Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 05, 1871, Image 2

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.The ConMKullon.
While the figures so far indicate that
the new Constitution is defeated by a
very small majority, yet there is oo cer
tainty of it. We hhall not abandon all
bone until the of!t:ial count is made,
which must be some time durint: the
coming week.
The indications now are that the Cas
County Fair will he a success" if our
wn people do anything like their duty
in making it so. We have seen quite a
uuuiber of men from other counties who
will be on hand with stock, products,
manufacture, eta, and we expect to
820 exhibited some of the finest stock in
the west. Many of the animal v
took premiums at the .State Fair will he
lysre, and competition will run high.
Let those who wLdi to make entries do
at as early a day as posie'e, and lot
no one forget that all entries must. Lc
mads as cariy as the first day of the
Ordinance Xo. 6.
Erj Herald : I am glad to see such
a change in minds of the citizens in fa
vor of Ordinance No. G. They are' be
ginning to see that it will be better for
:di to iiav the license of ten dollars, and
yet a bridge built with it for .$1,4 JU,
lijun to build it with city orders, draw
ing interest, making it cost the tax
payers nearly twice as much by the time
thev arc naid. with interest I hear
now but two complaints against the 1
cense. First the increased pay of the
officers. To that 1 have nothing to say.
I leave that with the Council, believing
they will do what is right, in the matter
Second, tliat it is not etiual, that the
Council should have put more on the
large merchants and less on the sia'l
ones. Now let us see how the case stands
To make it plain let us suppose two
cases. First a man with ten thousand
dollars assessed capital, and an fother
with five hundred dollars, our taxes are
about 4 per cent. Now one pays to the
State, county, and citj, $150 per year
and the other with $500 pays $22. 50, and
while they are striving in competition
with each other in busines, the Mayor
and Council pass a law to license all
business men for ten dollars each. Both
grumble and don't like to pay it, but
finally do g). Now how does the ca.-.e
stand, the one with the largest capital
pays $400 per year, the other $:J2.oO,
now is that not near enough. Is that
worse than under the old law. Let us
see. Take the bar keeper for instance,
one may have his bar fixed up comforta
ble for his customers, and a stock of li
quors to any amount; the other may not
have stock to the amount of $50, still
both will have to pay $200 license, lor
the same business, regardless of stock.
And again a drayman may have a team
W.orth $400, he will not have to pay any
iuorc license than the niaa with a team
worth $20 or less. They have to pay
the same license for the same privilege.
Mi' friend Ed. Buttery can see nothing
wrong. about it, but he thinks it ought
to be more equal, and I don't know but
ne is right, jjet us compare Lis case
with Mr. Miller's, one of tur draymen.
Miller has a team not worth a $100 all
told, and he pays ten dollars license,
while my friend Buttery has a stable filled
with some of the best stock "in the
country, and with buggies, carriages and
all kinds of vehicles to suit, and just
pays nix. Now, Mr. Editor will you
please tell iue-howuiueh friend B. would
have to pay, to pay equally or in pro
portion to Mr. Miller's ten dollars and
IlAltltT Dixule.
The last qualification of teachers of
which I will speak is aptness. There
are great differences here in persons of
the same education and general abilities.
Some teachers are as much confined to
the text book as some lawyers are to
their briefs, and some ministers to their
notes. They cau ask the questions in
the book and that is about al! ; they
have no ability to originate new questions
to draw from the circumstances around
them fresh and forcible illustrations, by
which the child is roused and interested.
Their methods are simply a dull tedi
ous plodding through books, that cannot
possibly however perfect and admirable
thay may be have the life and glow of
the living teacher. To study under
them is like driving a heavy dray-horse
up bill in a drenching rain, through
heavy mud in a farm wagon. While to
study under one apt to teach, is like
riding in a phaeton, drawn by prancing
fcteeds over the rolling prairie in the
bright sun light.
Text books are well in their place, but
they do notteach everything needed by
cur children. They do not teach always
in the best way.. Let our teacher teach
botany, geology, ornithology and as
tronomy, not with text books, but with
specimens. Let the children bring them
the flowers and plants, the stones and
shells, that lie in their path to the
hool room, and learn their structure,
habits aud services ; every scholar is a
text for instruction in physiology. Let
the teachers give, once a week, fifteen or
twenty minutes to a childern's lecture on
the anatomy of tho huruan body, on
physiology and the laws of health. Let
the wonders of the starry heavens bo un
folded to the child let the bird that
flies in the air, and the beast in the field,
the insect, all be a text for suggesting
most important information, and for
awakening the child's interested atten
tion. The habit of close accurate observa
tions of the utmost importance. Suceess
in life largely depends upon it. This
habit, a judicious teacher can form in
the child very early. Let him make
t e text Look simply suggestions, the in
.iicaior to a practical acquaintance with
syery thing around us. R- F.
11 PUT ill lmt
7 ypx
Nebraska astocLhed everyone. She ex
hibited 146 varieties of apples, 13 of pears,
15 of peaches, 1 of plums, 10 of grapes.
No finer fruit ever grew it the same lati
tude. This being the only-collection ful
filling the requirements, and being
worthy, was awarded the honor and pre
mium offered for the Lost collodion of
different species of fruit from any Siate.
She donated her premium to the society
so did all taking premiums; and the
society passed a resolution appropriating
the money received from these donations
to-the purpose of procuring a si't of dies
to be u-cl in striking medals, 'ihe
medals are to be uid in th future to
convfj the honors of the society to those
entitled to such honors. That this pre
mium should f,e carried cfl by Nebraska,
bleak, cold and win ly Nebraska, within
wl.o.-e borders, fifteen years ago, no cul
tivated fruit was grown, was a groat
Mirpie to nearly nil. But when we
bear in mind that she i- situ:it"l in the
cvnter of the great fruit I ( It of the
country, h is a most perfect soil, the i
vaf ion, undulation of surface so ncoe-ary
to su've.-sful fiuit culture, we need not
hi surprised that her honors on tbis oc
casion were ju-tly earned. Vice In Ne
braska, among the youngest and fairest
of the sisters. Cht&tgo Tribune.
WIFE, ?IiSrtr.NS, I.AItY.
Who marries f r 1 ; lakes a wife ;
who mariies fir fortune takes a mistress;
who marries for position Jakes a lady.
You are loved by your wife, rcgr.r h d by
your mistress, tolerated by yiur lijdy.
You have a wife for yourself, a n.i-divss
for j'our house and friend, a lady for the
wrld and society Your wife will agree
with you, your mistress will nilo you,
your lady will manage you. Your w;!'-;
will take care of your household, your
mistress of your house, your lady of ap
pe:ir;;nccs. If you are sick your wile
will nurse you, your mistress wiil visit
you. your lady will inquire after your
health. You take a walk with your wife
a ride with jour mi-tress, and go to the
party with your lady. Your wife will
share your grief, jour mi- tres your
money, your lady your debts. If you
are dead, your wife will weep, your
mistress lament, and your lauy
mourning. Which will you ha
The Christian.
e ?
All WES r.
At a meeting of the Directors of the
Union Pacific it. 11. Co., on yesterday,
were present several distinguished gen
tlemen from the once far famed city of
Omaha, Nebra-ka, among which we are
pleased to name ex-Senator Thayer,
Senator Hitchcock, lr. Lowe, and the
Hon. John I. Bcdick, the most promi
nent lawyer in Nebra-ka.
The business of these distinguished
gentlemen from the far we-r, was to
make an arrangement with the Unim
Pacific Directory, by which the two Ne
braska roads, the Northwestern and
Southwestern, should have the privi
lege of the use cfthe local depot grounds
of the Union Pacific railroad at Omaha,
and also the privilege of using the Union
Pacific bridge, so as to connect and trans
fer freight and passengers with the Iowa
roads at Council Bluffs, where the Union
Pacific and Iowa roads aro about to
erect large Union transfer and passorgor
depots. Mr. lledick did the talking for
the Omaha delegation, and did it well,
lie spoke of the certainty of the early
completion of the Bridge and the im
portance of the deeJ, conveying to the
Union Pacific their local doiot grounds
at Omaha, proviiing for the riidit fcf way
through the same, and also the u-e of
the Bridge to t nable the Nebraska roads
to reach the terminus of the Union
Pacific at Council lilufl's, a city whi:-h
now ra hates all the important raihoads
in the Northwest; as a condition of great
importance to the railroad interests of
Nebra- ka.
Mr. I J. -dick asserted that unless these
conditkos were accepted bv the Union
Baiiro.ul Co., Omaha would withhold
their deed for the local depot grounds
anl also the ." i ) wlitcti tie-' i:a.l
agreed to give for the locution of the
bndire which saved Omaha iro:u l'ein'
left off the line of the road. This prop
osition from the gentleman west of the
Missouri, seemed fair and .roper, buf
from some cause or other was rejected
by the directory, Jiostou Dtvj Al
vertiscr, ,St. Ilh.
The Commissioner of IVn-ior.s wiil
soon issue instruction and new regula
tions for procuring bounty land wairants
through, that oliice. The following in
strticiions wiil be of interest to many:
The acts of Congress now in force
granting bounty land entitle each of the
surviving persons in the following classes
to a certificate or warrant for s ich quan
tity cf laud as shall make, in the w hole,
with what he may have heretofore- re
ceived, ;i0 acies, provided he shall have
served a period of not less than fourteen
days to-w it.
I. Commissioned and non-commissioned
oli'cers, musicians, and privates,
whether of tho regulars, voluuteers,
rangers, or militia, who were regular'y
mustered into the of the Luit. d
States in any of tho wars in which tho
country has been engaged since 17V0,
and prior to March u, 1.55, to-wit:
11. Commissioned and non-com mis
sioned officers, seamen, ordinary seamen,
flotilla men, marines, clerks, and lands
men in the navy m any of said waters.
III. Militia, volunteers, and itute
troops of any State or territory called
into any military service, and rcgu.'arly
uiustered therein, and whose services
have been paid bj' the United Sta'cs.
IV. Wagonmasters and teamsters who
have been employed under the direc
tion of competent authority, in time of
war; in the transportation ot military
stores and supplies.
V. Officers and soldier9 of the Revolu
tionary war, and marines, seamen, end
other persons in the naval service of the
United States during that war.
VI. Chaplains who served with the
army in the several wars of this country.
VII. Volunteers who served with the
armed forces of tho United States in any
of the wars mentioned, subject to mili
tary orders, whether regularly mustered
into the United States or not.
Each of the surviving persons in the
following classes are entitled to a like
certificate for a like quantity of land,
without regard to the length of service,
prov dedhe was regularly mustered in,
I. Officers and soldiers who have been
actually engaged in any battle in any of
the wars in which this country has been
eneaged prior to the war of the rebellion.
II. Those volunteers who served at
the invasion of 1'lattsburg. in Septem
ber, I 4.
III. The volunteers who served at the
battle of King's Mountain, in ti.e revo
lutionary war.
IV. Those volunteers who served at
the battle of Nickojack against the Con
federate savages of the south.
V. The volunteers who served at the
attack on Lewiston, in Delaware, by the
Brittish fleet, in the war of 1812.
In addition to these classes, these acts
also extended to all Indians who have
served the United States in any of their
wars prior to the war of the rebellion,
the provisions of this and all the bounty
land laws heretofore passed, in the same
manner and to the same extent as if the
said Indians had been white men.
Where the service has been rendered
by a substitute, he is the person entitled
to the bcuctit of thtse acts, aud not his
In the event cf tho death of any
person who, it living, would be entitled
to a certificate or warrant, as aforesaid,
leaving a widow, or if no widow, a minor
child or children, such widow, or if no
widow, such minor child or children, is
entitled to a certificate or warrant lor
the same quantity of land such deceased
person would be entitled to receive under
the provisions of said acts, if now living.
A subsequent marriage will not im
pair the right of any such widow to such
warrant, if she be a widow at the time
of her application. IVrsons within -the
atro of 21 years on the 3 J day of .March,
ls55, are deemed minors within thu
ii.tent and meaning of said law.
"(iu Unit, luuiij,- Jlcu-Vo West!"
There appears to be a class of j'ouug
mt-n and women in the present genera
tion who, either from thei r laziness or
in dig., n j i of brains, Leg ideas an I
sions l'.r the regulation cf their
hi'- from other people, precisely as
t ho! r shoes to L-.
garments to oe patcaea. J. nose people
are geti ra'.'y full of lofty imaginings and
unrest; like Antony, they have immor
tal longings in them; whereuj on they
perch themselves cnniblaccntlv with
foMed Lauds on the piller of discontent.
and uespise men iiave the will ami
common seiise to work heartily at what
ever is set be lorn th.-m, whtthe-r it be to
their iikoitig or not. The editor of a
new.-papcr ;s u.-.uaily selected by this
fenble min lc 1 gcnctalion, to bear the
burden of thei. incapacity. There is not
a day, pr 'bably, when he has not the
private affairs of some helpless innocent
placed in his hands with requests for
aid, from assistance in matrimony to the
loan of five dollars. The oliice of a
newspaper, we had Kindly imagined,
was clearly outlined first to ive the
history ol its time, and afterward to do
duct s'.i'-h theories or truths from it as
should be of univirsal application.
But a sanguine young man in search
of a career has tluiereut ideas. Oar or
dinary experience with such a one is that
he takes us theoretically by the throat
and bids us "prove our boasted philan
thropy" by instantly procuring him a
good situation in New York. If we
suge.-t that from our suburbs to the
Pacific, there is said to be a reasonable
large stretch of country which would
supply every willing young man on the
face of the earth, with work and wages,
he visits us with his lof'ry scorn and in
dignation: in New York he coutinues to
staive, writing us down forever as a
charlatan or an ass because we would
have him do otherwise. The women
too, who most loudly claim indepen
dence, are singularly exacting of help.
In obtaining it they write letters to tbi
or that join nali-t, asserting their ability
to maintain themselves, savagely abus
ing bim because he doubts it, and wind
ing up with a request for him to furnish
them a livelihood as author-, editors, or
lecturers. These female Micawbers pic
ture themselves and their sex as on the
verge of starvation and dispair, and de
mand that the editor, or the world back
of him. shall turn something up insint
ly. They Usually, too, indulge in a fine-ly-fiavoieJ
sarcasm, which, in times
gone out of date, was held out of keep
ing with a woman's gentleness, especial
ly when begging a favor. One fair ma
tron lately, reporting herself to be by
birth and intellect a lady, and al-o a
philosopher, informed us that if we wcrei
sincere m our interest in the advance
Lieut of her sex, we woul J at onee go
out an 1 find In r a place as chamfer
maid or waitress in a first class New
York f imlly, w ii.-io she would perK-et
heiseifas a shoiih.:;: 1 reporter.
The directors of the Lower Calif r:i"a
Company has proposed to President
Thiers to receive all the communists
prisoners as colonists, and Thiers has
promi-cd to lay the offer before the As-s-mlly.
A sailor went to a wat.-hmaker, and,
presenting a small French watch to him,
'temati'icil to know iio'.v much tlii re
pair of it would come to. The watch
maker, after examining it, said: kIt will
I e more cxpen.-ive repairing it than the
original cost." 'T don't mind that."
said the tar; "I will even give you double
the original cost, for 1 gave a fellow a
blow on tlie head for it, and if you repair
ic I will give you two."
Intemperance. Dr Ulw.ird .Tarvis,
the statician of the Oeneral Lire. Insur
ance company has published asta'cm-nt
showing the averages of d-.-a;h of'iiitini
perate people, The statement contains
a frightful warning to those addicted to
the u-i; of intoxicating liquors. Dr.
Jar vis say.-:
If 1M,0-i intemperate people be
taken, from fifteen to seventy years of
age, and an equal number of correspond
ing aso-i who are not mtemnerate, tli:
two oft lie former will die as mwi
f 1 1.. v .
is ten
oi tne tatter, vjur or ivi ouii or eae.i
lo.t'.'j'.i of the intemperate wiil be dead
before fifty years of age, but of those
who are not. intemperate 4,2t'iii only wiil
bo dead. From fifty years to sixty the
comparative number of deaths wiil be
0,413 aud -.-ol, and from sixtv vears to
seveuty they will be -lo,174 and o3,20i).
The chronopher is the name of the
instalment which Mipplies all Lng!:a:d
with the correct time. If is in direct
communication with the Greenw ieh ob
servatory and with the sixteen of the
principal cities of the kingdom, and pre
cisely at 10 o'clock a. m., the hour is
flashed not to those stations, but to every
po-t cilice in the country, so that all
time is regulated to the twentieth part
of a second. Titr-e guns are fired every
day at 1 p. in., at Newcastle mi l Shields,
by batteries connected with the chrono
pher, and all the prominent watchma
kers in London receive tho exact second
every hour Irom tha same instrument.
Under such stric t regtil ii ions the uni
ibruiity of time ail over the kingdom is
as nearly perfect as it can be made.
Mr. Lome's path is not strewn with
t hornless flowers At a recent ball, 31r.
Wales was immensely disgusted tha his
brother-in-law should have been admit
ted at the royal entrance, and gave or
ders that at the ucxt ball he should be
told thnt his face wasn't good there.
Accordingly, w hen the "noble 3Iarkiss"
presented his ticket, the door keeper
told him that was played Mr Lome
said he was not in the back-stair busi
ness just then, and Mrs. Lome said that
what was good enouah for her husoaad
was ko1 enough for her, and if they
didn't let him in she wouldn't go there.
And she didn't go to the ball, but went
home and played draw poker with her
husband and John Bright.
Among the difficulties whicli beset
Mr. Darwiu's theory is one which re
lates to the presence or absence of hair
iu different races ; the bearded faces of
men an l the beardless faces of women.
The following, from Hood's Comic An
nual for 1 8'jO, may indicate the direction
which scientific research should take, if
it does fail to solve the mystery: "Sur,
my wif had a tomb cat that dyd. Being
torture shell and a great faverit, we had
bim berried in the guardian, and for the
sake ofinrichment of the silo, I had the
crrkis lade under the roots of a pusbcrry
bush, the frute, after the cat was ber
ried, the puzberries was all hairy, and
more remarkabul, the catpillers of the
same bush was all cfthe same hairy dc-sciipticn.
:s not the remotest
comer or little inlet cfthe l'lin
to bl
vessels of the bo ly that docs
not lee
some wavelet irom tne jrreat
produced by hearty laughter shaking th.i
central man. The blood moves more
lively probaLly it. chc-uah-al, tlcctric, or
vital condition is di-
:.neby v..
conveys u dii:'erent irn' rev-.-ion to till the
organs of the body, a it vi
that particular mistic i
:ey, v.-he
man is laughing, freni what
it does
other tunes,
laugh length
And tl;n it is that a rood
a u.atj's lilt; bv convey-
iiilj a di--ti::ct and additional stimulus
the vital force
A man in Kiist:.s was jrescnt at ths
f.jiieial of a neighbor of whom no good
cjuld be honestly saiJ. Bsit everybody
was saying something, and this man, not
wishing to appear singular, but being
inCHpablj of lying eulogy, remarked that
it was "'a nice, ;u:et corie. "
Democrats arj i)U7z'ed.
I I-Vr two years they I;
I f ' . -i S I ! . I "i t'r .if., tli
:ive been i:k
A niendmetit
fiso su!:rj,
have sj::;
form ;iece
;e to the Ch
uiii thev'd
( fit. Now their State plai
ts the IM'teomh Amendment.
wondering how they shall
parrv the p-ke-; of the U; ni;b'i.-a:-
A new side drum has been introduced
in KnglaLd, o .o cf th-.-m having beiu
tiered as a pri.-; at recent volunteer
encampment- It is of entirely now
construction, having only one head,
which im-rc-ad cf being of or
velum, it is made of thin steel, anl is
beaten by-sticks with india-rubber tops.
The advantages claimed are that the
head is practically unaffected bv damp r
es o! temperature.
lnde.-trui-tif'ie, and can
simply than the ordinary
be tuned
d turn.
Mr. Medlli. of
mis.-ion, has recommended a plan for t lie
selection of postmasters, exc pt t:io-e
for the larger cities. Of the l,t:.H
postmasters he would apply the now
method to at least ;J,.-GU; the obj-.-ot
being two-fold first, to destroy partisan
and congressional patronage, ai-djsecon l,
to allow the people to ( hoose their own
postma.-ters, but with' ut subjecting
them and the goveinm- n. t the trou'-le,
cxpen.e ai.o perplexities oi
::;g c;ec-
:e!i mav not Pe a :thori
by tl.e Constitution. That is to say, the
1 'resident shall appoint and commissi n
for five yeai s, the applicant whose peti
tion is r.HW nuui-.'iu'.i lv i:.dor.-cd bv the
people (it
form of th
his po-t-ol'ieo ili. trict, the
: i -titi hi and the iieee-sity
d Lv tho 1'ost Oilice
Department. 31 r. Medill represents that
the adoption of the p'au wou'd remove
the local po-t-ef'ii -c fioni the co: trol of
congressional asphar.ts and partisan
bummers, and enable i!;e people to free
lhui:si!ves fi om olnox ous post mas
ters, anl at same timo would pre
vent any patty fruui moi; the
enoriiious pntronage jieitaining to the
l(.-t OfHee Department. The power cf
removal would not bo take! away, and
respou-ibility would still be secured.
I do not propose that we give more
time to facts and principles and loss to
proce.-ses than we now do, but that we
give such mental distipline as shall en
able the pupils be.ter to retain the facts
and principles they lerrn h' school, and
also give them gnater facility for retain
ing those that they sub: ciyicntly aciprre.
I t ropose tliat there bo mote decided
efforts to cu-tivatc tl c memory, whicli I
believe n.ay bo ren'i'y done without de
ttiineut to anv other wc-rk we are now
To 1 1 : i - end, I ogge t thttt
make verv scanty u e i
formal reviews.
and. iti-read. i-iuke
tO-div's lesso:! is thr
lie pnpil feel that
1 'sson t' r ny and
nt day, than after if. is
it' Is always to -e known.
This can be done by calling it up, but
in irregular, and unexpected w.iys, and
then attaching a heavy penalties fi.r
fiilure as though it were yesterday's
lesson: Int this needs to be supported
by a second method, namely, a freer ibo
of tho lecture system. whMi I thr:ik
should be begun in the lowest gado.
When tho pupil has road bis first sent
ence, let the teacher lit:!: some other
idea to that, and when he goes over the
senti ii'-e again the next d :v, let him be
required to give the teacher's addition
Let him understand from t'm outset
tliat he : to remember w -hat the teacher
savs as a -cur-itelv h would an otand
with which be had been commissioned
by bis mot !i n
CAIjL at
Where you can buy almost every thing
eatable, including
At the lowest Prices for cash. Highest
price paid for Country Produce,
Batter, (. hicken, tki: &e.
Goods Delivered in
Free of Charc-3.
P(ntts7nnutht Nt b rash a .
I fun i roj'ari'J to aivoiamot'itc the put:.- with
Horses. arrii!g?s. Jinnies nml a No. 1 lioar. e
on short uotioe atnl rivuJr.a;iie lerm. A linvk
wiil run to.tiiesteambmitiatiiiinG, an-l to ail
ol'tiic city tthon ucireil.
January 1, lsil diwtf.
JosErii sculati:::
Established ix ISol.
ikliS UEALElt IN
Waterio". Clocksand Jewelry repairc-J aeaily
nri with dispatch.
v.H-Keiuoved t orroeite Tlattc Vcllfcy Ilocue
SivisJtr u imy. lOwtf.
Dry Goods, Groceries? Clolhlna, Notions
flllcihs. 831 ;tf cjjf Sfjfotlrij, Silw glutei S&hw, Stoical
Instruments l Spectacels
Agents for Ogans, Pianos, MeloJeens, and Sewing Machines of all Best Makers
1 4 it 4.' - is. - 1 ? iii. j
Wantkd, City. County and Territorial
pitce will be
Monaav, ioverooer d
A Large quantity of desirable
la M- Addition to the City of
Those Lots are well Situated, as regards
Healthful localifj. Commands some of
ri Ikiver, and are convenient lor Dwellings
destined to ho ono of tho Drinoireil cities
touted on tho beautiful 3iiss uri Iliver, at the mouth of the Platte ltiver, with
th ;j -in I s ;(' miles of navigation above and below, it stands at Nature's own date
way j tho lloekv 3Iouutains; over this loute the Burlington 4 3Iissouri Kiver
Ilai'road Company, have already completed some ft) miles of the best railroad,
with the most level route in tho west and road wiil be finished and running to a
junction with tho U. P. it. II. at Fort Kearney by next 3Iovember. It is tho ul-
tt;i;ato e;e-iLU ot t .Ms rea l to reaeii tlie 1
gr::ies ; i.:v vet joui..i, ai;u in us i.oiitio. me trans continental iraiuc. wnicn
1.1 . i 17 .i (i
will iu cutis'. 'p.Ktieo pour all its advantages at this point.
A Bridge Over the Missouri River
will be commenced hero v:
Iowa, living this city tho
thont delay,
hoi test and
ted to drain
rail -.Viiys ar
At terv : al
i:iei iy pl'ojOi
ieh prove conclusively that
r.nd than bv securing Ileal Estate
of a
PLATTE MO I I'll is elm -ctod by rail with Lincoln, an I the interior towns
p'.diy settling section of the finest Agricultural lands in the West. It has
..-.I t .! .1
I . l 4111 I tl
t.ompctitioa in Natisport it;on between
Sr Loui-i. w hile three roads to Chicago
tion. Millions of dollars of material could
ing demands of the interior portion of the
(lr.necitOii .i.n a:. i::e towns on tne river, aoovc aii i oeiow it, ana all tha main
ities ea t and west. Chicago is only 2 hours di-taut, while St. Louis is hut lil.
truly encouraging locality to settle in than right here iu 1 lattsmouth.
Z'j&l??!: Jlairi$0iv2i, Bailance in Six &1cnihs.
All letter
of inquiry,
I'-iiiress .
Canton Ohio.
To tounty Com lii-.-ior.Qr. ci y nutho itie', an?
other-1, no wiiui.l rc. ie-. tiui!y sulieit your c.xaJ
miiia'ion ot i!.seri.tive iiauipl let, an.l lithot-'r.i-I'liy.
sent to the county eierks or i-duciy com-e-.ssiner
oi liiiK'rrnt eoiuitii'9 in the sji;,te of
Nebraska. An l t spn ial nttu iticn i. i-a' i to
itit? rouJit lri!i I'iers an. I At uoitenl.-', which
can l;e mt iu i!ien per than moiic. Also the
wrrat.tces lor all rm'jres luiilt ly '.his Company
It. ,i ii-!i-e. Nci'iasiiii City. .'.-1).. for
Ne'j-a-ka. Xorthwstorn Aii-souri and South
v.'c Iviu Iowa wiil f upeiiintini I lifting up
l-rMei'-i. un l uiakcconirautu lor the tame,
aug iy w OiT.
Eook Bluffs, Neb.
pring Terra Commences
Pupils of eithi-r.-TX will receive thorough anJ
y?tt'tnntic in:-truf tion here. Particular attca
pai l to Primary ei-holars.
School books furaisbcl free of .cost to al
For terms an J part aiMr.-s
l iwtt J. D. I A r SO X.
Pass-enpnrs Ieavinsr St. Joe. via. Mioiiri Ya!
ey Kailroatl all oV-Iock p. in. inakrr -lose and
su re connections! at Kan-aj City with this popu
lar road, aniviii? at St. Louis next morning at
5 o'clock. Tlii is now a tirst-class road iu every
respect. Xew iron ha. been laid: new engines
ana magiiinocnt sleeping and ras-.-enf.-er eoa h.-a
have been added to its equipment.-. Pas.-enpers
can rely on its inakmsr ii. adverti.-t d time. This
is the best route from St. Joseph to it, Louis, the
Sotuh and Southeast.
1 hrou;iitii-ket.- for sale at the offices of the
lli-isouri Valley Railroad.
tl. C. MOOHE. (lon'l Sur-t
rt'js. Dorwin. C. W. A. V.'. L. Hale. i. T, A f
clicas CoocI.- eai? ha sold
VTarrants, for which the bighes market
bept. ah, wm.
1 LTtk
property, consisting in part cf-
Flattsmouth, and Several Lots,
T 11.13 CITY
the most Beautiful "jews on the Missou
or btores. Ihe City ot I lattsmoutn is
nf thp. '.nfr:il nart of tho Continent. Si-
acme coast t y a near route over Letter
. l.l . . - .1 il: 1. . l
connecting this road with its namesake ii
most direct route East. Numerous branch
tho bu-inoss for many miles into this 3Iaiu
no better openini
olitaDl investment.
and good homes in this most r.roinisiue
1 111-. ll ,
river and railway insures thean freiirht-to
keep down exhorlitant rates in that direc
bo manufactured for the raiddlv increas
State, and altogether, there is no more
containing a postage stamp f jr return, will be promptly
Flattsmouth, Nebraska.
Weepino Vater Nebraska.
Dry (JooIs.
iloot.-". find Shoes,
Hats, ar.J Caps,
Acrriouliural Implimrnts of nil kinls, Weirar
"t X L." Cultivators, l.'nion Corn Plant ei
iranJc-tour ami I'riiitttoii I'lows, ic Ac udint r
t-iti'tn, nil of whicli weoilur to the jiutlie ut the
owvgt retail pi ieti.
All CSoocIn Warrsiutetl
As SScpreKeialecl.
3-Oiir constant aim will be to cell so low
wiil bp, tc the po-itive advantage of every in
. er in the w Ftcm pud tral portion o (.'ass
o-v to uakc this- their heaiiTi:arter; for trad-
KEti). KKOri.
S T Jl B L B S
Buttery & LazenLy Proi-s.
fi'The be- t of U'tpp!' and Euzpies on hand.5
CorLer Vine and Fourth streets.
Phelps Paine
Itepreients noine of the mosH reliable Compat
ies in ihe Unite 1 States.
Office irith Eajruts i Pollock ia FilztrcraM
E- -- ijaaTdisvtf
tm;--. -it-ws. - TrCJ6s-iggsW3f- wmwM.maaamtwm.i
I-X E K .A. IL, D !
Tllll KKST
One Year -
- - $10,00
Thr tr Months
One Month - - -
Year -Months
- s,00
- - $1 00
is the:
Now Offers tlie
West of the
It is real ly Farmers,. MorcIinnM Mc-
cuanies, L-ontractors, Stock Dealers
I.adruad Men, Uusiness Men,
u u u iaei urers, uonsujiiers,
Legal F'otice.
rotice, th.t IjjiuicI v Cameron, did on the l'l
l.aiy.H t.!',tmo,;r IW.lile his petition i the
l'lrtnct Court id the Judicial Uistrict in and
for Cass county Nebraska, asainst John .Snyder
Martha li. hnyder and Calvin II. Parmeit ho
lendants setting forth that the faid John Sny
der and Martha It. t-nyder, pave a increase to
faid Daniel " Cameron, en the west half of
the s-outh east quarter and the west half ol the
north east quarter ofxection Xo. 'I hirty four in
Townshiol-J Xorth ot ranfe 13 Kat of oh P
M. in Mil County ot C.i-. i o . i... . '
meiitsol the sum of Thirty five hundred l)i lara
and interest accord ;n to a certain j.roinisory
note relerred to in Baid tuortnatro. aud pray
mKlhatsaid John Snyder anil Martha 11 S nyder
UI"J B.iiuBuuj now ciaiiucu to deilue with in
tere.-t amounting o the funi of SV'Oi), within
terivt at 12 per rent from the 7lh day of Feb
uary ln.l. or tha sai 1 premise mav be sold to
pay the same said John .-Snyder and .Martha U
C-nyder are required to answer faid petition on
or before the 0th dav of Nov. 71
By Maxwell t Chahian Attya tiepulwot
...l,EBKINS ew School Eook,
I ho Minif tcho," is pronounc
ed the best work of its claa for "T71
V5" .fo!,0wins reasons: "Tho I"1 J
.'lusic is all new and fresh; every
Piece is a well-known House
hold Melody t uch as, "irived
Irom home," "Write ine a letter' f
"Little Urown Church,' etc. It
contains twieeas many Sonps us
can be found in other works.
J lour authors, and are not filled lI "
up with one author's eomposi- I L
ti us. l'rice 75 cents eath. or
ine uiustc is selected Irom sixty
fc7.5o per dozen aiuple copies
mailed to 'l i-nchis r..r i' ......
ZJ-Lioeral arransements for intro
Vdm;tion. Address.
Broad w y, X.Y.
Magazines, and
Latest Publications.
Prcf i-riptions i nrefully cuuiji.juHtlcJ by
IierioiKTii llrUL-Rist.
itciiioiiil ir ilio (ilm-e. thn-cilndr" vv-t !
tli ii!d ullii r; PtattMuuui h. -N i l r:iiUu.
A f'- I
(7il BEST Mi TH E V CRLD. -J i
ITcw York Offlco 7 EIEEMAN ST.
rjUTi r i KEES !
Sea rihi n si's IS u vs c t.
Pall of 1372.
f-0.00(J Apple trees, 1 to 1 years o.d, 0 to 1.7i .
I.'kO Pear treer", 1 to 3 years old, 10 to ' f
3.11'JO Cherry trees, 1 o 3 year i old, J to i- r
7"'.0." Pencil trece, 5 cent" cm li.
liii..Kl Hsatfn llediro ll.nit. 1 ..".il r. m.
'.)AYM llutiey Locust. i" ( per in.
liviTtti cei)!' an. I (rtiamcriti.! Sli ru l.ln i v, " -lahha-',
UiiHcrini; iilants in t-roat vm otly. i
lips, liyaeiutliii, Crocce-es, l.illics, .Vc, n ...
for fall plitneiiit'.
'IVriuii 4'umIiiiI I tie- ur'i'r .
AdJrcs?, J. VV. PAP.MAIS!.
X braska City, Xc.
fi-Corje ai.d Eoc your Ire"- d:i o'.to) ii
tiiid m- t. 1 A U i
"A l'eutjy im is a Penny Earned."
And if you di.-iie to
As well us IVuii'ls ro to
To Kuy Your
WIS. 4J CIS 11 &
W e have boui-ht out If. II. j-,,
cupy h: old , (and on Mii, i
have just rc.-civ.ol i,n all.-1,.;, j
cenosand P ovisions w liii h v.
"t a ii i f no- (
I. u hi !- v, .
.- !. :) of (. r.i -v.
i;i ! vi rv
ow lor eati. Ail kinds oi
hen in CMDaiijjo lorKod
country pi'od'o i i-
'j:i:xxi;ti pros.
"Luxuries of Kodcrn Travel '
to obtain ti.e.r palro, , K J j? , 1 " " , 1 " ""! "
beaoletoinMi,-. ity ."' ' " -c Jinlr tl ... . ""',"r' '1 ;
fication.of a.iirs?b,;:(i '.u
- id olicrs a route to all pointy ' n- -;,'
Xc'bast.iUUS'::'JU!h With Ji- 11. IL. i-
..... - v j .t i j r(
h Raiir-.a 1
Vi:!!. y
i:)'r '.urlinKton with tiio I! C. R A 'f . -R-.
for Ka venport. .Mus-.-.l ini-. U:- '
and all ,-ointVUh unil casV'Wnn:iU- '
i. At I eoria, with the'i'., p. A- Ur 1: p f,,r
Lotran-port, (.'oluwbus. Ac. ' li" 1 r
WE would invito Dealers nJ the I'uh
geacrallj to cj.11 cud examine our stock of
S O .A. 1- S ,
before elsewhere.
Mr. fsawi.t having hid ths tafvienr.
twenty years in iiianula. turi.. u!l l.ind
HIe comment ot (ru in,- entire .-i.ti-'.i;.-.
tiontoaJlwhomay Uvor us wuh lac:r j. itro-.r
soap exchanged for grcie, aud delivered ir
any pa of the city.
Casj pail for rendered tialovr and cici
grean .
tSV Vt"- Kearney Wa:d. Dear hnyft.
Lriil , Ncbra.-k City.
Ju l'Aiiwtf.
Nclraslcd City,
General Agent LVp't X..rthw e-.t.
Union Central Life
imsuRAiyrcs go.
Of Cincinnati Ohio,
ju:vloJ"tf -