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The Lincoln correspondent of the
Oaiaha Herald tay:
'Although the Governor did not pro
rogue the legislature, his intentions had
a "good effect, and the House iu their
alarm sustained the veto."
This looks a little singular. It does
not look very dignified fur the Governor
of this great commonwealth of Nebras
ka to resort to this little petty trick to
induce the Legislature of the State to
tuitain his veto. It would ia licit,! that
the objection given in hi- v. to ia?s-nge,
sent down from O-uaha, wsre not lih
real ones, hut hs h 1 1 some pemanal
infcre?t in the df of the hill. Again,
it is not very cu-i Umcntary to the mem
bers of the Legislature to proclaim that
they were scared into uu a.;t v. hieh was
against their judgment ami inclination.
1 be J'resent Legislature.
The Lincoln Statesman ia speaking of
the pre.-ent Legislature savs:
"The hody has become a3the member
from Otoe expresses it a s:i:.k in the
itrils of thi people. It might have
made for itself a good name in the frti
luat'mn of the people of Nebraska, it it
Lai performed tho dimes winch were
tjiinlv set before i:, and made tome en
deavor to remove from th .Statu ti e
stain of corruption which has boeoire
attached to it through the di-honesty of
some cf its o'ceUls. l he memoc-m sent
there to lenresen! the wishes ot the peo
ple have, with sums hom.raV.lo excep
tion", betrayed their trusts ana laU-n tar
short cf the duties entrust-.! to tlieir
cianr. This session close the h:story
.. this memorable body, very few uit-ni-i
T3 of which will ever have opportunity
i j again represent the people so! N.-bras-Y
i in an official capacity. All honor to
t..c faithful low."
This is the end of the famous "peo
ple's'' noremeut- The present body
was composed largely or lan elected on
an isue of '"honesty or brains." Per
haps the people arc ready to return to
party nominations. We think they are
ill Cilo5.
"Tip Top,"who has been at Lincoln
datiii the part two sofi-ions of the Leg
islature, .-ud bus a fair chance to oh
terve the nianngeuicnt tf thirds under
ire "no party" style and by the r.o par
ty lexiaLiture, has bt-couie so- thorough
ly di.-su-ted that he writto as follows to
thoOaiaha RcpMic in, 'o-r which paper
he is u regular corrcsp-v.ii lent :
Ht-d to th'.i.k that stria pirty l'.n-s
W'Te U.-tlO"". 1 -oil ;e nines l.uittul. I
.Uxa to think dirT.. r, nt y wv. e have
i:o i arty lines. lV-'pu'-iiuan n-wo.MTs
arq hounding their own pa: ty. and demo
crats join in the cry, Democr.US run le
i.ii'.iicao uHirspapcrs an 1 Ujpuo.ieans
mr, lt mo.-ratb theets. N-'ithr party
;-. U any direct responsibility ror Iran;!
' a,,. m-culati.-.n. for it a 11. t il.-i oln-i-'
J d-jet th.; d-.-j. I-1-pu'.i.-ius el a i ni,
r 0h, he d-.n't i'.-I to w.y r-i.d the
oarrv: he' b-l .o to the her win.---w.-
are not repon-:b! : t.-r .ii :;-ts. It
u !:. i:ioerat -gofs in n Wins Ins pi:e,
th- Heu.ocrats say, "Oil, uopublaan
runs hi:u- a U;-psibtican newspaper sun
ports him we are n-.-t re-j-n-.'-ie ...r
hin." -No ciM own l no o.i ? is Ui
rcetlv a-haiiie d fer him, an 1 not until
we have some rtri. ter pa.ty lines to
divide on, can this thing Le cure J.
The I'httmonth llrihl b?s'm3 to
weaken on its d ier.-e of the lViKten
tenthry and Salt land steals ot Lineoin.
Tnat heretofore indcpeii'ient 'beet shouI.J
n . now inj'ire its in'.'.uen-i by a-an ion
in- the ciue of the people, and wo be
h-vc it will "stiok to the t-it. LhroHf
The riattsmouth Hkraiu" hs not
tun to "weaken" on any position it
ever taken. It has never tacn a
rinn r.n either the "penitentiary" or
T-ind" nuestions, for the very
good rt-aou that it has never seen cither
ef the bills. The editor of the Hf-KALD
d;d har tho Salt Itt.1 Lill rea 1 in the
House, but before it come up for final
a; ion it hal been changed so much that
it was JiSicult to tell whether it was the
same bill or not, henee the Herald
took no position on i We are at a loss
Jo know what the Chronicle means by
"the text." unless it be to oppo-e every
thing in which "we-uns" do not have
oc direct intere-t. If that is it, we
i to be cxcu-el. If it means to cp
p .se rascality generally, we are always
: ?a Jy to 4 stick to the text."
cue cossrurnos im.t. :ai
The question cf sust lining the Gover
nor's veto of Cor.-titutional Convention
1:11 came up ia the House yesterday,
: r d was defeated by a ote of 1J to '21,
i'.'l'ows :
The question b-nng, "hal! the Lil-pu-s
notwithstanding the Governor's ob.
jo.-iions," the following named gentle
i;:en voted in the atStuativo Messrs.
-Lman-on, Ucall, Galey, Goodin, Ilalh
j. : 'J.::, Maddox, Khodes, Hiordan,
31:.!' its, Itoewater. S. hock 12. nd
I'lie t'uilowing in the negative: Massrs.
l!rij:s, Cannon, '1 Ciaik, J. Clark,
: .r:;?er, Covell, li!lon, Luby.
Irenell, Hudson, Majors, Mur.n, Over
ton, Patterson, Porter, Heed, House,
Srhook, Waleott, Mr Speaker 21.'
And so the veto of His acting Kxcell
ney was, and the bill for the
r assembling of the Constitutional Con
tuition was defeated.
n inmate of the Lunatic Asylum at
ncolu receutly asked the interference
friends to remove her to some other
tare; for, said she "I feel that Chri-t
'11 soon come, and if ho does he will
,.t vL-it Lincoln, and that would leave
, ? oa.'.." That woman may be insane.
f jr giv'iDg "dp the Fial-MaobuV.d letters i
ti S-.vceney who, it is believed, haa de
tfr yed them, as they contained damn
ing evidence against himself and other
members of the Tammany ring. Some
cf the lawyers aro moviug to have Siw
ad expelled from the bar on account of
a brjaca. of professional faith.
VOL. 7,
LV.henrtl of Irre?dlns.
, The doings at tho capita' for the past
fjw days Lave be n digraet:ful iu the
extreme. All accounts agree upon this
point. Whatever may be tho re-alt,
there is no question but tho attempt of
Presi lent Ilasea.I to n.ijourn the Senate
by arbUrnry action and ruling. s rejre
hensitle in the extreme. It tray be
that the action of those desiring to con
tinue the session was not such as was
calculated to cover our State with glory,
yet that was no excu-e for the sctioa cf
he President and the five Senators who
followed hi oj from the Senate chamber
The ruling which claims that six votes
in the affirmative and six in tho negative
of a pro o.sition carries it, was certainly
not ma le by President Ila-call because
he believed it to be correct, bat iout
have been with a full knowledge of its
falijcy : und with a foil knowlo lg?, also,
that in lcaviiiz the Senat-j thus with five
coadjutors he kfo the remaining six
members a U'j'ii Hcii i.v. Airain, Presi
dent Uascali inu-t have known that an
adjournment of the Senate, even had
every vote been ca-t in its favor, with
out the concurrence of tho House, was
no adjournment at all ; for tho standing
ru'- s of tho body cxpres.-ly prohibit an
adjournment f r more than three days
without a concurrent resolution. It is
no for the-e six seceding Senators
that the other six refused to transact
business except such as thry desired.
They had tho rhrht to d this and the
others had no right to adopt revolu
tionary and arbitrary mea-ures to break
up the sfsjuon in con-epi 'mi ,..v It v.'i.uid
certainly have been tlii put. of wi-Iosn
for Mr. Ilascall tnd his five fr iio'.vcrs to
have remained fii se-siei; until they
could have adjourned ijgil'y, at 1 ast.
As it is. these six deserters are a much
responsible for what way be dono by
those remaining as though they took
pa t in the proceedings.
In the House, Mr. Chief Clcifc, L. K.
Crpey, tseems to hive assumed that
the entire responsibility of man;i?ir.g
the affairs of State rested upon Lis
shoulders, and he assumed to dictate to
tho people's representatives what they
should do, anJ endeavored to enforce
his ideas by packing off the IIoue
Journals, and seeking to enforce His
acting Excellency's bu 1 ag&inst the Leg
islature. This was a huge undertaking
fur one so young, and the Serjeant-at-arms
secifis to have brought the young
man up with a round turn, by placing
him un'hr arrest. What the en 1 will
be we cnn t determine ; but of the le
gality of the action of tho- remaining
in session we have but little doubt,
and their ii:ht to compel the attend
ance of ab-enfee.-, if they sec prorer to
eXvuei'C that liihr.
I'lrelion of Governor.
Our dispatches of .a.-t night state that
the 2fth, at '2 o'clock p. m. is thu time
set for tho election of a Governor, to :i
th- vacs ney caused ly the Impeachment
i t t.tov. L.ut!(.r. iitther or not the
proper steps have been taki-n to provide
lor the ulling of tho vs-vaney, we aro un
able to fay. Our dispatches are some
what hnie upon this p iuf, stating that
a resolution passed the Senate nV rote,
and do not state whether it pas-rd th
House or not. We a-sum', however, in
the absence of information upon the
subject, that the p:oper action has been
taken to comply with the requirements
of the Constitution, and that tho eiec
tirn will be held at the tiu.e specified.
If the resolution, or bill, has not passed
both houses, and the Legislature hns not
properly "dc!are-d the iuanr-r of filling
the vacancy," v.e trust liiey will do so at
once, I proceed with this most impor
tant work. It is abo hoped tint those
members who have absented themselves
will conent to leave tLetr hcuies for a
sufficient time to attend to this duty. If
thero arc obnoxious Salt Land Bills, or
Constitutional Cosventiou Bills, or any
other mtasurcs that are looked upon
wi;h doubt as to their bein of interest
to the State, Lt them remain in the dark
recesses of some Commit tetiuan's pock
et, never more to see the light of day,
if members are afraid to trust them
selves or their atsOC.:.itcs to vott, UD0I1
them, but let it not be said that iheLeg
isla'sae of the Cviiiuionwtalih of
Nebraska "broke op in a row," while
they had as important a matter as the
election of a Governor to attend to. At
teud to this and thn adjouru like civil
ized men. Do this fur the credit of the
State, if not for the credit ofjour-t.-Ae.
A Io;r K.x rnte.
It is an old "sUW" that "a poor ex
cuse is better than none:" yet we- doubt
if tho t-xcuse offered by President Has
ca!l and the five Sena ors v.liolcft the
Senate with him will hardly 'rid the
biiL" It is said they escusetheir action
by paying that they did it to prevent the
pssage of the Salt Land Bill. We
doubt not their de-ire to defeat this ob
noxious bill was genuine (especially after
the House had su.-iained His acting Ex
cellency's veto of the Constitutional Con
vention bill), and that they' are entitled
to great praise (?) for the protection
which ILey have thrown around the
Strte; but if they had voted as strong
against the bill as they did for the ad
journment, it could do more have passed
than they could adjourn. . The vote
stood six and six, and it took seven affir
mative votes to pass that or any other
bill. Therefore, we think that the ex
cuse offered by those gentlemen is a very
poor one.
nit: i.EUisi.vnvs: ;:viule.
We condense the following report of
the Legi-lative muddle of the 20th
from the Lincoln correspoude.t of the
Omaha Rapub'ican. We doubt not it
is in the main correct, although leaning
a little to the side of the party who fa
vored adjournment :
The Houses met according to adjourn
ment at '2 p. in., and bu -iocs progressed
finely, no particularly bad feeling being
shown, or any disagie.-mcnt about any
thing. Hascail'a county bill ctuie up,
was turned over to the Committee of
the Whoic, and amended, an J cut and
curtailed, and dovetailed and deviled,
until its own father could never recog
nize it. In this naked and emboweled
condition it wai turned over to tho ten
der mercies of the House proper, and
unceremoniously rejected, Ly a vote of
24 to i
Whether this put the Old Nick into
Hascall or not, 1 cannot tell, but the
next thing ytj heard was, that the Sen
ate wat in a dead lock by reason of a
call of thvs House, which suspends all
other businsss; 8i.d as the J-enate flood
six to 8 x, and ail as stubborn a,
notlrng remained for them but to bit it
out on that hue if it took all night, and
sit it out they did. Tho Ilnuse ad
journed quietly eou?h until JO a. m.
this morning, and then everybody went
over to see what th- Senate wer doing.
No ona supposed but tnat after they
Iifid annoyed each oth r a while thry
would adjourn like reasonable men, aVl
lix up things. Bit when six o'cloek
came loutid, and seven o'clock, and sup
per was sent for. every ous began to re
co:n;i! that ibis was a stato of nil'jirs
beyond an oro'invy joke. Nine o'clock
arrived, aud jet no let up.
Hour a for hour rolled by, the doors
were closed and 1 cked no one was al
lowed adtnittan :e to that sanctum tmic
roareni. Music by the band ie. Fre
mont, Tueker, Fcho-i I J Larsh, Lineli,
Hilton & Co. ('Jhj Salt Co of course)
Songs by the acre and growl.- ly tho
hu-'drd can.e I'rjni chamber.
Twelve o'clock eam , n:id there being
no pi.-?! of the ca!i lor that iiou-c ever
coming to an end. your lepji ter ad-Jj-.urued
Lim.scif outside of an oyster
-tew an t turned into bcu to sleep, to
dream, aye, there's the rub. Ever r.nd
anon tiie cry of "previous question,
call of tho lions-1, leek the door, semi
for a d.ij'or, let us our." and s-.' on, dimly in Lis ear, till at 1-st Jay
linl.t with a i;id bound leaped up to my
window, and I heard Senator Mr-tz
shouti K' at the door "Let me in." We
did. a'id heard the tale of that night's
work m full. It shoulo b.ina the hluMi
of shaite to every Ncbraska.i's
face. I shall not outer into the themo
h're. Tune press, an 1 more imp rt
ant facts are at ban J knocking at the
door foi utterance.
"This won t last long," says Metz.
"Ha-call has got his Ll;od up, ai.d
there'll be a row if some change cen t
t.ikc pce soon. Get up and come
alon-." We did.
The Salt Si.Oifo their breakfast in the
Senate chamlt r, but thoFresh and June
Six went out and ate theirs like white
men. Tho call of the House being sus
pended in some Diybte.ious way t' allow
of tiis proceeding.
On their return ihe run cr.iair.cnea 1.
Ilase.tii asked them to take up some
other bills and pass them if nothing else
would d?. They declared no busine.-s
should be attended to until this affair
was settle.
At last Sheldou, losing all patience,
moved to adjourn until ifeeinler olsi
1872. It wns seconfed, and Jdascal) put
the motion, the gavel in his hand. Six
(G) Senators answered "aye." and three
"no ;" quicker than liuhti.inir the avcl
descend, d and President Uascuil de-
j cl i.ed t h? Senate adjourned until Dec.
3!-t, Is-. 2. anJ taking his !:a. House
rules and gnvcl, he mirched downstairs,
Thomas, Sheldon, Metz, Cropsey and
Abbott l'oi!owiii2 him.
That's tho business in short, but to
make it jdjin I stud yuu the copy of the
"Sheldon moved to adjourn. Scoaeld
nsked if that was in order. The chair
said he knew nothing to the contrary."
(Thomas asked beholicld to rc-f-r the
Senate to some authority on the ui-.itter.
Seofkld said he was not keeping a law
school. )
Mr. Scotield appealed from the Chair.
The ayes and noes we-e called, an 1 stood
G to 6. The Chair decided that the ap
peal wa lost. The Chair then put the
motion to adjourn. Six members an
swered aye, two or three no, end tho
President declared the Senate adjourned.
It is cl timed tloit the ays :mJ noes
were not demanded until after the Chair
had decided the body adjourned. The
Senators, under the President then ad
journed to the Auditor's room, where a
brisk discussion of their action followed.
Gen O'Brien dropped in and after some
thought and looking up of statistics, he
endorsed their action ami declared the
adjournment legal The Attorney Gen
eral also gave his opinion very decidedly:
that the thing would "hold watr," and
our m'x the immortal sir, were very jubi
lant. The body at the othor end of the av
enue, the hallway I mean, were iu an
awful fix. What to do they coaid not
tell. It was proposed to put tho Secre
tary of tha Senate in the chair, and after
n consultation with the Governor, Mr.
Walker accepted the position so far as
to entertain their motions and answer
By virtue of this action a writ was is
sued to the Assistant Sertreant-at Arms,
aud he called in the City Marshal, Hast
ings, who told the gentlemen they ruisrht
consider themselves under arrest This
did not seem to alTee.t their spirits much.
Senators Ha-cdl and Metz very plainly
stutcd that they should stay there until
train time and no longer.
After inquiry. Marshal Ha-tings made
up Ids mind to "not take any in bis'n,"
and left them to their own devices.
The House opened as usual at 10 a.
m. When about half the minutes had
been read, iho Secretary of the Senate
appeared and road an account of the pro
ceedings in the Senate, as above stated,
with these comments added:
"The President then vacated ths chair
but there are still Senators remaininc in
the Senate Chamber under a ca 1 of the
The message was received, the journal
was read to the end, and some few bills
introduced by various members, when
Mr. Kosewatcr moved an adjournment
until the 31st of December, JT2.
Mr. Concur moved "a call of the
House." It was done, and ihe mem
bers were talking, waiking, reading and
sitting around J
Mr. Ito.-ewater moved to dispense
with the eall of ihe House. A divis on
is called for lost by a vote of 14 to 10.
The Seargeant-at-Arms is sent out to
hunt up any members if he can.
At eleven o'clock Mr. Rosewater again
moved to adjourn until December 31 st.
It was amended by changing to Monday
at 2 p. in.
While the Clerk was calling the roil,
the private Secretary of the Governor
entered with a -messagOi.i It was' tho
much talked of prorogation. .
The Speaker directed the Clerk tocon'
tinne the n!!, and the vote was taken.
The Speaker declared the House ad
journed until 2 p in., Monday next.
Tho following is the 31 usage of the
State of Nebraska, )
Execitivk Chamber, j
January 20rh, 1S72.
To the II norab!e, the Speaker of the
House cf Bjj. resertafives:
Wm.RE.vs: The House of Represen
tatives adopted a resolution to adjourn
tine lit on the 24t!i inst., in widen the
Senate tailed to concur and adopted a
resolution to adjourii until the 3lst day
of December, 1S72, and
Wiiekeas: N'o reasonable hope is en
tertained that the lofi-er continuance in
session of this Ijogi-lature will result iu
the adoption of any mea-nres which
have for their object th? public good-
Now, th-refore, I, WiPiaui H. James,
acting Governor of Nebraska, und-.-r
ami by virtue of the authority vested in
me by the con.-tiiution, do hereby de
clare this Legislature adjourned without
W. II. James.
Messrs. Alunatison Biies, Cannon,
Dillon, Grinnd, Hudson, Majors, Munri,
Overton, Patterson, Heed, Boscwater
and Woleott returned home on the train,
snd Messrs. Buaii, J. Clark, Congor,
Dailv, Dubey, GaW, Goodin. Jenkins,
j Madtb'X, Porter, Rhodes, Riordan, lioo-
erts, Iiou.-e, and Shock remain. Only
seventeen members remain, not enough
f or a quorum.
IllSt II a titled Iroceclina;.
The Journal of Sunday morning con
tains tho fol!owing,rehitive to the doings
of tb.L Legislature on the morning of the
"black Saturday." We have given tho
account as furnished the Ouiaha livpub
lican, airi here is the Journal account:
Our record of tho proceedings of the
Legislature yesterday cio.-ed while the
Senate was tiiiii in ?esiun, uir e ' a "cad
d' the " That body reu.aiiie.i
in te.-s.ion nli night. Mill under a call,
when about S o'clock, tho President de
clared a motion for reces- tor breakfast
When the Senate reconvened, tho six
members, consisting of Presi lent Ha.i
cail. ami Messrs Abbott.Cropsey, Metz,
Sheldon and Thonras, had evidently pre
pared their programme, and Mr. Shel
don introduced a motion to aJjourn until
the 31st day of December next. He
i was called to order, by Mr. Seofield, the
point of order being that under cad of
j the House no business was in order.
j The Piesident overruled the point of
order and his decision wa- appealed b om.
The question being "shall tho deei-ici!
of the chair ttani as the judgment of
the House." The ayes and noes were
demanded. Those voting aye, were
Messrs. Abbot, Cropsey, Metz, Sheldon,
Thomas and Mr. Preitlcnt, G- Noes,
Hilton. Lined, Larsh, Scofieid, Tucker,
and Ter-.naut. 6, which, of course de
feated the a'Ermative side of the ques
tion according to ti rules of the Sen
ate, and all other legislative bodies.
But the President declared the arTirnia
iive carried, and put the question and
mmediately brought down the gavel
and declared the Senrte ' adjourned till
, December 31st. Ot course .Mr. iiascall
knew that the motion was not car
ried. ?dr. Iiascall. also knew that
his adjournment was r uil and void
according to the standing rule of the
r-enate; (Jefferson s Manuel) which says
that mother house can adjourn for more
than three days except by consent of the
other, i. e., by concurrent resolution.
This rule has always u-je.i held the law
b- all legislators, and especially by the
present Legislature of Nebraska. So
that tcking imy a-pect of the ca.-e we may,
Mr. Ibo-cali's adj urnment is no adjoin r -ment,
and tho Senate is now iu leal
At the other end of the esptial. a no
le.s e.xtraonlir-a-y and arbitraty course
was attempted by the acting Governor.
That body passed a concurrent resolution
of adjournme-1 on Friday, at 1 1 o'clock
a. M. The Senate rcfustd toe n-'ur, and
a conference committee appointed
w ho reported by a majority in each
house, an agreement to adjourn oo
Wednesday next at 1 1 o'clock V. M.
Th-i House adopted the report of the
Committer, ami the Senate received the
report, w hich l:dd over one day under
the ruies. Hence there was no disagree
ment as to the tituo of adjournment, ac
cording to the records of the two houses.
Tin re can be no disagreement until the
Senaet has acted upon the matter.
But the acting Governor sent in a
message to the House, which arrived
just as the Spoaker was putjinz a motion
to adjourn until Monday at two o'clo k,
which motion was carried, aud the mes
sasrc! was of course sent back to tho tx
cun've This is a high handed and unconsti
tutional proceeding, which will have no
legal effect. But it is a mo-t glaring at
tempt to override the Constitution,
which only gives the executive power
of proroguing the legislature in ca-o of a
disagreement upon tho "day of adjourn
merit," and then cannot adjourn it be
yond thi nest regular session.
V.'e can safely say, that no more out
rageous proceedings ever attended the
meeting of any legislature than those,
now being enacted or attempted by cf-r-tain
of the legislative and executive offi
cials of ibis State.
Those hhzh toncd, moral, "honesty
and brains" fellows, who were "red hot''
for investigating everything and every
body at the commencement cf the ses
sion of the Legislature, have ''come
down off that high ladder." That
"ringing "voice" of the Senator from
Lancaster ceased to ring the moment
the Journal made specific charges and
announced its readiness to su.-tai.i them
by sworn eviJne.
They say "misery loves company"
and it will be a source of gratification to
those who were very anxious for a new
constitution to know that those who op
posed it wiil be compelled to put up with
the inconvenience the old one, as wcllos
theniselres. This' is certainly a very
small etegre-e of satisfaction; but, proba
bly, it is better than none! '-
The Statesman says we are seeking
notoriety. We do not -seek the same
kind that the Statesman is obtaining.
McCano will give that institution all the
notoriety it deserves.
Gr1 enwood, Jan.
- Editors Herald: We may say
that we believe that the press ia the me
tlium through which we expect tore
eeive knowledge of public flentimeuf.
The desire of your correspondent is to
ascertain the feeling of tho people, as
well as to express our own feelings on the
subject of Bridge building in Cass county.
Tho general wish of the people in
this, the west end of this county, is to
have more bridges and belter ones.
When the subject is spoken of almost
every one wants good bridges and are
wil iog to be taxed to pay for the same.
Some say there was no bridge tax lev
ied last year, consequently there is no
fund for that purpose ; and there are
many opinions on the subject ; but all
seeta anxious on the question of bridges
but fail to agre on what is best to ac
complish the purpose. Other counties
have found ways to make public im
provements, why should Cass, county be
behind? It is the prevailing opinion
that those who should have made an ef
fort in that direction, have either,
through careless indifference or willful
neglect, failed to make a proper efiort to
provide good, safe bridges. It is a no
torious fact that we have not a good
bridge over Salt creek, in Cass count-,
! aul there are tome ten miles of this
I creek in the county, and what bridges
we have are kept up almost entirely by
the citizens in their immediate vicinity.
! We cannot dry up nor drain these creeks,
nor would we if we could, but we would
like to biidg them. We do not pretend
to kiiow tho I et way, but suggest that
! the Hon. Board of County Commission
ers call an eleetian for the purpose of
voting bon is, the amount to correspond
! with tho necessities, payable in ten or
twenty years, when the cour.ty has a
larger population, and those who are
no'v here haie more of their binds un
der cultivation. The question of inte
rest is answered by stating that there
has been two horsem drowned by falling
through one bridge, and one of these
horses cost the county one hundred dol
lars, what the other cost I do not know,
but probably not a less amount. This
alone would pay the interest on two
thousand dollars at 10 per cent, per an
num, saying nothing of the inconveni
ence or danger, besides the amount paid
for repairs iu labor and material.
Our little town has been having some
t hant'es in regard to our merchants.
V. S. Bethel soil out the stock and
store on second street, to J. C Steven
son, E.-q , who will carry on the same
business with an increased stock. -We
understand M Bethel proposes opening
a lumber and coal yard here in the
Tho Congrcgationalists have been
holding a series of meetings at Wal
ter's ichool house, conducted by tho
Bevcrcnds Merell and Knowlc-s, while
the Episcopal Methodist and United
Brethren have been having a revival at
Kohn's Chapel 3Iany persons have
.-ought to do bitter, back-sliders re
claimed and sinners repented, an lit is
hoped much good will be accomplished.
As ever, A. B. M.
Fort D. A RrsSEi.n, W. T.. )
January 17, 1872.
Dear IIfrai.d : This has been an
eventful day to u.e, I have shaken hands
with a noble scion of Royalty; I have
seen tho Russian Bear and the Ameri
can Eagle in loving companionship.
This morning the pulse" of the Ganison
was stirred in an unwonted manner. A
circular was issued from head rjuarters
that the Grand Duk ; would bo in Chey
enne on a special train about ten o'clock,
and tho officers and ladies were invited
to go down and see him. .There was ex
citement for a time. The OlTieers fur
bishing up their uniforms and the
ladies prep-aring themselves to pass the
ordeal, and 1 assure they did nodsicredit
to the fame of American beauty. Soou
the cavalcade was in motion Private
carriages and ambulances surHcieni for
'all. We f iund the gorgeous train al
ready arrived. We were u-hered into
one of Pullman's Magnificent Palace
Cars, where General Sheridan gave us a
most cordial reception. His staT were
present and they all soon made it exceed
ingly pleasant. Although it was past
ten o'clock, yet, owing to the fatigue of
the great Buffalo hunt, the Duke and
his party had not arrived. After being
entertained for a short time it was an
nounced by Gueral Sheridan that the
Duke was leay to receive us. Gen.
King and the ladies went into his car
fi st and were introduced, then the cd
cers after a few miuuies followed, and
were introduced separately by Gen.
King. The Duke is a liue looking young
man, very tail, light complexion and
fcide whiskers. He is very easy in his
manners, and speaks the english lan
guage very well, with a very soft, wet
voice, and a little foreign accent. Wo
learued from General Sheiidan that the
hunt had been very successful and that
the Duko had killed three buffilo, which
to him was a great event. The party
were in high spirits and their train soon
left for Denver. From there they go
south by the K. P. R. R.. their destina
tion being Pensacola, Florida, where the
Russian fieet is in waiting. I Lamed
from ono of Genernl Sheridan's i-tatf
that the Duke was very much surpiised
to find so many beautiful ladies so far
out on the frontier, as he had supposed
that only Indians and a few Ranchmen
occupied the country, besides soldiers.
But at all the posts he had seen large
numbers of ladies who would compare
favorably with - those of any land under
Y 25 12.
the sun. Loug may relations of amity
be eultivated between the two powerful
nations whose friendship' for each other
is now being cemented by this visit of
royalty to our shores. The weather has
been deliuhtful thus fur through Janu
ary, and we hope that the fiercest of our
winter is past. Yours truly,
Post Chaplain, U. S. A.
Govcn.von jtnts probouies
THE LttilM-lTHU,
rici: or soykrok vacast.
Tlte House wider the Arrest of the
IerU l.rlt -Se.ect ou i rlt of
Jlnb tin orjti Senwlor lieu
necly gel OiKtisle(l and
got) lluuie.
Tbe Srnnt Retimes lo Adjourn Tbe
Jtloune Adjourn lo Monday.
TliiiiKt Lively.
Special to th P!&ttsinoulh IIice iLO.
Lincoln, 20 3. p. m.
The Iloase yesterday afternoon and
evenins transacted some business. There
were 20 a. embers present. During this
time the Senate was in session, but re
fused to suspend the rules and read bills.
After spending some tima in this way a
call of the house was ordered, and the
doors and galieries closed, and thy re
mained in that condition all night
They finally took a recess for breakfast.
At nine o'clock t he Sena'e voted on a res
olution to adjourn to December 31st,
Over this resolution there was much
wrangling. The vote stood six for and
six against, and was declared carried by
ihe presiding officer.
About this time five of the Senators
left tho chamber, viz : Messrs. llaseali,
Metz, Sheldon, Thomas and Cropsey
Messrs. SchoCdd. Tenant, Tucker,
Lush, Hilton and Lynch, remaining.
Th? six Senators remaining- pro
nounced the adjournment illegal, and
moved a call of the House, and ordered
the Scrgeant-at-armj to arrest the seced
ing Sena les s.
Tho Senate chamber is still locked,
and the six Senators remain, evidently
interrJing not to be adjourned.
The Home met at the usual time 10
a. m., when Mr. Rose-water, of Douglas,
moved to adjourn to Dec. 31.
A call of tho House was immediately
ordered, and after spending an hour,
without accomplishing anything, dis
pensed with the call.
Mr. Hudson, cf Platte, moved to
amend the motion to adjourn by naming
twoi. m. on Monday next, which mo
tion was carried.
Just ihen a message from His acting
Excellency, Governor ' James, was re
ceived, proroguing tho Legislature.
Without waiting to hear it read the
Speaker declared the House adjourned.
Senator Kennedy is expected back,
and the opposition members say that his
arrival will give the Senate a quorum.
Members opposed to adjjurnment,
claim that thu House will have a quorum
on Monday, though it is stated that ti e
Governor will not recocniz either of the
bodies us l--gai, aud will not sign any
bills they may pass.
Exciteuie nt i nns high and a lively time
may be looked lor
The Governor wiil oppose any farther
legislation while many of the Sciitors
aud Members claim that he has no risht
to prorogue them, and propose to pay
no attention to his message.
From parties who came down on the
evening train we learn that a special in
gine was at Louisville ready to take
Senator Kennedy to -L ncoln, and that
he was there, ready to start as soon as
the track was clear. Ed. Herald. J
Lincoln, January 224 p. ni.
The Senate met at 0a.
iinmcdia'eiy a concurrent resolution was
passed him vwe, i.r tbe elec
tion, by the Legislature, on Wednesday,
January 24th, at 2 p. n., of some per
son to fill the offie-i of Governor, which
was declared vacant Kennedy voting
Seventeen members of the House as
sembled at 2 o'clock, and immediately
ordered tho Sergeant at arms to airr.-t
L. E. Cropsey. 'leik of the House, wl;o
was absent, and to com pel tho return oi
the Journals to that body. Mr. Crop
fey refused to respect the w arrant of ar
rest. At 3:3.) p. in, a writ cf hahr.a corpus
was sued out and Mr. Cropsey
was relca-ed. There is no quorum in the
House, and-there probably will nor be.
The excitement runs high, but nobody
Senator Kennedy returned home to
day, disgusted.
Lincoln. Jan. 24.
Both houses of the Legislature met ai
2 o'clock p. m. mx Senators and nine
teen members of the Ilou-e present.
The Senate to-..k a recess until 7 this
p. m., without attempting any business,
there being no q oium.
The House i under a call, with war
rants out for absentees.
The resolution to elect a Governor has
not yet been passed in the House, and
probably will not be.
Everything is digniSed and orderly,
notwilhst nding reports to the contrary.
The concurrent 'resolution of adjourn
ment st 1 1 o'clock to-night was passed
by a auoruiu of both bowses, &nd cim
not be reconsidered without a quorum.
There is little doubt that both houses
wil! be declared adjourned at 11 o'clock,
and that the members will go home to
morrow. It is g?nerally conceded that a Govern
or cannot be elected without the passage
of a bill, which cannot be passed except
ty a majority of both houses hene tbe
idea of electing a Governor will fail, ne t
because there is any doubt as to the
right or power of ihe Legislature to do
so, but because of the want of oca vote
in each hotise.
The right is conceded by all, and the
fallacy of Gov. James proroguation is
admitted by all thinking men. II.
NO- 43
New York, January 22.
A Washington dispatch to the Herald
states that Senator Wilson's friends are
enraged against Colfax and Blaine.
The llrst for iu-.iiot rity, thu second for
playing into Colfax's hands. The Presi
dent, Cabiuet and leading politicians
H2iee that tho vice-Presidency shot-Id
fall to some one east of the Alieghenies,
and a New York railroad man is men
tioned. It is f-fated that Cuban leaders, who
have been in this country seeking to in
duce our government to recognize the
Cuban republic us a belligerent power,
are beginning to despair l sucees-.
They bring to bear in Congress now
th reeeot landing of twenty five thous
and Coolies, and ulso the landing of
several cargjos of Slaves on tho Island
as arguments usain.-t Span'sh ndo.
Tweed's con-titu?nts request him ei
ther to go to the Senate or resign. It is
stated that Tweed only wants to buy
two more members of the Legislature to
secure him from exclusion, and that he
is waiting to obtain them.
New York, January 2;.
The Herald's Washington dispatch
says the stupidity of the Democratic
mei..bers cf the committee ou ways and
mean-, in respect to. tho syndicate in
vestigation, evidences their failure to
comprehend the situation. The Herald
also states that, though. Boutwell has
been whitewashed by tho commi-tee, it
is hoped that the ir.vestiatjn may
lead to the breaking up of the stupen
dous jobs of the treasury ring. '
Mexican advices re port tl a; the revol
ution is a suming formidable p opor
t ons The government forces wv-ro de
leted near San Luis Great cxeiie
m nt is r j ortcd in the City of Mexico
over a rti-nor that Diaz's in urgei.t ea
vtl -y wa.- in t he vicinity.
This tnorirn af er hearing Mr. Co irt
ney ou bihaifof cx-Comptrolier Connelly
upon a uiotioni lo stny proceedings in
in-- suit of the supervisors against Cou
ivilv. pen-ling a decision of the court
at Albany, and in the suit of the peo
ple . I. if ;':e Barnard ,-ta'ed that ho would
d -.-ciinc to grant the motion, as he be
lieved the supervisors had a rightto
brii. action and not tho peojd. This
is the lir-t judicial decision yet rendered
a to tbe proper parties to briog these
suits. Ths?judj e li 1 not hear - counsel
for the supeivisors, but O'Goruiau pre
sented the printei opinion
of George T. Curtis, and e x Jud-e Por
ter holding the views expressed ly the
j-fj'ge. . '
Washington, January 22.
Dispatches from General Emery from
New Oiloans, i-tates that he has troops
in readiness to keep order. It is under
stood ihat the general has been ir.Mrjct
ed to protect publican! private property
from pillage in ei -e of emergency, but
not to interfere further, wit lout instruc
tions. J'a ib i er, Jan. 23.
This forenoon Dennis Shfa struck his
wife with a flat iron, probably fracturing
h. r skull and then cut his own throat
friii. ear to ear, dying almost instantly.
No t ause assigned.
New Oilcans, Januaiy 2 1. .
Carter has is-ued an address to the
people, staling tin; t.e v:!!l on Monday,
at 1 1:30 in the forenoon through ser-geaiit-at-nrms,
proceed to remove from
the halls of the house if repieseitti'tives,
mechanics . institute, and npp; ouches
thereto, the Metropolitan and
aimed men, and jiI-icj said bou o with
its orgatiizs.ioi) a it existed at adjourn
ment January 4'-h intact. He icqucsls
the peool: to cloo their place.- of bosi
ness and kep off th; streets in the vi
cinity. Wai mouth laving ignored
Speaker Curler, this programme iud -cates
a CJiifhct The Catterites are said
to have : wo thousand men.
At eleven in the forenoon tho pjople
assembled on Cani! stre-'t. about Dry
daes. Nearly 'all ihe police were with
drwn from tiieir I e its and armed as in
fantry. They concentrated about me
chanics institute; stvcral lines were
ihnwn across Drydaes. Several com
panies of infantry are. also on durj
Later C t ier ha- just made a speech
to seve.a! ll.oiisaud per.-ons at Clay stat
uc lie stated that he had ro-jcived a
communication fr-uu G noral L:m ry
ihat LTn;ted States troop- w rj iu readi
ness to prevent a:-y e "iiiiiet and ee.un
selled foibe.ira u."e, an 1 rejlst.d his
friends, the people, lo maintain iht ir or
ganizuii n tor future action. No c in
flict to-day. Tha stores along Canal
street front Rampart to the camp are
gene rally e!o cJ.
After announcing ;h? e 'nicntsof E:n
pry'ss di-pafch. Cm; tor said, 'thus United
State troops and Genera! Emery, are
used to per." t. i.ite the infamies which
would drive any northern or we.-rern
Sta'e. into revolution, and which will fill
t-i! mvarihe 1 when tho i:ve fixation
conm.itte" arrives. The c.y of "ljut's
Fight, We're going in anyhow" was
riised by the crowd. Carter replied.
"Men who let passions overcome their
reason w;iuld ruin any cause. I forbid
those acting under my commission to
take any step which would bring i hem
in conflict with the troops r.f the Colted
States." IIo t'.::r: ori r d his men to
rest on Cast . ;i House : tre-er.
When Carter concluded his prcth
the eiowd si 'wiy ciser-i d. Canal street
this av'tei a-on is ii'i'isiiaby quiet. 'ihe
action e-f the prc.-ideiit in preventing a
conflict seems to udvc sa'isfjc'io.-i to citi
zens in view of the early coming of tiie
coiigre-ion-. committee, which piomis
cs a peaceful solution cf tho trouble.
Geneta! Etm ry to day sent a copy of
the following dispatch to Carte:-and on-i
to Waru.outh :
Wa-hington, January 22.
Col Emery, oiiuiiiun'l'n th deoart
uutoit of the Gulf, New Orle.-ns; '
Tho Presid nt divots tint yr.u Lold
your troops in leadioe-s w Mispress a
conflict of arme.J bo lie of men, should
sueR neeur, and to jruard poblio property
from pillage aud destruction, liy oid-.r
of th Secretary ot W ar
E I). Townsend, Adjt. Gen'L
The Varmou! bites have now decided
that it requires fifty-four riitoitcrs of the
-Of5ee ooroer Main atxl Second itrevt; ..
ni etnty' . '
TERMS : IlttibS'.O.O'l per annuo, or fltV
house and nineteen of Senate to c nt,- ;!
tute a quorum, thus annulling their ava
tion repealing obnoxious laws.
Cincinnati, Jan. 2Z
An exciting shooting affray took placfl
at Chaileston, West A irginia, last even
ing, under tbe fo!Itwing circumstances:
During the war the lands of John C'laik- '
son, a wealthy Vnginian, were soid br
taxes, and yesterday he lued for the-r.
recovery. Dariug the progress of ihe '
trial Clark son called tho defende-nt, :
United States Marshal Slack, a liui,
Slack then struck Clarkson, and a gen- .
eral melee ensued, in which seven shot
were fired. The room was icall nnd
over a dozen persons present. Clark r
was shot four times, ono wound is dan- '
gerous, being in the breast. All thu
parties wealthy and respectable, and lhf
affair causes great excitement.
St. Paul, January 23.
Win. Saldatenkoff, commissioner troot
Russia to visit the prisons of the Unitpd
States, arrived here yesterday wi h S. i.
Menil, genera! manager of the Milwau-.
kee and St. Paul railroad, oilier
gentlemen from - Milwaukee. Ht
visit d ihe reform school and othee rmo
lij institutions, and was banqueted in
the evening.
A gentleman in from Manitoba, list
night, reports that too excitement slid
continue regarding the discoYe- v ! jtoid
(in the Peace river district, WM mile
from Fort Edmanton.
A deserter from Fort Pembina wi
found frozen to death eight miles ouitli
of that post a few days ago.
Pri, January 2o.
It is reported thst during the crisis
caused by the lcar of Thieis' withdrawal
agents of ihe imperialist circuited,
among ofacers of the army, and oeigl t
to a.-ceitain their deposition toward th t
empire, and whether there was any feed
ing i:i fivor cf the ift-tnr.iti ui.
Madrid, January 22.
Senator II rrca, ministerial candidate
i -.T President of the national eorte-, w is
defeated to-day. The election of Her--rea
was nndi a cabinet question. Hi
drfoat will ; probably lead to ministerial
changes. ' ;
LondonT January 2Z.'
The Liverpool chamber of .tn uteres
memorialized for a reduction of the tar-
;ff on cab'e messages. '
Rev- John Shelby, the wife tuurdcrcry
has been granted a respite. i I io
News has been received of the wrefe;
of the African mail steam packet M
gregaland off the Guinea coast, whiid
ou her way from the Cape to Eng-
land. The passengers and crew Were
saved. ....
Tho Tichbourne case continues to -attract
the attention of the court -daily,
which is crowded with spectators of hi'ghj
rank. The claimants chanco .are evi
dently weakening. Tho defense ha
over three hundred witnes.-c-s.,, Revei.e-,
lions cf an exciting character are looked
f..-v t . ' - ' -1
Tl" election in Kerry runs dangerous
L h gh. It. is i-epor e 1
the re tans are oran;zir.g mobs to up
p t Klenne'-hasset, home rule candid ite,
a d that rio-ts are threatened with vio
1 iicc. Bright has written a letter to
O iVrioghne. denouncing home rule.
Advices from Cape Good Hope repre
sent that, rich dis'-ovejirs continue to S
made in diamond field. Among others
two diamonds have been found, on
thousand pounds each.'
Cbleag-o Irdiiee Mnrktt. - ,
Chicago, January 2.J.
Hour dull and unchanged; good to
choice . spring extra, G '2'ji 0 75; Whito
western extra, 7 12J(?J,S 50. '
Whoat Dull and steady; No- 2, 1 22t
(-l22A cash, 1 '2'2K'1 2Ui, closed at
1 '22$ seller last half Febru-ry, about I
cent higher than seller 1'ebrujry; seller
March at 1 24-iC'i.l 2.1J, clo'ing at inside
bid; No. 1 quiet 1 27; No. 3, 1 I3J.
Oats Dull and weak, cent lower.
No. 2, Z2(a2i; rejected, 21(1'
Bye Scarce anJ firm. No-. 1 and 2,
GTt idS; regular andfiesh at t57.
lJarhy Dull rnd inactive; No. 2
nominally CO ' cash; No. 3 held at 48 j
in central and northwestern clevafacrs
wi;h 4S bid. ,
C tiieagfo t'Httle Market.
. Chicago, January 23
Cattle receipts C50; active demand
for shi)piiig steers, and pi ices firm at
4 UVa.a it;: for ll(Mto 12u)cv. t.. stc rs
C :i7K'"o s'' foi choice I I'm to lor.Oewr.
6 (fit t ...; for an extra lot of 'ft x a us
sold at 275.
II g- receipts HOD; market ruled
quiet, and closed dull and heavy; rango
4 0) " 4'V), outside for a lot avcrag:nir
4-o pound-; at close the rango was 4 OU
(.4.'iiJ. .
Nt. I,oul Proilar Market.
St. Louis, January 23.
Flour Firm; bnsinsss very email,
XX winter OoOQa) 11; ftiudy winter
7.VJH(U . .
V. iieat Flat, no'.Ling done. '
Corn Finn; No. 2, l'J' 41 on track
and elevator. t
Oats A shade better; No. 2 2Gi
oi .
Barley Steady; No. 2, Co. ,!
Rye Quiet at 7oC 70.
Pork Oiict; 13(J on order; 13 00
seller February: 13 50 Mwrch.
Bacon and dry bait meats Quiet and
unchanged; on'y limited jobbing de
mand L-ird FIrn at 8?(rtsJ.
Hogs-Finn tt 3 75(34 25; bulk of
pale at 4'.Vw.-i 15.
. Cattle lu good demand.
" -rT'".C;-Wtl-; s - . . J 1
r;uiDo r--yn (OEM.)'?
rev? York Office, 27 BEEZHAH ST.
f t
5 .