Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 14, 1872, Image 3

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O. B. ft. Jo- R. R. South
C. H. .V St. Joe K. II. North.
B. ft M. K. R. Rs--t, .
B. & M. K. R. West.
Weeping Water,
Kehraska Ctv. hv !Ae.
10 p m. 10.30 pe
10 p. m. 10.30 p in
I'Jpm. 10.30pm
yam. 4pm
10 pm 10 an
12 a in. 12 km.
9pm.. 8 p m
Departs iodVs, Wednesdays and Fridays.
. , I-T 1 -i T
ukicb B3an, irom e ui is i p ui.
fandays, 12 to 1 p tnr '-" '
The Herald six months for $1 !'
uon. dona 1. liedicS, ot Umaha, is
lying seriously ill in New York. "
Job work done"
on short notice.
at the nr.RALl office
Gen, Vifquain . ''goes through" Dr.
Converse in a letter to tha Omaha Bee.
The Nebraska City Chronicle has been
changed from a Mcrning to an Evening
Tha Cincinnati Enquirer considers the
Labor Reform ticket, Davis and Parker,
a good one to onite all the eleincn's of
opposition to Grant."
Tha Irish Republic advises the Irifh
Republicans to stand by Grant, as the
fairest and kindest man to all races that
ever sit ia the President chair.
. During, the absence of Capt. II. E.
Palmer, Tboa. W. Evaas, will attend
to bis Insurance business. Mr. Evans
will be found at First National Bank.
As I intend to start east by the 12th
of this month, I again call on those in
debted to me to come forward and settle
their accounts, as by so doing they will
save cost. Wm. Stadxlman.
A dwelling- bouse, with four rooms,
cellar, stabla and garden Just east of
tho residence of J. W. Barnes. In
quire of J. V. Wcckbach, at Empire
marTwtf .
The machinery is being removed from
CfT the Fteamer Gallatin, and will be used
on tho new transfer boat now buildiDg
for this place.
Every train that comes in from the
east brings dozens of families for Ne
braska. Several have arrived in the
last few days and have purchased land
here and ruoro will follow soon.
ITarper's Bazaar say.-? there is a woman
in Nelraska tLat edits a paper, keens a
law office and rocks the cradle, all at the
same time. - -
The mechanics and Iuloring men ef
Nebraska City propose to nominate a
city ticket, to ba supported by them at
the April election. s
The Nebraska Stato Teachers' Insti
tute will meet at Lincoln on Tuesday,
July 15th, and the S;ate Teachers' As
sociation on Tuesday August Cth.
Kicbarti Edward-, L. L. D., President
of the IL'ino: State Normal University,
will take charge of the ezercies.
Nebraska City will not lack for candi
dates for the various cQees which are to
be filled at tho city election in April
next. , She has some four or five candi
dates for Superintendent of Schools,
and an eual number for City Marshal.
It must pay to held office down tliere.
Persons goin? south on the K. C, St.
Jce. & C. B. Ii. B. will leave here at
.12 M., and connect v.ith the train that
'leaves tha Junction at 2 p. m. See- notice
ia another column. - '
r. . rr . .... '
uajaaa is taiKing ot Euomitting a
proposition ' to give $50,000 for estab
lishing an Agricultural Implement Fac
Wc understand that Wm. GK Wood
ruff has been appointed local agent for
that popular Nursery of Furnas. & Sons,
Brownviile, and is now. ready to take or
ders. It is not necessary to commend
Mr. Woodruff to th people of Cass
county where he is so well known, and
it ia only necessary to mention that he
will canvass for the Furnas' Nurseries,
for the people te know that they will
get just what they order. Mr. Wood
ruff will probably be engaged perma
nently a3 the agent of the above nurse
ries. S .
A Stito Bank has been organized at
i Crete, Neberaska, and will commence
.business about the 1st of -April next.
The incorporators are John Fitzgerald,
.I!. C. Cushing, O. II. Parinele, John It.
Clark, " Thomas DoanV and F. W. D.
Holbrook. - - - ;
Several families from the vicinity of
Pekin 111., have arrived here within the
past week and will settle about six miles
west of this place". These parties pur
. chased lands here last summer and have
them now in a good state of improvement.
' They are a class of settlers " that . are a
valuable acquisition to any country. ' No
.county in the State offers better induce
' ments to settlers with some means than
this, and we are glad to see men of this
character coming among us.
Iiemembcrthat the State Ag'l Society
have offered a special premium of $100,
to the county that properly plants the
most trees on Arbor Day, viz Li. A pi i
10th, 1S72, also a premium of a $25.00
farm library to the person who plants
the greatest number of trees on that
: ' - . ; r " ti ,'
The B. & 21. R. R. Co. intend rip
' rapping the Missouri river en. the Iowa
sids opposite this city,' and thus make a
permanent landing for their, transfer
boat. They are cow crossing about
tixty freight cars a day, and still the
number on the opposite Bide soems
scarcely ti juntnUh. As soon as their
new boat arrives they will transfer pas
senger coache3, making' an unbroken
flae frcra bora tq Chicago.
J ... . MEED WHEAT.- ' 'vl
Nebraska spring wheat fur ai?ed, ii
advertised for sale at St. Joe." -price,-$1.50
per bushel. ; : L -s h
!.,:; JEXCE. , ' ' ;
i By direction of President Grant, First
Lieutenant .Junius' W. ' MacMurray cf
the First artillery has been detailed as
professor of military ecience and tactics
at the university of Missouri, Columbia.
. Thousands of mothers are constantly
f peaking in exalted terms of commend
tiea of tfte magical efTccts of Mrs. Whit-
comb's Syrup for soothing infants teeth
ing. ' , , " '''. wl '
There seems to be a considerable de
mand for seed wheat: Many of the farm
era are fearful that their winter wheat is
all killed out, and are preparing to 60v
spring wheat in its place.
We hope tho winter wheat is not as
badly hurt as the farmers suppose.
We saw a man to day who looked upon
a Corn Planter for the first time. Igror
ance like this seems strange to the peo
ple of the west, but - here was a man of
good intelligence, thoroughly posted in
his business (drumming for a New York
house) enquiring what "that machine is
cs:d fir," which csn I e found on almost
every farm of the wesL We propose
that missionaries be sent east to enlight
en the people and explain to them the
use ef corn planters, to.
On the first Tuesday of April the citi
zeus of Plattfrnouth wi'l be called upon
to select the city officers for jhe ensuing
year. v
The officers to be elected are, a Mayor,
one Councilman for each ward, City
Clerk, City Treasurer, Police J udge and
Marshal. 7 , ; j
It is all important that in filling these
positions, honest, conscientious and pub
lio pprited men b selected, for the fu
ture of our city depends in a great meas
ure upon the manner in which it is gov
erned and the means taken to secure
needed and important improvements.
The Trunk Rrailroad, Avenues, and
many other important matters will need
looking after, the importance of whiah
can hardly be estimated, and we siocerly
hope that ' in the selection of men for
the different positions, that tre things
will not be lost Eight of. i
On the 26th of this month Otde
county will vote on the proposition to
give $5,000 per mile to different rail
roads that may be built in that county.
One of them the Trunk road the
people living ia the Rivor precincts have
a deep interest ia seeing built at an early
day, and they should be prepared to co
operate with the counties below, that
W9 may secure an unbroken line to this
plaoe. j- For this purpose we would sug
gest that at least one person be selected
from each precinct along the line of the
proposed route, and the persons thus se
lected confer with the citizens of Otoe,
Neaiaha and Richardson,, aad a com-
lined cSbrt be made to secure the build-
ing of this road the present scaBon.
There is scarcely a doubt that Otoa will
now vote aid for this road. Nemaha,
Richardson and Caas have once dona eo
and can aain. If we expect this road
soon, we have got to- work for it. and
work in harmony with the counties be
low us. Lot us not forrret that wa haPB
something to do if we would ensure work
on it this Eeason.
-Tha publishers cf "Oar Fireside
Friend," tha new eight page, illustrated,
literary and fireside weekly journal, pub
lished in Chicago, evidently mean to ea
cure for it, speedily, a very large circula
tion. : The premiums they offer are, in
deed, munificent, and the list is large
and varied. The first grand premium is
$20,000 ia United States Currency.
rive thousand premiums are to be given
to the Bubscribers for 1872; and the
lowest offered is worth in retail tbe'eub
script ion price of the paper. Thus
whilb iba paper is worth the subscription
price, an opportunity is presented of se
curing a valuable premium, possibly one
of the most'inagnifieont in tho list
Every eubseriber participates in the dis
tribution. The publishers are Waters,
Eberts & Co., 783 State Street Chicago.
Specimen oopies and Premium Lists
sent free on application. wl
We clip the fllewiBg from tho Lin
coln Journal relative to tho Pottery soon
to be established at Louisville, ia this
county: - :
"Capt. J. T. A. Hoover, of Louis
ville, was ia oar city to-day, and he in
forms us that he haa entered into a con
trast with capitalists from tho east for
opening an extensive pottery manufacto
ry on Lis farm. He has the finest white
kaolin in the United States, from which
can be manufactured ' the very finest of
ware. The centlsmen with whom Mr.
Hoover has contracted wiil commence
operations in the course of a coople of
weeks, . and will be prepared to manufac
ture ware during the coming season.
They will erect works costing abont $30,-
000, and they expect to consume about
2,000 oords of wood each year. Mr.
Hoover is now procuring a stock cf
wood for use the present season. ; The
manufactory will bo immediately on the
line of tha B. & M. Railroad. ; so - that
their products can be readily transfered
to any parVof the world.' "
Under ; the leadership of i General
Siegcl, the German Republicans of New
York have recently promulgated tto fol
lowing platform : -----
"Resolved. That the German Rennbli-
cana of the city . and countv of New
York pledge their unqualified
to the candidate for the Presidency who
" i" set, me Domination Dy tna next lie
publican National Convention.
"Resohcd. That we eiidorea th rro.
ent administration, and exprew coull-
aence in its integrity and ability."
' - I '
A widower was recently rejected by a
damsel who dida't want "warmed over'
IE an.
Xtbruha Arbtr Day.
1 ' If the Directors of tho .Krowoville
schools will et apart "Nebraska.Arbor
day" the 10th of April as a' Tree
-Memorial Day, and allow the teachers
and scfco'ars each to plant a tree in the
school ' block; to bear the name of the
individual planting it a3 a memorial tree
and retcried ia a book for that purpose,
we bereby;'agree to donate to each teach-
er and scholar oi the fchocl, a toreet or
fmit tree of auitable size and appropriate
to be planted on the grounds on that day.
Ftrn'as & Sons.
We clip the above from the Brown
ville Advertiser, and -would suggest that
the different schools throughout the
eounty make an effort to secure the
planting of trees on the ground belonging
to the different school districts. We pre
euma some of our nurserymen would fur'
nish trees for this purpose at reduced
rates, at least, and if an effort is made,
thousands of trees can be planted on
"Arbor day," r that j will be a source of
pride to us in the future.
Fresh Oranges and Lemons at the
Post-ofEoe. Oranges only G5 cents per
Will be in PJattsmouth on the 20th inst,
aad can be found for two days at Dr.
Livingston's office. All who need good
dental work on their teeth should call on
the Dr. without fail.
Senator Uascall was again Governor
last Tuesdav. while Governor J.mea was
.... j ... , .
visiting soma friends at the Bluffs. . The
new Governor having lost his grip on bis
first proclamation did not issue another,
so revoke is not in order
The happest man in towa is our friend
E. T. Duke, and all because he is the
"dad" of a bran new cirl. "You know
how it yourelf."
Tha Galesburgh (III.) " Free Pnss
hoists the namo of lion. David Davis
for President.
Farmers have commenced plowing in
Adams, Saline, and other coantics west
Of U9.
This morning, about one hundred men
came over on tee transier. At least
seventy-five of them wore Chicago Court
LTouse Bells. The other twenty-five im
mediately -went to. the post office where
they were fit out by Hank Streight, and
when they went west there was one hun
dred C. C. II. B.p, jingling on the train.
llank: has enough Teft to outfit another
ine-iapsist 5ciety ot this place, at
. . . .
the dedicati6n of their churoh, on Sun-
dav laat. raiied the sum of ;i7.1 on in
mnnw. nl tlA n-iffe'. P
j j 4 j 7 J
"iiu I'ijuiuuai. t
Ihe amount received in money more
than pays ofF the indebtedness of the
church, and tho value of the land do
nated cannot be less than $500, which
plac-s the society in good cendition, fi
The lanl was given by Prof. Wise,
our euicieat County Superintendent of
Chcica lot of confactionry at tb
ntriionisr cosferejtce sr.Jii-
Prepositions-will ba received by (be
Methodist Conference, which meets in a
few days, for tbo Iocatien of the Confer
ence Seminary.- We desire to call atten
tion to the fact that an effort to secure
tha location cf this institution will be
made by many town3 of the Gtata, and
that the city authorities and tha citizens
here if they desire to do anything for
Plattsmoutb. must act proisptly in the
matter. . We bclievo if prompt action. is
had that tha location can be secured for
this county." Shall we have it ?
' The B. & M. are crossing an immense
amount of railroad iron at this point to
complete its line to the U. P. Junction.
If tho season is favorable tlie road will
be completed and through trains run
ning by the first of June.- ------
St. Patrick's day will bo calebrated in
Plattsmoutb on the evening of tbo 18th
inst., by a grand locial party at Fitzger
ald s Hall. Tickets for the Danoo $1.00,
and lor tha bupper $1.00. ? ,-, -Sohool
Books at tbo Post-ofSca!
Rt. Rev'd. Bishop Ckrkson will ota-
eiate at St. Luke's Church next Sunday,
. . . J I
i m wq6d ine rite oi conurmation
will be administered. t"
VV e hear complaints from all sections
of our county about the bad condition
of oar bridges, aad as they are general,
we tike it far granted that there is tioed
grounds for making them. " Our County
Commissioners should assist as far as
possible in erecting bridges wherever
needed. -11."
A Sociable and Io-ation will bo
iven by the Methodists, at their church.
on I nday, March 15th, for the purpose
of raiaing funds to pay tha salary .of the
Pastor. ' A committee will t in attend-"!
ance at the church during the afternoon j
to receive such donations as the friends
who eaniot .ba present ia the evening.
desire to make, and it is hoped that a 1
liberal spirit -will, be manifested toward
i.iiisu uuu -Ittaua UP
theharch of Christ in this vicinity. A
javnaiion is extenaed to au to to
present, as a good, sociable time is an
ticipated. Notice.
or, Sals at a Bauoai! a. I nf
aeo. oo, town iz, range 10 east, 100 acres
Drok-en, Houa, aad stalling for six her-
S;C0Od lot. tvjnced. watar handw. 91
miles from railioad station. - Price." $2.-
100.--". Eleven hundred down, balance oa
long time at ten per cent, interest. In
quire oc Uarnes ii Pollock. raarHif :
A Removed. Richard Vivian has"re
moved his stock of Groceries to the
south aide of Main street.- Ho will oc
cupy the room horetofore knows
j 'L : i r t i l r mi a . . v
.mua aasu. ua W!U Keep a lull stock
in Ills line. Which he 13 nrenar- tn ll
to bis customers at II
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Di?
nensary, headed Book fur the Million
Marriage Guide in another column. , It
should be read by all. x deoldiwly :
Suicide Committed. As the result
nf an mnoflvA stiita nf lirarAn l stomach.
nrodaein? hnarfao.ho. obtuse intellect.
dul!ne?s, despondency, dementia, and
finally insanity, iano common occurrence.
All these j disagreeable svmptoms and
bad feelings are most certainly dispelled
by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi-
cal Discovery. ' It revitalizes and builds
up the whole system. A litt.e tioot on
Chronic Diseases sent free. Address It.
V. Pierce, M D., Buffalo, N. Y. Gold
en Medical Discovery sold by all drug
gists. . rl
Craw fohd ville, Ga.,
March 31, 1870. )
lifestsrs, J. IT. Zeilin, A Co. GxXTS :
I am directed by my uncle, Hon. Alor.
11. btsphens, to say to yon that be is
nclined to believe that he has derived
some banefit from the use of 6 iruraous'
Liver Iietrulator, and that ho wishes te
give it a further triaL You will, there
fore, please send to his address two mere by expres, (J. U. D.
Durin? fourteen years' experience
with advertisers . and advertisiug agen
cies, we have never had dealings with a
crra whose straight forward, . upright
policy so larrely secured our confidence
and respect as that of Geo. P. Rowel &
Co., Advertising Afrents, New York.
Their contracts are always plain, intelli-
giule, specific and liberal, ibey focure
tha most advantageous rates from pub-
Iisbers, for the reason that the latter fel
a9surea that tnoy are c-scured D-ypnfl
J chance or technicality, in gc
whatever thfl amount of their
j trant calls for, providing always that pab-
liahers have ' done as they agreed to. j
bioux. City (Iowa) Junes.
As it is somethinxr that will interest vcu.
I have on hand this sprinc:, the largest
stock of Harness ever manufactured in
this City, and will sell low for Cash.
Call and examine my stock before you
purchase, as I warrant all roy work. I
use nothing but the" best Pennsylvania
Uak lanned Leather-
m7w3. M. B. Mcrpht.
Money to Loan ! !
Three years time given !
Real Estate Security !
Improved farms preferred I
No terms more favorably than tha
'Union Mutual Life Insurance Company
of Maine." If you want Life Insurance
only, patronize a company that leaves its
mbuey in the country. It you want botli
I n:nrin rt onti n F. nn nnntr nf mto A
I in-..-... v. ' "1 " I 1" J vwv.,.
Life Policy will crottct the farm taortffas-
ed as security, in case of 'death of the
Insured, by discharging tue loan, and
. large surplus ijr ine lami y.
Thiswise arraugemeut is for-the security
i eft Ik; be
i borrower.
No Prudent' man wiil aiortsrase the
home of his family without providing
for the payment of the mortgage in case
oi his death.
A Life Policy in the Company loaning
him the money, perfectly provides for
this con tin gecey. In case tho borrower
lives' he can probably meet his loan; and
in case he dies with a Jv.fe Pohoy, it m
paij off by the money due .the. family
from the rolicv.
J. r. t SON.
General Atrents fjr Nebraska.
Ui.ic?, loi.uain fct., orer U'.oe county
national isanlc, ieDraska Uity.
ni7 1 m.
Sheriff's Sale.
E. Q. Dovey, vs. Caleb Phiiiirs.
N OTICE is hereby siven that theuhdersipned
Sberift of the eounty oi Ca."s, will by virtue of
an oraer or sale issued ny the .Probate Judge of
said Cas? county, in favor of E. G. Dover and
f guiust t also l'Qilhps An;l to iuia directed at
10 o clock a. m. on the tst.'i day of In-lt A. I
1Si2 at tne front door of tho Cou:t llousn in
i'liittsmouth in Ca.'S countv. offer fnr it
fuulio auction toe toliowiug gotd and chatties
to-wit: 'Jia two horse waaon. one corn rciti-
vator Wear l'low. the undivided one hall' in
terest in corn planter. Oce bar haraa -with
blaze bio. All heretofore taken on an order of
attacument in favor ot the said is, O. Dovy and
: . . t. - : i f t i. lii .i
tt.iuMtuo emu v,uit!o r uiiiiDH.
. Uiven uuder my hand this 6th day of March.
A.D. 1Z.
J. W. JOHNSON, SheriiT.
On Pollntv AriV. '
iliiTKH i. Chapmau, Attys for Viff.
Sheriff's Sale.' r-
Joseuh Shera va Mulhnllan.-l X- Thntrr
VTOTICE is hereby given that the undersign
i.1 ed Sheriff of Caps eountv. N'phrmta i'l
Dy virtue ot an execution issued by the District
Court tf the d Judicial District of JS'ebra;ka
wttoin anu ior ;as county in tavor of Joseph
Ehi-ra and against Wulholland & Thatcher aud
to hi n dire-:t"d at one o clock p. m. on the 14
day of Alarch, A, D. 1S72. at the old Chase &
Thomas Grain V;ire-hc'isa on t. 'hi en it r. Avmn.
in thw City of ilatUmouth, in snid Cass county.
Offer for sale at public auction the following
goous anu cnactcis to-wir:' aooui two Hund
red bushels of corn in the ear and about forty-
live bufbels of shcl'ed corn. AUo at 2 o'clock
p. ni. of the tamo day, at the front door of the
JS?!""" iheif of Wattamonth and said
county of tai. Aeb., the grain ware-houao
known as the Aiulhoiland and Thnteh-r Grain
Ware-house, situated on the Ji. At 1U K.R. De
pot Orounds near the south end ot the track in
the City of Plat turnout h. I'm, pnimtw N.krDi.
ka. takrn on said execution as the Dmnortv nf I
..;.! :,,it,ii..,1 i, Tk.i.i
Gtrenunder my hand this 6th day of March
A. u.ioi-. w. JUllSirrVX. Sheriff'"
Ca?s county, Nebraska.
Maxwklu i Chapman, Atty's ior PIS.
mar. wz
To the tion-re.utlnfc-ftOTn r f Inf. mA l n .1
in me cuv oi fiattamouth. .Str thmn.h
over which Chicago Avenue haa been located
; 5. Tuckols, lot 2 in block 42,
ui mro uiiaiDs, 101 i in oiocm. iz.
Heirs of M. W. Green, lot 4 in hlof-k 47.
T. Ji. Tootle, lot 7 in hi .ink A '
J. C. Gibbs. lot 1 in block 55. ' j
Abijah llarri.. lot 2 in block 55.
T. K. Tootle, lots 8. 10 and 11 in block 55.
1 H. P.CoolHlge, lot 10 in block 57. "
rv . ouuur. ioi rr in n nrv x - -----
v tepnes V. Davis, lot 6 in block ;3.
j ii. irnaings. lot 12 in block 1G3. '
A L: V. II : l"?r. t . ...
n uijiu iirns. ioi in oiock 10.
W. S. Graff and D. Kemick lot 5 in block 104.
Wm. Street, lot fi in hlni-k lri.
'.You and eah of you are hereby notified that
he council ol l'iatLsmouth haveordercd an an-
propriation ot your said lots and 'land, or so
ntiich of the sAme as may be necesary for the
M)enin t Ph;.. i..n a'.u'Z i , :
felu?'.uer ?e?.: - ?'yoit. G. iv. Coivin. c
ofore elected Jto aisrss the damages accruing
to youly reason of aid appropriation, witt
on the 28th day Tof March. 1872. proceed to
view tht-lsaid premises and make their a.-sess-mfnts.
at wttich" time you may attend if you
think proper.
HBy order of the council
. .r . ' JU WHITE. Mayor. '
Attest. T.. n. Ta--atta. City Clerk.
V A 114 AUHJ .. ..
prepared to l'urniiih all cl.i.sp with fnat..,
employment at home, the wboie of the time or
for the sparo moment. Business new, light
and profitable. PenroH of t-ithcr sex oan easily
earn from fifty cents to five dollars per evening
ana s porpoLional sum b ilni ,hoiki.
time to the busiue!". Boys and wirls earn nenrl
samncli as men. Tha all who sec this notio
may send their addrew I
we mase thiunparallelol offer. To such as are
not well satisfied, we wi send one dollar to pay
for the trouble of wntinj;. Full particulars, a
valuable sample which will do to commence
work on, and a eopy of Tk PcmV Compmnia
ou9 "f.ta? lrgest, and bert fatrily r!"WKpapers
Pi""u ail sent tree y mail. Reader, it
.... i . w. a.i ia mi
""i'"i. proutaoie wera,
BgVTW jaiuau
Sheriff's Said
Cnrad Heieel va. Annul W heeli. L OfLr
fIBr.,-' .. r: . ,s ...
"VJ OTIC& Is hereby ivun (list th mdwiv-
XI ea alieria oiCnbs eoanty. frebraa a will ty
virtue o' n Or ler of i-c(id by l is booo
fieo. r. Lake Judge of the District Court cf I
tae 2d Ju Jirial JJistrict of ehraba aud to him
iirecteu, oner tor ai at public au'ti- at o9 i
o clock jj. u. on the 2.)th day of Ainrca A.-D.
at Conrad l' mill !n the city . f
JKiatUmoutb. Tie followlcggOKds una chattel 4
Twenty bead of Uos and Tim acd one Biar-;
neretotore attaca-d ia tne abure action as ;u
property of said defenuant Acirust beelti&il
Urven nnier my hand this ISth duy of March
A r -i ta O T III Ti .11 V,"AT C-
' i - . ass county, iscd.
Maxwjli. ii Cha-max, rrUe Attoriifr.
- . - aichl4w2. .
Plantation Bitters.
: y S. T, 1860X. ;
A .-. ...... . ' ' .
This wonderful vegetable restorative
is t he sheet-anchor of the feeble and Co-
bilitated.' As a tonic aLd cordial fur the
aged and languid it has no e'quil anjor.j
stomachics. As a remedy for the ner
vous weakness to which women, are es
pecially subject, it is superseding every
ether stimulant. ' In all climates, tropi
cal, " temperate or fri?id. it acts aa a
specific in every species of disorder
which undermines the bodily strength
and breaks down the onima! spirits.
Dae. 2i5. diw lyr. . :i
Beautiful -Women I-
plaxioa tha Frathaaii af Yauth."'.
IIasav's ' Ktoxoui'Btu eraroomoa the
flushed ippearanoe caused by heat, fatigue and
excitement. It makes the lady of forty appear
but twenty, and ro natural and rerfeet that no
per.'on can detect it application. . tiy its vie
the roughest kin is made to riral the pure
radiant texture of youthful beauty. It remove
redness, blotches, and piinnlcs. 'It contains
ncthins thai will injure the skia tbo least.
Haonquia Balm is used by . all fashionable
ladies in New York. Loudon and Paris. .'.It
costs only T5 cents per Bottle, and is told by all
Druggist and Perfumers. " '
Doe, 26. d&wljTcSdw.
. 617 St. Charles Street , .
1 1" ccg-'er located in St. Louis than any Cbron-i
lj iz Phyriiciar.. fo succersfuliy treats SiuipleJ
tiiid Crmpiieated enreal Dissa? as to tmngl
ijiaticntj from every brate. HU hospital op-J
! jDrtunitics. a life tic! experience, with rur-1
est drugs prepared in the establishment, cures;
cases cven up by otoer?, no matter who Kill
ed ; tell yoi.r private troubles, ('on.suitation
free. Send two stamps for medical essays.
Manhood. Womanhood, sent bj
mail. 15 cents each, both for 25 cts, 1C0 pages.
All that the curious, duubtlul. or inquisit t
wish to know ail aNjut Self-pollution Preve
tiou. Marriage. Kvery young man and w
man ought to read it as a warning . The n
vous debilitated or partially impotent
scientifically advigci. deo'-dt
T .
tMetalic Burial Cases.
. . r , , , j
. VA AA.AJAJ Ijtuju
Ecady Made, and Sold Cheap for Cash.
T7ith many thanks for past patronage,! 11a
Ate all to call and examine my large stock o
citure and Coffins isn28i
100,000 FEE'T !
Iherucdcrsigned has ba hand a large qantity o
wa "ras at bsasoxablxfigubbs.
: ----- -. y 'i .'
on short notice, and for any size or
umbir. , .
Rafters, Studdings, Joists
can be had oa short nottea.
Mustang .Liniment,
Probably few articles have ever bad eo
extensive a Sale, while none have been
more universally beneficial than tha cele
MENT. Children, Adults, Hordes, aad
Domestic. Animals, are always liable to
accident, and it is safe to say, that -no
family can pass a single season ; without
some kind of an etnoliient being neces
sary. It becomes a matter of impor
tance then to secure the best. ! . , -
Over three hundred livery stable in the otty
of New York alone are using the Mexican Moa
tanp Liniment, in all of whioh it givsa unusual
satisfaction. -- - ,
CAl'TIOJf. The genuine t wrapped tn a
fine Steel Mate engraving with "O.- W. Wttt
brnok. Chtmutt." and "Trait Af .rk, MEXICAN
MUSTA2XG -LllimiuSTr engrWd aero,
the face of each wrapper. The whole bears tha
proprietor' private Un-ted State Kerenu
btamp. and not a common stamp as used by
. Lyos MAjrcvACTraio Co .'
Jao.Sth. diw lw every Srdw
; P. H O DAPP ......
nente and gin Paiater. Graining, fape
hanglac and ornamental Pairtirg. friet
prpmpUy AUe4.. 1 fchop nwrtit ot" Price's Elac'
mlXa Sooga , , -. - meHiai.
In.-. K,iA - i
tfata and Caps, Boots and Shoesf
ain Street. Second DoorEnit of the Court Hou:
EaANCn HOUSE Broadway. Coucncil Blaffs Iowa.
; JR 121 1Z.
Repairing neatly done by P. Hi AX WELL,
Felafn Street, Plattsmoutb, Nob. lwiwtf
FALL TERhl FOR 1871.
Commences October 1 1S71.
Chisago Avenue, Cast county ZTebnuka.
Prof. Adolphe d'Allemand, Proprietor
and Principal, Assisted by able
. . . Tutors.
rpIITS Academy is tow in uuceessfal oppera
X tion, and offers at moderate terms the nsual
advantages of a -
First-Class School.
f Ihc'ccurse of study embraces every branch
JL of a thorough English education, togctiier
oroir this modern laLguarcs. music, and drawing
iFtpal.cular and reference address the Frin'u-
rn mh'tl
rpiTT; Tenth Volume of Wood's Household
JI Magazine begins with January ?2. It is
edited by Gail II umilton, S. S. Wood, and H.
V. Osborne, red includes amonir its regular
oontributors Horace Oreclcy, Gail Hamilton.
Thos.K. Uoecher; Dr. Dio Lewis, Dr. W. W.
Hall, James Parton. etc. Harriet Bceoher
Stowe, Brick Pomeroy, John G baxe. Msj.
Genl Kilpatriek, Petrolcuia V. Kstby. etc.,
write for it ooco.-ionally. Term?, One Dollar a
year. In clubbinf, three first-clat? pcriodic-Als
are given for the price of one of tiiem. The
mort liberal Premium List ever published Ko
rerioiiical is more frequently or far erably men
tioned by the press
''Wood's Household Magazine is one cf the
monuments of bus-in'-s enterprise wbih mark
the age." Motliodnt Home Journal, Philadel
phia. Pa.
"It has been improved ever since we knew it
a good criterion for the future." Courier,
ew Market, Canada.
"It is a marvel of cheapness and f.rst-c!oss
quality combined." jYeto York Timet,
Bpeciman copy sent free to miy nddrens.
- S.S. WOOD i CO.
dirl IS'ewburgh, Y.
Northwest Corner Third and Centra
'"' Avenues, Cincinnati, Ohio, .
Amount Insured, $6,000,000
John M. Phillips, President.
Jno. P. P. Peck, Yicc-RresidmL
K. W. Harris, Secretary
, . P. Marshall, AuUrt-xnt Secretary.
Jokn Davis. M. D., Wai.B. Daria. M- D,
Zlcdieal Examiner:
Ji. S. Rut. D D, Cor. See. Freedmen's Aid So
ciety, Cincinnati.
Jot '. Larkin, Larkin, Wright & Co Bankers,
' Cincinnati.
if. Tr, JJarrit, Sec -etary Union Central Life
insurance i;omran. ;
John Cuchnowr, Larkin, Wright A Co, Ban
kers, Cincinnati.
Uarvey JJeitmp. Larkin. Wright A Co-, " Baa
ken, Cincinnati.
John Davit. 3d D. No 323 Elm street Cin.
Wm D. Dnti. Af Z. No 310 Kim treet, Ctn.
John P. P. Peek, Vioe-Preident of Unio
Central Life Insurance Co. JO
Phillip Hughet, Hamilton. Ohio
Israel Williamt, Attorney at Law, Hamilton 0.
Peter .VnrpAy, Hamilton, Ohio
Jitv JL tnatfant, Cincinnati, Ohio
John M Philttpt, President of Central Lift In
suraoc C rap any
Lee P Gillette. Gen Agent For Kebraskvo .;
J II Prkssox. Local Agent
RiR Livikcstok. Medical Exauiiaoc
Sopt,20d&wtf -
JTow York OfSce, 27 EEEKiLiN ST.
Fruit. TVpqqI Garden, Plq-nfci' Flower.
Shade. Hctibi Hedge. A loll IS. Garden
- Soedsl -;
Apple and Crab, Itootgrvflt, bett sorts
AO.IKJU, $30.00
Pear, Std. Extra, 1 yr., Bartlett, Ac. 3 to
i it., aos.. 2.50
Seed. Peach, bu.. 52: Atnle. 12 M1
Pclu'o, White Peach Blow.Early Kos 2.00 l.OOD.Sl: Ah. Elm. 2 00
lUustrated Catalogue, 10(1 page, it.ev I rice
List. 10o,
P. K. PHOSXIi. Eiooaaiofton, Ulixioi.
jan 18. w8w .
rATILL furnish parties with stone for building
purposes at reasonable rates, at my quarry or
delivered on the cars at Louisville etation- Tho
fohoTvi g kinds can ba had on frhort notice, silis,
caps, pcfrt h rock, line or rod nand rtooe snoh as
wa used by tha B. ic M. B. tha construe
f net ali their stone work. All repociibl
orders promptly fliled' Address.
; , - 4. T. A. HOOVER
. W-. f.'-
o. 4c. - Wi;.-::;i:, . -
rUUfi'ioutb. Nebraska
"A Penny Saved is a Penny anaV
And if you dejlre to
Save . Tliat JPenttp
As veil as Poun4 te to
To Buy Tow
an O C 12 HI MB
W e have bought out 11. D. Fox. and now oo
eupy 'the new sore rooin four doors north of
the Platte V alley House, where wehavejaxt
received on additional supply of Groeerioa (.
, ruyisions. wuich we will sell very low for cast
Al kinds of country produoe taken in ex-nanra
for goods.
AliPaper Trimmed free of
Also Dealer In
Boo&v .
Clagazlnss, and
Latest Publicaticns-
Prescription carefully eomneanled br mmmm
d Drunist.
Remember- the place, three doors west ef Lh
Uerold cfBce; PiatUuouth, Nobrasko.
1L ... A
7iil be fonnd at hi old Und on Main St.
ir wnere tie will be pleased to sea hi for
mer customer and friend.
He ho a large and good assortment of farm
machinery such as tha .
"y andiver, and Moliae Corn Planter.
Stubble and breaking plows, iron and wooden
beam. j
fTh Eagle and Orchard City Cultivators.
Jlie Marsh Riding Cultivator. 1 .
Milburn Wagons. Champion Reaper A Mowor
MassUloa IhrQr. Ao .
Main StreAt, ?latUmouth. Neb.
L. S. Blaib. Traveling Azeut. -
Ld.k to Your Children. ;
. The Great Soothing Remedy.
. Cores colic and griping inl Pria
Whifcomb's the bowels, and f.iciliutcs 2
yr"P- the princes of ti-cthing. I Cent.
.,..""'., I Subdues convulsions audi Price
Whiteomb s overcomes ail diaeues inci- 2
Syrp. jdent to infants and chiidrn.jCeafs.
- MRS.- j , Cores Diarrbte. Dynonta-j Pnea
Tnjteomlr ry and sunitasrcom plaint i
Syrup. IchUu.-cnol all ages. (Cent.
. It wthe irrcat IiifanfVan l Child'renVnSooth
mg Remely, in aii disorders brought on by
loathing or any ethfr ca'-e.
Prepared by the Grailon Madiciae Co.. EL
Louiit Mo.
bold by ormaui aid 4mim in Mo
. . S
It fa n Compioro Ruftreaa t Kutm Tlimf
Vtmo Bad Irid-rT, iptl lite -aAlua 1
f Waabins! bay. 7
liuy thin Wander aud yon lnmr a SiuIUng Wife. U
la tba beat Mcchlne ever invetitrd.
Ia aa perfrct for a Wailier aa wrlrr-r for m
wrlneer. 'Ibennireraal teatimony it "luii l-liln
!b pfrffct In ronoeptkin, and tan -nrM tbr C KEAT
in tha LKAsr Po.-vSIBLE JM PASS, and la Cumparju
Light. Kaslly Hao)!t.J, and toa it ia to koow that it
trill do tho work with Kue, Ecouomy and .nclorr.,
Tbo vhoonceaee this Jlncliluo work, throw alda
tha lambering, ouwlrlilr. onxless micli'nea whlclj
hare signally failed toacconipllnli th olrjact rrosaiawt
lnpronilnrat and loiid aoiiadiog advertiMWiirnta.
. Tba pric another Inducement to purchaser ha
Dexn placed no lew that It ia within th reacb of ry
tiouaekeepar. and there ia no article of Ocineslic Ma
emr which will repay ibe small iaTeetiDent o roeo.
S7.-tO is all that ia asked for tUli great labor-aavar.
Agtota wanted vrerywhera. A liberal dlaconbt iar
Agrnta aad the trada. For terms ad lrvi the Mann'
lecturers ' OA I.KINH II II OH. At CO.,
C- 39 H. Usui Hi., Chlca lUtaIV
mm ts
-Th Old Rliab! and I'puTar TkruagV
I'.xp-fjtt Kant
Ko Change of Car
From Saint Louis to New Yor U
ano OTRia ramciPAL iAviiai cirjaa.
." . '
Elccant Day Coaches!
Pullman's Palace Slecpsrsf
Kilter's Safety Platform!
Patent Steam Crake I
An Ennipaicnt unenualed by r.y othvr'
Lice in the VVmt.
VaC4-taAta A5 0 A-A
la reviving and bnHen bund (at Cta
old itand of WLite A iJutteos) ,
Booth ride Main Street. Plattsinoath.
Most Complete
of Draw, Medicine-. Paints. rmcVy
Lead. Varnwh. Coal Oil. I ish oil. Muchine"
. Oil. Oarg'ingOi'. r-for Oil. Neatsfcflf
uu, wnaiw Oil. i,ind oil . ,-
Lssential Oil. Cod Livr' 11.
and a 'ar'ti variety . ' m
tios. Perfumery Vaecy
and 'toilet r."'.-i
Karenee. Fla-
r ,l -" r.
. Wh af
-. Jayrie' Coe'f
Ayer , eovllifl'
II all's Chriane t A-
Lain'. Morte'a, iiakir't
Wisur's. Wright's. WKe
field, Gnysott't. Ptrry Dvi
Roback's. Petitt's, Mr. Winsiow't
Dr. Wincnell' Hoftetter's, Drake'
Wallmi.'. Wmt'm m,,i . r. a .... I . .
Patent Medicines in use st the present day.
Brandies Wines and Whiskie
Of the B&t flrAHea aad nu.l'tl.i .triil. 1t
T - A - . - - mwtm-mmmtg W
lUd or Rose, Oreen. Bine, Black. AnaJin. lay
aigo. aiadder, j.xtract Dogwoo.1, Iry
Woods. Ac. Ia fa t-t everything
that is ned in'hotlrug
or Me-Aical line.
PhisiciansV Perscripticna
Carefully e. n. pounded and But op at aM boor
All Drags w. rented fresh and pare. Call b4
for buying, and see what I hav to sslL
Platts muth. Feb. 26 th JiwLf.
National Business Index.
The alOV)l is the titla nf a na i.mill.1.
devoted to butfinee iirteietts of a rational or
enerat ctiam-rter. fcor the education and
cnli' of intblli.-ent nporti nt T1 kI ,,m it ,-. .
dirtasesto vie and review ps-;tag ertnu
fn.m a botincs- standpoiat. facta of a hri
ne nature relatii:; to e- pilal. labnr. aricul
tufe. ronlmArr. r. i n-ta f. ..... .. A ., . ; n . i .
gion. literature, politicf. every subject rom
manuing general auoatioa, are brougat togeta
ft d arranged in a terre, pt inted, bavines.
I'ke manner. Stri-;t aecurraoy iseineir(itios
ly sought after. Candid. inDartia I. rin n ui
e mineiit and criticism br Able writers i'.l t.
an import feature. A iiatinen etrTep .tideni i
uetired in every county it cue Lnited Iimm
wnere oof. uready eugagrd. Q'itiocs of a
bi:in"?s character from re.-.der rneeive rfoil
attention. Terms :l 00 a year; lOeenU a ory.
The Indexj Co, PabUAtr qWJMteKt it,
? I