Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 04, 1872, Image 2

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    -THE HiiRALih
"ITow merrily they ring, lerrily ? Yes,
why frhoulJ not a church bell be- merry ?
What bell tells of greater, grander things.
Ought Dot the associations that it calls
up be sources of enjoyment to alL Was
Official Director'
thero not joy ia the land when Christ there would be more than farmers need-
was born? Is there not rejoicing every ed the young oaks were already en-
Christmas yet? I croacliiig on their fields and plowed
A church bell may be merry without nn(ja
indulging in levity, and a church mem At FactoryTille we met Mr. Jennings,
bcr would surely be moved to feelings of the DrODrietor : had rood laurh over
joy and gladness, rather than to those of b:, Greeiev hat. and we promised to
m , - M
ground, from points of which we could i again elccteu 1UESIIENT OP THE UNITED
fee far up the Weeping Water, view Statfs.
Buck s, and other large and beautiful As to the charges against lien. Urant, 0f the Sabbath in the vital economy of
groves. There is no lack of timber in j personally, he claimed that many of the American people, there is no longer
this region, and Mr. Sheldon stated that 1 them were too puerile to notice. lie had ftny doubt. With all the periodical rest
kept his old father, 0 years old an J up- jfc brines Us. we still find ourselves over
wards in a postoffice, the salary of which worked; .and the wrecks of paralysis' are
wa3 flWayear, and to which Andy strewn around us on every han 1
Johnson appointed him. I his was a Without it, we should find ourselves
lair sample of the whole array. ZSo man
Vr. Uoiland u iheMundny neiiin r ment jcacj ditvetly away froui the Christ-
On the importance of the observance Mttn church. All pure ways are ways
of the Sabbath in the vital economy
that tend upward, toward God and
heaven. Scrifnr, fa .fnhi
if the fires are kept out, in ten years
T. W. Tipton. Brownrille.
P. W. Hitchcock. Omaha,
John TaiTa, Omaha,
U. 8. Senator.
KillUm II- June.', Lincoln. Act. QoTeroor.
w lilinm 11. JanFi, Lincoln, . bee. c f State.
Johji.Gilietpie, Liacolu, Auditor.
n. Aj&oemg, t ominous, Treaaurtr.
O. H. Koheru. Omaha, Attorney General.
J, M. AlcKenzie, Lino In. Sup;. Pub. Instruc'n
O. P. MaoD. N ebraska City, Chief Justice.
i George B. Lake, Oronha, . . . .
L. Crounie. Ft. Calhoun 'Associate Justices.
H. F. Elli on,
Ian'l McKinnon,
W.L. Hobhs,
J . W. Johnson.
U. W. Wioe.
Jacob Valle y.
xjeiu. nioin,
J. W. Thomas.
sadness and sorrow, by hearing his own
U. S Senator. I Crmrrh hpll rviIliniT rnm flipprfiillr I mrr.
Representative.! ., , . , P i
myj io near ine giax uuings oi salva
It has always been the custom to
speak of the Marriage bells, an alone mer-
ry. is a marriage always a merry occa
sion ? Has the token which knells the
parting of Mother and Daughter,
breaks up years of sweet family inter
course, and causes the severance of many
dear bonds of union on both .sides, any
more right to be called merry than when
it tolls forth the tidings of men saved of
a world to come full of joy and light, of
a haven of rest where there are no more
partiDgs ? We trow not.
A few years back, and Nebraska heard
never a church bell, and so strongly did
we feel this, that the first bells seemed
to ring forth the words, "Come home,
Come home," not to our heavenly abode.
Probate Judge.
County Clerk,
, Sheriff.
Supt. Pb. Instruction.
County Commissioners.
Foa President.
cheek of the girl we loved
These were tha homes that the first
For Vice-President.
tLl'HK41KS fOK THE 1''AlO.T
We will mail the Weekly Herald to church bells in Nebraska told I'd us of.
aew subscribers and clubs, during the and very dear to our hearts are both the
I residential Campaign, beginning June homes and the bells to this dav
20th and closing November 15th the Before this time, however, Sunday af-
week after the Presidential election ter Sunday, men, and not .bad men in
twenty-two numbers in all at the fol- tentionally either, shouldered their irun
10 WUIJ? rates : I or their fishing rnrl nnrl margin,
I - - - m v-- a Ml V U. VI tM J
One copy $ 70 for a day's sport, solely because there
Club of ten copies COO were no Tchurch bells to call them any
Club of twenty-five copie? 12 50 where else. Many and many a time
come down and go a fishing in the mill
pond, some day. Thatwould be an ex
perience once more. We hav'nt fished
in an old, jolly, big pond ttince we got
"licked" for tumbling off the forebay "
years ago.
Mr. Jennings & Son have an excellent
g'ist mill here, and Borne man with
money should come in and put up other
machinery, such as Woolen Mills, or go
iuto cheese factories. Here is a most
excellent point f.r some enterprisiog
man to build up a local habitation, and
a name, fur success and piosperity must
attend a judicious investment in such
frpots as these. Water power right at
the door, a rich farming country all
around, and in all probababihty a rail
road within eighteen months or two
years. What more could a man need?
At Mr. Buruuui'g we were very hos
pitably entertained, but as the day was
as some might now sugg st, but back to waxing late we were forced to cut our
the vine-clad cottages of New England, visit short and return.
to the shady vL'llage street, to the It would be iuiDO.sible io the soace of
church under the grand old trees, to the this letter to tell of all the fine farms we
farm-house in the lane, when the apple saw, of the coolness with which men
blossoms were fragrant, and the bloom talked of COO acres. 1,000, 1,503 acres,
of the peach only rivaled by that on the as if thoy were garden pAtche.--, or of the
Xew Advertisements.
'Without doubt the finrit jeriodtrul publinhtd.
Manny no equal tn r.urope or Amtrt ".
Daily At fair Club rates.
have we heard the expressed wish, " If
we could only go to church now, or hear
a real old fashioned church bell, how
We want subscribers for our weekly I good it would sound
ana dai y all through the county. To a How changed ! If we do not all co to
person sending us a club ot nve names church, we have the bells each Sunday
and over a liberal discount will be made, to remind us that there is a Sabbath.
and something higher, holier to strive
The Beatrice Express comes to us on a I for than to beat our neighbors in mak-
half sheet this week. Reason why? hig money, or as in '57 days, we strove
.uecausc iney nave conciuaea to enlarge tor the best corner lot and the biggest
to an eight-column sheet. We congratu
late them on the increased business I
which obliges them to do this.
TVe have received so many compli-!
mentary notices about our little datJy,
from all our brethren of the Press, with- j
out regard to politics, that we take this
occasion to return our thanks generally.
This alone, is not what we set out to
say, but to remark on the almost univer
sal good will and absence of petty jeal
ousy among newspaper editors. Your
hand at Poker.
Having wrought all this change for the
better, who eaj-s they are not Merry
bells these Church Bells.
Tbe Second Day's Itld.
June 22, 1872.
In the morninir Mr. Kirknatrick
snoweu us over tne .iarm ana tne r&u-
barb beds one s-talk of which measured
literary man per se, the pure Author, is j over four feet in Ior.ptb, and the leaf
frequently a very disagreeable person I three feet ten inches in diameter. Whut
with his "pets," and his humors, and I has our eastern man to t-ay to thi." We
his total want of courtesy to his brother j forget how maoy1 farms Mr. K, told us
authors. Lawyers are pretty good na-1 of, but we know that Eddy worked one,
tured, very social, and free from many and another son another, and that the
of the faults of the former class, jet home farm contained 3C0 acres. Alto
they do not always like to acknowledge gether, it is a beautiful place, and after
the ability and power of an opposing getting minute directions for our journey
brother of the fraternity. Physicians home, we rode down the hill, unto the
are very jealous of each other's reputa- valley of the Weeping Water.
tion for success. Clergymen are not free its legend.
by any means from this jealousy in fact Two good old-fashioned tribes cf InJi-
it is rather a clerical failing than other- ans, before the white man it trod need
wise. I wmskey and small pox to His red bretn-
Your real practical, hard working, j ren, knew no other way of decimating
managing editor, seems to be the only j the ranks of their lusty and hungry
man who drives ahead and pays no heed j young warriors than by a scries of des-
to other people's estimate of his good or perate fights, in which they managed eo
bad points, and if a brother editor craftily and had such extraordinary good
makes a good paper he says so at once, success,- that scarcely any grown males
If he has an ounce or two of brains ex- were left in either tribe, consequently,
tra, he gives him credit for it in a twink- the Hquaws gathered in force on the
ling ; and when he gets off a good thing, banks of this st-eani and wept so ener-
laughs at it as heartily and acknowledges getically and numerously that the water
it as readiiy "as if it were the coinage of j riz and overflowed the country round
his own brain. Asa class, no set of j about, since whichiime that region hath
men abuse each other on public affairs I been called "The Weeping Water
60 roundly and in private life receive one I Valley. It's a fresh, nice, pretty
another so entirely free from personal j stream, though, if it was once made of
animosity or jealousy. " It'jars; and charming to tell to western
ears, it everv here and there runs over
A letter to the Omaha Herald from littla -ffleg of , narklipir and shin-
Platkmouth, signed ." Junius, states ;ng) foamIrjg ana bubbling in such a good
that we had a rousing Greeley & Brown 0ij.fashioned country brook manner,
meeting, and that Tipton was repeatedly that we jut iongei kjcfc our shoes off,
cheered. It ends by saying "at the close jump out of the buggy, roll our pants
of the meeting three rousing cheers were up an,i have a good old schoolboy wade.
given for Greeley & Brown." We were It i-jfordable in many places, having a
not present at the close of that meeting, J hard, gravel or stone bottom, wherever
but a number of persona assured us that fche water runs over these rifHes.
ingfro!d with which they announced
that "the hundred acre wheat field
looked the best this j-ear," or that
eighty'm corn was doin remark' bly well."
In several places we saw long lines of ex
cellent stone fences, gieat, old fihioned
barns and outhouses, orchards and fruit
without stint or limit. If it is not a laud
of plenty, flowing with milk and honey
it is not for want of cows or bees either
for there are plenty of both on the prai
rie and in the yard.
Mr. Iaae Pollard has one of the fine
farms we ever saw in any State. There
aie 1,500 acres in one bodj' a magniti
cent brick barn, 100 feet long, running
water in several places, stone fences and
siock 10 inaicn, uas ou neaa 01 norses
and colts, milks 20 cows, and had corn
enough in the big barn to make a coru-er
if he only had it on a corner in Chicago,
Absolutely tired of questioning an
examining so much of interest to the
lover of his State and country, we turned
our faces and our horses northward, and
arrived at home late in fhe evening.
We hare been thus particular in de
ecribing the amounts of land owned and
the good things of the country, not to
gratify ourselves, nor yet the men that
own them, but because our paper circu
latcs far and wide, and we desire to let
our Eastern friends know what a coun
try there is here as well as to inform our
old patrons north of the Platte how
South Platte country looks. Everyday
we learn that there is more and more of
Nebraska - than we once dreamed, and
feel confident that but few years can
elapse ere wo will produce almost every
thing that a great State needs within
our borders.
Grant and YtJItou Salnrdity Xijfht,
the facts are, a very feeble cheer was
given for Greeley & Brown, and three
triumphant cheers for Grant. "Junius"
is a very poor judge of facts, before his
eyes, when he says Cass county will go
Liberal ; also, if he is a native here, he
deserves no creJit for yoking fun at
Plattsmouth about the reunion, and
stretches a point of fact to boot. Many
soldiers from the country were here on
that day, and at anyi rate, this city did
her part nob'y and deserves credit for the
endeavors to make it a pleasant, profita
ble and sociabb time to those that did
come. ,' '
The Artesian well is down 351 feet.
In sinking the well it is found that the
water line at Plattsmouth is 200 feet
lower than at Lincoln,
They are now putting in gas mains all
over town.
The Atwood House ia being thor
oughly renovated and renewed. M. W.
Lynch is Clerk, and J. C. Cox, Steward.
It will soon be the best Hotel iu the
The Grand Encampment L O. O. F.
was organized yesterday.
The wind has blown for three days a
Supreme Court meets at Lincoln, to-
Marqnett thinks tbe Republican party
have increased the price of Religion.
That' a newTirtnv' -
Close by tbe banks of the Weeping
Water, in laughing prosperity lives the
Hon. Lawson Sheldon, our Senator to
the last State Legislature. Mr. S. is a
Vermonter, a splendid farmer, and owns
1200 acres of land, stretching through
upland and dale for many and many a
rod in every direction. Under his
guidance we explored some of the rough
parts of tbe valley, and for the first
time in our whole life in NebiaLa, we
heard Jthe grinding sound of pebbles
and boulders beneath our buggy whclf.
You must know that in our Northern
Nebraska one can ride over whole counties argument combined, read the record of
idneversteastoneintheroadbigenough the glorious past of the Kepublican
We are satisfied 1 yes, more. It ex
celled our utmost expectations.
The Ke-unioj bit . recently before
us, and the constant asseveration
of kind hearted friends (?) that tbe
Greeley element in Piattwmouth was
strong, we almost distrusied our own
judgment aud feared .that our ralifica
tion oiu-'bt come out slim. We had re
solved to tell the truth, if only ten men
were present, but -it would have gme
like pulling teeth to have done so, had
the meeting proved a failure.
One glance around the spacious hall
on entering, dispelled our fears on that
Fcnre, and we sat down contented.
Aljout the same number of people were
present as at Senator Tipton's speech,
but 'there was a different clement pre
vailing, we nngnt miss it widely in
guessing at majorities in this, or any
other countjv'but .there is tne thing we
can hardly fail in; that is, taki::g the
measure and temper of a crowd or an
audience. We have "taken notes" be
fore a sea of upturned faces too often to
be badly fooled on these points, and
these people were alive, ncrvj- tneir
hearts were in their faces, and their sen
timents beamed from their eyes. It was
not a cold, critical crowd, come to view a
rather notorious man, and to hear what
he had to say for himself and his friends,
but a company of companions, gatherad
to hear their comrads in a good cause,
reason of the words, the truth and the
Doctor Black called the meeting to or
der, and introduced
Loud cheering followed. The General
squared himself, and then and there
with a masterly flow of wit, humor and
to throw at a cow. In '64 some Jersey
friends came to visit us. We had busi
ness up country, and taking a carriage
at Omaha, we passed nonh through
Washington and Burt counties, to the
Omaha Agency. On returning, we
came by Arizona bottoms. On our re
turn to Omaha, they were profuse in
description of their pleasure at the bcau-
Party. Launching lrom this into the
personal history and characteristics of
Gen. Grant, he showed that this "quiet,
persistent, reticent, little man had been
successful in every effort or move he has
made, so far in life ; " and that we had
to thank his wisdom, prudence and cour
age, for the fact that we have to-day a
Country,' a Government and a Republi-
f;f,,l pnnnrr nml mpnimno,! n nmirr. can uartv. He reviewed mm as a
ing glory "What do you tLink, we have General, a? a President, and 6howed
ridden over 150 miles and the carriage conclusively that he was one of the rare
wheels never struck a stone." It was few of this world who rise equal to every
true, and thev niiebt have ridden many occasion, and conquer, even circuni
hundred more in some places, with a stances, in their onward march to sue
like result.
In this valley, however, at a certain
elevation, good lime stone is found in
abundance, and crops out in the roads
wherever they cross a spur of the bluff
at the proper height.
We paewd ovrr some high, mlling
He spoke of the unanimity with which
ho waa nominated by representatives
from all parts of this broad land, and
that in November next, at
psrlv roll call, by the votes of a satisfied The only colored men for Greeley.
people, this "patriot and hero would be ! The Brown men.
in the United States lived a purer, nobler
life than Grant. Not a vice, not a
crime could be charged justly,
against him. And years after this
when History makes up her record, by
the aide of Washington, Jefferson.
Madison and Jackson, would stand Gen.
Ulysses S. Gkant. Cheers.
The speaker then overhauled the hon
esty and record of Mr. Greeley ; showed
how he had been cn all sides of the
fence one moment urging us "on to
Richmond," and the next J-aying "Let
her slide, we don't want the South, and
can do without her." He had ued up I
paper enough to cover the whole broad
prairie of Nebraska, in abus:ng Demo
crats, and hogsheads of ink, in reviling
all their measures. (A voice in the
"Prove that, where's your papers?''
"Stri?i ." paused not an instant, but
retorted, ' Prove it, why man, it's par-
of the history of the country. Where'd
you come from?"
Roars of laughter greeted this sally
The speaker having earned glory enough
for one night, after being repeatedly
cheered, shortly gave way to the
Slow and easy and lazy like. Marquert
beiran. No person on earth could fell
whether he n uitit to give out a hymn.
preach a s-ernion, or only to tell a yum
or two. Suddenly the lijihv springs to
his eyes, the power comes to his face.
he shakes back that long mane, and
hands, arms and legs, begin to talk, as
well as his tongue. Swift and .-tromr as
the current of old muddy, at high water
mark, but clear as the purest mountain
stream, the thoughts, the words, the
id-a., leap from his lips, and you see
pictured before you, like zig-zag li.trht-
nin tracks on the stairv curtain behind
him, the dark davs of Democratic mis-
rul, the cowering, shivering slave bleed
ing under a master's lash, and the
haughty Southerner demanding hi.-
State rights. The bloody battle field,
the loathsome prisons of Libby and An
dersonville j-tuud out for a moment to
view. The citkn and kindly face of
"Honest old Abe" appears on the
curtain, aud pictured in vivid lines cf
shining light you have the glorious record
of the Old Repubican Party, again
standing like a halo around the speaker's
The Honorable gentleman also de
scribed Grant's character and deeds, de
nounced Sumner for his folly, and in re
ply to the oft repeated charge against
Grant that he desired a re-election,
pointed to Sumner, himself, who has
been re-elected for 25 years, and now
should stand back and let 60tne other
man in Massachusetts have a chance.
He went through Senator Tipton's
speech, and charges; said the Hon.
Senator went down to Lincoln and tried
to get re-elected as hard as anybody,
and would probably be a candidate
again. He explained the Georgia bill,
that Tipton dwelt so much on, and stated
that Mr. Dawes, leader of the House, a
good Republican, prevented the Chor-
penning claim from being allowed, and
not this wonderful reform crew, Tiptou,
Trumbull & Co.
He did not choose to go backward for re
form to a dead party ; tut rather forward
with the party already in the van, once
more he declared allegiance to the bona
fide old genuine Republican party, and
laugbe'l to scorn tho liberal dodge which
meant sore heads trying to ride into power
on the backs of Democrat", and Demo
crats willing to carry them until they
had gamed their points, when tn y
wouli "buck" and dump their Liberal
friends in the mud. Said he liked
Greeley because he dressed like himself,
despoiled of our most efficient and relia
ble safeguard in the dangers wh:ch be
set the paths of business enterprise. As
a matter of - economy, therefore as a
conservative of health and life and the
power to work the Sabbath, observed
strictly as a day of rest from secular labor fnudy, the best ot the series yet
is of the utmost importance. We can- "hed; Dr. Holland s Editorials;
not afford to-day, and we shall never be
able to afford, to give it up to labor,
Will Attract Deserved Attention.
From Loosing's delightful Article on
est Point (profusely Illustrated);
tho brilliant Conclusion of Wilkinson's
Critique on Lowell's Prose: Warner's
C'harinint; Paper, a Summer Back Log
Christian Sabbath in Great Cities;' "fhe
Literary Bureaus Again:" "Our Presi
den?;" "Indirect -Damage;' two Carious
either in city or country. Experience Art'tles of Popular Science, Illustrated:
has settled this point, and yielded upon A Startling Exposure of Smuggling by
every hand its testimonies to the wis- raen, and the Means -Employed for
dora of the divine institution. As a
nifasore of social, moral, and phyMoal
health as a measure of industrial eco
nomy the ordination of a day of perio
dical rot like that which the Sabbath
bring u would come legitimately with
in the scope of legislation. If we had
no Sabbath, it would be the duty of the
State to ordain one; and a we have it,
it is equally the dtit3' ofthe State to pro
tect it, and confirm to the people the
material and viral beticfits which it is so
well calculated to secure.
There are certain other facts connect
ed with the observance of the Sabbath,
in America which are quite a- well es
tablished as the one to which we have
al'uded to, the most prornint-n h, that
the high morality and spirituality of any
community depeuds uniformly on its, ob
servance of the Sabbath. We do not
leluv? thi-ie is a deeply reliinu cum
m inity in America, of any naioo, tha;
dnes not observe one day in seven as a
day specially devoted to religion. The
earnest Christian or Jewish workers
everywr.erj are Sabbath keepers, in
their sep ;ate ways and days. It is
very well to talk about an "every-daj
O-iri-' iai ty,' ' and better to possess and
practice it; but there certainly is preciou--
little of it where the Sabbath i not oV -
crvfd. The religious faculties, senti
ments, and susceptibilities under ail
schemes and systems of religion, are the
subject of culture, and impeiatively need
the periodical food and stimulus which
come with Sabbath institutions and min
istries. The prevalence and permanence
of a pure Christianity in this country
depend mainly on what can be done for
them on Sunday. If the enemies of
Christianity could wipe out the Sabbath
1 hey would do more to destroy the power
of the religion they condemn than all
the Renans and Strausses have ever
done or can do. They understand this,
and their efforts will be directed to this
end, through every specious protest,
plea acd plan.
its Detection; Sparkling papers in the
Old Cabinet; Urowmg Excellence in
Home and Society; and the New De
partment of Nature and Science, bv Pro-
ft'Ssor Draper, besikes the usual variety
of Stories, Poems, Essays and Reviews,
Fo ouo dol'str we willscnl the A'npzine on a
trial t atweriptimi for four -lontlm, coinmenciiig
with the Slav Number.
Price 81.00 peryenr, or 35 cts. a number.
For rale and subscriptions received by all
Bookseller and Xewsdeulcrs.
SCRIBNKI! & CO , Publishers,
Itdtw 6 4 Broadway, New York.
This nnriyalled Medicine is warranted not to
ri n tn n a single particle of Metcury, or any in
jurious mineral pubstance. but is
For forty eui it has proved its great value
in ull diseases of tan Liver. Bowl, and Kidneys
' bovsas.djt of the good and greit in ull pirts of
t?ie country vouch for i.s wonderful and pecu
lf.,rpowe I;i purifying the blood, stimula ing
the t rpid 1 rrr and bowels, and imparting
new lift! nd Viitorto th whole pystrm. .Sim
mons Liver Regulator if acknowledged to have
i.o equal as a
It contain' fun: in-?iea,: element , never uni
ted in tbe ame happy proportion in any other
pr parauon viz . a Kendo Cathartic, a wonder
lul to ic. an UQ-ex. eoiioriable Alterative an
a certain Corrective ofall iin uritie uVthebody
Such signal success had attende 1 its use, that it
is now reftarneil as the
lor Laver Louiplaint and the paintul onspring
ttiereot, U-wit. Dyspepsia, toistiiati n.
Jaundice. Bilious at a ks Sick headache. Colic
Depression of Spirits, Sour Stomucn, Heart
Burn Ac Ac.
Kegu'.a e tbe liver and prevent,
Prepared only by J. II ZEILIN A- CO.
Druggists, Macon. Ga.
Send for a Circular t and Arch street.
Price $1: by mail 1.5 Philadelphia Pa,
For Sale by J H BUTTERY,
juntwly. Plattsmouth, Kb.
The Halladav M ill has Htoml tli tpt for ;
teen years, both in the United States and Eu
rope and is the only one
Generally adopted by all Principal Rail-
roaus and iarmers.
Scnd for catalogue and price list.-ff
aplSwtf . Lincoln Nebraska.
The Two Most Successfu
Popular and Perfect,
31 A C II I N E S
Are Our Well Known
Fi V'
Sheriff's Sale.
II. L. R. Stiles, plaintiff, vs. John
Snvder and William Snvder. defend
1 he most religious and earnest ot the ents :
Catholic clergy of Europe lament the
fact that the Sunday of theirchurch and
their several countries is a day of amuse
ment. They see, and they publicly ac
knowledge, that without the English and
American Sabbath they work for the
spiritual benefit of their people to a sad
disadvantage. It is this European Sab-
Notice is hereby piven that I will offer
for sale at public auction on Monday the
29th day of July A. D. 1872, by virtue
and authority ot an order of sale to me
directed and issued by the clerk of the
District Court ot the fcecond Judicta
District in and for Cass county, Nebras
ka, at the front door of the Court House
in the city or 1 lattsmouth in said coun
ty, at one o'clock p. m. of said day the
ath. or Sunday, which we are told is to following described real estate, to-wit:
come to America at last through her -nvf r' ,n T" o. sixty
w;., v. v th.r?e 63 1,1 Plattsmouth city together
would like to ask those who would re- thereon, upon which building and lot of
joice in its advent, how much it has done ground II. L. R. Stiles has a Mechanic's
for the countries where it exists. Go to
Italy, France, Spain, Ireland to any
part of Germany, Catholic or Infidel,
and find any people so temperate, pure,
chaste, truthful and benevolent as the
Sabbath-keeping communities of Ameri
ca. It cannot be done. I he theatre,
the hore-race, the ball, the cricket
around, the beer saloon, have nothing
in them that can take the place of the
institutions of religion . They are esta-
Given under my hand this 25th day
ot June, A. 1). 1872.
Sheriff Cass county, Neb.
Maxwell & Chapman,
Defendant's Attorneys.
Probate Notice.
the animal, and not at all in the interest
of the moral and intellectual side of hu
manity. They can neither build up nor
purify. They minister only to thought
lessness and brutality. So much, then,
but he did no like hint wejl enough to seems obvious: 1st That we cannot
help hitii to put the Democrats in power, do without Sunday as a day of physical
and first, last and all the time advised I and mental rest; 2d. That either as a
the people to Hand by. the steady, true consequence or a concomitant, moral and
and tried leader aud GenMtl, now and spiritual improvement goes always with
always, a man that led his men upward the observance of Sunday as a religious
and onward to victory. day; apd 3d. That Sunday, as a day
Three rousing cheers for Grant were of amusoment simply, is profitless to the
given, a vote of thanks passed to General j better and nobler side of human nature
Strickland and Mr. Marquett, and the j and human life.
great ratification came to an end for one jfow the "questions relating to the
day. We are bafe on Plattsmouth, or onenire of narks, libraries, readinff rooms
Notice is hereby given to al! concern"
ed that t?austa .J. 31 mer. trpnrire A-
blished and practised in the interest of Lattaand William E. Latta, filed in the
office of the Probate Court, Court, Cass
County, iNebraska, an application lor
the appointment of an administrator for
the estate of Robert M. Latta, deceased.
Said application to be heard on the
22 day ot June, A. D. 1 8 2, at my pmce
in 1 lattsmouth.
June 5th 1872.
10 5t Probate Judge.
never did a people so misrepresent them'
selves as on Saturday night.
The Nebraska City Chronicle is severe
on the meeting there on Saturday. Af
ter describing Butler's harrangue, and
etc., in great cities on cunay. are not
moral or religions subjects at all, they
arc prudential and to be settled .by exper
iment. It is to be remembered that
there are large numbers of the young in
alf great cities who have no home. They
Commissioners Sale of Real
"VOTICK is hereby given, that by virtue of
an order ot s-le issued out of tne Dis
trict Court, of Nemaha Count y, iu the Stare
of Nebraska, and to ns dlr-ct-d as referees
and commissioners in the cafe herein if er
mentioned; upon an order and decree ren
dered by the said Court in a certain action
therein pending, wherein Bryant Cobb is plain
tiff, and Martha Finlty, Nancy Allison. Clark
Cobb, Williamson Cobb. W;.kney Cobb, Clay
Cobb. David Cobb, Catherine Kin?, Mar
tha Conner, Francis Cobb, Seymour Cobb,
Nancy A. Kin. Williamson R. V. Cobb,
Newton C. Worley. Louisa Inman; Martha
N." McGaha, Eliza Nelson. Martha C. Kell
and John A, Irwin are pefendanls. we will
offer for sale at public auction, at the door
of the Court House in t'lattsmouth. Cas
county. Nebraska, on Monday, May 27th, 1872
one c clocK in tne afternoon ot day,
sleep in little rooms, in Which in Winter the following real esUte in Cass County. Ne
braska, to wit;
S E !. Section 15. Town. 11. Ranre 10. 1(50
comfort. They are without congenial cre? ,i sJl 15vT T?w"
telling how ho went through Morton s society. They have not the entree of oth- quarter of Section 15 Town, ll Range 10 loo
er homes ; and they must go somewhere, I TERMS OF SALE. One third cash; one third
rk; . I in one year, una oneiuiru in iwoyeare. Lteler-
and really need to go somewhere.
J red payments to be secured by mortgage on the
tian onnrtesv do-s much to brincr them premises, with interest at 10 per cent .per an-
j num. payaoie annually, i
career, and Morton being called for, re
taliated, by calling Butler "a thief, liar.
villain, aud impeached bell-hound." It
concludes its article as follows :
'Now, in conclusion, we say that the
meetin? last night was a miserable affair.
a disurace to a civilized people. We are
extremely sorry that such an organiza
tion exists in the State. A nnmber of
our former radical friends have been in-
i .i . i. e 1
veitriou into me moveuiem, iruiu me . , , , . F ,v,r
fact that they were led-to conclude that OI Roou or, luc Ul luwc
r ws a uiuveujciiii iu iaui u itiuiiu. i . v. , ...... i.- ...j , :ii ,i, ,o u j ,.r i..,..
They aro beginning to open their eye?, der out for the one look at nature and D. 1872, at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said
aay, at ine vouiu ironi uoor oi lue isoun
House in the city ot natismnutn in said coun-
into christian association, and ought to
do a thousand times more. The least it
can do is to open all those doors which
lead to pure influences and to the enter
tainment of the better side of human
nature. A man who seeks the society
rorn date of aalv
Wm. 11. Hoove. Rele
Datius s Pi-astrrs, - and
Rich'd V. Hdghks. J Commissioners.
Thomas & Bboadwat, Attorneys. 8.9 15
This sale was adjouroed to the 16th. day of
July 1872.
Sheriffs Sale.
Electa G. Hasty vs Emerson II. Eaton. Order
of sale.
Bv virtue of an order of sale issued out of the
District Court for Ca?s county Nebraska, and to
Both are of tho Kimp'est Construction, and
so Easily managed that we guarantee them to
As no article in the household has a ereater in-
5uence in promoting the health, comfort and
happiness of th family circle than tbe Couk
btove, it is economy as well as policy to (ret the
very best; and in buying the Charter Oak, you
can rely on getting the most successful, popular
and perfect cooking stove ever made.
In using an Epicure liroiler you are always
sure oi Having
J uicy, Tender and Delicious Beefstakes,
Chickens, Hams, Chops, &o. .
Sold By
612 & 014 N. Main Street,
St. Louis Mo.
Vf PrnprUtnr. R. H. MrDmit. Co., Iriii, .u f
dZ Ag.ou, f IrmoclKOiC.I., i4 M Coauu.rt mini, . V
MILLIONS Hear Tritmonr to tbelt
Weoderfiil Cat-alive Effects.
They are not a vile Fancy Drink, Hade of l'or
Ram, IVkWkcr, I'roof Kplrlia and ItrfMaa
Llqaors doctored, spiced and awectenad to pleaaa tha
taste, called "Tonics,'.' Appetizers," "llUrcm,"4jc,
that lead the tippler on to druuKanness and ruin, but ara
true Medicine. made from tho Native Roots and Merbt
of California, free from all Alcoholic H 1 1 in
lanta. They aro the (J It E A T 1II.OOI I'l .
perfect Renovator and Invigorntor of the tjjuUm.
carrying off all poisonous matter and restoring thetilood
to a healthy condition. No person can take these Illte
tars according to directions and remain long unwell.
provided their bones are not destroyed Ly mineral
poison or otliur means, and the vital organs wasted
beyond tbo point of repair.
They are a Gentle Iu ran live aa well ms
Tonic, possessing, also, the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inthun,
InsUon of tha Liver, and aU tho Visceral Organa.
FOR FEMALE COM I'l.A I NTS. lnjonng ei
old, nuuTicd or single, at the dawn of womanhood or at
the turn of life, Uiese Tonie Hitters have no equal.
For Inflammatory and Chronic Uhrsnt
tlam and Gout, Drapepala or Iaalaesiloa.
Ilillou, Hetnittent and Intermittent Ye-
era, Dlaeaaee of the Illood, I.lver, Hid
oeya and Itlnddcr, tUese Illttcre have been most
successful. Koch Dlaeaaee ara cansed by Villnled
DIood, which is generally vroduord by derangement
pf tbe Digestive Organ.
ache, Pain In the SbouUlars, Coughs, Tigbtness of the
Chest. Disxiness, Bour Eructations of tbe Mtnmach.
Bad Taste la the Mouth. Bilious Attacks, Palpitation ol
the Heart. IuQamination of tha Lungs, Pain in tba re
gion! of the BJUnsys. and a hundred other painful arms-
soma, ant tba oflsprlnga of Dyspepsia.
Tber Invigorate the Stomach and stimulate tbe torpid
Liver and Bowels, wblcb render them of unequalled
tfCeacy Id cleansing tbe Mood of all Impurities, and Itn
parting new life and vigor to the whole system.
FOIL SKIN DISEAHEM, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Plmrltn, Pustules, Bolls, Csr-
Ounclea, King-Worms. Scald liosd. Sore Kyns, Kryalpe
aa. Itch. Scurfs, Discolorationa of tlie Mi In, Humors and
LlisesKPS of tbe rikm. of wtiatvr name or rmturr. are
literally dug up and carried out of the systnm in a slTt
time by the use ut these Ull tern. One hnttl In nurtl
eases will convince tba uiost lucredulous of tbeir curs
live effects.
Cleanse the Yitiared Blood whenever ymi find Its Im
purities bursting through tbe sklo in Pimples, Kru
tions or Bores; cleanse It wben you And it obstructed
andsluggiiib in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul,
ind your feelings will tell you when. Keep the Muod
pore, and the hcaltb of tbe aratem will follow.
Fin, Tape, and other Worms, lurking la the
lystem of so many thouaands, are effectually destroyed
and removed. Fara a distinrulahed Dhraiolnrlat.
there is scarcely an Individual upon tha face of tha
esrth whose body is exempt from the pr-senca of
worms. It is net upon the healthy elements of tba
body that worms exit, but upon the diseased humors
and slimy deposits that breed these livina- monsters of
disease. No System of Medicine, no vermifuges, no
anthelmlntica will free the system from worms like
these Bitters.
3. WALKER, Proprietor. R. H. McBONAI.D CO.,
Pruggists and Gen. Agents. San Francisco. California,
anu 3X ana n Commerce Mreet, new Xurk.
Metnlic Burial Cases.
Manuctnrer of
ariuss, Sabbks, ribles,
Blankets, Brushes, &c.
Promptly Executed. All work Warranted
Nov. Plattsmouth, Neb
. Legal Notice.
August Murphy non resident defendant.
will take notice that on the '22ad day of
June 1872, William Stadelojatin hied his
netitiou, in the District Lourt or the 2d
Judicial District in and for Uas.s Couoty
Nebraska the object aud prayer ot which
is to recover a judgement, against you,
for the sum of $lU;.9uaud interest from
April 18, 1871, at 10 per cent on a
protiiisory note of said date and that said
plaiutitf has caused an order of attach
ment to be issued in said cause, and has
caused lot 16, in block 3, in btadetmann s
Addition to the Uity .ot Plattsmouth,
Plaintiff prays judgment arainst you
for the eurn of $108. 90 and interest from
the 18th day of April 1871, aud that the
said lot may be sold under said attach
ment and applied to tne payment of aiJ
iudement. 1 ou are required to answer
said petition on or Lelore tne lytn day ot
August, 1872.
W1L.L.1ASI 0 1 AJJJliLuU AIM i .
14 5w. . 11 is Attorneys.
and hundreds arc coming back to the old,
trusted and tried llepubiican party.
Come back I Lome back !
A erav-haired old man tried to ret a
room on Kearney street, San Francisco,
the other day. lie asked the woman
who answered the bell : "Have you a
room to let?"
'Yes,' she replied, "but"
"But what?"
"Vou cannot Lave iL"
"Why not, ?" asked the old gentle
"i'ouare more than sixty years old,
are you not t
"I am t.ixty-five. W hat of that ?"
lhe landlady won tallow any funerals
rom her house.'
the one feast of pure air which the week
can give him, is not to be met by bar or xt txxTll
ban. V hatcver teeda the man and lg- b'ock No. biz w in tbe city or riatieinonth.
i Nebraska, and the sontheasi quarter (!igectioa
nores Or Starves the brute IS to be fostered No. twenty-four (24) in township No. twelre12)
, . .- TL-cVkV. nn I nerth range No. twelve (vl) east of the 6th P.
made for man, and not man for the
Sabbath. That is not religion, but pa
gan slavery, which makes of Sunday a
nenance and a sacrifice. It is better
that a man be in a library than alone all
the time. It is better that he wander
in the park than even feel the tempta
tion to enter a dnnking-saloon or a
brothel. Tbe Sunday horse-car is justi
fied in that it takes thousands to church
who could hardly go otherwise. The
M.. and part of the northeast quarter QA) of
section rio. twenty-tive fJo township Ho.
twelve (12 north ranfre No. twelre (12) e.t of
the 6th ir. SI., containing abour one hundred
acres; the southwest quarter !:) of section
fourteen (14) township twelve (12) north rnge
No. twelve (12) east ot the 6h P.M.: the west
half ( of the gou'h-east quarter (i and the
southeast quarter () of tbe southeast quarter
of section No. nineteen (19) township No.
twelre 12) north range No. thirteen (13ieait 6th
P. M.: the southwest quarter ivij oi tne a-juin-
er l4 ot section so. twenty ip
west quarter
tOWDSnip O. isenli.l uui iu laiiRO tui'-
teen (13) east of the 6th P. M.; and tbe south
ern quarter or seciioa mi
in No. twelve (12 north
b.snin No. twelve (12 north rantre No.
welve (12) east ofthe 6th P. Ms to satisfy a
judgment recovered at the April term. A. I).
1872. ofthe said District Court by fclecta U
l;k... ; ;ct;Rfl,1 In tW it ia a Uasty. AdimniMrairix t hmVi r
FU uu, " eased, against i-merson ri. r.aioH.
road which leads in a good direction. gherlff cs cJunry NebVwka.
Tbo nra-is devctod to Sunday amue- rx.t Ta? l, ne Arr. ??t
Sheriff's bale.
By virtue of an order of sale, issued
out Of the JJlstncv iuuu iut vaas uouuiy,
Nebraska, and to nie d.rected, 1 will, on
the 5th day of August, A. D. 1872, at
one o'clock p. m. of said day, at the
s.-uth front door of the Court House, in
the city of Plattsmoutn, in saiu couuty,
tell at auction, the following real estate,
to-wit: The northwest quarter (i) of
the southwest U) and tne southwest
quarter (i) of the nortnwest t) and tne
southeast quarter (4) ot the souiUwtBt
quarter (1) of section . No. eleven, (11)
and the northeast quarter ii ui me
northwest quarter (i) oi secwon o.
fourteen (14). all situated in township
No. twelve (12), north ot range No.
thirteen (13) east of the sixth principal
meridian, in Cass county Netrasta, ac
cording to the government survey, bold
to satisfy a decree of foreclosure ren
dered at the April term, A. V- of
the said District Court, in lavor ot
Thomas E. Tootle, and against A. (x.
Barnes and Lucinda Barnes. ,
Given under my band this 3d day of
July, A. D. T,ltTVcnv
Sheriff Ciss Co. Nebraska.
s twttt. X-. Chapman.
i-5tw yve'9 Auy . j
Beady Made, and Sold Cheap for Cash.
' With many thanks for past patronag-o, Ii a
Ate all to call and examine my large stock o
niture and Coffins Jan'ist
Wayman $ Curtin.
.Flattsmonth, IVeb.,
Repairers of Steam Engines, Boilers, Saw and
Unst Mills.
Gas and Steam Fittings, Wrought Iron Pipf,
Force and Tift Pumps, Steam Gauges. sl n
Valve Uovernors, and all kinds of
Brass Engine Fittings,
furnished on short notice,
RcpaUel on short notice. angS
Abstracts of Title.
use, for descriptive circumn", a 'urtu.
Jjurliogton, lows.
Lo-k to Your Children.
The Great Soothing Ilemedy.
MRS. I Cures colic and griping in
Mhitrnmh'a the bowels, and facilitates
Syrup, .the process oi tceioinic. , I V,
uai ViiIIpp con vulMions and. Price
Whitcom'b's overeomos all disease inci- 2
Syrup, idem to infants anu rnimna. vnw
MRS. Cures liiarrncpa. vyseoia-
Whitcomb's ry andsummtrcompiaint
Svruo. children oi an ages.
T i the reat Infant' and Childfen'snSooth-
inir Remedy, in all dinorders brought on by
teething or any other caue.
prepared by the Grafton Medicine Co.. St.
Louis Mo. . . , ......
hold by druggisH bdu
..,rUr. deaJd
Agents Wanted!
For the liviext and most agreeable nd in
tructive book ofthe year.
By Hon. W. E. V-K ef Topeka. Mjr,iM
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the boundless M fully and truthfully des
cribed. Ove.flowingwitb wit and humo.. A
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Prolu-ely and plendid'y Illustrated. Im n-
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tend f.r Illustrated circular , imns . ete , at
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AITANTED. Af7ENTS-IO to 250 per
f months everywhere: Male and I-emale.
to introduce the genuine inn
' . ,
genuine iinproveu .i a nii
HEWING MA til INK. This machine will
stitch, hem. fell. tuck. bind, braid, cord, quilt.
and embroider in a most superior manner.
Price, only $15, fully licensed and warrunted for
five years. We will pay fSHWO for any machine,
high price or low, that will sew a stronger, inre
bexutiful or more elastic seam tban oars. It
makes the Elnutic Lorh-nit-h. Every second
stitch can be cut. and still the clth can not be
pulled apart without tearing it. We pay agenta
lno to Ua per mouth, and expense, or a com
mission from which twice that amount can be
made. For particulars and terms, apply to or
No. 102 Nassau btreet.
New York.
CAUTION. Io not he im nosed UIOD by
other parties traveling through the country
palming oil worthless cast-iron machines under
the same name or otherwise. Ours is the
genuine and really rheaa machine manufac
ture'!. afWwtf