Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 13, 1871, Image 2

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THURSDAY, JULY 13- 1871. the iasu cjoes.
The following is an interesting euiu
:j::ry t-f tho b'J.-incis tloiie at (he Lin
coln LanJ OlTicc, from Jau. 1st lo July
1st, 1871 :
1 loincsteH'l.
;hrd .'
o -
Hi, Jo.
0-1, JH 1.10
June... -.
Timowisu mi:r.
It i.s singular that soii.e people never
an get a't.g uii.l feel comfortable vtih-s
tliey are throwing dirt at somclcuy, anl
they occaMoaally pass beyond the bounds
of all decency to Jo so. It has become
chronic with a fjv of the ink slinaists of
Nebraska to throw mul at (!ov. Bu'ler,
and now that they think they have him
where they dare to abuse him they nev
er allow an opportunity to pass unim
proved. An in.-taneeof this wass-holvriin
the report recently sent the Omaha Trib
une and Hep of the reception of
the Indiana editors at Lincoln, wherein
tho correspondt-nt took occasion to say
that Gov. Butler had insulted the In
diana men by the use of certain language
and by certain act, giving the language
:;nd the acts. This was intended to be
very damaging to the Gov., and might
have been so had it not chanced to meet
the eye cf one of the aforesaid editors
who, loving justice and not having any
of that vengeful spirit to satisfy which
evidently filled the heart of the afore
said correpo- dent, proceeded immedi
ately to inform the editor of the T ibnne
ind Republican that the whole thing
was a falsehood, ar.d that Gov. Butler
neither raid or did a thiug which could
be distorted into such shape, but on the
contrary lie had contributed much to
make their vi-it to the State agreeable.
"Wo do not cite this instance as anything
more than an every day occurrence, but
simply beeau.-e the attention of disin
terested parties has been called to it, and
because from it they may judgo of the
manner in which the warfare against
Gor. Butler has been conducted in this
State during the pat two years.
SVT IT liMillT.
Y'c have heard it iutimatod, by evil
deposed person., aud those who desire
to injure our worthy acting Governor,
W. II. Jarncs, that he had connived at
the swindling of the State out of the
ViO.OOO acres cf Agricultural College
Lands. Yv'e deny this charge, on behalf
of the acting Governor, and hurl it back
in defiance to those who utter it. It is
intimated that he will not employ com
petent counsci in Vashington to atteud
to the matter, but, is inclined to leave
it in the hands of a man who he himself
admits is incompetent to attend to it
with justice to the State. In order that
His Excellency may completely vindi
cate himself from those foul aspersions,
and show to the people of the State that
ho is not only innocent but above suspi
cion on this matter, we suggest to him
the propriety of plaoing the ci-e in the
hands of attorneys of known ability, and
and those having experience in such
matters. We are credibly informed that
Messrs Chipnjan,' llosmor & Co., who
are well known as suecs-ful attorneys be
fore the departments, have expressed a
willingness to take the cae and charge a
reasonable fee if they win it and nothing
if they lose. We believe that Governor
Jauie will act promptly in this matter,
and thus put the lie into the mouths of
those who insinuate that lie has some
ulterior design in allowing the State to
bo defrauded out of the very best of
these lands. "A word to the wise," etc.
Constitutional Convention .Uuulci-I.-l
Editor Advertiser: There are
many matters now under consideration
by the Constitutional Convention in sps-f-ion
at Lincoln, about which t he people
and particularly (he press of the State,
should express themselves to the end
that delegates may be better enabled to
comply with tho wihss of their consti
tuents. Perhaps there is nothing of
more importance to the whole State than
that municipal ni l to works oi' internal
improvement, The convention is clo-e-ly
divided on the question of total and
entire prohibition. While the people o'
this3'ouijg and yet to be developed State
are anxious that all possible protective
restrictions be thrown around matters of
this kind, I am sure they are not pre- j
!ared to endorse a policy of entire pro-
dbitiou. We are just entering upon a I
course of railroad improvements and de
velopment, without which immigration
ceases; aud worse, we loose t lie greater
and better portion of our preser.t popu
lation. This class of works of improve
ment are only constructed in this age by
means first, of liberal aid on the part of
localities directly interested. The peo
ple are the covering I'Owcr under our
system of government, aud should at all
timc3 be permitted to express themselves.
It is argued that A. has no legal right to
impose a tax on B. ngaint his will. As
well might it be said that C. has no
right to interfere in case A. murders B.
or destroys his property. Our system of
government is called Democratic "'a
form of government in v, hi eh the su
preme power is lodged in the hands of
the neonle collectively" majorities
govern, and "the greatest good to the
greatest number" are American axioms.
There are fraternity interests which can
only be secured aud maintained ty the
exercise of such principles.
I repeat, whii? all possible healthy
limits, restriction and guards should be
thrown around municipal action in direc
tion herein referred to. prohibition Hi cms
destruction to the future of Nebraska.
Such a clause iu the Constitution will
jeopardize, if not defeat adoption. Del
egates must not allow "old fogy," ''ab
stract ideas" to control? them. This is
a progressive, developing age, and the
people will move. Advance.
JJrou.ivit'c Advertiser.
- j
Life's ?rr"3t;st enjoyment U jna'Io np '
o.f antirma'icn. - i t
rcTi,ii.ii nwmii ,11 an i
If wc arc not mistaken, the LcgLda
lature, at its recent session, authorized
and instructed the gentleman from Penn
sylvania the Attorney General of the
State of Nebraska to commence suit
for the recovery of moneys due the
State from persons who hold it unlaw
fully or through fraud. Now, if we are
not mistaken, ajain, Messrs. J. D. Sil
vers & Son, according to the testimony
of 11. J. Silvers in the Impeachment
trial, wore to give twenty-five per cent.,
bonus, for all they could get on the Uni-
. versify contract over ani above I2,-
000 or in othur words,. Silvers admits
that the job was only worth $125,000,
and that the State was defrauied by
them out of the other twenty-five or
thirty thousand dollars paid for the Uni
versity. We call upon the Attorney
General to do hi3 duty, and to at once,
before the.-.c men place themselves be-,
yond ti e reach of the law, institute suit
against them for the recovery of this
money of which the State has been de
frauded. Let us have the matter tc-te 1,
and see whether.'. J. Silvers sVore to
the truth ii this matter, for if he did
the Statu' should
larr-e sum of uionin
certainly recover a
from tht-m.
f-sOijiJi-r l lll j.l.
Hie SoUiers' Lli.ion cf Nebraska held
a meeting at the Board of Trade rooms
Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock. Col.
Furnas, the President, occupied the
chair, and Lieutant John Giiiespiewas
appointed Secretary pro tni.
Col. Majori, Major Williams and Ma
jor Neville were appointed -a committee
to report a list of cllieers for the ensuing
year. They reported as follows:
For President lieu. V.'- W. Lowe, of
For Yice President Lieut. A. Atkin
son, of Omaha
For Secretary Lier.t. John Gillespie.
For Orator Hon. T. W. Tipton, of
The report was a liptel, and the olTi
cers were declared elected.
(Jen. Living-ton, d' Pialtsmouth, was
appointed Chairman of the State Execu
tive Committee, and Prcident Lowe was
authorize! to appoint tli.i rest of the
committee from several counties of the
State. .
The time of reunion was changed from
the 4th of July to the first Wednesday
in June. The next annual meeting ami
reunion will !e held at Plattsmouth
Tiiiune and Jit publican.
The Old World Coming: to Ibc Ttcvr.
Another English colony arrived here
on Sunday evening. They left Liver
pool on the first day of Jane, and in
about seventeen days found themselves
west of the Mississippi The company,
including children, numbered more than
fifty. Each family had a large and well
tilled lunch buket thanks to their do
mestic supplie and to the B. fc M. Com
pany's Immigrants Home, with lunches,
wa-h rooms, tal bs and stoves, the in
comers were independent alike of hotels
and eating houses.
ltel're dv-d by a day's rest in the ;ukt
rel'uge which the railroad company open
gratuitously to ail wayfarers, the pil
grims last night passed on toward Lin
coln, where a stid' more commodious
lauding place awaits them, with cooking'
stove, ten bed rooms, etc. There they
can escape from the tender mercies of
land i-harks until they can obtain work,
buy lauds, or t make themselves
at home in the new world.
The colonists represent almost all
trades. Some bring money enough to
buy improved farms; others will seek
homesteads, or become laborers till they
can lay by enough for an agricultural
start. Several young men propose to
buy horses and explore on hor-e-baek
the region between Lincoln and Fort
One prepoejsir.g man with his wife
and seven children, had a notable Cer
tificate, not only from his rector, but
from his employer. It certified that lie
had been hired by one farmer for nine
teen years, at lir.-t at four pence a day,
but at bu t at sixty pounds a year that
he li:td gained a prize; of four guineas at
a plowing match, as well as that his fath
er -,' I gr.iiKllather had been employe I
en the same farm. When a-k'd "Why
did you coma to America ?" his answer
was, "to help my chi' Let! to a start, and
perhaps save something in my old age."
"In England." said he, "as soon as I
am too old for labor, my landlord will
say, ' go to the 'union,' the English
name for a poor-house, and my children
must begin as I did, at four pence a
The old man was wise. lie has now
only ten pounds and a ticket to Nebras
ka ; but he, and especially his children
after him, are sure to rise to a higher
plane than would have been po-siblc iu
the old home, where he could not by
any possibilityever own enough land for
his grave. IJvrUiiy'oii Ilaivk-Eje.
"Why Did He not lTie? '" is the title
of a new novel. We have not read the
conundrum, but believe the answer to be
because he refused to take his medi
cine. The editor of the Mom-burg (Canada)
Courier must be a very popular man in
that turg. His friends made up a purse
and sent him off on a visit to Europe for
the benefit of h s health.
A man who is going to do good with
his money when he shall get a great deal
of it, makes a bargain with the devil,
and the devil outwits him. Where men
are going to use their money so that it
will do good yihea they get through with
it, the Ixird is apt to get through with
them before they thiuk of getting
through with their money. If you want
to be-benevolent by and by, be benevo
lent now.
Thev cure delirium tremens in Italv
by the administration of a solution of
amouia in heroic doses.
Alittle four year-old girl who has "been
there" gives the following recipe for vac
cination : "scrape your arm a little;
scrape it till it hurts put in a little putty;
let it dry ;tnd that's all till it 'takes.' "
The inventor of the- Bavarian mitrail
leuse receives $4,000. for the invention,
and an additional sum of $120 as royalty
on eery muruHeu.-e which leaves the
government manufactory.
Texas ha? 3,$00,000 cattle, consisting
of 'J50.000 beeves, .50,000 cows, and
l.'Jio,000 young cattle. The plains ou
which these cattle roam contain about
152, !0,00 acres of ground.
The peach was originallv a poisoned
almond. Its lies!)' parts were used to
poison arrows, and the fruit was for this
purpose irtroauceu into 1 eria. J be
transplantation and cultivation, however,
not only removed its puisonou qualities,
but prodvtccd the delicious fruit we now
Tlie editor of tlie Houston County
(Jlinnesofa) Journa 'drove off' all the po
tato Lurs from his patch ly a charge
irom a Daheock fire ex'intii-her, and he
cousidr-rs the machine a perfect remedy
lor the pest. He adds in a postscript
inu i, Jl taut ni'i'i niat-ivu iuuw iiij j-
tators all.dif-J within fifteen minutes at-
tlm hu hit.
The I. in colli Salt Has ins.
Ttic Organization or n Fowcriul Com
One Million DoIlnrM Itopresentecl fit
tSte Manufacture of Salt at Lin
coln. From tho Lincjla Stiitemaa.
We arc pleased to announce to our
readers that a company has been organ
ized under the name of ' The Nebraska
Salt Company," for the purpose of de
veloping the sale interests of Lincoln,
which are among the richest and most
extensive in the country, and for engag
ing at once and very extensively in the
manufacture of salt from the wells for
merly" owned by Messrs. !c Evans,
situated a short distance west of our city
limits. The company which i.s interest
ed in this enterprise is composed of
Messrs. Isaac Calm, J. 11 Bovd, Thos.
F. Hull, S. B. Guley and J ,,h n i. Ne
ligh, nil men of 'capital, an I ail nf whom,
by porsOird observation, have obtained a
full knowledge of the enterprise which
they have undertaken. The company
represents -a cv.pital r.f more than one
million dollars, a large proportion oi'
which will be invested at once in con
stm -tion of tlm iH.cs.-ary machinery,
buildings, etc., for the manufacture of
salt upon an cxtey-ivc scale. One hun
dred thousand ae-to be at once applied
to this purpor-e, and the articles of in
corporation provide for the increase of
this amount to .one million dolars if
thought advisable, and if sanctioned by
a vote of two-thirds of the stock-hold
ers. Work will be at once resumed v.i
the well already sunk, which it is pro
posed to sink to a further depth of lour
or five hundred feet or until brine of a
sufficient strength is obtained. It will be
remembered that this is the well which
has been throwing brine of a good de
gree of strength for a number of months
past a stream being thrown for a con
siderable period to a height of forty feet
above the surface oi' the ground. We
predicted at the time of ilia sinking of
this we:l that it would- prove a rich field
for future operation -, and that a i plen
did investment was secured to any party
who would undertake its development
Of its pecuniary value there can be n
question. This enterprise should not
have been allowed to lie idle for the want
of sumo sagacious and energetic man to
put it into active operation. There is,
perhaps, more money in this investment
to-day than in aluio.-t any other enter
prise open to capital in the State. We
date from this a new era in th" progress
and prosperity of our city A ery few of
us have properly estimated its import
ance. The work is now begun, aud we
.-hall keep the public posted as it pro-gies-es.
A itailrotttt Toast.
At the reception given to the Indiana
editors Wednesday night, the following
toast was offered by John S. Bender:
The Burling 0:1 and Missouri Bivcr
Ilailtoad L'.t excelled by any other rail
read in affnding comfort to the traveling
public, aud an important link in uniting
the citizens of Nebraska and Indiana in
tt.e t reat chain, of "Friendship, Love
a n ft- Truth."
To" this sentiment we tip our beeker.
It is not, however solely with that object
in view that we print Mr. B.'s offering.
It is rather a text from which wc may
spin a yarn truthful. We would from
Lihis text draw, that sixty-six persons, be
longing to an Indiana editorial excursion
arrived here on Wednesday. We would
further bring out, that each and every
one of these excursionists was compli
mented with a free pass-sage. It more
over stands obvious that at the regular
i'are, $44, from Chicago to Lincoln and
return, the bill of that party would have
amounted to i2.'J70. What inference
would you have us develop? Situpiy
this, a donation of $li,'j70 upon the part
of the road to an editorial party wiie
mihtuu-3 into Ncora.-ka an 1 auvoi ti-e
more thoroughly her merits to the world.
This fact argues agains1. the unlimited
selfishness some peoj ie thiuk possesses
all railway corporations. Yen, more.
It is a positive argument that they pos
sess a soul, worthy cf cultivation. And
how shai! it be cultivated? That is a
question the people of Nebraska, particu
larly should take heme to themselves.
They should consider what railways have
done for them, and upon that, it may !e
said, we are riot blind to what tho people
have done for the railways. .We under
stand that there is a mutual benefit.
But the point that we would raiso at
this writing is, that we are tcr;ding to an
opposition to such corporations that may
icsult more to our detrimeut than wo are
inclined at lirst to suppose. Bailroads
in a new country cannot be built without
liberal aid. There is not the local
freight to warrant the expenditure of
lundst. In the east a railroad is built be
cause the business of the country
through which it is to run demands
steam transportation. In the west there
is no filch demand. The road is built in
order that the country may be built.
What hope did Nebraska have forgiowth
until the Union Pacific was in operation?
What were the prospects of the south
Platte before the Burlington and Mis
souri Bivcr and the Midland Pacific be
gan to penetrate her rich prairies? Up
on what did Lincoln build her promise id
present success, if not on the dady
arrival of trains via. theB. & M. andM.
1'.? And what is her strong argument
for continued success if not that she is
to be an Indianapolis in point of rail
ways a center? And further, good
reader, what is the praj-er of every
town and county iu the State to day?
Even stronger; what is the salvation of
every ambitious village in Nebraska?
It is the rail ! A year ago wheat in this
city without the rail brought flirty cents
a bushed. To-day, with the iron hore
the Lancaster Flouring Mills will give
$1.10 for every bushel of good wheat
they can get. Why the difference? It
is unnecessary to answer the question.
We write thus that a liberal spirit may
exist on the part of the people of Ne
braska toward the railroads already run
ning and those projected. lVgyi-tu in
this particular isdangerous. Legislation
crippling railway enterprise, is likewise
dangerous to the growth of a people !
IjiitC'jhi Statesman.
I'uu .Urn Fuiiml Drnd.
Beatrice. July 5, 1S7I.
Ed Chronicle: Two mon were
found shot through the head at the head
of Indian Creek, four miles from I lock
Creek, ia -Jefferson county. A letter was
found in the pocket of a coat whieh was
in one end of their w:i irons, Post marked
Nehra.-ka Citv, dune loth, 1S71 direct
od to Jvl N. Waiter, U Lite llovk, Kan
.c:ts, urpirtiii:r to have heeu .written by
T. 8. Fi-h, Delaware Precinct, Jrno 11,
18T1. A ocket hook upon the body of'
one of them had ''I. t. Pasee," written
in ink upon the in.-ide. KespecifdHv,
J. W.
JTcL. City Chronicle.
An cxc-iianse says that it ki;ows of a
boy who accidentally swallowe-l a silver
half dollar. U'hey pave him warm water
and tartar emetic, and antiiimnial wine,
and licked their finirers down his throat
uutil the hoy thought he would throw ujt
his to? iKii!s.- After a whi;e a doctor
caaie alon who understood such case.
He admii.i'.tereu a small dose of patent
medicine, and in less than ten minutes
the boy threw up the half-dollar in Cve
cent ricces. Science is a great thin-'
Several Ierans IiilteI.
Immeatc Loss of Property.
From the Omaha Tribune & Republican; 7tb,
We hear distressing reports of ruin and
disaster all along the track, of the tcrific
storm of wind and rain that passed over
this city, bctv.eeu 5 aud 7 o'clock,
Wednesday evening. Its effects within
the city limits wc published yesterday
morning. Daring the day, additional
particulars came in from various parts of
the State, d:owing that for severity the
storm was .unequalled in the history of
the :c:;:a;:r nkiciiuokiiood.
The people who live in the Knight
n. i.-hborhi.od, about ten miles northwest
1 f this city, had a terrible time. The
storm came up suddenly, and in a few
minutes after it commenceJ, the bouse
of J. II. Gue was blown down, not a
timber being left standing. Mr. Gue,
his wife and child, were in the house at
the time. Mrs. Gue and the child
escaped unharmed, and mis.-lng her bus
ban t she searched for him, finally find
ing him uti Icr an extension table, on
width was a sewing machine and a large
quantity of broken timbers. One of the
beams in fid'.ing. struck Mr. (Jue, break
ing the right collar bon-;. His head and
hip were injured, and ho was generally
jammed up. The Gue family managed
to get to the re-idencc of Mr. Uibbard,
their nearest neighbor, one mile distant.
Dr. Ba'ucock, of this city, attended to
Mr. Gue's injuries.
J. B. Jester's house in that vi,cinit3'
was lifted from its foundation, and
moved to a distance of nearly five rods,
and was turned almost around. The ad
joining stable was prostrated to the
ground. The thriving grove on Mr.
Knight'." land, was severely damaged.
Mr. Stoddard's house was partially un
roofed. All the corn in that neighbor
ly -l was pro-fated as flat as though a
heavy iron roller had been drawn over it.
The procession that was following to
tho grave the corpse of Lewis P. Thomp
son, the boy who was drowned in the
Pjpilliori on Sunday last, was overtaken
by the tempest about four miles west of
this city. Mr. Ireland was one of the
first ones to see it coming, and being a
strong man, he jumped out, hoping to
be able to hold the carriage to the ground.
But his efforts were puny, and the vehi
cle was twisted out of his grasp, and
overturned. Nearly every team was
hfed buddy from the ground. A car
riage, in which Mrs. Thompson, Mrs.
Ireland, Mrs. Scott, and other near rela
tives of the deceased, were riding, Ws
capsized. Mr. Will ams' team was tip
ped ovCr, and before the horses could be
checked they ran away, and have not
since been caught. The carriage, in
which the corpse was being conveyed,
ran clown into a hollow where shelter was
afforded. One lady was taken up from
tiie ground and carried a distance of
twenty feet in the air before she could
regain her feet The men cou d not
stand up, 'but were thrown about at the
mercy of the wind.
The afternoon train on the Fremont
anl F.ikhoru Valley Bailroa 1 was struck
y the storm, between Scrib
ner and' Crowed and the three
coaches were lifted from the
track, thrown down the embankment,
and turned upside down in the ditch.
One side of tho engine was lifted eight
inches fiom the track, but the coupling
broke, and it fell back ti'jain. Nearly
every p:is-ftiger was more or less injured.
William Whitmore, td' this city, Mail
Agent on the road, was crushed under
the safe, and re cived several internal
injuries. Tin y were not considered yes-
leiiiay to tin or iaiai cnai aei er. .Joiir;
Mct'f ary, of Norfolk, received :t frac
tured skull; his wife was bruised be
yond n cgiiitit) ; their son, Johnnie,
had his skull fractured. Unbelt iv Far
ley's tlioiiLKr w;is
ttrin of 1'r. A. ( ' .
il. TIp." k-!'t
Q 01 l::i:r, was
a ho v
MeL'jod's .-lioti! .Icr was broken. Lew.
Heed, of this city, was on the train, but
escaped with only fliuht bruises. I).-.
Hear, of V.'o.- t Point, worked like a Tro
jan auj.iti-r the woiinded.
About one mil"' t'rn::! the wreck f f the
train, the hotie of Nathan Au-tatn was
P'icked up by the wind, carried about
one hundred feet, and toru completely
into pieces. ?dr. Au-tin was cru-hed to
death iti the wreck by falling timbers.
His daughter escaped with her lite,
though the was ."-evetely injured.
The U. S. "xircs trail, wliich had
drawn up to thv v. titer tank at Lone
Tree, was backed away from the b'ii!diu;r
when the approach vt' the .-torui was no
ticed, ami not a moment too soon, for
tho windmill and building fell immedi
ately afterward with a fearful er.iMi. As
the .storm swept about the train, shaking
it tremendcu-iy, th'e employees of the
company hurried though toward the
sleeping cars, which were considered the
safest from beinij the heaviest, and they
.said that the passengers were nearly all
on their knees praying for mercy, for not
one expected to e-oape alive. Immense
hail stones foil at this point, and a dis
patch received from there says that none
were smaller than eofiee cups. One was
found that actually measured twelve inch
es in circumference. In the city twelve
houses were blown down and destroyed.
The roof was torn irom the backside of
the depot ; the kitchen of the hotel was
blown down ; the telegraph poles were
torn from the prouud ; a box freight car,
standing on aside track, was demolished
the frame was blown down an embank
ment and the truck was taken up by an
opposite current of wind and thrown on
the main track ; piles of lumber were
whirled in every direction ; the operator
tclcpraphed that "a woman was picked
up by the wind and carried a quarter of
a miie at the rate of a thousand miles
a minute.'" A centleman named 11.
Phelps, livimr near Lone Tree, was
killed, his daughter fatally injured, and
every member of his family more or less
bruised. The storm there Continued
about ten minutes, and its track was
about ten. miles in width ; within that
limi , every lield of grain was entirely
At Tllair, the Sioux City and Pacific
rami 1 lmuse was Mown down, and the
watchman with his son, natrotvly escaped
frotu the ruins with their lives. Mr.
Boston's house, about one mile irom the
town, was torn to pieces, but fortunately
no person was injured.
The lo.-.s in Lui'ldiiii?s and crops, which
is immense, carnmt now Le cstimatctl
and it is probable that further loss of
human life will be reported,
liant and thoughtful narrative to our
readers. The book is handsomely bound
and illustrated with li0 map, portraits,
battle scenes, and views of the principal
localities connected with the war So
exptn.-e has been spared by the publish
ers to make it worthy cf the support of
the public, and we predict for it an im
mense sale; especially as its low ptiee j
Krlnrrc U witliin t hp reach all. It isrub-
i-i .fi :.. l .. i?....!:. i. n ,1,1 1
iisu i.i uo.ii J .!..,-.. " j
by subscription o. ly. and the publhUers
waat fluents in every county.
lie lsc of Vt Hi kins'.
Walking for young and active persons
is by far the best exer.'ise ; riding is good
for the elderly, middle aged and invalids.
The abuse of these exercises consists iu
taking them when the systeoi is exhaust
ed, more or less, by previous fasting or
by mental labors. Some persons injudi
ciously attempt a long walk before break
fast, under the belief that it is condu
cive to health. Others get up early to
work three hours at some abstruse men
tal ti'if'. The effect in both instances is
the same ; ir subtracts from the power of
exertion in the after part of the day. A
short saunter or some light reading be
fore this meal is the best indulgence of
the kind ; otherwise the waste occasioned
by labor must lie supplied by nourish
ment, and the breakfast will necessarily
become a heavy meal, an I the whole
morning's comfort sacrificed by a Weight
at the chest fiora imperfect digestion of
food. These observations apply to el
derly per-ons who are prone to flatter
themselves into the persuasion that they
can use their mental or bodily powers in
age as in youth.
It is in vain to hope to please all alike.
Let a man stand with his face in what
dirccii'oi he will he must necessarily
turn his hack on one-half of the world.
A man who cannot command his tem
per, bis attention, and his countenance,
should not think of being a man cd Lu.-i-ness.
All the cares of the day ought to be
laid aside with your clothes. None of
them must be carried to bed with us ;
and in this respect, custom may obtain
very gicat power over the thoughts. It
is a destructive practice to study in bed,
and read till one falls asleep.
e. t. m ur,
T. DUKE & 009
VhoKvate Jt Ketai! Uoi'.crs in
lard ware and Cutlery, Stoves,
Etack.Miiith Too!?, &c.
Keep on hind a Large Stock of
And Uher First-Class Cooking
All kinds of Healing toves.
Coul or 'Vool l:eit on h:;nJ.
Stiring and l3re.iking I'lows
At Net Cos; for Cash.
Onr prices are as low a.- any limine in tlie
state. iian-ijtf.
Weeping Water, Neb.
General Merchandise,
siloes, rroTioxs. &c,
We ire Agents for
Wilicox &. Gibhs Sewing Machine,
hich is undoubtedly the oest JIaehine now in
i."e. murl'j'f'Jtf.
The unden-isned has pra' tietd Midwifery for
eleven years under government i'iisiicc-i in
Sweden, from tiie authorities of which govern
ment file has a diluiu: ; ha also t.rao'ieed lour
years in Cliienso, aud now ha.s locited in the
ei'y of l'la tsmouth. where Mie tender her pro
fesMonal services Can bo found at her resi
dence on Peail Street, near Ninth.
mayi'JSm. MRS. LOT1IMA3T.
Wujman t$ Curtis
Repairers of tteaai Enfine, Eeilers, Saw and
tirist Mill.
ia3 and Steiim Fittlntrs, Wronftht Iron Pipe,
Foree and Tilt ruaij'S. St-nin tlaues, alanee
Valve tiovernors, aud all kinds of
Bra s Engine Fittin s,
furnished on short notiee.
P.enniredon short notiee.
DiSiOluiicn Notice.
Xotice is herehy iriven thtit the -o-rartner-thii
heretofore esi-tin between the umier
ficned under the linn n me of Hate A Jlai'u
L ii ;i!av lii-Mirfil iiv mv'ii il n 1- J.
imiiiiii ittaintn tlie firm t .i--ine-
ana .-ei'air.
i, a,.SwU0U oftue late liraj.
a. (f. I! ATT.
July 6t3. F. J.HAXiHI.
m m I m m m n
i?" ffl u f Pi bkji
-"r "!. - -f .i -a J!;--l
L. 1 !. . ;- ' !i ;,--".-.- .vi'-.V r t"' -
: : ; : ; i 1 --;-? i ' :-v- ; -pi
V S:tVfe"r-i: .S j;:: !
Insurance Company
SMvieleiasls osi Iho Contribution IMan,
Securing the Greatest Pecuniary Advantage to the Pclicy Holders
. 1-"t:..Tli;-J i a W. r t. rn Ccmsfinv. min.ipc.I by Wotrrn men. whos-e known finan!iin-i;il
.i.jiy !sil i..n. wU-.m :-i.le n:uiny tor its carelul ana Miccesful iuani?cuu"iit.
-I. Jts Polices- )ire all tiwit-erf'iiit.
:J. Prim m :n ml f.'iHli. It ivi-r-ive? r note? rin.1 irivpj nunc. Policy holders Lave no iotertst
to i iy, an l m j notes a liens us-ou tiioir I'olicici.
I'h. It h:i- 1.0 1 -fsi liit inn mum travel.
h. JtsMlixi.h'u.i:. 15 re n::i.K- i:i:n tiie eon tri hut ion plan.
0"h. lis bu; 0:0s is cx .lu.-iviy lite iKiaium e.
Are flip :in,-.Ini::I:t!oH of inHrcit upon prcTiiiuins rai l, hon.-c tlio Company that loan its ii-sris
tile -t rate ol mti ro t cm yivo y.u the larrost -liv'i: Is. Kastorn 00111 anies invest thjir
'":;';'' J !lt " P ret nt.. '. !ule this tuiilvos it-! invest tr.outs nt twelve per eer.t. or mnrc
1 iie!nt.i(,e ..( o ;. ru investments to ihe i-i.ii. y hoi ler appvars iu the lollu-.viuu startling
ligurcs: ibe amount of sl.'iMi. hivc-unl for fifty years nt
t er eeiit. compound interest, i.s S 1S.120.1 ."
s " " -tr. .!vl.r,4
1 " " " " 117.; M.SS
y . , . , , .1-' " " " " ais.o. s.,0
It is oln-ious that this company offers pre.iter financial advantage.-- ar.d inducements to the
policy-holder than atiy oiaer company in existanee
It T Miu-kav. Pre-
i-i cut;
ticnrjrc A Moor Secretary,
.1 .lone-;. As.s't .Secret ire.
ll L ivewman, Trua.-urer
L MSwaii. Vic; PrJ-i-ient.
Hr J L Wever, Med. D ior,
D ?h're. Leavenworth. Kan,
.1 v l;;,.i,-,,..i-
If T) Mecliay, Leavenworth Kan.
I'M sw in,
A" i Cotiin,
'e. A Moore,
I) W JVv.eis.
tieo L Davis, St. Lou's. ?,Io
J Jferri'. "
.J. Ilastint-s. " "
M 11 Morgan "
-.1 I 11 K ll-ni'iiiond " "
II lOdgci-toii.
'Hi os Carney.
S M Strickler. Jtincfion City
Chas llohir.son, Lawraiice,
ici. Aeutfor "VcbrasUa and Xoiiherti Evans-.
J. VI. HATL SIT ALL, Agent, r ..,,,, rrT, - ,
R. 3. LIVINGSTON, Xtd Fxaminer FTSJIO L Til
HiKitli tUdii JKulii Hived
Forwarding and Commission Mcrchanls
Agents for the Omaha and St. Louis "CP Line Packets.
PlattssTiG'Jth, Fcb.
eir noiv ,,i-t':tp
.e fi . fi..,;r of t!i';
arc ilui:;c
forwarding and Commission Business,
Ware House attache J, we can furni.-li nil the ptorage wanted.
AH goods ?ent in our earc will receive
anigao lo distiasJ fur Lincoln, As'ulan.1 and the
r. sca.NA3K.
Everybody, and more
To buy
The best and uiat
Are now on cxhihiticn at the Xcw York Store, at
attention to our new
of all kind.; and i.rices to suit oar numerous cui'.owera. larte etoek of
.Wo Sell nt (V,t Now the Celebrated GARDEN CITY CLIPPER
Platt--muu.h ici-teiiborlJib. lsTO. tf. 1). SCUXAf;cJ3 & CO.
IIA Ca!li:n. General A?ont.
W 10 ll.n viy. Con. r.ct uarr,
T A llurd. Attorney.
H L Ne.vn1.1n Leavenworth K;
W fc; ("hemhcrlain.
T A Dun I.
K A lieu, " "
C A t'. rrv, AVe'ton, Mo,
C W Ve.d. Topi ka. Kansas.
J M I'ricu Atchi-iirj, Kan.
W It Stehhins. "
dumber O.
J.'kkat.u Eioek, Corner T.-ia Second St. V,'c
E!uc River, will be firwirde.l without delay
F. D. LENilOf F.
too. are going to
preatly reduced r.ricea. We call particular
styles of
ivimr anil Tins on 1 an 1 '.it
H i 1 ut Whito & Eutterj v
giriitn .nda JIain Street, TLut. nmath, '
jlos't (U)inplvtc
ti:o' k of I'lM1.::-. M- H.-liH"-, T'.'int. . 1. 1 -ir.
i.e.-. 1. .ui i-U. t'. il 1 " Oil. M.i
.'il, (i;m-n?(M, ,:it.T Oil. Ne:it :
t'il. h.Je Oil. I.iiiy... i o,. J .
Oil. i:. --n:i..l Oil. IV! Live. '
nu-1 i liit'" v.'i .
li-., I , 1 .- .
i An '
i: - i -. -i. 1 :
,.;; ,;,r.
t u-
l.:i',ir.. M--I.-C-V. i:-v
i;ir's. v i-i.-h; , .
fn-1.1, (iuvs..ti's. I'ciiy 1-;.
IT..'i.-k UV. IViittV. Mr. Win :..
Tr. it .-in -i 1 li. -li lii r'-, linl. .
V.:I l. ,,('.-. W ct . .ir, 1 i h liH'-it ii j . n .
Putont jc. lie. in..: in urf0 jit ih,, il ! :
Brandies Wines and Vhiskic
Of tlie Pest Tinules uiul .i.uluii
Medical I uii'ete.s.
Mriu!y f.
Rel or lloso. Croon, Ehie, Elm-l;, An.slirie, 1.
diK". . iM.i'tiler, l!xti:u-t .f-v,"iil. i)iy
Wooils, A'c". In t:n f evorylliins
that is iierilfl i:i (lie di
or .McJital iine.
Fliisicians' Pcrscriptions
Aenuiy pinr,,oiin'I ed ul ur ;it a'l I.i
f II !ru;.'-i wiirrenieil Ire-h ::mi li , e. C;iil
ore liuyiiiu'. nn t .-' e wh:it I li.ive t'i sell.
i'l.iUMiinuth, i'eli. Z th.d s li'.
Legal Notice.
In the Di.-trict Court of th s .k.'.U
in and for Ca:-s County;
i,f Xe'jr.1 ,li ,
J .till Uill A ri,-l Pill, Nellie J
1'ill. ami Willi nn Dill, iiiinnr lie.
eliidren of V il'i.iM L i 1 1 ,1c -e.i , i
Dill widow !' Wiliiai-i tJill ! e, i.
Mnntnrt. iiiiniini.-trator oi'tiiu c.i'.i
Diil deceased,
!eoiKO .fennir;', Aiini Ti-i
William K Mi. ! Ion, Ad-lia ;-lnl
', I Iht i P'.l
' 1. 1111 I I lilt
. :n, 1 ir ,11
i. hi- 1 .l,.h,i
ol ilh im
li, I' is 1 I
Charloj K. Uayley an 1 Jecnio I'. ll.,-,lev
wite, John II. IJavloy, and i :ih y hi '.:
K'lw ard (loii.leanuli.i, i,d ' : I i oi . li . t, m
v. ite. Jaim-H Sweet. .1 uliun .Mi U-.i'l .'i. ; A. It v
en. AtLorney.i in i:n t, an 1 mh-iit' : ;lu .-'! . I
ll'-Mersol'tlio I'arnn -ta X Jl.-eha 1 - .T.;ro "f
Neora.-kn City, Nebr:i-l:.i, milrlij 1 . ini.-r A
.".lei hauics ftore. illiam 1 1 .rr i - i . n . Kvu. l-r
V. Darnuin 1. r egret A: Co., u:, I ili-ii ird ).
iiiipson, re.'eiver,..l.l'e'id:,i,ts. Noiieoto i.n.
rei'teIlt., (let'i-nt " To I'M ward ImiJ nira
and wil'.', (. '!iarle E. it nley mid wife, y. - ; .
l.o;.-ret V Co., T," ti-i f-i.leiif (! nd int-.', ..u
are liivel y n..l ilii-d that llm :.l w i...i,h.,I
'.. did .if ! '- i day nt Jimo i!.. !e;r 1 : t.
ti;m in tin- th; i- led t inn, 1,1 tl.o :i )).. v
r.amed court, t tw- ol.jeet and ira. er .if whe-li i 1
to lurcloe a tn..rt;:i:e civen I y i ;, ,r i- J.n.i.iiv ,
and Anna M.nia .lnu!n.';-. (. i!;,.,m JmI, :: 1
by him si-'inrj to i nt i i',' J.!.
1 1 obtain the ,;. !" -;. i rtrri i.ote mv:
by Coorti. .K-i.nt'i- ; iit-d At na :i;,'i i -li - -riine.-i
! V, i!I:-ip, Oi.l. in .M. .-, ),. V I'.r el -'-.i,
with ii;t..-ri .-t tl.. r n rt iu. I, 1 1 . ,!
llllillllil I'll, 1,1 ;"i;ir, li .'.1st, - i,., I , .,,,, .i..,",.,''
beiiu- 1 i.i i; in ll,,- 1. , v..--, .. 1 r ; ,
Hid int.Ti -l .1mo t.i si-id note, to .,iie l!:e
rn.ri,' 1-.. ; t. ,j ,. ,,. , ; At,rt. j- ,
''"".-! 'b'"i.'i -1 ai.. i .;.!.. 1 , .1, I.,,;,.- ,
t'4. liii.ilil I ' ! ! I , to "1 .J,'.! .1, .'j t,.,,!, f.'
Iii.fh-ea-t (iia ri:r I 1 '1 . . i"-i. 1,11: , . , ; , , 1
oilit i;si 1,1, d l'i'.it .,t il.e v.e. t J .li . ,:t.
iif.iiu-ne. v 'iriit..r '1-1, I ,: ion r. :
twenty ve'i iV i i i ,,v. :i nun-, "or In
Il'irtfl of in, li i: -;i I , 'i- ii:ii I, ( n , i ,,,
; 1'riti -ij -.1 vi ii , j ;5, - in t".; . , .
Nyt-ra-k:., I and f.
.-old lo pay faid Ula cf ii.oney I
u '
i.f" mi. u i,c:-. i c i hit n i ii,
an.-wer or demur to ii I petiiion i
on or tin; 1 1th, d ,y , An,
s : 1 1 - . eliiii.ii v. !l be taken ;.j tr.i-
i l
1 i !
I- I
i I .ie-
ren.ioi-c-J iiivcr.!i!i;:y.
f i i : v j : n ) n i ! i v v w a i ; i ,;.s f r Pl.i
Orturel to bo i.uhli.dir l four con.-week.-
in the Nkuicaska
Pj J.M. Ekaii) .i.f.v. Iej uty Cb rk.
June.20h. lsTl wit.
j.t it "11 s tl
Ii M 9, . .. if -v jri
zy ? sis' s j
Soid Si.ico Ihsir Introduction
The Most
L'ooltiiiji 3Ijie'!E:e-i
Aits ouit vi;ll kxoivx
'. . . : .- ,
IJcinir .if the s'mt.'.r t Con?; raei i. a. er
managed and ttuarantccd to ei o
Entire Satisfaction.
As no artirle in the lir.ii-elml.l ! .1 creater
influeneo in i.niiiiiilini. tlio li.nlt!. r.inii;.rt I
hai finen ol' tho family ein le t'inn tho 'Jool:
Stovo. it i ei-onnir,y ;kj -well a j.. I i y to r-t '.
V KKY 15KST ; and in l.uyiiur the Oi AKT t.'it
OAK. you eiui relv on ti itinir the mo t
ful, l.opular and i.erleet Cookiii' .vt'". e f. tr
Excelsior Fanufacturing Co.,
r,2 anlCll North Main flret,
E- T. DUKE & CO.,
Leyal flolice.
Jjhn Gilinopc vs. Andrew Griine.
4 ndrew Irime nrd ?;:tii'1 .V. T.:.rrh.n r'i
J. resident de'Vn lant mill In Ire n..M.-r- It: -it ' "i
the .'.i day of Jul v 171 the laintilf lille I li;
petition in the ;fii.e of the t'l-ik cf the
t-'ii-t Court of the 2d Iitro-t in and f:r
Cm--" coun':y Xehraski the ol.jeet, un 1 iii iytr of
whiei' ! to tihtain a .ie.-ree ennvevi.m- Mil 1 1
right title and intoret r.f p;ii Andrew !ri:n' "'
in and totlie 3out.h half of thu Koutii we.Jt .unr
ter and the north i -t or of ::ie s w or t.i .-i-. t : i
nurehi r - '. ta tov:i-l:ii 11 no, ih of r.mtre 1J e : :
of thoo'rh P. M. in C:i.ii county. .Nehru -i.a. mi 1
liat the Io;'.d retias on the Hamuli's t ii
Miid liii'-t-s of '.aid ly the failure of the -.11 1
Samuel r.i;rnhatn to reei.r 1 liis deed for de
fendant for y.tid tr.aetoi l.;. 1 m:.v l.o removed
and the t-t!o t i ?,.id truet-i of ImJ i.iay !.
quieted and confirmed i.i id.iintiJ".
reqiiii-ed t.j answer said fetitiva on or l.tfure
ihu Z'jih dy utAutil, S7I .
JOHN' Oll.MOUR. u-
Maxtfll & Cu.ipiiiy, Attirncv-..
July 6th,
- hi