Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 12, 1871, Image 3

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    -"T- r-T
6"t. ...
Nebruika City
-metal Agent Dcp't Northwest.
Union Central Life
Of Cincinnati Ohio.
'. I!. 1V.ES50N.
Local Agent
Luxuries of Modern Travel."
'.n t'.'ve lay the tasto of the TraveEng Pub
. h.i- '-ecine exceedingly fastidious. In order
: . i ii tiieir patronage, a Railroad line must
i i : : '. i. insure Safety, Speed and comfortable
:: possessing the necessary quali
mi i:.i ,.f atirst-cliiss equipment of couches and
-.( i i. tiven, a solid road-bed and heavy iron
i :i!!i.ia' IVIIace Sleeping cars, Pullman'
u;.r-i, a direct route, good connections and
r : :i Management.
! J;.!: lingtou route is making every effort to
..ii these qalith-ution to a high deirree.
a route to nil points, west, north
nican ol : itn connection as follows:
. m ' 'uiatia witn the I'acilir ria.
' i':atumouth with the B. i M. R. R., ia
At ii:.mbiirg. with thcSf Joseph Railroad
' : ! -..uts in kanaf, Ac.
A i liuuiwa. with the Dcs Moines Valley
1 r r". .Missouri railroads.
A; luriii.gton with the V,.. C. R. A M, R.
i i -t npi rt. Mu--atine, flee.
. ! jr.iii. juth. with the R. R. I. A- St. L.
"1 V- i . ; rn Union Railroads, for St. Paul, and
! ;.e north, and lor St Louis and points
.- '1.
A i i "ria. with the short line Wooming
r i'" t . Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville
! soul h and east.
." i i ria. with the T.,l'.iV. R. R., for
i" -1 '.. Coiiimbus, At.
A' ." mint, with all the Illinois Central.
i:lCAGO, withnll Truck lines lor tha
vl! -udviee can )e given then, than to
'1 iu .Jarlington Ronto." dtf.
v.. hi
v.- I. I
e. i:i
it ami Thomas Itrown ts Thomas
.reWm.A. Justice of the
.ii: 1 for Co County, Nebraska,
u iant above named will take notice
i. he JJ .lay of Septeiuoer. lsTl,
: : - comment-id an action agait.?t de
.t :d court tn recover the sum of $19
'. f services rendered by plaintiffs tor
' his request, that on the id day of
r. 1VT1, saul plaiutitl's caused to be is
i i 1 court an order of attachment, and
following property of the defen
ce ii ' tach ed. to-wit : Aboutsix acres
liirc-din reenvo. Precinct, in said
t l:e homesicad of '1 hos. Uruwn, lor
; of li:i ing the same sold to satisfy
i: Incss and cost : that said cause has
".ed until the 11th dayot November
. i k p. in. at which time said defen
: :-edt9 appear or judgement for
.- ot action u ill be rendered against
J. It. DARK.
Estray Notice.
,.! ". r 'y the undersinc I. in Eight Mile
i' ' ' ' 't. C. i 3 county, o no pony mare. 5
' i. t nut "orrsl, Ii:t I o whits ou facJ
- : ! .jt while, trau le t ' (-' U" on loft
Vi m. V'tc.nhiP.i
ri'i; V t Ii K I Xft 'IA SS. Ve uro now
i:. ! ; t'urnislt all el:i"seH witli constant
V :.! at l"Ue. tlie n bole of the time or
: -1 !" lii'.mtnt.s. lousiness new, lifht
i i le. Persons ol'eithersex can ea.-ily
Mt cents to live dollars per evening
tinnalsum by devoting their whole
. M-iuess. iioys and cirls earn nearly
'. :-eu. That til! who see triii notio
. ii i tiieir address, and test the business
i." t;.i.-iinparalli ! d ofi'er. To such as are
ii s-.titied, w will s 'lid one dollar to pay
.r- ible f rit ntl- lull particulars, a
i l . nr.plc which w ill On to commence
.. J-n.l it copy of The fciplc't Cuingtuninn
I ':!. largest, an.t best fairily newspapers
all sent free by mail. Header, if
y. -it .rmeuaut, profitable work,
ASInine." stug
Eock Blufffl, Neb.
.ring Term Commencea
arch 21st, 1871.
i f either sex will receive thorough, and
instruction hero. Particular atten
)':imary scholars,
vj'i ks furnished free of cost to al
arsis an 1 rarti"iilars a 1 Ir.
1 J- D. I ATXEliSON.
' Jifl, ii n tm'r'l mrr'npf. J'rire 6c'.
re on the Nature, Treatment, and
lit" of Spermatorrhea, or .'seminal
- . Involuntary Emissions. Sexual l-e-
J J in pediments to Marriaco generally:
:ies. n-ii'i tion. Epilepsy, and I its; l'l.i-it ai Iii'Mpacity, lesultinit from
c..Vc. P.y Koocit J. Culverwell, M.
l T of t he "I Sreen Hook,' Ac.
rid rcnoiined author, in this aJmira
:re. e'.enily proves from his own exper
.t the anful cocsoiuence of self-abuse
. tlectually removed without medicines,
'out dangerous surgical operations, bou
umeti's, riiorj or eotdials, pointing;
j6 ot urc at once certain and effectual
.: every i;lt'.;i cr. no t::ttcr whathis con-
be. pi .iy cure himself rheapiy, pri
. : ! r tdically. Tins lecture w ill prove a
'In usaii:isaud tiiousands.
udt-r seal. t any address, in a plain!ope, on the r'eipt of six cents, or
:k-e stamps. Also lr. t'ulverwe !'s
f-uide,' pi ice Jr cents. Address the
JC7 Oowtry New York. Ror 81.
7 book by James Parton. A history o
4 acces.-l"ul men of America. tl,eir
;rful invention", discoveries, and acLiev
, showing how adiuiraMe action , noble
:t-'r, ingenuity, and pui'iic spirit, have
ouicd to the advanceo'tut of the world'
illustrated . intensely intesting. and
intructiv-e. A rare chance for agents.
. or circulars, r.nd note oar exira terms.
;i. A. PARKER .V Co.. )'ublihers.
K'J Madison M., Chicago, 111
I Lady Agents wanted to t--1 the great
i k on the the su t ject ever published.
? Pye II. Chavasse, M. D. ... work which
ed in every family, wiil save the lives T
i'on.1? of Mothers and children yearly. 1
v. ant to make money, and do good, send
'. for our circular! and tiriiii. tntiled free.
Aug w"it
Ad ver t isi ii g,
BooV of 1 closely priuted pages, lately
d. contains a list of the best American Ad
ding Me liuuis, liiving the names, circular
i. audfu'l particulars eoncerniug the lead-
Daily and V-'eekly Political and Family
papers, together wit h all those having large
nations, pu'oli.died iu tiie interest of Heli.
. Agriculture, Literature, A c, t c. Every
ertujer, ami every erson who contemplates
lining such, will find this book of great
le. .-Maile-1 free to any a.ldress on receipt
9tnt- - I. KOWKI.I, .V to
. ..isners. No. 40 Y;lTi Row New YorU-
iSftTl '' urekof May
- le book, is the largest and ben advenisic.
Agency ,n the Lmted States, and we can cheer
: 'yr!'m.u'K",1 u to the attention of thole
.--ho to advertise their businei tcienlikf
.iai.d .w;tfia, in such a way- thltiV
t.j sccur-the Urgent amount of puWicrrr &
,;e loos. expend, fire fi ma?."
- - . ..i o -a
Wall Paper
Magazines, and
Latest Publications.
Prescriptions carefully compounded by aneJt
perieuccu Iruc(tist.
Keineinber the place, three doors west of the
Ilerald office; PlatUstnoutb. Nebraska.
ITew York Office, 27 BEEKMAN 8T.
"A Penny Sartd 13 a Penny LrnrJ."
And if you desire to
Save Wis at JPcnny
As well as Pounds go te
To Iluy Toor
& H & V 1 II I'll &
We have bought out K. D. Fox and now oc
cupy his old stand on Main street, where we
have ju-t receivad au additional supply of Gro
ceries and I .-ovisions which we will sell Tery
low for cash. All kinds of country produce ta
ken in exchange for goods,
The ood Intent!
CATjL at
Commission llooms
Where you can buy almost every thing
eatable, including
At the lowest Piioea for cash. Highest
price paid for Country 1 roduce,
Mutter, Chickeus, tec. &e.
Goods Delivered in the City
r- j?m "
rres ui unarge.
St. Joseph & Council Biufts
Forms the connecting link between
The Union Pacific Railroads, and the Souther,
and Eastern
Good Accommodations,
Jood Connections.
tiood Speed.
Running from Council Bluffs to Kansas City, and
ucr tue magmncanl iron linage across the
Missouri Kiver No Change of Cars!
AT KANSAS CITY with the North Missouri
and Missouri Pacific Koadsfor St. Louis and
all Munts l.ast ana outh.
With Kansas and Pacific Railroad for Lawer
euce. Topeka. Sheriilnn. Denver aud all
points in Southern Kansas, Colorado and
New Mexico.
With the Missouri River. Fort Scott and Gulf
Railroad lor Port Scott, Baxter Springs and
tne Indian territory.
AT LEA YEN WuRTIi with Kansas Pacific Rai
roail lor Lawrence, lopeka. Denver. A-e.
AT ATCHISON with Central Pranch Railroad
for Seneca. Ceutralia. Irving, Wutcrvilie
anil Konis in v enirat jvausas.
AT ST JOSEPH with Haunibal and St. Joseph
l'.nilroad for Hannibal, (Juincy, Chicago and
all uoiut Ea-sf.
With St. Joseph Si. Denver Railroad for Troy
Walhena and points in Northern Kansas.
AT COUNCIL BLI II'S with the Union PaciSe
Railroad for fciuux City, Denver, bait Lake
and California.
With Sioux city A Pacific Railroad for Sioux
cur and points in the tar North.
With the Chicago fc Northwestern Railroads:
Chicago Roi-k Island and Pacific Roilroad:
and Burlington Jk Missouri River Railroad
for Chicago and Points bast.
Tickets a. LOW as by any Other Route.
Pul. man's Palace Cars on all night trains.
No Chalge of Cars. Tickets for Sale at SIAJK.
One Year - -Three
Months -One
Month -
One Year - -Six
Months - -
$1 00
is the; oxly oxe gihxg
Now Offers the
West of the
It is real hy Farmers, Merchants Me
chanics, Contractors, Stock Dealers,
Kailroad Men, Business Men,
Manufacturers, Consumers,
2L'eiriaisiEiH Nursery,
-Pall of 1371
50.000 Apple trees. 1 to 4 years o.d, 5 to 25 cts
.0,0 Pear trees, 1 to 3 years old. 10 to 50 cts
3.;' 00 Cherry trees, 1 ;o3 years oil, 10 to 50 ets
T.i.OOO Peach trees, 5 cents each.
200.000 Osage Hedge plants l.o0 pr. m.
50.IXW lloucy Locust. So. 0.0 ner m.
Evergreens a.nd Ornaoiental bhrubbery, Ros6S,
L'auiias, uowering plants in groat variety. Tu
lips, Hyacinths, Croceeses, Lillies. Ac, ready
lor tan pianeing.
Ttrma Casb nt tbe Xursery.
Address. J. W. PcARMAN,
Nebraska City, Neb.
43Come and see your trees dug out of the
ouna sept, l w casm
Parmele's brick block id progressing
Track laying has commenced on the
road between Crete and Beatrice.
R. M. Rolfe, of Nebraska City has
been in town for a day or two, attending
Fitz. says he will complete the B. &
M. road to the junction with the U. P.
before the close of the present month.
Fitzgerald says he will have the road
between Crete and Beatrice completed
in forty days from date. Fitz. can do it
if any live man can, "you bet."
Taylor Goodwin's tonsorial establish
ment, on Main street, has recently been
refitted and furnished, and is now the
neatest place in town to get a shave.
Call in, and you will lose your beard
without hardly knowing it.
The best assortment and cheapest
over and under cloth'iBg can be had at
Wni. Stadelmann's. Oct. 3 d2w3
A little girl fell overboard froai a ferry
boat at Omaha last Wednesday, and was
drowned before assistance could reach
. The Omaha Republican hoists its
Jackass, instead of a roodter, over the
defeat of the new constitution. Query:
Docs the Republican mean 1 y this that
it ia a triumph for that "bird?"
Those of our readers residing in the
country will find it to their advantage
to look over the columns of our paper
before starting to town, to do their trad
ing. By this means they will readily
ascertain where the best and cheapest
goods can be found. Good business
men, who have first class goods for sale,
always advertise liberally. This is true
of this town, and their advertisements
can be found in our columns.
If you want a good Beaver Overcoat
for $12, goto Wm. Stadelmann's.
Oct. 3 d2w3
Otoe county will vote on the 10th
upon the proposition to aid the Trunk
railroad. The question submitted there
is for issuing county bond., and there is
a fait prospect that it will be defeated.
They should have submitted the ques
tion for precinct bonds.
The Omaha Herald evidently feels a
little theepish over its efforts to cry
"fraud" on the canvass of the constitu
tion vote. It intimates that there would
have been fraud if there had been any
fraud. Perhaps altogether likely
may be the Herald is correct.
Mr. Lyman has a pile driver on the
ground and is preparing to commence
hostilities on the Main street bridge.
Let constitutional grumblers wait and
see what kind of a bridge he constructs,
befor i they "shoot off" their bazoos.
If you want a No. 1 Beaver Suit,
latest style, for $22, go to Wm. Stadel
mann'a. Oct. 3 d2w3
The recent Superintendent ordered
five hundred letter-heads yesterday, and
Dr. John Black, the recent appointee
"called" him and raked in he pile.
The Dr. held a "flush," and W. A. P's
hand was nowhere.
it s Alien.
The indications are that there is fun
ahead in the lanl of the Saints. The
arrest of Brother Brigham is creating
something of a sensation, and at a spe
cial conference of the church, held yes
terday (oth), much excitement was mani
fested, and many threats were made.
Biigham Jr. got very wrothy and called
upon the faithful to "Trust in God, keep
your powder dry, and don't fail to have
a good supply of fixed ammunition."
The Fifth Annual Fair of the Cass
County Agricultural and Mechanical As
sociation, which commences on Wednes
day the 11th inst., bids fair to be a grand
success. The Superintendent of the
grounds is now at work with a large
force of hands putting up buildings and
stables the track is said tote in prime
order, and all looks lovely for a fine time.
From all parts of the county we hear
that the people are coming, and that the
display of stock, products and manu
factures will be excellent.
c om so.
There is little doubt that the fall immi
gration to Nebraska will be immense.
Col. Van Arman, State agent, arrived
from the east yesterday, and reports
large numbers preparing to start as soon
as the fall elections are over. Accom
panying him were nine gentlerucu ap
pointed as a locating committee to se
lect lands on the line of the B. & M. in
Nebraska, for those that are to follow ;
also Dr. Stickle, President of a colony
of 300 from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, also
poing on the line of the B. & M. in Ne
braska to select a location.
If you want a late fisbionable hat, go
to Wm. Stadeimana's.
Oct. 3 d2w3
Liberty precinct gave a mojority of
seven against the It. It. bonds, 3-ester-day.
There was but a very light vote
Parties desiring to display heavy ma
chinery at the coming County fair will
remember that it should be on the
ground before the Fair is opened.
It is hoped that our livery men will
see that an abundance of conveyances,
at low prices, are provided during the
fair next week. We (.peak of this simply
as a reminder. Entries are being made
rapidly, and the indications are that the
fair will be a success.
An untutored man in Boston, when
reproached for extravagant charges he
had made Forcertam services, exclaimed :
"Well isn't it better to be a hog and get
good pny for what you do. than to be
a good fellow and get kicked from pillar
to post I m V itn that man, evidently,
cu&ness 11 Business.
Aurtrut .tiuaic.
The Egyptian flute was only a cow's
born; with three or four holes in it, and
their harp r lyre had only three strings;
the Grecian lyre had only seven strings,
and was very email, being held by one
hand; the Jewish trumpets that made
the walls of Jericho fall down, were on
ly rams horns; their flute was the same
as the Egyptian; they had no other in
strumental music but by percussion, of
which the greatest boast made was the
psaltery, a small triangular harp or lyre
with wire strings, and struck with au
iron needle or stick ; their sacbut was
something like a bagpipe ; the timbrel
was a tambouiine; aud the dulcimer
was a horizontal harp, with wire strings,
and struck with a stick like the psaltery.
They had no written music, had scarcely
a vowel in their language; and yet, ac
cording to Joscphus, had two hundred
thousand musicians playing at the dedi
cation of the temple of Solomon. Mo
zart would have died in 6uch a concert
in the greatest agonies ! Dr. Harney $
Hist, of Music, vol. 1, p. 249
The ex-Ein press Eugenie is said to he
in the habit of assuring her acquaintan
ces, very confidentially, that she always
loved Louis Napoleon even before the
married him but that, since their fall
from power, his resignation to misfort
une, and his patience in the midst of ad.
versify, have raised her affection to tbe
Eoint where worship is supposed to
In the Bourse of Cologne, a box is
fixed to receive contributions toward the
completion of the cathedral. After a
lapse of three years, it has just been
opened, and found to contain ten gros
(1 fr. 25 cts.)
A Londoner has thrown sugar-coated
pills, quite in the shade with quinine
biscuit. They contain one-fourth of a
grain of quinine each, and have a pleas
ant and delicately bitter flavor.
The Editor of an Arkansas journal
says: "Where our office was two weeks
ago, now runs the Mississippi river. Out
of reipect for the Father of ltivers we
Greeley's recipe for preserving peach
es: Cut in strips not less than fifteen
inches long; spread them on the grass
to bleach for three dajs, and finally
sprinkle with cinnamon, and pack in air
tight jars filled with saw-dust. N. Y.
Com. Adv.
A Boston woman who has been read
ing in the papers, that Sunday marriages
are illegal, writes to the papers to know
how it is with a baby born on a Sundnyf
If so, which should be punished, the
father, the mother, or the baby?
The costliest articles in the Paris shops
are set apart, not for the inhabitants,
but as the shoppers say, for fools, prin
ces, and Americans."
The bone work of a whale, recently
stranded on the beach at San Francisco,
being wired together for exhibition.
The owners secured the services of the
Academy of Sciences, to get the bones
iuto their proper places, but at the end
of the fir.-t day the members were paid
off and discharged. It has since tran
spired, that they got the creature's head
on the wrong end, and had rejected
several sections of the hack bone, claim
ing that the animal had more vertebra;
than the books allowed him.
A good story is told of a young couple
who wanted to hear Dickens read. They
could hardly afford it, but sciewcd up
their extravagance to the necessary
pitch. As they hfd concluded to invest,
they bethought of a poorer family near
by, who were suffering from lack ot work.
So they gave up Dickens, and paid the
pr:cj ot two tickets to their impover
ished neighbors. The poor couple took
the money, bought tickets with it, and
attended the readings.
A grand family re-union took place at
the residence of the He v. Peter Cart
wright, near Pleasant Plains, Sangamon
county, Illinois, on Friday last, Septem
ber, in honor of the eighty seventh birth
day of that aged and veteran "soldier
of the cross." One hundred and twen
ty children, grandchildren and great
grand children were present on the oc
casion, llcv. and Hon. Newton Cloud,
who, with other friends, was there by
invitation, w;is called upon for a speech
and made feeling and appropriate re
marks, which were responded to by the
old man. Peter Cartwright has beeu a
minister of the gospel some sixty-six
years, and was a presiding elder of the
Methodist Episcopal church for over fit'
ty years.
A white-ha'red old negro preacher in
New Orleans thus addressed one of the
meetings of the dissatisfied colored folks
recently "What are you grumbling
about ? Yer all better off dan ye eber
spected to be. Did yer tink when
Mussa Linkuui guv ye yer freedom he
gwine to buy tickets to the Louisiana
State Lottery for yer beside?'
Among the despicable tricks attempted
by the unscrupulous Democrats of San
Francisco, at the election was erasing
names on the Republican and tax payer's
ticket with the solution of nitrate of
silver, and writing in the names of their
own candidates with the same. The
tickets were kept from tbe light, and
when they were peddled out to the vo
ters no writing could be seen, as the so
lution is colorless and only turns black
when exposed to the light.
Huskin says : "That an educated man
ought to know three things: First,
where he is that is to say, what kind
cf a world he has got into ; how large it
U ; what kind of creatures live in it, and
how ; what it ia made of, and what may
be made of it. Secondly, where is he
going that is to say, what chances or
reports there are of any other world be
sida this: and what seems to be the na
ture of the othr world. Thirdly,
what he had best do under the circum
stances; what are the present state and
wants of mankind? what are the readi
est means in his power of attaining hap
piness and diffusing it? The man who
knows these things, and has his will so
subdued that ho is ready to do what he
knows he ought, is an educated man ;
and the man who knows them not, is
uneducated, although he could talk all
the tongues of BabeL
The human voice has nine perfect
tones, but the" can be combined into
17,52.044.414 different sounds. A re
markable scientific fact which probably
account for the amount of discord there
is iu the world.
Do your own thinking. Yes, that is
the idea. Think fur yourself. It is
well to listen to the expressed thoughts
of others, and it i, an agreeable pastime
to give expression to vour thoughts.
But, when alone, weigh what you have
heard and traverse what you have said.
It is well to do this, for it will assist in
curing you of false notions, and of eradi
cating unprofitable and vicious ideas,
and in time make you better men and
women. What you thus gain from your
surroundings, you will unwittingly trans
rait to the rising generation, and the re
sult will be that you wiil do your share
in the glorioud work of elevating the
human family. Do your own thinking.
Josh Billings says: "It ts a statistical
fact, that the wicked work harder tew
reach hell than the righteous do tew get
tew heaven."
F & m Y
Plattsmonth Cigar Factory
on Main street, opposite Court,
Plattsmouth, - - .Nebraska.
We hare on hand a large assortment of
Consisting of the best qualities of
As we deal exclasirely in Tobacco we can sell as
2heap, if not cheaper than other store in the
iiire as a call before yon purchase elsewhers.
is we know you will go away satisfied.
L. I'rom & Co.
February .
A. H $ G. B UCK
I would respectfully announce to the cltiten
Patt.smouth & Vicinity
that I hare opened a first class
Grocery & Provision Store,
on 6th Street, south of
Goods dcliveredto any part ofthe citr free oi
charge A. II. KI CK.
January 2J. 1871 dtf.
Until further notice trains will leave and ar
rive at Omaha as follows :
Leavo Arrive.
Express 11:00 a. m. J Exprw 2:."V p. m.
Freight ..&:ilO a. in. I Freight S:!0 a. 111.
Mixed 6:00p. in. Mixed Jim p. m.
Direct connection made at Omaha with Chica
go & N. V. Railroad; Chicngo. R. I. Sc l'uritie;
Chicago, Ilurlineton & Mo. R. R. R.. and Kan.
City, Ct. Joe. Ji Council lilulfr Rnilnad. Free
mont with stages for Lincoln and Wc.-t Point.
At Cheyene with Denver Pacific R. R. for Den
ver, Central City. Santa Feand point in Colora.
do and New Mexico. At lirymi, with stages for
the great Sweetwater mining Districts. At )g
den, with Utah Central R. R. for Salt Lake and
Southern Utah, and CI. R. R. for Corrinno,
Virginia City. Helena, Whin Pino. Sacramento
San Francisco, and principal citie.a iu California
Xevnda. Idaho. Oregon and Washington.
Tickets for sale at the company's oflice corner
Farnhaui and 9th eU. and at Depot otlicoi.
T. E. Sickl . OenT Supt.
T. L- Kimball GenT Piikh. Agent.
W. C. Thompson. Ass't Passenger Agent, Omaha
1870 1870
Philadelphia & Erie Railway.
Winter Time Table.
On and after Monday. May 30th 1S70, the trains
n the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad will run
as follows from Peu.ylvania Railroad Depot
West Philadelphia:
Mail Train leaves Philadelphia, 10 20 p m
Williauisport. 8 00 a m
" " arr at Erie. 7 40 p m
Erie Exp. leaves Philadelphi. 10 AO a iu
" " " Williauisport, 8 15 p la
" arr at Erie. 7 25 a in
Elmira mail, leaves Philadelphia, 7 50 a in
w illiamport, h 00 p m
" arr at Lock Haven. 7 20 p in
Bald Eagle mail leaves V'illi:msport, 1 ;so p in
arr at Lock Haven. 2 45 p in
Mail Train leaves trie, 8 50 a I j
" " Williamsport, 9 25 a in
' " arr at Philadelphia, 6 20 a in
Erie Express leaves Erie, 9 00 p in
" " " vt illinmsport, 8 15am
" arrnt Philadelphia. 5 ?0 p m
Elmira mail leaves Williauisport, 9 45 a ui
nrr at Philadelphia, 9 50 p iu
Bufialn express leaves Williauisport, 12 2.5 a in
" Harrisbnrg, 5 20 a ni
" arr nt Philadelphia, 9 2.5 am
Bald Eagle mail leaves Lock Haven, 11 Kim
" arr at illiamspf i-t, 12 50 pm
Bald Eagle exrpess.leavrs L. Haven, 9 35pm
" arr ut William.-port, 10 50 p in
Express, mail and Accommodation east and
went, connect at Corry. and all went bound
trains and mail and accommodation eaxt a
Irvinetown with Oil Creek and Allegheny Riv
er Railroad.
William A. Caldwiv,
General Superintendent.
Hannibal & Saint Joseph B. R
Taking effect January 9th, 1870.
No: 1 Day Exp. daily except Sunday. 7:20 p ni
" 3 Pacific exp. daily except monday 3:00 a m
" 5 Night exp. daily except monday 7:50 a in
" 7 Through frt. daily except monday 5;45 a m
" 9 Through frt daily except monday 9:45 a iu
"11 Way frt daily except Sunday... 6;55 p m
" 15 Macon frt daily except Sunday... 11:30 am
No. 2 Day exp daily except sundpy 6;40 a m
" 4 N ight exp daily except Sunday... 4:20 p m
" Pacific exp daily except Sunday.. 12:45 a ui
" 8 St Louis exp daily execptsunday 2:00 p m
"10 Way trt daily except Sunday 7:00 a in
"12 Through frt daily except Sunday 1:2.5 p ui
"14 Through frt daily eqcept Saturday 7:25 p in
No. 4 wtll not stop at Saxton, Unburn. Kidder.
Gomer, Moorsville. Utica, Wheeling or Mead-
No. 6 will not stop at Saxtnn, Easton, Osburn,
Breckentidge, Moorsville. Wheeling or Mead
ville. T- B. BURNETT. Gen Agent.
rWILL furnish parties with stone for building
purposes ni reasonable rates, at luy quarry or
deliverea on the cars at Louisville station- The
foliowi g kinds can be had on short notice, sills,
caps, perch rock, line or rod sand stone such as
was used . the E. Jt M K. R. in the construe
: ' -ii their stone work. All repon.ible
orders promptly filled Address.
dAwcfw Louisville Pratim.
Weeping Water Nebraska.
Dry Goods.
Roots, and Shoes.
, . ,. ,T .. Hats, and Caps.
Agricultural Imphments of all kinds. Weir r
'I X L" Cultivator. fum llu..a.
'Jrandetour and Princeton Plows, tc Ac arft'n'.
mtum, all of which we ofler to the public at the
owest prices.
All ioods Warranted
As IScprcKcnlccl.
3-Onr constant aim will be to sell so low
will be to the DOitive advantnirn nfvvorv , . .
erin the w stern and mi tral
otty to make this their headquarter for trad-
Via Niagara Falls. Speed, Comfort fc Safety
Fr m Chicago to New York, via Michigan
tral and Great Western Kaiirniids
Four Express Trs.tis leave Chicago daily via
in i. line lor -eT xitk xosion. ana an
intermediate points iu the East.
Leaves Chicago every afternoon, havinir attar-h
cd the celebrated Hotel Cur from Chicago to
Kochestcr. and a magnificent Pullman Palace
Dmwii.g Room Car irom Chicago to New York
without change.
W. C Mt iR.Geu'l Sup"t Gt. Yestern R. R.
Hamilton. Ont.
JI. E. Sargent. Gen. Sup't M. C. R. R. Chicago
uenrj v. entwortn. tien 1 passenger Agl
J. E.Holland, Proprietor, corner of Main and
inira streets. 1'lattsmoutn. Nebraska, Having
oeen reniiea ana newly turnn-tieu oilers fir
class accommodations. Board by the week
y. fotttriluwii.
Legal Notscs.
William II. Schildknecht'l On Probate Court
r. Vpf Cass County, Ne-
John Snder. ) traeka.
The delendant above named will take nctice
that on the 2Ut day of September. Ib71. said
plaintiff commenced an action against defend
ant in said court to recover the sum of $o .2o.
on an account, for service rendered by plain
tiff for defendant at his request; that on the
day of September. 1871. shiJ plaintiff caused to
be inued by said court, an order of attaenmeot.
and did cause the tollowing propeny ot the de
fendant to be attached, to-wit: One Johus;on
Reaper, for tbe purpose of having the same
sold to satisfy the said indebtedness and cos :
that said cause has been adjourned until the
feth day of November. 1S71. at 9 o'clock a. li.. at
which time said uefendant is required to appear,
or judgment for $57.25 and intere-t frjin Sep
tember 21. 1ST1, and costs, will be rendered
against him.
r, w William II. Scbildikcbt.
By Maxwell . Chspman, Attorneys.
Ootober iw
tTj.n'f J i.m r.a full, infnn. tlia AttivAn.
Plattsmooth and vicinity that he hti op
Dispensary al Omaha. Nebraska, wbe
tients nn get reliable treatment fuf all tid
AU VUtatrt of (a Lur.f.
j r- x,:.:. r : t..:-
W1I UUJ. nVUVUIU.-'i .Uir-lllllllUll. I.1HI(VII
Gravel. Paralysis. Los of Voice, Wakelulnaas
T- . . . j 1 . . f .
r ever, ourcp. xtricuuiaiinin, ioiLre,
Neuralgia, Tu-mors, Dia
rrhoea, Dropsy Ca
tarrh, Cold
ITsn l.i. Bil
liousness. Diseased
Kidneys, Erysipelas, Ner
vous Depression. Dyspepsia. Cos
tiveness. Liver 2omnlaint. Seminal
Weeknesses, all Private diseases. Falling of th
W ouib und all emale comrloints, Hiit His
esse. Swollen Joints. Conghs, Gout, White
Swellings, St.. Vitus Dance Ac.
Tbe Doctor is permanently located and will
pay particular attention.
Olrtttriial Surgrry,
and all SHI Dressions and Irrenlaritl. and al!
other deascs peculiar to women. Foods who'
nave been unite: treatment of other physiviaus
and have not oeen cured, are invited to rail as
1 cure all private diseases no mutt or of
long standing, and cures
UilnrmntreJ or JVC PA V.
C.aW anil fiA tfl A ,1aIw IT :
charges are moderate and con -tiltatious free.
in coiiiiiiunicaiions strictly t'ortidealial. Dis
pensary and consultation room No. 24l F irnani
street, corner Fourteenth. illice hours from i
am. toy n in. P. O. Box No. 1.U74 ivl.lwlv
Northwest Corner Third nnd Contra
Avenues, Cincinueti, Ohio,
Amount Insured, $6,000,000
John M Phillips, President.
Jno. P. P. Peek, Vice-I'rxidcMt.
N. W. Harris. .Stcrelary.
E. P. Marshall. Aatintant Senrrtary.
John Davis. M. D.. Wm. B. Davis. M- D.. '
JlZcdicat Examituri.
H. S. Kvt, D I), Cor. Sec. Frecduien's Aid So-
e: .y. t:incinnati.
Jot K Lnrkin. I.aikin, Wright & Co Bankers,
JV. TV, Unrri, Sec -etary Union Central Lif
luMirance Compunv.
John i itch mtu-rr, i.arkiu, Wright St. Co., Ban
kers. Cincinnati,
.irrtj Pcl.'unip. Lai kin, Wright A Co-, Bun-ker-.
Jihn Jnri. M Jl. No ?Z1 Elm street Cin.
Yt It Unci. M J. No .110 Elm street, Cin.
Juhn P. ' i'rek. Vice-President of Uoioor
I entral l,i:e Insurance to.
Philltj) Hiiphr, llamil'on, Ohio
lnrur.1 Wiilia.i,, Attorney at Latf, Hamilton 0.
frttr Murphy. Hamilton, Ohio
A't J I, (.'hatant. t.'inciniiuti. Ohio
John t phi r.'m. President ot Central Life In
surance t ompaiiy
Lee P (iiilet'e. Gen Agent For Nebraska
J II Prksshn. Local Agent
R R LiviNfisniN, Medical Examiner
Scpt,23dw tf
Corner Main and Third Sts
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
keep on hand a full supply of
C 'o ufectio ncricBr
and a complete assortment of Groceries, anf
Uueenware, and Gli.swars.
lTS-Give a call.
Pkrkiss' New School Book.
"The SSong Echo," is pronour.c
e I the best work of its class for
the following rensmi. : "The
Music is all new and trer-h; everr
piece is a well known Ho isc
hi;d .Melody : uch as, "x rived
Irom home." 'Write me a letter'
"Li'tie Brown Church.' etc. It
contains twice as many Songs as
can be found i. i other works.
The music is selected from sixty
four uuth'-rs, and are not blle l
up with one author's composi
tions. Price 75 cents each, or
f7. 5(1 per dozen. Sample copies
mailed to Teachers for l5 cent-.
Liberal arrangements for iotro-
ductio n. Address.
W9Broadwy. N. T.
1 1 Sargent & Vo.
Soaj Manufacturers.
WE would invite Dealers and the Pub
generally to cxll aud examine our stock of
S O .A. 1- S ,
Snap exchanged for grease, and delivered in
jy pa ot the city.
. . -i , i
iy pa oi tae city.
Cas . paid lOr rendered tai'low and ele
greus .
so Works. Kearney Ward, near Fairy Hit
Brit j.Nebrask Uityi
J a . lSdAwtf.
Commences Jane 26th 1571.
Chicago Avenue, Cass county Nebraska.
Prof- Adolphc d'Allernand, Proprietor
and Principal, Agisted by able
'PHIS Academy is now in successful oppera
i tion, and oilers at moderate terms the usual
advantages of a
First-Class School.
rI'he'conrse of study embraces every branch
1 of a thorough English education, together
orcirtbe modern laLguagcs. music, and draoirg
ir tpal.cuiar and reference address the Princi
wh mhtotf
In Running Order.
I desire to announce to the publio thj. I n,
have my Great American leu inch Double
Tu bioe Water Wheel in lull operation. Ha
nllxrfc Jltcd try mill throoghot i am ijiw ;
mig dto do better by nay wuawxis See M
savin the IMMi
before purchasing elsewhere.
Mr. fcargent having had the experience ef
twenty years in manufacturing all kinds of
Soaps, we are confident of giving entire satisfac
tion to all who may favor us with their patron