Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 15, 1872, Image 2

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Cor Couipnlnjr tbe L7lIsktur.
Iq accordanca , with the provisions of
xhe CoostilutioD , of the State of Ne
braska, aci by virtue of the authority
vested ia the Governor to convene the
Legislature by proclamation on extraor
dinary occasions, and as the occasions con
templated by the Constitution, now ex
ist, it being necessary to have immedi
ate legislation to encourage and promote
immigration, to improve the finances of
tho ttatc, and Tor other purpose that
more fully appear in the subjects of leg
islation hereinafter contained. I, Isaac
S. Haecall, President of the Senate and
Actio? Governor of the State of Ne
braska a vacancy existing in the office
uf Governor,and the Secretary of Stat
being abseut'froni the State -do hereby
convene the Legislature, and call upon
tho tnecjbers thereof to meet at the
Capitol in the city of Lincoln, on Thurs
day, the fifteenth day of February, A
D. ,1872, at three o'clock, p. m., for the
.a'wing subjects or Legislation :
1st. The encouragement of lrnnii-
craiion, and thu appropriation of money
for that pnrpese.
'21. Tho issuance of fifty thousand
dollars in State bonds, the ea!e and dis
position of the same, the funding of the
State indebtedness, and the improve
ment of the finances of the State.
To declare tho ca-es in which
auy ofSce shall bo declared vacant, and
also the manner of filling the vacancy
where no provision is made for the pur
pose in the Constitution.
4th. The investigation of the official
conduct of any State officer, and if
deeiurd expedient, the impeachment of
uny such oiheer ior any miedemeanor in
5th. The common schools of the State,
and the amendment or repeal cf any hiwa
relating thereto, or tj the funds for the
support of the same.
Cth. The amendment of any law re
lating to cities and towns..
7th. The defining and boundaries of
counties iu tha unorganized territory of
thw State, and providing for the organ
ization of the patae.
8th. The appropriation of any money
that may be deemed necessary for thfl
welfare of tho Stata.
9th. To provide for the Letter secur
ing and safe keeping of State prisoner.
10th. To provide for increasing the
jurisdiction of Probate Judges iu civil
11th. Tho correction an! approval of
the jourua's of tho last regular session
of the legislature.
In witness wherof, I hve here
unto setrov band and affixed
the Great Seal of the State of
Nebraska, thi?, eight day of
February, A. P. 1872
Isaac S. IIascaix.,
Acting Governor of the State of Nebraska.
(Great Seal of)
th State ofV
Nebraska. )
The United States claims as direct da
mages i'roafj the British Government for
losi-es a ltd destruction of vessels and car
goes eighteen million of dollars. The
'indirect" damages, which have caused
tie recent protest from the British press
and the opponents of the Ministry, and
which even tha Ministry says it did not
understand were to be presented to or
passed upon by the Geneva Court of Arbi
tration, are classified as follows: The
National expenditure in pursuit of the
rebel cruisers England permitted to fit
out within her jurisdiction; loss in the
transfer of tha American commercial
marine to the British flag; the increased
rates pa d fur insurance on American
vspcl;-; the prolongation of the war, and
tha increased cost to the United States
in the suppression of the rebellion; in
terest from July, 18G3, to tho data of
the award.
The Piwnce Tribune publishes the fol
lowing on Senator Cropsey, the text for
ni,u!i IT a a fcnr.r.Uo.l in a lottor nrrit tor,
the Omaha Herald's correspondent to
that paper. It is probably on a par
with many other things written from the
capita', and we give it to show how the
very truthful (?) Statements furnished
the Omaha papers are sometimes con
strued. A. J. Cropsey, a professed minister of
the gospel, and proprietor of the Lin
coln Statesman, aud I we blus-hiugly ad
mit it) one of our State Senators, made
himself extremely ridiculous last week.
While under the influence of liquor he
made a wager of a gallon of whisky that
he could stand on his head ten minutes.
The bet was taken, and the c'.ock stopped
without Cropsey's knowledge, and over
went the reverend gentloman (?) on hi
hc-ad it being heavier than his pedal
extremities where he remained some
twenty minutes. This "cirous perform
ance" took place in the Senate chamber
' at Lincoln, and the actor a minister!
Great Jupiter !
Resolutions adopted by the State
Board of Agriculture :
RecoLVED, That Wednesday, the 10th
day of April, 1872, be, and the same is
hereby especially set apart and conse
crated for tree planting in the State of
Nebraska, and the fctate Board of Acri
culture hereby name it "ARBOR DAY"
aii i urge upon the people of the State
the vital importance ot tree planting,
hereby offer a special premium of one
hundred dollars to the County agricul
tural society of that county in Nebraska
which shall upon that day plant, proper
ly, the largest number cj trees, and a
farm library of twenty-five dollars worth
of books to that person who on that day
tha 1 plant properly in Nebraska the
greatest number of trees.
Resolved, That the newspapers oj
this Mate be rerjue.-ted by tho State
Board of Agriculture, to ketp the reso
lution with regard to an Anniversary
Dav, for tree planting standing in their
colinuru until April 10th next, and call
tbe especial attention of the people to
tbe importance of the matter from time
U time.
A loca! newspaper is a traveling agent,
taking its weekly rounds to the ftmihes
of all its customers. No matter wheth
er times are good or dull, no matter
whether trade is brisk or otherwise, no
business man caj afford to take down
his sign, nor withdraw tho pleasing in
fluence cf o weekly chat with Lis cus
tomers through the newspapers. For a
buMnesd man t stop advertising would
be equivalent to faying "I have sto; ped
Lsiines and a do &vor of the j
wahtdu rou thr hrompeuitt
Mb. Editoe :-Some weeks ago there
appeared in your columns a paragraph,
brif but "mvltum in parvo," to the ef
fect that, "what Plattsmouth needed
for its prosperity was more brick blocks
wholesale merchants, a bridge across the
Missouri" or something to this effect ;
and you might have added more whole
souled men, decent side walks, respecta
ble avenue, less liquor shops, billiard
saloons, and saloons which are worse ;
and less opportunity for sharp practice
on our streets generally. But all these
are like flowers and fruit to a tree not
showing need, but evidence of thrift.'
Would that we might see all tho above 1
yet there are things that seem needful
as a foundation, one of wbich is thor-tugh-going,
free public tcboo!. And
here let me disclaim all intention of cast
ing reproach upon the corpo of teach
ers in oar city. They are doing all they
can, but they cannot accomplish what is
generally expected of them. Each of
them has one hundred and thirty echo!
ar?, under such circumstances a rende r
proper grading iu. possible. Hence, fur
effsctivencss a3 educators, they canuot be
better than the Grammar school. cf our
older cities ; yet this is Plattstnouth
teeming with hor SOOchil Iren, everyone
of whom phould this day be in the way
of receiving a good, prctical education,
6uch as is impossible with present limit
ed opportunities. But Plattiinouth has
an academy. Is not this suilicicr.t?
WelJ, were its Professor to speak ou the
6ide of pecuniary motive, he might spy
yes. Yet it is easy to see that this mast
cotfiu far short of meeting the demands
of these 500 children, were it free of
cost. But what should a city be, thought
of which should afford no suitable,
free public instructiion for its children?
But the parents of theso children can
little better afford to pay tuition at this
Academy, than they can send their chil
dren to Omaha or Lincoln for schooling.
I repeat, we want thorough going, free
public schools. And for this we want
a High School Building, suited to four
classes, commodious fur 400 pupils ;
whose first class shall commence with
English grammar, and fourth with the
scientific and classical, so that when the
children of Plattsmouth graduate at her
own school, thiir education shall equal
that of the graduates of the schools in
other cities ; so that her young men
bhall be qualifiod for entering any college
in the land. Ia not this the thing for
Plattsmouth ?
The Blair Times gives the following
advice to precinct assessors :
One word to our precinct assessor;
we would again earnestly call upon you
before yonr annual round, to meet to
gether and agree upon soma uniform
system of work. This is imperative and
of vital importance, not only that you
may eorrectly discharge your duty, but
the iDterO'tof every tax payer is more
or lss in your Lands. See to it, that our
burdens rest equally on all. A3 our
waahh originate! from the soil, let the
lands in the main puy the bill, and do
not, an in the ptst. tax the improve
ments of thoe who are battlim' to live
in thio time of general depression.
The Omaha Bee says:
It is said by railroad men that there
will be no through mail from the West
for weeks to come. The Union Pacific
road gets clear one day aud is then
blocked up for a week or more. The
loss to the road this winter will be enor
mous. "Streaks of sunshine" i3 the heaiding
the Seymour (Indiana) Sun gives to its
pub'i-hed lists of cash subscription to
that paper.
Of Mrs Smythe, of Indianapolis, the
remarkai'le statement is made that she
now has her first husband n 1 yet sha
has never changed her name. She was
born a Smith, her rst husband was
named Smith, her second Schmidt, her
thiri Smyth, her fourth Smythe, and
her present, Sciithe.
It is said that tho proofhoets of the
Mormon Bible are in tho i ossession of
j-k- u. uiioi,-!, or raiajjra,
who superintended the printing and
proof reading of the Biwlc. Tho manu
script was furnished him by Joseph and
Hiram Smith, without punctuation or
division of chapter or verse. We pre
for not to believe thi story until we
hear from the editor of the O. ll-.r.sld.
Having been President of the Quorum
of the High Priests, about thxt time, he
knows more alout this matter probably
than any other editor this side of the
Vaily of the Great Salt Lako. Coun
cil Bluffs Nonpareil.
The New York Tribune docs not seem
to have subscribed for much of the 'iojs-
sum", and declare m a toiiows :
"The Tribune, is like'y te be against
the bolters, since they are almost certain
to make hostility to protection to one of
their plattorm, and that the tribune can
never abide, no matter who may be the
rival candidates for Presidi-ut. Now
that emancipation is a fixtd fact. Im
partial suffrage nearly so, and the uni
versal amnesty inevitable, there is no re-
mainine national issue which is half so
important in the view of the Tribune as
that of protection vs. free trade. We
have no shadow of doubt that the over
throw of protection would bo fpeeddy
followed (as in 1816 20, and again in
1833 3)bya sweeping industrial col
lapse and commercial bank trurtcv.
which would carry hunger and distress
into the homes ot millions of our coun
trymen. To such a calamit3 the Tribune
cannot contribute, even passivly, for
any conceivable consideration."
Get Sleep Enough As a rule the
Amarican people do not sleep enough.
The rapid development of a new count
ry, its various and intense industrial ac
tivities, our common school oystem, our
dry atmo-phere, and our sunny c'imate.
all tend to make us preternaturallv wake
ful. In England the case is very difier-
ent. The more settled oondition of
things, the more limited fields of enter
prise, and the more humid climate pro
duce a more quiet temperature and fav
or sleep. The English have the reputa
tion of being good s'eepers. The had
ing men Imve long understood the ad
vantage of r.'enty of sleep.
lhe late Lords Brougham and Pairu-
erston may be named as examples. On
leavinsr Parliament at one. two cr three
o'clock in the morning, they would ride
to their countrv seats, retire to bed with
orders not to be d sturbed. They would
sleep until sleeping "ceased to be a vir
tue, and rise tresh and vigorous lor
worst. Ihcir hale Id age attested the
propriety of their forenoon sleep, what
ever may be said of the night sessions of
A man's wife is his best lawyer, hi.-
L3t Judge, his best adviser, and abo the
rfnpot and most reasonable1.
London. February 8.
The steamship Coiorada which left
Liverpool for New York yesterday was
run into just outide of the Mersey by
the Arabia, outward bound, and dam
aged feo as to necessitate the running o
her ashore to prevent her sinking in
deep water. The Arabia, which was
comparatively uninjured, rescued the
passengers of the Coiorada, except five
steerage passengers, who, it is supposed
lumped ovei board and were lost.
The London press although still mode
rate, had fault with vjriadstone fir clc
fending the treaty, and maintain that
parliament is unanimous for the rejection
of tho American demands.
A new company, wbieS proposes to
lay a cable direct to New York, has been
registered. Oae of the features of its
prospectus iaa promise to fix tolls on dis
patches at twenty shillings per ten word
The Times to-day reviewing the de
bate in the Commons, says, it is evident
that the bouse n unanimous in repudiat
ing the admissibility of the Aruericm
claims for indirect losses Gladstone's
language is not likely to induce An-ri
cans to withdraw their demands. The
Times Ftrongly deprecates the verbal dis
cussion or the treaty.
The Daily Telegraph criticises the ut
terances of American journalists oa the
subject, and cays the English government
in the stand it took, has only obeyed tbe
unanimous impulse of the country, but
the speeches ef Gladstone are indiscreet,
and will probably prove mischievous.
In the House of Commons to-day a
vote or thanks to Uenison, retiring
Speaker of tbe Honae, was moved by
Mr. Gladstone. Feconded by Mr. D'L
raeli, and carried by acclamation.
In accordance with notice given ye
terday. 31illbank proposed to call on Sir
Charles Dilke to justify before tho House
hn recent speeches against the crown,
but wa ruled out ot order.
Mr. Forester introduced the tecret
service bill. A new delegate opposed it.
arguing that it would lead to universal
suffrage. The bill passed its first read
ray yoisk
New York, February 7
Tribune s special dated London.
Eail Granv ille's dispatch contains
no threat to withdraw from the arbitra
tion, and makes neither a demand nor
proposal. It simply calls ater.tion in
temperate and conciliatory language to
the meaning that England attaches te
the treaty. Mr. Glacb-tom's speeches
yesterday and to-day are widely cnticiz-d
as mischievous, offensive and needlessly
irritating, and it i believed that several
members of the cabinet strongly disap
prove of their passionate tones. The
cabinet and people are unanimous for
abandoning arbitration unless the A me
rican claims are tnooitscd. In ire is no
intention to offer an affront to America
The situation is regarded in the highest
English and American quarters as ex
treme'.y greve, but not hopeless.
New York, February S.
The Herald's Washington special says
General Butler is sura to offer a resolu
tion to repeal our maritime and reciproci
ty laws, and the enactment tor discrim
inations of duties and tonnage tax if
Great Br tan presists in her present ref
erence to tho Alabama questions. But
ler thinks the United States pnjssnted
the cr-e which it was agreed not to pre
teritsd. fc'euator Samner says any recession
now on lhe part of the United States
wou'd be bartering the American honor
and dignity.
T ie genuineness of the recently pub
lidvid alleged correspondence between
M nis'er Schenck and Secretary Fish re
lative to the treaty of Wanhincton, and
dated the 5th instant, is denied from of
ficial sources. No cable dispatch of any
kiud was received frem Schenck on
Secretary Boutwell presented a bill be
fore the home committee of ennmerce
to-day, as his means for aidii g the ma
ritime interests of the Uniud States,
and argu-d in a speech of an hour's
length ia ftvor of its adoption. Secre
tary Iloheson followed u'ging upon the
committee the importance of merchant
marine as naval defence ia case of war,
and especially for the purpose of cngag
ing as privateers.
The min features of the bill are that
it provides for the pavment of a 'bounty
ot not over ten dolkrs per ton each year
for five ye irs, to construction in the
United St ites of Iron steaaiships of not
less than l.OOJ tons each, to be engaged
exclusively in foreign trade, the bounties
to be paid on not exceeding five hundred
thou-unJ ton in the agrepate, nor for
more than ono hundred thousand tons
each ye r. and the construction to be
divided betwe n the Atlantic and Pacifie
courts, and tbe great lakes and the Mis
sissippi river; a bounty of eight dollars
per ton upon fir-t cla?-3 sailing vessels of
not less titan four hundred tons, built
and euip'oyej exclusively for foreign
trade, iuc'uding trade between the At
iaolic and Pacific ports of the United
Mates; a bounty ot six do.iarsper ton
on-hrst class saiiing vessels not less than
two hundred tons, to be engaged partly
in the eoastine trade; a bounty for five
years of six dollars a ton for vessels ee
gaged m cod or mackerel fisheries, and
American vessels employed in foreign j
tra ie or in fisheries, are allowed to pur
chase ship store supplies and outfit, not
including art:?!es of repair, or running
such vessels in bond without payment of
duties. The bill is very long and elabo
rate, and the above is only its principal
Paris, February 8.
Minister Washhurne is about to re
turn to the United States on a tempora
ry leave of absence. Secretary Hoffman
will act as charire d'afiuirs.
A number of Americans leave Paris i
tr- iight for Florence, there to join Lieut, i
lirant and accompany huu to Home.
It is reported that Dukes Neuiourand
Aumale claim a reinstntement to their
former ranks in the army, aad Prince
de Joinviile demands his commission in
the navy.
Washington, February 8.
The Ssnite committee on-foreign rela
tions to-day had under considerations
the nomination of Charles Hale, Assist
ant Secretary of State, but came to no
The committee on appropriation has
the army biil ready to report, aud if the
home wa ready to receive them they
could report the remaining general a;v
rrsnriaiion L-illa next week, lhese ar?
for bun Iry civil expenses, deficiencies at
Wet Point and forti5catior..i
Washington, Fehrary 7.
The Chronicle tsayu Secretary Boutwell
made a statement before the. Senate
Finance couimitte that he did not favor
any material reduction of the tariff', be
cause he Deeded all the revenue he
could get to reduce the public debt ;
also that the talk about war with Eng
land is very injudicious, even if England
should repudiate the Washington treaty,
as such fact would only restore the prior
legal state case.
The position taken by gentlemen close
ly connected with the administration and
government is that the British high com
mission perfectly understood the items
of the American high commissioners in
the rjegotiation of the treaty of Wash
ington, both from its terms and asser
tion in protocol, and that therefore uur
government is altogether justified in pre
senting the casa as it has, claiwiag con
sequential damages. In case the Board
of Arbitrators shall not award a gross
sum in satisfaction of the Alabama
claims this government is willing to stand
by the decision of the arbitrators. It is
known that though the Britir-h commis
sioners had fuli powers they frequently
consulted their home goTernment and
acted in accordance with its wishes in
all they did. This government h is not
yet received a text of the letter cf Lord
Granville to Geweiai Schenck, and there
fore cannot take atiicial action on it.
There is no probability whatever that
our government will witnuawany part oi
its statement of the case, but wiil h ave
tho Eriti:h government to pursue its
own eoarf-a or the tribunal of arbitrators
to act in the premises according to treaty
Burlington, February 8.
Ex-Sentor Grimes died at his resi
dence in this city at half past eight
o'clock last evening, of heart disease.
The first attack came about two weeks
ago, while he was on tho street and re
sulting iu nervous prostration. On
Tuesday cf this week he had three at
tacks of a like character in clo-ej succes
sion. Last evening about seven o'clock
while conversing with some friends at
his house he was again taken in the same
way ; this was soon succeeded by a sec
ond and third attack, the latter prooving
fatal at the time above stated. Since
his return home from Europe he has
been in apparent good health, though
he complaioedo ccasionally of paralytic
synitotiis similar to those with which he
was prostrated in VV'ashincton before his
resignation, bcaator U rimes lather
died of the same disease.
Berlin, February S, The bixhop of
Straburg having notified the cabinet
here that the holy see no loneer recoc-
n'Zes the concordat ns arr'vinto Al
sace and Loiraine, Bismarck Ti p'ied that
the Emperor or trerniany will undertaWe,
independently of such a measure, the
church Government cf those provinces.
A Chicagoian killed himself by blow
ing out Ins drains witn a gun ioaoca
with water. This should be a warning
to temperance advocates that even water
raay go to a man's head and produce as
serious result as alcoholic liquors.
tt'.i.tii. Proprietor. K. 11. McfoALi A Co., brauiritu k
Gin. A n ?u r tuiiiuo, Cfti., arid 34 Com;Brc Mrl. .4t
MILLIONS Roar Tcxtiinony to tbelt
Wonderful Cnrniiie Edectn.
They ar not arilo Fnnry Drink, Jl.nieof roar
Itnm, Whiwker, I'roof Spirit nnd KeOma
Liquors iloctorol, npicej nnd sweetened to pnsc tha
test. called " Tonics." "Appetizers, "ltertorcrs.'JiC.t
thstleod the tippler on torlrunkenncm And roil i,butar
true Jlodicirte.msde from the Nntive ltr-ot and Hertx
of Culifornia, Tree from nil Alcoholic Siiimi
Innts. Tticy are the ' ItEA T III.OOI1 IM KI-
k perfect llenorxLor and Ii:vigonitor ot the SyKtvni.
tarrying oft all poisonous matter and restoring; thehlooj
to a healthy condition. No person can taka these Bit
ters accord Irs; to directions and remain long nnnrsU,
provided their bones ars not destroyed by mineral
poison or other means, and tha vital organ wasted
beyond the point of repair.
TkerareaCentle PnrgntlTeaa well aaa
Tonic, possinK, also, the peculiar merit o acting
as a power fill spent in relieving Cuiipestion or Intiam
Ination of the I.iver, and nil the Visceral Ortfsns.
FOIL FEMALE COM l LA I NTS, in voting et
old, married or single, at thod.iwn of womanhood or at
the turn of life, these Tonic Bittern have no equal.
For Inflammatory nnd t'lirosle Itkcama
tlani nnd (iont, Dyapcpnia or IndUotiou,
ItlliouM, Remittent ami Intermittent Fe
vers, lienes of the lllood. Liver, Kid'
era and llladdrr, these Itinera have been most
successful. Kuch Uiaenaen are eansed uy Vitiated
Hlood, which is generally produced by derangement
ef the Digestive Organ.
Iche, Tain In the HhoulJers, Coughs, Tightness of the
hsxt. Disziness, Sour .Eructations of the Stomach.
Bad Taste in tbe Mouth. Bilious Attacks, Palpitation oi
the Heart. Inflammation of tbe l.uugs fain in tbe re-
ions ef the Aid nor, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
Tber invigorate the Stomach and stimulate tbe torsld
Liver and Bowels, which reooer them of unequalled
trfiaacr in cleansing tbe Mood of all impurities, and in
tsrting new life and vigor to the whole system.
FOIl Kit IN DISEASES, Eruptions, Tetter. Salt
Rbeum. Blotches. Spots. Pinmies. Pustules. Boils. Csr-
Cunc1-. Ring-ft'orma. Scald Head. Sore Eyes. Krrle
i. Ifni.eVtirfs. n-seolorations of the Skin, ilutnursathl
l)isears or tbe fkln. of whatever name or nature, are
literallv dug up and carried out of the sytem in a short
time ny tne use oi inose itinera. Hue bottle in surh
pases win convince ins most tucreduioui of their eura
tive effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever yon And its im
purities bursting throach the skin In Pimples, Erup
tions or Bores; cleanse it whan you End it obstructed
and sluggish In the veins: cleanse it when it is foul,
tod your feelings will tell yon when. Keep the Muod
pore, and the health of tbe svstem will follow.
Pin, Tnpc, nnd other Worms, lurking in the
rystem of so many thousands, are effectually destroyed
and removed. Saya a distinguished physiologist,
there is scarcely an individual upon the face of the
earth whose body is rx.-mpt from the pr-sence of
woT-mi. 11 is not npon ine neairnv elements or the
body that worm exist, but noon the diseased humors
and slimy deposits that breed these living mounters of
disease. No Brtm of Medicine, no vermifuirr-s, no
anthelmintics will free the system from wuiins like
luene suiers.
walker. Proprietor.
R.H. Mcdonald co.
Druggists and tJn. Agents. San Francisco. California.
and J ana 51 Commerce Street. New York.
100,000 FEET !
rbe"undertigneJ has on band a lajxe qantity o
an short notioe, and for any liio or
Rafters, Studdmgs, Joists
owa be aad oa short mtt'ia.
e. II 1 BEL
Hats and Caps, Boots antl Shoes,
ain Street. Second Door East of tho Court Hone
iftANCa HOUSE Broadway. Coaenuil ClaTs low.
Insurance Company
lividcmls ou the Contribution XI:ari,
Securing the Greatest Pecuniary Advantage to the Policy Hold ri
1st. This is a Western Company, mans eel by Western men. whose known finnnanci.-il charac
ter, ability nnd position, nlTurd am pie gu.-vraiity lor its carel'ul and succi'stul tuunagciUL-nt.
2d. Ifs Polices are all iiH-I"orfPisinK;. .
3d. Premium all cmsIi. it receives no notes and pives none Policy holders have co interest
U !ay. and no outstanding notes as liens upon their policies,
4tii. It has no restriction upon travel.
5th. J ts dividends are made upon tbe contribution plan,
bin. ltsiUKiuii is iclusoivly Hie insurance.
Are the acconulation of interest upon prcmi'jics paid, hepcethe Company thai loan it a-eis
at the hiKt-M rate cf infereit c:in ive you the largosl dividends. Karteru eompanios invest their
uaoneys at 6 per cent. .while this makes its investments at twelve per c nt. or more.
The advuntaro ot Western invcHtuivnts to the policy holder appears iu the following eturtlini
figures: lhe unount of Sl.'JW, invested for filty ears at
6 per cent, compound interest, is S IS, 42.35 .
i 8 " " " 4o.ynl.ti4
10 " " " " liT..:r.'.s.3
12 " " " " HIS.ts-'H.I'O
Tt 18 obvious that this ?ompa;;y offers greater financial advantages aad indueementa to the
policr-holder than any other company in ezistancis
TI r Maelta. rr?iflftit,
T it Swan. Vice l'
irJ L SVever, iloJ. iJ'tor,
Ofirffl A Moore, Secretary,
J Jones. Ass't Scereiary,
it L .i'cina.i, Xreafeurer
D ?i!re, Leavenworth. Kan,
li K llannnoid "
U 1:.1.ji;oii.
.S ."i rii k!cr. Jurlion City
Robinson, Lawraace,
IT D Mefk.ij , Leavenworth Kan.
Geo .4 Moore.
1 V. P.-wens.
Geo L 1'avis, St. Louis. Mo
J Merriit,
. Ma-tii.qs.
iiKilomtan "
V7. iflTATlSUAIL, Agent.
It LlVIlaCSIii, iaJ yzaz:in
Everybody, and more
To buy
JEP&iU. 23. el "winter C3S-oc3cls3
The beat ad most eompleta
Are now on eitiioiuuii t tuo aw iuik iiiuio, ,t,uu iouuvm imivsi. t cil particular
atloution to our uu iie ol
of all kinds and prises to suit our numerous customers. large stock of
CUST0I.1 hade boots and shoes at
SRepairing neatly
fi?ain Street, Plattsmouth, Keb.
riatUmontb. XebratVt
n A O lkins, Ger.eriil Aent.
W K Harvey. Con. r ctuarj,
T A Jiurd, Attorney.
II L ? wman Leayr n orthlv
tr n tn.-ui0iiaiu.
T A Purl, !"
K II Allen.
t- A 'rry. Wr'on, Mo,
f W, Torn-kii, Kansas.
J M Price Atchison, ivan.
VV K ttbhii;s,
I ' .. r rsM o er r I
1871 1871
too. are going te
done by P. K1AXWELL,
la reopivin? and r; on tmwl ( the
old etaud of White Jk Iiuttery)
Soutn aide Main Street, rinttrniontn. Neb-
Moat Complete
Stork of Pities. Medie!p, Points. Oipnif-vits
Lead. Wr-isH. Ponl Oil. Pish "it. M-icMne
Oil fJ-fL-iiii 'li'. f itnr OW. Xpntfiot
Oil. ,rh!l Oil. T.i"e" l Hit La d
Oil. f'entll Oil. Cod Livrr il.
and a larn v-ri- tv o
Lion. PrrfitTiery 'nnv
and oi'of rt'!
E.-'seTfe". Pit
Ttrine extrso
aud all
Jayne's Coo's
Ayers', fccoviPc'a
Tlall's Christie's Ic
Lain's. Morse's, iJakcr'a's. Wright's. Wake
field, liuysott's. Perry Duvis'
Kohack's. Pctitt's. i!r". Winsiow'
Pr. Uincuell's llo.-tetter's, llrake's
Wallace's. West's a:id oi the most popular
Patent M edii-ines in use at the present day.
Brandies Wines and Whiskis
Of the Be.t (Irodcs and qualities, strictly for
Medical purposes.
lOKESTIC dyes,
Red or Hose, Oreen. Blue. Black. Aniline, In
digo. Madder. Kxtract Lujrwoo;, Dry
Woods. J; e. In fact everything
that is pc;e'l in the drug
or Medicul line
Carefully ti. pounded and put up at all hour
All Ilrucs w:,. rented fre-h and pure. Call be
lore buying, and see what I have to loll.
Plattsmouth. Peb. 26th.d.twtf. -
Th Two aiost Saccessfu
Popular and Perfect,
31 A C II I N E S
Uur Well llnown
mm mmm i
Eoth of the Pimp'est Contruc!i' n, and
so lasiiy uiauiiged tliat we guar&nteo thoui to
At no article in the honsoh-dl has a greater in
t!'i ncc in pro-' olinx the health, coiof.n t ami
happ'ness i.f th fauiily circle thin tr-o Cook
M ive, tt is economy as well as policy tc itet !he
very b'vt; and in buying the Oiirtcr Oak, you
cau relv nn petting the most successful, popular
an . perfect cooking stove ever rna ie.
In usitiKfn 1 picure liroiltr you uro always
sure o having
Tuicy, Tender and Delicious Bei-fVtakes,
Chic!weus, llano. Chops, Sic.
Sold By
C12 & Cl-t N. Main Street, '
St. houh Mo.
At his rew Btand On M;iin Street, between 4th
miiiD.u 8UU1U nine, Tliero he is rtii.iy
tu serve ml hisold customers, and
as tuauy new ones us may tive
hiin a cll.
I keep on hand nothing-but tbo very
Contra;t madelor furnUhins: lariro Quan
tities of uteui.
C'ail novi see us.
febldJtwtf. A. O. II ATT.
.A- 213 S3
-Visitinc IMattsmouth,
Will Find Good Aeconiuiouulions at the
Farmer-'s Feed Stable
Corter of Sixth and Vine Streets, One bleck
Nath of the PrecberUc Churah, Plattstcoatli
i- : wirsa
I - 'l --- - Tb
r aLL DtSCCJI-TiOXa ii AT ALL rzlVT.I.
r.letalic Curial Cns
Beady 'aJe, ar.d Scld Chenp for Cnth.
With ma?i7 tLxti!: for imst patrna, II a
Uf all to call and qxi-m'iqo aiy lar.'i- st ock o
Biturw ftrid ftflips janHt
new sTorti
Weeping Water, Kcbraska.
TC0J:i. TO
- otiiiiu rx
General DTGrcIiandlsB,
UAiili'.f AE,
HATS. C.W6 noon
... shoes. :;otio:;s.
TTe are Aceota for
W'illcox fi, Ci'bha Scwlnj Machlng
To A PVf RTIsr.-'S All prr-on who rnn'?m
p ate Liiiikuitr coi.tructi irh new-i,i(.er. tor tL i
iiiatrtioii ol AdveriiscMiieuls should tend to
C3. P. owen & go.
for a Circular, or iiicl' ""i ccn: f..r tln ir 0,,
hnn ir;l 1'iirfo f. m j L I -r . con aini'iir l.i-n, i.f
.1.0 1 Xfif. i -: 1 1 ci-an I ) I im i r- !i- i ., c i!,
CO of i ( i I'ii.g. u'.-o lilii ny ! n I I. u.i i ., ,i i .
Ver:i.-er.s. aii'l omo ii'-r Mint of I lie 1 x pern im-i
ol iii' P who are kij.iwn us -uccciul irlvirii
ers. This linn n'e p-oprii fon nt 1 ae A:ui i n im
.Newspaper Aaei.iiL(? Agency.
41 no ti
n l are p:c-sed of uneou -s f.
s :iirii:s t lie iii'.'rtiou of :i i , ( n w
Nwppcis 4.d Punodin ds at l -t r.i'.is.
a all
tt TIM: fil'l-MT I'AIM.'
: aLaJLuv
J.lit J'ui'i-,'it'J, i-j r met !. J nirif-ijf. 1'rifr :.
A ,ecturi; en .o .Nrf.'rc, J n a'n.ti.t. a.d
I'n n! cure
l' ." ,-ranl rrho.-i, r .-n. , ::. I
W fa .i.e--i. I u ;
i 'lit ". .m.l Imp
erv ii"iu- .
.l n!;.! I'li'l !.;
S il illM'M'. AC.
uiit.irv lini' iwii-, . li.-. I i'c-
!, I.,
i' i wi-l ,
-y. i. I i ;
.. : li
' r .v til. ,
( 'i,
V , it.iLiior -l '.!i.j 'iiit1
'i 'i . wo ! 1 nn ..i,u"
1 ri,-.-,. ,
i' n -v l i i : i ; i i i
l.! y !:'.vt ii. i i t-t
-a fi'i'il..
I a'.t'i'.r.
n i.
(; I,
..I u:.i!
a;;i i. '..i:;i a i . i ,
K:-s. ii' -tr.ifs.--i -. i U.i
;!l! a mo i j ..t mi i :ii .i;
b- vriii ii every - ..'cr. .". i
i 1 1
i . . t .
.11 o
'1 I
1 1 lr,
'I I.
urto'ii tuny t c, i i y cue I
vatriv . ;u..l r;nii.. . I h;
bi..( n t t !i' i: "i :)! - :ni ! i
.. '.I i i..-..
i I Hi v. i ;
I in
e s
" t III .( i m! 1 1, li .t rl'.i. ii rr
aie ' env- on I. !i c i !: j.
t. .S.t,..i b..!lllpH, A I,.-., lr.
'm in i an ini.Je.' prtce - c ;:t ;.
in n .."i
ix '. r. r, oi
t'illtl ( HI' It
A I l: -4 tl.i
CH.:"'. J 0. KLTr-TE
Pee 32 w!v
Co?nmizsion Rooms
iiAiy T
WLere you can buy almost everj .bins
eatable, including
At the I'licci for ca;h. . Ii tbett
in i ce paid lor Country IVo'Lic
Uutter, t hickens,
Goods Delivered in tlio Citv
Free of Charge.
Tbe UtidersignoJ hva on band and is
AH kinds of
At his Mills at the Ferry Landing at PlattJmou th
Orders Promptly Filled.!
JunrSd d.Vwtf.
it at c z; c i. o j; ks,
Ukhay i kxs "rAT.I.s.
V. atcic. Cloduand Jewelry rej airel ncitly
ir.d wih rtiaj.r.tch.
ft-Ueinovad t ii tioaita Plstte Va'lrv 1?0U
il' i 6tr t. nr,. ii. w :.
tti l )