Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 24, 1870, Image 4

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    LOCAL 3sTbLS W S- I
I. A H. K. K. K
Ja Udra tCo-t JIid7. Jannarr 3d. lSI
utivL trrAT.
V'l -Tnrce. s-i a. m. p. m.
S:JO P. m-
7:i5 a.
cou. AsajT.j !
R. T.. H..nih. el. Jo 4 t. Loiii. 12 m. 10 a m. j
K. Ka-H. B. A M. 4 p. 1 a m.
Li cyln via AiLlar.d. ax. ipzn.
l.ineo!n ri Weepir Watr. 8 am. t P m.
tmaha by Stae. Ij a in. 1 p m.
ii rbfka CUJ. by S'ae a , ' m- S P m.
D part. MoD-lar. W ednJy tid Fri.lay.
t IUpan, TueKlar. IhoriJUyj. aud satur-
hoar,, from AtL p. M.
ca i'a.iriiv 2i?"
CaH on that popular railroad official,
John D Sircpron, for yonr tickers to
iny point to the Union, reacted by rail
roa la.
Jamea llond and Cieorge Jones, arretjt
J yesterday for larceny, on complaint of
John A. Cubel, aaid brought before Judge
Chi'.J for trial, were di?chared for
wautofeufF.cient eridence.
llerari ?heUon i Bayley of the Fae
Wryviile Mills and Store advertise aouie
cew features in the conduct of their
businew that will interest the fanuere.
They aUo want 10, 000 Bushel cf Wheat
and 20,000 bushels of Corn.
Peter Clino arrested for the bursary
the niht of the 16th had hisexam
inatioa befor his ITonor Judge Child,
and was bound orer to appear at the
Pitrict Court for triaL Not finding bail,
ShorilF Johnson hnmanely took pity on
Liin, and he inclined toward the jail,
where he'll have time to reflect on the
ieauties of the poem "meet u by
moonlight a!one."
We learn from the Fremont Tribune
th.U Mr. JaniM Bole met with a treak
!" bad lack in Platte river, on Wednes
day night, Oth insL, while attempting to
vro-i on the ice. Ilii wagon, containing
produce and hiuehold fnniture to th?
amount of abont $150, broke throngh
the id, and was a total lov. The hor
ses were with difficulty detached and
raved leaving Mr. Bole to puffer a !os
of S2oX Thursday, the Frontier Hook
& Lvll.T C-jmpany visit;i t!ii river and
u?ed hooks and pikes in trying to discover
the loet wagon, but could find nothing.
The 'preMlent" making regular
tripi with the transfer barge and croKs
iannene quantifies of construction mate
ria! tor the B. M. & R. R. R.
Dr. Latham, s'urgi-on to the U. P. R.
R., at Cheyenne, tivea th croakers of
Kan-as ar.l Missouri a socLJolasrer on
their mean habit of accu-iing the I". P.
Railway of being through u hyperborean
region, impeded Ly faaswi and delayed
by atorms.
Th B. & M. R. R. R. Barge is again j
an-ia:,-having be-m remodeled o m to
trjtnaf,r passenger coachei, and to-day
ehewa? loaded at one trip with the new
an 1 s len Jid passenger locomotive "Ash
land," at ano'-her with the locomotive
"Grafton " Th- B. & M. Company i
pushing their road west faster than any
other. Pas enger cars are to be brought
OTer to-diy or to-morrow.
Toward the ciose of the day, a promi
nent pair of c'tizens amused the idlor-i
on Main street by rushing their individ
ual crow-baits in true 2:40 style, between
Fox's crossing and the railroad. We
felt very much like quoting the fable of
the "boys and the frogs," as we hw the
poor equines tweating ut amusement
for thtir owners.
Capt. J. S. Mansou called to-day.
- - uim 'i Mjrzrt.T, j
Manson A Co., Commission merchant.
St. Loui-y Lj here looking after
business matters, snd the "O" line of
ptcamers, of which h is President. He
i much pleased with tha progress of
Plattsmouth, and expec's it to become an
imiKjrtont point on theriTer.
Mr. C W Lyman, of the firm of Bige
low, Bro.'a A Co., manufacturers an 1
dealers in lumber at Chicago, called this
af.crrjoon. Mr. I informs us that the
firm has .bought out Messrs. Simpson,
MiekrlwAit A Co. of this place, and in ten
days hence will have a full supply of all
descriptions of lumber, lath and shiu
Ies, Ac. at tic old stand on Main street,
for sale. Parties desiring cheap bar
gains from first hands, will make a note
of this.
Prom fcttfy.
We are under obligations to the gen
tlemanly officers of the steamer "Presi
dent for tra i, faring our pap r in time
for publication. Fo.- so.n? reavm or oth?r
a great many pa-kag nre- unnecessarily
delay .3 1 on tlu oth.Tsid-j of the river,
eau-ing much dissatisfaction among bus.
inoss men. But we ara assured that
hereafter the Railroa I Transfer Company
will in.ure prompt delivery of every
thing entrusted to their charge.
We have received a pamphlet entitled
"Nebraska, its resource--, prospects and
advantage for Immigration. Ac," pub
lished byGcorg'.'S. Alexander, Commis
sioner cf Immigration. It is to be re
gretted that the work was not more
elaborate, bu even short an 1 condensed
as it is, it will afford a vast amount of
information to parties seeking homes in
the west. Any one desiring a copy can
addrcss Mr. Alexander, tha Commis
sioner, at Nebraska City, who will take
pleasure in forwarding the pamphlet.
The usual array ef be-w:u,'jl engrav
ings appears in the March number of
arch number or
In fact. Godey
ie ste! plate.
Goder.s Ladvs' Book.
nnver rctrotradea. The
ffv-roorvDhife. and colored pave of fancy
work arc superb specimen" of the art of
nirraving and coloring. There is also a
lih selection of extra fa-hiori cut", par
ticularly for children' dresses nnd any
feciount of fancy woik for the ladies. A
"-....TT trno.l enaTavinz repra-ntipe
March day :p n-on- -- "
d-awiriT ind a hand-rje de-tpn ior g ;
Mie t to raalo this ta icdi-pa-
Un'h dar it also pi'-on. Ism) in !
Wo nro glad lo learn taut work is to j
! le rc-um-d on the profit railroad bridge i
... n, Tl,.. n l I T? I T X- i
(' P P and tin V ' W It R h-tl the-:
r-r.ritrn,.tmr. nnrlrvr v;.iii.Mif (nr a,m
I cfiriMruction unaer adi.-eui(.ut lor some-
time i-ast, but not afrTfinp, the V. I. R.
It rlnnv 1. 1 j -t.Kl...l t ,i.h tb
I , . . - . ,r
I work to completion without the aid of
i - " 1 r ' .v f -
those roads and workmen and the neee--sary
machinery are daily exectcd at
I Onutha to build their bridsre. We con-
gratulate Oaiaba, and hope e may get
th? rewards of her untirin2 energy.
I it. 7..J..,.1. Ti:r..
Mo-r. Vallerys .S; Ruffuer m.vivod
two car loads of agriiikural implem. nts
vtterday. and oxp. i lots more. 1
Iea.n. D. II. Wh.tlfr and KlUrt T. j
D.ike rc-tu.rb.--J to-day fam the East,
where they have Ik en making larg pur- j
chxeos in the hardware and stove lino.
Our readers will make a note of the
fct that the time of .le for four or the
notices of "SherilFs Sale," published
last week, is changed to March 1S70.
Mr. M. Tan Eick, formerly of Fort
cott, Kansas, intends opening a hard-
ware and agricultural implement ware
house in Oyger's building, on Main
Our enterprising and wide-awake
friend, Mr. O. II. Mathews, of the. AK
Innd Tim?, was in town to-day. Mr.
M. is here on business connected with
til? journal, and reports everything lively
and business rapidly increasing at that
favorite city Ashland.
The Macoy Reception la?t night was
a grand success. The ladies were uni
versally charming, the gentlemen gal
lant. the music literally put quicksilver
in fantastic toes, the singing was su
perb, and the supper wa nimptuous
beyond description.
Mr. Curran, proprietor of the "Ex
change Saloon" informs us thst the fra- i
cas between Schutt and Green, reported
in proceedings of ''Recorder's Court,"
J!'l not occur at his saloon. Xo disturb
ances have occurred there. We make
this acknowledgement in justice to Mr.
Curran, who keeps a very orderly hou?e.
Tanglefoot is holding high revel, and
one can scarcely walk through the busi
ness part of Main street without seeing
a -ictini '"bearing to windwird" and
i.oi ery close hauled at that. Such jol
!i!ier generally take a pilut aboard, in
the shape of a policeman, and are always
safely run into harW at the calaboo-.
Coi. n. w. p eck, one of the most
gentlemanly and eSk-ient engineers of
the B. k M. Company in Xebra.-ka; ar
rived in the city to-day, from his home in
Iowa, where he was called so suddenly,
a short time Mnce. on account of sickness
in his family. AH who know the Col.
will sympathise with him in the sad Io-s
of his youngest son. We are glad t
loam that he left his family well. He
leave the city this evening to resume his
duti.s on the railroad.
Th Court haa decided that the Bible
nlfc!l not be excluded from public schools
in Ohio. On? Judge dissented. This
question ahould be met with the utmost
forbearance bv all r,artic.' a-i it will un-
doubtedlv rp.ioh fllf Simn.ll". fVnrf in.1 !
- - "t m "" v-"-' v, J.
w. Tf meiv uiscusscu in tins country. e 1
rv-.i- i. it:i.r - .. " i
of Christian civilization and hope the
dee! ion mav be sustained.
m itb or nrr. i
lliat's the cry. e hearseriousadnio-
n tton fiou: various sources urgne the !
b wlding of nioi-e homes, anl we second I
the ca'l for more houe room. reshly
arrived partic arc thronginz the real es-
tat. ojice.s in town inquinng for tempo
0a ,i .i ...
rar quarters wherein to place their tarn-
v,rz . ... i -ii . , ,
Hies. U j uiust liii'.ld. or we wnl force
.!iLTiri-ing uiou to go oaft or tart her on
i ... i, , ,.., .t . i ;
jit.ii who to stop here cannot Jo it
now for want of moiii. Build ! build ! ! j
'1 i.l.l. t
bu.Id! !! If you put this matter off it I
ip.t. I,n-,t ..
ua ourst jou.
r !.t Tnii.-
.... . ... . j
ome excited individual, repre.-enting j
' death on a pa'e hor-e." rushed furio'isly
down Main street, scared a pair of mule ,
which rushed down the r-treet, endan ;
cerin? the lives of i, rrht. ' !
ened a lot of other stock, and'alarmed 1
pjaeeauie porambulators generally. j
v hy ion t the imhee arrest violators of
the orJinance agaiu-t fast driving or
must a follow get drunk to merit a night
iu tho calaboose?
1 v a
liuprovr (Ii4 0x-
Give u'? more sidewalks, more cros-
MI.TS- 9'l an ibwi.t V... 1 1 I
--r,-, -- .i. v.viai. ui i'il'jt iei. I
.1 ,. , .
,i..fc-..7 11- I 1 i l clULC Lii.? Ifll rMir.Sf Ji 1
C1ty is making in iwpuhtion and business,
How longsfa.i-1 weenJure the preerjtd:s- I
gr-cfid state of affair.,? Kverv fH,J
, , i
arrival here expresses snrpriM; that, with
all the work going on through private !
J BCKircc". the iimch needed imirovcii;ents
we mention are left unton.-hed by the
i j i .a I
authorise. Let us all wake up an 1 stir
things to some purpose. We cannot
win by being idle. We must move for
ward or be beaten in the race.
A match game of billiard.-, came off at ' s t.uiiard Had last Mitunlay J
evemng o ) points up. ?itx stake. -
lom.mon beat .Jarvis do jwints. the
. .. ... . i
game was very clo'.c, neither party ol- j
la.niiis a run oi over o points,
many mioses being made, whether inten- j
tiona'ly or not, our reporter did not in
form ns. Tho scores were so poor that
we do not publish them.
We sninj4eiled upon some impro-
rirli-ti.s; Jn vPstonl it's .;vti an l rl.Ia n
t , , - .
h- the irdignat on of
Vrtes who thought, pa-lups, that 1
' . - .
tliej' were'aggrieve-I- Go in gem1eiaen ! !
We (inn't nrr.i.o. tn mm lri n'o'a. 1
wviiiwa rfc T,.,i,e Jaw.1
-r-i ,
speaK oi wrongs it you stop my paper
from now till doomsday. Tlie pooplc
sustain out -snolcen ranrlor. and v wmM
nPt Rurpii;fid to have om subription
. 1- t . .
fc-uca-t.I ly asaH iuo tryic? to :n-
of keepinir iiace with the a.lr9 tt,rtU'io of. .Valley. Splendid
Mr. Jonathan Ad uus is going to iin- i
t art Onif .liM-;l, ia SlOCK. .-ill) un:-
1 i i . i .. . -.-.....
desiring information in reference to the
. . .L-- .t
method OI Ohtainilllg SIOCK. OI lllis euar-
. " . ,
after can commuiiicire mm .ur. .w, ,
at thu rla.-e, who will cheerfully reply,
- i
" t
depkatity. ;
.-w i a w x or.. k.. -fi i
On last habbath reb. 20th. a oo.istiy
exhibition was iermitted t take place.
wherein two gentlemen of color proba-
.f , r ,
h'v overjoyed at the ratucation ot the
V. , . , ... ii :. J
. "lMfteenth Amendment roceeled,
; . . r.-.. , . r1 n.i.A tivrk r r T 1 1 ri nun- .
humaJ bcin? ' to pumtuei eacn
ther nwlertlio rules of the 1. R.
Such reprehensible scenes fhould not
be tolerated by tho city authorities.--
Whether they winked at it or not we do
not know, but we thii'.k and believe that
two hundred men could not congregate
here, without their knowledge ; and it
l,i i i- . r i .i i
W knew the object of Mich a gathering
it wa their pwora duty to prevent the j
disgraceful scene which occurred.
There was considerable fluttering in
the n orc circles of Omaha radi-
calism yesterday, to know the name of
the fortunate man
whom the Jlemul
will finally support for the Thayer suc
cession to the United States Senate.
Omsha Ilrrtihl.
We just think that "my son Ieorge"
wiH have about as much to do with this
little matter as the celebrated Pennsyl- t
vania bull calf had in arresting the rail j coriior discharged the prisoner, and en
road train. There will be a radical j torC(i j, jjg,uct against the prosecu
whistlc to clear the track, and all that tor f,r tj,c "costls amounting to some
will be left of the great disciple of Geo. j r,; and then informed the oamWna
F:ancis Train, will be an impecunious
cloud of repudiated scrip.
The State Commissioners went out, on
the morning train to-day, and examined
and received the second ten miles cf the
B. & M. R. R. R. in Nebraska. They
j report this last section fuUy equal to the
first ten, and that the law has been fully
complied with by the Railroad Company.
Who will be next to ask for the secuiJ
ten miles? Let our energetic friends,
north and south, relax no effort. Keep
the construction of every road in Ne
braska uicvmg, and demonstrate to east
ern capital that right here, in this young
State, is a field for enterprise that will
remunerate them better than anything
they can invent in elsewhere. We desire
to see roads pushing westward from ail
available joints. Omaha has done nobly,
but she must not rest now she must
"push things" Nebraska City is surely
able to drive her road ahead, and we
hope the will not forget the Trunk road,
either. Rulo. too, must put her level
best at work, and go in with all her
might. Let these towns look at ''Fre
mont' and take heart to grapple with any
dirnculties. They will find that united
energy will overcome all obstacles. We
wish every railroad enterprise in the State
The Omaha Republican and Omaha
Hn-uhl c f the 17th publish respectively
th? first "Tipton's speech on the admis
sion of Mississippi." the latter "Tip
ton's Vindication. &c, Ac. Ac." iVe
live in rpicer times. Tlie leading radical
paper in Nebraska gives its numerous
readers the opinion of one of ks radical
i Senators on Mississippi, jut as it did
thoe of the ether Senator on Virginia.
j ine leaning i-'emocraiic organ oi inc
rr l..l-.T .1 .
publishes a printed circular
letter from Senator Tipton, which
it trumjot forth with sensational
headincs. jut ns if the editor of
the Omaha Herald had only the mo-
I nient before unclasped liis snaky anus
i from around the form ,f thc'eentleman
Nebraska," Now, we protest
licainst Miller's filling in love with Sena-
j tor 1 ipton. vv e know Monitor Tipton
, t , ,. , , , 1
to be a staunch ra heal, and lest some of
.. . , , . P . ,
his constituent should infer that there
,, . . , . , ,
u: eiijMiuu xiiu ani uie
.- , riTY -1.1 n 1 f
mana jenua, we rem ma mem oi me
, , , . '
f1 .f t,1C tW.,?C,,t,Uen: Jurt t0 j
, JU i'"""" -
toi'nd, and to expose the tnckervol the
' ... . ' - , , j
I prcM-lmr retains of "the leading organ i
pound, anl to expose tne tnckervol the
' y . 1 - I
t ,
of Domocracv" in Nebraska.
ItIIO.M)K r on II A HE
I'l HM AN.
Plattsmhith, Feb. 21, 1870
Editor Hefip.ucas :
J ur town w lively We begin to iui-
f. j. R.h running a regular train" to
Lincoln every (lav. at 10 o clock a. m.;
that is, they run box cars twenty miles,
and then mud wagons belonging to the
Western Stage Company carry you on a
jolt the balance of the way, rattle his bones
over the stone.- Ac Last Saturday there
was a bitr match came of billiards tdaved
; at the Billiard Hall in our city foi a string
-. ' . I . . . . .. . 1 A . . . - 1 I
i;iuj3v; ui:j .4 eoii'iiiwoou
.u . .: r u- j .u
.......v., vv v....,ivT i.iiu- i
p.adeaud at the end of the iif h hour the
gtC was declared a draw, (it was .V
Ijntj) nd all the spt-tatore had left
and the marker had gunc to Moc-p.
VsterJay w;is spent by many kindly
disjiosed perMrw by getting up a prize
between two otour recently enf'.an-
cuised eolord lrethien. At the third
roraid big Fifteenth Amendment com
menced to butt a I t ram, and foul was
claimed by referee for licht weight and he
was declared victer. Who gft the stakes
I d nt kn-aw. but will give full prtieu
lars in my ixt. VtctTO.
The alivc elegant cpitle is written bv
wane fellow who desires to poke fun at
the B. A M. R
R., to ridkruie Clai k'
HalL injure our hotels by driving trav-
tiers. away from the route, and show how
much th3 writer enjoyed the disgusting
ex . bit u we siKike
of latelv. A"e
rather Is licvc
writer knows !
more about the stakesthan he professes,
and he should immediately make him
self known, as the citizens of Platts
mouth, no doubt, feel anxious to reward
his efforts in their behalf.
. , 1 1 1
.iciunrai J.'aiiigreen ami .nr.
arc organizing an ar.U-
associatioti in i asMiii-
ton, and are alrady hoi ling meetings to
show that wosucu outfit not to t.ko part
jn public affairs! One of iheir fcumber
,e c ,neir fcuuiocr j
ate comuutte, and
ieat" to urrt-e that
h, addres-ed the ie
"made a tuaf areuiet" to pr-ve that
she ought to stay at Lome and mind the
cookery! Now let thcisi make arrange-
mcVw-l 110 tt,n e!t?" ot w
t decide whether it is proper for
to tote. a-I their nnkj-i mis.-.-ion w
menus to hold an election of the women
for then:
lii be
Feb. 2I.-A sorting pent who came j
... .ij -.ifir Uiiino i"iit nr Ten ii.-tv-a. afo. i
wiv.., . ,
was arreted by Marshal Murphy last
ot-ni-t nii.fn,rht nn.-l -niTl iul in
- ,
.,.:i .,.,,:
. ... , . .....
he was taken before Lecorder ills for .
- t i j - i
examination, on inc cnargc oi oiaminir
, . ..1 tv-
money unuer W.?k pretence. lns i
- xi tv r I
charge was preferred by W. W. Erwin,
V. S. (.'oniuiwsioner. The examination
, ,: v. i tl
develops the fact that the (sporting tra-
. , e r . ei
teruity are in the habit of frequenting a K'
, ,-
1 ' '
with cards, and that last night the pris- I
ner and others were playing ' poker. :
and some one (it does not appear who at
the examination) shoved more chips on
the game than the banker had issued.
Mr. Erwin testified that he was banker,
and that he only Issued $J0 in chips, five
, , . . . .. I .
aecmea in cnips ior me prisoner,
more chips out than he had money to re
deem. He therefore refused to take in
any more chips. The prisoner at the
time was noi est, consequently he was
supposed to be the chap who shoved in
the chips. After some consultation,
they, (the banker and those who had
chips which were not redeemed for want
of funds,) concluded to go for absentee
and resorted to the extraordinary process
(for gamblers) of information and trial.
After hearine all the evidence, the Re-
fraternity that they would have to go
elsewhere for redress, when some one
has been smart enough to get away with
a little more money than the' intended
he should.
E. II. Schutt and P. M. Green had a
"set to" at the Exchange Saloon this p.
ra. Green was slightly skinned in the
melee, but came out with flying colors
before Recorder Wells, leaving his bellicose-antagonist
to pay $1 fine and $G
costs, so he got "shut" of that part of
the amusement.
Feb. 22. .John Boyle, arrested last
night and confined iu jail until this morn
ing, and brought before Recorder Wells,
plead guilty to the charge of drunken
ness, was fined $1 and cost". In default
of payment or security was committed
to jail until paid.
James Douglas, arrested on a charge
of drunkenness, confined in jail over
night, and being brought le fore the Re-
corder. plead guilty, and was fined $1
and costs. He was discharged on giving
security for payment.
Timothy Donovan lodged in jail over
night on a charge of drunkenness, was
brought before the Recorder this morn
ing, plead guilty, and paid $1 fine and
costs, and was discharged.
Feb'y 2;rd. Timothy McFarland and
another man were arrested last night
and confined in jail until this morning,
when they were brought before the Re
corder, and plead guilty to the charge of
druukenness. They were fined 1 and
costs each, in default of payment, were
sent hack to j:;il to work it out on the
Editoh Hkrali. I have no dc-iretu
prolong the discussion of I he Arnold
case, but as you adi me for a reply to cer
tain interrogations. I must reply p.s briefly
as may be. ami then have the matter drop.
You ask is it law or is it practice to make
certain com pbiuts, I an-wcr that the
law requires of me to make oath that 1
"have just and reasonable ground to .ins
pect and believe. " Such is the exact lan
guage of the law. Every paper that is
issued from the U. S. Commissioners
Court, including complaint, warrant Ac,
. .
i spe
are nmttcrs of record in the U. S. Dis
trict Court, and as such are open for in
fection- The arrest of Arnold was up-
, . , , , - .,
. n ,.l,t tl, ... tn w 1 1- . i t nil If. i
V" iwuil'itijiii in. iv l VM.i., ..i. v.a,iw
, , . , -., . . c .
business of a buteher without hav;'ig hrst
paid special U. S. Tax. The fact, were
t!iat Mr. Arnold. 'had butchered a beef
, , , ,
and sold it, and
, . ,
, ,
and sold it, and upon examination it was
louuu mat news
was not earning on the
business of a butch . r as a buincsx and
therefore he was not guilty of violation
of the letter of the law. hence a noii
which I have a right tc enter . in certain
cx-es. it tne law cioes not sun an, oruy
aIi 0f Congress ean change it. I have
enquired ofj the Commissioner, and find
that you hare never tried to sec the pa
pers in the Arnold case, if you had you
had, you would, I think, have been sa
tisfied. They are open for j our inspec
tion at any time. Mr. Arnold had
right to enquire who informed on him
and I had a right to refuse to inform him,
;.iii -v.. 1
but he had no neht to denniml it, any
more than one could demand informa.
tion from a Gnaid Juror. I ho this
will end this discussion, aud I can only
say th-it so far as I am concerned, I hare
only donrt my duty and I shiill continue
to do so as long a I" am able.
Yours respectfully,
II. Van Arman.
Assistant U. S. Atty lor Neb,
We fail to sec how Mr. Van Annan's
explanation exculpates him. His state-
uteiA amounts to just this, that, he had
a xusptcton that Mr. Arnold was violat-
iiur the revenue Is w. and that in -.:c!i i
cases the law aut Prizes him to file an
tnforraatifiU against tbi party suspected
He does not pretend that he trad any
jurwjnal krr.jw!edge, nothing but mera
He hearsay, prosupted no doubt bi-
malice. Upou such evidence as thu.
svi far as we can see his statement,
he makes oath that he iff reason to be
lieve that a certain party hs violated the
law. Judging from the ca-ies that have
coine before the U. 3. Commission ?r.s
Court, of this county, so far as we can
learn, it does not require very much evi
enceor suspicion to induce the gen Io
nian to make the oath. As to the gen
tleman's right to enter a noVe iu . a . . pre
mn&T7 examination we do not propose :
.J , ..r , . l . !
ban,1y wrd.t. c underhand the ;
tsnn to apply to the withdrawal of a and returned to her landing 0:1 tkb . j p.und cat, whica coauin that quantity of
regularly instituted procjeeding, under : f,1'-Jj- fi''nLe wioQ tran.-forre ; pwder by actnai net weight, while the mjority
a .,A;tT,f fin nroKimnnrvPTini' -! n0 c'"rs' 11v-I--i to thj neee-sity of tak- 1 of Biking P-iw iers aaTered. an siiort fron oao
inaictmeHt. jn a preliminary exami- i - y n -,. j i . . . . . . ...
. . i inz up tne run awa, ana iii.;n'i al- euttth to one-calf of what is renresontol. Ak
iation ff the prosecution has no pronj ;
!bowelltoen.purewhopaysthe cwrfj in
theA. are lhcy taxed upon the
T". i.i m.,1 ia triia a crf(iTi i
i,,,,.,,. '- - - -
hereby parties who appear to Lave but .
1:1. . rt n.1..-,tir t.- inilo A
jiu wv v 1
. 6r..
0f the ieoplc ot this county, is tliat tlic
i . ...
L'nitca Bia'.es jouix oi a-- couuiy, as ai ;
, . , . .
present conducted, u a nkwhc
Louis and Omaha hiM;nt the Sab-
bath in the city, and yestoruaycoinpietcu
bis arranirement-: for office, agency, Ac ,
for the present season. Mr. C. C. Sturt
evatit, tor many years a Captain en the
Mississippi, and for the past two years
connected with the Daily Union, has
been appointed agent of the line in this
city. Mr. Sturtevaut's familiarly with
the busiBss goucra! acquaintance and
acknw!e4gd li ioesa opacity, well
qualifiain for the position.
It ia prCbable that the office will be lo
cated al B!ley"A Wightman's warehouse.
Pro-ositions for the construction of a
new building" have been made, but have
not as vet been accepted, and probably
will not be. The "O" line, upon there;
sumption of navigation on the Missouri
will enter their tudewheel boats in linecon
dition, and upon regular days. Nine
boats are already advertised, most of
which are old favorites, commanded by
the same officers who gave to the line its
iMMiiilarity last year. Thev will make
' ' I 1.- ... f -1 ' Ml 1
tn-weea.y mps, wire w,u v:, ot.
IjO'us and three return each week.
This line has done much toward the de-
velopment of Missouri river trade, and
I, -x -. a W. t.. .in. ht! 1 1 f!rw V -tra-t oil
wc Iiupc mis airu-'Mjij win uj iui nuui
they do-ire. Capt. J. II. Weaver, Presi
dent, arid Mr. Joseph McEntire Seen;-
tarv and General Agent, will continue as
jast jear io aeeommoutie Miijipeis.
t year to accommodate snippers. m
Mr. J. J. Sylvester will be the special
ight asrent of the line th s season.
: i.:
From the Waahingtou correspondence
of the Ottumwa Courier wc clip the fol-
We publish from the St. Jo. Union in mid winter, crowing two high moun- tg(&Zx' yVXZZ i
te following item of news for our read- ran.-, ami oU: iour 9 ,,. u ,8 ce ,.er j,,,,,,, w . v,r pet. u ,,rr. m..i,m rr u. n.e i ,.,:r : r
jthetrannt. Three cheers for the L nton jn.25. lt.O. 'L toraii Lii wh.h n.ey mro r.. ,.,
Capt. J. B. Weaver President of the padfic' railroads. (And a "tiser" for I of Una -3j."iwr 1-ut.smouth well ( rv'r-i'"-!. tL.Ur-. r
V linn of sfainprs. nlvimr between I It - M I? II V.n If t-rafnr-ril I iniDroved with hrubbery. small lruit.outhou , u..ui...b.m.i.jM,aM'!.l.
lowing, relative to II. II. Heath, the j age nts for the Star and Schuttler Wag
renegade Republican, who tried to de- j ongs, the best in mirktt.
moralize Nebraska, in theshort shrift we i "
gave him hereabouts : j Vallery s & Ruffner have just received
The most inexplicable appointment sample machines of the Improved Rock
made here lately, is that of Gen. H. H. ford Broadcast Seeder and Cultivator.
Heath, to be Marsha! of New Mexico. vcn. iUiriroved for the vear 1S70.
Heath wdl be reeoHected as Captain 1st ; anJ ciamIne h d
Iowa Infantry, aHd later Major A.e., .th J .
Cavalrj-. He was made Brevet, Briga-1 orders.
dier and Major General through the I "
combined influences of the late A. John- allerys A Ruffner have just received
son, Jim Lane and another party, simply
because ot his being in lad odor with his
own command, and now expects that the
mvsterious influences of an irresistible
lobby will confirm him in spite of the
ptfwri! ilwiMint ntrtaind tor him.
Tlc went to "New Mexico as A. J's. Sec
I rotary of that Territory, but like "all new
converts on the anxious seat for plunder,
out Herod s Herod in his radicalism now,
The strangest and most popular man J
in the cabinet is Belknap, which isn't a I
; matter of wonderment to those who
knew him welL His beautiful and ac
complished wife gives her first general
retention of the season on Saturday
night, the 12th inst. The new Secretary
lives in a historic house, on the east side
of Lafayette Square, where Philip Bar
tou Key was carried to expire after re
ceiving that fatal shot from Dau'l E.
Sickles, and where later, Secretary Sew
ard and his son Fred, came so near being
victims to the infuriated wrath of that
democratic emissary Payne.
From the Nebraska City Chronicle:
The stable of Mr. Rochford, in Kear-
nov. was entered some time in the night. '
Saturday night, and a horse iu the stable
-loiigiiig to M r. CoiTall was stolen.
-- .-a
The direction the thuf took after the ; parties purchasing Real Estate should
crime is not certainly known, and up to j w.e tht thev aregetting a gitml title, to
tliia time nothing hxsbecn heard of tin. 1 j tC property they buy. Owners of Real
orTiOfsc. . Estate ty getting an Abstract may be
The residence of Judge Mason caueht aide to correct any defects that exist,
fire yesterday morning, but was exfin- and thus save themselves expensive lit i
guished without any sinious damage. j gation, and, perhaps, the loss of their
The editor and proprietor of the Mrn- I property An Abstract of Title costs you
huj Chroi le arrived from the East yes- j b,It tnfle, and jua vve you your home.
tcrday, and will hereafter le at his pot,
to iwv his resiects to boixl thieves and
all iiinnies who engage in their defence
for a trifling consideration. Being re
sponsible in every way for our conduct,
we trust even the scoundrel who will sell
himself for a small sum will not attack
any employee of this office, hut for our
selves we a-k no quarter and shall extend
noiic. Stand up gentlemen, and keep
your flag floating, if yon can.
Pro::i the Platte Valley Independent.
We are pleased to note that our citi
zens have already begun to ornament and
enhance the value of their propcrity by
p'anting trcs. We hope they will
continue in this work. No better op
portunity can be offered, than the beau
tiful weather of the past three weeks
The earlier trees are planted the better
thev will do. Do not be afraid of gutting j
too many, it is a very easy matter to cut
li.-.iii d.iwn if thev iet too numerous.
However, wc think, there is no danger of tv..
Fnua the XctawlU Kuterwaa.
The time, if not the distance between
Lincoln and Chicago is greatly AartJ-neJ
by the extension ot the J. Ji M. JS. J.
I' '11, VVVaiPrn
Stage Company, anxious to meet the
requirements of the traveling public, have
am.ii.ii.iuhI v-ts rt rs FAtrittai 1nil lllirt
LiJIi'UlWIiCM I UIJIliU. ffc s.. i. s.i. xauay
of four-horse co:uhe iK-ttreon Liiciii.
atl'i JAUisi.iC ciaiivn, up; ar
ramus ot the railroad. 1 lie coacnes
leave this place at ti o c.oek a m., and ;
reach the Station at 3 p. UI. i aengers .
there take the train, and at JS a. in. the
, l i; . j . .
next UlOl-Uing reach lSurlingtOn, and at:
4 p. ui. of i lie saui day are landed in
Chicago. This is making riuiek time,
and tlmse whose bn.-in- ss necessities
require an economy of time will be glad j
to avail themselves of the new arrange-
e direct attention to the
handsome and extensive nosters of tlu-
Wesf..rn Sta-P t'omuani-. which l,av,
bet:n printed at tins olhee uuring the
week, and generally circulated through
the town.
We learn that Co!. Tichenor i now
nudiiiiff tlie onstruction of his new
hotel ahead with all possible dispatch,
the foundation waus l.teuig nearly comple
ted and the contractor. for the carpenter
woik being buy, and that by the first day
.... w..
of May next the structure will be com-
r i v , r- i.
ai.iu me .,riuHU,, '
A man was in uie city ro-oay wun a ioc
Of mapiS sugsr lur ?aie. w inch was luaUc
this ceasori, ia the little lilue settle
meuL. It was nice.
Fcuu tSie Omaha Reppublican.
On he seetind day of the wind storm
tlie ste mer M un-'on let loose her lines
ad swung out, with wtcam up, making
for the loiva hore, the wind bearing
doan heavily against her. As she
Beared tie landing the wind forced her
against tie piling, asd they were car
ried awav ith a crash, and the vessel
! drilled against .e jce
..1 . 1 T- XT' 1 1 . J
"ilV iu?ii4 h, Tnvi I the wind
she retuamea Iielph ss .tiUI the wind
abated. 1 he next dy she was got off
,era::or.s to the landing cn the Iowa
A car load (:X,OoO lbs) of -salmon ar-
Jh inst. and is billed
tO "J. 1 . iOUUl, JVQ., VI'I"- AM
. i i, -it : Tl
charges are:
IVntnl --li
Tiicine t'! t
i V-.mi
. . v
n:ruh n.aou oo
x he car lot t Here vetstonlav monmi?
-,-.. ,. n . i i
n lilt i. J. A A. Ill L-rt-.-K. ' ,
Good dwelling house for rent. Ap
ply to Maxwell A Chapman.
Pay liighea market price f.r Oats. Corn
and No. 1 Wheat.
Jan. IdAwtf
P. Braitsch. Practical Watch Maker
and Jeweler, has removed from his old
stand, in Stadelmann's bnildint-. to one
door west of Murphy's Hotel Building, j
with P. Hart, Maiu street, Plattsuiouth. !
eoraika. dAwtf
Go to Vallerys A Ruffner and buy your
Groceries. Tliey buy for cash and will
not be undersold.
A y j f Count pr0(lu( tcn
. ; ' .
tn exchange for goods at allerys A
Tbc Laat C'nll.
All persons knowing themselves in-
debted to us by note or account re re-
! . ...
qait0t to cau and ttle immediatelv.
j . p.,v"
If 3-ou are in want of a good Wagon
j go to Vallerys A Ruffner. They are
j a new supply of Boots and Shoes, which
they are selling very low.
j '
1 ,n,J t'Cst
Grover A Baker's Sewing Machine is
in market. Vallerys A Ruff
ner are agents. J hose in want of a good
Machine will find it to their advantage
to give them a call.
All persons indebted to us can pay the
I .anna in inrn it. fa n SC 1 n- b . . t
lmu.v ... , v. , v..n . . . a it ill...) m. .
the highest market rates.
Doom, Bro. A Co.
Plattsuiouth, Jan. 4, 1&70. dwtf
Correet Tonr THIem Wei m Ortlfle!
Having completed an Abstract of
Titles, including Deeds, Mortgages, Tax
Deeds, Decrees of the District and Pro
bate Courts, we arc now prepared to
furnish a correct abstract of transfers
affecting the Titles of Real Estate (Land
or Lots) in Cass County, Nebraska.
A Correct Abstract in manv cases can-
j not ! had from tl
ic Records, ami cau
a ju-a. vi.v. A.v.lVJ..,
0 Jv be had from our Abstracts. All
D. H. Wheeler A Co.,
Plattsmouth Neb.
Not. 25 ISW. dAwSm.
Trje Rnllroad Here!
Thraugh Line East Prices Redaced-
Doom, Bro. A Co. are celling lower
than ever :
......... ...
9 to 122c
14 to ISc
1 8 to 2fM:
30 to
Best Kip Boots, $4 o0 to 6 uO
Best Calf Boots, 6 00 to X 00
An l everything in proportion.
Call at Doom, Bro. A Co. .
j 0free
I ..
.from 2 to 30c
: J.
! Mousses $1 to 1 .5
j At DOOM, BllO. A Co.'.S.
j Remember Doom, Bro. A Co. have
rtrd,icc.j the price of every thine,
TiUim itri4 t. : .l.',.i,
. I'l"m' U-. ,V- "the cheapest
house west of the Missouri river.
' Un .li wtl
tl.L ...
1 flf Pi's
! mMRmUmW
j r,.iirn.,vli rtf . R .i..r.. r r..k .?
Em ;ly i'oiskl. aged 17 years.
15th in((t. jr,H c. A- BceJ ,, Temni
1 noinlh and 3 days, the amiable and gifted eon
f Joseph and Aneites'iir.RA. IWk Bluff;. i)er
a long and painful iliu-s? n'ri-t-irtl tit,
which he bore with roceknes and patience.
u rest with Him who hath called him;
Jens, who carrieth the lamb in hi borons,
r , man
... ,f A" Parti" U
Pl "H " settle the same, they will ,,ve
tmamselves both extra trouble auj expiate. Se
weeju-t have all accounta and notrn due us
i I.. . - ..
uu. ana inn imme.iiately, as we
East, and mut iav e the money.
are going
ftpj tenibcr 2d. lo'..
PtrlSJCTlTjtL. IU.. AprilO.lVA !
Pit. C. W. RoBACK, Cincinnati. O. her.-ir: !
. 1 1 . ...... . . I
f 7" my -complaints bad
"""7s l? up r'.
. physician dftoring herfor j
eotie uoic. out iljome Li.ucbegaTe kes-reoraod
tod herbkl little or o r.d. I ran advised
tOK,.t i,er a bottle of yonr Kutcr ab. i.t n).r ;
try ihem. and eo if fly would net help her.
Sk 1 thoatrht if one bottle would bo good, two
foull be better, and I got h-?r t o h'dtles. and
when she had taken the last bottleful ho coalj j
da most of her housework. I goth-r one more
which entirely cured her, and s'le lookd the j
Wsl I have seen her for four years. Wc rocom- ;
raende-d them Iu several of ouracighhors. who
bare used them with great succes. Address.
Pickwick. Winona Co., Minn.
Oas Trim NufTir-ei
1 Doo,cr " Tea Baking
p0-rir issnperiorin every repeet loanT other
anufaf-tured. It is nt n in i M.i
VMr Oro-vr for Ii!n' and von win not be '
I Thus w ?ee freiirht earned 1,00 miles , n AMsI'aL Norway oats-a tru-l,- i.u:rv.t. Nsa. rt . :
I rtitit iU Urn (X
I V- v a. a. a a a j - - T. : IUI mtr mmw " . - . .
i 'AILY 11KR-LD. 1 febSdAwtf VTM.T. ETHERElXib. j
FOR S.4M3.
valuable watrt
valuable water ower. two milee oeoow ;
I"'.,," ..U;: n.:.!iul-
piattmioulh. tear the Mi---ouri river.
mvat to .r.J.Juci.-r equal t wbrc-.'-jj:.'
limtii(,inr. nr y:rn-u. -uv V" ..-" .:
other bu.uuc n-l i-.nut d.;Vo tc In- niu -nw-n
i .,th btt-nieof wiiiimt. anj will eU -
wff fo , , ricB.
! FUtwmouiU. Lh.. 21 ir .....-
: - -..--w- . ,
Ari-lv to Mtmt tCmrau.
' ldwtf
"OR SALE. Two lot in Gienwootl. T".'?
s- ''.VMi
f -OH SAI.K. S. arrr
of Inni alj.iniug
I PUtu-uiuiub. Enquire of
g. LL'KE.
w 1A1 SM.P ll
RENT The property bo-
X toiij-ir.-; to I. Marquett will bo old or
renteil oa rtiwonable teruis. 1U8 noma cv"
tains U room-. 1 here m alo a laraeciatern who
i filter. cellar, a .table. hA"K'"L'
it ii i.ivi;i, m.
proTciioiial serrice lo ibe citizens of t
tv. Hcssilencc sou thoat corner of Oak
t reels: otliee on Main i'.reet. opp-
d. Sixth
1 Home. Platbimomh. Nebraska.
J. tV. Il4UrKI. 31
PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Hta a Sar-eon-in-Chiel
nf tbc Army of Uie Potomac,
PlatUinoiith. Nebra-ka. Otbce at O. V. J-bn-on"
i)ruir5More Maiu street, oppovite Clark A
i'luiiiinoiJ. Private reaiJeiirecoruerol Ro; k an-l
II th trcct. two ijoora ou lb of P. P. (iaja'.
lr J. If . Til OM 4 s.,
Ilivin? n.rmar.tiitlT located at Weet-iu Wa
ter i'aila, lenJon bU professional service to tbe
I. II. tVUKKI.I.It ii. CO,
Real Et:?and Tax Paying AieDU. Notarie
Public, 'ire and Life liuurauce AjcLj, i'latu
moiith. Nebraska. jeJ4t!'
T. .Tl. tiaicQUiiri,
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor in Chan
ory, PiatUmouth. Nebratka.
n ixn uiJi &. c 11 iivu ,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW and Solieitor in
Chancery, i'laiuinouth, Ncbranka. OOice over
Whi:o AlJu:tery Dm Store; !aprl.
General Life. Accident, Fire, Inland and Trans
lusurance AgeoU Will take ruk at reason
able rates in the moat reliable tutu panics in tbe
Linte l States. Office oppvsila the Court House,
laUamuuth. Neb. maj-.ltl.
yxxy At$2.50persack
XX FI.OL'R 2,00 per SAVtL
Bran A Shorts 75cts per lOOlbe.
Bran A Shorts Extra Good 1 ,00 per 1 00 lbs
Corn Meal 75cts per hundrcl pound.
a usual
Wheat aid Corn ground on Tod
Wednesday & Saturday
.Sr'l'" cif tait to a-iOVV all vh- en '.
10,000 Bushels of Wheat and
20. 000 Bushels Corn
The South Weeping Water
Have on Hand a good asstrtmont of
flTJ f f TP T7 T TP G A TT T
Cheap for tVh.
Try our Golden Syrup at. .-$1,00 per gal.
Also Sugar tb for
i And other things in proportion.
Floral Guide For 1870
Th- rirtt Edition nf Onr Ifunttml nnd Tu-mtu copies of Vick Illustrated Cutlgu
: of .SceU.-t and Floral tiuide i published and
ready to send out. 1 1 is elegeutly prmteilon fine
tintnt paper s it fj about 2t.irine Engrarincs
of Flower and Vegetablrn. and a beautifui
! ('"umrD Platr rtHiMnnr oi wren Tarictiesor
! I'hlox lrummoodii. making a fine
It ia the most l eautiful. a well aa the most
instructive Flo-al nkar pbiihd. giving plain
and thorough direction fcr the
The Floral Guide is published for the benefit
of my customers, to wh.nn it is en? free without
application, but wnl be lorwardeu tu m-U who an- I
ply by mitl. for t.neenr.. which ja not half us
ieoat. AddieM JAilESVlCK.
Roehester, N. Y.
I am prepared to accommodate the public w ith
Hone; Currier. Paaoitt and A Xo. 1 ears.
, . i ., , . .t ,
on snort notice and reanonabla terms A Hack
in inn i i lauu.iia.auaiu .11 '..r
oi tne cut wnn-.
Jan tTtwJAw.
AND Ji:Vt:i,EU
i r.naaircoi
ofld .a'nid. Hfn i-'treef- trl ?
lk K.-S. - pe. Vw.
. RurMnCtOn & MiSSGLTi Ri-
. . .
1 tinilrOnS li 0 Ul D a'. V I : I
Uciuiuuu wuuijo.nj i.i
On Long, or Ten Years Credit
I The nurliliKt'Jll A MivJ.-i Ki
r 1 ..
, Ouufany in N.-brka l'i
: a lolof credit ' ten yr:ir. a i t i t r t r ,.
lercet. JUlwll I'rauir riu iiinutr , ,
nort cri'aiioi iwo ear. wnu tn i -r l M 1:,
tert-ft I'D balance unpaid, or lor ta h . '1 1,, ...
credit and rush price is twenty p'r crnt ,..,
than the I'nig credit prtve- ioinak- iv i, ri. ,
nil practi.-al recaiti' of thtse .i:Serviit tin-,
alcperfecUy lhuu. let the f'jlijwniK ..ja;, ,
be cou. iJcxtd:
Long Credit Illustrated
iay -.Viat lOafre of UrJ. at 110 1,4 r r. rr-;..
i tioutht 00 lurif erelit ! u 11 yo.-ir-.i-n .j m
lt'Tu Ibe payu.r.M n ;Ii be i up ai. i I'O. 'lcu
followi :
, Intcrtf. Ai.i'.j.,;
Arrill. 10. p7 5 Pt cent
inteie-tonfitO 8- j. .,
April l.lsTl. pay tj in r ct-ut
in-.erc.t aJ before - Li ' 11 .
Then one-ninth of rriri-i l. - fv!:. ..1 :
April 1
1S72 ..
.... f ,i it
44 V
... 44 4
.... 44 4
.... ,4 44
.... 44 4.'
.... 44 44
8-1 :.4
i- 7
15 ,
u .:
1 :j.
2 bo
1. 1S74...
1. is......
1. lS7i...
1. 17...
1. 17...
1. l7si..
44 i,'.
1. 14SO 44 44
O0 OO U1
IfxOacrei i bonrht at 15 per arre. r .',1
ai'retia bought at $.'.' per acre, the m .i-u i
will be due wheu and lor the satue niuui. o :
tbe above forty acre at iupcr aero.
Short Credit illustrated.
Say the paine 40 ai-rc at nbove i boufrSt 11 j.
liort cre-iit of two year, the price w ill In- tr
:re. il pt-r cent le tbau the lonrfcre lit 1 ri. t
(UJ, payable a." tullowi:
Atril 1, 1S70. lA of principal.
1. 1871. Jo. and 10
J J- ,
1.7 .
l0 if,
Total. ,
V-2 ;u x
On pnyinent of eiihrr LinJ con'rart.
the buyer u entitled t j a gci.e.a! ; Jci j
Hiving a prrct tit.
For Cash, or the Company's floiin,. ii: fi ;i n
date of pur'-ha... the -jitir !cny tv : i.i.r vt
ean be bought ut pr acre ai l l'i.-!. , i
m detd.
The BouJs of the Company will I t.K'n at
beir face and accrued intereat in i i; u..-i.! ; r
land if the purchase ir large enough tu ,-nn-r id
lull amount of die boud.,
lJy the first of April next, a vuluaiioi. i..
SxeiJ on all land n bi.-li liie Coiuf 1.111 !( i
get lying trwl of Kanre r ue Kat. ai. 1 it!i . f
tbe twenty uirto limit o( the L inoi. i'a i'i - ill..
A the Company may not get title u-nl after
the neajou lor breaking prairie hall Ur ut u.l
vanced. it will, on ait-l attor ihr Cr.i d . 1 4i r.l
next, aa below alated. oner a prc-euip:iuii niii.l
to the land it may acquire, within ltr lnn.i.
named. to any prfoii who will pa in ..-(: .1
per centum ol tne raluatiou pi ice ot tin-1 a i. i tlml
he loay ili to puiclnuso. ibis p:tu.:,: mil
ae-ure to the per-on who mnkc- it. tne l.ttoi t'.at
he telecta. upon the terua and con Inn ;. t r.t
named, to wit :
Conditions of Pre-Emption.
I 1. The Cow pa-ns- will grant pre-rmptiooi
I In Ranges and Scveu Kal, '.11 uti 1 a.t.r
April 1. Is70.
1 la RaiiKe Eight and Nine Eat. on no 1 af'-r
j i Si'T- K---' " '
la Range iwWre. ihirtu c: on arid ai':er A eril l.l. IST'J.
OlijiortuiM'y n ill v givi 11 oti rai-h of i i I-.
for any two or ui- rc pi.-roiui wh ii.iiv
aaiiit- land to bid tl.erelur. 1 :i I rr --m;.ti n
will be granted to the one w ho will pay ' ! ir.. '.
an I iorihwith pay in cafh,, sit fMctilua
prico. aa in othi-r ac.
2. In no er.o w ii I a pre-empt if n riih: ! . -.
ed to one per-on b r piice ol iaii-l u". '
another pem..n m .--1 j.iik. "T b.- unv ii. ;
men. unites tiie la. tr 1:1 re lilt .on to the rr -. ''
or :uiprovciue of ui h vtsi n m c tuily - ji ;
in the appli'-.'itio.i; anil acy uui-sii ur
atatement m this ri-'pect will wi ik a fo; f. 1 1. -
of the money that may bcr-si l. and u - i -i
the pre-eniptifiii to be tuale 1 as uul: ai. l '. i
3. jtfterthe Con.f r.r.r shall ha ve rbtintn !
to the hill In wiihiii tt.c iitu:!' 1. it
rublic notice ibi-reot iu lcsijhoith p.-ii.-.-lal
'i:iti.inouth. . UKclii'ind Nco.-.irka ' i; . .n. I '
a certa:n rixed do hcnit-.vii! c j i :.: i-i '. ;
j aell or make conlrai t ior -i l' ti.rf i'f 1 -t i; i 1 1 i
J co mi ihe sauie lime m.d iu tl:c - ..
go e notue to tiioae h" may taae i t I : ' r
I tion. that they nin-!. vm l.ii nxty la.'' ' 1 :ri"
! day fiieil tor . liit.g. ealer uiio i . i t .i ! r
j the purcha-o of :!: ijnd tor v !.i. !i i:.. i j
I biio applied. f-ecial tioti'.-t if : ;1 i I
' al-o be iriTen to ihi-m by del'-i iul i;.i-r-
t b. 1M Ortu-e, to t!i--:r ..ud. ess. itb;n t w.. m
afier the d.iy lr j.1-I1iiik i tncl. Ii i- ''
pre eiiiptiou p h!-:mi hull IpW t" a
enttr totiir. t to oi.;. iur tbe l-itui
naiO-ha.e pi ri.ig t -.i b. fire tin-njnu'. "
sa U Mity day, lit- -ii iberel y luw i-t i i" i " '
hi.s pre-eiiipii' i: rifli'. and 'he hk i y .: u (:
may have paid tbern a a lii be lor;.-.;:-1.
t le,-i r ri fu?e k. v i atth tne
s - a- v i -
4. Incij-e a pit-fjnp i-i a: pi. n 1
: dition. aoore named, i. :,d , hill m
Bamrti, s :i.i . hill . -r ' n 1. 1- f r -
1 enp:i.n rigni. h- .1. il-uf'.rir.i ai! it: i-r. '
) mma th it be may have ma le up.ui ii.--.-'!
3 and in caae he is to-iiiTig tlnr- n. a til.
1 eniptom rigni. h- .1.
I .nr.Ia tb il t.f in .v l.u.
w.u-uii:g. fhail ii"ir!c. 1 1 icive ci tt j.iii l' l
ble p.ion ui. hit: ln d .s to .-ait - ii: :--: .
he will tht-reby a'r.nt that In- i- to : " - '
Company tiity dolht s a tu.t li t-mii liie .i.: c !
his afpii'-atifiu unti! b.-il :i volu'ii.ariiy b-;o".
or by law be cje-te I from the pruii.i .
I're-eiupiiom w:il i.ot be griiit.-i "ii r
lands, exi-i pt on .Ticial co 'lits- r :n I. "
general rule. pre-cui;iiuii.. wi 1 not Lt- ir.iirl
fir le than one hundred and r:ty T'v
fep: in -pfi-ial i a.r here tl.e rale C -m i -' f
quaii it v will n. t ii..:arn.uly ai'ei-t the :,'.'f '
of the Company. While ti.e C inj'tii')' "'' 1
iv-uc pre-enif ;ionf 1 bcra, ly. it w ill rceriet'.
riilit io ti-jti t any ai pUc.-ition.
Ibe en. in v ir,,, t;lf iire-ctria.' : t a' I 'i- 'i '
may pay. t.(rc!b-r iih fix cr cut. i. --'
thereon from dat- t i p.imciit. w.U I..-...i 't
to him t part of Ihe purrliare ir. oil '.-. utr.t. ...
eat n g into an anUite rontract to i .r f
the an l miihin xty d..y. after the .la ii-
am- w i-rti-nl that rht Company i.i rea.iy '
j an to .-.uc contraci of aale.
I . Ibese Circulars and lilink appli-afiir.
1 ''r "'-tallied gioti.-. by apply ing to c r a i iri' i e
GEO tv liARlSlrv
J Land Conitnis-ioncr II. A Mo. R. p.. Co. in N
' 1'lal: sniout h. N'
I Any rrr-tn wD(t.)t lan'l ,i tin-
i eitner Range. 6. ..3. . In. 1!. 2. or!4- Ea.-t .!
vini';. n . in
I tiie ti'h I'rin.-ipal ..leridu:n. on ll.e tmr.-.-ii i
i condition.-. ln uld 6.1 up corre -tl andrign .-not
i cd with the proper ami u nt f .i.c !: tl e f A
' low ng application. is daii.tca'c, ui irei-i m
i iollowr;
' , ,,.
t T.r .. A 1 .vo-
, iulv. .-i. it.i i. rit..
I Land r. .m'r H. A V. R. .1. Co. in
SIK: ii; v.tig care. ally r?d and considereii
: l&etcrms ti a ...n-.ioon. ti aocre s. t Pr. r. t:-r
i which pre-.m.iioni .fcb woiLe giniud. 1 l,.--e-
1 ' . ' ce la 1 "-rm oounu inc-rv j -n '
. .M'jm a 3..U in ui- ui-.i i-oii'jiii'ji.i?.
iwijtTi i s..u iei ui. ai-i i-oii'iiiioi.i?. x l uiv.
j W m-J I'.-- . w .... ... .1..-
i r-.ia.-ti a iu Township tth of Fa. c
I t'.xn of tt hixth I'riu -iptii Me t'-
: lituatisl id tbt C' l.Lty of ami ' i" t.t:ii
i .. acres. u:'re or brs. ne per tloTernn-c.1 !-. -j i. .... i. . i,. i.. n i- j Ii 1 ... l
eurvt y. at per a. re.
31s I'ost .'. : ii'i-iri-- -a
On rectirit of a a.-itiffaclory at.!ica:ion
ory arp.icalion. n c
11 be cr-ect iy LlJ
i following bUak rn.-tiptwi
a iiuu: I'-nlt. alol I'lic
copy rrtarii-d am i1-"
' other delivered i.d "i n' to a
Pl.ATTSaot TH. NlB .. .
A I'- 1"
Flit: Your at t lii H'.ii n foi a preen p v' .s
: ,Wema,(, J. r, -,ive.l at. I allowed ir. 1 t
si h. ,d. . ru ... . fi..i ..... I ... . . .
tt-.eut bet v.-o j on and said . i i- -: ;
; t :a meiif of ii peri n;:. i.I ; I,.. a.uMiioii J in'' '.'
j the land you have a j, plied f r i- hiu'oy ar.tuw.
j edged, being Lio'iaxs.
j To be higaed by
i Land C-ommi-iiouer B. k M. R. P.. C". in ."
; lebliwl
Valuable Farm for Sale.
fMrnnted on Four Mile Creek i'
Jlt-t-l- I
wri -r;-.iMVOjct,t-. i intie trvm
t' A . K- k.-P I ki-ow a. the
er. ami tnree-toiirih. irfa mt.e frcm tfie i:i:f
I u in. eon'a.n ;i i 3rs. .-r. nr i-b..u. L.r.
irc el wan ti is t.ottoin Isn.i. iiS.Lt tr-a .nr.
are limb"r arid about nitiely acres to C"a.. ''' '
baiance in grain ai d uuocr leucu. i i1
pri-misi' is a double cabin, tr.-.iue bum -V. j. !i'
s-ith stone bivetMent. nabics and oti.!. i-'
laildinvs. an urch.ird. pienty of rti-i.-k A a.'---r. "!
never laii'.iic well, a go.-d school bov.iK - ' '
acres o tiniter land in Sarpy eoun'.y, u: ""
rnonth o! l fee Plalta river. tno i-icioinea or of the sex --c.
'0,s-a uu lera Co. "Sen. JJ. SV.Tmli-
Platt.wr.lh. An 5 .f. ,