Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 02, 1870, Image 1

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;j ri"ELsla.i WKEKLT BY
!?. 'tli.-e corner Main and Second stm... seo
oii'l .-.or.
TERMS : -YVecV'y. S2.00 per annum if paid in
Slt.-xl if not pni I in advunce.
is rvnn"i:;:o ht
li- 1). II A ll 1 AWAY
WW & ,1 "PTTj
-0Sire cortcr Main and Seconi 3trcet ioc
cud story
TEKMS : Dtiily Jln.oo per anuuui. or 1X)
jier month.
VOL. ti.
NO. 1),
TT 1T71 "H TO A CJ TT7" A
A T 11
? i
1 !
! 1
ui.. .'ii,itA. m ats: isv;mix
i - . 1 1 : .... so..... V. ,,,-, i ... ...ill 1 .. V..I1
.A i.I' -ii nir.w . v. ....... i.,..t n 11 1 ia in:!1! j
at th '-'ay of Lin-- j!h, on Veduc-aday. ti.e !"th j
dy" .Vuasf. JSC . at 10 o'clock a. m.. lor tho j
.arr -f tla-:in iu tioru'iiatioti wi'i an iidatc !
r Mfiiitcr of ," arres.-. vuc cue lM-itc for Mt-ni - j
i-.-rof Cj.irc" ..o!itiiv'..-n:. caa-U.l.u,-.' for ("-- ;
ru..T. Secretary, of St:itc. Ticasuicr. f-upvrin- j
twident of Pit olic Induction. State Prison In- ,
....rt-r -'.torucy!. .-.a-i P-rtncir..n.-
acuou o. su
oi i ouor ru!I:eM n.- iny .r.., rrjy
for, th ConvcMUon. 1 he duU-l-:,
t from c.H,h ltr-t .H i.c.i-
""Mt" ; Ait.-rncy.or
tome 1
liate a
iheir rcsi ;t:v? ili-ittic's.
The ::rr.iM aro entitled to deles&tes in the
ur.-. ci.t .
j; i i- r ...
1! l!i.i!- ...
i . ; . .
( .1 -
( ..
:unrv:. .
. .ik'-:a .
''-' :"!'
1 I.i".ooin
I l.'i.jj-iiui '-'u.iit..
1 M it'll -on
1 Mern k
' N oi'.iuha
-1 l-lailo
... 1
.. 1
.. 1
1 -'ll 1.-
.... rJ
I t-1
1 VVr;-.--.u;.;:, 1 ..
X ul li..
.fun ..
:' .- iii...
tt-r .
If i- i. i
" . .. -y -":-.u'y m'.i fully r' fre-
rutfd. a.-i it i- nil i:..j..'tuiit thttt too'l I:i'n be
nrli-.teilji ii.v- -fi'iu- Tiffj, a:i 1 that hurmouy
ITt'iail in thirlr M!eciKi!.
liy ord r of t'l' 'ornuiittoc.
l !IAT1IAWAY. Chairman.
Pi .it .--1:0, nr. '.-.. -V-.y "7. IsTU.
II -j'-jiiicm .-talL- l'apci.-s I'li-a.-e (,'nry.
Ttii J 1.4 AllKAZt.
Ano1hr Ut;Iimo:it 1m Hie Field.
have clnlej that I'litt'iuouth
hipj grain than any other town in
thewc.-t, an i t. h tini our assert: ;n di
j..ute'l in the t'o:!owing item l'roui the
(.'oUf.eil iilufTs Time:
'Tb? e'.ty rtf Miit'.n, Iowa, ohjits to
I'lattnii.euth tarrvin oiT the palm ia the
pr.'tin f!.':-.t:!!if lino. The I'uniiur tivn
ehi'!c;i frciu the lirt to the '2th of May
II " ear ... t i-. "f AT.ti;i n:: 1 .-t-;i k. This
rather !i:;s u ;. er the NehraLa town,
nJ t ii '.iv I sa cheaJ."
Thr "- weighty, v.hen it to
lai:iii-:jr rivaiiy with ri.ittsr.iouth in t!u:
grain hii- iii Jrs. i)nc hundre . and fifcet n
ers ' .lru.a ! -tuch " in twt-nhi-jive.
da;,f. a; 't to O-utdi? TliATTS
Mllt'TH '. That is probably very good
( r Milton, an I it may look pretty laree
o-!r Council llnS"s friends; but we
r i'i-tttsuioutU
" it' sh. ilot!; 1:0 iore bu-iincfs than
that .
liavc bcl'ore
ited. there
out ?uc l.- 'l car livds of com alone
- 1 fr :.t ciry by rail in TWO
PAY.-', only, of l i t week ; bein; alnio-t
a r. !. .-Ii in two days as ourTj uuky lidle
J. .,: rcisrhbor shil i'oi in twenty-five
dr. '. Ve .-.duiire the 4"iin" of our
li.'i'J.L -rs. ul hop-J tlv.'y i-iay inerca-c
their (.uanuty of freight very luueli; but
they want to niak a heavier
than the above be:"re they caa class
th:ai5(ives v.ith r!aU!
() :r Irl-i !:
t 1
0.1 hard uoi. 11 1'ie-
t (Jrant f r his
i'r u;-t a.eaiit-'t t!.2
Fei.ittis. He t
r.!.- hi- , 1 . : : "i: io'i 1:1 a way which
e . "
t t" a.i:!y tlf te t'iurtu:iin liic
m's Kll'!''-,:. Jr'-.-eriiit.iv t. all tuan-
1 1; - i'.e-. ifi.t '-e..;!"S mat witn
'ia -ty, tii ) 0 of tl'-ea? Hritain
r.:'-',. 1; ; I 'ta:es is at
r . ' u- ! . indeed ? A:J am
... ' :' '. -tti'd? And
is ' ! ; . ..!t:t to f-Ct
. ! ;. g.-ol sister at
. Ca-:i"".' Worhi.
V. e!:, :I:v. alvc pairaph, which
. ...:s to l ave orL-inatcd wil'i the
i :, 1: tho ( ;m.dia .all. 'there
, ::n attempt to n '.ieul : l'i esi.h-nt (irarit
r u-ii-g "i ' i::-t-ad of '-are." Tho
' h.a . f the Mo.-U, if carried out, woidd
i ad to tin :r!:.'; oi' in-l: i.tual and m
..pi.ndent bu. l nts. iVe. i-i'-:.t
fir;:- in the aloe .sent. nee.
c .ks of t'.;
..rig at pe-.
: Elates ;n 1 it tt lit
The T''o;7.andth.
irrtiul i:o
' ii.iy stiil adhere to tioar
i -.btl proc.i-.o.. .-, J ou!y reef g.i.ze ttie
t adividual governments. Ceuld
t ie I'nitC'i States, as indici !wl States,
t-s at cither peace or war with any for
eign power.? ' If not, then is it not per
fectly pro;-c-r tc -ay "the IVttoii Sta'es
tVovern'Ueut) m at pence," etc. Would
th Wur'd .':.i .iiC-H that sn'-ezes for
it say the i'i J tate- (govori.metit) j
nre at f t "co. cto
Tlii. itolA WAIl.
1 '
Bolli-r !t!i;-i IiI!Iol nntl 111
'Cn. Ik vii.
WelearL. that Mrs. 'i'hane, who lives
'isar t!:'.s ' . received a letter yerterd-vy
frmu Cart. Sja ibiiug. in couimaud of
be tr. op-011 the L.itle Blue, informing
b- r of tie? killing of her hu-band by In
dians. It appears that Mr. Thane and
bis sou had a, known as Kiowa
ranche, w '. -.0 th :y ".ere peaceably at
work whet! t -v 7 rta"ked C-y llKU-
er s ii 1 to 1 an?. kV-au.'-ic. e nave
J-.o fariher particulars, 3s yet.
Riiirevfrj 1'sliea ucar ia-
iFrcr- 'f C.uncil BluS Xot.parei!.
A Sw-de fa: titer vho breaking
i r. i near 1'aei ic City, bund with a plovv
i .. . :e logofu'itedeluvia:; timber. Vur--
"ar..!. sii'ovs ti t. immense fr
' . : s ut fnv-c f .i. i'er ttrae U'en sub
1. and ixw lies some fourU-eu
-low the .--.. 1'i.c. The trees
- a'.i . wid ;i::g tit o-rcetiou, their
' ' - - . . V..-..1. 'i'i.e . , ie black as
'-. --I e.t; t'-ie e." r c:-v;r ; a high pol-
;r -;;:r;et and eb;g;.nt articles cf
'- : . ...etbty wi.l almo-t equal ebony,
. t neie t cos to le mi ii!' i.Laustio.e
1 T-i 'iy. as exr , i.evnt- lor ui.les around
' cj them to the s-di rh.
Aumiit ihi !'id'te-ment otrerd by a
' York h u.-eis trie or'.ty
i men an! voa.c.. ; Lo can ta.k'" but
... 1 ,- 1 1 .....1 1-w f.o'i- ivu shot from behind wit it cr uiorf : .,,r, nf 1i1.1V was in a 11 eestaoy ; v, ill 1 .rove fat il to sis. lit. i h patient
'"-' - - ' S. - ' s - J - , 1. I ...... , , . .1 1 1 1
hor ,n ta-con uy tae Indians 1 !icy , tonA wad- i vfut,' Viuch siee ie Ud a I
oet eel the harness am. other u'.ures, . (--n; W;H f(,n.i together with several . iCm
hill bit tb.c wagon. The boy made his j of lead. Hi- rght hand was cut r " r
escai -d l.r,.u"'ht the word of his fiith- ! on the inside, his liit'o linger being tut , i,oao WUU'
. . ' . -. ,.- , i -.r-ai-K-olf A r-:v-..:itionary Mildicr was running
veti sue UU j- -.- :ii.i ..- .'Vt-rt.o . -j -a,-i i:ii' - --..-!. t-ot-in-...' . ui.i-i -iTii-i-t,-. mo'- r .-it.-iv. jtcurn f" a i- ! - -- --- j ........ .r r. ... e.t iu i -'
1" . j , ., . . ! .i, "W.." il.ii " s-i t ii ie:o'n as 1 no..- io..'iv .0 -rat wh-a-ir . ..t ' Ijh 1 'ui.e.i, art 1 has ml: 'Xluceii a rule that 1 tut; v.iirii- .-r.diur-M.-hi. tl ut.
l.tJui-toLi I't.t..... . d ,-.tor It,- i'h- tO.'a ''I -a1''' l'i..' the V e... tl. tl, 1.1. o, , u.l, i,r-.l . in l-at fsitH ure ol 1 - ..' t , .. (, .,..' eess.iry material, atso to d. any ant all kinds of j
. iy-t -V t- hro; -. . - , a -- --n. 0. - c - t,- ''-.: r'-i.t l'mr ' he tr.iv- a .-.i;h o: :--a-. etiioton, 1 , u t-...t. -Note ..liu: i."e-t lel. ux. : 1,1 1 '' c'-'- ' t ' " '.-' ; Rock work by contract, -.?:.! fa-nisa ;dl mutr- r
ui.Iu.-rr.-? ... ' ,-. -..v." "-' ::.:o: ...-',. , . . o- . ir.d . !'.; .-a.,' . ti.s io-...-:. t'c ot; f.c : i-."..-;,: . tliev a ?i.iiied -rreat -.hi..-. : t..-? t -y F-re to "-ny any rr :1. rv e ;n writ i ials .. r suiiit .
' s. -ii,.u-ja.i.u. ...iu...... "'J-;.,'- "' j 7, . r -'' . .. -. i,-. - ' - i-- 'I'.'- ',lfl to cut oil all ! A nave a t--w arresor choice land r rr-i encrs 1
Mtt lltct . oi.o in -e.' o-i.e I t.'.V a cfAu- IU IlaoI.C.-r.: J. t-- a. .Li; i i l! Iv U.i-s- h -i" i row spir;j aiL.iee UtvC, ar.u iVf, oo . ' 10 cut on au i and -cverol iuo loulor :----.-- ua '
T,-. ...-...-tH.i t-j .iirliii. nc 11 or.rnwl '
I'L ' i II I I . . V. l.s j I . I t - ..- nvn ."J iiivi
at j'ic-eiit as any town lit' its .-iz: 0:1 the
Mis.-oi.iri liver. The roads !ir miles w--t
art,' full of teams hauling corn, atid our
Merchants arc l.u.-y as Lees rivei vina:.
L' ft) wj-1.11 ! a is came in last i'uosday,
UI,J yesterday war Otic lltllidicd wagon
l,,.,..; UJ to nooa. Mo-MS. Raini-V,
J,,j. Jv J.!! have their Warehouse.-, full,
;!hj .;ri. n,iW ,,liiUs.. jt u y!1 t;c !(-Ve.;.
fi,:j, a;0!i(. w ,.ar
haIJ aIij j,, U js .(tilin
Smitl tlfc U iU have their warelioue
iLin alier .'hipping some about LMX
Ktiks last week; tliey have now about
4'J, UU(. bu-heis on hand and still lee iv
lny. Mess. iJtdiVnd t Ilandiey emp
tied their warehou.-e hit week, of eorn,
yet have now about 1 o.OOO litt-hels, and
are still teething. Kvan Wort him: is
receiving and has a large amount on hand.
From what we can learn at least olM,0!M)
bu-hels of corn have been purchased in
this place and will be delivered and ship
ped this spring. Here would be a good
thing for a railroad. Those who imagine
that eorn merchants are makinj; a for
tune should f.eo how independent .-tca.u-boat are, now thai J'iui.dit is plenty.
They have, within the pa-l lew weeks,
rai-ed ten cent.j or a -aek, froisi hereto
Sr. Louis. Another live cents wiil cut
profits pretty sliiu. Ht uu. uiUic Alicr-
It gives u pleasure to note these evi
dences of prosperity of sections
of Ncbraka. Urownville is as good a
point for shipping cornf.y fe ritcr as can
be found in the State; but she must : ii i
cumbto Platt.-mouth when it comes to the
entire shipment. V e have theallie ad
vantages for river transportation as our
neighbors at Urownville and Nebra.-ka
"it y, and we have tlur f.wilur alvan'age
of the ChiiMiro market by rail; and our
:-h;pirent by mil :!d:ic are greater, we
venture to say, than h.ise of both Urown
ville and Nebraska City. There were
wic hunthid vitr fmia's of corn sh'pped
by rail ihi.. city to Chicago la.-t Fri
day and Satti. J.iy. It was not corn that
had been aeeumulatiinr in waivhou-es,
either, but ail brought in on th. s-imr
rlrn,: that it was shipped not a bu-.hel
of it lying i:i town over night even.
Our daily .-hipments of corn and wheat
are very large, and Fii lay and S iturday
are the only days that we a-jortuitied the
exact ataotint.
wo minion niit(i
7s of
corn in two days, by rail, be.-ides the
river might- and the wheat .shipments
is not bad. we think. Vej-ily, ''corn is
king," and I'LATfS MOUTH the rat
of fjovrrumt'iit. , -1. .
Tt'lio 5xuh ibe i"tj--t ISorie.
Tiie Council F;u!: Xor,)irril eotr.cs
af:er us in the following style :
'We are 'nd to b arn from the Phf f
nioiirh HemlJ that that city h iapid!y
improving. Notwithstanding ibe ;;.-er-tions
' th-1 "venth 1iii.11 l'r.itii C'oiuieil
li!n;V" We are willing to wajrer a new
hat. that nunc tiiui'tiis an- 10 proee
of e:eetieo in th:.-; city than in l'i;;tis
mouth." We Jtrc entirely ignorant of what is
meant by the t-cnte-nse about the a.-er
tjctH of the "g'Mit'eman from Ceun. il
l!u;T.s," but we will 11:0 t cheerfully ac
cept tho pi jpo.-itiou in regard to the hat.
We know that Council Bluffs is a r
live'y place, and is improving rapidly ;
'.nit then it can hr.rdly expect to keep up
to riattsmouth in t!ie way of improve
ments. Come elow:i, neighbor, and we
will show vou a t a "a.-, h a tjv. n. ' e
admire the s
i- no ma'.eh i
in the iae-e i"!
it he-
!: tw 01 v.. it : 1 - 1 ' .' 1
our "blood. -a
'.:, :it!. r :ai i '
ht t' i ' Itit t I.
IIra Scvvrcil l'roui ifct Hoiiy.
So Uiif l tie I- !
WrtfvT Point, Neb., May
I'd. TunnrNK. :
One of the i:.o-t itro aous juurd
that Whscvcr ln-na 1.1 ,
happenedlast it.rr.,.tv, u .
cmintv. - I""- '.. 1. .i'iri-i.ii u M..01 ii- j
open dav. bis head cut off and c-r:ie i j
away, and his oxen drive-- oft. He .ay j
from Thur-day unui Smv.ay be-tore h (
hodvwase.iseovered 'I he cu i limst anees 1
were as follow- as near
can a-
tained t
Mrs. B-v;t saw two .cr-or.
supposed to be sh- v. iii.r laud, 1 1
o'clock, but could not tcii wh-tber de-
ce:-ed wm ot.e of the- person or not,
about half an hour laier, Mrs. Galbreth,
another neighbor beard lour shot- "m sue-
cession and heard yelling as of a person
. . .1 ..... . . . ...
m . hstre's. tntt i '--"" e. ui.
thetimo. ,
Sunday morning one 01 his r,cmhtors
wi-bing to -ee him went to his borne and
Xu not- tlnd him. t lie n went cut to hi
plow, and found his body decapitated i.v-
ing bed do the plow.
A cim-oiiit's in-juest was h-M arid notli-
new revealed. It a! pears ttiat he
A la-ne tofting of tie- c;tiz"ni of',
Wl-t l'oint w is held an i money wa '
raised to defray the expt n-es of a th r-
ouirh search. " A seen as any new de j
veionmeuts aie made 1 will let you know
1'iO.wU TrV,. Fl.t-M CBfcKK
I T.t.l . nvruiur- u.uue lu n Cut:rl
.... . .1 . 1 1 , . .t : o . . ir ri ... 1 n.1 ir i . r . . t. - ., I .-(-,.!.. i-1 I- r -i - ! r. r ,
::.-oui. . t slept on the field of battle with no other
In the United States District Court at eoverin-' than the canopy of Heaven.-
Trenton, New Jersev, on Tuesday, dor- I 1 have wa ked over the frozen ground
;ng the progress of arguuieiit by the till every footstep was marked witn
District Attortiev, Judga riei-1, who was j blood" .
on the bench, l'o-e fiom hU J-eat. and Jm-t about this time one of the sover
witli his f':ii-fto tho wt.-terlv wall of the ei.Mis, who hud become great .y interest eel
fiimt house. 1 fted un his" hands, beat
- .
the air wildly with them and shouted out
"It is no use, it i no use, gentlemen :
j-eu will have to indict the Judce!" and
"then he shrieked and feil toward the
walk Lut was fortunately caught and con
veyed, in an iuseri-inie conlit.ion, tt his
chiiiiUrs in the Stale IIou.-e. The
scene etea'ed great a nitisiuii. Medical
aid wa- p.oiaj iy as. at
sd it v
le.i.e! it t.u .
that the ;.t:a n.
.1 res id
" ' f om "ve"
, 'licit
11: .1
Tbo AVbrukhn (loard of t;nmji;rHiiiii
null the Elurlintrtou mid MiMOurl
IilvT Itn t lrtn5 (ompntij.
Nkp-kafka CTiy, May 23.
Jn vour i-siti of Saturday last, our old
friend. Fid . He l ie. K q., calls for an
explanation, Jy who-e a it..o. ity a map
or the 1. iV M. llMhond was placed in
the pamphlet om the Ite-ource.s of Ne
braska, j-t.:blidi'.:d in the Geimail and
S ca ! i 1 a n a v i a 1 1 a : j i: .1 g ; s. "
The nii' ler-in'd doth herewith explain,
as i'ar as he hath any knowledge of the
facts :
At the meeting of the State Hoard of
Immigration, held at Nebraska City,
April 4,h, the following circular No. ;5
which i-peaks for itself, was agreed
upon :
Being about to issue pamphlet in the
English, German and Scandinavian !un
guuges on the resource.? of Nebraska for
general circulation in the Lastem States
anil Ku-opo, it has been determined to
allow a limited immhi r of pases for ad
vertisements of 1 1 abroad Coiuoanies,
Boa! Ibtate Agents, Bankers, Hotel
Ke-p'-rs Ac., the money accruing f.oiu
such a dve; ti-cuu nts to lie aided to t ho
.irpi i ition ma le by the last Legisla
ture lor immigration purpo- e and u.-ed
for the :ne:oa-c of the number of pam-
l'li terms for advertisement's in any
one of the par.iphh fs will be as fjliown :
Fir one pat-e. $.r.
I 'or one-half rage, ?:.
For one third pj;:e,
13' able in advance.
All person ibrwardi-i-r the above
amouQ- whl ) a fiuni-hed. if desired,
with a limited ntunber of pamphlets for
their own private u.-e.
A.?vrti.-e:rj-..!its for the pampl.U-ts in
trie o (Tia iri an 1 .. ar: tt i l.iti :a!ie-u:ie
must be ibrward-d to the S-vrefary of
tho State Board of" Immolation 0:1 or
before the Isth ias' of Anril. 1 and
adverti-eiiioti'..- lor the p: ni blot in the-
r.ngli.-h lati-uage n.ay he aif lre.-.t 1 to
an.veiae of the tiirn.bersof the Board en
or he forf the l).h .Ijy of June next.
The edition of tlu pauiphlet in
listi not pe lus.s than tin) copies ;
those in German arid eaudin iv
iau not J
les than !5,M eopies.
aTATE r.OAllli F t Ni Mlfl RATION.
C. C. .MlTil, IVo-i-ieiit.
F;i!!.- Ci;y, Neb.
Wil. Bisrifair-, Seeiftary,
Neorastka City, Neb.
I'ltED. Kitcci, Treasurer.
Omaha. Xeb.
Nebraska City. April 4, l'STo.
This circular was pub i he 1 rratuit-ou-ly
by nearly every paper in the State ;
nevertheless up to the tin e the German
and Scandinavian pamphlets went to
press no other ailceitiv:iif:it ioul beat
Afi.icf in b':t-thal freiu tli-.: Barlington
and Mis.-ouri Kiver Ibiilroad, who jaid
for o:ie paee in each of the three dilier
ent paaiphlet:'-.
It may be that the proper agents of
other railroad companies never net ice i
id c
r No.
.;, or ti;.at
at tl,.
y 0;-a re t
e-m-id-.T it worth wf.dle to a lverti-e; but
it is an tin btiiai.:.- that ull had t iio
si:ne oppoKtinity. :;t:'I th' -ame privi
lege to a !..rtiv ilicl .'speetive roiiie-.
The I'.aiophlet ir-e-e was gv'trn up
carofullv i 1 1: a vie-v ta do jn.-ri.-e to all
parts of the St.!'.;. an i to avoid, if po--
sihle, the el
tiofia'isii! ; lor
this r ai-on. -aii.l no other, the pamnhh
just pubi:sh:- . by the Union Pa.-. lie Bail
road was followed almo.-t verbatim in
the North Platte eoun'ies.
Perhaps it may not be amiss to state
right here that as fir as I have any
kncvvle k-e of th facts of the advertise
ment of the B. v'c M. B. lb, is the Wy
one 11s ytt on Jllf to be inserted in the
pamphlet in th-'- K j'lii language, which
will go to pres.- on or about July 1st, and
of which at lea.-t L'heUU c. pie.- will be
j Mr. Kditor, jiermit me to-tato in cn
J ebjsi.;i! that ut. iter otdia try i.-5i-eu!.isf:incc-!
1 vv--.a'd hive r-f;::i."l fV-uti Li.'ddbm-'
I with t he alfairs oi the Sr it.- Board oi
! In.r.iig'-ati..:i ; I ut a- t L ; t her t v, ;.i to-
1 hers 01 t 'ie ; 1.
j ci.-e'y the :;r:!'- . i
I wi: : m-'ii win-, io
! fear o.- fav-r t!i--
iir-- toVi-' O 1. 1 :'-
imp a.- Fro 1 ivi lio. t
. re ! p: p. -.''.!:'. -v'i 1:
I... ie - of the elf ee im
without tln-ir s .licit.
pose-1 upon the
tiott. and wbt
!;..;.. do:i-i so ae-ordir.-.
i to their be-t ju b. ;:i.-i:t, .' rtre ht-.i
M-(y or irw iwiv ::.i-i la:. it. it was more 1
j t.M to j ro! able that rl . Hedde's call f...r
. an cxpl.ti'.at'.oii would i ave- remained eti-
heeded, utiles.- -otne cue. posted on tie-
j.:, ca:,;(, t(! his n-ltef.
Vcrv rc
ben' si rv't
TUn i:-tlrrtl 'tsitti-clcr.
of the Cincinnati Timm, re
lates f an ol '.on-bie;. r, pr-i.uoto i to
tr! utsj'titi !,. r. :i loi.ows .
j Habit w:,s excvc iitigiv sti s.ti;
j exc mductc r. As be s:.t iulii - citiee,
1 j.e w,,uia start every tin e re h-:ini a
; -mdyeil, "'Ail aboard." Then
! l,e would eo :i!out tli - orhce at intervals
j nn, try to e-ofe t i'ate from his 9 -si-rant-
; We dr
i ir: ea-ia;ly one all oaiaon,
mauled t- know' if J had n
: 1 1
a;, 1 i-iov wati:CO v
I "pass. tie eou.ui. t get ao.-!ito;iii J iu
j j,:s n-.v position at a'.i. IF: pined to he
j p,::l 0n the road. One day he begged
th'.- l..,vs to nut h'tr.i liiroUkth a eolb-ioii.
i which they did to his entire gra'iucation.
They tore his clothes nstscly oft, blacked
; plt ,, j,;s eyo.s. ia oke a koro-eno Lr.if-
his heii . ai:d i.ded a ivi-iiot -tove
Cor (i!o ugrc.s.s, and his o,--r:.-n. i.t wa- a
a yoitna man. who b id "never cv-cu to
the wars." .-nil it was he ru-tom -t
old rotuti"nary to tcdf thu liard.-.i!;"
1 .. 1... 1 11 I tv I !:'
"Fo.low eitizens : I have fought a
i ii.i i
i i, -
mv cor.ot-iy.
I beipt
o ;o wnip
the iiiati-h and the In .linns. I hav.
in Ins tale of sufferings waked up in
.i .
front of the speaker, wiped the tears
from his eyes with the extremity of his
coat Ull, aud interrupted him with t
'"Bid you say you had fout the British
and the Iniins?"
1 es, sir.
Did you say you had slept on the
ground, while sorviii
yi-ur cotiUc.y,
l..-.'i i.v..
" v t v'-". cv vour tcct covcrea tne
. . . r. - .
d. - .-! w :t- ! jver .:n oaoet ;
, The tii(!!un JlavHaerc vti Miurttcuc
From this Toijfcku iKan.'Ji) Cuininonweihli,
M:iy IS.
T . r . ...
iii hci uiM:tv Jiio: ii!i'Lr s l-Mie we i
I published the ret ort of an Indian raid
i on Limestone Cr ek, at tion with
the Solomon, ic u!:ei in the ki!!
ng of thre1 persons, l'toai correspond
ence now l.efore us, we nre enabled to
give lull 1 art ieulai'ji
The 1'ollj.vir.t: is an extract from a let
ter wri.u u bv Geortre Stinton, and elated
Sr.nton's sto e. Mar 11. 187a"
''lht re a e In lian-. uj the liime-tone
Imw many wecannottei . lhevmaJe
..... ..... t . j ....l.f't.(. itl Lll.tJ
a d.i. h on Neves' d.;g out onthe(.!h
sin killetl three men out of live. 'J h
parti", belli; without arms, were cut orl
from the dug-out. and killed while cross
ing the river in front of it. They were
well piovidod with arm-, but were t o
carelo.-s. leaving their homes without a
weapon. The Indians got ten stand of
arms, anil aLout oOy rounds of aniuni
lion. The name-; of the unfortunate
men wr: John Gere, Solomon .Miser,
and V;i!lfiiu Kcjon.
"John Gere was shot in the middle of
tho river wi;h a revolver, tha bail pen -t
rati nit Ins bre;:js:, avA wiili an arrow in
hi baek.
bodv. II
1 asiiig nearly through his
e was also ton;:. hawked, crea-
tv. j a 1; aghtle! wound over the right eye,
and si; ling the u;;per lie. lie was -Jo
yt'ars oi' aee and leaves a wife. He had
not b ci here quite a week Tt i cvi
dent from the eiie;;:. liiis thai be had
lought until the !,:o:i:. -at ( f hU death,
lie was from I'awnee county. Nebraska.
..' 1. Mw..r r,-,,. m:,.i
: in theiiveT -.v!:!i st ven arrows two
in the 1 -:; -t pashr. fjur inches through
th"! bodv, l'i.: in t he side, one 111 tie
('!!' in the right arm, and one in the
body. I1U iifi- vj.i about year-.
"William Keyset- redde.'iee unknown.
! He was killed when nearly across the
j stream, two revolver idiots takimr e fleet
mine hreast, ore jir.j.,- tfirouu the
huart. Ti:e e men were ail respected by
v.ho kie w them. 1 hoy have lo t
iue;r lives men e.i'.i.::y. now
long wi'l the Government permit such
outrages o.ithe frontier? We michl a.
wei! have t: protection at till a tho few
soldiers ihit are li -re. If the p-op!e
from A-her to ti e i'oiks of the Solomon
.1- i 1' ii- .
were now to leave, the government
would be compelled to reinloic: their
j station liere to save tlie seii.'p oi the lew
K:eiier.s tint "protect us.
The Israelites had journeyed about
two years when they drew near to the1
Land of Promise. 'J lie sp es wen: up and
se.tehcd the country, arid ten of th.-ni
brought l ack an evil report. The peo
p!: murmured and God then led thoni
backward tiil they lell in the wihhTno.-s.
It is so now. Some, to all appearance,
set out for heaven and run well. It appear-,
a-s though they would so:-u reach
the haven of re-t. 'fheu they let tln-ir
heart-grow cold, neglect duly, virtually
tnpla'ui of the way. and go back again
into .-in and foky. God help all who set
out, to perse ver. to the end.
A Koin!i
Geyb.ists -oa.etiiiie- ihr! toads sealed
up in rocks. 'lli'v crept- in dttritig the
formation rriod-. and dej.o ites clo-,-ii
tlie orilico tlirouedi wliieli th -y enteie.'.
1 fere tloy r -maiti iu long darkne.s.s an-1
toad stupidity, till -ome chaii'-e bia-t or
stroke sets tlum fie. And there are
many rbh men healed up in the moun
tains el gold the same way. If, in the
midst of scime con vuUion in the commu
nity, one of these mountains is over
turned, something crawls out into life
which is called a man!
to Wii.i-.Uy riiili.ers.
What do you drink for? Bo
you know? Well, we wmilj like to know
who does. It i; a vile practice, and
which j olltie-iaas common people, i.nd
tb.e'vst of mankind, and even cdit'-r.-ii:-l
lawver- i'ldu'g-. It i-;i very mean
I-, the intellect, kt.l-
tii l.o iv, r.n 1 d iti.n
devil v -'ii a er rat vict.vr when lie intro
bi -el v.hi ky into the wori.i. lb. ku.-w
rti-it !.- was a! our. It was hi- be, iv-.-f
1 t:i! hi- r- ei: n with .-ru!--.. ::n J i-.-ko -w
that the be-i tecivbli.g o.i'.cer f.-r
i he m i. lies of perdition ll.tu !.- cot! i
10 ploy. W'c have a tev words to .-ay to
:.ioki:;s. Hoii't tootli it. It injures,
it 11:01. r k 'ii - 'i lo I.-i:.!,-.t . t ri.e-t.
oe.-t i..aitt.i men m tn-: wont
ii'p.or io excess. Go-.l. an 1 God alone,
kt. rws the .-! ruge'es of su- h men to re-
knows how
ettVi.e -iiy I tie y Jiraye
to 1
trom evil. till, tio-y leany we Itnow,
kind hearted, tine, loving men. who are
r.ii-idly pa ing down to d. rth on the
ru hii.-g tide of intoxaatioi:. Io you?
Step 1 0 daj' for your own sake. IVi you
know a friend w ho sometime- drinks to
e.ce. . but who is trying to live a sober
life ? Do you ? We'll don't torn; t him.
It a great crime to u-e your iritluenee
for the de-iriictiuii of a f -flow creature.
If you will injure vourself. do sot but
don't be instrumental in the murder of
vour neighbor. Loui vi'r Journal.
A few days .sinee, a Swede who was en
gaged in blasting rock in the quarry of
Mr. Hudson, about o miles from town,
after lighting his fuse threw the match
back into a box of powder, which explo
ded, seriously burning the whole face,
righc Ao of ehe.-t and arm, and left
ban 1 ; eye badly injured, and it is feared
.-in it,
.Tas brought to town, ami is now aomg
.... 1 .
as well as eould be ex peeled from the na
ture of th injury.
Tho farmers of Nemaha County tire
plowing out too corn tor tiu- .t'-i yaie.
j.irrrt :..,., 0- sr:i;ght of
. ruft-jn corn on either -ide of the
j ro:,.l " ,,oi .b and south of this place is
J .v;,li(.s 0f the general piosperity an 1
, j bore-fulness of the farmer. 1 he season
was n -ver better or tlie pro-peet never
brighter tor a heavy yield of ce-e-aks than
ai pre.scur. i be wheut covers the ground
evenly. The win-cr wheat is heading
out and the sp.ine whoa; is very prr.m-
ti. i : : ... , it.:,...
l. tns
l lie is in mime iimuinuii,
and the weather could be no better. A
ceneral .'pint of thankfulness prevails in
the bvea-t of ai! animal ereatiwii.
Jit-men ri'e Ad rfife,i.
II.Hip-! for the ci'iuuiuniou table, made
so aa to make the s.t giaoei'ui.y oti
the knefeiiiiit 3 guru, is th? lato t devel
opment ot fi-h on
AleaJer of the say - bronze-
j t0((ts r.-c n loiter fa-b.oi."il "e, and tin
l.-reafrr l :''c ani ii 1 ru'tens ire ti vet
their frettv iincer-.
rr. m. ,
.r . " ..r"iem .u tit- c. vo'ir
h;er. in Lorn.; a- I .i.e. .t:. 1 t.i
Salt Lake, May 3.
The authorities of the city to-day re
fe ed to allow the U. S. Marshal the !
privilege of putting the United States
prbouers iii the city prison, as has here
tofore leeii the custom. They were ta
ken to Camp Douglas.
Brva n, W. T. M ay "X
The Indians made a raid on the Mage
route from here to South I'ass, yester
day, and run o.T ten head of -stage hor
ses at Big Sandy Station, and wounded
a mat) named John Carnes. All the
stock between there and South Pass is
.-.opposed to be gone. The country is fall
of Indians, known to be Arnpahoes and
New York, May no.
Janicp GibWns, chairman of the Fe
nian Brotherhood, has i--uod an addre. s
stating that the Fenian Invasion was un
dertaken without authority, and the fail
ure cannot be taken as a defeat of the
ti.i i ma! organization. H ; deplores the
loss of life and war material, and sacri
fice of the re-lilts of years of toil and
preparation, and says O'Neill's mi. -conduct
postponed only for a thoi t time Ire
land's deliverance.
.Mai.onk. May ."().
Flannigan &. Highy's, hotel, where thr
F-nitt's oiitet v stop are in possession of
lien Meade, who has ordered the ane.-t
of ail toe officers, and (Jen. Gleason,
(.'oi. Lind-ay. of New York, Br. lon-ri'-ia-
of Pittsburg, and Capt. Mann, of
j MaloP.e, have bieen marched to the guard
'J be I'eiiian camji has been seized by
the J. S. troops, and a hundred rifles,
lour sabres and a revolver secured. No
arre-ts of Fenian.-. They gave up their
arms altera short .-earch by the lieuten
ant in command of the regulars.
A boy who piloted the soldiers was a.
saul'ed by the Fenians, 1 ut was rescued.
Thj Fenians arrested wiil be brought
before the U. S. Commissioner to-day.
The United States troops are on the
border, taking f;om the house.- of the
Fenian- their arms and ammunition.
Col. Boggle and sixty-nine British
have gone to Quebec, and the volunteers
are now to hold the Canadian i'r.mtier.
Military matters will assume a reality
to-day when a regular officer will be tried
for absence without leave. The prisoner
must have been turned over to the civil
authorities in Canada ugaiu.-t the wishes
of tho volunteers.
B abert Colleny bus to be added to
the an.-rts.
Fattier MciWab.on went into the coun
try to avoi 1 anc.-t.
Locomotives, with open trucks are kept
ready with steam up night and day so
that troops can i e sent forward. Ottawa
is in a .-t:e of terrible and uude-fined ex
citement. Tlio Ii vui-in i;uUilr at St. Albnus
ilur-O el.
Sr. Ai.iiANS, May -:i.
The Fenian bubble, as far as the
movement in this direction is concerned,
is l e.i-ste b Soon after the arrest, of
O'Neill the I-Vnir.n oilieers held acoune 1
and derided it useless for them, with so
.-mail vi4 of fieri, to farther at
tempt an invasion of Canada. In con
serpaonee of that the roads fiom here to
Fiaiikiin arc lined with returning Fenians.
S r. Ai.hans, May .0.
A few Fenians are a ill loitering about
tho streets but wiil leave for home as
yoon as they can obtain money to pay for
tran-portation Colonels Bowen and
Murphy are still injail and unable to ob
tain bail. Many Fenians believed
O'Neiil intended to be arrested and
threaten his life if an opportunity pre
sents itself. They still claim he has a
large aa ount of money collected from
the hard carnin -s of Iri-h laborers.
St. A r.tiANS, May Z.
J. Boyle O'Bci'.ley, of b'oston.vvho,
it is said", was one of O Neili's odicers,
has been' di-chanted.
The remains of Bovvo, killed in the
IlicharJs Farm li.dit, were disinterred
1 1 . . . 1 : .1 ..... 't'l ..
j 10-'lay an 1 sent 10 in- 1.101 ue-t. a u;
i bo iy of O'1'ri-..'ti was a' o .-cut to his
i ftirn Is.
General O'Neiil was removed from
F.aiikiin to St. Albans this afternoon,
an-1 is .-till uti-ler arrest.
Jurphy, who wa- c-iptured bv' the
iV.nadie.e.-. is now in the Sweet-bat g j id,
and it is thought he wiil be set at liberty
Wasi!INOT(n. May, 30.
f.-rthec.iiiiiiK ttatcietiit of the
... it. --,i i l ,i.
pubhe debt Wit. thow a eiecrea.-e e-.j-i-u to
that of April.
The siale !' Ciolit sin. I the Pi:i-Iir-.i
of lIo:.!t.
WA.SiHN-n.ix, May -'J.
The Secretary of the Trca-ury has or-th-retl
the stile of five millions of g.dl,
and the I uicha e of eight millions of
bonds durim.' June.
Blkkai-o, May "'.).
A car load of F'-nians from the west
has arrived out will proceed no fur her.
BiomitiCiit Iri-h citizens have g ne to
Maloue with funds to bring their friends
St. l.otii-t Miirkfls.
St. Lot'is, May 31.
Flour Inactive an 1 unchanged.
Wh'-tit Inerulur and prices ea.-ier t
No 1 white $f 110.
Com--Firm, mixed in bulk 12 ; white
and yellow I'o; prime white sucked "? I 0!J j
(o, I o;. ; cSiotce --lot.
Oat S
; bulk T.")3-"
t, ,t. . , e.a.r. .'-'vll-
B icev Nominal and no sa.e-s.
Whi-ky-l'ii'.i at id o..
Pinvi-ion- Quiet aud liti.i.
Bacon Sloulders ; clear nbbe
Bat si Steady.
Hotrs Fat. in demand at SUfiSe.
Ctiiicao .iri-.ets.
CniCAt.o, May .31.
Flour Dull, buyers holding otf for
lower price.-, but sellers firiii.
V heat Bather tut ett ed ; sel'er fir
Jtimi molerateiy active, but clo-ing
quiet at 9.-Cj',Js'.c new; No 1 ouiet at
10-21( :B)4; No. 3, SSiCjj SOlc ; rejected
tVi-n Mod -rntely active. No 2 shade
ea-ier. clo-ing 7v ; no gradi Uull at
67( 'i r.
Oat- Faitlv a-ive ad higher, and
cio-ine et 47-te lorca.-n
Kve Uuiet and easier.
aii , suj o.
tacd nt
(j,-x0C, uti.'.' K.aU.-. liO.ll'.lt-.
A Co..c-pou.:eiit. liOi ttloie lo toe ;
C'-it.'iOt.'c Iu-v'ui tjy-i that th Fope !
i- . i
mm. mm v w ,
ATTORNEY AT LAW ari l Solicitor in Chan
eory. Htiico n iliisouic liloe-k, Pliitt.-niotith,
Nebraska. luavaid.f
Of the Asac-U of tho
iioiiG imwfi co.
Of New Haven State of
On the ZUt lhiii of Dt'cemler, 1SC9,
mode to the Auditor of tlie Stutt
if Xtbra."hi, jiursuant to
The name of the Company ii the Home Insur
ance. Company uf New Haven, Slate ol Connect
icut. CAPITAL.
Ln l. The Amount of its Capital
Stock is 5 3,000,0; "000
3rd. Ihe moount of its Capital
Slock paia up is l.OOO.OKi On
4th. l'ir.-t C;ish on h:m 1 iind in of Ast:iils tai l oliitri C.'.l.T.'O Yi
sjceoii.l Ileal l.Uitc uniuc-umbor-
e-'i t:;'.' 000 00
Thira o nej by the Cm-
l'iiny an i !nov si'cnrt .l. n::h iliv
raleot iniciust ihi con.
l'ourih- Loot.- ! tlie Com puny iC-
cnroJ iy i!Hir;K:.;c vu ittal h.s-
Oite with Uuuoic tiio ineount
l.-aiu' l Stt.SiO (1J
l iitii li'll.s ol hci wise st-ouieJ ".4.so7 10
Sixth ie!)ts lor i.rcmiuiiis T4.;.:i 1
:;o fiith All !-.r.-ui alien tiil.O-ia-li
lJiils rcft.ivable lor luhu.d l'rctui-
. urns 49.0S.") CI
sat-ckd aiiU owi.t-a l.y iht
ttoiu-jui.y S7S,li3s. 01
fcl,7so.:K5 4)
olh. The amount .a' liaoihuet duo
or not tiae to 'ai:k. or filter
crc.lil ii'- liy the Ccuuai;y.
oth. Lo.-rt's u iju-tt J unJ due
7th. ' Lon-cs a iju-O'vl ami uot itu-j ttT.l'O C2
Sth. l.o.-gj.s nu.tajuBie.i.
t'th. Lossts in .-usjit'iisc waiting
1. r lur' !i.-r . oof. ISS.OitJ 17
Kiih. All oiht-r tbined uinst thj
lita. x if: k-re-ate-t amount insure J
in any cue i i- CO.CjoOO
1-t li. The iii'1'.i.ra a:uouni al.uv. e.l
l.y t lie tin... :uy 10 b.; 11:0110 a m
;eiy uiiu city, i.jv.ii cr v.itii-c
No ri-.lo.
i tit h. lh greatest amount liliowed
to be in.-uifi in any out- oloek
ih-p.-iMis upon the nzc and cou-
I i th. Art of Incorporation. State
ment of A.-st'. tin-i l'uwerut Al-
loiut-yt-' .-'.i-enis luu-t be iih-d
in Aii.titor's Uluee 1. tore a
"t'l ! Miiealc of Authority" will
he issued lo Airc-iits.
Cu:.. v O' .V.r Hueii '""
Whcr-MS 11. It. Salierlec. l'r( .ijent, and Win.
S. Ho.. Iwfll, See: clary, ol iho Home 1 .iMi.auee
t'oinp iny. lo n.e p. i ...'.lu.'iy knoivu uei:i sever
ally K 01 ai, dc i o.-e .01 -1 s;.y. that the l. re..oiK
s.'iteni'-lil is a fuii. t; -:io and eon eel s'.attuienl
ot the a!. air? of said t ':.ij.any. That tnc said
Com i'ai.y is .he i-.ij:i tide owner o ut least. 1,
U -i.'s dollars 0!' . -a.i;:0. invested in -tot-ks
and bonds of lit lc::sl par value, or iu inoriynnes
0.1 uuiiK uiis.i-ri'.l real i siale vrorth ut l.-asi
d ot.i.le tiie am. cant i.r tvliieh ihe .-..tUie is u;ort-t,-:i;ed.
That 110 part of the In effon.g des ribed
111 ve.-imi-lits arc loade lor the benefit of any in
dividual exersisiiij auii.ority iu tho manage
ment ol sai I tVc:ip:.!iy. aud that the. the
above d.-seiibed oliicei;' ot said Coajpaliy.
Sife-ii. 1.
!. It. SATTFRI.EE. PrrtUuiit.
Win. S. ' uoDWi' hi.. Seereu ry.
sworn to aa.l sulj.-er:b'i before lae this
eiithtecmh .lay of January, IslTU.
l:i t 's!:in..ny whereof I have here
unto .-ui.'.-.-i io.-d my xiamo and uf
lScuI. iiie t .iiy o'.eial seal.
Commissioner lorihe tlateol Xebr-ka.
A tru- eopy.
It i h'-rcby eevlified that there h is b. en file 1
in 1 h is ol-ice u swum siareinent. howir.. . i;r '.n
dilliai of the liou.e lliMUSine.- C :?o ; i:;. j - e
t.! i at New Hart 11, in the So-. e 1 ; ai.cecieui.
on the tilst day of December. l- ;'.'. ia a.-eordtiic-c
with the provi.-ion.s of an ai t ! the Central
As-;i-m!.!y cf lim .state- of Xeora-ka. lo rmulste
Insniioiee C;u T'loiies :ipi)i-oved .ruaiy 1.'.
iXiti. that s;ud C.-mpaay filed 'lie ueet-s:uy
paper, au-l a statement siiov.iiiK t'cit .-aid C"in
p iny is p s-sesse.l of the rcnisi.e amount oi
ei! and iuvisted as retiiiied l.y laT. Au
ilcii'.y is hurt-by uiven lo lae iihavt- named
( iii-p.iii)' lo : r:.i:.-;iL-l their approl l iaie busiiie-s
of Fire in-u anee in i!il- St. .to. in a.-ee id. nice
wi.h Ihe law s thereof, until the 31st dav of Jan
uary A. . Is71.
I fiosher certify that I.. 1). DENNKTT. of
I'i.iilsitu ir, h City, County of Cass, is authorised
to transact business a. . .i-.l . j ivf t. law lor s.o i
company as iheir At;eiit loid Attorney in ioi.v
Couniy whore they nave an niremy e-t:ihlih'-d
upon titiuc: this etriiUeatu for racurl with the
Ciei k ol Cas-e'ou -ty.
111 u-itat's wi-t.-ret.f I hvc h.'
SKAI..I ..-! toy haii iaad alli.S' 1 tny eal of
... :e. at Lon ooi, this 7 til day uf
Mareh, A. ! is7a.
JOifX tiil.LE.-.-RIi:.
iaf.tor ol Muto.
4 N "KI'iNANCi: T'.i It KdCLATF: THE
lauALo Ui' 1111. CTi.1 Or 1'LATIS-
M:c. 1- lte it ordained by tin- M.iy .r and City
Coii.eil iu l he ci y . t I''io nth. Ca-s
Cvi:i'.t. Xc.ora.-ka: l li.:t it s 'i :l:1 lie u a ia-. fu! l ir
a::y .t '..-..a '-r .-trsoii.--. to lo e; wit'.ii: I ho inoor
poraie .no.:-ot ir.--s.ii.i e,,.-. ai:y uoa-c o;
, (,r , , or , iv.,-tituii..u. or carry
, on .i..-li.ii;i'.i vtiii.ii. ttn-sni.i linoij-.
2. F "' ITV p. . ! ( :i t. 'Oil i K .1 !'. y of kO! l'Hlt
poitue .ice.!-ot tli -s.ii.l e.;y. any Iiou-e o: i:i-
i .a bo-.t.-e o! lMi-eoe, or kiiv us-t T f-ia'-e lor
! p,-,.-; i o: t ;."i. sli.tli b- foe.--. a -.i:il to ex
i e,o i ii-;:: l:ud li'ii'rir:, n -.-Its.-: Uj::a lea dol-
sr.', f. E'.s ry r rr.'on is f,..n:.d a-an tn- t.r inn..-i -s i t any f 'he !:oii.t- or places
iii'-ot i.'i.e-i i.i the c :.'..- scciiu..- -iiiit!. on
r-i:. . -,. !..:::. bj t. nc 1 1 a :: -i. m n; mole, than
uliv :i..-i ic.-s thai. Ic e .toliais.
Sk:, i. I p.-ii ai-.. com ! Oat and information
l.'t-ii.K noide .v.tin.s; a p. is .n -ir ;,crMHis lor :my
ol t i. ii. r of t lie ot. :.:'-.- liHiii'.oocd il: the pre
isct-.i ii. ii.--ie.ii be t8 duly ol the City
lie ...r.ier ot tnc .-a:: tii 01 S 'i tt 1 1.-i:i , , e. -ti. betore
v... ;.i su'.-u c;m:dai:.i i- in to i-sue hi- uai
it::l P r ihe an'.-t'.l iLc t-.r.-oii t r pcls.tiis .-.
cliaiv' l: and Oiesaii lle.-.,i j, r ! '.-tore horn
such i tr-. a or perst.ii? . thar.e l may be
bro:j.-.ii. hli.i l, ti.t-rt up.oi i. -.x-eia to he ir the
pr... .s. and if, i.p..u a.l the te tiniony, h? shall
iii. 1 lie . :1: y id' tie 'Ottiioc - i,
the sn -1 Hv-.r i. r .-nail sfn'cr.'-e hs the cir-Ci::.i.-:..:iceb
t,.;. r-.-ti lire, iviihin eiie limits
i.'-i i i:. pr.--s'ri .vd. an o '-oiri;:-it ilje pr.iw:. ui' i-ir-s
us s -i ei..-.vk-tcc to j-:tl t ,.t:l the lii.c ana c sis
: :e paid.
is sc. ft. That the City Marshal. hU tle;ntitj.
..-. i ai; pvi;et::ii'-i. That iii.:y be app'.-. or
el. '-i.i.,i by tie sa :d ei i y, ibil li.i'. e i.o rt er, iind
re !iei e'i iiiit-.oivt l- i'.i si all i r i.i.-y f Vr-
soii'.i iieis.ntb -. hu art ttao.vii tt have tviniuii
te-.i any of ttie c:Tc:: e- n i;i:e I i.i the Sr-t and
I c. n l .iu i th.rd s'Ti;.i:i " f this or iinati. e w .rrrii... ati i i: i.-hert l.y n:-...Ie the nii
i p. ri.ov c tu:y t ail ni.d any said idisc-rs t"
air.s- r,ry and a!: j. -r oiis - ii -o i i and
brii!' t !.-:! l-efor- th.; s.o.-t City it- sor itr,
wiivrea !"ii ne- .-hail f.-ritiivitii l.,e h'- ini"nu:i
lioiiiiui t!.e.-o:iC- i-roce.-iins thi.ll i.e hati as in
-'.-:-. f ; :r of ibis )rM.: iree.
Mte. (j. XU'i it .' oro. r shall have thr: same
i'm s I'nit aie ii'.lotvet . a-li -vS of the IV.-i'-e in
mis a lute t r l:!-- -ervi.-f, :::. ! !-r .:..-!. eo:ivi
t.o th" i i-li-i..i,.il f -c ot .;ic doilar: nnd the
Marshal or iither liic-r "j u i 1 bo allowed the
same fees as e -n-tabtes are ulioiT.-d by t' e laws
ol this Stall? for same -..rviet-s. The ."lar-hal or
other "triet-r tii.'kiinr the ai r. -t .-h.tii l.e alcwe l
the addi-.ioi ai f e of tarcc d iliirs. There -hail
bta charged in e -h case ol eonvi.-ticn the sum of
live titulars, a- the City Attorney's ie.; : but in r.o
Citseshaii iiie c st- be charso-i or tast-ti to ihe
said eiiy of Pbifsinouth. .
Sr.c. 7. All proes-sses sha'l run the5:i!iiea the
processes ol similar nature, iu tin .--tale; and
aii persons cnvi.-te 1 rtiall have the riuLt of i.i -
peal and . r.or as tary miht have m any other
prosecution under me laws of this nnd t
said appeal" or petitions in error shall io- t.-.k-n j
and Droeeede-i w i' h as a n v otht r r i.'.r il .-.r r.e.-i- I
tion in err-rfro::! a justice's court.
skc. s. Thi or.iit.iime shail take eiit-ct and
L.. : e - ...... I ..--..-.,;.-.. .
oe in Hirer iroiu auu i;a puoii;aiion an re
qnire i by law.
Passed and epproved May lSth. 170.
A. LAZENIV. Mayor.
S. F. C'H'PFR. Citv Reeorder. maT2Gw4t
isterns Built an J Work
le of Lands
The Capital of Ntbraska.
June Cth, A. D., 1870, at 10 A. M.
The undf-rsisned. Inspeetorn of the Stt
I'rison. in pursiiiinee of an Ret of thff Lepi-la-ture
of Nt-bra-kM. cieiiled " An act to provide
for the erection of ,i IVni't-ntiary iin.1 for thr
care and custody of State l'i i-oners. '' approvr-d
March 4. lS7o, will on the Call day of June. Is70.
nfler for sale the follow iii; le.-.-ribcd 1 m is et
public: unction. The Miid lands will b tppraisod
by the Inspectors mid foil to tho highest Liddr
over ui-praisement.
Sale to bo eortinittd from d.-.y to dav nntil 'l
are sold or a sutlietei t amount renlicti.
IfCri iti.u .if t!ie Laudn.
Dateol Entry Parts of See
I ll.e.i.
Twr- R e
Mlip :
s e qr
'. w ",r
n ht
.u hf
e hf
i w qr
is e qr
S 10
r.i 53
.'a 44
3 I
s lit
e hf
w hf
n hf
in e qr
in hf
!-.v hf
ie hf
w hf
!w hf
tl 10
3 !
.s I
c- hf
w Lf
a w qr
3 E
Is e qr
it e qr
n w q r
vr hi
Incijr i- 8Wiil :ii I
I w ht i k qr i :2 !
;w hf 2
4 E
i.S !
!' I
is eqr
iw hf
e iif
;e hf
S e qr
,e hf
-e hf
;e !if
4 r
seq r ,t s w qrt 2
' s e i - r t t w q r ' 4
n e qr li
,e hf M
ivr hf US
Is hi" 14
Is hf IM
v hf
if hf IS
,s '.if -y,
!ehf ts2
4 K
-I tJO
t rv. es
V 'i 20
in w qr Its
4 E
I s e q r ?.)
iu hf j 2 8
D ll,...r."i
-c hi 4
!n hf I 6
!e hf I
am 21
' hf r:
e hf 14
e hf 22
S W 'IT i-J
S hf Jli
e hf 6
' p nr 14
n hi !t
n c qr 'JH
n w qr jiiiJ
ie qr 't2
nh f SI
5 E i Mi-i ca
1 1 to
iir.4 11
. Tf llV)
5 3:'fi
e hf 2 ,10
wf qr
ss h no
nw qr Jt te qrT2
s e qr IS
z hf Irs"
n hf :52
II qr !')4 I
.vhf 1.(2 111
w qr ' ;.4
It i 4
i.f j I)
i e ijrA s w qr S
'iw qr i sc qr It?
w hf ! 4
n o qr.t s w qr 10
s hf :14
n.e a r Jt s w o r 22
K ,.;l
I s-'O
.5 E -3
n c qr 4 ,14
ne qr & swqr.ld
ti w qr 1
s w ijr '-
ii w qr jJa i
lehf :12
is i.f in
! s c q r i J)
,s p qr.t n vr j r'J'J
' hf 124
! l".;-;o
i i:;.-o
13 El
, n w qr it' se qv J'i j
's cqr :v i
: w qr 'itJ !
: !) IfO '
!:ill i'J4 j
fill 'j. I
in hf ! !2 I
lull 6 i
Total .
32.041 acr-s.
T'he above des-r.bed land- ioe Known a- the
Pi :o.;c:ili.:ry Lands uTiintc '. by the I'ntted Stiitef
to the State of Nfbr i-lta f ,-r a Pen t.-titi.irv '.r
St.-Oc Prison. :u.d conraia some of the n.ost v.-i-ii
o.le lands in the State, n.'.t'li of whieti lie
wi i iii n a i a-i ins of i en mi.--s ol Liur-oiu. ibe Ctp
ioil i.i'ilic.-tii'f. 'lie- sale of Mite Lands ..Tl'-rri
to Farmers, Mechanic:! and l.."bor rs a fine
ehit". e for a cheap home r.tar the C ipital. siu
atid i.i t ie richest at: i'-uloi'-al ui-triet of the
Sl it'; and near tin: gn -it Sal: It. isin where sell
is l.ei:.if nmi.ufateurej In ni the su.'l.ire waior
Se eral raili "-'.ds are pi .-jeetcd taronnh tbe-e
!. in Is. one of whi' h. : lit- miri'iiton .V Mi.-souri
Ki'ilroad w ill be completed t Lii-folii before the
day of sale, and others in h short tiire.
The Couuuissio;iei- of Piibiie Jiiiiidincs at the
5-nnic ti:ne and pbi'-e will offer jive orsix liun.Fcl
lots in the town of Lin.-oln. hh-h at the preent
time contains about 2.IMI iiihitbiaiiits wiih rood
holds, churches and seh'i'.ts ii ioie S'ate
House. Tie; Acriculiura! Cidb'se un 1 l inrersity
an I lasatie A-y!ti':i are in pi oces of rreetion,
whicli w ith other State Institutions. a.nd eeutrr
ir.B of railroads will make it tie; j-cat interior
city of the State.
W. W. WILSON) State Pri-on
V. Ti.MPLlN. ;- Inspectors.
Lincoln, Neb., April 1, 1S70. .pr7-td
J WILL cell to tho liiphest bidder, at ray furm.
r 12
- -r - r . i
i ee -TTt'liH
Tit ok. W. t4h ry oelt,
N f rT S3 "g" Cn A ST?3
f WMDhQui 3. ilfllti.
.... .
And I'.eler in nil kind:' "f
?urniluro and Chairs.
main stkk-ct. (thir Id, tor wt.t ol ? O
P!al'Gn.oul!s - - '- Ucb.
r.epairinir8 id Varnish". ir neatly done.
6 ji"une-ivip atthe ahortest coti;e.
The und'-rsignud have leased C. E. Forry's
t.-'t;.--!: - . ;. . : S::i'. 't.-tt. a no art. t.ow
, Lo ao a.l kinds of work in their l;n-. 1
inrstjb-aein -J. t Plow rep iirinir done on short i
.. ...... i . , t ... j.. ...... ..,. ..:
3. -i.. ...... -i ... j .-"J."".". ' . ' , ' .vlr.r V r' . f .. -O ... :. tl
miles Voitawcs-ot Nebraska City. i-7 iVot moVe
d 'v, June 0th. Is. a. Id bend oi ihorouji.bre.l T ..-o:o. . . --i s ...-, . .
Eutisbeionuins to Illinois. These t '" ""i .T, 'J ' f vm l'' a
.:. Me w ill be -oid lor cash, or its e(iiiiiiient in ."a .... ; ' ' . ,r ,t r ... .
other tattle. Farmers, this is a f ne chance I . . t,b ' ''" notified that
the l;st to sreure ore..; thee c Ives, as j "c "-. .",VZiTiXi1. to .h.',,i M,r f'W
lu. y will be taken ot.t ' f the Suite if nil-i r. i t?"' 'r .,h, , L' JSl Tl .' n Ty,
dav of sale. v iii be no by biddi,.. and . h. f'f wr:'' l"r 'i1' and
ench animal -old ni.l be pediar: te I. Sac to i SViY "r Jf. i frYl"""1 l"""
t-ouimence at l'J -t-lo, k. a" -n 1 ao'i ??C W ? ' 1" 1 ' '"
loll vi'.ri I vot'V tn.rt, tlajs a .r.Iie pur-neai..n ol i his lloli'-n,
Er order of U. II EH" ett. niayjo wjV" I -' ' WlVl", " Vf A" D"
i !'. Pl-y t the Probate Ju!f?e of twi county.
The Burlington & Wo. River
R. R. Co. in heiiraska
To their Lands in R.mi-f fl, 7. S. t, IO, II,
12, 1Z and 1 1. FJast of the tit h I'rinc'pal
Meridian, in Ntbrasku,
On Ten Years Credit!
Only six per rent, interest on thn valuation U
required for the first year: the -.ami- lur the
second, uud then, on and after the tS.rd yettr,
only one-ninth of tiie principal aaj ciiug
interest ia payable anuuuiiy.
From our Teii Years Credit price, at lha oj tiou
of the buyer, it hepays iu lull, uud tmi pertent.
int. rest uuhiuou yur irom date of purctoise
n mi his pre-cmpliCti." vuieut wiil fceifloHetl iu
On these Gsnerous Terms
At low prices, rnn'i'iir f.-ot a to .f ."?. dfl. K7.
HS. H ,. k4o -i. m i. A-0 aveiuciint about
Eleilll l.i.LLAK.SPEK AClii:. a, V" -iJ y
und local advantages.
Annual productions will
I.y for B-.sul, locking
U,at. Ample Improve-itnul-4
Itith uiCi-iu
ttie limn of. In- Ten
h'iti'n I red it
Fads to be Considered.
2?-?ei Lands at 87 cash, is 1
C.-.I.M1U loyearsoie'lit uto pel cent.,
nnd will eost, in eusy p:.y-
inenis, tne total sum ot 11 822 40
And l'sl acre-..i S. h,.,.l !...... ... '-" "-' w
Hie lowest p. u-e, land freq'umtlv ,
sold at auction l,n- S.. Kt .,...1 '
dollars l,ou lUyeais, at loper teIlt. .
luieresi, costs j 2.i40 (X,
Making a JiiTercnfe in favor of Kail 1 .
road lands ot i Sin CO
Put l int lair comparis'on''rsi"e"i'v"'rafcM' prii e at
winch Seuool Lands have been sold, shoul 1 ? a
toiiipi,r.-.l with tlie average price of our E.i.i
road lands.
Take for example the nrtrii-rx tu ice of 10 a3
per ae-e. at which the State S iiool L:.u Is hale
ocen sold, as per rt port of Slate Auditor aa Laud
toiumis.ionerof tn-State, tor the fiscal yar
tiiditijc Nov. ..0th. Jnnn. and IbO acres costs at this
price in ten yeaia at leu per cent, interest tha
t"tal -urn .,t ... ..,.
Ucduct iroiu this the t'.tel i7.'.'s't"of"i'tjii '
aorts of II. a M. I". U. Lau.i.. Ht our
average Lonjr Credit pn-e of slu2,i
pera.-re. r. p) years credit at ti per
cent, interest viz 40
Aui the dillerence ou a qiinit'er 'seo-
tion in i,iv.,r ol Kaiiroad Lauds it... SI l.Tj 20
ibis eompr,-oii is ,.,Jt made to ,r.ivp that tho
n.l. VV'S'V'" r bt'';M "U hiifh, bol to
v B, , 1 1' """ lU,i hi" --" ratifitsl
i.y actual nnd numerous s.iles at auction, oe.r
the m.u.mum pr,cc .nx,d. Seven dollars r-r
acre: nnd the iiveraee valuation of the II. A M.
m?, I ir.r .,1 i ,S ril'u:"-sl by the Kaiue intelligent
a id pnietieal verdict.
Itailroiid Lands have another advunupe in
the tact, (hat buyer can choose ftt uf iuhte-u
bt-elions in a lownsh-p. it,ste:id olTcin.'ooiiOticJ
to only two t-eln.ol att-liona.
, for l.onir or Ten Years Credit pri-g rnnra
from 4 to S. . 7. H, f. lo. II and 12 d.iliuM
tent'tally, and average l t. p,.r a,.ro.
rniTi;i)liicM,',,,'.!,n,i "an l" u-41--' -""
1 iii vei l VLS1 b'S iAU11- hUiaf. Neh.
Xebniika L' "l l,Wlil W Cl" J--
tbr:a,!e!,N'e!,L & CIMXIUS. at Xc
Io'h..X1ebk"OJ"'S LA-ND OFFICE, at Lin
oruii'l.'K.LAXD 0FFTCK in Piatt. mouth.
T.i r . GEO. S. ItAKKIS.
L ir.d Ccuiaisiioncr li. Jc M. 11. U. Co. in NJeb.
Open Every y.
Music and Dance ever j Sun day
a Henry Sl-rt telVo
n:I i iti" Har Ktepcrn.
Attachment Notice.
Samuel May," Attadnneiit licfore Jainsi-"-!iu.x-
V f:on, JutHiec ol tho i'as:e.
I. . 1 a r )
To L. c- liaktr, 'Le deft-nJaat io the aLove euli-
ticJ cause:
' uE are hereby notified that un order of at
tachment was is-ued i l tho ob jve t-Iitiltod
euu-ii. op the .:!- .iay ot .day, ism. hy Jjuidh
-.reps. hi. a Jusiict- of the Ivace of the eoanty of
Ca.-s. iu the Statu of a. lor tho sum of
'iyj.ifji thirty-nine d.diari. in'crtst and
and reiuri.i.Lle on li.i:4,li dny i f .June, is',0.
V -'ii are ' eon. m . tide J to -pp. ar befure
said.Justi, e t . ai s i or -a-I on the 1 Jth
1: y oi u.y, A ). IsT't. at 1 o'clock p. ra.. -r
juimttit .t ill. bo reniored Z :r:"t jou for thu
a. -is- :.m..unt. SaML'EL M.ll,
J'- l'la i.tiX
The f. U'.w inr n!iied persons niipo.pd to 1
the owners "f. r -l:;:tii;ii..s ot, sr.d ini'-rested in
the foli'twir.y d- ?critil r-al --tat- in the rinin'y
oi (Vt an 1 .st-t? r-f NebraVa, a rt ..j j'v.-ita
lo I to ir tiiitnes : t r the u 1,1. own ,,wt ' . id
buds are her. by i.otiti-.-d thi.t tie liu 1 ii.r- n
.1 Mi-souri Kiver Kulioa l C.jmpi.i.- iu . c
brak.t hat. lo. aied its i.aj t'.r' uieh an 1 uiit:,
and cii.irs for rijrht o' wur and o:her puurpescs.
apart ei tue . .ionjuif rei e ...e. sou xtvd in
tae coaiity ot Cass and saute of N etrurka.
t v :
Nic'.u. i i.r. I otn 1 ail J i.-. atitita 'ii.
t W'l-I.ip . Mirth vf r.intre 12 east.
Aivi.i II. liani' l- !,. t-t ju ee?iou IS, town 12
lei tii of rai.i:e 11 cast
Same .-I I . Y. aiii.''.ti in ! " ; "rsoti II. E.-in, lot
1 -n-ti'.j 2i. ; n i. noitlj of ran.. 11 m. i.
to have the i i::i:'(:i s assessed. I.v ti disint
esiei fret-holders, selected by said Probate
j Jud-e. as r.rovid. 1 in chapter twenty-liv of
the Revised Statures cf the State of Nebraska,
sail. eoiupanT win or,n eel to Iihw the uamage
as-essea a therein proTidetl by l-iw.
Il.ited t!iistlth ly of Mny. H7u.
Eck iKoroM A- .Visk. rRr l.n.u P.ailboau
Ey T. M. Miri,! ett.
J2w5 . Att y. foraid Company,
uliy(iil'il Kli!
GEO. riCKL.E2f. rrp
K O CA' III. UFi 'S U u. 1 IK
I am pr -.-it d o k Itl her tatite. h t.rrj.
Jte.. lor c . . - i... i uoi.. e . ... . n
(onablc rules.
'' i
? i
. i
. -T- . " - ..4. i iLt.'wn ' . I "i- s .. t w i.i..-i.awiM.l. "
. . air-