Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, May 11, 1871, Image 1

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Office corner Main and Second street, soc
d ftory.
TERMS: Weekly. 82.00 per annuel if paid in
fiJjO if not raid in advance.
From a private letter froui F. 31. Wolf,
Ksq., who has established himself in the
legal business at Crete, wc arc permitted
to extract the following item of interest
in regard to that young city and its many
advantages :
"Crete is a fine town, of about 5(56
inhabitants. It has a good water power,
and other manufacturing facilities ; and
is surrounded by one of the finest fann
ing communities in this tcction of the
country. The IJ. & M. li. It- will te
located on a line with, the town, and
completed by the 1st ot June next.
who itt:sKvKt 'tr:iiT?
The Chicago Railway Htvu ic gives the
Nebraska CitjVucs as authority for
paying that I Con vers is entitled to
much credit for the rapidity with which
tic I. !c 31. in Nebraska is being puhed
westward. The IZevciw or the, or
r.ra r.r1irr dlW 5a rcrv hridlv mis-
rf v. - m - ' J -' J
taken. Dr Converse has nothing what
ever to do with the 1. & 31. in Nebras
ka, and is entitled to no manner of cred
it for the rapidity with which that road
is being pu.-hed westward from I'latts
mouth to the Pacific coa-t. lr. Con
verse is a very fine gentleman, and no
doubt deserves much praise lor his en
ergy in the Geld of his labors, but Col.
Thos. Poane, Chief Engineer and Su
perintendent of the IJ. & 31. in Nebras
ka, is the man who is entitled to credit
for the rapidity with which that road is
being pu.-hed from Plattsinouth to the
( 'ol. I oane is one of the most thorough
railroad men in the wc.-t, and one who
seeks as little newspaper notoriety as any
man in the west, hence the mistake, no
doubt, of getting another man's name
where Lis belongs. The Hevinn will do
well to always consult the Herald on
the railroads and railroad men of Ne
braska, if it wi.-hes to keep thoroughly
Suiue republicans have gravely inform
ed us that there were no politics in the
late elections. In the 3d Ward, on
Tuesday there were cast fourtien straight
republican and scienty seven straight de
mocratic tickets. There seems to have
been "no politics" cn one side of the
con t es t. t 'h run Idc.
That uabout the way the "no politics"
arrangement runs wherever tried. In
this county it was found there were "n5
politics" in the recent election, but it is
notieable that in such precinct as liock
UlufTs. Avoca, Orcanulis and Eight
3'ilc Grove, the democrats polled almost
their entire strength, while iu the Re
publican precints there was not to ex
ceed one-third of the vote cast. -
Tnsiiis the l. 1. It. It.
Last Tuesday, Judge Dillon delivered
an elaborate and exhaustive opinion in
the case of the Union Pacific Railroad
Company vs. W. I'eniston, Treasurer
of Lincoln county, which is of uiuch im
portance to the State.
The suit was brought to procure an
injunction restraining the defendant
f, oin collecting the tax assessed on the
stock and property of the railroad in Lin
coln county, and on the road-bed extend
ing west to the boundary 1 no of the
State, through an uuorganize 1 district,
but which had been attached to the
above county for revenue and judicial
It was claimed by the Plaintiff that
the road was only within the jurisdic
tion of the United States, ami not sub
ject to State and county liabilities, which
propositions the defendants, ot course,
11 is Honor, Judge Dillon, ruled that
while a State cannot tax property that
afTocts the efficiency of the operation of
the government ot the united States,
the i mon Pacific Road, though in :
measure built and owned by thefjovcrn
incut, does not come within the mean
ing of this provision, and therefore de
cree 1 that the injunction be dissolved
except in the matter of a discrepancy in
the length of the track, existing between
the parties. Omaha TrUatne.
YVliut i Iloiiipteader hit Dnne nml
itiint a Homesteader may Do.
Ye.-terday we met a homcsteader-at
one of our stores, who said that he came
to this city five years ago with less than
$'J- in his pocket, and was now worth
$3.1 nh) if he was worth a cent.
The remark was sugcestive to us, for
it indicated to our mind what thousands
of men, now in Eastern States and cities,
htrugglins for daily existence, might do
for themselves and families, if they only
would 'strike out' bravely for this west
ern land.
The gentleman referred to said that
during the first year of his residence
here he worked very hard ami under
went considerable privation. After that,
however, he always had plenty to eat,
plenty to wear, a comfortable home, and
in fact, all that was essential to the well
being of bimelf and family. The man
thought the best of it nil wa3 that he
ftxwj the satisfaction of being his own
.master and knowing that he is independ
ent and his family provided for iu the
.event of his sickness or death.
This man, with anything like careful
.management, cannot well help continu
ing to improve his circumstances from
year to year. His farm is all the time
increasing in value, his block is multi
plying, his young forest of native trees
are growing while he sleeps, and his
wealth is increasing aside from what he
may add to his store by his personal la
. bor and forethought.
How much better this than the daily
struggle, constant apprehension, and
hand-to mouth existence of a laborer for
That man who has a home of his own,
who feels that he owes his bread to the
favor of no capitalist, lias the enjoyment
of a sort of manhood of which the pale
operatives and mechanics of the East
have little comprehension.
Net all, of course, may do as well
as the man we have cited; but here,
where homes are free and labor no dis
. credit, a man's success is only to be
measured by the individual's persistency
and capacity. Sioux City Journal.
Gold quartz has been found on the
Potomac. So far all is reported quiet
on that classic river, but if it be true
that the gold is likely to pan out in pay
ing quantities we hope to hear of an ex
citing rush of ex-members of Congress
there to engage in the honest business of
Th St. Joseph Union, of 3Iay 4th,
has the following in relation to the man
Sherman who is now in the care of
Sheriff Johnson:
"A 3-ear or more since, pabulum for
gossips was furnished by the celebration
of the nuptials of William J. Sherman
and 3Iary Thornton. Sherman was a
young man of good address, said to have
descended from a rcspectible family, and
the bride was the daughter of 3Iadamo
Hannah Thornton, proprietress of -the
well-knwn Planter's House, in this city.
At the time the marriage was consuma
ted Sherman was bar-tender at this es
tablishment. Everything was generally understord
to be lovely until quite recently, when
for real or fancied causes a separation
occurcd. Meanwhile Sherman was one
of the proprietors of the Casino, on
Market Square. Of late he has fre-
nuently been registered at the' Recorders
oHice, and lias contributed liberally to
the police fund. One week age he went
to I'lattsrnouth, Nebra.-ka, and the rest
of the story is told by the Plattsmouth
Herald or 31ond iy evening.
A SfH Domestic Lrndor.
One of the signal social advantages
that our People are to enjoy under the
re-ults ci the Punch war is the de
thronement of the Queen of Fashion.
I rench patterns in dressing have ceased
to be the rare, and it is claimed by a
modiste in New York city that the tune
has come for America to begin this do
mestic dictatorship. H e are glad of this
and hope that new and more sensible in
fluences may be introduced into this in
teresting department; that simplicity
and moderation may take the place of
extravagant, fashionable tolly, and the
fashions ruled by sucli a sensible law as
to permit men and women dressed in
neat, plain and clean garments to hope
for a little bit of social recognition. It
is bare ly possible that in society the per
son who makes the most stunning sensa
tion in dress may not pass first class
muster for polish and wit. Brisht col
ors do not necessarily beget bright ideas.
ana nounces, ieatuers ana ruroeiows
may adorn a coarse form or hell
conceal a coarser mind. Everybody
likes to see a well-dressed woman, and
Alexandrie kids, heavy chiuons ami
richness of dress are arpropriate in their
place, when subordinate to more impor
tant things, a, for instance, politeness
and good breeding, which have a wel
come for thoe whose taste and purse
requires a simpler and cheaper attire,
IJuilrcl nnd Nrrnmbled Ejjsf.
During the winter of 18(19 a drummer
visiting Wilmington, N. C-, stopped at
one ot the tirst-elass hotels. At the
breakfast table he gave an elaborate or
der to the waiter, and included in it
"two soft boiled egs." Sambo went
off to the kitchen, but soon returned and
asked: ''Mass' Boss, did you want dem
egtrs scrambled ?" "No," said the
drummer, "I want them soft-boiled."
"All right, sar," and off he trotted
again. In a few moments he loomed in
again, and remarked, in a most pursua
sive tone : "Mass Boss, you bettor
have dem cges scrambled." "What do
you mean?" roared Harry. "Well, said
Sambo, Mass Isoss, 1 11 tell you dem
eggs ain't very fresh, aud they'll look
better scrambled.
ITenry J. Bavmond used to say that
the most arduous and important work of
a newspaper was done by reporters, am
jut before his death he planned a radi
cal change in the Times, by which the
city department of that paper was to
take precedence of all others, and the
. i .i
oest men in tne paper were to be em
ployed, and the highest salaries paid in
it. His untimely death put an end to
this obiect, tmt the limes always ha
and still retains some of the ablest and
best paid reporters on the metropolitan
In the days crone by, when laws were-
made for the few and not for the tnany
a law was passed in the good town of
Irederick, Maryland, prohibiting any
one from selling buffer before 7 o'clock
a. m. The object of this was to prevent
the early risers, people who worked for
a living, from obtaining the best of the
market. lo-day the ouestion of repeal
ing the old law is being agitated, so as to
conform to the new order of things.
The failure of John T. Alexander
of Illinois i one of the heaviest ever
recorded among farmers. His liabilities
are not less than 1,000,000. Those
who know the man best, however, say
that lie wid be all mht in a few month
Mr. Alexander owns two farms in Illi
nois which embrace 40.000 acres, and he
was the largest stock raiser in the est
i. i ii
ins creditors have allowed him a gener
1 1 .
ous exten-ion ami tie is nam at work in
getting his affairs straightened. Y
hope he will prove successful.
A young lady at one of our Sunday
schools was recently endeavoring
to impress upon the minds of her
scholars the sin and terrible punishment
ot ebuchaanezzar, and when she sal
ttiat lor seven years he ate grass just
like a cow, she was astonished by a little
girl who asked, "did he give miik ?"
Sol Hewes Sanborn, an eccentric old
hatter of Mcdford. 31 ass., has made one
of the oddest of wills, and, anxious to
enjoy the notoriety of it in his lifetime,
has published it. He gives hi body to
Prof. Ag; issiz and Dr. O. W . Holmes,
to be placed in the museum of anatomy
at Cambridge. But he wants two drum
heads made of his skin, on one of which
shall be indelibly written "Pope s Uni
versal Prayer," and on the other the
Declaration of Independence ; and on
these drum heads shall be beaten the na
tional air of Yankee Doodle at the base
of the Bunker Hill monument annually
at sunrise on the 17th of June. The
parts of his body useless for anatomical
purposes as to be com post ed for a ferti
lizer "to nourish the growth of an
American elm, to be planted or set out
on some rural public thoroughfare, that
the weary wayfaring man may rest, and
innocent children playfully sport beneath
the shadow of its umbrageous branches,
rendered luxunent by my carcass."
A country village afford no rotreat.
There everybody knows everybody's
business. You cannot raise half a dozen
goslings without havine thcui stoned for
picking for picking off your neighbor's
gooseberries. Goss:p wants no better
heaven than a small village. Everybody
knows whether this morning out of the
butcher's cart you bought mutton or
calf's liver: and the mason's wife at the
risk of breaking her neck, rushes down
stairs to exclaim : "Just think of it,
Mrs. Stuckup has bought a surloin steak,
and she is no better than other people !"
They always a-k you what you gave for
a thing, and say you were choated ; had
something of a better quality they could
let you have for half the money. We
have at different times lived in a small
villaee, and many of our best friends
dwell there ; but we give as our opinion
that there are other places more favora
ble for a man's getting to heaven. Jj'r
I, Uf'xitt ir'mnljer
Ku Klnx in Si(llarl Couiitjr, M.
(From the Ironton Enterprise, May 4th.)
We have positive ussu.-anoe.s fiom
most reliable sources that the Ku lvlux
are quite active in Stoddard county, this
State, and have ordered several persons
to leave the county. Among those or
dered to leave is Hon Geo Kitchen, the
Bepresentative of the county in our
General Assembly, the rea-ftn assigned
P. ..I.. 1 1 .1... l.'I. l
for the orde being that'3Ir. Kitchen
ast fall protoctcd some negroes whom the
Ku Klux were endeavoring to drive out
of the county. Other parties, among
them a gentleman whose name is given
to us as Bearth, have been ordered to
leave with any apparent cause except
that they are known Bepub'.icans. A
short time since thirty of the Klan ap
peared in Bloomhcld, the county seat ot
Stoddard county, and ordered a citizen
to make payment of a certain sum of
money which was claimed to be due
some one lor whom the Ku Klux had a
particular regard, but we have no par
ticulars of their visit or their actions.
It seems, however, from our information
that there can be no doubt of the orga
nization existing in that county and be
ing in a very active condition, intent
upon doing things as it sees proper.
Beports may be exagerated, bui, re-
reiving the above statements almost di
rect, we cannot doubt their entire truth.
W e tuake no comments, but ask our
cititens to calmly think what must be
the results of theso migrations.
t Chicago it it is fashionable to say :
How well 3Irs. is dressed. The
first time she has been out since her di
vorce, too."
Going gunning for a man," is the
last eupuonisui of the Western press,
and is an elegant mode of expressing
the fact that one ruffian has shot another.
A Columbus, (Ga.,) actor wacers $'20
that if the churches charged as much for
admission as the theatres, the latter
would be much more largely attended.
3Iuch of the "jujube paste" sold in
the shops is made of filue and mo'asscs.
or the same composition that is Used for
printers' rollers.
Is it wrong to cheat a lawyer?" was
recently very ably discussed by a debat
ing society The conclusion arrived at
was that it was not wrong, but impossi
ble. An enthusiastic auditor at the late
Nilsson concert in Cleveland imparted
the iiformation to his f nd w fe that
"that fiddler," meaninz Yieuxteuips,
"was Parepa's husband."
Hawthorne once told a friend that for
several years he voluntarily did not sec
the sun, and for months together did not
speak to his own sister, with whom he
was living. When asked if there was
any trouble between them he said, "No.
but their spirits seemed to be frozen."
The Emperor of Austria has sent an
antograph letter to the Emperor Wil
liam, congratulating liuu upon the oc
currence of the 74th aniversary of hi
birthday. The Emperor of Germany
was born on 3Iarch 22, 1707.
It is astonishing what a difference
"the ballot" makes with some peoples
orthography. All the Democratic pa
pers and writers used to spell .Negro
with two "g's" thuslv : "Nicgers."
But they now invariably allude to the
same class as "our colored friends
Horace Greeley is to contribute to the
farming department of the Capital, the
paper just started at ashmgton by
Don Piatt and George Alfred Townsend.
I his will make a good team, tor Ureeley
111 1 . " . 1 . .
is as reliable as an agriculturist, as natt
and Townsend are as political leaders.
Not many years ngo a mother took her
child to a registrar in 3Ianchester. Eng
land, that its birth might be recorded.
When asked what name she intended to
give her baby, she answered Alpha Ome
ga. The registrar properly inquired
whether it was her deliberate intention
to inflict upon the infant such extraordi
nary titles. "Certainly," she repled ;
"the child is my first, and I hope it may
be my last."
The Txas representation in the
United States Senate has been fearfully
muddled. There were at one time iu
Washington eight different gentlemen
claiming to be the legal Senators, and
the joke of it was that every man has been
elected or appointed in a semi legal
manner. The Senate, however, has cut
the "Gordian knot" by admitting Fi m
picran and Hamilton, and sending the
other claimants home headed by General
A venerable couple in Scott county
recently received a lesson in practical
chemistry, by accident. The old lady
took a drink of lye in mistake for vine
gar, ami being uncertain whether her
taste was perverted or she had got hold
of the wrong jug. she gave her husband
a swiz of the same to get the benefit of
his opinion upon the subject. Presently
their throats and mouths began to burn,
when they discovered that it was lye they
had been drinkins, and swallowed some
oil to allay the pain. The oil combining
with the lye formed soap, which stimu
lated the salivary glands to excessive ac
tion, causiuff a flow of foaming soap
sud from their mouths that was as
alarming as it was disagreaable. A phy
sician, who happened to call while this
process was in full operation, relieved
them by the application of proper reme
dies, but it was several weeks before
they were enabled to enjoy their food
A long time ago, says Robert Collyer.
a minister who had two deacons in his
congregation given to sinful ways,
preached a very practical sermon.
During the delivery of his discourse be
took occasion to say, "Liar stand on
your feet," and to his amazement one
deacon stood up, and remained standing
until the exhortation was concluded. It
so happened that the next paragraph
commenced with these words : Let
those addicted to double dealing stand
forth." The deacon who had already
arisen looked over to the other deacon
and whispered, "You had better get
up! I did."
A section man, name unknown, work
ing on the St. Joe. railroad, between St.
31arys and Pacific Junction, was acei
dently killed last Tuesday evening by the
eastern express train of the B. k 31. B.
B. He was standing near the track
with a crow bar, menacing at a ne
gro on the palace car. The end of the
car struck the crowbar knocking it
against his head with such force that he
was killed immediately. Falls City
A Chinese laundryman at Kansas City
has got an editor there, who is a bachelor,
down on him. The editor has his wash
ing returned to him as follows: "They
sent home with our washing yesterday a
thing that branches off in two ways a
little below the top, like a railroad junc
tion, and has puckered frills edjred with
'tetting' on each end of the divide. We
don't know what it is, and we're a poor,
friendless man, with only our virtue, and
none but villains would seek to injure
Nnitiilional llen'tifr.
In Pi mouth Church, not,
l previous to the sermon, .ur. Leecner
gave notice that on next rnday evening
he would administer the ordinance of
baptism by immersion. He said: "I
am often asked whether 1 will baptize
persons who are not communicants of
anv church or those whose minds are not
vo settled to any particular belief; my
J . . . . J r ... 1 T 1 T
rrply is in the name or tne JjOiu, jus. x
will baptize anybody rvho wants to be
baptized, and can give reasonable evi
dence of wishing to live a christian life.
If they are Koman Catholics, let them
come ; if they are in the Episcopal
church, and do not wish to disturb tht-ir
rector, let them come here ; it tneir pa
rents have been Baptists, and they wish
to be baptized as their fathers and moth
ers were, 1 will so baptize them, for bap
tism is but a mere sign and emblem, and
if anybody wants a sign or an emblem
that he intends to live a Christian life 1
will help him to that sign. L wid bap
tize a man fifty times, if he wishes it.
1 he idea that a man can only he hap-
tizvd once is an old Boman notion that
ought to have been exploded long ago.
if. therefore, there aie any persons who
feel that, a load will be lifted from them
ty baptism, they have onlv to couiumni-
cate this wi-h to me an.l they siiaii ue
baptized with the other communicants
of the church I iioiii -r.-e ihem not be-cau-e
I think immersion the best form.
but because 1 think it better that a man
should be on the best terms with hi-con
science than with ordiiianc s which are
only an outside show." 3Ir. Be her
then read the names of those who are
to unite with the church next Sunday,
there being 8 by letters from other
chinches, and 7 upon profession of their
faith, lie then preached a sermon from
the od chapter of Ephesian, .Sth verse,
on the life of the Apos.le Paul, and his
pii le in his work. Speaking of Christ s
teaching on earth, he sail that if Clni-t
had only rowed down to the Jew-an
accepted their prejudices and their ha
treds, every Sciibe, every Pharisee,
every scoundrel ot them all would have
bowed down and worshipped him.
Speaking of Paul's reverence for roy
alty, he said it was an inherent feeling
inhuman nature. lou all have it;
although you think you are democratic,
yet, if you sdiould go to Europe, every
mothers son ot you would give ycur
riuht hand to get presented at Court,
and if Oueen Victoria should write 3011
a note vou would write home about
it with pride ; and why? simply because
a woman wrote you a note? No, but
because that note had tne stamp or roy
alty. There have been Americans invi
ted to courts, and they would have gone,
too, onlv they were too drunk to do so.
You feel honored when invited to meet
llutubolt, or any great man. You try
ro be democratic, but you can't. 31r
Beecher then spoke of certain texts of
the Bible, which, he said, would beat all
the sermons that could be written, and
wise preachers never took those texts.
"They can't work them up; they are
like mahogany when it was hrst intro
duced into Europe ; there was not a car
penter's shop iu which it could be work
ed ; their tools were not temp re 1
enough, and they had to have other
tools made and tempered te work it, and
this was the case with preachers in re
gard to cci tain texts of the Bible. lie
then, in conclusion, exhorted his hearers
to imitate the example ol Paul, and
never to be weary of doing the work ot
Christ. 3Iany, he said, after long years
ot work in the church and in the Sunday
school found their family cares pressm
upon them and say: "I have done my
work, now let others work," as if Gd
was going around with a contribution
box, into which every man was required
to depi sit his share- 31 any. al.-o think
thev are called upon too otten to con
tribute to works of charity, and become
impatient; he often did himself, and he
did not think he was much worse than
they. Had they ever felt impatient ?
Then th.'y knew liow to pit' him Ha
.1 . I 1
t ney ever ieir line -nuttinsr tne dour 10
t he face of Providence, and sayimr you
have been here often enoiiLh? if thev
had, then they knew how ho often fel
Had they ever wished they were dead ?
lie had often. Had flnv ever felt
ashamed of themselves ? If they had
then they could sympathize Willi him
Thfir whole life was no! long en ngh
wo! k for Christ ; ihey mu-t never gc
weary and esteem it an honor, as Pan
did, to be permitted to do so.
The Philadelphia Star says that th
people who 'wouldn't die "11 spring time,
should exercise a great deal of caution i
1 . 1
regard to tne taKimr down or stoves ano
the laying aside of warm undergarment
A western editor in response to a sub
scriber who grumbles that his paper wa
intolerably damp say-that it is because
then- is so much due 011 it.
What a world of gossip would be pre
vented it it was only remembered that a
person who tells you ot the faults v
others intends to tell others of your
The following stanza is said to have
been copied from the tombstone of a
husband and wife:
"Within this prave do Ho
Baok to back, my wi'e n'l I;
When the last truinp the nir shup fill.
It he Kit? up I'll just lie Mill."
A new-paper claims that the hogs of
this State are so fat that, in order to find
where their heads are, it is necessary to
make them squeal and then judge by the
"Our Society," pronounces the 'Bo
ton dip' a lesson from the old London
dance houses, and savs that it is emin
ently woithy of its origin.
The man "who was so wondrous wise"
;bout the bramble bush apparently liv
in .Michigan Forty years ago he blin ie 1
himself by lettimr a chip fly into his vxi-
while ho was chopping wood, aud la
it ii- - ,
wees no renamed his eveight ov a simi
lar operation.
The agent of a Skowhegan (3Ie
maihle cutting establishment went quite
a distance to professionally visit a man
who had been reported as losing his wife.
After talking around and finding that
the bereaved man was able to pay the
Puis, tie tenderly announced hi mission
He left when the brevet widower in
formed him rather tartly that "'the d 1
cuss that run off with her might buy the
grave stones when the died, lor he
Hercules powder is a mixture of car
bon, sulphur, and nitre reduced to an
impalpable powder and so ii.corporated
with alycerine as to produce a stiff paste
It does not explode when brought into
contact with fire in the open air. but burn
slowly, and may lie hammered harmlessly
on hard wood hen confined and fired
however, it bursts the inclosing vessel
with tremeduous force. Experiments
with it wen made a day or two since at
Santa Cruz, California, and showed it
ethcacy Pieces of iron weishine half
ton were blown to a dn tauce of 9o0 feet
1 1 - -
j and a pace weighing I,2!M ons was car
j lied COO feet by the force of the explo
1 100.
Womii iiiinTMiliiin.
It is their eminent domain. There is
a good deal of banter afloat on the sub
ject, ami one might easily suppose that
our women were given to talk, but noth
ing is further from the truth. I heir
fault in society is that they do not talk.
Thev are timid not socially but intel
lectually. They are afraid to imbibe,
or to cherish, or to enunciate ideas.
Ihey mistrust their own capacities and
acquirements, and ha' e mistrusted them
so Ion 1 and so sincerely that the mistrust
presently becomes final and fatal. Ihey
have too much sense to be silly, an 1 too
ittle power to be self-forgetful ; so they
take a secondary place where they ought
to bo in the van. It is not oppression
on the one hand or superiority on the
other, but the natural effect of a long
ine of causes. omen not only fear
men, but they fear each other.
A SurleU or I'ily.
From the New Orleana Picayune
Sympathy in distress and a desire
alleviate misfortune is a characteristic of
ne of our city magistrates. It is very
Idom want appeals to him in vain, and
. 1 .
11s hand is as open as day to melting
itirity Not long since he was called
on by a deaf and mute, and so perfectly
lid the poor boy excite his compassion
that he bestowed money on him liberally
dresed him up in elegant suit of clothes,
ind t o!v h:m to his residence, rinally
he mute went away, and the tender
hearted magistrate bade him good-bye
with a tear in his eye. And very kindly
did he speak to him afterward, and wish
the youth every success in life. Time
went on. and he heard nothing more of
lis protege until, one morning, in pass
ing l v the loch-up. tne ancrv denuncia
tions of a prisoner attracted his atten
tion. 1 he bitterest anathema, the direst
Vurses rung out with the fluency of a
eount!'3' lawyer s rhetoric. CMirprised at
s ich an ince-sant flow of blasphemy, the
ood judg' took a peep at the prisoner.
"What !" he exclaimed, "am I mis
taken? Are you not a mute?" he
asked, rcco iiiz'ii; his portege of a fow
weeks before.
"I used to be. but aint now.'
"Why, how did you get cured? "
"Well, to tell vou the truth people
tioubled me so much with pity that 1
gave up the business !"
The .nidge, since then, is rather m-
creduluous in cases of very great affec
An Englishman named Bu ld h f t
1 00.0O0 to his sons if ihey would re
frain from wearing mustaches. So ei
ther hairs or the heirs are to be nipped
in the ludd.
The ladies give as a reason fir marry
ing for money, that they nowsed;ni
find anything else in man worth hav
ing. A showman lias made an offer of mar
riage to the two-headed girl, but he is
in mortal fear of a suit for bigamy.
It is said of Andrew Jackson that he
always had a delicate, chivalarous, abso
lute faith in the virtue of women.
An Iowa school teacher, a woman, has
been dis';r.arged for forcing a big boy to
show her how he kissed the girls in the
wood house.
A western ladv, who had been desert
ed by two consecutive husbands, has
contracted a third matrimonial alliance.
which she hopes may be permanent.
with a gentleman whose legs have been
A New England railroad engineer,
whose life was providentially saved from
a stray bullet by a Bible in his breast
pocket, is thanking Providence now that
he wasn t loohn away his time in
reading th good book when the bullet
came around.
The New Y'ork Leader asserts that
Suan Anthony is about to be married to
a widower with several children, but
doesn't give the name of the ty.ant
John T. Alexander of 3Iorgan coupty,
Ills , the king ot live stc k men in tin
country, has made an assignment o his
pvoperrv for the benefit ot his creditors.
His liabilities are one million dollars; his
is.-ets Iron, one to two hundred thous-
in-1 dollars over that amount. This i
r. -rarded a- the hcavie-t failure among
g'-icultural men ever known in t'i
lhe.Uissourt 1 enitcntiary now con-
1 n m
rains 1 wenty-six leniaic couvicts. Jheir
labor has been leased out to a company
id shut manufacturers ot St. Louis at
twenty-five cents a day. Their keeping
outs the Mate 17 cents npicerc per day
Thin a profit of about S2 per day will go
to the Mate.
Every liery carriage in San Francisco
is eisgmed tor the German peace celebra
tion in that city on 3Iarch 221. and from
$10 to $20 are charged for and saddle
h r es on that day.
Tbe Bed Oak Express says the Bur-
I mrton ami 3Iisouri Bailroad Company
are now doing the fair thing with their
lands and over five hundred new farms
will be opened upon their lands this
sprnm in Montgomery county alone.
A writer ro the London Istucet says :
'A few years ago, when in Chimi, he he-
fame acquainted with the fact that tin
natives, when suiienntr from facial neu-
raleia, applied oil of peppermint to the
-eat of pain with a camel hair pencil.-
in!c: then, in Ins own practice, he In
frequently employed oil of peppermint
as a local annc-thctie, not onlv 111 neural
sia, but in pout, with remaikablc good
results. He has found the relief from
pain to be almo-t instantaneous."
Charles Beade says that the sex might
as well score a fair plot of velvet turf
with rows o box, or tattoo a blooming
and downy cheek, as break and fritter
away the broad hi-tre of a superb silk
dres.s by six rows of gimp and fringe.
Col. Burr Porter, of Newaik, N. J.,
who was killed in one of the battles in
Fiance, had taken his place at the head
of his command, drawn Ids sword, and
was urging his men to the fatal charge,
saying, "I will show you how we fight in
America!" when he was hit by a bullet.
A 3Iinnesota man was called upon a
few nights hgo to lend his horse to go
for a doctor, the wife of a neighbor be
ing very ill. It was a matter of life and
death. "3Iy horse cost $100, and may
be hurt or killed in the night. If the
woman dies, she didn't cost anything.
The horse can't go."
A fashionable clergyman in 3Iaine
took a pious plain old lady of his con
tregation to see some gay improvements
n his meetinghouse and asked; What do
y m think of this fre-coing?" to which
she replied, "Wall brother, I think this
frisco is born of the devil."
Of forty-eight Sisters of Clnrity atend
inii thesmalbpox patients in the Bicetre
i iospitals in Paris, eleven diod of the
hideous malady. Volunteers from the
Sisfrchood were called for to fill their
p'accsuud thirty-three iustautly respoud-
11, IS71.
I T. o StirtlM uiu(u;.
When northern winds blow let all the
southern birds sing! When the late
late snows drowse through the air, let
all the birdsclap their wings and plume
their feathers. It is the old battle of
the birds against the winds. La-t
autumn birds were driven away by the
winds, but it was not until they had for
gotten to sing. Prosperity had made
the birds gross and songless, and the
winds prevailed. Hut now it is spring.
The birds have found their voices.
They are coming in royal array toward
the north to avenge themselves upon the
dispossessing winds that drove them
away. The battle of tho birds and the
winds! Sins, victorious choirs ! sing till
nisrhts grow short, till long days are full
of heat, till the meadows are full of
fragrance, an 1 the trees of blossoms!
Conic, all of you, and bring all of your
relations ! Come sparrows, blue birds
and robbins earliest of all comers!
Come black birds, those with red epan
lets on your shoulders, and those with
out ! Come, larks, woodthresher, bobo
links, linnets, nut-hatches, warblers, fly
catchers, fire and orioles! Come, hungry
hawks anJ solemn old crows, flapping
funeral wings to keep time with croaking
song ! Come everything flics, and
spider.' to cat them ; squirrils and owls
to catch them : worms and hunting
birds to catch them. Wake up all
beetles ami droninsr insects and fat larve
the birds are coming, and you must be
eaten ! And so the world rolls 011. J he
The winter consumes the autuu.n, the
pring devours the winter, summer con
sumes the spring, and ant mn ransacks
the summer, insects are the food of birds
ind bu ds are devoured by stronger birds
and animals, and both by man ; while
time, the great destroyer, consumes
man and bva't Only God is young
and unchanged. "Of old hast Thou
laid the foundation of the earth, and the
heavens arc the work of Thv hands.
Tiiey shall perish, but Thou shall
As a vesture shalt Thou chance them,
and they shall be changed; but Thou
art the same, and Thy vcars shall have
no end." . Hr. Jlvicher.
A countryman in a Detroit factory bet
the engineer a dollar that he could seize
the fly wheel and hold it. He seized it
and was picked up on a pile of bricks
outside the building, with a window sash
fo a necktie.
Th morning afte Anna Dickinson lec
tured in Itochester, N. Y., the ungal
hint critic of (ho Demnrrut brousrht out
a Ion j article 111 which hi said : Her suc
cess is not due to personal attractions,
for she has none. Her head projects for
ward tiio-t ungracefully, and iier mouth
is horrid." A new
about twelve doliars
wig will cost him
- The Boston Ilrmhl tells the f. ('lowing
cood one : "A little fellow was begging
for 'cold vittlcs' at a house at the South
End, exciting the interest of the young la
dies of the family by his piteous story,
or want and destitution, and among
other questions put by these warn-heart-
ed and sympathetic inquirers, wa
one as to his parents. "3Iy father is
sick abed, and has been for many weeks,
said the boy. How it vour mother.
"I never had a mother," he blubbered
out. "Ah how was that?" he was asked.
"Why. my father came a mean trick
over ono of my aunts," was the reply,
accompanied bya fresh flow of tears.'
St. Jerome mentions a widow that
married her twenty-third husband, who
in his turn had been married to twenty
wives surely an experiencee" couple !
A woman named Elizah-th 3Iasi, who
died in Florence in 1M17, had been mar
ried to seven husbands all of whom she
outlived. She espoused the last at the
ago of 00. When on her death bed she
recalled the good and bad points
of each of her husbands, and having
impartia'ly weighed them in the balance,
she singled out the fifth spouse as her
favorite, and desired that her rema ns
might remain near his. The death of a
soldier is record d in IS'JI, who had five
wives, and his widow, aged pincty, wept
over the grave of her fourth husband.
The writer who mentioned these facts
naively ad b'd : "The said soldier wa
much attached to the marriage estate."
In Massachusetts, last week, a child,
while playing with a spool, holding it in
her mouth, fell, the fall forcing the spool
down her throat far enough to bring ,ts
hea l below the tonsils end roots of toe
tongue, and so comphvery wedged into
tho mouth as to render it impossible to
withdraw it without danger of taking
the tongue with it. Fortunately the
hole in the spool was: large enough for
the child to breathe through until the
arrival of the doctor, who. by splitting
the spool, was able to take it out in
pieces, thus saving the little one's life.
Dubuque acknowledges the possession
of a man who lias cheek enough to stop
a newsboy on the sidewalk, read his pa
per half through and then hand it back
to the owner without so much as a sim
ple "thank you."
Ostrich breeding, it is stated, is now a
regular branch of farming industry at
the Cape of (Jood Hope, where exten
sive yards an 1 runs for thisdass of mam
moth poultry have been established. At
( Jrahamstown there is a large breeding
Gnu, where ostriches are raised for heir
feathers. The birds are kept in an in
closme of twenty acres, s-urrounded by a
low wall, over which they never attempt
to cross and c-ap.- A similar pecu
liarity is noticed in the wi!d turkeys of
North America, which are caught in an
open hut of logs with a low doorway.
In the Cape establishment the ostrich
pggs are oatened nv artificial means
fhi- Ionr, white
Ionsr, white feather furnished by
tho lords are worth, in the natural, uu
ptopareil state, from to iS'joo a
pound, ahout eiL'ht hoinir required to
make up that wuinht. A wild o trii-h in
full dress h worth to $100, and
a skillful Hottentot hunter will capture
and kiil as many as TO or SO in a season.
AecorJinc to the cider Miles Grant
the end of the world is postponed till
J.S75. The expectants of the second
glorious advent have made several post
ponements already. The end of the
world has heen expected by a lar.e elas.s
of Christians from the third century
down to our times. I lurinej the last gen
eration the United States had the honor
of reviving this often disappointed ex
pectation. The Adventists have certain
ly heen mistaken hitherto. Their ap
pointed times have pased and their ful
fillments of prophe.-y have -ot been
reached. Are thev not on the wrons
track? Will their expected advent ever
come; 1 he world will doubtless end
when it fulfills it.s course and the sun
and stars expire, but that consummation
awaits a remote future.
A Iloo.sier newspaper remarks that
"the way M. Vieux'e'nps chased 'rft.
Patrick's Uay in the Morning all over
the violin, all over the house, all over
Ireland, all through the known keys,
diatonic an 1 chromatic, major ami minor,
will cjusc oil to remember him with
raxv Aboii!t'U.
The whole system of general govern
ment licenses went out of existence on
the 1st mot. These covered almost
every description of business wholesale
and retail merchants, brokers of every
kind, insurance and real estate agents,
hotel keepers-, livery men, druggists,
butchers, lawyers, artists, physicians,
&.c. , vtc. This has lifted off a burthen
of fifteen millions from the business men
of the country. Yet while thus lighten
ing the load of taxation, the Bepuhliean
Administration pays tho interest and re
duces the principal of the national debt.
Onfah'i lirpubliatH.
WHo Will Re I lie Lucky M.T.:l ?
The Kansas City Times has the follow
ing letter. We have "sympathy" and
publish it reiLatim tt r-i'ilatim, without
further comment :
Clay Coi ntv 3Io 3Iay 1th 17I.
31 esssrs 3Iooke it Edwarh.s Dkar
Sirs As I have arrived at the age of H'.i
and have never had an opportunity to
marry I have concluded to advertise for
a husband, so I will send this adver
tisement to you all for publication hoping
that you all will have sympathy for a
poor widows girl and publish this through
the columns of your daily and wekely
pa per.
my mother is a poor widow Ladv she
lives four mile from Kearney a little
west of north and two miles from Holt
Station on the K City & Cameron It. B.
south west of holts Station. I prefer a
man that served in the federal army
during the war but if I cant pet a fed 1
will do the best I can want a man about
o years old with some money a little
book learning I have been very supersti
cious ever since my Father dide it I
want a man that will stay at homo of
nights as I am afraid of ghosts. 3Ir
Editors if 3'on see any one that wants a
wife send them to me they will find me
at mothers at the loom house or piecing
carpet rags hoping that you will publish
this I will close Respectfully
3liss 3Ior.UK Arnold.
Although it was once customary to
call every high peak in the Rocky Moun
tains eighteen thousand feet in altitude,
but one shows fifteen thousand feet on
actual measurement. There are many
fourteen thousand feet. It is somewhat
remrakable how regularly this height is
preserved. So far as measured there
are twenty peaks above thirteen thous
and, and ten about fourteen thousand
feet above the sea level.
An eminent medical authority decides
that books handled by persons recover
ing from malignant fevers, frequently be
come charged with the germs of the dis
ease, and ought to be burned. As it
would be profitable to burn nine-tenths
of the books now published, anyhow,
judicious care in selecting the literature
for convalescents will avoid any real loss
to the family library, through following
the doctor's advice.
Science is playing very odd prnks,
nowadays, not only in the more recon
dite problems of human life, but in
manufactures. Of course nobody be
lies, or ever did believe, that the moon
is made of green cheese, but if one of
our intelligent forefathers were to arise
from the tomb to day, and once more
take part in wordly affairs, it would be
nearly as astonishing for him to hear
that billiard balls can be niadj of a com
bination of gum, cotton and camphor,
which, according to Professor Sceley, is
a fact.
The Gazette says the following inci
dent occuircd at West Fnion : "Dan
Lacy was postmaster, and a person ask
ed the price of postage stamps. 'Three
cents said Dan blandly. 'But could
you not let me have them cheaper if 1
took four or five of them ? queries the
customer. 'We cannot now,' replies the
accommodating Dan, 'we could have
done so until lately, hut now the gov
ernment punches holes around each
stamp for the convenience of the people
which so increases the cost that we can
if 1 1 - 0 m
not anv.d to mate any uiscouut r ine
satisfied customer cheerfully paid three
A young man, whose moustache is
visible bv the aid of a microscope, was
the victim of misplaced confidence a short
time agi. lie had been particularly
sweet on a vorv young ladv, and had pre
viously paid her several visits. The
girl s parents thinking both too young
to begin keeping company with each
other, gave them a gentle hint to that
effect first, by calling the girl out of
the room and sending her to bed ; and
second, by the lady of the house bring
ing into the room a huge slice of bread
and butter, ami sa.ying to the youth, in
her kindest manner, I here, Imbby,
take this and so home; it is a long way,
and your mother will be anxious."
The Union Pacific Bailroad Company
is budding several iron furnaces, on a new
principle, for smelting the wonderful de
posits of iron ore in Wyoming Territory.
The foreman of the Union Company's
sltpps has invented a smoitiffg furnace
Sii'xch dispenses with the fan blower.
The blast of air is obtained by injecting
a jet of steam into the interior of the
upper portion of the furnace. The vacu
um created by the steam draws a blast
throuch the fire ano" ore below with tre
monduous force, securing the intense
heat necessary for smelting the ore. The
fiiniaco has been running successfully,
several weeks, and others are in course
of erection. Foundries arc also being
erected, and the company expect soon to
supply itself with a large portion of its
castings at much less cost than they have
heretofore been able to obtain from Mis
souri and the East.
Henry Ward TJecher has created an
other sensation. His last sermon has
excited the entire religious world, and
severe denunciations have followed its
publication. Mr. Beccher's idea eems
to be that the whole church was a purely
human institution. A man might bap
tise or not baptise, partake of the Lord's
.Supper or not partake of it. it would
make no difference to him. The orator
of Plymouth church also states it as his
opinion that if our Jjord and Savior
were on earth now, there are very few
churches into which he could get. lie
would not be considered as sufficiently
Chuf Justice J. B. Bellows of New
Hampshire, in opening court at New
port recently spoke very decidedly against
the means used to swindle money out of
persons who oft-times cannot afford to
give it, at cium-h fairs and other gather
ings, such as post-offices, lotteries, grab
bags, guess cakes, etc., with the intent
to raise funds for disseminating the gos
pel. The judee said that all these are
recoznized in law as indictable offenses,
nnd the proper officers failed to do their
duty were they suffered to pass unno
ticed. If this is good law in New
Hamp.-hire. why not al-o in every other
State which has statutes against lotte
Till'. II1MY
13 rc ti;.irur.i by
ROITOH N noiPRi.vfoR.
Office corner Main a;iJ PoocuJ Mreel
nd etory
TERMS : JJsiJj-JlO.O') per annum, or 1.0i
per montk.
Attachment Notice
Mr. J. B. Wisotnan. vs. Michael Murphy.
f-ire A. L. I.'hilj, Probata JuJpo in aud fur
Cass county. ...
ON the i:ich dny of April A. P. 1 '71 jn'il jis
tice iucd an oritur of Httuchincnt io the
abore notion for the lum of .'.
Mks J. K. iskuaN. liy her Arty.
Marqcett A Stkoio. may lino
Is hercbv pircn that nil person who l ave
tnmirt improveinaiit on tho School .f ihn
coun:y the lilst dny ot June A. l. Is.'o.
can h.tve -uch improvement ppruiHcd by tmii
fyinp the county clerk ot the s-iuie -a or Beioie
tne 15th day of June A, I), lull.
liy order of the coucty (.L-imi5n. ners.
J. M. Ueabuslky, brputy '! rk.
majllw5 C'u.-j county Neb.
Public Sale of School Lands",
"OriCK is hereby given that purmunt to iu
Act of I.L'si.ii;iiu.-e of Nebraska eati--tied
an act 'To provi le fur the Hegi!try of
Si-hool lands fir th control nrl disposition
thereof and for the safe Itping of tho fund de
rived liom the sale an.l Ic.isc ol'n ii i land which
aid art was approved Juno i!4th A. 1. lSu7, n'l
also iu accordance with a tmbi-eqiM nt aincml
mcnt io iiii id art approved February Kith Alt
lS. I will on Saturday the -4th day of Juno
next, ni the hour ot ten o'clock A. M. a( the
front door of tho Yurt House in PlattMuouth
city county Nebraska, offer for f.'ilo nt
1'uldic auction to the highest bidd-r all the
romuininif Schorl Ian 1 in sanl cun'y, toiitin
uiiik .-ni l c:ile from day to day uutil ull mil
land.s yhall have been offered.
la witness whereof I have unto set jny han't
and athxed the sel of .-ai l couuty at
. , at Plattmnouth, ThigSth day of May
" ' County t'lurh.
By J. M. Reabdslkv Deputy. nnyllwT.
Legal Notice.
To )
PanforJ l'n tenser. v
N B. llrauncr & 11. K. Hills )
You arc hereby untitled that on the 17th day
of Api il 1871. Kli.a E K inn by ln-r next friend.
V. 11, Kintr, filed her petition in the office of tho
clerk of the district court of tbe Ud Judicial
district in and for Cass county. Nebraska, on
her own behalf aud on behalf o t be other heirs of
ttie estate ol decree .Mayticld, doccasc I clanu-
inu that they are theowncrs and in wis-cHsion of
the north hull' of south west quarter f thasouth,
half of the north-west quarter of section.
twenty-four in township twt Ive north of ranto
eleven e:it and praying that all tho ritfht tit"
and intcrist of said deleal:i nts in nml to said
tract" of land may bo decreed to he conveyed to
the heirs of said cstalo and tho title to said
tracts of Ian'.' free from all clouds and iii-umbcr-;
unci s tuny bj quieted and continue 1 in the heir5
of said estate. Yon re required tt answer said
petition on jr before t pothilay of June, 1S.1
t.U7.. fc.lvliVi
By her nest friend C, 11. Kins.'.
Mixwrui Cmapjias. Atty's. for Plaint iff.
April Jmh. 1R71 w St
William Stevens,
Henry 11. Pcttit. J
Xoti -c is hereby riven that the undersienml '
Sheriff of the county of Cays, will by virtue of an
J-.xteution issued hy the Clerk of the lii-irirt
Court of said county, airaiust Willium Steveusv
ami to him liirected. nt 2 o'clock P. M.. on tho
lHth day ot May, A. 1). ls-71. at what is known as
the Willikiu Stevens farm in Orcapolis Precinct
Cass County, Nebraska, rflcr for sale at public
auction, the tallowing goods, and chattels, to -wit
One Crib of Cora contaitiine about tivo bun
dred and fifty bus'iels. i'aken'on said uaccii-
tion as tr:c property nt Ihesani i ham Stevens.'
tiiven under my hand this sth day of May A. 1.'
IPil. O. It. rfOII.,O.X,
bhcriH Cass Co. Nebraska.'
may SdlOt.
John W. Barnes.
vs. Order of Sulo.
Platte baundcr
Neticc is hereby given that the undersigned
will offer for .Silo at public auction for easti
down at tho front door of the eoni t hfiiise in'
1'latOMnoutli, Cast eoun'y, Nebraska, on tho
I'ith day of June A. 1. 1S71. at I o'clock p. in.'
of said any tho following il scribed rc:.l est e,'
to-wit: Lot number three :;i in block number
fifty-seven, situated in tbe city of Pl.ittsniou. Ii
Nebraska, and lot number six nil in I. lock nuiu
bersix ui), in Thotii' son's Addition to tho sail
city of Plattsmouth. Nebraska. Sold us Ibn
Jiropertv of Platte Saunders, to sati-fy a,
judgement in favor of J. W. Jl ariies, by vir.uo
and authority of a ile-iee rendered at tlio
November term A. U. l-7o, of the llistriet Comt
of the second Judicial jJixtrict wit bin and lor
Cuss county. Nebraska and cn tbe lilt h day
of November lsTU. liiven under my hand ibid
11th day of .May. A. 1. Is71.
J. W. JOHN.sON. Sheriff
Cass county, Ncbrika.'
vaxwfi.l k Ciupsun, PlffV, Atty'a.
May 11th, 1471, ;.w
Probate Notice.
All parties having claims niains. the estatn:
Geo. AV. Mcdee. are hereby notiriud that unio..
said claims ure filed in the Probate Courtof Cn"
county, on or before tho 1st day of November
A. 1. 1S71, said claims will be forever barred.'
A. L. CilJLL. Probate Jndjre.
May fitb. 1871.
Sheriff's Sale.
R. B. Windham,
L. J- Kcency k A. II. Buck.J
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a?
Vcntiifiuni J-Jjjtnnfy ill the above entitled causo
issued out of and under the seal of tbe clerk of
the District Court of the 2l ludicial lirti ict,',
within and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to.
me directed. I will idler lor sale at p'b!i;.
auction to the highest bidder, at th" front door
of the eourt bouse, in the city of Pl ittsmonth,'
county and Slate aforesaid, on .Saturday the.
liOt ii day of .May. 1 ST 1 . at M o'clock a. in. of said,
day. all the riirbt title and interest of the above
named L. J- Keem-y in and to the following (leg.'
cribed real e-tate, to-wit : Tbe undivided one-,
half ( '- of lot '1 1 one in Block lj four, iu tho
city id' Plattsmouth, Ca:s county, Nebraska..
tiiven under my hand this ISth day of April. A.'
J. W. JOHNSON. Fh'ff.
Cas3 couuty, Nebraska.'
Maxwell & Chapman, Atfy's. for riff.
April 20th. 1S71 w 5t.
rcliuanee !K"o SrS:
An Ordinance lo ascertain the financial
condition of the City of I'latixrnouth.
Be it Ordained by tbe Mayor and City Council
of the city of I'latlstnoiith.
Ski: I. That all the city orders that havehere
tofore been drawn on the city Treasury of tho
city of l'latt-tnoutli, nnd all wtirins as eviden
ces of indebtedness against the said city if not
presented to the Treasurer of said city within
trro month? from tli date of this Ordinance, and
endorsed by said Treasurer us "correct." the
holders of the same shall be forever barred from
collecting tbe same.
Skc 2 And be it further Ordained that nnae
tion on said orders or evidences of indebtedness
can only be commenced upon those order which
have been so endorsed alter the ex "Hr t ion of
two months from the passapm of fhi? ordinance,
und il shall be unlawful for the Treasurer of ibis
city to pay any order? or evidences of indebted
ness drawn upon the Treasurer after the expi
ration id two months; from the passage of this
Ordinance unless the same had been endorsi-i as
herein provided.
S-i:r. .5. lie it further ordained that when any
person shall present an order as aforesaid to the
city Treasurer it shall be bis duly as such Trea
surer ifv be i.- satisfied that ibe Fanio
has bei n fairly btained nnd ha never
"ten paid, io endorse trie sa-ne as correct .in I
keep a record of the date, number, amount nul
to whom drawn, provided timt siid order fehitll
be presented to said Trea-urcr wuhin two'
months from the passage of t'ii- Act.
Sue. 4. '1 his Ordinance to take c licet and he
in fjree from and after its publication aeeordin
to law.
Passed and aprroved April 2oth 1871.
M. L. WniTK, Mayor.
Attest: It. II. Vaxatta,
City Clerk.
Legal Notice.
To Ilanes Clausen, non-resident. Tdcfen lant
you are hereby notified that on the Oth d.iy of
April. 1S.71. Luke Miskelbi commenced a civil
B'-tion against you before A. L. Child. Proli.on
Judjfe in and for Cass county, Nebraska to
recover from you the sum of 5V1O oOand inter st
due on a promesory note; that unOrJir nf
Attachment ha been issued ia paid action and
levied on one Koda Water Machine and fixtures
and bottles , You. are required t: tile anyset-olf
defense, or other answer you may have, on tho
2-itU day of May. AL. Is7l..t 'J o'clock . tu.
By Wii.litt PoTTKsoF.a hi Attorney.
Uatod April ISth, 1S71 ma jllw3L
Estray Notice.
Taken un by the subscriber in Avoca ire
cinct on or ibout the 20th of April A. l. 1S71,
one sorrel mare.suprose 1 fo be three years old.
one Kcrrel I or'e supposed to be three years old,'
ieii mna inoi wane ana wiiuc
tri . 1 11 t
- j XuAifr.