Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 13, 1870, Image 4

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Thursday. October i3i.7Q.
C. a M. R. KEPnAtKA.
T T Ellect Sept. 1370. .
J vr'-T-rt'-".'
Lc. 40 A. M.
l . io.v v y.
Le. V) .vi A. M.
L 1 1 . T A M.
Ar.11 2" A M.
A . - i ' .'"
A'. liM-'" P m ;
Ar. I.4 j '
Lo. 5.15 P.M.
1,, . I A P. M-.
I. ..'. P. M.
Le. :r P. M.
Ar.S.l P.M.
A -. . 5 "
Ar y.:o "
Ar. !'. -'ii "
Oo h.' ."-inc.
S, ,.!. i5. lid.
N' n-.on
Ar. 4.3 P. M
Ar- 3. lit P. M
Ar. 3.K1 I. M
Ar.C'3 P. M
Ar. 2.-J" P. M
Ar.;." "
Ar 1,17 ;
Ar. l:n
Le. 1.13 "
Ar. s r, A. M.
Ar. 7.-" A. M.
Ar. 7 .- A. M.
Ar. A.M.
Le. :'.-" A. M.
Ar. ') :;
Ar. 4.SO
Le. i eO
On aha June.
S. .oh Lend.
Oi enwood
B. &. H R. R.
To tike effect. Sue lay. Mhj- 1'-!
Pacifia Expix? :(-. a. in. 4: i p n.
7:0! ;. in. :"
ilii (-a -.1:!: p. m. t4."JJ a. in.
fTh above i- thet-me ihe Oir.npius arrive and
dipiirt to iaid noiu Vic dopot in this city. J
. C. B. & ST. JOE R. R.
gri1 Fprcrs 4:'!! p. m.
j"iKht Lxvrcf? a-
1-:1 p. 111.
ii:"J i. ni.
Tl i r;'-e rc"r-"ep;" from P!uttmr.utli cl- te tion ,i inC S,..ilh l.y U-avinn hero on the
wj. m. frain. ai.d close onucct ion w ilh tnLin
eoii g ?Ccrth 1 h av.iiR hfci e on the 'IU- tr:lin
or niz 'e.-TT:iouTii
3f AILS.
C B A St. .I'" K. K. Ponth
C P.. .V Sf. J' u K. U. North,
h. v i; i;. F-.t.
P. & M. K. K. Wc.-t,
(.'iiiahn b S1 i?'-.
pKrifVa Ciy. 1'V Stape,
Opm. 7 (1 p m
4 i. in. 7:JJi p m
tip in. 'Sipin
Vii in. -I r
11 a in 1 p in
1 in. 1 pin
1 i if i i if i ' r
7 am. "I'm
!.'! arts. Tin-- lavs, Thursday?, and Smur
from amtnSpm.
IB 1 1 1 1 1 I "
1i TTSM-rTH Lo k:e Xo. 6 A. T. Sc A. ,M.
Pv-s.'r in.- tii:ps at t'.cir LhiI on the first nnd
ion, bi ev.cru 'ALLUY w. N
f li ,,.;V PVPIIltlfs in r.lUIl 1UOULU. lirtiw
a"ph. S..i. 2 A. F. .V A. M. Rr?"':vr
moetints ititomi' liaii. urj-i imi-i
T. Crvttiif T
KuaskaChait.p. Xo. ? R. A. M. Itfttnlar
,v, .vitior s !""M.nd and fourth I ucsday eve
ut ta3 ,no,lth ij.7! Willi Li'u, II. P.
M'. T. O - . Fo?
u ln.T.!Fi:Lonr.E. iiosrr.'aruieet
s. . ' .i';. l'.ilv aw lwid on Wrduc-lay eve
,., l.ftv.rJ kn full moon of ea'di moiitii
a .'i M.. -i..r M.i-.i:. their w iv-. i-i.-lers and
,'i ... .!.i.n :,rF invited to att.-nd. I nn arried la
i,eu-t be over !iTi:KLLK; Patron
M.Va?. C. A. IH ki:. Paironess.
1 J. N. Wish. Pecorder.
B. O. O. F
r. .nf,r,-a t.f TMnOp I.nlce. Xo. 7. I. O,
r. F. every 'l'hursd.iy eveninir, at O.ld Fellow
Hail Traneient lirother? are eord-.auy inueu
to visit. JOHN VV.CAUIiOTUEIti, N. G.
liiil). I'ilOVCtlt, ics.
Platte Vali.kv Li't.r.E Xo. 5. Prarular
mn-ijTS every Th ir'.ay evening. lsitmg
broil er, aluayeKn Q
k. iiki?i:l. p. a- c. s.
v. v. llonakd. v. p.
I. O. i. T.
r,. .rr- To . r-r-n -:r o IVA TCirliPntrickAy-. C
T h ii I.'rwlsi.'w. S. i. P. Vinilham. Lodne
I ,. v. Meets at Court Ilou.-e llall every
"j 'l iv lravtliiig iempiars rc.-peci
rirr.srr Lor-fiK. Xo. 1. K. E
Lp: 1 T.: F. K. . hite. P. S. MeelsatCourt
li. use llii'l cr. the !irst and third Saturduy even of ea.-ti moi.'b. .
. II, .i.c 1 ..t.rr c. ? O. J. Ilavi.i.
t' r- "Andrew t'oiei'ian. W. S. Meets at Mt,
V-AiRViKir LotH::. J. J. ChondW,
?V i t . i l.'pspr. W. W. Calkin
loae I.Vruty. Me-tf t rery Wednesday even
ly Tri vi livc I .-iin I::rs re? eciiuny im m-.i
ihFF Uiiovf. Loh'jk. Xo. Ul. Atiioj linihih
..J. l".; VU!on. W. .S.: C. 11. A tnslow,
t r..1 T..',..,tv pverv lav evenine
Ti ji .-iini Teiupla -cnnectfuily invited to
n net iih us.
All A'.fie t'n thin Culaiim mill Le charted
ESTY-FIYK CKSTS a line fur each, i'i-
r i'y.
Goodw in and Youn?areour authorized agent:
t receive substriptioas fur the IIkrald atli
lA'id. The Herald office is now well sup
lied with nearly all kinds of legal blanks,
printed from the mrst approved forms
--yl in good L.ecliaiiical ttyle. Auion;.
thf. list are
Warant- Peed?,
Qnit Claim Peeds,
Peal Estate Mortgages,
Clint tie Mortgages,
;'istructiens for taking Pepoitions.
Saiatuons, etc., etc. dJcwtf.
irild geese, ducks, and other niigratory
iowls have commenced their journey
southward, indicating tho approach of
Pr private note from Weeping Water,
we learn that grain and hay have sus
tained serious damage in that locality in
consequence of the late rains.
We had the pleasure of a call, yester
day, from Mr. Fox, of Illinois, who visits
the W e-d: for the purpose of hunting a
location for a newspaper.
We have a sample of corn raised by
Mr. II. M. Miller, of this county, which
is good for sore eyes. The ears, a fu!j
foot in length,arc well filled, and we are as.
tured the field will average 100 bushels
to the acre.
More business houses are wanted in
Plattsmouth. Wc have heardenquiries
made fore a great many dusincss rooms,
reoentli-. Who has the means and the
will to erect more business houies ?
The great evils of life are said to be
ftari'im? collars, stove-pipe hats, tight
tools, Lad whisky a ad cross women.
The rlection is over, and the Herald
will again resume, its accustomed work
of furnishing its ren ierswlth" a, complete
history of the doings tf town, "county
and State, and advertising trio great
benefits of the country to the world.
Jaruc3 McBride, Esq., returned last
evening from his surveying expedition on
the North Platte. He came off without
a scratch, although John Livingston,
who had the contract adjoing him on the
oast, hnd one or two bnahea with the
"noble rod men.'
Jonn jiuiKcr, dr., nepi.e.v oi uisi.op
Chi, rcrl.rng on the Weeping Water,
Lear aj-! .r's school ho .se, necldcr.t;d.y
cut his foot so severely that amputation
of two of Lis toes was found necessary
The youn - tuan U doin- as well as cou.d
r,rm.t...I,1n,!,.rt!., .-Irp-.itnstan 2Cr.
W ' I I.,. I ..t.. V,.
ii . , , ,
ro say mat lie is u . iuu.oi ma-, hu-
therS. F. Cooper nor A. . Pattcr.-on
wrote the letter to the, Oniiha Ilnahi
which lift rep.ied to a few days since.
II j abo desires us to say that he wa
mi-taken in regard to Cooper being in
toxi?aod or b bavins ungentlemanly.
.7. i. k:5i'kjx - a.
Have reuioved to the oi l .'tan i r-f K. T.
Duk'-.tCo., one door ca.-t of Vallerys
& HuShcr. Tl.eyare prepared t.i do a
hef.vy cotami.-eion Lu.-ri'uess, and parties
shipping good jrom the cast for Ash!a::d,
L:nco!n, :n i other western towns, will
find -I. P. ?inip-o:i & Co. ju:-t the nun
to consign their goods to, iVr re-ship
xoru n-sT.uE J AIK.
Tlioe to whom were awarded premi
ums at the ?tate Fair are lierel.y info m
ed that Ca-h, Plate, nd Pi. ionia arc on
.1.,..; I'riMii.vilin'tn t-'U-m!! til wllOUl
Ml III ..1W...1..1..-, - i ,
they I e'oi-u'. If not ca.n d ior l.y .Janu
ary l, ls-71, hy the Laws of th.; Hoard
they will be declared forfeited.
K. W. riJUNAS, Pres.
P. II. WlIEI.LKP., Sec.
Tlir. fOlSTV L!.EtTtO..
The election in this county has been a
mixed affair, and the indications at th-?
present writing are that the reuh is a
mixed affair, Yc have not yet nc- ived
full return, bet enou-h have been re
ceived to at lea-t a portion, it not
all, the so-called people's ticket is elect
ed. There has been much said d::r':ig
the boat of the campaign that should
have rem lined un.-aLi many personau
t: indulged in thitt nover should tr.t r
into political contests. We believe those
why have brought about the pneseut re
sult in this county many if theia, at
leait have dene so because they bc
lio' e l thoy were d oiug for the lct, and
those who have opposed them have act
ed from the same motives.
Uov. the entire itejmhli
can frtate ticket is elected, not withstand
ing the Gov. was dropped by many Ile
publicans and Croxton v tt d for in his
sfcad. Nemaha, Cass, Poug!ass and
Poihre v.-.
- n id ore J t!i
ie o:i!v count ie.
where much scratching would be done
on the Gov., ami in the.-e fc-;r countie
he lias not l.'st to exceed a thou-anJ
votes. This leaves his election a certain?
ty by a very large majority. We wi.l
give the figures a; fast as they are re
ceived. GOV. Hl'-ir ICR ASD ur.S. ROItF.ItTK.
Tlie-e two gentlemen addressed the
pcopb of our city last Monday iiiuht,
with good effect. Tlie straight-f rward
manner of the Governor in telling the
people just what he has done and what
ho will do and what lie will not do, goes
house to the hearts of honest men, and
convinces them of his sincerity and hon
esty of iurpve. He made v-.tos in this
locality M-m-lay evening. It was late
when the Gov. closed, and (Jen. Roberts
was necessarily compelled to make his
remarks exceedingly short, much shorter,
in ft ct than his audience d-2.-ircd. Tli s
was the Gen.'s first visit tothiscitj-, and
we had hopeJ to hear a full and com
pk to speech from him. lie is a young
man, but we must say that wo condder
him cne of th ; finest speakers in the
Str.te. Could we have had a few route
such men nsGcn. UoLerts on the stump
during the campaign there would not
have been so much scratching cn election
day. We hope to hear him many more
times in that same eloquent fctrain.
Experience shows that brown sand
stone cannot profitably be employed for
the fiontsof buildings in New England
towns. Its j urous nature makes it ab
sorb a large quantity of water, which
Inezes and splitt off layers of the stone.
Mine. Uhich, the wife of the Govern
or of Strasbourg, is quite the talk nov.
Her boy, Alnort, went to north, and
was rcportca among the shun. he ui
fectionate mother walked to the battle
field, found the young-ter asleep in a
barn, kis.-ml hint, and stola away, so as
not to distuib his slumbers. '"You will
tell Albert I cure and kisred h:m." she
said to a man our-i do. Mine. I'lrich was
once the famons diinson-e T;iglioni, but
she never appeared in o pretty a pose
lefore in all her life.
The following pafairaph has a point
that every editor can appreciate :
It is strange liow sensitive some men
are. They will pet drunk, rave about
the streets, yoiunsr like savages, go home
ui'l beat their wives and turn their
children out of doors, being so proud of
the achievement as to make the neiuh-
bors coiicious of the ftct, pay a tine with
great complacency bet ore a magistrate,
and having made themselves as notori
ous as poss'ljle will slide round to the
edh'.r an 1 bo;r him, with tears in their
Co. not to bring disgrace to their fami
ies bv menrioiiim: the little affair in the
paper.'' O. Tiihune.
"Treat Inc."
The popular fa-hn.ii of "treatinsr" is
responsible far a large share of drunken
ness that devastates so many families in
America. There would be as little need
of temperance societies and as little work
for the Good Templars as there is in
Germany, Fia'iee or It-ally, if this per
nicious and in idious habit was abolished.
It is. take it all in all, the mo.-t ridicu
lous, the most unreasonable, and most
pestilent custom that ever laid its tyran
ieal hand on civilized human beings.
I'rny la Your t m:: Hy.
Says Per. Xoriuan Macleod : "I shall
never forget the impression male upon
nie during the first year of my ministry
by a mechanic whom I baj visited, and
on whom I urged 4'iv'JTa'mount duty of
family praj-er. Oneway he entered my
study bursting into t&rirs as he said :
'Vou remember that girl, sir; she was
my only child. Siie died suddenly this
mormng; she has" gone I hope to God.
But if so, she san tell Him what now
breaks ury heart that she never heard
a prayer in her father's house, or from
her lather's lips ! O, that she were with
nic but for one day again !' "
Never go to church with a cough, tnd
disturb thercs.' of the congrcgatiou.
PrKi, at St. Lakes Rectify, Piatts-
! inou h, N'.Lrak, on Tuesday, Octo
ber lith, lbTo, Rkiu.cca Ellen, be
loved wife of' Rev. Henry Saint
i i - .
: -"'K.r. x "l
1 he djul.tor of truly p.r-
eats thro'-ga whose chilsti ui tia'niiur
an J the hle.-sed ir.hVenees of the Holy
1 - . . - ! !
V,-1U51' L",,t imt
um oi rcii.on, mat Drtior parr, wiiicii
ro man taki-th away, at. las a member of
the Sand Street M. M. Church, Lrooklvn,
X. V., she was looked up to, whilst but a
girl, as. a pattern of Godliness and gen
uine christian simplicity.
She graduated with the highest honors
in the public school-, and in the Packer
Institute, Uroc i.h n, 2s. Y., she received
a Pipioma and Teacher's Certificate
of the hichos.t gnu?"', and in one year
during which the "taught, firt in the
juni-r anil then in the Grammar Pepart
rnutit of the public scb.oi i, she earned the
highest recommendation of the princi
pals and the supeiintendentof the Hoard
of Education of that city.
In her nineteenth year, with her fath
er's consent and the approval of her
household, she gave her heart and hand
to the man of her choice, whom she truly
enriched by such a gift, and who, in his
now sad bereavement, only too pain
fully knows and must lament in his lonely
life, the irreparable loss of such, a wife.
Accounting the reproaches of Christ
greater treasure than tJI earthly riches,
.-he accompanied her husband, a minister
of the Ppisopal church, to this far
West, whe:e she has Lobly supported
him in the labors and ti LL of mission
ary's life during the two years of her
.resi Icnce here. In her the church has
lost one of its most devoted daughters, its
sweetest sinier, a flederof the lambs of
Christ's flock, and her hu.-b;n 1 has lost
in her the sunlight of his life the joy of
his heart and the strength of his ban Is,
for she was an help-meet indeed and in
As a thil-l and a si.-tcr, she was most
dutiful and affectionate ; as a friend,
warm hearted an sincere ; as a christian,
Christ -like; as a teacher, she combined
the highest qualities, required in that of
instructor and friend ; as a wife, as one
heart well knows, it may be said, "Whilst
tho daughters have done excellently, she
has done more excel'-erirly than they all."
Porn in Ireland, A. P. I JS, she came
to America in graduated in Ituo.
married 1SG7 ; fel'adeep in Christ iSTu.
"The Lord save, nnd the Lord hath U.V.:n, .
Iic-.--c-d bs ill? 1:5X0 cf the Lord."
The Ker. Mr. Young has requested us
to thank, on his behalf, the members of
Ids parish, and the citizens general!-, for
their kindness, tenderness and care dur
ing the sickness and after the death of
his wife. He feels especially indebted
to the ladies of the city who had more
immediate charge of the last duties on
this sad occasion, and favorably im
plores upon them the blessing of God.
On our part we assure him of the most
heartfelt sympathy, in the expression uf
which words can be of but little service ;
but he who has so of;en pointed to the
fount of pity and compassion will not
need to be told by us of its inexhausti
ble supply, ami its richness of love.
May God sustain and comfort him.
liiH.ia Commission Visit to Fori
I.nramJe Superb KniorJainment
ife-J 4 loii.l acta Com pit ui Oils Daiibl.4
of SI:e X ii ('i:niw. dr., Cc.
Fx. I). A. Hi'ssem,, W. T. )
October Mb. lt70. I
Pkar IIf.HA LI) : At the earnest solic
itation of t!i3 oCicers at Fort Laramie, I
ma le a visit to that Post a few days
The Indian Commissioners, Messrs.
Campbell or Brunei, with a larg'3 escort,
liaving preceded me by a few days. On
the morning of the 23th ult , in a special
ambulance drawn by four splendij mules,
Mrs. .Wise, Mrs. Major Sumner and my
self were bowling along the road v.t the
rate of six miles an hour. The skies o!
Italy could not be finer than ours on
that bcautifni morning. Noon found us
at Horse Creek, where, under the? shade
of a cottonwcod, we spread our co'lation,
provided by that charming lady Mrs.
Sumner. To say we did ample justice to
the choice viands, would only be the truth
At " o'clock, p m., we drew rein before
the Kanche of Mr. Philips, a contractor
and bonier at Chug Wnter. A splendid
supper was provided .by Mrs. P., soon
after which we improvised beds, and
laid us down, thankful to the kind Provi
dence that had thus far watched over us.
Early the next morning we were on our
way again, and at noon lunched at Chug
Spring-, amid the most romantic scenery
of tint iT-gitiii. Here we were mot bv !
Msjor Sumner, with an escort of twenty
men, who, having been apprised by tele
giaph of our visit, came out to escort us
in. .Ve arrived at the Fort at 3 o'clock,
p. t'.i., and received such a welcome as is
but seldom accorded lo visitors of any
grade. I was soon quartered with my
oi l, tried fricnl, Brevet Mjor Powell
who, with his most estimable lady, did
everything in their'powr to make our visit
ThePramatie Association had prepared
a phiy for the evening of our arrival, and
most admirably was it performed. At
o'clock in the evea'ng, the band gave us
a sartndee.
The next day Gen. Flint gave us a
dinner, and a most notable affair it was.
Such an entertainment as but few ladies
be4d.Jes Mrs. Fiint can give. Oa Friday,
Major PowtVi gave a dinner, and anyone
that has ever dined at Mrs. Powell's
table can judge of the character of the
entertainmenL Suffice it to say it was
On Sabbath we held service and had a
large and "appreciative audieuce. Mrs.
Wise officiated at the organ, and was
sustained by Lieut. Augur and the
Misses Flint. On Monday we dined
with Col. Bulloch, whose reputation for
hospitality is very widely known. As
the redoubtable Red Cloud was very d-
hberale iu his movements, wc concluded
! not to Lli aii'vid, Lav! a 2 .-et; him
federal tiujoy, our cur:o:-::y was ita very
frreiit. V.'c hxs Lis lroihea:;i Lrother
In law "'Ihe-aiaa-arraid-of-hi-horscs,"
l-oi-ides several other chiefs wit?i their
On Tt!f'hiy n:orti"rr, having taken
his exeei.ewy 5ov. CaiupLell in the j Irtue
of Mrs. :iiu:ner, who concluded to wait
until the council should be held, we
!, started homeward, our good friends
having made evcrv arrangement for our
eomfjrt: on Wednesday evening we ar
rive i .vaiUy home, after having enjoyed
un.j'.ioyed pleasure the whole time we
were absent.
I fear the Lilians will not be satisfied
with the resukof their meeting with the
commissioners, an 1 that we shall have
the same scenes enacted next year, that
have been enacted iu the past.
Post Chaplain, U. S. A.
Sen at Tl ji,n '""tie Advertiser.
"Senator Tipton, in his speech last night,
referred to the course of the Aden ti'str
as to two points : First, that it had not
the "backooiK;" to do its duty in this
campaign; and that it had no: satisfac
torily sustained him in his course iu the
campaign. We de.-ire -no controversy
with the Senator ; will have none. He
claims the right to he governed by t lie
convictions of his own conscience. Wo
accord that to him, and only claim the
same for ourself. We claim and have
exercised the "backbone" in discharging
what we conceive to be our dut- to the
patty of which the Advertiser professes
to be an organ, regardless of per.-onal
considerations, or the ful-omo and hypo
cii.i:al iiattery of an oppo.-ition yro.-s
that might, nnd always does follow an
instance of desertion of post in political
matters. We to, have a duty to per
form, and while we desire, and often seek
the advice of friends and associates,
must be permitted to act finally, in accor
dance with our own convictions of right.
Our passions, we never permit to control
us ; our sicts ami words are postponed for
"the cooler moments. "
A to su-t lining him in the course he
is pursuing at resent, we cannot do it.
Not one Kepublican paper in this State
sustains him ; not a Republican paper in
i ho United States sustains bitn ; but very
few of his wanne.-t personal friends sus
tain him. The Democmt in this city ;
the Omaha JerufJ and Times Nebraska
City are the only papers in the State, or
elsewhere, that are sustaining him, and
they only because his ''ourse benefits
them. They will curso him as soundly
as ever, after the election. Is it sTange
that, the Atlctj-ti.--er fails tosu-t;:n him?
We believe Sen. iter Tipton to be an
honest, conscientious man ; desiring to
be governed by pure motives in all lie does
nn i says. He has, however, like ali the
rest of us, his faults; and some serious
one: injurious mo:e to himself than
otlur-. He ishigh-tcmpercd ; quick and
impulsive ; moves and acts upon the first
impulses, and therefore says and does
many things that in his "cooler moments"
ho regrets. We have known him inti
mately for manj' years, and are prepared
to, and do make many allowances for him
on this account. Senator Tipton and
the Advertiser will not quarrel. JJroicn
vlUe Advertiser.
Pr. Liebriih, of Berlin, as?crts that
he has discovered a substitute for chlo
roform, the use of which is free from all
the disagreeable sensation consequent
upon the use of that drag. He caihdit
ethlindeu chloride. It is a colorless fluid,
of no agreeable odor, and very volatile.
Sleet, sud loidy overtakes the inhaler,
and he wakes quickly and involantarihy,
as from a natural slumber.
A Dutchman once m i an Irishman o:i
a lonely highway. As they met, each
smile.!, thinking be km :v the othi-rj Pat,
on seeing his mistake, remarked, with a
look uf disappointment :
"'Faith an' I thought it was you, an'
vou thought it was me, an' it's naythur
"of us."
The Dutchman replied :
"Yaw, dat is v-hru ; I am anedcrman.
und you is net yourself; we pe poth
some oder pomes.
'Germany claims that every man in her
army can read and write, while of the
French forces at least seventy per cent,
can do neither- This fact itself deter
mines the balanc" of American sympathy,
and will probably decide the feeling oi'
the seat of war. Bayonets think in these
modem days, and thougt rales.
Speaking of paper the Japanese u-e
it for almost everything except food.-
They do not eat it for it i not palatable
oven with a sauce but they do clothe
them -elves with it nlmost wholly; it is
made a substitute for linen, cassimere
sn 1 silk, for glass in windows, for steel in
knife blades, for felt in hat, for leather
in boots and harness-, for lamp-shades,
fire screens at. 1 lanterns; for twine, for
crockery, for handkerchief-, for table
cloths, for money, and even for waiter
proof suits and umbrella-. Paper among
us is, so to speak, in its infancy. .
Ytko Sbm:!l tin tltr lonrtlag?
Mrs. Stanton thinks that women oughf
to do the courting, bccai-se men are
vacillating and awkward in their love
making and she humbly believes that
nature intended man for the rough ork
of life; to dig into philosophy, politics,
parallelograms and potatoes, and humbly
to wait iti hiso aterial tphere undi select
ed by the queens of the heart h-tom.
Don't the "queens" do the selecting
now ? They refuse or accept at will, ami
with a good deal cf wih, often, too:
i ITV 2I5i i i'.!,.
J. K. Holland. Proprietor, eorner of Main and
Third streets-. Pia.tsm.iuih, Nebi.iska. Il ivin?
been refined zud newly tun.i.-hcd otTcre first
chtes accommodations. Loard by the week.'"
dny. iauffoiawt-.
I5!.TO. KROS.,
to do work in good style, on short notice, an.,1
as cheap as the cheapest. o" shop, corner o'.
Main ai.d 1 ouiib streets. jauK.lldtf.
ITarin? permanently loeated at Weeping 'Wa
ter Falls, tenders his professional srviees to the
litirens of Cass eounty. Nebraslft. 'Jan"''jiX
1?VR SALE. Two lots in Glenwood. Cheap
UeplS ri. ill'KK.
aere3 of land adjoining
I Plattsiuouih
l.ufiuire oi
ir0R SALE The subscriber offers for sals n
r vta-s.-de water i.ow.r. two miles below
water power.
Pt.iffs. "i -.i ji, tear tlie ..Iisoun river, with
uliieiu . .a'.er an I fall wi;h eeonotn man
Rt'etnei.t to prfniuee power equal to a i,a l:or-e-powersteuni
engine. The fticr is en
Rasred in other badness ani cannot ucvote h's
attention to the business of milling, and will
sell said water power lor a reasonable nnee.
Apply to Maxwell A- Chapman, deeildiwt
1. Sold separately or together, to suit pur
e'uaser. The engine is 10'ixlS inehes. and is in
dcrfeet order good Is new. Call and ?ee at
Wayman c& Curtis'
John TufTe.
(J. B. Lake.
J. E. La
in as-tcr.
I sJi I ! i I I 1 I i i I 1 ! !
5 s2
David Cut
ler. jd -1 i ;
J. ILCrox
ton. w. II.
I V t i
e t: -
J. M. Me
J Kenzie.
A.T. Conk
lin. Georse H.
it; Sis;
W. II.
J. c.
Co will.
S wart 7.-
Ii' lander.
F. M. Wol-
1 Jos. Me-
- - k ir.THin
J. T. Can
lijf non
,- J. M. Tat-ter-.n.
I). L. Clapp
,; .1. Rouse.
E. Xoyc?.
'.Tneot Val-
Ury. Jr.
For Pale of Co.
Property and
SpeciM Tax.
Against Isnlc of
County Pr p
ert and Spe
cial Tax.
Weeping Water is reported to have
given a small majority against all Re
publican candidates except Woloott, who
received 84 votes nearly all that was
Store Creek gives 10 majority for
Woleott over Clapp.
It is reported that Tipton precinct has
given 30 Republican majority.
Tle'noeratic ticket probably elected
by 100 majority.
Croxton 84 majority.
Butler oO majority.
Jhe precincts herp-d from give Butler
0 majoritv, and TaiTe 110 majority.
Returns not all in. but sufficient to
show that Thayer and Taffe have carried
ticket over Bolters and Pemoerats by
500 majority, and Butler has 2-30.
Butler, 371
Croxton H9
Butler 05
Croxt tn 8"
One precinct in Saunders county gives
5.S Republican and one Democratic vote.
Croxton, 52 maj.
Taffe. 227 mai.
' -"notice:
All persons are heredy notifid not to
purchase a check on Tootle, Hanna &
flirt- T.'..tsT..nntVi rrivPIl
I , T' i , t t
'.by J. A. Connor, payable to li. J.
Palmer or bearer (or order), as payment
as been stopped on the same.
Oetl2J3t L- J. Palmrr,
Mrs. L A. Huntley will do any work,
in either of the above branches that the
ladies cf Plattsmouth and vicinity may
favor her with, in the latest style. Resi
dence on 6th street, one door south of
Gen. Livingston's. octlOdtf
2KH) pounds Plastering Hair on hand
for sale cheap. J. P. Simpson & Co.
If you want a neat calico dress, go to
Vallerys & Ruffner's. They are now'
selling tho beit lor 121 cts per yard.
. " . " '". II Uould
: : ::::::rii
: c : -ijC15: : : : : i--iic!
Richard x
: : : : : t : r : Lrown. rn
' tc: : t.': : : : ' 3
; ocS .c: : : c: : : : -
For. X
i s i I N ! !
Again't. o
: :::::::::::::: 'X
C "S
5. .U.
Kiikpat- n'-j
11-.:!: rlck-
L. Shel- 3
' I :'. tz (loll. c5
i ggyrj; : 'd': : : : t
A. R. re,'S
: !::: Kennedy k
: : : Si : : cij
. ' X
W. Pot-
tonfc't r. ,
: :::::: t": C
I v!$:sl : : li: : : : lic tS
: ,S J- W.
! SliSS: : iy. : V.1' Johnson.
- ;
: I tic-i : - -1 . :
The Evening Star is the most beautiful
sheet-iron cj-linder wood stove made. It
is durable, economical, -and the poor
man's friend.
We use a Charter Oak Stove, or at
least o ir better half does, and she says
there is nothing in the way of cooking
that cannot be done easy and quickly on
that stove, and we therefore recommend
it to all.
Aye, look at the ruins of what once
were niagnificen sets of teeth, to be seen
everywhere in society. Look at them,
and ask yourself if it is not marvelous
that such destruction is permitted, when,
by simply using Sozodont, any teeth,
however fragile, may be preserved from
decay or blemish as long as life lasts?
' Spaulding's Glue," useful in every
You can save money every time by buy
ing your boots and shoes of Clark &
Plummer. Sept. 2'., d(3wl.
G rover & Baker's Sewing Machine is
the best in market. Vallerys & Eufl
ner are ag-uts. Those in want of a good
Machine will find it to their advantage
to give them a call.
Vallerys & IIufTner have just received
a new supply of Boots -and Shoes, which
they- are selling very low.
Dwelling house for sale cheap, in
quire of D II WIIEELElt & CO
Ladies, go to Clark & PI u miner's for
your Shoes and Gaiters. They are ju-t
receiving their fall stock, you will find an
endless variety to select from
Sept. 2'., do wl.
Something new, the very latest in the
way of hats and caps for men and boys at
Clark it PluuiHicrs.
Sept. 2'J, do wl.
Ladies, Clark oi Plummer are receiv
ing the finest stock of Press Goods and
Trimming, ever brought to the city. Call
and see. Octtiddt
Go to Clark Sc Pluiiiiuers for Carpets,
Oil Cloth and Matting. OctOdl
O'Brien (Stadehuan's old stand) has
just received some of those latest style,
side lace, ladies' boots. Oct3dtf
Farmers! if you want a good pair of
boots, coar. e or fine, do not fail to exam
ine O'Brien's stock before purchasing
(Stadehuan's old stand.) OetSdtf
A beautiful assortment of ladies' and
gents slippers at O'Brien's, also some
very fine and handsome ladies' and misses'
sorgo boot-i. Before you buy be sure to
cnll there. OetSdtf
Paine t Windham have for sale a
farm of loO acres. 100 acres under culti
vation, and well watered. The pur
chaser can have two years' time on half
the purchase money. Apply at Office,
Main street, Plattsmouth, Neb.
The celebrated Garden City Clipper
Plow, at cost, at the New York Store.
A large, new dwelling, containlns
ten or twelve rooms, situated on tlie Hill
near the city Park. Enquire of
John F;ttsgekald..
Oct 3dtf
We are are prepared to show to the
public the most complete stock of familv
groceries ever onercu in tnc city, inose
goods are fresh, the best to be found in
market and at prices that defy com pet r
tion. Wo call special attention to our
stock of canned goods.
Sept, 20, dOwl.
Go to Vallerys & Ruffner's and look
at the Panier Arabs, the prettiest in the
market. apl5d.twtf
Go to YaHo-ys & RufTncr and buy you
Groceries. They buy for cash and wil
not be undersold.
Are now receiving the largest stock o
Dress Goods over brought to this mar
ket, which they are selling cheap for
cash. aplodiwtf
Go to Vallerys & Ruffner's and buy
your Boots and Shoes, the. best in mar
ket, aplod.iwtf
Vallerys & Ruffner have tlie larges
stock of Groceries ever brought to the
city, which they bought for cash and at
reduced prices. Call and examine their
stock. . aplSd&wrf j
If you would live to "a ripe old age"
and always feel that jour family is pro
vided for in ease of .accidental death, go
to-Card. J. W. Marshal, at the P. 6.,
nnd get a policy in the Missouri Valley
Liile apn!2Stt.
The Last Cnll.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to tis by note or account are re
quested to call and settle immediately.
Vallerys & Ruffner.
Go to Vallerys it Ruffner's to buy your
Dry Goods. They are selling cheaper j
than the cheapest.
We have for sale the following list of I
valuable lands in Cass County Nebraska
Sec. Tp.
Nw qr
Sw qr
Se qr
Sw qr
Se qr
Ne qr
Ne qr
-e qr
Se qr
Nw qr
Nw qr
Nw qr
. Se or
Se qr nw qr 23
L ht sw or lo
W hf sw qr
Ehfse qr
E hf ne qr
Ne of nw qr 23
Whfneqr 11
Se of ne qr
Nw of se qr
From One to four years' time will be 1
given on part the purchase money on a
large proportion oi the above lands.
In addition to the abovi list we have
Improved Farms which we can sell on
reasonable terms. Call at our office for
Paine & Windham,
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Main Street I'lattsmouth, Nebraska.
Jhe largest ami Cheapest StOCK Ot new to establishing ami supplying eun iay scnoois.
IT..!! .n,l Wii.for TW hn,- it the pw Parties ordering supplies can send money ins
Jail and inter JJress, l.oous at the Aew draft or l06t Qiiice orders aJ- res
nil- Sta-ii-p rru-npr "lain anil Second T. F. WHEELER.
Mr. T. II. Goodwin, who has fir some
weeks past been in the employ of John
Jennings, has now purchased the estab
lishment, secured tho services of two
first-ilass workmen, au 1 will hereafter
carry on the barbering business in the
best style of the art. Give him a call if
you want a "clean shave" or your hair
trimmed in the latest style. Shop one
door east of Siadelmann'a Clothing
tore. jy8dtf
A few city orders lor sale. Enquire at
the Herald office.
Custom made Chicago Boots, cheap at
the New York Store, corner Main and
Second Streets. sept20dtf
Largest stock of Blankets, at reduced
prices, at the New York Store.
For Rent A dwe'ling house, situa
ted in a desirable location. Enquire of
P. II. Wheeler ic Co.
For one of the celebrated Jackson
(Michigan) wagons, the best wagon
made, go to Vailery & Ruffner.s.
P. II. Wheeler it Co. are offering fur
sale over 100 lots in the City of Platts
mouth, at prices ranging from $75 to
$250 each. je23tf
Go to Lambing & Fraziers Shop to
get your Smithing done cheap, and in
good order. sepTdlui
A fine assortment of clothintr, cents'
furnishing goods, hats, caps, also a good
assortment or cassimeres anil otlier piece
goods can be had cheap. I have a first
class Tailor in the store, who is always
ready to to make up goods on short
notice. Wm. Stadelman.
A house and five acres of land for sale
vcrv low. Apply to
june25dtf P. H. Wlll.ELFR & Co.
o m
If 3'ou want a first rate article of soda
water, call for Bkeed ii Beneiux.
. 1 '7 A NOS TU NED
By L. F. Johnson, 1'lattsiuouth. Satis
faction guaranteed. Also, the best of
music furni.shed for all respectable occa
sions, janMtf
The members of Platte Lodge, No. 7,
I. O.O. F. . are hereby notified that
from and after the present date the regu
lar meetings of the Lodge will be held
on Thursday evenings of each week,
in-tead of Saturday evenings, commenc
ing at 8 o'clock. Next meeting on See
on I Thursday of September.
Geo. E. Pkongek.
Plattsmouth, Si pt. 2. Js70. Sec'y.
so j did tf
A splendid line of ladies' and misses'
fine pebbled and plain go it shoes, jt
O'Brien's, next to Stadeiman's clothing
store. Oct;;Jtf
Mcndler it Wheeland, of the Star
Mills, -rill deliver all flour, feed, etc.,
sold by them, to any part of the city
without extra charge. octo uf.
E. II. Sehutt's City Restaurant is the
place to get fresh oysters. They serve
them up in the finest style. septUdtf
If 3'Oti want to save money, go and
buv vottr Groceries, Dried Fruits, and
any other goods, at the New lork store.
The undersigned are running an om
nibus line to and from all trains and
boats. Passengers taken to eir from any
part of the city. Orders may be left at
"ither of the hotels or at our stable.
septtidtf BUTTERY t LAZENBY.
Vallerys & Ruffner are selling the cel
ebrated Smith Wagon.
Wholesale and retail buyers are invi
ted to call at Bloom's and examine goods
and prices before purchasing el.-ewhere.
Miss Ella Crocker having permanently
"agatcd in Plattsmouth offers her services
to those desiring musical instructions on
the pin no or organ. She believes she
can give full satisfaction to her patrons.
Her residence is at Mrs. L. B. Crocker
& Co's Bazaar on Main street.
1, T- . c- 11.
Mrs. Kate Simpson begs leave to an-
nonnce that she will recommence instrue-
: ...!
Hois .uu-n, -"bu,lt
Jjieptemoer I Jtli.
Residence on the corner of ine and
Second Streets.
Plattsmouth, Sept. Dth, '70, dtf.
11 HIS It lllZWS.
Weeping Water Nebraska.
Dry Goods,
Boats, and Shoes,
Hats, and Caps,
A rrraVn!tiiii1 Tm ral imen fs of all kinds. Weir aP
"I X L" Cultivat'ini, Union Corn Planters.,
Grandetonr and Princeton Plows, Ac Ac aitmh
,ntnm, all of which we offer to the public at the
owest retail prices.
All Goods War ran ec
As Represented,
.TS-Oiir constant aim will be to sell so low''
it will be tf. the ioitive advantage of every im
mer in th w Htern anl central portion o Casf
county to make this their heaaHuartern for trad
, g. REED. RHUS.
., ii ing vt ater. r -i. i.o.
e are also aeents lor Mower. Reaper.,
and i . raahmg Machines. ap. wtt
Nurseryman, Propagator,
Fruit Trees, Vines & Plant
Deci&ous Trees
V,immt ti-vlf i milrt fsouthlCourt'IIouse. Ne-
braska City, Nebraska. w2inoaugltj.
ATTORNEY AT LAW and S.licifor in Chan-
porc oflfiee in Masonic Block. Plattsmouth.
.Nebraska. - majoiuu
T- r. WHttLtK,
Sunday School MissioNary.
for Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa. Attends
City, X cbraska.
' i
Osage Orzsj y.zi-2 ;
AT WHOM: - A I E ;;
k Cn growth, n i ! ,-,t ., ;n ,
so. a geui-rul asvo t :;,,,, ,, ,,'
liatiiiB of ' " '
- -
APTLE TRI.i; : : : t ,
Addrciw, l . .. j , .
" i
nicnARD vivt iv.
Attornev nt La-v , . .
on I Notary J'ij i"; . .
Ail Iejral Iju-iue ;-c
(eive prompt an : .
the Treasurer 1 ,u. e t
Miiliiiary Dress cr.;i
m a k i x ;
I would rp-p
that 1 am now i.
Old eUStolll IT i:':
' arm ;i
me with their pi.:.,,,"'
All Mud of i 1 .i "; ' ,.,.
nndehitdreu d. , . , . .;
satisfaetion giv. i: ... .
Corner '.'.', , ,. j ,
posit e J 'la ttc Ii r il y 1 .-'.
ff You
Go to
K ' 71 H " 1" rw ' -
He has on hand the
HIST ChOTiii-;
Ever broiipht West ..f t'ie "Ti.s i .
make you aifo .,; ;. j u.;., '"'! i
Bive koimI satisia .;;.,n. ,,.
Groceries, Flour, Vcl:
A N 1 1
Canned Gccd'3, dc.
Jty"IIighe:-tcadi , : ice p;i I .' a'!
of Grain, and P.-o-bt-e, H:i::
Hides, l HIS, ;:n 1 (ol.
North Ea.-t
;i ; i . I i
Streets 1'Jatt-!!, t,
on Main str t, 'pp . if Co'i. t ! . ....
We have on Iru.d a !a;; ,i n !. . !
Consist ili- r-rt!.; iyt -iKi!il i'- .
cioahs, fine cur, iLua a:. u
8MOKIM1 i OJJ.V.' O.
As we deal exclusively ' i T .! i
-hciiji, if not rh'j.i r or:
(iivi-us a call bi f ir' y.-ti pur.
is we know jou will t:-
February 11. JW.-.-.dif.
Estray ai3.
Jtoti'e i- hereby tri v a that I w '.': bidder, al the f.inn o, I..,.-. ,,- - -'
in Avoea pre, in, t. ('.-' on . v. i , : :,
Saiurday, November l'- b. 1-7 i, i-n- i t
white two year old cow and al' ; or p , i
ear an 1 hole in b it c- r : ap'.:
oetl::wt G:e .1 !-,NM NO. . ..
Guardian's Sais.
N OTICE IS II KliKi; V t;iVLN.'il-.t .:
sua nee of a d.-creial oi l i o - n. : !
(ieo. II. Lake. Jualf.'; oi the i -1 r : a i r, .,
d Jiptieial Distria-t. oi, ;!ia'i:ii ,i . . ,
l7't, 1 will, on Salard.iv. the .1 :v , '
In r, r.tthe liour of -tie o'i-Pm k. r. ! . :
'lay. in the fra.nt ajoa.r 1 1. ' "i 'i n .
I'latl-iuoulh. Cuss i-o'.i.m y. ,.-l.ri .. :
sale at ublie VM:dee, to the bli !a -t !'
right, title and iatere-t of I V i i :.
Henry Whetics an I "Al i rva r.-l 'Aii.r: : '
heirs of Frederi.-k Wi loo-. ,j. .!- I i :
the faallowilijf ilusa 1 :bt I i a- . a- !.. . , . ...
mult Ii half of the north-.' e-t M i: i ..; ;
east quarter oi tics northne-t u 'i
northeast iarter oi tt iitip-i.-t e '
teet ia.u No. tali ill t r, n -.'. ip tin i. ... r
twelve east a.f l,t!i I'. .M. ,
Sale will remain op.-n fa.r bids U- .
tt'a'loek. p. II-.. to t Va O I i a . i L . p. Hi.. ' .
Terms: one-faittrt !i ea-!i iu h:i:d, .:.e ..:.:
I 'ue 'i. one-lU.J l v u 10 ui" '. t a
fourth in three vcars. ;s . r. t
one year. one-Iuai ;u m yci;-
iaviiu-iits t nii.rt : 1. 1
- i-.ruiiru lleeim. r. ar : a o
truii'iiik i-liiii".
Maxaki.lA (',t .i'.
f i a V.tvt
I'LnUs-fjiosali!, XcF;.,
Repairer of Steam Entrii.t s. R..;i. rs. S;, . . . I
Grist MilN.
UaiaiiaJ Steam Hiiir;". .'.'j u .or I,-o.-, .
Force and Titt Pump--. .;-ai . . .
Valve Governors, uii i i-.ii ..i.a J.- 01
I furnished cii .turt notice.
Repaired short naat'c
Leg;i! fhlica.
In the District Coort. :- .ludeji-l D:
trict Coort.
county, N'.
Smith. I
nd for Cos" county, Nebra.-kii.
Milton M. Smith. I
vs. I
Platie Saunders nnd
'bote Saunders nnd
William I.. M ells.
Defendants. J
To Platt'i S'linal.Ts , ,r- r'.-i li'r.f ,1, .f:
yt u will t ke notica-tint ;). :, M. S;i:.o, I. .
en tin- L'.itli alay ol s.-a., .. K.r l-.n. hi, . I
omenale i petition in tlx- Hi. - ,. ti,a- ci.-; r
the ilistri'-t court in and f ,r fa - i-miity, .N.
braska. the object od r i .-r a t i. h . ii i- t . I ' -
close a certain tnort l'O i. i -. n ititaaii t i
9 in block No. 2U in riattsua'.utli a-ity. t ';. - - mir,-
Nebraska, to secure tbv' .-!irn a I s nceon -
t) thceonditioii of a r rta:.i prorni ",ry rat. "t
even aiate wi'h said iiiair, t -aire and due in li- '-
inonth from date, ani to obtain a jiiri. J
ainiinstyou tor the sai l u 1.1 . n, and t-. c
uulessvaiu annear iu said camrt 1:1. 1 hi,--m t ' '.
demur tosaid petition on or bclore (ha 7:'. 1 v
of November. Is7n, te i ne i I l.aj t .'ei. -true,
anddecreeien b ra- I io a-nrdc
.! I L I ON M. s.MI i il.
By Maxwii.i. a e;!ii'inv.
Sep2-.)ur3t J'laiui.itf.s Af.ori.--y.
Tootle, HaiPia & Chr;:.
S Jk. IsT Id H3 3Z S
Gold ami Mil ver Ooisi,
U.S. and other Htovli
Diafts drawn on all parts of the United s' ' ;
and Europe. Depociij received, und special j
teutiou given U cOilectii-s.
Plattsmouth, NeK
il 1 li HSU