Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 21, 1871, Image 2

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M ri n ' i
-The folio wiog ia from the pea of Hon.
Geo. W Frost, through the columns of
the Omaha Herald:
"Iricnd Ilathaway is after our cotem
porary 'over the way' with a sharp stick,
and we would with becoming modesty,
in the most 'pquare toed' (vide T, fc li. )
manner, inquire whether the 'report' of"
one of the .foremost men of Massachu
setts wa3 true, that brother Thomas' pro
clivities arc all Democratic, and that he
edited, ia a 'square toed' manner, a
'square toed' Democratic sheet, either
in the old Bay State or elsewhere, pro
vious to studying the in3 aud outs of Ne-
.braska politics.
"We do not quite credit this, but one
of our oldest and foremost Republicans
declares that it is so, and furthermore
asserts that in his opinion the Tribune
and KrpuLucan, under Us editorial lead
is last uecewing Democratic.
"V'e know this is not the case with
the proprietors of that paper, but it3 ed
ltor can now rise and ems
"This ia the way I long hare ocs;"it."
and if properly penitent and wi!h froo'
aAsnranes of the future, he will, we have
no doubt, be received to the iold.
We have long been sati.-fied that Mr
Thomas' proclivities were all Democratic,
although, we never before knew that he
had acknowledged the faith. There arc
certain "car mirks" which cannot well
be LiJ in such matters, and Mr. Thoma
has exhibited them quite plainly since
hi3 first advent into our State. We b
licve Mr. Fro,t was one of the original
stockholders in the Tribune, while Mr.
Thomas was commander in chief of that
concern, and he should be good authori
a. -t ri iiM....i.....:ii
Vy Ull 1'J.r. I'lUfUCI IT 111 UUk
and it is no use to try to hide it. The
above only confirms the report that Mr.
Thomas was being discharged on ac
count of his Democratic proclivities or
rather because of the injury he has
done the Republican party of this State
from his course as editor of what was
conceded as one of the leading party
papers of the State. Let all good Re
publicans rejoice that the proprietors of
the Republican have the determination
to rid theeiselves of this political leper.
ltlver MtTl;ation.
Of the enterprise proposed by New
Orleans; to supply our V estern rivers
with iroa barges for the transportation
of grain, the Kansas City Journal of
Commerce says:
"The question of remodeling the ma
rine of the Western rivers by substitut
ing iron for wood in the construction of
steamboats, has been discussed for years
and is now about to assume definite
shape by the erection of an iron boat
building yard at some point in the Mis
sissippi Valley. It has been demon
strated that an iron steamer will carry,
on four feet of water, the same load
that a wooden cne will on six feet, thus
practically improving the capacity of our
river channels by two feet depth of
water. An improvement of this charac
ter would entirely change the conditions
of navigation in the Missouri, and tend,
beyond anything else, to restore to this
valley the importance onee attached to
the river aj a means of transit and a
channel of commerce. The proposition
is oho involving vast interests."
"Very Alarmin; it True A Plajjiic of
Darkness Coming-.
A very disagreeable prophesy is quot
ed by the Journal de Brvxellcs. The
prophecy is attributed to the venerable
Anna Maria Taigi, and is to the effect
that two great chastisements may be ex
pected the one from heaven, the other
from earth. The latter, which will con
sist in wars, revolutions and other cala
mities, being terminated, that from
heaven will succeed, and is explaiued as
fallows : "Great darkness i3 to prevail
over the whole land during three days
and three nights. It will be eo thick
that absolutely nothing will be visible,
and will be accompanied by pestilence
which will chiefly fall on the enemies of
relisicn, although the scourge will not be
entirely confined to them. While this
darkness lasts, no lights will shine, no
fire will have any brightness, and on
ly those who have blessed things (can
dles?) will be able to see. All this ii
very horrible, and it is to be hoped that
the lady may be mistaken in her pre
dictions, end that they may turn out to
be as erroneous as that of the great
tidal wave which was the other day to
have destroyed New Orleans. The pro
phetess, however, gives full directions as
to the proper course to be pursued dur
ing this reign of darkness and pestilence.
People are exhorted to not endeavor to
scan the heavens curiously during the
darkness, for whosoever shall go and
look out of a window, or leave his house
for the purpose of descrying the firma
ment, will be immediately struck down.
The whole time that the judgment shall
last ought to be employed in prayer, and
above all in reciting the Holy Rosary.
The director of Anna Maria Taigi said,
in August 1864 : "It is most true that
the venerable servant of God announced
the scourge of three days' darkness, ex
tending over the whole earth. While it
lasts the windows must be kept closed.'
Andrew Jackson Davis, it i3 said, pro
poses to write a book on insanity; and
judging from some of the productions of
his pen, that is hi3 best holt.
An enterprising Detroit man is taking
orders for the deliveiy of buck wheat
cakes to families for breakfast.
Dr. Farr of the British General Re
gister Office, we know, thinSs gluttony
the growing sin of cur age.
Vic. Woodhull who is already Presi
dent of a bank, two husbands and news
paper, and who wants to be President
of all the rest of the United States, ha3
jast been giving one of those luscious
free-love lectures again. Tilton was
chairman and prompter. Vic's Sister
cot a cross-fire on her. Cheers and his
ses were as thick as bullets at Chicamau
ga, and a pretty little hubbub ensued in
which Vic's friends played second fiddle.
The Czar of all the Russians sees be
yond his nose. In the extensive system
of railways he is now building he uses a
eautre dinerent from that ot any adjoin
me country. He doesn't mean to have
i russia running up io w:e wans or ci.
l'ctersburjr on her own locomotives, as
Ehe did to those of Paris.
Monday last will be long remembered
by the printers of New York. On that
rfav the venerable Joseph Bradley coui-
leted his ninety-aixtn yean jir. irau
i? ia tha oldest livine printer in the
J . . ... - T ,
TTnJfod States, if not in the world. He
still works at the case in the Sun office,
snd fnr pnrrectness and speed can put to
blush many who are scores of years his
Methodist churche? were built in this
country in 1870 at the rate of nearly lour
tq. every wording tf?y.
Mrs LcGrande, the woman who on
the 30th of Sept last, was shot while on
the Fair Grounds, lingered until 10
o'clock on last Sabbath evening when she
passed from out of this world of pain
and suffering, aged 21 years, 4 months
and 4 days. Thus through the freak of
a drunken fellow, has a woman lost her
life, a husband a wife, mother a daugh
ter and a child a mother. Brotcntille
When you see a politician crawling
throush contracted holes, begging for
some fat position,' in the ring or at the
polls, with no sterling manhood in him
uothiusr stable, bioad or sound, destitute
of pluck or ballast, double ided al
around, walk yourself with firmer bear-
me. throw your moral shoulders back,
show your spine h is nerve and marrow
jut the thing his must lack. A stronger
word was never heard in sense and tone
than this backbone.
The action of a railroad conductor a
few days since draws attention to a pop
ular error. 1 he train struct a man on
the t lack and threw him into the eow-
catchc-r of the engine. Supposing him
to be dead, the conductor, without re
moving the body, started the train back
to a way station. Th body was shaken
to the irroui'id by the motion of the en
gine, and it was found that life still re
mamcd. Had he been taken on when
the accident first occurred there migh
have been a chance of his recovery. The
conductor, when asked why not the man
was at once taken up, replied that he
supposed he had no richt to remove a
body until a coroner had sccu it. Sin
gular as this reason may appear, it nev
erlheios expresses a superstition that
exists almost universally throughout the
country among all classes. At what no
riod cr in what manner this absnrd be
lief originated we can not fay. It may
have grown out of a statute of Edward
I., which rendered it imperative that the
jury should hold their deliberations su
pervtuum corportj within sight ot the
lody a custom which has at the present
day aiso become obsolete, as it is con
sidered sufficient for the jury merely to
view the body although they may not
sit for several weeks afterward. In what
ever manner the idea expressed or acted
upon by the conductor originated, it is
time that it should cease to exist. The
neglect to give immediate aid to a per
son found apparently dead, irom light'
ning or other causes, may frequently
lead to death.
Is tJie Father of Waters a
A. leading ariclc in a late
number of
the St. Paul 1'rets save
the following
mournful account of the condition of
things at the "head of navigation."
I he Mississippi has also dried up.
The majestic river whose magnificent
volume two thousand miles from its out
let has been the theme of the tourist's
admiration; so broad and deep that it
seemed soaie grand estuary of the sea
on which the navies ot tue worm might
ride, has shruiik to a mere ridiculous
crecK, am us turn ana attenuated cur
rent crawls lazily, as if it was afraid of its
shrunken shanks, among low, red, bare
submarine ridges and beaches of sand,
that have never seen the sun before, so
far as human knowledge goes, since God
separated the water from the dry land.
The water ha3 never been so low within
the memory of the oldest inhabitant
Herds of cattle bask in the sunshine on
the dry bed of the rrcat river, ten or fif
teen feet under the level of the waters,
where a few month" ago great fleets of
steamboats rode at will. Boys with their
trousers rolled up to their knees sound
with their feet the grand mysterious
depths which have engulfed so many
wavward boys and hapless men, whom
accident or rashness has entangled in the
strong, swift undertow."
What Pleuses the Public?
Talking the other day with an able
and popular lecturer, who seldom failed
in getting a full and attentive audience.
we ventured to ask him what kind of
subjects and what style of treatment he
thought the public liked best. "Well,"
was the reply, "I hardly know; but
there's one secret I've found out what
the public hates is information." Pe?pe
go to scientific lectures, no doubt; they
would go to see a lrcck play it it was
the fashion; but the exuberant chuckle
of laughter with which the weakest at
tempt at a joke on the lecturer s part is 1
welcomed by the gravest audience, is
nroof nuite stroncr cnouch of the weak
ness of the natural man over tha dry
husks of instruction, and his dcnght
when anything turns up that has an un
expected flavor. It suggests the feeling
of the Irishman who tasted the quince
in his apple-tart "How delicious an apple-tart
would be that was all made of
quinces. li'aclcicood s Magazine.
A brother of the Confederate Gener
al Forrest was cut in two by his own saw
mill in Texas. ,
Every Sat winy will be discontinued
as an illustrated journal on and after the
1 st of J anuary.
Vermont has over twenty houses
which are seventy-five years old, and
one church built in 1767.
It is computed that a Milwaukee sew
ing society can blast a person's reputa
tion in seven minutes.
The very ground 13 said to have been
burned in the Wisconsin fires. Must
have been a friable soil.
To cure a cough, an English woman
gave her infant some syrup of poppies.
Keables was the Coroner's name.
Young Tom Hood, hearing of the
great conflagration at Chicago, said :
"That sort of thing must bo chequed."
An Indiana editor gives this to the
world as an argument that the women of
his state arc well prepared tor the duties
of avoting citizen: "A Harrison county
girl recently knocked her mother down
with a rolling pin, and in turn was
choked by her father until "her tongue
hung out of her mouth. In a short time
mother and daughter recovered, and
pitched into the old gentleman with roll
ing pin and table-forks, nearly ruining
his arm with the latter. The daughter
then threw all of the dishes out of the
The only thing peculiar which has
thus far occurred in the reception of the
Grand Duke Alexis was when he entered
the house of Minister Catacazy, at
Washington. Madam Catacazy met him
at the door, holding in one hand a eold
salt-cellar, and in the other a loaf of
Russian bread, which she passed to Al
exis, who handed them to one of his
suit. This little ceremony was in ac
eordancc with an ancient custom of hos
pitality, in vogue when a royal family
visits a subject.
An English lady of high rank, at the
close of the war, asked Victoria, the
.Crown Princess of Prussia, to civeto the
wife, mother, or betrothed of the man
in the German army most distirguished
for a personal act of bravery, a certain
cross of fold and jewels in token of his
achievement. The investigation has
been going on sver since, and at last the
honor falls upon Lieutenant Branden
burg, of the first Lower Silesian infantry,
who, by his magnificent courage, took
the first cannon fron the enemy at Worth.
The first A'en Hpiipcr in America.
In Buckingham's "Newspaper Spe
cimens,' we find that the first attempt to
set up a newspaper in North America, so
far as can to ascertained from existing
records, or from tradition, was made in
Boston in the year 1690. Only one co
p"y is known to be in existence, and this
is deposited in the State paper office in
Number one of this paper, and prob
ably the number ever published, is
dated September 25, 1690. Immediate
ly on its publication the legislative auth
orities spoke of it as a pamphlet, stated
that it was an art contrary to law, and
contained "reflection of a very high nat
ure." They strictly forbade "anything
in print without license first obtained
from those appointed by the govtrnment
to grant the same."
A sagacious and successful business
man makes the following valaable sug
gestions regarding economy ia advertis
ing: "Merchants are importuned almost
every day by tramp3 to give them from
five to twenty-live dollars, for insert'ng
cards in directories for this and that.
Common sense ought to tell a man that
it he has any money to spend in advertis
ing, the proper way to do is to advertise
in his home paper, and then order
hundred or a thousand extra copies and
mail them to customers. By this means
you not only encourage j-our home paper,
but at the samo time you get a direct
benefit from advertising, and also benefit
the town, lor its papers go out among
the very class of people you want to
reach, telling its advantages as a place
of trade, while twenty five dollars may
be invested in a card in a directory, that
is got up to advertise other places and is
thrown away and never seen. Uucha-
nan Co. Bulletin
Whnt Men hive Died for.
Colonel Montgomery was shot in a du
el about a do-r: Colonel Ratasv in one
about a servant; Mr. Featherstone in one
about a recruit; Sterne's father in one
about a goose; and another gentleman in
one about an acre ot aniovies: one omc
er was challenged for merely asking his
opponent to enjoy the second eoblct:
and another was compelled to fight about
a pinch of snuff; General Barry was
challenged by a Captain Smith for de
clining wine at a dinner on a steamboat,
although the general had pleaded as an
excuse that wine invariably made him
sick; and Lieutenant Cowther lost his
life in a duel because he was refused ad
mittance to a club of pigeon shooters,
In 177 a duel occurred in New York
city, between Lieutenant Featherstone-
baugh of the 70th, and Cantain McPher-
son or the 42 int:sh regiment, in regard
to the manner of eating an ear ot corn.
one contending that the best eating was
from the cob, and the other that the
grain should be cut off" from the cob be
fore eating, Lieutenant leathcrstono
baugh lost his right arm, the bail from
his antagonist's pitol shatterinjr the
limb dreadfully, so much so that it had
to be amputated. Graham, Major Noah's
assistant editor on the National Advocate,
lost nis nte in l!S7, at the Uuehn
ground at Hoboken, with Barton, the
scu-in-law of Edward Livingstone, in a
simple dispute about "what was trumps"
in a game of cards.
A paracraph is coins the rounds that
the French tricolor still fles from the spire
of t! e cathedral at 31e.z. Thi3 flag is
not flaunted in defiance, but there is no
one willing to rik his neck to take it
down. According to one correspondent.
no Prussian dare, and no Frenchman will
climb the s'ender ppire. Another cor
respondent tells the improbable story
that the only man who could remove it
is the foor but patriotic Frenchman who
placed it there for five francs, and has
refused the Prussian governor's offer of
five thousand francs to take it down. So
the flag st.ll flutters in the air.
A countryman bargained with a Cali
fornia photographer for a half length
picture of himself at half price, and
when the artist delivered a fine view of
his subject from the waistband down, the
victimized sitter indulged in remarks
more forcible than polite.
A young man from the country, out
walking with a young lady,cud.j:eied his
rain tor some interest. ng topic ot con
versation to amuse her with, but in vain ;
e could hit upon nothing until they
met several cows, when the swain said,
with much simplicity of manner, iiow
isn t it strange what a motherly appear
ance a cow has?" To which the lady re
plied. 'I don't think it strange, sir,
that a cow should have a motherly ap
pearance to a calf."
An affecting incidci.t reported by
e Racine Journal : "The other day a
tlipp niifl son mr,i Hppsinor n iinp'
the father doing the chopping. By a
I 1 1. . - 1
lssrroKe, instead oi spatting tne nog
open, he split his son s hand, in cxpla
nation ot how it happened, to the doctor,
the father exclaimed: 'I cannot tell a
lie, doctor, indeed I cannot. I did it
with my little hatchet.' The son was
deeply moved, and was heard to remark
that ho 'had rather have such a father
than a whole slaughter-house full of
dead hogs.' "
puUican has invented a patent hen-roost.
1. . . L 4U - m si n "t s at 13 tin
iiie peculiarity 01 tuts invciiuun w u
astrouomical contrivance attached to the
roost, and the hens are compelled to
awake exactly at daybreak. It is not
generally known, but investigation shows
that in countries as cold as New Eng
land the hens are apt to roost an hour or
two after the sun rises, which affects the
character of the eggs and the quality of
the young chickens.
Social matters are lively in Fairfield.
The Ledger reports,. "a sheet and pillow
case masquerade is the latest novelty
among our young people. Everybody
wraps up from head to foot in a sheet
with a pillow case over the head, and
when dancing, look like a lot of ghosts
out on a Hollow E'en frolic. The first
of the season was given at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. D. Temple, on
last Thursday night, and is reported to
have been a very pleasant affair."
The word Canada had a singularr ori
gin. When the Spaniards first visited
the country they found neither gold nor
silver, and went off saying "A Cana
dada," (there is nothing here). When
the French came the Indians tried to
frighten them off by repeating it over
and over, but the new comers took it for
the name of the land, and so called it
Some ladies in Texas were desirous o
doisg honor to the editor of a local jour
nal. So they presented their hero with
an embroidered shirt, which contained a
splendid history of Texas, and also pic
turesof the fruits and cereals of the State,
all worked in red worsted. Now this
particular editor had never worn a shirt
and supposed the brilliant specimen be
fore him to be a banner for an approach
iug temperance procession. In his
speech of thanks he puzzled the lady don
ors by declaring that he would "fling it
out forever to the breezes of heaven, that
they might kiss its folds, and till his hand
palsied it should never be trailed in the
dust." The ladies blushed aud regretted
having made it too long. Being inform
ed of the purpose of the gift, the editor
wove it over hi3 coat, to the great edi
fication of the boys of the town, who
followed him in regiment, studying the
history of the fine arts and of Texas be
hind his back."
It i3 reported that King Charles of
Sweden is about to marry a daughter of
the King of Denmark. If so, there will
be a new geneological puzzle for the
King of Denmark's son, the new bride
groom will therefore become his own
daughters brother-in-law, and the Dan
ish Crown Prince will be the son of his
own sister.
A young hopeful's mother reached for
him with her slipper the other evening
for hooking the jelly; and after the dust
ing she was surprised to hear him laugh
over it and demanded the cause of it.
"I was thinking how I had fooled you;
it was Carrie who hooked the jelly."
The manner of doing things is often
more important than the things them
selves; and the very same thing may
become either pleasing or offensive, by
the manner of doing it.
Here ia a new story about Dean Rich
mond: A modest printer's devil in Alba
ny entered the manager's office, fearing
that he would be rudely rebuffed when
he made his mission known. After a
moment's hesitation, he said, falteringlj':
"Mr. Richmond, I believe?" "Yes; what
do you want of me?" "I should like to
tret a pas3 from Albany to Buffalo."
"On what grounds do you ask for a
pass? (This with a rising and very rough
voice.) "On the grounds, sir, that I
don't want to pay my fare." Richmond,
without another word, wrote out a pass
and handed it to the applicant. The
boy took it, saying, "Thank you, thank
you, Mr. Richmond." "You needn't
thank me. I am glad to accommodate
you. You are the first person I've ever
known to ask for a pass on the right
A young lady, with a number of oth
ers who were injured by a railway accit
dent, was carried to a hospital. The
surgeon came round and said to the
young and fashionable miss: "Well, ma
dam, what can I do for you?" Said she,
"Doctor, one of my limbs is broken."
"One of your limbs," said he, "well,
which limb is it ? "Oh I can't tell you,
Doctor, but it'sone of my limbs." "One
of your limbs, thundered the Doctor,
out of patience, which is it, th6 limb
you thread a needle withf Mo, sir,
the limb I wear a garter on." The Doc
tor attended to her and then said,
"young woman, never say limb to mo
again in a hospital; if you do I shall
pass you, for when a woman gets so fasti
dious as that, the quicker she dies the
Nearly two millions of the inhabitants
of the earth are still addicted to baked
missionary ,when they can get it.
At a trial, not long since, one of the
witnesses, an old lady of some eighty
years, was closely questioned by the
opening counsel relative to the clearness
of her eyesight. "Can you see me,"
said he. "Yes," was answered. "How
well can you see me?" persisted the
lawyer. "Well enough," responded the
lady, "to see that you are neither a neg
ro, an Indian, nor a gentleman."
The colonists at New Sweden, in
Maine, retain in their new home the
custome of their native country. The
dress ofthe men and boys resembles the
costumes worn by our grandfathers,
while the women and girls wear a plain.
straight dress, with short sleeves, a nar
row apron, and upon the head a. siik
handkerchief, folded and tied under the
chin, and looking very odd, but pretty
and coratortable. JJoth wear the nation
al wooden shoes, with high heels and
turned up toes, and painted black. Tho
children are dressed exactly like father
and mother, and in the demure costume
look like dwarfed editions of manhood
and womanhood.
5. -s fevT-iJ
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Hardware and Cutlery, Stoves,
Llatksmith Tools, &o.
Keep on hand a Large Stock of
And Other First-Class Cooking
All kindi
Coal or Wood kept on band.
Stiring and Breaking Plows
At Net Cos; for Casli.
Our prices arc as low as any house in the
State. ianliotf.
ALL persons indebted to U3. either by note
or book account, are notified that settle
ment must be made by the first day of January
next, or we will be con pel lad to place the same
in the hands ofthe proper officer lor collection
We mutt have money, and our friends will
please make a note of this, and govern them
selves accordingly. Vr.LEBT8 & RrFFKFR
rsmrrainrtlr, Dw, 11, VfTi.. tfc-lMffrtf
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Plattsmouthj Nebraska.
I am prepared to accommodate the public with
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, ami a No. 1 Hearse
on snort notice ana reasonable terms. A Hack
will run.toithestcaiub,)atlanding, and to all part
oi tne city wucn ucsireil.
January 1, 1871 ciivrtf.
Toatle, Hanna & CI irX,
3oId and Silver Coin,
SJ.S. and otlser &toeks
Dmfts drawn on nil parts of the VnileJ State
aco liUrope. Deposits received, end speuuw at
ism ion given to collections.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Weeping Water, Nebraska.
General Merchandise,
We are Agents for
Wilicox & Gibha Sewing Machine
Are nrenared to suml tho iuMic with lime of
tne best quality, at their works, at Uie rules ol
Thirty cent per Bushel
And when barrelled twenty-five cents extra
will be charged per bnrrel.
Orders can be left with J. W. Shannon. Platts
mouth, Nebraska, or addressed to the subscri
ber iiox Olii. iat turnout n xnco.
J. U. LAM it. l'res t.
Piattamoutli, titone and Liine Co,
op 13diwtf.
JOsCPH sciilateh
Watcheo. Clocks and Jewelry repaired neatly
md with dispatch.
-lienioved to ospoaitc Tlatte alley House
SI'sibtr L . nov. litwU.
Is rrerivinir and has on bund (at the
old stand of White A Uuttcrys;
Soutn ude- Main f?trett, rial ir.odib. Mib-
Mont Complete
Stock of Drncs. Medicine. Pninf. Clu-inioali
Lead. Varnish, Coal Oil. Fili 'HI, M.i"hino
Oil, Gnrplin Oil. Castor Oil. Nnixfoot
Oil. Whalo Oil. Linseed Oil Lard
Oil. Essential Oil. Cod Liver' il.
and a lanre vri ly o
tions. Perfumery F.-mcy
and oiio! Ari;lp
l.enrf-. Fla
voring enrac'
and UV'
Such a:
J.iync's Cie'
AyrrV, !' "villi's
Hall's ChrU fllj
Lain's. Morse'. J i-ker's
Wistar's, Wriplifs. Wake
field, Ouysott's. Perrv f'avis'
Roback'f, Petit IV. Mrs. i 'low'
Dr. Wini'hell's Hohi pMrrV hriLu'.
Wallace's, West's and ot the inos'i i i uliir
Patent Medicines in ueo at the
Ir-t-:n day.
Brandies Wines and Whiskis
Ofthe Rest Ornjlrs in. I nnnlltios tlrln', l..r
Medical purposes.
Red or Rose. Green, Pine, Black. Annlinp. Io-
Hoods, Ac. In fact everylhii.f
that is needed in the drug
or Medical line.
Carefully ca ni pounded and put np at jtili'iir
All Drugs w&.-rentcd fresh and pure. ';;;! be
fore buying, and see what I have to sell.
PlattsiBBUth. Feb. 2.jth.dtwtf.
"A Complete Picloral llinlory uf the 1 rir.,
" Tlit let, chetrpett, nnd mott tucefu! '.wti.'y
J'aper in the Union."
. JWrr uf the Prrtt.
The model Newspaper of our count .
plete in all the depamnentH of an Ai
Family Paper. Harper's VeUy bust
itself a right to its litln. "A Jourim! .1
V ) -
i .' n
,i r.r
lation. Jri lurk l.i-'ntug J't,r.
The best publication of its cl.iv.-i in .:!.::
and so far ahead of all other wceklv s . . i r : . . . '
as not to permit cf any comparison br:i , u it
and any of t h eir num her. Its culiirn i. r: . r i .-i i n
uie iineni roiico ions ,! re7tiipj.'-inntt.T
printed, T l!s illustnitini.r arc :
and litautirul. being liirui.-iicl by i
artists of the country. JI'ton 'J'ruei '!.
I .Hi
. '.iff
- '-t-
i t
... j.t-
Jl.irpcr a V eekly i the best nnd m-.,:
ing illustrated news i;ner. Nunln.'s
depend on its illustrations alone. Its
matter is of a high crder of litei nr
varied, instructive, enttuainins, and in
ionaLle. X. I", ivii.
Terms :
Harper's Weekly, one year . . . . ;
An ff trm pnnv r.f ntlnar fi f . i
lyor linzar will bo supplied for . ;y . ;
- ;-y.
Ir .-t
1'iTit iiui.'siTioirs ai it 'io erin, in om n,
tuncc; or Six copies for iJ 00 without vs.,::.
Subscriptions to Harper's Matazii.-.
flllit linTfir tn fin. n . A , I .. .1 . f..m ...... . .
or. two of Harper's periodical', to 'u'
for one year, 8J uu.
Back numbers can be supplied nt ;;i. v ti
TKa Annual trs.l. ........ rtT If.... W .
neat cloth binding, will be sunt by t .i i
of fTttenHA fol. i7 llO A .... ... I
a . in
. trro
t of
'.t a
comprisng Fifteen Volumes! tout ' r
ensh nt th t rutn i,f . v.. I iv. ; .:. , .. ol purchaser.
The postago on Ifarpor's Weekly is J
year, which mug I bo paid at thotu!.-;-post-oltice
Address : HARPER .fe P..iU i ! I
New !
".r . V" ft .
And dealer in all kind of
STiiruiturc & Vhnir i,
HAMf btkcet, (third door west cf i' 0
-C Repairing and Varnishing neatly d'.ne.
t unerau ttencteu uttlie booiw : iwm?-
1 CTO II XV 12 ITTi i
C17 St. Charles Street.
IT onger located in St. Louisthan at, v C:.r
I J ia Physician, so successfully trtiii - '-'vr,
md Ct triplicated Venereal Disease a- I : t i
patient from every tetate. His hofii1;! .
i'lprtnmties, a lite time experience, v i;i
si drugs prepared in tue cutablihriK r.:, -m
uses L-iven un bv others, no matter ' n .
t-d ; tell your private troubles. tVoi-.i;: ,
itree. Send two stamps for inedie.ii i
Mxnooi). OMASHOOU. -in
Dail. la cents each, bot h tor 1: cts. J
All that the curious. UouhMul or i.
(wish ro know all about Sell pollute. :
:: J ri-v
:i l.l
TI," i
:-t, I
- i v. "
ion. aiarriae. Jvvery young man
man ought to read it as a warning
kous debilitated o.- partially r.n,
cientically advised. U-
To j4nv:BTl3RH. All person- !
n'ute making contracts witb ntwK, i
the insertion of Advert Ucoietits kboulu
li.! I.
geo. .
U owcll
for a Circular, or inclose 25 cents fn' tin
hundred Page Pamphlet. coutaiii'.:i:
;r One
i.;.-- of
r.- the
i ic-es
i v'-ti8-!!-
'SW) Newspapers and estimates. -!:,,vi
cost of advertising, aieo many nseii! hii,i
vertisers, and some account of tl.ei-Api
of men who are known as succe.'siiil
ers. This nnn are proprietors ot tbo A
Newspaper Advertising Agency.
4rk ow f.
securing the insertion of n.jveii .
Nwpapei4 sd Periodical at Ilw