Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 25, 1870, Image 4

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    . ' t" '
TnG'tSDAY A C : L'ST L',, 1 s-70.
3. 4. M- R- P. "IM NEPRAi .iA.
v. nsTwt-r..
T..AIN' NOl.
i.c. iv a. m.
li. l'V',' A. M.
l.o. n.; i) a. m.
I..;. ll.:' A. M.
i.e. U.-.H l M.
Ar. l-.'i
v.r. l.Ht
1."" "
Ar. ii.oo
Til A IN NO.:.
Ijp. P. M.
L-j. --t 1. jI.
.!! I'. M.
I. :. ;. . IV M.
Ar. 7 i V. M.
l e. 7.1" "
A r. 7. ! " "
Ar- "
A:. H.'t "
A.-.a.'U -
r rvr.RD
Ar. 1.1" '- M
A r- i. ') l. .M
Ar. i'. .!
Ar. i.-
Ar. 1'. -M
Ar.l.l'i "
Ar I. l-l "
Ar. 1-4',
Lr. "
l ): ! : : yo. 4.
Ar. J." A. M.
A.-. I-..I.' A. M.
Ar. 7r-- A. M.
Ar. 7.'-'. a. M.
I.e. A. M.
Ar. G.i"
Ar. 0. ) "
nii t .1 an';.
L' U'i U'k.
si ii'-u I.
A 'i:iu I
A-hLia 1
i . IC'.W'.'O'I
M iv.rly
.J u:;.
P.urh JVu l.
A- 1 ml
r w '.i . a
E. M K. R.
To tuVe e.T.ct. tfaail y. 'lay V)
Tipifc EjBri- V' t. ii. in.
i.ssk-. i
1: Jl p lit
7:iKJt.ui. ,:i;i. I!..
M --' P- "' "
. The al uve i- tl i- im 'li.- nn'')T' arrive ar.i
d part to ni Iroia t'.e Jti.'.t in lii.s" ui).
C. B. 4, ST. JOE H. R.
OnlNi. N'IKIil. GOING S'"l .U.
Veil an-I K.tT.:.- ! til. 1-1' t'-
vr.t hxrre-M H i. la- " "' I'- '"
'II,;. -ivr-J i i."iB-r fpi'ii l-!:Ot'ifi:ih -li''?
ci ii.-.-uun k i.r S uih by iuss li.c i
t i. t;i. a.l I rinse- i-oiiii'V i"H mi. train
Riiiiitr Nortli ly le:ivinit l.crc on the 7 u. in. train
A!M11VI. ANlT"7r.liei I I'ltK
Of k iitl 5. T I'kIIOU I'll
Lite fK.
cm si.-!, arkivf
c. it. i- t..r...- p.. v.. s"..u?h
C. V.. A .-t. .! Ii- It-
V,. A .V. !' 1. K i t.
ii. a m. !: w i-t.
It.imtt.i Jiy S'.itfi-.
N .l,ru-t-.i t'i'y. by .-ItuKe, -4-
l '.. tM V.'iiTi r
'J ji in.
J j.. in.
'' 1
. l! I 111 I
1 p m.
H 11 : 1
iia. ,
11 a Ill 1 ! in
J III. 1 ! 111.
it:i:. Tli:.
t Ii..i,:.it4 i ut-.-.lay. Thur- lays, ur.d
Ot'.f-f heir", from " .1 III n l 111.
The travel ocr the B. ilc M. in Ne
braska i.-, im rea.-ing very rapidly,
'11,. T.,..i.w.n 'r7.r. thinks that'SClV!
place L destined to be a treat lai.rnad j
center. We greatly admire a plucky .
local paper. j
We a-v rla l toKain that Co'. FuriKH i
j; about to commence the publication j
ot a 1 1 1 ' y new-paper, to t e cciumue i
I. .Vi tl:.. .-. -.-..'-It lit i'i
J.l .. i.n- v . ... . j
V d 'st:u -tive fire occurred at I l'-m'.nt
Vi'ipr.i v. i i n .1 wmip i 4 nut ..i-H. ii ,
1 I'laft-l
il-e in a hie? icre is our tit?
" .... . . .!
It is said th great railroa I war be- !
tween Yanlerbilt a!:d Fi-1; 1 I
the public is cxpte lt. suiter. j
Tiiehanls cmo'oyed on the Omaha. !
VlattmouTh i'c :iif are on ; ;
. -i i. i .. ... I . . . : . . ! i
striKe. xiii-y siriKe ior a icnuciio.i oi i
The printers on the Nehi i-ka Citv
rhronirh- a.yi en a strike," and Wat
ers is j.Iayin.' edoor, foreman, typo,
pressman snl devil e-j eclally the
The Towa Soldier-- rev.jii .u takes plae-
r.t Pe-Mo:ucs cn the ::i t of Aiiri-t anl
'.St of
f S.-i tend er.
Free tl aiispo: Nation
is friishr-d y
within the State.
he I;
. i
Mr. Henry Robertson ha leased the
l.ui: Un;
ne d-.tor we.-t of the in:iiRl.!j
cin -e. w!
will remove his wlo.k
fcale liquor c.-.tal!idicic :it.
Fitzgerald cnt-niplates j uftimr in an
iron front to his bri- k bui'ding corn r
Alain and Sixth Streets, formerly the
public Sehool building.
i iie latest ra:lioad
sensation in
iiei.M-pii is me v liieagi
Santa Fee RaiircaJ.
1 .1 : .''-
, St. uij.-cph an I
It is not built yet,
out may oe .-cine time.
The Peiuo -ratic St e'e Conventjou will
assemble m this city on 7th of Septem
ber. M: 1 thev will I ndei.vor to find .-.
full h.-t of candi iates who are wiiiin to
run ibr oie-e far the tjj.-y there ii in tin
i iit.i i . . .
We understand that officer Frank Wil- i
itams coiitcinolates tijenmg a small c:r- j
1-llS Sf.OIl III- lei . ,.......! ..f I..,! . ;..
tra.n:ie. and .,i:f ..f tl ,..,. 1 1
; , - v it 1 . - - . Jin (Hi
VP need that he can :-f.i:;..! oi, his hca :
with a little aid from Wi-'iiani-. and tha
other play., the. '-squat" nick ta pel fee
The ( V,ri,ifc savs the B. X- M land
in Otoe cou .ty, have been m-M prinei- i
pa..y to setti. is. , bcheve that is th-
ca-e ev-r.vwl.ere. J he e.cno .ce 1 w
aimed to
. - I 4l
m;:c .-toes to acta.o .-etlli-rs i
is a- much to the
I. II SCI I 11 I S j
interest of!
the railroad company to have Xebra-ka '
nndr.rotV V More' I''Ia!i 1:1 l"c Stale' j
" ' 1 '"-
The work of putting up street lamps I
was eoiiinieiiced lo-day, an 1 ealy next !
v , ck we mav expect to M-e M-t:!i"tie-t i
Sett'f;! a:
lighted equal
to any thoroughfare of j
We t-oc merchants from the far west
ern counties of the State in our citv al-nio-t
cery day, buying goods. "o:ir
merchants are prepared to seal ihet.-i
goo,is at such low figures that it will not
pay to go further ca-r.
e nope more ci the iarmers ol ( ;:.-s I
county will try rai-ing winter wheat than
have heretofore .lone Aii who have
expi iiiaented with i: are ,vdi nlea.-e.l
i . , i
with the result.
i.lPUienf.s Oi p-ram lin-.i
in-ht during the past month, on account j
of the farmers beMn Im-v with li.i.i-...f !
i ...
out in;! gram is
Very l:ely.
coming in again now i
Grain is eoudng in hvelv. The grain
buy. r of this eit v are n n inir C ..n, ,1
to Lve cents hi-.-her fbr wheat and corn '
t.ian can Le realized at any other town j
on I he riser. Thev can aihi'rd it. in e,. I
.scipi, iie of their facilities f.r sliii jiin"
John R. ('lark, of the banking firm ct
lootle, ilathia Sr -'iark, arrived at home '
list evening. Histripto ihe I'a -,f:e w;:s
rot short by his being taken ser'o.i-ly ill,
at Denver. lie returns completely pros
trated, not able to leave his j e-l.
rri -
Ihe lwu.ToaiJ stoaiuer t.allafin is mk-
i"o i-. i'ina. nil s i-eineeii i nc rip-r.aii
. -i- i . v
work r.n-1 the 0.0:11 rv. ne is nn exci-1- '
,.,..r. n,i ,i-:',. ., 1 i 1 11
witli rock ritit ;l... ,-i,r.-.-..t,,r . !.l !
n ot till. (ilia wi l L. il I '.1 ( ' f Ml'lt'ill
. ...... v.... ...
soun at a rat p rate o spied.
. 1 I
A substitute for a grain elevator has l
been elected on the hill north of the j
Hl.RAI.D olli.-e, near the R.iihoad track. !
It is a commodious warehouse m.h.o ;
irtci.i -ii e or nun v ieeL ai.ove lev, I
.. ... ti . 1." .. 1 . ., I
01 ti.e 11. 11. iiiicii. v, n 1: a i am cij-.oc
Uiiin, .lii'vt, m il. ...-in. All that;. .
i t . . . o :
... i-- to ii.ui :i i:i i- is in Tin : our ri i
slide and let the grain run.
We understand Deputy tTicrk J. M
-i i i .. i. . . : i i i.. ..:.
Jeal"Uiey iiiiesie.i i.iij;i-iv in eiij
i.ronertv. -Iter living in our cuy irr
.o..o months and seeing all the pdvanta- i
o' railroads, lie h is concluded mat
iK,.rft i-a speculation in teal estate 1 n :rc :
,,rent prices. ..... ; - ';;' - i
(. !-.. tu.' riu.-iiics- ii...... .. -
uu rri.-f.'.r.-of tL:- is srcnerriliy good
.... ... ..... ...... Ill, II.'! l l il.l lll I
..'iLi.i.1. .
hveooJ 1
We have ooea.-i-r.ii (--imp -i c 1 - fom
different p.m. r that 1 In- lil'.t;Ai.! '.!'.'.
ice arrive on ti'-.o, and I bar some i-.-uc-are
11 it received at ail. We hope, our
l atrcii-i w.l! take twin to ascertain the
; an-e i.I iioii-Hrr-.vai. iiii'i rep mi to . nn ,
; j'Si, c. and we w,;i tale pleasure In hssU
ii g i.i u to reciy n.e t' ii
i 'J he Rrownville A i'rfi.rr t-ay-:
iiaini-.-r complaining to u- Lis
. eao;.- the o'!".-r day, .''.I: "J nlo dl:
! h. a: r; i.-ed : exit-eie-i one hundred bu i
i i-o;-;i -'i- acre, lut ain
i no' have over sfvoiity-live."
Ira i J
V 111
I julLize r.ith hun."
I ia S'rwart. I'aiTtiee c.".i:i?y l.a
i .eri u iu;:iiat''J a-'ate fi.r S.ate
j Si ,i a-f'wr tin' l'"i2i ih r,-. i.atoi :al
; tiior, tfni-U! :: i' I'nwm-e. 'iae, Laii-
;i'!..e r
j The Hr-invii'e .. 7 :" y-:
j "Tin Hurji-'tini Mi--f.i.ri i 1 1 v t- j I a : ! -;
rou 1 :i N'iraka w.i- forma .iy open.-d
I fro:ii rial'.-ieo'ith f Jin ai'i! nil the '.'.h.
i 1: ha- l , e:i our p: d fortune to pa- 1
'oi's- (h; roa.i s.'wiai tiiili-s miic
oilij-i'-'.M'ti. r. i wo i.iKH T- e i :.; ni i,-ear-
, l Ii T
1 ! : J. VV I i
:.s to t CXecii
Ol i! -i ( !!!!
i .-ttuetioii. stim
j III til 'y 'U:
j all euij !;. :-.
' i
ltiiii'.ML. a:
ii 1 iiiiivpr-ai eotirte v of
A liinre lor' ei.s.-t woik
!ii. and the w-. rk w t j 1 be
i driv-'U en wi
ll-v. Ii. W.
for f f.irl.-'' t. yr-ar-I.utiti
riao ''it' ii eh
d it!.- re-L'iT.irlou
I tta-t t be 1 a:Vr -l ine
! h: )n:ai,i4. h i- ! ti 'h-r
t ii i . i
ana nccn accepte i
Twelve cars loaded witli T xas .vittle.
wei.t ea t over the 15. ,t AI. !.i-t Tloir.--day.
Wd.o .-ay-i 11 ati-mou; , J ),,t tin.
preat r-at:!-- of t'it we.-t.
It i- --n I j1; t ! 'Vie a rain i tlie br-'-t
ti u !'.ir -uckers.' It rained -ar:y I !n -li.oi
it' n j. We:e there are anv "sUckela
i ai'ovin d last cvunii: i
! ()::e i'fi-at a:Va!:!aei! o.
T I "
1 ra:.:o;n! --
own jjiain.
that the liil :n .; c i:i -!ii;i I
v.itl:'.;t p.t--iu ir 'hrouirh tie.: hand- of
middli na n. a we idtice -ome of our
fanners arc doin r. .Vinoier our principal
i'ain-er.- who an- taking :id ai'.fae e.f tiic
iUcilities ..Mere 1 bytli- Ii. .V .M. ford:-!
r. - t and ciieap : liioi.-.i ot. we notice !
.Mr I-:::e I'o'laidai.d Uoll. La Worn Shel- )
, !! .. 1 .. 1 ...... i- ... 1- ... 1 . t . I
'ton. 1 ::ov nave ji .1 :mi.- e loti'.n a i.ei- 1
ter in.irKet at
1. .. , . 1,. ... :
many others in the south' n, part of i.ur
county ! ut th complerioii ot' the B. .'c
M. has eoo:p:e t.-ly rev:!utioiii..-d tie
grain market, and jiow they a:! rind it
protitab..- to i rniL' tle:ir gr?iiii to J'iutts
inoath. whore thee can make tln-ii-own
contract for .-hipping and receive Chi
c:i so -prices ie-s :u-tiiai freight. We ad
I vi. e morn of our fanners to avail theui-
a'-vau'aees. i.a! roals
are not a bad
We are g'a
thing to have in a coma.u- !
, . r ,. j
i ;o kic'v,- i-iai .."inn 11. ;
Clark, -., is a little !. : tt r to-day.
Qur toW!,Ili:ir! H. Orr has been
quite ill tr some weck, but is recovering
f uj. t i' iiiiuiiij ii.t." vi.u :: iiiii
Id his b
;;n 1 -h ,e h.(r tl, Y " I i
oi- K.::tt L.,v., ' ,
' . .. .". ... ,. ,
In '--' !'--' Ueln .-t n-t a d,-
Tlr "- "eea-n.-i as; J.-! - I , ;
... I, a. iil-M-k 4 w oe, in Rock i'lutr-. i
. . ... . - I
if iii.n.'.j J.ave leaf: let.s 1. '2. 3. 4 ."
block LVic."
'1 he young ni ti's Chri
rian association
i-'-t.-tnr i ,0 ..'in.!.;
on ii 'r :u-.i:iuiiiyis; at
The Omaha , U thinks t!:e Be
moeracy will brimr "living i-sue.s" be'l-ri
the people this fdi. Jf they do they j
will have to -ocurc t'lem from other par- !
entaae as thev will verv soon die. The
i issue of Democracy has gencndly prove!
j ili-ea-cl and .-iiort lived.
j "We anticipate" says Mar-hal Ma -j
mahoii. "a giaat strategical advaniace
; from the u ivance of the enemy and Lis
I movements within our t-rrir try." "1
I ! . . 1 f " - T 1 I in
I iiein ui. r.iij.i i i i ii, .-ai ; ..'.,iiii i i. ce-
Ii:., iii ucscnoing a conioat m wh'.cn to
was wor.-:cd. "iiv in. eitiior n:v no-e
firmly between hi.- teeth, and resolute'y
ho! !i-;g it there
are in r.:
nra-ie c.
pt of some cxe'-ociit
i-sc.l by ();io Behr,
ind fiubiisii, d 1 y Stuppy & Behr of St.
Jo-eph. Mo. The pice;
'-.lournev bv Ni-ht,"
cop-!.-? of the
Anj'"!.-' Sere-
"CouM the little I invors Divine,"
Autumn J-ong. a:id
priic' B'os-
-oiu-. " Mr. Behr is in the city, and
will take or fer music or musical in--trumei.ts
Henry Robert on, V. n , ha- nrmovt-d
. ' I l T I '
e-tabli-hmeiit to 1
o ', I aq-ior
trcrooiu io iue-ly oceupi-l hy the i. Y j
AI. n. U. stoic, one -ioor we-t o the !
".AT.H ofliee. II-.- Ills on hand:
UlU is
constantly addimr to ;h
and bc-t
sff ri h'V t,:,; 'e-t. Mike ,
.MeGuire's lamous Sunny Side S.oaple '
Room- will be transferred to the rear f 1
t-r wh-.'e-i' - rront 1
" ' ' 'l '' ;
e see i.y tic .-el.ra-Ka nan-rs. ;
that the Democratic
i.r iitnri- ... r..., :
..I i i , , , I
... ...... in. i iui:: i
ea.e lim ii .'id. - m. t-ir ires nm.nt.i
'ares oj.po.j
to tlie ?dorto i "friction'
in that eountv.
ideetel. W. E. Diil-,.,, .T:.mes Thorn,
S. II. Calhoun a id Col. Tuxl.nry are
spoken of as candidate for the diffi-n-nt !
sJ.... ,.rK ... . .. .1 it..
' o.n --. t c icu- i uc i o lore, i
the old "hai ks" of the partv in Otoe I
hive been superseded bv the so-called
. . ... . , -
ii i.iers o: years ago. in. i:ue. t tit
! Tinfs, is at the head of the new and j
triumphant -liter ion.
,11- I. I . I IIM7
ng-'iit rf
f . i-
ih" 1'otiiun I 'ir-e T:
j . . .......... .... .i ' '1
: I . i' 1 rf---
iiaruor i, e onn.. was in our cry j c-tor-
day. He
- a gentictaan wen po.-teel in
u-iness. ;
A wall
rock appears above
the I
; wa-er, a few feet out from the bank, for
the di-tance of neailv half
mile in 1
front of the city, an 1 the steamer Oa!!a- '
tin brings a barge load eve v t vo hoars I
to add to the wall.
Secret r.-
v rentu:
1 w, r.t -
o t. i
.-ted !
to dav on
...r.t .1 I s! 1 .1 . -
With the cait ia!es on the liiu cp:e
in- I
w- it t - t. .. . r- .1 i
u:-.-i, 1.-0., i.egi.-ter 01 1 ne 1
t- t 1 :.-ce " - . !
L'.neoin Land Olre.e. was in our eity ti- I
,p,.. ,;, ....... fn ,1,., .,:. .1 !
" "a- ,e
We clip the following notice of our '
town - mam W. C. Rnovn, Esp, from '
t' .1 .-.L-.. I t,- .- .
t..e -Ne!-. i.-ka V n (..oioe.e: I
our ri:. c-e je-iei.iny we
had In ' l.'ea-ari' oi meenr.-' .Ic. liroutt
! Secret:.! v rind 'IV.-a-1:1 ( V of the R. X" M
. . .... -- -- - - . ..
ill Nebraska, and we heartilv comnn nd
him a- a gentleman in .-verv respect."
Mr. Rrown c.immands the respect of
all with whom he c-ouie in contact. Hi
gentlemanly and p!ea-a:u manner, an
,1 i
4:s straight-forwirdiiess as ;l !
lUsT lC-S '
ma are M,ve r.;tssi.oiM to t
ood 1
' -
. .
OL.uiion o: anv rig:.t-;mii.!.-i
51 :i John (liili-oie, Statu Audi. or, !
went wc;,t e.-tei Jay.
Tlii-rc wi'i T.r.-ieh::t : at
. . Cri.H-t
Hou-eat 11 a. in. and 7:. P. m. n..:st
in, ana :. j. ui. ii-e.i ., by Rev. J AI -L."0 1, Lap-.--'
f- t ;r,;.f ,."r
a:vl Jatr.e Barrv, the two ' A party of five Germans, eotii-i.-tin.?
.!iO in'o Caj r. ! if Uoineo Werner, (Jut. Walrher, Wm.
at Ljul-ville. v. jr.- V.'a!ther, IliJiarJ Walther ami Aui-I;iJ.-e
:hi! i this uiorii ; Nit --, i-It tli c- eity tl,is at'tei iimo.-i for an
in-' 1 v -.x nr.i! r ion.
There was an i
.o-i: on th"; part of
f; i -ii 2 to ;-w::r thtui clear, but the
Ju Le !-'!'.. 1 to hold them for trial at
the l.-.'xt t. r;n !' the Ii;trici: Court.
Thev were comiiip ted.
'tXilS.J Ilt;Ai Vtti UTS."
Uisr c'uy was li.i;itcd with gas Satur- j
il'ij evening, for the first time. The '
,.; l ,.i .1.,. i;.-i,t !
ii'.io a.-' litv'j. ail'4 iuc iiiu i.-
e pal to the best coal jra.
A fire broke out at Frcu.ont, Ne
braska, a .'5 a. to. yesterday, which de
strttved "auinun's hotel an 1 barn, worth
'.u;w .t. ari..H.tlif r property worth nearly
$y.'M!J more. j
vr iiont: J
I Col-Tho
Loane, Chief Engineer and
I Stipiuteiideiit of i he IJ. M. II. It. in
Neb., arrived in the city this morning,
j direct from Boston, whore lie has l'cn
i for some weeks. He returns to his
! labors f'ii'.l oflife and vigor, and will
t soon have thi- link in the great through
line completed to Kearney.
tji i: ist kk.:i:ssi 5:1.1:.
Fit.jr"ia!l is pedectly irrepressible,
and 1
111. ikes
!!y a day passes over but he
a in .v inve-tinentin city property.
fn-day we learn that he has piirclui-cd
the -half !..t of Wm. Stadelmann, ad-
,lo;iiiiiL..:s re,-( nt eircnae on ine corner
of Main and Sixth streets, and that he
, . .
proiio-es 1 o ;n oiii-e iiin:rt-n nun ii.e
' erection of a large three story brick,
aero..- the entire lot. We bet our money
; en t.tL-crald, and -n his siicce.-s.
Ki.i t: unvK firy.
T : - I-..!'. i;.w.n O. ?.! .'.rf l:o 00b
ll .1 H I - ! L I'J '".I -
has e
it will be
-I...-.. - li. o
1 x - t 1 .
..... ....1.1.
1 line of Stasres between
iineoin. tt:-j pre
. - .
cut we-tem terminus of
,, v- 1 1
K. in rscraska, and
the B. tt M. B.
Blue Riv,'r City.
he point where the
-1 1 ...! ...
raiiroad w.,1 cross thebaic, i lie coaches
the Blue. The coaches
.1 .1 :! .1 .. 1 :
inn .11 con:. eciuei with the railroad, and,
there n-.-d be no dclav in either eoii.o ,r :
n 1 11 ' l-rfc : -ir;
ku a so..;ii:us
f i t
lid '. I'. L-l, ,t' (if iKIIfV i!N
. ' y - , -j
ivc.-p.eda nun.oer .u passes to be fur-
n;sl,ed -oldior-u. this ha-ahty who served
:,, IWa Regiment-dunng the war ho
a.e de iroti-of at tending the reunion at
Pes .iio;i;es co'.nmcnciti'e; on the olst o.
j Augu-t and eoiit inning until the 4th of
f.. tr if
.-eptcm. cr. Iowa so.uicrs oesiiincr :
; to attend the re-union can secure passes j
j ly eaiim on th..- during the pres.- j
; c!.t Week. l.a. h
.-oi Her is requesic-.l to
! provide hiiu-eif with a b!;u,ket, tm cup, !
i knife and fork. Th -re will be no exs e-n
: ses mean e-l a: tut- rv union, as amp
. l ai
1..... : ..... i
m of ail who may attend.
j "Ks: a (osviatiox." j ingenious met hod of saving labor and cx-
! In accoi -lance whh an act of the Leg-j pense in the handling of grain is the
j i-latme, the qoe-tioii will be voted on at j property of Mr. Joseph Alexander Con
; the e-oini-ig e'e -tiou whether or not a ; nor, and was planned by him. He pro
I eonveiiiion will be held for the purpose j poses to sti'l further improve the ar
, ot alien i;i.r tne r--a:e von tiiunon. i
i We do no! deem it neees-arv to state the !
many r. ason- why a convention should j tors the "chute" for the car. Mr. Con
! I e held, a there is hardly a niMi in the j ner informs us that he can load a car in
State that docs not know that our con-
silt ut ion is
be any opp.
veiy finlty and need- re-
We do not think there will
iti-jii, from any party to the
si.imn a iii:.t.
itibl lu h I lu'vle: tix 5(n-iine An
Arm Aui;)nlat-I.
j While Mr. George El.iott, one of the
largest farmers of the w. stern part of
! the county, was endeavoi ing to oil the
I.. .r.r. t. u.s. r of fi I h i f f i nif inaebine.
., . T,I I.;;)..,,,.! wits eamdit be-
,,u.,.t, t!lc pinion and the main wheel,
,;t .... i ..o-r., r o ...1..I..K- .-AT
Dr. Kena-ton was sent lor, but having j
no :n -i i uiii.-i.ts.
nt f in- I)r Rawlins,
,vli :im,,utated the fore-arm ve.-terdav,
fT.i-edavi a-i-t-1 bv Drs Kena-ton
.. i m'L' l, K'K,t j-a ariner
,!t ' a l'J1 lllL'
of Mr. Jame- Simp on, an! they have j
hir... fun., ii, Stove IY...-k oteeinet
i i .i . :.... . i l.- ;
.ii.-v e:e lutes line: ill.-.i. iv.reisi.ii
lh . t!.,.,. (1. (,
.... ... ..... ........
Capt. Muipby, Bcpiity V. S Marslial, :
arrived at home lasc evening, having
' Colnpie'C
'......I 1 1 .i .... .... t.ili.r i
s as c-n-ais taker. I
...... ,.c .1.- ..... !
He thinks Cass
ri' -u- counties in
man can know her excellence except he
makes as minute an examination as he
has. II". reports to us a large number
of valuable improvement- i:i the count-,
anione other- that of Mr. (J
on, of S iitth Rend, who is erecting one
oi t be hue-t
!i -a -es in the State.
bui'c of an excellent article of
i- to be two st-nie--, and will
;:,,.,.,-,,,. t-t !
co.-1 about S.-j'nii. Air. . ,-lattison is one j
t',.. 1....VV- r.n. ..f th Sr.ife and b is I
made every dollar of his possessions
thiough his owa i xci ti in.
to .-
that i
Oi m
pro -per. e
tch i f the im-
I -pe to giv
e a pen .-
pr.. v. meuts
in ihe County in
a thort
i v;.:. tiat iis.
Uov2 lltrov.11 f.-om iii Uridsx- !'
, . V-ir i
rj i,
. ,. , ,
Yesterday two i .-ee- of slare rock,
such a-isf.'Unl at the bridge quarries
s.uh ..f the citv. were -eon to fall in
1 -t 1 1 - i . c ... r
the lad vard. and with. 11 a lev U
left Ol
w li t was sittiii.:
on the portico of their dwelling. The
pieces weigh rc-".'etivelv one and tvo
pound, and tuu-t have been blown from
the bridge p allies, a distance of a fu.i
half mile. They use some very heavy
bla - ts at the quarries, but we were
11 I ... P. At tl, . tl.r...
lianoy piep.iiei iu uei.ii; in.i. iuitj
would throw rocks this distance, and e-
i, ..!.: ;.i i
p - i'";. -.-c .nu -e...
that these pieces niuf-t have ascended
ati'l descended at a less antile than 43
1 1 - - .1 1 " U . - 1
Ufgrecs to avwa smiling me mil ai iiio
1"T una m uue rc.,r ui m-
A FT Kit Ttif. iji'tai.i:s.
extenJeJ ouhaio hunt in the region ot
Ilcpublicuii liver. They went with a mule
team, and are armed with Henry Hiiles
uud Revolvers. They contemplate look
ing up Homesteads on the llejiubliean,
and may he absent until next -pring.
We have just secured a copy of Sny
der Brothers "New Combination .Map,"
which we regard as bciiiir of much more
value ami importance than ui ost of the
mans beinir nul li.-hed. It includes a
j map of the Western States and Tcrrito
! ries, carefully prepared, and representing
i the Great We.-t more completely and to
n umc.h ater date than any other map
we iave s(.cn. Ctmibined with it is a
sectional map ef Ncbra.-ka anl Kansas
to the Mxth lii!ic:pal ic-ndiau, aud the
we.-tein portion of Iowa and Mi.-souri,
wh:ch has been gotten up with more
tha 1 ordinaiy care, from original records
and surveys on file within tiie.-e States.
Taken as a whole the "Combination
Map" is of special value and importance
tJ our portion of the west.
It is no longer questioned by tho-e who
are posted in the shipment of grain that
our city is the great grain mart of the
i wet, and every day developed some new
' --ch me by our grain dealers for the hand-
1 1: c ... .t. l-.. . , :i 1,
; o".- 01 e""" .r..c iiukimh .x-
j pense, thus enabling them to pay the
' farmer the greater price.
The latest in-
j vcntioii of this nature is the substitute
j elevator spoken of in the Hkkald a few
'lays since. 'A'e "interviewed" the ap-
; paratus to-da-, and Cud that, uotwith
! standing the simplicity of the concern,
. , . . , ., ,
11 ii.-iosi ClKllt j 001;.- tillilj tlll III'; va-
p-nse of handling grain. It con-i-t.-of a
! .-.. 1 1..-..,,. i.:n
i.iii; 0111, 01 jiuusc, seL j.i iiiu 11111 s.o..,
. , fc ' , , ,T
about two blocks north ot the 1 1 Kit AM)
oniee, at an eievauon 01 aoout iwcnry-
,,,, - , ., ,. . ,
live teet aijove tlie raiiroa.i traai. l lie
ioh:--w- n ii iioiu a in .ui j,'i j i'u-ii-.i.t vjj
. ,
am, and is divided into three apart-
mQllU ne K,r wheat, one for oats and
.. i i- i o i
one for corn. Leading from each of these
j apartments, at the bottom, is a spout
r 1 ! 1 - ! ! .
iiiie.i witn siiect iron, wnicn j iu.s tne
, 111;l;n s,,out (ur "L.ylUr) leading down
to the ranr0a.l track, where it is
1;)t,rto(1 ;nto xU door of the car
i to be loaded. Each of these
r i. v... r
; are furnished with a locked slide v. here
j the crain is let out when desired. Tlie
.,,.., ,1,:,... i,: ..,,,., to tl,.. 1. ..f
,hc a,j0ve tie 'tu:idinir, some feet
litriier tll:ln ;ts to., wl01-e other
are provided lea. ling into the
nt at.artuients of the bud-Inn: at
the top. Each of tr.e-seis j;rovi b d with
- ! a large hopper into which the farmer
can dump his grain either from the sack
! or in bulk from his wagon bed. This
raugemeni ny piacmg a large ian mill so
as to run the 'rain thrnurh it as if en-
from fifteen to twenty-five minutes, with
the help of only one man to .'.hove! the
i grain about in the car. We are pleas -1
to see these improvements, as it gives
dealers a chance to pay the fanners more.
i:x iai.ATI.!.
Mr. Editor: There is a iliifuulty
attending this discussion which must at
tend all discus-ions where either party
engaged has no policy of his own to
maintain. But constantly wanders off
into a chaos of words or launches so
deep into absurdities that it becomes
difficult to f illow him. An inexperienced
hand is very apt to weave a web entirely
dillercnt. from that which Ulys-es' faith
ful I .ii.-1one tr.i .-.' f. .r thn old ! T .-...I-.
, . ' :,. i.:. t ,.,,,:.. c...
finding fault, should remember that lie-
fore -weeping away that which custom
cstabh-he l and wisdom has approved, he
sho,1J cK'ar 7,l Wel1 ai,,5,,',,i
method of his own. Can any one per-
ccive even the shadow of a method in
enner or ins icnginy aiti -ies : ins gar-
luioiis wining?
em to ilemr-n-tiate that
. . -.
lie entertain- the ilea
a lini
is a
I imiik although there i norhing in it."-
j 1 conless my inability to .li-e.-rn an 1 it a
: i A' ii.......!.... in ..i-'i.i..lil''l'l..,., 1 i.
Ir0(j1K.'ton;' "what the upon
Can aan and the stirring un of the .-hades
nf Slii'in ntnl .l-iob'-th. who b i v.. Ion
of It-heui and .Japheth, who have lone
since paed on to the pea-- d'u! abode of
! the future, has to do wiih the cvaiuina-
1 lion of" n s.-hi,i.l trm-hcr I s v:.tfe hin.
than I can fathom. The writer .-avs
that 1 took executions to
his views on i
exviiiinations. If he suppo-e
that I ;
excepred to Ips views he is laboring u 1
der a very great mistake. I iiavc yt to
learn what l hey are. Any one mieht a ;
wch attcuijit to draw uoiicnthv from ni
hility as to ex'n.ct even a shade of a
method from hi- incoherent jargon. "1
feci sorry'" saysC. C. "that.-urh a homely
shoe should lit one so well." Uv th-i
repetition ot this trite saying he exhibit
more wit and learning tnan in ail hisior
: iner writings. U lien he acknowie f-jes I
; that he eon-ttucP'.l a i;nirf sue, he a. , . . .,.i. ,.. ,,r
attemiit to I
denv. Rut before constructing another
it would be advi-able for him to procure j
better iuateiial and manifest more .-kill I
in the construction so that such ineom-
potency in the woikmanship would not
be expo.-ed. I thiuii that the old Rmn ii j
poet. Horace, must have had my friend I
in special an! prophetic view J
when he wrote partununt monies. !
nascctur ridiculus mus, winch l.y
way of interpretation is. the mountains
have been in tiavial. and produced a
ridiculous lUOU-e. I will HOW d-'VO-c a
few words to ;-C.C.'s unrea-onable a-ser-jtion
tion that it is not a matter ot the
hi-die-t importance thn a -tudent shou'd !
carry from school a e.tni-h'rable store of j
knowledge. Ooserve, lhat he re-tricts I
the phrase "store of knowledge," by j
the use of the a liective "cnr.n'fru!Jr,"
which mikes the language signifv that i
the pupils should not acquire, at school,
any know ledge ot imortance or va.ue. j
could anything he more prepo-terou- ,,r,..f, f ' One ii-iht an-.vcr that m a . tyt tCK ,4,i i MUSIC ailCLlJaaC3eV3ry JSaaday ,, ft ....,. . .
should the people or any ui-tnct ie.-ire neat little sp -eeh of an hoar, but j toi i. nd- st .K-n. Th r.ntier. may pet i 1 '- . , .
the services of a teacher, an! one enter- the next question come- in .one k sip. i uny ly.l. fJ J iliMlVj' SifVt & Co 1 h" ' !':'
taininc the idea that it is not neees-ary ces-von, "What do you think ot the i vi .,lir. , T, v l o,.. e....v iot. ......
pupils-' ih-:nH lea schl -itb uv ' Fc'f-rer- 'rting -?tnrt ?' We'l, me nfr?-iv-i- 3. vt.Sbxwv 0,1 1'1 u... ie ,p-. . i
i " i i '
kltcoiishriLle store of knowledge" ;
-l.oiiM make ai.nhcation for tle mjIuhiI.
and a-.moaiiL-e hiiu-eif to the neojile in
the toilowiiis manner:
teaeh your .-e..oul, but 1 wi-h it di.-t;nctly
under.-tftod that your child. on i-hail not
, . i i
cavrv Ir.iii niv m-kohi anv coii ieiai;e
ttort! o!' kn.j-.voIeJe, would th pe-p?e
of that di.-tiiet einpiov him ? I ttated
in my revous article, the ui inory uui-t
tir.-t be exercised before the powers ot j
rea-ou ainl fam-v can Le expanded, and.
thi is phi!o.-ij liiealiy triii
then, that tlie student. shnuM become i Examiners t hen, -elves kn"W that t'.ey
an aecuiatc and profnuud rea-oncr, it i- j can learn more of a teacher's power in tif
a matter of the highest i.up jrtauee that ! teen minutes conversation than in an
il e. should acpiire, at school, ail the j hour's examination. Tc :c!i 'rs (who are
facts he can thoroughly comprehend. not afraid to -peak) invariably pro
What should be Miuaht in acuuirin ! n-.unee examinations, as they a"e now
know!edi:t! is certainty; Student-.-hou!d
not be satisfied with a puitial or half ae
(laintanev with things. In mane there
l- as imicJi tcn.lency to liite.leeiual as to
, i - ii ,
bodilv inactivity. Scholai s in school :n
order to avoid toil are often
inclined to pa-s on in a carde-s manner,
l'a-.-inir over studies in a hurri"d manner,
or reading books without retli-cJioti !ia
a tendency to weaken the powers of the
mind, ' who are determined to
thoroughly ma-ter the subject in hau l,
whatever may be its nature, are allways
sure to feel a great intere.-t. Truths
soon become clear that were previou-ly
obscure. We should as far as po-db!;:
rcfere our knoledge to general principles,
if the .-ubject under con-ideration be
political, literary or philosophical, fix
upon ,-oiue genera! principal iiround which
collect truths in illustration, aud there
will soon be found no liirliculty to re
member all that may be necessary to re
tain on tlie subject. hen I asserted,
in a former article, that some of the il
lustrious men of the past, acquired their
va.-t store of knowledge by many a mid
night bleu ration, J did not say that
night is the bc-t time to study. Should
any pcr.-on acquire va.-t wealth by means
of fraud, the relation of the fact would
not be an approval of the means by
which he acquired it. My
friend C. C. seems to be one of those
individuals who pride themselves on
possessing craftiness rather than merit,
who throiuh lack of application or na-
tural ability, or pci haps both, has not
acquired suifu ient knowledge to entitle
him to a certificate, and ilieiafore, he
mav be desirous to brine; teacher's ex-
aminations to such a standard, that a
eeitilicate can be obtained more easily
bv ehicaneiy than bv descrvimr merit.
'Teachers let us pursue faithfully our
cho-cn avocation-," this i- his ii. spiring j apio.Uwtl
appeal to te.ahers. Avocation means j ;
the act of calliiis aside or diverting from I . Tlif i.a-t 'nM.
some Cicpl.-vmcnt, then the literal si-! AH ncr.-a,i,s knowing to-an-aves m
.of;....r.i.. ..f" I.;. i i. - I... ! oebtc.l to us y note or account are iv-
HUH l.l.W.t '. 1. J ci.i .s n. IS, IVI
us pur-ue faithfully our cho-en acts ot
cal.iuiz-a-ide or diverting from some em-
' "; T lv:t,:U'
! ploymcnt. If teacher-could be indue-cd
IU lOitow I ! I- s 1 u HC.-ili II lil-''10W Il;r PIO-
,i ' ! . ..Vi r , '
; pbe.-y would soon be lul died ".hat na-
ti..n Hr and m-ar hoi,m..ok ith un
' C"iicea!c-.l fnmu-t upon our sv-tem of
j i,,;,,,,.-' The im-orreef u-.jof "avo
e-ation" is onlv one of hi-solecisms.
has scarcely produeed a sentence whi'-h
would not ae, by the grammarian or lex
icoLrrapher, pronounce! incorrect.
W. A. V.
A true ambition is a heaven-born in
spiration, and being consecrated to fiod
land humanitv is the sulvati
world. A perverted ambition is the es
sence of diabolism., and being consecrated
to Self and Satan, is a rankling venom
in the soul of the possessor, a withering i
: . i i i i .r .. i
simoon over i ue eariu. i.-iasiiu comiiiu-
..... .1
int'.es and nationalities with misery and
A good teacher without a true ambi
tion i.- a contradiction of facts, an impos
sibility. Tea -hers (so called) with no
ambition abound everywhere: and- exam
iners with a p i-trrtfl i mhltiim, are n it
rare in these days, and there balof.d in
fluence is n-e of the stronev.-t baniers
the progress of our cause. 1 have i
; neither time nor
i ciiara .'tenze their
hl-f t I l H" lll'll- I UMl.lllllTI i.oii- IO I
ction or iioiu. nee art i
propr.u;e!y, wh ,-t her as ail.-ctiug States, i
coui tie- oi- iinele communities. But it is I
a notorious fact that iinniy of our exam I
I biers are th
e uu
is ;is ottvioiis to everv t oova- it is o'lam-
repul.-ive and di-gu-ting to ad
not in their rings.
Let each per-on who essays "to
teach the young idea how to make center
shots'" look into t he perfect law of liberty,
and glean therefrom, as lur current u.-e.
the magic words of perfect no-s : "lie
that ollciids not in w.u d i. it t mini. '
Those teachers who are over-conserva
tive, and of rieid and .-low habits we
cail "O'd Fo-'V "
Ca'n-he'au.-St!if.y-an rl, hh ease,
Put in r.ii-'iiinr, full to iik-.iso,"
We should try eve.y iintloid by the
mea-ure or until. J u ectness ami .-tap-tat:on.
Old tiling- by the natural law of
change, pass away, aud each science is
clothed in modern panoply.
Let the living age reiuov the "rust of
other days." A live teacher can soon
show forth clearly that wi-loui which
will make him what the pupil wi-he.- him
to be gentle, ea-y to be entreated and
ful of good fruits.
Teachers, you will find many examin
ers with a perverted ambition. The man
or woman who dares to entertain any
opinion, or j ursue any c-our-e that has
not received bis sanction, if v. ithin his
power, is mated wiiheaptiou-insolence
it bevoud his
i made th
, ol.j-.-ct l ton! denunciation, iiefocl
I l.-irti.T .ss -ts it'sh.-lT-O ri .11 . :o,. 1 III. ill. '1. .ITS
One examiner demands that hi-pupils
! shall stu iv Green's Ana'v.-i-, and all of
: ( I r.-i in iiu.r not found in ( i reeifs Ana .-is
; drauimar not loun l in iiicei
; is, in his opinion, wor e than
At hi- i inaf ions tlie canontates who
un not "pa
' ever uii-iue
ia IJiecii's Ana'v-i.-' hnw-
-ii'iiiaiee their abilitv,
in all
other directions, are cither rciecte-d or
Iterated and then ln-ubed With a three
luonth'-certificate. Another examiner I
... i . . -i
clings to iai K s i. i-aaimar. .-vnouier
swear- by U.-own s (ail good books by the !
way) ; he is h irdly cat able of utter
ng three cou-ecuue ;en erce- wun
grammatical propriety.
In one ea.-e an exutn
1) -r ir.ouired, '
'llovv are vrb eonjiieated '."
d ob-
jVeted a had d-iz-'ii corrce: an.-w.-r-, l-e-cau-e
thev did not tally with his own
iiieuionzeel aii-wer to this very loo.-e
(pie t.oii
Li anotlier case an examiner inquired. !
"WhvdooU point oO" into Ju l ii.'L of i
three iu extracting the cube root '.' j
The can '.'.date giving the tea -on instead:
eil' the object wa maikcd !, r, t. i
Some examiner have been kn ovn "to j
furnish their printed questions to their
own pupils or special favorites, some j
, lays before examination. " i
I fae'p-r, I
Sometimes an examiner i
then it is amu-uig to see now Weil in- i
i pui.ils got through. Th i n-ver fail. j
j Or maybe the applicant has a-tcn led n I
! school lhat doe Hot meet his appr..b.i- j
then how he p-urs hi vials of
. wrath on hi unprot ex-ted h a 1 :
Th.-n ,eA mtioiis a-are soai -tini -s :
jiropo - ed I Theory and praci i.-e i - coin
plctcly e-xliau-ted t y some oi mem, par
example : "What e-dncationa-ir.onthiie
.i ..i. .,.. :i.
not a.-k.
ll'l O J SU'll Il'"- .''.
' - Wh'cli ones do von rea l
"D.i you ever scold in ehool ?" "W hat
is tlce be-1 method ot pieveiiting ir!.i-
the eaiKii.lates luanape to firiil out. the
examiner s view- on tliee pert lex; nj;
' nue.-tions, ana .-trive to make tlie an-
swers tiariuo'r.ze a niu:
. , - .in
as p
wuii nis opuihtu. i lien
conies a
! pointed and praetktd quotum, '"what
i i 1 t i . i.. :i .
; woiuu yvi uj n yin naa iwemj ji jpu.-,
. and ir.rele
; ytu a-kiinr.
f tlioni .-hor.ld como to
'Mav I eo out "
'Mav I
i va
We miizlit fill a p ieewith tlie, point it'.-s, a!-urd Uvtious
have a -k riliy hen a.-ke 1 by one
i iner w-j know ot'.
co;iiiucte-J. lanures, -iiauis, nui.-anccs.
Failure beeau-e they attempt to do a
,....- , IT
tlini' and Ia:l ; umsiiictx. tncau;e they
i I a I ..... : 1
; couqiei teaeuers io waste time an. i uioue
they r tinme n 1 to the people tea dicrs
whoTu they d n it know to be successful
teachers. "Is it not time to have a re
form here?"
In in v next article I will show the ad
vantages of a new method, and
in brief mv plan of examinations.
C. C.
A Michigan man who stole a velocipede
was very appropriately sentenced to a
lunatic a-ylniu to be cured.
Is now running a daily line of Stages be
tween Lincoln nnd Blue River City car
rvinir the trieat IJ. S. mail and express
thr Crete. M .h-fon, Camden. Milford,
Pleasant Hill. Swan City and Blue Biver
City. Bas-ciitrs will liml it convenient
to take this line fir the above point-.
Slaves run it: connection with the train
on the B. & 31. 11. li. in Ncbra-ka.
NatBuoyvn, Supt.
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Machine wiil Cn-1 it to their advantage
to give them a call.
Maxwell .v- Chapman oif.-r f..r .-ale a
gooi improved farm of .'ie-J a-re-. well
watered and fenced; -P.i acres of timber,
a goo! dwelling hou-e and outbuildings.
juneo' i-lwtf
I). II. Wheehr cc Co. are ..fTerincr for
sale over LiO lots in the City of I'iatt.--moulh,
a: prices ranging from 75 to
fL'otj caeli. jrtMif
(Jo to alic,-ys Runner and buy your
Groceries. Th.-y buy for ca-h and" will
, . t
hot I
Are now receiving the largest stock o
Dress Goods ever brought to this mar
ket, which thev are selling cheap for
e-i h- aft I od.ev. tf
Go to "allerys & Rulfncr's and buy
your Roots and Shoe-, the be.-t in mar
ket. iiplo.Uwtf
After Saturday, July 3d, we lay our
Rooks a-ide and sell for ca-h.
juiyt-'.adevwtf Doom., j:,;.,. A" C.
Ad parties indebted to us 1 n .te o--
i ucco-tnt, will .-ave t hi ln-elves tr- b e an 1
expense fry settling them lmiiitui.i.c
, business, is bu-inc-s, and we must have
our money. Duo;,f. Bno. it Co.
Two or thiee rooms, suitable f'ir hou-e-ho
ing: eo: ut"-o I ik .and .-ix;h streets.
angldAwtf F. W. D. jok.
'..'i c ', u- "t ,
iilerys iV iiU.iuer have the larges
s!'H'k V- ! ' 1 ,,,,',''i,,'s ciV j""- the
city, winch they bought lor ca-h an 1 at
I reduced prices. Caii an 1 examine their
Esiray notice.
'PAKEX up by tlie suWribrr. on hi premise?,
1 ttv-t un 1 a hull miles m,ih1i- ast ul n e,.ii.g
at, r, on l liursii.iy. Auut 4t!i. "7u, one two
ycir oi l lillr-y, iviih whio; f n i-. :o,-l liyhr IiOhI
tii-il white, no other ncirk- .-r l.ian.l-i vi.-i;,ic,
tin; owner is i-i'j.'u-l to prove pr-ij :ly, pay
charge-aii-i take her u.miv.
J'lissK MoltfOV.
V. wpiaj Water, August 2mU, i,'a. "it.
Shcnff'G Sals
.Tvloi L.ntaiiiint-. )
Wi-Jiaiu iJa'lumnioi I
U -'o. T. McKay, ;
O.-J r of Sal
Eiio? 1 rcni'i.
E UV itlVMN", that I will
i. 1 oii.-r 10 1 sal? at piiii.itnot-'Oiiti, iu Irn-lront
il'.nr ui ne t ui t 11. .jut- Hi Plat snioii li. e'as
i o-.oii , .N. ara-ka. 011 .'una !.... . Pn- 1 t!i iiay of
S. p. -in. .i-r. 11 1 .me o'd ic .. I-. ii . . j i .lay. I;;.
..i. .. ;v..i 1 -la 1 ... t-i wi:: A i-rtain ih:u.
ho u -1 -i. l- an t "in. - ha. 1 ? oiie- hi -i.. ; . a a i e on
tin 11 "r: h- M a i 'it -r i.;' ".-o .11 1,
Ip Ao. 1-'. Illli'.. No li. ;:!i-l f.i:, f,f!, f
tr.i:!.'! in I in.' c i.l' r oi w hi, ! -a; i .'cn is ir i
n.i -i taki 11 as Pie prupi r y of Mieo 1-'. en h on
mi ...wil I'm nl.ivoriU J.;!n! l;.!i;.t:t::.-. il
0 on i.aiia 'c HM- I'l. l (ii-n. 'i . .!( ktv, i..:u- t.y
..... . t.... . , t ..... I. ..... ,..... , i
Ca.-.. mil to u.-.- Uire.te-,1 as .-a lUi oi saii
tu;ia'- .
1MU-.J Au-rast A. L...1-..H.
J. H. JUil.N'.SoA. sh'tf. Ca--. Co. N",-h.
isiiAMaAia.u a lit muu-ns. Ai y'-. i-tr Piif'-.
u .
I nni! fJofio
Ld-JUl II JllO-
In Pitri.-t Court 21"-a Itip'iijt, within
! I'a.-s ouicy. Nri.ra. ka.
! Perry W'aiker PI'ii".
Minctva .1. .V.C-'rl.
i l.i .M.a.or-I. .nary e
M '..r 1. i ' ! in tn I
1..M -Cnl ,f- pavid I
A. .M- ' .-iaV, Jr. J
Mia.rv-. J. M-Ponl
I la M.Ct-1. M -ry
1. i ii n-iM. A!. -C-fi aid Pavi i A. .M.:-
I. tc-ii-o ": '.-nt. .1 l.-tidai-t-. yon nr- In-r.-hy
nodi i I t tin t I'. i ry "ul ki-r fill . I h is pi-t it ion on
tin- -.Oi d.-.y of A uirii't. A. It. 1-To. in the otF:r-e
ot the a.-rk i f hi hi t ii t Court witiiin an l lor
C c-uniy. tiie ..'..i.".-t a-i I pr -y. r .f w lii -li is to
th . t an ! r- orm a I I -. ur 1 l y William
.M- C o 1 to .-'.ir..!i '. 1 or!. auks, on or id.r.ut the
1 4 Ii !.i v N". vein I--."' I. hi I. it-it .!. l ihe i i l
AI ' o i inti to convey the s. K. '-i ot' the
n rt'n-.a-t ' i !' .;tioit No. ore- 1 in tw'ti.-!tip
I ..'). r.i(-vt'M II' .. nil'l.-L .I'l. I n I II-. ,
,(f tin-rah P. ."-!. it. e'a.-s eountv. N.-hra-kn
bat iy ini-n-.k..- h- M M oft ho S K 1 ,' of .-ail
'i.T'ae.Tl' terrntei1,... V,.
thft.-ue i t.-r.t otall p .ri. -. and that I lair.titPK
ft rLZT'tMrn
p; n, i;a c .um v. N-Va-k-i. i.ny i.- ..ui'-t.-l
and rniiriiicl in pliintltt a-jd that the-i.u.
-a-t up.
e-y n is.. ti'ii; to - ii i traet of l .n I
oi .- ii I 'l- t'-'-'ivi- i!.-c 1 mav I.c- rimoved
. . . V- , .'I-., t. .'II I lll 4 V f
.U.I.V'I LLb a i . I . . .i , I
l'Iff's Ally it. i
Is lo-rohy civi-n thnt on tie-'Jl t day of July, A i
It. PTo. one (ii-oiiTH left nt my -la' le a !
'i-l.t 1 a v iuar. w i" li I. envy tail nrid man p. to- I
r . .: . : I ,..o 1 1 ,U - - I
VA, Xm.-1-M1 U . l ' I k U)...UJ
Everybody, cni nmrc t'o, arc z-ki,
Th eft
Are now on cxhiuitioii at the New Ymk ?:ic.
al'e lili'ili lo our lit
i3Ri:ss-(joods. ri;iNTs,
BALMiJKA Ls, CA lil'J.: 1"S.
CLAKK'S W'.W i llJJJI.l,'),
COTTON VA HdUis .N! :-!;
of all kinds and iirice.s to suit oui nainoroua cu-torr.crj. lar-c t!..v.; . r
ma aim:.
We have a lar -t , k tf ih-- c'. bra..., C-Af. DTfJ CITY C T
I'lattsinouth Tcbruary, Pth, J7'. tt.
s ...... , . "-t .
KcioB, 2z Gaps,
Ultnn Street, Second Do
BRANCH HOUSE : Broadway, Co-jr.c.l Ciii
(f4?stni to Will it!
WiiOLI'l-SALK and
ID ".R, TT C3- CS-
I-- now receiving an 1 lias on ban 1 (at tlie old
oufcli side Main
The Lar.reat and
Stock 'if I'niF. M( iii.--. I'.ihit.. C'hcir. ii i'-. I,i
Uitrifliic-' oil. C.i-i..r Oil. ...i ..!. h
C vl l.l '!- 'ii. lot I 11 !:.l ; v.-.l n-ly I
1.-. 11-
-Uch n .lavf
V,' I -Kill'-
V. A vire. I ' -0'-.
NVk. li"! !".-..
Dr. Wii.
t zi ?
Of the '..'Ht (;r.i !
a;; i -i'.:al.
7!" o m t r7
It c.l or Itose. tli ci n. Mint- an. 1 l.l.i.k. Aim I in u. Ir.
In fuel eveiythiiis liiut n at I. -i in li e li ug r .
fhysicians' Prsacript ens careful y czrr.iizHitC.
at a!S Siqu 3. All Dvuqz warranLoil frec'i ar.-J
before btivlnq, nc! sec what I hava
1'late-niouih. March 21. lTn. wtf
dual:: ;v,"
Stoves, Tin, Hardware &
Roofing. Gut't-ring. i.ig and l- ; !.-g .'.-;ne.
am Selling ' .- f ..' 7" "-" ond Ca-tr.ntf X".'
Lndi r$i;!. a. out F,'.ij)nfi of V I! md..
A No. 1 riowsan l Cu!:iv.,t .r-. davi-.g oot ft C -,t. !! . ... ' ' ;'
Tlain 't. .Text to C? ZtrJ f,
rai q; p vj rr? Y
JiCd JL - . V
T" t"
1 5
Y. 1).
!..:- tLrir
AT Tilt
auJ uio.t eoiu; !ute
R E 3
nt rr'-ntly rf.p.'
M it- ot
- lM 4. CO, , -
Boots Shocn,
tr I rj C:, !
1 1 .
L 4. V "4.
C ft J ''
p.; )l r--
t: . : - t
RFVAUi ti'
and - f w i.h- i: .
Bt., Fi:ili.::nout
. - r s. ... ,
4 u: i
' ;.. -. ,
. ii.-..-. - : -i
. l! I I. . 1'ilil.liirr
i..ttrje. A.lfo, a.i
f i
I: ;
.1 11-
J f i
I M u1j ,
.1 i: r.
I arming
C. L R F L I i-
.Mineral! Scc:aV'-