Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 19, 1872, Image 2

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Official Directory.
T'. W. Tipton. BrownrUl.
U. 6. Senator.
" U. S Senator.
P. W.
, Hitchcock. Omaha. .
Jab Ta.Be. Ouaaha,
William H- Jane. Lincoln, Act. Governor.
M'itiiain H. Jaoiea, Lincoln. bee. ct State.
Jaha Uiilarpie, Lincoln. Auditor.
H. A. kotuif. Coluuibua, Treasunr.
t. H. Kobena, Omaha, Attorney General.
J. M. idaleu. Line la. up Pu. Intuj-uc'n
O. P. Matoa, Nebraska City.
Chief Justice.
Uortre U. Ja
ke. Omaha. I . . .
L. Croanae. ft. Calhoun J awH!UW "ce.
H. F. E1I1..
D&nl McCTiaaoa.
W.L. Hobhs.
J W. Johnaoa,
V. W. Wise.
Jacob ValleT.I
BaJ. Albia. V
Jaia . J
Probate Judge.
County Clerk.
fapt. Pub. Instruction,
County Commissioners.
I. W-Ifco
For President.
For Vice-President.
For Member of Congress.
L. CltOUNSE, of Washington.
For Governor.
It. W. FURNAS, of Nemaha.
For Secretary of State,
J. J. GOSPER, of Lancaster.
For Auditor,
J. B. WESTON, of Gage.
For Treasurer,
n. A. KOENIGr, of Platte.
For Attorney-General,
J..R. WEBSTER, of Saline. 1
For Chief Justice,
GEO. B. LAKE, of Douglas.
EOR district attorneys.
First District,
A. J. WEAVER, of Richardson.
Second District,
J. W. CON NELL, of Douglas,
Third District,
. M. B. IIOXIE, of Schuyler.
Presidential Electors.
OTrO FUNKE, of Lancaster.
Judge HEIST, of Cheyenne.
Associate Justices,
State Prison Inspector,
W. W. ABBEY, of Richardson.
II. C. Lett, Liberal and It. W. Fur
nas, republican candidates for Governor,
will meet the people as follows : at
Falls City. Moadiy, S pt-TO, a2 o'clock.
Salem. Monday. Sept. 15. at 8 o'clock.
Pawuee City. Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 2 o'clock.
Table Rock. Tuesday. Spt. 17. at 8 o'clock.
Teeumseh. Wednesday, Sept. 13. at 2 o'clock.
Beatrice, Thursday Sept. 19. at 2 o'clock.
Fairbury, Fri Jay. Sept. iO, at 2 o'clock.
Meridian, Friday. Sept. 20. at 8 o'clock.
Juniata, Saturday, Sept. 21. at 2 o'clock. .
Lowell. Monday, Sept. 23. at 2 o'clock.
Crete. Monday, Sept. 23, at 8 o'clock.
Frautont, Tuesday, Sept. 21. at 8 o'clock.
Schuyler, Wednesday, Sep 23, at 2 oclock.
Columbus. We Inn Jay, Sept. 25. at 8 o'clock
Lone Tree, Thursday, Sept. 20. at 2 o'clock.
Grand Island. Thursday, Sept. 20. at 3 o'clock
Blair, Friday, Sept. 17, at 8 o'clock.
Dakota. Sawaday. Sept. 23. at 8 o'clock.
West Point. Monday. Sept. 28. at 8 o'clock.
Omaha, Monday, Sept. 29, at 8 o'clock.
PlaUsmootfeTaesday. Oct. 1, at 2 o'clock.
Nebraska CHy, Tuesday. Oct. 1, at 8 o'clock
Jude Crouasc and Col: Warner wi
speak as follows :
Ashland, Tuesday, Sept. 17, at Yi r a.
Xabruka City. Thursbay. Sept. 19. 7 P. Jf.
Peru, Friday. Sept. 20. at 2 P. a.
Brovaville. Friday. Sept. 23. at 7 P. a.
Rulo, Saturday. Sept. 21. at 7Ji p. M.
Gen. Jobn M. Thayer speaks at Weeping
Water oo Tuesday.. Sept. 24.
Three large houses have failed in Bal
timore for over three millions dollars.
Cause, reductions in the tariS.
The State Journal throws down the
gauntlet for Col- Furnas, and dares the
opposition to bring on their charges.
There was a club of COO Tribunes in a
town in central Ohio. When the year
expired, not one of the COO renewed his
Twelve Democrats of Kendall county,
Illinois, have published a card declaring
that they will not support Greeley, and
saying that they are not of thoe who
believe in casting ut devils through
Beelzebub, the prince of devils.
Governor Caldwell is his name,
Beating Merriman gave him fame
He balked them in their little game,
And Grant is certain to do the tame.
A school committee in Kansas having
advertised for a 'Vmart teacher," a man
named Mustard applied for the bituation
and was accepted.
Our man's name was pepper.
The principal argument of the D?mo
cratic press in favor of Mr. Lett as Gov
ernor of Nebraska, is faid to be that he
has not an enemy in the State We
have never known a man to succeed in
politics who was fo devoid of positive
qualities that he had not succeeded in
ui&kirjg an an enemy. llee.
T $253 Cal
Who says it does not pay to raise fine
Ptock ? Daniels, of Sarpy county, had a
7 month ftld, red roan bull call at the
Lincoln Fair which took the firt premi
um in his class and sold to Jas. V .
Eifn for $250, to be used on his stock
farm near Nursery Hill. He is named
1st Luke of Omnha, i of pure herd
l ook pedigree, weighed 752 J lbs., at Sy
racuse, on his way down, and will be the
,tide of Otoe cj?unry.JVcuf .
They say that the Wabash River is so
low that the fish are com pelled to stand
on their heads to pet water sufficient to
moisten their pills. The inhabitants
wait up and down the river bed and pull
lish as they do onions.
" WHEN I pet j-ou in St. Louis, I'll
kill you," said aTexan desperado to a
cattle drover at Abilene. ' Why not
kill me here?" " Because they'd hang
tue here ; but in St. Louis they'd think
1 was insane, and let me po. "
It is all very well "clasping hands
across the bloody chasm" if you have not )
the best reason in the world to think that
the fellow on the other side wants to get
hold of your hand in order to drag you
into it. Aeic York Commercial Ad
vertiser. Governor Noyes says he is of the opin
ion that Graut will carry Ohio by from
40,000 to 50,000 majority.
Mr. James Butfington is one of the
"five Congressmen" whom the Greeley
men have c'aimed. A correspondent,
writing from Full River, says : "In con
versation with him on Saturday he sai l
that 4 he should vote for Grant, even if
not another one in town should vote for
him.' So you see how he is. He is
very popular in the district."
From the Blair Timet;, we copy the
following, which it says was sung at Tip
ton's meeting in Blair :
" 'Twas less than one thort week ago,
I swore I'd never eat the crow :
But now I say, 'Upon my word,
Crow, is a luscious, wholesome bird,
And every day I eat my fill,
Aud pick my teeth with corvine quill,
Eat prairie chickens, if you will ;
With quails your craving stotnach3 fill ;
But perfect peace you'll never know
Till you, like me, cram full of crow."
a Ww.i v
To nominate a Republican candidate for
member of the House of Representa
tives for the di.-trict composed of the
counties of Douglas, Dodge, Washing
ton. Sarpy and Cass, will be held at
Gise's Hall, Omaha, on Tuesday, llu
24th day of September, 1S72, at 3
o'clock p. M.
At the convention to nominate mem
ber of constitutional convention, in May,
1871, said counties were allowed the fol
lowing number of votes: Douglas, 9,
Dodge 2, Washington 3, Sarpy, 1, Ca
It is hereby recommended that dele
gates to said convention be elected by
the county conventions.
M. Dunham, Chairman.
The Press of Kentucky stand fifty-two
for Greeley, five lor trant. aud two
"Straitht-out." This w State that
some or" our Grant contemporaries think
is doubtful in tire coming Presidential
contest. Greeley Paper.
Uut the 1 rcss ot arotate makes no
difference' you know.
Nebraska "stands ' 33 Grant, to 10
Greeley, and yet they make out tables
and get down this State as "doubtful."
Speaking of onr three greatest ego
tists' leaving for Europe, viz. Sumner,
Train and Pendleton, the Council Bluffs
Republican says :
The only good thing Train .said in Eu
rope was in answer to some English que
rist, who asked him it we were a v
erned in the United States by the laxc
of entail? to which he replied "No,
entirely by the action.ot cocktail.
The present representative triumvi
rate form a good specimen of this bev
crage. Sumner is the sugar, Train the
lemon, and Pendleton the stouiihton
"The act stands," says the PlatLs-
month llerohl "that the Press of Ne
bka stands 33 to 10 for Grant." Yes,
and t!:e fact stands that the Omaha Her
ald wields more po.-itive power over pub
lic opinion in this fctate and country
than all the Grant papers, pampered axid
bolstered up ly stolen money, com
bined." Oir.nhn Herald.
It is remarkable that a paper that ex
erts so much influence, which puts bread
and brains in the stomach and head of
every voter in Nebraska that has nursed
her and raised her, and petted and pat
ted her, has knelt to kor and howled at
her, slfould be unable to control a re
spectable corporal's guard of citizens in
this State for any measure it advocates.
It is wonderful, considering the Herald's
opinion of itself, that it could not pre
vent twelve Democrats from helping to
elect P. W. Hitchcock us U. S. Senator.
It is marvelous, that as from a Herald
stand point the sun of Nebraska rises
aud sets in the Herald ollice, this
State, from being a respectable and tol
erably strong Democratic Territory,
shoolJ, under the control aud munipula-
tion(?) of the Ouiaha Herald turn up
a decided and uncompromising Repub
lican iStatC'
We, who are young, foolish aud igno
rant, according to Herald logic, can not
understand the.-e things. Perhaps it is
the paper of Nebraska, perhaps it has
and '"wields more positive power
over public opiuion in this State than
all the Grant papers, &c. ;" but if tliat
is the case, may kind fortune grant that
we never wield a like power with the
Omaha Herald. It does not suit our
constitution to bo always adverse to our
friends always on the losing side, always
on the blow and nevtr on the win.
Put this in your pipe and smoke it, a 1-
mirer, of the Herald.
FTJ32IA3 vs. T1IZ CI! AH A ES2AL3.
The Omaha Herald, having, as usual.
charged corruption on Col. Furnas, our
candidate for Governor, the Lincoln
Journal demanded the explicit chaige,
and the Herald replied by quoting the
old story of his selling his vote sixteen
years ago on the Capitol Question. The
Journal an-wers by declaring this matter
to have been a put up job by which citi
zens of Omaha were swindled, aud of
which Col. Furnas was entirely innocent,
now demands of the Herald the yiroofs
which it is always threatening that the
whole matter may be Lid before the peo
ple for their dtelMon. This is proper
and right. Let us have the facts No
more foolish and vain cbarire-. Proofs.
proofs the peopl-3 want. Bring on your
receipt? and tbinge.
Some time ago our cotemporary made
a splurge on grammar. We have only
one question to ask. Was Horace G tee
ley right about Democracy and school
"Plattsmouth, Sep, 4th, 1S72
"We Do Certify that outhe eveng of
the Dem Primerv meety that the
Nanes of those below Ware elec ted
Delizt'tes to attend the Coun Conv2ntion
of 7 inst."
A Harvest Hcno Festival
Episcopal Residkxck, Omaha, )
September 6, 1S72. J
To the Cler(j!f and Laity of Nebraska :
Dear liitEi iiukn : accordance
with the usage in some of our dioceses,
aud "at the reque.-t of neveral of our
clergy, I hereby appoint Thursday, the
3d day of October, for a harvest home
festival, to ba observed with suitable
services in all our churches.
God has most wonderfully blessed our
young State W'th abundant harvests
this year, and it is meet and riht that
we should receive the same wiih devout,
grateful, and joyful hearts. I therefore
recommend all our people on the morn
ing of that day to assemble in their va
rious churches decorated with all the
fruits of the field and the flowers of the
garden and offer to Him an especial
service of gratitude and gladness. The
Festival will not take the place of or su
percede, the National day of Thanks
giving, which will also be ob-crved when
appointed by the civil authority.
I recommend also, that either imme
diately after the service of Thursday,
the 3d of October, or at some other ap
propriate hour during the daj', the pa
rishioners of each parish should meet
together at some appointed place for so
cial intercourse, so that the day may be
in all respects a parish festival.
In MtLring the services of the day,
the clergj are requested to uo the Ser
vices and the Lesson, an 1 collects set
forth in the Prayer Book for Thanks
giving Da3, and to-askhe contribution
of the congregation lor Diocesan Mis
sions. I request also of the clergy, in writing,
some brief account of the manner in
which the day has been kept and the
festival observed in their respective par
ishes. Lot it be a day of real joy and of holo
gram ude, and God will for the
good of us all, and for the prosperity of
the Lauren, lam, very truly,
Your Friend aud Bishop,
Robert II. Claukson.
The Harvest Home Festival announced
in this letter seems to be a most excel
lent thing, and we hope to see it uni
versally carried out, and mado, as it can
be, a pleasant and memorable occasion,
and a real holiday.
Gen. Thayer will speak at Fairmont,
October 5th.
Our Xorth Country Letter.
Vermillion. Dakota Teh., V
September 4, 1S72. J
Editor Hhiald: Perhaps a fow
lines from this section of Dakota may
prove of some little interest to the many
readers of j our excellent and energetic
Vermillion is located on the east bank
of the Veimiliion river, near its junction
with the Missouri. The Dakota South
ern Railroad will probably be completed
to this point someti!!U during th ; pres
ent season. As a consequence, the popu
lation is, of course, very much excited
over the prospect of wealth and noto
riety in the immediate future. Whether
their expectations are to be realized or
uot remains yet to bo seen.
Tne U. S. Land Office for this district
is located hero, and is, from all appear
ance?, doing a lively bu inoss. The de
sirable land?, however, arc a'l taken
within a radius of twenty miles.
Dakota is a fine country, but it docs
net reach the excellent standard cf Ne
braska, according to my opinion. Oth
ers, of course.moy think difierer.tly.
Timber is abundant in the immediate vi
cinity of the river. The out-lying coun
ry, however, is completely destitute of
thi important commodity.
The water of this locality is very poor,
it being very much impregnated with
alkaline- salts, aud is in man' wells unSt
to driuk. Imagine acmmeu table glass
of water containing a desert sponnfuil of
common salts and you will get a very
good idea of the taste.
The weather is tine for the season,
with the exception of an excess of heat'
ring the middle cf the da-. The
niL'hts are very cool ana pleasant.
Crops, cspccaliy corn, bus been very
seriously tiainageu oy giassiioppcrs ai;u
lail. Wheat is a fair crop, better 1 bc
ieve, than usual.
Territorial political circles are con
siderably .agitated at present over the
election of legislators and other officers.
There was a Republican convention at this
poiut yesterday. The attendance was
quite large it went off very quietly,
however, aud nobody was seriously dam
aged, which speaks well for the morals
of the community. Now, Mr. Editor,
having exhausted my stock of informa
tion on Dakota, I will bring my commu
nication to a close.
II G. Blui:ov.s.
Tha Eviissce A;ala:t Fcre:t:r.
Tt is reported the authorities have
evidence which fully establishes the con
nection of Biliy Forester with the Na
tliao murder. It is said on the night of
the murder a prominent sporting man
saw this indiuidual in the vicinity of Na
than's house, whose movements were
suspicious. He watched him. Pres
ently two men came down the steps of
Nathan's mansion, who were j uried by
the my.-terious man, th thiee going to
wards North river. Ivnly the same
morr.injF three men entered a saloon on
Eighth avenue and left a bundle which
proved to bo a bloody shirt. On inves
tigation it was found a woman up town
had washed the shirt, which was a pecu
liar one. for a man now in Connect ic it
State Prison, who was a pal of Foi ester.
The sporting man above referred to
identified at oneo the picture of Forester
as that of the man he sawm the vicinity
of Nathan's house. On Wednesday
twit, (leorffe Kliis, now in the State
prison, will be brought here and will tcs
fy that the dog used in murdering Na
than was i-tolen from Se-hcnk's hou-e
by V .rester and himself, aud that Loth
used it in various burglaries.
The Albany Journal says : "New
York will cast her vote for Grant by a
ci.-ijr.rity as overwhelming as. was ever
recorded for any Presidential candidate
in ihe State."
The Journal is good authority. It
must he getting low ti le(al) with Grcely
all over.
A very high compliment, .and one tl. tt
none but a printer can appreciate, wis
passed on the compositors of the All m
office by our Butler county eoirc-nosid-eut,
"Porcus." lie says this c fibre- is
the only one in the Stale, for which he
corre-ponds and they number some ten
or fifteen that sets up his manuscript
without tiHim: it with typographical cr
rois. .We fu'dy appreciate such com pi -merits,
and can assure 11 correspondents
to the Atlas, that they need have nof. ar
at any time of their letters j-oing to
p-pss in a careless and erroiiious manner.
"Poretis" will please accept the com
positors' thanks for the complinent.
lias the writer of the above ever
il . ..l,l i
Self praise goes
but a
way?" If not, perhaps it
may be as well to bear it in mind a little.
In this cae, we w--u!d simply suggest
that Webster has it some, not son:o,
that can wou'd be belter than tan, that
erroneous Las an c iu.-tcad of an i, and
that compliment has two ems instead of
two ens.
Next time perhaps it would be as well
to "look a little out" before- you sound
your own praise too loudly.
The Iowa Fails Sentiml analyze-' lhc
names Giant and Greeley ihus : "Both
have the same handle, (Jr. One bus
the suffix nut, which means indu-tiious,
prudent, full of woik, foresight and in
c ii.-.y, and the other has tho suffix eel y,
which mea'.is wriggling, slippery, and not
twice in tbesan: p'afv."
The Toh'do Blade thm
replies to an
anx ions corre-jionJoiit :
"Abranham If j our father will pe-it
in bcttiiiir on Hoiace Greeley, theic is
but one way to save his es::.te. Get out
a writ of Li::a--y. Any conrt will grant it
o.i a statement of the ":-e.
Charley Dad, how does it haopon
t hit you are going to votejust as all the
robs uo : l aient fc.iut your mouth.,
Charley; what in the d 1 does a boy
like yya Luow a how politics?
The chemistry of the human b'
curiou. A ghtss of v. hi-ky rising to
Grant's hc:.d if what tho . Dorm-cratie
papers say about the Gcn?ral's Libu
latious be tine makes him in war a
ere at st! jier, and in peace a sa'o Pres
ident ; and that same glass of whisky in
the cerebral ali-mVic of Gratz Brown,
turns a thirIri-t:t politician in:o a chive
Umr di--r:ee. Ti-is is not ui-tj ivmar
ku'de, however, th-n many ether phen
omena in nature. The same food 'that
makes honey in tue bee make's poison in
tlu wasp.
Tho New York Herald concedes the
Presidential vietor to the Republicans,
and says, jmh-dni from . !";c'.s as they
are, the Sfes that voted for Genera!
(Jrunt in ISi'.s v.iil a!!, or nil, vote
for him in JS72. and there will bo no
nui e ehamro in In liao.i, P -nns 1 vania
Oliio, etc., in October than there his
been in Vermont aud Maine in Sep,
t ember.
T-T A R V 'f
NEW YORK, Septemb-
Monev Steady at
tio'i Dull at
Governments. Stronger.
r!7, 1S72
r - m
CHICAGO. September 17, 1S7
Flour Quiet $7 '2Ca 15
Wheat Dull $ 27. 1 2
Corn Less Kctive, 37('.3S
Oats 1' asier ........ 21 U"
Bye Dj'l ; 55 o 00
Bailey Q'lotaMo LnVt ti'J
Cattle Choice, .3 25(-: t:
Good. $3 25 " 4 25
Hoos Live, $4 755 30
I'a-'oti unehamr.'d
Dissolution notice.
This is to certify that the co-partnership
heretofore exist inn bet worn James
Simpsc-n & Ah'X-.t:.J.-r G. ' Ediot uu !.
the iirm i:r.!ii; cd'Simp-on & Elliott is
rhis .lay dis.-olvcd by mutual consent.
Jame Simpson retains possession of all
the property and credits and assumes ail
the of I ho hrm.
Witness: Jonx Sedam,
William James.
Stone Creek, Cass Cuuntv, Neb. At
gut 21.-t, 1S72. 23-3t
Car r
The p.ubhc see nis
a i rovi.-iou in the
to have ovc;!o
new postr.Lte
ses;,)n o! Con:
adopted at the la.-t
aud now in force, providing that pack
ages id' dry goo 's, hardware and other
merchandise, tycivhiug twelve ounces or
less, may be iliailed to any part i f the
United States at a uniform rate of 'wo
cents for each two nunees. Thus a
package weighing twelve ouues mav be
"sent by mail to anv part of the Union
for twelve cents. In Ungl.iiid this fea
ture is called ihe. Parcel Pot system,
and the Ihigd-h people avail themselves
of it to an immense extent. When gen
eral!' understood among our people it
will probably b. come veiv p 'pular and
may cut largely into the business of the
express companies. If a man can send
a twelve ounee package from Indianapo
lis to New York or San Fr:u:ci- Is
mail for twelve cents, ho uill not be lik
ly to pay : he ex pre -s company four or
five times that amount. But if the gov
ernment can a 'lord to carry it for twelve
cents, tho express compapy can do t lie
same, and thj result may simply be
that on stiia'l packages tho cxpre.-s com
panies will reduce their charges to cov-
eitiLuent rates.
di w-3t
Legal Fi:tic2.
Samuel Berliner is hereby notiib'd
that on r he yd d i.v of Aturnst, IS72.
Tootle, Faiii'ii'li it Co., llkd their peti
tion in ti.e I)istii.-t Court of the Seinmd
Iti li' i.d I'iMii'jt in and for Cass County,
Ntbrt-kri ; the oljec-t and prayer of said
petition is to forec-ose a tvr'niri mort-ir-iiia
on the E 4 of Lot (', in Ulntk C in
Piattsmouth eity, Nebra.-ka, in whifh
you daitn soin interest, executed by F.
S. W'bite. Diaint White. Aiiiru.tus
Sl-iers and Lovina Spiers, to Tootle, Par
li ii:h it Co., on or about t'nel!tlt!i day of
.June, 1ST1. to secure the pavnient f
Cvitin prouiissorv ii't;s, !i!litnr 1". r the
... ,i i t . i
sum oi six liutsunM nun sixrv-ttsree
dollars and sc-venfy-iive cvnts, (SCt'.J To),
and prayin.s; that an aer-onnt may b' hnd
of the aipount due said Tooele, Parlei.ah
it Co., and tint said property mav b:i
sold, to -ati-fy the same. You arc rc
quired to answer said petition on or be
lore th" 2ih d.iv of October. l,'2
24w5 Attorneys.
Ordinance No. 30.
An Ordinance providing for the erec
tion of City Scales an d to secure a uni
form system of weights and measures.
lie it Ordained by the Mayor airl Couii-
cihnen of the City of Piattsmovth.
Sectiox 1. That M. B. Cuilcr be
and is hereby permitted to construct
and erect a set of scales of not less than
(b.U'JOj vight thousand pounds capacity
to be of acknowledged stan Ja.d pattern
to be erected on .Main street at the
creating of Filth stieet. and adjoining
eh- s.dcwalk cn the South side
of Main street, aud to be so
constructed as not to interfere with tho
travel and use of said Mam street as a
public highway. Pioiuled, That the
privileges granted by this section shall
o upon the, express conditions and re
strictions herein contained.
Sec. 2. The said scales when so erect
ed shall be' known and denominated
4 City Scales." And the right to the
full, free, exclusive and uninterrupted
use thereof thall vest in the city of
Plattsmouth, for the term of three- years
from and af ter October 1st. 1872.
I EC. 3 That there be and is hereby
created the office oilier of city weigh
master, which said office .shall be tilled
by appointment by the mayor and
couricilujen ; and the person appointed
t said office shall, before entering upon
ihe duties thereof, take the usual oath
of office and give a bond to the city iti the
sum of One Th..saud dollars with sure
ties to be approved bv the council, con
ditioned for the faithful performance of
his duties as such Officer ; which said
bond shah. be filed with the city cleik
and shall bo for the use of the city and
any persons agrieved bv the official acts
of said weiuhmaster. And it shall be
the duty of the city clerk on payment of
legal fees therefor to furnish a certified
copy of said bond to all persons dedr
ing the same
Sec 4. It shall bo the duty of tho
weigh master to be present and
attend to weighing on said scales nt
all sea -o liable times and he shall weigh till
ehaught-i whi-h may be required to
weighed upon payment of such li es at
may hu fi'ced by the mayor and council,
a tul le A which shall be kept posted in
a conspicuous place cn or near the scales
an J it shall a '.so be tho duty of the
wetghmastcr to settle with th? city
cLil at the clo.-e of each month an 1
pay over to him idl money received by
viituo of his office during the month fir
which the settlement, is made, taking t!i;i
clerks receipt therefor. The city cleik
shad then pay to the said Cutler one-
f of all money received from the
welsnma-ter durinir the month
take his receipt tln-refor and shall
to the city iieasurcr ail othr money re
ceived from the weLdnnaster and the
said Culler shall al-o be entitled
to have all his weighing done
on said scales free of charge pro
vided he shall maintain and kce, said
se:-.!es in complete repair and shall pay
the velghmaters salary and' all other
expenses connected wiih said scales.
Si:c. 5. The weighma tor shall keep a
comet record of all trcighini done on
said scales, w hich record may bo kept in
the uu :! wr.y by t!io use of duplicate
(stub) bills of weight. And he sliall
al.-o lurnih to each person, for whom
webbing- is done, a correct bill of weight.
Si c. 0. The- weighmaster shall be L'.c
fj'no inspector and scaler of weights
and measures and shall discharge all of
t ho duties of said Ouico as provided in
Oiuinanco No 7. entitled, "An Ordi
nance to provide a standard of wcits
and measures" and all fees receivedror
the diseharro of the duties id' said ollice
shall le paid by him to the city clerk
a.s provided in section four hereof,
Sfc. 7. The com pen -a tion of the
weighmaster . hall be Fifty Dollars per
month and no more, which the said Cut
ler is tc pay in full in order to secure
the benefit of the provision of this Or
dinance.. Sk; S. Tho fees r.nd charges for
weighing i n said scab's shall be collected
bv the weighmaster an 1 shall be as fol
lows : For weighing cattle per head 5
en's. For weighing hnss per head, 3
cents ; for w ighing sheep per head,
2 cents; and for each draught other-wi-e
t! ;!ii above stated, ten cents.
Provided that not less than ten cents
shall be charged in any case.
Snc. S. It shall be unlawful for any
other person or corporation to erect or
continue in use within said city any
sc'.a'e- for (lie purpose of weighing there
on except for their own individual use.
And any person violating tho provis
ions of this section after the fir-t day of
October, J 872. sliall for cn.-h oflVn e on
conviction be find not less than two
do I irs nor more than ten dollars.
Sec. y. This Ordinance shall take ef
fect from and alter this publication as
provided by law.
Pasted and approved September 14th,
I.72. M. L. WIIITK,
Attest: .Mayor.
R. II. Vaxatta.
w2t City Clerk.
P.cbato KcticG.
I hereby give notice to all concerned
that :i Will jiiirportin to be the last
will ;:n I testament of Shepherd Ihike,
i!e.:e.ise 1, late of Cass county and State
of Nebraska, has been filed in the cilice
tif the Probate Court cf sail county arid
that a hearin-r will be had at uiv of lice
in the city of I'latt -mouth, in said coun
ty on the 12 1st day pfVScptenibcr, at one
o'clock l. M , of'sai 1 day on the appli
cation, to .rove and admit said Will to
Probate, at which time and place all
persons interested in ,:iid estate are re
quested to nppear'and if they see fit con
test admittitiir sai 1 Will to Probate.
(liven under my hand and seal at my
o!liec this USth day of Ansrusr, A. D.,
is?- h. i::i: son, .
i;22w3t Prob te .Judjre.
.Mint i: t oi oi:.
Sealed )tnposals will be received at
the oMice ol' County Clerk of Cass Coun
ty Nebraska, until 10 o'clock A. M. , on
th.' 1! I -t day of September. 187:2, fjr the
fnrtii.hinsf t.'f materials and eon-t ruction
f the County 1'oor House, on the Poor
Farm two and a ha'f mile west of Piatt.s
niruth. Tho bail !:::' to be coii-tiui-ted
in aecoidnnce with a Plan :mi-1 Spceiiiea
ti;ns to be .seen at the store of Messrs.
Y.-!!cry & lluiVncr.
Tb f .per.-.fii or per?Ciiis re-.e ivinjr the
award oi'i-orstract will be r q'lircd to exe
cute a pond, with eood and sufli'.ient
seeuiity, in twi.'e the amount of the eon
tract, fur the laithfuliperfoT'iianco there
of. For further particulars inquire of Ja
cob Yallory. .J r.
The Ciiunty Commissioners reserve the
ritrht to rijce-t any or all of the bids.
By order of the Board.
tiG3-w2-l 2w Chairman.
rtfis i on i i.vtii;.
0r.r:cs Ch. Qr.. V . Deit. Pr.TK, 1
Omaih. Neb iSept. 'J. ISTj i
Sl'ALEn liltlS. in ditpli'-a'e. wi::i Rimrantee
s!t"cl I y 'w redpoll 1 c parties, imt bid
ders wiil l.e received at this oliicc until eleven
i'c!o.-k a. m., n thiir.'diy. !! I!, 1S7J. fir
t ho u liv. ry at. Cmoh.i Depot, Ncb.a-.ka, from
time to' time. i;s iKjuire.1. i f
Cll.OiK) bushels of Oats,
7O.OU0 bushels of Corn,
or nnv p:irt thereof.
Did to l end r-cd on the envelope. "BiJs
l.r i.irrisc." ,
The riht to rcj- ct any or a'l bi Is is r servc.I
"L-''Oik bidj furnished, and trencral condition
made kti4wn on apidicaliVin at 'i ' pj'"-
Cw-4t Ch , Qr.. Mr ! Dcrt. Platte.
Xi. if1, tjomsrsoisr,
iSTOpposite the Platte Valley House, in Schlatter's Jewelry Storc.J
Main Street, HijittsiEiutIs, Kebraslta
r -
G. A. MI & GO'S l
Snb &tftx jfirst-thss
Lcltsalc and Retail Dealer in Stiirir?, Ebcct
7?rr-r .
Hats and
Main Street. Second Door East cftfce Court House
KllAXCU IIO USE UroaUwuy.Coucr.eil ElufTs Iowa
I rf -;
:fRepairiRn nsatly
Uivitlcucls on tlie CoitilriKjictioxi IPlan,
Securing the Greatest Pecuniary Advantage to the Policy Holders
1st. This is a Western Company, tnannst-il by V.e?trn men.. whose known flnanancial charac
ter, ability anl imsition. aiTorJ ti:ni!o punraiity lbr iu careful aud fucceslul uianaifiiiutnt.
ja. Its Polices are iim-lriitiiiij. .
oil. I'rf iuiu;n ull fit"3i. It re'-eivts no notes an 1 gives none 1 olicy aoMons oave no lnteree
to pay. an.! no outHijaniiiiir note. its liens ujion t!eir policies,
4;h. It litis no restriction uiou travel.
6th. ltsiiivi ieiiils ure mii'lo upon trie contribution. 1'lan.
tilh. Its business is excludeivly life iusaianee.
Are the npcunuipition of interest upon premiums paM. hepcethn Company that loan its asset
nt ti.e highe-t rate of interest can (five you the largest ii iilmid. hastcru companies invest their
T. , .. u.. 100, t lo iii.iL-r., ir, i n v-f.vfi,n.;if :i t iwoivA npr ipnl. or more.
The adv;intuee ol Western invcstuieiita to t'ne policy holder appears iu the following startling
figures: The amount of si.ooi". iuvosted for liliy years at
6 percent, compound interest, is $ 1S.4J0.1")
8 ..... 4.i,'.ml.i4
10 " " " " 117.:;'i.s5
12 " :iis.i":s.oo
olicholdcr thanany othernancial advantages and iniucoments to the
II I) Matkav. President.
1) M ewau. Vice 1'rri.iont.
r. J L Vrvcr. Med D"ta:.
(tcortro A Moore, S-jcrct iry,
J Jones, Ass't aecrefiry,
II L Ne.rmaa. Treasurer
D Sh;re. Leavenworth. Kaa,
.1 F Richards.
U U lhimuioud '
II Ej:cri ... ;,
L . - '..mi.
S M St ri'.-klcr. Junction City
Chas il .biuson. La.vrauce,
W . liadlcy.
11 D Mockav, Leavenworth Kan.
1 M Sw in. " "
W ti Clin,
(leo A Moore,
D W IVwcrs.
Geo L Davis. St. Louis. Mo
J Mernf.
4 1-. H.istini'?.
M R Morgan "
lien. Agent for Nebraska unci Aortlicrii liausCil
Gaad Travoling Salic-tors Vantsd.
J. R LIVINGSTON, Jied rxataiae
Has on hau I, one of the largest stoeks of
invite every body in want of anything in my lina to call at my store,
ftatttli ide ZJluIia, IetiYcen J2il llil Htrecttt.
And convince thm?clves of thu fact- I h.iro ai a gpeciality in my Ketail Department a select
stock of line clotbiug for Men aud Boys; to which wc invite those fho want Goods.
i-Ialso keep on band a larga and well ;elcctl
aub Organs.
-J - - .
J'usie, otid nil k nd of Musical Merchandise
and Kvpnirtd Satisfaction Guaranteed .tA
lit cod W
n rpFiTTrr
-Sw jbX
c .
c Jco. ic,
Caps, Boots and Shoes,
. - Flattsinouth, Nebraska
dona by P. MAXWELL,
btreot, PJatteniauin, uqu. jit
In Duke's Old Stand.
II A Calkias, tJnoral Agent, TZf
V E ilarvcy. Cn. r.ctuar,. .
I A lluri. Attorney.
II L Nwrnan Lea v9iorth '
W i: e'heiuberlain. '.
T A II urd,
K B AlUn.
C A "erry. Vreston, Mo.
G W Veil. Topeka. Kansas.!
J M Price Atohton, Kan.
W RStebbius, "
stock of Lists and Cap.
Piattsmouth Mills ! !
Flour, Corn Meal. Feed. Ao., Alwnvi on hand
and lor Sale at lowest Caeh l'ricc.
-Th9 II ifhest price paid for Wheat and
BSyParticuIar attention given to cus
tom worlc. inrlil
Uealer in
Fruits and Ornamental Nursery Stock.
ZxS- Trees warranted true to name.
Any stock ordered that ennnot be furnished tha
money will be promptly refunded.
Orders Solicited.
Also for CAMPAIGN GOODS. Address.
Chicago. Cincinnati, St. Louis, New Orleana,
or New York. 22w low
Mustang Liniment,
Probably few artieles Lave ever had eo
extensive a Sale, while none have beeu
more universally beneficial than the cele
MENT. Children, Adults, HorscH, and
Domestic Animals, are always liable to
accident, and it is Fafe to Bay, that no
family can pass a single season without
some kind of an emollient being neces
sary. It becomes a matter of impor
tance then to secure the best.
Ovor three hundred livery stables in the city
of New York alono are using the Mexican Mua
tang Liniment, in all of whih it give ununaal
t'Al'TIOX.-The genuine is wrnrred tn a
fine Stnl Hate engraymg with "(J. IV. VVVi
l,ro:k. Cheminl" mid " Tr.t lr Mirk. M k'Xl CA A
MUSTAMJ LIXIML'MT." cnnraved acrona
tho face of each wrapper. The whole bears tho
proprietor's private L'n-ted .States Revenue
Stamp, and not a common etauip an uvod by
Lyon Makcfaotcrhi Co .
r-i Park Place. N. Y.
Jan.'.'th. diw lw every .'irdw
The best books rublUhec on the Hoksb end
the Cow. Liberal terms. Money trade rapid
ly by Agents selling these books. Send lor
PORTER St COATES. rublinhers.
(Philadelphia, Pa.
&tationeru9 J9civs
eSepta t. d alinband w tf.
flO to $20 per day Guaranteed.
Specimens and full particulars free.
Address WOODS LlTEitARY and Art
Agency. Ncwburgh, N. Y.
72d-lww25 4t
vrEErixa avater, neb.
DEALER in Druir.", Medicines. Painfc, Oila,
Varnish. Perfumery, istaiionary, Notions
OiBirs und Tobacco w ldtf,
Iloo!a Tor the lillioik !
MARRIAGE;! A private counoelor to the
GUIDE. I Married or these about to niar
liry on the physiological uiytter
ic? and revelations of thj to.-.Tiial fystein, the
latest a icsoveries in produciriKand irevcntinK
oll'-i.rinff, how to pr-crve the -omplexion Ac.
'J his is an interesting work of two hundred
and twci.ty-four pagi s, with numerous enifrav
it.irs. and contains valuable information for
those who are married, or contemplate inar
rittge. Mill, it is a book that ouirht to be kept
un.icr lock and key, and not laid carelessly
about the house. .
Isent to any one (free of postiiite) for SO ccnU. r
Addresa lJr. Huffs' Iiisuonsarv. No. 12 N
Eighth street, St. Louis. Mo.
Notice to the AfJictcd and Unfortunate.
Before applying to the notorious quack who
advertise In public papers, or using- any quack
remedies, peruse lr. Butts' work no matter
what is or how deplorable your
Dr. Butts can be consulted, personally or by
mail, on the disesc mentioned in his works.
Office. No. 12 N. Eighth street, between Market
eniChesnut. St. Louis. Mo. dec2dwlv
1 will furnish parties with stone fo
all building purposes at a rensoaable price, at
my quarries or delivered on tho cars at Louis
ville station The following kind of stoqe can
be had on tdiort notice; sills, caps, perch rock
ine or rod sand stone such at was ui-ed by tho
B. A- M. K, R. in the construction of their stone
work. All responsible orders, promptly filled
Louisville Station. Xeb.
For Pretorving'and Beautifying the Human Hair
To -Prevent its Falling Out and Turning Gray.
A well-preserved Head of Ilair, in a person of
middle age. at once bespeaks refinement, ele
gance, Health and beauty, it may truly ve
called Woman's Crowning Glory, while men
are not insensible to its advantages and charms
Few thing? "are more disgusting than thin.
frizzly, harsh, untamed Hair, with head and
coat covered with Dandruff. VLsit a barber
and you feel and look like a new man. This
what LYON'S KATHAIRON will do all the
time. The charm which lies in well placed
Hair. Gloify Curls, Luxuriant Tresses, and a
Clean Head, is noticeable and irrefutable.
Sold by all Druggists and Country Store.
Jan. 2d. diw lw avory 3w