Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 02, 1873, Image 1

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m,m 4 i ii w i. s aai i r . m amai iin -, , . i ... is- - .
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Castor taln emd Seikd KUtt
- I . ,e-eo-2 fclr.
Ters, In Adran.
MF ajr, eas jtte...
$mfVJ' aaeatha
neatpr. three inontbe.,
- X:00,
to'neys at Law. Pra-rtiee in all the eourt
Mate. Special attention given to colleo
&ca aid miter of frolutto
D' H. WHEELEI14: Co. Attorney ; tw,
J Bf5?:iU attentiou firm to probata lu-lne-ttn!
land titla caj. OCre io ha M
foaBioa. Maui btraet, JrlatuaiouaU, A-
Law and Soiicitn
Soiicitnr in Chancery, J'laftB-
&Xraaia. Oo ia FitMeraJd Vock
v. Dpav
Arn-r at
in Drac
gpaeial aUauUoa f iraa
to eoiio-jlioB
R. LIVI.VOSTOV. Pbj-nirian ani Sur-
ao.tander bi proiwwino! services 0
UaltLt?T;s of Ciweouctv. ReidenPoatn-a.t
Joraarof Oak andHiith :re: cf-ica on Ma:n
traet. on door afLyuiau LninUr xrl
rJatum onta. Nab.
JW.EAWUNi.Saiinoa an! Phjjieian
Lata a Horjcon- n Chiff of the Army ot
k Potomai. P!att.raiutb, Xebr--ka. OSiea
at O. F. Johnafca's Dru Store Main traet
tisinit Fbrii-inii. Dffice in MergdH Block.
Onaof the in will be f.ixil tbere day and
feitarhau not away on profierf.-tional bu.ine.
JUS- mKlr
Tax PayiDK Anea'. N iiria Public. rtra,
aod Lite Ioaurasoa AeaU. 1':UjqouUj. bob
rajika. UvAtf
PHELP PAINE Geueral In3iiran!a Aaut
Kprs?.ntf sonji1 of tbe loaul reliable Oonj -paaiaa
La iha United Stale.
Oraaa wiU Buiim A Pollock tn Fitrera!4t
taak janTdtwU'
VI tiueet. Ii?trco 5th d J 6th Bi.
Taa heal bookf uabliahac ontbali'tKMB aud
Am Caw. Libarsl tt run
V5oDi-yoaJ ri.iJ-
Ueu books, beaa lor
CUATEiJ, PuUir-ber.
i UJaJoltai. P.
rii.nTihti AntWorypbf ui
aid otetnrM. olaio or cul ri. either
lk. watar er ca
All vork nsatiy
mat amia
tn crib a oaf if:l(tiOn.
V. V. LEONAKU Artist
iiaiu St.. Platuiaoatk.
Feaey Dry tee, Pollens,
r-. .1 a
ptoc in tae , q
t3-8tT on Main, btwsen ilk aa4 Stb
treat, l ialtsmoata, CuraK.
Paaoiearar booked to as 4 fttn
alt aartc of
Saro,.. at Icweat AlfX? VERSET.
Oeal Wtatcra A't.S7i Ktatett. rhicaco.
M k CX. VtlWON.
11 frc.
23. X. 23 Jm ST S B..
I la reaeipt of the finaa aad
Gf Caaimer. Clo!ii8, estioga, tc
ver brought to the city, which
I will tiiake up in th
Latent Myiee.
e-ness oa" an examine. "sMi
riattamouth, April 18, IcTU.
116 dAwtf.
Tn A KTrtTt.riR All nersor.s who eontera
p'ata makina; contracts with newfpPe'lfor tB
ftsartisn af Advertisements should send to
fcr a Circolar, rr inclre2." cats for their One
hand red Pe Pamphlet, containing List of
e.OO Newneper and eetimatei". bowin th
jntnf arlvertisine:. aliom.iny nefal bmls toad-
vertii'er. and ome accountof the expericneee !
f men who are known a uccr.ful advertis
ers. This firm are proprietors ot the American
ad are possessed ef nneqnalcd fucilitie for
Muring tha insertion of advertisement in ail
jrWFpaer and-ji'ariadieais at lcwwrt ratoe.
NtbratJca City,
Omeral Agent Dep't Northwa-t.
Unloa Central Life
Of ChictetMrti OMav.
Looad 4 teat
Lck tQ Your Children.
lite Great Soothing Remedy.
MRS.., j Carea colic and rripina; in
WHitco-ab'a the bowels, and l.cilitat'
Syrttp, "the process of teething.
JsR. ! Sufedaea eoBvt!":iona an
: 2
Syria. idem to infants and chiidrrn. Cents.
MR3. ' j Cares Diarrhoea. Dyente- Price
Hfhitcomb'e rf and snmrnaroom plaint I 2- -Syr
.a .children of ail age. iCenla.
. It reat Infanta' and Childron'gnSooth
mg Rtznody. in ali disorders brought ea by
-teethe or any other cans.
Preiared by the Gralloa Medicine Co.. ft
l,oms Mo. .
94 .s ttvuemne tai dealers tn Meii"ata
Jr, , . . ?bMw
fco. P. U
. W P i: LD: X i T ' U
. 1X1 JJ2
J. A. MACMDRPHT, Editor.
Volumo 8.
ACKif. E ,!IGP!
.L'latiamonttf, IVcii., '
Repinri of StaajBfirletTr?E)
HLQ tiaV
Gt and Ffeaia i'iltiDir, 'Wrought Iron YiM3
tore rniu lilt f umiw. Mem uaug, aiao
Valva Uovuruorn, aui ail kiu'ii of
Brass Euirine
farOMbcd an bart aatic.
11 pai.' at) lirrt aotiea.
TFJBfclS 03LaI
iV. Heavy Stock Gf Gooda on
N Snt Jf a Inters on BarrotetJ mopltal
l it ilaa UJf Ouitj.-iitr 1 1
Xorth iio Main between Second and Third its.
Tie pUaaure in annouucioK to
FHriiicrW imd Mechanics.
Taatbehaaaa lare and well selected stock of
my (j jo la, Orovariea. Provipioc. a wera
arar broitibt to taa city of PlaUiiaoatb.
ylt will ewt yoa notUinr to !ok at thein
hi'.v.n hnv or i;it. Hy eTnuiir.ii.a: tne
prices at the "OLD szL'LlAiLL" a
n ill he
abia to tell arheo othvr parUea try
twindl -
fcxaey Saved
Buyiag YcurGrecn-hoase and
Ccdiing Piauts.
DourV-xs Count si
oft.aaSm V " J" ' ?D,e "P1
I : r'this week,
FAriU'LII b L A 'have seen for
fKeeps coastantly o
such aa
ioots a..i. .
Tn fact every . . .
tore. which w ill be
Cash, A!l kind of Prill.-.
for good and
Highest Market Price pivi
lvV 1 to gctrr
faac.a.iaaaa mm ll a -
r 0 "o wee
.r . - Joes with"
eg them
DBALzaa ijrurn
GeiiQral Merchr
men 48-
whh a
we are Agents for
WIHcox L Gibra Sewioq Machine "
rpaUri ani placed ia tt.o roast ronnic ric
1,1 nt
to x:-A
aa. aaaaa-
a.,, iytn, o aoove ; 3
t'y ' last night,
"V being a.siy
tnmg, xv e V
t J,L j
For forty
in all ai.-ea.-es
'i bousand ot
tne country voue
linr powc lu
tbe t rtid 1 ver
new life iiid Vico
uions' Lirer Heg"ii
no eaual as a
It contains four medic
ted in tbe game banpy I
pr faration viziajrent
iul Tot. lean un-e.xceition j
a certain Corrective ot'iill iui
Such giffnai mcess ha3 attem
is now rcirnrde.1 an the
for Liver Complaint a-.d the
' paint
iava;'i. i'.-iv. J -'.n., ..... ... t;
Jaundice Bilious at'a ks Sick headache
.linstr .1 war i 1 li'sn.ndi o
Iepre.ion of Spirits, fcour bt'jmacn
l:arn, Ac. Arc.
KcguU.e ihe liver and prevent.
Prepared only by J. II ZF.ILIN k CO.
I.'rurciHt.. Si aeon. Oa.
Send for a Circular 1 and ."'.Jv rcb stree.
Price $1: by 1.5 Philadelphia, Pa,
For Sale by J H BUTTERY,
jan4wly. - Plattstnouth. Nek.
Serial Story P.y Dli. HOLLAND.
ryliu SAX 12 HOLM. A Long
Jif'VT m ft TP. "
Estracri!tar7 lairceaests
tOO PAOF.H rK Sl.OO! .-
The Publifhera of ScninsEE's Mojij J
their Prospectus just issued, promise
en'uin" year a more hrilliint array of cor
tor?,, an. I an increase in the variety ad li
tyofits illu'trati'us. alroady c-incedc 1 Ty the ,
critics to la "finer than any ichich h'tre hith'r't
appeared in any Amerienn inavaziae,'
Vn. It olljko. the Editor, will write fie
rial tory of the year whi -h will be auto,,iogr.i-
uhical -n form. and. will bo illustrated by
Mi?s Ilallock. It it entitled Artliur Bmi-
nU-axtle, and will deal with some of tbo tno?t
difficult problem" of Arixriean Life. It v
eommeiced in J
has purcbas
in the iru.
3.101 Car
TTis A
This lux i.ntcrp'ise
blchetauthfity of ths ctato ahas7VL.-.
urn, . "
Over one-!a H" tbe tick eta taV en before 4t.lH.
Tbe Huite4fHibr-&ii band, will be lumjUbed
tfco-a wWe iy t"L .
Waef ei fcw-owt-by mail. a Regiatered
Lttr, f 0 OS Wonoy Otdera. r by -pre
. i . . v
All rrlrAr!U Wwaid n full. AskstsW-
TKO. Ifoi fill particulars adJre,
I J...1! (mEF
4. X
1 L
1 f
MVkbt a. a j j a fv
w jrnm Ft V dRna 05 m ' ',?"a)
rss ssiar.
a J f.'.r.
;3Uent prayers.
a dozen.
.1 sleep
jr saving;.
Sisht is gray ;
!y aching,
a day.
'a brighter
my despair.
e of mirror
a are fair."
ed like ajCh -istian.
i Christianly pay
gool t'lder.
hillings per day.
Ob. well, if it's dowuwarl I'm io;.
As only wo women can to.
Weittart fro'n the p rfetly moral
Kinp'oytcent of Grinder A Co.
Yet poMib'y, God o'er th city
L'oksoiw;th a pitiful eye.
Aa" iiile mortal
rtal, mast cry.
nfore me.
the street
tigs, and c a rues.
fajrest of sloet.
antes on
116 to 55,
i acres ot
10 army of
lit. late war
)v lichar?-
the Senate
but it is co
i.t tribute
an 1
& is
tuli be
'u 01 coii-
iral oub-ii-
.rved ei.-c-
iT a?iv
or otfier
Libe homo
r?, a; l re-
4 without
J feos.
rhail be
.'rsoij or
Nation s the
nterci !1
fi Jler, su'i i-
to hia wi low
ile.i for in
: but no sale
-t therein, or
'horizin fueh
airrei iuoot, in
rnia? a:iy f uoh
lerrd into iri-
atrnt therctor
roi tne auie to
tuei. Knaii oe ot
a a a t
lit enall be null
fisecretary of the
rules and regula-
nj "x j ruviDioiis 01
- 1 r
Vier on New York
iap.xe-1. Orton has
.&ro to Whitelaw
Vi-!'ne editorial
and Whiteiaw re-
"f'tuation. Ortou
oy Ins spoeulation.
M that pxplii) tb
y.poll hi-" wharfs t
b!e advance un-
I p. 1 :e irtbutie
fii'pnblican orcan.
V 1 that it will con
faeeordinpr to the
din Mr. (irceb-y's
f-Vrepidentirtl Elec-
vei a.saint him.
Tfire of th-3 stock
TTrxitoes. So he.
f Tribune as his
T il Telegraph tu a
a went into effect
Jeetween the Uni
,i corjftundland. The
redti'-ed to six
t jrnd under. Two
s must be pre-
) - irdicals, and otb-
-well as on patterns
-YoiJ""two cent each for
a' saTne tafes' a above.
Ck .'.t ',on'Gtters, are collected on all
malt r rTtA Newfoundland when deliv
trcl the United Staies. without re-
f. " may have b-en nreitaid
there. YaclV country collects its own
postige Ca-aiR matter ,ent OP rf,p:Vtt.i
10 J are kent rws.tirpor, Kn
.Pi V fAVA
're builJiDg
Kar sheep.
i j
Vr straying.
T)raska, Thursday, January 2, 1873.
v.iiiiiiniin i ii wii mi i inn i i wi mmm wa
THE CEl'TrtilTIAL CF 1S76.
Tbe organization of the United States
comiui'UDu appointed under a recent
ri'iiiMf have bt-n hold at l'htls-lelf.hta
Kunds are now aeeaeJ to cirry out tnis
jjreat and patriotic work ; rqJ, in ordnr
that oar rva lirs may understand the
salient, points of the undertaking, we ex
tract the toIIowin& trom inlormatioti fur-
ni-hed by .Mr.J. . L I'ruyn of Albany,
tbe United Commissioner from New
It is proposed to celebrate the one
hun lretli anniversary of American In
dopendon-Tc, by holding a (Jrand Inter-
iinuuiiii jxnioition or tue arts, manu
factures and products of the entire
wirld, ;n thi city ot Philadelphia in the
jearlSiG. Ihe United btates Centen
nial Comim-vsioo is made a body corpo
rate auciiori7.?a to isae tock to the
amount ot ten mwiions of dollars,
in shares of ten dollars each, for
the purpose of defraying the uceessar
expeiiH-i. bubicnptiona will be received
at ad incorporated lani, IState aud Na
r.ional, and by na rer iiis private bankcro:
the books will be opened fr one hand rod
d.ij, bocionit'r in Now York from No-
rrixiber 21st. Tbe t-tock ia apportioned
pro t among tns otatoe ana territo
ries, acoorduve to their respective popu-
ruions iu xew a ort, tne quota in
13 GCO,
e sincerely trut that this call for
money lor so laudable a purpose wnl
meet with a most eencrous response.
l'he exposition (or which we have three
years to prepare will be the grandest the
world has ever ssen; and we indulge in
no egotism when we predict that it will
throw far into the Fhade ths World's
Fairs of London and Paris, and even the
much vaunted Vienna show.
It will exempliiy the unprecedented
progress 01 our nation daring its brier
existence 01 one hundred year ; and,
while attracting to our thore.s tbe pro
ducts of other countries, will exhibit to
the world at rir-e not wo have ac-couipli.-heJ.
but the vast resources of
our territory leuiainir.g yet to te devel
oped. Such an exhibition will be of
incalculable benr-Gt to the whole land.
and we are confident that no efforts will
bi spared or a.M.statieti deuied hich
wiil tend to make it a worthy commemo
ration of' tbe greate-t event in the histo
ry of the United States.
A young lady at a recent fashionable
church wedding in New York, seated
lerse'f on the back of a pew lor bettor
observation, but seriously interrupted
tbe ceremony by an involuntary somer-
;tua and attempt to stand on her hca 1 j
in the now jyst behind.
For the Journal.
SsprocatatiMi cf tia -"aztci Statas at tha
International Expositions are great
National adverv.isc:nenta It is a good
thing tor a Nation to be well represented
at them ; but it is better not to be repre
sented at all than to make a poor show.
One of these expositions is evuivalent to
a consud. W hen tho people are num
bered tha figures are apt to stand for
the whole term; and when the indus
trial st ttm of a nation is fixed by the
position it takos at a great exhibition a
judgment is passed in the mind, univtr-
al ot!id, wliK-a change not, un
til the occurence of anothea Exhibition
furnishes now d ta for consideration.
Now, there is to be an International
..position at x icua x. m Austria, in
tbo course of 1S73. ienna is ia the
v.:rv' cs-'nt'-'r of E iro3. " Upon one side
ii' it comes agricultural nn i jjstoia! Eu
rope, and on the other manufacturing
virope. All tnat the old continent can
xhibtt in value, art, science, mauufjc-
tutes aud agriculture wiil find its way to
icuui. It is proposed that the United
.Mates shall have a department in the
World's Show ;" and wo say that that
department must be good exhibit the
best we can or it will be injurious rath
er ttiau nenecoiai to mj country,
as regards the object w must have in
view, whieh is not ao much to spread
abroad the name and the fa ma of the
United States, a t3 extend our trade
an J commcrtje, and to bring Old World
eapitol and labor to our laud. This, at
all events, must be the object ot the
'et ; and we ar8 therefore interested
nt making the American Department, at
V ienna, euthuiently attractive to draw
men's thoughts hi; her ward. The De
partment must not be stinted in its ne-
oensary expenditure. ' Nothing is to b-j
done without money, and money enough
for thj purpo-e. We find, however,
from a circular issued by. the Hon.
Thomas YanBuren, IJ. S. Commissioner
Is the International Exposition, that the
committee on Foreign llclat'ons, of the
House ot Kepresentativcs, does not re
aiiza the importance of the work. The
committee suggests to tha House, an ap
propriation ot $100,000 Inr conveym
goods for exhibition, from New York to
the Austrian port of Trieste. This sum
is too small. If this country is to b
adequately represented and we think
we have shown reason why it should, if
it is to oe represented at ali the appro
priation ought not to be less than 3)0.
ll:V Tk.. 1 .. I tr
, . T . upon uy iir. v n
uavKu iu uis circular, and admitted to
the iiouse of liepreseulatives with
whom he has conversed. There n no
part of the eoantry that has a greater
interest in the matter than the We.-t.
We cannot afford to run the risk of be
ing di stance 1 in at-ricultural prod actions,
by the eemi civilized j.eop!e of Ru-hi
and the Danubian Principalities.' but
that we shall b, if only $100,4)00 can
be spared to pay the cost of freight for
all the exli'its it is proposed to send to
Vienna. V e trust, therefore, that the
Senate msv 1 t once petitiocei on the
-J M'llMl II. m i
to the wish of the people of the State.
: iniua aiwi njr, our orare le g 1 1 a -ture
would da wisely to make an appro
priation, specially to promote the inter
ests of Nebraska at th Vrieona Exhibi
tion. Other papers in the State will please
copy. Journal.
Josh Billingg pays: When we cam
to think that there ain't on the face of
the earth ven one bat too much, and
that there baint been, since the dsze of
Art 'tn, a single surplus nm.-kteter's ege
laid by aHr.sident. we kan form sum kind
or aa ide how little we know, aoi
what a poor job we should mala of it
running the machinery of kreashun.-
Man is a phool enny how, .and the best
of tbe joke i, he don't'seem tw know
it. Bats have a destiny to fill, and I
w-U bet fear dollars they fill it better
$hl? H" Jo oof.- :
ald : According to an
nouncriucm, tbo Wecpine Water Divis
ion, No. 1G, Sons t.f Teinierance, ha
a festifal at their hall (the Folden Schoo
Hou-e) on Wednesday evening, Deor'tn
ocr Jb, 18i2, which was a perfect suc
cess. The rnembers of the I)iriion had
purchased and furnished a goodly quan
tity of andies. nats, apples, raisins, etc.,
etc., which were sold at a rapid rate, the
house being crowded to its utmost, with
men, women and children. One of the
features oT the festival was the sale of
forty papers of candy, containing about
two cents worth of candy each, one of
which contained a $2.50 gold cin Tbe
papers were sold for twenty-live cents
each. Lhas. W. i olden drew the pnee
pspcr. Besides the abox'e candies, nuts,
ia, the lady friends brought in cakes,
pies, and other good things, which were
rapidly sold at auction, bringing a very
high price for each article sold. But
the most excitable feature of the feast
was the selling of a beautiful cake, at
ten cents a vote, to be presented to the
ady who should receive the highest nutn
ocr ot votes as ocrig the nest lookine
ady (married or single) in the house.
The voting started out with but little
hopes of success, with threw candidates.
In a short time, however, the house be
came divided, and settled dowu upon
two candidates Miss Lucy Murphin
and Miss Sarah Hastings end at five
minutes past one o'clock, a. m., the
voting was closed, Miss Murphin having
received 874 votes and Miss Hastings
870 votes, Miss Murphin taking the
prize by four majority, the cake having
been sold for $174.40.
Everything passed off lively and
aCL-ably, and at the close, many, who
had taken no interest in the Division
heretofore, expressed themselves as be
ing satisfied that tne cause of temper
ance was commendable, and tint here
after they would throw their moral infl.i
ence in that direction. The net proceeds
of the evening were about $2-0. W).
Yours &rj.
U.MOK, Doc. 20. 1S72
Iciiaa War ia Crssca.
The Indian war in Oregon continue, i
So far f'Urteen settlors are reported
killed, one of whom, Henry Miller, was
tortured to death. About thirty of the !
Modocs have been killed. Litest alvi
ces say the Modoc Indians have retreat
ed to Wright's Cave, on the southwt-s? i
side of iu!e Like, Oregon, with their
children and squiws, and have laid in
a good supply of provision. The cave
is si uated on the high tabu land md
covers about three acre. It has an un
derground entrance, narrow and easily
guarded. It is calculated that fifty Mo-j
loo warriors with a numrer from Put
River, and several Pintes with thorn, are
fortified there, t'our hundred United
States soldiers and mam volunteers are
in arms against the Indians. Last Sun
day, a week ago, a simall parry of scouts
left Lamp rairchnd and they have not
b."en heard from siuce. It is expected
that a decisive battle will take place at
Wright's Cave if the Indians bold their
Ya'a College aad V7s:naa Castors.
It is stated, "as a piece of news not
generally known," by the Yale Record,
hat ' s veral adie app tod for admis
sion to the Medical School at the begin
ing of the current term. ihev were
re fused admittance, and "the Medical
Facu'ty unanimously resolved that lilies
woulluot be admitted to the Medical
Department until they were also admit
ted to the other departments of the Uni
versity." We do not see the force of
the rule. Perhaps society does not
need female lawyers or' preachers, but
nobody can deny that it. does need, for
certain branches of practice at least, fe-
ma e doctors. omen are in tin pro
fession, and cannot be put out of it.
The question is whether they shall le
we!! or ill-educated ? To thi the lale
Medical School substantially answers
that they shall nit ba educated at a!!,
until other women can be educated for
the pulpit and the bar ; which amounts
to sayiiig that the YaKi doctors are per
fectly willing that we should have female
physicians worthy of that name.
Sc-asl to taa Dhacai EAfccry Attcapt
to S:cap3 Sraaiel aai Ea:atei
The American diamond thieves, Davis
and Saunder-. who at St. Petersburg
robbed the Russian Empress and three
of the Imperial museums in the great
city, confessed th.'ir crime to the au
ttnrntien. and were sentenced to tei
yenrs Iran-porta'iori to the Ural Moun
tains. Full particulais were givo in
our paper not long airo. The two Ameri
cans were kept in the Moscow Peuiten
tiary until the 4th of October, wlieu, be
ing clad in the common fur robes of the
convict, they were marched out, chained
together band and foot, with three other
retched convicts, and started en route
fjr their cheerlesx destination.
rounded by a battalion of soldiers of the
line, and followed by a jeering crowd,
the miserable procession na-si-d alor:r
who had mingled in the bet society of
New lork. Davis and Saunders ali
along acted with extreme resignation,
and seemed not to notice one another,
though chained together; bxit when
coming in sight of the village of Dalo
grow, twenty-nine milas from Moscow,
they broke their fetters, and, rushing
upon the soldiers nearest them, snatched
th;ir ma-kest, and incited the oth-r con
victs to follow their example, which for
a time partially succeeded, the guard be
ing weak that point. All were e
cured. ' again, towever and the two
Americans were sentenced by the mili
tary Governor of the next
town to be branded on the forehead
and be knotted with fifty lashes, which
was carried out Shrieks of agony fol
j .wed the branding, and after the knout
i ig they were unconscious, and they pro
ceded 00 their way-to the toil of the
riaxiual is tb UriJ magnUSes,
Is::?: cf
TERMS ; $2 00 a Year
; - i:' ;
Numbpj 40
Elastic TaraiA f&I&es SVs.
e Jl ittuf'icturtr and Baihtcr gives
this recip : Three pounds of ram wa
ter are placed in a pot. over the fire, an-:
when well boiling there are added A
miners white pulverized w-xx, 1 ounce
clear, transparent glue in emsll pieces, -ounces
pnlveriied gum Senegal, flounces
wlme aosp scraped fine, 2 ounces brown
pulverized sugar; tne increments rt;
placed in one by one, and every time
stirred up ; it is well to take tbe pot
from the fire everv time a substance is
added, to prevent boiling ovtr; when
all is added, the rot is removed from
the fire : when sufficiently cooled, .'
ounces alcohol are added, and finally 2
ounces fine Frankfort black, well ineor
porated bv continued stirring. This
varnish is nut oil the leather with a
brush, and very valuable for boots and
shoes, as it can be afterwards polished
with a larce brush like ordinary shoe
blacking, shows a high polish and does
uot soil the clothing.
Many years ago lloraoe (Jreuley wrote
hi opinion of the province of a true
American-journal in the following for
mula :
"My leading idea was the establish
ment of a journal removed alike from
servile partisanship on the one hand,
and gagged mincing neutrality on the
1 believe there was a happy medium
between these extremes a position from
which a journalist might openly and
leartily advocate the principles and
commend the measures of that party to
which his convictions allied him, yet
frankly dissent from its course on a par
ticular question, and even denounce its
cindidates if they were shown to be de
ficient in capacity or (far worse) in in
tegrity. 1 felt that a journal thus loyal
to its guiding eonvictiftns, yet ready to
expose and condemn unworthy conduct
incidental enor on the part of men at
tached to its party, must be far more
eiieciive, even party-wise, than though
it might always be counted to applaud
or icprobate, bless, or curse, as the par
ty's prejudice or immediate interests
might seem to prescribe.
Lccal Editors.
An exchange gets off the following on
a lccal editor :
"The local editor is the bond slave rf
a3iction. His days are many and full
trouble. He f the victim of popular
"The ignorant believe the land
scape of hi existence is diversified by
ulcts of milk and honey. Iheintcl-
icent that ho has bnt one shirt, and ha
bitually goes to bed by ihe light cf a
tallow candle stuck in a gin bottle. The
former in their blind delusion look upon
him as a companion of Princes, a guide
and a philosopher to the amputator of
coupon"; the latter are convinced that
be subsists mainly npon charity, with a
weakness for broken victuals, and would
constitute a ftrong candidate for a va
cancy in the alms heuso. Between thes
two opinions of his character and social
tttus are continually vibrating, and as
there is usually a strong preponderance
iu favor of the latter, even the charm of
novcltv is denied to his existence.
"If he writes an article of which Cur
tis, or ivuerson, or nuskin might be
proud, he is cheered by tho consoling
rem irk :
"These locals are a set of J d thicvea.
Stole it? of course he did.
He never eels
off a good thing some one else did it."
But if there be an error, he is unani
mously sacrificed. Und.- th?se circum
stances the enterprWng local soon comes
to long for an interest in a strvchnine
factory or a breech-loading shot gun.
In the matter ot the selection of
news, sorrow has ftiso marked Mra tor
her own. The amount of contumely
heaped upon his intelligent head in tbe
brief space of twenty-four hours, would
if converted into coin of the realm, ren-
r him indepently wealthy. As it ia,
is only a rea'ng procesa which fit
urn the sooner for translation from thi
cold world. '1
Tho ITott
Jastico cf the TJaitel States
Snprems Court.
A Utica dispatch gixres the following
sketch of Ward Hunt, whom the Presi
dent has just appointed to the Supreme
Court bench in place of Justice Nelson,
resigned :
Ward Hunt was born in Utica, June
14. 1810 His acadeiiiie education was
received at Oxford and Geneva Acade
mics, iii both of which be was the friend
and classmate of Horatio Seymour.
He entered Union College in his seven
teenth year; graduated in 18l!8; at
tended the law school of Judge James
Gould at LlteTifie'.d, Conuectitcut.-
Judge Lewis B. Woodruff was his fel
low student. His course of lectures
completed he returned to Utica, entered
the of idiram Dence, and in ibol
was admitted as attorney of tha Su
preme Court and solicitor in chancery.
He spent the ensuing wiuter iu Acw Or-
loaas on aecount of bis health, where he
received fluttering offers to locate. He
returned ia the tpriog of 1832, and son
afte formed a copartnership with Judg-i
Pence, and soon h i d a large and itura
tive practice. Beard-ley, Kirkland,
Fo-tcr aui Spencer were thon Ljnu.bera
of the Oneida bar. He was a Demo
crat, and his first vote was cu-t for Jack
son. He wes fleeted a member of the
Assembly in J?2S, and in '44, was elected
Mayor of Utica on the Dcuioaratle tick
et. He supported Martiu Van Uuren
for Preeident ia 18 IS, and stumped the
Fifth Judicial Di-trict. lie was riOiiii
naied for . J udgo of tha Saweuiu Court
in 1853 by the Barnburner, and du-
'iV 'v 'in liah Jin1'" ' rT " ioinA.1
tHa iiopuUUcan tarty in Idi5. aud was
elected Judge ot the (Jocrtjaf Appeals
in 1805, and Chief Judge jo by
reason of tho resignation if John Iv.
Porter, and the death of JVilliaui B.
Wright. ; ;
He is at present Comm&jpner of Ap
peal, a communicant of thebhureh. and
held in high esteem by all tli people of
Utica and Oneida counties, f -.
lie is well read and Suttn.l, tut not a
grat lawyer. Uls. father, flotifgomery
Hunt, wa a gentleman of liperal educa
tion, and cashier of the i!d bank of
Utioa. The fat-Ally is of Inglish origin,
bat reuidaut of the S"tate tot' Ncxv York
for more than JUO years. Jte Was twice
married, hi fit wife heif!: a daughter
of Chief Justice Savage, atd diis second
a daughter Jiroa Tryster, f f Albany.
. Macules misery having a; cigar and
nsthia? to liht h with, j
One "lino, no tinea or laaa) one ramtlea ClW
Erh snbsrijnent inscrtioa gy
Profoiionalcrd, noteieeedingfU Itaqe 10 B
licoluain per annnnx , , , Jt T.ty
column, per aannm , . .tOJtf
!4 colnnto da .u.ijr"w n
Onecolpmn do '
All ndtertieirig l i'dii due qaarterlv
TaBce15'" 1?orli!',',eBt ' r4 l eaV
L'r Cr-pUttif the ITraLDfor aaJa V W aft
btreifht jtthePn4'ffloe. and u. V,
Ind Third. 8l"t' - 5ie5
--- - - J i li'wj
To Socaro Hoaost7 la laliaa Aifairj,
Senator Frelinghcysen hag offered a
bill "to secure a more efficient and hon
est administration of Indian affairs,"
and states that he shall push it to a con
clusion. The first section provides that
all books, records, Ac., relative to con
tracts or bids therefor, and all Touchers,'
receipts, etc., shall be open to the inspec
tion of any person, as a public record, at
all reasonable buiness hours. Tha aaa
ond section punishes dishonest transac
tions, such as receipting for larger mms
than are due, receiving per centages.
eta, by imprisonment; aiso punishes'
those who as witnesses, or other than
principals, have to do with tuch acta:
and guards informiw 9 from woaecuirion.
The third section provides that all dis
tributions to Indian tribes, of whatever
nature, shall be public, and that any
person may keen an account of ti e
goods delix-ercd, etc., and that reason- .
able facilities thereto ehallbe provided.'
Indian superintendents aro to keep
books wherein are to be enteted all in
voices, etc. ; all such papers to snecifr'
the Quantity and ouslitv of tha coods
delivered. Agents and aub-aceDta ai
to do the rarue. In obtaining auppliea,
regular requisitions are to be fi'ed with'
the contractors, setting forth, in detail,
the articles needed, for which receipta
are to be exchanged and recorded. Tht
same section provides pains and penal
ties for violations of its provisions : and
the last section rcouires thi furnishing
of United States District Attorneys, in
whose baliwick Indian superintendenciea
are situated, with copies of contracts.,
bid, vouchers, receipt, etc.
It will be remembered that 10 the last
year of . Johnson the corruptions in In-
nan anairs 11 a a aroueu universal iiidig'
nation. A radical reformation was in
augurated in 1 80S, but the need of legal
provi-ions I'ke those above described is
evident. The main difficulties with the1
ndians have grown out of tho robberies
of contractors and their agents, and if
the red men are to be mercifully dealt
with, these outrages upon them in the-
name of the government mast stop. It
is now proposed to terntonahse tte
tribes, establishing a congressional gov;
eminent over them, and materially
changing the tennre by which, nnder
treaty, they hold their lands. The first
step is to protect them againtit rap?city
and fulfill in good faith the treaties that
we reaMy pretend to fudill. it we dsira
to modify those which have pledged to
the Indians their broad plains and rich'
areas in jerpotuity. Gloht
Eollogg ia Switierlaal
A pleasant little incident is related of
Miss Clara Louisa Kellogg, which oc
curred while visiting the (jrindelwaldY
glacier in Switzerland, daring her late'
tour. Her party encountered; as other
parties do, a young Italian Swiss, who
earned a precarious existence by frautio
efforts to rouse an echo from tne oppo
site cliffs by means of an awkward horn.
Mter draining every muscle he brought
forth a melancholy too, with no great
effect upon the opposite) crags. Misa
Kellogg watched for some time bis vain
endeavors, and then raising in the car
riage, the gave one ot tho charming.
mountain jodels. finishing off with- ax
specimon of those inimitable trills which
require uo patent to reader thorn unap
proachable. In an instant came back
four or five beautifully perfect echoes,
with an impertinently clear trill at the
end. The young lulliaa doffed his hat,
and exclaimed: "Ah, madam, could I
but make an echo like that ny fortune
here would be made."
Tho Causa of L&a.htar.
Eli Perkins, of the N. Y. Commerciai'
Advertiser thus discourcs:
I've been ptudj-ing the cause of laugh
ter lately. I thought .if I could nly
find out what produces laughter, I'd gel
some of it, and go to work, on philo
sophical principles, and produce a hu
morous lecture, but I find people are
different. What one man will laugh at,
another will call stupid. I know Sidney
Smith says wit is a quick surprise and
Sidney is right It's a switch off from
the general course of thought an un
common motion. Men laugh when a
horse kicks up, laugh at anything cut of
the ordinary line from, a bauged-up
stove-pipe hat to a banged-up sentence
in rhetoric. Arteinus Ward once spent
a few days with me on tbo Balfour plan--tatioo,
which I was running at Lkka
Providence, Louisiana, in 1806. One
day I caught him laughing at a grind
stone which jerked auk wabbled aa tho
negroes turned it to grind their hoes..
This eccentric wabble made the humor
ist laugh, when a regular grindstone
would have escaped his attention.
Ecw- He- Haaiiri thol'Iall.
A young man from Eastern city
wbo IiatJ Lean visiting rural friends in
thi vieiizity, after seeing a farmer
thresh cut a "flooring" of oats the oth-.
er morning, a-ked and received permis
sion to swing the flail a few minutes,
upon assuring the agriculturist that to
was "perfectly familiar with the art cf
thre-hing." Expectorating upon hia
hands, tbe young mas sent at the oats,
but at the first pass kuock&d the horn off
the tew milch cow that was Uiivarely
chewing her cud in a neighboring stall.
TI io sucoud swing caved in ihe bead of
the farmer, who thought ho was safo
enough as long us he roosted on top of
tha fanning mill io tbe t od of the barn,
but without discovering the bavoa h
whs makirg, the city avti-t ks,-.t at his
labors; the "third blow fii upon lb
oats, tbe fourth ki'lsj a Svttiag hca io.
the manrer user by, uni the nftn pa-a
o. iu3 ueadiy weapon was the best of ail,
tr it cuuio around the young maa boom
erang fashion, &.nd, taking him under
tbe lower jaw, knocked him dowu, and
thus put a stop to tbe work of -laughter.
Ihe mere fact that the city "thivsber"
returned to consciousness an hour befjr
the farmer did, allowed the former to
get several miles out of town before Ins
efforts at threshing oats were discovered,
by Lis DC-ighbors. Titunille I'tftf,
Another scheme for tbe resumption,
of fcpecie payments was developed in tbv
proceedings of Congrcsson Mondsy. It
wts embodied in a bill which ws ioro
duciid in the Houo by Hoa. i 'A. Cox,
of New York. Tho bill waternplates
that afer a dy that is not designate
further than that it aboil be in tb?
1873, treasury notes sha'J ccasa to 1
legal teuder for the payment cf Uebta
thereafter contracted, and that on th$
siaie day the secretary shall cowa-rnc
to destroy greenbacks at the jateif
blank millions per month, ontii
tiro siraulati U re tifjii,