Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 13, 1870, Image 2

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r-LAITSMOJT.I. r-Ef-'.rr.'XA.
mi:iLSI.Y.... JAN. i J. I-7
.n i.n. - !
i :.n.1:.fCl lvnlnti:!.!. ;
dnv. i'-.l!V. .5 !!! : VVj-- '-
, . ... ,
n m:i tlx 0:L IT; ('onjrutvil.-.t-.vs "''- !
Ij0iMal:i:5 o:i th; i.!T,.-f.erlfy of th
S:.!.. Ifi-' rc'.-.Ij't- of the .State trear- :
a-v durinir tli veur were 1 ,0. j
u'- UU1 -' ,,trm , !
Ti.e expenditure.- wore 1,.,U,'00, m- ,
.Jo-Kujj 4 IT-.V'O cxi'-nded towards '.Im ,
cf tl:e J uMi. d.-' t,
re1.! 1'-" ! !! -
a '
-va,urv of rl.l ' j
, . , , . : , , ' , ,
uo .-tut,- ucU,s.l,- ,
- j in tin; t.vasur,
Total amount oft
thi; c?;imn tVAIt.
A Ncv York dispatch of the Uh .--ty.--:
The .Sj.ani-h Cuban war in tid. ity
amxcs hot. The 5?.a:.idi .',:i.-ul Mil
:;'or lb Coiito, Kditor cf'aSt anMi
J.:il,.'r, reecivtd aH.rfiyinov.:, tiotiiieat.ons
that tbey w.u!d bo assa.s-ina'.ed. enie-r
iLobcitj, Spanih .Minister at 7a-hin-ton.
is id-.o to he put ottt of tlu way by
cttin two well dres'-ed eiuuii-sari to
d-e'V hiM into a dark corner. Accord -
to tha llieronisti. tho Cuban junta t
has arranged a'.! this i 'oody wo: k :n m
crtt M-i'i.,11. Meanwhile there is a re
port of the sueci .-ful dopavture t f an
other expedition for Cuba, v. it li plenty
of arms and powder.
The remaining u:ibcats belonging to
Spain were expected to g t o'ft
rur reamer iMlowing, lor the purpo.-e
,. . ,
takm? care d the 1 nban et ui: t rs.
a war
- ?
TESfVB 5oJMK(rS .V i:.SS ii il.
... . !
,overnor 3iet.urg s ;',';--c.1,(;.(.
tet.ti'Mi to the poacd'-.d condition ol th ,
Si ite :tnd v;ew ' tlii l';e-t a-k. tut j
Si ite and i vvw of this l;4ft a-k. tue I
ron-id ration of the cxpedieney of re- !
e ,, . :
m,vmg the pol.t.eal d.s.omnes of tho-e ,
wh luiti.ipated in the re! He
don't think It wee-.nrv tf amend the i
t't t" m ,iVr' thi"-- '- lb' "M-iti- '
T"- ' "r'.!' mi' 1 tirth- li-Uture i
tir.ioii now proM.. s .-..u tm. iciaiuie ,
u:,y ..-move ,uei. dl.-abihiies alter Janu- :
ary" !.-r. 1-71. He ice mi.ien Is that this j
, ' " , ,..( ,;: ,,1 ;,,,',,.!
! 'V 1 a t o. o 1 1 i 1 e .-. mi 1.1 1 . .1 1
' ... .. .. e . i
' ' ' ' ' . - 1 . ;
..,i,va s ..o.t U.b .0 e.-lo; ,
the l.-i-I.Mre may run, in p:.t at .ea.-t, I
.. iUc. He . .-piloses a ooaven-.
.t . " ,1... eeilk,. !
t i ,,1 ,, ..,, ., t e ico- I
, iu eoio.u. 110, s.o.n.i.l.n,, . i'-e 1 . I
l'e th" i -ooodl'un t . all--'..' me: e to :
"- ' ... ,." .I,!
ote, and an, li.i." sinking out lroxu t,.e
con-titution what h known as th-?
The debt of the State i.J ciLV-'
1. 00 .01 w ...
Th.i general Cnaaelal condition is fa-
v.-:.hL. bnt the Governor uws stria !
eeonoiev. i'iax.itisiioiil'oilti. !
. -r,:v. .. i j . '!. I rdaine. and all so! iic rs di.-ab!- d a::-! ho!t
' " j c iab!.- di . liireeh are liable to the e
lie annual pro-
ing since 1SJ7 the coinincneement va' i
in the coa.-tr'.tctior. eft lib tJnutile rail- ;
roa-h at (J'lliK, Ma-achu-ctts, to the
; resent tmi2 is
shown in tho ibiIo"..:i.
H. t
1 S.
i-I ;
S '. 1
3 - ; i
I. -tt
w ;
1 :l
t .-
IV,. 1
1 v.:,
t!7." :
s..: j
1'.. ' ' I I
: .-, I
l.l.l I 1-5S !!
l.l'.". f ls.o
J.I I 1-d
V'J.U: !
:--b' i
iii;, !
!. Ill
!.;i2 ,
liv,; !
:.y. W.s
.s2 l- .
1 j,;.o
Citv Pa-en-cr UaiWL
HAt 11- '
eluded in the above summary. Thc.-e !
. . n i i i
are now in gon-.-iai n.-e in a.i eoiisMcrame ;
itics, and in tann-rotis instances in
vines, .in-, in .'..? ... : , , , i- . i ....v "i i ii; i; n-.i.ii civ.'.;c-m. i .-..11
, , . . , . i p oved m tne oiistruetion ot tne woi ;c. ; 1, .,.-. 1 ,,; t:, , . . ,t ... .1 .
ii'.ircs ' i.'iv r ui.", I't'i.'' 1 ; 1- - d.-ii-f ' i .1 1 -. , ! iOii'i 1 be buiit ug as list a. tne weather
p. .00 a.i. iv. 1 01 ...... .1.. .... .. a ii-1 i ie the town -and vp-mitv a r.'id : , n-i ; . . 1 ,, . ,1 , ...
JWtoii, New York, Ibooklyu and Phil-I bus ni'ss appearan-e. We met Cyms WiWf 1 th-t ebureb
a l-Ipbia eon-ittia-irstieet railr-.a l tracks j WoodnK-n, Vf one of the heaviest . .,-att'.'' of theattti. bint d m-er of ' S -lily
hundreds of u.lles. Probably the to- ",r"It r".-lA "l'int-n hp oM.on- Th, ,;;,,e ...wails there. '
131 " 111,1 railroad ligure.. Also, Paul II ah Trims- ; ,. ' " m-.. uie ue loar- ee-e coa- i ;,;, :.n. future IVesideiit of the U.
rosrrvsATi:.' ' v'!-" -i:-"r" ;!"- ,"'Hi'e i T.: '.W:T,,j a,i I,-1 ''V1'! ' Ho was not appointed
have secured
in this city a
adv:uic';n-n: .
will, tin iv li
.0.....; sii.i (ujii . . 11 lit- t. cu ll... , ,
.....! , ... .: 1 Mv
11. .ti ixv i.'.'iiiv. , ,1 a 1 . , v; Ol.U Ml
Cn'ouic!" li.'ea'isc it has d..;cd to men
. i, . l o l .... r ...
.i... c. l ...... .. l .... i-...... :
t.'.'.i ity .ii v ,. v ini.c; .1 ...... .''.i .... j..:..
..... , , , " , 1
winch fact has 1 eeu l.a own for a long
Plattsu-oath." and rice tr.i We are
sorrv to think thnt smv jiirm in ..l.rri-.:.- i
. j - - -
is o very narrow minded as the Above
tcnten.-e v,ou! 1 indicate, and more espe
cially that a man pro feeing to instruct
t.rt ...ll.'t,. tnr.,11.!. .,n.-l;,...
of a newspaper, shoiii have su. h ;
r inlriew centraeted idea ef public albai; s.
c have sometimes, wonoeied at certain
.,,1. ..:,.,-..f tl,.. 1 ... i
laannestiit.oUi oi tue i n.., t ut nereai-
, , ., .
ter.-uau wonaer ar n- in
we tea .' see
m its co.uuiiis. We doubt not the many
viru'.ent attacks made up,.;i tb.e C r-, u- j
Prt., that ail I'.'arls of the Statu 'nn-.y i
. is lbrtunate enough to : . i .1 IV1:;" J""':l-:'i I !. 1 . 'Tth . -.'Xl I" tl' tiew Lutheranchurchat llagars-
tb; se.V,esfd'a newspaper I : l' i V' "..'V.::'.-n -i in raets, and re-stocked both Md., a large hand is painted on
ad e. ...:-uid orgam Her V r'.f- . . " l ., . lin- tb- -b-a-.l im-I W t...r V-o...- the wall m the vestibule, i.ointing down
1 s a-piratio is ,-' " ." ? ' ' 1 V ' 1 ! The ('., 1.,, .'n'u'Su.l woP I to a spot otm w.ththe.nseription, 'please
e i. vlded iVen, this ' " : I'ons.;,.o , os.uons a a -o:,, ; . - - ; 7,;., " leave yotir P.ibaeeo there."
fV'T ar;.'! ;.'-ii '.1'; '1 1 ,C " V t" wh.mi we are ind.-bted f'.r much val- , -N,"!a;ivl ( '0'' Vith -'-'"-es ; teruoon last, that there were more ska-
n Tr. . j3;. 'I .I-.?, , V 'V'T1' ; uable inti.rmarion. He is a business m..u iU1(1 i .-' chan res, and nu- j ters on a pond near than there were
and a (,td t.,.j.r,.,n u-id J... dnoyi j , Tl,;J proved bumes of the Company are 1 sent to hear him preach.
riSutJulh,-!',-,;. ; raaroad i, a i.-t a!uab:e mvitut: n b.r ;'-;. v - ' , A oupb: iuTroy had a dimt.on Fri-
Th -..sir i-,.rr rf ... j,,.,:,. i :-'' ts5.v or.oiii.try. auo we regard l- o , t i .'?' v ...... p- , uj..i,t wh.-.her thev shonld hive a
ill'' J-oe m.istei ! , i . c... 1 1 at lo .. . t .... b , - ..rf' .! o. , an i ;, e "pen t tue mteiv.-is. o! hi- . li- - - . , .. - ., . . .
. . , . ...-.o.j. .... .on o- -i .-.v.. I.,..- -., . . ., ... .. . 'oi.-.- or a ttr.kev for tlieir ( iristmas
ia fO.n i.-.l ;.o a t.n-i.' t. .e.v t.i i c-, .... t , I'l-'xeis, us v;i its m me ll'.H ItiUllue ol
t'n.e to the iutei!ie..;.t pi r-verywhre j of rib.::.-. Tho t iciicral is pr..viu r a '
. a .. i x t . . v j i . t ... a i. i , .f ...... t ., ,i . .i ...... .,..,..-!
evep. a. eoiaa wirj. iui now is u ; j ; ; T'., V l.'o'.i.i I ' ali-Jired by the tpatiidi Miuist- r to bo a ! cvitrs, or half the existing rate,
with -the many liimd.; and ae-iu-uat- j vplJ "tl'"a ' V'' it istaud that a Comfortable familv residences can be
a nee ' of Billy in and about Platts- j M:.IlV .... I hup-ovement s -,re iu, b-r 1 1 !:U'' - bevemiu Lutier I . - tvu j ,-enVd in Houston, Texas, at from ten
mouth? 1V thov am-e with him that a i wav. :u 1 the town pr.nni-o t d. ruble its ' ?:n: '!,1W!l io-m ( nai.e.-tm with tne , t0 lifteeu dollars per month Store
-bad mi. re-ion is made ibr Nebraska I '"-Vnt population within th. next year. I ! 1-m1 :uoan' 50 ror.m, are al.ertid at fifteen dollars
Citv cverv time a cooi one is unt ie Ibr ! UV iil.t!u' l ( i' 'v ! ' ' . j wiihout securing an apph-
e'ehavead :riseu fro-n t'l--i-t that llo'.- tw.-.-u ins n-.i .w-i-ttuons r.n-l husc... . h ju.---s ph-a-antiv :tttate-I. :.nd :: thine T ,. - x- , , .
ULinn.J.i..ieoiiiu.ji.i...i.ui..i.i..... . , . ..i,.,i-. , . y . .. . ; , ,. b ... . . .,, , i . , , Tn a 1 r written m November la.-t b
believes in a mini the she of a enat, eye. i ,. V;; 'V V, .; .; ) ) V 1 , pr ..v , 1 1 l,e, , s . , 1 ,i t . .t.v-s. T , K. M.,-l,ead, of Pictigh
t i i , ... x- , , i l' V'1'-'-" 1.1.-O..S ti. .... ..... , e , ..ut r.n.r..'jn v.liat v,.: ..Ir. 1 nay- . ... v .:...?..
waicu eauuoi u,ie.::i:i: now .t : r .s:.-: ,,.;.v.- make any as pleasa-.t as ti.. i ,r w mid c.inv out his idan. hat i: is at 1 .'J V . w - i 1 1
Citv and Piattsmouth can both grow and twhieh have bou-vl him here; h- w ill : a!l- r;lte. woilh in.puiilmr into. -V Y. ';:;-V::;' tf "f" 1 U) hJ k' praet'e.'
i-i .i -. h-ive i-w iri- n bh:os to f-ii ! ;r n : ' " ' i.nd his lumte I income on amount ot
prosper, while the IkrviiuU: a.ssaiaes a j "t4 l- rt iU- i"f- lo ' " " : ''. j ....-..., ,., .,.r,i,,,,t;Vn nmn.-i-tv
i i , ,.! wnrdi can t-Vv-r be as elese a h- n. ,,. ,.t ...,,.,. i , i ,. , i ,. m.p.ouuc ti c propcrti, makes
position beyond th- om;;ou ot , j. . j u j .M ,,, , .. ' iwcittj i-;er-A o.en .tie sai l w .-ica Iv ; of M-or,p: --r.ifts have fre-
Mih iatelhet as that exhibited ia the ; i,'..'. ,"i "'L.r' . ',.,,..'.1 ' :Ci"h. X ; t0, ,u tb:au:.:nig a uistmc. I mver-. ,;!Jt,nt!v ,.,.. pro,,oscd. but you know me
ctoiv aiu iuosi'r at tne me time im.i " , .": , ... . ........... ... , , ,m.1,.;i.ii . ui ,;.,.,.
t , , . x- , , f..t vrlikh ho hus cxorti'.! a pari .-1 3ms poor ! T"1-1,1 :!'ut .0 ,Ui,-..t! ihc .-liiods
that it can da good to vlraka Cny al.i:itv :,. fm-thin- thiiitvits oi' the ! ls!;:,ut kuiJ now hvinj grown ex
without Joiui injury to rinttsuioutli or j State. totisivi-ly tliu-rt?.
other htf ality. We tl uht not the i In hi lV.r.s to his roa lvT ati-I ; The total numlxr of h'tii'litiirs eri'L-ted
tliiercncc ol opinion, on thi- suhioct. as ; ration . an l to the ..o.l )eo;ilo whom I or herun ia Nmv York city, during tue
cxeatp!icd in the two papers. ' h the j h'' 1- tuown so Ion.?; h-: Ur.. to assure pa-t year, is 325.
reason why the Chrvr.i-U U eon-.' red tLem,,,lut he -0V0J !,,aVc a I A Wd of b-autiful vi.,l,ts ure in full
rea.on wuj tut. i 11.. . ,.,.,,,, ot their fori carancv. kind LI-.oiu iu a vard in .cw Loudon, Conn,
tho superior paper in all parts of the eiu-oni- rciuent, and material assistance : T, n , t 1 Mn (,1V,. , ,
1 . 1 1 i . ' .1.1111 -'i Aiic trroutiu lutsiii.t l.-een eoereu witn
State, aud why it liass i-ueh an extensive and w.ii ever nrav that health, hat ju-1 ,.- , . 1 - .
1 . , , 1 1 , , - t.t . 1 1 1 snow m iiiehiiU'U l, a., tnis vintv.-r.
circulation throusliout the Statt. A pa- n,s- :,IK' t''"-inaant weaitu may Le their ', . .
., , i Li't t rui'ililii'' S' i .n'i Cieo. i. rreiitn-e .s present serious il!-
per assun:ing that every strike made at l0 u h wU- f'--'-'t-1- ,;! r-e,uks jVoiJ1 .IU .. aaiua of
some other locality is a link in favor of
its own town, and that every word oin-f.-mra.'.-ment
extended to other localities
ii a lick acainst its own town eami'.t ex- j
pent a decent sized circulation, either at j
:ou:c or abroad.
1 ii...- !' .'.levin,.' in th-3 XJ.ra; ka
City CniM.'v'e, a'j.or th-j j.rv-.
llli'-i :
Auf - duy:
I Hlg tiu: J'rt'.-Mill.T JU 1L- Ol Ull-i
. . . ..1 1
roiumiiir ail --.u!ty vai-t-.i to Lj ic :i
m', ' ::, f 5. ...... P,.. ,,,.!
:...u.aV;cr hear all su-! eases in oion I
e - .nt ext-crt jiuc very intricate on.-a j
v.viiij - l;,n: i'-omits. . , j
On ihu ul.jcct a lull esj.rc.-M-.tiot the.
WM ol,uhK.a :in,, thu re?M,julj,.n v::, ;
voU.,i ,.on ,y a 0te of lour i:i fau-r to !'. l ii :ia:i!.
it apouivd, to Le the opinion of ;
inajonty th.;ttLepraoti-.-j -t taking U.-'.i- i
1UMJy (railyj in v vn l.uurti sv;!, ;l iu,t. ,
nd ur-.-afe plan, Oiitiarj to ood j-rae- '
tic'; and the Wnd'eacy of tho ou u its !
thr-iii hout tn: l.iu J, anu ;t i-ii.ti wtiicu '
"iiL'Lt to be -i: -.-,. untt bv a. i '
awyei a;d lovers ol juu
SI X Ifiii tit-si i tulo Sll'.f iirti-1 i
jut llif.i:i iukt I.
! Fr-.-ia ti; New Y-.ak Tribune .
V ..t,.r,I ,v :.n oM !:. :- uol
1 '.M.ite,
hair ami haltlog g;.it api.bed to the Ji I
dies Ln'.on Keller Association lor a;J,
. te, . .. , !. .... Kr. . -,v,. 1.: .
teioii a jiKi.ilio .-toi. lie ;ae lir- i
n;.n:e"as Patrick Cahiil, and said -hat he I
had that moruiiig been turned a-.vay, j
witu li teen other feO...:ei-. ii.mi toe
Ki;i: county :hm -iiou.-e at 1 Jatnu-u.
Aiier breaktas-. Mr. 31 in ray. the War
den, called up i-i:.;ecu of tho inmaWs', all
of whom had seen :.-ervico unji.r the
'-:u- audboro.-al ci.lui.-es .
j of it in the empty dceves ami cauu dies,
'and nitornied tiicin that .Mr. i.'elaii"y,
, Uie -4lir,.ri,ltell.Jt.lU t,f,w p0,,r hi JJrook-
4,:. -....,( . f,,-.. -.,.f
vuVu v,...
lo tl.e. r :.:i.teu, in .-an ie.; t 'jeei'iimg tl;e
d' thi, ht.r-Ji a-ii- n he replied:
Y,.,u so!J., r; i..-t leave here Lecau-e
V'jii are Jlep;iS!ieaii-i and te.l I'm Ki
Viii are Ht p-.iS.i. an-- a:;d v .ted :be lie- j
V'1:'" . - j-'l '-- !
-dr. Murray that hr had iu 100 uev. 1
if j,,. ,v;ls ,j tUi w;'iV
w,.uj. ;;!;iv0 a!l 4;r;vn. '.'dr. j
Murray replietl that he couldn't h.-lp i
that, he m.i.-t talk to Mr. 1 e!am y. So i
iL- l't;or i"cilovs 'V'1,5 col,"I,v!1,-"lkt- 'I'' I
a. , .,e;s... uu, homeless. Oar m-
-...t a, at t,e Catharine i-treet
Kerry lot passage owr to N.'W V ;r!M but j
was deiil'-d udmitiaiuv. H j tb-:i '.' . l.t
, ,, . , , . .
to the I ahou ivviy wh.-;. he n.-t witn '
to the I Mboii 1 my wh-v.. h !!.' witn ;
;,...,s u the Soutii I--rry aj
U!a:i cavo him a ticket, and he;
came to this city, where heat Mice ..b-
taiue t reli-f. Mr. Cahlll . -li t el in "ol
1 . .. 1 .. 1
:l tliree .in i.'.n ' r.g.n;. -n. . an-1 se. ci
- .iji';! t!ie e-.' li::!. j:i i-f the tci" ::. v.dic'l i
1 ..,.... ,1 "), ...... J 1.., ,
o , V'.I " V I
c:,.,,te,l 1:1 the Ulivg.r.ient u:r m.- ;
t:tnud in t u ,ar iin:.. tli : sunvn l ;r ot 1
is:: - 1 lid ltt!;r;;:r
-nS to his hon.e cai : vh, wit li him the
Bvar. of eleven we and.--. Kriends
aninrerest ia his welfare, have w.iten to
ashiiite;i '' r his di.v'iarce. There ! .
' ;io 11 -Vli- 'l ' ''L
i.v aa....e, v. ;s. ; anoti.-?i'
. 1 one in Auau
j A 1 1 V many
,0 tj.!us relieve! ..fn
td 'ltd lie' n'VoV tliJtr cx- i
v a i.o,r r
V 3"!. Iii- Vlit tit f!i.J?s7uo-.s;'.j
o il i' ppe. i in "ii our ti leu1 1 :u 1 latl.-- j
,,,..!. S-,lnr..,v I.-f -....I .!..;:,.'-.
. . 1
b: i'.-f stay, took a general sumin.try of j
the raihoad and other in,: rovements.
now in progress, in that live v little cite. . , ,. , ... ,, . . . ,
i..4-'. i v- ' , . ,. . , ',, (, j st.iu httle fellow tried to coninnt '.
J...0.0 i e iotiui our end iriend, Ilalhawae, .... ,. -i
along side of wliom we have jylcked'' b.ecuiiti' big "icows' noee. More
r r ,
type, in i avs ot yore, unvini' a v::'orous i
.V..l:,;:!,, .!, ir.n.T.l ,. V..b I,., !,,J.,OM
i ijmij vn inv. jzli ui i,, n iii1. ii in.; mui
up, in the space tf live yars, to an c::- !
viable to ition anions the iieAsi.apers of i
th.i V. o.-t. The JUrnld U pr -sp-rin
with a generotw aid from ;he i;y, ibr 1
which it lias so earnestly la b-nrcd. ,
li- & '.;r..a.i have coinj leLco ,
'.h.-iriuio to t-.e ea.-t bank . !' th ii'.-.-, j
It V " 1 II
ir iineia tue ;o- :
t - 1
I ',..!! ti J-.m-Ol.!. i 1: V.'or : : !;,;,
ru;ui js tf a meet eabst....ti:d chara.-itr, i
.... i : . i. . .. i... i t ii.. i 1
; j ' i-- ."g i'usu-i i.q ki a., .yn. i
i Thre.
.. oinoti ve.s are coustaniiv cm
We nu t Win. V. Hrown. il-e. '
:-id a visit to ihe o.!be of the
-orv-ycr tien-ia!, ot ls-vi-a-, ih -aii
t , ,. , . , .
and b.w-a. and be ud it pl -a am! . l- a-
u.,. :, , ( p; -.r,, ; ,,. .,, ; ;,-. i., ;
E!iI ,..,!,. id - .' uiueh to tiie cre::t
St-o.. ..!' V 1-, tl... r-.t.M
tl,.... Ii..iil'11'..r .'It.- .. T - I n...'i .-l.i ii I.'. .1:0
.t-ueuf NVb.a.ka, hi the r:.pblu.-v,-I..p-
merit of wbi.h v,- aie ai! so vitally ii.le-
rcstcl-AW.. Cry Cl.od, !,.
a ii..i 9s.oia:..
oi' t' ,.;t; .,.. . t 1 in ..'! ti.
"n- i i..v o'.i... .1- '-I Jjin..o..t in
!,:.. ., !.,.!. ..,..1 ... t'. ., V.,.
- - -
' t i... O I.. I T. . T
tiK. 'V.. ..jV" c.,. We .1:;;-'
bsi p.v.-euted Abix with
i. in.i.n f.-i .
:' eveiree i
-e ;
watt h as a t.-.-tnu . ny o. tn-:r in. i. b-np. (
lae i'ee:pient ln.ruiv knows m v.iia
, , , - , . ,
terms ?o t xpress bis t barks lor tie' te-i :
:. -".1 l.T " , .
tne l'vieipient m.r.ny knows m want '
x press his i harks i )r tie- te-i;-!: bc.t a.-.-.-ot.-, t as an .--vi.b-i!.- .'.
th, fe! ual cxi-tenee of the good ibellmr ;
ne b:i-ver end.iayored to .-uitivate Le- ,
ns n : tw-i-ituons an-i i.usc.:.
tiwc r I .- jcuvl t" am; ;.:irt A' ;is j-Jo i
a- lie is -.I tlu" rust l:rti.-.'ti vears. m
Forty church fairs nre rnimia in tho
retail Hade of 1 'hi'.a ie'phia.
i ha ,i ievis btevc-ns was pis.-ionate!y
fc-uJ of uuisic, although, as he said, he'd
be handed if he knew ca2 t:.e iVoni
. I ...t 'I. .. . . ! w . . . f . I. 1 Ml -O IV i?j t ! "I 11,1 I ... I 1 .1. . 1 .... ;-.... 11 ' .... : 1 : 11.1 . I : r 111 j ,111111,11 on S11.1. ..I.
lit'!-. Mill ir TV ... it : I11.....I..1 ... H'. . 'I I . i i
Kai!r - ril ir-.j-.;- ;-Jo!ti:;--.r 't.Tii
K. I!. k'': ' 1 Si !?(.:
J:iutuovi'ii: i
I!::, IlK:;AU:-!,' no U-.l i,n.rr
,.,ur .:.,ui;l.n.-.:i:y, an-t notl.m-t. d-
to - day. I will drop you a few lines in r
:.if;n to our city and the county in gene-
!.it;.n to our city and the county m gen
r:ii, hotfttr it may intercut sonic of you
, 1 -
'" ra:!ro:;d ; V f.-:r- : ! L iu nl
T!o-r-' uth'v sf :in . 111 be ra h d j
t ,A, :..t t!l, i..,t., ,..d ti:o
1 . . , . , e
cars rrf.iM.-r into the cry hy the Joth ol
IVhruarj, 17'. 'I his road is bo:n r
,,,,.,,..) ;:,;-,val ir:.:it, r rapi hty
,i , . i n
are aware o;
s impiovmg very e o.ive
in t f!i!-!:e 1 a !a:-e briek sehool houe,
costing the di?uiet al.oul v ."!'. i'-b-t-din
the- furniture. The bulldiii-' is two
f 1.:,! ...1 f'...f ...i-irr
well ventillated, and will seat about 17,
pupils very comfortably. It is intended
for a g:a le I eloo!, wit!i three dej-art-
ti's. with a rei-nah' n r- om fjr cacn
,1, .,,,-.,'. J'ul.l:e s-hool was openee
. . , , -,r , ,,- .. , ri i
m it on la-t ?IondavT (Jan. .id;, iiu
. t
pros :.t prI:.-ipa!-.M.r. Avery 1-
, a
M-ho!ar and . iitleinau. an-.i under his
ll.:1I!:il,v.,0,it tt;(. ..dc.dars should become
ing a thriving Lusin.
II. T.
c.;,k. fcl- th-'iirm of C'.aik & Uro., is
i j to his eyes in railroad hu-incss ; he is
a geuth' in every seme of the word.
Mr. J. A'auce L 'wis. of vour f oe.rihioL'
cite, is about locating with n-:. He ap-
ar.: to l.
lain o( ri'!Miem. nt,
a-ia 1-? oa:.o::ig li:t-el up a goo 1 f rue-
ti-e. l!u is at prv-vnt en.Mge I in get-
, e t bookw V nice
y " ay 1 t t 00k Aa .a
t,ir,,,1l 1 P'! K1 -u':Uc lliat h-! u"Jt-'r
."tar. 1- i.t litsin.--.--.
The in- rea-e of our count v in valua-
tion i- about one-third i,,m than it was
, t , , ,. . , . ..... . :
lt t -v0:,r; a,J 1 V": at ,
" voting popuia'.-e'J. I thimc by the
?io;t m ui. : id ti.ei we will 1 e-able to
,:), a ,,.,l , H;,,:, :n: ,
h'ni-ell' up a goo 1 j ::i
,,; a ,,,,.1 . ,.; uy I
, , ;. ; '. .., ,' . ' ", !
J1 ": ' ' i
the m. r. 1- 1-r the p:i-t two cr three '
w.. k..'. 1 n.1'.
e has -i a trial volng en ,
;ii;;0 our i'iv'-at- o u dee Janie., . atf en dative ol lortv. One familv alone
., . . ,, , ,. ! f..-,;,'c : .. -,.,0. on v.Vv'
Oo'.V 1 .S a -.-.-!.. fiel oa'.tet.., t.;C i - '--I "I-
, .. t d, 1 i"f. -,,.,",;.. ! IL 12 li tllJ louehlll- obltltary of Cal-
I--J t Uu, .... )--y t .... i f ni";i. ( rvii: "Ite.rDoi: U no more:
tr: a li..:.:i.. It appears t.: t-u- j y.u ,,a h.;, ;t;.'
11 ::'t';.''i;!:" .lul;;!, y- ws, the
"x :- - 5-' an-: big "i-ho'v i-roUt'lit ; j4ohday a-on, is said to both: most
lattery." The :
"ml defendant j
'ti .-pr.-aUing t oviiiseives o.s tna-
ui 1 ro:ir and be!-h
r.. ,i, l : e' , . . ,t tp i
; ;!. ;. ne; :.--s
.... ! .
i i
u r ao out i
d. .
1 V'"- c'r Kl ' ' r L - G" T- '
.-a:.oi j:.:vvj.r.t and in his o; enine remarks ;
tl. .: d.t he vas" to eive us a teni-
.l ; ,.- J - t T . i I . . i j i ! . 1 . . 'i 11.'.
' , r rr. . ., , , , .
tat0 01 toiilOlS ll-j Ucl'HOt.l til!
.State of Nebraska ag.iin.-.b one ef the
,f.,i.t ,.-l,.,.r t' .l.;..n
)".'. sj mx a r..
Items from ttic z.i:iln Htate:.ut.
v.-n.e:....;.r or si:-: mile: ol the 15. & !
M- ih U. tia.-k are i.-omp!eted, and in j
use. i be pre.-r;:.. warm weather is U- j
Vv!1,-" -, the woisi
wn. pttsi.e-J rapuiy.
.ews: aper- neutral m religion an-.l
nohttcis a:e u- ualiy so, leea e. e they know
rit'.'l eiir ot .' ..;?....-. ;r, of t 10
luu-r. .
The Ch:i.-t:ai brethren have the IV
work r.f th?ir i-hurca erected, an I will
hiisiness at Planum. .nth. Tbe Coi-ijniny j
A t'uL.iii 1-ri v:x:M-r i:i .liiiri-2t a :t NVa
A Washi-: :;..!! disoat. h. da;
A ve-:.-el arrived in th-- harbor e.-t.-i -b. v.
. There i a .uood ulya at the buttoju f
tne !. nt mt ; o tm-o.i into the Senate by
;' m,,! into the Senate -y
! - hayer. , pro: o e.i to ametm tue
i Ih.;.it-sie:i.l aws ,o as to reouuv the
s ,!:!;!:!:'-'" t ,trt'.v V:! ,h":;;Tl0iul
i i: i nils, iiu: it-. ct ol su.!. a ni.a-i'.re'
. iii . ,i .
wo-.;!. I J.-e io t-eni .tt tu.-t o.;::trvini:i rii-"-
i . r.. .i . " .. .
v- I'i s wl.'-iv tini.'i- r is
.1, inld be i-tyi: g up wah'i f..:- j
u i n c a: a s'.na.i n ; Mr trou.oie t ..ur- :
-. bv i ',.! iii-r i I.-,-, to-...- n-.tldii-' I
. .... ... S.
0f th.- si. b -r v;... b .,, ul ! be a 'I rd-d
f.,r .... l
;"es m. ' ess wi. ' ii
,.....,! I ' .. ...1 ,,. .. ... . 1
' he la-t point ma v m ,. f a.-.--.-nr. '
but m .st people je. t'.r t j -have th.-ir !
Thi.' cult. !i ci: ol' Texas this veur will
the heart.
1'ev. Henry Moreliouse, the younir
evangelist, is giving liiblo lessons ia Cin
cinnati. A Scotch clertrynian calls Mrs. Stowe
a ''volunteer moral Mr.'. Cakrai't."
Nl.lM . l.l J.liivil.' i
N!.raka l ity, N-.i-raska, Jan. -1, i:. -'. J
7T. 7 r.ttttWr.. ile i! Est itn Act Us tvi'l
H,td k. .cn 'the ,s'fj av-
IJ..:jo; about to i-u- a pamidiL-t on
tl.e rc,ounv ;..;! ra.-ka, i.,r jrcnora!
h ha,u.tri ,;u.teiliJ;nc,l to publish a li. t
of mi -h liat.kcrf, Ileal J-l-tate Agents
and Hotel Kt'i'i-ers as shall forward their
namo.s an 1 510 caen to trie oiuuii.!:o;ie
witiiin the next three week- the money
Mr- ruing from s';e!i publication to be
:o! i-'d to the ImniTatioii lmd for the
i:,. iea-e of the number of pamphlets;
& ' one fbnvardin- the aUv,
aruoinit wol he iurnuhed with a hinitc.
Imni,vr ol- nul, hj,:Li fof their own pri
vu.0 lly,. Jh' form iu which thv'si
names will be arranged, will Le as fol
J' one tjiwanling the above
lows: .
.VcWa City.
O'oe t':i".!iv -Vatie'RaL
I). S. MeCann i Co.
J. A. "A'are.
James .Sweet A; Co.
Millard. Caldwell & Co.
U it ASK A.
A1 ',rask'i City.
Ik M. Uiiveni-'jit.
Crepsy, T.aiu & Co.
Atvrood lfou.-c, l'ro., $ ier day.
2i"tbrnka City.
Zvyniwr Ifoxts.;, Pr. Urinker, Propria-
Ciuciiviati Jl- '.i-e, Hamlin & Ilrown l'ro-
p.n. ..-. r.--j 00 per uav.
H'.'! y the address of eiudi one and
uothing ols.e. No cards wul be allowed,
u; tic hl:t ,nust ot be used to ad-
verti.-e one seetion or one firm to the
prejudice of others.
1 would Fpoeially re piest each newsna-
1'! t in the State to copy this notice and
direct the attention ui all parties mte-
roMod thereto.
(Tr.ib S. Al.KXANDKIt,
Com. 1 '.niuigration, Neb" Citv.
' '
' 1 111,1 - ' 1 "'
In the citv of London there is t-nlv on
Meth.-.-iist riinl-'ter to every oLUMJ 0
CV-prt. Nevada, has a school, witli an t'u ro'ihfare in the world.
Not'.vii h-laiehng the tenant-right ex-
it -nient, the value of laud iu Ireland is
no: elepreciaiine-.
.Jone (... Saxe say.s that -diunian life is
Yotk cr Lond,:i at niiddav.
V Bo-Ionian, visiting Piatt smotith
": l; r , rr! ,sVl!?,' &"I'i':J-in !t
W ls uxiuhi .,u:.a.o bud.
A German savaii has discovered that
; a be lira.", a.ter Mttng ,'!) tnuos. beeius
to lib...;;, and luoe away.
An I!!i'ioisa;i is in Washimrto after a
elf:.-.' with a petition ninety feet
long. Jlxc!- '.nyc.
I b.rc.ifter the public debt statement
will he printed in three di iferent languagee;
ll'!gh.:h, I'rench ami German.
The Brooklyn Common Council presen
ted eaeii of tlie newvpaper reporters uf
that city with a Christinas profit cf liftv
There will probablv he b.i,,n miles
0f Railroa 1 in operation in this country
t!; , f,ivWe 0f the centurv. Nearlv
'ng;,;-; .; JS are now ooerated.
Tl.-r j-k .r...:...,.; ; tl,TT si
...' ,;. uVo n.l.'r vows' of ..olibiv
. i . . 1 -
an , p ei t: , .yj-j nunneries oi various
'i'liV' C tho::-alid letters from fyols to
New York swindling firms have already
aceunirdated at the dead letter oiliee,
under the reeeut order of Mr. Crc-.-well.
.n.oiig the applicant for positions ia
the New York Cu.-tom-House, last week
amis I'.'.niai i ratr, tne ureat .mencan
A c'ereynian in Southbribee,,
dinner, an. lir t aden by t'.ie man nearly
killing lii- wife with a shovel.
After New Year's day, all letters dis-p-tehed
tVoni this (.-oiintry to (treat J.ri
tai.ian l Ireland, if they weigh not over
!e:M an oun'-". will tie cliarL'cil but tix
The bo-1y of no person that lias been
j ,lro,vn.. a 5i; h:i,e Tailoe. Cal., has ever
. ,,( ,,ce. Xhe Carson .li-
, (,f j,,.. no aPPearan.-e of
" i there
. i . i i .
ia lew .::vs le.oie. lias bcni diseov
. ,
1 ClVil.
Ti.e ihu -diui ''Needle nun" has a
mrmi t ilee rival m tint Jvnite U tin. the
fv bree.d:-l.'-.a-ler invented bv Tb-rr
M.-.vbof.-r. of Kansehew. At a recent
Tri'ii ei Mi eMiiTir. iwenrv- vi roii'i-K.
.:.. c..l 1 . ..; f V 1 J.
iired off per minute. The ball pene-
trate.s at a distance of 2.000 yards.
v.r'll cnotioh, that I would rather s-rve
as niu'ht yatchtnan, or occuj.j- six feet in
a eenietrv, than to be anv man's mendi
cant." A student of Ann Arbor. Michigan,"
hiiviiiL.- r-roiiarked that men had more en
durance than. women, a lady present an
swered that s1k would like to see the
thirteen hundred youn.T men in the Uni
versity laeed up in steel-ribbed corsets,
with hoops, heavy skirts, trails, hiirh
heels, piiii'iiers. chignons and dozens of
hair-pins sticking in their scalps, cooped
up in the house year after year, with no
exhilara'iti t exercise, no hopes, aims,
nor ambitions in life, and see if they
could stand it as well as the girls. Noth
ing, said she, but the fact that women,
like cats, have nine lives, enables theiri
to survive the present regime to which
custom (looms the sex.
Third Street, South of Main,
PJ.iUsiuoh!!), IVeb.
Pies, Cakes, Cheese
and Sweet Crackers.
kept on han l at all times,
Icgitl iolice.
In tae Di-uii-t t.'ouif. 21 .Tu.lU-iul Tiitrk-t
within uii'l tor Ca.;s C'uuuty Nebrask;!,
Ji.hii W'ri-jht
Wiiliaia Abii:i-'. Ann Saiita. J.itl'A l.-.:ns and
the heir- ol'Malikla lb,i;.-on. bcinp Je?se Mob
son. illiiim lloUsuii.Uachcl Ututry an-1 Kliza
b.lh VVciithtTinim.
The above iiame J non-rosiJcnt U'fenlants will
tjko m.tii-o that .Pihii Wri!.t .m tin- -0 ;biy of
Pi-ccnilu'i- l1-'. tii'-'d bis fttitiou in the Uistrict
Court ol the 21 Jiulk-hil listri t within un l lor
Cass .-aunty. Nchiuska. the ot'.b-ct ati'l prayer ut
whieli petition is to oi.tain :i de.-ree tleelariiis
n i-rtaimlct.-tl maila by I.yilia Vrij:ht to .loh.ii
Wi ii-'ht. on or ai.v.ut th 21tlay ot
ISim. lor the X li of the X '.r U of seetion :to
in towuship 12 north, ranne P! K., in Cass eounty
.Neb., for an express e(ni'!eralion of j!0. vali'l
in law nn'l enii!y. and lo!uriiiK you nn.t eaeh
of voti from amv ritrht interest or claim us heirs
of LyJia Vrinht to sai.l traet of land. nii
prayiiiB that the title to said tract of land may
be ituiete 1 ami confirmed insuid John Wright,
vou are re'i'iirel to an-iwer sai l petition on or
leloro t'e't-"UI.SHT
15 v Maxwell Giiapmax. Attorney?.
phe following: named persons supposed to b
L the owners of. or elaiir.ants of, or interested
i:i the res., ctive lots in the City of l'laltsmouth
.talc of Nebraska, set opposite their names, or
the unknown owner? of all said lots, are hereby
notified that the liailint"n and .Missouri Kiver
Kailroad Company in Xcbra.-ka, has located
its road through, and upmi.iui I claim for iJei.ot
purposes the following real estate situated in
Cass County. State of X'ebraskii to-wit:
Ambrose .M. Bebee, lot 1. block 110. 1
,1. II. ibonm nd, lot o. block l'b
Alfred Thompson, lot 1, block 05, lot l- block
Mana Richardson, lot 1. block 02.
It. IS. T'ownsand, lot 4, block l"i. lutl, block 10.
Klizaheth Solomon. lot 12 bloeki'l.
Thi'lnas V. Newman, lot.--15 and 11 block 05.
Kobort Urown lot i block I'i.
W'rn. S.Graffand P. M. W i(ryins, lot V block 15
A. IMSarker, lot;, block tr,.
And the said owners are further notified that
the said Company desire to fake hold and apro
priatesai.l renl estate for tho construction and
convenient use of its road. And if tho sai l
ownerssjrill not within thirty days after the
publication of thislnotice to-wit : on or bt f.ire the
2:5 da v of Pebauaty. A. P. 1S70. apply to the Pro
bate Jud?e of said county, to have the dstnapes
r.ssc.-se 1 bv ix disintrrcste-l free holder, selected
'" l'r-bate Juds.-. as provided in Chapter
nventy-fiveoftlie ret ised Statutes fthe State of
! XebrasUa. s:.i 1 Company will proceed to have
;"'' -.';;t therein provide by iaW
ilnalfnnu Hivra Hul Poai,
dec221t tvr sail Company
The undivided half or tae whole if desircl
cf tha
llCjr'X fiLl'lTS G HIST AS D jj-itt' MILL:
21-uor-!e power engine nnd boiler, 2 pair of 3 foot
burrs, 50 inch circular saw, two story mill house,
l-o.v) feet; everything in good runuiu;? order.
Also a
of four rooms and cellar. IVr p.irtieul.-iM en
uureof. . C. SCULU.N'iZ.
s riaitf.l
ItocK Li.uUJ. Cass county, 2eb
ISealili, Comfort and Lcuuomj'
Three rensoa? for boariins with
Two bloclis norib'.vest t.f brick School House.
He has a BATH liOl'.SE. free to putron?: hU
rooms i.iu well vtintib'ted, and bis prices are rea
sonable ijitly2r.'.f.
(Suec sors to Kitcr, Fnirlie jt Moneil.)
Slanlc Daok Manufacturers,
Engravers &. Lithographers,
Booksellera and Puhlislisrs,
Where I aui I'erinaiiently locate 1, and prepared
to niaLe all of
fii'-h n. Pliotosraph-.. Atnhrr.fypos, Gems, Opal,
I'orceluiii, Watch Dial, iiiiiLltes, a c.
Work done neatly ur.d prouiptly, and
Also, keep a well selected stock of
Oral autl Square Frames.
Ail nre respectfully in vitrd to caM and exmuiue
bpei-iuieiis. V. V. LEONARD. Arti-t,
julyii.;f I'la'tsmouth. Sub
$20,C00 Worth of Property
'..n.-isti:ur of firms, with timber a l.ioininff.nea
Plalt-iiiouta. property in l'laUsmouih City
horses, cattle, watfons, eie.
For further particular enquire of or address
I'l.iitsiiiouUi, rVeb.,
Repairer of Steam Engines, Eullers, Saw and
rJrist M.Ils.
liris :.n i Stean: Fittint'. Wri.niht Iron l'ipc,
Fcrcu and Tut i'umps, M. atn tjauses, Baiauce
iiive tiuvtruurs, aui all kiudj of
Brass Engine Fittings,
furnished on short notice.
Repaired en short notice. auetf -
"Weeping Valer JSliils
Farmer", po where you cang: the best Flour,
and the most of it.
i'i or nn ax
given in eschar for pood wheat.
We are also doing prist work; and, with nor
increased facilities, feel as-ured that we ran give
the best and most l lour of any in the sjtate.
Produce Bought and Sold.
Ileetl A; Cliutn
ln RI1TTE li
Having sold out their stock of lrucs, and rcot-
! ed their Store to A- V". Prole, posession to be
giTta tho first day of Fcbrunry, therefore v-e uiuft
sell our stock cf Groceries before tho firstof Feb
ruary 1
Ciood Brown Sugar. V for $1.
Chained " Otb " "
'A' Sugnr .51 lb " "
lWaered Sugar flb " "
li Coffee 4 "' "
DcVstCoiiee 311b " "
Toor Cunpow ler Tea 50c?. j er lb.
(icod Imperial Tea.-..
Best Imperial Tea
$100. "
$1 T5 "
$175 "
Young Hyson.
Dried Apples....
" Peaches...
.15e. "
Best XXX Family Flour per sack $2 59
' Vinegar, pergallon, 25c.
Tliey have a Good Stock of
Groceries of all sorts on hand
and to am re soon, which
Regardltrs3 of Cost.
N. 13.---As wc have to tarn
Our Stock of Drugs, Oils,
Paints, &c. Sec, over to Mr.
I Prole on the First of February,
(at less than cost,) their friends
and customers will find their
house a good place to buy.
P. Goods Sold on
Those Indd,ted to White . Buttery
trill J:nd it to their ititrrest lo tettie vp ot
Notice is lieri-l.y sivea t'.tit :.!! .-1 iimsf..r rhtin-ace-i.
f..r the rijrl. t oi" w:ty, a.-iiurt the llurliiiK
ti.a .V .M;ss"i:ri ilivr Ra!l t'oripauy i:
Ni-'wii-ka. through ('a"", .-..iinty, nn;.-i lju tiled
uiththc County !erk, to he au litc l l,y tho
Cour.ty f',im!!ii.--iniiers. upon whose order the
t'oiinty Treasurer will issue tha required hjU.U
of the preeiin t.
Dy order of the Count v ". iinisi.-tuii' iv.
T. POI.h.V 1. 1). Clerk.
TV ,r, y. i k a xi'ptitv.
Ptaltiiao-.tth. Nth., Dc-e. dec-.M. lw
7 GOO Acre
Improved and Unimproved,
For Hale on reaMon!.!.- terms; also. City proper
ty. cun-i.tinir nnd Unimproved
Lots. 'J'liose desiriiij; to invest capital will lin.i
it to their interest to eail and examine our list
before purchasinic elsewhere.
All Ileal Estate placed in our haiuis for Kale
will be thoroughly advertised without extra roet
to t he owner. We cuaranty to advertise every
piece of property placed on our sale hook, viv
ins full description of s.nne when di sir.-d. This
ei'.'cs purties ac.-ii iii(r to sell the full KdviiutUKe
of udverlisiiis th.-ir property for sale, wi'.hout
having n doliar of the expense to imv.
augOtf.J ci't KJLOCK A. WINDHAM.
Improved Farm and Timber
I SF. r sale. The faria is situated L" miles wc-bt
of l'lattsiuouiii : liij aerej uuiercultivatio:i.ani
10 acres of timber ; airo, a etory at.1 a half
house. For tei'.us seo
nug.Mf.J tl'L'ULOCK & WINDHAM.
Improved Farm for Sale.
Containing 80 acres, sii uiilei west of l'lutta
uioulh. Annly to
auiptf.J sil'UKLOCK k WINDHAM.
A Great Bargain.
We bivc for sale an Hi) acre tract of land 1; in?
ten milec southwest from Platt.-mouth. wnieh
an be had at a barpain if application i n.;..l9
coon. tl'LilLOCK WINDIIA "M.
Weeping Water, rieb.
General Merchandise,
ricca AS
We are Agents f r
willcox &. Gibfcs Sewing Machine,
which is undoubtedly the best Machine now in
use. BiarlO'Oytf.
1 ! l t ? .
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i Will be at Dr. Livincston's office (luring the
i last w.-ek in each luouth. Ail orders left at the
Rest OUice will be promptly attended to Ljudy.5
dealers m Rmms
Russell Doom's Old Stand,
G-reater Inducements than Ever !
ueens and
Feel confident that they can satisfy the closest
avi most critical buyers in Excellence, Variety
of Stock and Low Prices.
Auzust 2', IST.P. Inif'!
Branch House
Plats 8c Caps,
Main Street, Second Uoor Kast of Court JJoitsr. j
Plattsmouth, Keb.J
BRANCH HOUSE: Broadway, Council Bluffs, lova. . .
-EL T. ID TJ IK El & CO.,
Wl!wle acJ P.nai! deal em ia
Hardware and Agrifiilliiral Implements,
Of all kioili and siiM, which w warrant th beat in tha market.
Tin Roofing, Gutters and Spouting Done on Short Nofe
Ar xc!uif Aje it in thi.s county for the ial t
Stewart's Celobrat-tid Combination Coa:
or Wood Cook Stove
Cira us a aall wa will nat ba andersold Main treet, neit door euit of th M.Tor.i. ?.
lT.Arl"PSl MOtTTt JV'.HIAt-t K A
DBaLK&S is
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Have removed tlieir Lumber Yard to the comer of
And have on hand and are receivini; Lumber in sufficient qualities to ICU allrdcrs, :.J P'xn
to euit purchaj-er.1.- We Lava also ou baud aud fur sale at 2 jw lifures
50 Barrells of Cement,
50 " Lime,
20 Barrells of
11 e lUTiie an t cuii ana se as at ur ae.T piao
riattsaiOQth, Ncbra?Va, SeptetubcT 1, WO, in
P L AT T S M O V Til, N K i ; ,
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S. B.COM & CO.,
I'fil.KIIS 1
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5 mr
Boots Bl Shoe.c:,
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ou csusneis riasienny
Pbslcr Parir.
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