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47- Office corner Main and Second street,
end story.
TERMS -.Weekly, 82.00 per annum if paid in
. tZJSO it not paid in advance.
Dr Blue, of the Nebraska City Neien,
is not of the Dr. Miller utripe of politi
cians who think it a religious duty they
'owe their party to abuse every Republi
can official in the country, and charge
corruption upon them without regard to
facts. It docs not endorse the whole
sale charges of the Omaha Herald
'against Dr. Larsh, and docs not credit
'the report that he is cruel to his patients
and neglects tbeui. Dr. Blue says :
'Pr. Larsh is known auieng his old
Neighbors in Nebraska City as one of the
'most humane and successful physicians."
The Omaha Herald is just as likely to
become Republican as we are to turn
Democratic; whilo it makes not the
least difference on which side of politics
auch a paper as the Plattsmouth Herald
array itself.
And, moreover, in spite of the feeble
and chronic yelping of- puch curs, we
propose to recognize politiral integrity,
and to excoriate political corruption
wherever we find it, though our dctmn
ciation of wrong shall offend it and its
master at Lincoln. Omaha Triblican.
It may "make not the least differ
ence" to the Republican, under Mr.
Thomas' management, "on which fide
of politics such a paper as the Platts
mouth Herald arrays itself," neither
does it make much difference to Mr.
Thomaa as to "which fide of politics" he
arrays his own paper, if we may judge
from the course he has pursued since
his ddrcnt in our State. There was
: a time when it was different with
' the Repukhcan, and when it wai looked
upon as the exponent of the principles
of the Republican pa.ty. But under its
present editorial management it has be
come a weakness to the party which it
pretends to champion ; and Mr. Thomas
has doDO more, perhaps, than any other
ono man in the State, in the same length
of time, to disorganize the Republican
party. Ia fact it is currently reported
in this vicinity, and generally belie ed,
that his weak-kneed and vasciluting cause
as a Republican, an J the damage he has
caused the Republican party in the
State, has become so distasteful to
the loyal stockholders of t he
journal that they have decided
to dipenc with his services so soon as
they can legally do so. We know
nothing as to the truth of this report,
but we do know that if they have not
"decided upon this course it is high time
they had. Whether or not it makes
any difference which side of politics the
Herald arrays itself, we do know the
Herald, unlike the editor of the Re
publican (we do not say the Republican,
for that paper under the editorial man
agement of Mr. Balcomb, and other
editors prior to Mr. Thomas, was a gen
uine Republican ehcet) never was array
ed on any other thin the
i i "' ' j : i
pokert and fearless in its denunciation
of "shysters" and political demagogues,
hence it offends all that class of men,
and docs not seek their good will.
There is one very significant fact, which
we mention for the benefit of thoe who
may wish to know it, that Cass is the
only river county in Nebraska that ilect
ed a straight Republican ticket at the
recent October election. We do not
claim that the Herald wan the cause of
this, but if the paper has any influence
in politics it is evidently on the light
side It has been iutiinated to us, by a
very tto-irid Republican who ought to
know, that the secret of Mr. Thomas'
hostility to the Herald was because of
this very result. Perhaps it is so we
hall not pretend to say.
House building in a general way has
made Lincoln a large and beauti
ful town. But there is housebuilding
oing on there in a particular way. as
there has been before,' which demands
public attention, aud shall receive it
Whereupon we proceed to inquire who
are the "contractors" that are building
Mr. (ialey'a house?
What "contractors," if any, are build
ing a houso for Acting Governor James?
Where does the money and material
come from out of which these Sue
houses arc being constructed ?
Don t all speak at once, but let us
hare a little light Oil these dark subjects.
Omaha Herald.
Now, 'we submit to all candid and
fair minded men if the above is the
proper way for a newspaper to treat men
of any kind, either as individuals or as
servants of the people. It matters not
who aro the contractors for either of
these buildings. The only question is
whether or not the State is being wroDged,
or whether ' Acting Governor James is
guilty of any misdemeanor in conse
quence of these contracts. . If the Her
nld knows of any "wrong in this matter
it is iu duty as a public journal to state
tchat that icrong in; but it is not manly
to insinuate that some one is guilty of
wrong doing unless there is actual
grounds therefor; and if there are
grounds sufficient to warrant any men
tion at all theafc shouM be given, and
not a mean insinuation thrown out, cal
culated to' injure the parties concerned
without giving them any chance for de
fense, because there is no accusation
made. If the Herald knows of any
thing out of the way in the contracts
above mentioned, let it speak out inan
fully and it shall have our support and
assistance in proclaiming and exposing
the wrong, regardless of who it hurts ;
but we cannot look on in silence at such
underhanded thrusts as the above.
Peter B. Sweeny has with drawn from
political life, never to be a re Peter.
That Jamaiea child-eater clearly had a
large maw-gage on the human family.
m The editor of a magazine in New York
city has recived MSS. from persons who
say that they "have had no experience
in writing; no intellectual training of any
kind in fact; but want to tn.ikc money by
iheir pens, so as to be able to give tLeui--elve
thoLed'aticn which they feel the y
fw4 so much iu Deed of."
VOL. 7,
flow nbwul the Ntbraika fruit.
The November issue of Tiltton's Jour
nal of Ilorticxtlt tire, Boston, Mass., in
giving an account of the proceedings of
the American Pomological Society, at
Richmond, Va., says:
"As was well remarked by the presi
dent in his address, in speaking of the
changes which have taken place during
the existence of this society, 'States and
sections of the Union which were scarce
ly known by name, now confribute noble
fruits to grace our exhibitions, and noble
men to join us in efforts for the pro
motion of the public good;' and it was
gratifying to know that the highest pre
niiuru for the best collection of fruits,
which two years ago was awarded to
Kansas one of these youthful States
was this year carried off by her still more
youthful sister, Nebraska ; and this
pr ze of one hundred dollars, generously
offered by the Virginia State Agricultur
al Society, with equal generosity donated
by the Nebraska delegation to the Ameri
can Poiiiological Society. Besides this
collection from Nebraska, where fourteen
years ago, not a single fruit tree of any
kiud was grown, was other noble collec
tions." -. LOl'IS AND THE XOHTil WEST.
We have reliable information from
Omaha that the various express com
panies have adopted the following
charges to that point from this city and
From Pt, Louts, per 100 pound.....- ..$- 75
From Chicago, per 100 pounds...- 3 50
Discrimination in favor of Chicngo ....SI 25
The distance from this city to Omaha
by rail is something less than from Chi
cago by rail, and the discrimination
thereby becomes more marked. Some
standaid which will guarantee a unifor
mity in freight, express and passenger
tariffs should be adopted by carriers and
adhered to, that the entire population
which such carriers serve may be equally
advantaged. The discrimination, as
shown above, is a fatal one to our busi
ness with Nebraska, and the express
companies, in maintaining it, proclaim
themselves to be enemies of St. Louis.
St. IjouU Democrat.
The way to remedy this is for St. Lou
is to show herself a friend to her own
interests, and to push through the Ne:
braska Trunk Railroad to Plattstnoutb.
The building of only 75 miles of railroad
on this line will give St. Louis direct
connection with all points in Nebraska,
and render her freights and express
cheaper than that of Chicago.
i . i
"Not too fat" says the World in re
gard to disbar ding the Democratic party.
And that's what we say Go slow. If
one third of the Republican party is, as
wo believe, opposed to the re-election of
Gen. Grant, let them join us on fair
terms ami defeat him. But "not too
fast. ' ' Omaha Herald.
No, "not too fast;" but just fast
enough to slrow that you are ready for
any move that would give you public
plunder. Twc-ihirds of the Demo
cratic papers of the - west have already
declared in favor of disbanding the party
and accept the principles laid down byv
the Republican party. Who believes
them honest ia this? The principles of
the Republican party were the same ten
years ago teat they are to day.
rnoM Wisconsin.
We take the liberty of publishing the
following private letter from our friend
John Manly, and trust he will pardon
us for so doing. We can assure friend
Manly that the request made of our lo
cal will be carefully complied with.
"Richard in himself again," for which
we all feel glad :
Cascade, Wis., Nov. 21, 1871.
Friend Hatha way, Editor Herald:
Dear Sir: Oa leaving Plattsmouth,
about a ear and a half since, I be
lieve I paid you a little on subscription
for that welcome guest of mine the Her
ald, but not enough to insure its com
ing anything like the time it has already
come. For past favors I enclose you
the subscription price for one year, and
shall be glad to receive the Herald as
long as I shall feel able to pay for it ; and
when I don't feel so disposed I shall
drop you a note and say stop. I have
several papers about me, but none that
1 pick up with more interest than I do
the Herald. I am pleased to learn
from it- columns that your Fitz. is still
progressing with building railroads ; but
I am very sorry to learn from the last
number that my friend R. C. Cushing is
in suth delicate health. But before this
comes to hand I hope you will be able
to report that the Lord will have restored
him to health again, so that in the next
I shall hear that "Richard is himsrlf
affain.'' I also see by your reports that
the B. & M. is progressing rapidly.
Well, you have all of you my best wish
es, even the" Herald, Republican as it
i.. I b'ke to read it, but it couldn't
save the Governor. Don't let up on
those Salt Land Thieves ! Show up cor
ruption everywhere in every ring and
every corner, and -you will have lots of
I am just closing out a job of work on
the Milwaukee & Northern R. R., be
tween Milwaukee and Green Bay ; will j
hnisu this week. There was forty miles
under contract this season, commenced
in September. The grading is about
done and the track will be done about
Christmas. And now, before I close, I
must ask a favor of your local.
Yours truly, Jonx Manly.
France has four professors teaching the
Chinese and Japanese languages, and
Germany ten.
The Buffalo courts hold that living
with a woman 39 years, is as good, in
the eyes of the law, as marrying her.
A Terre haute man refused to pay for
the funeral notice of his mother-in-law.
Some men would pay for such a thing
with pleasure.
A l.idy correspondent wishes to know
the nieaiiiri;; of 'Vtag "parries." They
aro cntaiuuieiits where bucks usually get
enough additional bom? to make them
Gold in the chest is no better than
granite in the mountain: all the money
the child of God needs will be supplied".
Tilton says Victoria Woodhull is "a
green leaf, and her legion of relations are
caterpillars who devour her" The cater
pillars should be encouraged.
An exchange pithily remarks: "Men
eat too much, fret too much, exercise too
little, and then drink whisky. I jet them
turn themselves into the fresh air, eat
simple food, sleep enough, and they will
be more healthy." Says Dr. Guthrie :"
"If you want to keep a dead man, put
him in whisky ; if vou want to kill a liv
ing men, put the whisky into him."
It is a good thing to heKere; it is a
good thing to admire. By continually
looking upwards, our minds will them
selves grow upwards ; and as a man, by
indulging in . habits of scorn and con
tempt tor others, is sure to descend to
the level of what he despises, so the op
posite habits of admiration and enthusi
astic reverence for excellence impart to
ourselves a portion of the qualities we
New York is working out her poli
tical salvation with fear and trembling.
The election last week resulted in the
breaking of the Tammany Ring, and
an encouraging triumph of honesty
against fraud. But the battle is only
begun; those who have grown rich on
the public funds will not readily yield
their hold upon the purs strings.
A few days since a commission mer
chant of Chicago received the following
dispatch from one of his customers re
siding in a section of the country where
the news of the fire ha,d not reached :
"What can you do for me with GOO
bushels of potatoes?" To which he
replied : "Eat 'em."
Your children will be more animated
to vigor, perseverance, and self-dependence,
the more they witness your exer
tions to provide for your future welfare.
There are few who can witness the daily
display of parental and provident care
without having the de-ire treated wi hin
them of doing something for themselves.
"A thrifty father,' says a Hindoo prov
erb, "may have an extravagant son, but
a diligeut father rarely has an idle son."
It has recently been stated in a public
lecture, that no man ever raised himself
to eminence who was not willing to give
more than an equivalent for his wage or
who stopped to eouut the hours. The
careers of James Watt, if cwsre Stephen
son, and other eminent mechanics, fully
support ilia accuracy of the above state
ment, and at the preseut time there are
in Philadelphia many engineers, ma
chinists and manufacturers, possessing
handsome fortunes, who commenced life
as industrious work men in what the world
would consider an humble position, and
who have attained their well-known dis
tinction by not sparing themselves in
their efforts to labor conscientiously.
A Chicago letter contains this interest
ing episode:
Rev. Robert Collyer, of the Church
of the Unity, Unitarian called his peo
ple together last Sunday, and preached
over the ruins of his noble house. He
expressed the hope that the same tender
ties of love which had bound them to
gether would not now be broken. He
knew that there would be nn utter im
possibility to rebui'd the church in the
same magnificent style as the one jut
destroyed, but he urged that some p ace
might be secured, no matter how hum
ble, where they could all gal her together
as of old, and together send upward to
heaven prayers and songs of praise and
thauksgjving. He hoped that he m'cht
be retained as pastor, and he thought
that he would be as cheap a man as
they eeuld find. lie had once preached
for 75 cents a year, and he could do f o
again. He could stil! make as good nails
and horc shoes as any man that stood
before an anvil, and he was willing to do
so again if nececssary.
One of our exchinges is accountable
for the following highly amusing state
ment. Gray hairs in Wilmington, must
be exceedingly troublesc uie at this time:
Down ia Wilmington some time aso
an um man wno was very leeu.e was
helped across a crowded street by a youth
of tweuiy. A month after the old man
died, and as an expression of gratitude
he left the youth $40,000. And now no
old mans life is sal'a in AVil nington.
All the young men have their ambition
excited, and as soon as any venerable man
appears on the side walk, a dozi-n chaps
rush at him grab him by the trowsers
and the collar and the back of the hair,
and try to carry him across the street
whether he wants to go or not. When
he gets there a lot more fasten on him
"and send him back again, aud then pre
sent their cards. So the old men in
Wilmington are having a livejy time now,
and chey have got to tack up the street
whenever they go qpt for a walk.
We have heard of many amusing in
stances of the impudence and wit of the
legal profession, but nothing lately more
amusing than the following from Cedar
Rapids Times:
A few days since, an important case
came up for adjudication in Mt. Vernon,
in which a leading leal light from the
county seat end one from an adjoining
county were Attorneys in Chief. Much
difficulty was had in securing a jury,
owing to the rejection of most every ouo
called by the Attorneys. Finally, one of
Mt. Vcruon's best und most substantial
citizens was called, when the county seat
Attorney asked. "Do yau find any fault
with him sir?" "No," replied his an
tagonist, "I guess he'll do, I don't
think yon can buy him." Jumpins to
his feet like a i.itch ball tov man with n
bullet for ballast and looking his com
petitorin the eye most ferociously, the
county seat lawyer indignantly asked,
"Do you think vou eau buv rue sir?"
The other deliberately took out his wal
let, hunted through it carefully, then
searched leisurely through his pockets,
then straightening himself up, with a
look of ming'ed disappointment and dis
gust, "No sir, I don't think I can to day,
a I have nothing smaller than a five cent
nicklewiili me." The effect upon the
audience and the man from the county
seat, we leave our readers to imagine.
Potter Palmer say3 that by the 1st of
uanuary ne intends, to La getting $40,
000 in rents from tenantson the first floor
of his State street hotel near Monroe.
He will work in full force during the
winter ou the structure, and when he
canuot lay mortar will, lay cement. By
June or J uly next he expects to have the
fourth floor of the building complete,
and "as high up as that occupied by
guests." '
Mr. Palmer has already commenced
preparing for laying the foundation for a
five-story cia;b!c front buil ling on State
6treetx opposite his hotel, ai-d fnr the
erection on Monroe between Wabash
avenue and State treetj of a magnifi
cent building, to be occupied by Allen &
Mackey. Chkogo Joxinoh
To lcvelpc Tnlent.
Place a man in a position that will
fearfully taxiiim and try him a position
that will often bring the blush to his
cheek and the sweat to his brow, a peti
tion that will overmaster him at times,
and cause him to rack his brain for re
sources. Place him in a position like
this; but every time he trips go to his
rescue ; go not with word of blame or
censure, out go with manful words of en
couragement; look him boldly in the eye,
and speak them with soul and emphasis.
This is the way to make a man of a boy,
and a giant of a man. If a man has
pluck and talent, no matter whether he
ever filled a given position or not, put
him in it, if worthy, and he will soon
not only fill it, but outgrow it. But put
one in a position with a faint heart this
is the way to kill him. Put him in grand
lv, with most unmistakable confidence.
Drop no caveats but boldly point the way,
and then stand by with a will and coun
tenance of a true friend. Thus try twen
ty men, such as have been named, and
nineteen will succeed.
The present month is said by the New
York Mail to be the most u: lucky in
the year. The man born this month; it
is asserted, will have a handsome face
and florid complexion ; he wiil be wick
ed iu his youth and always inconstant 4
he will promise one thing and do another,
and always remain poor. The lady born
in this month will be pretty, coquettish,
a little given to contradiction and a lit
tle given to wine. Parties contemplat
ing being born ia November will take
due notice and govern themselves ac
cordingly. In the execution of a recent deed by
a man and his wife, the wifewas taken
aside, before the acknowledgment was
made by the Commissioner, who in the
usual form asked : "Do you execute
this deed freely, and without fear or
compulsion of your husband ?"' Fear of
of my husband !" exclaimed the wife,
"I've had live husbands and never was
afraid of any one of them."
A gentleman traveling in Kurope
writes of seeing $250,000 worth of Eu
tenie's jewels in pawn at London.
There were tiaras, necklaces, twolarge
anchors, of diamonds, and about five
inches long; lot of brooches, one being
a butteifly, the body of whith was a
large opal, about two inches long, aud
the wings set upon spring, and inside of
diamonds, rubies and cniiralds. There
was a wonderful necklace, of black peails
the only one in existence each being
about as large as a marrowfat pea ; a'so
an emerald cross, quite unique, the emer
alds being oblong and set cdre to edge,
nothing between, and alout six inches
the long part of the cross, and one each
side of the centre, to form the arms;
this was about four and a half inches
long. Two ear-rings of diamonds, the
very purest, but each cut like a drop of
water, and hung pendant and swinging
from the small end, several ear-rings, all
large diamonds, and six diamond rings,
one a superb one, worth 100.
A writer in the American edition of
Chambers' Edinburg Journal, published
before the fire, stated that in the neigh
borhood of Chicago are enormous de
posits of "oil-bearing limestone," ef
which many houses are built. Inspired
by this suggestion numerous papers are
discussing at the cast whether the an
controlable fury of the fire, and the rapid
demolition of all our stone structures,
were not owing to the use of this bitu
minous stone. Various buildings are
cited, and their speedy destruction
lool-cd upon as proof that the intense
boat under which they yielded, was due
to the presence of the oil in the stone.
To all of which it is only necessary to
state that the supposed oil bearing stone
was not used ia this city, except in some
cases for found a ions, which are all intact,
and that the only structure of any size
built of that material was the Second
Presbyterian Church, the walls of whioh
are all standing and did not crumble or
melt under the heat. The stono mainly
used was the Athens marble, a limestone
formation, handsome, easily worked
which had becomtj a favorite with build
ers. Until this fire it had exhibited no
special incapacity to resist heat. Chi
cago Tribune..
We are pleased to see that Professor
M'Graw, of tho Detroit Medical, Col
lege, imparted to the last graduating
class some of his excellent ideas in re
gard to the general aspect of a physi
cian's office He says: " I have been in
doctor's offices where a skull grinned
f om tne corner, ghastly anatomical
plates hung from the walls, and splints,
suggestive of broken bones, were placed
conspicuously iu every corner. What a
delightful recting-place lor a sick woman
visions of death, disease, and injury
greeting her ou every side I Now, gen
tlemen, make your offices pictures cf
comfort and cheerfulness. Banish from
them every sign of your professional oc
cupation, so that your patients may en
ter them not only without disgust, but
with actual elevation of heart." If there
is any place which should be made bright
and cheerful, and contain something in
teresting and amusing to tbe mind, it is
the rooui where patients are td:en com
pelled to wait an hour. We have often
seen them, weary and restless, with
nothing to do but to gloomily reflect on
the ills their flesh is heir to, growing
each moment more impatient, and feel
ing evidently twice as sick as when they
first entered the . unattractive room.
Without exception, the pleasantest
physician's office we ever entered was
that of Dr. 1) , a weil kno wn practi
tioner of Boston. Books, flowers, paint
ings, engravings, rare and beautiful cu
riosities, handsome carpets and furniture,
luxurious sofas and ray-chairs: wi h
these the rooms were filled : and our time
of waiting swemed neither long nor te
dious. All physicians cannot afford such
abounding luxuriance; but there i3 no
reason why pleasant books and maga
zines and cheerful pictures should not be
found in the waiting-room of every
Active passive and neuter. To be. to
do, to suffer. The Democrats have con
cluded that they have nothing to do but
to be passive and suffer. Ft. Scott Mo
nitor. The smart Democrats have concluded
not to be passive and ruffer. They say
that if they are to be asked to endorse
Republican principle and vote for Re
publican candidates, they prefer to take
the "original old-Dr.Thcmpson's none-gcnuine-uuless
statu ped-on-t he bottle,"
instead of a bogus and disgusting imi
tation. The Republican party will thus
absorb all the good ma'eiialof the De
mocratic organization, and at the same
time purge itsdf of soreheaJs anil rene
gades, whose connection with it is the
only weak point in its splci id organi
zation. Atchison Champion.
Chicago, Nov. 28.
Up to this date the Chicago relieand
aid society has received $2,508,000 in
cas'i, for the benefit of the sufferers by
the great fire. The contributions came
from forty states and territories.
New York, Nov. 2g.
Judge Bedford has denied the motion to
quash the imlsctruent against Haggerty
and Batch, charged with stealing vouch
ers from the comptroller's office, and re
fused to admit them to bail.
TI12 grand ju y appointed by Judge
Bedford this morning, stated that they
were unable to finish their investigation
of the charge of fraud against the city
officials, because t heir terms of service
were drawing to a close. The Judge
took the matter under advisement.
The difficulty whith Connolly experi
enced in finding bail is due to the sheriff
r jeeting many of the persons who have
been offered. His friends say the Sher
iff has bjen unnecessarily severe in re
fusing men who were fully able to re
spond as sureties. Messrs. Havemyer
and.Tilden say that the committee of
seventy are not at all pleased with Con
nolly's arrest. It is also stated that his
an est was made with the hope that Con
nolly would divulge what he knew.
At Hunter's Point, yesterda-, forty
catholic children were expelled from the
public school, by direction of the com
missioners, because they objected to
reading the bible.
This afternoon the grand duke, ac
companied by his suite, reviewed tbc fire
brigade at Tompkins square. The duke
has accepted an invitation from Commo
dore Bennett to dine with the New York
Yacht Club Saturday evening next.
The ducal party wiil visit Montreal on
the 12th of December, and Ottawa on
the 13th, where the duke will pay his
! respects to the povernor-jreneral and
j thence proceed to Niagara Falls.
The treasurer of the Chamber of Com
merce Committee for the relief of the
sufferers in Chicago and the Northwest,
reports additional subscriptions from the
20ch to 25th inst, amounting to $2,102,
making a grand total in all collected by
the committee cf $008,473.
It is understood that if Connolly' bail
U not completed by Wednesday night,
he will spend his thanksgiving in Lud
low street j.til.
The body found in North river, Friday,
was recognized a that of Madam
Rhodes, a wealthy lady of New Orleans.
Thirteen new small pox cases siuce
Monday noon.
At a meeting of the committee of 70
to night, the following resolutions were
do p ted :
Resulted, That for the purpose of sc
curhtg to the people of this city the sub
stantial fruits of their victory in there
cent election over coiruption, this coni
mit'ee propose to usj every lawful effort
to secure at the earliest possible moment
the removal of the present Mayor from
the office he holds.
Resokal, That if the Mayor shall con
tinue to defy the express will of the peo
ple, and persist in remaining in official
p.osition, committee ot; legislation will
be instructed to prepare and present to
the legislature, immediately, an account
of which shall be sufficient and effectual
fo remove him at once, without waiting
for the completion of- the new charter or
other remedial measures.
Chlcnjjo Produce HarUrt.
Chicago November 2S.
Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat
moderately active; opened weak and de
clining, bu advanced and closed firm :
No 1 123; No. 2 1 IS; No. 3 1 18
bid; rejected J 0 J. Corn moderately
active, and closed firm: No. 2 40; re
jected 3Sj.(7' 39l seller month, Decmber
and year 40(aA'l. Oats quiet and lower
at 3o( Ml closing at outside; seller De
cember 31(a31r Rye steady fi.m and
quiet at (JJA for car lots; sides of Nos. 1
and 2, six cirs at 6IJ. Ba !e - d :!.': No.
2 554.; No. 3 -14; sales of 'No. 2, six
cars at 55; No. 3 one car, 44.. Pro
visions stronger and a triflo higher for
some descriptions. Mess pork epaotable
at 1 2 50(rr 1 2 GO cash ; 1 2 50& 1 2 55 De
cember. Lard better and demand firm
at c. advance; 83(Vi8 or seller
thlcaso C'ntUe XnrUct.
Chicago, Nov. 23.
Cattle dull and neglected; prices no
minal. Hogs active at 10 15a higher; 3 89 '
4 12. for fair to choice; 4 15(f;4 20 for
extra premium grades.
St. I.ouIn lroliire STnrkrt.
St Louis November 23.
Flour firm; suprr winter 5 355 05;
traCC-VGlO: XX G25,r, ",5: Whom
lower grades advanced; No. 3 Red 1 43;
No. 2 1 52. Corn firm; No. 2 in Klc-
vater3j; mixed sack 42 Bailey un
changed. Rye firmer; N?. 2 72( 73.
Whisky unchanged. Pork ouiet : io!
bing 12 75; dry snlt meats quiet; should
ers 5; c-learrib G(ftfi; clear GJC63 for
order lots; bacon quiet: shoulders 7j:
clear packed in gunnies 71. Lard active
and firm at 88.
Fire Insurance Co.
OF I.O. l)O.V,
Established A D. 1803,
Capital ond Cash Afcumulations,
Ten Million Dollars In Gold.
Chicago Looses all Paid
Th reputation and standing which this com
pany has secured during the eixtv-nino years
it has transartd business thruugaou. the world,
together with the large and undoubted security
ij offers for all its ob irations. claims for it a
shnre of tbe pub ic patronage.
Policies secured aad losses paid by
II. E PA I TIER. Agent,
. Plattsmouth, Neb.
Nov. 29. diwtf
XWILL furnish parties with stone for building
purpose at reasonabl e rates, a t my q uarry or
delirereo on the cars at Louisville station- Th
foliowi g kinds can be had on short notice, sills,
cap, perch rock, line or rod sand atone such as
was uaea by the B.41I.R. the construc
ts i(. ai their stono work. All responsible
orders promptly fillrd Address.
. . J. T. A. HOOVER
owlV Louiwtlle Statk-ty.
Sheriffs Said
II. A. Waterman ond John Vv'aterma.
Jiune U. UoIIhdJ.
Notice is hereby given, that I will offer for
Site at Public Auction, at the front door oi the
Court llotiso in I'luttRuaouth. Ca?s County. Ne
braska, on the 4ili ilny of J.'crember 1ST1, at tho
hour of 2 o'clock P. M.of faiil Uuy the following
property to wit:
The fruine building situated on the West half
(.H)of Lot No. twelve (,121 in Block No. thirty
(:KJ in -ho City of l'lattsmouth in said County
of Cns.o; known at) the addition built by Jnmcj
K. Holland to the City Hotel, and b in? 2 feet
wide by Mi fei-t in length, to be sold ns the pro
perty 01 James K. Holland, on an Order of Ailo
on foreclosure of Mechanics lien iu favor of fi.
A. Waterman, and John Waterman.
is?ued by the LMstriut Court of the
'Zd Judicial District within and for Caes County
Nebraska and to me directed as Sheriff of said
Given under uiy hand this 1st day of Novem
ber A. D 1871.
J. W. Johksox. Sheriff.
Cuss Co Nebraska.
Maxwell & Chapman. Att'ya for Ptff.
Nov. 2 w5
Sheriff's SJe.
Jacob L. Phillips, against William L. V'elli
and Jennie K. Wells. Order of Sale
Notiae hereby given that I will offer for
sale at public auction at the front door of tho
Court House in Piattsmoutb. Cass County, Ne
braska on the :27th day of December A. 1. 1S71
nt tbe hour of two o'clock r u of said day the
following K-al Kstate. to wit :
Lot No. Ninette in Block No. Twenty (ill) in
the City of Plattinouth Cass Co Nebraska, to
be sol, I as tho property of William L. Wc!ls
and Jennie K. Weill on an Order ot Sain in
favor of Jacob L. Phillips, issued by the Dis
trict Court of the 2d Juiticiul District within
anil tor Cass County Nebraska, and to me di
rected as Sheriff of said Couuty.
Given uner my hand this d day of Novem
ber A. 1). 1871. J. W. JoHxaox, Sheriff.
Cass Co- Nebraska.
MhXvkm. 4 CilAritAS Atty's for Pltfl.
Nov 'i w 5
Sheriff's Sale.
Jairus E. Neal vs T homas Huston Order of
Notice is hereby given, that I will ofTerfor
sale at public auction, at the frcnt door of the
Court iiouse in Plattsmouth, Cafs county Ne
Lrasfe.i. on the 11th day of December A D 1871
at the hour of 2 o'clock p m of said day tho fol
lowing real estate to-wit :
The south west quarter (1.0 of section four (I)
in township numberelevcn (11) north- rvnprc no
eleven Ul east of tbe H pm, in Cass county Ne
braska, to be sold as the proper y of Thomas
Huston on an order of salo in favor of Jnirus K.
Noal is.-ued by the District Court 2d Judicial
District within und for Cuss count: Nebraska
and to tne directtd ns Hienffof said county.
U-iven under my hand this 8th day of Novem
ber A D 1S71. J. W. JOHNSON, .sheriff
Cass county Nebraska.
Stkvkxfos A IIy waki), Att'ys for ITS
Sheriffs Sale.
John Finirhcr. Plaintiff, against John Hess
Emciine Hess ic Kugtne Amors, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given, that I will offer for
sola at Publ c Auction, at tbe fror.t door of
the Court House in I'iattsmouth, Cass County
Nebraska, on tho 4th day of December A. I'.
1S"1, at the ho.r of 11 o'clock A.M. of said
day. tbo following Heal Estate, to wit :
Tho undivided one half lUl of the noith
half (li of Lot No, Six (-i)in Block No.Thirtv
two (:VJ., in the City of Plattsmouth, 'bss Coun
ty Nebraska; to be sold as ibt property of J hn
Hess and Umelino lles-s. on an Order of Sale in
favor of John Finishcr issued by the District
Court of the 21 Judici. 1 District within and
for Cass County Nebraska and to me directed
as Sheriff ot said County.
Given under my hand this 1st day of Novem
ber A. D. 1871.
J. W. Johnson", Sheriff.
Cuss Co. Nebraska.
Maxwell x Chapman, Att'ys for l'ltf.
Nov. 2 w 5
Sheriff's Sale.
-Tohn n. Clark Plaintiff, vs. P. E. Board ,ly
Ellen H. BeKrdsly, J, 11. M. Bcardsly, Char
loite K. Bcardaly, and Lucius F. lt.ed. Defends
Notice is hereby given, that I will offer for
sale at Public A netion. at the front doo cf the
Court House iu I'lattsmouth, Cass Cout-.y Ne
braska, on tho 4th diy of December A. D. 1871,
at the hour of Onedj o clock P. M. of said day
the following Heal Kstate. to wit:
The Norta Kost Quarter of tho Scuth
Kan Quarter (Vpof Section No. Nine (9) and
the v est half OA) of t e South west Quarter i
and the South Kan of the South west yu.irter!
of Section No. Ten (li1), in Township
o. ten (10) North Kanyc No. Twelve
(12) East of the tith P. M. situate in sni l
Cass Couniy. to be sold as tbc property f f P. E.
Beardsly, Ellen K Beardsly. J. 11. M. Bcards!v,
and Charlotte E- Beardsly. on an Order cf Sale
in favor of John 11. Clark, is-ued by the District
Court of t c'i't Judicial District within and for
Case County Nebraska, and to nir directed as
Sheriff of said County.
Given under luy hand this 1st dny of Novcia
ber lM7i. J. V. Johssok. Sheriff.
Cuss Co.Nehra.-ka.
Maxwell & Chapman. Att'ys lor PUT
Nov. 2 wo
Sheriff's Sale.
Shugart & Lininger 1
nca:n.-t Execution.
C. E. Eorgy J
sale at public auction nt the frontdoor of tW
uouri nouse in riattsmcuttt on the 3d day ot
JanuHiy, A. D. 1872. at one o'clock p. m. ot
said day. the following Real Estate, sittia'ed
in f c City of Plattsmouth, Cass Co Nebraska,
to wit:
The undivided One half (d of Lot No. Six'")
in Block No. Thir y-feven fo7): and tbe undi
vided One hnlf C of Lot No. Ten .h in Block
No rNine;; and the undivided One haif(Vj'ot
LotNi. Twelve Hi in Block No. Eorty-fi vr(45)
taken as the property of C, E. furry, ou an
Execution in favor of Shugart and Lininger.
issued by the Clerk of the District Cour. within
an i for Cass Co. Nebraska, and to me directed
as saeria oi said County.
Given under my hand tl.is30th day of Novem
ber A. D. 1171 J. Johnson, Sheriff,
. . Cam Co. Nebraska.
Fox A-, Fllff Attorneys.
Nov. 30 w 6
Sheriff's Sale.
F. F. Perry vs. Piatt Saunders-Order of Sale
Notice is hereby given, that I will offer for
sale at public auction at tbe front door of the
Court House in Plattsmouth, Cas county Ne
braska, on the 11th day of December. A. D. 1871
at tho hour of um o'clock p m of said day the
following real cHoto to-wit :
Lots seven and eight in block fifty twa in tho
city of Plattsmouth, Cass county Nebraska, to
be sold as tbc property of Piatt Saunders on
an order of sale in lavoi of V. K. Perry, issued
by the District Court of the 2d Judicial District
within and for Cass county Nebraska, and to me
directed as Sheriff of said county.
Given under my hand this 8th cay of Novem
ber 1571. J. W. JOHNSON.:Sherirt
Cass county. Neb.
Max wfi.l Jt Chapman. Atty's for ITsF.
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby triven fhat at the election
held in Plattsmouth Precinct, Cuss t. Neb. on
the 6th day of October 1S71, pursuant to tbe or
dtr of tbe County Commissioners of said Coun
ty for the purposo of submitting to the legal
voters of sai l Precinct, the question whether
said Precint should issue its Bonds to the St.
Louis A- Nebraska Trunk Rail Road Company
to tbe amount of 15,UU0. 00 to aid in the con
struction of said Rait Road. The question and
proposition lor Bonds and Tax so submitted at
said election were adopted and carri"d by a ioa
jority of 37 votes. Tbe whole number of votes
canal said election being 51. The numbcrot
votes for ttftiUs and Tax, yes was t-t. 1 he Dum
ber of votes for Bonds and Tax, no wrjt 7.
By order of the County Commissioners.
, Dkxjami Alm.w
D. W. McKlVNoy. Pi-eiident.
County Cljrk.
Nov2w 2
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given hatat the election
held in Hock L'lutf Precinct. 'aa County. Neb
on tbe Gth day of October 1X71. pursuant to the
order of the Connty Coin missioners of said Coun
ty, for the purrose of submitting to the J. gul
voters of said Precinct, the question whether
said Precinct should issue it Bonds to the St
Louis and Nebraska Trunk Rail K ad Company
to the amount ot (2i.(Hi0iJU to aid in tbe con
struction of said Kail Road The question and
proposition for liond and Tax tq submitted at
sui.l election wereadop edand carried byji ma
jority of 93 votes. The whole number of votes
cast al said election being 121. The number ot
rotes for Bonds and iTax yes was 107, and the
number of votes for Bond and Tax no was 14.
By o der of the Hoard of County Coinmis-ciont-rs,
Eenjamix Alki.
D. W. McKinxov. President.
County lOierk.
Xov23w 2
Estray Notice.
Taken up by tbn undersigned on his premis
es, three miles south of Plattsmouth. three
head nt Asses. One is a light dun color, the
other a dark brown with s dum colored eolt; no
narki r braadajveroertibio.
Vrv. 14
NO- 36
Notice of Chattel Kortgags
AlTlicrcss de'ault has been uiaais In the pay-
inent of one promissory rfoffc- soured
by a chattel mortgage daird December HI 1H7'),
executed by Edwin W. Brown and Moses Brtwn
to Charles Holmes to secure the puj incut of the
rum of M .0. and interest at 10 per cent per an
num on or before the 1st day of November P71
that said tnortg.Tgewas duly recorded i'- Book D
of Chattel Mortgages, pages 140 and 147, m tLo
Clerk's office of Cas county Nebraska.
Tout there-is now due on fnid notes and mort
gage the sum ofSkSP.:7. -
That the description of tho mortgaged pro
perty which will be offered for sale is "a Mas
sillou Threshintr Machine nearly new."
Now therefore notice is hereby given that
by virtue of a power of rule contained in said
mortgage I will oh the tit li day of December
1S71, at the hour of one o'clock p in of said day
at the front door of the Court House in Platts
mouth Cass county NebrasVa offvr for sale sid
M-.sillon Thrcfh inf. Machine descrined in said
mortgage, to the highest bidder for cash.
By Maxwell Jc Chavvan, Atty'i
Notice is hereby given that nt the election
held in the citv of i'liittsmouth. Nebraska, on
thebth day of October, lsTl, pursuant to the
order of the com ion council of sai l city, for
the purpose of submitting to tho legal voters of
snid city the question whether said city should
issue its Bnls o the St. Louis and Nebraska
Trunk Railroad Company, to the amount of
fifty thousand dollars, to aid in the obstruc
tion ot said railroad, '.he question and prop
oM'ion tor bonds und tax so submitted at said
election were adopted and carried by a luajot
cf 253 votes. The whole niiinber of votes cast
at siiid election being 200, tbe number of votes
for bonds and tax yes being 2-"-6, tho number
for bonds nnd tax no being i
By order of the Common Council.
M. L. WHITE. Mayor.
Attest. It. II. VakaTTA, City Clerk.
Nov. lt w2
Legal Notices.
T'j John T. Bryr.n and Harriet A. Bryan,
non-resident defendant, will t ike notice that
William Altafier, plaintiff, did, on the 21'th day
ol November, A 1 1S71. file his petition in the
District Cour 2d Judicial District, in and tor
Cass county, Nebraska, ngaitist you. the object
a d prayer of which 'n to icniove the cl u I
rest ng upon his title to the southwe-t quarter
of section No. thirly-eix ti(i), in town. Ill, N.t
range 12. in Cass county, el.T.iska, c uscd by
reason of an error an l mistake in a certain
deed, made bv John T. Bryan nn l Harriet A.
!ynn, h'.- wife, to plaintiff, ou the ;trd uay of
Ju c. 18.rS. for the sum of SSW 00, in which
deed said land v .s described ns lying in range
1 f.when the siuii should have been range 12 in
Cus i runty, and which mis'nke John T, Bryan
and Harriet A. Bryan have tailed an 1 refused
to correct. Plai.itiff asks that his title to sa d
real c.-'Nilc may be quieted ond confirmed in
him. You are required to imswcrsai-i petition
on or before the 15th day of Juhuar , 1S72
Will am Altafiee.
By Maxwcl' i Chapman, his Attorneys.
Nov.'. w4
Attachment Notice.
Levi Kimball. Plai.itiff. vs. Emcy Wilson,
Dstond.'int. B f re T. 11. Bob rison, a Ju t cj
of the Peace :u and for Sa'py County, Nebraska.
To Emery Wilson :
You will tako notice that 1 havo commerced
suit against you before T. H. Robertson, a Jus
tice of tbo Peace in and for Sarpy Coumy, Ns!
braska. An Order ef Attachment was issued
by fai l Justice on the 11th dav of November
1371, forthesum of thirieen 813' Dollars and
all costs l suit. Said ac;i-n a beun contin
nol until Jan. 6th 1472, at 10 o'o ock a. v.
Nov 20 w3
?altiiaore Piano
Manufacturers of
Ealt.mobk Maryland.
These Inst amenta hare been before the I ub-
l:c tor nearly thirty years, and upon their ex
cellence al ne attained an vnpn-chnnt.i Pre
eminence, which pronounces lliein unequaled
in Tune, Tonr h,
Yor;ni'.nhip ami Durability.
S3 All our Square Piano have our New Im
proved Overstrung Scale and the Agr.ifTe T c-
J"We woii'il call special attention to our
lato fatentcil linprove-r ent in Orand Htano
and Square Grands found in no other P.ann.
which bring the t icno nearer l ci lection than
br.s yet been attained.
frcri PIASO fniV Warranted fur Fire
l!lastra:ed Cat iogurs end price lists prompt
ly furnished on application to
WM. KNA15E A CO.. Eahimor. Md.
Or any of nr regu'ar established agene es.
To .liivFnTi-tr.s All persons who conton
p'ate makicR contracts with news-pipers for tho
insertion of Ad veniscments should send to
tor a Circular, or inclose 25 cents for their One
hnn (r-d Page Pamphlet, containing Lists of
j,v.j newspapers and rsuirutes. sli - mg the
cotd ofadrcriisinff. aiomaiiy useful hints to ad
vertiser, and some account of the experiences
of iu-n who are known as succcsstul advertis
ers. This firm are proprietors ot tbc American
Newspaper Advertising Agency.
41 ark go j: Y-.
and ere possessed of uncqualed facilities for
securing the insertion of advertisements in ail
Newspapers mU Periodicals at lcwcst rates,
100,000 FEET !
the undersigned baa ou hand a large qantity a!
on Fhort notice, and for any size or length cf
Rafters, Studdmgs, Joists
can be had on short notice. C. HEISEL.
Dress and Cloak m iking.
I would ref pertfully announce to the ladies'
of Piatt-'uiouth and vicinity tbat I am n w
prepared t j do Dress and Cloak makiiig in the
latest and most approved sty!e, Havins with
me 51is M Sage, a well known und aceoin Visa
ed dri-ss-iuakcr. feel confident that we rn fctve
perfect satislactioa. We will Irccp a good se-
l..ti .n " ' l-Vr" ..i. ...1 ( ' ...... I -
..w. . vuvti uii', iici iuiih iiaikti us i'r rii: (9.
Ladies will do well to give us a foil br fore go
ing elsewhere. Mhs A. M. DESPAIN.
First door west of M. L. White's new building,
.Main St., Plattsmouth, Neb.
Nov. 14. 171. dil3
TO THE WORKING CLASS.-rt e arc now
prepared t- lurnish at classes with eon-tant
mployment at home, the whole of the lime or
for tbe spare moments, liusiuess new. Ifchi
and profitable Pe.-soHs of either sex can easily
earn from tiitr cents to five d-dlnr per evening
and a porpotiunal earn by devotror their whole
time to tha business. Poys and girls earn nearl
as much as men. That all who see this notie
may send their addffs, and test the business
we make this.un paralleled offer. To such as are
not well satisiied, we wiil send one dollar to pay
for the trouble of writing Full particulars, a
valu-iblc sample which will no to commence
wor on, and a copy of The t"tnpfe' (h.upuHion
one of the largest, and best fairiT nirnapers
published all sent free by mail. Reader, if
you want Ftrmcnant, profitable work.
geo. . H
i rrm daily
j is rCBLisdxD st
u n. HrHAWAv:
fcuo. Li SBTaoti1.
" -i7i corS'sr Ma!;i and Second sufet
i n i story
tHM9:-Vailiiid.W per nanntii. or ll.Ot
ier arouk.
H Shining Lights. A choice collection of f
beautiful Sacred Songs. 1
A Hearth and UotSC. k'ircide , J?rhc es. rt
n and Sweet Sounds. Three, vuliimea of v
M easy Songs by Webster, Persley, etn. . p
Golden Leaves. Voluivcal, and II.
DThe two volumes contain all of Hill S. Q
Days' Song-: V
S Priceless (ietus. A collection o' beauti- IT
ful Ballads by Wallace, Thomas Keller. "
0l,c t N
P Fairy Firnrcrs. Magi OeHi afcd O
"" uug PUnUt. Three volumes of very '
easy Music for young p!tcrs.
tear I Drops and Musical Recreations.
Dance Music. Two collections of moderate dif
ficulty. Pleasant Memories. A collection of beauti
ful pieces by Wyman. Mack. l)rcs!ef. e"c.
Holdcu Chimes. A collection of brill.ant
parlor Music by Charles kink I.
Brilliant Hems. A splendid co" lection, by
Vilbre, Allard, Pacher Kinkel. etc.
Price, $2,50 Mr vo'unie. elegantly bound in
cloth with giit'ides; fe! iu plain cloth; S1.73
in boards.
Address, J. L. Pitkrs, M? Brnadwny.
Wo would a!o cal? a-'ttntion to The Opera at
If. ii . : r i i i f
ful ope- songs. Price f5 in e'oth and gi t:
Trade price, ft.
Not. 3it di w luio.
Manuc'urer of ferJ
AND D 1 . A L E R I S
Jfjarntss, Saftlts, xMts,
Blankets, Brushes, &c
Promptly Executed. All work Warrcnted,
Nov. PJaltMiiniilh, Nob.
Merc is a Lit nf such Work" an shoulvt
be found in every Library within th""
reach of every reader Works to ent"-"
tain, instruct and improve the win-'
Copies wiil be s-eut by return post, rf
receipt of price.
New Physiognomy ; orsignsof diameter, as
manifested thrn!;h Temperament aud Eiter
nitl tonus, and etpcriully in the "lluma:, Fnce'
liivine" with more hm One Thousand I'lus-
trations. liy S. 11. Wkllh. Pri.;e Sj.
Hydr-pathic Encyclopedia. A y?teni of II
drypathv and llygi.-no embracing outline of
Anutomy: Physiology of tbe huuiiin body; Ifv
gicnic -agencies and the prc.'ervatpin of bealthf
theory and prabticc; special patnology, inclnd
ihg the nature, causes, symptoms n;id tret
nien' of all known liseuses. Text-book for
Physicians. Uy R. T. T i.l M.D. The mosl
complete wo k on the subject. 11.50
Weaver's Work Comprising "Hopes ami
Help for tioth Sexes.', "Aims and Aids for
tliris nnd Young WVne .""Wars '.f Life; or
the right way and tbe wrong way." A capi
tal work. i'i.
How to Hezd Character. A New Iiluslrated
Hand-Hunk of Phrenol cy nnd Physiognomy,
for Student and Examiners, with n chart fTvr'
recording tbe six-s of the diifr'icnt Onrans ef tbo'
brain, in the Hcliucation of character, with up
wards of l"tl L'ngrvings. Latest aud LcsL '
Muslin, Sl.5.
The Parents' Guide ; or human development
through Inherited Tendencies. JJy Mrs. lias
rkb Pkndleton. Sccont edition rcrUed aad
enlarged. One vol. 12nio. Price il.00
Fo"d and Diet. With observation? on the
Dictical ItegMnen suited for Itisordcrly states;
of the digestive organs, dietaries of tbe Princi
p.l Metropolitan Lstabiif iitncnts lor Lunatics
Criminals. Children, the Sick, Paupers, etc. A
thorough, pcienti'Js Work. Uy Jn a" H a N P K ic
iha, M.D.. P. K S and L S. h'ditcd by Choa'
A. Lee. M L. S1.7j
Life at Kama ; or. the Family nnd its Mem
bers. Husband.. Wives. Parent". Children
Hrothrrs. istcrs. Employers und i.mployc4 rto
liy Kev. Wm. Aikmis, 1 Jj. livery family
thoutd have it. tljj'.
Hand-!3o-li for Homo Improvement "How to
Writ? .""How lo Talk." 'How t Uchave." and
"How to do Dus.uc.-3." Ia oao vol. -T
Wedlock; or. the rieht relations of the sexes'
Disclosing tbo Inns of Conjugal Selection, and
showing who imiy and who may not ui-nrv. A
guide for both sexes. L'y S. K. P'uiif
Orstory Sacred and Secular; or the extempor
aneous speaker. Indluding chairman's guide
for conducting public rueetinjrs according to the
best Parliamentary forms, l!y Wm Pittkkgcb
Management of Infancy, Physiological and
Moral Treatment, liy Andrew Cumbr. M !.
with Notes end a Supplementary Chapter Mu
lin. il-5o
ThougMs for the Vounq Men, ahd tot thflf
Ycung Women of America: or a few prnctb-s-r
words of advice- liy L U Kkavkm- With th
Ideal Man and tho Ideal Woman by Horace;
(irceley. Price ?1
Ztop't Fable. The People's Picrial Edi
tion, bfHuti'uily illustrated with nearly sixty
engravings cloth guilt. Leveled board, on'y 1
Pope's Essay On Man, With notes, beautifully
rUustrutcd, cloth guilt, ber board, hu.t editioir
Frirt Culture For the Mii'ierr, A Ifan 1-bovK
DKiujz n iiuiiic in tno rniiiraiion ami manage
ment of t rut Trees. Inscriptions if the be.
Vrarietic und how tt iirnrmvin f hi., llin.ti..w
ted SI
. .in ,,ikjoi . i u in-, nitjni nice, A new
pocket dictionary and eferance book, embrace
mi synonyms, technical terms, abbreviations
TL. DI.L1 .A f , ) n " I. . ni .
ti )n, prool-rcgding, anu other valuable iufornia
ti-jn, cloi.ii. 73i;Ls
Inclose the air.ount in a RcgitereJ
Letter, or in a P. O. Order, for fi of
all of the above, anJ adJrcss IS. l,
Wells, Publisher, 25a Rroadwa
New Vork. Asjent-s Wante-l.
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Phelns Paine
Represents some of the most reliable Compaa
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