Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 06, 1871, Image 2

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At tho risk of offending the writer,
we make the following extract from a
private letter received this morning.
' The letter contains a renewal of sub
scription to the Herald, and a request
that it be not stopped if, perchance the wri
ter should neglect to pay up at the ex
act time when his subscription is due,
and then says :
"I must admit, although differing
from you politically, that I admire the
manly defense you have made through
your paper of Gov. Butler, when he is
deserted by the weak-kneed portion of his
party, who seem to be numerous at the
very time when he needs assistance and
had a right to expect the support of hU
party, and especially those who support
ed him for Governor. It it only necex
saiy, sir, to give those that talk most
and blow loudest half the chance that
Butler has had to steal to find out who
is the thief. I, for one, hope that But
ler may come out vindicated and clear of
the ch&rgos preferred against him prin
cipally by his own party. '
The above was written by cna of the
solid men of Cas county, and one who
dares to defend the right as
he believes. He is, as his
letter indicates, a Democrat, but
he is "a man for a that" and does not
like to see a fellow man trampled into
the earth because he excite i the jealousy
of small fry politicians or because he
may have chanced to over step the
bounds of propriety upon oiue occasion.
We can assure our friend that the Her
ald will ever be found battling for what
it believes to be justice and right, no
matter if all the hosts of the earth may
be on the opposite side. We have dc
feaded Governor But lor, not against any
wrong he may have done, but againsthc
wrongs that others have sought to do
him. We have said there was no evi
dence upon which to convict of a single
crime, and we have published the evi
dence in full that others may know upon
what we base our a.-sertion. We are
aware that the tide of public opinion is
now against Governor Butler, but we
risk nothing in saying the time will come
when the people of Nebraska, regardless
of party, will say as the Herald says
now, that Gov. Butler should have been
acquited without a moment's delay.
If there is any class of men or papers
that we heartily despise it is those mis
erable petty politicians, slaters and
demagogues, time-sarvers, who are al
ways on the alert to pander to a
diseased public sentiment when the fair
name of a fellow man is being trampled
under foot. Nebraska is not entirely
destitute of such characters, and they
may be known at the present time by
ascertaining who are the men that cry
out against Gov. Butler, "crucify him,
crucify him ;' he is "convicted before
the people," and these same fellows have
taken the greatest care that not a single
"people" should hear a word of The
evidence except as it was garbled and
distorted to suit their own side of the
question, and they even raised the cry
of "convicted before the people" lone
before a lino of evidence had been given
before the court. Shame upon the men
who have so little manhood, as to cry
.vi.u . ;cuun wing wun noming Duta
public clamor to justify it. Why do not
those journals that cry out that Gov.
Butler is "convicted before the people"
have the manhood to publish the evi
dence in full as taken before the Senate,
and then let the public say or not he is
"convicted" or at least give the "peo
ple" a chance to form an intelligent
opinion. This cry of "convicted before
the peple" arises from the same ource
and is of a piece with the action of the
House when they voted to impeach
Governor Btler with the evidence (?),
so-called, taken before the investigating
committee lying upon the secretary's
desk unopened, and not a man outside of
the committee knew a single line of
what was contained in the so-called evi
dence. These men stood rsadv to con
vict Governor Butler of ' high crimes
and misdemeanors" upon clamor alone.
We envy the position of those few noble
minded men who dared to stand up in
the face of the wild howls for impeach
ment and vote against preferring articles
until they had heard the evidence, and
whose names the Omaha Herald (un
wittingly that he was doing then a noble
service) placed in its columns in bold
Taoed letter. The "black list" of the
Omaha Herald will be looked upon with
pnue oy uie men whose names appear
therein long after the truckling fchysters
who sneer at them have passed into ob
livion. We admire a man who dares to
do right, even in the face of public
opinion, even as we despise the roan who
will sacrifice justice to tickle the public
mind. The evidence, exactly as u.ed be
fore the court cf impeachment, and ad
mitted to be correct by both parties, has
been published in full in these columns,
and we call apon these men who cry out
"crucify him" to show a singla point
wherein David Butler in "proven guilty of
a "high crime or misdemeanor." Point
out the evidence or else admit that your
cry is raised simply to further excite a
prejudiced public; prejudiced by means
of unfair public prints.
The following: words actually formed
the peoration of the counsel's plea of his
client in an assault and. hattery case in
Athens, Ala. : "Let the humble ass
erop the thistle of the. valley 1 Let the
sagacious goat browse upon the moun
tain's brow, but, gentlemen of the jury,
I say John Gandle is not guilty."
The other day a tobacconist of Cleve
lnrtrl linn in frnnf tf hia short the frtl-
loning 'notice," written on a board:
''Wanted a girl to strip."
Jin uely o! bacfvelor suggests that ;
births j-hould be pubh.-hed vnndcr (he
hfjil ot ",Vw Mu'-ic.' -
4 tmnt
I'aunj I'trn' iiaiband.
"Olivia" heard James Parton lecture
the other night, and her impressions are
thus set down : "By no twitching of
mu.-cle or spasmodic actions of the hands
did he indicate to those around him that
he was the matrimonial mate of 'Fanny
Fern ' On the contrary he appeared
remarkably young and well preserved
for one who, unavoidably, has had so
much experience, and if he was a single
man a large quantity of feminine ele
ment would have prostrated itself at his
feet. A slim, delicate man of medium
height stands before us, hair and beard
tinted by midnight dyes, a pallid, yellow,
waxen face, out of which peer through
spectacles a pair of tawny eyes that
gleam and pale like lambent flame un
derneath frosted glass ; whilst .'student'
is written all over him in characters as
plain as the noonday sun."
Owe of f be King- of Sutnrn Lost.
Prof. Struve, the distinguished as
tronomer, Pultowa, has been for years
watching the rings of Saturn ; and the
inner one of the three rings, an obscure,
partly transparent mass of what ap
peared to be vapor, has been seen to ap
proach the body of the planet and to
widen its distance from the other rings,
which seemed to be fluid in character,
or perhaps made up of myriads of small
bodies, moving together like streams of
meteors which supply the periodic show
ers. But durinr several months past,
this inner ring has fallen more rapidly,
and finally the attraction of Saturn en
tirely overcome the centrifugal force,
and it closed upon thebodyof the planet,
forming a belt, which was gradually dif
fused over its surface, so that there is
now no trace whatever ot the ring left.
Is this to be the fate of the other ring
or will they ultimately gather into satell
ite, as Las more commonly been sup
posed. iiualillrM.
The want of positively good qualities
is of less consequence than the presence
of positively bad ones. The most fasti
dious will find no difficulty in enduring a
man who is little skilled in the nice
formalities of the drawing-room and the
dinner-table. If buch a man is unob
trusive, he will pass very well, thvoh it
is certainly desirable that all sh-"M be
to a tortain extent prepared to act ac
cording to those Jaws which the mass of
refined society have found to be condu
cive to their happiness. Bur, no man
can expect to be much liked who is ad
dicted to certain habits of a conpieuous
kind, and direct tendency of which,
to iuspire painful feelings in those around
him. Such a man must be insupportable.
Where are l be Hoj nt Xijjht.
Fathers and mothers look out for
your boys when the shades of evening
have gathered around you! Where are
they then? Are they at home, at the
pleasant fireside, or are they running the
streets? If so, take care: the chances
of their ruin are many. There is scarce
ly anything so destructive to their morals
as running about at night. Under cover
of darkness they acquire the education
of crime; they learn to be rowdyish, if
not absolutely vicious; they catch up
loose talk, they hear Mnful thoughts,
they see obscene things, they be
come reckless ami riotous. If you
would save them from ruin, save them
from prison, see to it that night finds
them at home. Let parents solemnly
ponder over this matter and do all
they can to make home attractive for all
the children so attractive that all the
boys will prefer it to roaming the streets.
There is no place like home in more
sense than one certainly no place like
home for boys in the evening. Chicago
Little Sins.
There are two ways of coming down
from the top of a church steeple one is
to jump down, and the other is to come
down by the steps; but Doth will lead
you to the bottom. So also there are
two ways of going to hell ; one is to
walk into it with your eyes open few
people do that the other is to go down
by the steps of little sins, and that way
I fear, is only too common. Put up
with a few little sins, and you will soon
want a few more : even a heathen could
say, "Who was content with only one
sin ?" and jour course will be regularly
worse every day. Well did Jeremy Tay
lor describe the progress of sin in man :
First it startles him, then it becomes
pleasing then delightful, then frequent
then habitual, confirmed. Then the man
is impenitent, then obstinate, and then
he is damned." Young reader, the
devil only wants to get the wedge of a
little allowed sin into your heart, and you
will soon be all his own. jSevcr play
with fire never trifle with little sins.
At the press Forney banquet in Wash
ington, Senator Sumner related an anec
dote of Joseph Bonaparte when he first
landed in New York after the overthrow
of his family, which has never been in
print before: "When leaving France, he
sought a home on this side of the ocean,
and landing at New York, he looked
about for a soldier, a gensd'arme, or at
least a policeman, to whom he could ex
hibit his passjwrt. But he found nei
ther, and at last exclaimed : 'This u the
first country where I ever found myself,
in which I could not find the govern
ment.' "
At K tnsas City the other evening, as
Olive Logan was lecturing upon Charles
Dickens, she gave vent to her known
dislike of "limp-backed babies," and the
audience manifested an opposite senti
ment toward the little aneels. Just as
Olive had recited one of Dickens" choice
passages, the cry of an infant was heard.
"Take that person away," she exclaimed
angrily. Her hearers would not obey.
They hissed heartily, and refused to al
low the mother of the child to leave her
Riding in a Camp street car yesterday
an elderly lady, clad in a dress of classic
pattern and yellow flounces, was engaged
in caressing the curly head of a iod!e
dog. The operation was watched by a
dandiTy dressed youth, who assumed an
air of well counterfeited dL-gust. Evi
dently he wished to impress all around
hiin with the exceeding delicacy of his
manners and great refinement. Finally,
as if wiping to attract more attention,
he whimpered loud enough for the lady
to hear him : "It is something pleasant
to be loved. I fcish I were a poodle,"
and he looked impudeutly at the lady.
"6ir, if that i all the requisite toobtaiu
affection, you should be happy. Be pa
tient ; -ou arc a pupnv now you soon
may becou,e a dog." AI O. 1'icagnne.
Mrs. Stanton is sharp, but she some
time "puts her foot in it" as awkwardly
as if she was a man. In her lectures
now-a-days she is asserting that the
Democratic party is a better party, has
mure love for justice, than the Republi
can party, and proves it by the willing
ness of that party to grant suffrage to
woman. It was the Democrats in Wyo
ming that pave woman the ballot. In
the same connection she points out the
lact that the women of 3'onnng voted
almost unanimously the Republican ticket
O, Mrs. Stanton ! Is that the way you
prove woman's inferiority by showing
that sh not on'y is ungrateful to those
who crant her favors, but that she natu-
rally'pfavitates toward thp moaner party?
ftifhiir' Tint.
Horace Greelev in his late "open let
ter" to Frank P. Blair, says: "You
would like to be the next candidate of
the rebels and pro-rebels for President ;
and I for reasons which nowise flatter
you wish success to that aspiration."
The Illinois savans are discussing cow
milkinir, some favoring the fore and aft,
and others the diagonal style. One pa
triarch believes that "every man should
be left free to miik according to the dic
tates of his own conscience."
King William, on being asked what he
thought was the most wonderful thing in
Versailles, replied by quoting the words
of the Doge of Genoa to Louis XtV. :
"(7 eft lie m'y voir." (It is to find my
self here).
SomeboJy says that a lady should al
ways ask the follnwing four questions
before accepting the hand of any young
man :
Is he honorable?
Is he kind of heart ?
Can he support me comfortably?
Docs he take a newspaper and pay
for it in advance ?
oAn Irishman applying for a license to
11 whisky was asked if he possessed a
good moral character. "Faith, yer hon
or," replied Pat. "I don't see the neces
sity of a good moral character to sell
. Generals, like doctors, will differ.
General Garfield thinks the Indians
ought to have the ballot. General
Sheridan thinks they ought to have the
bayonet- -rot, however, until they have
first taken the small pox.
It is staled that the High Church
party in England will resent the marriage
of the Princes Louise to a dissenter dur
ing Lent, by appointing a penitential
servies to take piace in all the churches
at the very hour the Princes puts off her
loveliness and becomes Lorn.
An exchange says: "Pulverised alum
and common salt put on a piece of cot
ton and chucked into a hollow tooth, will
shut up its aching so quick you wiil want
to hug us for telling you, but you can't
unless you have a certificate of good
moral character, a married womau, and
over twenty five,"
Rev Dr. Deems, in the course of his
remarks at the of Alice Cary,
said: "Men loved Alice Cary, and wo
men loved her. When a man loves a
woman, it is of nature ; when a woman,
loves a woman, it is the finest things
that can be said of Alice Cary, that she
had such troops of friends of her own
The Jefferson Era learns that tho
Beadle Dime Novel-reading young lady
who married an Indian some time asm,
i:i Greene county, in a sudlrn freak of
fancy, has not found it so romantic after
all, and has left him. The romance fa
ded when the realities of life camr 'id
she could not endure the savage of
life and fled.
Revenge. It is as difficult for re
venge to act without exciting suspicion,
as for a rattlesnake to stir without mak
ing a noise.
Members of a congregation in Massa
chusetts arc very unhappy because the
man who trescoed their church has made
all the little angels club-footed.
Which side of the street do you live
on, M rs. Kipple ? asked a counsel, cross
examining a witness. "On either side,
sir. If you go the other way it's on the
Mark Twain threatens to cae writ
ing periodically. He says trying to think
how he shall bo funny at a certain date
is very melancholly ; keeps him awake at
night ; prompts him to commit suicide,
run for Congress, or describe in print his
reminiseenses of distinguished men
whose funerals he has had the pleasure
of attending. With the April number
of the Galaxy it is, therefore, under
stood that he will retire from this field
of his triumphs. He will still, however,
contribute to its further glories, as oc
casion and inspiration may allow.
It is said that the muscles with which
we close the hand are much stronger
than those with which we open it. Now
it is the weaker opening muscles that we
i-e in giving money. Every one can see
the importance of a frequent use of these
weaker muscles, to keep them supplied ;
else they will become so stiff and rigid
that no call of charity can relax them.
The income tax law has been repealed.
It is not a matter of pleasure for us to
state that it does int affect us in the
least. Wo have no income, but an cut
hndishly big outcome,
A young iuan, charged with beinsi lazy,
was asked if he took it from his father.
"I think not, was the reply; "father's
got all the laziness he ever Lad."
A gentleman bavins a pony that ran
away and broke his wife's neck, a neigh
bor told him he wished to purchase it
fi.i- wife to ride upon. "Ne," says
me otner, i win not sen me nttte ici
Iow, because I intend to marry aain."
Furnas Sons & Co.
200,000 Apple Trees
GROWN in Nchraska soil on high upland
prairie, wit out artificially stimulant" of-r-ecially
for Nebraska market. Also I'iiuIi.
Pear. Cherry. Plum, Raspberry, Koscs, aud
Flowering Shrubs.
For Catalogue and particulars, address
Feb. 2d dAwSm. Nebeaska,
A lE have opened to-day a Bakery and Con
f fectionary on Sixth Street, one door north
oi r iizgeraiu s feioc-K. wnere we are prepared to
lurnisli any am junt of
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes &c.
Fancy Baking lono for Parties whenever do
sired. DAXY &. BR0.
March 13diwlm.
Have a
To all LoU and Lands in Cass county Neb
raska. r0mce with Maxwell Jr. Chapman, Attor
neys at Law, Plattsmouth. Nebraska
J. VT. Bnrne. Th . nWi
!.. 3'"iAwtf 1
Stoves, Tin, Hardware & Farming Tools ;
Manufacturer of Tin & Sheet Iron Ware
Roofing, Guttering, Spouting and Repairing don.
lam Selling First-Class Goods and Guaranty Not to
Undersold as 1 am Buying of First Hands,
A. No. 1 Plow and 2altivators, closing out at Ooit. Rmiabir
Jflain St.. JVext to
South Side Main Street,
r or warding and Commission merchants
Agents of the Omaha &St. Louis '0" Line Packets
Plattsmouth, f&eb.
We are now occupyiat the first Cecr of the Ilts ald Block. Corner Main Jc Second st. We
are doing
Forwarding and Commission Business,
Ware lloase attached, we ean furnish all the storage wanted.
All goodi sont in our care "HI receive
and goods distined for Lincoln, Ashland and the Blue River, will be forwarded withoat delay.
&T&TKfIjEJtT of the condition of the HMO
lNSUAiNCE COMPANY, of JN'ew York, on the 1st day
of January, A. D. 1871, made to the Auditor of the State
of Nebraska, pursuant to the Statute of that State.
The name of this Company is the HOME
and located in the city of New York.
The capital of said Company actually paid up in cash, is....,
The surplus on the first day of January, 1871
Total amount of capital and surplus
Amount of cash in Continental National Bank, N, T
" " " in Metrcpditau " "' "
" " " iu hands ot agents for transmission
" " 17. S. registc-'1 " eonnon stuck isol, market value
I mtc . -i3 Uonds d-u
m nsouri
Mortl Carolina
Rhode Island
is. Carolina
Wisconsin. War
N. Y. City Si Co.
Oiicns county
ICiehmotfd "
l'.ro klvn City
6 per cent,
6 "
Uank Stocks, maikct value..
Uuuo and '.lo.tsajcs. boint th fi?t lin of Record on)
Unicumbcred Real E tat.-, worth at least 4,000,000. rate of in-
terest 7 p-. ct ) 1.S37,
" " Loans on Stocks and Bonds. t lyable on demand, the market value I
of securities pledged, at least :WS.4''.J J
" ' Fteamcr Magnet and Wreckint; arparalus...
.. " " Oihcr property. Miscellaneous Itrins .-.
" T"ue for Premiums on Policies issued nt Office iFire and Inl'tnd)
" Bills receivable lor Premiums on Inland 2:ivigjtionUi.-ks. ice
Interest due on 1st Januiry. H7 1 -
(lovcrnn cut Stamps on hand
Real Estate
Amount of Looses adjust, due and unpaid
" cf incured, and in process of ailjustmen
" of DevidtnJs declared and ducand unpaid
" of " cilher ca h or scrip, d cl red but not yet due....
" id all other existing claims against the Company
Total amount of Losses; Claims and Liabilities. ..
The creates amount insured on any one risk is tiOO.OOO. but will not as a general rule exceed
The compa-.r has no general rule as to the amount allowed to be insured in any city, town,
villingc or Ulo k, being governed in this matter, iu each case, by the general chaiactur oi building,
width ot ftree -. facilities for putting out fires. ta.
Acerti!iedc iy of the Charier or Act of Incorporation, as amende', accompanied a previous
Statb np New York,
City nnrl I ounty of Aeio orl: )
Charles J. .Martin. President, and John II.
pany being s-'veially and duly sworn, depose and
is a true, lull and correi-t statement of the affairs
described I'tlicers thereof.
(Signed; J. II. Washbcrs. Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn before me, this 20th day
skaT t&'enedj
' , '
Auditors Office. f
Lincoln. February nth. 1871 .
I hereby certify that the Ki-going is a true eopy oftheannual statement of the Home Insur
ance Company of Aew Vork ca die in my office. (SignedJ mnvrnic-Tirp
Auditor of Nebraska,
H. E. PALMEri, Agent, Plattsmouth, Web. dCw4)
Best quality of Cigars and
All orders promptly attended to.
City Hotels
Number 9.
INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated in 1S50
$2,500,000 00
2.078.008 01
$4,578,008 02
$ 5.740 W
1'7.7. 18
66,7Ga 47
1,380.939 50
e lon,o-'7 r)
l.i.jf.'.oUO (Ml
2i.2!.9 00
S.5S0 00
12.9 0 OJ
16,30 IK)
51,0(10 V
56.IKX) IN)
market value
Mi l Vi ml '
564.390 00
14,115 00
lO.loO 00
3i).G0 00
6-j.lTj 00
2".750 00
25.000 00
97,000 00
133.425 03
615 00
249.300 00
8,t7j fs
.4-J7 2
9.0! !d 71
... 4H,.i 81
) 2
1,500 tAJ
$4,57S.O08 02
10D.3G8 71
30 00
SltO.008 71
Washburn. Secretary oftbe IIomk IviritAXCK Com
say. and each for himself says, that the ton-going
of said Corporation, and that they are the above
Chas. J. Martis, President.
of January, A. D. 1871.
Dealers in
Tobacco always on hand
Sells the Best and Latest Improved
style ot
Farm Implements,
COMPRISING iho celebrated Champion
Reaper and Mower. Kusselle Reaper and
Mower. MassiWon Thrshr. on I tha .i-ll -
iV,r "nu ""-ng combined, also the Kagle
Walking cultivator. Stubble and .Breaking
m ivna.
A. C. Itfayfield
and Charlei Viall,
traveling agents.
Plattsmouth Neb.
F. J. Metteer.
march 29dwtf.
A CGOD chance;
Having completed the platting and recording
of my(IiKg'8) Addition to tho City of Platts
mouth. I oni now prepared to dell
in the Addition at reasonable rates. Terras are
one half cash down; the other half payr'ilcfl
one year, at ten per cent, interest per jnum
from date of purchase until paid. To be secured
by mortgage on the property.
Donation to Churches.
I will give to the following religious denom
nation, vir. :
To the Baptist Church, lot 12 in hick "7
T" 1e ynpreMtiorial Chuivh. lot in block 28;
lo he Methodist Church, lot 1 in block 12;
To the Catholic Church, lot 6 in block 30;
To the Kpiscopal Church, lot 12 in block i9:
4- It16 Kreb?terV:.n '"-ch. lot 1 in block 23
lo tfie C hristian Church lot 12 in block 5;
To the Lutheran Church lot 1 in Mock 23-
A HIT Addition to ton ritwnf ui ... .il
i - it i . - i.mpiii-jum, upon
the following conditions, viz: That they shall
from this ii:ite : and. in case of l..ilnr. ,y,l
part of raid Church or Churches to comply with
above condition, then a-. l in that case the
lot or loU shall revert to me.
Donation to Public Schools,
I herebi
reby donate for the use of Tublic Disfriiv
Is. Lot 10 i n Hlr.rlf fi nnlk. n....U -I
Hin street, and Lot 10 in Mock 2. on the south
r, . 1,1,1 F,treet. n my addition to the City
1 1'laitsinuuth. s TilTK" v.
5,000 Acres cf Land for Sale
in this county. Also, Houses and Lots in this
city, at low prices.
Particular attention given to the buying ana
selling ot real estate, examining titles, and pay
ing taxes for non-residents. S. DUKE.
Real Estate Agent,
Lot for Ten Dollars.
. 1 will sell to parties desirous ot building und
improving, any of the lots in tli i:i
in my addition to PUttsiuouth, at ten dollars
'"l1 unJer the following conditions, viz:
Imild on the lot pure lifted a dwcllinc house of
ine uerson nnrrniKimr uiii t,n : i
me following dimensions, to-wit: The house
iu uk noi icss tnnn i-ix-Jl tort, with r ry not
lower than 8 leet. The frame must be good and
substantial; house well sbincled: foil nilii f
either of brick or stone There must bea kitch
en, ui ie.s man JVXI4. ISuiIdin? must he
completed on or before January 1st, 1870. Will
give a bond for a deed to the party who buys as
'V i'u rename is mauc.and uoon complying
with the above conditions, will give a good and
sufficient Warranty Deed.
. Selections may be made from the accompany
ir.s list;
Lots 5 and 8 in block 3 ; Lot 8 in block 4 : Lot
i , , uox- yia 'dock IS; Lotl2iD
block j,;: Lots 2. 9 and U in block 21 : Lot 8 in
block 22: Lots 2 and 8 in blork 'Zt- T.m s nn.i
11 in block 26: Lot 5 in block 27 i Lots l.i and 17
il 'j 0; L,ot3 nJ ' ,n block a; Lot 2 in
Hattsmouth. Aug.2Gtf. Office in Coart House
PJIe Item edy.
S arner s Pile remedy had never failed tnot
;ven in one case) to cure the very worst cases ol
Blind Itching or Eleading piles. Tbosewho are
tiiiicicu suouiii nnmediatel call on their urutrg
Sisls and get War era Pile Remedy. It is ex-
ssiy tor ttie rues, and is not reccommended
. oure any oth?r disease. It has cured manv
jae? of over thirty years standing. Price One
i'oiiur. r or sale ny druggists cveovwhere.
JV&V in
Warners Dyspepsia Ionic is prepared ex
pressly lor Dyspepties and those suffering with
jabitual Costiveness. It is a slight stimulatina
onic and a splendid appetizer; it strengthens
Jie stomach and restores the digestive organs
to their healthy state. Weak, nervous and dys
peptic persons SDouid use Warner xJvsrepsia
Tonic. For snle by druggists. ricelc Tiollar.
Coital Jvo More.
arncr s Cough Balsam is healing, softeninr
ma expectorating, the extraordinary j,ower it
ponsc-ses in immeuiateiy releiving. and eventu
ally curing, the most obstinate cates of Coughs.
old.i, bore Throat. Bronchitis, Influenia. Ca
jirrh, hoarseness. Asthma and Consumption is
tiinost, increnioie. fco prompt is toe relief ana
jeriain its effects in all the above cases, or any
flection of the throat and lungs, that thousands
)i pnysicians are daily prescribing it, und one
ind all say that it is the most healing and ex-
lectorating medicine known One doa alway
norus rcnei, mid in most cases one ic.tle ef
fects a cure. Sold by druggists, in large bottles.
Price Or.e Dollar. It is your owu fault if you
tun cougn uia suner. ine .Balsam wnl cure.
Wine or JLi"e.
Tho grent Blood Purifier und Delic iuus Drink
Warner's Vinum Vitae, or Wine of Life, is free
rom any pois-inous drugs or impurities, being
reparud for those who reqire a stimulant. It is
i splendid appetix;r and tonic, and the finest
.hicg in the world forpunrying the blood. It is
the most pleasant und delicious article ever of
"ere I to the public, far superior to brandy,
jvhi-ky. wine. Litters, or any otherarticle. It is
oiore healthy, and cheaper. Doth m.-ile and fe
nale. y uug or old. can take the Wine of Life.
It is, m lact. a lite preserver. lh:se who wish
to enjoy good health and u l'ee liow of lively
spirits, will do well to take the Wine of Life.
It is ditterent from anything ever before in use.
tt is sold uy druggists; :ilso at all re -portable sa
loons. I rice Uiit Dollar, in qt. art battles.
Sold By
Plattsmouth. Nebraska.
Don't Bodder Morrison'
Fcr He is Tco Busy Waiting
on Customers.
One Door East of the Court'House is the pla
to gctall kinds of
He has fitted up the finest Market in the Sta
and keeps no'bing but the best or
Meats. Meats delivered in any
(quantities on special
Ilifihest Prices Paid -for
Don't Forget the Place,
Morrison's "Shoo Fly.
J. TV. ltA1THS. 91. D.
reon-m-Chief of the Army of the Potomac,
Pl9tr?Tn.nh. Xc.hraska. Office at O. F. John
son's Drug Store Main street, opposite Clark &
Plummers. Private residence corner of Rock ac
1th streets, twe doors south of P. P. Gass'.
Estray Notice.
TA KEN op by the subscriber five miles west
of flattsmont.n. one small oiarg oeiier ra-.T.
Wiitnw MsaTffS.
Zi bow supplied wttk
Good New Presses
1 T 4
X-i J
JOB T Y 2? JC.
Attachment Notice.
rearet Sanmson by 1 In the T)isri.-t rnri va
her next friend I Judicial District n ami
vs. ; for Ca .'..lint v. Siiato nt
urcn . inompso l ; .eorutKii.
r. rri . i , . , .
ren S, ihoini.son o! the fe:ate of Illinois will
V t.-ike notice that JIarg irct Sain son. by her
ueAi int?uu i..ieiii m. mil on f hu ViViK
lay ol February A. J). 1S7I tile hr
the Difirici Court of the 2d Judicial District of
uie riaie ni teorusKa witnin und tor Ca
coumy, ngainsi iren n, inoinpson defendant
praying ju'ipemer t for the sum of one hundred'
ann tw.-uiy-.ive dolla-s with interest from the
Itith d .y o. Miy A.. D. lSil. ns damages tor
urencn oi covenant in uecu cutcd October 7th
A l IS-ii. said det-d executed and delivered to
riair.tirt, lhat Plaintuf did on the day of
against defendant, ami did cause the fol'owinir
rco. cuf? u HiinciiiuenE ro i,n im,..i
icji csiitic i uTicij'i.iiii e ni ijc IlliacilCd to Wit
N'ineacr s in the North West corner of lot no"
l"i in section eignteen '.181 tow iis'mh ' , i-
survey in Cas county. Suite of Nebraska, and
the said Oren r. Thompson is notitieu thai he is
required to appenr andanswer s:iid pelition on
range iiiur'een accir'iiiicr to nmr cni
jr uuioruint iu; i u;ty oi ipril A 11. 15; l
i:cxt friend Clem-nU
By Marqfett k Stko.vo, Attys.
fA !. Sargent & Co.
oaj) Maiiuractiirer
WE would in-ite Dealers and tha PnKii
generally 10 c ii: ana examine our stock of
S O .A. S ,
before purchasing elsewhere.
Mr. nargent having had the experience f
twenty years in manufacturing all kmdi nf
r-oaps. we are eonnuent ot giving entire sat iff m
tion to all who may favor as with tieir patroa
Soap exchanged for grease, and delivered in
any pa of the city.
Cas paid for rendered tallow and clea
greaAO. .
eoAD w orgs, iwearney virara, near ferry St.
Brid . Nebrask City. '
Jn l.SdAwtf.
7The bent of Horses and Baggies on hand.
Corner V ine and r oartn streets.
PlttsntouOi Vairwku
Is new receiving and has on hand (at the old
Und of YVnite Buttery)
Seutk side Maia Street. PlatUmeuth. 2Tb...
Stock of Prugs. Medicine. Paints. Chemicals
Lead. Varnish, tloal un, risn"H, maco-ne
Oil, (larg'.ing Oil. Cuetor Oil, Neatsfoot
Oil. Whale Oil. Linseed Oil. Lard
Oil, Essential Oil, Cod Liver oil,
and a large varie:y vl .'o
tious, l'rr::inerr. Fancy
ami Toilet Article,
Essences, Fla
voring exlraott
and all
Such as
Jayne'f Coe's
Ayers', Hcovillo's
Hall's Christie's Mc-
Lain'f. Morse's, Baker's
Wistar's, Wright's, Wake
field, tluysott's. Ptrry Davis
Roback's, Pctitt's, Mrs. Winslow's
Dr. Winctell's llortitter's. Drake's
Wallace's. West's and ol the most popular
Patent Medicines in us at the present day.
Brandies Wines and Whiskie
Of the Best Grades and Qualities, striotly for
Medical purposes.
Red or Rose. Green, Blue, Blm-k, Analine, Ia-
digo. Madder, Extract Logwood, Dry
Woods, Ac. In fact everything
that is needed in the drug
r Modical line.
f hysicians' erscriptions
Carefully compounded and put up at all hour
All Drugs waircntcd fresh and r.ure. Ca 11 b
fore buying, und sec what 1 have to sell.
riattsmouth. t cb. otli.d&wlf.
Sold Since their Introduction
Cooking Machines
the period
Being of the simnlest Construction, art
managed and guaranteed to give
Entire Satisfaction.
As no article in the !iniiati,l,l h.. rAi
influence in promoting the health, comfort and
happiness of the family circle than the Cook
tt;1.Ve. economy as well hi policy to ret the
KHY BLsf; and in buviiig the CHAKTLil
OAK. you can rrlv on irttiiifr tha mnRt mimf-am-
ful, popular and perfect Cooking Ktovs ever
Excelsior Manufacturing Co.,
612 and 614 North Main Street,
E. T. DUKE & CO.,
Weeping Water, Neb.
General Merchandise,
- mi? v
We re Agents for
Willcox & Gibra Sewinjj Machine,
kich u undoubtedly the Dt Machine now in
"Luxuries of Modern Travel."
In these davi the t
ic Las become ejccccxjiniclv lm-tidtrwi i i
t')o..taiu their patronage, a llailroad' lino iiint
be aole to insure Safety. K,e d and comfortable
ining curs, a direct route, gojd eonncctious and
arcful management.
The liurlington ronte is makine mr.
possess all thesn nnli-I, ,.. u:i. j
'" urB a route to all pouild east.
.u- . 7 .. . uiu uecree.
igh degree.
Koum. oy means ot its connect
we.-t. north
At Omaha with il.P ,v',uw8 5
f I tmu .. m ...II
NebaaVsk!atUm0Uth W'tb th U' M' II E-
3. At Hamburg, with theSf Joseph Railroad
for all points in kunxn. ton UU1
. j Al.(JtLu'nwa'. wi'.h th Ics Moines Valley
and north Missouri railroa'tr.
p5V A Turlington with the 11.. C. R. k M. R.
R,. for Davenport. Muscatine, ttc.
6. At Monmouth, with tho n i r t. c-. t
and Western Union Railroads, for St. Paul and
points in the north, and for St. Louis and points
in the south.
7. At Peoria, with the short line Blooming
ton route to Indiananolia. Cm, ir.r. .i; i .....:7-
and all points south and ea.-t.
- 3. At Peoria, with the T., P. & W. R. K for
Logan-port, Columbus, 4c "r
?n A;iWrtZ'n-lnT2 H'inois Central.
10. At LHICAfiO with .11 Tr.,r.L. l; r-
j. . ..uuwivrun
T. "e can be given then, than te,
TaS the Burlington ReuU." dtf.
y"ri"' mo n eresKiiry quali
fications of a UrM -class equipment of coaches and
locomotives-, a solid road-bed and heavv iron
Pullman s Pallaea R .n n. i. ,i