Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 11, 1872, Image 3

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    T'flE II Eli-A LI).
Railroad Time Table.
Mall and Ex. l-V) p. mJMail and Ex. 10:00 . m
ereifht Je Ac. U.UU a. wj Freight & Ac. H:fJ p- m
B. & M. R. R. IN IOWA.
Mail Jfc Ex. 5;5 p. m.
Ac'lion & FrVht 2 pm.
Pacifis Exprea 9:20 a m
..laji a: ex. :: a. m.
Ac Uon Jc Fr l:!:3-p in.
Atlantic M. 4:.Upm
Tbo Transfer boat wiltleAVH thn T)nnnttnnn
nect with Eastern bound trains 4" minutes earli
er than the titno riven above. The Boat ia run
by Chicago time fhich U 3a minutes taster than
Plattsmouth time.
In connection with Burlington i Muaoari
River Railroad in Ncbraeka.
Depot at foot of Jones Street.
0maha.....8:) a. m. Lincoln ...12:30 p. m
do ,....H)0 p. m, J do .... 9:.') p. in
Lincoln 5:A a. in. Omaha. 11:10 , m
do lM p. m. I do 6:10 p. m
S. C. ST. JOE. Jfc C B. R. R.
Mail and Exprega,..4:4H p. m. 8:(0 a. m.
Kif-ht Expresa......8) a. m- 3:15 p. in.
This rives passengers from Plat'.smouth close
connection roinir South or North by leaving here
n the 12.-W m. train.
C B. A St. Joe R. R. South
C. B. A St. Joe R. It. North,
B. A M. R. R. East.
ii. A M. R. R. West,
Omaha by Rail
Weeping Water.
Nebranka City, by Stare.
9 pm. 10.30 pa
0 p. m. ()..' iO p m
9 am. 4 pm.
9 p m 10 a m
12 m. 12 m.
9 pm. 8 pm.
Departs Jondays, Wednesdays and Friday
unice nours, irom i a in to 0 p in.
Sundays, 12 to 1 p mr
City Official.
M. L. White. Mayor.
Ross Vanatta, City;ieik.
Jovian Moored, Police J uJge.
Miles Morrun, Marshal,
rt' alter J. White, Street Commissioner.
First Waro. John Fitzgerald. Elbert Duke.
Kfoomd Ward. Jan. Buttery, J. Weyman.
Third Ward. R. Cushin. R. Vivian.
"1abtist On thecorner of Main and Ninth.
I Rev. T. J. Arnold, pastor. Residence on
Main between 10th and 11th, Service every
ftabath at 11 a. in., and at 6 p. m. Sabbath
school at 9,'s a.m. Prayer meeting every Wed
nesday evening.
Christian Service in Clark A Plummet Hall
Elder Alton preacher. Elders, Idaic Wiles
and T. J. Todd.
1 Episcopal Corner Viro and Third streets
-J Rev. A. R. Uraves Services every bunday
at 11. -00 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday School
t 2 p. m.. Prof. d'Alleinaud, Supt.
Congrkoatioal Corner Locust and 8th sta
Rev. IS. 1 Manwell, residence Locu?t st be
treen 4th and &th sts Services every Sabbath at
11a. in: and C;:$0 p. m. Sabbath School at 12:
30 p. m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
CIatholic North side of Public Square Rev
f Father Hayes. First Ma.'a every Sabbath at
8:30 a. in.. Second Mads and Sermon at 10:30
Vespers and Benediction at 3:30 p. m. Mass
at 8 a. m. every week day.
I7irst Prksbttrrian North sideofMain st.
. west of 6th Rev. D. W.Cameron ; Service
every Sabbath at 11a.m. and :30 p. m. Sab
bath School at 9:30 a- m., Thos Pollock Superin
tendent. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
evening at 6:30 o'clock.
Mxthodist Episcopal West side of Sixth
tftreet, south of Main Rev. J. II. Predion
Services every Sabbath at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. in.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. Class
meetings every Monday evening and immediate
ly after close of Sabbath morning services.
Sabbath School at 2:30
Sojtao den 24 September hat die Deutsche
Ev. Luth. emeindft in ihrem Sehulhaus
vorinittagsumll UhrOottcodieost. Ueberhaupt
findet derselbe von jetzt an rereluiaessiit allell
Tage statt. Minister Rev. L'llannawald.
Sabbath school at 9 a in.. Prof. d'Allemand,
IO. O. F. Regular meetings of Platte Lodge,
No. 7, 1. O. O. F. every Saturday evening at
VkM Fellows Hall. Transient Brother are cor
4Ully invited to visit.
j. V. johnson n. a:
JO. O. F. Plattsmouth Encampment No. 3.
Regular Convocations the 2 and 4 Friday's
f each month at Odd Fellows Hall cor. 3d and
Main sts. Transient Patriarchs cordially invited
to visit. WM. L. WELLS. C. P.
A. d'ALLKVANo. Scribe
MASoxic Pt.attsmocth Lodgc No. 6 A. P
A A. M. Regular meetings at their hall
on the first ild third Monday evenings of each
month. Transient brethern invited to visit.
Macot Lodos No. 22 A. F. A A. M. Rejrnlw
meetings at Macoy Hall. 6r?t and third
Fridays. J. X. WISE. W. M.
J. M. Brardslkt, Sec.
Nebraska Craptrr No. 3 R. A. M. Regular
convocations second and fourth Tuesday
evenings of eac.: month at 7'i o'clock p. m.
II. NewMAit. See.
IO. G-T. Olivr Branch. No. 2 H E Eliison
. W. C. T. C W. King. W- Sec. T. W Shry
ck Lodge Deputy. Meets at Clark f: Pluramer's
hall every Tuesday evening. Traveling Templars
ef pectfully invited.
The thermometer rises and falls as the
sun goes up or down.
Platte Valley IIouso for rent In
quire of Maxwell & Chapman.
Some poor fellow was carried off to
jail this afternoon. Don't know him.
The Sheriff did.
New goods ! neat goods, and cheap at
the Plattsmouth Shoe Store, next door
to post-office. apr4tf
Business ou a stand still in front of
our office. Men all gone to dinner.
Times hard, money scarce, but Herald
All 6oldiers entitled to bounty under
the recent acts of Congress, will find it
to their advantage to call upon
13w4t D. II. Wheeler & Co.
Hon. F. M. Wolcott, of Weeping
Water, called on the Herald to-day,
and took an account of the 4th of July
home with him.
- All th Wool in Cass county, at Clark
& Plummer's. Bring it along. lOtf.
Mrs. O. D. Hill and daughter, of
Kalamazoo Mich, aro guests of Mrs. D.
IL Wheeler. We welcome them to
Nebraska and hope they will find Platts
mouth as pleasant as their own beauti
ful "Burr OakVillage.
C. M. Cropsey, son of CoL Cropsey
of Lincoln called on ua , to-day and re
ports all lively for Grant in his travels.
i.o Cr.ij',
Llii'.'ulu u:-.: cr-.zy l.tti i ;.r--";-..
tions. dome one has fctaited the
that tho first cutrios of land by sciip are
not valid, and one of our good old '57
days of escitcnient ensued. Merchants,
Mechanics and Laborers, are out in their
shirt bleevea toiling away at claims, shan
ties and pre-emption houses. Go it
while you're young. -We've ben there.
A benzine crazy individual was singing
and shouting btreheaded up the street,
this afternoon, while his team perambu
lated hither and yon.
The Marshal ran out in the mud and
grabbed the team by the head. Crazy
looked at him a moment, and turned a
double somersault over the nigh wheel,
and disappeared down Sixth street like
a June bug in a hail storm. Passing
Dick Streight's he clawed up two big
stones, and shouting "Let 'em come,
I'm ready now," he disappeared in the
brush, and has not been heard from
since. The owner of the team appeared,
and the Marshal gave 'em up, minus his
three dollars.
The weather is very fine neither too
hot nor too cold.
Goods not 6old at less than cost. No
goods given away, but good goods at the
lowest prices for cash, at
1 1 1 Clark & Plummers.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Died : At her residence, near Ash
land, on Friday evening, July 5th, 1872,
Elizabeth, wife of Frank Mills, aged
20 years.
The remains were brought to this city
for interment, and were met at the De
pot by the friends of the family, and es
corted to the Congregational church,
where the funeral service was preached
by Elder Alton of the Christian Church.
The deceased leaves a husband and a
large circle of friends to mourn her loss.
Somebody got married in Plattsmouth
two or three weeks ago, and last night
the boys went to ''chiv-a-ree" them as it
was called, they did their best, and after
it was all over learned the young couple
were absent from the house, and all
their music and noise had been for ths
benefit of the corner cupboard and the
old gray cat
Impartial Journalism. Some of
our out of-town friends, when they can
not afford to be bold, must content them
selves with being ingenious. .
One of them has put a cut of each,
Grant and Greeley side by side in paral
lel columns, and prints under them,
"Here they are, you pay your
money and you take your choice." The
columns are filled out with favorable and
unfavorable statements concerning the
candidates. The publisher was in a
quandary on account of having about an
equal number of Grant and Greeley sub
scribers. Dr. Chapman's Baking Powder and
Flavoring Extracts are favorites, to all
who try them. 14d&wlw
Local editing must be jolly in Salem,
Washington county, N. Y. The editor
of the iV3 recently received the follow
ing delightful missive : "Youm fellers
want to keep us fellers names out of
your paper else youm will get your d d
snoot busted. This is bizziness."
The 'bus ran over a pig on Main street
this morning, and the pig was bus-ted,
sure enough. Could'nt that same 'bus
take a circuitous route through the city
and bus-t a few more of the same
species? It would relieve us of an in
tolerable nuisance.
You can buy men's shoes ( good) for
$2 00 at the Plattsmouth Shoe Store.
Rock Bluffs, July C, 1872.
Ed. Herald : Hearing there was
to be a big Greeley meeting at this place,
last night, I thought I would go up and
see what it was like. Arriving on the
ground, I found it was dark as erebus
One or two men from Plattsmouth wer
hunting around for Jim. Patterson, to
get a light. Patterson was gone, and
the nxt best man there, told 'em to go
to grass. After taslieyuig round a little
I went home. I didn't see no speech,
hear no Greeley, nor feel any hurrah,
nor nothing else. I feel bad about it,
because I'm an honest voter, conscien
tious in seeking after truth and bein a
Demokrat, I actilly wanted to know
why I should vote for Greeley ? Kan
you tell ?
Note. This letter has been over
looked, somehow, and should have ap
peared betore. We give it verbatim et
The State Journal of the 20th ult.
tells the following good one :
Jokes were as plenty to-day at the
Atwood House, a3 green peas and lamb.
Among the many that were perpetrated,
none will compare with the following
"get off" by that inveterate and "amoos
in' joker, Mike Murphy, of Cass county.
Mike, who is a staunch Republican,
commenced at the dinner table joking
some of his Democratic friends on the
Greeley assemblage in the city ; when
Jake Vallery, remarked: "Stop, Mike,
all these men sitting arouud here are
Democrats." "Yes," answered Mike, 'I
know that." "How do you know?asked
Vallery, "Because they all look so hung
ry for office,"
Tho Herald office received a
the other day marked.
Herald office
Plattsmouth Neb.
P. S. Not the Editor but the Greeley
Long and earnestly did we ponder
over that paper, and wonder who it be
longed to. At last the Senior McMur
phy walked in, and we shoved it over
to him, but he would'nt claim it and he
a Democrat at that. Poor Horace,
where are his friends ?
Try Dr. Chapman's Baking Powder.
It has no e'luaL 14diwlw
A Tip-Tcp Fourth of July:
On tho ye"pinir fVler. The Way ye
Vol i nf r : now we 'Kiiirinea,'
Kpeoclies. luu, Fire
Crackers Ac.
some two weeKs ago or more, your
Editor received a handsome little note,
sayiDg ' "Would we come out to Weep-
tif . n ,
ing ater on tne rourtn, ana nave a
good dinner and make a little speech."
We answered in our usual verbose and
diffusive style, "Dinner, yes; speech,
NO, we'll come."
To make it sociable we proposed to
some friends to go along. They said
"yes," and on Saturday before the day
wc (friends and us, you know), marched
up to the big Brick Livery Stable and
opened fire
"Keep a livery here?" "Yes."
"Got a nice pair of horses and a
carriage to let?"
"Oh, Yes. Hook 'em right up
"Don't want 'em now, want them on
the fourth, to go to Weeping Water."
"Big carriage let for that day, sir."
"Oh well, let us havo the little carriage
"Little carriage spoke for, Sir."
"Ah, a couple of buggies will do then,
two horse buggies.'"
"Two horse buggies all engaged that
"Give us one horse then, a little horse
and a small buggy."
"Little horse and small buggy gone
too. Come too late for the Fourth, Sir."
"Say, Mister, havn't you a little
mule we could ride out then?"
"Nary mule."
"Not a little Goat even?"
"Nary Goat."
"Say Mister won't you take some
thing?" another of 'em.
Strong in our determination to go to
Weeping Water, we moseyed down to
another barn, and thinking to be impos
ing this time, we threw back our coat
and our shoulders as far as possible so
as to get as much frontage to view as our
corpus allows of, and said :
"Ahem ! Keep a Livery Stable?"
"Got any hosses and things to let?"
' Oh, yes. Everything."
"You the proprietor?"
"Yes, Shannon's my name."
"Well, Mr. Shannon, (pompously)we
want, ahem ! an Omnibus and six of
your best horses on the morning of the
Fourth of July next, to go to Weeping
Water to dine, and answer some toasts
and things, Got it?"
"Omnibus and six horses !. Never
heard of such a thing in a Livery Stable.
No, havn't got it ; ain't on it the Om
nibus." Pointing triumphantly to his card in
our paper, we said, "Don't you adver
tise horses and vehicles of all kinds, and
isn't an Omnibus a vehicle of all kinds?
They say one never gets full, and we
want something that won't get 'full' on
the Fourth."
"I'll empty yov," eays Shannon, "if
you don't quit chaffin' me."
That cooled us off, and taking our
thumbs out of our vest, we said, very
meekly, "give us a carriage and a pair
of horses then."
"Can't do it, engaged."
"Pair of horse3 and a buggy? "
"All engaged."
"One horse and a cart?"
"Got none."
"Saddle horse?"
"All out."
"Little mule?"
"Never keep 'fem."
"Say, Mister, hav'nt you got a small
Jackass we could ride?"
"Discharged the last this morning
got drunk. Look here, Mac, everything
in the barn is engaged for the Fourth,
and if mo and the old woman could a'
worked double, 'spect we'd be engaged
too ; but I'll tell you what I'll do let's
take a drink."
On the eve of the Fourth a friend
came to us and said "Dick" Streight, a
fine straight haired young man, had a
rig," and we could get it a paTty of
us. it was a nice, new, rea, pretty,
"Express wagon," all fresh painted, and
a3 handsome as a country gal with a new
cali'kcr dress and check apron. Wo
ordered him to buy it (for that day) and
he did.
The morning of the Fourth rose clear
and cloudless and so did we. The Ex
press wagon came round ia good season
in good 6tyle. It had Mete(o)rs chain
lightning rods and safety piyups on one
side, in big letters, and a picture of the
Buck-Eye Mower, and Horace Greeley
plowing potatoes in a cornfield with a
Methodist Elder yoked to a "Gordon
Jobber" with two "shooting sticks" for
handles, on the other.
Three beautiful -ladies, a Mike, a
Mac, a Dutchman, Soldier and bull whack
er comprised our outfit and a more gal-lus
and interesting party of emigrants never
left the city of Plattsmouth to cross the
Great American Desert, on a visit to the
land of the no-shoot-'ems.
No sooner had we reached the open
prairie, than the very spirit of '76, or
old Beeswax himself seemed to descend
on the party. We had no time to thiuk
of the "gal we left behind us." for the
gal we had with us demanded all our
attention. The crackers had been espe
cially ordered for the occasion, and
Mike and her went to work. First they
set the horses sailing, and the driver
swearing tcoe ; then fired the straw in the
wagon, burnt three holes in the umbrella
to let the sun in, several in the girls
dresses, and turned Mike's white Gree
ley hat into a dirty looking cullender, to
strain a Fourth of July jam through.
Lastly, it was" proposed to hold one in
their teeth and' see what it' would do,
We saw. Mike's flashed in the pan, but
the other one went eff and scorched the
! !y' ?.-.' er. on-' $ nT. (of aht)
, '.. J.i ' 1 .i.ulizci ih.-. Ivfc luho, fif her
pretty cars. Part of the thing "went
off" backwards, opened the roof of the
her ln-outh, blew her chignon into a
wheat-field, forty acres away, and scat
tercd the rest of the top-knot over a rye
field adjacent, where they bobbed up
and down on the heads of rye like black
birds at a cherry frolic.
All this took some time to do, if it
does not take long to read, and by the
time we had recovered from the fire
crackers, we passed Eight Mile Grove,
where everybody except our folks seemed
to have come. Two miles or more of
beautiful road through the woods,
where the umbrella's had to be closed,
across the prairie, and almost before we
knew it we were at Weeping Wat:rand
on the Picnic ground.
Music, Chorus ; song " For the
West." Martial Music.
Oration. By Samuel M. Chapman.
Music. Duett.
Here we pause, so did all the rest for
a moment only though. It was the calm
before the storm. If the Weeping
Water folks do not know hew to get up
a dinner in the woods nobody's folks do.
Mr. Reed kindly invited us to (n)boar2
with him while we stopped there and
we did so, but invitations showered upon
us from all quarters besides. We could
not divide ourselves up, nor eat only so
much. Our company did the best they
could at Mr. Reed's table, and then,
having a soldier along, they executed a
flank movement that brought them up
at Mr. Pollard's boards where they ate
another Fourth of J uly, and felt so inde
pendent about it that ourselves and the
driver had to choke 'em off or else there
would be no eatables iu Weeping Water
valley to-day.
after dinner.
More music, a song, the Drum Major's
Solo, and then the toasts.
"Our National Birthday" Respond -
to by Gen. E. E. Cunningham.
The Press Jno. A. MacMurphy (we
want to be honest about this, and tell
the truth, in good newspaper style, as
we editors always do. Of ourse our
speech was the best, and the other fel
lows no whar, but it must be frankly
owned that we do not know what we
said, or how it sounded, only when done
they cheered U S, Grant ed us leave of
absence for the day, and off we ran to
the Base Ball grounds. )
Our Soldiers. Sam. M. Chapman.
Our Free Schools. Rev. Mr. Woods.
The Farmers. Mr. S. Howell.
Nebraska. S. Rockwell.
Our Sunday School Children Rev. J.
The Ladies. Rev. Simon Barrows.
The Band. Mr. Wm. Jenks.
the end.
Everybody did well, all the speeches
were happy, the oration was pronounced
first rate, the dinner well, we've told
you of that and the day itself, . nothing
could be better. Everybody was happy,
and everybody's wife said, "What a
jolly Fourth !"
A base ball match, between the Elm
wood boys and the Weeping Water boys,
was played. We could not stop to see
the end of it and don't know who won.
Tired, good natured, and perfectly sat
isfied, the red wagon set us all down at
home about seven o'clock, just brimming
over with fun, and ready tor another to
Notice is hereby giv en that the organ
ization of the State Grange his been
postponed from the 24th of July to the
5th day of August.
E. H. Noxon, Gen. Deputy.
Groveland, Seward Co., July 5,
Our thanks are due to the Hon. John
Taffe, for Senator Logan's speech and
numerous other public documents.
The following pathetic note was picked
up on a street in Danbury, Conn. :
"Dear Jane I hopo you ain't mad
because I didn't laff at you when you
la ffed at rue last evening at the post
offis. I ain't prowd, dear Jane, but
I've trot a bile under my arm, and I
can't laff as I used to as Heaven is my
judge. Yours, truly, Henry."
E. T. Noxon, the Dep. Grange master,
called on the Herald. In answer to a
question of how many Greeley men there
were in Seward county? he answered
that, "there might be about one voter
in fifty for Greeley."
Plattsmouth .is very dull just now.
We can't find a dorg to make fun of to
The shady side of the street is the
E. S. Child of Glendale, gave us a
call and brought along seven new sub
scribers. He tells us ho used to stand
at the casein years gone by, himself, and
we think "a fellow feeling makes him
wondrous kind." Hewever that may
be we return many thanks, and give his
case as an example for our subscribers
from all parts of the country to follow.
Look at our club rates, at the head tf
the editorial page, and send us in lots of
new subscribers for the campaign, and
we will try and make the paper so good
they can't do without it after that.
Henry Hubcrty, an oil resident here,
and a member of the well known firm of
Guthmann & Huberty : wholesale and
retail Grocery dealers in Plattsmouth,
leaves for Denver to morrow. Mr.
Huberty by his fair dealing and pleasant
ways has been a great favorite among
our citizens, and while we wish him
every success in his new place of busi
ness, Plattsmouth regrets to
staunch and valuable a. citizen
Jose so
Go. to Dr. Chapman's for your beau
tiful perfumery and toilet soaps. He
keep3 the best. 14diwlw
r.iST oiirici:.
Thr-y a;o h:iviu a fat ol J time up at
Omaha about the Postoffice. The Bee
became dissatisfied with P. M. Griffin,
and he has been removed, and now it's
after Yost, his successor, and every day
we have cither a private talk with Sena
tor Hitchcock made public, or a tele
gram from Gen. Grant and the P. O,
Department at Washington.
It is currently reported that all the
churches there will line and sing the fol
lowing hymn next Sunday :
'I lie Little Busy Bee.
How doth the little busy Bee
Improve his passionate hours.
By raising a P. O. melee
With that big Senator of ours.
He goes ."or "Hitch," and nags at Yost,
Gives "Honest John" a poke ;
An' less his stinger strikes a post
He's got 'tu in a yoke.
Now. brethren all, let ns unite,
A d soothe this insect's stinger;
Unless the party hea's this fight,
'Twill squeeze us like a Doty Wringer.
Judge Ellison issued three marriage
licences yesterday, and married one
coupla hisself, so he did.
Pretty good for such weather, the
day's work of tho Judge, we mean.
Many readers of the Herald may have
noticed a singular and profound "notice'
in the paper last week. It inquired for
one Aim ana was aitogetner mourn
ful in its tone and forebodings. With
great joy and exceeding gladness, we beg
leave to inform our readers that "Tim"
is found, he's all right, he has returned
to the bosom of his family.
No more will that disconsolate room
mate, however, enjoy his society o'nights
no more need he wonder on "Tims"
where-abouts and no more his bachelor
confidence pour out to willing ears.
Now George, take our advice, "go thou
and do like-wise." Get married, my
boy, and may the little angels bless thee.
J. M. Wolfe, of Crete, formerly of this
city, is in town.
He reports that all the Greeley men
in Nebraska seem to be in Plattsmouth,
at least he has not found any iu other
Married. Our esteemed friend, Mr.
T. A. Riordan, was married to Miss
Mary Foley, in the city of Burlington on
the evening of the 8th of July.
Here's love and health attend your ways
Friend Tim, and may we call her Mollie?
You both are one, for all your days;
Oh may you ever wish again 'twas Fo(l)ley.
Try that cold water soap, for sale at
Dr. Chapman's Prescription Drug store.
We received a whole ham, for a whole
year of Heralds the other day. Now,
if the ham is only as good a3 the Her
alds,, or rather if the ham would only
last as long as the Heralds, we should
bs fixed for the next twelve months.
Alas ! too well we know the ham will
disappear, and yet the Herald must go
on- Well it is'nt the first time we've
soon the steam kept up by putting bacon
ia the furnace.
Two small boys came up the Herald
stairs to make some experiments on the
telegraph wire which runs close by.
One of them commenced shaking it
pretty hard when the other sprang and
caugnt nolu ot it, exclaiming, Lon t,
you'll shake off the dispatch.
We find among our exchanges a Maga
zine for the little folks, entitled "What
Next?" It has reached only its fifth
No., proclaims itself as for the wide
awake boys and girls, and seems to be
wide awake itself. Terms: only 30cts a
year, or 50 cts with a premium chromo,
Apple Blossoms, worth by itself $1.00.
We recommend all our boy and girl
friends to send for it. Address, John B.
Alden, 202, West Madison st. Chicago.
Received daily at the Postoffice, fresh
Fruits, Apples, Cherries, Raspberries,
&o. Try them ! Try them ! !
14dlw At HANK'S.
W. W. McGec, of Mt. -Pleasant, re
ceived ten Berkshire pigs from Canada
the other day. Judges say they were
the finest and nearest thorough-bred
ever brought to this county. The same
gentleman shipped two of his finest
Berkshires to Burlington last week.
W. P. Porter, one of our best farm
ers received, lrom Jnoland, one or
the purest bred Berkshire sows ever im
ported into Cass county.
Wo believe Cass can stump the State
for good blooded stock two footed or
How long does it take to learn Ger
man from tho lips of a pretty girl, on a
Fourth of July day, in a buggy, on the
Weeping Water road? That's what's
the matter.
Not I r of the EHtattllMhiuent of two
Additional Ennd District! in
the State of Nebraska.
The act of Congress approved April
22d, 1872, provides that aU that portion
of the public lands in the State of Ne
braska lying west of range twenty-eight
(28) west of the sixth (6) principal meri
dian, shall be constituted and erected in
to a new land district to be called the
Western District.
And that all those portions of the pre
sent South Platte and Nemaha Districts
in this State, which lie west of range
four (4) and east of range twenty
eight (23) west of the sixth (G) principal
meridian, shall be constituted and erect
ed into a new district to be called the
Republican Valley District.
The President of the United .States,
by executive order dated tho third of
.lune, 1872, has designated North Platte
Lincoln county, a the site of the local
land office in the Western District, and
by executive order dated June 18, has
designated Lowell, Kearney county, as
the site of the local office in the Repub
lican Valley District.
Further notice of t'.e time when the
Registers and the Receivers at North
i .utte and jjowell will be ready to re
ceive applications for entry will be given
by those officers by publication.
Given under my hand at the city of
u ahington, this twentieth day of June
A. V. 1872.
By order of the President.
Latest By Telegraph
Xcws From Baltimore.
Vanderbilt and Eric.
Judge McCurm Dead.
A Methodist Minister in Hot
Commutation of Sentence.
Apaches on the "War-path.
Opposed to Greeley
Stokes Trial.
Proceedings of the Baltimore
Adjourn until Ten A. M.
Keport that the Cincinnati
Commercial Kenounces
Market Reports, etc.
New Rork, July 6.
A Baltimore dispatch announces the
arrival there of a large number of du'e-
gate3 to the Democratic convention.
The general belief is that Greeley will bo
nominated. There is comparatively lit
tle talk of candidates, the interest being
centered in the selection of the national
committee and officers of the Convention
A determined effort will be made to oust
Belmont from the chairmanship of the
committee, and an attempt will be made
to give the place to W m. r . rublaek, ot
There is no possibility of anderbilt
becoming President of the Erie. The
by-laws state that no stockholder in the
New York Central can become even a
director of the Erie, and in consequence
of this some other person will bo select-
for the Presidency. As already tele
graphed, it is thought that person will
be John 1. Joy, or tho Michigan Cen
tral. The present directory will bo re
elected, with a few exceptions.
Judge McCunn died suddenly at 4
o'clock this morning- His death was
the result of great mental depression.
His cne t was caused by the action or the
Senate in removing him from office. He
was a millionaire.
Lavonia, 111., July 6,
A Methodist minister, E. G. Riddle,
of this county, was arrested a few days
ago, charged with seducing four young
girls, the oldest one not yet 17.'
" " " Paris, July 8.
It is reported that Victor Hugo has
secured a commutatian of the sentence
of Henri Rochfort to a simple banish
ment from France, instead of transporta
tion to New Caledonia.
New York, July 8.
This wa3 the most interesting day of
the Stokes trial. The presence of Josie
Mansfield attracted many to the court.
Stokes was placed on the stand and de
tailed his proceedings on the day of the
Miss Mansfield took the stand. She
was all cold, jewels, and lace, and her
appearance excited an extraordinary sen
sation. Ihe principal points brought
out on her examination were, that Fiak
had displayed a pistol to her, and threa
tened to kill Stokes, and that sho had
informed Stokes of the fact and advised
him to be careful; that Fisk had told her
he had put persons on Stokes' track.
lhere is authority lor stating that the
proposed convention of the representa
tives of the Liberal press during the
session of the National Democratic Con
vention at Baltimore has been abandon
The Baltimore National Democratic
Committee this afternoon unanimously
selected lhoma3J. Randolph, ot V irgin
ia temporary chairman of the convention
andT. O. Vance, of Mississippi, tem
porary secretary. i
Philadelphia, July S.
The Amcricus and Keystone democrat
ic clubs started to-day for Baltimore.
The Keystone club will oppose Greeley
andtavor a straight democratic ticket.
San Francisco, July 8.
Apaches from the great reservation in
Arizonia, who made a treaty with Gen.
Howard a month since, left with the
avowed intention of going on the war
path. Troops are in pursuit. Many
depredations are reported.
Baltimore, July 0.
The convention was called to order by
August Belmont, chairman of the Na
tional Executive Committee.
Mr. Belmont introduced as temporary
chairman of the convention, the grand
son of the patriot and statesman Thomas
Jefferson. Mr. Randolph took his seat
and thanked the convention in a few
words. '
. The Rev. Henry Slicer addressed the
throne' of grace, and Frederick O. Prince
of Massachusetts, was chosen temporary
Mr. Madigan, of Main, moved that
O Pcrine, of New York be appointed
temporary recording secretary, which
was agreed to.
Roll was called by states for commit
tees on Credentials and organization.
amog others, the following were an
nounced :
Illinois n. C. Dent on Credentials,
and O. Ott on Organization. Iowa
B. F. Montgomery and H. P. Allison.
Missouri (J. J. Nesbit and G. G. Vest
Nebraska W. A Coleman and John
Black. Dakota J. E. Lingser and D.
Recess until 4 o'clock.
The convention re-assembled a little
after 4 o'clock. The Committee on Or
ganization reported James R. Doolittle,
of Wisconsin, for permenent President.
Vice Presidents.- Illinois, Wm. N.
Gonan : Iowa, John' JL Peters: Ne-
bras-ka, John Black;- and, among the
l'cuiui its, v. vyucny, illlliuis, o. JJ.
Evans, Iowa: W A Coleman. Nebraska.
Mr. Doolittle was escorted to the chair
by bnator Barard and Gov. Hoffman
He was re ceived with applause and ad
dressed the coaveatioa at lensih.
New York, July 0.
A di.-patch to tho World say Marat
Ilalsteud would to-day rcriouuc; Gree
ley in his paper, tho Cincinnati Coei
mcrcial. Latest by Telegraph.
Baltimore, July 10 12 M.
Convention called to order at 10 o'clock
by Chairman Doolittle. Barr of Con
necticut, Chairman of Committee on re
solutions reported committee ready to
report. Recommended adoption of Re
solutions already adopted by Liberal
Republican Convention at Cincinnati ;
in order that there should be no mLap
prehension as to these resolutions, read
ing clerk read the same. Each plank iu
tho platform was received with applause,
one term plank especially, and three
cheers given for it. This platform was
adopted unanimi.utly by all the States
except Delaware, Mississippi, Georgia,
and Oregon. Meeting of t.nti Greeley
men at Maryland Institute had few at
tendants : an agreement has already
been made by the Bolters National con
vention to hold a convention at National
Democratic Head quarters, Louisville,
next September. A salute of 1 CM) guns
will be fired on reception of the news bf
Greeley's nomination,' of which thcro is
no doubt.
Very Latest
Baltimore July 10 2 p. m.
Greeley and Brown were nominated on
first ballot. The vote stood, Greeley,
553, against 170; majority o77. Brown,
713; blanks 13, Stevenson G.
Hi - IF1 . JOHlTSOIsT,
flay-Opposite the Platte Valley House, in Schlater's Jewelry Store, j-S
Main street, JlMnttsmoiatli, Jcbrn.sksi
J) Vi XZ
. nb Ijjer Jfirst-tlass , jiatios nub Organs
Wholesale and RetaillDealer in Btringn, Sheet Masie, and all kipJi of Mniual MerchaixlU
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Tuned and Repaired Xutiif action Uuarani.
A large additional tract, embracing more than
750,000 Acres of Choice Farming LancC
AVill be Placed in Market by the Union Pacific Pura
Road Company, Tliursdajft tJllXlC 27th.
These Lands are contained in the Ten Mile Li mi
e Third One Hundred Miles of the Union PacifKb-
They are Located in tha Conr.tlea ot Konrncy. Buffalo, Dawnon and Lincoln, in Tlan...,a
to 34 west inclusive. More than iiO. Acres, llich Government lands subjoct to t ' .
stead Law are contained within the same limits. "aillily,
The great Valley of the Platte here widens out into a broad, beautiful 0;nte,j
undulating plain, covered with a rank growth of nutritious grasses and watc '
many clear runninc streams, and forms one of tho -vpn
Most fertile and attractive sections in Nebraska. p-
Kearney Junction, in Buffalo County, the point ol'inF
section of the Burlington and Missouri Kivcr 3tailroad
destined to become a larcre inland Citv. Plum Creek, t
County seat of Dawson County,, on the line of the gre
natural route to the Gulf of Mexico, is the centre of a va
agricultural and grazing region. n
North Platte, at the Junction of the great fertile valleys of the North and Soutt
Plattes, and the terminus of the first division of the Union Pacific Railroad, occu
pies one of the best geographical positions in the State.
These towns are rapidly developing into business points of importance ami influ
ence, offering unequalled inducements to the merchant and mechanic, and render
ing the lands now offered for sale among the most desirable locations in tho west.
Theee lands will be sold cheap for cash, or on a long credit of Five or Ten years
with interest at only six per cent.
Omaha, June 19, 1872. O. F. DAVIS,
13 It. Land Commissioner, U. P. R. It , Co.
ZV 3 1
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
ain Street. Eefond Door East tf the Court House
BRANCH UOtJSE Broadway.Coucncil Bluffs Iowa.
Has on hand, one of the largest stocks of
3-I invite every body in want of anj thics in my lite to call al my stcro,
Souili &itlc 3Iain, JtSetweeit Sil & 3el Strecfo
And convince themselves of the fact- I have a a'perialiiy in my lletuil Department a (elect
Block of Fine clothing lor Men and Boya; to which we invite those who want tiood.
-I also kecr'on' hand a large acd well selected
N KW YORK, July, 10. 1872.'
Money Easy at 4df
Gold Pull at 13CV1
Governments Mroug ..
CHICAGO, July 10. 1872.
Cattle Choice, fl 12(&"
Good, $3 85(";4 37
Hons Live, f 3 80(4 3
Flour Very dull
Wheat Weak $1 26 1 27
Corn Less active, SOCrOJtf
Bacon unchanged
Wool Quiet; 4c lower.
usr of LEi rtiw
remaining in tho Plattsmouth PostofSW
July 1st., 1S72.
Adams G W
Brigs Wilkin;
Brent W O
Cox Joseph
Clark Rosa A
Clemmons T
Davia WaltcS
Elleson N B
Feams A .
Files W F .
Guttma'n Wm
Boltou Caleb
Barber Iouisa"
Coon S W .
Clay Henry
Clark Jas A
Dona hoe Hugh
Fowler Isabel
Farmer John
Gillun James
Gustafocn Frederic Garley J
Ureen lhoinas
Hildebrand Miss
Johnson John
Lobfi John
H abcr Jacob
Johnson Jens
Lucy Wm
McBride D C
McUuiro I'atnoK
Maun Miss Arabell Morgan Mollio
1 JN eilUi airs Itora
Pruco T J
Pierce Martha U
Reynolds .1 W
Rodger Columbus'
Sucdaker S
Sims Carl
Reed S H
Reese Mrs Boss
Steeblcy Charles
Sharfin 31artha
Suowden AlexanderSwiggar S M
Seramblin V
Ppeek Claus
Sheels Frank
Traumet Wm
Hedlarn Jas
Watson Js
Welborn Calvin
Smith C U
Townsend E
White A K
Winslow Sarah E
When calling for any of tho above let-'
ters, please fcay 'Advertised.'
J. W. Marshall, P. M.
f by him.
mJ .
PlatUmouth, Neb rack p'
ctock of II a U and Cap.
8 lOtf
Repairing neatly done by P. MAXWELL,
Main Street, Plattsmouth, Neb.
In Duke's Old Stand. J;