Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, September 05, 1872, Image 3

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    sw VHfJ
Wheat, 75S0 ; tarley, 2030 cents
corn, 1718 cents.
Business is still on the increase in our
town. Tho grain keeps rolling in, and
1 v the wav. new trrain buyers seem
he rushins in. We don't think there
will be much need of private shipments
The competition of business men m the
days regulates the profits.
tlm ,ost Unkind Powder in the
marketTry Dr. Chapman's. 17wtf.
The Editor of the "Perhaps" inti
mates that ho is a judge of the kind o
verses that "adorn' ' &c. , &c. Maybe ho
knows how it is himself. J ust like him
sold at less than cost, fto
goods given away, tut good goods at the
lowest prices for cash, at
. lltf. Clark & Pixmmers.
Plattsn:outh, Neb.
Scholars are rushing in from the coun
try to Prof. d'Allemand'a Academy, and
lilling up the house again.
You can buy ladies' Gaiters, very neat
i. 1 SO at tho Plattsmouth Shoe
Store. apr-itf
At Lincoln opens to day, and bids fair to
bo a success. Maj. Wheeler informs us
that the entries were numerous, and the
interest manifested by the people all over
the State, gave assurance that it would
"be largely attended. Three or four ex
tra cars are run out on tho track by our
door this morning, and things look as if
something was going on up the road
towards Lincoln.
Dr. O. B. Chapman is now agent for
Siint Louis Enameled Paints. The
farmor'a favorite. 17wtf
HA3317I3 p2e:sntatio:t.
Our respected brother and talented
Professor, d'AllemaDd was the recipient
of a very fine Medal, from his brethren
of Plattsinouth Lodge No. 6, A. F. &
A. M.
The "good words" accompanying the
presentation are too long to copy here,
but they express the highest regard for
Prof. d'Allemand, and wish him some
thing better than a Sccretasyship here
after. Vivian's is tho place to buy your gro
ceries and provisions. 20tf
Comment on the nominations of Lin
coln at this stage of the game are unne
cessary. They have one or two good men, Dcm
jocrats, on the ticket. Not a Lib (except
John it. Clark) that can carry a respect
.able corporals guard, at home even.-
Yeu can buy men's shoes ( good) for
$2 00 at tbs Plattsmouth Shoe Store.
E. S. Child, of Glen lak makes the
Herald a present of some of the nicest
plums of the season, great, rich, luscious
fellows, that have had all the pucker
taken out of them by a generous sun,
.and are just sweet.
O'Brien & Merges, at the Plattsmouth
Shoe Store, make to order, at reduced
prices, the very best class of French
Calf Boots, Shoes, &e., all st3les of
ladies' Bronze, Glove and White Kid
.Shos aal 6lippers, niade to order.
Dovey says: "They needn't send
Col. Warner to Washington, as most any
old woman would go for half pries, and
do just as well if not better."
This would save the country some
money and prevent corruption.
Pupils from the county and State are
.coming in fast to the school of Prof. A.
TO3 r.. E. ec:td3
.are def.atcd in Oreopolis and Liberty
precincts we arc informed. Iu Platts
mouth city, Plattsmouth precinct, and
Hock Bluffs they carried without scarce
ly a dissenting vote. We rather guess
it will be county bonds now or none if the
.company do not, as they probably will
not, accept the bonds of these three
The Omaha Herald has a long and
spiteful editorial calling Hitchcock and
Cunningham hard names, and again re
iterating his "belief" that Cunningham
is a bad, corrupt man. This means that
.the Herald is driven to the wall. The
raking fire of the Nebraska Herald,
has driven it to abandon squibs and
quirks and "perpendiculars," and come
down on a column and a half editorial.
His belief! 1 What's that ?
Lincoln, Neb.,
:ept. 2.
Seven hundred and fifty entries for
the State Fair up to S r. M. All trains
.are loaded with people and articles for
exhibition. Extra trains arrived on the
.M. P. and other roads. The prospects
are that it will be far ahead of any pre
vious fair.
SA13 EE2S.
A New Jersey editor publishes the
following '"nctis to the public
"No notis will be took fiom this date,
hereafterward, ov letters that haint got
a postoffice onto them. Don't write
only on one side of the manuscript and
don't on that. Dorx't send a manuscript
unless you" can read it after it gets dry
We pay all the way up-hill, from ten
cents to one dollar for contributions, ac--cordinar
to length; and settlements
made promctTv at the end of the
next ensuins vear. Poetry and
prose pieces are respectfully solicited
The highest market prices paid for aw
ful railroad smashes and elopements with
another man's wife. No swearing aloud
in our paper."
MARRIED At the residence of the
bride s lather, on the evening of the
2Vth, ult., by the Rev. Simon P. Bar
rows, Mr. George II. Worms nnrl
Miss Eddie C. Clark, all of Weeping
Accompanying tho above was a mys
terious looking package, which, upon
opening was found to contain wedding
cake, rich and swtet, and as we eat it,
we wish the happy couple all the happi
ness that can fall to the lot of mortals on
this earth.
Married By the Rev. Mr. Presson,
at the residence of the bride, Mr. E
Kennedy to Miss Almeda Colvin.
The license was made out "first hand,"
by J udge Ellison, with the greatest oT
pbasure, and we wish the happy pair
a long life and the best of success.
OHccoIa Nurseries Get as eir Home
ns I'osslble.
W. II. Brown, the Agent for these
well known Nurseries, is in town, solicit
ing orders for Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Flowers, Bulbs, and Green House
Plants. Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay demanded. W. II. B.
3Sdl w-wtf
VE2SE3 THAT "ATCS1T, &c, &c."
"Grant Grape Shot."
"Political Pilla."
"Campaign Texts." '
Henry Wilson's speeches that he nev
er made.
Capt. Warner's titlo ef Colonel, that
he never won.
"Dr. Livingstone's Ujiji."
" Special telegrams to the Watch-
"Too thin hireling a dog with a
collar on Grantite Quack!"
" Mastication and deglutition," for
plain eating grapes.
"Ill of old age"
For thin talk generally, and awful good
grammar, see Watchman any night.
For IacC of time and e pace we have
been unable to notice the welcome arri
val of Deuiorcst'sMd:ith!y Magazine for
September, the most enterprising of the
magazines devoted to fashion. It con
tains a charming penal, "Bec'c at the
Farm," an J several shorter stories equal-
good. An excellent supplement t,
containing a full sized pittcrn of the Yon
Radea mantle now so universally worn,
and a great varie'y of interesting matter.
n addition to the price of subscription
to this magazine, two beautiful chriinos
re offered of the Yosemite, and Niaga
ra, ralls to each subscriber, ror iurther
information address
W. Jennings Demorest,
83S Broadway, New York City.
We acknowledge, with thanks, the
following sheet music from the enter
prising firm of Mueller & Powell, Coun
cil Bluffs :
One Good Turn Deserves Another
The Hero of the Wilderness II.
Kiss Mc, Love, Before I Go Wm.
Cherrv Ripe C. E. Howe.
A Light Possession Raumann.
Accompanying these was their August
Julletin of New Music, comprising a
varied list, hoth of vocal and instrumen
tal. Our musical fraternity cannot do
better than to give them a trial.
WEEriNU Water, Aug. 01, 1S72.
The convention was called. to order by
J. II Presson, of Plattsmouth, wto
nominated Dr. W. S. Latta, of Rock
Bluffs, for temporary Chairman, and L.
F. Reed was elected Secretary.
On motion, J. II. Presson, D. C.
Fleming and Mr. Murphin were appoint
ed Committee on Credentials.
After a brief Statement of the objects
of the convention Messrs Waugh, Fold
cn, Kenaston, Jenks and Ruby, were
appointed a committee on nominations.
Convention then took a recess for one
hour, to sive the committee time to re
port, and allow some who were members
of the Republican convection to attend
that convention.
At '. o'clock the committee on
nomination reported the following for
delegates to the Lincoln convention :
Arnold, J. II. Presson, D. C. Flem-
f IT . a T 11 i i yv 1f
ing, i. i'j. oo us, A. Li. roiuen, u. w.
Bent, C. M. Shclton, Isaac Wiles, O.
Tefft, W. S. Latta and II. E. Ellison.
The following rosolution was then pre
sented and unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That it is the sense of this
convention, that the Lincoln convention
should present the people of the State a
Temperance ticket ; that ticket to be
made up of men already nominated by
the other parties of this State, provided
enough temperance men can be round
who will consent to stand i n a temperance
platform ; otherwise, to fill the vacan
cies from the temperance men of the
The following were then appointed as
members of the Central Committee :-
Plattsmouth 1st ward T. W. Shry.
ock ; 2nd ward J. W. Barnes; 3rd
ward II. E. Ellison.
Plattsmouth Precinct W. -G. Wood
Rock Bluffs Dr. W. S. Latta.
Liberty N. G. Douge.
Avoca Mr. Trumbull.
Weeping Water L. F. Reed.
Tipton O. W. Bent.
Greenwood J. Wesley Barr.
Salt Creek G. Mayfield.
Oreapolis T. Thomas.
Eight Mile Grove-J. D. Ruby.
31 1. Pleasant S. B. Ilobson.
Elmwood, South Bend and Louisville,
being unrepresented, tho Secretary was
authorized to correspond with the tem
perance men and fill vacancies.
On motion, L. F. Reed was elected
Chairman of Central Committee..
Rev. Mr. Arnold moved that we re
affirm the principles of the Lincoln Con
vention. Carriciv j.r.ajwnausly.
The ConveuCfiv ilian uidjo irned, sub
ject to to the .cSil .ctf -the Central Com
mittee. Da. W. S. LATrA.
L. F. Reed, Sec'. ChV
. There will be speaking at the Stove
Creek School House, in Stove Creek
Precinct, Wednesday, Sept. 11th, at 7
r. m.
Speakers from Plattsmouth and other
placcswill be present. Come and have
a good time, all ye that love to hear the
Remaining in the Plattsmouth
office, September 4th, 1872.
Augustus II
Bangus R
Bringman'O D
Deal F E L
Bignell Ed
Day J W
Downing John
Dufoe A II
Gumm Wm C
Hays Sherman
Holmes V. P
Jonea G II
Keys F E
Lytic F. B.
Mattson Peter
Nielson Jacob
Adams G W
Bailey D 0
Bittinger John
Bouton Chan
Day N C
Duval Peter
Dixon Mrs Frank C
Echols F S
Gumm A G
Ilillman & Burton
Ilartsel Leonard
Ki'.lburn F E
King C W
Walonia R A
Murry Lucrecia
Perkins E
Provard Robert
Say Miss Lizzie
Summers A
Sundell John
Walker A II
; Wm
Parson Emma
Sattler Michael
Styles Lena
Smith W
Williams Henry
When calling for these letters please
say "advertised."
Post Master.
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dis
pensary, headed Book for the Million
Marriage Guide in another column. It
should be read bv all. decldiwly.
It will be seen, by notice of the County
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
that we are to have a Teachers' Insti
tute, commencing on the 17th of Sep
tember. We certainly hope and expect
to see a good turnout of the Teac-hcr3 of
Cass, and are sure that our county will
not stand so low in the scale of Educa
tional matters as it did one year ao.
P. T. Francis, Esq., of Red Willow
county, Nebraska, and who is the Sur
veyor of that county, called upon us to
day. He informs us that the charges of
the Omaha Herald against Surveyor
Cunningham are entirely false a Lr.
Miller lie. Mr. Francis tells us that
they experienced no difficulty in finding
the corners. Press & Chronicle.
Our Saunders Co. Letter.
Eldred, August IS, 1S72.
Editor Herald : During the thun
der storm of Friday morning. lGth inst.
a stack of oats, belonging to Mr. Otto
Ostenberaj, residing upon section two,
Stocking Precinct, was struck by light
ning and totally consumed. Fortunately
for Mr. Ostenberg, he succeeded in
saving three wheat stacks, standing in
close proximity to the fire. Loss, some
300 bushels of o&ts.
The Wahoo 3Iills, owned by Messrs.
Ray & Flor, which were destroyed last
spring by high water, are being rebuilt,
on a safer basis, and will be completed
and ready for business in a few days.
Mr. R?y deserves much praise, for the
energy and perseverance displayed, in
getting these much needed mills ready
for the large crop of wheat which the
country has this year produced. Suc
cess toJiim.
The new mill of J. F. Roll & Co. is
now completed, and turning out an ex
cellent article of flour. Mr. Roll has
been quite unfortunate in losing two par
tially completed dams by high waters.
But, as usual, perseverance has won.
Our farmers are rejoicing over a boun
tiful linrvptit nf small trains, the most
, , ij.
of which has been secured, in exceilcnfc
condition, and for which they have a fair
prospect of obtaining reinueerative pri
ces. Corn, although re2rally late
planted, looks well. The la'te hot, dry
weather, had begun toiell upon some
field?, but the late rains have stopped
all of that, and now the prospect of a
bountiful crop is excellent.
Some few "carpet-baggers," not hav
ing the fear of defeat before their eyes,
and caring less for the interests of the
country than the gratification of their
cupidity, are quietly circulating Petitions,
asking for a re-location of the seat.
Verily ! verily 1 the end is not yet.
Our peeple are watching with deep in
terest, tho various moves upon the Rail
road checker-board of the State, and
earnestly hoping that some of them may
inure to our benefit.
Saunders must have more railroad fa
cilities, to enable her to move her im
mense surplus crop. Shall her farmers
be longer compelled to cross the Platte
river in search of a market? Railroad
men, we pause for a reply.
In political matters there is as yet but
little excitement. The Grant and Wil
son current, like our own Wahoo, runs
clear, deep and strong, sleeping before
it the thin film of "Greeleyism," which
whilom appeard on the surface. The
noble, manly and able letter of that
6tardy old "Democrat," George Becker,
of Binghampton, N. Y., is a squelcher
on Greeleyism. No honest Democrat,
after reading it, could vote for Mr. Gree
ley. Of more local interest is the question
of a County Commissioner, in the Third
District. Mr. A. Johnson, II., the pres
ent incumbent, like his great prototype,
A. Johnson, Presidential fame,
having been peculiarly successful in ren
dering himself unpopular. Few men
could be more successful in ignoring all
law, and crockodile like, taking the bit
in his teeth, nd running a fine county
to tho verge or bankruptcy, in twelve
short months, than he. MeDe ! mcne !
Tekell upharism ! appears to be written
,ta unmistakable characters all over him.
hc transit gloria mvndi!
Stock inc.
We have a law prohibiting the sale o
liquor on Sunday yet, do these men
who have proved their good moral char
acter refrain from selling intoxicating
liduors on Sunday? According to the
best evidence wo ha,ve, liquor was sold
in more places than one on Sunday, the
10th day cf August, A. D. 1872, and m
one place they were gambling for the
drinks. Shall we vindicate the law, aid
punish those who willfully and obstinate
ly set at defian:c the law after proving
their good moral character. It is pre
sumed, at least, that men after they
have established their character accord
ing to law would not violate tho law by
selling or giving liquor to minors, but,
is not this done every day?
The man who has to prove his good
moral character before he can engage in
a lawful business, ought to be willing to
abide by the law, and not take advan
tage of the ten free holders who have
shown him great kindness in stepping
forward to vindicate his good moral
We are opposed to the license law.
The object of good government is de
feated, the intelligence of the people in
suited, and the nchts of every cit zon
What do we understand by the license
law? 1st, it is wrong to sell without
license, 2d, governments have a right to
prohibit it entirely. Is it not an out
rage upon common sense that vice and
crime can be restrained by making them
the subjects of protection ? But say one
of the enthusiastic admirers, there is the
revenue. The revenuo from what ?
widow's tears, and orphan's groans, and
drunkard's blood. To make a revenue
out of these is a dreadful commentary
upon a christian and civilized country.
That which poisons the fountains of
all purity, the iniquities which time can
not repair. Fresh criminals come forth
every day to mourn . over, and punisli,
and pray for. Yet, we elevate this
prince to the rank of a civil functionary
of places of honor, trust, and profit.
Our legislators are often the "body
guard" of the demon intemperance
commissioning him for the publio good
to pour the stream of burning lava into
society. Against the demon oi intem
perance, tliat which is opposed to the
best interests of man for time and eter
nity, we wage an unceasing warfare.
Ohio Law.
Mrs. Angic Newman, of the Woman's
oreign Missionary Society, will speak
at the M. E. Church, Sunday evening
next, at half past 7 o'clock. Her sub-
ect will be
'the condition of the heathen
and what is now being done by tlie So
ciety for their amelioration."
I trut the friends of this noble enter
prise will all be present on that occasion.
Mrs Newman will endeavor to organize
a Society before she leaves the city, and
trust that she will have it to say that
her visit to Plattsmouth resulted in great
To the Ladies of Plattsmouth, we
would say, you who are not fully ac
quainted with the lost, undone and de
graded condition of your sisters in the
Iarems of that far of heathen land,
come out on Sunday evening and listen
to one who for years has been making it
a study, and who is now working with
head and heart to raise her who is now
enshrouded in the darkness of heathen
upcrstition, up to that level where the
sun of Righteousness shines, illuminating
he mind and filling the soul with the
glory of God. . J. II. P,
A train load of the Baffalo Pitts
hrcshing Machines, belonging to F. J.
M-ettcer, arrived Tuesday, and are going
off lively. If we are any judge, and we
think we are, of this kind of machinery,
these arc of an excellent quality, and
those wishing a threshinjachiuejrould
do welL4-?ecure one before they are all
A GOOD 121?.
-The Vice-President, brought over at
one trip eunesday three passenger
coaches and about 500 passengers, going
to the I air, at Jjincoln, an J thence to
various part3 of the State. We are in
formed that these passengers were-piin-cipally
from Illinois and Michigan.
The train west this forenoon, went out
with two locomotives and ten passenger
coaches, and 800 passengers. From
what we learn the Republican Conven
tion and State Fair, which are both being
held at Lincoln, is the largest gathering
of peGple ever had in Nebraska.
Mrs. J. N. Hays left the city yester
day to join her husband in Cheyenne.
VV hue we are sorry to loose Mrs. Hays
we are glad that they are to enjoy each
others society once more. Fremont
A girl to do general house work. In
quire of Mrs. D. II. Wheeler, corner
Main and 4th streets. 31d&wtf
In pursuance of the authority ia me
vested by the statute in such cases pro
vided ; it is ordered that the September
term of the District Court for Cas9
county, appointed to bo held on the sec
ond Monday in September, do stand ad
journed to the first Monday in Novein
her next ; at which time jurors and olh
ers duly summoned will attend without
further order.
Witness jtny hand, this 23d day of Au
gust, 1S72, at Omaha. -
Geo. B. Lake, Judge.
Opportunity to procure Teachers'
Certificates, in accordance with the pro
visions of the Public School Law of Ne-
btaska, will be given at the Superintend
cnt's Office, in Plattsmouth, cn the first
Friday and Saturday of September,
October, November, and December,
1S2. Let all applicants be present
promptly at 10 o'clock the first day
named. . U. W. Wise,
j?up't Pub. In. Cass County.
By an ap; ointment of the State Super
intendent, a Teacher's Institute for Cass
county will be held at Plattsmouth, to
commence on Tuesday the 17th instant,
and to continue through the week.
Prof. J. M. McKenzie will be present to
join with us in our work. We hope to
see the teachers of the county all unite
with zeal in giving renewed impulse to
the enterest of education in our county,
and in no way can this be more effectu
all' accomplished than by the inspira
tion which springs from united, zealous,
enthusiastic action. Come, teachers,
let us make common stock of the best
ideas and most improved methods in our
possession for the successful prosecution
cf our profession. Let it not be said of
us that we arc absent ffecause we are
afraid of the light, or cf the exposure of
our ignorance. If we enter into the work
with the proper spirit with a desire to
arm ourselves most thoroughly for the
efficient discharge of the responsibilities
which we assume, we shall all be fouud
in our places on the 17th instant to take
an active part in the proceedings of the
Institute. Come, let us have a good so
cial and cordial interchange of sentiment
and professional sympathy.
Wo may add, that the citizens of
Plattsmouth and vicinity will kindly
open their houses for the hospitable en
tertainment of all teachers who may at
tend the session of the Institute.
Sup't Pub. Inst. Cass Co.
23 w2.
Sheriff Salt
Electa O. Hasty A'lmini-tratri.T of the Estae
of Charles llaty deccHeit. v. fmincrson 11.
Katon. JJy virtue of sir order of ale issued out.
of the District Court in and for Cass Co., Neb.,
nnd to mo directed. I will on', the lOih day of
September. A. 1). 1872, atlU o'clock a. m., of said
day at the front door of tho Court House in the
City of Plit.ttnjouth in paid county, oiler for sale
ut public auction tho following (ieferibed real
estate, to-wit : Lots No. 7. H. 'J, li). 11 and YX ia
l.lock io. sixU'i m the City ot I'lartsmouth.
Cats county, Nebraska Al o the southeast
quarter (Jt of Section No twenty-four VZi) in
Township No. twelve (12) North of lianze No.
twelve (12) East of the sixth p. M. Also one
hundred acres effof the Northeast quarter ('-i)
of Section twenty-five (25 i: Town-hip No.
welve(12) North of Ranste No. twelve (12) E.-ist
of the sixth P. M., all situated in Ca-a county.
Neb. To be sold to satisfy a ludirment and order
rfjfsaU under an attachment rendered at the
November term A. 1). 170. of the sai I District
Court in favor of tlua sail f laintiQT an 1 against
the said defendant. -
Civen under my hand tins t:h rtny of August
18T2. S. W. JOHNSON.
fcherilt Lass Co., Nuraoka.
rotteneer. Fox & Wheeler. Attorneys fur
'laintifl's. 20 -w-5
Legal fc'otice.
J.Iatthias Spohn vs. Christian Schluntz.
N OTICE is hereby triven, that we will offer
at public sale, at the front door of the Conrt
House, in Plattimouth. Cass Countv. Nebraska.
on Monday the tuh day of September. 1S72, at
Jl) o'clock A. M., on said day, the following real
estate, to wit: Lots oco, two. three, ten. elev
en an 1 tw-dve. in block No. six west, one south,
iu tho town of Rock bluffs. Cass county Nebras
ka, with all tho buildings and appurtenances
tnereuuto belonging, to bo sold unuer an order
of sale in pa tition made by the District Court.
of the 2i Judicial District, in and for Cass coun-
Nebraka. on the 12th day of February. A.
I. 1S72- Terms of sale: One-third cash, one
thirl in one year, an. I one-third in two year.
witn interest on deterred payments at 10 per
cent, J amks il. Fattersos,
Conrad Hkihf.l, ami
Oeorgk E. Draper,
By Maxwell & Chapman. Rcfercea
Aus;7-5w Attorneys fur Plaintiff.
Probate Notice,
I hereby cive notice to all concerned
that a Will purporting to be the last
will and testament of Shepherd Duke,
deceased, late of Cass county and State
ot Nebraska, has been hied in the olhce
of the Probate Court of said county and
that a hearing will be had at my omce
n the city of Plattsmouth, in said coun
ty on the 21st day of September, at one
o'clock i
M., ot said
day on the appli
cation, to prove and admit said Will to
robate, at which time and place all
persons interested in ?aid estate arc re
quested to appear and if thfy see fit con
test a Jmittmij said Vv ill to Probate.
Given under my hand and seal at my
oft ce this 2Sth day of August, A. D.,
872 II. I'j. Ellison,
n22v3t Probate Judge.
XVIoiiGSf Saved.
Buying Ycur Green-house and
Bedding Plants.
AT Tns
JPicn ic Garde ns.
DON'T send East for Plants when you ec.n
get just ail good for less money nearer
home. To my numerous friends and patrons I
would Fay that I have the largest and be.-t
stock of plants ever offered for sale in tne west
and propose to sell them ut reasonable prices.
lie sure am' send lor my
New Descriptive Catalogue,
which will bo sent free to all who apply for it
Then give me your orders, and I feel confident
1 can satisly you.
Address. W. J. IIESSER.
reb. 13 di-wtf riattsmouth. Neb.
Plantation Bitters.
S. T. 1860-x.
This wonderful vegetable restorative
is the sheet-anchor of the feeble and de
bilitated. As a tonic and cordial for th
aged and languid it has no equal among
stomachics. As a remedy for the ner
vous weakness to which women are es
pecially subject, it is superseding every
other stimulant. In all climates, tropi
cal, temperate or lngicl, it acts as a
specific in every species of disorder
which undermines the bodily strength
and breaks down the animal spirits.
Doc. 23. diw lyr.
Beautiful Women!
HAGAN'S MAGNOOlA BALM gives to the Com
plexion the Freshness of Youth.
Hagan'3 magnolia Balm overcomes the
flushed ippearance caused by heat, fatigue and
excitement, li makes the lady -of forty appear
but twenty.'acd 0 natural and perfect that no
perron can detect its application. i!y its use
tho roughest rkin la made to rival the pare
radiant t jture of youthful beauty. It removes
redness, blotches, and pimples. It contains
nothing that wlU injure tho skin the least.
Magnolia Balm is used by all fashionable
ladies in New York. London and Paris. l"t
costs only 75 cents per Bottle, and i- sold by all
Druggists and Perfumers.
T)ee,2t;. d iwlyr c? l w. '
nsiu'iinrc (topimii of Dew ?
Continental gnilbing, Bos. 24, 26 28 Nassau ft. B J
JUSTUS LAWRENCE. President. J. T. ItOG UUS, Secretary.
Enterprising Economical, Itibcral,
and &afc
Number Policies issued to Jan. 1. 1872
Number Policies issued and revived iu 1S71..
A i: SETTS, Jan. 1. 1S72
This Company is Purely Mutual ir its operations, dividing Its fcrrtiro surplus among its Poli
cy holders, iinnuallv, on the "Contrihutinn Plan." and has a larger business and a lower ratio of
expense to income, than have ever been attained by any other Company at a Corresponding
period in its history.
Its total Assets are sufficient to discharge a'l Ii.ibilif'os. n du lin? re-inur;inoi. p:iy back all
its stock capi al, and leave as a b.ilunue mure th in n MILLION ''S earned surplus.
Iiis Company Issued. IVIoc PolicI .
I1ST 1S71 TI-I
ILxiy Of 2icz? Company in tlio Tor-i
1872, 1872 1872.
Everybody, and more too, are going to
To buy their
Tt.e best and most complete
Are bow on exhibition at the New York Store, at greatly r coined prices. We call particular
attention to our new styles of
of all kinds and pi ices to suit our numerous customers. 4 large stock of
lh fe
ll vk .yssssa
A Heavy Stick of Goods on
No Rent nnd No Interest on IJorroiffl Capi
tal to te Made Vjj futtomerg 1 1
e, g, mtzt
North side Main between Second and Third tte.
Takes pleasure iu announcing to
Farmers and Mechanics,
That he has as larf,e and well selected stock -of
i3ry Uoods, Groceries, Provisions, as wero
ever brought to thj city of Plattsmouth
It will cost you nothinjr to look at them
whether you buy or not. By examining the
pricds at the "OLr RELIA HLE" you will bo
able to tell when other parties try to swindle
you 71-wtf-25dtf.
For Pref erving'and Beautifying the Human Hair
To Prevent its Falling Ct and Turning Gray.
A well-preserved Head bf Hair, in a person of
middle age, at once bespeaks refinement, elo
eance, health and beauty. It may truly be
called Woman's Crowning Glory, while men
are not insensible to its advantages and charms.
Few things are more disgusting than thin,
frizzly, harsh, untamed Hair, with head and
coat cevered with Dandruff. Visit a barber
and you feel and look like a new man. "This is
what LYON'S KATIIAIRON will do all the
time. Tho charm which lies in well placed
Hair, Glossy Curls, Luxuriant Tresses, and a
Clean Head, is noticeable and irresistable.
Sold by all Druggists and Country Stores.
Jan, 2d. dw lw every 3w
cv&k Jos Sch later.
Sg-&gfe3L S3TABLIS3KD JX 1SC1.
Watch e. Clocksand Jewelry repaired neatly
in l with dispatch.
Removed to orronite Tlatte Valley House
Mian Street. nov. Dw f
rc3 n o
..... 7.303,a3.,.-it
Agents, for Bfcbrasksi
Oef:cb Ch. Qit. f r. Drpt. Phttk,
Omaha. Nkb.. Sept. 2,
SEALKD EIUS. in duplicate, with guarantee
signed by two responsible parties, not bid
ders will bo received at this oflice until eleven
o'clock a. m., on Thursday, October 3, 1872, for
the delivery at Omaha Depot, Nebraska, from
time to time as required, of
60,000 bushels of Oats,
70,000 bushels of Com,
or any part thereof.
Bils to be endorsed on the envelope, "Bids
lor forage."
The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.
Blozik bids furnished, and general conditions
wade knwwn ou application at this otUce.
ALKX. J. p;kry.
23w-4t Ch.. Qr.. Mr . Dept. Platte.
617 St. Charles Street.
r oneer located in St. Louis than any Chron-
1 J ie Physician, o successfully treats Simple
ind Ccmplicated Venereal Disease as to bring
paiicnts iroin every state, jus hospital op
oprtunities. a life time experience, with dut-
est drugs prepared in the establishment, cures
cases given up by others, no matter who fail
ed ; tell yoi,r private troubles. Consultation
free. Send two stamps for medical eujs.
T . .. ir i
mail. 15 cent3 each, both for 25 cts, 100 pages
,11.1 ..I J L.r i
wish to know all about Self-pollution Preven
tion. Marriage. Kvery young man and wo
man ought to read it as a warning The ner
vous debilitate! o partially iiapotentent,
scientifically adrised.wu dcy2i
.-vji iiiav luo curious, uouuliui or inouisiL.T
Stationery i JVeivs
lBsl Office IStiiliiiug.
eScpts"t. d OLmband wtf.
Lumber! Lumber
The Ud lersisned has on hand and is
mflawaf ticturiny
All kinds of
At his Mills atthe Ferry Landing at riattsmouth
Orders Promptly Filled.!
, William Edoirtom.
University of Nebraska,
isimcorv, :veb.
3Tho nexttirm of the University will open
A full Corps of Professors is provi led. The
Apparatus. Library and Cabinet are
uw and couip'ete. The
Agricultural College
Will opea tljis fall. Tuition Irec, and books at
1'or furUicr information scud for a cata
logue. Rooms for self boarding furnished at i-mall
cost to the itudeuLt.
A. R. BENTON. Chaucellor. .
nI5 d!w-?0 w Cm Lincoln, Ntib
i. Wnui, Propri.lor. R. II. MrDnatio C., Dracrlauj
MILLIONS Hear Testimony to tkelf
Wonderful Caratlvo ErrT.
Thsy are not a vile Fancy Ilrlnk, U.vle of roof
Ram, Whlikcy, Proof Kplrlta and Ilernae
Liquors doctoral, spiced and sweetened to please tho
taste,called "Tonics," "Appetisers," "EcHtorers.-itC.,
that lead tho tippler oil to drunkenness nnd ruln.bntare
true Medicine. Diudo from the Native Hoots and IIrb
ef California, free from nil Alcoholic HMnno.
Innts. They aro tho j; It EAT ULOOI) PtUl.
! IE It nnd A LIFE iIVIN Fill SCUTE.'
a perfect Itenovs-tor and Invigorntur of the SynUiui,
carry lug off all xlsonous matter and restoring theMood
to a healthy condition. No person csn take these Uifc-
tcrs according to directions and remain long un well. ,
provided their bones arc not destroyed by mineral
poison or other aneans, ah J the vital oratUi wstod
beyond tho point of repair.
. TUcy are a Gcntlo 1'urcntl ve wit asj
Tonic, possessing, albo, the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful ORcnt lu relieving CungttpUnn or lutlanit
Huttton of tho I.lrcr, and alj llisVlscerol Organs.
FOR FEMALE CO 31 FLA I S TS, In young or
old, luurriod or single, at tho dawn ot womanhood or at
Uia turn cf life, these Tonic Bitters bare no equal.
For InOnmraat ory nud C'hronla Uheuian
tlsin nnd Gout, Dyspepsia or Indication,
Illllona, Uemittent and Intermittent Fe
ver, llisensra of thr fllood, Llvpr, Kid
oevs nnd Illndder, thoso IJlttera have bucn most
uoccssful. Hucli ) I sen sea aro caused by Vitiated
Illoott, which is generally produced by derangement
yt tho Dlgcative Oran. . .
Velio, Tain la the Shoulders, Couch. Tightness of too
Client, Dizziness, Bour ErsctjitiMis cf the Stomach,"
liad Taste lu tho Mouth, UiJIous Attacks, rsjpllatiooaf'
I ho Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, 1'sln in the re
gions of the BJduers, and a hundred other painful srmiH
(cms, or the ofliprincs of Dyspepsia. , 4
They lnicorato the Stomach and itlmnlstetbatorrU
Liver and Dowels, which roudcr them of unequalled
tfBcacy in cleansing the blood of all linpurltlos, and ln
jartlojr new lifo and visor te the whole srntcm.
FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Tetter. CaU
Rbcum, IMotebes, Spots, Piiuplse, I'uotuloo, Dolls, Csr
pnncles. King-Worms. Beahl Hes1. Bore Eyu, Krynlpr
M, I tch. fccurdt. Discolors lions ot the Kkln. flu mora sn.l .
lhxeanes of the hkiu. of wbater-r name or nature, ate
llteraliv dug up and carried out of the system in a short
time by th useot these Ditters. One bottle in surl,
eases will convince the most incredulous of their cura
tive effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Olood whenever you And Its 1m
purities burst log through the skin In I'iinples, Erup
tions or Sores; cleanse it when you Ond It obstructed
nd alaselirti In tha veins; cleanse It whuq it Is foul,
and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood
sure, and tho health of the srstem will follow.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms, lurking In tho ,
iTRtem of so many thousands, are effectually destroyed
and removed. Ssra a diptlnguUhed pbystnlnrUt,
there is scarcely an individual upon the faoa of tha '
earth whose body is exempt from the prmiefvw of
worm. It is not inn the healthy rleiuvnte of tha
body that worms oslst, but upon Uinrsiiaaed humors
3nd slimy deposits Mist breed tluue llviug mnuatars of ,
iseose. No Bysti-m of Medicine, no vermifus, no
anthelmintics will freo the system from worms Like
these Bitters.
3. WALKXK, Proprietor. R. n. McDONALD tk CO, '
Prugglsts and Gen. Agent. Pan frsnclsco. California, '
ajad 31 and 34 Commerce Htroet, New Turk.
Mothers, Mothers
on'tfnil to prornre Mm Wintlov't Sue-thing
Syrup for Children Teething.
This valuable preparation lias been urd,
It not only relieves the child from puli), but
invigorates the sloin.ich and bowel, currents
acidity, nnd giv tone and energy to tho wholo
system. It wiil also instantly relieve
Griping in the lizietlt -uul Wind Ct Ice.
Wo believe jt the beat 40 1 surest remedy In
the world. iu;tU citnenxif lyuiry liiar
rliita in children, whether arruting from tet th
in;? i r any oilier cause.
Depend up.n it mothers, it will give refct to
yourselves, and
Relief and Health to Your nf unit.'
Be sure and call for '
".Vr, Witwlvw'jt Sootning Sirup."
Having thef.ic-iii.ilo of "CURTIS & PER
a.1 NSJ cn the out.ide wrapper, i
Sold by Drugits thxouKhobt the world. 10
TIig Glicapcst.
fill be found at h!s dd rtand on Main
where he will be pleaded to reo hii lor'
mer customers und friends.
e has a large and good assortment of farm
machinery such as the
The Marsh harvester, areaper that two mer.,
can cut and bind ten acres per day with',
One nan to drive, and the binders cau work in
the shade.
MLbura and Studmbuker Wagons, fbam-.
pion Keaperik Mower Massillon Thrash-,
er, and HuUnlo Pit thrnsher. anl Ex'tLsior'
Reaper and Mower
Main Street, Plattsmouth, Neb.
L. S. Blair. Traveling Ajcnt."
Feb. 29 wtf.
nook Tar the Tlilli n !
I A privato counselor . to tho
Married or thoFe al-out to tnar
irv on the i,hy5io!oi:icalirter-.
ies and revelations of the exu.U U.ii, the.
latest d icsoveries in producing and Preventing
offspring, how to preswvaihe complexion V' ',
This is an interesting work of two hundred,
and tWiiht -four fmgts, with numerous engravr .
ioga. and contains valuable iufor;nitio;j for
those who are married, or pi art mar
riage. Still, it is a book that ouirht to be kept
under lock and key. and not laid carelessly
about the house.
iSent to any one (free of postage) f-r V) ccnti. r ,
Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary. No. 12 N
Eighth street, St. Louis. Mo.
Notice to the Afflicted and Uiiforturirtfe.'
Before applying to the notorious quacts who
advertise ia public papers, or using any rack".
remedies, peruse Dr. liutu' work no matter,
what your destase li cr i.o',7 deplorable your
Dr. Butts can be consulted, personally or by'
mail, on the diseases mentioned in hi.i work.t
Olfice. No. 12 N. Eighth street, between Markel
BnlChcnut. St. Louis. Mo. durjdawlv
HAPPY Relic fox Young Jljn, from the
effects of . Errors and Abuses in early life. Man-,
hood rejt red. Impediments to Marriage re
moved. New ruethoi'of rituiot. New und'
rema.-iia.hle rcoiedies. . liookd und iCCcuulafj
bowl free, in sealed e . ciope;'. -
Addrecs, HMWAitD ASSOCIATION, No. 2 .
South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, l'- an I n
.M'tu son having a huh reputation for honora
ble conduct and professional tkill.
UOw 6m
Lo.k to Your Children
The Great Soothing Iteuiedy.'
MRS. Cures c-iis and gr;i te i Prc
Whitcomb's the bowels, and f .itititWi
Svrurt. the prootsd of toe-thin ,. Cents.
. MRS. I Subdues eoivvuL.'ioii.
yVhi.tcomb's overcomes aJl dlcea.-
Svrun. Mont to inf.ij'ts. and hi
. MRS. ! Curoa Diarrhovu Dr?
?hitcorob's ry andfcuuiiuercomplai
byrup. icnildreu oi ail aes.
It is the. eat Infant' and Child
i:ig Keuifdy. in all disorders urn
ipttlhinsr or rjiv other cause.
uUt on by
Prepared by the Grafton Madkine Co., S! '
Louis Mo. ....
rold by drugsi.'U and dciltri m Me
everywhere- d-,'.l,