Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 14, 1870, Image 3

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    Valuable Farm fcr Sale.
Wanted '-a Four MI! Creek t'l mi!'? r;.,r'h
w '.t 1 i'liit tMii'iut li. 1 milt? ironi the i'l.O'eri
r, a 'id tpree-li.-orths o! a in ile from the line 'IT
4c li. .: M. K. It.. n.n.1 known ns the Stotki
-f..rrn. aci- of rh-ticp 1:mi-!. 1
f..Ti.' ' whiff) ii !oi!',!i. I; II i. It Ull !.'
i.rr t'.n ''.T nii-l al tut nim.ty a. ri - in p-:.-Ii' iro in sr.'in arid nn-'... t pon I'.ir
n nt''.- is ii dnu.jlt ca itiu. Iran. ti.-j nt 'H'X'fO lee'.
-.oh tore lusi-nu !?, sodden na i o.lur out-I,-.:
il.iiur.-.. mi on lmJ, plenty f,f r tor's water, a
newer luiiiiiR weli. tro.xl yekool house: al. t
:i res d timber land in Sarpy ..nunty, ne;;r th
month of ti c Platte river.
l.n ii:f r( th premise or of th-p vt' iI..o
in N...i. f .. Ni b. s'i'a'uin;.
l i.iit-As:. 5 - If.
1-1 '
111r V ;! n'!? J IT TX II t! iFl! ! T.,v V Kv.-- 'WM 1 M. IV Cutler is cngnged in buying D. schask. F.
wi.rtjuw oju'i? v r u u , sMJr; i G H 8 AT liUSil! LARGE CilOWDS ! ! Ivhoutable sicit.
IS THE i'LAL i'j 1U ULT !.JjUOi.J-J L-Si JJ vv t.r of . vaiehoitse, as ti e g-.ain i. !.- i
i nam mimny
loaded fVo-ii i ho thn:.!-. 's w:io:i hit.) the !
tern ga H iyt?Hft&H h
u a Hussar y yeiia
c:r. tlitit take it tv (lik-a.zo. I'latts-
lt'.or.Ui is nnw the l".t traiu i.iurkvt in
Tii- trail-?', t- i'-.-i-:!oi:t '.v-nt to ;. j
r- ? . t.. ? -
l :-V?n -S ! '.Tarv's t--.i:.y. t
rii liiirLE&EUTS Sd ffri WHOLESALE I ti.o :..j tics u.,-i in t;:, -u.-h ti;.
The office rc-i:i of the 'Plaits VaVn-y ;
t r : ! : ...
.... .. Ji... J the Mate. Dealers litre can alioiil to
CoiiiiiiisMPiier H:irri-;, of the 1?. ail i pive from five to eight cents on a t.a-!;el
Jlriau-J ilejiartitienf, has - eon in the j more than U f.aiJ at any other print it:
t the t t.ue.
I The r??;.u:.;;j.!ii- of Ne?,rr.ska City
"n hit 77 &
To buy 0..iir
:fi.'yiSA''i.!,cieulifIc:llIy !,;,,:?
ci.y several Tl
jreparution of .
' 'f-.:vi;:.. il
.. i -.: a -'f
. 1 1 !'--trijpirv
'Li r Iv. i' -
1 K
w.l-' t, on Sat ii' lay, t iio:?iii:;tte a city!
tivl'-t. Th"y lusv? rreat h...r?. of I
c-? in the ii'iuiiu ele.-tion. Things I;ave I
Af'n ncTfll I I The Tumor. CI.:--..-.-;, (V,',.-.-...',;.,, M.? L--i. :t '.r..- eor.M-.k-re.I lunrous ior n
;-WfV;fe Mt"J l,t,,4lL 1 I).,!1;lM. Cornelia, Knte Kiw, WiV 1 '' '-''k ln!oi, sentiments too l.,uJ in
! an:! KM.- Kew-py on-on- the " O " tln-t .SoJom, but tint v-; in the .lays
-g-u. :--rI.,::l-l'.- ! this 1Sl)!U 'j'!,,;,, v,.;!l give us a boat when Morton '"rule I the rcot"and gave
'rTpX'l-a --.ICl fTO&L'ZZJL&l? 3VO ! ELSTORES :xua haa no coto-K.
j ij i t T) -GiIAV HAIR
isi" ji: w y o xi ;m s rr o i- I W l'10'0,1 ,o 5h tMii
iu v-i;hfi:l color
ITB . tiauoy, uhleli is fo t
every other d:iy.
a ... V.v S a. i v.- j v. 4 w z- w ; ;j 1 iti-Al '
Are now on cxhibitiou at Nev York St -:. ' ?r- '';
aitU-tiiioit tJ our 1W elj ;vi c. V.'o tv.'l i rti'.-'iu.r
tl'.e Word of eoumjand.
ii ...
We uod.-rtnl that W. W. Ero I '-"iOK !
has l:.-p-)-ed of hi. i.f.v ii'.rary, r.tnl vu. ; . - 1 . . ;
OliOO lU'.'H. I." iu.i j'o:-vi:-mi .it iiv- ,
I Vo;iM io-t c-ctl'i'.l'v im'jnii the i.coi!e of CASS and adjoiiiin couatici that th.ey
ITALIAn AND A;IER!CAN I e jt ojd a laikje
M O N "(J M E N T sJiinrtuvaro antl ii-icUiturai Efetablisnment j,ro,,,My u to d.u to- rdU:iVg,; 1
- vf-- J the iiile-driven for the new one. The j
n.t':vn V. .-I- hi.- !':'i?i"V homo.
, torv.-ihe Mi' and puttniir ih ';. v.i rcrmir,
, ... and txi.cct t 1 e rumiing next eek. I
The old Seeo:i.l ?tixet i ride will ;4-,Vo cii'.'dovcl a fir.-t-rh.- mill-.'rto take
I DRi:S-Gt;ODs. PiilNTS.
IiiiUV.'N Sl'.EL visa.
t Li;.vcni:!J n ttuns,
cL.iii;'s m:v i iiue.M).
conuiN ya h htturs and mioes!
UK A l : i 0.KS.
lA.LK-iors. .ic..
Kuriii.-'.i-il i n.i.i i'ly :ifnl m-aily at th- very
! c-t iri:-fji pij--i'jIc.
Ve Warrant Satisfaction.
mi:p.'.;i-:s a- into..
Uiu -tri'P r.enr t.. riatt.-:::ou'u Neb.
Say of Weeping Water.
'Ve pet 4tr of pood coffee for 1,00
They pire us " 1 tts of best Brown
Sugar for $1,00
They give m S yards print for $1,00
We can buy sdr..s Dried Apples for...$ 1 , 0
an 1 all pood-i in proportion.
Th"-ii any rr:i5:irra snu nts we havi-Iia l to i-n-
r r.i:it . r '. li ini." i lie iviu'.rr, iiy having ear gvMi
l-lay.' 1 an 1 tost, w . truM a uv r. uui ib cua
Si I i'l.r l'.. -
V ' r'r.l ?to.'k "f
l'.-y V't i .ii..
ir'n vi arfl.
ISllOtS. .111:1 Shoo.
Hat". iinJ
Ari'ii'iirnl linprniirnt f alt kiii l", V ir and
" 1 X I' 'u' !t;v;tt r-. I'r.imi Ciirn I'lanter-.
iran'Ie:"i;r ai:'l I'rim-ctiMi l'iows. f Si" 'I'iinn
n.i'uj". :t!l ' f whi. li '.v; odrr to tbe jm'.ilii; at tiie
ii't iii :r;:e?-.
. " in r con -taut ai:n will 1 e to sc!l -u low ttiat
ilwi'lbiftf tin ixi'itivc .tiivantai of rvery far
tin r in tiie w "tern m.-t ci'iitm1 P'rtinn i I'iihj to L".akf thi? their lieu'l"! 11 art.; fr tra 1
ifir. HKKI, KKUS.
Wcf .vii; Wat.-r. April l.t.
I. .- :tri- !- ,'u'i :i for Mower, lu'nporv
mi'! i'l.r:. nl.iuii lartiiiier1. a'7vtf
Where we are aUvav-: to 1-e found to noeomniodate cu--tiners.
FoiJirrii s 1111:1: r. 15i:tvi:i:n' main and vine.
timbers are all on the pile- for Third
Street bridge, and the plank wi'.l be put on
The railroad company n.o.l in enlarge
their freight grounds, and a
C irR stock consists in inrt of ihc followin?: Tlie Bm-k-rye Iteaper aal Morrf rpor.ib'iicd. The) I',.'" ,'
' .Mnilel Snrt'custiike 'rhr.i.-b.T. Staraivl Keystone Covn I'laiVT. Monmouth Stalk Cat r to til I V ears e.'.u ta'lt V t 11 t lie Sidetracks
and Cultivator. Oneida nd Monmouth CultiVKtors. lixon IrorW Mack C:is-t Stcid I'lov. obi; .. , '11
Kronnil. Hiid breakers. I'eoria Moiiel Kitra liar I PIuwk. l'rise.-eton Vilju.-Ia'oif Iron llci'.in 1'ious. : WaKOisT to oe. liai.iail'."!.
With tbo celebrated Newton Wit go 11, which for durability cannot be exeeled uuyv, here Ku i or ! -
)ycst.- , ., T 1 S. II. Maliery4 Asst.-tant Siinerinten
Hardware, Cutlery. Nail.'. Iron ! ,.,,.... .
WagonStoek. Gla??, Putty. V bite Lead. i dent of the 1. it M. It. 11. is in the citv
Oil, Fencf! Wire. G.inlen, I ield aad 1' lower Seed. ' . .,r . ., ...
ALSO 4e0!ns Cil'JICK Sr.IJUS : Oil UUMIll!. M e uiipe .-ta.ioiy v. i.i sec
the neeesity if makiiiir some iietter ar-
-Tbe abov comprise a few of the articles on hand. Our aim shall bo to keep our toek full
tod complete and to cell at bottom prices.
And Examine our Stock, that you may go away sat'-fied if not HAPPY.
(Jr.O. .J KNN'lN'iS.
F.vT"KYVii.i ::. April th. 170.
For the iir-t t:i::. i:i several years, we
have a fn'.l f-et of Demoeratie rouneilmen
in t'.ii ciry, and a D mo?ratir; Mayor.
We are glad to kmvr, however, that
thev are g.iod men. an.l W2 doubt not
of all kinds and prw-'S to suit cur numerous cm-t'.miT.. ho so Hue!; of
II A li I) W A HE
We h'ive a larr stock of th ct-bra-ed UAKUhN Ul i T OLirrtrt
wlir5 hair i thin - o i"..
r i n 7 'T .,, , ,
ujiiw'itj jontwul, by tha t.;o li
'll if." ! "1:1 , ,
iOajlLO Ho!iewcr,.iocn see it. t -
i ip jelTccts, .i-S ty its t
a li:uulati;iLr :i o;it : i; . ; :
- Uii'J 1 i ill hair g!aipUvi!l l-i .
J fJ and tho grow tb:
TCI k i''io:s:roiij;ig.i;n. i;i -
X U l . , T J T . .
j urJjliitUiJJ j:i ucw growth v.oicc-
DRESSING JfolUclca are destroyed. P
i TRY 1" coo"iu iin' a'':'iy!4
j np jiteliing and inUraiun o.
! BOTTLE jtho bkin as il dyes, yx
r.ingemcnts for reception of freights in
this city.
the interests of the city, and that no par
tizan feeling will he allowed to interfere
on either .side, in any matter where the
interests of the city are at stake. If we
would make a city of Plattsmouth and
who among us does not hope and expect
tn A. tii wi mn;t f fm n unit, liinin ail
Cap. Murphy was elected. street com- . o he,p ti(;
i itussioner at. the rowtit ose-t.ioti, ana v . ,.r ,.,,, ,. ,t. nr ivil(,
J , y. , ... . . j :,I1U!V.. 'U lino i;iL.imi... uhoj v
will enter. ipontneuisena-.-...! Susduties , i;, ,jo cnontt!tl U1(1t. Vat your
imme hately. He is an energetic man, ..j t the W10,.; U5i;j Jet us aewm-
an i will put our streets anvi lni.fgos in i
Should any of our friends hear " soul
stirring" musie under their windows
about two o'clock yome dark, rainy
irght they can blame Prof Mueller with
it. Our guitar must be exercised.
will work for what they coneetve to bo i pi ow QTUBBLE and 3RT Al IN'jf PLOWS, and all ko.d- c
t! e ,e-t interest of the cUy. There " j CUud IVATQRS, SE0
mt-.vh to do during the coming year, and i plattsmouth February, 10th, 1870. tt.
the future of the city to some extent de
pend? upon the action of this f-ct of offi
cers. We hope every citizen of the j il
town will heart ily second erery effort of j fSa jfy
the Mayor and Councihnen to advance j B
Tli.' Ilia lig$o!id.lIiA"our!
KsTor I?ai! Road,
it . ... rK:i..!i v. it': i':.i
'''.; '. Hut liiif'-itt i'ir Qtu'.irr I', li.
the .-.pT! -f i'latvtuouwi. nnJ all tba
i -i -i-ka i.. i
4 ' ,, .- : : :. .-A ! I'.i.ti;-- p t '".I: Kar-
- .if! I!. ill. 1 . -1 !: i : 11 Mate.-,
i'.i- . , ;i tz ti travel !!x-irt..ulhculJ
ti.'i- :he .;li.f:li-5 Ka pi vhiob runs tun.uch
t -i'li ; -:j . ;!:.;!;:. -" ."-os. e.,iip'.-'d
I- t::t i:iv t' ! !:.-. I'.iiiriiau' i'abree
Pi'iinian's Dining Gars.
In i ti,:-.n . t':i fa ! Mi.-.t this i.i the direct
i -v w i. i li .-',: v i.r n t hi r-'.triiir.g
p:r- ! : :': 11 !:. .v-t.-rn . r M i : He .-:it s. it 11. ay
t :r. 1 ?at.'. thai it p-.s-e'jo-s die Lot tr:t:-k
a: i:' ' . - : i . : i j . t i r of ;uy WeMeru Line,
-r. :. .: : i... i.:-- ; a.- -il.Jir
Suci, S.ij'rttj a nd Ctunftni
li-lt!-: ivs a I. V a : the I.' )'V i"S'i'. Bag--.,.
be..-ked tbr.-'tjib t- :tny p.-itit Kat.
f i: I'KO.MNS. (;, . Supt.
A. K.Tol'Z Al.l N. iea. I'usemcer Acent.
ian! lAwtf.
snry Eoeck
Lounges, Tables, Sale
f t a:i .Jo?crli-iii. ar.d at all rw
Mctalic Burial Cases,
IB. T. IDUKE &c CO.,
Wholesale and.Ketail dealers in'
good condition it' properly sustained by
j the city eouncik
j Mr. T. 1. llirdon, the gcnticmanly
1 clerk in the railroad ticket office, informs
us that he s-o'd over 20i) worth of tickets
for the Eastward bound trait! yesterday.
The people of Southern Nebraska are
beginning to learn that this is the short
route, and thetravel is increasing very
The 13. Si M. Company in Nebraska
has already disposed of over $50,000
worth of lands, and every foot of it, so
t far. is for actual settlement This is one
I of the treat features of the laud system
Tin Roofing, Gutters and Spouting Dons on Short Notice. of this Company; they doire to favor
! the actual settlor, as it not only advances
Are cxclu.-ivi! Age its in this county for the snle ot i , ,.f d,. ;,. i,.,..,1! I but it
gives business to their road.
SIsjrtiUvsare ansl Agricultural Implements,
Of all kindi and sizes, which to warrant the Vest in the market.
Stewart's Ccjlohrated Combination Coal
or Wood Cook Stove
iire n a call we viiil tint be undersold Main street, r.cTt door etmt of tho Masonic r.'oik.
IM.A'n S lOUTi I NKliliASliA
iiis ill Km ikiszm
Moisr;-. Evans an 1 Cahu are bringing
the salt well to completion rapidly, and
expect to be able to lnanuliu-tur.'. salt
largely before the cio.-e of the ensuing
!iiiumcr. NVe are glad to leam that the
many iliifieulties which ti'.ey have to
eneounter have been linally overcome by
j their untiring energy anl p.-r.-evcrance.
llih the work teccther. "
f'rum I'ri d"u'Z 't'i'.
Thos. II. Hyde and W. J. Hyeatt, of
Lincoln, were in the city this morning
D. Snase, of the New York cash
store, arrived at home this morning. He
has been ea:.t purchasing goods.
The Ida Hces No. 2, for Fort T?enton,
passed up f.t 12 M. ti-day.
John 11. 'ylark shipped six ear loads of
lumber West, yesterday, for building
purposes at Ashland.
We are under renewed obligations to
Honorable John T..ffe for various publie
The passenger train for the West this
morning 0:1 the I. ;.n I M. road, went
out v.-j'.'t filled. The travel is in.-ivasing
every day.
South. Side Main Street,
j Some of the liiela'! i ci; C 1 n'y peo-J-Qjjjjgj
9 ! pie are bitterly oppo.-ed to the ILid Law
I parsed at the iccei.t jc-.-ion of the Lr-gi-
Of all tize.
Ready made, and Fold cheap t-xmn.
B 0CM&C0.,
i'jr. o. . iioweu, 01;iua, uas
purchased $14,000 worth of lands from
the 1. and M. Company, in Nebraska,
upon which he purposes settling an Eng
lish colony. He is about purchasing
k.. I.. ,..-. r.C b.. (V.ii,i,..'e
BOYS?'AO CHILDREN'S CLOTH2ft!G, w. The ?i4ooo tra,t iiC3 r.n the
-1) ji r jri I Ve?p:n Water, between this city and
.fclatS.e&l OGpS, iOOS 6 OilOeS, iLmeoh,; We welcome Mr. Howell and
mmnrn nnnO TDIIfJWQ VA1IQTQ FTP I l is colony to our State.
bLArmt I o, HUDDi-ii uuuuwi, hojoiw, we.w,
Jitnn Street, Seeotifl Do r East of Court House
Plattsmouth, E3eb.
BRANCH HOUSE: Broadway, Council Bluffs, loa.
lature. They Ii 'ld a public meeting a
Falls City recently, and pa.scd rerolti
tiens condemning the law, the Governor
for calling tho sc.-sion and the Legislature
for enacting it. They do things with a
"iuh" down in Millers ' burntdistrict."
- - -
The pile driver has been at work on
the It. It. bridge across the creek south
of the Machine shops. The mam track
will be immediately extended across that
stream and a track will probably be put
down to liock Point in a short time, w;
see n other way for the company to
maintain a landing.
The Nebraska city papers have been
having a lively time recently. W& notice
thut Miller, of tho Press, is beginning
to cry -for "quarter." Wafers, of the
Chronicle, has hit some heavy blows.
He knows how to do it.
2tB U A5S
Ono door west of tho IIekai.h Office.
Dry Gocds, Groceries, Oiotliing,
and Provisicrns.
Kinds of Country Produce.
Fo!iu Fitzgerald.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, August 5th, 18GQ.
lVTcls(ii'e iT2- extensive &cwaE stock
or Goods Hi at tve are constantly as
sorting tu nflsif we otter to tUe pub
mnkes tho scalp white an '
Ann Til? f.''I Vt .
THIbKEN :t ;, tiic best l imos'i
UP econotnical preparation ir
ygji tlio Avorld, r.A its e'Ji.:-.
rrrTTiT jlast so mueli longer. Hen.
'for otir Tientiso ca th,
LOCKS .' hair, free to nil, by maiL
Sold by all DruOO'' nd Dealers In Modlols
Gen'l Agents for North-Western States
The folio wiiiir lion
TI3IES, one of thr
moist reliable iiewi
papers in the Unitt:
States. What ca?i
be more convincing!
The CmcnrxATi Daily Times )
of March 21, 18(31, siya:
The Scandinaviui
remedies appear
be growing in uiw
with the ablie, i
Vvc may judc h
the testimonials cor
Mr. Cody, of Lincoln, has been in the
city seveial days looking up bu-iness
matters, lie is bou.iblv impressed with
the future importance of this locality. e&ire Sffti&ftZti02U
and ri-ks his money on his judgment.
He ha male several purchases of real
j Prof. Mueller is doing a first raie busi
ness in this locality, selling pianocs.
Specimens of the different instruments
sold by him can be seen at the Platto
Yalley House, at the residences of Mayer
Wheeler, Capt. Marshall and F. M. Por-rington.
With ninny thanks f r raft pntronsmc. 1 Inrite
all tn c:i!l aiH exunOne ny large sttok of Kumi-
ure an l CetTir.s. I iaiJS.f.
Fruit Trees For Sale.
Wi:h n'r.rT.rcaty y. nrs ex i t ri.-neo in frtef
!.-.o-.v i::,r u.. 1 N i .--:: lia-im in !.m.i. ;md
re- r.t ot-'-rv.! . e:is :n l'.i-s ci.uiOj. Neh.. I uin
n:i-:i l tint with thu rishf. varieties Mi l f-ro;
X ; r c:.n r:i;se'tie npple aivl
eherr'. In. ike tlm :t; pie i.ti-1 eherry I spe'i::l ity
r.-i will f !1 :i'l r,r !. r.- v. ; h harilv vai i ! ie.-'.
OrJisi:i .y in li-fi with Wm. Kil.tii:'"rry. two
mi!.'.-.- 'ii. :i el I'l:Ot-!ii.iu:ii. nr -.vith ir. W. !S.
I.'O!!'. at K ick Lta.l-'. 1 will furnish them at
ile. !, ;; u ii'jf pri je.":
AfiMK- 1 an t b leilf p t!ire d".-t a half
feel 1. i-.-ti le. ;.-: " t. -4 feet hi.-!i I'j'aet: three
yeur i Is 1 to 5 feet hih 'yt.: i too feet ii.?Jcts;
lsib"riiiii (Ji :i!i " to ." fe.-: J."'. ts.
Cn kii i:s y.n y Cherry 3 to 5 f:ct 2."ctd each:
En;'i-!i M.iri'lln
Itv iver-vl free i.feliar?" on nt Fair
Ceil, .re.i. rs. M eopnty Iowa. A moderate chartce
iaJ- for the material lor boxrj.
K. M. .MOYKK. H:iker.
toblTwtf. Je:Teron county. Iowa.
I aia prepared to aceouiuiodatet h-public with
Hot", Cirrltjiv, iVftii' -I Aci. 1 llxiror,
op shert n-.ti 'e ami reaEonahla term. A Il.iek
lv,;ruil tL-innl.Hiat iio all piar
f the eity nnc. crt;l.
Jan 1 TlvI i w.
o i;ci:n: st.v a- o s
And Guide to tha
;.4Bi:.v, ron i70.
I'uMii h'i in January. Every lover of flowers
v'hins fhi nw n-l valwit.lo work, free f
eharjr. phoul l n.l.lrp" ivnr lia'ely M. (J'KltrrR.
Pon, Co.. K.lw.injT A U-irrys liUn-k. Rnchfi
"S. V. nolSw7rf
J;- i. - -
JDlil jST ".l? 1ST,
Will l.e nt Johnson's Pni!7 Sfre durin? ti
l ist wetk in e.i-h month. All or.lers leU r.t the
l'ost Oaic; will he promptly attended Ij Uiy
TIiok. W. Nliryoclr,
And Jealor in all kinds of
Furniture and Chairs.
m ats strf.ft, (third door west of P 0
Flails mo uiii - - - Neb.
rU'iiairic? and VnrnishinR neatly done.
jT Funerals attended at the shortest notice.
. BU T! f it v.
C. LlZi.MlY.
P1A X'O Ss,
ORGA. .TIff, E O rV S
I ant Acent for the hest Musieal IiiJtrtiment
ntHiie. i'!"-ons wishinu to buy l'iavos. Cabinet.
Mctrof.iimn or Porta bla Or;ins. or Melodeorrs
can Tircht. through my Agen-y on as lib'-rl
ternn as the-CHn from tho maufaotnrera them
lelve. Al la?trnmnt9 fnlly wsrratitel.
apritr. .f. n. wrn.
rL"rn:itv t lazemjy, props.
JTZ-The bft nfllow and BtiRffieson ban l."Sa
Corner Vini and Fourth Mreet?.
n.ittroouta ."crsV .
The Central St'ir, (Fort Kearney,) of
April 1 st, says : ; Just as we go to press,
we learn of a difficulty which occurred
about three r. M. to-day, between (. C.
Kandolph and James Walker, privates
of "E" Company, 'Xh infantry, in which
Rantlolph was i-hot throuqh the hand
with bird shot. Dr. Craimes, pot sur
geon, found it necessary to amputate
three finder.?. He is doing well now.
Brownviile has elected a Republican
City ticket with the exception of one or
two men. The Democrats formed an
alliance with a few Republicans and rim
a "peoples" concern. It failed to con
nect, however.
Aaron Hall, Esq.', of Omaha, has
been appointed warden of the State pris
on by the Board of Inspector.", and
pnse l through Plattsmouth to day on
hi" wav to Lincoln.
The Lincoln Statesman says; "Our
Nebraska City friends complain because
the Western Stage Company have re
duced their stock from four to two-horse
vehicles between that city and this. And
it i? not to Lo won lered at cither, still
we presume the Stage Company know
their busi e-s best and have a perfect,
right to do as they please in the matter."
Wc always had a pood opinion of Prof.
Mueller up to date, but he served us a
little trick this morning which well, we
can't really say it lias chanaed our opin
ion of him, but we haven't been treated
so in a long time before. He left a first
class guitar on our table during our tem
porary absence, with a request to present
it to our "better half;" we shall adhere
strictly to orders, but had visions of ri
v.ilrvwith "P-!i:.d Tom," or "anv other
man' when ' first "set eyes" on the
instrument. We at once imagined our
self " soothine; tho savage lc't.i,, with
sweet strains from our own guitar; bat
all this lias vanished now, and we are
left to plod along as common mortal do.
Bat It ir, a real nice guitar, and tho Pro
fester 11.13 tiers of 'ctj.
T. D. Crook, Esip, and Mr. Hayward,
of Nebraska City, propose to have a
finger in the Plattsmouth pie, if the
'Midland Pacific" bubble has burst.
They were here a short time fince, and
invested in some property here, upon
which they expect to realixe a handsome
profit if they should desire to sell.
"Patronize: advertising houses. Why?
Pecaue such persons show by their en
terprise that they are willing to help
support a home institution, and have a
rhjht to demand a home support in re
turn. He that expects to do business at
the expense of his neighbor's liberality
in drawing customers to the town, is a
dead beat in society, and has no right to
expect the patronage of a progressive
and discriminating public; every word of
which is a mot startling fact, and cannot
be ;ainsnyed." IJx.
During the winter the B. & M. com
pany of Iowa kept their freight office at
East Plattsmouth, on accaunt of the un
certainty of crossing the river; but Mr.
Wentz, the agent at this end of the line,
has now removed evoiy thing to this side
of the river, with headquarters under
the Herald office, where tic-kits are
sold to all parts of the civilized world.
The Secretary of the Treasury has di
rected the sale in New York of $2,000. -0'
JO of gold, and the purchase of 2,oo0,
O00 of Ixeids on account of the ."-inking
fund in the month of April. In addition
to this he has authorized the purchase
o'J?2.tK,000of bonds for tbxyqiecial fund,
making in a" a sale of $2,000,000 of
gold and a purchase of J-i,O00,f; j of
bonds for tho month of April.
Doom. Viro. Si Co. have just
received a larare stock of Brown
and Pleached Muslins all grades
and prices. '
For a fine line of Prints, at
10;t 120 A yard, go to Doom,
tiro. Si Co.
Doom, Bi o. Si Co. have just re
ceived the finest stock of Dress
floods to be found in the city.
Call and examine.
For a good p'ece of Ticking,
Demins, Shirtim:, Stupe;-;, ce., go
to Doom, Pro. A: Co.
Doom. Bro. Si Co. have tho
finest assortment of all wool Cas
simeros to be loiind in the city.
For an extra piece of Jeans
Cottonades C-.tsinct, Satinet, or
JViythiug in the way of Piece
Hoods, go to Doom, Bio. Si Co.
Doom, Bro. Si Co. have just re
ceived a !aru;e and well s.-lected
stock of Boots, Shoes. ie., all at
low prices.
Doom. Pro. & Co. have a targe
stock of Notions, Dress Trim
ming, Hosiery, st c. Call and examine.
stantlv received l
ie at -prices tlsat tre fcnow must &sv? Proprietor.
I letter from Wisco
' sin to be .fb52id
Wc vimftasr the very bet Goods at the hunt f Mar-
1 jour advertising cf
het and lrielUj for cash, and are prepared to compete 'j UH1I1S, aiillOklllCC ih:t
, . . . i among tiie pnv
tcifh the tr::dc at any point on the Missouri liver. 4!-, W..;
it is becoming veJ
popular, and wiia?'
very unusual, is In
ing adopted by t!;- .
in their practice,
a cure for many .,
cases which they c
not treat cflectu
in any other v
We understand i
the immense um
carried on for :
cral rears in ir.
ing the present j
! nearly uouuseu.
Their proves '
operation is ?
j thorough pin i; v
tmn oi tne v.w-.a
and a consr a V
eradication of
For Choice "A" Sugar, go
Doom, Bro. & Co.
Doom, Pro. Si Co. have a large
Ktock of "C" and Brown Sugar
a choice article. Call and examine
For "A" Choice Tea or Coffee,
go to Doom, Bro. it Co.
Doom, Bro. 4 Co. have asplen- i r? in'iuv It
.li,! stnel- f Svr,.,!l ' BlCtl IClI.C till
, ' - 1 '
and prices.
Canned Fruits a good stock at
Doom, Bro. & Co.
Dried Annies, Peaches, Cur
rants, Blackberries the best in J
the market at Doom, Bro. Si Co.
A choice article of Virginia
Fine-cut and Smoking Tobacco
a large stock at Doom, Bro. Si
A No.l uriiele of Coal Oil is
to be ha d by calling at Doom,
Bro. Si Co.'s.
A general stock of Queens and
fllassw re sol 1 cheap at Doom.
Bro. s Co.
A General Stock kept and sold at low Cash prices by
Third Street, SoulJi c
Pies, Gakcs, Che? --)
and wet, C, J
kett on hand at all times.
I .
Comer Siitli and Vi . .
I f).-eTi from Country Merchants prompUv Clle-I by rOOM, BUG. Si CO ; Anpi StnUiKatMrfietf. i-rt