Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 04, 1872, Image 4

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0- I V -F-il
II.' Duboiae, Esq. of Weeping Water,
was io the city to-day. He reports the
eloigning in fair condition between this
city aoi his place.
An exchange thinks the "great prin
ciple" of the one term idea is all a hum
bug, and that if we refuse to re elect
President Grant it should be on the
"great principle" that we don't want
him any longer.
A large number of the Herald pat
rons hare called and settled their ac
counts during the past week, for which
they have our thanks We have time
to wait upon a few more.
Tte Turners had a social hop at their
hall over Spier's store last evening. We
did not learn the particulars, but they
always have a fine time.
At a regular meeting of Plattsmouth
Lodge No 6 A. F. & A. M-, held last
evening, the following members were
elected trustees for the ensuing year, viz.
D. H. Wheeler. R, R. Livingston.
J. Vallery, Jr. M. B. Murphy. H. D.
Hathaway. E. T. Duke. T. M. Mar
tinet t.
A train of cars on the Burlington, Ce
dar rapids and Minnesota Railroad, went
over a bridge, killed the engineer fire
man and brakeman instantly, and in
jured several passengers.
The bonds of Gage county, voted to
aid in the building of the Southwern
Railroad, were to be delivered last Pri
Small pox has made its appearance in
Gen. Amasa Cobb, of Lincoln, re
turned last week from a visit to the Na
tional capital.
'An. Klepser i.1 in the city cn a visit
to her daughters and son, Mrs. Simpson,
Mrs. Johnion and Capt. Klepser.
The Herald is under obligations to
Guthman & Huberty for holiday favors.
They keep a full assortment of eTery
thing in their line (for which see adver
tisement,) andjthey know exactly how to
treat their customers.
Conrad Ripple, the brewer of the best
beer in the west, has the thanks of the
Herald for a New Years present with
hoops on it. Ripple always serves us
that way oh New Years and we hope he
may live to repeat it for a hundred times.
1L N. Orr, Esq. recently returned
from the mountains, where he is winter
ing his 6tock. He is about one hund
red miles north of Denver, and reports
about a foot of snow when he left there,
which i3 causing some loss of cattle.
See notice of pocket-book lost by Mr.
Burger of Louisville. It is hoped that
it is found by some man whose honesty
is worth more than $600. The loser is
an honest hard working man and the
loss is a severe one.
A 'bus driver named Elmer Powell,
entered the B. & M. ticket office at Ot
tumwa, last week, and robbed it of a small
amount of money and a watch. He
was Buspicioned, arrested, and a part of
the funds found. He acknowledged the
theft, and said he had dropped the
watch into a well to avoid detection.
He boards at the expense of the county,
a la Connelly.
Mr. & Mrs. Schornfcorst, formerly of
this city, keep the hotel where ZJt. Mar
vin's patient (Miss Oliver) died recently.
They have commenced suit ainst Boyd
and Marvin for damages done the car
pets, etc., before Miss Oliver's death.
Two colored men, named John Cole
and John H. Jones, got in a quarrel at
Corning (Iowa) last week. Cole drew a
knife, and Jones shot him with a revolv
er. Cole died, and Jones is boarding at
the expense of the county until such
time as the State may make other dis
position of him
Hon. John Taffe arrived at home
last week, and Senator Hitchcock re
turned to the National Capital.
A clerk in the Omaha post-office at
tempted personal chastisement of the
editor of the Omaha Bee, a few days
since, for some fancied injustice dene
him, by an item in said paper. Two
wrongs never made a right.
Dr. M. H. McCluskey and Mr. Reno,
formerly residents of this city, but now
of Glenwood, and their wives, were in
attendance at the Masonic Festival in
this place last Wednesday evening.
Mr. Edward McShane, county Treas
urer of Douglas county, was married
last week to Miss Agnes Magin, of Bur
lington. The Springfield, Mass. Republican
says : "An uncle of George Francis
Train has made oath that his notorious
nephew is a lunatic, and has asked to be
appointed gurdian over him. It must
be a powerful sense of duty that prompts
him to assume sueh an incumbrance."
The Fremont Tribune sails into Post
master Griffin, at Omaha, for insulting
the editor of the Bee while in company
with a lady. As we understood it, the
Tribune is mistaken in the man. It was
not Mr. Griffin, but one of his clerks
who insulted Mr. Rc. ter, and Qie
Bee calls on Mr. Griffin .a dispense with
the services of the offending clerk, which
he has not yet done.
Notwithstanding the low price of pork
our streets are thronged with large
droves of hogs from ' 'frosty morn until
dusky eve." Many of them wiil be
slaughtered here and shipped East and
South, and then re-shipped to us in the
spring in the shape of smoked hams,
shoulders and bacon. Is this business?
We had the pleasure of eating fresh
rhubarb and lettuce to-day, from Hes
ter's Greenhouse. He will have a small
apply of both articles for sale in the
caarseof a few days. Hesser is the
most enterprising gardener and florist in
the west, and allows no one to get ahead
of hiai in matters of this kind.
aTw aaV - A -l ova
All persons indebted to the under
signed, who arc unable to liquidate the
same prior to the 1st day of January.
1872, are requested to call and adjust
their accounts by giving a note.
H. D. Hathavt at.
Dee. 19, d&wtf
Lost, on or about the 20th of Decern
ber, 1871, in Louisville precinct, in the
vicinity of the Decker farm, a pocket-
book containing about $600 in green
backs and sereral notes payable to the
undersigaed. The above reward will be
paid to any person returning the pocket-
book and contents to me at my residence
in Louisville precinct.
jan2d6w2 W. IL BURGER.
At the organization of the Grand
Commandery of Knights Templars
the State of Nebraska, held in Omaha
last week, the following officers were
elected :
Sir H. P. Duel, Grand Commander.
Sir W. E. Hill, Deputy Grand Com
Sir J. M. Hurty, Grand Gen.
Sir D. H. Wheeler, Gr. Capt. Gen.
Sir Rev. G. C. Betts, Grand Prelate,
Sir C. S. Chase, Grand S. W.
SirH. Wakely, Grand J. W.
Sir Henry Brown, Grand Treasurer.
Sir R. W. Furnas, Grand Recorder
The Republican Central Committee o
Otoe county, have met and nominated
Henry A. Newman as their candidate
for the State Senate, in place of Robert
Hawke, resigned, and R. C. B. Elvin
for the House, in place of J. E. Doom,
removed trom the county. iney are
both good men, and should bo supported
by every Republican in the county.
Mr. Balcombe says that Dr. Miller
was quite nervous after returning from
Boston when questioned closely in re
gard to what was done there on the
transfer bus'ness. It now seems that
he had a cause for being nerrous. We
had supposed, however, that the Dr.
was more hardened to these things, and
would be able to pass the ordeal of a
cross-examination without displaying
that nervousness bo common among new
The New York Tribune of recent
date, contains an announcement of the
organization of the "Burlington & Mis
souri River Railroad Company in Colo
rado," with J. W. Brooks, President.
This is the next link in the great trans
continental route which crosses the Mis
souri river at Plattsmouth. We have
no further particulars of the organiza
tion at the present writing, but w can
readily understand the great benefit this
continuation of the line will be to our
city, county and State. Every Ne
braskian should rejoice.
The arrangements have been perfected
for holding the Catholic Fair, at Fitz
eerald's Hall, and the time set for the
evenings of the 9th and 10th inst.
Tuesday and Wednesday of next week,
The general programme will be similar
to that of last year, and Father Hayes
assures us that the Fair will be fully equal
to the last one, and an effort wll be
made to make it even superior. Among
the attractions will be an elegant car
riage robe, for which Father Hayes paid
$45 in greenbacks, and which he has do
nated to be voted to the most popular
crentleman in the city. He has also do
nated his superb canary a beautiful
singer to be voted to the handsomest
lady in the city. Arrangements have
been made for a grand opening concert,
and one of the interesting features of
the occasion will be the recitatian of
Shamus O'Brien," by that well-
known genius, "Little Mc." otherwise
F. M. McDonough, formerly the spicy
local of the Omaha Herald, now of the
Council Bluffs Times, and Chief Clerk
of the Nebraska House of Representa
tives last winter. Everything indicates
a fine time and a large attendance.
A Rleb Treat la Store.
J. N. Wise, Esq., has advices from
Hon. J. H. Warwick, stating that he
will visit our city on or about the 22d inst,
at which time he will lecture at Fitz
gerald's Hall. Those who heard thia
famous lecturer while visiting our city
ast winter, require no second notice of
his coming, for they will all be on hand.
It was said to be by far tht best lecture
of the season. His "Evening with
Shakspeare and the Poets" will capti
vate any audience in the world. We ex
pect to see Fitzgerald's Hall filled to
overflowing on the occasion of his visit
here. Probably no lecturer in the field
has received higher encomiums from the
press of the land than has Warwick.
It is a noticable fact that not a Re
publican paper in the State has endorsed
Senator Tipton's late speech in the Sen
ate, while every Democratic paper in the
State has endorsed it. There are one or
two so-called Republican papers that
dared not ex press an independent thought
upon anything, and consequently they
have said nothing about the speech, ex
cept perhaps, to simply notice the fact
that the Senator had made a speech, or
to copy some portions without criticism.
Aside from these, the Republican press
of Nebraska has been unanimous in its
condemnation. Is Senator Tipton right
as a Republican, and is the entire Re
publican press of the State wrocg ?
O. G. Sawyer, Editor in Chief of the
Salt Lake Tribune, has retired from that
journal in consequence of a disagreement
between himself and the stockholders on
the mormon question the majority of
the stockholders being so-called apos
tate mormons.
Hon. Lawson Sheldon was in town to
We will receive Corn at market price
for a limited time, on either old or new
subscriptions. Farmers will please take
notice. wtf
Work has been commenced on the
new vault for the First National Ban
of Plattsmouth, in Fitzgerald's Block.
When compeleted, this will be, probably,
the finest banking room in the State,
The certificate of authority, for com
mencement of business .by the First Na
tional was issued yesterday, and wil
probably be received to-morrow, when
the Dew bank will bo ready for business,
It will be continued at the present bank
ing rooms of Tootle, Hanna & C ark un
til the new rooaas are completed.
Game has been abundant in town to
The Episcopal Mite Society held
meeting at the residence of Mrs. Altaff-
ersla3t evening.
A couple of teams collided on Second
street this forenoon, which mixed things
up pretty generally. No serious dam
age done.
Rev. Fifield, Congregational minister
at Lincoln, was presented by members
of his congregation, last week, with
$95 in greenbacks and about $30 in arti
cles for family use.
Careful business men and farmers
make it a point to balance their books
on the first day of January. We don'
intend this as a hint to. parties in arrears
for their paper and anvertising. Oh no
Acting Gov. James has arrived home
from his northern trip, to prepare for
the coming session of the Legislature
. The State Bank of Ashland have
moved into their new brick building
which is said to bo one of the finest
banking houses in the State. J. G,
Miller is President of the Bank, and
John Simington Cashier.
What we want more wholesale bust
ness houses, a steam fire engine, the
trunk railroad, three publio cisterns,
few more avenues opened, more work
and less grumbling, more subscribers to
the Herald, abridge over the Missouri
river, a more liberal system of advertis
ing among our business men, more
brick blocks and less frame shanties-
By endeavoring to supply these long
needed wants, our people will find them
selves happy, virtuous and wise.
The President's father is slowly re
The Lincoln daily Statesman has
about run "out of soap" on the McCon
nell business and will probably suspend
in a short time. The last few issues
have only contained a few sickly allu
sions to the "University Treasurer,"
which indicates that its mission is about
fulfilled. Farewell, for a time.
We visited Ilesser's green-house yes
terday, and found them looking as fresh
and nice as a May morning. He has
many species of flowering plants now in
full bloom, and is constantly propagating
dants for the SDrinc market. There is
no disguising the fact that nesser has
the finest assortment of green-house
plants in the North west.
Connolly waiting in jail for his friends
f prosperous days to bail him out, is
said to be the latest case of misplaced
In an extract from the Liucoln county
Advertiser, published elsewhere, it will
be seen that Col. Park has but little
faith in the honesty of Senator Tipton's
professions, while he partially endorses
the sentiments he utters.
Nemaha county holds a Teachers In
stitute on the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th
days of J anuary.
Wm. R. Craig, of Nebraska City, has
been awarded the contract for erecting
the State Normal School buildings at
The Omaha Herald says there will
be a session of the Legislature.
We had a big thaw yesterday and last
night, and the Midland train has now
reached Lincoln.
Wm. L. Hobbs, our efficient county
Treasurer, returned this morning from
a visit to his friends in Missouri.
Of the good will of a newspaper, the
New York Iribune says : "There is at
tached to it besides presses, type and
other material things belonging to the
outfit of a newspaper a mysterious and
invisible piece of property which can
not be burned up and is of more value
than all the rest of its possessions com
bined it good will. It is this which
is at once a spiritual and a commercial
standard, which comes slowly and which
does not go easily, being the gradual and
grudging response of the people to the
patient, toilsome, honest and useful work
done by the press in the service of the
The Republican says that twenty re.
served seats have been engaged by par
ties in this city to beared win forest at
James Clisbe, Esq., one of the early
settlers of Cass county, and a thrifty
business man, has purchased the store
of Horton & Jenks, at Weeping Water,
as will be seen by reference to the adver
tising columns of the Herald. Mr.
Clisbee will keep up his stock to the de
mands of the trade, and will always be
found an accommedating business man.
The deep snow is driving the game to
the lowlands and timber for food and
shelter. Last Wednesday ' two deer
came charging down Sixth street from
the north, having evidently been driven
from the Platte Bottom by hunters. A
arge number of teams were on the
street at the time, and in the vicinity of
Streight'a Stable several teams were
congregated. They passed entirely
through the city on the line of Sixth
street and kept on in a southerly direc
tion. Several parties started in pursuit,
and a Mr. Cook succeeded in bringing
down one of them, which weighs 160
pounds, choice pieces of which can be
had at Fickler's Meat Market.
Died, at 11 p. m., December 27th
1871, Elizabeth, wife of Geo. G. Tutt
aged 77 years, 8 months and 17 days.
The fuueral took place from the res
idence of Andrew Tutt, at 11 o'clock
m., Friday, December 29th, Friends .of
the family were invited.
A man named Underbill seems to have
successfully played . . the "confidence
game" on Messrs. Ish ond Powell,
Omaha, to the extent of $2,900. .He
sold them an interest in a bogus mining
company in Utah for that sum, and they
now have him up in the police court
Cheapest and Best. Mrs. Whit
comb's Syrup for children is sold by
druggists for 25 cents a battle, and is an
admirable preparation for infantile dis
orders, d&wlw
Don't sell your pork until you have
seen. E. G. Dotet.
dec5dwl m
Passengers who were snowed in for
four days on the Midland railroad be
tween Nebraska City and Lincoln, unable
to get either way, speak very highly of
Dr. Converse and all persons connected
with the train. Everything was done
that could be to make them comfortable.
notwithstanding which they passed four
terrible, days and nights. They were
finally relieved by wagons which took
them to the State capital
Mr. Miller, oFUsceola, is in the city
for a few days tho guest of his son-in-law
A. W. Prole, Esq.
The Omaha Bee
trates "a pcacable
of last evening illus
citizen going for his
mail" to the Omaha post-office. It rep
resents a man armed with about a dozen
fire-arms, several knives, a mountain
howitzer drawn by. an iron clad dog with
a revolver in his mouth. That must be
a terrible place.
"Gath," the Washington correspond
ent of the Chicago Tribune, makes little
of our Senator Tipton, while pretending
to praise him, by calling him the "geni
al old man from the frontier."
ijueen V ictoria s tavonte newspaoer
is the Cologne Gazette. Her favorite
stimulant is such delicious tea as is fur
nished to the thousands by the Great
United States Tea Company, New York,
by their numerous agents. Guthman Sc
Huberty are agents for the U. S. Tea
Co., Plattsmouth, Nebraska. dlwl.
If you want to send for your friends
from the old country, or take a trip
there, go to Edward Wilson, Ticket
Agent, Plattsmouth Depot, who can is
sue through tickets to and from Liver
pool, Queenstown, Derry, Glasgow, Ant
werp, Christiana, Gothcnberg, Copen
hagen, Paris, &c, &e.
Through tickets, Liverpool to Platts
mouth,, $58.35, and from other places
in proportion. docid&wlm.
The Nebraska City Chronicle, in speak
ing of the new town of Red Willow, on
the Republican river, says: TheB &
M. Railroad company is surveying a line
from Beatrice out to and up the-Repub
lican river, and it is expected that the
new town of Red Willow will be one of
its points. Ihe surveyors - are already
nearly a hundred miles beyond Beatrice.
The most convenient thing in the
city is one of those brass 1 ale Lock
Boxes, where you can get your -mail
whether the P. M. is at home or not.
Just a few more left.
We are paying the highest market
price tor good tat nogs, delivered in
Plattsmouth, on foot. Farmers having
fat hogs will consult their interest by
calling on us before selling.
Vallerts & Ruffner.
Dec. 21. 1871 wtf.
Messrs. Wayman & Curtis, machinists
of this city, have just completed the
manufacture of a novel machine, which
can be seen in operation on the river be-
ow town. It is an ice plow, designed for
cutting ice for packing. Tt is a novelty
and if it proves successful will rave a
great amount of labcr.
Blank Deeds, Mortgages, Bonds and
a full line of Justices' Blanks for sale at
the Herald Office. d&wtf
The Democrats of Otoe county have
nominated Geo. W. Covell and F. E.
Thompson to fill the Legislative vacan
Plattsmouth, Jan. 3, 1871
Wheat 85 90 for No. 2.
Corn 18c for ear.
Oats 18c.
No barley or rye being brought
there are no quototions.
The corn bought at the present time
is all being stored.
Dressed Pork is coming in lively, and
. A ... - T T
our dealers are paying $d to. un
dressed, $3.003.25.
Sham Chinaman to California lady,
at Sunday School : "Why do-ee Christ
ian only talk-ec about Jesus on Sunday?,
and not-ee one time-ee on other days?"
Rev. Mr. Cheney, in a letter from
Chicago says: "I have fed from our
supplies 6ent from the noble hearted
people ot other cities tamuies wno never
new a want. A Dride, wnoni a mar
ried a few weeks ago, all the para-
Dhernalia of a fashionable wedding, has
come, driven by actual starvation, to eat
at the common table in our basement.
The family of an ex-member of Con-
gress, one or our nrst citizens, wno, two
weeks ago supposed nimsett a ricn man
were until tLe day before yesterday, hud
dled on the north pier, where, during
the terrible Sunday night and Monday,
they kept each other from burniug to
death by throwing water which they
dipped up from the lake."
Since the abolition of the purchase of
. T . ' 1 .1
commissions in tne oncisn army me
officers are resigning by hundreds. . The
Dublin brigade office has had 400 ap
plications to retire.
A rural noet indicted a sonnet to bis
sweet-heart, entitled "I kissed her Jsub
rosa." The compositor knew better than
that, and set itnp in printer's Latin:. "I
Kisscn ner euuv rus.
Remaining in the' Post-office Platts
mouth, Neb., January 1st, 1872:
Ahl John Allison Andrew R
All. Miss Mary Arnold P F
Bennett Tom . F Berg Mrs A L
Barrett John Bryon Jiraes P "
Bradford Miss Eliza
Carroll Michael Cook James 31
Crocket William H-2
Dick Carlile Dunaway Miss L
Darby Jefferson Davis Smither H
Ferry Mrs Rebecca Fitzgerald James
Fitzgerald Patrick Foster Louis A
Franklin Miss Mary
Green Willliam
Harnian O Y Hillier J A
HoMiger John Hartman J S
Hudson Miss S Hockaday J M
JuheberJohn Jessup Alma
Kane Cornelius Kelly William
Keyes J S
Lanovan James Lewis Henry
Linden Gust Larsson L
Lenf rs Miss Lizzie
Morrissey Miss E-2 Mattick J A
Mnnson Henry McCord Allen
McNaughton Thos Muxlow Eld Thos
Miller II enry M Meyer Amos
Pottinger Harvey Panter Judson
Peck R A .PreeceFJ
Snyder Charles W
Thompson D W Tracy James
Underhill Dr Jno W
Vanness Geo W-2
Wright Michael Warder Mrs Lizzie
Wilkey John Wager Andy
WadsworthAD Whetsdale Salem
Whiteman A nib Watson Miss F
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say advertised.
Per S.
Third monthly report of the First
Ward Public School.
In the following report 10 is consid
ered as perfect both in deportment and
In the report of the Primary depart
ment the younger class is not marked in
Dept. Rect. No. ds.
Maggie Buttery 10 10 50
Kate Hobbs 10 10 46
Nettie Lazenby 10 8 57
Nellie Parmele 9 9 47
Maggie Robine 8 8 57
Lizzie Buttery 10 10 49
Mary Tucker 10 9 50
LiUie Tucker 10 10 56
Theresia Humphrey 10 10 39
Flora Grooms 9 8 28
Minnie Polsinger 9 8 55
OlgaKuhl 10 10 57
Edith Lazenby 10 10 47
May Kennedy 10 10 51
Myrtle Colvin 9 9 57
Laura Cooper 10 10 38
Ola Cooper 10 10 57
Emma Russell 10 10 54
Francis Mitchell 10 9 43
Louisa Shryock 10 10 45
Eliza Mitchell 10 8 53
Emma Harold 10 9 36
Lizzie Rippte 9 9 57
Lizzie Cummings 9 8 38
Jennie Robinson 9 8 38
Levie Gapen 10 10 39
Kittie Oldham 10 8 29
Carrie Bradley 10 10 38
Maggie Robertson 10 9 16
Addie Lewis 10 9 25
Fanny Stanforth 10 10 21
Mary Camming 10 8 15
Bridget Florady 9 7 6
John Lamb 9 9 50
David Babbiugton 10 9 50
Eddie Humphrey 8 8 54
Frank Pottengcr 10 9 55
John Florady 8 8 26
Marion Armstrong 9 10 57
Gilbert Hobbs 9 9 47
Jasper Howland 8 9 57
Freddie Howland 8 7 53
Freddie Murphy 8 8 40
Charles Kuhl 9 9 54
John White: 9 9 54
Robert Black 10 9 52
John Saxon 9 8 43
James Harold 9 9 52
Willie Lamb 10 9 43
John Humphrey 9 9 24
Carrie Babbington 10 10
Anna Burman 8
Lana Burman '
Lessle Black 10
Anna Colvin 10
Anna Champion 8
rannie Champion 8
Maggie Champion 9
tanny Dovy 10
Flora Davis 10
Flora Hobbs 10
Emma Hobbs 10
Kate Ingle 10
Mattie Kuhl 10
Lottie Keller 10
Alwilda Lamb 8
Lusie Mockenhopt 8
liouisa Neaui 8
Bell Orr 10
Dasie Reese 10
Aha Sage 10
Robert Shaffer 8
Lena Thomas 10
Nannie Tucker 10
Mary Wolfe 8
Louisa Wolleneer 10
Mary Wing 10
Albert Amison 10
Willie Brian 10
?red Bnrman 8
Charles Burman 8
Claude Champion 10
Albert Colvin 9
James Donnely 9
Eddie Donelan 8
Henry Harold 10
Charles Harold 10
Oscar Ingle 8
George Jones 8
Henry Kuhl U
Ned Lewis 9
Eddie Murphy 9
Christ Mockenhopt 10 7
Gay Orr 10
Charles Parmele 10 10
John Pottenger 8
George Robertson 7
Albert Sage 9
Anna Murphy 10
Emma Mann 10
Parents of pupils, and friends of edu
cation are requested to examine me
above report.
It is desirable that parents have their
children in school more regularly the
next term than has been the case the
lost Rw rpfprpnr to the above report
they can ascertain just how many days
the pupils have been in attendance.
There have been 57 school days in the
term just closed, and but a small pro
portion of pupils have been in school
every day of toe term.
H. A. Austin.
Lydia Gage.
The right of a child to prosecute bis
parents for whipping him, and to recov-
Jnmiin9 in n. fnnrt, of law. IS in PTO-
cess of demonstration in Cincinnati. The
complainant, who is an infant in the eyes
of the law, seeks damages to the am
ount of $50,000 from his parents for the
abuse and ill treatment he has received
since 1858- The boy's petition recounts
how he was thrashed with an iron ram
rod and with rubber whips; how he was
dragged about the house and down two
flights of stairs by the hair, and how, by
way of encouraging penitential medita
tion, he was thrust into a closet under a
tank of hot water, and kept there for ten
hours, in such a position that he was un
able to stand up or sit down. The pa
rents have refused an offer to compromise.
and Sheep Drinjr
for want of
rhrlitniM mt the Fort.
Fort. D. A. Rcssell, W. T., )
December 27, 1871.
Dear Herald: We are having a
real Arctic winter. Such a season of
frost and snow was never before known
in this country. The railroad is blocked
and will be for some time, for no corpo
ration can contend with such storms.
Hundreds of men are employed, but a
few hours of wind and snow demand
that the Herculean task be performed
again. We have had the rigors of such
a winter for two months, with only a
few pleasant days intervening. It is ex
tremely unfortunate for this country that
this winter especially Ehould have been
so unprecedentedly severe.
Many men had invested largely in cat
tle and sheep the mild winter and the
small amount of snow that has hitherto
fallen making cattle raising very profit
able but this terrible season will set
the country back at least five yea.s.
Many cattle and sheep are dying for
want of food and shelter, and many are
lost in the stampedes that take place
during a severe storm. In former win
ters it has not been necessary to provide
hay, and no provision was made last fall
for such a succession of storms. As a
compensation, however, for this long
reign of Boreas, we shall doubtless have
an unusual growth of grass next sum
mer, and a large supply of water for ir
rigation a desideratum we have not
known for several summers.
We had a fine day for Christmas, and
we celebrated it in a quiet way. I was
invited to dine with Gen. King, and a
model dinner it was. I was honored
with a present from Mrs. King, of Hen
ry Ward Beecher's "Life of Christ"
a most gorgeously bound volume, with
numerous steel plate and wood engra
vings, suitable for a holiday gift, worth
at least ten dollars. Every family ought
to have a copy of this invaluable work.
At 5 o'clock, p. m , we were all invited
to see the Christmas tree at the Gener
al's, after it was dressed and lighted up.
As Mrs. King's numerous relatives are
wealthy, the family were deluged with
gifts. Such an array of Christmas pres
ents I never could have dreamed of;
oil paintings, chromos, jewelry rich and
rare, costly and choice volumes, articles
of virtu of great value, bijoutre dolls for
the children, some of them costing not
less than twenty-live dollars each splen
didly dressed and articulating the words
pa, ma, distinctly, by a gentle manipula
tion of hidden springs, velocipedes,
steam engines, &c, &c. The whole ar
ray, looking like an immense Bazaar,
could not have cost less than $500.
No family '; more, richly deserves
the kind regard of friends, for they are
among the very best people on this
round earth. - A select gathering and
oyster supper at Capt. Owens' closed
the festivities of the day. How many
of us will see Christmas In 1872?
Yours &a,
A. Wright,
Post Chaplain U. S. A.
f oral Notice .
by it. A sallow or yellow color of the
skin, or j'flllowish brown spots on face
and other parts of body ; dullness and
drowsiness, with frequent headache;
dizziness, bitter or bad taste in mouth.
dryness of throat and internal heat ; pal
pitation, in many cases a dry, teasing
cough, with sore throat, unsteady appe
tite, raising ot food, choking sensation
in throat ; distress, heaviness, or bloat
ed, or full feeling about stomach and
sides, pain in sides, back or breast, and
about shoulders ; colic pain and soreness
through bowels, with heat : constipation,
alternating with trequent attacks of di
arrhea; piles, flatulence, nervousness,
coldness of extremeties ; rush of blood
to head, with symptoms of apoplexy,
numbness ef limbs, especially at night ;
cold chills alternating with hot Hashes,
kidney and urinary difficulties ; female
weakness, dullness, low spirits, unsocia
bility and gloomy forebodings. Only
a few of above symptons likely to be
present in any case at one time. All
who use Dr. Pierce's Alt. Ext. or Gold-
en Medical uiscovery lor laver com
plaint and its Complications, are loud in
its praise. Sold by all first-class drug
gists. d&wlw
We can commend Messrs. Geo. P.
Rowell & Co,, of New York, to those of
our patrons wno may nave occasion to
advertise in papers beyond their imme
diate vicinity, as the firm have busi
ness relations with the press throughout
the whoie country. Qumcy (111.) Whig.
Adjournment of Court. Notice
is hereby given that the time for the
holding ot the January term ot the
District Court has been adjourned to the
29th dav of January, A. D., 1872, at 1
o'clo k p. m., at which time all jurors
and witnesses summoned for said term,
will be present witout further notice.
liv order ot lion. lieo. u. Lke,
Judge 2d Judicial District, State of Ne
Clerk of District Court
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, December
29th, 1871. d&wlni.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy is no
Patent Medicine humbug gotten up to
rlnno the ignorant and credulous, nor is
it represented as being "composed of.
rare and precious substances, brought
from the four corners of the earth, car
ried seven times across the Great Desert
of Saharah, on the backs of fourteen
camels, and brought across the Atlantic
Ocean on two ships. It is a mud,
soothing, pleasant Remedy, a perfect
Specific for Chronic Nasal Catarrh,
"Cold in the Mead, ' and Kinarea ais-
n.. - . t lr T :
cases. J. ne proprietor, xv. . jeroe,
M. D.. of Buffalo, N. Y., (whose pri
vate Government stamp is on every
package of the Genuine,) otters are-
ward ot f oou ror a case oi vauuru uo
cannot cure. J?or sale by m druggists.
Sent by mail, postpaid, for sixty cents.
Address the proprietor as above.
Dec 26. d&wlw
500 pairs of men's best custom made
heavy kip boots, at $4.00 and $4.2a, tor
sale at O'Brien's shoe store. They will
be sold' at these prices only lor thirty
days. Call early- and get a good nt and
good bargain. jautwu
l he 1 Rum Verified In order to
convince our patrons at a distance that
our stock notes (comprising the unpaid
portion ot our lav tial) are, beyond ques
tion as good as Goverment Bonds to pay
losses with, if ever required, we solicited
an examination of the samo by tho Bank
ers ot this city, and herewith present
their letter, which must settle all doubt,
ii any exists:
St. Josef-h, Mo., Nov. 17, 1871.
io ine umcers &t. Joseph f ire and
Marine Insurance Co :
At your request, we. the andersirn
ed Bankers of the City of St. Joseph,
have careiully exanined the stock notes
comprising the "unpaid" portion of the
stock of the Saint Joseph Fire and Ma
rine Insurance Company, located in this
city, ana nna them all to be well secured,
either by Deed of Trust on Real Estate,
or by three responsible names, and re
gard them as nrst class bankable paper,
and as such; would not hesitate to dis
count any portion of them at either of
the Banks reprasented by us.
A. Beattie, Banker. John Colhoun,
Cashier Colhoun Bank. Jos. C. Hull,
Cashier first National bank. A. M
Saxton President State National bank
I. G Kappner, Cashier German Sav
iags Bauk. John Williams, Cashier
Buchanan Bank.
H. E. Palmer. Aot.
Plattsmouth Neb.
Dec 8 d&w lm
See advertisement of Dr. Butts Dis
pensary, headed Book for the Million
Marriage Guide in another column. It
ihould be read by all. decldawly
Wanted A girl to do general house
work. W ages $3 50 per week. Apply
Famers. Look at Tim! For the
next thirty days we will sell all classes of
pegged work, at and below cost. J)len s
and boys' boots of all kinds, women's,
misses and children s shoes in great va
riety. We have now too many of them,
and must reduce the stock to make room
for light goods for spring wear. Call
early and get a bargain at O'Brien's
Shoe store, next door to post-office,
Plattsmouth. jan4dtf
Facts. This Company has been do
ing a successful and profitable business
for the past four years.
It has the largest cash surplis, over
and above all liabilities, of any Agency
company in Missouri.
Over one hundred thousand dollars
have been promptly disbursed for losses.
It has never contested a single claim.
Tho Directors and Stockholders em
brace the wealthiest men in the Missouri
It is managed by men of acknowledged
ability and long experience in the busi
ness. Its success in the past is a safe guar
antee for the future.
It employs none but experienced
it does not insure "frame ranges,"
but accepts dwellings and first clas
brick mercantile risks at adeqaate rates.
Its business is conducted on the prin
ciples of commerci J honor.
Prompt and literal adjustment of
losses a specialty with this company.
Take no chances on companies made
bankrupt by Chicago fire, and procure a
policy in the "St. Joseph."
H. E. Palmer, Ag't.,
dec8d&wlm Platssmouth Neb.
Orrioi St. -Tosbpr Firi ad Maris Ina. Co. 1
St. Joteph. Mo., Norember 15, 1871,
To the Public: In another column we
present to our policy holders and the
public in general, a special statement
showing the condition of this company
on thi I5th day of November, 1S71.
As considerable doubt still exists as to
the solvency of many of the leading
companies, we refer to the subjoined
statement with pride, and ask a careful
psrusal of the same. The fact of our
having a handsome surplus over and
above all liabilities before the great fire
and it being generally known that our
losses were small, business commenced
pouring in from a majority of our agen
cics, immediately after the Chicago fire
and the month of October has closed.
giving us over fifteen thousand dollars in
premiums, or over three times as much
as the same month last year. This
large increase in premiums for Oc
tober, over the same month in the last
year, speaks volumes for the credit of
the company, and shows the value placed
upon our policies, both at home and
abroad, in such times of doubt as the
Itisniw definitely stated that fifty-
seven (heretofore sound and reliable) in
surance companies have suspended, and
the insurance journals speak in a manner
which warn us that the end is not yet.
Many of the leading companies at the
east are by this great calamity reduced
to an even footing with a number of
the medium companies at the west, and
we now present our claims as being in
every respect as worthy of your confi
dence, as those companies at the east.
With the present adequate rates, eco
nomical management, and handsome
surplus over and above all liabilities, we
enter the contest with the full assurance
that the "St. Joseph ' stands second to
no company in the we.r.
GEO. W. SAMUEL. President.
H. E. Palmer, Ag't, Plattsmouth,
Nebraska. dec9dfewlm
Symptoms. Slight pain in the side,
the skin and eye assume a thick, yellow
coat, digestion ia impaired, an unpleas
ant sinking sensation at the pit of the
stomach is experienced, the bowels are
irregular, the mind fretful, the memory
weakened, sometimes a flight cough,
coldness of the hands and feet, sometimes
loss of appetite and at others unnatural
craving for food, dizziness of the head,
depressed Fpirits, feeling of uncertainty,
of having left something undone, "bat
can't tell what it is. Take Simmons'
Liver Regulator, . it will remove all un
pleasant feelings and make you well.
Probate Notice.
I hereby give notice to all concerned that a
Will purporting to be the last Will and Testa
ment of Zachariah Burows deceased, late of
Cass county and State of Nebraska, has been
filed in the office of the Probate court of said
county, and that a hearing will be had at my
office in the city of Plattsmouth in said county
on the 27th day of January at one o'clock p m
of said day on the application to prove and
admit said Will to probate at which time and
place all persons iaterexted in said estate are
requerted to appear and if they see fit contest
admitting said Will to Probate.
Given under my hand and seal at my office
this 2d day ef January A. D. 1872
H. . ELLISON. Probate Judge.
Strayed or Stolen
From the subscribers premises in the city of
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on or about the 12th
day of Iecsmber 1871, two bla -k horse ponies,
one rather heavy built, with white spot in his
faee and some saddle marks. The other a
smaller pony, not quite as dark colored, shod
on fore feet, and weighs about seven hundre t
and fifty 1 ounds. I will pay twenty-five dol
lars for their return to me. ..... .
Plattsmouth. Jan. 3, 1872. jan4wtf.
Passengers booked to and from all part of
Europe at lowest rates. Apply to
General Western Agent 375 State st. Chicago
or to ED. WILSON.
janlw6tn. PJattsnjouth, Neb.
("" THE Symptoms of lin
OlmFilOnS in tba Snmrtic
rr cons-'.
and pin -
imM (hit
In in in tba hnulrlr. ami
inintukco for rbeurnatifiu.
flee tod with Ions of appetite
Thb stomach ia
nl aicknes, bowoln im feneral
timea alternating with la. The head ia trou-
Plan with pain: ml dull, heavy urnnation, con-
iruicmuiB mjmi 01 roviaory. e
hompanied with painful senia
jiion of having Jeft uudor.o
-oinethiusr which ought to hu a
iireti aonf. Ultn complaining
ofweakDfn, debility and low rpirim. Soipc
timea many of th above aytnptoma attend the
dieae, and at other time very lew of them:
tut th- liver if generally the organ moat invol
ved. Cure the liver with
ed to be a trictly vegetable, and can do do in
jury to any one.
1 has been nied by hundred, ami known for
tie Iwt thirty-five -earM one of the uient rr
llable. etheactoua and harmlean prepatatiuna
ever offered to tbe u fieri nir. if taken regunrly
-.-.-ii. i . n, i, mm 0 cure lfppepniu.
. i-.iiiruv, jaiinuirn, eofliive
Danmlnf Mri. nick headache, rbronio
riegUiaiOiTliarrh.c.. affaWion of the bUd-
Jer. camp dyaciiivry.aTecticn
cbilla diaeapcaof the akin, impurity of the
blood, melancholy, or depreion of tpirita,
heartburn, colic, or pain in the bowel , pain in
the head, fever and ague; dropsy, boila. pain in
back ami limb, asthma, erynpelaa, female af
'octions, and bilious diiieasea generally.
r re pared only by J. II ZEILIN k CO.
, . DruggiM. Macon, Ga.
Send for a Circular) and 329 Arch rtrect.
Price $1; by mail !.: 1'hiladelphia
Fo, Sale by J. H. BUTTERY,
Jantwlv. Plat Umouth. Neb.
Notice in Bankruptcy.
Diatrict Court of the United ttatea for tba
Pirtnct of Nebraska. In Bankruptcy.
In the matter of Albert W. Prole, Iiankr jpt.
iatric-t of Nebraxka, as.
A Vf arrant in IUnkrnrit Tt a a ti,n iuf 1 w
Bjiid Court against the Ketate of Albert W.
Prole, of the county of Cm. Lad State of Ne-
braaka, in aaid DlHtrlct,
ict, who ha
:ia been duly ad-
JuogcKl Liankrupt upon petition of hi creditor
of any property bc-luna
oi m payment m in debt
a ami tbe deliveri
ng to aaid linnkrunt. in
nun, or to tiia
lire a-il f ha (run.-...
erty by bun are forbidden bylaw. A meeting
of the creditors ol aaid liankrupt, to prove their
debt and choose one or more Hii(jn. e ofhia
estate, will bo held tt a court of Bankruptcy to
be bidden at Omah.i. in said District, on the
17th day t .lanuarv. A. I 1472. at 1 o' F.
M.. at the ollice of J, . Wc-kwter. (ldwell
lllook. U .UKUi direct, one of the Jtog-Utvr iu
Bankruptcy of aaid KUtnct.
. . U. S. Marshal f.,r .-ai l
Jan. 4, w. 2- District, as Menxenger.
B. A- M.
. R IX
Lo. 10.00 A. M.
Lc 10.25 A. M.
Ar. 3. . M
A 1-3.20 P. M
A r. 3.00 P. M
Ar. 2.4a P. M
PI attain oath.
Omaha Juno.
Booth Bend.
.Water station
Water fctation
O afton
Water Station
Harvard '
i. 10.SO A. M.
. 11.06 A. M.
Ar. 11.30 A M.
Ar. 11.4
Ar. 2.25 P. U
Ar. 2.10 "
Ar.l.S "
Ar. 1.4.S "
Le. 1.30 "
Ar. 10.4 "
Ar, 10 1ft "
Ar. 9.4 "
Lo. MO "
Ar MO "
Ar. 12 00 p n
Ar. 12.12
Ar. 12.30
La 2.00
Le 2.35
Le 3,(K
Ar S.20
Lo 330
dr S. W. R.
De Witt
Le 4.40
Ar 6,30
Le0.O "
Ar,20 "
Ar 8.10 "
Li 7.10 "
Ar, 9.00 A. M
A r. 8.30 A. M
Ar. 7.45 A. M
Ar. 7.20 A. M
Le. fi.40 A. M
Ar. 6.10
Ar. fi.W
Ar. .5.30
Le. 5.00
Le. 4.45 P. M. Ptattamenth.
L.e. 5V P. M., .1,,..
Le. fi 25 P M T.nn;..;n
L.6!tt P.M. 8outh Bend.
Ar. 7.4.5 P.M. Ashland.
Ar. 8.15 " Greenwood
Ar 8.40 " Waverlv
Ar. fl.Ort " Kntnn
Ar. 9.30 Lincoln
La. S.OO a m Lincoln
Le. 8.35 " " Kenton
Lr. T4.45
Ar. 4.15
A 'J . "
Le. 9.05 " Ilirhiland
Ar. 0.20 IV...
Le .so Crete
Ar. 10,00 " Dorchester
Ar 10.20 " Water Station
Ar 11.25 " Water Sta ion
Ar 11.40 " Fail-mount
Ar 12.20 " Grafton
Ar 1.15 " Water station
Ar 1,30 " Harvard
Le 3.SO p ta
Ar " ' .
Le 2.30
Le 1.25
Le 12.30
Le 11.35
Le 11.20
Full faced figures indicate passing places,
In!7 fgoadny: Wednedaya and Friday.
T Only Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Thetimo given above is that of Plattaaioutb.
bailiff 33 minutes flower than Chicago.
Ta Takt Effect Monday, 3Jaj,2Hth. 1871.
In connection with Burlington Jc llisseari
Hirer Railroad in Nebraska.
Depot at foot of Jenes Street.
Omaha. HI) a. m. I Lincoln TO . in.
do 3:00 n. in. I do n m
lancom b:W a. m.
o ....1;30 p. m.
Omaha 11. -10 a, m.
do 6:10 p. xa
A M. R.
PaelBo Express except Monday
Mail Except Sunday . .....,
Freight No. 5 except Sunday
Freight No. 7 except Sunday
Atlantic Express except Saturday
Mail except Sunday
FreigK. No. 6 except Sunday..........
Freight No 8
1:45 a. m.
.10:40 p. mt
..i iajp. m.
..8:30 p. nx
5:15 p. nr..
..8:25 a. m. .
-1A p ra
7:10 p. ia.
The above is Chicago time, being 33 minutes
aster than Plattsmouth time.
Boat leaves Plattauiouth Depot to connect
with trains joing east half an hour in advance
ef above time, except for Atlantic Express for
which ltleaves forty-five minuits in advance.
C. 6T. JOE. A C
B. R.
Ut PACirio jcxcttow
Mail and Exoresa 3:55 t. m.
7:30 a. m.
Night Kxprefs.........;15 a. m-
5:20 p. jn.
This gives cassenrers from Plattsmouth
onnection going South or North by leaving her
aa the 5:15 p. m. train.
CLooaa. ABaivaa
10 p m. 10.30 p av
10 p. m. 10.30 pre
10 pm. 10.30 pm
9am. 4pm.
10 pm 10 am
12 am. 12 am.
O. B. A St. Joe R. R. South
C. B. A St. Joe R. R. North,
B. A M. R. R. Hast.
B. A M. K. It. We.t.
Omaha bv Rail
Nebraska City, by Stage.
Departa Afodays. Wednesdays and Fridavs.
P m. 8 pm.
OKice hours, from 8 a m to 7 p m.
landays, 12 to 1
p tnr
J. W.
!rort; girtcforu,
Son tar den 24 September hat die Dentanha
Kv. Lutb. Gemeinds in ihrem Schulhaus vor-
mittar's um 11 Uhr Gotteodienst. Ueberhaupt
findet deraelbe Ton ietit an rea-elmaesai alia 14
Tageatalt. Minister Key. L llannawald.
FiaflT Pbv.sbttbbiak North sideef Main St.
est of Sixth Rev. D. W. Cameron: Services
very Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 6:30 p. m. Sab
luh School at 9:30 a- ra.. Tboa Pollock Superin
.endent. Prarer meeting every Wednesday
avaning at 6:30 o'clock.
. 1
Mituodist Episcopal West side of fflxth
rtreet. aouth of Main Rev. J. U. Presson.
Services every Sabbath at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. nt.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. Claaa
leetings every Monday evening and immediate
r after close of Sabbath morning services.' '
abbath School at 2,-30
CoKOBBOATio!fAi Corner Locust and Eighth
ats. Rev. B. F Manwell. residence Piatte Val
ley House, Services every Sabbath at 11:11a. to.
and 6:M p. m. babbath School at 12:
SO p. m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
lEpiscopAf. Corner Vino and Third ftreets
ev. II. C. Shaw Services every Sunday
at 11:00 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday School
t 3 p. m.. Prof. d'AHemand. Supt.
ChbistiaW Servie in Court IToace TIall G
B. Mullis, local preacher. Elders, Isato Wiles
and T. J. Todd.
Catholic North sil e of Public So uareRer
Father Hayes. First Mass every Sabbath at 8:30
ra.. Heoond Maes ana Sermon at 10:JO 1
Vespers and Benediction at 3:30 p. m.
at 8 a. m. every week day.
Estray Notice.
Taken op by the andersignod en his premis
es, three miles aouth of riattxmouth, three
bead of Asses. One is a light dun color, the
theradark brown with a dun colored colt; nc
Barks or brands perceptible.