire. and llen-y tn. o.). to Ked Cloud.
lit) iu!leand buek. oneeaweek.
I-!ive lle::ir.t Mill Monday t (' a in
Arrive at Ked Cloud We lrn sda v by 6pm
Leave Ued C loud I hnr.-dav at o a in:
Arrix c at I'leu.-ant Hill faturdny bv ti pin.
IIjOI From Lone Tree, by Hammond, Oak lnc.
und i'wiii tirovo, to Xiobiira, miles
and bark, onee a week.
Leave Lore Tree Monday at " a m.
Arrive nt Niobrara V'edne.-diiy by 6 r m
Leave Niobrara Thursday nt 0 a in.
X rirf nt T.'.MO Trpn .S 1tard.1v by 1 I m.
14o0j From l'almyra. by idon, to Latrobe, 10
tailed and b;iek. otire a week.
I.-eave Palmyra Wednesday at 8 a m
Arrive at Latroho, by 1 i in;
Leave Latndie Wedne-'day at 2 p in.
Arrive at I'alinvra by 7 D 111.
1 1,'vfi Vroin (Irand l.-ianL t'V Juniata, tiilson.
North tlue. aad Wella. to Med l.'ljud, Su
miles and !;.i k, onee a week.
Leave Island Monday at fi a in.
Arrive .it Led Cloud next day by 0 p ni.
Leave Ked Cloud Vc.loes lay a t a m.
Arrivn nt Cr.vml Island next day by li P
Pronosiils invited to begin at Juniata, .'Jl
mi!f let;? di.-tanee.
1 !,",(j7 From Fairuiouut. bv Kelle Prnir'e And
llel ron, to Belleville, Kan?., 1U0 miles
and baek, once n week.
Leave Fairnu uut .Monday at S a tn.
Ar-.ive r.t Belleville Weilnesday by 4 pm.
Leave Belleville Thursday at t a in.
.Arrive at Fairrnount Satureuy by 4 p in.
1450S From Fairuiouiu by West Blue ii"d Me
J'adden, to York, 20 uiiles and ba.ek,
tliree times a week.
Leave Fairniount Monday, 'Weclnesdny,
and Fri-lay at f a la.
Arrive at York by 12 n.
Leave York Mond y, 'Wcdnosdayt and
Friday at 1 p in.
Arrive at F rmount by 7 p m.
1430'J From Nebraska City, by Kin. Avoea. Cen
tre Valley, Weeping Water, nnd Khn
wood, to Ashland, 3 miles and back,
once a week.
Leave Nebraska City Monday at 7 a m.
Arrive nt Aphland next d iy by 4 p in;
Leave Ashland Wednesday at" a in.
A rrive at Neb. 'ity next day by 4 p tn;
14"d0 From 1'aneato Texas. lak. i'er., 1 miles
and bi-.ek, once a week.
Leavi? Potiea l'ueday ut 11 a m.
Arrive nt Texa by 12 tn.
I,c:n e Texas Tuesday at 1pm.
Arrive at Ponea by 2 p tu.
.11511 From Pone, by Baiiy Branch (n n) r,n l
M :r:on'n, to St. James, 06 miles
an 1 baek. on .'e h week.
Leave Ponea Monday at 1" R m.
Arrive at St. Jamo next dar l-y 10 a m.
Leave ?t. Jamts Tuesday at 1 p tn.
Arrive at Ponea next day by 1 p in.
116T2 From Bonne t'f .Station, by Solon to
'roi ey. lo miles and baek, onee a week.
Leave Benne;t's Station Tuesday at 7 am.
Arrive at Crop?ey by 2 m.
Leave Crops-y Tties lay at 1 p in.
Arrive at Bennett's Station by tip in.
1 1313 From Bennett's Station, by Panauca.
Cropsey, and Laomt, to Beatrice, 40
u-.iles Had baek. ones a week.
Leave Bennett's t-tntion Monday at6 am.
Arrive at Beat' iee by 7 p in.
Leave Beatrice Tuesday at 6 a n.
Arrive st liennett'o .Station by 7 p m.
14-314 From Columbus by Alexis and Sunimi. to
Ulysses, ;i miles and baek. onee a week.
Leave I o!u::nus Monday ut 0 a iu.
Arrive at I'hsses by t p ic-
Leave I lys; es Tuesday at Cam.
Arrive at Columbus by ti p in.
11315 From Columbus, by Clear Creek (n. o.
ceola and Lincoln Creek (n. o. to
York. 40 miles nn 1 back, once a week.
Leive Coin .bus Welneauay at ti a m.
Arrive at York by 7 p m.
Leave York bur.-day at C a rn.
Arrive at Columbus by 7 p m.
14j1G From Columbus, by Hammond, to Nio
brara. 110 miles ni,d baek. once a we.k.
Leave t'oloioitus Mon.iav at t a in.
Arrive at .Niobrara vVedne.-il iy by (5 p ni.
Leave Niobrara Tt'Ur-day at 6 a m.
Arrive at 'olumbus Saturday by t' ra.
14ol7 From Cidumbus to Crete, to mi cs und
bu -k, oncu a week.
Leave Cola-nous Monday at S a m.
Arrive at Cre'e next day by 0 p m.
Leave Crete We iocs lay at H a in.
Arrive at Coiumb'is next day by o' p ni.
1 151S From North Bend, by Purple Cane. Pleas
ant Valley Glenc e. nnd St. Charles, to
West Point, ;!2 miles and baek, h
Leave North Bend Thursday at S a m.
Arrive nt We-t Point by 6 p in.
Leave We-t Point Friday ut bam.
Arrive nt Nor'h Beiiil by 0 p m.
llol'J I roiu North Bend by Purple Cane and
Abint'ton. to Midland, -J miles and baek,
once a ve k.
Lvure North Beml Mondavat 7 am.
Arrive at Midland by 3 p m.
Lea ve Midland Tnes lay at 7 am.
Arrive at North Betid by :i n ni.
14."2C From iiia-id island, by Ionuebrni? and
St. Paul, to C"tes!ield, 3j miles and
baek. twice a week.
Leave Grand Island Monday aad Wed
nesday at a in.
Arrive at Otc.-!ield 'o' 6 P m-
Leave Cotesiield Tuesday and Thursday
at i a m. '
Arrive nt Grand Island by 0 pm.
14321 From Syracuse, y Burr Oak. Hendricks,
and Latrobe, to Laona, 27 miles iLid
baek. once a week.
Leave S racusB . riday at 9 a tn.
Arri eat Lnoca by t p m.
Leave Laona Saturday at 0 a m.
Arrive at Svnicusa by (i p :a.
1 1,022 Pram Ashland, by SoJ Hill. Rock Creek.
tVresco, an I Ash BlulV. to L-ne Valicy.
;-il miks a: d ba-k. otice a week.
Leave A-hland o'ulnesday at b m.
Arrive at Lone Valley by 0 p
Leave Lone ii!Iey Tburs lay at S a m.
Arrive ol Ashland by ti p ui
14323 From Ash'and, by Belmont nu I LViirle, t i
l'a!u:yra, Ij miles aad back, once a
Leave Ashland luc day at U a m.
Arrive at Palmyra by t p tn.
Leave Palmyra S cinesday at Oam.
Arrive at Ashland by m.
14-324 Fro-n lapidion. by Nasby and forest
City, to Ashland, o'J miletj anJ bauk,
once a wi et. .
Leave 1'a pill ion Monday at S a in.
Airive at Ashland by b p m.
Leave A.-blan i l ues lay at S a. in;
Arrive at Papiilioii by tj p m:
11.323 From Cottonwoud springs, by SlockviKe
in. n.l, to Jted lllow, Oo miles and
buck, once a week.
Leave Cottouwood c-prings Monday at 10
a in.
Arriveatrtcd rt'illow next day by i p in.
Leave K- d Willow Wednesday at i a m
Arrive at Co'tonwood Springs next day
by 0 p ia.
14-320 From Harvard, by White Klin. Pprii:jr
K.m, h. and Negunda. to Bed Cloud, 62
miles and baek. once a week.
Leave llarvart Monday nt 'J a in.
Arrive at Ked Cloud next tay by 4 p m.
Leave Ked Cloud SVedwcsiiuy at liu in.
Arrive ct Harvard nrt day by 12 m.
14-327 From Plum Creek, by Arrpa'"e, Ked
Willow, and Mouiii ol' Frenchman'
Fork, lo Juiesburv. C d. Ter.. lsomiie
and b k. onee a week.
Leave Plum Creek Monday at 6 am.
Ariive at Julesbum Friday by b p m.
Leaves Julesbunr Monday at i a in.
Arrive at P uni Crce trid by t! p m.
1152S From Fort Kearney, by lCejiubhcan City,
Truesd'dl. Kan., and Stockton, to Hays
irv. Kan., and baek. o ;ee a w eek.
Bidders will state distance and propose
t'ontaininir also eonoitions to be ineorporated
in the contracts to the extent the Department
may deem proper.
1. Seven minutes are allowed to each inter
mediate oliice. w lien not otherwise tpecilied, lor
ussortine the mi'ils.
2. u routes where the mode of crnveyaneo
admits ol it. ihespeeiiil aeents of the PostOlliee
.Department. ul post otliee blanks, mail baps
locks and keys, are to be eouveyed without ex
tra charge,.
3. "War bills'' or receipts prepared by post
masters, or oiher acents ot the I'epnrtmerit.
will aeeompnriy the mails, pec-ily iu the num
ber an 1 destination of ihe several oaps. t be
examined by the po.-tmasters, t iinsue regular
ity in the delivery ot baits and pouches.
4. Ao pay to I oe made lor trips uw . ier.orm
ed : and tor each of sueti omis-ions. il'ibe fail
ure be oeeasioKsd by the fault of the coutr.ietor
or carrier, three times tiie pay of the trip w ili
be deducted. For arrivals so far behind time
as to break connection with depending mails,
and not S'lfiicienily excused. one-:ourth .fthe
compensation f.,r tiie trip is subject to forl'cirure. reoeat. d d -linoueficies ot tie kind herein
specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned to
tne nature thereof, and the importance of the
contract for repented fail ores to ran hgTfmiltij
to contract ; tor viobitinK the post olllco lawn, or
disobiiKT thn instrmt'.ong of lli 1 icpurtuieo t
(or retu-inK to dist luirKO a cur, ier when ri quir
ed by tho Department m do so ; lorrupuintr an
expr. s ns aloresnid : or I-r iraiopoitie-t: i vr
Uoiis or piteki ires couvay i.a luailabln inuimr
out 1 the Ilia .,
rt. 1 be I os! muster Genera 1 may order tin in-
crr.i-e . 1 serv i", n a route by allowing 'In ro
tor a ih- ron sncrease on the c o.lraci day. lie
uiav i buniio si dieduleo d deoi;rtucrs ao'l mi iv
uls in ad easi s, .n.d purl icu larly lo miike tuein
eontorm to eonncetions with rnilruads, without
increase ot iay, provided the ruuriiiii Mmu hit
not iibrioic.d. 'i be Po.-t muster Gsneral limy
a so il iscoi.l inue or curtail I he Herv ice, in whclo
or in part, in oner lo place on t be route puperi
ot servi -e or v l.enevi r the j nbiic interesl.-. iu
his judgment, sl.all rciuir such u iseont inua nco
or c rtnilmeiit for any oiher ea ..-e: be hIIovy-
ir.e as lull lodemniiy to contractor one month
i'X 1 1 a pny on the amount of serv ice di.pei.sed
with, an 1 a i.m rifi compemat ion for tho
jimount of serv ice reta ined a ml continurd.
S. Payuncnts will tie ma te by oolleoion
from, or oralis on postmasters or olhciwisc,
niter the cxpira'ioii ot eacdi iU 1 1 ei say in
November. 1 ebruary. May. und August, pro
vdetltiiat reiiuircil evidence of scivijo hui
been received.
10. lh distances (riven nre btli' Vid to bn
substan iii'iy correct; i ni no incieasid pay
will be allowed should they be printer than
advertised, if ihe point" to b- supplied art cor
rectly slated. h'i-it: i itnin itihirtn tlriaWr
on liii .'. mi l nso in reference, to the weight
ot th" mail, the condition of bills, roads,
streams, ,1c.. and all toil budges, turnpikes.
I lank -r :ols, lerr es, or obstruc'ions id' uny
kind by who h expense loav bo inenrrcd. No
claim for additional pay, b red on such Kro.ind,
can be considered : nor for ulleared mistake cr
niisfiplirehei sion lis lotlied-areo f service J
nor for bridces destroyed, '.ernes discont iou d,
or other obstruct ions cn i"ii'K or inercasiiiK dis
tance or expense c?ur' injr during the
t.'rtn. biices tslablished alter this udvettise
ment, is issued, nnd also during- tho contract
te in. ere to be visited without etra pay, if
the d'stnncc be not ineroie.l.
11. Bidders are cautioned to mail their pro-'
posals in t inie to re c!i tho llcpiir bv tlio
day and hour named (.'i p. in. March H7:'.'. tor
liids reccdved afier that time iril mt br. rouniii
rrtd in cotnpeCt on with bids, of reasoi abla
Htnount received in time. Neither cam bids bo
considered which are without the Ruaranteu
required by Inn-, and ft certiflcnto ot the sum
eienry of such ftuar.a'itei". nnd hi oath t.f the
bidder according to siction 21o, act of .June C,
12. Bidders houl l first propose for frrvien
Ftrictly accord ir.c to tlie mlvi rtisi inent. and
then, if tl-ey di sire, c;,nr'i'c j for dillcrent ser
vice: nnd if t he r"jnttr bid be the lowest olf.-r-
ed for the n ivertised service, the Oilier propo
sil iocs may be eon i lercd.
13. There should be but one route bid lor in a
proposal. Consolidated or combination bid
("proposinjr one mi m for two or more routes";
cannot ''o ;onsided.
1 1. The roii e. the service. th yearly pay, tho
name and residence of the bidder that is, bis
usual post-oiliec address), and ihe name of each
member 1 a firm, where a company oilers
should he distinctly Muled.
10. KidJers lire requested to uif, ai far nil
practicable, tho printed p-eposnls lurindied
bv the Department, to writeout in full the sum
of their bi ,s. and to retain copies ol them.
Altered bios should not bo su'.miite 1 ; nor
should t.i-ls onee subm tted be wii hd.-awn. io
withdrawal of-n bidder or guarantor will bt
allowed unless tho withdrawal i-- r ci ive 1 twenty-lour
hours previous to the lime lixed lor
op nine the propoeals.
Kach bi'l m st be (rtiaranteed by two r pon
S'ble persons. 'I he bid and itaarantee fhoul l
be hiu -ted plainly wiih the full namo of each
I ho Postmaster General reserves tho riaht to
nject any b:d which may be deemed extrava
gant; and also to disregard ilm bids of failing
contractors aud bidders. (Act of June 8, ibl'i,
Bection 21'.'.)
li. 1 he bid should b? Sealed, snper'eribed
"Mail Proposals, Slate of Nebraska, " ad-lresse i
"Second Assistant Postmaster liei. eral. Contract
Otlice," nod sent by wotiV. not 0y or to no aKeiit.
Bnls of j.3,0. kj per annum Hiid upward munt ba
accomi allied by a certified cheek or draft on
some solvent national bank, cutial to b per
cent, ot the amount, (iee law ot CoDKre.-4 nt
June s, p.72.)
17. Toe Contracts arc tc bo execute I and re
turned to the De artmeiit by or before tbol't
dav of J une. ls,.'d. otherwise the aec-pted bid
der will be considered as hnvirir faded, and
the Po t master General may proceed toe n
traetfor the service s ith other p,rtio-, uecord
iiu; to law.
Transfers of contracts, or of infere-t mi cor
tru.'trf. arc forbid leu by law, and consequently
cannot be allowed. Neither can bids, or inter
est in bids, be transferred or assigned to other
parties. Bidders will tfiereiore take notice
that they wi'l to expected to perform the ser
vice awarded to ttieiu through llio whole con
tract term.
H. faction 2!'J of the act of June S, 172, pro
vides l ha1 ro!.tia's for the transport. t ion of
the mail rhall be "awarded to the lowest did
der tendering siitlieienl fruarantees (or laithful
performa nee. without other n lerence to the
mode of such transportation than in iv be ne-ee.-sary
to provide f -r the due ce rity, cennin -ty.
aad seeuii'y thereof." Under tlrs law
bid? thwt prop ire to transport ihe ma Is with
"celerity, certaii ty. and se uritv." haviiiK
neeu decided to n the only le-1! bids, nre con
st uc l as providing tor t he em i'e mail, howev
er larire, and wii.itever rn .y t ilie mo le ol c in
vcyaoce necossaiy to iiisoro its "celtrity, ci r
taiiity, und i-ee arity." and have the pretrriio
over ail others, an l no ni tiers nrc con-i,iori,
except for steamboat rout"'.
li. V uiodi' i,yii ot a bid in any of its c-s-s.iiiial
terms is tantamount to a new bi , and
cannot be received, sons to interfere with regu
lar c.mpi tiiion. Making h new bid, wnti
KU.iraiilce and certificate, is the only way to
modify u previous led.
2o. Postmiisti rs are to be careful not to certify
to the sullicieia-y ot Kua nantoi s w ii hout know
ing that they are per-ons of sutTieient. responsi
bility, tsee section 247. act ot .June 8. Is,2.)
Thev must n-d .s'o.-n the certificate untn the suui
ot the bid is inserte 1. and ill tod and guaran
tee are signed by the bidder an I I two i guaran
tors ; h disregard of this in trcction by post
masters wills'ibject tin in to immediate remov
al, and to severe penalties.
Posi masters are aU i liable to dismis al frotn'
oliice lor acting as agents of con'ractors or bid
ders, with o. without coinpensation, in any bu
siness, matter, or thing, rclutit.g to the to. id
service. They arc the trusted agents of tho
Department, and cauoot consistently net in
both capacities.
21. rtll bidders, (juarnntors. d sureties urn
distinctly notified that on a failure to enter in
to or periorm the contracts for thesiTVic" pra
posed lor in llio accepted hid. their legal lia
bilities will b entorced against tliem.
22. Present contractors, a d prisons known
at ihe Department, o ust, equaby with others,
procure guarantors and t eri ilic ales of the sulli
cicney siibstantially in the lorms above pre
scribed. The eert'li at--s of sulli ieucy iou-t bo
signed by a postmaster.
J'oxt Matt'r (jrnrrnl
vhose podtofliis
stale ol
T!ie undersigned ,
addres is, eountvof
, proposes to convey the mails of tb'
I iiitod frtate". from July 1. IsT.i. to June .
11,4, on r ute No. . between and
, under the advertisi inent of the Post
master General, dated December 1. 1'5"2. "with
c lerity, cert-inty and security" (law of Juno
Si, 1 -STll, for the annual sum of doll irs.
This proposal is made with full knowledge of of the rou'e. the w-igl.t ot ihe
mail to be carried, and all other particulars in
re erei.i-e to tire r.iite and sei v ice : and. also.
alter careful examination of the laws and in
Htructions ntlnci.d to advertisement ot mail
service , and of th" provb ions coutainod in the
ac of Congress oi J une i, 11T2,
Dated ,Bi IJer,
TI.. ,i ,t,I.-i.iu-ro.(I, re.-idinar nt
f 1 .'undertake that, if the foregoing bid
:. ,1. ..... M r.nifp o. o'
accepted by theV"st'ma-rer General, the bidder
will, pr or to the I I of June. I. J. enter into tb
rc'iuucd onligatioii, ur ,,7.,,...i. i-, 1 .
the tervicu proposed, with Rood aLd sutucint
Mjrelics. .
I his we do. understanding distinctly the ob
ligations and liabilities assumed by gtirrantorj.
ihe under.-iirried, postmnster at
-, 'tutu
-, certifies, imikr hi - oath op m iK.
that he is in uuainted with the abov e guarantors
and knows tin m to he men oi properiy. nnu
aide to make good thir guarantee; and that
bidder and fcuarau'.ors are above the ae of 21
Bids of .3o0 ar.d upward must be aecompati
ied by a ceniiiei cheek, or draK. on some sol
Vent national bank, equal to o per centum on
,i. . uni.0.1 tin.- on the roirte : or in castt
ot new serv ice, not less than o-ntuin ,f
one year's pay proposed in bid.-siiou J,
Act of June S. Is72. .
t he Postmaster must not sign the ccrtifieato
until thesum o the biid is inserted and the bid
and guarantee signed by all the parties, uui
d 1 ed.
Oath requited by Section 2 b' of An Act of ( on
gr.rss, approve 1 June s. 1-72. to beatfixed to
each bi 1 for carrying the Mail, and to be
taken before an Olliecr qualilie 1 lo adtniuistor
I, . of , bil ier for convey
ing the rn dl on nut" A . .lr"iu -
do swear that I have the ability pecuniarily to
fulfill my obligation a such bidder : that the
l.i I is made i d faith, and w ith the inten
ti qi to enter into contract and perform the ser
i ice in ease said bid sh .11 be accepte 1 : and that
the signatures of the goaiaii'ors thereto uro
mail inay o.-Ii.aoe ,i, f,fT t', ! genuine, and that 1 believe tlie said guaran
M. VI IVAl ll'N . VI, .... ... -.-.r, --
mails, or anv portion of them, tor the admis
sion of p.tsstngers. or for btir g concerned in
sett rig up or running an express conveying
intelligence in advance of the mail, a quarter s
pay m iy be d-'dueted.
C. 1'ines will be impos'il. ur.less the riehn-
quency be promptly md tatiaf-i -tori.y explain
ed l,v eeriitieates of r o-tri asters or the atLda-
vits "of other credible peisJus. lor tailing to
arrive in contract tim: tor ne:'eetio to rake
Ihe mail from, or deliver it into, a po-t olltee : I
li stinprin? 11 10 r,e wet. n jurcu, iiriiit.--i.
robbed, or lot: and for refusing, after deu.and.
,, tho mnil as frequently as the con
tractor runs, or is cruet rne l in running, a coach,
cir -steamboat on a route.
T. Tho Pf?tTOster Osscrtral may annul tu
tors to be ticcuriiari! v responsible lor and ab'o
to pay all damages the Unit d Mates shall sut
ler by reason of iny failing tu pe.tonii my obU
gallons as such bidder.
Sworn and sub:
cribed before mo
this dav ,f-
, for
-. A.
li ls7 nn.l In toniiuonv thereof I hereunto
subscribe my mime arid affix my official se"3
the uay ana year ulore-ui'i.
'Notp. When the oath is taken btfor a jus
tice of tlie peacc.tbe certificate of the clerk in
a court of rc -ord should be added, under hi
seal ol otljijo. that the person who admnisteieii
the 011th is a duly qualified jastte of tUe seaoe1.
the aAy rstandins tnt h should ro-