Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, May 04, 1871, Image 2

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A RAI'ICA. paper thinks that a volun
teer Forpeant i letter i' stel on Pi r.r.L
r,.l iJ' l.-jtf! r.0 ( 't r f it! .urirli T .-i ifm-
than wo arc. Yen likely. Oui-jhu
There is no "very likely
about it.
... ... ,
The 'obscure orreant has dcn.onstra
Uti, beyond the cavil of Dr. Miller even,
tint ha is the letter nostcd of the two.
and the Uer'ild dares not attack his
ascrtions. Next time, Dr., don't at
tempt to bluff a man olTbecaa-e ho dxs
t. - ii . . ft e .v 4
his name. "Obscure Serjeants" ?ome
tmioa Tinr l.raln anl eve? an J eanc and
truthful heart p.
rnrusiT ncrrnucix cosvrx.
Plattsmotii, Neb. April 20, '71.
Convention met at the Court Tlouyp,
pursuant to call of the Uepablioin Cen
tral Coiotnitteo, and or?ani:eil by the
election cf Jn le P. I', (lass. a Chair
man and II. D. Hathaway as Secretary.
On mn'um. a r on.u.ittee oon.i-tin!r of
D. H. Wheeler. J. W. Jolinon and P.
U. Dorrinton. were aMK.inted for tiie
r.urnoae of i.rescntin candidatas for
delegates from the different votioc rre-
cinots of the territory eouijM.sinff Plaits-
raouth j r-cint at the la?t general elec-
During th9 absenre of the comnattee
the cieetin? was addressed by Col. II.
M. YaaAnnan, in an clonent manner.
Tho cotiimittes reported the following
narwes as candidate : T. J. Todd, W.
P. Porter, I. Wiles, A. P. Taylor, W
Potteu-pr, G. II. Pda.k, M. L. White,
K D. S. P;ike. 1). W. Lewis
P. P. Oass, F. M. Dorrlnston, and J.'
y J5-iani,on
On motion, the rei.ort was received.
Oa motion, the convention rrceeJeJ
C the election of delegates by ballot
On motion, it was decided that four
delegate ba ele.-ted from the eounfv.
and three from"eaoh ward in the city.
On motion, it was decided to hold
open the polls for one half hour.
Meaars F. M. Porrinj-tcn and II. M.
YenArrEfiTi were appointed toller.
On motion, it was declared that a ma
jority vote be required to elect.
The ballot resulted as follows :
T. J. To Id, received 2S votes.
W. P,. Portsr,
I. Wile.
A. B. Taj lor,
W. Pottenjer,
G. II. Black,
M. L. White,
L. D. Kennstt,
S. Due,
D. W. Le-Tis
F. P. Ca,
F. M. Dorringtcn.
.T. W. Shannon,
G. S. Smith,
Wpj. Ii. Hobb",
Fi. P. Murphy,
J. II. Buttery,
J. V. Johnson,
II. D. Hathaway,
J. W. Rawlins,
II. Pikenbary,
!S"i; other candidates received scat
tcrins votes.
Messrs. Todd, Porter, Wiles, Clack,
Whit-, Pi-Bnett. Duke, Lewis, Gars
and Shannon having received a majority
of ail the votes cast, they were declared
On motion, a nw I s'lot was ordered
for thre delegates, and it was ordered
that the ballot be kej t open for one-half
The ballot resulted as fallows ;
G. S. Smith, received votes.
J. II. Buttery,
II. Eikenbary, "
J. Y. Rawlins, "
W. Pottcager, "
P. M. T'orrington, "
A. B. Taylor,
Messrs. Smith, Eikenbary and Paw-
iins ware declared elected.
On motion, the delcrates in attend
aaco at V.' Water were authorized
to east tha entire veto of Plattemouth
On motion adjourned.
P. P. GASS, Ch'n.
II. D. IlATfTAWAV. Sce'y.
At the primary meeting of the Re
publican voters of Plattsmouth precinct,
held pursuant to notice, at the whool j
house, near the residence of iScl-on
Jean, at the hour of ono o'clock, p. m.,
1 KT! Vl,- I
.... ii 'ii: i.-ii, -t.i-uu i
Jean was tlecte-J cbairtnan cf em I meet-
ing, Hershcy Shupe, Secretary and Wil-
ham B. Porter teller.
ii .H.cjiiiij; in Mm i-iiujdiy in-jcuiig
that there was at the election in October
1570. more than SO Republican votes
east, residing within the boundaries of
said precinct, end that there is at least
that number now, it was therefore
E'solveJ, Tli at paid precinct elect
"-ur dalefat-es to represent them in the
Pepubliean Convention to be held at
Weepinjr Water oa the -Sth day of
April, 1T1.
Whereupon, said ineetit-s: praceeded
to ballot for delegates to wil eocreritiou,
and Hershey Shupe, Ileury Eikenbary,
O. II. Beeson and Jacob Adam, havitig
a majority of all tha votes cast, were
declared duly elected as dele-rates from
riattsmouth precinct to said convention
to fas held at Weeping Water, on said
23th day of Arril, 1ST!.
Hrr.snEY Sucrr, ee'y.
A Chiejrj young man, advertivin? for
board, wants it in a private family,
"where woman's ri&hts are not continu
ally harpsd upon by disappointed old
maids of a doubtful ajro, and where the
iilness of the midnirrht hours is un
broken by the uneer.ip-r warfare of cats
nnd tho discordant twanging of a cracked
guitar." Which leads the Iirpnbh'ran
io conclude that : "Petter is a dinner
of bo bs with peace, than a stalled ox
with old maids, combativa cats and a
cracked guitar."
Thn P:ii:fr:. EuL-enic is coming to
fpnd the sunder in a molest cotta
at fc'aratog .
Fonx D. A. Pfssell, Yr. T.,
April j, 1871. J
Druu IIfhaiu: Oj P.-iday at
Cheyenne, the majesty of the law was
vindicated i:i lha case cf Poyer, the
half I reed Indian, vrho was convicted
for i-r.trdcr. O l the platform he made
- i . . . . t . . . r i
I TV;1S ti3t
i. . i ir- .i: i ....
lie uu-'j uiate. lit u.u iiv
lory. Mo was no
cry. Mo was no woman. Ail tuti.-t me,
an J l.i. time ha 1 come, He was jcoing
r snoi t fpecc.!, me purport, oi wiiicui
, I.- I"1
- io tiic ii-ppy nunung gronnj.-, an l was
not afraid." Ilcv. Mr. Davis the Con
grecitionnl i-iiutsteroiTored a j-rayer, an.l
the oor wretch was precipitati.-.! mo
eternity hy Shori 3' Car.
On the tame i.i.tht a man ly the name ;
i rC IT-!, ?r ..... L-i '.m ! Lovm...
- &he refu-ed him admittance toherhou e
I She had civoji hiia to understand that
another had Mipplanied hiui in her ic-
jrsrd, and ftandintr on the outsidv.' of the j
building he shot through the biiu l,
wounding hr it i id, moi laily, whi'i?
she was in bed. The world will Le wc'l
rid of bo ih of them.
Oil Sunday night we had an unpre
cedented rain, which turned to pnow be
fore uioroinr, and to d iv we h.tre uoie
8n,,w " l"e Sr'Jur i i'10" uti,'
at a,1.v ,,,li2 J'"3r- il Wl11 w a ?!''-,t
t'JcMi.g to the cranfry ouusman al-un.t
ance of e3ll-v ras w,iI-h 1,a'1 s-!l'ca ' be
fiun to loot P,eCD- A U1UC-1 lrsr ar a of
will be cultivated than ever bc-
fure' and this Sta; m will very much aid
- veSctation.
The excitement with reference to min
ing in Utah continues and the car-t are
heavily laden with adventurer, bound
for that deljetabie country. Thou-ands
tliero now, without capital, would be
lad to pet a7ay if they liud mta.n., for
waj?ci are 1 )w and without means men
can do nothing there. There is no
ou't that capital judiciously invented
I there will yield a ban lioajo profit, as the
hll'a !l throng the territory arc more
"less rich with i!ver and other mineral
II b as 5f I'videnco wa about to cut
ihv or-Iian knot of polygamy by means
' thj "Mroa.l. and th.-oe mines, as the
influx of Gentiles will soon boar away by
its flood thi-i abomination. Already its
knell is heard and what legislation could
not do God in his wisdom is doing ef
fectuallv. So mote it be.
A. Wright,
Post Chaplain, U S. A.
ffllSfll, P4iti;EBI5S.
CorNc ir. Chamber, April 2', '71.
Council met in regular session. Pres
ent, the Mayor, Alderman K. T. Duke.
John Erhart, J. II. Buttery, 11. C.
Cushinc, J. V'. Shannon, Clerk and
The committee appointed to procure
scrapers for ue of city, rcforted pro
gress and asked further time rnd on mo tion
The Finance committee reported that
they had ciamined the accounts already
allowerl by the rctirinir Council, and
recommended that the following nmounts
l;e allowed, to wit :
James (.)'Nciil. for lumber, $70.0 )
J. II. Buttery, lor ttationerj, S 2D
Jese Scott, for removing nui.-ario( o.Oo
' " " "jrceordcr'soinoeJJ
S. 1. Vanattafor removing nuia.iuoo l.CO
O. P. Johnson, f ir stationerj, 2 M
Ci. Giprer, for painting, .'5 f0
O i motion tho i j ort was accepted.
The above com'jrdttee. then reported
prorec, and aked for further time to
examine tne account 3 rema;iiinr ia tlicir
On motion, further time was granted
to rii I corunr.t tee.
The 1 ii of F. D. Williams for fees in
Recorder's Court $142.50 real, anion
motion referred to Finance committee to
report at the next meeting.
Ordinarc? No. M. Entitled an Ordi
nance to ascertain the condition
of the City of Plattsmouth.
1 resented and put upon first readinsr.
On inotioa the rules were suspended an 1
paid ordinance put upon its hocond aiid
third reading by its till?, and final pa-
fas and on motion passed and approved.
O.i motion a committee of thrco was
appointed, as follows: R. C. Cu.hin-,
Joha Prhart and J. AY, Shannon, to
make a contract with the lowc-t bidder
to do the printing for the city for the en
sums year.
The matter of P. R. Guihnnn in re
gird to remitting fine on a Lieen-e grant
ed for a shooting gal'cry was brought
before the Council, and oa motion was
in leQnite'v postponed
R. ('. Ctifhin-: then moved that tho
reenhr mcetin-- cf the Council bo bt 11 i
. .1. . 1 .1 - 1 O ... 1 n ,
un me lii.-i hi! i mini oaiuruay oi eticn
month. Carried. On motion Coui.til
adjourned until next regular mectiri".
1 lie rrs.-rn vrl.v the latest :m;irf.-it on
on tho HinLlic-rn objects to our i lea of
"? v''-ui!-iirt!r the liiinatn; A-yi.un at
Lincoln, is because he is natural!'.
stupid thai he knows nothiojr upon the
subject which he so flinnantlv lisciis-( .
Omaha Hcrnhl.
Is it i:nt lardy jmssible that Mr.
Potter docs not a.irre with your i lea of
trying to cripple ail public improvemeni
at Lincoln, and the difference of opinion
over tho Asyhiiu r-iiestion. IVrh.-.jis be
'"knows nothing of the subject," or
rather your intense hatred to everything
calculatod to benefit the Sr.ith Platte
country, and it mibt be well for you to
instruct hitu somewhat in regard to the
cause of 3-our hostility.
Two car-loads of fence wire, of 4''Ui0i)
pounds, have arrived at Wells, 31inne
sota, the wire to bo u;ed on a 12,uc0
acre fr:i belonging to ('. W. Thompson,
the railroad man. It will reuirei?i,'l'l!
posts, which have been hauled twenty
miles, and cost $',4')H. Around thisen
tirp tract ( f land a belt of shade trees
will bo set out twelve rods wide, of dil
fercnt kinds, the work having been al
ready begun.
A down eat editor plaintively says
that he has original poetry enough to
shingle a meeting house, but. as ho has
no uuii-ting house to hhingle, the original
poetry is useless.
A ben at iiH-.s;.atit!o lays donb!c-bar-roi'ed
cgi:s, like a dumb-bell, one end
containing tho volk. the nth.r tin uV.,n.
men. Neat thing for cuitanl pies.
of Property in the several Precincts
Ca's county, mado March 1st. 1S71.
! ! n fi ffi ! ifi ! ffj 1 t h e- best i
j f : : : f t : : n : : : : : '
LLU j ; : ; j ; N M i . j
- i s
;T. pT-&:?ti:2
j 2 . J.V ff ? 'I S
J Valuaiion
I ;
, 3
! H
-----i;v-r- v.i ai ii
Total valuation $3, 257,4 CO.
Pcccher thinks "women .should be
eiajMoyod more lirircl in the work of
comforting." Some sister please com
fort him.
An Indian physician rides his horse
into the villa-." dru-r store, nn.l waits
whil. the cleik puts up a prcscriptio!-,
wit hou t d ism oun tt n .
It is well to roincn.bcr tl at in r f
koi oseue fire. an iter?.'rt to extin-rui-h
the flam-.-s with water ' v.-ill c-tdy j-jiro::''
the (ire. Intc:-d. mot her the !!ij.--wiih
bbiiikers, woolen cloth--, fp-.ilts,
jdia-vl.-i, or whatever mny be at hand.
The wife of the Welsh mn;?fer, Job is
Evan, -i -od her huband, '"Do you
flunk we ah i!i be known to i nch vxlu.
in hi avfo'' He rop:ivil, ''To !o sun
wo .-hall do you tliiai; we -hail Le .-.'rca'-er
fools tiu'-e th.u here?"'
Prick Pommy ha - sopr.r-Ued font h'-
who is One
ti. ithcr sh
i:or ta!!, Eoj-di-h (h'.: tn;s
1 fair compb-sir.n. S!;e has thiif
co-.j'!:i:r.'i:i! :i'-p'.-::rii:i-o wh.Mi r
ni'.'iit :oi 1 culiuio col alonu iin:i:irt.
i remai LaMy inlr Ui-'ont upon u'.i i
1 .
t " : : 1 i J .U v.-oi- oi to .l.v.
p -iil ie.i
1!.-. .'til.'' . :!! Ml. !. :1 v.'
11' ;: ' ! !'
on v chii !
a .cirl A' un i-
r.i u-
lajly b.;u;ti!Vi
Jen-T, nt t-rr.ty-on?. 1 .'..oi h's in-vc--fir'!'iori'
imj th' j-. L: f m IrMvocn
cow-; mt -it:,- M:i;d- Vr. II- atirntion
wa c;m'. il tn (V. vnl.jt.ct I y r.rii irk
of" a f'n;:iry -rl -.v'.n kiH ir, ;;, ,--jnr:.'
that sr;i; o.-.ti' l not h, the -!.";'! pr.x
hcau-i she ha 1 ).j 1 h- mi; - -.x. At
forty-sewn ho h i ;r;; e'ed iii.j ere it
di-covery ;:nd for-'cd it upon ib World.
Tho tact h is been t-.-tnii;i d::d that
bones 1 in-o in the oor an. Uy dredjr
in it i- L'in.f 'i lo brin.-r ip tccii:. lot
rarely a b ...,-; of ar,y kit:d ; th : dis
solve if expo--' 1 (: the ac-if n of the wa
ter in i nt ;i b::!c liiiii?. On the critra-
ry (bv.'ii..-. t he p'-cnliar i.-atcn.l of j
...... ... ..-:-... . .I- l;f ll-
aoiel c -' ; r i ( r iiim, io-i-4 lb.- dfiir'-yin--aci!i.:i
: li.e s,a iv.-.-tcr ind.-l!nitely.
An Ilii.'oi-vroman cr:.i:iiit:ed suicide
by hill)-!;'-- hor.-cif to cn aj-ji.'e tree.
At the funeral a no'-rhber iioticin-r tho
id a I'ji
iaranca of the h-v-'mri i
him by s-ivinT that he had dot ' -i(h a
terrible lo
OS, .-:i3's
heavincr a si.sih, "she must have kit kc 1
like thunder tn shake oil' six bii.-hels of
-Teen aiiolcs that would havr! t'oon wor'li
a dollar a bushel when they got ripe. !
The Pocahontas Journal tolls tho f i!
lowinar storv on a schord-teaohhisr indi
vidual who Ins evidently been wc:noil a
Ions time : ''While a! ton linj tho Teach
ers' Institute lately h,!l at this jil.c.-c. a
l.-.t'irf :'i',ii iitlri-i . I,i ,1.
bf hi" montal a.-.tuireia-nts iTonoCd' tn
'tuireiii.nts propos,-
rcvci'itiomz: the ruh-i.-er trade, tmiii.:
into a store ho was -iiixious.t' s- e what
they had in the shape of pencil mark
craters ; eyeing a yb-ce of rui'ber ii'iout
tv.'o inches in length and shaped like a
thiiiibh, wish several small punctures in
the end, he inquired what that wa for.
The waiter informed him that it was an
eraser calculated to be drawn over the
linpcr and thus used to era o pencil
ni.nks Pc-ort ;-;ys that the " price
agreed upon was ,) ..,,! nnd t h coi
bro teacher carries ff th: riz-. whist -
j ling tho tune of tho "Oid'tlnm Tiee."
I lie carcfiiby car! ic his patent era -er to
ins scliO"! and eoul-lii t see the joke onli!
sotno ol the pupils li.-nl lh" kin-lnc-s tr.
toil him tiiat baby had jn-t such a toy at
1 he youtur ifKiii'.s school w:is sr-on -mi.-si'd,
and the hie went hmi.. tn V.y .
ma. not a ail iiv-.t'd wi'.h h s rohl t-r
nip lo. hope if over he attends tin !
In-Mute a; uD. ho -vol 'etch hi- pati-nt.
cra-er ihi!-r and ih-too;i-tr.ite its" I
r'naii W J
Weeping Water, fieb.
General ijieicliondise,
Dm' G.-)nn.
We ire Arcnts for
Wilcox . GiL-1? Scwlnr; Kach.'ne,
vhici is nndoubUdly the Cest il.n-hin? row ia
aiari. C-.ti.
:-, - J: Town L( ts. I o'iflf.i- i'VC Tl L J -- . K.J
- - -I. (III : .! ii i :Lfl r- WS.vJ :.i .'-.a fi
" i liver .t!.i m i i ii p. . rv.. . : i i -r.
I "" - w ... I :J i l!
i s,, i : mmmtzmmm
I . I - 1 ' i!' - lilt J !' l i ' i' I fc-
. -..-.-.s.;-....- .VIO ICS ASSC5 -
ri 1 '7--s:VvV'?v'k:i Value ! TT -ST n. IT T "f T! T"7 rf?s
lj?Jzy.azZz??.iz Ptir,.,.. I WillCil YOU WILL ALWAYS AT
BUSS ELL & IJ03a1jS3
f i I ,5, o-.r;-c-..J.'
: I ,?-'; j? M j?? .;t!U V-.' V".tt Kiid Main s-trct, - I'iii'.m .uth. Xcb.
y. v. ,i . i-i ,. r. y . ;
-7 I I Orri nrc ;m i
i; ViSirTrrTl'li-riii?: V!.i.-!rs. K T?J -iTrj rt .- s
-ll 'i.-t;Kt;i:4.:ci;-.-..jkJ..Ii;
t:':V' V'r-' a!i:o.
Z j ": - ,i:---:.iriiiLsi5: , j -r-rr ?t TT? jT 'iT6 r f
I- i i : - r ' -iI y
-.-5 3. THEY SELL
-j-1 r.nil,.l
v I -.- ' T ; ' C" p 3 CT '-i T rr r
l .v l. tin t ' h inpnn torn l .o-v.
M-.tsistita-... "-".t i to-ar I J u-Tnur L':iiikirt I'l.iw.
'!ue. r. iAilr ; Mr!;:,!!' ,N;.V Ji;
ri:My?;i i '
!r '"oi n PI'.w.
i X i. mi i ' h otipion Corn PIo-v.
tii ar ! iU'Tour Pi't-akil-.i- I'l.iw.
i:iii!.. t!on rr..n P.. an) ,-': n'.I.ile Plow,
A. P. l'i.k.-y I an Mill-.
Kurika A ii i nliivatursi ciior
1 I. Ma;! ( n-( r:.
i Lu i'.-o.iiii .'
itra 'i i-a:;. I .i.'cw
i or-
- 'i
tiU :-:. ' all on -r a.!-
,,S.!.l,,l HW.'.l.
i-t.'M-ioum, tf. iiiarea 1 a.w wli.
E. T.
D. II. WiitELE.n.
rs;!?.''? jr. - ri
A fc ; -i i ;. i
Wholoealc i Rttail I)iler ia j
Hardware and Cutlery, !"? love;?, '
Rlac-kviuith Tools, o.
Keep on hind a IjZtzq .9lock cf
And Other First-ClaS3 Cooking
A!l kinds ef Heating Siovcs
Coal ot Woo l kri't on hand.
Siiring and i3reaking Plows
At ITct Ccs. for Cash.
Oar -rices are s Pnv a? any lionso in tho
Stale. Uiirciitf.
7C'-TT"- ' v- t t r-
W A?-i JJ -L-' iL3 C 3:.
Garden seeds,
Field seeds,
Ficwer seeds at
r5uecc-cor to M. Ten EUk.l
Comer "Inin nnd isixtjj Street.
Piuttsiiijuth. :-ehraska.
H"" largest ns.-oittar-nt and w.irr?nt-.l Fro h
Landreth's Lloonistlals
Seed Fanu, r.eir I'lilidc'i-hin Pa.
Seeds in Hulk or in Pneknires. I wonl-i tsi"
the esoc-ial Btlentii n ol thcLii-'ir to on r la -?
a.-.-rt mpnt of seli'i-t ni'-ual, l iei nial nnd i er
ern::.l (1 wT seods. We l.jv" aiM 1). M.l i rrr
Si C V seeds Ch ii-.ipo See.l Co"s s'i!- V. . s
tern ,-ced Co's peeil. Call earlv in or.!' r t
make iroo.l seleetion-. lerinin IC. i: t': V . v A
Ciras' hy the pound or Lii: hel. mar h'. i li 't
Cisterns Buiiiand Reck Work
THE undersigned ii- j. rotated to I:, "iri-.-.ntraet!
f'T huihiinc Ci-lrrn- a:.dl'i!i ni-h ir.L-a : 1 no-pr-csary
material, nlso to do any nrd nil kii-d- oj
llii worn by culitrai-t, mid 1 urul.-n ii,l laalor- j
laisfor si'tn-?. . ,, .,
1 nave lew aereof ehoieet nlf rrei ; sovi r.-.I. 9r; r'j-a forsa!" en roil-. n.O-le '':i:i j
If, U W P ri 1 m U I
- ' -. r- i.t. ::.v.-?.
ir,".' - - f-" v-- ---vr ' -. V - -
fj'ayman Curtis.
Ki-rairrrs of ?:eim Knftr., L'.)i!crt". S:n
(io.s :ui.i Sie.i'u Fitti::f ronrlit Iron V'U-P,
Furr-e una Ti:'t I'uiui -. r;:. .:u i .:v?, a!.:ace
aive uovernur!, ana ui kiuud oi
r AIMING Macminery
i i? P'i- 6 . sy
Wc 3m; the !t-rifioa of tli pulilir to l!i
j stook ol'.-i'rin areofeni:i;r. V.e havo
- tak'-n (irtrsit rare ii the . riou of r.oiio Ut
iir-t-rl:i K'ni'l.-. .-o I !ro:r, f;i-t I'am:"-'. c Imv u
iftws?i t ln-v :: n lt- ha.l in the market lor ca.
I wo .sin; 1 1 .-ell at -ri,-- that wo truareurce will
i vo i-iif ire sal i-lac'i on to all v. ho inaj- s ive u-;i
cai!. c )iao ami iej an I yon will 1c onvia.-i-d.
t'LAtiK .t PL'JMMLi;.,:
Trr-m r r
y in U
s - ..
-.' -, i
1 1
Titan. XT. f45:rvcclr,
i-i. j
And dsaler ic all kin.U of
itiiH .sibekt, (third door WOrt of P O
Pla'!3TC ? - - - f b,
Ttepairitiir and Vnrni-hin? neatly done.
C"ji"uiicrals attcaie-i nt the t-hirte.-t notice.
cz is n .
retalic Curial Gases.
v ' - v- --' '- '
T.eady 3'ade, and Soid Che.-.p for Cash.
Vi'ii'i many th i':ks for j.a-1 r'ronnsro. T in
vii' all to i-ail i'-.i ! ciiaiua uiy laiiic etot-k f 1 ur
i:irui e and Cetiius.".
DeiJers t'a
o t1
ti i : -I
Canned Goods do
ii;L-1PFt cn.-li pri-e judd fir nil k'lois of (irahi
nnd i roduee, Lulier, i:Kr.. Hides. Purs nnd
t,; - ,, ,
Nrx Eat Ctnscr inah and Fifth ?t ntW-
ath r.on.-diw
un J
Is iK'W Fnri'Iicl wiUi
Good Kov Process
L A T E S T S T T L F, S'
K X A M I EN E S P C I li E N S .
V. .-. ii Stu' tm B Zxa S
do BDDDEf? hionnisGn,
Fer Ho is Tcs Busy Waithn
uii uii,i ners. Hso:rs "SHdo fly
Onff Door Kist of ihe Courl'Houe ii tba ) Ui
to (ft-1 li kind-' !
S .j '. "E-ii "T - (tn r- --!
Ji. V-Vj vu-o w."i y
Ui has fitted up tho finest Market in the SU .
ni l krei s nolhin? imt tn Lest of
Altars. M eats tic: iv creil iu uiiy
yu.iiitiiies on si-eeiiil
Hluhet Prices Pi'.-J for
ZP A rjT (D A F!2
E.n'1 For;ct tha Phieo,
Mcrrisoa's "Shoo Ffy.'
I"d iwt
Wsc -ii:- Water Nebraska.
Dry Gfods.
ilr iarr.
Loots, and Shos.
li at-', and ':if ?,
Aeri";-.!":ri! Imp'.irrents of ail kinds. Weir :r
''I . L" Cultivator?. I'ni'.n Corn PianUri
'ira-. iefonr iin.I l'rii:eeton Plows, Ac i wl.nt.
o'i.' .i. a!I ol whieh we oCer to llie public at the
nwi-r rrt-i'l priees.
e .r-Onr con.-t:iT.r iii;i will Vp to ?cP o lw
will be t, tnepo-nivi; ad'.-iiiitiite of every in,,
frin ti, i w stornen l tr-il i-orti'in o C.i-!
t-i!-y to make i his t heir b end nan it for t rnd- J
' .. i. . r.i.
(?j.vPt.-or Id K. Wii" tl; tr"
s ft s v m j
a'i 1 iii::ler in
aun-ess. sa dL'.m:.-. c-ollars. halt
iV. I: .i -lie-. .n.,ic.
Rciairii; doiis Mil-t.ii;t huly 101 1 v ilh li-
'ive tho i c.i!! !. furr (.jr---!--m(r rl-'cwlicrn.
F'w:h Siivl'!. in. nil n! !'i- Vi;il-v Ji.-u-T,
s i.'u'iiiiii ii:!lih'.j Ifoiiuelli's
toj'c. S -J i m if
1870 JSti6
Piiiladclp'iia Cs S'rlo Eailwuy.
r.n :.!! .:?.-rV.i! !.i v. " f.' v ? : h l-'7( tin- !
on tic 1 .iii.i'li-;;
inl i.: in 1 i ilr .j.'.l w ili
I j:-- t '.-. , - !r.iui i'l h
I Vv c.-t i-iol.tii-l'hi.t :
il.iiil'U.ld l.'i'l'l
- i:i w.v !:n.
21 -Al Tr t:n Pavr-- P!o'!:.i.-! !i:a,
;; ' " li.'i. ui'uri.
lrio F.xp. I-uVi'.- ! i i. it'll lii,'
i:iiii.-i-'C'l t,
BIT :it .': m..
l.';! uuiil, h' !V(.- l'!ii!:i'l'. ! !ji.i.
i ill' . Mr p.jrt,
nrr lit Lo: ! !.:ivc:i.
IJ:-! J r.islo ;! lis i. Ii;,,: i-;:.nt.
.!; r :.l l. ,1: Haven,
i o v
S on ;i
I') .Ml :i
S ' :
7 :'" :i
7 :') ;i
ii l'i p
7 i i
1 i
2 i't i
I'.ul Tru'.i I.iv,
1 i
s ; i :i
: : u
Ij Lii :l
'.' 1 .11
S 1.) ii
. )') p
-I " a
!' j'
12 'Si
." ;i
! - :i
11 : !. a.
. I i ! i:i'.spoT t,
urr r.t I!ni!i it-li-Uia,
Krio l!y iirci-s lf.-ivc.-- J'ri.
" illiiiin-iiort,
" " iorr.t Pliil.i li -!.iii:i.
I"! mi ia lea ves i i ! inn - !'.! t.
" " ;i rr :il Pit i ! I ! ; iti.i.
L'uM.i'. esi-re.-.i leaves U i!!i::i.iiTt,
ii .i rr.-i-ui
nrr at Pliiln ifli hi.i.
Jjiild l.ii;!e li ;in s h'" n li.urn.
rr r.t V. ilii:uii-M ft. 3.' .Vl ii
BaM K.iglo c-sr'n-.-'-lwivi' L. Jlnveu. ''
" itii-ut ; ! in 'ii-P'.rt. li) To
l--xrtrr..-. il o 1 A.- p'.ipn:.;:la : ion c-ar-r
wi't, ooiiiiVL't lit t'.ny, aul all wr.-t Ij
trains ai: 1 ii;
::i an
.mm 'illation fa-t
Irv i 1HM..WH v, ii.
er KaiiroaJ.
Uil Crt-vk mi'i Al!'.vii-'i''
Kiv -
Wiuim A. Kai.pwiv.
Oi'iit.'i nl riuin'rinlcQ liTi
TFIE IiAID OWNEit t'Oil 1S71
A? an n-Jvrt!n laoiiiiini. Tkb Land ilf.x'm
Ktai i-'.- without, j, ii eiiual ii t'::c c-oiiniry. lis
1eaui!!.:! o im li cin-r.M i'it-- croliiliit its
T.a--.tcii i'.-:riu':o:i. like ii:'.-t oth'T I's'Per, aeu
I i! is hi-i t ! r loi. i i ii at the :il "t'ttie yt -
J t i i ;v:-ii 1 i.- '.l.r-.ut'hout I n itt .i Siat. s
loot I :.l.a.;a. an l i:- cii.-iier lir nij.i aii j.n i'e
lient ill in: utiliai.s i !' j.-ui.a I ism, bH i.'ifc' lhal
the jiulil io is pi'Vev-ititc i;- w..rth, I s mi Ls.-i ion s
Uliil regular rcuilers aif laiy land IioMits. real
e.tatiT a-r i t Ijunkt is, caj-italists aa'i I'or;.!. la n 1 in vosi no ut lor money, Jt i!i"i-.--fort?
Ie(-iiiiif-ri the only lin- iium Ihioui-'h a I. 'i
.cr.-on.-!iitvis:s Ij' iit'.; wil ea-i rraeli .urehasi-r.-.
As land turn are - stiiully im;ruviiirtlti-ir lands
1-y t!ie tree? it n ol !ar- im-1 ! ly i-diiiees. niii.-h
wtr :j-f.iiir!;.-:!.'s:.-:.te. ii is ih-rei'or the inn-t'i 1 r ui -.-.rti? inc all k iu-ls !'
Lit ii l-.iut iu:iT i : .. tho tr.'s of itr.-Uitc.-t. , t-te.
:l''!-.'i:i.ol t '1 ") .i-i-a-iioim.
Ps.iu.--s t-.u-.i. i Iti-ai J.' t oo .ir''as in.-.-.-i .
I in ill" K.- .l I .-late A.-.-u:- L'irei iory, Has-ilio.l
! by ( ! i. s ;. ii 1 1 1 j vviis. n, r '-xroo.iin 1-. ii r i.i.i.- '-f
i Holid ii"! i'.oiil fyj.y, tin .it voar, wl.i.-ti al.-n
ilic! - a eoiy oi li: " ( a r. 'J'lii-i-: tlo'n.o-i
mil ri i-.ii I'j-itai'f r,i t.'ie, a- !:. ,e
lory im- tTi'l.i'.o i s a loa.:o; ily ol' tlie U-aoiiii,-iiiL'isof
llie eoiu:tiy, KU i is t-.u v eii iei; t l'r ro-tei-i-i:.i-.
Adverti.--nn-i:t than quarter O'-Juum 4:)
cents i-r line . i i 1 ion :. ri-l tyi-e, K-iitoriai tor ."ii i rnls ,er li! l. Lu-vu-r l.v I"-.
A:I Lin- l.'l' .'in'i'il!'.i::r i.ii t i!:o eo:,tna. !s ijiiai tol ly in :ni iiin-t- 'J raiiM.'.it i. l
veil iM-au'.i s lon-t ee a.-'.-oiMj oi- .1 i e i!ii; v.:.-h
to iissiire insi nia.i in the suc.- i i -n:
'i'erins i'or iieri-.l pi n es. I-ri. c s o!' C:. i .ooim
enj-'i-a viiips ,i( Liuoiju-s, ttc., seiit on t:; i liea-
ticu !- mail.,
j. m. wi.; fc co.,
Pi'.i.-li .hi'itf of tii Lino Im.Miri.
!.i'-::;: ..U
Kuril. e r.iroiikted the rl.ttiiriK' nnd reeordlnj
of my M. kf.V' AKiiti oi to t!io City cf Piutij
nioaih, I am now preonrr.l t. c
4 00 'LOTS
I in M:r Ad lit '.on tt re i 'oii.iMo r.-:to. Tit-si :i,t
i one half i a-li ii-.':i; tbi oI'ht half pav'iij:
I one yt::r, at t.':i r o.-nt. iat-'n.-t -r : niu-n
I r..;n uao- far- :::uv ut.tii i.iiid. 'i'i, be s-eu ri.1
ty u:ort'i;-e on the i rortrt-.
siGnatlcn to Ciiurchcs.
I wiM Rive t.) tho follow ir.K- reiiuioas (2iiii
rut iinr. vir :
To t!:- Paptist Ciureb. let 12 in hlok 17 .
J'o tiie Coi-.-rfi; Oi-inn! Ch'iri h. lot L' l in bh.ok "
'hi the .Vrtiio t, t C'inr-:h, lot 1 in .io,k ;.;
To (!:o C.i'lioiio CI:iT,'h, lot ij in h! n k ; -To
the ii;. isc . pal Chureh, !-.t 1 in I l.w I- !0
To ti Pri ',j'tcriiin Chur. li. lot I in i.ioi-klil
J u the Clii i-iiaii Churrh lot 2 in hioek o;
To t!:n Lutheran Chureh lot 1 in 1,1. u k Si;
p my A, l'l it ion to the City if Pl.otsnion'h, -j-.on
th loilviniitit rendition, vi: 'Hint thty .-di ill
t-reet on iai,i lots, as above dona ! - .1, a
building !Vr Puhlic w..rsh.'i-. v. ;oi i f:v t .
l'roia tln ilate: r.n.l. in e,i,o or 1, i:Vro on the
.art of .-a i-i C'r.iiii; r Churches o, eoinply with
jho e eonoition. ihon nnd ill tlait ta- a ll.
lot or lots shall revert t" irm.
Do sticn to Public Schools
i-rcl.y dona's for th use of Iu) Ii. Lislrie.
ools. Lot l'l in Illoi k ' on tho l.ort'i siiin of
a in troi t. mi i Lot V) in JJh.ik d. tho s.o:i 1.
I' of Main -trett, in my u-iaiiion to li.o Citv
fl'iiitUiuoutlt. i. DVhlL.
5,000 Acres cf Land for Snb
in this er.iir.'y, Also, Houses i.nd Lots iu lh
city, at lo.v pii'-os.
Pariieular attention ivon to the hnyiiif uau
seilins of r a! estate, exnniinins title-, and pay
ing tiixej for non-re-idents. s. iil'Kii,
itoal Lst.ite Atfi.ui, '
Lot fo2' a en Couarc,
1 I vriil fcI! t-i ::ii-ti. d"-iron of In-Mii: .-.)
iini-rm ir-r, nny 1' the lot." in the sii.'ij.iii.r I list
in my addition to Piatt-ouourh, nr icn ih.IJar
j-er l"t, under the r,!'oivi:i eon lit ions, vir:
Th J.'-r-on l'Urehasir,? will he rei ired it
huihl on the lot imr -ha.-eil a divi-llinir hoo'e of
the following diineiisi nii. to-nit: Xiie Iioii-o
to bo n-t !--' thn Ilr.'! feet, with rtnry not
loiver 8 I'ert. 'i he frame in-asf be o:al anil
uVt:irKiih house well shir.,.-ledi tmindariioi
either of luiek or i:f.n. '1 here n.ust ben kiteh
en. of riot Ir-s th-.:i IOtII. KirMieir nvast he
foi:it,!et. d on or in fo: e .fan-i iry l.-t, 1-711. Will
give a i on J t'.r n lioed to tin- i irty who lniy a
-uon as ,iireha e is m.-i'! j.nnd npou eeiaj-iviior
with the a hove '-oTititi-.r.;, will gift a guod uni
n.'aeioi.t. We 1 1 '.l.i y I't-od.
S.-k'i tioii.i lui'.y b nol le frota the aec(.iii,,!ny
.nit list:
Lois o . -.r.d 8 in l-!oek.1: Lot S in hloi k 4; Lot
I in Ih.'.-k 12; Lm fin hloi-klS; Lot 1' in
hloek -.t; L'.ts;.Vttiid 11 in l-l-.-. k i'l : Lot s, in
I. luck Tl; Lots I nnd S in hlo.-k 1' i: Lot.H o a:o
11 in hloik-o: Lot b in l lo.- k. i Lots 1 ( and i;
in bio -k 2a; 1,014 4 nd7 iu Liui.-k I'd; Lot ij in
block :;u.
K. ll KK
Pluttdiiiouth. Xi!i.i'if. 05itf3 ia Curt llu-
iiui.'.i.s o tJ.u i o Duur
FOR 1071
Cheapest cf Ladies Iagazincs,
It has always hrrn the care rf tho T ,-t,Ti,v...
to combine in its paw-r, whatever i- u-.-lul
vs-b.v.ever ii, wlmtever i-i pure. liU-ni"
tied, and virtii.ns in Si i.t'inent, win, nh.m-vii
may afiord ratii-i, .1 ,i:id inouni.t urn a -cm :-i. t.
1 or it.) Literary Depart iiit-.-.t. in
In t'i! li(trary ..i!d hiei: i o- t ri!tj.e,l, nn
wiii eontiu'.io t;. lnrni-h :r:i.-i,-- -,,r ti,,. .
,'!' :- -is :arion' .nd'. lno
( niiiehil. I.oui-S. ! .rr. Metfi Vi.-f.rja Vi- tor
S. ALUie i"-.est. Mr-. In-r i-i.-en. Mrs. C
iiopkin.-. mi'i otio.i-. cauii'..t fio luuu l cii the
Prospectus of any oher ui:ii..ziuo.
cine copy, one car
Two eopii -. one year "....".'....I
't hree copies, una j-ci.r ...7
Four copi .-s, o:;e ear J.'..'..'..'.'.'. '.
Five coi.-e., on'; year, and an extra"
copy to the .i r.-on p-i-ttinsr up tin
5:: W
a I'.)
7 to
lii a
E. , . " -. - 1 1 ,
lirht eo - .-. .me year, and ,.n r.-rtr
. t " .
u'7' is l-i' I' r:i , c t, .!..,, v
.on,.--., ii ii -.ran or a i-.,.-:-oi:i ,; Urocr cai.t.ol
I't-a-uit-'i, c;.,l i rjre.i :::--; i-r
I-"-:k r.'-t-:.
'7 ' 'i.e pi r-on sret-.ine up the p.dnts in the ti'.nh an 1 lor - t ' I ' ' ' "
c,uo. kiiiKiiinct-OMc-. "1 CO ii. the s.iir. 1 -
A.ievcn pi' -one jear. and fln extra 7. AtPco'ia. -vi-1. '- i-
eoryt , pcr-on Kenit. up the ,:U, ton r-n o o 11 " (' V!""""n""
MOW hf.,.T. Ji renntline l.v Mail ai. .i. Al Pcori-i ,.,.,.v f ,,
P..ST..P r()KtKBo hilioli.iphia.or':. !, v? ! L,,,in pi , f it t l -A ' "' K" f"
srihr n L. A. .,jct'. is ii-it. rail,. ... l...,. tt. a, i 1 1 i ...'...'.' .'A 11 "io;- C. rn'
I.:.' j
An to iicrrt4ihi fi- V Jinrtu, ,,(
CO:id't!i,it of the iitJ (if Fh "njl'Jiil,.
P.' it Or lain.- 1 l,y the Mayer and I ' Conn..; i
ol the oily 1 Plait leon;"), .
Si'-C. 1. That all the toy ordoi" that , vti Jo.r
ti'lore Ikoii dri-.i'i on the city Treanu ij tit il..t
city ol l''-oioulli, an I m i --.-.cr1-;
i-.i of io U '.I i .liio. ., i'j.".'i.i.t : .-m l eity if ),.,(
! 1 1 no "i I i i i. Treaiurn- i- U'i eili' v.-il.,-,
I'a-o no ' n i li 1 1 "oi t ii" lo ol ; 1m-- irdinuntx,-. ap.j
(iidor-'-l ly said 'i'lra-nn-r ii" "eorrcet." .In
liol loi - of i Si- y.-.i.K s'i .11 in- ; .rt i ei 'larrcd ff -t
coile-'t i 1 1 ir tiio .-am-.
Si i'. Z A ml l" it In rth i-r ' ! lined that an a
tion on i oi ior or vol.'i, ol' i 1 1 d i-1 o 1 1: . -
can only I o eoin in 1 1 1 'i I . n I'x. or. lers w ii ii I
havo lioi-n so rn 1 ir-cl i;t: r t'o- -xirH I ion ,
t o iii nt ii j li'oni t lie i it .1 ; ii i.i on n.ii in ..,
an.! i ' -'o il lie n nl.i w o 1 l .i 1 1 j reHurer ot ' li i
oily to mv un.'. i ..r r . n-f nl ii.. ,t o. -i:
i - ilr.mii u poll tin: i n .i-uo-r a f. tit llie ex !i-r-i
t i'.n of'i iro l:, i,i I: s! il.e (oisshko !' t!is
Or lieaio e iir.ii -s i! v miiiio h.m f jcu eii jor 1 u
hi'i i in poo I.
Si:. . lie i; la'.'! i ror l ilo 1 ihit vrhrii any
l'.-1-.-h -i.-iii i ; i i. t an i i i, . :;- :. luresa i'l to t!io
.-ily 'J ri a-iin r i! -li II !. iiis .int- g Fiioh Tr-i-Miitr
ii' In: i- f:t;.iiiil lii. ilie run lno n faiily I't.iii.o.t .'". ' Lai i,n i-r
lie eii i-a,d, to n I- r-.- tin :n -oi. "ponert"
k oto a I . r i oil',.!.' 1 1 ' o, 1: " n: r, union lit an I
t- ii-n.i J: awn. .i i , . I 1 1. . i j .il or lrr shall
li'iov- i. r i 1 o. i, , , i.r within ttto
!iu!'l!i I. on ti:i I ., i ' -t.
i 1 . I h io O. ,.,i t i.i o to i inert Uii-1 hi
in f i: . e !, o::i ;.:i I ai . t r it - ; oil accoi J :ii(f
to law.
Pa.-eJ an 1 a! J-i-.n .1 A i i " 1 . ! 15T1.
.'I. L. ' . r, Mavor.
Attust : P. H. V.ri.ciT',,
Citv Cl-i:.
V"I' bay? ..ene-l to d iy a pal:--y ! Con
f V ii'.'tii n.iiy on Sia.'Ii .-'i."i , !. vii,. .!
ot 1 ll. i l .l I s 1
v. 1. 1' 1 1 v. u a .
lari.i. Ii any uuiviuil ol
I' m
. ui
Fresh Crcad, Pics, G;:Sc &i.
'iiu 1
Fancy Uakiuc tione for Pariio" t. I. never do
siroi. ia:;y a i;ro.
Murt-li l.'i.Uv,-m.
P.i--i Ti,-vr-- e,n it.K s'i. J,.c. - i:;.
';, i:-!ii-oad nt 1 o". k p. in .
siiree 'nei'i'i'.iis at ! :in h i i .
lar ro.ol. arriviiu- :.t M. l,.-oi
oo'eloi-k. This i-' i.o :i ni. t I,
re.pi .-1. Ni-iV ii.n lias luo-i: !,i I:
ami uiai-'niiii-i'iit s!"i j'in : mi i . a -
have o -.11 ad'ied t" i ; .-i i-.ju ipi-.i-n
can rely on its m -i i :. -r i:. a !v . !;
is lln- bo-t route tuna ,--t. J o.-i j.ii i
.Soolll Kid S.iiitiifa-t.
'I hron'i ti' ki'ls lor ti::le at the
Vis.-'jiij i V'allcy Ka ili oi'.l,
ii. c. ;:'' i i:
Thos. I'j.-win. G. W. A. W. i',.
" uni-
uri Yal
lo-o and
'is io'U-ni-lS
: . in evrry
r eo.i lies
i': f-i'li.'T:
: : io. Thi-i
, L -uiu, lh
i'.-i Of tllB
i 'i Suiit
. : i. T.A.
y r:oticj.
Takonnphy the Mil. rih r. ; r. o i
.f ria tMiioii; !i, one w hi te licra r i,
Mvaliinv-im k in Ii I'f i- ir ; ni.-i ,
e a i i', s o 1 1 1 i i i . i j , . . ' i'ii, --..'a l- '.v ! ,
i-.ii- a ii. I iio'i !i in ui., ii r ';.! ..1 I. 't
ot lii-r inarks or,,.! : .,, , i . ,:'! ..
tu my id nfcout tho 1st ,f .l.r.u i
W it.
Ltaareh iO vrt.J
i - 1 ears.
' li.'.I.r
i lif-'it
i r. .No
." cuino
frr S 'irt I r r, try il
Tl -JT s .
.5 L- .';f
fc'ILVKH AMI Pl.ATK!) V I'liXS MTf'il'l,: '"' '
VJCI.IX . I" H I . -: u '
1 -'AM V lit. i J is.
VTat-hes, Cloii.-aui Jcuriir-, i j-a i. . 1 i , .
ind with di-pal.-h.
I, t. Jieiiiove i tj GH'i.iiie Piatle Vi'!!. v ilju
M, i Street. r.iV. I I v. ; .
It. li. Windhr.m,
t r -, ,'AUiie'
j,. j - ivi'iiicy ,v; a. ii. i n.-k.y
N..ti.o is hnrthy riven, that I.r rO
"''."' ;.'o oi in I in- i. iji . v oi,: i ;,.
i-.- in 1 out ol :,:i I i;i; !i r tin-:..! i.t i... ,
ti.e 1 -i 1 1 i, , ' I i.f thv ,j ), i
u i'.!, le. .'i;o! for ' i.iii'ly. ;...
U: ilill-.'li'il. 1 li ( I. r lor -.;( '.
a a.-1 i. i.'i l.i i !: i: l.i;-hi- t i ,(.;, r ., , , , . , ; ,
oi I.'.i. i iiii-l i, j..,., j,i , . j.) ;
eoiioiy Mil. S'.'in- ai.,. ., I ,,, . ti
L'ot ii .i.iy .,1 May, J-ri. :,t lo VI ,i '. ..". ,
tl;.y, i hi; iit,l, lit;,. u,l ;;, ,-,.(,, ,i ,,
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D. 1-71.
J. v.
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. Visiting riattsmouth,
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Corner of Rioli .-n.d Vinn f-'tr-t.. .:r.
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Esfray Motics.
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on sorrel mare, nuppood to In t !-i-.- j ,'rJ '
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-io other brut,.s p, reeoii.Il.
I'latuiiiuuta, April i-ub, i-Tl,
W'-t. "VM. ALTAI i "Eil.
"Luxuries cf Modern Trav:,'."
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too ,:in theiri.u'ro:.:."..-.'a C:.,;,-, ;; .,' j .... ,. ' .
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'"'T1'-; '-' 'i ili :;.iorm t.7lt !,;.;, ,
Hi:d o-'-r- a route to i.,::i-- c.,. . ,.. .
1. At On.:. ha wiiU the P.i.-i!, r' ',' " :
S. At Piitf. ts.m.u: 0 -.-.-i;, i,' . i . t . ,
Xei-an ka. ' " u' 1" ' "
A. At ll:!nl.iii-sr.w;i'itheSt' Jos. ob V. -:;:-.. ..." Kiin-as. ic.
1- -It ' ; iu,i .-, a. v.-1'it t.'lB li' - i i V ." , -
nt.d north .M is-ouri rai'ro'V' j. "'
t. '"',. A,t l'tl'o o.on with the P.. C. E. A M U
I:., for Daieiiport, .U,:,.-ati...., i-c. ' U
o. "t .ioiui:ii'j: i v i ' , ' i, o 1 r
...i i- ,. 1 '' '-'''
i.i-.-.i-.-ii t -) , i;:i,irr.:i, a t,.,. ...... .
V,. 1.-:t.p ...n-,... ei-r.: v-
la'T die LutliiirL'.n p,.;:;''."
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