Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 17, 1870, Image 1

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(i rlT.LiSHKt) VMLT Ak'D WKXKI.r HV l . f '
ir.iTfit m rnr.piiHTdie.
; - ' f . -r -t M .. 1 ?b.:c..r,l street. ?
" per ui.m,'!.;, r.
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MX IllO'l t. !''
n n: i. J. '- or -
i-r.t a 1 . i ::.. uinit 1 c up;i in
,T! V .1 iC -C.
$2."i' rf w.i pai ! in Adv-meo
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All !:-:!
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" ., . - r-'''-;'--''--s.-.....y....- cr??-wOTirf,A,a-ji.uv:iiWwa;rai.'irtP yvjrx; xys-.r.-tg.-g. m-x - vj ypcc,aa.,rwji i " v.i v -
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ci; :
' h
Governor":: ProclariatJon. j
statu O" XL ask A. !
Kjkc: tivk J::paio br. i
: .i.A-'. T':? Co;-, taution cf il.o r.:-te of;
0 v,
.u.r-iinavy i-.n.,
1 by j
;.,;.:!; cftV.c li'Hcriinr an i v!!n con
i:o ij :-im -;. -i :! :ih us j
r wh.'-h t .. v.". re so c
o 1"J ac i i:i t'.c lr .l".!.iii.!i'-'ii cf ;
r Ua-.- v.-ith i.rijvi.-:i.n in
, li. I'. M., for th- urioc of taking actios i
, -..o f-.novtirgui.jr-3 f Lr ruti-n : .!
r - Tl.t; Kittifi ati )! of tli i.roj.ohf.-.l Til- i SO
te--. h .:i.ciii:a"i:t to ill? ("ou! itutioii of li;
.: To i-roviJc for tLa erection of tLe r
:.iiy. ' ;
'.' , : To nutJioiizo tiie County Coaimi-
' " ru,n',B C'unl3r l" i;-uc ,ond"- i
ac.'i't:'.ir.ri I'' 5-'.' lor J.ri'tr'i l.ur-4e.
1. i:Tii To extt-n.l the Jui-i-Jiction of Pro
bsl' to ik". in civil M5c.
' F:i r ii To iroviao fir the care and cu.-toJy of
8tu'. ! i i'oii'.-r-.
r . i'.iv t:.:'.jdeof S'iiitia Law.
v . 7 u Il.o cn;-our.iseBLi.t of In. migra
tion. S'.i.uth Ti.t reiiii i'aihr:eiit cf SU'.c Juri
Jict m ovrr !.nr3 whtr the tji-nfrnl (Jovem
inerit heve ei-ctp.l or i-roi.o-e to c-rcct public
N';m.i lie AineaJiacnt of Section - and
8-- . i "., f f the act eclitioj "Aa act to euublo
ooi.': us. n:c' a i'i p-ccincis ic ' orrow mjney
1 in the
o i i i r l.oiiJs, or to i-:uo i"- ii to ai
cor. r .i 'iloa or coinplct inn of work--of internal
in , ovi-tui'Bt t!iis t'tate. mvi lcirultze bond
of. ;.. i .. :li:-,:wu.;-.aarJ-virti;-ii:ici..iih.,r- Amendment to the Constitntion of the Never laeut vvir.-t-If wben roing in o V! ,t",,1 Tunoct a hm'3
--.-i ir. r. !. Davli i;,Ki,r. Governor of jUni.m jlepublican principles enlarge ! rowd! assembly Thene is trnc ofj fiwjraw, of f ntry. ; Fhe Applied to the
th.. ..f r..U caihHinth.a. ' K. ' i be tduary Mi.ell of tohaeeo which j prof.r ibr julmion U the dissectiii.?
l.1r-ofihe, men.s i i-as, ,th. uajiow gaiigc upon j , h c ?ar!llcnUan( afflicts tl,e ' . ail,j Wil3 inronre.i t!,at sh(k (.n i
rt .., - ... L.' -i.. .a 'l u.y iho 17th wtiili Jemocracy ran her race ha? rusted ! o- ,hosc habitua'.iv sna.ko. j r,3u'V ; "V ' f- ,
d.-- f '" '--. A. 1. KO. at the hour ..f 2 t t i mctet aWav hefure tb Hut. tf,bau-o almost mnkp i.ii-n I al " b "U m nnle nfhrc. Ihw va by
1. i iy i--ur-.
! a..iy r. !
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tt ; ,:
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ec-: - i.avi
ai 1 1' ih.- a
fcc ;- a- ! i
!'. VEXTH-
. . i. 1
tl. .- I'ji.icatio:
C ..:-t : : 1
, : - .. i IV.
lW.' i Til .
O : r:i t i-
V . !' C'T' .1
tf .:,:in.. t..
' i : TS5.s rr
.. : ; i ii..--.o:
. v of Nc
r -c .
5: .Aci.'i'
- "r ; :Kr.;
! ii.i '. io:
; - , i n r
" r-l'y i"-.:
' - :. rCi.r
ti.. '. .!'
mm 1
in I
in .
I v - .
j ... 1 v. r
j ,-.. v : ; f . r relief in cusm.- whore
i-.-icl or k'v i"l taiei in rra
l laist li'wve uirutioucd for the.
it cf a portion of tho primilal of
i pur?u i'-. c i f ;be said act.
To amend the act entitled "An
;'-,t:r.n 1, cf nu set o j rovidft f.-r
f the lie UioTs of tbe i?upr-uie
tbo tf tbe Utporler,"
:. lui;.ls tJ I-u:u Cabn and John
a'. I in t'.m development of tbe
of tbe state.
foaf on.! an art entitled "Aa
..te ci'ici of the liret ct.i: s, ia the
Lm. ka," n j .proved 1'tbruary Stb
T amend CL:'ptr 5v Kcvireti
A "'IV. i.-."
To r.n.'t'-' ;roj!r:atit as fur neo-
Piper.: cs of State Officer.
prcvi-lo for transfer of SUate
t fiilnir the t
l;.-t ri H I'ouit.
".'j ii. .Uo a; pt I riatior.a for tbe
r 'li. in i f the . member of tbe
t j::'.-i jcat c-xpcuie5 of tbo
To -Is thj Stiite o Con-
To r.nyrf.l cl'-j-'a! error? riirtde
i. I rt ; in jHa net of last
t. !iK:t-:cr. 1 U.:tc nerear.w ei my oj
t. P.. i.a tk. tira S-l j
"i 51 j; y- i -'J st t V '.!. I-i'.X
T:l- - nv,n,m , ve lKlvC n$ U1C I Steel, of Chi.-rii.o, c'laiia lor it tho follow-
-. .:t iuy of l eoruary. t'n:L as so,,n as the B. & M. in Nebra- I i , , i "
I.ra u,c Tb.,u,ad ht ia w?s completed to a connection with ' . j ' , ;jf r;ctfn?r ' anif 'IcS
"f':- fJ: C K,nfc VrnCyh i i tight In-tcal .if.fecly paingtrai.
,urh. and of tt;r , hrotTh -trade be ween the cast and Jt -,oc. aw;u. necessity
vct mut pa-sover this hne, yia l latts- uf- p;,m.h;riT, .vi'iling crKlotting the end
TVII LTTIXII mouth auJ . BurhJi ten. . lTiS loiiorinf f ? n o-either stec! or iron.
, ,.--i j siiii?" v. "hut it think ot it:
or;!:-,; x.i-n ": ! " . 1 : ' ' I .i,M.-ai.d the t'. B. & Q. II ia. is are act--1'"'
"y" lit3 : i ig rwf.anuotn-andreprctietitiiig interest,
-.ra,r oi .;,. Cii.v rrrMJiuatj very closely allied. Jt will he readily
-'if we -in-. I seen that a very heavy proportion ot the
tn ll-.-y.
v..-jr Mur-on has long been known
,f (:,-" cn lift and unpriti-
in the
;te one wliy
!ton -tvMT.t n-. wiun.'iKss io -
, .1,.
1.1- own T-sii-y t-h-re-r- of J
rr. -.
, l.iii: , 1'::- it. to ae::omp'.i.-,h his i
r,,..,,r .,,,,1 tlie !
, ' :!'--'-'--"''1 ' ' J it-eves, th p.i iiiatioo.yi'' i'iaUS-
lort -,t pco; h ,f the state, vi aJptintes. KnoUHi fas ncarlv oVquii d.led"
Viii Te pi.-a e l to b-arn tint b. ''VQ I i!uy. Live, bad a liajjoal, and real es-iar:-.-
h-js 'o; ,i so .ii- ii-td v.ifh bis I tate has laore'than doubled in value.
i.b!'. ie.t? rot !-.n.: - I hat they have . pv.-:'d r"T " , .
ot;t and dcuoun,,d ti.u by rc oht-j According . the Albany -Pondent
. i..i... i.f t in lln ;.lo Irorex-i. the iollowiiur
Uo a m a ..somucra:
luc-c-t mg. an i
mi :i ;-e 1 :;ti 1 !Wi;'
. , . i
r. s V.' r Jii'li.'t. Mavor ot .eb.-a-::a
.!S . i.-.-.;:u"ie nt la this ('... cuticiU Vd.
3 ,: -.i that th
.-: raw wbieh broke
ti- eani-ra back" was the detection of
M !..n v i-'uing e liteii-d articles for the
N :a-ka i:y T. . (avcullicaa journal)
d T uricii'T a '-i "ia"':'-:it l.tetuber of his
W" par?y vb- in ..::'d not u e for bis
Vhi1e wo have no
rion to soeuiL1- S: bn p.tch into h;s
party ;Vieu is as b gives ftreugth to
Itetnibbv'ans of Ot-e yet we can
i-e, in common with honest . minded
.ucrat- r-f Oioc iiu-1 t-lsewliere, the
wl: - "it -.'ii 1 re-ort f the bw down
., i'..r "5?i:-h .''".erli! l:;ts so long
ji ;-.-vb Jii tro'k Sterbce was de
.1 iri writing cd:toria'- f r the JVeas
;:: -i; iorv cf a i j.;i..i.u nt democrat
t '
y .!
1 :
tri '
of :
jr ;!
. Cr
t ,
a- ;
h :
a .
l .
15 i
i-ka City, nn4 tbe democracy
nl it no longer. The demo
!',.; ir. , v.vrd assembled, with
rVou i:i the ( 'hair: ST-veehCr were
byaif.usiberi-fjs-otuineru i
in tii k mcvrati? rans,
M -Calkntau; Kx-Mavdiail. ..
v: lis-AI.:cn;.an, Matt. IT-wley; I
-H. r after a full d
l.-u or
iri'lt-r th' f..e,wing withering re-o-f
w-s l..Tt.". by tbe meetiiig:
',.,' 'i'i. at wo the lb mocrdcy of
i'i lll'ICl il 1 Ol t' as-
l'i;--t War !, iii n;a
hrrHfifj Morton
-: 'V n !;. !-.( H.Kl tnnn.rOvf I
Ur.;ofth.-lL.v..-Kin: of this ciVy.
.7 e.'a ,'..'
- ! the J t::
iu I
of city, iu ile-
o.ii a a c-tvcu.oi
i i v , , i
. . . i a
K.-.'CV.- !..-) .Sterltl.g IS .' rss-y-
ii brass, tn.ks i t i:-,a-s, r.-i t wtiat
. , I . . , , i'i
he has 1,
":i .'.tilled lias been ;n com-ciueiiee tiffwith. thriving viliages ar
1 , , , , . 1 h '"ics- J lie coo l time is ci
f y.t we doubt li be has friiijoitiit j u t- . 1 , ,, ,
:CG i -hi. .c.iii.l ol 112 Ii2- I in ... . . rr . .-l .i i Tl t .-." I I- T- , i ,-i.l, c.n.-w-.. ,l. w 1 ' il " - . ..-...-I."- '".'- , c -rb rar.7" No. t' ir-.c. r: 1.', ;-.
.' tieir to face 'th-s .tana of iu lig- j
. T J- j X lit! .'.-'.It'll- I ""in Js.. S3 . v- v-.t-v .--v.--. 1 iit.tll.viii.v.'."...i.i-.. . . iv,'i. .li.'llil. . vii,..., ni:. H.tfV milia lil'lIiCV l-J - I . .lll'l il.-. I : . : I' -t I ll , i ! I '.CIS .-i l.i.. Is, I f ; J . r pa I r I ' -it I
-: --u which now rings ia Lb ears at "W.. torJl jn tho New York Vrifnne office are co-'h3rner!; to'inipHcate lVc-ident'trntnt ! s:eu:l thao vou lia-e." - anil is uot likt-lv to be. our -latut-J char- ! xd-r...-ka." V. u"si.i 1' L
- -ka Citv, ;:d is bcin-r takes up a1! j lliiQ.i t-MH-outs ibr each prolatie wordui- j m the go'd pamc jaas Kis3ia,ly j.:;' , : :--.v-r- : r.cteri.s?ie of makii. I'os: cf oursrli..-s ; U' '.;,d f i X i'V-'M''T.
S r ii- St'ite " I teivdon ! he premi-es the mi.ney fogath- j theresultof the inves!ra ioneo-.npbteh-1 In Ikf-tori it is said thu the cr.Jor of a ! -cr all ibcigieis L:;.s a iiiu cx j iifl- -'; niiVT. ,b- dat -ot Ui
"j f '" 'my-wwmMmn r.'tlui fcivci totbc I. Some of exonerates Grant from the remo'est co u ! certain el.Tt;vn!!.n cve3 fcasn-v.'r L V" ' "a u in ih.-f ei-a uite:. 'i : v titc ii:v "5 u ' ;r 'CI Ji.r - :- -
' V1-' - -ne fbritn townsmen who taU i thepaup..M-s.'c.f city are growuig rich pii.-5fy, while Fiek .wouHb? hwcriutbt determine d: wheu he"p,ny3 hbi- his i-a. Sx..:.y; ar, i hb co-..c:n- i --'"-- - - T i.;.
: b.'-."U-.- to get dru-k ca" get a : i'ViU the fun-acolWy-afrpiii cntnpofi-,- pnbbc estanation. vere such a thing pos- .-own, and . when ho pwach---- If iv. frf-i iw.-t hav- fi.i.iv -J tie t?M- -t-r- Shoi..: i .u .s.:,.
! "? t- set ixsn-i"'! ' " . ; i.-iwlrvp.Otwl-TnaouwTirf.V - siMe. j other" pcv; Vs. : - !-r.-:a. ; 5T".Xp :-' v"! ' '
s) - -
, nFTEEST amesdmest.
1 he world moYes. Ten ye.irs ago any
JT8ou who woulj have jirodicted the
ceiling of a (?pC(i4 Ye.-Sion of II LL-lv
ure to make the nero in tbia constrv
lV, lilO It TT Tf li.ll li i XKSl"
low c-itizons, would hnve boon deemed in-
B.iiio ; and yet this moniuiir a bo-t of
good and true men left tbi city for tlw
i?!iite er.jiitnl, ail eager to ca.-t tbtir voices
favor of the La-aze of tbc 1'iftecntb
..... , - .
vivifying ufluencj? :of progroH-. Amen
1)C it, and SO mote it be.
MebrnMUn MoItlierM.
""A iiTrpMin!6n of the fIliorsxrNe-
hraska will take jila'ee at Lincoln 6n" the
4LJj ,lav of J lly, 1870. - t
Wo don't understand die ciact narrb
of the organization, but judging from
what wc have, heard,1 tbo 5 L-re-union"
will l ea gathering of the Npiaw- et
crarn,". etc.. who "fit so nobly" during
the 'ate unpleasantness.
. Tiie tate of Nebraska did little dur
irg the war deserving of praise, and con
sidering the fact that the majority of the
soldiers fiom this State enlisted in neigh
boring States, there is nothing r to call
forth a hullabaloo about the Nebraska
soldiery. Jiulo llrgister.
-T'be above Diay bo taken as (the deEb-
eiate candid opimon ofan-unreiieht-
ant rebel. Ot course he can see very
little nterit in anything done by union
soldiers.; We believe the Nebraska . sol
diery stood high in the good opinion of
i!uch iuen as Gen. Grant, and were'sevcral
times publicly complimented for their
bravery. Some of Ir. Brooks' friends
dovri fouth w fco'.h&d the courage to f;icc
the Nebraska soldicr3 on tbe fiebl of
battle have more respect for them than
does Dr. Brooks. They do not term
them "Squaw Veterans." Probably
f ueh men as the editor of the Register
may think "the State of Nebraska ;did
little during the war deserving of prafee"
in fact, she did not exicct praise, but
rather curses from such men as Brooks i
but she both deserves and receives praic
from every loyal heart in the whole land.
me BEir iuuoiuii itotxr.
A IIftni!:nr Compliment t tIn?t
iuoiKIi Miivi tpe lie-raid.
Wc.clip tlie. following items from the
Burlington Hnvk-Eye of last Satur
Tbe Nebraska HzralJ published at
Piatl-iJinutb is awide-awake enterprising
sheet, full of enthusiasm over the comple
tion oi'iheB fc M. road, and the future
prospects of Plattsmouth.
The Great Through B.oute of travel
Last and West will be by the Chicago, !
UurLi.gtcn, Piattsmouth ami San l ian-;
- co lillC. J lie .irtaaslta lit runt i;i ais-
fi. - sJuii H:ut JWiVS.
. . . , . I
t , ii . II is wen UHQcrMOiiu inat ure
T-.r-,inM -iiin.i-iiii nrr.f the IT. P.. the B.
(.. fcs nf the I'nion Paeilic will, at no
li Hint, day .bi (be i'-iptre, b'rueeV over
th,ve read-; vi-i Burlington.'
Toe Hi;:tALt) takes csjiecial deludit in
astiirgrrr rnii l rrrr- PI-ttmotith atrd
the eiitiTS reg'"n"of ' coTTfitrj" iit'tTeeu
Piatf-moiitb iid Ft. Kearney, including
;n,tioii tAthe trreat
p.tJof tirT'rcout.u-v to emicrant".
Ju noticing. th city of l'lattsm-.ntl and
theNeorasa J-.xtenion o Inc 1. iV si
. . . r . . -
mil is to oe uucruLi u iuu
Legi.-latmc :
; f cfrno.'i l v Any. fema'e jof cliaste
character, under tbii age of seventeen
yenrs, wl;o with evil intent, win-
ningly, winsomcly and wilfully, decoy and
seduce from bis domestic duties a mar
ried man (he U-ing the father of a family
and bavii.g ibiidr. n over ten years cf
ae), and by a it tb I wiles draw him away
from bis family, sh t!!, on conviction, fie.
icciued guilty of a misdemeanor, and
shall be imprisoned in a houe of refuge
ibc noJ: le?s than two days. If, on the
trt.!l rif such 3"0ti:ig and artful female, it
shall Lie tdiowu that the married man K
seduced and enticed away is a minister
of tbe Go-pel, in good standing, the
tilTeu-ler r-ha 1 in like manner be scnteuead
to not ie-s than one hour nr more than
two hours' iiupiL-onuioiit ia the county
jail- -
Hon. M. II. Sydenham, editor of tho
Central Str, published at Ft. Kcamey,
whites in bis paper as follows concerning
the Bepirts of Messrs. Stocking an 1
v...r....i- on the B. t M. Bad Koad
. 'i'iio repel tst.f M;:-r. Moh?s Stocking
and Ji. Jl. Warner an-I'ubiisbed in full,
in the Platu-mouih HtitAl.l of Jamiarj
iilli. lt)C-e reoorm an: ie :'ii. v,jiu.'
Mainirtg J'ir.'cio.r of .th
Butibiutm and Mi.-.-joiiri Iliver llailroii'l
in Nel ai-a, in. bn to rb-i fitness of
1 the i.tiiis in Ivciin y and Adams coun
-i' . 1VV.I1... . ' , 1-
ties ea t- of tb. tu. for la. miug purposes, j
B;ih of tbc.-.e gentlemen very
W rep .11- truuiiai loo, ill- tcr
rtert. 5 hey re-o, t that the soil ot
r.' i 'i i ... . , : r. ..........
AVCaj 11' ,V vvllta .S.U.I11JS. et.ui:.i-., 13 v-t.tsv V V
auy ot n;;r two comities m td.e etisteru c: ies iasi.1. n is iy sucn repona
ihesa that KeariH'V county will be
.i,,, ,w-a..I.. ir. iri Imp
liebh It will r.ot bo long lefore wo see !
' iu i) . . ' . i 1 .s-
the I'le.isMitt plains around us covered
ilia es and farmers
comin-'. :
Bcrlier on Itehnvlor In fharoJr.
Mr. Bcevber is making a very lively ja
por of tbo Christian. Union. Here is a
j arngi'aph on behavior in ehifrches,
vbi.h has a recura! arijlicalicn :
We n;:iy. classify i be petty incivilities !
of church hi -t tba;: , .....
1. tStneU.i. Violent : rf rfiMnr-p, CE!
cialiy tlio.rc containing must, aic disaffree
:i!i? to iuo-t ei.0'. and to Mniie;
? b. itivi iy di-tres-in-;. There is no f.uvAi
r.n:ver.-al.y pleasant as
tveJf-indu'gent and regard'e y of other
t-onveiiieiK-o. More brutal yet ure they
who go tocburob roekiag, like a ihitch
man'a soupe, with th'3 smell of onions.
There are scores of peopltj who have lost
a'.l profit i f aSunda;, service !y tbe siek
cningsmells which rsurroundtheni. '
b'mtn'ls.- Whispering in church
during the service is an affront to yolitp M uch of tlie couehbig which goes
on in church arise. frcm the .poisonous
oilhivia "which exits ' in nnventihircd f
cburdi-js. But the power of the- will
OTer the mnscieswluehno the, coughing
is cvy great. A heedless i)crson will
cotigbl twite as nmeh a Ii nc-evfl'uK-will
cough at the worst time -po "?1 di?; 'wbf
cough plump upon the necks of those be
fore him. iiteadofembahiiiiig the sound
his handkerchief, as, with a little
skiil and politeness, he might easily do.
We would not forbid men who cannot
?3ng to "make a joyful noi jo'-'--but it
should be a. softly noise. In' ' all cases
when it i a man's d'uty to sloepln cb'.ircb,
it is his dt'ty to suore with the soft pedal
3. Si.ijht.-r-Kvcrv one likes io-eetlie
miiiHfer. Itinnot be done
your body. True, you cannot help b. nig
before soiiieltody- unless -yoivai'9 "ii the
back seat. Bat, with a little thought
you may very much help those behind
you. Any conduct which shall divert the
atlentioirof others from the service, such
iv ot-tentatioti-i l;;ying with a watch or
opening and shutting it, reading boo! s or
papers, luokinr about inquisitively, ii iuiT
polite, .-a-w .. .. - -Many
ch-.nches have the Ten Com
mandments sot up upon- the wall, ; in
sight of the whole congregation; although
not one Vi' the in.s reprobated therein it
likely to be committed in church tim.r
Would it not be well to . have another
tablet enumerating the cins which meii
are prone to commit iu church time?. ,
Trial of a 7V-w I'm tent Tttterdny.
.IFrtini tbe Omaba Republican-... -
On yesterday "morning quite a riuinber
cf ciflicials-eoimecteil with the Union
I'ttciiie l.aii.oad, proceeded to a distance
of id'out three miles from this city, for
the put pose of testing '"Pierce's Patent
Automatic. -blsb-Bar': an 1 'lUihvay
Chair." Tb experiments were male
under the inspection of Assirtajit, Suporr
intendent V'eaVlT, sad ; wee witnes.-wd
i ... i.i i : i f
.-. - i vr. . i 1
, fttW.
. .....!... c .1. ,.. .! - n rf
11,.. .,.., Afncc: SkwuMn Alofili X-
III.. Ib.4.Lll'.. 1 I - .v . 1 . . k J I.V I ........ ' A L. . . .. w
for Cistenings.
kli. The rail does not need to be
moved from the tie to put it down.
5th. Broken rails can be 'repaired
with them at any point, giving the
same strength as before bt-tug Invkeiu
Cth, In the yard'; they are invaluable
for repairing track.
7th,.;Tlu'y.caa bo hid 'in ooe-fyurth
of the lime required in placing the p res- ;
The new l atent was put . fo . a severe
p Uvt, aiid pvoyed satb-factory In every re
spect. .- 1 he Company prrrt lNrnt.ik
the road with tbe .improvement far a
enc I'iiJi. 111 u.-:. . . : m.n....,,rj ,ri-i f I-. u-maon fi-rrT7 ftio.i
St h."- It holds the end of the rails per- u t- fi;mi;- - With an intelligent, masonic j-fsxi vak j 'l1 - ttin
fectly .vertically and laterally, presenting e! ,:0llt 0V(dv lady preacher in the ' J.!'e, l i r.itri.uty will bom a 1 tlf4 l,sih principal , .oridian. senate in' c'.ss
the same plane as at the centre lor tlie r. ,,ort r,,..K ,,.. wmhl he f lesiival, on the --tl mst., 111 the i etmuty. Nt i.rt!-:;:i. i-tl:-ii the i-ropcrty f Mid
wheels te-pass over. ' f..'! KlLw fir the!xious , blo,k . We are ejecting a g,ar.d time I''ttv, a
Otli. Jt bave-s the LaUenng . e.i ihv virtt 'r .fr-i wA'fcar it is about the only u that occasion, ho, toast?, mu J .f a tiaHorr a- C. the ..titer in favor of W
endsofra'ds and greater wear t1'iii,g.that wina!ve fome of them. f1 grand suptMtr. wiii be the order ! i;o Jr Co ,;it bed i- is., ncrk of th
an 1 saves the rolling stock. ' " "' '1 . . - ' - X ot eserci.s. 1 ne Pratcrmty elsewi.era ,;.. UWx-in.ioa6w-
cess, the road will be furnished with them j ficin -Ncbrar-ka, announce the cou.p.e
froti; Omaha to siduev Station where the .;t, cek -tu the tir.-t ten miles of
fiji-plate commences. : i: ij, .'jn compliance with
, . i" . the. Nebraska lantl grant act tfonating
A (oiouy orsaidlrn. ' ) lOO.Oijo acres of land to each of thoc.e
From tlie Detroit Post. " 'j S '-' '' H toads which built the first fifty miles of
Soiue of the veterass'uf the National 'Track. .The Jaw required the cons'ruc
Military Asylum at Dat on Ohio, .propose Jinn of ten in les by the loth of Febiu
to agricultural colony in the West, afy, 1870.: Six roads have eo complied
Their scheme is to ct!!ect twenty-five among, thciu tho Jiu: button vt South-
voung, healthv, maimed -veteran! mhVi
draw f 15 monthly pensions. The colony
will therefore he composed of those who
have only one arm or one kg. Great
care aud discrimination will be exercised
in selecting men "equal to the situation,"
which witl be in hw western wild along
tbe B. JSi M. railroad. They intend asking t
Coii'-ress for a irtant ot land in such a lo-
. , . ..
cahty, and expert m a lew years to pro
curt iroui t ne gciicroas sou a uunie w tucu
each may call his own. The physical I
disability of these, maimed coloubti-, i : hand cars and In' tliis way the lli-fc u n
more apparent than 'real, anl in co-ope r- j miles of track was laid upon the Burling
erativt tibor of t bis kind each might. su ton k iSouthwe.siern'.way a. feat,
lenient the dcticiciieies of the other. -
Themau with twt arms and one log could 1
do work which the man with one arm j Luion I acino,-road. .' J lie work ot cou
could not do. In return, "Two leps" struelion was under the iinu.cdiate sa-
coul ldo what "Two anus" oould not. It f
t I
would J-c bt'tter tluin tbe. old story of the
liliial mail who carries the cripple on his
shoulder while the lame one points out
the way. These two af'er ail, did only
tbe work of one man; but -two maimed
men. bv deVlding their work' . properly,
iui;ii' no tiie woiii or mo wno:e ones.
In the asylum rcfercd to, men with ar-I
titi.ial legs can dam iuich werk as any j
aMu l o lied men. Most of the labor of j
that institution is disabk-1 ycter-!
ans. One JeggCtTbien plow, liilo Lfli-fcei," .
load cars, drive wagons. Ami n thev
... , . , 1 ' t
can do it in the asyiutidti Ohio, they tbuii
they can doit ju.-t as well out west while
,trying to earn a hearthstone and boinc-
stead of their own. ; Bc5id.r," thry have
$15 ivei ' month from ' the - rovBrntucur.
which is mx percent, interest on a eapi
tal cf $3,000 to start with. , "J hey will
make better citizens, and be iuore manly
ami independent, while earning and aecu-
mulatinglor themsAlves, nud with eoiue
ptij jetin view, inanwrnie living an aim-
.t - .s ...u m &n a.-jiu.u. .. v. i.."-- uiu
scheme will le siiewjsstai. , r;"',: ;
Tiie attempt rf James lu-k, Jr., uml hi ? !
wfiSES irt tjii: nr.iit.Lp::ori.s-
A eonrsprinJent of t!ie : New York
Tri'junf gives ar "Hcwunt of the difficul
ties encountered ly a young Ensrlish lady
and an Aniericuncne in pro-ecuting their
; j-tudics- ab the great Medical Coilee at
I'avi.i. It sai that the American lady
had -tried 'for 'admission to the medical
Rf-hoolo In NcwA'oik, failing in that sLe
tried Paris. . She 11 described r.a saiall in
letter. ' S!ie afteiwiifl met him in the
street and received the same answer,
when the little student looked up at the
Professor, who is a vc; y large man, and
spreading out hernruis exclaimed, "why,
Monsieur, l.ok at iuy, littleness! men's
c'othes would make, me appear still
suial'er. . Nftboly "would ever take me
for a man, oven if J dressed as such ;
d it would only tend to make my posi-
tion more unpleasant, and attract more
coninter.t. ','
The I Vofooij 'pleased with her carn--ePtuess
to obtain Knowledge, and proba
bly with' the trntbfulne.s3 of her reply,
consented to tylinit her. - i.
" After that, through the same Profes
sor, she mads'.anprication to the medical
school, was a Jmittoil, and at the fourth
exaaiuintion stood alicad of all competi
tors. 'She an l the J'Inglish lady and two
young men were examined in one class.
The ;decb,ioh , on the yortng men was
"passable," the lowest certificate of ap
proval; the Fmrlish cirl received ahicber
I irrade-d cprtificate, aivl our little girl the
luglicst tfiat is granretx at anj" time, anu
the firfone. r.f the kind grantea tliis
year. Long nl iy she flourish !
It is said that "at the Medical College
in Philadelphia, voting la'lics in attend
ance were hootcvi at bv the thick-headed
male 'students. ; l'.:t it is but the dying !
grpwl of the hioiisfcr, and in a few years
we will have as many females in the pro
fession as male?, and possibly more, for
it seems an occupation more particularly
adapted to th character of the former.
And just think what a run of business!
Why the ."BacheV of any little town
wouid support half a dozen single female
doctors, and larger towns i: proportion.
Mr. Kbenezcr Shy has taken a severe
cold and ' sneezed several times, and
forthwith sends for Dr. Mary
She in her little carriage and is
l y the side of the sick ELenezer in half
the time, it would have taken an old mas
culine to fill his pipe and growl over the
unpleasantness of being disturbed every
hour of bis life. 'Arrived at tbe sick
room, her little gaiters click across the
floor more rapidly and with less noise
than a clock beats seconds, and lObenezer,
that never dared look a woman in the
face, and would as soon think cf ap
proaching a hyena, finds one a lady, not
a hyena standing at his tdck bed with
her lovely"b.ii'id kindly laid on i his fore
head, and her gentle voice asking where
his paius .ar?. 'Where! why, it hurts
bim all over, and -though the sneezing
liiar indicate but a slight cold, vet there
rire '-nrrrasTnitiifire vrupTOTJa Tdr-aTi ap 1
prmching heart di'ease.
Her qu.e vit. eompreneTVM tne case
at once, and adiiiini.-tcring a ill of bread
to' be taken inuuediatcly, followed by
powders of chalk," to be taken in water,
every two hours, she leaves the sufferer,
with tbe promise to call tbe next day.
The nest day F.b.'s cold is better, but
the other disease sensibly aggravated,
anit 'after a few months of suffering and, be concludes to hire a doctor
for life.
Men are useful enough . at building
railroads,' ploughing planting, etc., and
as a matterof oeoiiomv and to keep them
out of mischief, .it would be well enough
1a. ' tl.'.l. 1LMI
k,"even if the position
;,QuU i0'u.tu.r i;!od by the- better baif
of lllulauity ; but for physicians and !
.Xiie Ritrlinirioii nn.i -ciithwrnirrii
'..-"'-. rt.-iilMy. .
Judo Tia.'ey,, nre-n lent of tbe B. VV
;S.jW. Ilailway," ,vdiO ha just returned
"WPteri. J Jauu grant is thus secured
and thetteeen.' Af tbb en'.rpri-sj made
certain..- j lhe company and tiie contract
ors liave displayed great energy and gojd
judgment and proved themselves equal
to every emergency. They eneout ti red
great - difficult ie.-. Th season of the
year w. uufavoiable. The iron had to
Lehameil over, LarjJ sevtn miles on wac
1.1 1 I
on, then crossed over a precarious terry. 1
n n iii uni r, .
fncomotire the iron being hauled upon
considering tbodiiheulties surrounding it,
fiirly rivaling the construction of tho
peniston of Mr. S. l. Iloinish, ot the
pen im
ton it Sout!i4ietcrn construction
co m pa r iy .- JI' 1 1 Kye.
out a
) I. Ct
An eiiteViirisiii'T Missourian cut c
pheet- of iee.iod foet long aud 10')
wide, and ten inches thick, and -darted
to raft it til maste down tiie Missisii.t-i
to St. IouislO".i miles distant. One end
ol the held was shaped to serve as a bow,
and the ovhtir rounded for a stern. A
skill' was fastened to each side to give
the requisite i-heer when necessary, and
a cix'k stove and provisions were taken
on the ice,: After a prosperous voyage
of twenty mile,, the concern uniorta
nately ran into an ice-bound point of
bmd, and broke into three pieces. Al-
tnougn. it. was ua:k at tho time, ad the
m c a and the stove aud provisions were
saved, but the iee broke up rapidly, and
dbappeai-cd in the darkness. Tim pro-
jector ol tbe.)tscleme will try it again,
and is cedent he c-a do betuir next
" , - i
d tl
VI 1X1 V
Tlie advictj ef u Pcna-'j.lvania suicide; I
to his brother v. a-, "Wii ie dni't go i
vr'wh teiiOws wlio hnyo more Uionev to
. nv; I . I 1 1 -.1 .
Cor.-c.-:;..or..Jca';e cf I:iily Plattsromh ll-ral.l.
A:-nLA'T, Feb. -itb 1S70.
Tov.n It;-: m.s.
Sinca A -bland is a point of considera
ble i;r:p"r:tr.e?; inritw of it 4 Kaiboad re.
latiou-, and coiisvquent growing prof-pec-tivo
fiHrae, we are inclined to "go
through"' the town occasionally, and give
t-rs a gratuitous peep nt the
-, . ,-
daily iprovmenU in to:., the leal;g
c.ty of ti;a ha.l Cret!t vauey.
This biviutifid spring like weather is
very favorable to (h- proco'-uticn of out
door l:i-ir-.ess. The most extensive im
provement and that which has required a
great amount .f la!r and expense, is the
largo brick block of Snell, Bro. A Co.
it b lh apprtaehing compi-i-tioh. The
roo, tin. is but recently finished, the
doors and windows which were ma'e
order in Chicago, are received, thu latter
are ia place; the plasterer commenced
operation.-. on the main walls to-day.
The printing ofiice building i gaining
a little every day. and we arc sure that
Matthews i spoiling for lively Times in
Ashland, and we are looking forward to
the auspicious day which shall entitle us
to a niche iu the history of our country
to a position cf merit and solid wealth,
unsurpassed by any interior town of our
Audio thji connection we would sug
gest to liOu-ie.-ielent, as well as resident
owners of town property, who contem
plate, building, to employ Adiland me
chanics. .
It may not be generally known that we
have .mechanics who can knock a build
ing "gaily west" in no time; but au;h,
is the fact.
. From tho competent architect, down
to the patient hod canier, we have
enough in numbers and energy to build
up the waste places, only scud forward
your lumber and your stamps.
Tl huge pile of rock on Court Ilousa
square is an indication of something
At agricultural warehouse is anient
the recent on if its. Dr. Bunnell and T.
Saunders are now building a drug r.nd
grocery store, on Silver street, just west
of the.Snell building.
The Livery stable cf & John
son, referred to in my last, is a great ad
dition to the appearance and business of
A "bland. Its dimensions :0 1.3- Til, and
two stories hivh, look rather ventur.-oino
for a small town like ours, but one of
our brother Buckeye boys, from the
beautiful "F0re.1t City" h::ds the rib
bons just now. Tbe Western Staee
Company's horses now find a comfortable
homo under its spacious roof.
Numerous improvements are being
made, or in contemplation, of which you
will be advised in due time.
That we are "Metropolitan" is evident
from tbe tact that wc are in need of Me
tropolitan institutions such as we have
not aire dy; and this evening the city
"dads' ' met at the lumber oihee to taka
into consideration the subject of erecting
that iHoderu bastiie, a calaboose. A e
will nsree to sing the song of Miriam on
nrletion oi litis mucii neoieu ad-
. ..... , 11
n i. . 1 .i. 1? t. '.r l
Ji.c Tvuiik. uinni 111c i. tv i'i. iiai
tbiowninto our mi i.-t a floating popu'a-
tion. who are pro. t-i toaily tumi (1 oen
?.ine, and while under its influence our
niifhts are rendered, and the Sabbaths'
too, disgusting. The Calaboose will ju.t
be a love of a place to chew the bitter
cud of reflection, and Sheriff Whiilock
will with pleasure escort to its cozy re
treat, anyone who falls in his way tt ho
may have departed from tbe path of
IjiithtT Whitlock. a lad of fifteen, met
with a eriou! accident, this aftcrnr)on.
While driving a tw. horse w:igfn some
portion of the gearing broke cat:.-ir.s
liini to be thrown ujxmi tfee wro in.J, and
cue t the wfteet iav-iiig over msii:a
broke ;t above the wrist.
are cordially invited to patiieipate.
lO'trtf trtly,
. . . M. fAKi ??.
SfH Ilailrc i'.'i Kn AlrAii.!..
Duoiiig the prist week IJov.TiutJtr ar.-J 1
suit have been extensively engaged in
maknr rscui-Moris oer and f-xanutiiug
new Hailroads'in Xcbraika. 'i be ( imaba
Pnd North-western, Oiaah.a a:;:l South
western, the Buriirtirton and Misstmri
riMi.: fVi.-n i 11 . rnti- tp 1 li 4 lii j.f
i-v-tv. ini'ju.-i iv vu i fij va
tliir wTKstructors, Omaha. r'attsnitM.f.h
and Nebraska City -haie. laUred fnitb-
fu-ly and persi-tantly, early and late, atid
will thisseaa.n jeeciv e their rc aid in the
... . . e
prospenty aud thrift tnat is a sure ioi.ywcr
in the wake ot railroad iutjirovemcsts.
1 ne ii.tkt; ui laiiici
g. j.- j,ir(,) t;:,
Jolin Kamnrk'ii SiKuatitirt-.
lb're is lilC I tra ?v..,t wiij- t,;.o i..v,v.,
John Hancock wrote his signature to tbe
Ihvlaration of Indept !tuci.v"e in so large
anil lo'd a hand. It is known tiie
British tiovcrntii' Tt ofTered thirty five
hunlicd dollar: for .1 is. head, an 1 when
he a i ponded bis name u the Iieclara-
! tion, iio did it. as th ut-h he winnvd . to
dash his whole sou! into it. Bidnvi from ;
his scut in: t xciuiuied
"T!,,, 1..5
Bull Can rca-1 n!V liuC Without Spec! a- j
oles ; he may double Ids reward, and I
.-i ' , c I
wui set him a-dehauce.
V 1.V..S .-.V.l.
pre Tii
tbe H:e t kitting ap-p;e, ai.-l throwiiig j
tiie see-ds at toe gais xant bo I rt t.
'l"P.s r. .-, i.-r .bts T-..t. .!...:,.,. 1 -'.
- '-v. ...itviv. ... vi.v-i u.w... i, liuMiU'ii.tmi t
an c,Id Chinese word (now lost whicii j
rue-ins kn- dr.nn -,", ' '
p;.:lj0e Auhu (lu. iCViI b,.T, j ; r
dined, and win,..!, at. I pnted by cu. t
"..V.VV. ... ... i......... v . . v... . . ,
I '. .
' '
Cai oei-as:o;t tn-i-e
is for it is n-., ca i'y known, ib.- bv li ma 1
itva io r.ny
I j r-ji ft .
1 a.s hi t-i n..t tit, I'.itiL-e of Vi'i.t -.. J
river road, from Piattsmnuth: and th If" '-, wiibn-.-iad for cj county, -s. :--;h:i-,ll-';c' ! h'i,'pro'-nn.ov.Wr;i:t aiid ti , . , .'
the Midland lWific froiti Nebraska City. XnJJ l w'iTo'.or t" 'J Stt-il I 1h" Iwt'Cm lf "U T'
Judging iron, tbe press of these pimiH, at rto,i a.t.y:,. to :be bif;,es, si.ide m ' ' :
tbe roads have given entire satislaction ; nil.w J.?"i r.',rU..,,,:,,,'ti.''''r -iio v a' J niticiu above mimed, na.l ro i'..rtcit Ui i.e--1 iourrg liveon. ......... .5
in fact, have passed muster. They will r-Au.rday-'or W' W'irt 4 , . . .
undt.ubtcdlv be inside the land bill and I o'clock P. u... f id the foil.tvia-c-Je- ( t , iherim;' an.l. -ft. f j ' iMed Apfilet -..'U';-?..
""' rk,,rv " " -elc"2-. eastoflhe-tth prin-tpal mer.di-n I n-l' t,s H.0uid up eorrt spy antt s-n anct . Hr&UUtSi Of Li:.
J tlsrit irj . f !.i(.,iioCas..vtt,ay. Nib. li l e o.M tbe a tae i;,op..r aniow.. ot wwey tae O
Jo -h Btilings -av, thi. teopth h-Z but P.";-r:y of Koberl A . haneler to :i !y s-iid "aerPlic , 4-.p!o-. uddrcvcd a? j
.S.livs- tP. exf-i'ii f- t.d'l HTMitf-tVii i,icflCf' !:.-e.:n..-.;i.l ef nh'.-ir js 2,'i. l., snl ; ,
ua?, l..c ti.t:l D.( JI-1 .C. , ihcBiMi! Ir an t ie date of iai.l de- . i W l -t ' " ' - -
uwvarMaKwH(iwi- - i" ii 1 i I' i t w i i i. . irn itn 'i r : i' i -.
lUS haZ pll.;.-' red V.t) lOO moiith. crce, at. toe rated ten per cent, per ..nuui, and .rn . ,..,: v-"-i!,J" I i. .IS VVC . if C tO t ,ii
e in :oreyear.-.the.-e u a btg'iueir, v: f- oi MUt- -""u-''!2 ' ' 'm .t,.f i ,",'".' . . ' r, ...... , i ., ...
a the ntonth .-we'.:i anl haz 'ZJ davs. i " .1 v. .KjMVfst.v i-n-r-Min th.' Nkh!' . ' ' ! i
li month 1Z Wked Upin .12 nunlcaiStit, i .Sl.evin"C.v.-.- Xeb. ; ;: navi: v e.-trrfuiiv 1. ad j.:,l e'lr-ddcred i-."OI. Of ltiX1''l. I Ij3.
nd it iz unpleasant for tiLrtt'.ie cut ST';V;',,V A "vw.n.. a:;j ; -r iircr" !v,.,t;!1,ll,ie.;1,,i!;,s.t.ah),v!,-t,i1,vn
... . .. I K'le.tvst. 1 hti'ii .re-en'r.':"! r'-rhp- mil r," cronta-l. I here- I fT . i. . a. . --
dCtUCkS; &Ut lor 5-tUvlU "1 iil!lt U7 I T 7" bv s- .te t l,e in s..l ri-soerr. thi-rehv and dlW, V,C. tiC, . OVC1 tit
Catherine Caiiahan. a;-fd 103 years
died in Philadelphia, Ibiu.--d.ty.
The initials of George A. Sil.',-':'e nr-y I to il!'.:trate the oua'ify of hi late
. V.'enWl IMillipsVontributed si50 to
the National Aiiti-Slawry Subvrriptiiin
Ar.riiversavy, and ' rcrritt J?:iith gave
Who is the rtraightcst man uientioned
in the jJIble? Joseph, because Pharoali
I maJe a ruler outoi (iim
. T
! Mr. V. R Dennett, late of Iowa, and
j a i,imorr;i;io spenWcr of K,a;P L(,;o,',,ru-
I po?e? starting a newjiajjer at Oswego,
Mrs. Sarah Peter, of Ciucir.nati, xr-
recently permitted to enjoy mass in !"t,
Peter's Cathedral, at Kon'e, being the
tirst woman to whom the privilege was
ever accorded.
' The inventor of the autographic tele
graphic instrument is a Jesuit of the
Jesuit's Co'.l ge in Borne. The instru
ment ha been worked on lines between
Paris and Lyons for two years pat,. with
entire .mti.-.fiu-;i.;.i.
.Gov. Wjishbarn, c f Vermont, wai en
gage i, when death overtook bint, on a
wark of great importance to the. courts
at:i the State a digest of hi cwn re-p.-vts,
c ivtring 11 period of eight ycard
and bad ..beady e;ono through aad re
written thirty-eight of the forty volumes.
Dr. Bobcrt Emery, of Iongwool,
la3si., who has made experiments upon
iiieiir" with peUonous : !regs, lias coti
socted to tiy tiie cfleccs; 1 i' intoxicating
liquors up.on himself, t'nat the State
Board of Health may have the benefit of
the seientitie iritbrmation to be. obtained.
l), lirctierrt & Co.1
vs; .
I.. Morris. )
r'o 1.. Monis: You or u hereby u-.iiiied that an
1 atracbiiu nt mj i?sut"i I y ti c in ti.rr.r of
fiaintitl and iiaint the above nauicd (l'.M'undant
fcr the jiiin of leu dollars and twenty-live ceil'--:,
nn-l Iri.ti set f. rtbe 4th b:y of pril A. I'. 170,
at ten o" lock h. m. of iaid day. nt Which time
ju.iKcuicut w;ii be rendered aizuinst yo 1. if you
do :it i;pi'c;:r au I show tui-'e to tbe eoi-trcry.
A. I.. OHt f.I. Pro bate. ?wd?e
of (.'.-lis t'oi-ity Nebraska.
PiaUkUiCUta, Vei'. litbs;o. l'ubI7ut
Fruit Trees Fcr Sale.
With t,eiu- Tyr : my ye .-! txr-ciienc.; in fruit
prowinjr and Nuisery bi:.-lr.e.-s in Iowa, and
recent obscrvat i ti.i in Cai;.; ct.uuty, Neb,,- Iron
ratis'ied that "ah tbe ri-sht varieties iiilvt pro
per cue you ea.ii ? i; r'.-.-iNji.v r.'iise tiie u j 1 - t.nd
cherry. I tuaTie tbe a ft.'.o a'f!.I .-berry 11 j.ccb.lity
and will ii!! nil or b .? will, varielie.
Orders may be K-fi ih Wm. Jiikcn'.erry. t v.
mil. s t jatli 1 1" piatt-iiit ut'i. or witu l'r. V". S.
bitta. atlto;k bluflV. I v. ill f:tn:i-b ihria at
til followiior pries:
Akpi.k.s Two iin.l a hiiif 1 0 three aud a ball"
fi ft hip'a T'.-i-: S 1 1 I feet loch 1." j i-: three to 1 feet bi-jrh i 4 tof.feot It.-eW;
Siberian Oral' to 5 feet 'J'lcts.
CilKKiitKi M.-.v Cberrj S t j feet 25c U each;
Knt-lish More!l...-J.;"'s. 1
Li.'livered free ofrharec 011 the carj r.t Fair
field, Jel'.'. rson county A luoderate charge
made for Lb'j uutcrial for boxio.
It. M. MOYKR. P..lkrr.
feblTwtf. Je!ieron county, Iowa.
To Tho Public.
LT. jicrsons arc hereby warned rot tn trade
for the fodowitu notes, as th y vrt-rn frau'iu
luntly obtained, aad will n .t be paid by n;
Ot.c noto ivva bv V- .1- Lin-!i to Kliiihaiu
Cone, for i.'-'. I'.i'e'April lt I'-T'J-One
note irireii i-y il- ii bold to Kirkliaia Si
Cone, for due April 1st IS id.
M e uiidcrrt.'.n i t'.ie above notes hare been
oil'cre l forsal-.j by f ome person iiiiknoa n lo us
. 1. 1
r-y rnnn. an-tno tuto iuis 1
ot warnir.g
, . V--l'-i
. leii.T-
rpUK ;;h'j. heretofore esi.t:n? Wwecn
i '. S, - J. A. Lalta by mutual consent is
ttii.-' day dissolved. J'erd.'in indebted t ) the
firm will please call and celt! 4 iinme lia'cly as
tho books must be squared up.
vr. S. T.ATTA.
.1: W: LATTA:
Roek I'luffi. Ffb 1st 1ST I febKrlw
Ghsriff's Sale.
Ad-drh C:.hen. is. T. 1. Crook, end A.i. V,it.
A. liaruiicr A Co.. vs. T. 1). i ro-.':; : d A. ti.
W biro :,nd W. C. Kerry. Jr.. t.'o, vs I L Crook.
Hiul A U WM'e Kxe. aiioii
N ii'i lCii is itereby k! . en that I w iilorcrf. r
sale at public ntn iiin, is-cc-h down, r.t the
froit door of the t -rr,- e in ih J e'Cy of Plat t--nieiith.
C ts con nty, .ebr::.,..", Hn tot U.1 d ttay
vl March, A I) lii,'0.;:t c :.'c!f. jk. i. n: of" .- '",. i
div the f.dinwi'-d re.dt riate. to wit: Trie nipui-
f.Vil r.;ia
4 vi as t.l -riti'ot Ca.-h ttutnty. Sett.
iivcti nc icr my hii.l.tltis i':th d:iy of Feb
A D 1S7-I.
J Av JoaxsON.
huerM of t.'.'ss oi'i .y. Si-'k
1a-i-,v.ii.u, AityV for jdaiutif
1 : rr. KsstiN
I & ii17t4r
Sheriff's Sals
'). A.''"
i:.t;i r d r-'..iie
V;m. K. V. C:!c. :;-r:ii:sr t !,::!' s . V,". liTi:
Xbi't'ist C-iurt of the s-cml i,-.-r-
.iTljii ri,tT
N. tt n tl
r (' i i s.tcto.n ?o: fteeen ( !.") in town V.;.
i north oi mire .. twelve ' z. n4
Xfr &
deies:uant. Charles V. il ii!. to s i i isly sa id 1c -rer.
j ..mouu d cinch i cn :.r.d L-t-T-a-t
o-i tin. s.i!;;l- lr"::i t:.-.- dae of s ,id ...sne r,t the
ra(,. n0 er .nn.ii.i. nd est ..i ;;t.
f amoating to el t- a.-i i costs .t'ile.
furiiT, l.V.e.vit-Uy. N'e'cr:i'k:t
jStkvkssox vt fl ivv. ARii. Atty.s for I'lttintiiT.
icb. V wit.
Sheriff' Sale.
J.rynnt (ti.b a lp.iiiustrat.-r oi t,.e c.-u.e
f V.'ui. Jl. W", (.' :'., attiiist iti bcri A.Cb iud-
1 r iirs!i.'.r.eo of r.rd by vi-tue 01 s dcerr-; ..f
the I.n-.t C-;:i.t.'-t tbe Se.-ou-t Jb tie: 0 !.-
trict. wtt'im .'t.d tor I 'us? Ccunty. Nd.wij.
ill ';Cir f..r sale :.t
es'- bid ler. lor .
O.uc.jlwi.'e. i.c tho e-.ty of IrtattMi.-mth. im-i
e-.uatV. .ri... ua tl.e U.ii-1 !.:y n( .ia'.-t nA. 1.
:'-V'a'? i'.p: m, ' 1 'h,y xU' ,;1 ;ril!'
tte. rits-1 r'l -t".!e. to ml:
i; c (,u:bnK naru-r of .Seetioa Xo
bnCttU S aiC.
f yti ji. ...i - . r :
:t"y..c:T .i.imir.isin.ier t:.r e e e c. :
y. ... v- v..c.t,. :v".' ii -t j.-imes li.
t ,,, e. iv. :u-:.l..r .l.-:Tiie- II i n: ::sr
I N 1 ut-uancof and iy vi;t: e, t :. dt rvc o; :Lc
1 ti. rid c-.v-t of the t-.e - ! .Ti- :v i .1 J'i -- t.
iri ,!
c.u L ; X: ,. -:r. A i- :- b ',;;:,pi.
XZnU, .e. th';
t : -i ill t v.. i. iu';li V .. t .a
'-,..1 ' " ,- t" i ' .di -. I"!. ' Vi
: . .. .1- I . 1 . . -.
. -- .-..-i 1 -v..... 1 .....
t'bs.v. i".ii: 'i b' .).u.bVa VV-
t-'i: -' ' l ' ' l-'J.s..;p
i-i- t
f x'.- juic'.'iiat
t f th- I
s.sivaate m i,:us e.--anty,
tho p.. p, r.y . i .'.i 1 ill -
t if
r .'ri ut i r-n 1 t . t iu ii i tit- w i - 1
Burlington & Missouri River
Railrcad Company in
, I'i.aTi siurrn, Nsa . Feb. in. tnt.
"f ae liuiliiicton A JMissouri Kiver Hailroad
fi.nipm.y in S'ebra.-ka rxpeet? to leceive ear'y.
next stie.iuier, pat-ntK from the Ignited 8tate
for all l.aTi'l-1 til whicii tbey may bo t iitilicd,
v iiitf L:it of aad inclod-o IIjpkk six. I'ast of
the. sixth l in opal . leriufiti.
V.'lo-o title be obtainod. the lands will be
f.r sale a below .-Mtc I and il it:- irn' ed : ,
On Long, cr Ten Years Credit,
Company in Nebnir-ka will .fell prairie Land on)
a ioim credit ot le:i yeiu-H. i .11 f it per cent, iu-
t. rest, aa i. ell IVairie and l imber binds on
tdiort rre.l it of two years, wtt h ten per eerit. in-
t?rc- u balancA' uiipai-1, or foreasli. 'iiiesU.rt
cre li; ::a i(;:irb price is twenty p r cent- le.-s
than the Its ere litrprice. T" iiaike the terms
and practical r.jFiitts of tbese ditierent. plans of
?ale pci teciiy plain, lei die follouttiK xai'iplos
beeo.t.-i.lered :
Long Credit Illustrated
Hay that i'i aero.'- of laud, nl do jit?r sore.- .i v.
is bought on lun ; ciL.iit of ten year.i. mi Apri! 1.
l'Tt). The paj; will be due s.n.1 payard? a
Iitt'ji o ?t. Aii'.-uut.
April 1, 1S70. piy t per cc:.t
i,it,.,.t on $j 00 $24 OA
April l.lTl. pay M per cent
ir.t i Qri ., 21(0
" iu 11 one-:.inth of principal, as foiio-its : ..
April 1. 1RT2...
" 1. IsT.i..,
" 1. ISTt..
" 1. 1K75...
" 1. ISTi)...
" 1. l!-7T...
" 1. ls-S...
" 1. 1S7U..
" 1, 1S--1... M
.. 44 4;.
.... 44 4 t
.... 44 4.i
.... 4 41
.... 11 4
.... it It
.... 41 "
.... 41 4
S-'l .M"
. 1 07
p; en
VI :c
10 ""
,s to
r. ;:
$ 7S
cr. 12
'.'ii 1 1
l7 7S
.V. 1 1
4' 77
47 11
44 -;t
MOO 0") $14100 &"4 00
Ifsfl acres is boi;pbt at ?-" per acre, or if I X'
acres, is ImuFht at ?2 i'si per ai re, the paytnentK
will be dtiew hen and .r tbe same rmtnitu ns Rn
the abovelorty acrtsat JlOperacni. .
Short Credit ISlustratsd.
.Say the Fame 4T) acres final, tivc i- bo-it;b,t nonr
short credit ol two years, i'h! price nill be ;S j.i r
aero, per eei;t vj, tbaii tiie ioiiij credit rico
payable as :',:?..-:
prill. iiT't, Oil-- third ef pri :i-ip:d flV. 07
1, ISTi, " - lot; oT
" I , !S7-.', '' ' If, os.
Total, .'-'.) 01
Apri! . 1-'71, '., cf.prin :ipal, flit f7
1, 1st, iniereot ill per cent, SCI .".1 "1
" 1, 10 C.i; H7 :t2
On final fayttirnt of either kind of contract,
tba buyer is entitled to a ftencral e a.Tan'j deed u j.njett tiile.
For Cash, or the Company ' Ponds, in full at
date cd purvhn-40. the same forty acres :u ubovo
ecu be bought ut s's per acre- fc'JO. and then get
deed. .
Tbe Hon 1-oftho Cornpr.r.y -will be taken i.t
ibeir face ai.d accrued interest in payment for
land if th-3 r urbase is lai'BQ eiiousU to cover thi
fuil .l;;:. uct of the bo nil.
liy the tir- t of April nsxt. a valuation will bo
fixed on nil I in.N whicii 'be Company xp cts to
ifet lyipir i-'st of hantrc Five liast, e.nd south f
too twenty mile limit of iuo Union I'ueilio Itail
road. A tiie Coi.ipnr.y may pel fret tide tmf.luf'r
tlie a-:i--o!i f..r breaking pra:rieU.:ll be far ad
vanced, i! will, on and alter tbe lirst day of .4 pril
ivxt. r.- below stated, oiler a prt -empt ion ritrht
tu the lands it may actjiiire. w.tbin the limit.s
named, to ai y person v. f.o vill pay in cash six
P r ntinu oitho v edurtioa prir-.; ofthe land liiat
.. iir' to t!-.e pers... a who ttii.t ,.. it iii..fai.d !
he -tI'-is. u'H.n the Serais and i ittion-" b low
lii.i'.. i. to 1, li :
Conditions cf Pre-Emotion.i
1. The Company will tcraiit prc-eniptiuiii
I-.i llanecs j?i.t tid Seven T'ft, en cud after
April 1. Ibel.
In Uas.Ke. Eijrat and ia' LaiL, on
A ls'.'ii.
and after
In H:ip--"s Ten and F.levrii Fast, on ond :.f:er
April s. js;. 1 .
In liaris-. ' Twelve. This teen nud Feurifci.
Fast, on and after A pril Id, 1"70
Opportunity will beyiven on e.l b ..I'm'.i 1 daj.i
for any two ' r more pttv i.s ho may w: J t it-c
mn! 1:t..I t bid tlit.-.fvr 'lie; prt-rt:ip!iiin
will be granted to tho ell" v. ill pay the lucst,
nr..! iordiwith payi'i. ciirl, tut pc-ecuiuiu olibo
I.ri.-e, us in ether. '!- s.
2. I:, no v.T.1.' iv ill a wrc-ruii.tloit .riid.l h .' i-'i aal
ed to o::e f . r-. .11 !r a pic of Ian i upon wlii-h
rue: hi r person is retitii:nf. cr. lii.T y improve-
lacits. uiilvt-jllila-'Csin iPttioti ic r'.lut
cr i!iii.rov".ii.--il' .-u-'b l'e .n : i' t'u.Jy slat.-' J
111 tl.t: a 1 'cs. i 'on: alct ti ti'l"i! ti or laM
-t.t.e r.'JMt 111 this rtvpeci v ill m rfc n torp.'itur
of the money that nay be paid, jind wiii cja-o
the pre rptpu-tl tv . tveatfi i- i:tdl and VoH.
t.t.e r.'JMt 111 this rtvpeci vil! wrr e- Pineitur
:;. .it-.
rke Company ' I..'
. f o b
' fi.'ll
to the Ian v v.-:t!:ir. l bs thai::- n. :aed, il wilt u-;ve
p'li lie notiiu Iniv.-i.! in n oiv-i.a;:crs iiiitn.1 tt j
Pin: .laoiil h. f ioei-J n n rid .",'ei 1 a. ii i. , ai:d I f .
a. r r: .'i: i:.;ci 1 1, y win it c will t pre par. d to f
t i ll eri.i!l;eer.rt-!..'t. . rs- Iknriis IUi.I
i .tiso ibo . titnc ann iu th( Mime iumimi.-, i
! picti..:i:iMai:' 'i! i-'.i.v tast o.t.pre i:t!p- I
1 1 'mu. tn 1! 1 h"V mc v. n 1 in si vtv Ve. H.-orth
' l ti i) I,:,.-. I !':-.- Mi'i't. ent r iieo 'ir.!ra-ts ti r
, tl.t t!r e t i li-l- land tiif V'bi-b ib' y 1:1 ay
M:a e .'.io 1; . I. in s.:..t ic. lie o a;.! 'I.i, v.itl
J aisi. Df L'iou totii.m by depositiotr lett'-rs in
I tiie I c-i.Oiaci . totai i raj. I res,, wul.:i m tK
.-: 1.!". '. r tl f di.y h.r .-t:a.-:s 1
i :'" : - ;-,..,,',. '"",. ""7:
." ',;. '.W'.'J.-i''-, '.' . v':?.r Il.o l..r.a wbiilrM
; "VT '"t f:'1:' ,L !r.7.u'A'i
c.utr. pb:ili neiik-ett- tii.e (.uittaml i.tactir- .
!! .-: o u iiiiii' ten t'.it s lo said (.'..iniLanV'.
be w:!l ti' ereby a'r.:it thit be is to pay to said
t .iii.pany f.fy dnlla Rpiunth tiom the date of
his apidi. aiioa ui lii he su.ili vu, uai.trily Ivavu,
or by law !.- t.its t d from the premi .
J're.einpiioin wel r.ot he (rraided on timber
lands, sici'j i tm spis.ial con !ii its. kq-I, as a
v ;'C r;d u:r. pre cai. 'ic-i v. dl ret letranted
t or Ics J.-ian one boi;c.ret! sr'l rinj seres, d-
t .r Ics J.'iar: one l;oi;c.reti sr'l rmy Sfrcs, ex-
?cpt iiiMieeial ci!i,j wherf tbe fclc of a f-.n .licr
i jat.liij ill Hot ii .u: ioa: ly :i;:.;ct ti.o :utorv.t-
te t a.. t: l ji,-. . v. till-: t..e i y intei J
' ii-si t ' e-nii! i mm il.eranv. i Mil! reierre the I
j r:s:'.t la n-.i?ct any nopli.Mli 1:1.
I 1 be l.i. i:ey that til'; pre-cmj ti. r. spj.gcot'il
t).trV'y,i from d:;te .4 pnrai. r.t. will -r ullowo I
i may pay. tore! l:er itli r-r crt. in'er-.vt :
j o lii.a a pa: t i tbo i-a:i h.v-v. i , uy, n!.n Lis
tr.e p,n,( wiUii'i ixtv d-ivi utiuc ti... dv, is fi)ioi.
,,) alk,t .:.tiii thai lie Co:i.p..a - rtatiy l(jr. l
! : n I to j- -n- co.:; of -aie.
rf en .1 ct.i
iats t-r
i h -M- I treulT -fl ll!'.t: r :ir.-..:i'ns ran
i biaitveu Knitis; hy npyl.'-ii'x '. or utldri;-?ioir
OKO. .ft. UA'.UiS,
v --i.i.-.-roi.vr a ...... iy. i.. co. tn.ivi. j.
Auy waut?ur land of r.:iis Ojeipwi-.y. in t
eit'iei Ila..Sr? 6. 7, H. 1.1. 11. 12, V- xli- I... I of
the t 'h rriaeipal ..lcr. !in. n Ino !ore?o:ne
io .,.a .-vrdnict,-.. I tore-by
t -ri:y t;-r vl i re-t-r-ii- i n ....ft
i ".. :n 'l..,.b- ' V ..f lie -i
..... ................ "
, tus' -! tt.e fitvti i nnei; n ji.'.-nut.n
-i.'..;icd i.i the O u-iiy ........ :- .i; 1. 1 : :; ii 4
n; mere or 1' si, as per ipe. cfM-ect
."-t-.-i. r. -a. j, r a'.r--. .
.ly lc.ti.;irei.ii;;i' 1: ... j
" I
0:: rr.-. - t of a i - ;fi ): fti.-j'licatbia I fee J
f. i" -v. "r. t'i.k ,;ii.iS:v i-j it ..- Met.,)
ot.-itr .'.c'.'f .-t.M udse.i c KpiiiisaiU
i',rr:;. .:;:i.
.A I,. :s
J O -
, iit: i 1.1- ; ; i Iic.-.'c libra pre ;::.n. zi
a.l ' 1 rtsdc is r -'-i irt-l :! .J"w t. r.r. I Lls
win ! .) v i'-rei a.- c : il.K H t.i i ;!ilc :l .- I
.v.r. l . ."0:i .)i n;;. :..-: i,:..- -.'... V V .
y:j :. ... -'. " '.'. ot: -r:: 'icr i"
t-je ,i. -J you tint o hf !c: I ...i is r . r. I r i' - '.CT. ...
eji". i. :v4i s ie-wUr.-. :
L-r.I Co-.:
IVl iT r. t
WM. B. PuraTlB, " Agent
Pliit.'.Mi;-.-. i;b, ----- Neb.aAa.
v .m r vti urn pr
( ili?;, . Iving S. II.ttLiibon.
Ottawa. - - - - - - - Illinois.
I irn ( for the nt.ove M. I.r.tti -I O. rrt
.Shi Ikr. and an; piopar. .! to till iMiU tnon .-bi t
notice. A 1c 1:1 a- hiue can be ne11 f n.y
fsrm tw.. and H h: If ::! s m 11 ; b e.-t oil I alt -mouth.
1 hve had one of iIh-m- pi:e hiri" in 111
for the pas' tire rear. mnl lir 0 ii perfect ill ever
repeci. v, M. li, PHltl bit.
luj' iu
, rt n m aJS
Tn.TU SlreCt. SOUl!) 01 13311,
I .
Pl.liiACHOtlCIl, ill.,
Piss, Cakes, Chceso
and Sweet Cracker-.
kr'. a hir.J tt .'! limes.
nisti nnnsfAN a Ri'tiKr.rr.
A.'"X. I.rajii. ) ,
J. TI.UsM.-iu)
Xo J. 11. Ualotwin. T.ttt n!il1pd
that no a 1.1 aehmc t: t van" tsyued bj me in r- of
pleint'd'r r.ud rai .'"-a tho ti:j.- e ii.ilhc-1 .iei'.-ndiii.t
lor t b.'iim of li i- --s-vn t.t'. ir. jtvl lii.ii pot
for Saturday i!ic I2tb of J-Vhruni y. ls7o at
ten cVb:ek A. M. of u'i dny. pi. wbicii ii;n
judgcim ttt will I," rendered a-ja'ci ? yott, if you
u not tipr)iirBri'lsh''r cause to tlio.-on! rnrv.
J A M K6 'Mtlbl.. .luMtic.ftii lt... '
PiiitsiTioivth. .Jtm. 7ih. istt), ljjil:,w4
One Door Vc?t of 3Irirpby
Hotel. xMain Street, tsmouth. 'I'
T opening a I.iriJ t;.ux cf O lid
Csmsisting of
Gents Furnishinc; (lOds;,
Hats,; Hoot5?, Slioci,
Wiitcltes, Jewelry Gum Sistols
5tfTPrancli IIou.., Omr.lia. Neb
jatii'-d.lwtf. , :...
V.:.. ,
i .h
5$ lijt
!l'T& Si'. . ' . .'
ed their .Stsrilo !- -t'lTf
r, 'Ait fii't. l.r
I rP(t, ci 1 rtii -V
eeetr l k
N. , . nr,.:. .
lurstc-k of j
I - '.. , .
l.tiXU iJrijTTIi "JUaS y.
! . . '
1 - 1 it
Jjiti 1 i
. V I.Ujt.i...... ..........
P.i-f.Iercd. Sugar....'...,
" coiTvs.....;'.......' ''.
CJi. k-iJi"'1
f '. rr.
Poor Gunpowder Tri
! ( Ilitperi.!' 1C1
t 'l
' i'ctehtt i.-S.-
Bet XXX rauii'y Ficur per Mrs t S
v megar, perpauon...
I , -t . r i
I i 11CV hkYC A (jrOOO OlOC Ot
j " - ' . .
g ,1
, VirCceflCS Of Sll 9
on Ii-.r.i2
ar.d to arrive scuti. irTKiflv
. .
I f'riria m I hn - ,.- .
, . . t ti ;i , t;.ruSY
i f
4 . s-
01 i;
will '.,:
"GCil plar-c to buy .
I ''"'s
t l - :tr' ., $ '.; ...,';
::..C. il tl iL'J. ',-.-f
"lit '
I 1
f .
:' S
. f-!
i .' " :