Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 12, 1872, Image 3

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Wheat, 8.j'jO; barley, 20(,30 cents;
corn, 17(a lg cents.
John F. Buck sen Is us a ppeciaien of
tie finest, best tasting peart, so far heiud
from in Nebraska. They equal if they
do not excel the famous California pear.-,
some of which were poM fur twenty-live
cents apiece in Omaha two years ago.
r or the bet Bakintr Powder in the
market Try Dr. Chapman's. 17wtf.
Peaches ami grapes at Parmele'a
Hall, on Thursday, evening. The pro
cecd's for the benefit of the Episcopa
Sunday School. Give 'em a lit':. 3t
We call attention to the Cass coaoty
Premium List, on the 4th page of our
paper, this week, lleud it, and send
in your "entries" for our County Fair.
Goods not sold at less than cost. No
goods'given away, but good goods at the
lowest prices for cash, at
lltf. Clark & Plum mers.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Mr. Stadletnan is just opening a very
large and well selected stock of Clothing,
J'all Suits, Overcoats, Hats and Caps,
&c, selling low.
A. M. Schaller, of the firm of Asch
inon & Schaller, is in town and will be
on hand to tune and repair Pianos aud
other instruments. He stops at the
Platte Valley House. Give him a call.
Dr. G. B. Chapman is now agent for
Hiint Louis Enameled Paints. The
farmer's favorite. ITwtf
Our merchants are all on the luy just
now. Mr. Schnassc is in Chicago laying
in a stock of goods for the fall trade.
He will be home soon.
Mr. Plummer, of the firm of Clark &
Plunitner, has just returned fiom Chica
go, and says look out for six iong trains
of dry goods and things before long.
All coods bought at 1). Schnasse it
Co 8 will bo delivered free of charge,
from this time on. Call and see us, and
w will treat you the best we know how.
D. Schasse Si Co. are luxuriating in a
bran new horse and wagon, for the de
livery of goodj, free of Charge.
LchnhofF says "if you buy 10,000 dol
lars worth of goods, senl 'em home
FREE and if 3 0U buy 10 cents worth,
charge you nothing to tote 'em home,
all the same." Store full of New Geo J s
in a few days call and see them.
OHceolu XurMcries (jet a Jfer Ifoiue
fH I'OhMiblC.
XV. II. Brown, the Agent "for these
well known Nurseries, is in town, solicit
ing orders for Fruit and Ornamental
Trees. Flowers, Bulbs, and Green House
Plants. Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay demanded. W. H. B.
Nil w-wtf
D. II. Wheeler, Secretary State Board
of Agriculture, returned home fiom Lin
coln to-day. Our State Fair is now
closed out for 1S72, and everybody takes
a premium for good behabior, and the
officers for hard work.
How is Conrad Heisel's soul, now-a-lays
Conrad says he'll "schlag ihn an den
kopf in it cinen brickstein," if he says so
any more Ben Butler, we mean.
The Fair weather closed on Friday
last, the premium for the most rain
bereafter will not be issued until next
sunshiny day.
To the Subordinate Granges of the Pat
rons of Husbandry with in this Juris
diction :
You will take notice, that the next
meeting of the Cass County Central As
sociation will be held at South Bend
School House, in Cass county, on the
first Tuesday in October (first day) next,
ut one o'clock r. M., at which time it is
expected that all Subordinate Granges,
that feel nn interest, will be represented,
by their Master and two other members
from each Grange.
J. C. Cummins,
Sec'y Cass Co. Central Association,
riattsmoutb, Nebraska, wit
Vivian's is the place to buy your gro
ceries and provisions. 20tf
Our oi l friend, Charles Eggleston, of
Blair, gave us two very flue bunches of
premium grapes, raided by himself, in
Washington county. North Platte is
coming up ou fruit.
w We met so many old friends and a3
nuaintances at the State Fair, that our
head is fairly turned in trying to remem
ber them all, and the news they told us.
Wish you all good luck.
A girl to do general house work. In
quire of Mrs. D. II. Wheeler, corner
Main and 4th streets. 3Id&wtf
It is utterly impossible lo get all the
"doings," all the good things, and but
a very small portion of the new s from
Lincoln, in one issue of our paper. We
shall try and give you some of it from
time to time.
Across the continent, via. the Burling
ton and Missouri River Railroad, just
completed, by a junction with the U. P.
at Kearney, last Tuesday, seems to have
been appreciated by the traveling com
munity, if we may judge by the immense
numbers which are going this way.
From eight to ten passenger coaches, in
the 10 A. m. train, and four to five in the
3:30 P. M. train, all full, has got to be
an every day occurrence, -now. Public
travel, like everythin? else. will fall into
its legitimate channel.
MARRIED. At the residence
criuire fetanutord, in Move Crek pre
rinct, on Su day raornmjr, Sept. 1st,
H. A. Ken astox, Ei. and Miss Ida
May, all of Cass county.
We wish theiu a bright and happy
future with many a May-day therein
that does not come in SopteuiLer.
Died At Rock lilufl, n Thurslay
Septcuiber .1th, of maliirmi.t sore throat
Gemrijiana, oi.'y clu'd of James A
and Annie S. Walker, a l '.i years r.n
3 months.
So passtth away the yrung, the beau
tiful, the lovely ; but bard it is for us to
realize that our dear little friend has
gone. Yet a sombre looking casket ad
monlshes us, that the spirit has flown
gone to dwell in the realms of the great
unseen. Her spirit was loo pure, too
bright, to remain in this cold, un
chaste, and sin-cursed world. For three
short years she had been the joy, the
liC, the hope of a fond and doting fath
er and mother.
Her little angel face ever wore a smile
of innocent happiness, and her cheery
voice was always ready to welcome fath
er, mother or fiiend. But the pure
bright, sweet flower, was r.ipped ia the
bud; not too young, too bright, too
lovely to die ; and the Death Angel hov
ered over her sleepless and suffering
couch, awaiting the finale of life the
great dissolution of body and souL
Calmly and peacefully the spirit left
the frail tenement of clay and-winged its
flight home, to the bosom of its God, to
remain forever happy in communion
with the Father and with the angels.
m B- S. It.
Died At Weeping Water, August
22d, Samuel, infant son of S. It.
and C. I. Smith, aged 8 months.
But now he is dead, wherefore should
I fast? Can I bring him back again? I
shall go to him but he shall not return
to me. II. Samuel, 31, 23.
We are desired to call attention to the
Pact that evening services, at the Epis
copal Church, will be held at half past
seven, instead of eight o'clock, hereafter.
At the late Episcopal Council held in
Omaha, Bishop Clarkson, among other
things,"recoinmendcd a
Bishop Clarkson said that some of the
dioeoes havecelebrated a Harvest Home
Festival, and in no other had all the peo
ple seemed to be so entirely gratified.
The time is right after gathering in of
tlu harvests. He gave notice of the
first of these festivals to be held in this
diocese on Thursday, the 3d of October.
Cass county made a very good show
ng at the Stati Fa ir, Ilesser and Smith
on vegetables and flowers, Woods, Por
ter, Sage and others on stock, Waikeron
fruit, all come in for a share of the pre
miums awarded. But a few years and
Nebraska will rank with any eastern
State in fruit culture and the raising of
blooded stock of all kinds.
They say everybodi' was out to Lin
coln. We fancy everybody must have
brought his wife and children, and father
and mother, and all his "folks " rela
tions, by th-a looks of things down there.
Azro Smith. E-q , showed a melon
weighing 40 pounds, and some potatoes
that made the strangers there open their
eyes, it was no use to open ineir
mouth,' for big as some of thorn were,
the potatoes would more than fill them.
Old Phutsmouth, with its cool river
and shady trees, looked good to day,
after the heat and glow ef the prairie
down at Lincoln, yesterday.
Our desk and table bear evidence of
the kindness of Mr. Lee Wright, this
morning, as well as tne iact mat ne is
one of our most successful fruit cultur-
ists. Ten different varieties of apples,
and a number of specimen clusters of
grapes, show conclusively that Mr. W.
knows how to make rich and luscious
fruit grow where but a few years ago
there was none. The Ionia, Concord,
Isabella and Delaware were all repre
sented in the specimens and ad were
very fine indeed. Mr. Wheeler informs
us that Mr. Wright's apples were really
the finest shown at Lincoln, though ow
ing to some informality in entering them
no premium could be awarded.
' Our ITe-w Tostage Law.
The public seems to have overlooked
a provision in the new postage law,
adopted at the last session of Congress
and now in force, providing that pack
aces of dry gvl;s hardware and other
merchandise, weighing twelve ounces or
les, may n ibuik-u t . any part 01 the
United States n: a u.iii .riii rate of two
cents for each t ounces. Thus a
package weighing twelve ouiices may be
sent bv mail to auv part of the Union
for twelve cents. In England this fea
ture is called the Parcel Post system,
and the English people avail themselves
of it to an immense extent. V hen gen
eraliy understood among our people it
will tirobablv become very popular and
may cut largely into the business of the
expres companies. If a man can send
a twelve ounce package from Indianapo
lis to New York or San Francisco by
mail for twelve cents, he will not be likf
ly to pay the express company four or
five times that amount. But if the gov
ernment can afford to carry it for twelve
cents, the express company can do the
same, and the result may simply be
that on small packages tho express com
panies wi;l reduce their charges to gov
ernment rates. d&w-ot
Wm. Stadelmann, Esq., has returned
from Chicago where he bet $5,000 on
Grant, and brought the bisrscst stock of
goods in the clothing line that ever came
to Nebraska by the same hands. lie ex
pects to sell them out cheap, and every
body should get a full suit at once.
There was a premium offered fur the
best, easiest digested and most nutri
tious fowls, offered at our late State fair.
and who do you think were the commit
tee to decide on this important fact.
Elder Sbinn, Rev. Mr. Maxfield and
Bro. Swartx.
' -Now, if that wasn't a good ehiclcen
committee, we neTcr eaw onCj that's all
Corrected List of Czdifei Voters cf Ilatts
nonti Precinct. Ca:s Cc-inty, ITeb.
Adams Jabob
Akerson M.
Ahl Lawrence
Beverage G W
Bevins Auuustu3
Bevorage C N
Brooks Al!en
Cola Shadraeh
Cum mil! s J C
Clapp li
Iavis Edwin
Dodse M
P-Jircn ABC
Eikenburg Henry
Frekler Geooge
Frtkler Gotfred
Gra. man Jacob
Gansemcr Peter
Howiaud Henry
Hammond G Mi
I lovkel-ory Wm
J a a. son John
Kennedy E R
Karnes Alx
Klepsor Andy
Livingston J
Adams J W
Anderson Henry R
Aker-on Peter
Becson OH
BasW B
Beverage John
Cook Joseph
Cole Z W
(Map.. L
IK.11 J J F
Pk-ken-on L
Dash George
Ferree Uriah W
Fosdick S
Gilmour Wm
Gansciner John
Hunter R
lltirniiiti C J
IfubLnd D
J can Nel.-on
Karnes Jolm-on
Kinsor G W
Kennard E A
Lcaiiey Joseph
Maxwell S j
Leahv John
McC ul lock Z P
Montgomery II K
Martin Wm II
Moore John
Moore J
Owen T S
Patton G M
Pitz Peter
Petiit Joseph
Qacry John
Richie J C
Robert J
Russell C
Rickli Arthur
Shcrwin II L
Shoop Iler-hey
Snyder Henry
Snvder John
Scott J M
SchiMknectt W II
Sase II W
Todd TJ
Turner Allen
Wright L M
Watson J
Wiles Stephen
Wiles Thomas
W el born R W
Wainscott Joseph
Wehrbein F Sr
Walker Robert
Murray Wm 11
McMullin D
Newton John
Orville James
Porter Wm B
Peak Orcn
Paeket E
Qainn L
Richie John
Ree.-e R J
Roxby John
Rubernieh Henry
Rherinfrank P P
Shepatd Wm H
Smith O S
nyder Wm
Spangler Henry
Smith li W
Sturd Joseph
Taylor A li
Todd A B
Williams Perry
Watson 11
Woodruff Wm B
Wiles Isaac
Wiles J M
Wra!ker L
Wright J II
Weh:beiu F Jr
Notice to the qualified
vovers of
Plattsmouth Precinct:
You are hereby notified to appear at
my residence tor the purpose of register
ing and correcting any errors that may
be in the above ust, on .Monday and
uesda. the Twenty-third and lwenty-
fourth days of September, 1S72.
We asked the jovial Vivian for a local
item, Monday, and he grulfly an
swered "write up the mud, 'nough local
for a week."
Mud is a hydrophrsphatic compound
that elongates the pedally extremetics of
mman bipeds in transvere directions as
hey propel themselves horizontally along
he upper perihelion of the the subma-
ine hemi.-phere and often causes a lati
udinal catastrophe to take the plaee of
the perpendicular status by which .man
kind are supposed to peregrinate.
Mud is of two kinds, clean mud and
dirty mud. Clean mud is the kind little
boys get on their clothes and little legs
and so on, when they wade round in the
puddles Saturday afternoons when school
is out, and that their mamas never whips
em for.
Dirty mud is when the '"buss" goes
tha-chuck over the cross walk into mud-
holes, just as you are crossing the street,
and your new pants and shiny boots gets
a dose, or else when a big pig chases a
little pig down the side walk on a ra.ny
day, and the little pig don't see nothin',
and ycu don't see nothin,' till all "to
onc't" you both sit down in the gutter.
This is dirty mud.
(To be continued, if it don't clear up
and dry up. )
Especial attention is called to the bids
for erection of a County Poor House on
the Poor Farm. Plans and specifica
can be seen at Vallery & Buffner's store,
and all particulars ascertained there.
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dis
pensary, headed Book for the Jlillion
Marriage Guide in another column. It
should be read by all. decldiwly.
P01TY TE1333AP2.
Our fiiend, T. A. Riordan, got himself
fixed out the other day with a "lcctle"
private telegraph of his own from here
to East Plattsmouth. "Tim." does not
want to be running out in the cold this
winter so much smart boy.
Capt. Wiles handed us the Registra
tion List for the Plattsmouth precinct
this morning and the same will be found
in this week's issue. We call attention
to the fact that the time is short for
such notices, and it is time they were
handed in. Bring them along, at once,
gentlemen Registrars,
Q7I7E. a seitsatio::.
A Ecrse Ttief Causht.
Ti3 Sheriff ani Ei Buttery Take a Little
ia Theirs ; Soae Shooting, See.
Monday evening, just about paper-
time, our boy came rushing up with
llOh, Mr. Mac ! if you go up the street
you can get the best item out." Well,
what is it? "A man fhot two times at
the sheriff and then shot himself, and
he's dead now, up in Buttery's barn."
Throwing on our coat, we hurrried up
to the Livery stable of Buttery & La
zenby, and f und a large crowd gathered
there. The Sheriff and Ed. Bntterv
were just taking a pale, desperate look
iug fellow away in a carriage. From
cuienn tJonnson ana .nr. ivi .uuttery
we learn the following
facts :
Sometime about noon, Tuesday,
stranger, apparently of Jewish descent
made hisappearancean 1 wanted to trad
off-a pair of horses and a buggy, thai he
sail he had at the barn of I'eter Bates
Mr. K. Buttery went over there and saw
the horses, and no sooner did he clap
eyes on them than he knew them to b
ironi James fctephenson s stable, at
Omaha, and suspecting something h
put the etraoge man. off wjth the CJcqfi
that thi monies he wou'd like to trade
were out, but if he would come lack in
nn Iinnr fir so thev mi srht trade. But
tery then went down town to Wm. Stad
elmann, (Stephenson's brother in-law),
and advised him of the fact.
A telegram was sent to Stephenson,
at once, describing the horses, and the
answer came back quick and 6harp,
'Have such a team out -.arrest the man
and keep the horses."
Sheriff Johnson and Mr. Buttery then
arivi tn hunt Mr. horse thief up. As
they walked up Fourth street they eaw
him sitting in the door of the barn. As
they approached he got up and walked
towards the small door at the east side
of the barn. The Sheriff walked down
that way, and Mr. Buttery said "Sheriff,
this is the man you are after." Before
the words were out of his mouth the fel-I'-.-.v
uii-w a pistol fiom his pants pocket
a:.d tired at the Sheriff, the bullet grazing
the hair on E. Buttery's head. Sheriff
Ji hnson grabbed tho hand with the re
volver in i:, and Buttery went for the
otlur; in the melee the thief managed
to cock and pull the trigeer twice more,
but the pistol missed fire. The third
time, just as his e'bnw bent upward, the
shooting iron happily went off.aga n,
the ball knocking two of his teeth out
and lodging in the roof of his mouth.
When the blood spirted out, Mr.
horse thief wilted down on the floor and
played pos-uiu awhile ; but finui:i2 that
was no go, he "came to," was put in a
caniage and driven to the Platte Valley
House, where Doctor Livingston probed
the wound, and finding nothing danger
ous, the Sheriff removed him to the
county jail to await further orders.
This morning Mr. Stephenson came
down from Omaha, claimed his team,
and stated that the man gave his name
as Antonie Lansing, and hired tho team
to go ten miles north. The Omaha
whisky being very confusing, he drove
straight south, and after trying his best
to shoot our Sheriff and our jolly livery
man, Mr. Buttery, he will probably
serve a campaign or two at breaking
stone, if not put on a larger tour.
The Sheriff of Omaha comes down to
morrow to remove him to Douglas coun
ty. Cass is a poor place for horse
thieves to come to as long as Joe. John
son is Sheriff.
corxcii. raocKEDixGs.
Council Chamber, Sept. 17, '72.
Council met pursuant to adjournment.
Prcsent Mayor, Aldermen Buttery,
Fitzgerald, A man, Clerk and Marshal.
The minutes of previous meetings
read and approved.
A communication from F. S. V lute,
asking permission to move his Irame
huilding, situated on the corner of Main
and Sixth street, was presented, and on
motion referred to Committee on Fire
and Water.
A petition, asking permission to build
, " L X 1 ! I
a siae wait, commencing at aaum&.uu
avenue, running north to Elm street, on
the west side of Sixth street.
On motion, referred to Committee on
Highways and Bridges.
A remonstrance io regard to changing
side walk from the east to west side of
Chicago avenue, presented, and
On motion, referred to Committee on
liirhways and Bridges.
The Council then proceeded to can-
. . .! 1.1) '
vass tne vote 01 me eiucuon neiu in
'lattsmouth city, on the 31st day of Au-
ust, 1872, for Railroad Bonds and Tax,
with the following result : For Bonds
nd Tax, 217 votes; against Bonds and
ax, 4 votes.
On motion, the bonds were declared
arried. and the Clerk was instructed to
have the f-ame published two weeks in
he Nebraska Weekly Herald.
On motion, Council adjourned.
ttest: M. L. WHITE,
R. II. Vanatta, Mayor.
City Clerk.
Tf you get there before I do,
Why ttop at Vivian's Grocery too ;
And buy your goods so neat and cheap,
That all your neighbors'!! want to peep
In and see what he has got.
59-1 w
Waterman & are Son selling sidewalk
plank at $24 per thousand. 47dtf
Fine fresh peaches at Streight &
Black's; $1.40 per box. Gldlw
There are a great many things that
mipht be written about mnd without
saying anything that would tend to
i..:j .t, e ii, ,Tnl
r f ,
com position. It is one of the clearest
subieets a men can write about ; for has
it not become a nroverb. as clear as
mud." The definite nature of its ex-
, j - . j . i
istenco can no more be donated than
that Diogenes sat in a tub. In this
country it is slippercr than a political
fact, and greasier than a "soap fat man"
in July. The attraction of cohesion be-
tween it anu ltsmoiuer eanuis nun ueic,
while its extraordinary laculty ot ad he-
sicn when spattered over a new silk
itiereu over a new sus
two hundred and forty
it and more Productive
it, ana more productive
silk dress, is
above Farenhei
of profanity than the news from North
Carolina. As it is still raining there will
be plenty of mud to write about to-nior
row, and for the present we'll flounder
out of the mud.
Legal Notice.
Samuel Berliner is hereby notified
that on the 3d day of August, 1Si2,
Tootle, Farleigh & Co., filed their peti
tion in the Di.-tnct Court of the Second
Judicial District in and for Cass County,
Nebraska ; the object and prayer ot aid
petition is to foreclose a certain mort
gage on the h. ot IjOI 6, in Block 3o in
Plattsmouth city, Nebraska, in which
you oiiiiui some interest, executed by r.
S. hite, Diana hiu Augustus
Ctiiers and Lovina Spiers, to Tootle, Far-
U'isrh & Co., on or about the 20th day of
June, 1871, to t-ecure the payment of
certain promissory notes, culling lor the
sum of six hundred and rixtv-three
dollars and seventy-five cents, (JGf3 75),
and praying that an account may be had
of the amount due said Tootle, Farleigh
i Co., and that said property may be
sold, to -ati.-fy the same. You are re
quired to answer said petition on or be
fore the 2Sth dav of October, 1872
By Maxwell & Chapman,
24w5 Attorneys.
For the delivery of the brick necessary
ior ine wno:e miikling.
For buildinir the brick work and nlas
tering the buiiding, the contractor fur-
ui-ning an the materia except the brick.
1 or all carpenter s work, including all
the necessary material for doing the
For all painting, graining., and glazing,
including all materials for the same.
For ail dressed stone-work, water-table,
door and window sills.
For terra cotta caps for windows and
For all iron and tin work
Bids will also be received for any num
ber of the above items, and also for the
erection of the entire building.
PI ans and spec.fieations to whieh the
work and materials must all conform,
can be seen on and after September 14th,
1872, at the office of the City Clerk, in
Plattsmouth, and at the office of ( harles
F. Driscoll, architect, Omaha, Nebraska.
The contract for building the founk
tiou of said School House, is to be com
pleted by thi 1.1th of October, 1S72, ar.d
two stories of the brick wrk to be
erected by the 20th of December, 1873,
if not hindered bv unfavorable we.-ithnr.
The whole building to lie finished com
plete 111 all its parts by August I.-t, 1S72.
'I he person or persons receiving the
award of contract will b? required" to ex
ecute a bond with good and sufficient
security for the faithful perl'jrmanee
1 he Council reserve the ri dit 10 r-
ject any and all bids offered, if deemed
to the interest of tho city so to do.
Mi nhly payments of eighty-five per
cent will be made as the work progresses
and the materials are furnished.
John Fitzgerald.) t h
J. 11. Hi tter v, V nBu,"!,,,5
M. L. White, j Committee
Plattsmouth, Neb., Sept. 11, 1S72. 2t
El ection Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that on Tues
day, the 8th day of October next, at the
usual places of holding elections, an
Election will be htld for the purpose of
One Member cf Congress, 1 Governor,
1 Chief Justice. 2- Associate Justices.
1 Secretary of State, 1 Auditor, 1 State
Treasurer, 1 .Attorney General. 1 States
Pri.-on Inspector, A District Attorney
for the Second Judicial District
One State Senator for the Fourth
Senatorial District, composed of the
County of Cass. Two Members of the
House of Representatives for the Fourth
Representative District, composed of
the County of Cass.
One Member of the House of Repre
sentatives for the Twenty-fifth Repre
sentative District, composed of the
Counties of Cass. Sarpy, Dou-dass,
ashington, and Dodge.
One County Commissioner for Cass
County, from tho Third District.
One Precinct Assessor for each Pre-
"UJ'- . .
. ninr- K .:
0I,en untji c Q- ciocu :n the Afternoon
of the same day
Jjy order of the County Commissioners,
1. W. McKlNNON. Clerk.
This 3d day of September, 1S72.
By an ap ointment of the State Super
intendent, a. Teacher's Institute for Cass
county will be held at Plattsmouth, to
commence on Tuesday the 17th instant,
and to continue through the week.
Prof. J. M. McKenzie will be present to
join with us in our work. We hope to
see the teachers of the county all unite
with zeal in giving renewed impulse to
the entercst of education in our county,
and in no way can this be more effectu
ally accomplished than by the inspira
tion which springs from united, zealous,
enthusiastic action. Come, teachers,
let us make common stock of the best
ideas and most improved methods in our
possession for the successful prosecution
of our profession. Let it not be said of
us that we are absent because we are
afraid of the light, or of the exposure of
our ignorance. If we enter into the work
with the proper spirit with a desire to
arm ourselves most thorouh!y for the
efficient discharge of the responsibilities
which we assume, we shall all be found
in our places on the 17th instant to take
an active part in the proceedings of the
Institute. Come, let us have a good so
cial and cordial interchange of sentiment
and professional sympathy.
We may add, that the citizens of
Plattsmouth and vicinity will kindly
open their houses for the hospitable en
tertainment or all teachers who may at
tend the session of the Institute.
Sup't Pub. Inst. Cass Co.
2.1 w2.
Probate Notice.
I hereby cive notice to all concerned
that a Will purporting to be the last
will and testament of Shepherd Duke,
deceased, late of Cass county and State
of Nebraska, has been hied in the othec
0f the Probate Court ot said county and
that a hearing will be had at ruv office
in the city of Plattsmouth, in said coun-
ty on the 21st day of September, at one
., . M. of said dav en the annli-
cation, to prove and admit said Will to
Probate, at which time and place ail
persons interested in said estate are re-
quested to appear and it they see nt con
i t j WilI (Q probate.
Given under my hand and seal at my
office this HMh day tit August, A. L.,
1- lmn,
D"w3t Probate Judge
Scaled proposals will be received at
the office ot County Clerk ot Cass Uoun
tne omce 01 county triers 01 cass wmn-
ty, Nebraska, until 10 o'clock A. M., on
the 21st dar of September, 1872, for the
f ; h5n of luateri:ll3 and construction
o- the Uoiinty Poor House, on the Poor
Farm two and a half miles west of Platts
mouth. The building to be constructed
in accordance with a Plan and cpecifica
tions to be seen at the store ot Messrs.
Vallery & Ruffner.
Ihe person or persons receiving the
award of contract will be required to exe
cute a liond, with good and suthcient
security, in twice the amount ot the con
tract, lor the faithluli performance there
For further particulars inquire of Ja
cob allery. Jr
Ihe County Commissioners reserve the
right to reject any or all ot the bids,
By order of the Board.
Ii. A LB IN",
dG3-w24-2w Chairman.
Proposals for Bids. -
Sealed proposals will be received by
the City Council of the City of Platts
mouth, Cass County, Nebraska, at the
office of the city Clerk in said city, for
the erection of a brick School Building,
situated within said city, until 7 o'clock
P. M. of the 21st day of September 1872
Separate bids will be received tor:
Furnishing the btone delivered on the
arrnund for the foundation.
For building the foundation including
the necessary excavation and furnishing
gartd nod lim.
nmmu toipmw of! Env
Coniintntal Inilbing, Uos.
JUSTUS LAWRENCE. President. J. P. ROGERS, Secretary.
Enterprising JEconomic(tf9 lAbcral,
Ku m her Pot i Pies issued to .Tun. 1, 1ST2 ....-15.00n
Nutnlifr IViieuL'3 i-nueil and revived in 1S71 Ii.-V'l7
ASjfKTTss, jan. l, is72 . ...7,.-J05,a-V0
,Thifl Comi-MTIT i Pdfolr f tititiil !p it nnrjtiinil il i i-i.l in If until uriili)fl imnnff it Puli-
cy, hulders. annuallv, Ug the "( ontribuiwn Plan."
expense to income, than have ever been attained
lieno r in im nistory.
Its tot aI ASr-vt nre flllfTlion I to d i -nil -li-ita u.' I
its stock cxpi'al, and leave as a bain nee mure than
Tliis Company Issued XVlorc Policies
IjST 1871THA.N
ilxiTf Otiisr Company in the Worl
janUMjtwtt Oeiieral Agenis, for Nebraska.
1872, 1872 1872.
Everybody, and more
To buy
Tbe best and most oompleto
Are now on exhibition at the New York Store, at greatly reauced price. We call particular
attention to our new styles of
.'of all kind and prices to suit cur numerqus customers. largo stock of
let, goijisiiir.
Dealer in Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Hats.
Caps, Boots & Shoes, Trunks
Valises & Carpet Bags, &a. ttc.
One of the Oldest and most lleliable
Houses in Plattsmouth. Main
Street, between 4th &; 5th.
Plantation Bitters.
s. T. I860 x.
This wonderful vegetable restorative
is the fehcet-anchor of the feeble and de
bilitated. As a tonic and cordial for tlu
aged and languid it ha3 no equal among
stomachics. As a remedy for the ner
vous weakness to which women are es
pecially subject, it is superseding every
other stimulant. In all climates, tropi
cal, temperate or frigid, it acts as a
speeifio in every species of disorder
which undermines the bodily strength
and breaks down the animal spirits.
Dee. 23. dAw lyr.
Beautiful Women.
KAGAN'S MAGNOOIA BALM gives to the Com
plexion the Freshness of Youth.
IIagax's maoxolia. Balm overcomes the
flushed vppearance caused by heat, fatigue and
excitement. It makes the lady of forty appear
but twenty, and so natural and perfeot that no
pcrfon can detect its application. Hy its use
the roughest fkin is made to rival the pure
radiant texture of youthful beauty. Itremoves
redness, blotches, and pimples. It contains
nothing that will injure the skin the least.
Macxolia Calm is used by all fashionable
ladies in New York, London and Paris. It
costs only 75 cents per Bottle, and u sold by all
Druggists and Perfumers.
Dec, 20. diw lyr e 3d w.
Sheriff Sale.
Electa G. Hasty Administratrix of the Estate
of Charles Hasty deceased, vs. Eminerson JI.
Eaton. By virtue of an order of ale issued out
rf thn Tlistriet Court in and for Cnss Co.. Neb..
and to me directed. I will on'the ltkh day of
September. A. D.iSTJ. at 10 o clock a. m.. ol said
day at the front door of the Court House iu the
City of PUttsmonth in said county, ofl'er for sale
at public auction the following; described real
ette, to-wit: Lots No. 7, H. y. 10. 11 and 12 in
(61 in the City of Plattsmouth.
C.Ats county. Nebraska Al o the southeast
ouarter C-4 of Section No twenty-four (21) jib
Township No. twelve (12 North of Range No,
twelve (12) East fthe sixth p. M. Also one
hundred acres effof the Northeast quarter l4)
rvf tirkn twintv five (l!i) i Town-hio No.
twelve (12) North of Kansre No. twelve (12) Last
of the sixth p. all situated in Cacs county.
Neb. To be sold to satisty a judgment and order
n(lp nnriar nn attachment rendered at the
November terin A. D. ISTU. of the sai l District
Court in lavor of tho said Ilaiutiffand against
tUe said defcnlBt.
Given under uy hand this Srh ay of August
SneriffCuss Co.. Nebraska.
Pottenger, Fox & Wheeler, Attorneys for
24, 2G & 28Xhsssu Bt
and has a l;irner business and a lower ratio of
by any otlier Company ut a Corresponding
1 i 11 ir:w i nl n 1 tntr m-i rwi r in ti itf li'r nil
a MILL 10 . of earned surplus.
too. are going- to
Obf:cb Ch. Qb. M" it. Dept. I'lattb, 1
Omaha. Nkb. Sept. 2,
SKALKD LIDS, in duplieate, with guarantee
pigned by two responsible partio, not bid
ders will be received at this ollice until eleven
o'clock A. M.. on Thursday. October li. 1872. for
the delivery at Omaha Depot. Nebraska, from
time to time as required, of
00,000 bushels of Oats,
70,000 bushels of Corn,
or any part thereof.
Bids to be endorsed on the envelope, '"Bids
lor forage."
The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.
Blank bids furnished, and general conditions
made knevrn on application at this office-
23w-4t Cli.. Qr.. Mr . Dept. Platte.
A Heavy Stock of Goods
No Jlenti and 2Vb Intermit on liorroteed Cnpi-
tal to be Made Ojf Outumer 1 1
Es a DOtfEY,
North sile Main between Second and Third ets.
Takes pleasure in announcing iv
Farmers and Mechanics,
That he has as larte and well selected stock of
Ury uoous, uroceries. i-rovis-ions, as t
ever brought to the city of Plattsmouth
S-It will cost you nothin to look nt them
whether you buy or not. Uy examining the
pricds at the "OLr UK LI A RLE" j ou will be
able to tell when other parties trv to swnulie
you 71-wtf-2.rdtl.
The best books publUhed on the IIorsk and
the Cow. Liberal terms. Money rrade rpil
ly by Aeents selling these books. Seud lor
CirCUlilrP0RTER k COATES. Publishers.
Philadelphia. Pa.
Legal Notice
Matthias Spohn vs. Christian SchluDtx.
TOTICE is hereby given, that we will offer
S at nublic sale, at the front door of the Court
House, in I'latlsraouiti, uass county, .teorawaa.
on Monday tbe 4th day of November. 172. at
1 o'clock P. at-, on said day, the following real
estate, to wit: Lots one. two. three, ten, elev
en and twelve, in blork Xo. six west, one south,
in the town of Rock Blutl's. Cass county Nebras
ka, with all the buildings and appurtenam-es
thereunto belongiug. to be sold under an order
of sale in pa titin mads by the District Court.
.f the 2J Judicial District, in and for Ca.-s coun
ty, Nebra-ka. on the 12th day of February. A.
I. 172- Trms of -ile: One-third cash, one
thirl in one year, and one-third in two years,
with interest on deterred payments at 10 per
cent, James M. Patters.
Conrad Hkiskl. and
Gkobgk E. Dba pkr.
By Maxwell A- Coapm -s. Referee.
D'ii fit Attorneys f r Plaintiff.
1 -fc"-intrf
J. Wilxib, IVoprUtor. R. II. MrIHL A C., Urvnrtou 9
AfMte, Sm k'rmueitc; Cl and M Cuwitt lri, N.M
MILLIONS Bear Testimony ( thell
Wonderful Curative EJTecte.
Tbcy are not a vile Fancy Drlak, Mad of roof
Rim, Whlakey, 1'roof Hplrlte and Itefnan
Llqaora doctored, npiced and sweetened to pleaae tin
taatcc:dled "Tonics." Apiwtlsers," "iletoreri,"JiC.
that lead the tippler ou to drunkenness and mirt.but sr
a true Modicino.uiade front tho Kativ Rnot and Herb
of California, free from sill A looked Ic Ml I mil'
Innta. Tlicy are the liltEAT ni.OOII PI KI
FIEIland A LIFE (ilVlXfl I'll I XC! I'LE
fe perfect IleiioTator and InrtKorntor of the Syntctn,
carrying off all poioonous matter and restoring theliluod
to a healthy condition. No person can take thane Bit'
tcrs according to directions and remain long onwsU,
provided their bones are not destroyed by mineral
poison or other means, and the vluil organs waatexl
beyond tho point of repair.
They nre a (.entle I'argntlve aa well ne tt
Tonic, possessing, also, the )culiar merit of actluej
as a powerful sRcnt In relieving Cungrntion or In (Ism.
tnatlon of tho I.lrer. and all the Vlseoral Organs.
old, married or single, at ilie dawn of womanhood or si
the turn of life, tlicne Tonic Biteers have no )ual. '
For Inflammatory and t'kroulc Kkeama'
Ham and foaf, Ilyapcpainv or Indlgrsiaa
Unions, Krinltlent rind Iiitrrinlllcal Fe
vers, Diseases of the lllood, I.lvrr, KIsV
era aud III adder, theno Hitter hsve been moo
successful. Hack Diseases ore canard by Vitiated
lilood, which is generally produced by derangement
of the Digestive Orgnus.
kche. Palo la tbe Shoulders. Coughs, Tlgbtoese of the
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Cnictstioes of lbs Btmnsch,
Had Taste in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Pal filiation of
Ihe Heart, Inflammation of tho l.unga. Fain In lbs ro
(Ions of the Kkloers, and a hundred olber painful symp
toms, are the oOspiings of Prspcpsla.
Tbcy Invigorate tbe Stomach and stimulate thstorftf
Urer and Jlowels. which render fliera of uneqvalivl
tflicaer In cleansing lbs blood of all Imparities, and Im
ksrtlng new life and rigor to the whole srstom.
FOIl SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Tetter. Half
Rheam, Blotches, Spots, Pliuplsa, Pustules, Boils. Car'
itunetes. Ring-Worms. Besld Head. Bore Krej. Eryslpe .
las. Itch, (scurfs. Vtseolorstions of ths fki
fliseases of tbe Hkin. of whatev-r name or nature, are
Iterallv dug as and carried oat of the arstem in a short
lime br tbs use ot tttese Hitters. Ons bottle In ani ls
eases will convince the most Incredulous of ineir cura
tive effects.
Clesnss the Vitiated lllood whenever ynu find Its Im
parities bursting through tbe skin in Plmpine, Krojv.
lions or Sores ; clesnss it when you find it obstructed
and sluggish In tbs veins ; cleanse It when It hi fnnf
and your feelings will tell rou hen. Keep the Wuod?
are. and ths health of ths srstcm will follow.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms, lurking In tbs
17 stem of so moor thousands, are effectually destroyed
snd rnmoved. Pari a distinguished thvii1oifiat
there is scarcely an individual upon the lace of ths
earth Whose body is exempt from the presanee of
storms. It is not noon tbe healthy elements of th
body thst worms exist, bnt upon the diseao-d bnmnnr
snd slimy deposits thst breed these livins monster of
disease. No tfystora of Medictue. no vermifuiree, ne
ntbelininlics will freo tbe srstom from worms like
ese Bitters.
WALKER, Proprietor. R. II. McDONAI.D COL.
Druggists and Oen. Agents. Kan Francisco. California
ana j ami it commerce Bireot, new lors.
Mothers, Mothers,
Don'tall to j)rt,rnre Mr Winilov' SoolKinj'
Syrup for Children Teething.
This valuable preparation hns hoe flsed
It aot only relieves the child from piHu. MU
invigorates the stoimich an'l bo wets, wrwts
aeiiiity, arnl tives tone and enenry t the wholw
ey.teui. It will also instantly relieve
(trifling in the Ho writ ami W'inil Gtlre.
We believe it the bet and surest remedy itf
the worid. in all cases o Dysentery and iJiar--rh(-a
in children, whether arrifiDg from teeth
ins cr any other enure. '
.Depend upon it mothers, it will t;ira rest to
yourselvew. and
Keliefand Ilentth to Your Infant.
Bo sure pud call for
"Mrt, Winnlow't Sootning Syrup'."
Having the fic-imile of "CURTIS A TKR'
KlNS"cn the outwide wrapper.
Sold by Druggists throughout the world. 10
The Cheapest.
" if ill be found at bis old stand on Main
I T w
here he will be pleased to see bis for'
iner customers and friend
ne has a large and good assortment of farm)
machinery such as the
r Phe Slarsh harvester, a reaper that two mew
L can cut and bind ten acres per day with
one man to drive, and the binders can work ir
the thade.
Milburn snd Studenbaker Wagons, Hia!!--pion
Reapr .k Mower Massilloo Thrash'
er, anJ BurJnlo Pit thrasher, and Excelsior
Reaper and Mower Ao,-
Main Street, Plattsmouth, Neb.
L. S. Blair, Traveling Aent.
Feb. 29 wtf.
Gcoi F'icliler,
Plattsmouth; - IVebrask.i.
The bert of Fresh Meats always on Band
their season.
Ilighcst Price Paid for Fat Cattlo
-Highe.-t Cash Price paid for green llides.
For Preiervina"nd Oeaulifying the Hiimis Hsir
To Prevent its Falling Out d Tummg Gray.
A well-preserved Head uf Hair. i m perron fef
midn fcge, at once bespeaks refinement, ele
gance, health and beauty. It may truly bo
called Woman's Crowning Glory, while men
are not insensible to Us advantages and charms.
Few things -are more digui'io than thin,
fr'uily, harsh, untamed Hair, with head and
coat covered with DandrafT. Visit barber
and you feel and look like a nw xaan. This is
what LYON'S K4.THAIRON will do all th
tiino. The charm which, lie ia well placed
Hair. Glossy Curls. Luxuriant Tresses, and s
Clean Head, is noticeable and JrresUtable.
Sold by all DruggisU and Couutry Store.
Jan. 2d. lw every 3w