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    L'l I
triUUSDAT, OCTOHER 12 1871.
A Joke on Greeley.
A corres-poaJent telU the following
j :.c in connection with the recent visit
Mr. Greeley to the Agricultural Fa:r
-'. Lafayette, Iud. :
Vuile lookirjtf at the various agricul-
;r:l implements on exhibition at the
;ir, he wu introdaoed to Mr V. S.
Li.Ie, editor of the Lafayette Courier.
kl',wng politely, Mr. Lingie said he wa
xLiiiting on the grounds a new corn
tic:. !t-r, an invention cf hi own, and he
1 Mr. Greeley to go with him to in--p'.'i.t
it. Mr- Greeley willingly a n ted,
in i the two started off. Mr. Lingie ld
tL; way to the pig aties and thowed Mr.
;Jrc-'ythe meanest looking hog in all
t:-iii.nx Its nose was two feet long,
. j J i'jt back as sharp as a carving knife.
. i"gs were like those of a crane, and
tail couldn't have been curled with
' i tongs of a belie. Mr. Lingie pointed
thi wonderful quadruped with infinite
-i le and said: "There,- air, i my
t'-at corn frheller. What do you think
Mr. Greeley looked at Mr.
'-i'le, and then at the wonderful hog.
. i-.-:ont!y a broad Binile beamed on his
and ha turned away without utter
" n word, feeling, doubtlosi," coujrlete
j sold."
t'armrr'a WUc.
Trio reading of essays by the ladies is
no of the excercises which gives lif and
:it-n 'X to the meetings of the Spring-
It! I i Vt) farmers' club. From one of
!:c tTjajs Ly Mrs Daniel Rice, publinh
;d in the Vermont Farmer, we copy the
fWving paragraph :
' 'I id you ever think of the amount of
' hMi. ht rejuioite to plan three meal a
i ; i r .'iOjdays in succession ? To pre
enough and rot too much, and for
. - j livine at a distance from the vil
: . to remember that the Hock of
..!, iugar, tea, &c.,U replenished in
i:ti:ue? Did you ever think of the
ili.t jde of her cares an 1 duties? She
.u t riac early to prepare breakfast or
; . v.r s.'3e it. Perhaps there are children
- wa-Ii, dress, and feed, or to get ready
. r Lool with their dinners. There is
ikir., sweeping, dusting, making beds
ii !. ior the men maybedinner, sup-
'.t i be made ready at the projer
i:. washing, starching, folding and
. irii.i,' of clothes taking care of the
... i ncluding the making of butter and
c3j and the inevitable wahinjj of
'.' In autum there is an aditional
rk o picking, preserving, canning of
ii;., crying apples, boiling cider, mak-
fauco, with the still more un-.-.
j-r-nt taik which falls to their lot in
. :i '. ring time. Then there is haying
t v--urig, bheepshearing, etc, when
.i j help is needed, bringing an in
, i.-.s. it' her labors. Twice a year
. 1-; f leaning, liy the way, of all the
;i housekeeper has to contend with,
: i the greatest. She may gain a
:!-! te victory, and think to repose
i .'. h?r laurels after her semi anual
lament? but it is only temporary,
i . t i.emysoon return, anl even daily
- ': .ni-hing does not keep it at bay.
1 -re is mending, too. Sewing ma
: .i:.o-i are getting to be blessings, but
':y can't tet a patch or darn a stock
I don't mention these things by
sty ol'coojplaining of woman's lot in
r -u r- or asking lor her any rights
l.; :j the does not possess. I don't
.,w that there is any remedy in the
i.l frtafe of the world. It seems to
fivj of the evils of life which must
: b'.rno as we bear other ills but what
'. do risk is a due appreciation of the
. m. rtant part that woman acts, and a
'-.-inn that her labors, mental and
;!:;,: tl, are as great all things consider
; i, a- f hose of the other ?ex. Woman
. .-nit y.o childish that a little pimpathy
a i. l then, or acknowledgement of
:i-cfibrts and Bacrifi'-es make them
-in'.- their case worse than it i. I
: men and husbands, "it doeth
..' I iir.o a medicine,' and many a poor
; 1, broken down wife aud mother
. ; ov'ls for want of it.
Nrerelft of Masonry.
O! I Zachary Wheeler was quite a
::r:i:t.;r in his time, being a clever,
y ;:i:ng, confiding man, who managed
ict. very body cheat him of his inherited
?aic.. Juntas the farm was about to
c .u; of his hands, he succeeded in
.i' the money to !irt the mortgage.
Ue '.ner, a prominent Mason ac
ii; ; ar.ied him to thi town. As they
. t.i. lihng along on horebaek, Zack
-jys to Aaron in a confiding tone :
"N'"T, Aaron, as we are all alone, I
yu to tell me the secrets of Ma-
i; .; .
"l iau't Zach, they would kill me." I
' VVhy, they won't know, they wid j
v.- .-r !::, 1 it oat.
Ve , tijey will, you'll ppeak of it."
'"!., I pwear I won't."
''Wei!, if you 11 ride close along side
if i i ? -Mil put your hand on my thigh,
a:i i t ike tli3 oath I'll tell you the ee-
"- !' Masonry."
i..h wis not blow to comply: and a
. t powerful iron-clad oath was ad-.;ni-'-r-
1 and taken.
l'V ..;!," said Aaron with much so
I .minify and eecrecy, in the first place,
t; Ma-oas combine together to cheat
. f-i v!.dy as much as we can. This is
fi .. rtand secret."
"The .-econd is like unto it. When
u!i t find anybody elso to cheat, we
..Mr .ieh other, but as little as wo can.
"We!!," exclaimed Zach, with evi--''
'.it :ii i;se I swear I'll join. I wish I
a-J il it twenty years ago I might
)ve t.jcn a rich man afore now."
A in n-c dealer has in his window a
. ..tii; :! song thus marked : ''Thou
; :-tst Ycd me and left me, for 25 cents."
' !-:!t is ceminly the cheapest kind of a
: vo.eo. a ; i J leaves no neces.sity for go
i . r o Chicngo.
i.t- of iron will prevent water fiom
: :;z )iniii' putrid. Sheet iron or iron
; : iiniiiins are the best. Tho offensive
r -.h-U t,f vat-jr in vases of flowers would
i a vi : ii-1 by putting a few small nails
: the LottJin of the vases.
A ied .A Copperhead out Wet in-
I'rtjn ;it -y refused to allow a physician
: r, attend him in a bad case of fjver,
i-isvi'iso he promised to effect a 'radical'
Tiie Delaware grapo originated in
fM:iwnr; county Ohio. Benjamin
lk:itl:, a farmer Hiring in the west part
oi' tl..: eoi.fity, on the Scioto river, owned
lh vine from which were propagated,
vitl.ia the l?t twenty-five j'fears, all the
i;rapf:s of this variety- in the United
.-"tiiic.-! How wonderfully rapid has
o-"'.: tlic diEsemination of this choice
Counter irritants people who exatr
;nJ the wli 'ld stock and buy nothing.
oot ndent who devotes much f
fcb time to' "reading up" the rel giotis
Afcckiics thinks the reason that those
i.varinL ail'orJ uiuch a to.QU!,
ndi.,inc an:ioancomcnts i?, that the olv and quackery are fiinit
1-ir 1 e.-a;ire both prepare us lor a better
WLuer yirs can lo Fww.vfuily
crafted oa the roots of oak trees So,
Ko in limbs; regular way in elm trees.
Our a.ssociate returned home yester
day from the hyperborean regions, and
notwithstanding he has been bick most
of the time duriog his absence he has
had fiome fun. lie tells us the following
incident on what Greeley knows ahout
farming :
At McGregor, Iowa, Greeley was to
lecture upon his favorite subject. Jut
b fire g jing on the tand, a rather well
to do farmer, who, by the way, is a Jus
tice of the peace and a class leader in
the Methodist church in his neighbor
hood, accjtcd him as follows :
Farmer "Mr. Greeley, I understand
you know all about, fanning."
Greeley-" Fes, Pir, I do."
Farmer "I uppOFe you know when
to t'lant, reap, j-ow, etc."
Greeley "Yes fir, I know when to
i)low, to mow, to reap, to sow ; in ehort,
I think I understand all the various du
ties and interests of the f'wmer. I will
fcpeak at two o'clock, which is now al
most that time, and will tell yon all I
know about farming, if you will only
give me your attention, and I will alo
esteem it a compliment to have you for
one of my listeners."
Farmer 1 should be glad to hear you,
but as I live twenty miles distant, I can
not have that pleasure. I would like to
ask you a question for the benefit of my
self and neighbors."
Greeley "Certainly."
Farmer "Mr. Greeley, what is the
be?t time of year to cut Canada thistles
and elders?" - J ; -
Greeley (touching the farmer on the
shoulder) "My friend, these Canada
thistles are a very noxious weed, and in
order to prevent their spread should be
cut just before they are ripe, and Elders
should be cat just befote camp meeting."
It is unnecessary to say the conversa
tion ended. Ex.
Kxufing the manuscripts which were
probably burned at the recent confla
gration of the arch-episcopal palace at
Bourges in France, the most remarka
ble and valuable was the order ibr the
execution of Jesus Christ, which was
the personal property of the family De
lo Tour'd Auvcrgne. The wording of
tho order was as follows: Jeeus of
Nazareth, of the Jewish tribe of Jnda,
convicted of imposture and rebellion
against the divine authority of Tiberius
Augustus, Emperor of the Romans,
have for this sacrilege been condemned
to die on the cross by sentence of the
judge, Pontius Pilot, on the prosecution
of our lord, Herod, lieutenant of the
emperor in Judea, sh:ill be taken, to
morrow morning, the 21 day of the ides
of M irth, to the usual place of punish
ment, unler the escort of a company of
the l'nctorian guard- The so-called
King of the Jews shall be taken out by
the Struncan gate. All the public offi
cers and the subjects of the emperor are
directed to lend their aid to the execu
tion of this sentence.
Signed. Catel
Jerusilem, 22i day of the ides of
March, year of Rome, 7S8.
At a time when every one is ardently
longing to see one or two railroad presi
dents, a couple of "superintendents,"
and at least a board of directors, in
State prison, for the shocking negligence
allowed under their management, it
seems trivial to suggest a modest con
venience to travelers, which is, never
theless, much needed. We refer to some
means of announcing intelligibly the sta
tions on the road instead of having
their names shouted hoarsely and al
most inarticulately in at the car door
after the brakes are on. A perfectly
simple and cheap contrivance would be a
strip of linen, wiih the names of the
stations clearly printed on it, pass.sing
over a couulo of rollers in such away
that a brakeman could in a second ex
pose the name of the station next to be
stopped at. lhi, with conductors
cheeks bearing the names of the sta
tions and their distance from each other,
or placards with the same information,
would bear very greatly to the conveni
ence and comfort of traveling. It would
prevent the confusion and haste at sta
tions, which have not untrcquently re
suited in injury to person, and even in
loss ot lite. , .
The condemnation by an eTangelical
newspaper, of the beautiful hymn
"Nearer my God to Thee," because
there is no recognition 01 Christ in U. is
parallelled by the condemnation that
Anthony Antaud, an eminent theologian
of his ige. cast against an excellent and
comprehensive prayer" that Ieibnitz re
peated in Ins presence. lliat, said
the evangelical divine, "is good for noth
ing there is no mention ot our liord
Jesus Christ in it " "For the moment,"
says Leibnitz, ''I was a little startled by
so s-evcre and unexpected criticism. Rut
I replied, 'For this reason must also our
Lord s prayer and all the petitions which
occur in the Acts and Epistles of the
Apostle", be good for nothing: for in
these prayers no mention U made of
Christ or of the Trinity.' Thereupon,"
continues Loibnitz, "uiy good fellow was
thrown into confusion, and we went out
for a moment to take breath. The
spiritual sympathies of some over ortho
dox persons are nioro ready to rcspoi.d
to the name, than they are to the spirit
of Christ.
American Trunks and Baggage smash
ers. A writer in McMillan ' for Aug:,
thus dixcources on certain incideots of
American travel:
Just then the hotel omnibus drove
up, laden with tourists and those vast,
iron bound, round topped receptacles
for wardrobes, which accompany Ameri
can ladies on their wanderings. I have
remarked that the old English passion
for solidity breaks out in the direction of
trunks among their decendants in the
New World more than in any other.
Iudeed, I scarcely know where else to
look for it. Yankee notions in genaral
may be make-shifts for the day, but
Yankee trunks are built for posterity.
Among so practical a folk the reason is
not far to seek. In no country in
Christendom, of indeed in those parts of
heathendom with which I am familiar,
is all manner of unoffending luggage
used so atrociously as in America. A
perfect system of dispatch and delivery
is supplemented by a brutality of treat
ment in transit which would try the,
constitution of the toughest bull's hide
bound with brass (like Roderick Dhu's
ehicld). I speak feelingly on the subject
A white man running for office in
South Carolina, sought to propitiate a
colored constituent with whiskey.
"Well, ye3 sah," said the constituent,
"I don't care if I duz. 'Sides, in dese
times a white candidate is just as good
as a colored voter, 'specially when the
colored voter is dry.
Plain and ugly women may take com
fort since history has satisfactorily
E roved that the women in all times who
ave exercised the greatest iofluence on
men's lives are not the beautiful ones.
Nature always compensates, by internal
gifts, if not external ones, and the two
rarely go toother-
At a hotel in Chio, a larg3 mirror is !
plamd at the entrance of the dining-hall
which is to constructed that you see
yourself a thin, c-idavcious, hungry per
son ; but when you tome out from the
table and look again, in the glas your
body is distended to tho extremity of
The mother's smi'e gives her child the
first glimpse of heaven, as the tender
uess of her affection awakens the first
conception of an all-bountiful Providence.
Women dwell with patience upon the
trifles that make up the lives of their
children ; and it is on the direction of
these seeming trifles that their future
greatness will depend. "A : kiss from
my mother," said Renjamin West,
"made me a painter." When yet a
child, he had drawn a rude sketch of an
infant relation sleeping in a cradle. His
mother chanced to sec his childish pro
duction, and was so well pleased with it
that she took the young artist in her
arms and rapturously kissed him. That
mark of maternal delight fixed hii fate
for life.
Washington Irving once said of a
pompous American diplomatist, "Ah,
he is a great man. and in his own esti
mation a very great man, a man of great
weight. When ho goes west, the east
tips up.
The name of Tammany is everywhere
odious. In the proceedings of the re
cent Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, held
at Utica. a petition was read from Tam
many Encampment, located at Sandy
Hill, to change its name to Riverside
Encampment. The prayer of the pe
titioners was granted without discussion.
The editor of the Timet says that he
wears a shirt that i taxed fifty-five per
cent. Jhis taxis the result ot a Demo
cratic rebellion, and the only security
the Timet man can have in the future
aeainst such unpleasant taxes in his
shirt, is to return to the Republican
Carty which he has left, and assist in
eeping the party which attempted to
destroy tho nation out 01 power. Ac
cording to his own figuring, another such
dose of Democracy would take what is
left of hU shirt. 1 Wert Bulletin,
There grows in Nevada a species of
wild peach which is exceedingly hardy,
and will live nearly everywhere that the
sage brush can exist. It is found espe
cially frenuent in Carson Vallev. Hum
boldt Valley, and on the hills around
Reese River. The tree grows to about
the highth of a man's shoulder in the
most favorable localities, but is frequent
ly found not over a foot high. In the
spring of the year the plains are covered
with the beautiful pink blossoms. The
truit has the pertect form of the peach.
is greenish, with crimson tinge, and of a
small size.
The Indiana Conference of the Meth
odist church, on the 15th inst., Bishop
1 1 1 i - .i. r (i
scott presia:ng, admitted to lull mem
bership Elder Ling-Ching-Ting of the
roo-Chow mission. An interesting let
ter Irom the reverenu Uhme.-e was read
in which he said he had much wisdom.
and begged that the bretheren would
pray constantly for him.
A devoted little wife, in Liyfette see
ing her husband blowing in the muzzle
ot a gun while holding back the ham
mer with his foot, tripped down to ask
the milliner about the price of mourn
ing, and if it would be becoming to her
A drunken woman appeared upon the
streets of .Mount V emon. Linn county,
a few days ago, and acted as bad as a
voter. Whereupon the editor of the
Hatch-Eye is constrained to say that the
poet who said that
"Hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned."
should have said
IIcM hath no fury
Like a woman oorned.
One of the drollest figures that has
appeared on the Ramsgate sands this
year is a preacher. He brings down to
the beach on his shoulders a small and
hoarse harmonium. He is followed by a
small procession ot sharp-featured spin
sters and seedy men in dingy black, and
there besides the roar of the sea they
lift up their cracked voices in a nal
psalui-tune. The preacher accompanies
them on his harmonium. The seriuon-
izeris keenly alive to the importance of
ha pence. Once when he had begun a
sermon of unusual warmth, and had
got as far as "willcth not the death of
any, but rather that all," he extended
his arms in a gesture, but it was just in
time to catch a penny tossed to him
from the crowd, whereupon the text
ended in "thank you, sir," and the ani
mated gesture terminated in the breech
es pocket. On another occasion some
wag was cruel enough to toss toward
the preacher a bright sixpence when he
was in tho ardor of prayer. The eyes
that seemed closed peeped a little and
were fixed on the sixpence. The coin
was in perilous proximity to the paws
of some urchins on the sand. The poor
fellow seeing the sixpence suddenly
broke lis prayer, and with a startling
"through Jesus Christ our Lord," had
his graft) Mtnultaneously with his
"Amen.' This produced some laugh
ter, and he removed to another part of
he beach. foreign Lor.
Some jears ago a five year old boy
after saying his evening prayers, asked
"Mother, will father go to heaven when
he dies?" "Yes, I hope he will ; I do
notdoultho will Why do you ask ?"
"Oh. I only wanted to know;" and for
a time the subject seemed to have faded
from the child s mind, liut it. soon
dropped out again. "Are you sure,
mother, that father will go to heaven
when he dies?" "Yes, my child, I do
not doubt it ; but why do you ask f
Tho little fellow was silent for a moment,
and then broke out with: "Golly,
what a whopping angel he'll make !"
The business of the Patent Office is
increasing in a very satisfactory manner.
The cash receipts for the past month
were over one thousand dollars in ex
cess of any corresponding month in its
previous history.
The highest faims in the world are in
Colorado, between Central City- and
Idaho. They are from 9,000 to 11,000
feet above the level of the sea.
It is said to be touching to see the
pumpkin vines over in Indiana climb
ttiA lfTrnrfi nnlfs. an tha, nurunkins
...v -'--;- - , , , r
can get a look at Horace Greeley through
. i ? i
me car windows.
The Cincinnati Commercial starts the
absurd story that Henry Clay Dean dis
located his arm the other day, in putting
on a clean shirt. That won't wash the
story, not Dean s shirt, we mean, ine
broken arm is a possibility, but it couldn't
have happened in that way. That isn't
the sort of man he is at all.
Mr. Grcelev. in his lecture on farming,
lays it down as an axiom that the higher
the breed of hog, the raore curls there
are in the tail ; and in consequence there
has been a great demand tor the curling
tonirs in all the rural hardware stores.
This useful implement will soon exter
minate the lower order of hogs through
out the length and breadth of the land.
Mr. Greeley thinks the end may be ac
complished by doing the tail up in paper
over night ; but experience has taught
him to prefer the tongs.
Some idea of the iniury caused by in
sects to agricultural products, may be
firmed from the statement that, lrom
seventy-four tons of Spanish wheat
stored in a granary, ten hundred weight
of beetles wtre screened in one instance,
and in another thirty five hundred
Weight were removed from one hundred
and foity-five tons of American corn.
The oCendr in both cases was a weevil,
known as Colandra orisoe.
Seeing that a great many children in
the city are suffering from this com
plaint, we will give the following expla
nation of the cause of the disease, by
Dr. Lettevich, the American pathologist,
who says that he "has recently made a
series of experiments with a form of
fungoid growth which he believes to be
the cause of the .very troublesome dis
ea.e, whooping "cough. The spores
found in the expectorated mucus caus
ing the irritation and coughing, were al
lowed to vegetate into large masses, and
small portions were then introduced into
young rabbits by an opening in the
windpipe. The wound thus made soon
healed, but the animal became affected
with a violent congh. Several animals
thus diseased were killed, and the air
passages in each were found to contain
very large quantities of similar fungus."
Wftabina-ton Pastry.
A sojourner in Washington sends the
following :
I am particularly fond of lemon pie
and ice cream for desert. At
Hotel I went on peacablyfor a couple of
weeks, but always eating my lemon pie
under a protest, for I was a stranger,
and did not like to make objections.
Finally I called a waiter and said :
"John, I have nothing to say about
thi ice cream, but what kind of a pie is
"What kind of a pie did you order
"I ordered lemon pie, but this ap
pears to be dried apple. "
QjDat's lemon pie, sah. You know dey
has a way of mixin' dried apples in de
lemon pies here, sah, to dat extent it re
quires a man ot bihty to stinguisn em
apart, sah. De lemons is scase. you
know, and dey has to 'conomize 'em so
as to make ono lemon do for sixteen
Savings for Old Are.
No one at all denies that it is wise to
make provision for old age, but we are
not all agreed as to the kind ot provis
ion it is best to lay in. Certainly we
shall want a little money, for a destitute
old man is in indeed a sorry sight; yes,
save money by all means. Rut an ol
man needs just that particular kind of
strength which young men are apt to
waste. Many a foolish young iellow
will throw awav on a holiday a certain
amount of nervous energy which be
will never feel the want of until he is
seventy, and then how much he wil
want it 1 It is curious, but true, that a
bottle of champagne at twenty will in
tensify the the rheumatism at threescore.
It is a fact that over-tasking th3 eyes
at fourteen may necessitate the aid o
spectacles at forty instead of sixty. Wt
advise our young readers to bo saving of
health for their old age, lor the maxim
holds good in regard to health as well as
to money. "Waste not, want not." It
is the greatest iniatako to suppose that
violation of the laws of health can es
cape its penalty. Nature forgives no
sin, no error ; she lets off the offender
for fifty years sometimes but she catches
him at last, and inflicts the punishment
just when and where, and just how he
feels it most. Save up for old age. but
save knowledge ; save the recollections
of good and nolle deeds innocent pleas
ure and pure thoughts; save friends,
save love. Save rich stores of that
kind of wealth which cannot diminish
nor death take away. Rural AVic
The color of the yolk of eggs may or
may hot be slightly anected py trie Kino
of food eaten. Rut it is certain that the
yolk of a new laid egg is always ot a
light lemon color, and that age causes it
to crnw il.-trtpr. A vnllc ff a (lcen Or-
- - c - - j 1
ange color simply denotes an old egg.
The lighter the color of the yolk the
iresner ine egg.
u u
And if 70 wtil call on
"VTou can fee the best and latest improved
X farm implements.
T'he one and two wheel, and th front and
e one and two wh
rear cut reapers and mowers.
rjThe dropper and self raker reaper and mower
'Ihe Marsh harvester and reaper that two men
I enn rut an I Linil ten nere.i ner ilav. with
one man to drive, and all of them working iuth
rar reapers are the Champion reaper and
W mower combined.
rJ,h Russell reaper and mower combined.
VTTe keep the Excelsior dropper and mower
TV combined.
nd the Entcrly single gear, self raking rea
per and mower runs one horse lighter thaa
any other reaper.
ehave the well known Mastullion thrasher
with mounted power improved for 1ST1.
keep the Milburn wagon on hand.
e keep the Chicago' farm pump, for deep
wens anu cisterns.
Inn thn TiuflceTi! vnllcT rake and the Tiflen
revolving horse rakes.
ATT Goods and machinery WARREST-
IjIj Elf to riTesatiffuction.
Office on Main between 5th and 6tb north
Side, three doors west of Brooks Hong.
Jr . J. MJilbtK.
A. C. Mavfield and Charles Vial. Travtliaa
Agents. June.ioJ.lwtf.
G01.H l'KXS ? TCT ACLE3.
Watcle. Clocksand Jewelry repaired neatly
al with dispatch.
V3wIU:uioved to opposite flatte valley moum
H'ibtr t. nor. lOwtt
VboleaaJe Dealers la
Best quality of Cigars and Tobacco always on hand
All order promptly attended to.
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
ain Street. Second Door East of the Court House
BRANCH HOUSE Broad way, Coucncil Bluffs Iowa.
Insurance Company
IMvidciids on tlie
Securing the Greatest Pecuniary
1st. This is a Western Company, managed by
ter, ability una position, auord ample guaranty
2d. Its Polices are all iiou-loi-reiliiijr.
3d. Premium all hnI. It receives no notes
to pay. anu no outstanding notes as liens upon their policies,
4th. It has no restriction upon travel.
5th. Its dividend are made upon the contribution plan.
6th. Its business is excluseivly life insurance.
Are the accumulation of interest unnn rreniiutri(1 Tniil. hpnw tfi Pnmnnnv flint lnnnn it ijumi
at the highest rate of interest can Rive you the
moneys at o percenr., wnilc tins make,- its investments at twelve per cent, or more.
The advantage of Western investments to the policy holder appears in the following startlinr
per cent, compound
8 "
It) "
12 " "
It is obrinus that this company offers greater
poncy-noiuer tuan any otner company in existance
II I Mackav. President.
D M f-wan. Vice-President.
tleorge A Moore. Secretary,
J Jones, Ass't Secretary,
II li it'owuiun. Treasurer
lit J L H'ever, Med. iJ'tor,
D Sh're. Leavenworth. Kan.
II D Meckay, Leavenworth Kan.
I ,M Swan.
W ; Coffin. " "
eo A Moore.
U V JVwers.
(ieo L Davis, St. Louis. Mo
J Merritt,
II ll.vstiiijrs.
J F Richards.
II R Hammond "
II EdKerton.
Th.H C.irnev.
S M irickler. Junction City
Chas Robinson, Lawrance,
M It Morgan
Gen. Agcmfor Kebrasknaud Norllieru HaosiUi
Livingston-nun.'. f IJITTSMOUT U
Everybody, and more too. are going; te
To bay their
pxin jinca. -winter Goods
The best and most complete
Are now on exhibition at the Sew fork Store, at greatly reduced prices. We call particular
attention to our new etyies ol
of all kinds and prices to suit our numerous customers. large stock ofGROCERIES
Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
!o lit rib tat ion Plan,
Advantage to the Policy Holders
Western men, whose known finanancial charac
lor iu carelui and suucestul management.
an.J (rives none. Policy holders have no interest
largest di ideuds. Eastern companies invest their
interest, is 5 lR,4"JO.i5
" " 4,!il.f4
" "
" " 31S.IH--H.fO
financial advantages and inducements to the
II A Cnlkins, General Agent,
V E Harvey. Con. actuary,
X A Ilurd, Attorney.
II L Newman Leavenworth K
W E Cheiuberlain.
T A Il.ird,
E M Allen,
C A '"erry. Weston, Mo,
O W Veal, Topeka. Kansas.
J M Price Atchison, Kau.
W II Stebbins, "
If receiving- and has on hand 'at Ue
oldfsuuid of White A liutterys)
Sonta wde Main Street. Platumoatb. K
Moat Complete
Stock of Prnirs, Medicine.. Paints. Cbrrnica
Lead. Varnish. CoalOil. Fish il, Mach-ne
Oil. Gnr5iri(r Oil. Castor Oil. atfoo
Oil, Whale Oil. Lined Oil. Lar
Oil. Essential Oil. Cod Liver O
and a large rarie tt ' .
tions. P e;--.Ian
and Toil et Artie
Essen res. Y
to rin r "
Puch as
Jayne's Coe's
Ayers', Soovillc'i
Hall's Christie's Ic
Lain's. Morse's, Baker's
Wistar's. Wripht's, Wake
field, (iuysott's. Perry Davis
Boback's. Fetitt's. Mrs. Winslow's
T)r. Wincnell'a Uostetter's, Drake's
Wallace's. West's and ot the most popular
Patent Medicines in umo at the present day.
Brandies Wines and Whiskie
Of the Best Grades and qualities, strictly fer
Medical purposes.
Bed or Bose. Green, Clue. Black, Analine. In
digo. Madder, Extract Logwood. Dry
Woods, Ac. In fact everything
that is neeled in the drug
or Medical line.
Phisicians' Perscriptiom
Carefully compounded and put up at all hours
All Drugs warrcnted freh and pure. Call be
fore buying, and see what I have to tell.
Plattsmouth. Feb. 2Tth.dAwtf.
Legal Notice.
John Snyder and Martha B. Snyder will Mke
notice. tht Daniel W Camtron, did on the 1'X
day ot September 1871, tile his petition in the
District Court of the 2 Juiliiiul District in and
for Cass county Nebraska, airain-t John !3n)der
Martha 15. Snyder an l Calvin II. 1'iiriiiclt D
fudants setting firth that the said John Sny
der and Martha IS. Snyder, pave a morgiice to
said Daniel w. Cameron, on the west half of
the south ea.t quarter and the west half of tho
rorth ea.-t quarter of fcction No. Thirty lour in
Townshio Vi North of range 13 Kat of 6th 1'.
M. in sai'l County ol C.iss. to secure the pay
ments of the sum of Thirty live hundred Do lurs
and intere.-t according to a certain proiuis.-ory
note referred to in said mortgage, and pray
ing thatsaid JohnSinyder and Martha H. Snviler
may p:iy saiil suui now claimed to bedue wiih in
terest umonnting o the sum of S-'J.fX Kl. wirh in
tetest at 1 per cent from the 27th day of Keb
uary 1871. or thiif said premie may be sold to
pay the same said John Snyder and Mnrtha B
Snyder are required to answer said petition on
or before the Otb dav of Nov. s7l.
By Ma x weix Sc Cii a p m a n A ttys Ser t.1'1 wt
Plows ! Plow3 ! Plows! Plows
IVayiiinii c& Curtis.
Takes pleasure in announcing to the
uolic that they have secured the pervi
s of that l'ioncer Plow Manufacturer.
Who is now engaged in their shop manufaetur
inir a better artitde. at lower trift. limn run ha
had from uny eastern manuf:icturv. tine irrent
ad vantage gained by patronizing this firm is
that you not only gel a better article at home
prices, but you are patronizing IiME MAXU-
i At, I Ultlv. where every foliar ol the money
remains iu tua ciate. ve reimUAwtt
As an advrti.'ing medium. Thi Land Ou-nkk
stands without an equal m the country. Its
1 . i - i -i
ueuuiuui iTiiii nuu line eiiKriivins lironioil lis
wanton destruction, like most other nc
ii is Kepi lor uiniiing at toe enu 01 tlie year.
Its circulation is throughout the I.'niti-d .in-a
and Canada, and is increasing bevoud all in-ere-
dent in tue annals of jounalism. shuwing that
tne public appreciate its worth. Its subscribers
ana regular reaucrs are large land holders, real
caiaic agents. Dangers, capitalists ami perons
Feeding lanu investments lor money, it there
fore becomes the only medium through which
persons having land to sell can reach purchasers.
As land men are -v.r stuntly improvingtbeir landi
by the erection of lare and costly edifices, which
we constantly illustrate, it is therefore the most
available medium for advertising all kinds of
building materials, the curds of architect, etc.
FUDUgcription JS tsj per annum.
Buiness cards of Ileal Estate Agents inserted
in the Keal Kstate Agents Directory, classified
by cities and towns, not exceeding lour lines of
kiiiu nonpariei type, iu per year, whim also
includes a copy of the Paper. This is ishe moS
important feature of the journal, as thi direc
tory now embraces a majority of the eadingt
nruisoi ine country, ana is convenient tor re
Advertisement less than auarter column 40
cents per line solid nonpariei type, Editorial
maiier ooceuis per line icaaca orevier typ.
All bills for advertising on time rontrracts
payable quarterly in advance, transient al
vertisemen.s must be accorapnied by the cash
to insure insertion in the succeeding issue.
Terms for special places, prices of Cartoons,
engravings of buildings, etc., sent on applica
tion by mail.
J. M. WING & CO.,
Publishers of the Land Ownir,
Chi cago. II
Geo. i?icller,
Plattsmouth; - Ielrnskaft
The best of Fresh Meats always on band is
their ?ea?oo.
Highest Price Paid for Fat Cattle
Oct. 4 di-wtf
Sheriff's Sale.
Lemon. Ilosea & Co.,
Wm. Rowitzcr A W F.EHman
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
heriff of the county of Cass. will, by virtue of
n order made by the District Court of the 2nd
udicial District, within and for said Lass coun
ty, offer for sale, at public auction, at Hi o'clock
m.. on the van day of Uctober. A. D. 13.1. at
White's auction rooms, corner Main and Sixth
treets id i l;ut.-inouth. in said county, the fol
lowing goods and chattels, to-wit:
A stock ol goods, consisting of dry goods, gro
ceries, hardware, cutlery, queensware, nails,
and many other things to numerous to mention,
sucri as are kept in a country s'ore; said goods
aving been heretofore attached as the nronertv
of said defendants. Kowitier A Krdman, at the
uit of said oiaintiffs. Lumon. liosca .V c.
fcjjivcn under my hand this 'tb day of October.
A, D. 1S71. J. W. JOHNSON.
Oct, dlO . . Sheriff Cuss Co.. Nebraska..
Are prepared to suj ii the paMic with litter f
the te.l quality, at their wurkr, at lie rates ut
Thirty cent per Bushel
And when barrelled twnty-Cve cents t itra
will be charged per barrel.
Ord-r can be left with J. W. Shannou. I'latts
tnouth, Nebraska, or ad'lresd to th subscri
ber Iox CK. 1'lattsmetith Neb.
J. L. LA M li. Frrs't.
PlaiUuiouLh, fctoLe and Lime Co.
sep 13!wtf.
100,000 FEET !
The undersigned hat on hand a large qantlty ol
on short notice, and fur any s'ue or lcnjt'i of
Rafters, Studdings, Joists
can be had on short notice. C. II Eli EL
Bridge Company
Canton Ohio.
To CciuntT Com iinnpr- ci'v antbo itics. at. 2
others, we would respectfully wdicit your exal
initiation of di'criptive pami'i let
phy. sent to the county clerks or
ml lithogr.t-
,'ininlv Ciin-
inissioiiers af different count !"S in the State .f
Nebraska. And especial atte ition is ca'l I to
the Wrought Iron Piers and Abutment.
can be put in cheaper than stone. Also tho
warrantees fur nil briiges 'unit by Ibis Company
K. Justice. Nebraska City. Neb.. Agent 1. r
Nebraska. Northwestern Missouri ondfouth
we -tern Iowa will superintend putting up
bridges, arid make cuntracte fur the same,
aug 10 w tiw.
IT el? as Xz a City,
The iimlrrsiiard in run
ning a daily line of hark between I'lattsuwuit'i
nnd Nebraska City. I'astcugcr earned at lo-
rii'es than by rail. He-id. inurters nt City li t-!.
Plattsmouth. and Hacker's iiuardiug House,
Nebraska City.
W. II. IIINTOX. Proprirtor.
Aug 29 Jtf.
Acl dealer in all kinds cf
IFuriiiturc cSi Chairs.
MAia stbbet, (third door west of P O
- Repairing and Varnibing neatly done,
funerals Mended at the shortwt nncinn.
two nouns the quickest!
PI Miles The Shortest Lire
hicRgo to New Tork. via Pittsburgh. I'ort
ayne tt Chicago Pennsylvania Cen
tral Koute.
Thisis the only Route running thr" Daily
.lines of through Day and SU jiinu J'nace ( an
iit -r ..... From Chicago to
With but one change to P-altlmore. Ilsrtford.
New Haven. Providence, Springfield. Worces
ter and Boston I
For Sale at the ofBcesof connecting lines in the
est and at all ollices of tho Fort Wayne aa i
I'cnnsylvanlaCentral Route in Chicago.
u. . THUS. Id. KIMKAIjL, cn.
Chicago rawcncr Ae"t. Pcnn s Central 11. R.
P Ku VV. A C. R. R.
IjUinbcrt Xaiirsiljci
The Umlcrsisnetl Las on hanJ crul i
All kind of
At his Mills at the Ferry Lauding at PlalttinoutL
Orders Promptly Filled.!
William Kdukbto..
June3d dAwtf.
Tootle, Hanna & Clark,
Qoltl and Silver Coisi
U.S. and other blocks.
Pltfts drawn on all nurta nt thtt I'niteJ Ptji.
Snd EurOfe Deoonita rrrcivMl and ir.kniftl I.'.
tention given to collections.
PlatUraouth, Nebraska.