Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 08, 1872, Image 1

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    -vt''--'gi-pa- x.t i7-;.
i ?' - "." e rrasj-aju vvt-n-vrsa
" L 1TT Sll P ti T iiil C ff A L I
lt ';S' :'S VuhL:ua V ' . j
' liATrfAWAY ' i'iiKVnoLT.
Vr- sir c rit t :r-si
id rbfti.isaro vri&.oi by
. ,.3 C -V I-
cow. L. nmu
Of OGce eorarr 21 bin and Second street. &
ci ftury.
Ttis.MS r.'eiJtly. S2.C0 pc annum i? paid is
t2-.r0 if not paid bi
lie Cull tor tso Aatloual Xiapubll
Cita loiivcn Inn.
W ive below the call of td'c Nation
al Cjoiinittaa for lLo National Ilepubli
cia Convention to ti held in Philadel
phia next June.
TO ' IN Pii i LAI) i: LPU IA , Jc.NK 5,
. to Nominate Oa.ii;d.u.:s tent Pki:-
Tho undersigned, con-tHutmg tho Na
Couid Coiaruitteo des'gmttcd by the Con
vert ion held at t'hLago cn t!:2 2Uth of
May, lSGis, 1 ca.l . Convention of
kha Union liepu nn Petty at the city
of Pr.iia .MoLia. on We inc.-Jay, the 5tb
day of Juno next, at 12 o'aluck noon,
for tha J urpoe of nominating caait-Jau-ts
f.'f the olIi-.-2s of l-Ve.-i-jaiit auJ Vicc
i"ro.ii'i lit t f the LTiii:e i i'taten.
Lacii itatu is authored to bti reprc
6sntcl i l the Courention by delegates
equi to Ittioa the Miiubcr of Senators
and ll?preseiitativcs to wLiclj it wiil be
encitlod iu the next National Congress,
and each orgdnitcd Territory u author
ized to head nca del-.'gatcs.
la o liiing t!)i.s Conveution, the Com
mutes teioiaJs the couutry tiiat thw
protui.cs of the Union llejiuhiienn Cua
venticn of ItCS, havu locn fuiailcd.
The States LttJy i'i rebellion ha-.-e tccu
restored to thir i'oitncr relations to the
poveri:::i-j:it. Km laws of the country
liavB b-a faitl.l'jl'y executed, pubiis
f't.ih has Leon !. rvtd, and theiiation
.l crelit lirai.'y cstalii'hod. (iavern
rnLtal economy h m been illustrated by
ti.e redu.;ti jij at ti:e t-anie ih-ja, of tho
J all.c debt ar. J of taxation, and the 1'uu
:n of tho Matio!d dct-t at a lower
j Lie of iriteif 't has b-ua -uccj.-.'uily m
auguratcd. Thu rights of naturalized
cit zens l avs L-en protected ty,
!i d iiLaii-jraticu eni.nuia.-d by h(,eral
,roTitio:i3. The dt iendere oi' the L'nion
hive been Rratii'r.i'y rcuicuibcred, and
the rights ai;d inteietij ol labor recog Lawj have heen enacted and are
beis en!orccd, lor thu protection ofper
tons and propeity in a!! sections, iiqual
uilrae has been enrral'teJ on the Su-
'Muiitil L-'onttirution; the f riviaxes fitid
liiu l tui of Ameii an cit z.'n.-iri. have
' b cvuii-a part of t u uriH'i.e law, au-1 a
ftberal .pu'ijy has beea aJopt-1 to ad;
ta :? frr.iea j;i tnu reoea.-.i:!. t.".n
i iuinrMiri.irj Ibreie relati.m- have b-.-en
S'lja-tt-d uj;t!ic iui ro-t of peaci thion-l.-ciht
the world and t!ie M:iioo:d hoiiur
ij;a:n(aiiif ;1. Corruption has b.-jn cz.
; o.-rd. oifen-;, re-ptji?ibiiity
ri.rccd, -Ruicgnardi ef ibli.-litj, an J
t off, a h'-;?t-: jre, the IS.epul.ii an ar
ry -tarid.4 pled; d to cirreet all abu.-'jei
:t:d carry out rei'orin.4 necessary to
ii;itintain the pK-fity a il ellieiency d"'tlia
;ut.i:c service. To and iliibly
-'.:ihhf:h its i'tiudaiuent j! pr:njiples, we
V.ite c vo.ra;iua of all the citizens
of the UiiireJ istei.
Ct-Vii-t-V. of 3I.-3 ,
( 'hirtLuiu.
S Secretary,
v .j Jm A. Peters. M.v:i?,
-!i'e I'. l'olatiJ.
1 H lYwts, Uhoiio- b-lanl
ii. II. Siark weather, Connecticat.
Jiii(!, New Jersy.
Wi.liam II. Keuibc!, lVnn-ylvanI.
Howard M. Jenkins. Heiawaro.
. .. Ii. Cowen, Ohio.
J. tn Coburi!, In J i.iTja.
j! B FaiWi-l!, IiHnoh
Zcliarii.h ChaodL-r, Michigan.
T. ATtri 1, M'l:!!f:tA.
? ivii Atv-ood. Wi t::;:i-:;.i.
iuTijVo McCr.:;, Io.:a.
, C. C. F-jI: 11 :.r !. :: .
Franklin S earn-. Virginia.
dm Hubbard, Wet Virginia.
NV'iiha.u Sloan, Nctth Coii ia.
f L o::as Y . O.-bort.o, i 'i vriia.
L C. Car.-enter, So'tta Carolina.
John H. C..ldwcil, Gee.reis.
. 'rtmes P. Stow, Aiuhatc?.
rl. H. Soiuhwcri Iu Le.ui.-azia.
A. C. Fi.-k, .Mi.:sisi; pi.
S C. Pomcr.-iv, Kaiias.
J. F. Kiee, Aikin-ai.
Ji.iio I'. Ciark, Mi-.-jori.
' ' A. Horton, Ket.tucky.
'Jo; ace J.Iaynird, 'i't-'inessns.
'. It. Tiiyl 'r, Nebraska.
,'".:!i'3 'V. Nye, N'jvida.
K. ','. Col ett, Orcg-n.
;;..l)rcr. C. Gorham. Caiifornia.
IJ Chiil:".:e, t'.-lora lo.
W. A. Boricigh, takota.
ire.y; s J. li.iwen, li-trict of C.iutiibia.
t 'a !.i:igtcn, D C , Jan. 11, li72.
' THe Statesman is weakening on the
b. -rt.o wiih which it op end out a f-w
l-.j since. It is fast finding out the
ru:, the adage that "it is t
i t. : i ti-j than an author," a it is deui-t-.-:5trtiug
that it is easier to fiud fault
what others do than to purette a
f.tji.i.T - course itself, lt started out by
p l t:ei :itiug every little incident into a
ii.rn.-'i o'js cHme, until it ha unearthed
i- 'ii'C sricaie of its own e litor-in-chief
wt.-Te'ry he juopo.-ed to ?:7tho indaence
cf that journal to tho men whom it was
dci.ou'i-.-lnj: as thieves fjr tho paltry sum
.f ti.o ;rv.iito:i tiie iueideata' printing
-f ti e se,ion. This is a mcauer thing
on tlu Statesman has ever charged
. the v. :st of the "den of thieves"
f. -h (. i::. It was no round ibout
a.-te - i, covered up with the appear
. f :":.-: but was an outright
tic n to .ll the influence if the jut
J ' to the V:' Land 1$ ill for the paltry
f. t : ,t !-.,: .id. llepresentati.e Ga-
r'imfc?. th& in direct ternir, over Lis
o r "ii.-.iture, an l challenges the
'c to o;ny it under penalty of a
'u;iou f.-r attempted bribery. The
l.s not deny the truthful
. ,f -: of Mr. Galey's card, and it dare
n .1 : but it does orue out and "beg
iry" (to U'3 its own language)
; L:.cii. i ! i : ; J in fo tuuch cf per
: ir..d.y. It -uted out to ape the La-
i'ecjoorr.t and Omaha Herald,
1 l.j- i: a tignrd failure.
?! r.r d mosr novel feature of
T :; ' Jr ' i J ' .k "o reception by the Kari
t j Ir gt.-Ut arc x Topeka wet k, was
' ! rtiicii.g by tiie whoiv assembled
r co.irs.e ol' i-T.- maker and Fpeetatcrs
. nt r-ily of. s:i ' .-'gdna! ode of welcome.
. v.- to i':e air c t '"John P.rowi!," and
e e .. iodine erso was made up of
u.-p;-:i!g wonl-V
' j:, ; ur of her p.rairics how
can vout
.tol K
ansas Tte
i'.b her i.o--ri-Iovin sifters. in a fit-tie-
we eoiue cry ?
:t her heart bve full expression, and
the ac- AX-r rcho high,
"he Cz ar and Grant are friends.
Cbvms Kc! for liussiaand the Union!
t'o! for Iioiisi.t and the Union!
Hoi f'.-r Eus-ii and tha Union !
The Czar cod Grant are frieodi!
VOL. 7,
Tiif Hi I t. KIT M.A!(V.
The Oaiiih.a Herald eopic an item
ficm us lelativo to the position of that
journal ou lLo "co party" qucstioa, and
adls ;
,-TLIs is a truthful t tatcmect but its
logic will not, hold water."
Perhaps our logio is leaky, but'L-t us
tf-a if it is wore h than that of tbu Het
aid when it aJrucatej the ahandoaujeut
of pyrti'. as a means of eUiiuR nn evil,
an i then tho niotut nt it is cured to ro
turn to the very course which it claims
can-cJ tiie evil. In reply to us tne
lleraM pnys : "77o? moment iLe tvll Is
cured we would irjr, with the tame zeal
we doit uro i; temporary nbanJonment,
thi return t't jmrtj nrjuntttl'tii, whose
porer iu I.o'Jini; nini"nitraions from
excesses is the great lever" c:c. If the
above will '"hold water," then we a-Jmit
our position will not. But we f:l to c
the need of a return to party at all if
the "no party" ryateiu h fo veryood,
and is eueh a iure rieventativc of eil
practices. If Dr. Miller is hoaeht in tli3
desire esprs-';ei to return to party as
Boon a9 a eura is effected, he must cer
tainly be diihono- t w hen he claims that
he U opposed to what he is ul-pose 1 to
term tho di.-henet administration of af
fairs. If a certain kind of diet, or a
certain line of con iuct, caused diea-3 to
t!;e Luinan body, would our good Doctor,
a- a vender of verifablo pil's, aJvi-e a
return to th-i same dir-t or the parue line
of conduct as oon a the patient recov
ered? If he did this woidJ any u:ati be
have that hi was honest iu both posi
tions taken? Hence we reason that our
political Doctor of the Herald inu -t be
i!i-honet when he favors a return to
what he claim 'a pernicious to the body
politic, td3 he is dishor.e. t in clahoin.!;
thft neco-" ;ry for an abandonment, of
party at a'.l. Is it not barely po il'
that this poliiicrd pill pedlier is dedrons
of obtaining a lare fee ly advi-dn a
course Thirh he knows will prostrate Lis
paiieiit the body politic? In this en e
the fee locked for, wo doubt not, is the
breaking up of th.' Utv ublican p'.ity
au 1 tho ti;u:ujj -f tho rebellious l)j
mocr::C3' when rrc h.'1l sixain "return to
party orcaniz-i'.ion." Vr'e believe thfi
en'ic which covers thi .eheo e c-f the
II .ra' 1 i.5 50'veiy tliio that no one wili
lo deceive:!, but that tho?. who favor
i because they dosira to clhCi the Dc
n;o;racy in power.
Canva.-i:n th a' oucitioj:,
Saline Coisnty I'o.-t s :
"The I'tatisniouih Ilcrali says, rely
on the oil or,i.iizn?ii.;is work within
t!iO p.irty. This woul l !o if the ma-s of
tho party wou-d m.dst on an ei.-irs
ill ir,;'3 of public oHlcru wo:: 5 1
Lo rati. : d only v:rh hm.-t taen awl an
h' u .?.-:
aou uitrit:i'ii oi oi-j
I'o:jt f.eo-.iiS, .Von; thv
purifin.!j tl: party.
r? Ui-.t, . olav asfcj '
', t' ' . T o t ho cn'y li-pu' ii
7 ia ti. : State lhat ic;;ri-;.l
.. IT-.. 1 1 - , e i -...l
to !- to v.- .r?: g ror-irm-i"! ei i
a s:
a o in u .':r,,ri- r
,Is "no p-irty"
ide as a "reform" rueaure. The first
o-e-iio': t-j be-solve. J, in any event, is
whether a majority cf eithT or both
p trtie, aa they now exi t, arc,
and detirous of piieinj eoriupt men ia
ofties If a imjmiiy cf tho men com
posiug the r.'aerit puitics are rc' in
favor of t! otin? corrupt i on t cfri :,
liif n it ft'eiiij to us that there is a jvain
remedy irnlitu the j v. ty tha only thiop
neccshary b ing tn sh ;ov, beyond q;;.s
lion, who aro the corrupt men, and
therein they are ocrrupt. And herein
tno treat cKlicoiy lies, as vce
it.ind the situation. 'J'ha ha hit of accus
ing ci-ia of e rropiio i without beir g
able to Mibsfcrattote tho charge has t,
conro so prevalent that it is extremely dif
ficult to toil who should be tl.iown over
board and who retained as honest men.
Yet wo cannot see wherein any advan
tage could be obtained iu this re peet by
abandoning party organizations, but we
enn sea very distinctly, where Lai mid
designing men would have tho advan
tage in a general tcraiuble for o;5ce, re
gardlcvs of paity.
If a vvjjriij of the
men compodt. the j.ii tics as they now
exst e in favor of tlectinir c-rruut
men to 01T1 , a the Omaha Herald and
the Post scorn to indicate, thou w. "most
certainly cannot tee where the relonaa
tion would come in by abandoning par
ties ; for in that event wo would have a
cat u'nty of tho election cf corrupt men
to ofiice. If th"se tusn are tha nl jrriy
in the partien, they certainly would be a
majority out f tha parties, or in a "no
party" movement; hence, we say, an
abondonment of party would inxure the
election of orrtn-t men tooihee if the then
ry of the Herald an 1 Pot i-correct' that
the "aia3 of thj parties" is in favor of
corrujitioa. Evuti tha Omtha Herald
does not claim that it i only a majority
of the Republican prty that is iu favor
of el.-cting corrupt meu to otSce. Lot it
admits tha't the Democrats are as bad, if
not worse .than the Republican; Lcuce
there is no argument in favor of the
breaking up of one party that does not
apply with equal force to the other. As
we have a.ready said in tnis arueio, we ;
believe the ou!y diilicaity in this whole
matter is that the press of this State,
for purposes best known, (if known at
a'i) to those, who control the col
utnns of tha various papera have been
too Hxst and to-? uniustin these wholesale
charges of corruption or, .ia other
words, they have charged corrujlion
without knowing whether their as
sertions were true or false. And this
wholesale method of charging corrup
tion is but the legiiimiie rctult of the
doctrine advocated by the Herald and
Post ; for when we drop party politics
that mpmant wp fsbajk pppn flja tf rjj-
pestuous se of persjnnl -politico, whera
all that is required to condemn a man is
for &o'ue person, for any came they
may ce fit, to cry out that hi is corrupt,
eta. .No cian tfc3 to defend him, for
he, too, will bo branded as a defender of
corruption. Is it diflieuit to eo the
rocks whereon the p-.litieal baric would
!trar:d with su h a chart as the Oma' a
Hcral l to K'lM--. it course ? Let u,
rathor, abile ly the party or.irvilivion,
su I wh'a a raan or et of are ac-eu-ed
of corruption let tho accu.-er be
called uoon to ."u;.ta:a his chrre? or be
branded as a wiliful dtfiaitr of charac
ter, and if the charges are .sustained, in
a tumly wny, our word f ir it tlis party
(wbich is composed of the people) wili
soon plucs th-i guilty beyond the reach
of doia public h -rra.
triiERK'n nit; faik.xu.
A f.w days ritice one of the prinoipl
supporters of tho defunct Salt Land Uill
presented that document to the ruana
per of the Oujaha Iiepubiicin an i ake 1
its putlic.tion, in order that the readers
of that journal tniht see for theuisslvos
exactly what kind cf a document it was.
and know all about the enormous "i'tial"
it contained. -The manager laughed
quietly, but declined to puMi-fc the bill,
remarking that he did not think it was a
very bad bill, but that they were obliged
to hare something to howl about in ord
er to defeat tho reconvening of the Con
stitutional Convention. Now, while we
care but little whether the convention
was reassembled or cot. we apnea! to
ir.fe'lit'ent n.en everywhere if there i
rv.y hoiuaty ia tuch a cour.e as thi.-
let it n atul as hjiieit anl tatr in tne
co ir-e of tits Republican during tho re
cent campaign for ttic Constitution, and
in aidny V. her things we tuiht uicution.
"Tiis moment tho evil is cured we
rhould ui.c, wiIi the sauie z?al that we
n;w urg-.; in temporary abandonment,
tha return to partj organization wtioso
power ir: lio'dir-jr adujint.tratioris fromex-e..-!e.s
is tho teat levvr, which v.e nei
ther undervalue cor underrate." 1 Oma
ha Herald.
The Omaha Herald, in reply to an ar
ticlj in this paper a fevr days ao, uses
the above iaruju-.-ge, a portion of which
Re fully ends;?. Dr. Miller admits
that he h i.; herctorora favored strict par
ty ofyaoizutio.i, but L is a l.ic2 not be
in fallowed then, he now proposes to
ajvecite a line of policy that will place
th? Deiuoeratis parij- in power, when he
svill La perfectly willing to return to
strict party lins.
It i.s to avoiv! the very thing of whicli
the Herald con; plains,- tiiat we urye the
drawing of t-trict p::rty lines, and t hold,i : v tt.r tits
a t- of tho.-a whom (!;;'
"tho Hera! I was right in uivlntr ptirly
i tnen. (tv.j v'-ars a-oj an 1 tt I
is r.
i in ur.:in;r its teto;? -.-rary a ban
it ne'.v." 11? i'Ji'c-.s to 4Le Le:s
'.vo years n.o, and l.a situe ad
tLat th-rv' was n irt-j in that
bj a b-pti: g the Cut
! ho new u.-ivs, there would le ecu.' in
the n1!'.. If tha people's movement
was a i'lllura in tho p1. 'l w"s'l be no
so in the future.
and wo
think ad
wer.e by
aree that it could t: ot b
electing strict party men
mi it
s:: iti.-itKjiy.
Senator Crp n'e: .-eem'tc have a very
co:rx.:t ill; a of the remedy fi r j-ouio of
otr pi iitlcal t v'.Ls as will bo teen from
the f '.lowing extra jt fcoa a recent
speech in the Senate.
"The piii oant, witty, and p
3 tsena- j
tor from N. ws.,-!; i on mv right Mr.
Lipti nj rero! e : himself the other day
into a i 'a-.--:ot ethi cr love-ti-a ?, end
c nf: -s ed t hat w hea ho was elected Meu
n r h? turned every! o ly out of o.liee to
put l is frien s in, end that when his
coi!caisiie whs clect d he permitted hi
tuenus to Pe turnc'i cut to make room
lbr the fi i"ii Is f Lis colhague. As I
t.nd'i -:ond his speech, ho seemed to
think that this was a greet wrong, and
his eon .-bo-ion was that s-oms grtftt 'civil
service refoiiu' v. as necep-.iry to prevent
a repetition of tills bopiopnt-ty. I
ndsht admit hi" p.tmi-e, but I dissent
Iioim lils Colic: UslOII.
ars l rivei'tu.'oiotr' was
It tnis turnifg
oeople of N.e'ora-ka, thea no wrong has
be l done; if ret, the remedy Li with
the people of Nchra-ka."
The Journal asked the following ques
tion foiiiD days hikc, and we have been
waiting patently to see what the States
man would rep'y, but it has failed to
"'come to time" so fer.
Hy the way, when tin senior of he
St.itf ?t!ian wei;t to t!; Governor a year
ao, and said he va- po-r. and wanted to
start a dii'ly to "d-efend him" and "show
up Dr. M.ii-r," how much money did
i.e demand and ect, arid how did he earn
hi- flat k ma tl ? - .
How uineh money did he lery on M--
Coiineh about the saoio time, for the
same put po-e .' flow much oi 1 !.e gK
from other ebizens of L nooln for the
same purpose. Tell us the hi-tory of
this u;t;i!y tran-aetion. and what you
said about your present patron, A. J.
We understand several suits will be
commeneo 1 immediately, again-t a num
ber of different parties, lor the recovery
of stolen property. ALo-it $3'K).UcM) f j
State fund- have heenst'den hv therin
and a portion of it con l-s recovered if
aotions are commenced while tho thieve.,
hire some property l.f.. Ac. Ci'y
We hop these suits will be commenced
immediately, and among tho first we
would su trite-1 one ngiin-t his acting Ex
cellency, for the money paid to Pat.
O'Hawes without warrant, or authority
of law.
The trialof Tweed has bee'j put over
until the March term. It is probable
that he will now take his seat, as the
case does not come up until after the
cIog cf tb.e Legislature.
'I he fcalinc; iit .
An Act, To Aid in tae Diclopn:cnt of
the Saline iutcrests of. the State of
Nebraska. . '' j'5'
V H sheas, The Governor of this rte
iea-ei crvaiu lunds m .Lancaster Co'in'y
to I.-j:iao Cairn aui down .i. Lvau-, wr.o
transferred thsir le.-e and ail 'lights re.
jaii otl tinder and by viru: f I lie saeie
to I-uaiCatm A: C oupaoy ol it Josepii,
iu the Stale ot Mis-.oujl, which lease
will tei oiioaie by its own lenu iu the
j 3 ear isyu; and -
i . ft. -?iy n t.
n ukcl-u, J.ii3 eaia isao vaiin ct
Co., hive exptuJci laige puuo of mo
uey iu boring welis on .-aid laad, and in
making improvements on thd s;ouc lor
tlu purpo e of to inulattui unc a; and
HKiifAS; lioiing to the Ucptu ol six
hundred feet haa.rea ly been 'aceouip-in-ije.
the result pt' winch is a laige aud
constantly flowit:g wt-ll; and wheieus it
is de-itahl to have ti.e said intercut
mere fully devtl n ed in order to make
tl:e same productive and proiita le to tne
State; Therefor-, le it eoacted by the
Je!ature.vf the Stat? of Nebraska.
SecjioN 1. 'J hut Jor the purpose of
aiding in the development of tue Saline
interest of the Mfate, the lauds donated,
or to bi donated or .-laiitsd by
the Genera! govcinuitut to t tie Slate of
Nebraska for Mich pui yo-o and wot hare
tohue disposed of by Uw not' leaicd to
any other party or parties, bhall Le, and
are hereafter appropiiated and set apart
fr the use and Oeneiit of sa d l.-aao
Cahn &Co., and for the purpose afore
said; Provided, tiie said Isaac Cairn &
Company khall comply with che condi
ti ns liertinai'ter contained. And when
the said Compuny or assigns, had com
ply with the conditions of th:s act, it
tljall be the duty of the Governor ot tiie
tstaco to make and issue to sai 1 I-aac
Cahn and Compa iy or thrir a sig:i, let
ters patent froui tha State of Nttlaka
for said land.
Sf.C. li. liefore the .-aid Company or
asixns ha;l Le tntitled to receive any
part of said ia: d. the sum of at least
fcfty thou-and d !;ais sbali be hereafter
ex pen .lea m developtug the Sahu-j inter
est anl iii Jiiaki;- preparations to mau
itfacturo salt, by boring or sinking at
least one well to the depth of titieeu
hundred feet, uuless salt brine can be ob
tained at a less depth, of futlieient
strength in produce by solar evaporation,
one pound of salt to every ten pounds
brine, certified to by the professor of
Cbemistiy of the Statd University. And
the fbrenmn, or manuf .cturing agent of
uch Company, sh ol make j.nd ti. with
the Governor of th? Statfl, his adiiavi:
with vouciiers, showiig tha jui ouot of
:noii'y so expended br sac! p'trpost;
aui if the atTilavit cud vouchers shw
to the i'af'td'jctio.i of tho Governor, Au
dit(.r and TreaniPr, that sveh ti:u has
beeu so expended, end that the condi
tions of this aet have in every .rc-pect
been compiied with, thsn it shall bo the
duty of the Governor to make nn 1 cae
eaid letters patent from the State of Me
bruska, to said Company or thir : s-iirns,
f 'rth-land IWciu granted and stt npart tuch purpose.
Sec. 3. That the State cf.Vebraslca shah
in entitled to receive a royalty of two
cents per bu-hel for ah the salt manu
factured on tiio Mud land, t be paid af
ter the suit shall le s!1, which sum of
money thall be paid into tho i;:a"e
TreaMiry to be Appropriated cud di
ro.-cd of aborting to law, and it sh r 1
ihe. Tr:
r or te.e
mon-it . tur.iig aeut of mi: a c on pany,
.n-d ictur
or it as.-:.-:iis lo make out a sta'euien- in
w.-itii.s uni: r oatii, ;ia 1 II its tke same
vri:h tie A i.:.t-...r oi Si ate ?how:rs the
amount o. .-.t m nniisctui'ci uu 1 on i tho duty is to I
, . ;1 o , ,
tio paid, t-ueh
, ' . ,
aie ana med on
-. . .
flfd'.cmctit sliati te so ma
the fir.-t dav of IVbuury, Me.y, August
and Novetcber of each. Sa: l scat merit
ldll a!-o ho.v the amount of Mil sold
ai the time aforesaid, and it sh dl be the
daiy id' sai l Com any to. pay into l ho
Said Treasury the Pioney due the St to.
1 th f'. O.f f r.JiO hiiwli. ! -!-
ai! salt .-old, w liich sums slia'i ho so paid
w'uhiu ten days after maUiftg such rj-poit-i,
and if the mid company or it.--as-sign-
sh-i!i -ir-cept thi oTr huretn m id.:,
ss-ent in hi1;:::; shri! Le given an 1 tiled
wish 'he Govi-renr wit Liu ;ixtydvs ;if. er
the pass uo o; tnis acr. audi a sue
m if;
tha satd cm: j c: 3- or ct-ij us shall e:
cute a t eiiil fo i :u- ( t .tctirasa in the
it I eiid to j-rate ( t .icii:
kum of lifi v t hou-ian i doiho s. to ? ecu re the
paymrnt of the money to become due to
tiie Nate under the provisions ot tins
act, which bond shall bo filed and ap
proved by the Governor of the State.
See. 4. Afier tho expiration of one
year from tho pas-age of this net, it
shall be iiecu-.-aiy fbr said cmpeny or
assigns, to manof icture at leas fifty thous
and bushels of salt annually, and the said
company or assigns fhall enter into bond
to tiie State in the turn of twenty-live
thousand dollars, to bccure the payment
to the-Stat? of the royalty f,r such
mount of salt ; which bond shall be
approved by and filed with the Governor
of the .State.
Si'C. 5. That the levees or asiens.
;ba 1. at thi
esp'r 1 ion
of said base,
renter to the r-fare cf ;thra-ka the
Ian 1 so leafed, to-vvitt Three bullied
and twenty ncres of toe land to include
the we 1 or weils, and all improvements
now madj thereon, no part of which
said three, hundred and twenty acres of
lao shall be sold for such purpose, to
gether with all shaft?, buildings, vats,
working machinery and fixtures of every
de-criptioa. Provided, that if the sai i
Issu es or their assigns, th ill prefer to
sell the mid viits. working
machinery and fixture, v.hich may here
after be made thereon, to the Stale ol
Nebraska, attwo thirds of t he appr.ii.-ed
value, to be u-cert.iioed by a ui-intereated
appraisement. iy three commissioner- to
tie appointed bv the G vcrtior fbr that
.,. n ,1,.... ,1..", c-. : . ,
pay therefor tiio two-third's value of
the game. Provided, thai this act shall
in no way impair th validity of the said
I a-e to saul tiiree hundred and twenty
acres cf land, nor any other lease u rider
which operations are now Icing crried
on, the said premises being situate n
Lane-aster eouaty, in the State of Ne
braska. See. G. The salt springs granted to
the State by the Genera! Government are
h-lt-)!., V.T,Ji. 1 ,S It C. In .... -1 f.
.. .s ' I
viti- j i iiinL von 1 1; s iu cuia sjii log,
to ! selected by tiie Governor, Auditor
and Tiea-urtr, u! the northwest quarter
of section throe, town nine, rana six, and
the Km ih half of tajctk-ti' thirteen, town
fen, range six, tire hereby reserved to
tho Srate and shall never be di-:o-ed of
fur tha purpose herein eo.f em pl.t ted ;
provided, tilso, that the i-m ls b-nun apr
propriared .-ball never exceed ia the ag
gregate ten thou-and ae:e.
S f. 7. All acts or parts of acts in
consistent, or which in any Way conflict
with this aet are heiehy repealed.
Sec. 8 'I his act shall tnkeeifcct and
be iu force from anl after its passage
A Keutucky farmer refused to buy a
Fewlng machine! "1m sowed his whe;tt
out cf a bucket," and tho woruaa could
new his clothes with her needle.
Til UllSDAY, FKBkU.AltY 8
Locdoa. February 5.
The Times of Saturday ustd the Ibl
lowing languiga: "'rte ref uJtats ti.e
const-tict'.ou which has been put upoa
the Ireaty of Washintrton in the Amri
csn ti;f. and must withiraw fr-uu arti
tratboi if thi- construction is insisted on,
but if this point is rectified we are ready
to-tand loyally by ihe'treafy."
Tho Times to day is afrai.l that an at
tempt to solve the Alabama duSeuhy
iiiw prove abortive, and hope its fail
ures will not excitu bitter feelings ia
America. t
The Post thinks it will bo time
enough when the United States refuses
to withdraw their demand for indirect
earnae, to deeida upon future action.
Menaces are now utig-raeiou
The News says the Quern in her
speech on the opesiinir of the Parliament
to tiiOTi'W, will express the wish that
the tribunal sit Geneva may be able to
proceed with its duties on a basis accept
able to the Kngh.-h Government.
The weekly preM is savage and belli
cose. epeciaby the Saturday Review
They pen' rally took the ground that the
United States preferred to have no set
tlement, but wished to hold these Alaba
ma claims as a perpetual menace for po
litical use?.
Tha tono of the press on the Alaba
ma c'aims is tlinhtly tucderated All
look forward to the Queen's fpecch to
morrow lor a po-itive announcement oi
the stand taken by government in resrard
to the American en-e. A mastf meeting
of Republicans and supporters of S.r
Chafes DHke wili be held to-night in
Trafalgar Square.
The Pall Mali Gacetta of this
noon fenys it has strn a copy ol the
Queen's pepch, to bo deiivere I at the
op-enin? of the Parliament to-morrow
and publishes an abstract of it. The
Gazette fys considerable pnea have
ben devoted to the sul jret uf the Ala
bama claims, u,non which che Queen
eays : "To uphold the sanctity and to
extend the area of my international ob
ligston, I have concluded a treaty with
th Uuitcd States of America for ihe
eettleiner.t of ouc tions which h.tve
been di?cu-ud for fonie years Ir hav
ia.c become obvious that the horr rs of
w..r ::ro avoiaMe by peaceful aibitta
menr. inst':id of nrbi rKtiient by tho
word. I have piven n y eminent to a re
feienoe of the Alabama claims to an in
ttrnari'inal tril uual, jnh iu uuhoriry,
to t. hii h their deci-cion con! 1 l ave been
entrusted. Through pardonable over
sight on the part of the tieeotiaf ors. the
eiims were not explicitly bmit-1 to di
rect !is!'s. and therefore the President
of the United State h.i pnifarred con
idr.rb!e amount of indirect claims, to
many of which my government has de
murred. I hpo tho amount to be ulti
mately dt-fiaycd wiil ri"t cxeesd the
Preach payment to Germany."
L or Ion, Fiibruary 6.
P,tr!i;rnnt opened shortly after noo.n.
The Queen's speech to par iame.ot be
gins v.i:h thanks to God for the recovery
of it i! W.-tiia." lit" W'nrcs. cat c.n,-s-ses
,'.-r:;'.itu f.;r thj rympttliy of the p'op
, anl announces n day of pubiio
ih;;tix;iivr.jj to b-J appointed. There
lation with foi-iin powers nro friend y
and in all r? pets sarisfactov. The
nvric-io. is severe:'
.ly ,1.
1 iioune- I. and a t ill tor its si'po' o-smti a
' , . . 1 , i-,,r .
1 promised to bo oitrod.iCfo. lu'iorts 10
' ,, . ...
i secure tii3 eonMunance ot tho-commer
cial treaty with Franco is so far unsuc
cessful, but neeotihtionara sti'I p md n?
Th'; only reference to the Alab una c'aio s
V) as fo.lows : I'i: i arb'traror-i appoint d
pursuant to the treaty of YlTa-hingt 11
for the purpose fr amicably seubug the
Ai-ihau'ia claims held thd. f;r-t meetimr
at Geneva. The case wcr.s Said b fore
the arbitrators in behalf of each pnr'y.
In the cases to be so subnrtted by Amori
ca, !rre claims were in luded w!)it.h
wr.: undcr-tood, on mv part, not to be
w;t !i the province of the arhitia!or.
On this su! j ct I h;ve cau ed fiiendly
comniunicatioii to Lo tn ado to t!:c j.-ov-
ernmmt of tho Unite! States,
poriiou of tho trjia'y yet resnir s the
consent of the Canadian p irii uaeaf.
'111 condition of Ireiund is improving,
morally and materiaily, lend oiiruean l
pesupeti-m in Great IJritaiu are e-n eas
ing. The estimates will soon be lai 1 be
fore the House of Common, which her
m.iics'y hopes will prove favorable, and
indicfitJ a pioq erous condition of the
Liogdom. Tho speech enumerates the
measures to bo submitted for p n liament
ary action among thrm a bill for educa
tion iu Scotland, and e-iabushinz the ti-c-n-e
sj'.-teiii improving tha law for
pioeedure- ; providittg for votin j by bai
lor, and preventing bribing and puni-h-ir:g
it. After referring to vari ok other
subjocts of but to e le; i-lat ien, tho royal
sotech closes with an expression of con
fidence in the people, and that parlia
tnetit. will sustain the crown in upholding
the rights and honor of empire.
The Times this morning preserves the
tone of moderation it assumed yesterday
on the mil ject of American claims. It
deprecates the intemperate denuncia
tions of the treaty and hope, it wiil lea 1
to no hasty action. The present duty of
Knglish state.-nian is to say or do noth
ing iiki ly to prejudice any attempt to re
move t'te mi-nnder-tandine.
The Daily Tilegraph pronounces the
claim for indirect damnges in Jefen-ible.
ina Imis-iblo and b ist'Ie-s. anl regret
any hesitation on the part of the Lon
don press to stigmatize t!se-e di rounds
as they de-erve. The intention of Kng
land cannot h too 6tmni,' impressed on
the United States. The" Telegraph feeis
conviuoed that the Ameriein government
will witlidraw itscxtraordinarv demands.
The demonstrations at Trafalgar square
list night by the supporters" of Sir
Charles Dilke, was attended with com
parative quiet ; the profession, number
ing at least fourteen thonsand persons,
many of whom wore Phrygian caps,
marched to Trafalgar square. Numer
ous red fiaus were !onit throughout the
The band plaved tho Marseil
At the banquet of the liberals at Lam
beth last night, Win. MeArthur, M. P.,
in a speech referring to tha Alabama
e i-e, s i I, lie scorned tha claims of the
United States government for indirect
At the opening -of tho session
of . the imperial parliament to
day the o ftndaneo of members were
unusually full, while a crowd of specta
tors Wfre to Ge seen in the ga!!erirt and
nnou the floor of the house of Iord-
The speech was read by Lord Chancellor
Ilstherly. -
Captain John Philip No'an. home
rule candidate ha been elected to par
liament from Ga'way. F. S. Powel,
conservative csndidate elected from
West Bedirgj Yorkshire.
-r r e . v r
New York. F.-Ve-.rr 5.
A special di-p'tteh frim I-x:o-, &ay"
1 1 It tas trader" ot the re v of itmnsry i.'ant
bapiurei at St. Fergo, about 3d miis
freui M'itai.ioia.'i.
The Heraid s Washington .cc'.r says
thii .excitement among high cJ:ou! in
that city in consequence of tha relation
with Kuiaod i-- vr grea, .nd there
has been constant co.oter?rices b-;twea
reoTeerft-a;i.-es of tho Amoric vrj Govern
Kisr.t with the English H:nba-fy.
Ttia situation iu HoglaaJ, as reprpsf nt
kd by tLe Knglish legation at Vvashing
ton, is of the grave-t character.
The Tory party, although represented
by Stafford and Northcote, oa tin j int
high cominis-ion desires forcing thw Ala
bama claims upon Parliauicni and com
pel sue.h a vote as would declare its want
of confidence in the Glad-tone admini--tration,
in coa equenee of seeking an
amendment' of the Alabama case to par
ry the assault of the Tories.
Dispatches have been received at
Washington, urging the government to
withdraw its claims for consequential
A Herald special says tho President is
firm in the convietiou that the case as
presented by our government, hall rot
be amended or withdrawn. He regard
tha Geneva Commis.-ion as a court, and
feels America has a riht to go before
that court like any other party to action
and leave the question to its deei-cion.
If CUf C.-;e tdiuws any surprising features
the fault wili be With the Knglish, who
permitted theuiie've?, for their own
gain, to become parties to acts of war
upon tho United States.
ihe Pre-idenr al-o feels that the no
ce -sities of any Kmtlish cabinet iuu-t not
be permitted to Ibsce Lis administration
ioto a false position.
A dispatch has ben received from
Minister Schenck to the efT ct that the
excitement in London is inteuie, but no
recommendations are made.
Thornton combats th" view of the ad-mini-tration
as to the Geneva commis
sion being a court, and urges that it 1 e
treated as un amicable conference. He
contended that there could Le nn peace
if oureae was pre-ented in tho foria of
au iudictmenr fbr misconiluct.
Secretary Fish doo not see how any
claim could bo withdrawn. If in Ins
judgm nt, fir Alexander Cockburu
sliould withdraw, there would be no hope
of any amicable settlement.
Mr. Kviirts is about to return fo thia
country to receive further iu-lruolions.
A letter from St. Petersburg says the
couire of ttatacazy is not with the aj
pmvid of his a-eociates in the foreign
Secretary Fi-b is severely criticised.
The Il'-rsld editorially says the fact
that the British representative at Wash
ington is instructed to make proposals
of accommodation and compromise of
the Alabama claims with our Govern
meot a an in-ult to. ur nation. If Great
IJrifain U lia'd for the loss of our c n
iin rce and prolongation of our civ il w;ir.
tha ilt'ooiges awarded must bo paid
peaceably, or will .bo collected at the
point of the bayonet.
Tlr? Times says the action of the Brit
ish Government will be a matter of sur-pri-e
to Americans.
The Tribnnr' sa s if popular clamor in
Kng'an.l hou'd (nine! a withdrawal
I'moo tl.e treaty of'ron. it is oot
(ho United State- that wili be the heav
iest loser by such a course. .
The World says it looks as if the ad
minis ration has overshot the mark i i
trying to make party capl'a! out of this
controversy, and if the treaty is repudi
ated the public verdict will be that tho
Piesi lent and his advisors have brought
a great quebtiort instead of settling it.
New York, Fibruarv 5.
Strikes wa- brought before the Court
of Oyer and Terminer, this morning. A
large attendance of spectators and all of
Stokes' counsel were present. Judge
Cardozr was on the bench. District At-Px-ney
Garvin demurred tn some of the
pleas of Stoke' counsel. Traverse, one
of the prisoners const!, said it would
require time to prncmr TfitoaMftS. and a
jury would be neoesssary. The Judge
sai 1 be would -umnion an additional jury
of 5!i, anil then adjourned Court to
Mot'diy. TLe issue to "be tried U
that raised by the previous counsel
against the legality of the indiefmcat of
tho Oyer and Terminer grand jury.
Nr3w York. Feb 6
Tho Times announces that Mayor Hail
and Nathsn S. Sand-, were indicted
ye.-terd.ty by the grand jury of g"nera!
sessions. It is stated that Peter Svee
ney arrived t'otn ft. CatJieiiie's, and
wiil be arre-te 1 to-dsy and be bailed.
A special dispatch says that advices
from Minister Schenck confiro-the state
ment that the auack on the Vwishfngteii
treaty were instiga'ed by the Gladstone
Government to offset attacks of the To
ries to t he effect that England over
reached in the Ala ha mi negotiations.
Another v!w inducted by Schenck is
that th" Kn tli-ih flurry is all gotten up
to prejudice the arbitrator-8 aeaimt the Tlif-re h is been a rumor
in ci eolation in Washington thst the
Engh'sh pre-shas been mads a vehicle of
H'ock jobbing enterprise. Secretary
Rnut well svs the whole thing is a jo!.
The President stated yeferdiy that the
demand of (he English Government
tha'' the Confederate bp considered
ps a proper claim conflicts with tho con
stitution. The suegosf inn that Presi
dent Grant held won! 1 bo acceptable tn
Hngeind to withdraw our c'aims of con
sequential danriiteo, was one which had
been submitted fo the joint, high corn
mi-sion, st which t nn o ir own Govern
ment indicated ' it willingness to accept
the gross mn in lion of sneli demands,
but the proposition was rejected.
Washington D. C. Februiry G.
?Ir E Imunds offered a resolution call
inir upnn the President for any informa
tion in hi posses-ion of the intention of
Great IJritaiu to revoke th treaty of
Washington, unless trie claims of the
United States are presented in a man
lier agreeable to the other party. lie
supported the resolution and said the
Drotish frovermont had full notice of
the nature of the American claims. If
they now are about to repudiate the
treaty let us 5ay ' Amen," and take care
not to enter into any more treaties w:th
powers eo ready to "break thrin, and at
the proper time take measures- to vindi
cate our national honor and enforce our
just olainis.
Mr Trnmbu'l d -preeatoj the adop
tion of Mich a resolution upon ihe mere
report that England was going to rejm
dite the treaty lapd Parliament mr rt
NO- 1j!
a-si-ml led. If tho tountry wanted tho
t.eaty repudiated the best way to have
it d-me would be to ic.-uit Diiliau
vby iiii--rc-oiutiui:.
Mr. Cameron, Chalm ai o'llieFor
eing Coi;iatitti.. thought thn Presi
de ut had no Sie;ii on a- the res
olution railed for and bud no L! a that
Ki.xiand propuies to repudiate the treaty
ilr. & imuad gava . no tic j that, he
woai 1 call up lo m o row l.i, veiohition
asuoiiue i, and uive i!i pa.waj..
s.'ir ft T;Z i.-ri. "".-:,
CUlcago Cntll Hnrkl .
Chicngn, February 6.
Cattle receipts l,hd; tuastly poor
quality; market quiet and firm fi r good
ehippinjr steers at unchanged pi ices,
fair to choice eelllr.i: at 4 !oU'( OU, and
miall lots of extra at G ot, for lorrcrl
grades, no dtmand nd piiees weak. .
Hogs receipts 12,0lA; marktt opened
fairly active; hates ranged 4 214 GJ,
mostly 4 204 3'J, cljkirg dull with a
lower tendency.
Sheep receipts 11 00, market firm at
4 01(4 25 for common to medium; 5 60
($7 UU for good to choice.
Cbici 1'rttilace MarUtrt.
Chicago, February tk
Floar quiet, firm and unchanged
Wheat Qaiet, opened firm, but clos
ed weak ; No 2, 1 J cash for February;
1 2li seller last hall ; 1 26 g March: N 1
quiet at 1 281 2'J ; No 3 firm nt 1 i4
Corn Opened active nod firm : No 2
4o;J cash ; declined to 40 ; closing steady
at4uj bid, ca-h or Februa y ; seller la.-t
half sold 4 J0J d I ; .March 41 (n-41 i clos
ed quiet t in-ide ; rejected, noid to the
extent of one carat iGf ; car firm at 40.
Oat- In fair demand an 1 firia ; No 2
2i ci-di : reacted, firm at
Rye Sc-srue r.nd firm at 733"74 for
regular and fie-h.
Uar'ey quiet and ur n.
Hogs Dresied, fairly -ciive an 1 Hea
dy fjr light weitbta ai 510 ; heavy
weights easier at 500.
W hi-key Buyers and sellers apart
at 8.. bid, 8!)- a-leo-l. wi.h no sales.
Provisions wei.k. Pork active, but
lower ror e.i-h ; mess opened 12 iV, de
c'iucd to 12 25 12 30, and closed quiet;
March deel r.ed to 12 4 ; April; 12 G";
both cio ed weak. Lr-i is-s active and
e i-i r ; tio-ed 8f cash: 8f March, y U5
April. Green meats Heady and un
changed. Drv .';alt meats weak end
quotable at4? for shoulder-: 5 for
ruaiit sides ; 0 for short ribs; G for
bhort clear.
lit. Loalv Iro.Iue SSarltxt.
St. Lou'.s, February G.
Four firm; super western 50; X
G 10.;G 26; XX G 46(t 0 76. t Wheat
heli h ghci, on y a few .sample lots sold.
Corn, rbtii; high mix"d on tmck 41(t42;
o 2. i:: e e aior 37i. Uarley cjuiet No.
2. 15 il.-e, .-i-.v. No. 2, .. Whisky
.loo :c i7j. I'i sk dull and nominal at
1 3 i0; bu.k tti' ais tlull aud nominal at
GiCiV'jj. i'lteked bacon; small lots of
lose clear r.h 71, clear 7ij. Lard firm at
8(o.O. Hog trm et 4034 50. Cat
tle quiet at 2 25-5 50,
iwr I'arlles.
A great deal of talk is hear! on every
street orn-r on the subject of "new par
ty" oiganiz if ions. It is urged that
neither of the old parties has done much
for us, and eventhalate "reform" inove-iticiit-i
havi! totally failed of nccou.plish
ing the c! j ct souirht. A wcuking man's
party is demanded on on? band, amd
many other schemes proposed, all of
which ?onk ju-t and fea-ible, but when
we consider that human nature is about
the same the world over, and that you
must rely upon the m in end not upon
the name by which he is called, it is
plain that any raw party will be impo
tent to correct the evils which now bc-et
us on every hand It is ttue the machi
nery of a nw party rc'ght be propelled
in better shape, and outside of tb.e old
and well organized rings of existing par
ties, but it would i;oon be manipulated
a- before. We euggest therefoie to
tho-e conetnp!jting such new plan that
they move to purify the oil panics.
Nebr,,' f "is a small part of the im
Irnr. and we sdvm.a move lo such a man
ner rt tn unite our energies with those
of other "-fates.
If the honest prr'ion of- our peoplo
would act together in fhvor of tho party
in power and purify if, the pieei-c ob
ject wc ae Keeking would be attained by
the shortest arid best mwhod Think
of it, gentlemen. Xch. City j.hromclt
Plantation Bitters.
! iOOJ A.
Tliis wonderful vfgetaUa restorative
i the Eh -et-aoehor of the feeble ar.d de
bilitated. As a tonic und cordial for lh
aged and languid it has no equal among
stomachics. As a remedy for the ner
voui weakness to which women aro es
pecially subject, it is superseding every
other stimulant. In all climates, tropi
cal, temperate or frigid, it acts as a
specific in every species of disorder
which undermines tha bodily strength
sml breaks down the animal piiits.
Pec. 20. diw lyr.
Beautiful Women.
HACAf.'H MACN03IA CALM give to tha Com
ptaxica tii 9 Frechn f Yauih.
IIaOam's KAGNOLli lAt,vi oTerooTuea the
CinLea ippearance eausrd by hmtf, f itcrac and
exeiteraeiit. It makes thu Ja.J7 of forty aj-pcar
but twocty, and cii'.ural tnl pcrfeet that no
per n can detect its ap;u:catia. Vy its use
tiie routhett ttia is iac-Jv- to rivul the pare
radiant texture of youthful beauty. It removes
redneM, blotchp?, r.tii tiuislcs. It contaios
notLir tbat will injure the fkiu tbs ias;.
Magnolia Uai.m U by all fa.-binabl
ladles in New York. Lo. don a:id I'urir. It
casts oaiy eer.t per U ttlo, un 1 i id 1 by all
Druygi.-U aud Perfumers.
Dee, 23. dJtvr lyr e 31 w.
notice aud Sin l'tiinter, iir.iir.inj. pap.'-r-binour
and otnituieiiL&l I'ltinticir. Urocrs
prpmpdy aiWd.A ahP corrb Price's loirc- I
. -i8 oo; nr Jiiia and f-.iv-w Ut .
,1s . ' ' ,
lnr ti'irOa.
E. t M, It. H IN
wtTio. aifvioss. aarr ut
TllAI.S' 3S
Ar.S.i. .
Ar- XZt P. 3
Ar. 3.00 1.
Ar. 3 44 P. J
Ar. P. j
Ar.4 ia
Ai. : " '
Ar. iy.a -i.
i.u -
Ar. 10 . - '
Ar. 10 1 -
Uo;tu "
Ar ttJO
f.. VI 00 A. M.. FU!Wnnft.
U.l!io3A..M. ' ? iha Juno.
1.-. lv..0 A. . l oivl!o.
Lo. 11 (A A. M. b-outli li-oi.
Ar. ilOOA I I. 1 Alil.tud, IS " (JrrenTod
Ar. ii e& :a , 1 Vavrrljr
Ar. 2'.'.' 1 " 4?rtWOu
Ar. VLLQ " J.incola
Le2.' Lliicota
Le -2.:i. I Mntoil
L. H.Oo tltftuliucnl
Ar rt.'O Crete
Lm Z.99 Crt
.- t l)i)Vcheitrt
Watar Matrea
Vkter r'tati
- ft ailun
... V ate r rtUi
6. yr. K.SE.
Ar 99
L a.a
Lt Hit
Ar ?.30
La. 4.1A P. M.
l.o.5;r p.m.
Le. KJ. P. M.
La.floo P.M.
Ar.T.ifi V.U.
Ar. 15 "
Ar- 8.4a "
Ar. y.oe . "
Ar. 9.30 '
.. a m j m
V Witt
Ar S.l "
Ar. B-IlTA. if
Ar. T.4.'.A. M
Ar. 7sl-' A. M
Lo. ti Jc A. U
Ar. fi.10 "
A r. S.0
Ar. fil m
L: " .
Lr.Mii an
Ar. 4.15
Ar.-3. p q
Ar .o "
Le. tf0
Le 2,:?J
l.o I M
Le li:
I.- n.:o
Le ll.i"J
(lU!a:. JuoC.
S mth heed.
IU-ntoo ,
11 iehiioai
.rWohftter :
k rrStaticn
Wtiier .Sot iott
Vi'nttr .-Utiia
Ira. S,no a ra
Le. 9vj
Ar. !.'-
L so
Ar. 10 00. "
Ar H.ei
Ar 11.40 ' "
Ar lJ.n
Ar J-j
F fird furuics itu'ii. ate naaii)a l !ai.
"nly Aloa my. VV filni" !; ntiT ri I. y.
t Oi.'.r 'iu iit;. 'ihutsilays. ai.d Sa.ur nt
The time iiivcii bhve is that of I'Litumouid
tuai 33 u:iiuts sluwcr tlian t'!iii;ag.
2b 7b.' rjeet Muni'u, JJay.ZHth, lsTL
Ia cor.n-ciinn witti Curtinftoa A JUiMoiart
liver Kailroa 1 in Ncbjr.sV.a.
Depot at foot of Jones Strert
3 mat a v"0 a. tn.
do ..0;l0 . ui.
Lincsla :-:'J0 n. m.
1,00 p.m.
Lincoia 120V) p. ro.
do i:00 p. m,
Oir.aha. 11:10 . ra.
Jo ... O.U y ia
Ill J - v it'
Ta the East North ani Southeast
LeaTe Plattiinoath,
Arrir Burlinctoa...,.
Mfodota ..i.....,
i ZG p. ta.
. 6.; 9 a- u.
11 "ii a- m.
t.X a. k.
9.13 p. m.
3.55 a. to.
. 7.45 a. ce
' 1.30 a. .
1&.00 . n.
a. oj
e.-'O . nt.
" Chieago(C BJQ )
1 .3) p. oi.
CiCO i- a.
11.33 r- nt.
I. lb p. n
c 2.4j a. ta.
" Teor'a.
- I.d'plU'I.B.sCTT.
Cioeinnati "
Loganrp't.T.rJk W
- Columboi "
tSuTbrouirli f ar frot:i u-j.'oiiTi Hirer In C11
KO. n'olia, Cinciunat i, Lujito.'ort naJ
tVinnerien at thrf.- points trltti lints lftd
loat -o the Kino, tooth uml '.ai-.i.
'I hi- is tho ileal, Sh j- Uut. 4" ''-'. t . ' an-J Clitay
ft Itoute
Io not bo dsciiveil. bat "bt.-vin Tia'net r jJ
Ian linroiiir'n ami n..iou;i l.tirtr l-.siiroad..
A.K.TnL'ALlX. C 11. Pi Ulvl -il; J
Ci.c'l iioVut Agent.' Csk'ibopt.
X. C. ST. JOE. 4 O S. R, R.'
far raciyio jrxr-riorr iow.t
woiso sobtu. ooi si sorra
)T"I and nipreis..,S:".) p. ra. 7:'vt . ra.
jii-Ot b'xpref s.t... 8:15 a. in t.'JO p. m.
Tiiin Bivr i iiMenrii from Plattirmoatli otosa
tonn'otion poms tiiuili or Xortu b leaviug hurv
ja taei:luy. ia. train.
10 p in. lO.'JO r b
10 (. ui I". 0 p ui
13 p in. 1 J.;s.' . m
. y a m. 4 i rc .
Iu p .n le n Ui
11 a in., j J u is.
O. T. 3t. .1. e P.. P.. f? onth
C. li. A' sit. Joe R. Ji. Kurta.
IS. A- M. lt. K. K:t.-:.
B. A- M. K. It. Vet. ; i
Om'ia ly i'
VV'eepoig VVii'rr.
Vt;,r.iiki Citv. t,- Stute.
0 p ci. 8 i u.
Poparts ."imIm'-s, Wwdni!" rt:J ItiJaji,
Buuiitrs. 12 to 1 i mr
J. V. MAltSHALL. P. it.
S-ntt: H?n 2t rTepteinljcr lir.t Ii Ifut;-b
Ir. Luiii. (ii.':.'in 1- in iiinta i5 htilbam v-ir-Kiitras'a
11:11 It Uljrtl .tie iiliensr. U hri!iurt
fli'il-t derd'-i'.it vi! jelzt f.u rci".'!ina'e.-f iir allull
Tajestalt. Minuter Kev. L iluaoanaOl.
rihST'.tTrm t erth ri.Iiv;f .Vain t.
est if Kev. li. W. Cunc-run ; Srrvi' ia
erj-Siebii.ith ntlla. in. nn'i:.' p. n. ;!
. ith iri,o.ii :it ?:S0 a- m.. Thus PolloeW .-ip. ia -ndtnt.
Pniyir mcutii.g evc.y Welc3aiiy
rcciiiK ct 6:20 o'c'.oi..
MTnorttsT ErismrAi NTc-.t M. or Sixth
jfn-et. foulli .f Main Pev. J. JI. Pruti.
firrvieencvery K ibWh at U' 3J a. ra. ami 7 p. ra.'
fruyer uit-:tiii t-vcrj- TKur.iay evetiing. 1'i.itsi
ctri.-tin.i every M.o l,iy evei.inr nnd onuit I uto
tv utte- riiifo of iaVit.btb utoi'iiuig orvic
saliiKith sehool at l':30
Conokkoatiov,! Corner L eu..t bo'I
fir. iter. 1!. F Mud Wi-II, rr.-Lln e Tuo-im: r.i Ue
treen 4lb anil A-hsis servlcfj i v.ry siiiti'e.itii it
11a. u.:.ia'l G;00 p. in. ffiilibiith S?;'hnl at 12:
10 p. in. Prayer nice tic i every WtJutmia'
Km. scot a i. Corner Vina find Thir-I stre'M
Xev. H. C. Sua S'rviee4 every .-ualnjr
to 11:00 a m. nnrl 7 p. tn. stitpJay tcb'iol
t 3 p. m.. Prof. d'Allcm ia.l, t-'upt. j
Cukistias f orrict In Court lion-e Hall (i
ft. Mu!!n, local preacher. Lideia, Iraaa M0! j
and T. J. ToUd.
Cathoi-ic !or-h ai ief.f Public -biuare ILsv
Tuthcr 1 layer, firr t Mh.- every Sabbath at "OCJ
. in.. Second Mim mid i-rei iti at llteJO a. in.,
V'eiipers and Ucauditrtinu at 0S:0u p. in. Hs
at 8 a. m. every week day. -
I. O. O. T.V.i'talf-r roeetinm of Platte Lo.lg-e.
No. 7, 1. tl. . 1'. every licturd.-iy eveai.m. M
Odd i'sMutti) Hull. Trnocicnt I'.rotberi are ;or
lially invited lo riit.
II. Neb-haw. See.
I.O. O. V. Plattfinonth Enruinmnt o. S.
P.erular C'ouvocsitions the 'la-lnui ilit I'rida'
of ef h month at Old Fellow Hall ror. Jd "ul
Main fU. iiaiKiHit Pniriiirclix conlially oiT.a
.vi3it. l. 11- VVUELLMt. CP.
II. J. bTftsianT, Scrits
M30SIO PtATTSaotTH Loiicz No. a A. r.
A A. f'i. KeR.i'ir.r niec'Ds at th"r htM cn the
first and thir.t Mwnday eveaina-.of tu ruou.iu
Vracaiect brtthorii iniLe 1 to visit.
1. U. W ILKtLVtt. V. ia.
P. E. Rrrrsis. bve.
Mcoy T.orr.-j No. tt A. P. A A. T.f . It.1,
ta-c'icja l M;ionic Hall, first third Pri -
iao. : J. $i WISH. V. M.
L M. VToLr. fee.
NBt aic a CitAetitri No. 3 R. A. M. P.estilta
trinvoeatioiia accord lui i foiiriji Tuesday eva
aici of e3 month at 7.4 oYiocV p. in.
X. A, KfaarATaiva, hoc
T. O. G-T. ti.jvi BRAFrR.'lCo.S- D rrrea
mm ""HV1WI if A'l n.OU. r
ui v.W7
i . j- - m a rv" f'f --'itt j j i
1 ' ;
. r'l