Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 24, 1870, Image 4

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7M oltvwltt jtvt1I i
Ht glCOWUa JUWltt.
B. V n. K. K. R.
I takVefToc Monday, January 3d. ISTrt. '
Miil. f- m-
Krei. 5:W P. in. :4o a. m.
S l" the information of Parties traveling
troia to I'latt.-inoutkv we su'ijoin the follow-'
note of connections:
Passengers leaviiHT Plsttinnuth at :'0 p. m.
.-irrireti Paeifir Junction at 6:4d p. m. anl at
Council lilaffs at 1k:J7.
I'afrtn R1 leaving Plnttsnioutn tit P:'0 a. m.
arrive at Pacific Junction at a. in. and at
O-i-icil Wulis at S.-'T a. in., ami at Omaha at
10.00 a. 10. ' '
l"asciiccrs leaving Council RluITs at .:30 a. in.
(St. Joe A -'. Ii. X ruin. I arrive at Pacilie Jttur
tion at S:i a. m. mil at I'iaU.-mouth f:Oi
" ....
Cut this out nl stick it up where you can
refer to it-
iioiTB. . ct.rnKs. auimtes
R. R. South. St. Joe & St. Louis, 1 1 in. loam.
It. K. North. Chicago East, 12 in. lOaio.
K U. East. I;. M. 4 pm. l')a m.
Lincoln via Ashland. fiui. 8 pm.
Lincoln via Weeping Water, 8 am. Fpin.
Omnha br Stage. ID a m. lpio.
Nebraska City, by Stage. 7 a in. 5 ra.
Departs. Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Departs, Tuesdavs, Thursdays, and Satur
days. Office Lours, from Satntiilpm.
i i i . .
The underyiirned Republicans a.k every
Republican in tha city of PlattsmouiL
o meot at the Court House Hall, on
: Saturday evening, the iiiith iust., at 7
o'clock p. va.y for the purple of having
a full interchange of views and placing in
nomination a lull set of Republican offi
cers, for the various city office?, for the
enuin year. It is hoped that every
Ilepublican who has the welfare of the
rify at heart will be on hand.
H G: Dover, P. II. Wheeler,
II. 1). Hathaway, II. Atuison,
Ii. D. Bennett,
K. T. Duke,
M, h. White,
A. L. Child,
T. M.'-JIarrpuette,
R. R. Livingston,
T. Wesley Barnes,
Y. M. IKirringtn,
' U. II.' Black,
Jonathan Adanis,
II B. Murphy,
P. P. Gas-s
C. II. l'armelo,
S. Duke,
J. W. Marshall,
Samuel Chapman,
Henry J. Streiglit,
W. A. Patterson,
II. J. Rohwer,
Henry Boeck.
Trim ifonday'i Di!y.
"Shoo fly" cards are printed at the
IlritAI.D oflice en short notice.
St. Patrick's Day wai celebrated in
Omaha on a grand scale.
Nearly every eastern Railroad was
blocked during the recent norm.
Nasby lectured in Leavenworth last
Saturday. He should be invited to
Mr. Woods, clerV for Hon. John fril
Iespie, State Auditor, ras in the city this
morning, on his way to Lincoln.
Six small boys of Omaha have been
committing burelary. Most of them
were sons
of respectable citizans of
The Dining Cars on the B. & M. is a
heavy leverage on the passengers from
the West. This is the only line running
dining cars ; and it is getting a large share
of the travel.
Hon. A. J. Harding, of Nebraska
City, called at the IIerali effico this a.
m. - He is looting after the interests of
the Home Insurance Company. He
wont west on the B. & 3L, at 10 o'clock.
North riattc is a lively place. They
can get up a murder, hang a man, and
frive a decided Democratic majority in
favor of our friend Barnuni any time
theyare'called upon.
;. A a large numbtr of costly buildings
will be erected ia Plattsniouth during the
present season, we euggest that some
rftard for architectural beauty be main
tained a well as to look afur the dura
bility and convenience of the buildings.
' Thos. K- Hanna, one of PlattsmoutVs
earlier and most energetic citizens,
arrived in the city last week, on a ehort
visit. Mr. nanua is engaged in the
wholesale dry goods busines. in Kansas
City, Missouri.
The ice had not broken loose at Omaha
Saturday evening, neither was it strong
enough for crossing. Tho temporary
bridge Lad been taken up, and crossing
the river was a difficult and dangerous
Ex-Governor Akin Saunders has been
elected President of tho big Hotel com
pany at Omaha. Gen. Saanlers is a
Fonnd financial man, has done much to
build up Omaha, and his selection as
President of the company'is but a just
tribute to his work.
. The; "initial point" of the U. P. R. R.
is a matter of oine concern to the Omaha
and Council Bluffs papers. The last
heard of the "point" it was supposed to
be somewhere near the centre of the
Missouri liver. Tbe "point" has been
harrastwdHlsoX much that it was com
pelled to "take water."
There is a query in our midst. If the
Pennsylvania Central Com j any were
building the "Midland" road, and the
Midland has "busted," does that "bust"
the Pennsylvania Central? We look for
an explanation from "F. A. White, Esq,
President,", etc., or from Hon. J. B.
Bennett, Vice-President.
Now that "F. A. White's" vest
pocket is filled with Otoe county bonds,
and he can no longer use it to carry Rail
road iron in, and consequently his com
pany has collapsed. We suggest to the
people of south-west Nebraska that they
cannot do better than to turn their
attention toward the "old reliable"
the B. & M. which, by the way, is the
only road they ever had a reasonable
presjicct of getting.
Several gentlemen were congregated in
a cortiin office in this city one day dur
ing the recent storm, when the subject of
equinoctial storms came up for discussion.
One of the number asked another what
tins equinoctial line was, an 1 why we al
way had a storm when the sun crossed
it. The party to whom the que-tion was
a 1 !reed thought ftr some minute, and
t!it - - ! remarked, in slow, liKiastirel tones, I
lhat .th0 ',1 line for ,Va!,rj !
trns nti Hnatrinary lino JrATin around the ,
; earth." Tin: ipieMioncr remarked that '
the 'explanation was perfect!; sntixf-ic-
torn" but that l:e 'li'lr.t understand!
why the son crosing an imaginary line
should cause such a stortn."
The notorious "rough,"; Tim Kellcy,'
whom we me ntioned a few days 'since as
having been badly puuureled over the
river, came back to the city a few days
after in order to be on hand on the l"th
(payday on the It. II.) lie had his
head bandaged, but was on hand for
'"business. " Marshal Murplry notified
him that ho- immediately h:ave
town,' or lie houM arrest him on a charrre
of robbery. He left. Murphy thought
thi. the easiest plan to get rid yf the
fellow. There is little doubt In the minds
of many that this man Kelly has com
mitted several robberies in this city, yet
the evidence to convict him i lacking.
We believe Murphy done the wisest
thing under the circumstances, as Kelly
will hardly stop in this place again.
l-'rum Tamday9
River is rising. We may look for boats
The warm spring sun has dried up the
mud caused bp the late snow-storm.
The police conclude that the temper
ance cause must be flourishing. Drunken
ness is growing rare.
Asa mark of growing prosperity we
call attention to the immense numbers of
ofwagons loaded with produce which can
be seen thronging our streets cverj day.
The bridges over the run are progress
ing rapidly, the piles are in for two,
and work commenced on the next on
third street.
Our brother quill of the "Lincoln
State Journal," Prof. Gore, called to
day. He is just from the cast, an I looks
gay and happy. The Prof, thinks the
immigration to Nebraska this year will
be much larger than ever before.
The ferry boats "President" and "Mary
Magee" are making regular trips and
crossing full loads. The immigration in
to Nebraska has commenced in earnest.
The white covered wagons are filing past
in a continuous stream all bound west.
The officers and a large number of in
vited guests with theirladies, enjoyed
delightful excursion over the U. P. R. R
last Saturday. The locals of the Omaha
papers are eloquent in praise of the per
feet ion of every arrangement, and the
enjoyable charac ter of the trip.
1 artittS who are ambitious to obtain
any of the city offices, can render them
selves famoui, and do theircountrv ser
vice by announcing tlwlr names in this
paper. Just put upj-our $ V and we'll
publish your political proclivities that
wav. Money down, or no ink ured.
We call attention to the advertisement
of Messrs Pools and Yeates, Druggists kc.
iu another column. These gentlemen
infirm us that they .hnvc received two
cir fraIj f goods and are prepared to fill
all orders in their line at short notice.
I Valerj in thi country will do well to call
on this firm, lefore going elsewhere, as
they are determined not to be undersold,
and will keep nothing but pure and una
dulterated drugs.
We are in firmed that Dr. DuGas was
called at a late hour last night to attend
somebody reortcd to be hurt, on step
ping out-ide of his office he was knocked
down and robbed of a considerable" amount
of money. We don't understand the
robbers. In a large ncwspaporial exper
ience we have seldom been called to t lironi
cle the robbing of a "doctor" Thieves
seem to understand that such parties sel
dom carry any thing they like to take. If
the rascals can be caught we suggest
a double dose of justice to them.
From WeJneiJai't Daily.
The temporary "platform" for the ae
coinmodation of passengers on the B. &
M. R. R,, at the foot of Main street,
is rapidly approaching completion.
Michael Mangen has been appointed
deputy Marshal, by Marshal Murphy,
to fill the vacancy occasioned by the
resignation of J. W. Barr.
Some stops should bo taken by the
Street Commissioner to have the water
running down the Main street gutters,
run under the railway track and into the
river. At present it floods the west side
of the track with mud.
Policeman Shamp did the. pedestrians
of this citya good turn this morning, by
having a couple of calaboe boarders
dig away the ico pile on the corner of
Third and Main streets. We suggest
that he make them clean the crossings
There is an alkali lake resting on a bed
of coal Kear Big Horn, and a short dis
tance from there is an oil well. The Bi.
Horn expedition proposes to fire the cocl
and turn the oil into the lake and soft
soap all creatiou in a Bighorn. - -
There will be a meeting of the Han
del and Haydn Musical Association r.t
the Court House on to-morrow, (Thurs
day) evening, at 7 o'clock, for the pur
pose of completing the organization of
the society. All the friends of musk-are
invited to be present and cincourage the
enterprise. J. W. Marshall,
We hope there will be a full turn out
of Republicans, at' the meeting in the
Court House next Saturday evening.
Let every Republican see to it that he
is there, and let hirn remind his neigh
bor Republicans of the importance being
on hand also. It is by a full, free, and
fair expression of popular will, only tint
the wishes and desire f the party, can
bo arrived at, and we hope to see a full
turn out, as tlm business of this city,
during the uvxi year: wiil be all important
to its future vrowth.
Dr. II. McC'u-key, the favorite Dent- j
in, wiilbein rirttt-iiK'uth Monday, 27th, J
fiiid reai.iin till lVidny, April 1. He can ;
be found by itruiriiiir at Johno i's Irug !
store. He will a!o i-e at Dr. McClunir's
IVug Ftore iu A-h'.anJ, on the 2i, ."d j
and 4th of April. IVrsons wanting
work done had better call promptly.
The Rtiritngton- Sc ' Missouri River
Rail Road, Initween Plattsmouth and
Buvlhgton, was the only road across
Towa upon w hich trains wore run regu
larly during the recent storm. The R
& M. was not blockaded every other
road aerosa the State was.
Till: Oil 1 I.I.I tOTIIK It. Tt.
From parties supposed to know, we
learn that the Rail Road from Chillieothe
to l'lattsmouth will probably be comple
ted daring the coming summer. This
is a line of no small importance, and
will be another inducement towards the
earl-construction cf the bridge across
ths Missouri.
The Hkrald is tho advertising medi
um f)r reaching the interior of Nebraska
as well as the entire South Platte coun-
tiy along the river. The Herald goes
into every neighborhood, and nearly
every house, in the vast region of coun
try lying south and west from Platts
uiouth, and business men who desire to
reach the people will do well to use our
columns for advertising.
A gentleman who arrived in this city
a day or two since informs us that he was
just sixty hours from Philadelphia to
Pla ttsmouth. It used to take sixty days
to make this same trip. This sa'me gen
tleman paid a handsome compliment to
the officers and employees of the B. fc
M. road, which we cannot but repeat.
He remarked, in speaking of his travels,
that the most accommodating and gen
tlemanly set of railroad officials and em
ployees he had found anywhere were on
the B. & M. road between Burlington
and Plattsinouth.
a cnicn ixio.v
Hju. John Taffa has nailed two liar
to the saw-buck most effectually. The
bae and cowardly innuendoes of Morton
and his man Friday, Miller, in relation
to ZabrUkie and John Taffe Jr., are for
ever et at rest by two official letters
from the Navy Department and Inspec
tor's wfficc. West Point Military
Academy. See Omaha llejmUIcnii of
yesterday. No one in Nebraska heeded
these base and slanderous attacks, and if
Mr. Tafle had not noticed them they
would have fallen to the ground like all
the other lies Morton and Miller have
given utterance to. As it ia the authors
are crucified and exhibited to the world
as foul calumniators without truth and
without honor.
w Jlonoy Oriler Ofliro.
The folUu-ing we find in a State ex
change. General Thayer deserves great
credit fr the efficient manner in which
he attends to the wants of his constitu
ents :
Post OkKiTE Dkpartment, )
Money Order Ofkicf, 5
Wasiiinoton. March 4, 1T0. j
S'iV: I have the honor to inform you
that agreeably to your request, and post
offices at Blair, Tecuniseh and Grand
Island, Nebraska, will be included in the
list of money order offices, to lc designa
ted by th: department during the cur
rent fiscal year, to go into operation on
or about the first of July next.
I aui very respectfully, &c.,
C. T. Macihinai.d,
Hon. J. M. Thayer, U. S. S-nate,
Washington, D. C.
It -nn lf Done at h ii A rrn; f Celt of
lo than Fifty On I n .Niglit.
We have several times called attention
to the fact that the streets of this city
should be lighted, and yet there is no
move in that direction. Alderman Gass
did give notice that he would introduce
an ordinance making provisions therefor,
but we believe the matter rest3 'here.
We believe that Main street could be
well lighted from the railroad track up as
far as Sixth street at a cost not exceed
ing fifty cents a night after the posts and
lamps were provided. The posts and
lamps would probably cost $1-3 or $20 for
each light, and there should be ten or
twelve lamps between the railroad and
Sixth street. Experience in other towns
shows that one gallon of oil suitable for
these lamps, which costs about thirty
cents a gallon, will burn sixty hours.
This, divided between twelve lamps
would give five hours burning to each of
the twelve, an expense of only about
thirty cent-. These lamps could be filled,
lighted and extinguished by the police
men, without any additional expense,
and vre doubt not many of the posts and
lamps would Ik' put up by individuals in
terested, if the city would only furnish
the oil and keep them lighted. Crime
seeks dark places, and street lamps would
do more than extra policemen to prevent
crime in our city. It is a money making
scheme for the city to light the streets,
to say nothing of the convenience of the
thing. Let us .have" them lighted, say
we. Who says no?
til'lDE I'OR ISTO.
M. O', Son fc Co., the cele
brated Seed Importers and Growers, of
Rochester, N. Y., have just published
their annual " Catalogs of Seeds
and" Guide to tub Tloiykr and Yf.o
ktabt.k Gat.ik" This new. and val
uable work contains full descriptions of
about fourteen hundred varieties of flow
ers and vegetables, with instruction for
thrir cultivation, and directions in regard
t the best use to make of them in laying
out parterres, gardtti", etc. It will be
sent free on application to M. O'Keei e,
Son & Co., Seedsmen and Florists
Rochester, N. Y.
It cost $1,843 to wash towels for the
Treasurv Department at Washington
J last year, anl there were 30,000 towels
Our conversation should be such tba?
youth may then in find improvement,
women mod sty, the nred rcpect, and
llAI!.i:OAI) I. iTiU liitA.vrx.
It is a ni-itfer of surprise to u to wit
ness the erforts of so'ii western Con
gr"Sir.en to defeat the bill now before
th Senate for granting aid to the railroad-
in Nybr.-i-ka. We scs too. that
our ever watchful Representative, Hon.
JohnTafie, ha introduced a bill grant
ing the same privileges as contemplated
in the Seriate bill, to the railway pro
jected from Fremont. No doubt this
bill will meet wuh opposition from the
same quarter. lUat Iowa Xtcpreseiua-
t'ives should harp at the squandering (?)
of the public domain for such puqvises,
reminds us of Satan rebuking sin. W e
have in our possession a map of Iowa,
containing all the grants to railroads in
that State, and we think any Iowa Rep
resentative, of "the people" who could)
sej it, would have his mouth most ef
fectually shut up on this question. We
commend those gentlemen to call at the
General Land Office, and procure a copy
each of this map to illustrate their re
marks hereafter.
One absurd idea is constantly forced
before us, that "granting aid to vail ways
is squandering the public domain!"
Now, how is it ? Do the people whom
these watchful guardians apparently love
so warmly lose anything? Let us sec.
Lands are sold for $1.25 per acre at the
Land Offices. By railroad grants, such
as contemplated, alternate sections are
donated to railroad coaipanies upon the
expressed condition that they build a rail
way within a given time; that is, that
huff the lands between the boundaries
of thej grant are given away but mark
the effect the remaining half is doubled
in value and it takes $2.5'J per acre to
purchase it, so that in effect the revenue
is not decreased one cent. On the con
trary, the bare fact of the construction
of the road fills up a country with set
tlers, which would have remained de
serted for another half century, but for
this wise legislation on the part of Con
gress. The influx of enterprising citizens into
the new territory, rendered habitable ly
the construction of our railways, increases
the revenue, not only in rapidly settling
the country but by increasing very largely
the taxable iroiertv over an area of
country which would otherwise remain
unpeopled for years. It is sheer mad-
ness tor these parties, opposing tne .c -
lraka bill, to plead their Watchfulness j
over the "dear people." . They are
penny wie and pound foolish to a fault.
J heir argument-: show i-one.uveiy that
jealously, and a dog in the manger spirit.
is the extent of their professed love of
the people in tins particular instance.
We a-k our Representatives to exhibit
the map of railroad grants in Iowa, to
the astonished eyes of these questionable
friends of the people, and teach them
that what is sauce for the goose is sauce
for the cander.
IIott ttiIny nnrt Nilit wn Spent in ;
I'Int tmoii(ti. ;
Tlic 2:iivc a Grand N;ircosv.
Jxhii I'itKcrnll,i:M. Cutlllci! toreni
l'rai-tc lor the Nucichi of the
Arru ii jjenieutjx.
How n Stranger View tlip
Editor Herald. Being a traveled
1 sojourning for a few days only ,
your city, I desire to express my gratj
fication at the perfect sucees of Saint
Patrick's Festival. Notwithstanding
the inclemency of the weather a largi
number were in attendance at the dance
last night at Murphy's Hall, where
splendid music was discoursed an
wlicro niprr? ff- lcfrvt timf thfrpwit
until a seasonable hour. One thing wa3! A scncs of evening or "protracted
worthy of particular note, that all thin-si meetings have been held here during the
were conducted orderly and not a single! I,rt',,lt wlutcr accompanied by acoiwid
participant in the festivities was inebrated' erale religious revival, during which it
during the entire day and incut. Much! " sa5J' that rany hecovumg annou,
of the temperance and order manifested' concerning their eternal state, have
on this occasion is due to the efforts of: raccived the comforting assurance of
the master spirit of the occasion John! 1ivmc reconciliation.
Fitzsrcrald, Esq. to whom the credit Of the churches named, the throe
of the success is attributable,
will long be remembered by
countrymen and others who
ticixated in the festivities
the occasion, for his liberality and fj
his many social qualities. Being a strarj
ger in your midst, I could not but notictj
and noticing could not help expressing nf
opinion (which I believe wiil meet witj'i
the sanction of all participants) of tit
interest which Mr. Fitzgerald took ti
having every part of the festivities mai
a success. Hoping you may all live t
enjoy many such occasions, and that!
may again meet many of those wli
were present at Murphy's Hall last even
ing, and hoping the blessings of St
Patrick may rest upon all your reader
during the coming year, .
I remain yours, II. S. G.
Platt-mouth, March ISth 1S70. '
The society of the first (1st) Method
ist Episcipal Church l'lattsmouth, p-o-po?es
giving their Pastor Rev. J.-I.
Roberts a donation on Friday aftemton
and evening, March 25th 1870: to, tad
in participation of whicall friends ml
rneui bers of the church are cordially iivi
ted. Committee of Arrangements B. Sjur
lock, J. Wesley Barns, R. B. Windham,
and P. b . Johnson.
Committer on Zonutions Prof. J. G.
Miller, Mrs. B. Spurlock, Hon. T. 31
Marque tt, Mrs. R. P. Kennedy, II L.
R. Stiles. Capt. J. W. Marshall, Jlrs.
J. Wesley Barnes.
Committee on Rrfiv.dt men E.- Di vis,
Mrs. E. Davis. Mrs. J. G. Miller, G II.
Black, Mrs. G. II. Black, Mrs. and Mr.
M. L. White. Mrs. II. L. R. Stiles,
Mrs. C. E. Forgy, Mrs Lockart, Mrs.
T. W. Shrycxk, Mrs. N. Jean, Mrs. R.
Newell, Mrs. II. K. Montgomery, Mr.
and Mrs. Webber, Mrs. Marv Macee.
Mrs. K. McMaken.
llccfption C'tmmittce Miss Gertie
Borders, MissLydia Garc, Miss Ijaura
Davis, Miss Lou Marsha l, Miss Dell !
Montgomery, Capt. Palmer, Y. Y.
litonard. E. A. Kirk pa trick, R. B.
ThcoJoie Ea: ii. Mrs. L. D.
Bennett, and R. Spu.'liek. j
r..i,,,Itt,f 4, n II. Newel!. Mrs. ;
S. M. Chapnmn, J. W. Marshall, Y. Y.
Leonard. i
j Relative to our pastors very efficient j
j work during the three years of his pas- j
j torate among us, indefatigable zeal and j
labor as architect and neutral superintcn- j
tendent of the erection of our new
church edifice, but recently dedicated,
reference only need be made, as it is-a
matter patent to all, the time and cir
cumstances under which the erection of
our new chapel was undertaken were
quite unfavorable, but under the provi
dential gttidanee of the great Master
builder, and his faithful agent and ser
vant. All is well.
Therefore, let us all feel interested in
this matter, and on the eve of the depart
ure of our beloved pastor from us, mani
fest by actual acts of benevolence and
kimlness, our high appreciation of his
labnr among us.
i'rcsait'ttion Committee J. G. Miller
anJ S. Duke.
Keepers of the door- -T. W Shryock
and Joel Parcel.
Admission fee 2oc door open at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, and close at 6, and
ojen again at 7 in the evening. Refresh
ments at all hours.
TIi Hrtiool, t'hurclies, etc.? of Lin
coln. Lincoln, Neil, March 16, 1870. .
Ed. Herald: Not the least sig
lJScaut indications of the growth and
prosperity of a town is the moral character
ind intelligence of its inhabitants, and the
interest and spirit manifested by them
in the establishment and maintenance
of public schools and churches.
Many as are the doubts, and diverse
theories, and speculative opinions, afloat
in the world upon subjects relative to the
fiual destiny of mankind in a future and
eternal state, all candid persons who
have once become acquainted with its
.teachings have ever been constrained to
adaiit that there is not, and never has
lieen, a society, or order, or creed, known
among men, that has "so magnified good
ness and moral ana social rectitmieas uas
,tne Christian Religion. And while 'the
i experience of all persons is uniform, that
i , , i,us;ncs3 interests of
any communit' are best subserved by
maintaining the worship which it enjoins,
and teaching the truth of its moral
(.lecepU thereby promoting order,
gooc government and fair dealing among
tlie 4.ftjzonSj there are few people who
do not esteem it a privilage to live where
themselves and their families (if they
have any) may attend upon a regular
and stated Divine Service.
Believing that, as a geueral rule, ap
plicable to the masses in our great coun
try, inteligenee and enterprising, and
religion go hand in hand, and that by
far the greater number of those who
seek information in your columns to aid
them in selecting from the many thriving
towns ia the west tho one that they will
make their future homes, wiil deem it
important, before making a choice, to
ascertain xdier. they may obtain the best
prh iloge of this kind, it is my intention in
this letter to state what such privileges
are, and may be expected soon to be in
There are at present, eight organized
church societies in this place. The
Mcthodis-t, Episcopal, Congregational,
Catholic, Protestant Methodist, Chris
tian Presbyterian, Episcopal and Baptist.
Of the foregoing, the M. E. Ins the
largest church, and congregation ; has a
i1 membership of upwards of two hundred.
! , i ......
I ami a constant ana regular attcn lance.
first in order have neat and comfortable
edifices, dedicated as houses of public
worship ; the two next have buildings,
intended for that purpose, now being
constructed and nearly ready for use,
and all, except tho last two, maintained
a Pastor, and observes the usual regular
It is intended by all the societies referred
to, and not now provided with churches,
to make arrangements for their being
built during the ensuing summer, and
besides, it is understood, that two or
three other societies wiil be organized,
and will erect places of worship during
the same time. So that it seems that
it may be confidently asserted, that
whoever resides in Lincoln, six or eight
months hence, rany take his choice from
among ten or eleven churches, upon the
service of which Le shall attend
There are two school houses and three
public schools in town, in which arc
taught all the usual tranches of com
mon school education ; a competent and
efficient corps of teachers is retained, and
it is left to be the fault only of pupils cr
their parents if they are not as well and
as thoroughly taught here as in am' com
mon school in the country.
Such are the religious and educational
advantages and prospects of Lincoln to
day. Surely thoy are not of a kind of
which the citizens of any town, yet in
its third year, need be ashamed. Proba
bly there are few towns of that aje the
citizen of which can give better reasons
for pride ; and if the prosperity of the
city continues and increases, as there is
now every probability that it will, when
the church societies have become suffi
ciently large and wealthy to build more
large and permanent structures.
When the State University, with its
six subordinate colleges, containing fifty
one chairs, shall have been erected and
put in operation, it would seem that there
will be few cities in the west in which it
will be more desirable to live than in Lin
coln. Situated as it is uion a beautiful
site, in the midst of an extensive and
J fertile f:irmin country upen lauds
j which, it is now scarcely doubte I. are
rich with t.itciulvi- lcp-I:s of salt the
Capital of the State, and the objective
point of the numerous railways now be-
ring built toward it, or the lulling cf.
which is contemplated, giving it direct :
communication with aii the principal i
thorougU!ares in every direction, 1 am
at a loss to know what more is necessary
to secure for it the first rank among the
inland cities of America.
Wiliu r.
Southern Xrhrnska.
The committee of investigation ap
pointed for the inspection of the south
ern portion of this State Messrs Thayer
and Millard returned on Saturday, with
Mr. C. R. Schuuer and Mr. McLaughlin,
his surveyor. They1 have surveyed
about 40,OiX) acres of land, and a meet
ing will immediately take place for a se
lection of the lands to be taken by the
members of the association, which was
organized some three weeks since. They
report the storm very severe on the head
waters of the Blue and Republican Yal
ley. Active improvement.1 are being
made toward Lincoln. No Indians or
traces of any, arc to be seen. After the
meeting of the members of the associa
tion, a full report will be published.
Oni'tha llrpubKcan.
An Awkward Tl'ltneiH.
Lawyers have a belief that when a
wituess begins to yawn, and looks extra
indifferent, ho is probably lying. A
funny colloquy between a witness of this
class and a counsellor occurred a few
weeks a?o iu a court held not verv far
west. The particular matter at issue
was an account of several years' stand
ing ; defendant swore that he had paid it
in full, and, to corroborate him, called
this witness. The fellow mounted the
stand, took the oath, gaped, and testified
directly that the money was paid; that
he was present and saw it paid. Then
he was turned over to the plaintiff for
cross examination.
lawyer You say you saw the money
Witness (e'aping) I did.
Lawyer Where was plaintiiff when
defendant came.
Witness In the barn. (A wide
Lawyer hat month was it?
Witness (Without hesitation.) Feb
Lawyer Whatjiruo of day?
Witness 'Bout 4 in the morning.
"''-'"Lawyer Before light? " --
Witness Y-a-a-s a little.
Lawyer What was the plaintiff do
ing? : . . .
AVitness Mo wine. ,
Lawyer What? Now, sir, just ex
plain to the jury how a man ran be mow
ing in his barn, before daylight, in the
month of February.
The witness, saw that he had hopelessly
involved hiunelf in a quagmire-of false
hood. The eyes of the court, jury and
lawyers were upon him. and he ww-nu
way to extricate himself from his dilem
ma. But something had to be done ;
and so. with nowJiolitut yawn, he
drawled out the words: "Well, Squire,
I don't know as I care much about this
case, any way." I'ukurd s Mivttdji.
Persons wishing to procure first -cla.-s
strawberry plants can do so byleaving
their orders at the Express office, di
rected to C. II. Wulcott. He has some
of the finest plants in the west, a few of
which he will dispose of on reasonable
terms. mchl2tf
,We call the attention of the farmers
f Cass and Saunders counties to the
advertisement of Osage Orange Seed,
for sale at the New York Store corner
Second and Main street. Now is your
time to buv. march7diw4
Tlic lt.-tilroii! 13 orol
Through Line East Price Reduced.
Doom, Bro. & Co. are selling lower
than ever :
1 Vluinc
Best Kip Boots,
Bttot Calf Boots,
9 te 12c
... 14 to ISc
... IS to 2.r)C
... 30 to 50c
$4 00 to o 00
G 00 to 8 00
And everything in proportion.
Call at" " Doom, B:xo. k Co.'s.
Coffee from 25 to 30c
Su,'ar " 10 to 20c
.Molasses, $1 to 1 75
At Doom, Bro. i Co.'s.
Remember Doom, Bro. & Co. have
reduced the prie of everything.
Doom, Bro. k Co. is the cheapest
house west of the Missouri river.
p ov25d 4 w tf
A farm of 100 or 150 acres. Enquire,
at this Office. MarchV-.Itf.
Ail persons indebted to us can pay the
same in corn, oats, or No. 1 wheat, at
the highest market rates.
Doom, Bro" & Co.
l'lattsmouth, Jan. 4, 1S70. diwtf
P. Braitsch," Practical Watch Maker
and Jeweler, has removed frm his old
stand, in Stadehuann's building, to one
door west of Murphy's Hotel. Building,
with P. Hart, Main street, Platfsmonth.
Nebraska." d&wtf
m m
Any oxk having claims agalnst
the United States will find it to
their advantage to send a state
ment of their claims to me.
Counsellor at Law, Solicitor before
the Court of Claims, itc.
47; "II" street, Washington, D. C.
Yallcrys i Ruffncr have just received
a new supply of Boots and Shoes, which
they are selling very low.
Go to Yalleryscv Kuffner and buy your
Groceries. They btiy for cash and will
not be undersold.
Go to Yallory 'J' k Ruffncr' s to buy you
Dry Goods. They are selling cheaper
than the cheapest.
If you are in want of a good Wagon
go to Yallcrys & Ruffner. They are
agents for the Stir and Schuttlcr Wag
ongs, tho best in market.
. mm
Yallcrys & Ruffner have just received
sample machines of the Improved R-x-k-ford
Broadcast Seeder and Cultivator,
very much improved for the year 1S70.
Call and examine them, and leave your
All kinds of Country produce taken
in exchange
for goods at Yallcrys Sl
G rover & Baker's Sewing Machine is
tin I-et in market Yallerys fc Ruff
ner are agent. Those iu want of a good
M;n hire will find it to their advantage
; !-.-; them a -ill.
. . i
Are now receiving and have on hand (at th old stand of White A; Buttery i
South side Main St., Plattsinouth.
The Largest and EVIost Complete
Stock of Irv.(r. Mttlii-inei'. PainU. Cheinii-uls. Le:iJ. V;irnihcs. Con I Oil. Fish oil. Ma.-him1 nj
Gtrsli3i Oil. Castor Oil, N oat foot Oil, Vh tle Oil. Hiiifeed Oil, 1,-iH Oil, o,). K.ciiUl
(W Liver Oil, and a l:ire variety fNutionf, Perfumery, Fancy ami Toilrt
Articles, Es-t-iic-iv, Flavoring Extracts. AUo, all tbv l'ujiilnr
tJiu'i .n Jayin's. Aver". Hal!.-!, SfivillesCe'i. ('hristieV. MorsT'i. M-L.sin'. UnVrr'i. Vit..r .
Writ! tV, Wakctirlil's. Guy Sn-ottV. IVrry Davis", ItoliiH-k'e JVtitfV. .Mrj. iuslo'j.
Dr. WinchfU's, lloi-tctti'r'x. IirakeV. Wallace', Wvit'i. unit
all others in pcnernl us-.
Brandies, Wines and Whiskies,
Ofthe heft grades and iu:ili(iiy, Mrktly for Mcli-nl .tirfoHt.
D O.llES TIC 1) YES,
RodorlWe.Greeii, Illue and la.ick. Aimlinc. Indifo. Mnddrr. Extract Liwo-I, I'ye Wowl- A
In lnct cverytuniS that 1.1 needed in the Drnjr or Medicine Line.
I hysicians' Prescript ons carefu! y compounded and pat i:p
at all hou. s. All Drugs warranted fresh and pure. Call
before buying, and see what we have to sell.
Plattsinouth, March 24, 170. wtf
ay, March 110, 1S70, Ernkst, youngest
.oii cf John C. and Salena Cckmiks, eod two
Tread oft!r. rcrysoitfy. t'rother, ., '
Ernie dear' ayteep;
Angelr pure, God' holy messenger,
Wir spiritnow doth greet.
Tread oftly. softly, loving Auntie,
Darlinir Ernie' dead.
Hi littiosidrit lriarht. dear Auntie,
CUls thee Heavenward.
I'athf-r. Mother, check the hearing !ku.
Your loved boy's ailcep.
An aLgcl now and hovering niph.
Chant-' "in Heaven we'll meet."
If All Partie Indebted to U
Will call an l fettle the nme, they will p.ive
themselves both extra, trouble and expense, for
ire must have all account-! and note due us
paid, and that immediately, u wo ar going
Last and mu-t have the money.
. , , , UOO.M ilUO. A CO.
September 2d. ISo'j.
Xew Lhitai.s". Hamilton Co., Ivi., May 2.
Dr. C. W. ICmhack Jintr Sir.- Thi will cer
tify that my w ife h-id been laboring under a
severe attack of pal;jitatiou of the heart and
iy?pcp.-ia, and her case had been given up
. incurable. I then retorted to the verious pa
tent iricdicins of the d.iy, but she found no re
lief from them. At. last I was requested to pro-
ure puir.c of your SVaiiJiuavian Llool Purifier
i.nd IJIood 1'ilis. I purchased from your audit
1), N. llanna. one b.tttle of the lUoud Purifier
t.nd two boxes of the Blood i'iUs, and proceeded
with them according to direction. fouu I
relief from both diseases after using three or
four b .t'les. I will, therefore, elieerfull jCjiSb
(oiiinieud your medicine to the suffering commu
nity, especially the females. Yours r.
bee advertisement;
'tilr!tioui. Ilc-nltliy. ftir Host.
Iooley's liakiug Powder is the most economi
cal and conviniant linking IVwdcr now in use.
It saves milk and cf, prevent the possibility
of poor rolL". btth-ruits or cakes, und thus produ
cs h-ippines in both kitchen and hnushnM.
It is put up in tin car.s. w hich are, to all intents
and purposes, impervious to tho action of the
weather. One trial will convince the most
rkeptic;d of its superior nialifies. J"or sale by
Estray Notice.
' Phere will be sold to the highest bidder, on
JL Thursday the lst da of April lsT'l, uiie three
year obi Mare, ffaie to take piaceat two o'clock
P, M. at the residence of T. W. Fountain, South
Bend Precinct, Ca.'S county Nebraska.
march 17. w S. J uatie of l'cace.
Plvttb Vau.ev Lodge No. 5. Regular
meetings every Thursday evening. Vi.-iting
brothers al wujs welcome.
w. l. wi:lis. w. c.
It. HKISKL. K. C. .S.
V. V. LKO.AliL. V. 1
Pi attsmiu th Loix.k No. 8 A. V. & A. M.
Keg.ilar meetings at their hail on the first aiid
thir I Monday evenings of each month. Trans
ient brethern invited to visit.
J. N. Wis is. St.
Mcov Loim.k Ni. 23 A. V. & A: M. Ugw!r
meetings, at Masonic Hall, first and third Fri
days. J. N. WISii. W.ii.
GKO. L. fc"EYBOLT. Sec.
Xkf.kaska Cuaptkh No. 3 P.. A. M. Regular
convocation, second and fourth Tuesday eve
ning of each month nt T' r,c) ck p. m
iv , l-lI.V. iILFLJiK.II.I
. I), (txr.r., S-c
EastkkxStak 1 1 Torek Loini g. Rcsr ula r meet
m!. of the Family are held on Wednesday eve
r.:ng. on cr before tho full moon of each month.
All ..faster Masons, their wives, sisters and
dauubUirs juu inrituJ tu attend. - L'nmarried la
lie bo over eighteen year ef age.
L. H. WHEELER. Tatron.
Mrs. C. A. TV1-r. Patroness. .
J. N. Wi.ik. Recorder.
I. O. O. f uif e?in,r of Platte Lodge. No. 7, I. O.
O. K. every Saturday evening, at Odd Feilom
Hall. Tianoient Biotliers are eonl ally invited
to visit. L. WELLS, N. G.
H. J. Stbk:jht, Sec.
I. O. ii. T.
0i.:vEl3RNrn. No.2--E A.Kirkpatriek W. C.
T. E. li. LwK W. S. K. R. VVindiimn. Lodge
Deputy. Mei t Court House Hall every
Toes lay evening. Traveling Templars respect
fully invited.
Kx(Ki-ioK D;-:r.j:rg Lonos. No. 1. E. R.
Lew s, D. T.; F. E. White. D. S. Meets at Court
House Hall on the Srst atid thirlSatnrday ptcii-in-
of each inop'h.
Urvr. l.nnMW. N'n. 9. O. J. Davis, W.
C. T.; Andrew C'Hem. in, W. S. Meets at Mt.
Pleasant every Saturday evening.
1'airvieiv lHHiK. II. J. J. Chan-Uer.
W. C.T.: Wu,. J.llesser. W. S.: S. W. Calkin.
L,d Ilepmy. Meet every Wednesday even
ug. Traveling Templars respectfully invited.
rrRf r (iiitivi! Iikm.t.. Ni. :i.-A:uis Grjiiiih
U.C. T.;Jas. Mi!-on, W.S.;C. H. Wiusb.w.
Lode Deputy, 'leets every e.ilurlay evening.
Traveling lY-iapU -'-t eelfully inTitwi to
UJeet with us.
Monthly meetings of the Vestry 1st Friday
evening 01 each month, at the Rectory; yuartely
u-eeUiigs of Ve.-rry L-t Mondays of May, Augast.
Noteiuber auUt .-bruarv.
, , , H. St. GEO.'YOUNG. Rector.
Wm. L. Wstif. Clerk.
i;t)R SALE
The Sub.-cribcr ofTirs fr sale a
i valuable water r.ower.
Pla:tmouth. near the Missouri river uri-K
two Til 1 lp hr Of-
sutfciciii water and fa 11 wit hoennom leal manngi
meut to produce power equal to aiVj horse-power
Hn.m engine. Trie present owner is engaged in
thr busines and cannot devote his attention
to t ae business of miUiriT. an 1 will sell said wa
ter power for a reasonable price.
lljt!ti:oi! h. Dcr.. "1 ls. 'i
As !y to M At UA;-x.-.i.
UvcldAW tl
i ,
1 L
h n l.m.xjvrov, M.
professional services to the ritiren oft us .ii.
ty. ltesidencesuuthuast corner o! Oak aiij.-u-l,
streets; oflice on Main tttrvrt, oppontt Tju-i
House, l'lattsmouth. Nebrru-kn.
PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ict. b Jir-ron-iu-Cbief
of the Army of the Pot. -
l'lattsmouth. Nebraska. Office at ). Y.
son's Drug Store Main street, opposite t'l
Plutniticri. Private rcsidenrv eoruerof P....
11th HUwts. two doors south of P. P. Gas'
r. J. T. TIlO.tlAts,
Iluring iermanr.t!y locwfed at Weepii
ter la lis. tenders hi prefe'ioual lerrie.
sitizen ef Cass county. Nebraska. jn;
.1 Ii;
ft j:
! Ol'1
O. U. WHKF.LHU. f., I, uk FV f
u. if. wirci:i.f;tt a. to,
Real Jbi.-t.ilc and Tax PtAi'.tg Agrnta, N
mouth. Nebraska.
i uiir, r 11c an: t.ue insurance Agunts,
T. 31. 3I.llliUKrT,
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor ;r C
eery. PlattsiuoaX Nebr-ik.i.
s.. mut ti.L,
HAM. m. t Jl jr.iJ
AT'fOUNEY.S AT LAW .,,1 jjoli. p ,
l.haucery. PUttsuiouth. Nebraska. OS. .
N bite A Jluttcry'a Drng Store. -wl.
G. noral Life. Accident. Fir. Inland anu Tr t
Insuruneo Agent. V.'iU take ri-k at n t", i
able rates in the most reliable Companii s ,.. 1 ,e
I lined Males. Ollice opposite the Court iio 1 ,
liU'Tiioutli.eb. i ma1
ilTl' lIOTfiL.
HoUan 1. Proprietor, corner of Maw; 1
Thud ttrcets. l'lattsmouth. . ebr-ku. Ii a
been refitted nnd n. lv .,r.hl ,., , t .
cl-- accommodations. h.tturA liv th it.k
''"' i'aug.'liuiM!.
Rob. I). Coatkj .... propr'.tUir
Corner Sixth uuJ Vine Street.-.
Amide Stabiinirattarhed. Term lower d..;
ano house in town. dee'isJ'l. iite.,
to tltt work in vniid .It I r. ,.,t k . . .;....
as,heatas the cheapest. - Shop, corn
in.!.. it- in ti streets. Jaugr.l i
rillliCVTCTt A t(l"-n -ii 1
1 nJI
k in his line on short notice and In the
VVHU-HIJI!.! I 'llllil.l IJjmiC I'll W"
-i rius. ,-3iii,p one oiocK sou ID CI 1 lalte
, y House. july-
V : -
Attnrnv at Law. and Goners I Collecting Ai:
Ail legal business ml rurfd to In care t ill r-
reive prompt and careful uttcntinn- Office one
floor wet of the llrooks House. Firt room u.
stairs- marll'dAwf
work in their lineon h rt notice. Will
contract, large and Small, an I furnish mineral
when desir-d. A-Shep on Main strict, .r-:"'
ite M. E. Church. a::
Uni ed States Internal Revenue
Notice ia hereby given to nil persons cor.' ra
ed. that the Annual Tax List made and i.i ti
under'heexeiselawsof the United States v iu
the several enunties f the State of Nebraska I r
t ie year lvO. have been filed in my rirTi.-o ut
JJrownville. Nebraska, and will be opn for ex
amination in my ofiice as aforesaid for ten da) s
from the dateof this notice; and during el
period of time all appeals relatn e to err .i:-oc-ir
excessive valuation will be received a y
party in i ersou, or by attorney, or by wr. tin;-,
hpet iliyir.g the particolar cause, matter
resigning wbith a flecisioo is requested, pad
rha!l. n:oreover, state the ground for principle c-f
crTircompIaiiied of. 1 iiomam.!' Majuk.
Asssessor, 'i.ilrict of Nebr-ka.
Iinted at Rrowuvillc, Nebraska, this'th day
of March. 1S70. .
,Sci'm10. RirmHr I.airt U. 7.' hitire I i i:-
irrhitl I'rri-nHf. lr,7, p. lo, rft't ooe.
SKCTfOV 10. An e r'f furthrr tit-''-'. Tint
the a-seu.i.r for ea- h colli rtiriQ ditriet. shall
E've i dice l.y ad vnt i-i ii rnt in.otie oews;-rr
pnllihed in"cai-h rouu y wi'hin nid rt -t.
m: if there he lioue nil Ii.-'led in the di.-Ui .t,
t:ien in a r ew-p.-i per published in th colii-. . i.n
rtisiriiei ndinining thereto, and tin 11 j est D'i.i- -
in ut lea-t four public pln -t s within each c-v
n;er.t dis'iiet. nnj muW timil a oty of at i'h
notice toearh j...tina.-ter in ai district, to be
posted in his office, staling the time an l 1 ince
within said collection dis; rit hen ar.d wi trc
Bppeals will be received uni det'entiiiid rcl i .". u
to i.r t rrjn'iiusor ticuvitf valuation, asess
bpii". or ennmemttons by tho iwunrnrnffir
taut assessor r -turned ill the annus.) list, anl
such notice shall be udtertieed and po-U 1 ly
the -.e.-or ami maile-l at least ten days L- r
the timi; ni'pointod for hearing "aid appeals.
"r ANTED A puths-er for a Farm 4
1? tail, in? M0 acriw, si;uate l 5 miles f
riatismoutU. l'neea.'l p -r iwre. Atp! . to
oer.-.'tf SPUJlL'lCK Sc WINDHAM.
17 07! lu-ikT-Seconil st ry of ihe P.rick 15 .-k.
corner of Main ami '1 hird streets. Enofliie
at the Einjiire Hakrry. marl'id?:.
ANTED A pun baser for fix acre
laud udjoii.ii I'laOsinouth. Apply to
VT'ANTED. A rurcr.isrr for S20 ,er.s .-f
T land, siiuated 7 inii.-swr-1 of l'laOsm"!!.'
and V jmiies from a Depot ou tie Jl. A M. K. b
Sai I Laud is well and is adjoining
good Farm. Ca". be bought for nc-lourth tiiv
price, cash in Lan-. balanee in three eial pay
ments. Wiil be si I in so acre trots :t desire j.
Apply to St'lUDAKi WINDHAM.
"1 X T A N T E D A pur.b iscr for a P.csiccr.-e
f with two acre of land and iirtprnvemrt.ts.
Apply to SPURLot'K A- W IN DH AM
OR .v'ALE A farm in Weeping Water pre-
i-inct. situate J s mile frim a station on tLe
R. A M.R. R.. and Vx miles from Wc-:p:if
WierFull. Well Watt-rd. with plenty '1
timber. Can h hnurbt fur S!.o. if applies
lion is made witntn two month. Apoly to
k e!s I t siie by i. It. An U-i -m. lii'.
Mjuth oj Platl -111 on I '.1. v oa' - s re irue !
l'l-l- perl il-l.el. -. ; ink, jt.
J.iii. ., 1 j 1 1
r (.Mi-