Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 15, 1871, Image 2

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We copy the following card from Capt.
Jaiass Neville, of Omaha Chairman of
the State Executive Committee of the
Federal Soldiers' and Sailors' Ee-union
to be held at Omaha on the 4th of July
nest :
Whereas, At the last meeting of the
Sold iers' and Sailors' He-union at Lin
colu, Nebraska, it was decided that the
Executive Committee should designate
the time for holdirjg the next annual
re-union ; therefore,
It is hereby ordered that the next
raeeting and "reunion of Nebraska sold
iers and sailors rrill be held on the 4th
day of July, 1871, at Omaha, as pro
vided by the last meeting.
.Tames Neville,
Chairman State Ex. Com.
The chairman of the State Ext entire
Committee takes this opportunity ti say
that at thu last re-union at the State
Capital, the soldiers and sailors were
warmly and hospitably received by the
citizens, and in view that Omaha may
extend a like reception to the members
of the association abroad, would earnest
ly invite all the soldiers and sailors of
Omaha to meet at tho IJoard cf Trade
rooms to-ni:ht at 8 o'clock, and organize
local committees and confer with each
other as to the Lest mode of providing
for the reception and celebration.
J. Neville. Chairman.
For lbs better information of those
who were not present at the last tnnual
meeting, the following is published ;
Col. Robert V.'. Furnas, of Brownville,
was chosen 1 'resident fur the ensuing
Colonel Chase, Colonel DtirJ. Ser
geant Woodward and P. Wone.t for
The Committee for Cass county con
FMts of Jos. W. Johnson, Win. Wood
ruff and R. R. Livingston. It is the
desire of the Executive Committee that
all the county committees in the State
agitate the matter of attendance at
Omaha, and ascertain and wiite to Capt.
Neville how many will go from each
All Federal soldiers and sailors in the
State, without regard to the State they
served fur, are requested to join in tha
STArt: .Ufcuii-AictociETY.
e find the following proceedings of
the meeting of the State Medical Society
in the Omaha Herald, written by (Jen.
Kick :
, Linco-.v, June 7.
l ne State Medical Association iter at
half past 3 o'clock lids fiei-noou, at
I niversitv Hall, with Dr. W.h in the
chair. The convention op-ned with
prayer by Rev. II. R Peck. Dr. S.
1. Morner, the permanent secretary,
beina: absent, they proceeded to elect Lr.
V. H. Coffuian
temporary secretary.
Those present then registered their
names, addresses, and the" capacities in
which they attrJed, mid filed their cre
dentials with I)r. F. . Fuller, the
Chairman of tha Committee on creden- ,
tiiils. !
The committee then repoited the fob !
towing gentlemen as permanent mem
bcrs :
J)r. N. B. Lnr.-h. Nebraska City.
Pr. John Ulack, Plattsmouth.
Pr. I j. II. Robbins, Lincoln.
Ir. F. Renner, Nebraska Citv.
I h H. H. Hess.', Nebraska City.
Dr. A. lirown, Nebraska City.
Dr. E. Van!arute, Fremont.
Dr. R. R. Livingbton, Plattsmouth.
Dr. J. II. Peabody, Omaha.
r. J. W. Hersbey, Nebraska Citv.
Dr. F. r. Fuller, Lincoln.
Dr. C. (J. Radniore. Lincoln.
Di. J. W. Tine ley, Lincoln.
Dr. V. II. Coffuian, Omaha.
Dr. (leorc Tilden, Omaha.
As delegate members :
Dr. II. P. Gilbert. Lincoln.
Dr. S. W. Whitton, Otoe County So
ciety. Dr. George Tilden, Omaha Medical
Dr. J. W. Northrop, Lancaster Coun
ty Society.
Dr. John Black, Plattsmouth.
Dr. R. R. Livingston Plattsmouth.
Pr. J. W. Strickland, Lincoln.
Members by invitation :
Pr. Robinson, Lincoln.
Pr. Ilaughc, Lincoln.
Calling of the roll was next in order,
after which the Committee on Ways and
Means was aken for their report. Pr
Bobbins, the chairman, stated they had
no report to make.
Dr. Livingston, in absence of the
chairman of Foreign Correspondence,
asked further time to report.
The Publication Committee was not
ready to report, and asked further time,
which wa' granted.
Dr. Hershy, chairman of the Com
mittee on Grievances, asked further
time, which was allowed.
Pr. Hershy, chairman of the Commit
tee on Surgery, asked further time,
which was granted.
At this point a discission arose ou a
report just received from Pr. Mercer,
of the Committee on Publication, in
which he stated that there was not mon
ey enough in the treasury to pay for the
printing of the last anual report, but if
the amount that was outstanding and
due the society could be collected there
would be a balance on hand, and a-ked
that the society take some action in re
gard to the manner of collecting it. The
further considerat on of the matter was
postponed until to-morrow.
The medical bill of Rosewatcr tiifti !
came up for dicusiji). and was con-j
demned in the severest terms by Pr.
Bowen. He sa d that the physicians i
should all get a copy of it and post it i j i
their offices and treat it with scorn an J
coutempt, and shov: the legislature that
this society did uot recognise their au
thority to make laws to govern their
Prs. Livingston and Tilden also spoke
in stro lg terms agiinst it.
A motion prevailed that a committee
of two be appointed to procure a fopy of
the Rosewater bill and bring it to the
meeting thi3 evening. Prs. Tilden and
Livingston were appointed on the com
mittee. '
Pr. Black, the delegate appointed to
goto the oieetiug of the Aiaericau Medi
cal Association, held at San Francisco,
Cab, last month, made a very interest
ing report, which was received and or
dered placed on the records of tho so
ciety. The following resolution was presented
for the action of the society by Pr. 1 ea
body and was unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That this Society deem the
action of the Hon. Commissioner or Pen
sions, in expunging from the rod ot
United States Pension Examiners all
homeopathy and other irregular practi
tioners, as highly commendable an J in
t ie best interest of the publio service ;
for the nromotion of the best interests
- mr , re- i- 1
of the bureau, and anoraing ire peu-,
sieim the benefit cf the wot skilled ad- j
vice. And it is earnestly hoped that the
Government will not disregard the de
liberate and expressed conviction cf the
whole legitimate medical profession of
this country by appointing to medical
position or office a class of men whose
practice is not based on experience and
observation, the only true groundwork
of medical pi ogress, but upon arbitrary
di.ta, uot verified alter nearly a century
of trial, and which are wholly opposed
to the ordinary exposition of the natural
laws of physical science.
Resolved, That our Senators and Rep
resentatives be requested to oppose the
passage of any bill that may be brought
before them, rendering homeopaths eli
gible as surgeons.
Resolved, That the Secretary of this
Society be requested to transmit a copy
of these resolutions to the Secretary of
the Interior, the Commissioner of Pen
sions, and to our Senators and Representatives-
The meeting then adjourned, to meet
at the Cipitol, in the Senate chamber,
at 8 o'clock p. in.
The evening session of the meeting
was called to order by tho President.
The committee on the Ro-ewater bill
produced the original, and it was read by
the Secretary.
Pr. Livingston condemned the bill as
being one of the grossest outrages ever
perpetrated on the medical profession
cited the bare idea of a physician who
was a graduate of a medical college hav
ing to go before a set or couuty commis
sioners and ask for a license to practice,
ari l to be examined by them to tee
whether they were tit to practice.
Pr. Tilden said that this bill was a
humbug and a disgrace to the legisla
ture ; that it was not at all like the
original bill; that the original was a
meritorious one, and should have passed.
Pr. Black said the bill was a perfect
farce, and he did not believe in discuss
ing it at all.
Pr. Fuller said that the bill now had
uot a meritorious section in it.
Pr Peabody made a 11 sorts of fun of the
bill, said that ic had only pa-sed so as to
satisfy "Roscy ;" thattione of the mem
bers had any idea that it would ever
amount to anything. He then offered
the following resolution:
Revived, That this Society earnestly
request the repeal of the bill regulating
the practice of medicine and surgery in
Nebraska, which was pa-st at the last
session of the Legislature, which we con
sider an insult to ihe profession of medi
cine. 'I here was u good deal of objection
made to this resolution, but the Doctor
supported it very strongly, and wound
up ty teiling a 6tory about Well, Poc
tor, we won't say. anything about that
story this time.
Pr. Coffman, Chairman of the Com
mittee on Obstetric, said he had no re
port to make. (If hi could have found
Rose water he could have furnished him
Pr. Peabody, Chairman of the Cotu
mitte ou Materia Medica, read a verv
interesting rp . t. which was received
and pbced on the records.
Pr. Livingston, from the Special Com
mittee on the Plea of I.i au.ty, then
read a re:.rt on this subject, which was
iccived and ordered pl .ced on the re
cords. Pr. Tilden offered the following reso
lution which was adopted :
Resolved, 'that a committee of three
bj appointed by the chair to prepare and
present to the next Legislature a bill
embracing the doctrines set forth in the
article of Pr. Livingston, and recom
mended that they do cause the same to
become a law of the State.
The meeting adjourned at 10 o'clock
until to-morrow morning at y a. ui., June 7th The morn
ing sc.-sion opened in the Senate Cham
ber, with Pr Lar.-h iti the chair. After
roll call Pr. Hershey, chairman of the
Committee on Surgery, read a very in
teresting report, which was received and
entered on the records of the society.
Pr. Coffiuan then read a communica
tion on obstetrics, from Pr. Miller, of
Bellevue, which was a very interesting
case, but was not full enough to satisfy
tho meeting, and was referred back to
Pr. Miller for a more extended report,
to be furnished to this society at their
next meeting.
The subject of the Ro.-ewater bill was
again trough t up. Pr. Black said that
the original bill introduced by Pr. Rose
water was not like this. The following
resolution was offered bv Pr. Tilden :
Resolved, That Senator Hascall be re
quested to make an effort to secure the
repeal of an act to regulate the practice
of medicine and surgery in the State of
Nebra-ka, approved during the present
session, which was adopted.
On motion, the society proceeded to
the election cf officers for the ensuing
yea r.
Doctors Tilden and Fuller were ap
pointed tellers.
The following gentlemen were then
elected :
President Dr. R. R. Livingston, of
First Vice President Pr.
of Nebraska Citv.
A Bowen,
Second Vice President Pr,
V. II.
Coffman, of Nebraska City.
Corresponding Secrotaiy Pr. George
Tilden, of Omaha.
Treasurer Pr. J. W. Hershy, of Ne
braska City.
On motion they proceeded to the elec
tion of four delegates to the American
Medical Convention, to be held at Phil
adelphia, in the month of May, 1872.
The following gentlemen were elected :
Pr. T. H. Bobbin-, of Lincoln; Pr.
K. Van Buren, of Fremont; Pr. W, 11.
Hess, of Nebraska City, and Pr. J. W.
Strickland, of Lincoln.
The following gei'ilemeu were admit
ted as permanent members: Pr II. P.
Benjamin, of Omaha ; Pis. J. W. Rawl
ins fcnd V. E. Pooclan, of Plattsmouth,
and Pr. Alex Barr, of West Point.
Pr. Livingston m-de a motion that
the next meeting of this Society be hel l
at Plattsmouth on the first Tuesday in
June 1872. Adopted.
Dr. Liviiig.-tnn o!f..rcd the following
resolution, which was adopted:
eutcrd, That the Corresponding
Secretary of thU Society be instructed
to correspond with physicians in the
counties wiieie no medical society exist,
urging them to organize and elect dele
gates to the next annual meeting cf this
Pr, Larsh, the retiring President de
livered a very fine address, which was
received by the Society and ordered
Pr. R. R. Livingston, the newly elect
ed President, was then introduced, and
made a few very appropriate reu-arks.
Pr. A. Bowen, First ice President,
was then introduced.
Pr . H. Coffman, Second Vice
President, was then introduced.
Pr. Geoige Tilden, Corresponding
Secretary, was introduced and took bis
Pr. P. W. Hershey, Treasurer, was
also introduced.
Pr. R. R. Livingston offered the fol
lowing resolutions which were adopted:
hekeas, God, in His provi
dence, has removed from our midst Pr.
George II. Goodrich, one of our mo-'t
caruest members; therefore, be it
Resolved, That this Society, with
heartfelt sympathy, tender their condo
lence to the relations of the deceased.
Reso'yd, That a notice of his death
be published in our next annual report.
Resolved, That in the death of Pr.
Geo. II. Goodrich this Society has lost
en? cf is roTrng:t and ciist ardent
members, and one who, in bis early life,
gave promise of much usefulness in his
The meeting then adjourned to meet
at the Insane Asylum at 2 o'clock this
The attendance on the convention is
very small, not more than one-half of
members being present; but those who
are here are all line looking aud intelli
gent gentlemen. They take hold of
whatever conies up flr con-i.leration in a
manner which shows that they are mas
ters cf their profession. There are many
of the best physicians in the State pres
ent, and they appear to t-ke great inte
rest in the meeting. Manv of them ex
press regret at the absence of Pr. Geo.
L. Miller.
The Society will adjourn th;s evening.
This afternoon they are to be taken in
carriages around the city and will be
feasted to-niirht.
Influence of Temper on t5f Vlce.
The influence of temper upon tone
deserves much consideration Habits of
querulousness, or iil-tiature, will commu
nicate a cat-like quality to the singing,
as infallibly as they give a quality to
the speaking voice. That there really
exit amiable tones is not an unfounded
opinion. In the voice there is no de
ception ; it is, to many, the index to the
; may be remarked, that thj low, soft
luinu, ueiioiing moral qualities ; and it
tunes oi jreni:e ana amiaoie beinvs,
whatever their musical endowments may
be, seldom fail to please ; besides which,
the singing of ladies indicates the culti
vation of their taste generally, and the
embellishment of the mind.
The Tiling Hint Uakc Men.
It is not the best things that is, the
things we call best that make men; it
is not the plcasantest things; it is not
the calm experiences of life; it is life's
rugged experience, its tempests, its
trials. The discipline of life is here
good and there evil, he-re trouble and
there joy, here rudeness and there
smoothness, one working witn the other,
and the alternations of the one and the
other, which necessitate adaptations,
constitutea part of that education which
make a man a man, in distinction from
an animal, which has no education- The
successful man invariably bears on his
brow the marks of the struggles which
he has had to undergo
A Word to Ulrl.
The woman who is indifferant to her
looks is no true woman. God meant
woman to bo attractive, to look well, to
please, and it is one of her duties to
carry out this intention of her Maker.
But that dress is to do it all, and to suf
fice, is more than I can be brought to
believe. N. P. Willis wrote once a
paragraph on the power of education to
produce beauty. That it absolutely
chiseled the features; that he had seeii
minyaclum-y noso and thich pair of
lips so modified by thonyht awakened
and active sentiment as lo be unrecogni
zable. And he put it on tln-t ground
that we so often see people, homely an i
unattractive in youth, bloom in middle
life into a softened Indian summer of
good looks and mellow tones.
.A .1 t '11
it it' he.
The more experience we have of the
wo Id, tho more that experience; should
show us how little is in the power of
riches; for what indeed truly desirable
can they bestow upon us? Can they
give beauty to the deformed, strength to
the weat.. or health to the infirm?
Surely, if they could we should not -cc
so many ill-favored faces haunting the
aseuib!ies of the great, nor would such
number of feeble wretches languish in
their coaches and palaces- Can they
prolong their own possession, or lengthen
his daj's who enjoj-s them ? So far other
wbe, that the sloth, the luxury, the care
which attend thorn, t horten the lives of
millions and bring them with pain and
misery to an untimely grave. Where
then is their value, if they can neither
embellish nor strengthen our forms,
sweeten nor prolong our lives! Again,
can they adorn the mind more than the
body? o they not rather swell the
heart with vanity, puff up the cheeks
with pride, shut our ears to every call of
virtue, and our bowels to every motive
of compassion ? Fielding.
Keml Wisely.
Look well to your spending. No mat
ter what come in, if-more rocs out vou
will always be poor. The art is not in
making money, but in keeping it; little
expenses like mice in a barn, when they
are many, make great wa-te. Hair by
hair heads get bald ; straw by straw the
thatch goes off the cottage ; and drop by
drop the rain comes into the chamber.
A barrel is soon empty, if the tap leaks
but a droi a minute. When you mean
to save, begin with your mouth; there
are many thieves down the red lane.
The ale jug is a g'reat wa.-te. In all
others things keep within compass
Never stretch your logs further than the
blankets will reach, or you will soon be
cold. In clothes, choo-e suitable and
lasting stuff, and not tawdry fineries. To
be warm is the main thing ; never mind
the looks. A fool may make money, but
it needs a wise man to spend it. Re
member, it is easier to build two chim
neys, than to keep one going. If you
give all to back and board, there is noth
ing left for the savings bank. Fare hard
end work hard while you are young
and you have a chauce of rest when you
are old.
Mornl Influence.
The influence of a good example is
far-reaching; for our experience and
conflicts with the world lead us at times
to indulge misanthropic sentiments, and
charge all men with selfish and impure
motives. The play of pride, prejudice,
arid paoion, and the eagerness mani
fested by the great majority of men to
advance their own interests, often at the
expense of others, and in violation of
the golden rule, cause us to look with
suspicion on tho be.-t intent of others.
Arrogance, hypoeri.-y, treachery and vio
lence, every day outrage justice, till we
are almost disposed to distrust human
nature, and become discouraged. But
amid ail that is sad ami disheartening in
this busy, noisy world, now and then
there is presented to us a life of such
uniform virtu?, that we recognize in it a
character that brings hope for the per
fect development and ultimate regenera
tion of our race Such characters are
precious, and such examples should be
Sield up to the world for its admiration
and imitation; they should bu snatched
from oblivion and treasured in the hearts
and thoughts of all who are in proces
of forming habits and maturing charac
ter. Tho man who "an cheat in business,
the man who can lie, the man who is an
unkind husband, a bad father, m unholy
man, he may believe what he likes or
disbelieve what he likes, but he will be
swept away from the presence of God
and the glory of his power, when He
whose fan is in His hand shall purge His
floor and gather the wheat into His gar
ner, and burn up the chaff with un
quenchable firp.
It is reported that not less than seven
women have appeared in different parts
of Great Britain, each of them claiming
to be the lawful wife of the eccentric
Earl of Aberdeen. As the earl was al
ways presumed to be a bachelor, the
wives are supposed to be of the supposi-
I tious eort.
A prudent man is like a pia. His j
head prevents him going too far.
A young Missouri lady advertbes for
a husband, she is so lonely nights since
her father "dide, and "afrade of
goasts. '
Pr. Pio Lewis warns young girls who
desire to retain a beautiful and fresh
complexion to beware of tee, advising
the free use of Adam's ale instead.
A isconsin editor was called out of
bed one night to receive a subscription.
After that he set up nights for a week,
but the offence was not repeated.
Several millions of gold will be sold by
tho Treasury Department during the
month cf June, and four millions of
bonds purchased.
The sum and rubstancs of the prepa
ration needed for a coming eternity i.s,
that youbeliive w hat tho Bible tells you
and do what thj IJible bids you.
A Western editor, who doesn't much
about farming any way, suggests that
for garden-making, a cast iron b:ick.
with a hinge in it, would be an improve
ment on the spinal column now in use.
Politccess is the poetry of conduct,
and like poetry it has many qualities.
Let not your politeness be too fh rid, but
of that gentle kind which indicates a re
fined nature.
The Jefferson (Iowa) Bee says the
wife of Stephen Small, of Eldora. pre
sented him with twenty-one pounds of
boy babies last week. There were three
of 'em, and all are doing well. The fa
ther is 62 years old and happy.
l is a wrong way to proportion other
men's pleasures to ourselves ; 'tis like a
child using a little bird. "Oh. poor
bird, thou shalt sleep with me." So
lays it in his bosom, and stifles it with
his hot breath ; the bird had rather be
in the cold air: and yet, too, 'tis the
mo.-t pleasing flattery, to like what ether
men like.
Of all the blessings that gladden our
earthly pilgrimage, sympathy is the
sweetest ; of all the gifts of God a friend
is the chief. The man of science has
his associate ; the man of crime his ac
acomplice; the man of pleasure his com
panion ; and in all these there is sympa
thy, but not friendship; that compre
hends an enduring affection, resting on
sympathy; it can not endure, if built on
the things that are passing away, orthat
shall bj burned up. A f riend in Jesus
is a gift, but Je-us, the Friend is the
priceless friend.
The late Prof Win. Gibson, while go
ing ihiough the ward of a hospital with
Velpeau. that surgeon brought him to
the bedside of two men who were under
treatment for some slight fracture
"Would you believe it," said Velpeau,
"these men have made a living for the
last fifteen years by being knocked down
and run over- When they see a light
wagon driven by some wealthy person
coming by, they step across the street
and arc sure to be run OTer, picked up
and carried to some hospital, and then
thef sue for damages When their
money becomes exhaus'ed they begin
again. Nearly every bone m their bod
iCs has been broken."
Morning l.irtli.
We can not imagi-.e anything more ex
luisitcly charming than the four o'cloi k
morning concert of the birds, out in the
county. It is worth a special visit to
the country, and a week's stay in some
quiet cottage, to hear it. Residents of
cities never have it unless they go to th
rural regions ; and many a resident of
the rural regions knows nothing about it ;
for it is a short affair, beginning about
four o'clock in the morning that drowsi
est hour of the twenty-tour and con
tinning; only about half "au hour. Eveiy
bird that can sing, or make a noise at
all, docs il then ; and the star singers of
the groves do their "level best." Their
strains fall chiefly on unhealing cars ;
for most persons eye-lids are scaled in
slumber at that hour when darkness and
light are wrestling tor the mastery, with
victory ten ling steadily towards the light;
and it is only a few early risers and
those who chance to be awake at so un
usual an hour, who have the good for
tune to enjoy it. We do not know w hich
of the songsters is loader in this morn
ing festival of the birds perchance
w hichever may chance to awaken first ,
it begins with a faint chirp from some
where amid the leaves, that steals
through the dim dawn like a timid cry
of i-ain ; then comes a modest twitter;
then two chirps answered by two twit
ters for the songsters are tuning their
throats; then a thrush or a cat-bird
leads boldly off, and linnet red bird,
parrow, mocking bird jay bird, and all
the rest of them fall in, and such a
bright, sweet stream of melodv pours
forth for twenty or thirty minutes from
tree, shrub, woodbine, vineyard, rasp
berry thicket, and bower, as no human
combination can afford an equal to We
heard Nilsson a short time ago, and we
have heard many of the famous singers
of the last fifteen years; but if they
could all be brought together in what
the handbills call a "grand combination
programme," it would fall below the
dawn song of the birds. It is a song of
praise their salute to their Creator
213 uhX 3 Z" ,
TSie Bu rl i n -to u & Uon i i
Iliver i:;ulESoal,
In connection with tho
CJtiatgj, Burlington Jc Quincy R. R
Offer tothf pnopleof Plattainouth, and ail
Dortiou ol .Nebraska lying
the rnoyt direct, nnd the host Route to the Eas
tern, s?outh Kastern, and Northern Mt.-.te.
I'ayyoiiKern .iesiring to travel luxuriously shi.i
take the Atlantic Kxprrss. which ruin through
to Chienjjo wi ln.ut ckancrn (,f C;tr- t4ui.itV
:th el. :nl I);iy Coat-he. Pullman's I'al.ic.
Uuy and sleoinij Coaches, and
Pullman's Dining Cars.
In addition to thef. lot that this i the direct
route liy whic h t'me may be snved in reaching
any point in the K:istem or Middle State., it W
'rutUully he sui 1 thiit it pos?es.e the hifct tra.
and the finest equipment of any Western Line,
ensuring to the iiastfcnger
Speed, Safety and Comfort.
Rates nlwy ai LOW as the LOWEST. Eh -ffagecheeked
through to anv rmint
. C. E. I'KKKINsj, jen. Supt,
A. E.TOCZALIN. Gen. PassenRer Ajrent.
Weeping Water Nebraska.
Dry Goods.
iioots. an 1 Shoes.
Hats, and Caps.
Agricultural Implements ,f all kinds, Weirnr
I X L" Cultivators. Union Corn 1'la.nlerr
"jlrandctour and Princeton Plows, ic Ac atitu'. '
I urn. all ol' which we ofier to the public at the
tiwest retail prices.
All Good. Warranted
As JLStpres-piilecI.
C3-Our constant aim will be to sell so low
will be to the poitive adrantago of every
erinthew stem and tra 1 portion o Cuss
U7.y Vj make this their headnunrter for trad-
REtP, HhO.
Best quality
of Cigars and Tobacco always cn
All orders promptly attended to.
South Side Maiia 8rcet - - Xiii3ibc?r O.
PL A fTSPiljUTH, CaSS CO., WE3.-
J. D
Ior warding
Agents for the Omal.a and St. Louis "O" Line Packets.
Plattsmouth, fJeb.
We are now occupyiag the first tlocrofthoIlEUiLD Clock. Corner Main A- Second st. We
are doing
Fo r warding and Commission Business
Waro House attached, we can furnL-h all the storace wanted.
All goods sent in ourcaro will receive
and goods distined for Lincoln. Ashland and the Blue River, will be forwarded without delay
Everybody, and
To buy their
EXlia33Lc3. '7rl.szL-tjr Ga-OOlS
The best aud most complete
Are now on exhibition at the New York Store, ut greatly reduced prices. We call particular
attention to our new styles of
of all kinds and prices to suit our numerous customers. large stock of
We Fell at Cost Now the Celebrate J GARDEN CITY CLIPPER
PLOW, STUBBLE .rl BREAK IN i PLOWS, at.-i alt kinds .,,
l'lattsinouth September 10 h. 1S70. tf. D. SCHXASSE A CO.
Hats and Caps,
aih Street- Second Door East of the Court House-
ItAXCII HOUSE Eroadway.Council Bluffs Iowa.
Visiting Plattsmouth,
Farmer's Feed Stable
Corner of Sixth and Vine Street One Block,
North of the Presbyterian Church, Plttemou'b
Dealers in
and Co in tn iss ion Merchants
more too, are going to
LOOM &. CO.,
ic. A r-
Boots and Shoes,
Plattsmouth, Ncbra
S T Jill L E S !
--The b"st of Horses and Bupzics on hand.'i
Corner Vine and Fourth streets.
i-i'h Ner.i
Legal Notice,
Jairns E. Kcal
In the District court of
Nebraska in and lor Cass
Thos. Huston
To Thomas Huston, you aro hereby notified
that on the 115 h day of .May A. Jl ImTI. J a i ru
b.. Neal filed his peti ion in the above court
npainst you. The object und prayer of faid pe
tition is to obtain the payment ot a certain pro-nn-ory
note executed by you. dated Julv ls:h.
l5ou. tor two hundred und eighty dollars, due in
om-year afterdate, with i.. crest at forty per
cent per annum after maturing and al o the
sum ol ore hundred and nin. ty dollars (1W) I
taxes p ud .ut by said Jairus 12. Neul upon the
s quarter of section four, in township
eleven, rani:e eleven east, in Cs county. Ne- :
oraska .and in default of th. taymtnt o: the
oionoyl ue on said note, that a moi uage execu
ted by you on ho above described tract of land
to ecu e aid note, be' foreclosed
oId to pay the amount found due. Von are
required to plead. an-.ver or demure to said
petition on or before Monday the 2ith ay of
Ju'y. 1S71. or said petition will be take i as true
and judgement rendered .iceord ncly.
Stfve.vsoy A- IIavw r.n Atty's.
Ordered to be published in the Nebraska
Hfrald for fonrconscctutive weeks.
May 20th, 1871
J. W. BKAEDdi.sT, Deputy Clerk,
june vot.
Legal Notice.
,. J?- A' bott vs. Meri len Rose Pearsu. I).
Matilda lYaion, Adcli-ka B. 1'iuikou Ht.d Rose
B. l'earsi n.
1 ho above non-resident defen. louts will take
notice that on the 3d dav id' Jun- 171 M ! .
ybn filled his petition in tho office of the
( lent of the District Court of the .-sec nd Ju- 1
iheial District in and for Css eount Ne- !
bri..-ka. the m jec' and pravei of said pcthiou '
is to set aside a certain pretended deed pur- j
portintr o have been execute. i I y Stephen S
Abbott. Lewis M. Abbott, and Abijah C.Abbott '
to s nd iletendents on orab ut the L'.i h dav i f ;
Ja. uary lH.ttorthes w '.of the a w'i Hnd 'ho !
n w 1 , of the s 'i of si c t. wn 12 S of rartn
h and the s e H of the n e ' ..f.v, j ,OH n ;
1J n of range 9 L of Oih P M.. all of sj,i llin,is I
being in Cass coumy S hr iska, that aid pre-
tended died is fore .1 and fiauduie t and was!
not executed by sa il Stephen S. Abbott, Lewis i
oi. .-loooii ami AiMjiiii v Abbott, that said prc
tende 1 deed casts a cloud "n plaintiffs tilH to
said tracts of land which l'laintins pravs niuy
be set aside and the cloud on plaiutilis 'title to
said tracts ot land caused thereby may la re
moved. ou arc repaired to answer raid peti
tion ou or beioi o tho 24th day of July. 1S71.
Maxwell A Chapman, Atty.'s for riaintifi".
juneSth wot.
Legal Notice.
Lewis S. Kcelcr. vs. David W. Fisher. '
D ivid W Fisher non-resident lef't will take
notice that Lewis S. Keeler. on the 6th of Juno
A. U lil. hied his petition in the office of the
( lerko the District Court. Second Judicial
District, in and lor ''ass cjuntv. Ni b. 'J he ob
ject and prayer of which that plaintiff Lewis
? K.e,l'!V'.r i!.,is ju'lefuient atraiust defendant
David vv . I l-her. tortile sum of jj.-j I with inter
est :rotn Aug liith 18' 3 at the rate of in percent,
tier annum, up 'U a certain promissory note
n itea August lo h 18 culling lor tho sum of
I-., wii inteiest at me rate oHO p-r cent per
annum trooi maturity. And also that a certain
inoriff rpe de d be-ri jr even date with said
ir.juiiss 'iy noteand ni'en to secure the pay
ljient ot the same, upon the south west quarter
t' i of s-ction no twelve 1j) in Township 11
north ot range no. twelve (12 in Cass county
rse'iraska. may be foreclosed and that said real
estate may be sold to saiisfy said claim to
getherwitb inte e.-t and Cost of suit.
You are required to answer this petition on or
belore the4ih da of Julv A. J. H71
. .Maxwkt. i CHAPiiAy, Atty's for riff.
Sheriff's Sale
V. Leonard)
vp. V-txecution.
liorace laylor. )
Xotiee is hereby eiven thnf T Tril f -.r.. f.
Rale at public auction on the 10ih day of July,
A. D. 1S71, at the front door of the Court House
in Piatt.-mouth. Cass county Nebraska, at one
o .lock p. m of sail day the following described
re" I estate, to -wit :
The undivided ono-half (Ifr of the north
west quarter i'ii of section number fourteen 14)
mto-.tnship number twelve di, north rane
number nie tii.', eat oftheClh I'. M eituate-i
,n was county- Nebraska, taken as the property
Vr i?r?'e fa Ior ou an Kxeeution in favor of
. Leonard, issued by the cicrk of tho Dis
tnct Court wiihin and for .Saunders county.
Nebraska, and to me i irected .-19 fhe ilf of Cass
.J inn v. Nebraska, (rivpn nnilp tnv ,i.;a
r.h day of June. A. D. 1S71. '
J- w.jtJtiNSON, Sheriff
Cass counfy, Xebrahka.
, B. Wii.sos.Atly. for l'laiutiir.
J une 8th w5
Sheriff's Sale.
Ma. caret Carter, Mary E. Krale and X. J
rctteiife-er, by their next friend John Mutz.
V"m. Harlow and James W. Barlow.
Notice is hereby jciven that I will offer for
sale at public aucii.n on the H'tii day of July,
A. I) 1 S . 3 . by virtue and authority ol au ord-r
ot sael to uie direi-ted and isucl bv the clerk
of the l.'i-trict Court ol t he second iniicial dis
tnct within ami -for Cass county Nebraska, at
iuu uour oi tne Court lloj-e in I'latt-m- u h
I' county, atone o'clock p tu of said day
the billowing dis.-ribed real estate situ-i'ed in
said Cass county Neb. -o- it : The Sou'h half
-j; ot the south west quarter t ' of si;cf ion no.
twenty seven i7i in tow nsliip no. tive ve il(
nort i. ranne no twelve, cast of the bth p. m
herctotore attached in this cause as tho pro er
ty ol m. Barlow. Also the south east quarter
(;)ot section no. thirty-five in towusliip no.
nvclveilJi u.oih. ran ire no twelve ili eai-t of
th ii in- heretofore attachfd in the above enti
tled cause as the property of James V. Jiarlow,
Ptvea under in .ui t,id stu j:iv OI june A
J. W. JOHNS 'X. Sheriff.
. Cass count v, NeV
Maswell A Chapman, Alty's for i'iff, jci-jw
sheriff s bale.
John W. Barnes.'i
vs. -Order of Sale.
1'lttc .-aunders.)
Xetice is hereby civen that the undersigned
will offer tor Jsile at public auction for cash
down at the front door of I he court house in
l'lattsinou'h. Cas eoun'y, Nebraska, on the
iL'th day of June A. D. 1S71. at 2 o'clock p. m.
ol said day the followinir described real csta'e,
to-wit : Lot r.urflber three (ii in block number
fifty-seven, situated in the city of l'lattsniouth
Nebraska, and lot number six t) in block nuin
bersix oil, in Thoni son's Addition to the said
city of Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Sold n? the
property of I'latte Saunders, to satisfy a
iudirviuent in favor of J. W. U..rnes, by virtue
and authority of a decree rendered at the
November term A. 1). 1 7n, of the District Court
of the second Judicial District within and for
Cass county. Nebra.-ka and on the 10th day
of November lk;i. (liven under my hand this
11th day of May. A. I). 1S71.
J. W. JOHNSON. Sheriff
Cas? county, Xc brack a.
MtxwFt.L Sr Chahmas, riffa, Attv's.
Alay 11th, 1871. wOw
Is hertbv piven that all persons who have
made improvements on the School lands of this
county since the lilst day of June A. D. 1S70.
can have iich improvement appraised by noti
f ine the county clerk oi the samij on or belore
he loth day of June A. D. 171.
liy orderot the county Commissioners.
J. M, DtAKtisi Kv, Deputy Clerk,
mayllwo Cass county Neb.
TWILL furnish par'ies with stone for building
purposes at reasouublo rates, at my nuarrvor
deliver iu on ihe cars at Louisville station- 'j be
fol.owi k kinds can be had on short notice. sii:.s,
caps, perch rock, line or rod sand stoi.e such as
was usfcj- u tbe D. A" M K. 11. in the construe
: t their st uie work. All responsible
orders promptly filled' Address
adwtf Louisville Station.
Toatle, Hanna & Clark,
moIcI and Silver Coin,
U.H. and otlicr HlovU.
Diafts drawn on all parts of the United Sta
and Europe. Deposits received, and special at
tention given to collections.
Pldtt-mouth, Nebraska.
Phelps Paine
Represents some of the mo.-t'reliable Compan
ies in ihe United States.
Office with Barne3 A Pollock in
janTdA wtf
Having permanently located at Weeping Wa
ter Falls, tenders his professional Fervieeji to the
rki'e.T of Cn-." eou-ty, Nebraska. ijJtTT'Hf,
Tlil miperlor Mwhltn ! adiipfed to t
mnpeof llemniing. F Uiiip, Br-iiil.iij; liia..
F.uibroiilering, gi Binim;. 'iir.It.Hi.-, I .n'x'
IIem-titchiiiK-d (iHtin-rin . Id j udl.
or heavy work, and Id ti.9 mint j.ra
Machine ever Invented.
The neeJIeof the .IcTCn A IToorer
Btraifcht, nd la not open tithe objection
and its results in Ion;; or curv.-d l ')!".
t too hich. tior too low. Tho inachiao
order; fiom two common i;.ools with.-f v
Ing; wastes no tUread; cunuot t:u:ghf If i.u
gnoda, nor when tlx easy i vwu-s cf ;.
obatrncted. The feed la lu-v.T dull is p i- Iv .-, tu
the very. stroiiKi-t feel In U". The Vm .i in :
from sprinss. which tend only towok..ii uml v ,
onliT. The most delicate scumtre( n.-e if; Mi l.
ft Hooper without injury, bt-ir.tba I '''..' t
machine trer m.ide. Tho Inventor conk r ' i.-: :n.
tion an improvement that dies not n in; ' -. .-n i
very justly kept Id view the fact t'-i.i N .".
Machines are usil chiefly by those wl . i ' :.
rule, know little of pricticul uiech.:ic i. a .
doKreo of simplicity In their construct...!! a'i-1 i; -. i
consequently a lower ran;e Of prices were t.seii li.!
order to meet a, want.
Price, on Flalu "Walnnt Tall ',
with Outfit, ----- if 1 r.
. 1
Other styles awl finish as low uajiy o!ir Con o.n'
Bend stauip foriliw riptive circular. Aji -h'i v nnt.- I i .
every county In V. and Territories. S; ve Sji, I
aemiuir machine vexatious, by purchaiiag thu '!';-
A liooper.
TltCSf AN CO ,
16S South buitu bu-att, CLu-is til.
of theconJitijn oft'.o
of tho city of New York on the f.rst d:. of Jan
uary, A E) 171, male to the A ..diior ol the
State of Nebraska pursuant to the naiuo ol
taid 3lH.0
The nnme of t'e company i the COX TI V A'
TAL 'A'AlViM.VW,' f.V.J , V ', nicrp.J ed
in V&, and located at.No- 1MJ, in th
city of New York.
The capital ofsaid anmpnny nc!ui-diy
'am ui in ca-u is
The s-ui pliiH on the first day of Jan
uary, 1S71
: u.i.r
Total an.ourt of c-.ipital k rurplua S-,.j.'l.s.ti;T7
Amount of ca'h in St Na
tional bank. New York Jll:',"' 1
Amount of cjh in Fulton I:a;ik,
ilrooklyn iew lork ',
Amount of cash in office 2
Amount ot Loans on .State Stocks, A
Stocks Mid bonds ot the United
St ites. and of institutions incor
porated by the tateof New York
Payable on demand. (Tjie mar
ket value nf s eurities pledee.i
exceeding fiDuoUj ,..) ixj
io7li,7'.' 1 U"i
Amouiit of Loans on Lonuj ,md
liiorlijajres, being first lien of re
cord .011 unincumbered Jn!
Lstate. wort at least S2.1mhm'
und on which there is less than
oneyeur'e intcrcttdue andowiiur.
(Interest 7 per cent.)
Amount of United States lionds
State stocks, and stocks A- bonds'
of institution, incorporated bv
the State of New York, owned
by the company ;
Real Kslate. Unincumbered, owned
by the company
Interest on Loans, due this date
Fciuiuins due
Keuts accrued
2i:-l,fMl lit)
tiH,.; ;;7
Total Assets c
Amount of Losses adjusted, und due
and unpaid
Amount of Losses incurred, and in
I rocess of adjustment
Amount ofDividends on capi'al, de
clared, and duo und unpaid
Amount of uividens on scrip, de
clared, unclaimed and unpaid
Amount of Scrip ordered redeemed
and yet unpaid
Amount of all other existing claims
against the company
r::,t.r,, 71 .
b.'.'.S.jO fj
C 1 .0-11 1J
47.TCk.; nj
Tolal iim't df lof Fsc-B claims .V
liabilities J'
. The greatest nmounl insured on any ore ri-k
ecdt8-j;r,'bUlWillnt K 1
The company has no general rule as to the
amount allowed to be insured in any city
town, viluao or block, it being the inten ion o '
the company to distribnre its ri.-ks , such a
ninnnerasuottolose more than $0 (X1 by a
suiKle lire.
A certified copy of the charter or A.-t of In
corporation, accompanied a previous statement
.S TA Tf,' OF JkW YOllK,
tuuvtv of JStie York.
Whfbeas George T. Hope. President an 1
Cyrus Peck Secretary of the Contin,,,,;,! Insur
ance company, to IIle personally known being
severally sworn, dejiose and say that t be foreno-
leetit ot the affairs ol said company. That ho
'.t-?"i,,!i Dy '"lle ,,K""1 fi lc " n. rs of at lea-t
oijo.ijiw dollar ol ea h capital, invested in Stocks
and bond- of ot least par value, or in mortgages
on ur incumbered eal estate worth atlou-l
double the amount for which tho same is mort
gaged. J bat no part of the foregoing des-rib -d
investments are made fur the benefit of any'in.h
vidua c-iereisingauthority in tho management
ot said eonipany, and that they are the aoovc
described ofheeri of said company
GKO. T. IIOPU, 1'resiJent.
Cvrcs Puck. Sec'j-.
.lT'"".? if "."i1 subsorib-d before Uie this
thirtieth day ot January S71.
rc,ii lu tc-tlm"ny whereof I hare
l.calj hereunto eulisiribed my namo
a-Ti".".'1."1'1'-'1 '"y 'fJ'.l seal.
1I1US. i,. TliUJtNMLL. -
2otcjy Public.
ehowing the condiuon of the "r" MSltme"1
I'''.l.".,?crvYork- !n. lh.e le ufXew Vork
dtiti.o.n., ,i. . ,i "
........ j io , c.-icu as reijuire'l l,y law.
Authority is Therefore Given
To the above narn-d Corcpmy to transact hi r
appropriate business of FlllE INI.'KACF .
"J- 't'.-i .?t','n ordance with the laws there
of until the 31st day of Janoarv. 1S72.
1 I: oar ikk Ckktify. 1 hat Pheipg 1'uine E-o
oil ... is. nouth county of Cass is authorised U
transact business acc.rd;r.g to law for mid com-
pany as their agent and attorney, bv tilin" this .
certificate for Kecord ith the clerk ot'Ca-n
countv. us
In . Iestihot .Whfbkok. I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my seal of office at T
coin, this ad day of March, 1471. ' 1 Llu'
s y ' dow4t AfDITOB OF SlATt '
In Running Order.
I desire to announce to the public that I now'
have my Great American Ten Inch Do ii hie
1 Water Wheel in full operation. Dav
ing refitted my mill throughot I an, now crc
pared to do better hT v,r Vomers than
inl ii". lb tii.-. i j tJT.;
Assembly of the .-tale of Nebraska. , reg u
"siU.ra"hatCO"arr,r-.a''Pr',V1 "FurylJ,i
v I'. flB III II a t-r ... (
'1 Ki
I 7S S