Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 01, 1872, Image 4

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Qy uf.
Mr. Ezra Plummer of Iowa, father of
our townsman, Kit Pluiumer, Is ip the
crty visiting hi? son.
District Attorney Cowin informs us
that there will b no i rehearing oftha
R&ks in order trial at thia term of court,
an he hut received no notice that a new
trial bad been granted.
The eo called "liberal" convention at
Jefferson City Mo., is denominated by
the St. Louu Democrat "A mongrel
gathering of Democrats and disappoint
ed office seeker?, and of Fassivists and
The man tvho Kurdered Mr. E. J.
G ass, an account of which we have al
ready published, has aince died of the
iroanda received at the titua of his cap
tut. A righteous retribution followed
Buell, of the Arago Press cally Dr.
Miller "email rota toes." He should
cot do this, now that Miller has adopted
the aforesaid Buell'a "passive policy."
It is paid the "timbrel' business is
food in Omaha just nw, especially "the
loud timbrel."
It is hoped the Omaha Herald will
continue the history of the great reform
movement in Otoe, and will publish tho
full proceedings of the meeting held in
pursuance of that "call" which brought
forth a double leaded leader in that pa
per. We are in receipt of the Adams Coun
ty Gazette, published at Juniata, Ad
ams county, Nebraska, by C. C. Si R.
D. Bocotk.
The Fremont Tribune says the U. P.
Railroad, as a shipping line, is of little
. more benefit than the Platte river.
The residence of Dr. Tcnnant, of
Omaha, was destroyed by fire last Fri
Parents thoild visit schools eftener
than they do. 1 hey trust the moral and
Intellectual training of their children to
other hands for months at a time with
out ever once calling to see how well the
work is being done. Would they trust
the care of a fine horse, or the making of
a fine dres?, to straDgers hands without
closer watching?
The Omaha Herald calls on Cass to
"strike hands with Douglas" in the
formation of a "people's party." Cass
bess to be excused. She is just now re-
coverinz from a very severe attack of
"people's party." She had it bad at
the last election of members of the Leg
islature, and she has not quite forgotten
Coal consumers in Council Bluffs are
grumbling at the great amount of coal
rccaived for a bushel.
How much credit 13 Senater Ilascall
entitled to for breaking up the session
cf the legislature, when he only wanted
to "teach them how to defeat his county
The Ashland Times corrects our item
of the shooting of Mr. Davi., editor, of
the Osceola Democrat, by saying that no
6uch man as Davis ever was editor of
the aforesaid paper. We cannot say
have not the pleasure of a personal ac
quaintance with the editor of that pa
per. We obtained our information from
a telegram in a St. Louis paper.
The Council Bluff Nonpareil says
th&t many complaints come to them from
ail over the country in regard to the de
ftrustion of Winter wheat. We have
net heard cf many complaints in this
section, but if the above be true in ra
gard to western Iowa, we fear our own
county has suffered to some extent ariH
that the farmers will have to resort to
the old expedient of sowing Spring
wheat again.
lion. D. MeCeiig was in the city to
day. The counters and desks for the new
Lank are Leing put in.
The present indications are that there
will be no scarcity of "ice in this city next
Fitzgerald is making preparations, for
the erection of his elegant mansion early
in the spring. He already has a pHe of
sand on the. ground, apparently large
enough for the construction of a good
eized Uwn.
It didn't thaw much on this portion
of the footstool yesterday. The day op
ened with the mercury down to 13 be
low zero, the wind blowing a gale, and
k continued cool throughout the day.
The motion for a change of venue in
tha case of the State vs. Gallant Rakes,
oi ft charge of murder, has been over
ruled, and the trial will probably be had
before Judge Lake at the present term.
Fitzgerald is having a large amount of
wood hauled to his brick yard, which in
dicates that he will pushlhe brick mak
ing business pretty lively next season.
Senator Schurz says he will bolt if
Grant is nominated ; but he is sanguine
iu ibe belief that Qraat will not be re
nominated. Henry Boeck, the wide-awake furni
ture man of PlutUmouth, has the latest
invention in the way of an eay chair.
(Jail and see it.
ShryotV suit against the city, for
damages by flood, will come up for hear
ing at the term of court which coua
isetjQes next Monday. .
Mace has challenged O'Baldwia ti
fight for $2,500 a side, and Las deposited
the Srst instalment, which O' Baldwin U
called upon to over.
Tho Turf Board of Appeals has de
cided that Goldsmith Maid 13 entitled to
a record of 2:17 at Milwaukee.
Omaha glories again, while Council
Ulaffi i? correspondingly depressed over
iLe transfer question. They sent anoth
er delegation to P.oston this time, and
" n- a T. Miller at honie. They
. i I 1 v-m w I
' . Tr UA nn bv teWranh to ""poaadfi
Iba 5uibrv," aad ib-ey hiva toaadel It
The acting Governor of s great com
monweohh refusing to rfgn a bill recon
vening the constitutional convection unless
he ia designated as one of the board ef
canvassers of the vote on the adoption
or rejection of the instrument.
A terrible howl has been raised
throughout the State against the men
who desired to pass what is known as
the Salt Land Bill, while the same men
who raised the howl have lauded his act
ing excellency for endeavoring to break
up the Legislature in crder, as they a-,
sort, to prevent the passage of this bilb
How much honesty is them in the posi
tions taken, or in the churned value of
his actiug Excellency, when every roan
in the State knows that Gov. Jaiitto was
not only willing but anxious to sign the
bill, and was cxtrerua'y doirjus (hat it
should pas?.
The President and Secretary of the
Kansas Central Railway Company, of
Leavenworth have written a letter to
Maj. Loree, of Falls City, in which they
express themselves ready to construct a
narrow gauge railroad up the west baok
of the Missouri river if they can bo aid
ed to the extent of $5,000 per mile in
ten per cent bonds. This would bo about
$80,000, or $90,000 to build tho road
from the Southern line of Cass County
to PlatUmouth.
For Cass county were empaneled yester
day, and were notified by the Judge
that he only empaneled them as a mat
ter of form, as the District Attorney and
Sheriff had informed him that they
knew of no business to come before the
jury. Judge Lake made this the occa
sion for paying a very high compliment
to the people of Cass county for the good
order which prevailed, also to the officers
who are conservators of the peace in this
county for their efficiency in niaintain
order. lie said it was very remarkable
that a county so densely settled as Cass
should have no business for a grand
jury, after so long a lapse of time, and
attributed it largely to the fact of the
certainty rather than the severity of the
punishment which had heretofore been
meted out to criminals in this vicinity-
Our friend Gutbman of the Firm of
Guthman & Iluber'y, contemplates a
visit to Germany poon, for the purpose
of bringing his father to this country.
The Oyster supper given by the ladies
of the Presbyterian Church, last Friday
evoning, wa3 a succe&s both socially and
financially. We did not learn the re
ciepts, but judge they were satisfactoiy.
The meetings at the M. E. Church
have been well attended during the
week, and much interest manifested.
The Rev. Mr. Presson has labored hard
in the interests of bischurch and society,
and during the time he has been here
has gained tho confidence and steew of
Moses of old led the children of Isra
el, Andy Johnson attempted tho Moes
dodge on the colored people of the
South, and Morton and Miller have
commenced the Moses business in Ne
braska, desiring the peoplo to forsake
all other political leaders and fuilow them.
The only converts we have yet heard of
their making are, the negro fiJdler who
tcs'.i'ied that he voted 0j i'mesHr Morton
in Lcau qui-Court county, and the fav
ored few who are interested in the Mor
ton Salt Land Steal.
Mr. Z. Shed has made a failure of the
publication of a democratic newspaper
in Fremont, and has retired from the
concern in disorder. The man who at
tempts to cross ewords with such ster
ling worth as J. Xewt. Hays has exhib
ited in the Tribune, of that place, could
expact no better fate. The people may
not all agree with a paper in politic,
ncr in its positions on local matter; but
when it shows that it i3 endeavering to
accomplish good, and is actually doing
so besides being a good medium for
general news, they will stick to it "
preference to assisting some opposition
concern that does no good to anybody
and whose sole desire is to ibjure others,
without being of any benefit itself. Mr.
Z. Shed has found this to be correct as
will all other shed-, whether they are
Z. Sheds or cow aheds, or any other
Messrs. C. H. Noel and J,
arrived in the city to-day
D. Wesler
and corn-
menced operations as-agents for the sale
of Furnas & Sons' Nursery Stock. This
Nursery is already well known through
out Nebraska as being well supplied with
everything in their line. It is hardly
necessary for us to speak of the import
ance of procuring trees and shrubs which
have been propagated and raised on our
own soil, and time and experience has
demonstrated the fact that fruit of a su
perior quality, and in abundance, can be
grown on our soil and in our climate.
Messrs. Furnas & Sons are cultivating
largely only of those varieties which
have been satisfactorily tested in the
West, and efTer their tre:s to the public
on terms and rates that will enable all to
plant. They guarantee their stock true
to name and at prices as low as Eastern
nurseries, less the item cf freight. The
well known reputation of the proprie
tor, insures to purchasers that they will
not be deceived in their purchases and
that tl.ey will get what they order.
The agents before mentioned will can
vass the county, and persons desirous
of purchasing trees will do well to give
thflm their orders. They will also act a
ageiti for a book, entitled "Forest
Trees, for Shelter, Ornament and Profit,"
by Arthur Bryant, Scur., President
North Illinois State Horticultural So
ciety, 1S71; Price: $1.50.
A stalwart Indian brave .has lately
been appealing to the charitable symra
thies of the good people of La Crosse,
Wis., by presenting lor their considera
tion a paper which certifies that " the
larer if? th; mother cf four children."
The Omaha Herald asks if there is
" party organization in Otoe, Cms,
Nemaha or Richardson counties that
can be relied upon for a momeat in any
flection State, couaty or municipal."
We cannot answer for Otoe, Nemaha or
Richardson, but we think we can answer
for Cass, and that most emphatically
yrt. It has never failed in but a single
a'ect'mi that of the fall of 1S70 when
the present Legislature was elected, an J
we thiiik tho people of all parties in
Cars are pretty well satisfied with the ex
periment. There are always a few dis"
confuted spirits in every party ; but wa
think that from this day hence the' Re
publican parly of Cass "can be relied
a;o:" for larger majorities than ever
before given, at SttUe, county and cau
u'.ciptl elections."
Ths dsy brfjM the commencement of
the rec.ct a.ljourned session of the Leg
islature the Lincoln Statesman published
a lengthy Jit of "pet mimes" which the
Journal was said to have applied to the
Legislature. It was published with a
view to showing the unfairness and vin
dictiveness of the Journal. Perhaps a
careful examination of the col a tuns
of the Statesman, for the past three
weeks would reveal tho. fact that they
had greatly enlarged the list of "pat
naajes." Are these Legislators worse
than at the winter session, or is the
Statesman more holy, or has it been
thus long in finding out that which the
Journal knew last winter, or does it
really make a difference whoso "ox is
The Chronicle says "an attempt to lie
out of the disgrace" brought upon
our State by the present Legislature
"would only make the matter worse."
Probably that is all true, but would it
not be mere manly and honorable to
even lie a trifle in the attempt to save
the good name ef our State, than to lie
for the purpose and with the intent of
bringing deeper disgrace upon it. We
would always prefer to be on the side
that endeavored to save the reputation
of the tt".
The Burlington Haitfc-Eyc ' pub
lishes the affidavit of W. A. Lynch, of
Ft. Dodge, that the editor of the Henry
Co Pros a democratic paper, told the said
Lynch that he had fold the influence of
his paper to Mr. Allison for the senato
rial campaign for the sum of $500, $325
had already been paid on the election of
Allison. He also said he had offered to
sell to Harlan for 1,000, but that Harlan
refused to buy.
Under the above heading, Dr. Blue,
editor of the Nebraska City News, writes
as follows to the St. Louis Republican :
A Nebraska City paper last Saturday
had the following significant notice :
Owing to circumstances beyond our
control, the Burlington and Missouri
Railroad Company are compelled to re
fute all grain to bs shipped in bulk to
Chicago, sntil farther notice.
E. 1. Smith, Agent.
This simply mean that the i'hicago
elevators are full cf Nebraska grain, and
that our merchants must stop buying and
all coaiuierci .l operations among us sua
pended tiil the great anacouda of the
takes can uige:t its morning meal. Wfill
did Mrj. Lea R. Sbrycck tell a delega
tion of our citizens in 1SC8, that "St.
Loui? was dying with natural advan
tages." The Missouri P. R. approaches
Our great grain and cattle market to
A'chison, in Kansas; and the North
Missouri railroad Homo distance this side
of Chiiiicothc, in Missouri both of
them withiu seventy-five miles of this
great centre. Why doe3 not the latter
deflect from its Ion;; route over uupaying
teriitory towards Omaha at least Rive
a branch to the South Platte? Why
docs nit the Missouri Pacific build the
lor g talked of trunk railroad up the wet
side of the Missouri river to t h is point?
If ('liicago is ful , if the Burlington
and Mis-ouri railroaiis crowded beyond
its capacity, now is the time for St. Lou
is to tap tnis great fountain of wealth.
The produce of the upper Missouri a
naturally belongs to you as the water of
the great valley. Will not. such men as
Isaac H. Sturgeon, W. M. McPherson,
E. W. Fox, Capt. Oheever and Dr. Van
zandt respond to our cry, "Come over
and help us?"
Nebraska City, Jan. 15, 1872. "
The Omaha Republican gives the
Jerald of that place a rap over the
knuckles on the "people's" movement
which it is calling for, by 6bowing that
a majority of the members of the Legis
lature whom both papers hare been
rating so soundly were either Democrats
or elected on "people's tickets." x
Senator Hilton, whom Mr. Thomas,
of the Omaha Republican, now delights
to class as the principal among the "den
of thievos," and whose name appears
conspicuously in the Republican a "black
list,'.' is tho man in whose election the
same Mr. Thomas delighted one year
ago, as a triumph over rascality. Until
we have consistent and henest men at the
helm of our political newspapers, is it
reasonable to expect a pacific and hon
est administration of public affairs?
Mr. Hilton is probably no worse man
now than when Mr. Thomas gloried over
his election. . Perhaps, however, he
does not now serve Mr. Thomas pur
pose B3 well as he did then.
The Omaha Herald took up the call
for a mass meeting in this city last night,
as a political movement to unite all the
parties of tho State. This was not the
intention at all, but it was intended as a
kind of class meeting on the subject of
local interest?. We would oppose all
such effort! in politics as the very worst
policy the State could pursue. We be
lieve the salvation of the country de
pends upon two political parties, nnd
Peking power, both will put forward
their lot men and insist on honest
eon duct. This is tho only way out
cf our present difficulty, and the Uerahl
will Act a. bettar net by laboring to purify
the old party which it represents Neb.
City Citron kle.
We fully agree with the Chronicle
that the only way out of our present
muddled state of affairs is to hereafter
adhere closer to parties, that there may
be some other than personal intetests to
be served by public men. The HeraLVs
misrepresentation of the object of thb
mass meeting is but characteristic of
that sheet.' No m$n of intelligence
ccuM ba deceived by the wordirg of the
eii. j
to EL. HeCLUSIiEir,
The popular dentist, is in the city, and
will accommodate any of hi3 old custom
ers who may desire his services. He
will be at the office of Dr. Livingston
until 4 p. in. to-morrow. We are glad
to know that the Dr. has perfected ar
rangements for visiting our city cn or
about the 20th of each month in the fu
ture, at which times he can be found at
Dr. Livingston's office for thrae or fur
We hare heard men claim to believe
that every man had his price in the po
litical ma;kct, but we had never sup
posed that a newspaper that supported
five editors could be bought for five dol"
lars. It is reported that the incidental
printing of the recent session amounted
to just $5 being $1 to each editor of
the Statesman and Representative
Galey rays the senior editor of that pa
per made him the proposition to ell the
influecca of the paper in favor of the
Salt bill for 'his influence in favor of a
resolution by which the naper could se
cure the incidental printing. Cheap !
The undersigned desires to purchase
one hundred (100) h'jai of mules from
four to eight years old.
Inquire at National Hotel.
J. W. Smith.
Jan 30J&wtf
The Council Bluffs Nonpareil as?crt3
that the "agreement" entered into be
tween the Omaha Bridge Committee
and the U. P. Bridge Company does not
amount to anything. This may be the
fact, but the Nonpareil would make
more headway at convincing people of
the correctness cf its statement if it
would show the defects in the agreement,
and not trust to simple assertions that
they are there.
IS Hi ii Nireet.
Prioe per tan, delivered ia the city,
$7.00.' Orders left at office at Baker's
Feed Stable promptly filled.
Jan. 20 d&wtf J D. SiMTSOX.
Paul Du Chaiilu, the great traveler
and tho far famed discoverer of the
"Missing Link," will lecture in Lincoln
on the evening of February 5th. 1 We
would like very much to hear him, but
until our people manifest more interest
in having distinguished lecturers
come here, wo shall cot dare to invite
Motto for the Lincoln Statesman
"you vote for our printing resolution and
the Statesman will support your Salt
Land Steal."
The Omaha Rrpulbiean favors the
nomination of Henry A. Wilson for
Vico President in preference to Schuyler
Colfax. That does not insure Mr. Wil
son's nomination, however.
Stay bonds for use in all the different
courts, for sale at tho liEitALD OClce.
La?t August the Omaha Herald dared
Republican papers to pick np the gaunt
let, thrown down by the New York Tam
many ring, and said " we - shall fee
whether they dare to pick it up when
Tammany gets its guns in poatbn lo
tnke a raking fire at the whole group of
Radical ragruufSns." This was long af
ter the Tammany expose, and is a speci
men of the honesty (?) of the politics of
the Herald. Ever ready to magnify the.
shortcomings of Republican ollici-ils into
heinous Crimea, and to cover up with
brazen impudence the high handed rob
bery of a New I'crk Tammany.
Mrs. Whitcomb's Syrup forechidrn
Many sleepless nights of painful wstchl
ings to the anxioua mother night bo
avoided by using this invaluable prepa
ration. janSld&wlw
The greatest success of the 19th cen
tury is that of tho great United States
Tea Co., 26, 2S and 30, Vessey street,
N. Y. They guarantee their-tea shall
give tatisfaetion from twenty to thirty
cents less per pound than the same
grades can be bought for at any other
store in this neighborhood, or the money
will bo refunded by their agents, Guth
man & Huberty, dealers in teas, giooe
rics, ic, Main street, Plattsmouth.
jan31d&wl w
Waited. A house with four good
rooms. Enquire at the IIeiiald office.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the undersigned are requested
to call and settle immediately. Mr
Guthman desires to start for Germany
by the fir9t Tuesday in February, and
wishes all outstanding acoounts settled
before that time.
Guthman & Huberty;.
Jan. 29 d3wl.
We arc informed by Dr. J. A. Kenaston
that at the meetings at Conn's Chapel,
near Greenwood, there were between
sixty and seventy accessions to tho
church. This spoaks well for the influ
ence of the two churches, who united in
"these meetings. They were conducted
by Dr. Kerraston, who is entitled to
much credit in making them successful.
A pair of horses, harness and wagon.
Enquire at the Hiuald office.
Hoa. G. B. SeoSeld, and Hon. T. B.
Stevenson of Nebraska City, are in town
attending District Court.
One of Fitzgera'd's teams ran away
this morninc', taking Main street in their
course. They demolished threo wagons
and a pile of wood, but caused no fur
ther damage.
The son of Rev. H. C. Mann, of Rock
Bluffs had his leg broken last Sunday by
being thrown from a horse.
Gustave Dore is said to have produced
moe than forty-five thousand designs
without assistance.
The late drop in coal at this place has
caused a corresponding drop ia the pruo
of wod. .
And yet this is but a true index to the
character of the majority of tho men
who are to-day asking Republicans to
forget every principle of Republicanism
they ever held sacred, asd join them in
the endeavor to defeat the Republican
nominee for President, let him be who
he may.
Lincoln decided at the polls to not ex
change their bonds for Dr. McKeson's
"Dear Galey"' has declined "taking
lock" in the five dollar new-.paper con
concern of Lincoln. He thinks the value
placed upon its services is too high.
Mr. J. N. Wolfe, of Omaha, called on
us to day.
Mr. Wolf is canvassing for a work,
which he will publish soon, entitled
"Guide and Gazetteer of the Union Pa
cific Ra-.lrjad (in Nebraska), Burlington
Si Missouri Riverain Nebraska), Sioux
City and Pacific (in Nebraska), Midland
Pacific, Omaha and Northwestern, and
Omaha and Southwestern Railroads."
The work will be the result of actual
canvuss and is expected to be correct
and reliable in every particular. It wiil
be priuted on fine book paper and be put
up ia superior fctyle.
utnr.B OF E. J. CI ASS.
' We copy the following account of the
murder of E. J. Gass, brother of our
fellow townsman, Judge P. P. Gass,
from the Neosho county (Kansas) Jour
nal nf the 20th inst. :
"E. J. Gass an estimable citizen who
lived on Walnut Creek, Crawford county,
adjoining John llor.eley, some 10 miles
North-east of here, was inot brutually
murdered early Wednesday morning by
a young man named William Moore,
wlio had been in his employ only some
thirty days, and who formerly lived in
in Oakaloosa, Iowa.
It seems that Gas, .who was a single
man, and was a stock dealer, h&d re
ceived some money tho day before from
some a!e made, and that young Moore
was aware of the fact. Consequently,
about daylight of the day mentioned,
while G.-s was just finishinj: dressing,
he was struck by Moore with an ax, and
severely wounded iu the shoulder; aud
immediately springing to the door and
yelling "murder !" started to run from
his assa.-io. But, fallowed instantly, he
was aain struck by the murderous
weapon in the han Is tf the fiend, and, at
one stroke, his head was nearly severed
from his body.
John Pelso, who lives less than a quar
ter of a mile from the sceue of the
traged3', heard tho cry of the doomed
man and saw the fatal Mow struck, and
in-tantly started in pursuit of the mur
derer, aud pressed him so closely that he
dropped the pocket-book and a suit of
clothes, which had incited him to com
mit thoheilish deed.
The neighborhood being aroused,
joined in the pursuit of the fugitive, who
had gained the timber skirting Walnut
Creek ; but about noon wa discovered
some two miles from Gass' house. Al
though unuriued, he refused to sui ren
der, and resisting desperately, was shot
by cne of the pursuing party and se
cured. Tho bullet penetrated the shoulder
and lung, and inflicted what will proba
bly be a fatal wound.
Should he lire, he will be turned over
to the .ivil authorities for oommitmeut
and t rial -
Too much credit cannot be iven the
citizens who made the capture, for the
zeal exhibited in the pursuit of the in
human murderer, and for the greater
moderation which restrained them from
banging him to the nearest tree. We
Rre gratified that law and not mob vio
lence, is yit ?uprem:j in Southern Kan
sas. Visiting the Episcopal Church last
night I heard an excellent sermon the
text is found in the 1st Ep. to the Cor.
the 9th Ch. and the last four verses.
A christian's holy career through this
life v.a? grandly set forth; would that 1
could give more than a short synopsis of
the whole of it.
We were reminded of the Christmas
that had pa.-cd; v.e turn our backs to
it's festivities, and i:cr lies before us the
not less important and glorious Easter;
but before we reach that day, seventy
days are to be lived through, during
winch we arc to prepare, that we may
rightly celebrate tho resurrection of our
Saviour. These seventy days aleo re
minds us of tho shortness of our lives,
even though the number of our years
fhould be three score and ten; therefore
with Moses wo pray : "So teach us to
number our days that we may apply our
hearts unto wisdom!" As now these
seventy days are passing one by one, we
should, as the Apostle of old, bring our
bodies under subjection, lay off the car
nal mind, that we may bo rightly pre
pared, through sanctification, to celebrate
that great and glorious Easter which
tLall be opened up to us all.
The late Dr. Marshall Hall, of Ens-
land, said: "If I were seriously, ill of
consumption, 1 would live out-doors day
and night, except in rainy weather or
mid-winter ; then I would sleep in an
unplastcred log house. Physic has no
nutriment, gaspings for air cannot cure
you ; monkey capers in a gymnasium
cannot cure you, and stimulants cannot
cure. What consumptives want is pure
air, not physic pure a r, not medicated
air plenty of meat and broad.
Cerebro spinal Meningitis is what they
call it now, instead o' emotional insanity,
which has had an extensive run. That
was the trouble with Ketchum, accord
ing to the testimony of numerous learned
doctors. -
PlAtUinoutli tirrtin Uarket.
Plattsmouth, January, 31, 1872.
Spring wheat No 2. 90 cents.
Corn In ear, 17 cents.
The shipping facilities still remain
about the same as for two or thre weeks
The price of corn is about one cent
better than hst week. Wheat about
five cents higher.
It is proposed iu Congret3 to open
West Point Military 'School to the Ja
panese. This is the nearest to an absurd
ity that proposed legislation cart come.
What is a military school " for, but to
make its pupils the best soldiers io the
world : and the idea of teaching other
nation's fingfrs to fight, is quite like
1 nding them guns in time of war,
A whole seminary fall cf .Ka'araazoo
girls are travelling in the O d World,
and recently one of them wrote an ae
count of their ascent cf the pyramids
with the emperor of brazil, and remark
ed that the young ladies were assisted
by rude natives. The letter was publish
ed in a Michigan paper, and was meta
morphosed thus ; "We were assisted ia
our ascent by nude natives."
Applause, says the Baptist Union, is
well euough at times,but it is becoming
a nuisance in our public assemblies. At
almost every gathering there are a lot of
yain fellows who pat and stamp at brief
intervals, with or without cause, as if
they were bursting with admiration. It
seems to be their chief auieineat to
make a rumpus aud it often comes in as
much out of place as the good brother's
response of "Amen! Thank the Lord!"
did to the announcement of his pastor
that a call ofsiekness required hisabsc-uce
from his congregation. When one is lis
tening to a lecture, and desires to hear
every word, it is very annoying to have j
the voice of the speaker drowned by J
senseless applause .
A Wa-diington correspondent writes :
"There was a ludicrous incident hap
pened at a cone rt last week. I believe it
is an established fact that ouie ladies
rnak'3 a bu-tle of newspapers. To the
mortification of a young lady attending a
concert, her overdress caubt on the back
of the seat, revealing through the open
ing an illusrati-d paper. This recalls
the old story of how a certain city was
about to be destroyed. The women wore
allowed to leave and were told that they
might carry away upon their bucks what
ever they most prized. Each woman
took a man. Of the present generation
it has been said that they are so weak in
their backs that not many men coul.l be
saved under such circumstances Lut here
was a young, delicate creature, with tho
whole Tammany Ring on her back, and
she smiling as if in sweet unconsciousness.
A friend sitting behind her threw her
shawl over tho "Na.-t'-y picture" until
the dress was adjusted
A Tkuly Gooi Man. A ripid Sab
bathaiian, who occasionally exhorts in
church, and fiih the office of Justice of
the Peace in a Western village, not long
since went on a deer hunt with a party
composed of five or six joung hunters
By some unaccountable mistake ho lot
his reckoning, and much to his certifi
cation, be found, on reference to his pa
pers on the third day of the hunt, that
it was Sunda3T, when he supposed it was
Saturday, lie opened the morning with
a prayer, and told his companions that,
as a chrbt an and as a magi.-trate, he
could not hunt that day; and accordingly
drew forth his pocket-BiLle and com
His wo: Idly minded cornpanions
thought, with the Baltimore bank man,
"there wm no Sabbaths in Revolutiona
ry times," and tot k the hound-i and
started in pursuit of game. It was not
long before the whole pack was in full
cry, and the worthy magistrate, on look
ing up from the sacred book discovered
a tine Luck making for the camp. With
out a minutes deliberation he seized a
loaded rifle, and plugged the deer be
tween tuo antlers.
"Gentlemen," said" he, when hi3
friends came to the spot, it is contrary to
the laws of Mo.-es and the revised stat
utes of Pennsylvania to travel on Sunday
and for thatrea-on I shot that fallow."
Which do You Pkefer? Mary says
to her lover, "If you pjtdlr the keg of
lagt-r, or the bottle of wine to me, just
taKo tlie iu to tii e magistrate and get
married to them."
"What do you mean?" asked John.
"Just what I say. I don't want a
young mau to come here evenings chaw
ing cloves to cover bis breath and to
hide his habits of drinking. If you love
lager more than you love me, just marry
it nt once, and don't divide your afTec
tions between a woman and wiue, or a
woman and lager love and liquor have
co affinity."
"Why, Mary, bow ycu t&'k," ex
ctaiiiicd John.
"Yes, I mean what I Fay; unless you
sign the pledge and keep it you had bet
ter not come here aain."
The above is from the Golden Censer,
Roekford, lil. We imagine that John
went away that night somewhat dis
turbed, pei haps an.i;iy; but ths next
morning, free Iroin la.uer and cloves, and
without wine, he awoke, and concluded
that Mary wa a jewel of a girl, that she
was right and he himself was in the
wrong. He signed the pledge and kept
it, and married .nary instead or lager.
Serpent &kla I'tltizcd.
Prescolt tells us that the Aztecs made"
their -war drums of serpent skin; but we
wore not aware, until very recently, that
any of our modern leather Lad such a
snaky origin. An exchauge staiej hat
a single establishment in Boston, !a.-t
year, tanned fifty anaconda skins far
hoot leather. The boots are valued at
fifty dollars a pair. The largest of these
skms as forty feet in fangth. The fan
ning processes were siiu.lar to those in
the manufacture cf aliigator bather, the
product being a very beautiful and high
ly finished quality of leather, glossy,
mottled, pliable, and exceedingly durable.
Frankness. Be frank with the world.
Frankucss is the child of honesty and
courage. If a friend a.-ks you a favor
you should grant it, if it is rea
sonable; if it is not you should tell hitu
plainly why you cannot. You wiil wrong
him and wrong youisclf by equivocation
of any kind. Never do a wrong tiling
to make a friend or keep one. The ui n
who requires you to do so i dually pur
chased and at a sacrifice. Deal kindly
and firmly with all men, and you will
find it the policy wiiich wears best.
If in Kreent Adventure at St. Loait.
From the St. Lou 14 Journal of Commerce.
Yesterday an elderly man, well dressed
and wearing the cosmopolitan air of
much travel, pushed open the oifict
door of the Planters' House, and, attend
ed by the attentive servants who claimed
bis baggage, advanced to the counter
where the registering book lay. He
laid down his shawl upon the counter,
and picked from the rack a pen, as he
wrote in clear well defined characters his
name. The n?u:e seemed to have a
queer efiect upon the clerk, who 1 ad
been bowing obst quiously to the grizzled
gray old man, who had ju.-t written his
signature. The clerk turned sickly pale
with contempt and scorn. The stranger
turned and passed out, but returning in
a short time said, "l il take some din
ner." The clerk remarked in substance that
he th. uht the Planters' House would
be d d first, and pointed to where
his name had been erased. .
"What is the meaning of this out
rage?" sternly asked the old aian, pul
ling indignantly at his distingue gray
"It means simply this, that the Plan
ters House don't keep niters. If you
want anything you will have to go else
where." said the intelligent clerk.
Here tho crowd thickened, and a rush
wa- made toward the book to seethe name
of thi man who was the subject of the row.
Every man who saw the name either
gasped approval or grunted dissent. The
majority gasped. The crowd read upon
the book simply the name, "r rederick
Douelas, WashiuKton, D. C "
This name seemed enough to damn
the man in the estimation of nine out of
ten, who read and sympathized with the
Mr. Douglas made a short speech, in
which ha denounced in very indignant
term tha procedure. lie said he had
traveled in ail the civilized eountriej of
Europe, had been received by the high
est, and nowhere had he been where ho
had received such shameful treatment
The crowd listened jeeringly, when
Mr. Douglas retired to find quarters else
where. Public opinion seems to censure the
action of the proprietors of the Planters'
House. It is thought that, notwith
standing his being a negro, a room micht
have been given him, where he could
have taken his meals, if prejudice did
prevent him to cuter the public dining
3?ctal Notice.
I write you to certify that I have used
Dr. Simmons' Liver Regulator in my
family with complete success.
J. W. D Bird.
jan31d&wlw Chattahoochee, Fla.
As advertising Agents, Messrs. Pow
ell & Co., New York, stand in the front
rank. They are prompt, honorable and
straightforward, and well deserve the
success they have met with. They can
always ha found at 41 Park Row, and
are pleased to hare business men drop
in upon them. In their rooms can be
found files of every newspaper published
in the United States. Republican,
Tunkbannock, Pa. jan31d3;wlw
Suicide CosiMirnen. As the resul
of an inactive stat3 of liver and stom
ach, producing headache, obtu-sc intel
lect, dullness, dcpondcncy, dementia,
and finally insanity, is no uncommon oc
currence. AH these disagreeable symp
toms and bad feelings are most certainly
dispelled by the use of Dr. Pierce'
Golden Medical discovery. It revitalizes
and builds up the whole system. A lit
tie boon on Chronic Diseases sent free.
Address R. V. Fierce, M. D. Buffalo. N.
Y. Golden Medical Dineovery sold by
all druggists. jan31d&wlw
Money to Loan ! !
Three years time given I
Keal Estate Security !
Improved farms preferred I
An opwtunity is now offered to the
farmers of Otoe, Casv, Nemana, Lan
castct and Johnson counties to borrow,
in connection with Life Insurance, mon
ey in 6uins of $'i00 to ? 1 ,500. on long
time, on 12 per cent, interest. The
Union Mutual Life Insurance Company
of Maine, is now issuing Life Policies
and loaning money, through their Gen
eral Agents, J, F. Kinney & Son.
Office over Otoe County National
Bauk, Nebraska City. jaulStf
mm m
Waxtfd A girl to do general house
work. Wages $3 50 per week. Apply
to F. W. D- HoLuaooK.
For Hent. The oSee room over
Vallery & llufTner's st'-re. Ktxpiiro of
It. It. Liviustnrj Chairman Bmird of
Trustees. jauli3d&wtf.
See advertisement of Dr. Buffs' Dis
pensary, hoadod Book for the Million
.Mart bige Guide io another column. It
should be read by all. decld&wly
Plantation Bitters.
S. T.1380-X.-
Th! wonderful vdgctabta rettomtive
is the shcoi-anchcr of the fest'e and da-
biliuted. As a tonio and cordial far thi
aged and languid it hits no equal among
stomachic. Asaretucd fur tho ner
vous wer.kness to which women are es
pecially subject, it is superset! in? every
other Ptinsulant. In all climates, tropi
cal, temperate or frigid, it acts as a
ppcciSe in every species of disorder
which undermines thu bodily strength
aud break down the animal spirits.
Doc. 26. diw lyr.
Mustang Liniment,
i'Oll T.IAX AD till AST
Probably fi?w articles have ever had so
extensive a Sale, wliile none have been
more universally beneficial than the cele
MENT. Children, Adults, Horses, and
Dorne.stie Animals, are always liable to
accident, and it is safe to say, that no
family can pass a single season without
some kind of an emollient being neces
sary. It becomes a matter of impor
tance then to secure the heft.
Over three huu lred livery stables in the eily
of New York alone are the -Mexican .Mus
tang Liniment, in all of which it gives uniuual
fl TIOS(. The genuine i wrapr,ed in a
fine Uteri t-lute wntfray ma; with "fj. IV' yMt.
brook, thtn'ft." hikI " 'Jnttr Mnrk. M tJXIt'A iV
MU.sTAiW UMMICST," engraved arrets
the fdee of cacti wrapper. The wboio bears the
proprietor's r.riva'e Ln ted Stales Xevenue
Dinin. and not a common ctauip as used by
Lyon Mancjactcrio Co .
Jan. 9th. diw lw every 2rdw
Jwit J'ubliihed, ' a tea'ed envelope. Price Celt.
A lecture on the Nature, Treatment, and
Pit liTil ,-ur of :-perniaiorrhoe, fir Seminal
va :us;. tnvo'untarv EmNhions. Sexual lie
r illt--. and lmp.'iiineut to Alarriiiiri generally;
J-err in'. Consumption, Kiilepy, and till",
.iutai and l'Lieical Incapacity, requiting from
-If-abuse, Ac. By Rooert J. Culverwell, M.
Dr. author of the 'Green Rook,' An.
The world renouued author, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own exper
ience that the awful cocseouem-e of sclf-abue
niay be effectually remove! without inedii-ine.',
and without dangerous surgical operation, bou
(tic, instruments, rings or cordials, pointing
out a mode ol cure nt once certain and effectual
by whii-b every lil'crer, no tnntier whnthia con
dition may be, in iy cure himself cheaply, pri
vately, and radically. 'J'hi lecture will prove a
bof n to thousandB and thousand.
Set t ur.der seal, to any address, in a plain
sealed envelope, on the receipt of six cents, ot
two postage stamp. Aluo Dr. Culverwe l'l
"mam ge guide.' price 25 ceuu. Address the
rrr Bowery Kew York. V. O- Ifex 45.
Dm 22 wly
TtfiC 33 JrL S3
Visiting Plattsmouth,
Will Find Good Accommodations at the
FarmerjFeed Stable
Corner of Sixth and Vine Street. One block
Noi.h of the -rrwta-.iao C'uarc'u, PlatUmoatb
B. k M.
L. 10.00 A. M.
L.M.5 A. M.
Le. 10 .V) A. M.
L. 11.05 A. M.
Ar. 1 1 -) A M.
Ar. 12 00 pm
Ar.12.lJ "
Ar .
Lo 8,30
Ar. P. M
Ar 8.2il P. M
Ar. .tw H. M
Ar.2.4 P. M
tr. 2.5H P. M
r. JLIO "
Ar.l-W -Ar.
1.4.5 "
L. 1.30 .
Ar. "
Ar. 10 13 "
Ar. 9.45
L. , "
Ar , "
Ornh Juno.
I ouinrilln.
Senth J!end.
-Anhlrj J
Iiif h!an4
V.'nir .-ti.tico
Vnteri Utum
Water Station
O. S. TV. t. R.
Ie Witt
At B
be 8..-SO
Lfl 4 40
Ar S.S0
I.eOs8' -Arft.JU
.! "
Lt 7.10 "
Lo. 4.45 P.M. PUttmneoth. Ar. 9 00 A. M
ft..- P.M. Omahrt Juno. Ar. H.'JO A. M
La. tf.iS P.M. I,.uiviUe. Ar. 7.45 A. M
Le. f, fi.! P. M. South J'.otid. Ar. 7.ii A. At
Ar.7.4S P.M. A.-tilan.l. Le. (i 40 A. M
Ar. 8.15 " 4-cnwooi Ar. rt.lil " Wjiverly Ar. fi.N
Ar. it.O-J " y.ewtna Ar. S..'P "
Ar. ti.30 Lincoln Le. 5.nO
Le.8.n0am Lincoln Lr. t i 45 p :u
Lo. 8.35 " " Jt.'ntoii Ar. 4 15
Le. 9C5 " lliihilacd Ar. 4"
Ar. ,'i " Crute Le : : r ia
Li;t - Crete "
Ar.10.00 " Lorobfrter L-. 2.i
Ar iO..) " 1 n erSt ttion l.e " "0
Ar 11.25 V,ir rtt iou Le
Ar 11.40 " Pn.r mount Lei. 10
Ar ll'D Uralton Loll.'.".')
Ar 1.15 " Water station Le U.:tt
Ar l.o0 " Harvard Lc 11 :j)
Full f;i"p! figure? imliate pfi.inn p!;ic-.
On!y Mou l;iy.. WeJtin 'l.iy an.
t Only Tu -ailny, Thursday, and Saiuray.
The time (tiven aliovs in thut of IMattduioaiU
being 33 in i quick flower than Chicago.
To Take Effect Vond.iv. Mar.Zth, 1ST!.
In connection wi'h Burlington & l!iourt
River Railroad in Nebraska.
Depot at f;ot of J ones Street.
imaha H-.00 n. ni.
do o;o0 . iu,
Lincoln .:) .) a. in.
do lM p. in.
Lincoln p. ex
do '.':.''0 j. ni.
Omaha 11:10 a, t.i.
,jio ...... C.1U i. m
BurIington Roujte.
To the Fast North and Southeast.
NO. 1.
Leare Plattsmouth, 4.30 p. m. f..V a. m.
Arrive Burlington 6.50 a-in. 9,15 p.m.
Mendota 11.25 a- m. 3.50 a. m.
" Chicago(C.B.JlQ.,' 3.20 p.m. 7.45 a.'m
" Peoria- " 0.55 a. di. l.r.O a. 10,
" Ind,pli'I.B..t W. KOp. m. lO.f-Oa. iu.
M CiVinnati " 11.30 p. w. 4.20 p.m.
Logaasp't T.PAW 5.55 p. m. 0.20 a. tu.
Columbus " 2.45 a. m. 6.20 p. ra.
vT!irouth CY.ra from Missouri Kiver to Clii
rifc'.i. Indianapolis. Cincinnati, Liai,i'ort and
Couneclions at th" points with pees ledii-
io the Km't North ami South.
1 hi i.i the Heat, Arrf, Quickest and C'lieup'
tit Itovte.
Do no' be deceived, but obtain Tickets v,'a
the Liirii.K'on nnd ui.-souli Kiver
A. E. TuUZAl-l.V. C L. V t ILK I v-'.
Cicn'l lickct .'sent. fccu'l full.
C. ST. 30Z. & C B. It. n.
Mail and Kiprn .'i.'A p. in. ' '') a. ui.
is; at Express 8.10 a. m- .":-'" . in.
Thif frivca pnsenirera from riatt.rnonth rlnk
conrectinn gum .-i.uth or North by leaving here
in the5:15 j. in. tnnn.
C. T5. 1- St. Joe 11. P.. South
C. II. A- tit. Joe R. ii. North.
B. Ac M. It. It. Enst.
H. A M. K. lt. Vc3t.
Omaha by Rail
Weening; Watr.
Nebruak.i Cit v. bv f?tae.
ci.iimc. a Kuirrt
l'( p m. 10..'itt p E
10 p. m. 1(1. .'11 ( m
1P in. lu.;:i p in
bum." 4 ji iu.
10 v in 1 u iu
11 u in. 1:1.
y p 1.1. a
I'oparts .Vo'iriy.o. AVedneedivs and I rilayi
unii'o nouns iroui n a iu 10 i m.
Sundays, 12 to 1 r tur
Soiins den 2t Ser.fem'ier hat dii" ri"itJ- ho
Ev. Luth. (temeind.s in ihrein HchiiH.:iu vor
inittair's nui 11 Uli"-1 tte id' L't bcrhju tt
lindrt dcrn-lb von jet rt 1111 rrirf linae.-J in iillell
'i'njfo siuit. Mini!!- Rev. L lluunuwald.
First Pkksbytfri an Xorth pideof Main L.
et of Sixth ltrc. I. W. ('nmrrun ; jiTvi' s
ver' Snbbnth nt 11 a. m. ndii: p. in. Sh
. ith School at 'i-.'-'M a- in.. Thus I'ollock t-ureria-jndunt.
IViyer meetira: every Wednesday
evening at G:.i0 oVlock.
MnTnoDI:T Y.Tnrr,Tki. Wet Fid" ff Sixth
treet. aouth of Main l!ev. J. It. l're-on.
Services every Sabbath at hh.M) a. in. nnd 7 p. in.
rrayer uiect ins every inurwlny evemnir. la 1
'Hurting every Monday even ins n ml iui media tu-
ly afrer close of Snbbaih morning ncrviee
Sabbath School at 2: i0
CovorkoatkivaIv Corner Lnouf and Eighth
st. Her. U. F M .in well, rrnidence Loounf ft b
treen 4th and .rthta Serrico everv Sabbath t
11a. m: and :'X p. m. Sabbath School nt 1J:
W p. in. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
Episcopal Corner Vimi and Third rrrt
'Icf. H. ij. Stlaw Service v-rv Siinl)tv
at 11:01) a in. nnd 7 p.m. Sunday School
c3 p. ni.. Prof. d'Allemand, Supt.
Chritia Serviot in Court Hour-e Hali 1
B. itfullif, loeal preaeber. Eiders, Iaatc Wiles
nu 1. j. louu.
CathkMO Xorth vide of Public . S junre Kv
Father Hayes. Firt Mas rvrry Sabbath at K:.s0
a. iu.. Second Mas mid Sermon at 1'J:.'10 a. in..
Vcter and HcncdwHinn at J.JO t. in. Al.t.-s
tt 8 a. in. every week day.
I. O. O. F. Regular meetings of Platte Lodpe,
No. 7.I.O. . V. every Saturday evening, at
Odd Fellow Uall. Traocient brothers ure cor
lially invited lo vuif. .
II. Nkwvak, Sec.
I.O. O. F. Platthiuouth Encampment No. 3.
Regular Convocations the 2nd mid 4th Eriday'a
of tch mouth at Odd Fellows Hull cor. .'Id and
Main sts. Transient Patriarch cordially inviia
... riit. I). II- WHEELER. C. P.
H. J. SritEiOHT. Scribe
MiPoxic Pi attsmoi;th Lop No. A. P.
Jc A. W. Regular meeting t their hall on th
firt aud thir l Monday evenings of each mouth,.
Transient brethern invited to viu(
1. H. VV HELLER, W. M,
P. E. RtrrrNiR. Ste.
Maoot Louc.b No. 22 A. P. A. M. Reg'ul.-w
meetings at Masonic 1111, first and third In
lay. J. N. WISE, W. AI.
L M. Wolf, Sec.
Nkbraska CHArT!: No. 3R. A. M. P.eguLu
convocations second and fijri4j Tueday eve
aioks of eao tuonih nt "!)' o'clock p. m.
E. A, Kiekfatbick, Seo
I. O. O-T. unvg ItRAxrn, ?Jo,2W D Ferree
W. C. C; E. Rra iley, W. S.; T. W. Sbry
00k Lodge Dtpty. Meets at Clark f-Pluriiiner's
ttirvery TuotiUy cuing. XravoJiusTVDptas
rettpacttuliy isvittd.
LOwk to Your Children.
The Great Soothing llcmcdy.
MRS, 1 Cures col io and griring in' Price
Wbitcomb's the bowels, and f icilitates' 2
Syrup. the process of teeth ing. jCents.
MHi. , hub lues convulsions and, Price
Whitcomo s oveicomes all diseHses mci
Syrup. 'dent to infants and children.
MRS. j Cures Oi&rrhaeii. Dysente-
Whilcomb's ry and rtimmarcouiplaint
Syrup, ichildien d all ages.
It is the great Infants' and Children'snSont U
icg Remedy, ia nil disorders brought on b
teething or any other cause.
Prepared by the Grafton JJe-liciae Co., 5V
Louis Mo.
Sod by dr ig,jits and dealtrs in 'e
owiTwbor- Vvl,i