Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 21, 1870, Image 4

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The bea-on of Lr t i over.
Several section hou.-cs are beinjr erect
ed the railroad west.
The daily Hkkai.1 contains mre local
ww tl an any other paper in the Stato.
The Mary Mngee ha completed her
ii:road work and retired to private life.
Street Coirnii-si-rier Mnrpby ha been
d-intr a thins in leveling the foot
of Main'strcVr.
The title U the govrrmnent for tlie
new post olTice the. at Omaha has been
The foundations for the station houe
at Ijoiisville are completed, and tlie
building wid be erected in a lew days.
Freh fih ae abundant in our market
luu?. Tuey are caught near the
mouth of l'latt?.
Three I'uilnian and ten passenger
inaehes. a'l well filled, went east one
evening last week over tho favorite loute
the U. & M.
There m much strifa between Ilurlinr
ton and Keokuk as to which .-hall derive
the trreatcst bent-tit from the building of
the IJurliugton , Southwestern Itailroad.
Treasurer Ilobbs informs us that he
has orders for over $S,00 worth fhrub-k-tj
and fruit trees, to Ic delivered this
We lean from passengers who arrived
in the city la-t evi ninf, that considerable
snow fell during the day both cat and
west of us.
Hon l"nj. Austin infurnt u.s that he
has examine 1 his wheat clo.-cly since
the c!d snan, and Cc.irs the roots lying
near the sumjcc have been killed.
The 11. II. Turntable has been walled
with brick, and id out fd'ty tons cf rock
pounded into the bottom. TI13 track wil:
not be likely to settle aiii.
See advertisement of (J.-age .secd by
Needham & Warf, on sale at various
stores in the city. A trcnuine article is
always cheapest. They warrant their
Wc are pleased to again hear from
Wcepimr Water. There is too good a
country out there to not have a letter
from at least once a week.
Third street bridge has been completed
and the approaches graded up. . Second
street bridge is being torn down to-day,
and the work of putting in the new one
will commence immediately.
Kvery mail from the west brings us
accounts of fresh depredations commit
ted by the "noble red men." t is
about time something was done to stop
this constant slaughter of the frontier
We understand that Vharo and his
hosts are about to visit 1'Iattsuiouth
again. We advise the city Marshal to
be on the wath, and see where he
takes up his abode.
The hotel keepers of the United
States are taking concerted action to ob
tain from Congress the re peal for that
part of the reenuc laws which imposes
a !icene tax rated at 5 per cent on the
rate of the hotel.
The Ashland Times says a One article
of yellow cottonwood, suitable for shade
and timber trees, can be procured from
the bottom lands opposite Rack Blufls.
Mr. Win. IJaker Sen., one of the
early settlers ;f I'latt&mouth. arrived
from Kansas City yesterday. He will re
main here an indefinite time probably
The section men have been at work
to-day moving the west track of the
railroad up to thf platform at the foot of
Main street, making the platform avail
able from both sides.
One of thn editors of the Jasper,
(Iowa) Rri,ii1,!tcin was recently bitten
by a calf which was supposed to hare hy
drophobia. He journed to a "mad
stone,'' got cured, and then discovered
that the calf didn't hava hydrophobia
not any.
Gen. Indee has resigned his position
as Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific
railroad. We see it stated by some of
our exchanges that ill health is the cause.
There may be doubts as to this being the
reason, for Van Arman infoiuis us that
h-i i.-".ted the General lecently, and that
there i a fair prospect that the General
will soon take a large interest in his
(Van's) road.
Jacob Vallery, of the firm of VahVrys
!i IlaSher, arrived from the east a day
or two since, and Mr. 1 'luiamer, of the
firm oft. 'lark & l'lunnuer, and Kvertoti
looui of the firm of Doom, l"ro. S: Co.,
arrived by this mornings train. They
h ire all been eat purchasing gocds for
their respective houses in this city.
Morton refu.-ts to l:o;t the demo
cratic city ticket at the head of his pa
per. Probably he is waiting forjudge
Kinney or "some other man" to send a
disjuitch from Omaha. Kinney was
once nominated by the Democracy as
delegate to Congress, and th Arvs did
not hoist his came until after a diqistch
wis received, and then Morton went
buffalo hunting. Will Dillon send a dis
patch f
We have been looking over our Ne
bracka exchanges, and we find upon ex
amination that the daily HkbaM), in its
enlarged form, contains fully double the
amount of reading matter of any daily
in the State outside of Omaha. We
propose to keep the Herald up the de
mand at all times. If others in the city
will crowd theirbusiness as hard as we do
the newspaper business, I'iattsmouth
will be a city of twenty thousand inhabi
tants in less than fiva yeara.
The Iowa Legislature adjourned last
Wednesday. During the session ninety
four days there were 201 bills passe'1.
of which were rigned during tha
session, two were vetoed, nnd seventy
seren were left to be either signed or die
a natural death. A bill wa passed ap
propriating $150.(MiO towards the erec
tion of a new capital building.
We are in receipt of a veiy beautiful
specimen book from the Cincinnati Type
We understand Mr. Godfrey Ilckler,
who wa3 taken to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa,
some time since, to be treated for in
sanity, is now nearly recovered, and is
expected to return home in a short time.
The County Comorssioners have been
in sefiou for the pat three days as a
board of equalization.
A large Mackinaw boat was moored at
the mouth of Platte this morning. It
was rigged for a voyage, and had on
board numerous females and children.
A fire has been raging on the Iowa
side, b"ow East l'Iait;uiouih. this af
ternoon. We have not learned whether
or not damage was done, but should
judge from appearances at this dince
that a quantity of timber ia being de
h royed.
The towu is filled with strangers.
(i:e vcar j go wc knew almoit evjry face
in I'iattsmouth and th-3 tunounding
country. To day wj do not know to ex
ceed one-half tho men we meet cu the
.-ue.ts. Piattsiiiouth moves.
The National Anti-Slavery Society has
j had its last meeting, and adjourned tine
j dir. It died for want of a cause to live,
astdavery is dead, and there is nothing
left in thit line to nutate. Th "wind
up" of the oil patriarchs evinced gena
ine feehng, and strong common sense.
They have long labored to grow the tree,
end now pluck the ripe fruit " of na
tional freedom. It was a glorious woik.
The steamer Mary McDonald, of the
"O" lino, C3ue up lut evening, and un
loaded a large quantity cf freight for
this city. She ha 1 on beard Co. '"K,"
5th Cavalry, Co!. J. W. Masn in com
mand, goins to Omaha to report. This
Company was Grant's body guard fur
six years. They haTe recently been on
service in tho south, hunting up illicit
di'tilieiies, etc. The McDonald came
down again this evening.
We hope every man who desires to help
I'iattsmouth and the .surroundingcoi::i
try will come forwaid, without further
urging, and subscribe for one or more
copies of the Herald, and insrt an ad-Terli-tnient
if he is engaged in any kind
t.iivinnvti TliAn- i rmr liv run in '
the city who has taken five copies of the
daily since we commenced its publica
tion, lour of whxh are sent away from
We are in receipt of a letter from Mr.
C. 11. Schal'.er. European Immigration
agent, resident in this city, complaining
tlint he cannot find employment for a
number of emigrant laborers, mechanic--,
Ac, &;., whom he now has on h?nd.
They are willing to do anything within
their ability and go to any point within
the State at which their employers may
desire their sj vices. Mr. Schalkr lias
procured employment for o! emigrants
since Christmas. He makes no chames
to parties who need them. Omaha lic
liidilicnn. We think Mr. Schaller could find t m
ployment for several hundreds of them
down this way say at Plattsmouth,
AshlanU ana 1 incom. lois is tne lo
cality where the work and business is
Is badly needed here, to manufacture
cloth from the thousands of flteces of
wool that are annually sheared in this vi
cinity. The cloth cau be manufactured
here just as well as at the east, and the
cost of transportation pocketed by scuic
ente: prising manafacturer.
Is wanted in this locality. Why is it
that our hides all have to be shipped
cast, a:id the leather shipped back her
again. Is there not money to be made
in tanning the hides here at I'iattsmouth?
Will tome enterprising tanner take hold
of the business ?
The indications are farorabla for a
heavy crop of wheat this season, and wc
think there will be need of several more
Crst-clasa flouring mills in this vicinity.
Our shipping facilities are the ver' best,
and flouring mills here can certainly
make a large profit.
FitiKXD Hathaway I see by your
isue of the 15th inst., that the St. Joseph
Union is congratuLiting its readers in
having secured my services aa its Ne
braska correspondent. ' Although I al
ways f'o what I am able to advertise
favorably both tho State and my own
city. I would not descend so much in
the scale of newspaper concpon ience
as to write for such a dirty lying sheet
as the St. Joseph Union ; and 1 will say,
that if tlie editor of that sheet makes an
attack on me again, I will respond in a
manner more forcible than ploa-ant.
Itespectfully yours, fee,
H. M. Van Armas.
Which is being organized to settle five
miles southwest of Weeping Water
Falls will be of great benefit to Cass
county and to Plattsmouth. This set
tlement will add many thousands of d l-
j lars to our taxable property, and will a Id
largely to the general industry and thrift
uf the State. It will add to the ei:eral
product cf tho Stats, and to the surplus
of grain, cattle, etc., which will seek a
maiket at th"i3 or some other city of the
Transfer Contract Awarded.
We learn from CapL Marshall, our
worthy I'. M., that the Post OHice De
partment has awarded the contract for
carrying the mail between the Post
Oince in this city and the railroad, to
Nat Brown, Agent of the Western Stage
Company, he being the lowest bidder.
This settles the question of mails for
the present. Hereafter we will have
some regularity alout the arrival of
mails from the east.
JaoU. Oar for te June Rains.
We hope the City Council will not
overlook the fact that Second Street and
the foot of Main Street are in bad con
dition for Spring rains. In their pres
ent condition, without sewerage, one of
our Nebraska rains would completely
deluga the entire railroad track, and
would soon cause a mud hole that would
mire a saddle-blanket. Will the author
itics do something in time?
The blrt Frsenger (raid out ta-3ny.
Another step has been taken in the
enward march toward the Pacific. The J abwve sentence I K. an it be possible that
first passenger train lor South Br-nd Sta- j Miller, of the Prcs, has become an
tion on the B. & M. It. R., leftl'latts- J apologist for Morton, and is endeavor
mouth this morning ; and hereafter trains j ig to secure him a place in the Republi
will be run rcgu'arfy to that point each I lrty ? H? gives Morton's name a
day. We understand thai a town is to P-ac be-i do Judge Mason's, and gives
be lall outsat South Bead, and we doubt 1 Morion the pre:T.rcnce. Wc cannot
not it will prove a Fucee;?. Col. Doane in- j but express astonishment that Miller
forms us that tho road will probably be ! should attempt to defend Morton against
onen to A.-l.latid next week. The woik ! the righteous in lignation of a much
of putting in the superb bridge across
Salt Creek is nearly completed, and as
foou as it is finished the track w;il Ls !
laid up to the town of Arhland and reg
ular passenger and freight trains put on.
"Good nwrnincr, Mr. lVcksni.T," said
a printer in search of female compositor:
"Have you any daughters who woul
make good typesetters?'' "No, Lut I
have a wife who would make a fins
MEKIOia At cm EST.
TTni. F. MorrlHon thrown from it horn
math injured Hrljr.
As Mr. Wu. F. Morrison, butcher,
was about mounting a pony yesterday
morning the saddle turned and he was
thrown violently to the ground, striking
on his head and shoulders. He was
picked up senseless, and a paysician
wni ser:t for immediately. He was
brought to in a few moments, but he was
partially deranged during thj day. from
the effects of the fall. No bones were
broken, and it is hoped no permasient
injury wiillc su.-tained.
The Idi'sr Vrotert two lirdTy.
Like all other cities of impoitance,
Phttsuiouth ha her sporting characters,
and stringers of like propensities are
attracted hither with the fond hope of
getting lucre by their wits. A Missouri
".-port has been in this vicinity for some j
tiiuc, and lias picked up a few spare
dimes occasionally. A big race was got
ten up for last Saturday, and the Mis
souri man was induced to "back his
judgement with his money" to the ex
tent of his pile, or thereabouts. Judge
Poland is said to have been the manager
of the "opposition," and the Missouri
man came away from the race a poorer if
not a wiser man. About $500 in cash
and some horseflesh changed hands.
Clark's .cw I'p.Tuwn Billiard Hall.
We have heretofore noticed tho com
mencement and progress of the new
budding erected by llufus Clark, Esq.,
opposite the Brooks House, for a Billiard
Hall and Ten Pin Alley. The main
part of the building that used for a bar,
billiard room and store room, is now com
pleted, and will be opened to the public
to-night. The billiard room is large,
airy asd pleasant, and the lovers of
the game can enjoy themselves there
without danger of molestation from the
roughs which often congregate at place
of this kind.
The completion of the railroad to
Plattsmouth has had the effect to lessen
the price of transportation nearly one
third. We now get the same rates to
and from Plattsmouth that rules at
Omaha. We have all the advantages cf
che:'p freights that Omaha has. and our
merchants have the further advantage of
much lower renta. Goods can be fcold
cheaper at Plattsmouth than at any
town on the river, and they are. Hence
Plattsmouth must become a wholesaleing
Tito Remain of i Unman
LwuikI Sear I'.uusion, W.
Special to the Pl;ttt.-nioatU Herald.
Kvanstos, W. T., April 12.
The clothing and pieces of hones of
some unknown person were found to-day
near the railroad track, three miles east
of this place. In the coat pocket was
found a secon I class ticket San Fraa
cisco to St. Louis, via St. Joe, dated
February 15th;
Omaha and San
Francisco baggage check, No. 9,031.
Nothing was found to indicate the name
or residence. Wild beasts have torn the
body and dragged most of it away.
Late!1. Since the above was received
an examination of the trunk bearing
check 9,031 has been mad?. The only
things fuua l to iniicate the name and
residence were a book with tho name
Jamts M. Iiolan written in it, and a
pawn broker's ticket dated Sept. 1S69.
The Seward Adas asks the following
p?:t;uer.t question in its lust issue:
"When are we going to have a rail
roal dnwu the Bine Valley?'' ..
If there i3 any one subject that we
likt; to have agitated mere than another,
it is tli2 building of Railroads in the inte
rior of the State. They ic the great
civilizers of the age. and Nebraska needs
them. In answer to the question of the
Atlas, wc say you will get rail.oads ju.t
a- fa :t as you can convince railroad men
that it will psy ta build them. Now,
wo will pay to build a railroad
from cither Line lu or Swward, or some
where in that region, across to the Blues
and thence to the Republican. If the
Atlas will give us all ths fads it can lay
hold of in relation to that region, and
will assist us to show to ths men who
control the mwticy that it will pay to
build a road in that region, it will be do
ing all it can to hasten the building of
the road. We are "with you," Mr.
Williams, on the railroad question.
We extract the following lingular
sentence from a recent number of fhe
Nebraska City JWs: -
"They uake this issue against Morton
and Mason because they are supposed to
stand in tho way of plundering the Ci'y
Treasury and violating the . laws with
impunity.'' - .
We made a notice some days cince
that Morton was G-hing to getititothc
Republican rarty, and we advised the
Republican.; to beware of hij intrigues.
Are we mistaken iu tho import of the
wronged people who are seeking a remedy
for their wrongs.
There is very good philosophy in what
a poor man once sail: "When a
stranger treats tue rudely I comfort my
self with the reflection that it is not my
self he slights, but my old shabby coat
aud hat, which, to say ths truth," have
no particular claims to admirstion. So
if iny hat and cout choo.-e to fret about
it, let them : it is nothirir to mo."
There is more money to bo made in
buying land in the vicinity of Platts
mouth than most peopla are aware of.
Land is worth double the money here
that it is one hundred miles east of here. .
The products of th soil are worth more
here than anywhere in the interior of
Iowa, because freights are cheaper to
Chicago. Buy lauds in the vicinity of
Plattimouth while they are yet low, if
you wish to realize a handsome profit.
Transfer of Car Hsirlu tlie Floulb
of Mar!i.
The following note from Col. Doane
relative to the woik accomplished by the
transfer toatsat Omaha and Plattsmouth,
exhibits a fact of far greater import than
the quc-tion of which boat has accom
plished the greatest amount of work. It
brings out the fact that nearly as much
railroad business is don? at Plattsmouth
as at Omaha, notwithstanding we have
yet no western connection. If this is the
faot now (and the figures do not lie)
what will it be wheu the IJ. & M. is com
pleted to a connection with the main
trunk of the Pacific road . at or near
Kearney ? . Is it possible that thi3 is the
secret of the Omasa Herald's bitter
hostility to the B. & M. Co. ? We shall
speak of this matter again:
BCKLIXtiTON & Missoini River )
11. B. Co. is Nekkiska. V
Plattsmoctii, Neb., April i;;, :s7t). J
II. D. Hathaway. Editor l'Ut'uiouth Herald :
Dear Sir: I have seen some dis
cussion in the Omaha aad Plattsmouth
papers, and some statements in an
Omaha paper concerning trausfer of
cars across the Missouri river.
It was said that during March an
Omaha boat crossed 10CU cais, including
both ways.
It is very possible that the boat was
not at work all the month, but as the
length of transfer at Omaha is not very
many times the length of the boat, while
our Plattsmouth transfer is not far from
2 mi es long, each wa-, it seems to me
that our boat the President had doue
quite as much.
Ou examination I find that during the
time she worked in March, which was
17 days, that she crossed west 403 and
cast 39$, making a total of 801 cars, or
an average of a little over 50 per day.
Yours truly.
Thomas Doane,
Chief Engineer. '
Xew IIatis. 3w Furniture, and an
Experienced Landlord..
This new hotel building is now about
ready to he opened to the public, and
the hou.-, it1 enterprising proprietors
and go-ahead landlord arc all deserving
of something more than a passing notice.
The buildng was commenced last fall, by
Capt. ll B. Murphy, who, by the way,
has done as much toward building up
I'iattsmouth, if not more, than any other
man who has ever lived lu're. He has
helped the growth of tho city by his en
ergy, enterprise, and determination to do
something, and nnt "wjit for something
to turn up-" U commenced the erec
tion of this house whii four-fifths of the
men in the city said it would never pay;
but Murphy wnt ahead with a deter
mination to iiid;e it pay. Before the
building was completed he sold a half in
tercet to John Fitzgerald, Esq., who
sees the future of this city as clearly,
probably, as any other man in it. They
have labored un lor many disadvantages,
but the house is fin-Uy completed, and
we venture t isy thati'f U the kest hotel
building in the $t(tc It is not only the
best constructed building iu the State,
but it is the best arranged. Messrs. J.
C. Higbce & Soil have leased the hcu?c
for thre'T years. ThJ-ough ths kindness
of Mr. J. C. liibee, we were permitted
to make the tour of the house this morn
ing: aud we must say, in all can lor, that
it is undoubtedly the best furnished hotel
in the State, if not the best in the west
ern country. We ave sati.-fied that nei
ther Omaha nor Council Bluffs has any
thing to compare wi.hit. Tlie furniture
is hll new, and neither money or labor
has been spared to mike thingscomfort
able aud pleasaut. The houe affords
first-class accommodations i'tv over one
hundred guests, and probably one hun
died and fifty could bs accommodated as
well as at any other hotel in the State.
Every sleeping apartment in the house
is furnished with a new bedstead, new
mattrasses, carpets, bureau, wash stand,
etc., and every room in the house can be
entered direct from the hail, without
passing through another room ; neither
is there a dark room in the building, as
each one is lighted by either a window or
a sky-light. The bed room furniture is
superior to anything we have seen in the
west; taken altogether. The main par
lor is on tha second floor, in the south
east corner of the building. It Is fur
nished with a fine Brussels carpet, an
elegant set of chairs, sofa, etc., a superb
mirror, marble top centre table, and a
first-class piano. The reception room is
across the hall, and is furnished in keep
ing with tlie parlor. The oSet , bar and
baggag rooms occupy the first floor
except that jortion used as a store by
Ilatiiburgcr & Berliner. The dining
room is in the basement, west half, and
is as pleasaut a room as one could wish
for eitur winter or summer. The other
half of the baeraent is to have a barber
shop in frout, aud store room back. The
kitchen and servants quarters are in the
rear of the main building. The "get
up" of the building show3 that Murphy
knew exactly what was needed in this
city, and the furnishing of it demon
strates that Higbee will be the most
popular landlord west of the Missouri
River. The hcuse will be opened in a
few days.
Every man should, in every year of
hi life, make some addition to his capi
tal. You say you get but little. Never
mind ; spend Je.-a than hrt'.e; the next
varyou will have more, for you will have
uir proui upon me unu yuu ava
Friend Hathaway: I wish to say
to the public that our Mail arrangements
so long disarranged,. are now finally set
tled, and will arrive and depart as per
Time Table, published in your papr
from this date on.
The trouble and uncertainty has ,been
consequent upon a change from regular
evntntet service, by stag, to rpecial serv
ice by rail and mail messenger.
Nat. Brown, Ivq., the obliging agent
of the Western Stage Co., has the con
tract for transferring our mails, underin
structions from the undersigned; so of
course, we will now receive our mails
regularly. J. W. Marshall, 1. M.
Th Simplest and bent Wnalilnsr K
eliin ?IiiiiifsctiireI.
Some weeks since wo mcntiond that
Joel Parcel, Esq., was manufacturing a
new washing machine of the above name,
and gave it as our opinion that it was
a "good thing to have in the family."
Since that time we have seen the ma
chine tested, and have decided to invest
in one for use at our own domicile. It
is the first and only machine that we
have seen which exactly mcvts our ideas
of a washing machine. It is simple,
does cot wear the cloths, and takes the
dirt out with less work than any machine
extant. Mr. 'Parcel has a fw of them
made, and can fill orders left at the Store
of Clark & Plummcr, where a fample
machine can be seen.
BECOnnEK'S coritT.
April 19, 1870. An interesting little
game, called, in tho language of the 1'.
R., "Give and Tak,"' occurred at the
up-town "Dive" of Mike Lee last even
ing. One of the parties was arrested by
Deputy Marshal Mangan, and brought
before his honor for tria", charged with
committing an assault and battery. The
gentle defendant, proving that he was
the first party assaulted, and riot much
battered also the recipient of many vile
epithets was discharged with thegcntla
admonition from the Recorder to "git"
and do so no more.
April, 20, 1S70. Michael Fogarty,
whose name indicates French extrac
tion, while quietly tasking in the soft
eucd rays of an April sun, aud somnon
lently enjoying the exhalations of Robert
son's best "Willow Run," was suddenly
awakened from his enjoyment by the
voice of Deputy Marshal Mangan, who
was not "on the bask," with a "come
now aud nee the Recorder. " The Re
corder "saw hlra" aud went him "ten
better." Fogarty made it "good."
The Recorder held a "full hand." Mike
paid his bet and went his way.
. Dennis Garvcr arrsted by Deputy
Marshal Macpan aad brought up on the
charge of drunkenness, plead'fuilty and
in extenuation said, "r teas that bloody
cider of Jfieltcy Mc G fire's. ' ' No use. I n
default of payment cf fin; and cost, he
was sent to the "hotise that Joe built."
The Recorder proposes to try "that
One mnn drowned and another t
trinptA to follow Kllil.
We learn from the ofiiccrsof the Mary
McDonald, of the "O" line, that when
the boat was near Wellington twelve
miles above Lexington a man named
Maroni Bigclow, a passenger, deliber
ately pulled off his outer garments,
walked through the cabin and leaped
overltoard into the water, and was
Lowned. He evinced symptoms of in
sanity. Another passenger named Bali
veA, attempted the same thing this side
of St. Joseph, but was prevented by the
ofiicers of the boat. He left the boat at
Nebraxka City.
There is no necessity for our people
being forced to sell the raw material
raised in Nebraska, to tho inan tfactarers
in other States, and buy it back when its
value has boon increased by the looms
and other machinery of enterprising men
in other States. There is abundance of
water power all over this State, and it
saems suicidal in a financial point of
view, that we should longer neglect our
own interests, and go ou from year to
year contributing to the wealth of other
States,' by maintaining a loss in our own.
Manufactures will contribute to build up
the State as rapidly as th agricultural
interests. All we need is the ne..esary
enterprise to start the matter intelli
gently. In the matter of wool and hides
we venture to say enough of these arti
cles, in the raw material, are furnished
in Nebraska t supply the entire home
demand, and so it is with many other
substances. Let our capitalists think
favorably of this matter.
An Editor in Trouble.
The Lancing Jfirror man is sorely per
plexed. Just hearken unto him :
"We're mad. A gentleman came in
aud paid us $2.00 in cash. Wife wants
a new dress. The children want shoes.
Our help want the money divided be
tween them. Our creditors want us to
remit. We are pestered near unto dis
traction. What shall we do ?
1'. S. In order to disappoint none or
all we have tob'.y resolved to go out and
judiciously spend the two dollars for
beer, and then imagine we are Yander
bi't. There's nothing like having money.
We pity the-poor.
Something new at Cli-rk & Plumper's
in the way of Dress Buttons and Trim
mings. ap20,liwtf
Don't fail to call at Clark k Hummers
and ?e their mammoth st;x k of gods.
They take pleasure ia showing them,
Ladies, go to Clark & Plummsr's for
a fine Cbisrnon or Af'ban Switch.
"Shoo Fly" Joe Elliot & Pcabody
hats at Clark & Hummer's. d&wtf.
Ladies, Clark & Plummerare openinff
the most complete stock of Dress Goods
ever offered in this market. ap20diwtf
The Elephant Clothing House is the
1 only place in town to got goods cheap for
I L nln.l'lt
catu. mytju-n.
All persons who have borrowed from
the undersigned, Wheelbarrows, Shovels.
Scrapers and Picks aro requested to re
turn the same immediately."
aplGdlw John Ftzgebald.
Are nov receiving the largest stock of
Press Goods ever brought to this mar
ket, which they are selling cheap for
cash. aplSdiwtf
If you want a neat calico dress, go to
Yallerys & Ru'Tner's. They are now
selling the best for 12 cts per yard.
- - aplodiwtf
Go to Yallerys !c RufTner's and buy
your Boots and Shoes, the best in mar
ket. apl"diwtf
Yallerys Rul'ner have the largest
stock of Groceries ever brought to the
city, which they bought for cadi aud at
reduced prices. Call and examine their
stock. apl."JwW
What ? why, a First-class Clothes Cut
ter and Fitter. And I want the people
to know that Wm. Stadelmann has just
engaged a real, genuine French Gents
Clothes Cutter and Fitter, and I guaranty
a perfect fit to suit the customers, or no
charges will be made. My Cutter com
menced wading into the fine Cassimers
this morning, and you ought to see how
nice he done it. aplodlwl
If you want No. 1 Hedge plants at
reasonable rates, ' come to my nursery
2' miles southwest of Plattsmouth, or
at W. B. Porter's.
ap9-d.w 5w H. Bestor.
If j'cu want to buy a good American,
English or Swiss watch, one that you
can show to your friends, go to the old
stand next door to the Brooks House.
If you vant a good clock, or a neat sett
of Jcwvlry, Guns, Pi-tols rr ammunition,
go next door to the Brooks House. Or
if you want your watch repaired, in good,
workmanlike style, go to the old place,
next door to the Brooks Hou-e, where all
work is warranted to give satisfaction or
no charge. - Remember the place.
P. Hart,
One door west of theBrooks House.
a pr 1 diwtf
Go to Yallerys fc RufTner's and look
at the Panier Arabs, the prettiest in tho
market. aplSd&wtf
os m -b
. Go to Yallery & RufFncr's to buy you
Dry Goods. They are telling cheaper
than the cheapest.
For sale A first class Sawing Ma
chine. Inquire at this office.
. m tm . .
1870. 1S70. 1870.
. :1. Schnasse & Co., at the New Yo:k
Store,- have just received the Largest
Stock of New Spring and Summer
Goods ever brought to this City. They
sell you now the very bst Prints, as
Merri macks, Calicoes, &e., for 12 cento,
other Brands 8 to 10 cents, good Dclains
for 20 cents, Ginghams 15 cents, all other
Goads for the snme low prices. Choice
Stock of Custom made Boots and Shoes.
Ladies and Gents new Style Straw and
Fur 11a s. Large Assortment of China
and Glass Ware. Groceries Cheaper
than the Cheapest. apri!20d&wlm.
All kinds of Country produce taken
in exchange for goods at Yallerys &
. -
Tlie practical Watch Maker and Jeweler
of Plattsmouth, can be found at Win.
Stadi'hiiann's clothing house, on the
south side of Main street. lie wilikeep
on hand a large and well selected stock,
consisting of American and Swiss
Watches, Chvks, Silver Ware and Jew
elry of all kinds. All persons are re
quested to call and examine hi stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry carefully repaired on
short notice and ncarranted.
mhSldSt w4 1
Go to Yallerys Itu finer and buy your
Groerie. Tliy buy for cash and will
not be undersold.
If you are in want of a good Wagon
go to Yallervs & RufTncr. Thov are
acrents for tlie Star and Schuttler Wag- !
ongs, tho best in market.
notice tTrT7uciri:RS.
The nixt quarier'y examination will
be held at the schol house in Platt-niou'h
on the first Saturday in May, 1S70. To
commence at 10 o'clock a. m.
W.A. Pattersox,
Co. Supt. Pub. Instruction.
Yjj'lcrys Ruffncr have just received
s.mip'; machines of the Improved Rock
ford Broadcast Seeder and Cultivator,
very much improved for the year 1S70.
Call and examine them, and leave your
l iif Cilll.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us by iiote or account fire re
quested to call and settle immediately.
Yallkrvs & Rlffxkr.
G rover t Baker's Sowing Machine is
the best in market, : Yallerys & Ruff
ner are ag-s,its. Those in want of a good
Machine" will find it to their advantage
to give them a call.
The most complete assortment of
Qucensware and Glassware in the mar
ket, will be found at Clark & Plummcr's
aud their prioes are remarkably low.
d&wtf. .
There is no use iu talking, Clark &
Pluuimer can beat them all selling grc-
J ceries and provisions. Try them and fee.
The Mary McDonald landed a fine let
of green apples for 4 Clark & Plummer,
nhich they are offering cheap, by the
bushel or barrel. d&wtf.
All varieties of plain and fancy crack
ers, from Lake's celebrated Datcry, at
Via.1 iw iv x luuiuic-i . injciiointmi.i
t'lera fresh weekly.
The M. I). Wells Boots an! Shoe
sold by Clark & l'lumiaer, excel in
quality anything wo ever saw for the
price. ap20dwtf
Go to Clark Sc l'lummer'a for Carpsts
and Oil Cloth. pL0dwtf
Focnd A well worn, tmall size.l pass
took, containing a pencil, various figures
and names, and a railroad receipt for
foods shipped from Osceola. The owner
can obtain, it by calling at this office dt.
Tlie laUst styles of "stove pipe" bats
just received at the Klepbitit store.
DEALEil.i:; ' ) 1 '
r. e
Stoves, Tin, Hardware & Farming Tool
Roofing, Guttering, Spouting an 1 Repairing u-.m?.
1 am Selling Firsl-Closs (7o(kIs and Guaranty jV l
Umh rsuld, as 1 am Haying of Fir.t Ilan.fs.
A lot of A No. 1 Plows and Cultivators, closing out at CW. Rem-.-mbor :!,...
if Ycu
1herc You iUm St lid Heroin
I2000!bs Shoulders,
I GC!bs 3uga? Caret! Uanis,
l3GGG!bs ?fe
Which he will S KLL at Reasonable figure?. Also on It ml a
Fulland Well Selected Stock of DRY (JOOD.S, aui
CKRIES, Which he offer a to the public
d'I hose knowing themselves indebted lo me wii! (
Call and Settle the eame. JOS HP 1 1 SIIKiS V
April Hhdawom. Hock DH'u.
Would respectfully inf-rm the people
have just opened a LAIKiE
Haiti ware and Agricultural Est?Jb!fcIim:nt
Where we are always to be found to accummoilato ca:-u-:.i v-
PL.AT'1 'iiMoi: 1 ll M P
fl'R ?tofk -on-!xt.J in pprt of the fill. .win? : The I5u-k-eyc Ia.r !' M- v. '.r.v.t;.:.;:.-1 i
- Ml-I J?w;fl's:i:e 'iii r:i -:i - r. .:ir ui'i Ky.-ltn ).ii l:ls:i;cr. M : -i ' ;i s n ' ' '
and Cui!iVii:or. ::ici !: M.!ii:i..ii !i Culti)'tu-.. lim lr.m il.i I. '.; - i-! I
gr"Ti(I. soul l.rcakc: . I'fii in M vl Ex i r-i J'i .v. i i ;i :i 1 1 . . .': .
Willi the cclfbrati-J .Vc .uow Wu whi.-li I'.r viuraljili! y rui.m-t i.c av 1 i .n.-yv -
Wc-. t.
llm-Jware, Cutlery, . Nailj. Ir-.n
Wagin s5tn:k. C !;.. PjtJv. V.',i-- !.
OH. 1'ftn-i" V," s ,-. ;.:r li u. 1 ni i : 1 : r: .r-
also .".!. t ii'itcr: iiKixit; 5;r:i.s
"-Tlie above nmjrisna f"T ( t'le ani'.-l'
and comiilctc and to si-il at buttom i.i :rt .
And Kxamine our Stuili. that you may co
mar!2dwtf. ' "
Whclwale and'Ectail dealers ia'.
and AQvivizlUwiil
Of all kinda and tizes, wl.kli e warrant the
5"03 -rCnEI. !
Tin Roofing', Gutters and Spouting Done cn Short Notice.
Are csolu.-irtr it. in thi." cnvy f..r tut "le cf
Stewart's C(klel)ratetl Combination Coal
or Wood Cook Stove
Giran aeall wswill not 1,o uatlcr'jM Main stretb ut dwrastof tb Maior.ic tleek.
' - PLAT'l SViUina. NlvbHASKA
TNFOKMATiO?, f the v, hen iits of Al!"n
1 A
r:n k:ril. I.rii k-ii'.ris'.n :(i. l fhi-'cipr. !!
j., , ,n I'lai, -,nout ii. I a.-S cu::ty, . k i.
Anv i"if irm-irii'ii oi tun will tit t:i;;r.ii:ul;y re
ceived hy hie wife.
marSl-w.l ll.ji.-k i.-L.n I. III.
Estray fiotics.
l,lipre r.ill l.e f.H t- the hialu-'t l.iddr-r. on
JL i hisr.-silay the lil.-t Jay of Ai-: il on.- t'irct!
year td Mare. Sal- to tf.Ue i:i-t-at two oVli c:l(
p, M. :i the reideii-e f.f T. V . 1 uiiitaia, oatt
Uend I'reeinet, l'u.-s cnii:tv Ni-m-'ta.
march 17, w 5. J u.-:ie !' iVare.
I70R RENT A llouse to rent. Ir.iiro .f
i;0R RKNT-The 'TarnKrs I .-'me.-' Fn
L iuire ot b. .S. jbiLLixua. i'I.''!U'
L0 J" i
i C .0.-.L1
of CASS and adjoiniLg cvu-ititv
Our n'.:'. be to i:c?j . j .-;
nw.iv'sfi-d if not UAiTV.
-c -
keet iu the maiktt.
Li .
razz sale:.
l iS i.. I nt.- J.t.-k. .n ilif f nil t ll. 1
I lT.ii:-ia'Kit!i.
y ii'c'i i:.:h i. J
l:.;:: -
.ry and a L.-.if 1 ! i k !
I H.iil iiJta-!i'lU-l'. u t'.il 1CTC !'-ii
-.vii'i Mil i. lit er ami (!!? .i u o lf ' :
I I iirij-! I'm ' In c. ;r.i;i! vi i. ( t-. I: "
1 1. ':- i:ii i-. nr i f J o - :"ih luatcr, J i ' 1 '
.-tiyl. I'i:!'!-:!:'"!'!:.
f'i'It .AL!-'-Tw. yoke No 1 r. a - " - I
L f-'inc yai-x k cuttle. Al ' " ' '
i tuiali l;uiiei!. uiairc vf .... , ,
i ! :
T'Oll SAMM Iie.-' .i-prj i-r .". -i '
r -
1 valuable v . i r l nv. f ". 1 i;
K. 1 latt- uim:li). lie :r ..ii-.-t... r:.
f uthci4iit tv?2r.w.d faji wiih c-..i.i.i..!. ..1 '
inviit t.i i.rntiuee I...-.V; r e.j.i il t. a t :v 1 1 l
tealri fiifiai;. 1 i'" rri..ei:t n-.-r i- '
"l!.'r l u.-iiii - and alii:ot liev.i ll I.: - 1 ,( hii.-i ic 01 niiil .a r. r.r. 1 will sell .- ' "
ter I'uwi r l-r .1 1 .:.-on il ! it ioe.
i'.atiuiiu:ii, Jl Wt'. . .
Ai"!ytn "xv.ri. t. Chapmis.
SALL. TbesiouihwtH n:- '"l '.'
11. -.Tc-litp '2 north; r.tre i ',' ,' , :'