Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, March 17, 1870, Image 4

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. -
111 l. v
M ".!
She gUbtaslm guralcl
It A I L ROA 1)11 M E T A BLK.
I. A 31. K- Jt. B. ,
To take effect Mondar. January 31. 1ST;).
.,. -. AKUIVBi rEPAFT.
!!. .IS si-Its'!. . m. - :W P. m.
ireifht.. a;: 4 p. la. 7:lo a, in.
- For the information of parties travel in 5
from 01 t i'lutuuiuutU. we subjoin the follow
ine iH.fe -f eonneetiim: -
jV-iie--- leiivinff 11-ttnnouth at b:10 p in.
arrire jtt'PlHI'S Sunetioa at 0:4U-P.iu. anU at
Council EUit Hti.7. -
i'a.ena'- tearing PUtUmoiita at 8 00 a. tn.
arrive at Taeiiic Junction nt H:X) i. rn. sr. at
(Vuncil liluili at a. 111., anl at Omaha at
1,!l'a"e!!ccra leavlrs Council BiuflV nt 7:W n. in.
(St Jc .V C. 1$. Train.) arrive at I'ucifie June
ti.,n at h:i a. ya: and at . PUtwiuoutU Wto
CiVt thi.out acil stick it up wlitrc you can
refer to it- - -
AUUi YAL A XJ H'AKTl n i: o r Til E
it Tt St. Joe APt.Lo'iis. 12 in. 10am
R. K. North. CIn -:'?o X t.'l,
k. k. Ka-t. u. .t m.
Lincoln via A-hUml.
Liueelu i Weepiun ater.
12 m. lUam.
4 pm. lUam.
8 am. Hp in.
8 am. 8in.
10am. 1pm.
Omaha by fUft.
v.K...t,. eiir U ?t.u. am. apra.
m iw.r..r. Mf.11 lav. Wednesday and Fridi
Mon lay. Wednesday and Friday.
' t leLrt'. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur-
Uffiee hour,.Troulj g p. M.
from Sntmrfay't DaUy ' -
A wokt factory is one of the things
that will pay hugely in this city.
A foundry h needed right away, in
Who will start it There
is a fortune in it for some one.
lion T.' ' ".Tipton ha? our thanks
for bnimd voluniei of the Congressional
S. Du'xc. 111 , arrived on the train
tlu.sriitornms forji'jhe east. lie has
1 tfiirt hr,rnt-int9 wjck3 on a visit.
Senator Sumner is preparing a speech
in favor of reducin letter postage to one
c;-,., - .
It beginj to look like somebody who
.'desires to buil l the coming season will be
(Vtsappouitcd, in gcUingbriek. Parties
will ; Jo" well Its engage en rly.
Now is the time to get property in
PlatL-mouth. It U higher now than it
was six months or a year ago, but it wi;!
be much higher in another six months.
Cuthniann fc Huberty, at the Empire
Bakery, arc making a superior article of
Tje bread, .also of brown bread. They
.. are lirst-clals bakers and liberal dealer?.
Should any of our patrons desire to
pay us money before greenbacks give
way to gold, they need have no fears of
giving offence by mentioning the fact to
- One thousand business, men with ,ten
" 'thoiuand dollars capital each are wanted
iii riatlsmcuth ' within the nsxt thirty
days'. ' They Can make it pay.
. -It was thought the ice would break
away at Omaha yesterday. If it did not,
the cold snap last night and to-day will
secure it for another week. The river
ha been open r.t this' place, anl boats
ruiiine, for more than' a month. .
e Jijsiro tq ea;i tnc atrennon or our ;
4. ,1.1 f
rea-lers to tnc law cant 01 ir. u.
.Siuhh.'ia tj-(Lay"s pajwr. Mr. Sn;ith
has tken un a permanent residence
1 . 1
among us, and we hrpe to see him meet j
with the twee s' which we believe he i
merits. He can le found one door vest
of the Brooks' Iluose, up stairs.
The train from the ea-t this morning
came in loaded with passengers. The
arrivals from the east increase every ay
Plattsiuouth is the objective point for
nearly all the westward emigration, and
we fancy the" IIeuai.i has been some
what instrumental in attracting attention
hither; at least we find many persons
who lirst hoard of the place, through the
; Herald.,
We hear of A. E. Touzalin, General
Ticket Agent of the B. Si M. road, all
- over the country... One day he is quietly
attending to his office duties in Burling
1 ton, the next day wc hear of him in
- .Omaha, then he is at Lincoln, Nebraska
" 'City, or at our town then in Chicago
or. elseu here looking after the interests
. of the Company. lie is cTer on tbe
alert," and is bound to draw the travel
" ' over the B.-Jb- M.; - -
(TaiJt- E. B, Murphy took, us through
.the yarims apartment.) of the Brooks
IIoue yeteray,'and we are, injustice,
cimpelled tosav it is alout t!io snuggest,' '
best arrancjed hotel building" we have
seen for a long timo.' Oua of tlio " great
beauties of th'w building is the fact that
it will not gctold in a hurry. "It is made
substantial, and will not need repairing
every year. Workmen are now putting
on the finishing strokes. Higbee will
have it readj' for tho public about the
first of April
A carefully prepared estimate in the
New York Tribune give? ;40STni,000, as
the probable population of the Pnited
Stales on June I, ISTU, when the ninth
census is to be taken.' This is an in
crease of 9,000,000 during a decade which
included four years of devasting war.
In tho Tr ibune the ostuuate of Illinois
is placed jat 2,fo0,0-0: Indiana, lW,"
' (m ; Iowa, 1,200,000 ; Michigan. 1 ,250,
fXH); Minisota, OOO.tXH) ; Wisconsin, 1,
200.000 ; Nebraska, 1 50,000.
Mr. Bufus Clark, the' proprietor of
the Plattsinouth Billiard Hall, is prepar- i heavy.. They claim that they (the pa
ing to erect a large two story building persj have "given of their means to help
nearly opposite the Brooks House, to be j the' city 'by publishing daily paper?, etc.;
o-cupied as a Billiard Hall., Clark is an when it did not pay to publish them, and
.enterprising man and knows how. to they now claim that the jseople of
keep a first class billiard establishment j Ottumwa should give them their job
Ha allows no drunLeuess or noise about
his premises. '
" - "
Col John Wilder editor of sire Kansas
t. 7.. rr:. fcW
and almost instantly killed, a few 'days
. i ...i., f ,.Q.i
Hutchinson. It appears that Hutchin- i
v.j U.A rtnorti in
Hill iiau ti. o---o --j
w I ..K- wl,m Wi!.
w-.nhout to luarrV, for which he had i
isuuunv , x . .u - .. j
rowhided U' the young lady's :
IT, which was don. without i
I J HAV' . - -
the least warning to Wilder, while he
taking to a fnenU. n uicmusou uur
The Nebraska City papers make a huge j
blow over the fact that they arc now con
nected with Chicago a:id the rant, ""via
the B. A: M. from l attstaouth It b a
' big thin.?" fur them and 11 t a had
'thins for Plattsmouth. Nebra k. City
Meroluints will hereafuir come thirf ''ray
for poods, anl if oar wholesale Jtoufus
will advertise in .Nebraska City papers
they may supply tlie trado tliere Ost as
well a not.
All manner of reports are in -circulation
ju-t now relative to what thi.s or that
Republican is endeavoring to accomplish
m regard to theVity election. Potrt be
lieve a word of them, but go straight
along, noiniuate a comj!ete Republican
ticke t, of the very best men to trG found,
. . - l .1 "i
i.rijuaicc?, and then see that every uc-
publican votes fsr thent.
That Uouf
Congress will pass a law securing the
benefit of the Fifteenth Amendment to
colored citizens. A bill, drafted by Mr.
Bingham, is said to meet with general ap
proval by the Republicans of both branch
es of Congress. The Democracy will
speedily be put to the practical test. If
they regard the Constitution and laws of
the land, respect the common rights of
humanity, love liberty and lienor juice
they will now at least acquiesce.
The "smash up" spoken of by Mr.
I Kir.ev. in another column, was not a
'smash up"' of cars, but ofthe'ecmpany.
They collided with a "stubborn fact," to
wit: that it "takes a heap of" .money' to
build a railroad."'. The fact was too
much for th'cui. The com pan y got the
worst of it. an 1 the fact kept 'straight
abend without the least injury.
From'Xfomlay'f lUtitp .1 .
This has been rather a dismal day for
the middle of llarch. "
One' cf tho '.National Banks at Stt
Louis has rocmed specie payments.
Fifty-one me"mlers of the present Con
gress were soldiers of the Union army.
Are republics ungrateful?
We learn that a son. of Judge E. S.
Dundy is lying in a critical condition
with scarlet fover. .
A nest of counterfeiters and a quantity
of the "queer" Avere taken possession of
by officers in Harrison county, Iowa, la-t
We are now receiving the daily St.
Joseph Unim in exchange, for which
the proprietors of that Journal have our
The liOi omotive "Misissippi," which
run off the tratk at East Plattsiuouth.
last Tbnr.-day, was injured so as to re
quire an overhauling in the. hops. The
tender was completely detuuliehcd.
Jis. V. Joy, the great western Bail
road king.'was in St. Joseph last week.
He is one of the heavy men in the 13.
k M. Co.
The depot and freight house war
burned at Jefferson Citv one nizht last
,VOf.u to-'eth?r with the 11. II. ( omoanv's
The liian named PiK-ler, wh w is killed
at Paeil!o Junction Isst week.
ienvci a
family in Sf. Jn- cph. His remains were
ent toMoniteam couiitv fir interment.
A now time table went into effect on
the 15. Si, M. mad between ''Plattsiuouth
an l Burlington, lat week. The time of
arrival and departure at this place is only
changed a few minuets, not enough to
make any great difference to passengers.
We suggested, a few days since, that
the paper once published at Nebraska
City, and called the Xews, was dead.
The Chronicle says we are right in our
furmise, but that the concern is "walk
ing around to save funeral expenses,"
and that "it died for want of a new issue
of bonds."
Last Thursday, Sheriff Turner arrested
two bezine soakers, who had " soaked "
two barrels of whisky from a car standing
at the East Plattsiuouth landing, and
now has them safely housed at th county
hah -house. Ghuicood Oputon
G. S. Smith, Esq., received impor
tant business letters from Biinois to-day
which calk him thither immediately.
He leaves on the evening train, and
wULltuaWntten days' or two "weeks.
ije hU'fiuiilT with him when
j,e returns "
It looks most emphatically like "busi
ness" to sec three and four locomotives
"bobbing around" in Plattsiuouth all at
one time, and to know that several others
are whirling passengers an I freight over
the great through route to and from this
"it.v. ' - .
The Nebraska City Chronicle snys :
"Tho Congressional Committee on Pa
cific Railway has agreed to report fa
vorable on the bill to grant right of way
to the Midland Pacific over the public
laud; between Nebraska City and Lin
coln. That is a pretty heavy item for
the "Midland. " . Jt will save them six
!irs or a 'dollar'-if they ever need the
right of way anywhere.
Some fellow .has. decided to try his
luck witb'a job printing office Oturuwa,
and the two papers there "go fbr" h!iti
work as long ait her can do it well and f
I reasonable, as it is only by thi.s means that
! !.... ...... 1...J . ;-.fT.. i.....ui:
j -....-. .
! - " cxpci-ivo uau. pipers.
! JS ; i an1
i hope they fveU make it live iy for the
h I tM !
niciita ill Ottumwa.
r jjb establish -jmpers
! undoubtedly been compelled to use the
f,1,,,ls received on job wo:k u .ay the
, . m t
ficwy on the paper expenses. The
i JllVlUli'l' .1 VA.u .ui,? mvii mat. uiiu.
T,'C 1-'. Ottumwa will do j
v,.n- f.H.lish thimr if thev t-rinplo their
.. j .-, . . .
pa pen
bv taking awsv their i-jb busi-1
f'r TuesJaSt Dtity
Mails are a thin? of the past. We
have nol had any for two Jays.
Murcury ilown to IT' below this morn
intr. 'How is that,for iowV. , -
U ycu wish to see a novel arrange
ment, call at the 1. O. ami ask to see
the V.eiasatidn fiegcr tlc. '
Oar friend AVm. Dower?, of South
Bend, arrived in the city yesterday just
in time to stop a while. There is a
'.'heap" of coll weather between
mouth and South Bend.- A -
! If the etorni hs le.en as aevere all
over the country for the pst two day
as it has been in this locality, we may
expect to hear of Mil results. The incr
J ,. . ,, ,
cur3' this morning indicated the coldest
weather of the
winter. It ha been
hard on stock.
The cold weather has set the ice going
so as to completely prevent all crossing
of the Missouri river for the present.
Even the powerful transfer boat "Presi
dent" is not equal to the task, and has
not attempted to cross since yesterday
Gen. Smith, the great bridge man of
Chicago, is in the city, stopping at the
Platte Valley House. He is here osten
sibly to look after tho putting down of
the'iron piling at the railroad , crossings
of Salt Creek ; but the public may look
out for the early commencement of op
erntions n the bridge across "old mud
Clark & Plummer have just received a
large supply of new goods of all kinds.
They let their'stoek run down during the
winter, and are now filling up with freh,
new goods,-of the latest style?, direct
from the manufactories. They propose
to sell at low down prices, believing in
quick sales and small profits.
Oh, what a time, "my countrymen !
Two bands have been engaged for the
evening of the 17th, (St. Patrick's Day,)
and the lovers of dancing will have as
gay a time as ever was had in Platts-
mouth; Both hall will be wsed in Mur
phy's building, and six or eight sets can
dance at one time.
We sec by our State exchanges that
Hewlett is to be in the State during the
present month on a lecturing tour. Has
anything Wen done to sen re him for two
or three evenings here. If not, it is high
tiius somebody was at it.
Gov. Butlers team broke loore one
evening la-t week, at Lincoln, and per
ambulated til-? streets of the Capital un
til a late hour, when they were found by
Auditor Gillespie inside the Capitol en
closure.. A notice appeared among our local
advertisements for several days that
Clark it Plummer were offering for sale
-Ruck Island Hour." It should have
read "Rock Ldand plows. They sell au
excellent arti-le of flour,- but they also
sell the celebrated R ek Inland Plows.
Wc are indebted to Secretary Kcn
nard for certified coppies of the different
acts published in to-day's paper. A re
solution authorizing the publication of
the general laws paused at the recent
session, in the principal newspapers in
the State, was defeated on the last even
ing of the session. We believe it rliouM
have passed, so that the people of the
State could be officially informed of
what is law.
The Lincoln Sta'cfmnn has again
changed hands. Messrs. G. A. Randall
and N. W. Smail.s both practical print
ers have purchased the establishment,
and wc doubt not they will make the
Statesman a first-class newspaper and an
effective advocate of the interests of Lin
coln and Nebraska. We have unfunded
faith in practical printers when they
strike out in the publishing business.
They generally understand the r-hoals
and quicksands, and know exactly how
to vtficr clear of them. Success to tho
new firm, financially, and destruction to
them politically (provided there was
anything of their party left to destroy.)
There appears to have been a series of
petty thefts committed at East Platts
iuouth recently, from the B. & M. Co' a.
cars, and it is generally believed that a
regular nest of small fry thieves have in
fested that locality, for some time past.
They made rather an extensive haul a
short time since, and tho company deci
ded to take steps to get rid of such a lux
ury. Warrants were issued for several of
'them, and the -Sheriff of Mills county
gobbled two of them hist week. Yester
day Sheriff Johnson, of this city, rcccivctl
a dispatch, requesting him to arrest an
other of the outfit who had skedaddled to
this side tbe river, thinking thereby to es
cape the officer.--. J I had hired as a
I rakeman on Mr. Pr.i khurst's train, and
undoubtedly supposed himself sccuro
from 1 ova justice. Upon the arrival of
the train from the w?st, at 4' p. l.i. last
cvvinng, Sheriff Johnson tapped him
gently on aq shoulder and requested Liui
to ''come." The fellow stood somewhat
upon his dignity, an l demanded to see
the "papers." Johnson jocosely in
formed him that papers were not required
west of the Missouri river. ' lie finally
decided to go, and matters were afterward
explained to his entire satisfaction so fir
as the "papers" were concerned. The
Sheriff of Mills county is expected over
here after him this evening. The com
pany have determined to break up the
"nest," and we know .they will succeed.
VirtJt 1Tedurd'ti't Duiiy,
The travel westward dimishod mater
ially since the storm commenced.
It hasbcen two cold to-day to hunt
j lfM, cnscjuently we cmic out with
, Vimhi:il amount
Tlie finest opening iu the world for j
.. , ,,..1
I r V'" or rich men, wno ucsire to
open Jarms, is along tne line oi uie i
31. R. R. we.Tt from Plait-mouth.
, . f .1 . T
A number of, travelers have been
storm bound, in thecity for several days.
Several of them made an effort to cross
the river, this p. m., but whether or not
they succeeded wc are unable to say.
, The Water in the Missouri river fell
two feet yesterday. You could almost
wade the river just alovc towik There
is not sufficient water H"cr the bar above
town to float the "President,"
The weather was too severe last cven
iugfor our carrier to attempt to make J
the customary rounds.' u The papers were
left in the Post Office. We have a very
plucky little fellow for a carrier, but last
evening was too much for flesh and blood.
Wc noticed a fine looking horse stand-
in hi'- hed to a post in front of a saloon
durimt the storm yesterday, while the
owuer Was " probably inside playing
"freeze out" for a hot toddy. We do
not object to what the man was doing
inside half so much as the manner he
was treating his horse outside. The
horse was undoabtedly the noblest an
imal of the two.
The "JIary Magce" isall ready to com
mence making regular triis as soon as
the ice will permit. She has been
placed in perfect repair, so far as her
machinery is concerned, and her carpenter
work will be completed as soon as posi
ble. Hurrah far the energetic , captain
andowenersof the Mary Magee.
' The eastern papers have a habit of
publishing long articles each year about
"the heated term." "We will turn out
the present "cool-ed term" against any
thing warm they ever had down east,
Russian and Siberian winters are child's
play along tide of what we have had for
the past tlireo days. Get some ancient
pictorial publication containing a repre
.sentauon oi a nussian niun wrui,
multiply it by ten and then "discount
. .. . - i,n ; -. i
it, and the product will assimilate to
what we- bare had for the past three
The so-called law declaring section
lines to be public highways, was repealed
at the recent session, and the law in re
gard to public highways now stands pre
cisely as it did , before the appearance of
that act among the published laws.
A Rrrakintii Crushel Between
tit lt Junction.
Mr. S. E. .roole, of St... Josrph.
breakman on C. B. & St Joe B. R., fell
between the cars at Pacific Junction nt
(V-CO p. m. yesterday. and was instantly
crushed to death.; He was terribly
mangled. We team the above by a pri
vate note. Have na further particulars.
Mr Iligbee will christen his new hotel
in this city, the "Brocks House," iu
honnor of Jame.-s W. 'Brooks, President
of the Burlington & 3Iissouri River
Hail Road Company in Nebraska,- and
one of the moving spirits in the great
through Una of which this road is a link.
Wc admire the selection of the name,
as well as tho selection cf the lauiloid
made" by the proprietors.
l ocomotive. TnJer, ami Five Cur i"
the Iiteh.
As the eastward bound freight train
was leaving the Erut Pluitsmouth dpot
yesterday morning, hauled by the new
Manchester locnmotive"Mississ?ppi,,'tue
track spread and the locomotive, tender,
and five loaded cars were precipitated,
down an embankment of fome five or
six feet. The tender was broken consi
derably, and the five cars, literally smash
ed to piece".' No one injured. The
accident occurcd as the train was making
th curve between the depot and the
engine house, before striking the trestle
UnK FOR IS70. '
M. O', Son Si Co., the cele
brated Seed Inijwrters and Growers, of
Rochester, N. --Y., have just published
their annual " CATALOotnc Of Seeds
and Guide t6 the Flower and Veg
etable Garden." This new and val
uable work contains full descriptions of
about fourteen hundred varieties of flow
ers and vegetables, with instruction for
their cultivation, and directions in regard
to the best use- to make of them in laying
out parterres, gardens, etc. ' It will be
sent free on application to M. O'Keefe,
Son Si Co., Seedsmen and Florists
Rochester,. N. Y.
The Granit State has spoken again for
freedom and equality before the law.
General Grant's majority over Seymour
in lSfiS, was a little over 8.000. This
year Stearns, Republican, is re-elected to
the office of Governor over Bedell. Cop
perhead, by a . majority of over 10,000.
The :tcnipereneo men ran a man for Gov
crnor. who received 8,000 votes and
the Labor Reform party polled 1,-00
votes for their candidate for the same
office. ' ..:
The Council stands four Republicans
and one Coj . Tlie Senate will be com
posed of 2.s . Republicans and 4 Cops.
The Republicans have about TO majority
in the IIouc.
' Til E EV3 DK.M'E. . ,
We sincerely trust that those newspa
pers that announced, "A3 we predicted
a committee of investigation has been
appointed," will now publish in full the
evidence elicited by that committee,
which was written down on the spot.
IAnctiln Journal.
That's It, exactly. We most heartily
approve the above suggestion. The evi
dence let -as have the evidence. Will
the Jonrnnl (being tlie only Republican
par-er published at the capital, and con
sequently the only one having easy ac
cess to the evidence) give us the evi
ucneo", and then we shall see who is wil-
ling to be j
r 1 .1
just and publish it. ' V e 'shad
. conaaennj
look for the first chapter of
t the evidence in the next issue or the
1 JyttiA-if.
the itKnn law.
We publish, to-day thej-ct passed at
the recent session of the Legislature to
restrain stock from, running at large in
the State of Nebraska: ' It' will be. seen
that onl.v Weeping W.ater' and Lotlisvllle
precincts ia Cuss county arc effected
by - its provisions. South Bend, Salt
Creek, Elmwood and Stave ! Creek , ii c
t ine.t.s had a special law, which remains
in full force and effect. . as this law does
not interfere with those precincts.1 We
arc of opinion the .entire County and the
entire State, without. a ' rod of ground
being exempted, idiould have a herd law;
but we did not feel at liberty to so vote at
tlie reeeut session; because we baUcyed ;
(aa' did the entiri Cass delegation) thata
majority of the votes in such districts as
aro . excrxmted in Cass were O -posed to
the passage of a' general herd law at. this '
time. e nope, ior tuer goou, oi u.c
countrj-, that stops may , be taken to have
an expression of the people on tlie sub
ject at the next general election. ;
Tlie trnde of Nation to te had for
tlie asking.
The completion of the B. Sc. M. across
Iowa to this city, and the further exten
sion of the same hue westward to Ash
land, Lincoln, 'and on to Ft. Kearucy, is
opening up a country .which is not sur
passedno, nor' equalled by any other
in the world in point of agricultural fa
cilities. The tide of immigration is set
ting toward this vast region,' and iu less
than two: years from this date the trade
of the country drained by the B. it Mj
R. R. in Nebraska will be greater than
the entire trade of the State is at the
present time. It, behooves the busines
men of Plattsmouth.' Burlington and
Chicago to "look well to the west," and
see that this trade, is not allowed to be di
verted from its . natural channel. It
does not, probably, ' look like a great
thing to day, but uss the twig is bent,"
etc., will apply to trade as well as any
thing else ; therefore, we feel it a duty
we owe to the business' interests, of this
oitjr in particular to remind -our business
men of the importance of looking after
this trade note. A little judicious work
on the part of the business men of
Tlattsmouth, Burlington and Chicago
will insure trade from this region that
will yet equal the trade of a nation,
An Extensive Wholesale IIne,
We visited to-dav the establishment of
Messrs. Mathews, Donnelly A: ' Co.,
wholesole and retail dealers in Hardware
and Agricultural Implements. Thcy"are
located on Fourth Street,' north of main
(immediately north of the l'latte 'Valley
Houe). . They .have a new building,
erected with a view to its convenience
for this particular class of business. 1 1 is
three stories ju. bight (including the base
ment, one side" of. which is above ground),
is about eighty or ninety fast deep, the
whole to be used f,.r business ' purposes.
They tie just opening their first instal
ment of c-xvls,. and from appearances
we judge t hoy do- not intend chili's ple.y.
in the matter, but mo ft emphatically
"mean Iniiinese.". -They. bring aux ex
tensive ertpital to bear, and buy direct
from manufacturer, . thus saving to the
farmer tho profits of the middlemen. 'Thx?
farmer? of Ca-w and a Ijoining 'coun
ties, also the dealers, in oilier .localities,
will find it advantageous to call upLm
this firm. - Read their aderrtfcement.
. - J, (i. KTATf LEY 1)EA5.
By a private letter froin Ashlaii-l, we
learn of the sud leii death of Mr, J. G.
Stanley, of that city. ; lie was well. .atid
at work ' last Friday forenoon ( 1 1th) and
was taken ill at noon of tluif day. . He
grew rapidly worse until about : o'clock
Monday evening, when he breathed his
last. Our informant does not state what
his complaint was. Mr.', fcstaiiely had
onlv lived in this State about ten or ele
ven months, and during that time ' he
had drawn about him a circle of 'friends
who admired him for his' many good
qualities of head and heart. He came
to this State from Ohio, and had been,
since his arrival here, a . regular corres
pondent for several leading , papers of
the east, among others, the Cleveland
Herald. Our readers will long ' remem
ber his pleasing and instructive letters,
signed VMalakofiV Mr. Stanley infomr
ed u, a short time ago, that he had writ
ten over ono hundred letters for publica
tion since his .arrival in this State. ! lie
leaves wife , and five children to
mourn his death.
Wo Kae always contended that Platts
mouth would be the river base for the
immense agricultural regions of the west
and southwest of-us, and that nine-tenths
of the travel between interior Nebraska
and the east would cross the "mother of
waters" at this place. This idea is fast
being realized now. To-day all the trade
and tr-ivel for the cities of Ashland and
Lincoln, for the counties of Saunders,
Lancaster, 'Seward, Saline, Butler, and
other western Counties, eotiies riW Platts
iuouth,' and' the scope' of country sup
plied by this route is. being widened
every day. ' ' Nqt. Brown,' V. the effi
cient western agent of the Western
Stage. Company, left this city Saturday
for the purpose cf establishing a' line of J
coaches from Lincoln to Beatrice, thus
reaching cut in a new field of enterprise
to.oe toward Plattsmouth. Here
tofore the trade and travel cf Beatrice
and suriGtvidmg-. country has reached the
river at va'-ious points .south of ns at
Nebra-ka City and Brown ville;' princi
pallybut with the completion of the
B. it M. road into the interior of the
State comes the "new order of thing? 1
and all this groat ganlen cf,JXebraka
south .of the Platte river r.ud west of the
river tier of counties is to be drained of
its products by this road and emptied
into the eky of .PlattsinoTith," an J is to le
supplied with its uiereanuu-e and its im
migration from this source. . It the
buinesi men of this clt- mic?i out and
reap tho golden harvest 'that awaits
rsn Til E CAPITOL.
Wen liter, IliiinesH, IinproYemrut-i,
nnil Iri Sects of li toiTii pub
lic sent in regard tm
tlie In ci lion
Lincoln, Nebraska,
March ith 1S0. , .
Ed. IIf.RATJ) : Although for several
days-pa'st the'-wrj.-rthrT '"has' heca more'
cold and severe than one would have
anticipated from the mildness of the
precc-TTiuJ" pCrtnoiv'of, he-. winter, - yet
Lincoln" seemsfo have fairely shaken ff
jthe lethargy that appe.invl for. a ibort
time dur-Tiyth-,yit,-uiontlkilat past to.
ha fo-TporHorW' kinds -fher4usk
nesj and "her-iKcrprwung '. -citizens are
buy in preparing for, or actually 'com-
meucin? the active operations of the
Several new residences and business
houses have been put in process of ciu
struetion within , tho 'last two' or throe
weeks. The -foundations an? being-lid
for tv6 new and largo Hotels, at least
one of which the pypprietor, Mr. Tich
cnor, of this place, intends shall be not
only a permanent and useful, but an or
namental addition to the jjuKrc huijuugs
of the city. , H ;I jlt
The "City Lumber Yard," of Geo.
Ballentine and Company is being filled
with U kwi'l pthimber used in, tlje con
stractjonof frapie bnilditigs. which the their customers attbe
lowest prices.--' ilany of the'inerch'ants
arc absent in the eastern cities replenish-
in -heirrM6eks7;in anticipation of the
spring am! 'summed traded dailjT arrival
take place by stage of persons who come
here with the intention either of invest
ing their money or making this the place
of their permanent residence ; the State
University, and Lunaticf Asylum will
be completed daring1 the oming sum
mer; and the ' indications that, both
from her internal resources and from
the aid she i likely to receive from
abroad, Lincoln is destined Vt 4oereasc
rapidly in wealth and population within
the present year, are of the most un-
juistakabfc- kind.?-
; The measures a
called session of the. Legislature, re
ceived, it is I elieved, the universal ap
probation of the citizens of this place,
I and at the same time by removing any
doubts that might heretofore have ex
isted, as to the disposition , of theState
authorities to verify the 'inducements
which were held out to purchasers of
Stace lands at prubfi3 salts. ' jThe location
of the Penitentiary nr this place has con
firmed the faith of its citizens in its fu
ture prosperity and importance : and
given a greater confidence to holders
and purchasers of Jots and lauds.. .
Atlhough tho proceedings upon the in
vestigation of the "Commissioners of
PublieiBuildings" appeared at the time
to occasion some excitement, yet -one
would judge from the little that, is said
about it now, that the people regarded
it simply as a farce, prompted at the be
ginning -ty.thOw.. personal . opponents of
the Commissioners, and afterward sus
tained by tlie fi km Is of ihe Comiuission-
fws, for-ahe jmrjio of vin-lieating their
character against gronndleis charges!
and the people therefore attended" if at a
matter of course, as they would attend
ai y other "free show." and treated it
with theTletiHMicj as regatW l iitLeism
which was due to it in tli'it eha:'acter.
Lest, however. I may occupy too much
ofi your space, '.that; might otherwise. I
fi"led with more interesting and useful
matter, I wpl bring this letter to a close.
without further auticipatioii of thtmax1.;
wcnderful things Huieh 1 hail have to ! enters on the eastern- banks of the. Mis
... . .... . . :. . v i i. .. ti:... i
ate toyo.uot the events tranpirim; m
ana iiiifint -JjlTicoin
uunng -fic cosMint!
Wll.lil it.
From the Omaha Kcpuhlionn.
f Oil.. tOfSTItY ABROAD.
Letter I'rum Hon. J. .11.
- M
Washington, ). C., March o, 1S70.
Editor Repvblican ;
As the subject of immicration was
embraced by the Governor in his
call for an extra session. I take the lib
erty of enclosing to you the followiiig
extract from-a letter of .Col. O. if
Irish, our Consul at Dresden, dated
December 10th, bearing on the - subject:
" It is wonderful, the interest that is
take here in our national affairs. How
many of those Germans, arc interested in
pur . western railroads, having invested
in bonds Sicj I conld, I think, - if our
own enterprises are put on the right ba
sis, get money here to, help them on and
may write j wni,, -on this poinf, again.
Money can be had here on good 'secUri
tie from four to five per cent. Nebras
ka ia behind ,in immigration matters.
They ought to have an agent in' Eiiropa.
all of the other western State? have and
will in another year raD th . benefits
j of it... .The best class of immigration
comes trom "thi section, come plan
-hould be adopted ia ourl next . Legisla-.
lature to induce emigrants to go to Ne
braska. I am furnished with documents
circulars, Ac., from most all of the other
States of the Union, except my own,
which I am expected to distribute. If
anything of (his kind is hereafter sett
trom Nebraska to me, on j-our request
the State Department would forward
free."- - - -
I trust provision will .be made by the
Legislature in its present setsion which
will enable the Governor to send one of
onr Gemian and Scandinavian fellow cit
izens to Europe to direct immigration to
Nebraska. r. -. -.- - , " T , .
'ery tru!y ydurs, !
John. M. Thayer.
' Tlie rirwll Way to ( omc ( JivlirnA'i m.
To New Yeakers and .pbiyans, take
the Tiike Shore it -MLbigan Soul hern i
road to Chicago, and from tneneo the
Burlington an I Mi-souri River Railroad
to Louisville Station, in this State, fif
teen miles from Plattsiuouth. Only one
change of ears between Chicago and
this place ; time. -about, 31 hours from
Chieaeo. Lit coin S'atsrnfr.H.'
Pr f-B!ot is gbios to instmc'-i the
cooks at the White House in their art.
Charles O'Conor, the eminent New
k-York lawyer, has hcnw prostrated with
srt..rpox, but be is njw nipuhy ixx-ov
To test a Christian set hint to putting'
i.i ....... i,. i o. ; i..r.
i . : r
thirty minutes
he's seasoned and his
1' .1"!
piety i-1 at par.
- The Kcheme orinrnllibilitx.
. .The cvcninir edition of the London
Time of March 1 1 th." gives the followiri
from the Roui-i'i fro;:ti;-r :
On M.mdy t!;-.
rVIli-.ii.! 0! I'l
jfwas ditribuiJ -to.nJ VJibers pt'lhe Co'
Jiiti-liassurti that tle L'Ai h pose
supnune an ! complete sup'uinav;., an-i ,
that the priacipallity over tlie lTniveral j
'hiirch was receive I with t lentito-le of
, i . . i
power from the Lord himself, by Saint
. Peter, ofwhoii.n.ho,lJontiff is thesuec .;-
sor. All que-tioiis oi laiui must oe u.
termined under that power, ebe the
words of the liord to Pi ter w-uild be
disregarded. This is fiiove.1 by -iesu'.ts.
"In the apostolic seCatliv-l..1! immac
ulate, the doctrine has always been ful
ly' maintainoil, consequently wc incul
cate, with tho-concuwen&i of the CiUii
cilf 'ud drnns a dina of fith au-1
tlianks to, Divine assistance, the Roman
PoutilT of whom it was said, in the per
son of Peter, by Chri-t, "1 have gray
ed for all,"-2 k-ihiuit 1 err- when, -acting us
supreme tijncber pi all christians.
Tho vhnaie defines what 'the Church
must hold in faith and monils,. and that
i.rnir:itivi ot nanal liifal ltd ltv exteniH
over the same, in the relations which the
infallibility of the Church is applicable.
If i nf should dare, which God forbid,
to controvert the present definition, let
him know thnt ho departs from the true
Tlie (iforsia Kill.
Mr. .Bingham's nmendinent to the
Georcia bill, now before Congrens, is as
follows : ' ' '
Provided, Tbat'nothingiri this act con
tained shall be construed t) . vacate any of
the offices now,, filled in the State of Geor
giaj'either by the election of the people
or the appointment, of the Governoi
therefor, by and with the advice and
consent of'"-the ' Senate of said State ;
neither shall the act le construed to ex
tend the official' tenure of an officer -of
said State beyond '. the?lerm limited by
' th4 "on4titiMiAri HhdreoD datlflc from
the election or appointment of such
officer; nor to deprive the people of
Georgia of the right under the Constitu
tion to elect Senators and Representa
tives of the State of Georgia in the year
170, jtfier,on' thr! day named by the
Constitution of said State,' or such other
day- as the present Legitlature may
designate by law.
' 'The amendment was agreed to; Ayes
J14:'nays 71 " - .
"The bill thuiamended "was passed by
a vote. Mr. Butler voting
with the majority, declaring that on po
litical Questions he would not be found
From the Lincoln Journal.
llw f (mt ( Lincoln.
We frequently receive letters from our
Eastern friends and subscribers, making
inquiries concc'ning the accessibility of
our town and the number of railroads wc
have present or prospective. For the in
formation of these we will state the sit
uation. The only- way of reaching Lincoln,
heretofore, has been by stage either from
Portsmouth or Nebraska City i the dis
tance from cither place being a'-out t
miles, and no great choice iu the routes.
This spring commences a new eia in
our approaches. The 1. it M. R. R
is a-straight line from Chicago to Lin
coln, and is now finished to within thhty
miles of our town, eroding the Missouri
at the flourishing city of PlattMnouth.
This road has finished its grading ui far
as oar city, and has put down about '.)
miles of track during the winter, and
will have, the iron h--r.-" neiabiriL' at the
Lincoln depot inside of sixty days, should
the .spring Le at all favorable to track
layingr It now crmwtsts with a stage
line of thrty-five- mile, nn-1 puts u
through fi CliicaL'o in thirty-four hours.
The B. it M. R. R. R. is on- oft be
hcavii s.'-and inoft reliable companies iu
the I'nityd Statr'tlKy are al-oi;
tlu'owiiiT iniuii-u.c and vabiable tracks of
Nebraska lands upon the market, and
they will never fail to meet their en
gair meats. Their line is joint; on to
iiand Island whre they will lua'.e iune-
ti,4i rith the U. V.-f K. R.
furnish bv all o lds the .-.ho.-ti
an l will
c.-t route
let ween imcul-o :t t l r-a:i iraneisco.
Tim-Mi Ua'iu p;u!i : has its li:;e gra
ded thn-tth ti Linei'ln' front Nebraska
City. It has not yet an Eastern eonec
tiou direct, but it is reaeln-d bv tho ('
1 i i i
; J. '& "St: Joe." iL R. -M-hki h iaib. i :-c-s-
i ,"r.i"J-'1" :,"l"a-i; '"'
ives-tiie cup;coot cith'-r or tne roa is
crnteriiig at )nmba or StJoeph"or St.
Lou'n. 'i'welve miles of track is down
ui the east end of this road.' bnt no reg
ular trains are running yet. ' This road
will be completed to Lincoln this sea
son. . . ,'
The Omaha & S.mih Western R. R.
(from Omaha to Lincoln), is completed
ten miles to Bclk-vue, nrkl will proliably
be completed to Ashland, twenty-five
miles north f Lincoln this season,
making them a connection witli the B.
& M. 11: R." R. " ft will eventually come
to our city and le continued south-west
to the Kansas Pacific R. R. at . ort
Rile v.
- The.B. & $. W. R. R., in connection
with the Nemaha Valley road from Rulo,
in the south-east- corner of the State,
have also completed ten miles cf their
Lroad. and will evcntuallv run up bv the
Dig.emnna 10 iu source pynnti tneni
down Salt Creek to Linooln. ' It will not
lie built-farthr than-lawne City this
season, but its success eventually is be
vond .doubt.
By the h of Jlar, the B. Si M. R. R.
is mK route to iai.e wnrri one travels
Lincolnward, and continues to bo the
only route until the Midland Pacific comes
in to" compete with it. People coraing
to the June sales of lots and lands, will
thus escape the long, disagreeable day
in the stage coach, and get out of the
same Pullman palace sleeping ear at the
Lincoln depot that they startvd with.
So we invite everybody to come, and
promise all a pleasaut trip and good hotel
uccommodations. . .
Slntralnr ReNnlf or Sefiinins: i Klt
litirlnyr tli Honeymoon.
tl'i' ra the Clu ianiiti Caz- tte. Feb, 22.
A. few weeks ago a merchant of this
city was .married. In the second week
of the honeymoon, business required his
presence in St. Louis. lie notified his
wife of his intended depaiture and made
preparation's for th trip. At the mo-iii-Vit
of 'leaving, Id. ' vrH',i asked
him to ki;s her goo-1 bye. As he in
tended returning to tho house before
going to the d . pot, he playfully refused,
saying tht. lui hal not time to wui:.
I'uf irtunatolv' he w.n pn-vonirl from
goins home aain. ani left the citv with
nnt mrniig. ms wne g-a i ve. .tter an
.:: l . ...:r. ... .. i i ... . ;. l
tf'rsciiee ot'ta o weeks be returned and
hastened to his domestic bwer.
where he expected to fnd his Kttlo wbc
waiting with open arms to receive him.
But what was his amazement to find the
house iU -ci ted, tho f.irniture soi l, and
his wif-- absent on a visit to her relations.
And wliat was his horror soon after to
learn that she bad sued for a divorce.
An interview followed, mutual explana
tion were made, and a .reconciliation
w:ri effected, the sole cause of the young
Wife'ssinjrular proceeding being jealousy
and the reiitalofber husband to kiss her
ATr.. Ci....... ...t:. . .1. , cf.. ii. .i..
.,-.. U,M" ""u '- f-v. au :s
'Uiv.h -w ot- her husband,
uO.I I
favor the rioveiHcut in th'j
j i!i,c i ue wora maie irom tlie I ot;
! - . .71. ,1 1 i ., ,
1 stiU:tiou. Snesav.s editoriall
Perxotn wishing t i-.- u:c l
strawberry . plants c m do so I j-llr u;,; .
thc;r or.i is at in-; iwpnv.s o!;ij,-. ,i,
rected t
of the line.-
11. Wi-I ott.
H- hi.
I'lxnt.s in the
west, a f vr
on r-a..-1 1
in. hi
which be will di
I'ay highest market pri je f r OaS. (
anl No.' I Wheat. Jan. Lhtwtf
'I lie Itellrontl llrrc!
' Thf roi: Lint Fii' Pricct Rcdu?f
, Doom, Bio. it Co.
than ever :
Best Kip B vt.s
' Best Calf Boots,....
are soiling
9 U I'j
14 to In:
lx to
3' I to 5u-
... J 1 00 to f'
And everything in proportion
Call at Doom. Bito. Si Co
from J.'i t,i ;:iv
" JC.M L'oc
il i . i -
At Doom, lino. & Co.V. '
J i mucin ocr Uoom, 1.;,.. , (,,
reduced the prii-e of eviryihin.;.
I'oom, Jjro. A l a. n iV.c cbcap".f
house west of the Missouri river.
, novr-llwil
All persons indebted to us can nv t;J(,
same in corn, oats, or No. 1 V t, 6;
the highest market rates.
Doom, Bro. A (V
Plattsmouth, Jan. 4, 1870. Jiwtf
-7lEMOVEi). "
P. Braitseh, Practical Watch MaL-r
and Jeweler, has removed from his
stand, in Stadolmann'.s buildinu. to .v
door wet of Murphy's Hotel HniM;,,.
with P. Uait, Main street, PlatMnouih
Nebraska. diw;f
Go to Va'ile ys & Ruffner and bin your
Groceries. They buy for cash nnd'wili
not be undersold.
G" to Vallcry Si Ruffner s to lay juu
Dry Goods. . They are sellinir :l:raj,er
than the cheapest.
The lKi; alI.
All persons knowing thcaiselTes in
debted to us by note or account Are re
quested to call and settle ininiediati.-ly.
VaLI.KRYS Si Rl f f
If you are in want of a good :r.
go to Vallerys Si Ruffner. Thiy'ar
agents for the Star and SclmftVr W'njS
nig, tbe best iu market.
Vallerys it Ruffner have ;,i riV,v
sani le michines of the mpiv"! h '
ford Broadcast Seeder and C.i:!:. . .
very much iujp.-ovo-I f -i
Call an 1 cxami.'.e tbel!!.
All kind.-; of Country
in exchange for g i-.ids
I a
:ir 1-
f,.- k
iiilerys iV i
,t- ! ! , r-
r ha
a new s-npplv f B i :
j 1
they Svlliii'-' very low.
Grov.r it" B.ikeTs" r M:.-l-'t-the
be.-tin niaikct. "'a!!-. its J;
tier arc agents. Th w,; fu want of n t
Machine will find it to a huni;;
to givt thei-.i a call.
4 .
On (In- fv.-nirjtf r Oi-- l a!, ii
Vi;i...v ll-iic l. L- .-u A. Mi I nt
tsr -l Jf-au Itiw. Jv-i..i ii.-i--I 1
th- r:
Iiicia lia' r" n frnp; tins '(rune w ul I of"
Xn iimrct') f-:c.'i;T ti. lleiin. v. ith ir. (! r
N lunxcr to iiitKcr ln-ro uii..r:uiii! u
lore, oi ul -:oil;
ll'.l l!
Lllfiu lllK 'l.l l- I'll; til,', 'i
Wlirre the riijlil s.i,ut- r. lit i i . o in
l.uvi-1 o.ics ivi.l tni !i,t "tit! r '
13 ut at Lic v. iii (,f (iu.i in.- iiiU-t aut
ruoiiA n; M)T5i:ih
I JKUI1AT 13 MfIC;:.--It in nr,
,f Ii.:
1 tll.llaU t ljnn a r..itiM tin. cm ii,
Watnou. late i.l ; v . l.r i.Uv m-'-
filcl in tl.e 1'roV.aic oiirl ol k;m. (.'inty
beforo the Zr'lh ilay of A neiisi-A. t. b"'.
tU.y will l Ivrcver Imrrc'i.
hbMmU Probate Ja.l,reT. ti " . "'
II. IK 1. 1 VI! Min I o.. .11.
rilYSICIAX AI) St.IIf.KO.V-e-profr.siinui
Burvicii to the eiturii "ft
t'. lifiileucciiuf h'.:ist uf ' -i
slrecU; offiee on Main rtivct, oV''
ll jute. l'lttiinou'h. ."lr:i"ka.
J. t It A'I.I .1
.1.- i
rilVSM.'IAX AND SL'ltOl.' N'.-hitc "jr
rcon-in-lliM:! if tUe Atuo ! ('; i'-.t-.i:-" .
riattiuoiuli. Nibnu-kii. Ulii-enlO. l.U
()' !ru Slor .M.i in f reel. ,.it" '
i'luimnirrs. l'rivHiv"ir'iini'i'i'iriii ri.l K.-n
1 Ha flrcnu, two lori i-outa of i'. 1'. i-'. I.
Uaviiift permanently l,,rilc 1 nt Wcei'in "
ter i n II-1, Icnu.r Iiih jirolrwu n il ..tvk '
jitizrtiM of i'.iifh rounty, .Vehriifkn. 'J1"
. II. WUKKI.CK. .. .. pknn.'"
i. ii. vviii:r.i.i.rr a. to,
Real Irftnte and Tax Pnyinu At-cnU. 3-'."'
I'ui)lic, r ire au-l lain Tu'uruucc Agmnl, )' '- -'
moutli. Nctm.-lia. '; -
x si I Bi TiTi ti Ij ri r r,
ATTOltXKr AT LAW n.l Solicitor in '-"
eery. 1'lattmuouth, Nebraska.
II. maiwki.i,. ham.
ATTORXKYS AT LAW tc.J s.l i t"
Chaneerj'. I'UtUmouth. .N'5!jr.i--ka. oJr-
White A BuUcry lrg sitore.
J. ,. if i hi;.
Oenrral Life. AerMent. 1'irf. In!. in i
ln.ur;inie Aircnt. Will take ri-'h-n' T -l
nble r:it in the nn,f t'"H r';'" :
Uuiti:.i S!.,r,.j. I iiiice . i-i'Oilc tl.e ' ' '"' ,
la'.tiu.Pttt'i. Sen . '' "
Ci.S. y.-rJITII!
AOorriey rt I, aw. iok! i,-n- :1 1'" !' ;
All lei'jil lui. iiie.i.'.
eeivc imnii i utid :i p oi 1 al O n! 11
d'M-r mwt ofthe l'.ixok ll-me. I- "', '. I
stair?- in irl-I-. j
'I-AKKN I V-Hv tin-.-ill.-
Ii :ry
4.' j eil'". ...i-i I, v c-i ot i'i.e:- '
t!.el t r.t !' i!:!er ; ;. i.n ' ' :;
rears A I. t t . 1 Li :i I :in. rl - .
' if
j n ltir?o hi il i h--r nr . br.u.'i- ' A!" :.t .nun. rl . e : ii'l
I I.'1?-.
r.iu heifer. n-onl 2 c 1
elt ejir.nni:! n.i e ronrnl li.-r li-"i
ni.l,. Juslll
1, 1.17 Hot.
a o
Estray M:iice.
1 11
r M ;n i.,. .i.i i.a. I -i-! d
year oll .M.rc. siile to t ik- il''
p, M. at !c- ri-i'lenee of 1 . V . 1
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