Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 13, 1870, Image 3

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r roJf:,
V. I J'.VA V.
F.:rnl-I.'-I j.r...i.? t!y st-I neatly at the very
1- .. -1 j.i-iees po.--il.e.
Va Warrant Satisfaction.
m;:k:ls .v niio..
Main -'.root i.-ar st.. I lall an null Neb.
vi i Yr j;i;v a
CVot "S23LO 33
Yc-.r:. No' C:;e Hits Failed to Give
Entire Satisfaction.
i : vi::. ai.i.y ackxovuux'.l'd
The Cost CookLij Stoys Made
An ! v. ! rr r k::wn they
ily in !:.i'.:ar.
t : -: 1 1 v i r i iht'' u.-o of Fuel,
i r I o i: a hi I ity and Com entente.
.. i.d i'ii I.- ; ;l! I'tHlioii t the
a i o v v i; . r i; n x p e o v l ei
- -ii-1 :'.r priee lift, to
E. 7. DUKE & CO.,
r-, t" w!:-rc y. u van gvt trio IrCst I"Iur
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' :, I- ';- i!"r j;i-;:! nn-1. with f.n
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- j";- ! ACTH.'X '." A UAN IEKU.
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; iI,L iJLa J&a
AT Till: Ol-liCK OF
A I.i-t oi I'ii :n i! r n- l
I:5 3j;:.s lii County
0:x lliy Tcrasasi,
fir? " "jet-v
Secti' n. TowHsaip. lvanpe.
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,r -1 11 12
I : , ,: 4 1) 11
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,,r IS 10 12
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-v,r ;s 11 12
i : ;r .-t 11 12
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. - t - r 3 0 11 12
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n- US 11 12
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i. i,- L'O 11 12
r 1 10 12
a ;.: 11 M 12
. -,r 'J:'. 10 12
.;r L"? 10 12
:.! -e .ir 7 lo 1:5
, ,r 1 1 lo ia
v i in- or IS 10 l:j
-i,'!iw.',r I;-, n 12
- n i,,. ,ir 11 12
..,r U It 12
m, . r f, n :
: . r 'St 12 10
! r -21 11 11
ii x ,r i l 12 12
- :n 12 12
II 12 12
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Flattsmouth, 1570. tf.
6-1 u
jr East oj Court House.
Piattsmouth. Neb.
Council BlufJs, Iowa.
V. SCUASsE di LV..
Loxpon, ().t.'j( r 0.
Lato a lvR-cs fi.!u Pari.- st !'- tiict
tli're is liixu-Ii pi uc!fri:r iricr-j. A'.I
briJcos on riti!roit(l.:i!vl Li-liv. :-.v- nj tin-
west ot" i'aris h;tve ku-a iutiv 1. :n.-l i'.rr
to Le blof.Ti u) n the l'rus-iatt :(uv :t
lieativais, 41 miles north'.vo.-t t' 1'aiis,
h-i bt'on iu:i'lf: a ero:.' vi. ti.:i!ii:;' - it-.t
by tl.e 'crnaiii-i. Jhoi ru- : .:.
ations tor tho bouihariiutcut 1 1 un are
nearly cointilete. 'i'he rrc-ctu o i l' i : a-
reanl in lvaropc U ib tii 'l- It is : A
that tho tra-b''ir-' ('atho-Ici! (citiu'i
serious datnaL'eby the !;te i :u-. .ir -i.ii-'iit,
as iciotis jn-st nrrivdil tVinti th-; iw re-
port that the e-JlOee suf'fere.l r-evr. iv. '
i , 'i . . ... i ;'.
had an fureount o! the uompso': a n -r !
. i i i .. .... ! ;
arc speu-lin- aoney t.r.fa-cJv, a,i-l boa-t-
:. l . .i i .t i .
in ir ot what th-v ear. do thrie'i o.-r-l;hi
in i iaui.- ii.-..iiiiiv:ii ill . . it' v
inj.ittcul co.'srjLOtion.-! in l.:i.a!ii.
: ;
Kotilirtr has Leon tlire, mi l Liui:in au i
De Iluys, nriil a host of other notabl-.'s.
3I:irr.l,;iil La Boont' went over i- tho
iil.tml at night in a cocklc-hc-ll . h-'ii.
All thfs "makes m:.'j an cxcitt-in'jrti
lr. Wa-lihttriii?, ia Bru-.-' !s, ri::-;iv..'-i
letters iiet'.i..i!tiy i';xui her huL-;;:i 1 hy
There is an express t;aeii;e!it in Ber
lin that tho coll la!i'j;ii:i!re of the Jen:i:in
jirc.-.s ia rccarJ to tha annexation ol'
Alsace and Jjorrairte is the dis
pleasure fit' Jji.-tiiarek. IT this is- eorreut
we may hope lor peace.
Touu, ) .-t.-.-l.vr '.
The battle whieli oeeuir-.d ttear Cha
lean Gailand on tlio oth, has ecn pro
ductive of important reports. The Prus
sians were defeated and ibr-ed to re
treat. The position taken hy tho Preneli
was one that necessitated the evae'.:a:i 01
of Pithierens by the enemy. The I'rtv;
sians ahantloned that jioiot with ucli
rreci'tttat.ev that many cattle, a !ar.Lre
amount of i'oratre, etc., were h-l't Leliind.
all of whk-h fell into the hands of the
News has heen reeeivcti here that the
Pru-i;uis have cinnpleted all the ar
rangements 1'or shcliit)!' and attacking
Paris. (rJuiis and mortars are in T"si
tion. The spirit of the population, how
ever, is .stiil undaunted. Adviees shnw
thut the garrison are prejeired to re.-i.-t
any attack, at any moment, that the 1 ores
outride the Pius:an lines may make.
The French are aware that some lime
must elapse ere an offensive movement
can be made, and they utilize the delay
ni drilling and arming the in'jhiles at
Lyons. In view of the Pru an ;ti-
prn;te!i, im iitary prLca'it:oiis are heitr:
taJvOii. 1 tee r-urroun iJiiir lici-ots are i;e
lnir'ioitifiel and occupi-d i'7 re.LMiiar
troops. Ihe (lovcrnmcnt is taUm.i?
mea.-ures to injure -Normaii'iy :!-r:ii:it
devastation, hy sending there a lino cf
mobile trnarus.
An American filiate that entered
Havre created a little scare in sahitiuir.
People ssupn )sed the cnetnj' were bom
bard hi the town.
It is asserted thnt an aru:orcr t i 1a -
ons has constructed a steam mitrailleuse,
the most i'lrtiiidable yet
news fioia Paris.
L'haktkks, Oct. 5, vlaTot r.s, t);
Cannonading comuieneed this inoriiinir
near .waunonn.
Sv. (Ilenti.v, Oct. 5, via Torn.-.
There was a combat yesterday r'ar
Soisons, and prisoners -ay two regi
ments ol the Duke ot .MecMciir.iirir-
eherin's army were defeated by the gar
rison. ltet.orts from General LenaTis. for
wacdetl from Tours, show a decide I suc-
, i - i
cess aemevcii vesteraay uy livnen
troops under this commander.
New York, Oct. d.
An account of sh'-ckim: treatment of
Cuban ladies by tho tpani.-h authoiide.
in Havana, appears in a correspondence
from that city. On the 13th ult. twenty
lirisouers, all women and chaiiren.
reached Havana by railway, and were ! d
from the depot to priK-n under iruard.
all of them, even child r-n live and six
years of age, being tightly pinioi"d ly
the anus. At the head or t ho s:ei pro
cession marched two youtii' l.t.iie -, I'liht-
een jvars of age, both handetittcd one
the daughter-in-law ot President lc
pedes, and the other the daughter of
(Jeneral Figueredo, recently parroted in
Santiago. The ladies are all members of
the best families on the i.dand. A these
unfortunate victims passed through tho
streets the Spanish mob his.-ed and
threatened them, and in several instan
cos attempted violence.
London, October
M. Pertni, formerly prefect of police.
at Paris, to-day publishes, in iho name
of the Emperor, a repudiation of tho
Y ilhemshohc manifesto.
Bismarck has found it necessaiv to
make public the following statement :
".Marseilles, Oct. 0. 1:,.. p. in. 1 do
not hold the opinion that the Republi
can institution of France constitutes
danger for Germany, nor have I asserted
in a letter of the 17th ult., published in
the London daily Tth juiph, or ever ox
pressed such a vies? to Mr. Motley, or to
any other person. "
lite .Masonic rraternitv ot l.ngland
have contributed '7(,(nj(j sterling for the
relief of families of German soldiers.
The preat pun for Fort D' Ouy is
nearly ready to be placed in position.
Its range is eight kilometres, and it re-
jiures thirty-five milogranimes of pow
der at each discharge.
Gen. Branchilisk isappointed ir ilitarv
governor of Versailles. The Bavarians
are besieging Bitsche, occupying wooden
1 f . r
nurs mstea-j oi tents.
There have been a few eneictuters at
night between organized bands of ruf
fians and the military. Should further
reverses occur, it is feared the religious
classes would inaugurate a terrible con
Under date of the 4th, a correspond
ent states that the surrender of Stras
bourg and Toul had a depressing effect.
Troops lined the streets to preserve or
Generals Burnsido and Forbes arrived
yestetday, with letters from Jules Favre.
Burnsides decleres that the" fortifica
tions of Paris are most formidable. The
Prussians fail in their attempts to plant j
batteries and fill redoubts at night, ly
reason of the electro lights discovering
them to the French gunners on the bas
tions. Minister Washburno has aban
doned his residence, as (he whole quar
ter is barricaded an 1 undermined. The
Ministry declare their inability to i'..
nlsh more arms at pre-ei.t. All Ameri
cans will leave Paris when Wash but e
leaves. A balloon company offers to,
take people out of the city for2,H'0
francs per head. The Jacobins demands
an equal distribution of ibod.
The Examiner energetically appeals
to the powers to rrcve-nt a bombardment
of Paris, or a partition of Franco.
St. pETEitsbCKG, October 7.
Thiers, while here, explained to the
Italian embassador that his only motive
for opposing Italian unity was that it
would encourage general unity.
The journals here repeat the statement
that General lgnatieffs journey to
Odessa was personal and not political.
Torus, October 7.
The villages about Epinal are filled
with troops. The prefect of Epinal tel
egraphed at midnigu on the Cth to the
Minister of the Interior, that a combat
took place yesterday between Laon and
; ..
:ms mi .I'll.t;-, tiir t
I' uli'i'll .L felt :0 I
ie:,!;..,l I
! v-
i: ir I !i .-..ii.i n i
I fv o '
b :c it
j ;iir.;.
1 L'llV.Tll-
, n.
rid .h-.t ! iu:!i
: 1;; u
! ;.,.-
v Lave :i:
.-.ii.oa i:t e-u.ii
i :-
j ti-r. 'i
- '
tv-i ta--r" : - .rn-at
w 1 1 r - in nitOi-t the lVoti-
..f 3Ic-.,:e.-t s at: 1 lb:..-
1 lit ill-.' ifi'Kl
1 ,
ih.- iVus- !
! I . '
u-.'ht to le a native ibr the-
li - e imoiis.
, ... .....
T- , y- - '
iii'.-re are mii: Im o! r Vint a:t:o:icr
i .t.,, . . i- ,. i .... .... ;
i i.i- l l ' II
the Ijeavatooo.
The Px Lian llilh s have been sent there
as a temporary precaurionaty measure.
Tho r lisoTtefs will be di -t:j.::tcd among
fortresses as .-;
II. iM1-', October 7.
The Jesuits are leaving the city.
Juvenile eagerness atsd maternal ; olio
it tuh.' are beautifully blended in the lid
lowing lities :
Mulder inry I si hv. i;rciMn wcr:t .'
Nix iiy f ri.r-.a ii..Ui r.
1 lift trtif-- liiiii" as t'.nl'Ty rent.
That you itut '.rwned in le v)Jter,
Little lircttien.
Sisters, do not turn olV your younger
brothers as if tiiev were always in your
way, and any service which tl
ev mtellt
a.-X ol you were a burden, i ci bans t he
hour may crime, when, over a collin that
lo.iks strangely hmger than you thought,
an 1 over a pale brow where often, half
u;ie, iiling'y and perha'S with a pctu'ant
j ii.-!i, you parted the hair, you fiend with
blinding tears and s. bs that shake
joar very soul, while remorseful memory
is bu.iv with the by-gene h.urs, vott wiii
wi.-h then, that when he came and asked
you to hc!jhimi:il.l- play, or to lift him
on your 'an because hu was tired, or take
him out beeause h.j wanted to see, you j
had laid aside your book and made the j
httle heart g'ad. Aikitimi's at I
t';ct !!!' t Co.
Horace Greely was recently ir.vited to
deliver e. lecture bt ibre a I nnsylvania
!l:'et;.ry -oeieiV. . lie Could not l")ssibly
aoept the invitation, so lie wrote a letter
x pressing tiis regret. hat was tos
-' 1 i 1 at seeing hi.- lettjr leibiishe I as
vs ;
Xi:y York.
i:Ai'. Si-i I am vact-inti'cd andyawn
ing at l.-hmae! ; he study is not fishing
shad all the while at Tito's: but I wrote
a line to letch her lorth deception is thus
under-rated i-dousiy if Idaho fill's.
Cannot promise to wait. Perhaps spir
its are ended entirely ; my bow.
Bo; ees.
.Signed Hi .-rack Guli:i.ev.
a1 ji i..fleiofirA-iJim
i'- ! !; I I : i;!K'2ico .
Parents should always be aware that
their conduct before a child, in word or
de. d, forms a part of its education.
They create the moral atmosphere for
g 00 dor evil their little ones lsm.-.t breathe.
Jt is common to find the public an! pri
vate life of public men very different.
Thj oxphoiatio!! is that a man's public
life is what his public education had
made it, and his private life lias been
ior'.ned by the infiucnec and associations
that have iu-tered around him in ihe
home of his childhood. Jlxampleis tho
best oi' all teachers, or the worst, as the
ho; - may be iht; host' or the worst, of
all .-ehoois. When they are the former,
keep your children at homo : when they
tiie the l itter, reform them, or pack your
bocsiiiid girls off to boar-ling school.
1?ir- I'o of a. Xcotli-?.
The pa -sage from the New Testament,
"It is ea.-ier tor a camel," etc., has jr r
;lexcd many good men who have real it
literally. In oriental citie.s there are in
the large iratcs small, and very low ap'-r-tu:es.
called metaphorically "neetih s'
eyes," ju-t as we talk of windows on
s.hipboa.d as "bulls' eyes." These en
trances are too narrow for a camel to
pass through them it; the ordinary man
ner, or even if loaded. When a loa led
came! has to pass through one of these
entrances, it kneels down, its load is re
moved, and then it sht: files through on
ils knees. "Ye.-teidav," writes Laic
,1'u'l Gordon from Cairo, "I saw a came!
go through tue eye of a needle that is,
tho low arched door of an ittclo-ure.
lie must kneel and bow his head to
creep through , and thus the ri. h man
must humble himself."
Much is said about the bravery of the
French troops in the struggle, and it is
well descrvtd. But the bravery and he
roism of the German soldiers displayed
in t Ite battles of the war Is unsurpassed
iti history. Is there a more brilliant
achievement recorded anywhere than the
one performed by the single Prussian
division on the bloody field of Mars la
Tour, when for six long hours it engaged
and detained the entire French army
under Bazait-e, in order to give Prince
Fredeiiek Chailcs time to bring up hi?)
corp ' This herrii division, every man
of which was sure to meet a certain
death, immolated itself upon the altar
of its country : these soldiers fought and
died as only the bravest, the most intel
ligent and patriotic can fight and die.
Among the many proposals to arrest
tho march of the Prussians on Paris, the
most remarkable is one signed "A
French woman." The French woman
begs j.),t'MHJ of her sisters in Germany to
come at once to Paris, when, with JO,
oo;j French women, they wiil throw
themselves between tho contending ar
mies. 'Thi-," says the French woman,
with some hi-torieai inaccuracy, "pre
vented the Greeks and Romans from
killing each other." Another gentle
man icquests some patriot of wealth to
! ! -in.) lii-.i ov.-r liiOOOi) t'i:ines in rir.pM-
to enable him to make a machine capa
ble of destroying the whole Prussian
What we need now in life, above
everything else, is Christian men who
take tho load in 111:11113' Tilea-ure.", and
make thoni honorable an 1 noble. Pleas
ure is of do 1. So is sulljrin. Joy and
sorrow are both of them born of God.
There is a manK' way of enjoying one's
s- It which is not onh ieru'is.-ib!o. but
most wholesome, and, in moral thins,
most bencilciai. Let men be fro to
take all rational amusement, free to tak?
joy, and that abundantly ; and yet tho
mouent pleasure and its permission-',
1 -c 'Uic : oiled or even sullied, let men
tio'it away from them, an 1 s.orn them,
an 1 loathe them, so that the world, look
ing on them, shall see that they are "men
of jileasure,' not in the souse that they
are men of cjnscience, but in the sense
tha the' are men cf c-miuent conscience.
B uch er.
The New York Ecnresc says that one .-.... a - p. -Rrr.-. ct-nn4-of
the Lest waysof decreasing crime will -OUtll Side. Mam Street,
be to destroy the Lelicf so unfortunate:;'
prevalent that it is vuhjer to work for a
HL Or. O " V" IE
that he !:a the l.-.rzot
tcr fcn'iht to the iity
He would s:;y tliiclie can CI1 order." as c!:e:ii
ntrl hn.' r.o ii'.M.l!e!iicn". rrufo-i to :.'. 1 j,, ;Tu'"b- lie dues liusiac-s'rinOWX t'ATITAI. and
in ov.:i liLiiMinir. coa.-i'ueiiliy hu eait five his eu.-: -tiers the ri'ies oi reiits ai.d i!iii:i . t.on
iin e-tcniit in the M ay ol
tT5 AT
It wiil cost you nothins to look at thorn, whether yon Lay or n 't. If.. r.-ceni-iiu tin- in 'uw
ltuiUb!o"you Ul be txblj to ted wh
m$ mm
Stoves, Tin, Hardware & Farming Tools ;
Itool:!!,-, t'uiteiin?, ?pn;!tin r.n t Kopairiatr iJone.
2 tun Selling Piil-Vla? Omuls mid G utirimlij Not lo he
bndersoiif, as J am Haying of I'irtt Hands.
A. No. 1 Plows and L.u'tiv!i'-r.-. closinrr out it. (.-t. Kctneuihor the pht'-e
alia i si to I&ZcJ,
,-7T jr
DOOM. PliO. i- c-. ere ieiiiug- for cuh:
I!ot C-.tTeo,...
"A" Su-ar.. .
'' .i
P.i-own do ....
l'.o:t Peaehes.
fc'vrut. ' Pal-
.Ij " .
tlo " .
Coal Oil. " .
IP i t (jrOOth (it C1OSt9
Doots and
Oot-o.or I il;f"
We have the inn?t tittraetive sto -k f
Iry Jioods, Notions. lirr'l-, Sbms.
Hats Caps- and ".iroeerii s ever brought
to this t-ity. t.'al ami so"
Wines3 Liquors & Brandl
Best quality of Cigars and Tobacco always on hand.
AH orders promptly attended to.
Tii5 "SiUlNXy he rear of the "Wholesal' Rooms.
!! Uvst i-. !u tr J k of
2.' O C C " 3
of l':.itrMi:otth.
as any house wo-!
Chi.Mtr . llebnj
u other :
ii'! or !.i - v.
-..n. jjO,-,f
and Ketail
v?a titaT"? "?? TsTS?
1 V.
1 HI
1 J
1.1 HI
.. .-yJ
Shoes at Cost,
No tion s a t Cos t!
Dealer? in
Number 9.
j it. i). LrJ. J. 1-:.. ; i'
XL- '.V i.'i i i'ii.
i ikL. 1 t ic !
io I
I l.i i:s I 'll
:.., I l.
'. r.
! On Ten Ycciva Credit '
J I. ei'y -i s t c- 'i'ii i i : t -r 1 "ii the v;i I u it i in . '
; l'Uiilil.ll I r the lift oar : rif li.r !'..!
j pfi fill. nil. 1 I lli'li, i.!i innl illtor ill" t.lird Jr..:.
i only nisitfi ul'tiio pi nion. ;i uti.l aitrj.r....;
j iatorcst i.r ; -y.O.ic aiauiall .
j I'reiii our Ton Yoar('io.:ii i ri- e. at the i
j ol liie huycr. it lio .;ii in .1. i. u I o m p--r ..1.1.
I iulivi'-l il a:n 1.1m I.11 1 .'jOt ! pii,-. h.-i.-c .
:oi 1 liis pro ,ioii ; ..y a. l.o .ill-.m -.t 1 :
ji' i li'. 1:0.
At ! w p i -, 1 from H 1 . Si. r' l.n?,
.-.. Kl'. Nt J. fiiy. ,t.... j,vt;iit.i!.'i.l....iw
::;!: i' iC'Li.AI.S I'i.iL At KK, a- per inia'.ty
ii.i . o' .u u.l at! '. ae; .
::st:::l jrrcc!iic!i:n?i will
i:iy t'uv Sjtsiit!. Ntcfliisijv
15, :isit3 AiupSt Eisisi vt
Biircsls .ISiich 4v!'.iia
the I:rant i'll5 'I'vzi
Facis, (0 be Considered-
)(.. .ions it. It. Laii'I'atci i'a '1 1.1 j
?i ,'", .1:1 In j 1 ais on .!it hi I. porooiii., I
an.! iil eii.-t. i:. i a- aiiieial j; - (
1111 :it-. tin- total Mini nt ) ; I.JJ 1
Ami lo ' at li s ot S, h.iol lain, i s, al 7 I
the on -t pli. o, ami Ii 1 .( 11 t-i, 1 ty
sol'l at aiii-l i..ii p. i- IO a 11. 1 i-J V oiil'n i jit, at ton per ooi:t. I
inter.1.:!, oo.-t j j -J.2i i to
Mahiiitra ') On Tetiee in favor of 'tail - ,,- ,,
l:r..:..l l n-ils ; !1' ,J "
Hut font lair 001111:0 ison tlio at . ivce prioeiit
whioh Solnii.l .a tiiI.-, liave la on soi l, shoul l (mi
i-oniparoil n h ttie a eiat'e pi i-e of our Jtail
ror,.l lal'ii.'l.
'1 .i!-:o l..r oxano.lo the iirr:i;v i.ri.'i if Sl'Wt
pi r a .at u ha the suite : la... I l.-uals I1.1 w.
heen so lil. a. !' r 1 1 purl o! s tat o A u lit.. a .-. l.a i.-t
t.'oliniii:--ii.!,i':- i f tin- state, t o- tin- l.-: al
etnlintr S.. -Vitii, !.;'. mi l lt.laore-e.-s'.iirt'lios
prii e in Ion years i.t ten per cent. ILtor. -t tho
' .-inn jf. j ;.r.J 0 t
Ue lnot lioia tiii- tie.- total ior-t of 1 jo
ai r.-- ot It. ,- M. it. l. J.-upi... .0 our
u 1 -r.-i-.-e lane: n: til l ii i- of - le.
praeie. 011 eais ei e.ft at ti per
o. 10. inter t v t-'-'M il
Aii-1 tin- 1 i ; V- ri lief on a oioir-i r K.-e-lioti
in fav-.r ol itailro:: ! s j..... Jl.l'Vl 'J.l
'1 hi.- eotitpa 1 i -in 11 i-r ii..t ni.i'i" to pro w that !in
'el I I. .01!.- ha w 'a 111 j- .11 t .. hind, i.nt 10
.1 11. o t hat the la iv ot 1 1, i.- St. -Of has !i.-,-u rat i!:- 1
hy a"! aa I a ii I rejaioioii-.-. 1 at. aneie'ii. .e
.in- in ntiMx.n jtrlrv ji.ri ,1. viz : e-n ,j p.,
tore : an-i the averaee valuation ol tin- ii. ,V .! .
ft. i;. laea;.: is ratia 1 I y the .saute in!e!l.e:.L
tu I prae: iea 1 vor. Ii. 1 .
Itailro.e.i Lat:i! have niother n lvatitai:.. in
he 1.10 t , I !llt .'I I, uyer f,l 11 ell 1 10- e oil ; n of -i,i ot- II
eetifiis in 11 !'ov, nsl. :;, a. - a-l i.fU-i.i.ttoii'itei
;o niily t ,i a ,s;-!iu,.( .-. im:-.
Ottr boir: or i o-t Vents Cie'it prifH ranto
from t to . . 7, '. l .K !1 ,! I J il
fretit rally, aiel average r 3 ; '-' per ai-re.
Al pli atioi,-- f.,r !::, 1 .;i I in,,,!,- In ;
l-t.l.i.!:i;.M lu.siii.v p.i:i;.-.t .-hian l. . h.
s. .i. Ilo Ll.h, at Woepin- V.'atcr, f.i- Co.,
V. 1'. I l Li:V. at N::r-oiV I'.VA. O,,,,. (.,
C' HI.!.. CAi.CoU.N .V CitOXl'OX, at So-
bra .-ha t'itv. Noli.
15. a. .M. It. 1:. CO.'j AND OLlIfK. at
eoin. Noh.
oral It. 11. LAND OFFICE in Plattiumth.
ol O. S. llAKKU .
La nJ CuiiTi-ii-sioni-r 15. S. Ji. It Jt.
Au?nt, 'itii, ls;.j.
if-V. WI W W W! a 2
I'Oll A
llavin .' poinplet"'! the i-lnttititr anl roeor.ling
of inv (i't kk'si Ail litiuii to liu.- City of 1'lutu
lii'juth, 1 -it i now i repareJ to -uJl
in th.i Ad iitif 11 nt rea.-onahle ruin". Term arc
0111: half ca.-li down; the oilier half pai'ije in
one ear. at ton per oent. intere.-r per iintni
1Y0111 ilate ol ; until paid. Xo he seeureJ
by laorU-aye on the 1 roi.e.iy,
P. LiL'lO-
Donaticn to C!rjrc!ies.
I will pivo to the f,!lo-.v;!i re'ij-ioits cle'ioii.'
natioris. viz:
.To tho itapti-l Chiiri h. I it P.! in hio.-k L'T :
To ti,-; ('oiiurfL-alioiii.l "!.ii I..t : . in I. look jS
To the Mi-iio li-t t'liiir Ji, 1,1 1 in !,. k l j;
'lo the 'alio. lie 'ii a re 1 1 , i.,t o i a I, !.,.-; ..o ;
To (he Kidseopal Lauir-li. ..t 1.' in blm-k
To t he I'risbyteri:. 11 t 'fur- h, lot 1 in blo-k .1.
To 1 tip I tu ist jau ( iiiii e'i lot 1:1 in bloek .. ;
To the Lutheran linn li lot 1 ia I I. o k Z ;
in lay Addition to the Ciryof I'i 1' t.-moal h. nr.on
the lollow i 11 ir ei ndii ions, ir.: i'liat thev lm!
root on .-aid lot-, as above tjii.i'o'i, a siiilab'
from t his ilate ; m:.!, ia i::e.
nuiin 1 :iir tor punoe Mor-nip. mitnm too Tim
oi la.iate on the.
part of said Ciiiireh or ' 'hu: eho:' to ' -en-ply witii
;i Dove eonuii 1011. 1 r;en ai:-: it, taat c.i. y tliu
lot or loU. that! 1 evert to iae
Donation to Public Schoais.
I Ii-roliy ilonatr; fur the u.-e of Public Ditriet
!iool-i. Lot bj in Itloek it. on the mrt!i side of
Main stn ot, md-'I Lot I'i in J;:,-lc JJ, 0:1 the sontli
side of Main street, in 11
.i.-iiuoii to tiif it.
ti. DLKE.
f l'lattstiioatfi
5,000 Acres of Land for Sa!a
in this r-oitnfy. Also, Ilou as aa 1 L-.U ia Ihlj
coy, at lov,- piieos.
I'a.' aOcnt; in pi'.-eii to t!,- buyine; ana
liiiiir of n a I istat o. ani i:ii;i' t.t and pay
iiiZ tifiesfor iiOii-resi'J'.iits. ti. JiLKj;
Ileal L. late Ageiu.
Lot for Ten Dollars.
1 v. ;!l .-:-!l to birt. os ,i:-ni,tii nt J uibl.ti atol
waia-ivi.T.-. ariy of tho iols in the sut joOo-d list
ir; Try ii't-i . i :"Ti tr r i . I f s ,-, . ii : "i at i,-.i ,i
l! I'i loi.l, ::!! Ii t-i.-itr-ionii: h. at toll .bdi.ui
a-r b-t, under lh-j loiiov, oonditions, v i.:
'ihe person t-an-ba-ini; wiil b; required to
uil I on the bit pttr: loiM-d a dvvi iliriir 'ifii-oifif
per b-t, under lh-j loiiov, oonditions, v i.
wio i.'iiriHir:- -i .o: '-or ,-.:i-. ;o-i,: Ilia tioust)
to be not b -s th in 1!J P el. with story not.
lo'ver tiian S lect. 'i.'ie Iraini; lunsf be (;ij,,. hikI
.-abstaii'i.ii: house well sl.iti-.Oi:'J; fbunbitioii
lither of brick r i-tnno. '1 io.-n- inu.-t be a kio li
en, of not less thati F'-H. Iboi iinv ii,u.-t be
eomp!i-t'-d on or I . b,n- .January I-. i -Ti. Wiil
Bive a Ootid for a ilei to the party who bevs u
ro-.-a as uri-hase i-" oiade.a :ni ut.on eoi,:p
''! ' a'.', ve eicolitioris, u ,il Kivc a o.,aai. 1
sui'ii'.ient Warranty !'- d.
s.-l' tioiii may b.- t,.., do fro:at!io aeconjpapy-liitili.-t:
Lots " and S in blook Lot s in blook 4- Lot
It in b!.,-k 1J: Lot ! i , bbakl-; Lol'l'ii
bb.ok 3 .ots e. j at: 1 i i in bloek 2 : Lot n in
bloek "J: LotsJ and in bb.-k - !; Lot- r, an-l
11 in bio'-k ';: Lota in b'n-ck liT : Lot-! it :.n i 17
in bloi-k; L'lli fiiiiiT iuLioclt'J; Lot J ;j
block !,).
Plattstii'iath, A'j?.2''tf.
O.Tiee ia Court Jlouse
'J'AK!::.' !' IsTO. in Louis.
1 v lile. projifiel, oao si,r.-, l ilor-i- ( (,!t : op
pose I to be two year.-o id, v ita smol si;i;- hi
Ion-head .ti-l t!it in Lit ear. Al-o,
1 illy, with blaeli Uiaue, b a.-. I t - d
Sep set l;ii ii.LD LEV.'I.-:.
of t;j l
Finest Lands In ficbracka,
Vni'ba otTere.1 f. r sale hy the Union I'uciSo
l.ajiroad Coaitiiiny,
In the ?ou-h ('art of s'aui. lf r?' Luttor iitel P-.!k
eouuties. on tue aho- t rook - a n.t t he lint J.. uu
rier. be offered or sale it,.- ca.h or loi.-
creiiit, a; low rates cf, oa
TUESDAY, the 2t day t S-vtt,.: 'cr UTO.
These InmL- are nuf-ile often an 1 vithiu
twenty miles of the L itiou I'aoilie Kailroa-i. atol
oet.-i-leol the tweuty-n-ile l::ni. of Lurlini,-toi
ucti jli;oari Kiver Ita-Uroad, iu Xtb-iiiLi.'
Land Cob raissiuper U. V.'S.. It. Co..
Sept22wlt Omaha. Nebraska.
J. F. IiAiVI.I.9. I. IJ.,
rUYsrCIAN AND S'UIIGEOX . late a Jsur
seon-iu-Chiet of the Army of tho i'leonru:,
rltiitsuiouth, Nebraska. i)i!iceat O. F. Joha
."n 'a Drugstore Main t-trttt, opposite ClarU y
1'luu.iaer.'. Private resiilenoeeoriiorof Hook
lita BTj-eet?. two doors ttouth of 1'. P. 0 i..'.
r. 1
I t
) :
.- t
! i
1 1
i tf
: Pv"