Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 25, 1869, Image 4

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. V
- She Ubra$l;a J&cvaltl.
local isriirws.
It. it. time tabm:.
. Tiir,.-- leave Pacific City u follows:
lil.lX, MiliTH. I (HUNG Jil.t'TH.
Frcih'. 7: v. m. Kreiht. c-.:; a. a.
-, K " M- '''J ' p- v-
.Mail A i... ;;:; r. u. I Mail iv hx.. ":.'-i . m.-
Niitht Exi.rcits trains nt n e v cry d ny : nil ot'icrs
injr day eteept Sunday. Pacific City i.4 14
inilcH froni Cotin.-il 1.1 u tl. aud 114 milui from
t. Joseph.
Tii? faimnii Cluea'O "Witrwtun '
wh'Tt Abraham Lincoln received his
Ert no'iiination for President, was de
stroyed by fire hrt week.
H. J. Streiht has just n-fi-ivt-d a
larj;e bto-k of t'.yB. I I.J lias decide!
ujMjn having "CIirL tiuas. fixings" in h:h
a n thia year.
The Vigilauci Committee has warned
all thieve and LlacLli's away from lYti
iiiontorr. They did not await a sivond
invitatioa to leare, hut left at once.
A man named P. II. Pratt, traveling
agent for ''Kf-iirs Stock Force l'niup"
w.-is; arretted in (ileiiwool ln.-t week on a
chartre of forgery. He forged the name
of Daniel Iloriran, of that county, to tlie
tunc of ?'1(X.
They are havinir uni'-li trouldV in
Washington county ovorthe ioue of their
mnty bonds to the S. C. & I. R. K.
IjO-gul inKvcdin.2s have been instituted
tocompell the issue of the bonds.
At an early hour Sunday evening,
while James Brennen was crossing Sec
ond street bridge, he missed hi.- footing
and fell into the stream. He was helcd
out by a couple of officers who were on
duty in that vicinity. lie wa:i uninjur
ed and perfectly unconcerned, :-o says one
who saw the occurence.
Judging from the drove1 of chickens
and turkeys the boys are collecting, the
orders for frch oyster., pics, cakes,
fruit, etc., we would infer that the ''So
ciable" tube given at the Masonic Hail.
AVediie.-day evening next, is to boa "big
tiling on lout." Happy is he who has
the necessary card to present at the door.
One of our citizens has called our at
tention to the fact that wheat is only
worth itbout 50 cents per bushel here,
while it is worth about 'JO cents per
bushel in St. Louis ; and that bran is
worth only about 40 cents in St. Louis
while TSC??, SO eents is asked for it here.
He HUgg'.'ste l, s a reason for thic, that
in ore mil!.-' are needed in Nebraska.
From a record of police doings it will
b seen that yesterday was rather a lively
day. Offenders are brought to time
without unnecessary delaj- by our police
force. It is an old saying that tny busi
ness will pay if it is well followed, but
v.e doubt if John Fox has found getting
drunk a very profitable business, not
withstanding he has followed it pretty
closely, as the report shows.
Tlie Blair Register has the following
sensible item in an article calling for
more mills: "Wheat worth one cent per
pound and flour selling for three and a
half, and the bran and shorts for twice
as much as wheat is worth; corn worth
fifty cents per cwt, and corn meal selling
for three dollars ; six times much as the
raw corn is worth, are facts that should
attract the attention of somebody towards
building mills."
We dropped in at the new Marble
Works of Merges & Bro., of this city a
few days since, and found them turning
out some of the finest work we have
neen anywhere. We advise- persons
wanting tomb f tones, or other marble
work, to call at Merges & Rro.'s and see
the character of work they are doing,
and inquire their prices. Their work is
superior to anything we have seen
brought from the cart and is at least one
fourth cheaper. Patronize home insti
tutions. A young man named Duncan Frazicr,
aged about 'JO years, a native of Canada,
died at the Platte Valley House, in this
city, last Saturday night. Mr. Ross and
hi estimable lady are deserving the
grateful thanks of all charitable people
for their kind treatment of the young
luan whom chance had thrown upon
their mercy. He came to their house
eiek and without money, and they kept
him and eared for him as though he
wore one of their own until death re
lieved him from his sufferings. He was
sick for about three week, with typhoid
fever, and much of the time was de
ranged. Nothing is known of him ex
except that he came from Canada, and
had worked for a short time on the rail
road west from here before he was taken
sick. He died a stranger in a strange
land ; but, thanks to the kind heart of
the hostess of th. Platte Valley, he was
not without a friend t care for and
soothe him in bis dying hour.
A broaihculdercd chap, with a well
develoicd muscle, concluded sometime
last night, that he would "run- the
"lodging houe" in the south part of the
city; and in accordance with such conclu
sion he assumed a dictatorship over the
establishment. Being remonstrated with
lie informed the inmates that he was
"monarch of all he surveyed," and that
there was not power enough in the city
of Piattsiuouth to dispossess him. A
"fallen aDgel' was immediately dispatch
ed after the sheriff, who found the fel
low in undisputed posses-ion of the place.
Sheriff Johnson placed his hand on the
fellows shoulder, and in that peculiarly
quiet tone of his, told him to "come with
him," which the fellow did without the
lea-t hesitation. The magnetic touch of
Sheriff Johnson has a powerful effect on
that class of men. They generally 'come'
when he speaks to them in that still
small voica. As the case was somewhat
complicated owing to the character of
the h".use, sheriff Johnson afterwards let
the fellow off o'n the promise that he
would behave himself He had com
menced to smash thinas a little "before
th" slieriff amve-'l." 1 1e had sbecii dr1k-
jicr sbai- but was not excusably drunk, j
j ,-... Tvrftfjin' Iuilu, . ..... ..
j Tlie r;iilroal transfer restuuctl ojcra-
t!ns tins morn int.'.
nam wikiu is (ellinjr at a cord m !
t r t 1 it- . . . i-
this titv.
I T, !'.... II I 1 1 .
1 ,,c riV(!i w-" bkxjka Jed la the vicinity
Sioax titv somt; 'lays atr.
! - J &
Tlie now 51. K. cliimh buiMIiiir is jro-rre.-siri:.',
iiotv.uhst,uidin.j the eM wea
ther. A destructive wind storm lmsj
ever the county recently, doing much
Sonic of the city convicts were out cn
the Ktreets to-day, paying up their Cue?",
with pick and shovel.
Commissioner Moore faors our su
gciition to havo the proceeding-? of each
meeting of the Hoard of County Com
missioiierc published in the IIkiiai.D.
The Omaha lferthl has seen a laaii
from Nebraska City who thinks ten miles
of the Midland road will yet be built
this winter.
The Oasaha I'rjiulfcui learns that
the point of connection between the Un
ion anil Central IV.ciiic 'railroads hu
leen fixed at Orden.
The ferry boat commenced operations
to-day at the landing north of Ma;u
.street. It was hard work for her to get.
up through the ice.
The ice was too heavy for boating yes
terday. The dty ferry was unable to
operate, and the railroad boat only made
one trip, leaving the barge on the Iowa
The railroad machine shop is all in
closed, except putiug in the windows. A
big forty bushel coal stove has been set
up in the engine room, large enough, to
warm all outdoors.
W. C. Jenks, of Weeping Water,
called on the Hkivai.O this morning. lie an invalid nephew to the
city, who started wot this morning for
The Omaha papers think they will be
able to do something next year. We
hope so, for we like to see everybody
prosper in Nebraska. Omaha has not
done an extraordinary amount of public
improvement during the past year.
The Omaha, papers are disputing
about which is the railroad paper. They
should not quarrel about it, as both fill
their respective places. The Rrpulh'ciu
does the solid work and the Jlernhl
makes the noise and brat s about it.
The Iron for tlu first ten miles of the
I. A- 51. west from Piattsiuouth is
already across the river, and still there is
no It-t up to the shipment. As soon as
the bridge is built the construction ma
terial will come thicker and faster.
( J rand Master II. P. Duel has ap
pointed J. E. Boyd, C. W. Burt, Dr.
(oo. B. Graff, N. Hellman. II. Kountze.
Dr. Knos Lowe, and James (r. Megeath.
as the Board of Tru-rees to take charge
of the building of a Masonic Temple for
A Norwegian named Hans Sehyei
was assassinated in Omaha last Saturday
night by some person or persons un
known. He was shot through th
and died la-t evening. It is supposed he
was killed for tlie purpose of robbery,
but the murderers were probably fright
ened away, as he was not robbed.
The County Com in is.-loners commenced
this afternoon to make a statement with
the retireing officers of the county. We
presume a full statement of the financial
condition of the county will be giver, to
the public through the columns of the
IIkkalu at least we would suggest that
course, and we believe the Comuii.sioncrs
are favorable to it.
from Wi fiiiv!':y'g Unity.
Deputy 5Iarshal Lonsdale's wife left
to-Jay for a visit to her friends in Iowa.
D, N. Smith, Esq., of Burlington,
came in from the west last evening, and
left for Burlington to day.
The B. & 51. R.1T CoTof Nebraska
paid out .2(0,0;X) in cash in this city
last pay day. A nice thing to have in a
The Commissioners of Otoe countv
have authorized
election for is? uim:
$200,00 ) bonds, to nil in the building of
their railroad.
The settlement was not made yester
day with the out-going county officers,
as we expected ; but was postponed un
til the next regular meeting of the Com
missioners in Deeeinlcr.
The local of the Thnaha Jl-iruM is en
gaged in writing a history of the houses
of ill fnue of that city, and biographies
of the inmates. The I L rail has evi
dently found its frt.e.
We understand that Mr. Bellows has
retired from the police force, and that .1.
W. Barr has been appointed in his place.
Mr. Bellows lias done excellent service
for the city, and 5Ir. Barr will not be
behind hand.
5Irs. 51. A. Thomas, Administratrix
of the estate of Wm. L. Thomas, de
ceased, advertises to esell a quantity of
stock and farming utensils ; also a quan
tity of household goods, on Saturday.
IX-eember 4ih, at her residence on Four
5Iile Creek.
It was difficult to realize the number of
immigrants entering Nebraska at this
place when the ferry was making regular
trips ; but just as soon as she was htuled
ofTfor a day ths accumulation of wagons
on the Iowa side begins to give one
some idea of the rapidity, with which
Nebraska is settlin?. - .
John Sallivan was brought lie fore
the U. S. Commissioner this morning on
a charge of keeping an. Inn or tavern
without Government, license. lie was
held to bail in the. sum of $500 for hl
.,,'!. .....i.. w hi. 1H..VL U0.1 yi , .ii. - . . . i
nm.Mrtnml ! llnnii-t l.r. ,.P iV, IT C
Dfct net. Court at Omah 1. .;. .
- Git-. Aiui jiy is puttin r -uown Minrj
very nice j-avimr atones in front of liis
new ,ttxA l;uiM:r,::. -
Mr. I'o'lar 1 was before the Commis
sioners yesterday, took the "iron clad, V
filed hi-: bond, an 1 was sworn in as Clerk
of Cass County. He will probably assume
the duties of his offire about the first of
next month, until which time Mr.Sjair
Ivk con'.'nues to act.
Mr. O'Connor was brought before the
I'. S. Commissioner's, Court yesterday
on charge of violating the revenue laws
by' keeping :i tavern. As-istant District
Attorney, J. Vance Lewis, prosecuted
the case, and T. M. Marquctt was" attor
ney for th defendant. After a full
hearing, the prisoner was discharged.
We un Icrstand the proprietors of the
town of Wyoming, at the mouth of
Weeping Water, are somewhat' elated
over the prospects of yet rivaling Ne
braska City. Their hopo is based on the
building of a railroad up the Weeping
Water to Ashland, crossing the Mis
souri at Wyoming the best crossing for
a railro.i I on the river except at l'iatts
moutli. If KKALD is not responsible fur
views or opinions of correspo;i lents.
We believe in ailowing the largest lib
erty to correspondents, but at the same
time hope they will always remember
that it is improper for them to be too
pcr.-'oual throne h the columns of a news
paper. We desire correspondence upon
all subjects in which the public are inte
rested, but desire 'all personal difficulties
settled through some other channel.
We state these things for the general
guidance of persons who may desire to
write for the Herat.I.
Ki:'oit:E:r.s coritT.
Nov. IT. John Donahue was this
morning brought before the Recorder
and plead guilty to the charge of drunk
enness: this being his second offense, he
was required to pay into the citj- school
fund the sum of $10 and costs, amount
ing to $17.
John Duffy being convicted of the
charge of drunkenness, was assessed
$13 i0.
Nov. 19. Dan Eagan, while examin
ing the sights in this city, was so unfor
tunate as to fall into the hands of the
police; and was this morning brought
before the Recorder and plead guilty to
a charge of drunkenness and was fined
and costs.
Nov. '2o. John Fox, who was yester
day released from jail for the third time,
concluded to celebrate the event with
ju.-t one glass of whisky ; but after
taking the one glass his resolution could
not withstand the temptation to take
several other glasses. About 9 o'clock
he drew his revolver on a man at the
City Hotel, and a little later, to his grief,
he fell into the hands of the police. He
was this morning brought before the Re
corder and plead guilty to a charge of
drunkenness, and in default of $S and
costs was sent up to work out the
a.iioitnt on the streets.
Timothy Crolcy plead guilty to a
charge of drunkenness and was required
to pay " into the city school fund with
( J. Anderson plead guilty to a charge
of drunkenness and paid $ fine and
Nov. Win. Black, having visited
Plattsmouth in company with his friend
llii 'y Dagau, concluded that as it was
rather chi'ley he would indulge in a lit
tle streight whisky, whilst Huey took
his hot, which so confused their brains
that they were unable to preserve an
equilibrium. They were .provided with
longings at the exjiense of the' city, and
were tLi ; morning brought before the
Recorder and plead guilty to drunken
ness and aeceeded to the request to loan
the City School fund i'". each with cost.
James JIarmieo.i plead guilty to a
charge of drunkenness, and was fined $5
and costs.
Thomas McFarlain was found guilty of
drunkenness and was assessed o and
John Fox appeared before the Recor
der for the fifth time on a charge of
drunkenness to which he plead guilty
and in default of and costs was sent
Ivl ward Don eh ne was found guilty of
drunkenness and was requested to do
nate the City School fund the sum of o
and costs.
Frank 5IcGoran plead guilty to a
charge of drunkenness an 1 paid $') and
Nov. 23. John Burns was arrested on
complaint of .Mr. McTntosh, who charge I
him (l)urus) with larceny in the stealing
of money from his (?deIntosh's) pocket
while in Burns' taloon on second street.
The prisoner was discharged from insuffi
ciency of evidence, and the prosecuting
witness was ordered to pay the csrs of
the examination, amounting to $8.
Several unofficial charges of drugging
customers have been ma le against Burns.
In nearly every town in Nebraska the
youmr men have organized Literary So
cieties and made arrangements for intel
lectual entertainment by mean of lec
tures, readings, &c, but we cannot learn
of anything of the kind being on the ta
l for Plattsmouth. . Tree, we hear of
projected '.'balls' and "festivals", wc
know of innumerable sociables where
young men appear with "dead loads"' of
can l.v, we hoar also of '"whist clubs,"
"chess clubs" and "old sledge clubs,"
and similar entertainments are numerous
enough, but we have yet to learn of the
young men of the place having made any
arrangement for mental culture during
our long winter evenings. Wc mention
this matter, not in way of rebuke, but
ju-t to call attention to it, as wc" believe
that it is all our young folks need to in
augurate the right movement towards
an asrreeable treat for the winter.
Some one savs of a, religious congre-
t nation, that tbev m-av on their knees on
:im! on their
. . , ., 1
i nn . la v
nf'!!rnl or tne
. .' . 1
re-t of the weL.
I'laliMiionlli So li! :;; v.illioul
. cijant of rt.
We understand that two trains a day
are to be run between this city and Chi
cago ju:.t as soon as . the gap is closed
between Oleivwnod and Re I Oik, which
is reduced to a very few miles, and will
be. closed this week unless the
weather is very severe. Then, indeed,
will we begin to feel the effects of rail
road communication when passengers
can get into a passenger coach at Platts-
mouth and ride to Chicago without
change, and when goods are received
here in the same car they are loaded into
at Chicago, and the car returned loaded
with frrain or cattle.
If You Wmi!I SlnUei fily of PIutiH
nun. 2 Advert If it.
Just above the mouth of the Platte
river we can see substantial evidences of
the benefit of advertising. It is a gen
erally conceded fact that Omaha is the
best advertised ciry in the world. She
its not advertised so extensively by the
numbers of her newspapers, for she has
only two, hut by the liberality with
which these two are patronized. The
people of Omaha have stood square up
to their papers, and given them their
support without being afraid the propri
etors would make too much money; and
the newspaper proprietors have not
been afraid to invest their means in get
ting up a first class paper. Now we say to
the people of Piattsiuouth, scud copies
of tlie Hkrat.d east, and thus advertise
Plattsmoulh. The Hku vt.d is to-day a
better paper than Omaha possessed
when she was the size of Piattsiuouth,
and we propose 1 1 keep it ahead of every
thing in the State in proportion to the
patronage received. From the day we
issued the first paper in Piattsiuouth, we
have labored incessantly to give a just
account of the doings .and resources of
this locality, and .-ball continue to in
crease our facilities for benefiting the
towu and surrounding country as the
patronage extended to the paper in
creases. Let every man interested in the
prosperity of this region send one cr
more copies of the Hekamj east, and
you will soon see the effect upon the
wealth and population of the county.
AXOTltrit UttllME TIIJE1' IX I.J3i-
A II !-. sitolcu in ?ZiiO!iri, StlI in
Ioivh, 3tlil tlie Tliief Cnptnred
lu SiOriisIiii,
A few days since, 5Ir. J. R. Peoples,
of Missouri, came to this city on the
hunt of a stolen horse. He related his
case to 3Iarshal M. B. 5Iurphy, who
sooij discovered the whereabouts of both
horse and thief. The horse was found
on Weeping Water, in the possession of
Mr. B. F. Alien, who had traded for it
at Bethleham, in Iowa, from a man
named John F. Vaudersiice. A warrant
was issued by Judge Child for the arrest
of Vanderslice, and placed in the hands
of deputy Marshall F. 51. Lonsdale, who
found him at Ashland, Saunders County.
The horse was .stolen from 5Ir. John
King, of Holt County. .Missouri, father
in law of 5Ir. 1 'copies. The prisoner
was taken before Judge Child yesterday
afternoon, and was committed to the
charge of Sheriff Johnson for a rca-ona-
ble time to obtain evidence. A dis- j
patch was received by Sheriff John
son, this morning, from the Sheriff of
Holt County, Mo., requesting him to
hold Vanderslice until a requisition could
be obtained from the Governor.
i.ifiii r th s st rt r. ;: :s.
We rccommen 1 to the City Council
the absolute necessity of lighting the
principal streets on dark nights. The
moiiii lights them all well enough for
about one third of the year, but the
other two thirds they should be kept lit
up by street lamps, until at least mid
night. One lauip and post at each street 1
crossing, and one k t every bridge would
co.-t but little. The police could attend
to the lamp-- until better arrangements
are made. We pay heavy taxes, and we
see scarcely anything done to make us
more comfortable as a city. Let us have
lisht !
Tin: T1VIXM.
To attempt to gain that for which no
equivalent is given, or to possess the
property or money of others without ren
dering a valuable consideration in return,
is the evil principle that renders gamb
ling dangerous. All of the operations
of the gambler are based on a wicked
principle. He arrays himself against the
principles which are iiecesary to the
peace of society. Tlie purpose and in
tent of all gambling is the gaining of
wealth without returning that which
shall approximate to a fair equivalent.
Billiards, Cards Keno, Faro, whatever
the game is. the purpose is the same. It
does not affect the principle, the gambler
giving his victim an equal chance with
himself. He has no idea of losing ; his
aim and purpose is the same. The aim
is to possess the property of auuther,
and on this hope he gambles.
The robber who demands your money
runs the risk of hi.s life aud the ven
geance of the law. Tlie duelist who
challenges his enemy and intends to kill
him, runs the risk of his own life. But
one is as surely a thief and the other a
murderer as if they knew before hand !
that they were safe. The fact that they
will thus hazard their lives onh proves
the height of their expectation and their
determination to jiossess that which be
longs to another. The effect of this evil
prineiple is of such a nature that a per
son cannot heartily enter into it without
cherishing designs similar to the burglar
or robber the ge-ting of property with
out productive labor. Kvcry person who
gambles imagine themselves possessed of
a certain knowledge, a skill, or a lueky
hand. which will secure the property of
another. It is enough to condemn this
evil principle, that whichever way you
turu the principle the leprosy affects
ever.- part.
There is anotlief evil 'connected with
1 . . .1 -
irinn m iiimjixj iv .-!. active
rower iJtXK iniTthqtitf 'cbuiieietjp'I :v5Ui.
? ".bar-r'ooui groggcri'es'. The gain o'er ;ws. ;
rum fc blind the x? Ci- ofdusvio'.im-and j
urge kim'oa to p! iy long!, 'aii I to thYow
his, victim . off. his ;uanl. so, .vs .t.o jinaLX'
hint to more easily gain the property of
another. When delcat comes the same
cup is his consolation, and nerves him to
use means the most wicked and despe
rate to retrieve hi.s lo.-t property. 1 hey
lock hands and move together to ruin
men in this life and the life to come.
Among the brilliant names which
formed the glorious constellation of Brit
ish statesmen, at the opening of this
century, there is none more resplendent
than that of Sheridan. He stood be
side Pitt, and Buike, and Fox, in the
House of Commons, when those com
manding intellects illumined their nation
with their genius and wonderful gifts of
oratory. Yet this grand intellect which
soared for a season, like an eagle in the I
sun',' swept a narrow and lower circle,
until at length its mighty wings wore
broken, its proud plumage drag get in
the mire. He who had triumphed over
the minds of modern times, was himself
conquered by the meanest of foes. His
cars had listened to the sirens of the
card table and .wine cup.. Their vices
assailed his virtue and when once in their
fatal embrace he fell to rise no more.
These twin vices often combine their art
to ruin men. There is a firm and natu
ral alliance between the gambler and the
November, 21, lsr9. F.
Tlie Loral Paper.
The following tribute to the local
paper, which we take from the columns
of the Chicago lirpitlUcxn, contains so
much truth that we commend it to the
careful consideration of all business men,
and others interested in the welfare of
their local journals :
Whit tolls us so raadilv the standard
of a town or city as the appearance of
its naner? And its youth or its aire can
as well be determined by the observing
as by a personal notice. J lie enterprise
of its citizens is depicted by its a lver
tisc'iicnts, their liberality by tlie looks of
the paper. Some pa pel's show a go d.
solid, healthy foundation, plethoric pur
ses, and a well-to-do appearance gene
rally ; others show a striving to contend
with the grasping thousands around
them, trying hard to wrench an existence
from their close-fisted communities. An
occasional meteoric display in its columns
of telegraph or local, or of editorial.-,
shows what it can do if it had the mean-! ;
but it cannot continue in the expon -iv-e
work until support comes, which ought
to be readily granted. A newspaper is
like a church it wants lostermg in th
commencement, and lor a lew years;
then, as a general thin--', it can walk
alone, and reflect c. coit upon its location
Take your home paper, it gives you more
news of immediate interest than anv
other paper can possibly do ; it talks fiir
you when other localities e!ie you ; it
stands up for vour rights : vou alwavs
have a champion in your ho ne paper ;
and those who stand up for you should
certainly be well sustained. louriut
rests are kind.'c.l and equal, and you
must rise or fail together. Therefo 'e. it
is vour interest to support your name
paper, not grudgingly, but, in a liberal
snirit : as a pleasure, not as disagreeable
duty, but a an investment that wiii
amply pay tho expenditure.
X' I.AT'fS JIOl'Til ?I A IS Si I '.T.
V. 'heat Sui!y light this week, de
mand heavv. aud bringing lettcr figures
for choice 2o. 1 well cleaned wheat.
Farmers should remember that wheat
well cleaned hrmg? o s-e more per
bushel; very important to be well cleaned
fur the Chicago market. No. I wheaf
selling at oO''.' i0c ; fair -to;r-"')e.
Oats Supply light ; demand heavj
and increasing, with oliglrVi advance
bringing iNto" ;:."e.
C'ltN Old, none ofTerod ; depreda
ting rapidly. New, to 3o(f.d0o per
Potatoes Market .stea lily- imprnv
in ; Ne-hauno k and Peach Blow bring
ing '.)0i it "j',c per bn In 1.
Good story and half frame residence,
for sale, containing .-ix rooms, on corner
of Jjocust and Seventh streets. Inquire
of 5Iaxwcll Chapman. octitttf
5I.VRK Twain. Any one wanting a
copy of this new book by the world re
nowned, humorous and instructive au
thor and traveler, can secure the same
by leaving their name at the post-office
within a few days.
Two story brick Blacksmith Shop,
with 40 by SO feet of ground, for sale,
fronting on Fifth and Vine street. In
quire of 5Iaxwe!i iV. Chapman. oc2Ctf
Don't forget that Wm. Stadelmann
has removed his immense stock of Cloth
ing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Caps, Boots Shoes, etc., to next door
west from his old stand, where he will
be pleased to see all his old friends and
customers, and where lie can accommo
date all the new customers that ee4it to
give him their patronage. .He also keeps
piece goods for sale, or can have them
made to order without leaving the houe,
as Iu; keeps several first class workmen
5ons'tantly employed.
Ballou's Monthly 5Iagazime.
We are in receipt of this marvellously
cheap and handsome magazine far De
cember. Its table of contents is varied
and charming, embracing the usual fine
variety of serials, sketches, stories, poems
and attractive engravings. The publish
ers announce iii the prospectus for tlie
coming year a serial story for adults, by
the popular magazine writer James
Franklin Fitts, and a juvenile serial by
the young people's favorite, Horatio
Alger, Jr. The price of this periodical
is a marvel to everybody a hundred
page first illustrated magazine for
fifteen cents, or 1.50 per year, is indeed
wonderfully cheap. Elliott, Thomes fc
Talbut, Publishers, Boston, 51 ass.
All parties arc requested to purchase
the Weeping Water Flour cither from us
or our agents, as we warrant only what
is sold by ourselves or agents.
Rlkij & Clinton.
Doom, Bro. Si. Co. are our agents in
Plattsmouth. w2t.
Caution Faumkrs: Io not sell 3 our
.IVrk vintil you sec uie. .
.a. -,V -sv ' '
n:-:Ki:;TK aiu:. always aheaU
Through L;j East Price. Reduced.
Doom, Bro. fc Co. are selling lower
than ever :
Prints, ; y tw jojc
.Muslin 14 to le
Delaine IS to t-'oe -
Poplins 30 to f;0c
Bctt Kip Boots. "$4 no to o
Best Calf Boots. C p.) to S 00
And everything in proportion.
Call ut - Doom. Bn;. & (.h.
Coffee...'... '..from i:: to 3Me
Sugar " Ki to 3c
Molasses, .1 to 1 To
'. At Do'j.m. B:u. & Co.'s.
Remember Doom, Bro. & Ce. have
re luce. 1 the price of everything.
Doom, Bro. A; Co. is the cheapest
house we.-1 of the 5Iissouri river.
'orreci A'osir 'Eillvti Het n Certified
Having eonipletcd an Abstract of
Titles, including Deeds, 5Iortgages, Tax
Deeds, Decrees of the District and Pro
bate Courts, we are now prepared to
furnish a correct abstract of transfer
affecting the Titles of Real Estate (Land
T . , A1 . V 1 t
or Lots; m Cass County, Nebraska.
A ('ulTi'ct A'isti-:ict in iii-ijiv i"in "ii
- '
not Pe had lrour tlie Kecorus, andean
only be had from our Abstracts.
parties purchas:ng Real Estate should
see that they are getting a nmul title to
the property they buy. Owners of Real
1e . t.. ..' i t ,
.state l-y getting an Abstract maybe
able to correct any defects that exist,
and thus save themselves expensive liti
gation, and; perhaps, tho loss of their
property. An Abstract of Title costs you
1-ut a trifle, and may save you your home.
D. II. WlIKKl.KK A Co.,
Piattsiuouth Neb.
Nov. 25 I SCa d&w.mi.
idlere Si, RufTner are lar.v receiving
the largest assortment of B-ot4 and
j i i ! 1 i'
Shoe-ever brought to this market. Call
Jtii-1 (-xamiue them,
for showimr iroods.
N.)t!ii;!,t charged
1 ' ii i . ...
allerys Ivanncr are just m receipt
of a large stok of Dry Goods.
ai.erys .Ac Rufiiier have ju.-t received
u few more Kirby Reaj.erson which they
will give good time.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us cither bv Note or Account
will please call and settle imedjately.
Yallkkys; i 11 tn-'N Kit.
Bacon and Lard for which we will irive
the highest market price.
Yam. kk vs Ri kkxkh.
T.'l C 1 IT. .1
.i...isi iioi.oei arc agents i.iriiit
Schuttler Wagons which they areselliiur
at reduced prices.
Yadervs A: Ruflnur are agents for the
(.rover iV. Raker sc-wiug macliines, the
nest 111 market, (laid and see them.
A! tin; reMcntro of Sa::uial (i. L itta. tin the
ii'tli hi?t.. .Mrs. Jam; Latta. in the scvcn'.y
lirt y, ar of her use. Sht Ir-,1 a eon-i-i -i.t
(.hi l-i lall tile for ovi'i- tift v -..i .r.-l
u nil-Hal ilccrt e of health anil s-i-piisrtli i.n.'a tlm
.1 . t . .1 13
ia pie ions 10 ncrticutn.
3 MtAMj ifif U-.fis.
Pay Up.
All person, V"Owing tl.o.nsclvc, indebted to
in. i.i.i iniiiM iiui nun lisj.up llUIlleUliKtiy. A
:il ... .. .ii 1 - .. . , .
wor.l C the wise, ct
C. E. Foisgy.
AH persims in lcbtcil to the uivIcrsiKned are
rciin-.-rc, t 1 call at her resilience, eighteen .uiiltMt I
west ol l'latl.-lllOUth. l-llil s Mlc li-e snliii! ieime
U lilt cly.
uuK-tf.j rose axx dkcker.
If All Parties Indebted lo Us
v ill e:tll iiml settle the same, they will eiivc
.1 . 1 .. , , , .
..-.ems-n cs inun cxivj. li'ou .le aid cxp-nsc. lor
,e uiu.-t iiin e an aoim;i ana notes due us
pai l, aii.l that itntnciialclv. as we aretroin,'
oi l must have the money.
Ijoo.m a- en
.seinemueri. iMi.
re-rave ncMM A.r Arvk. .
wuyni rwu iicujuiArj rtuciiLr.
.Mrs. Kate Simpson hathe agency of
celehr:iteil instritracnts. Any iwiwin ilesirmi!" of
(Uiainiiiir a first class Orfc'an or .Meloueou with
:i ui j imti.-' sucii as vox j ui.i-
liu.ti. .vc, are requested to eiiii ut iter residence
ami iri t circular.
I'l.ittsiuoLith Auk. D.ff.
Frm On. of tho Oldest Prinier, i the Stale of
Oit:cr o-thk Vv'iiHi .im. Rjii-i-m.;,., v- i
ri.NfV, ILLINOIS, AllCUst- 1SC.' i
Alessrs. rnn.-e. Walton .t ( n ( n
io ot its in my i.ur.i.y, to ! a "trood ok.'"
Send me another dozen by United State." Exr-
presK, and if you don't want loca' notices to .the
amount, charge it to us or. a,'i account,
rtesurls to Air. Walton. Yours in hanle.
1KOUA I L JNOiTCi-:. 'ovv come A. C. Ma
tif id. adaiinistrator on the cMato of .Sa.-nnel
and A:ii--elina I' mkes apjilieaition 1'or
final s.-ttleinont.
It is tticrcfore ordered that the !th of e
ecmher, A. . lsi!. at 1 ) o'clock a. in., lie set
apart fur that jiii rpose. and hj'1 partiei in'cr
ejtetl ;n raii -!tk-tucct will govern thei.-isaivcj - A. j. ClllLD.
Probata J udc.
1R0A7E X0TlCK.-No-.v com- William
X (. Sii;itl, and nci'.ics kppiici.tion to I.e ai-
poi!Ued adiniutstrator 011 the estate of RolM-rt
C. Sinith. Iat of Cats county, ebrafka.
ii is inereiore ornerea tnnf 1 iiuro.Jay, the Ifith
day of Lcecmber. A. 1. ',l. at In o'clock a. ui.,
be set for iiearir.g the above ai-plieatioii.
novU-,w:,t Probate Judge.
. . . . Z ;
t; .ejinr,.-i!i iiie matter of tue
jl i-Maie 01 joy . Jinyman.
It is hereby ordered all as
niandt airninst s.iid estate must l,i- tiled in the
Probate Court of Can. county within six montha
ot this date. .4,. L. CHILD
Nov. iMth. lS;i. novj-iw-l " 1'robato Ju'd-e.
pitORATK NOTICK.-Now comes John In
L belder. and inakes apniieation to be ap
puinte 1 administrator on the estate of Harris
L. Levi. d -ci-ae:l. late of Ca-5 Co.. Neb., and it
is ordered that Friday, the 17rli :v f IV cm
br. A. 1. 1m.;'. be set, at 1) o'eloeU a. m., to
hear Mid decide upon :t i . i tpplieation.
A. L. CHILD. Ju de ol Probate,
rvov. 2Jd. 1s.;li. nov-,"w:ii
TJltOiJATE XOTICE It is hereby ordered
X. that all claims aeaic t the esl.ile of William
L. Thoma be filed iu the Probate Court cf
Cass county, Nebraska, r-n or before May :'.,
Nov. iM. lSb'J.
ci).". i. t mm, rrooate Jinleu.
IX the ea-e of the K-ta.te of Wm. Byrne, late
of Cass county, Nebraska; it i hereby or
dered that all claims and demands against said
Kitati Ih? filed in tho l'rvbate Court ofnaid
comity oa vr before May 10th. Is7i.
noviSwGt Probiite Ju-Isre.
P'triRATE Ctit RTOK C.ts-.s Co.. Nkb.
j'weniber Teriu. Nov. 1', ltjii.
IX th ciife of the taK of Efhriatn Colow. it
is hereby ordered that all claim.- aeain.-t sail
Lstate be filed in said Court on or before JIuv
loth. a. n. 1S70. A. 1 CHILD, lrol)ate Jndjfc.
IX the matter rf claims against the Estate
of Chariot! Atertens. it is her.-hv or-l.rp th,l
the time f ir fiiiisK fail claims be limited to six
, i ,u
i- KKXT: The,- s,t ti..l Fellow,"
lVick Sr. hy M , t.ii-;.it f ihw
rjoinr' t-clhir. first .-iml -frn - i-ol'm-.l
for r'-nt, tu ff.iiuuciu-r l--t h in-.l. I Ihti
is nMu an BVe. Mine I.v J.i (tit, oil frn:t (
iocoinl .iiiy.
Ili'ls for I '. nt of the ;:!. '. ilcsci itn-.l prraii.-i.
M-ill lie rereivo'! mitil d.-.v .a .T.-inii.-iry. liViS.
w hen ii contract ill le r!-s. ii.on ilii- inosl
iiiviu alilc oil'i r. Thi.4 is iiid !' tli-I, t lni-iui -H
s-aiuls in 1'l.itfsiiuiiitli, and o-iii s ilc-irj llic (,,
s.-cur- -ui li :i lutnsc um-t make iij .lc :ii ion to
Si. iJl" K 10. i'n si lent of tli! IJonnl of 'I rust t t--.
cu or liolore the liaic :i'ovr i f i 1 .
S. li li L'. I'm .
I). II. P-sr'y. , imrl'AUu-L'iii
WMfetf Mmmm
il'ANTKP A p jri-hnTr fur :t 1 :oin n
1 b t. liuin in-: c-. sit ii.itnt ." iiiilcs from'e-m.'uih. l'i-i s '0 K.. iu Applv
oct.'.'if siq Kl. K A. W1MUIAM.
VAXTICI' A I'lin-hfiscr for six iicics of
1 liillil Jitljoinihi.' i'hOt.-ltlollOl. Al'plvto
t-l'l 'lil.OCK A- WIN Pil.V.M.
Xt"ANTKIJ-A n:ivh;!MT fi r il'ti en ci r. s of
M li.u i .".'ijoiniii.r I'iKli-iinoiitli. Applvto
M'l 'IW.nei; . WINPIIAM.
"r AVn;i-A purchaser for
T f wi;ii two mw of l:iti'l :ncl
or a licMilenre
:mil i mirov-mi-M I s.
.i plyt. M'l A WINDHAM.
r.N l Ki r.ieh r.usii-N Wh.:it. in iwio
J ? Pc.-lirN ):tis. for uhi -li the hilu-t mar
ket price will tc paci in cm -h.
aus'Jitf. Kl'SSKL A DOOM.
J'Olt SAI.K 'I'hrc,. acres t hm I j:.ji.ii,ii,
tlie city nt l'l;:t'.-iii.nih. .Mui l.i- so',,1
.pl iy to
octciuf srriti.ocic .v. wimhiam.
IUH SALE. cvciity-flvc Lots in the City
-- I'll I.'- 1IIOII T il . ,lpl V to
ot. T.ttf. M'UitLiM'K WIVl.H M
- 7
' SA . -t,,,!,,,,;,,,::.. i , i
A tscptii .s. iiKi;.
ion siai.i:-a h.- i
ctioil of ! , !. - .
m miles of 1 "l.i : i.-i.iotit ', Tuo v. ... i; '.
fciven on hf.lf the pun Iimsc nioncv. Vpj.'v to
aul.'tf tl'L KLOCK a U'IM.ii'A.M.
;0R SALK. s;'4' !U.,-M
I'liitt-niinith. Kininiio
of Ltii'I aljoiiiiii;
s. 1'i'Ki;.
SALK. ThcM.;
i II. tow n.-iiji K' no
i tli u e-t iiarlcr ofi i tion
quire of
'Hi. lanxo J ca-t. Kti
Lpisj Hi KJ;.
mH ACIIKS of L AX J) to tral.- l
Oct. 7Jtf.
.Pl ItLociC A V.'I.MiK.'.M.
i;ou salk 1 1 ii iu:. r-i i,,. ,.r....,.r!... i,e.
I loiiKiiitf to 1. .M.ii-.iu it niil I,,- -o,l ,,r
rctite.l on rcas'iicililc terms, i he loni-c ci.n
tainsO rooms, 'l iicn- isi ;1is, laririM it.-i n w jih
filter, a ecllur, u tfini-U; aid i tiiei eoimm,
Apply t.. T. .M. .NIAKyi Kl I',
IOU SALK. A Farm siti: if.-.l a mile an. I a
hiill 'south of Kiht Mil;' (in.vr lciicc.l a :ui
7o acres hmkc IW j'.-.rti-.,!.-. ,.H,y
. aUfc'LOtl
Sl'l'itl.Ot K U i.SiMl A.M.
b1''!' SALK. A Farm coiitaitiin ."!-( ai res.
1 siOi.ite.l lour miles from 1'lalt ii; h nil
tuiceM. an. I inj .u rc- un l. r en! i i; a ! ion. .! I ULi Iv X WJXDJIAM.
IOl: SALK. A Farm of four hnnrlreil acres.
1 v.ell uatcreil. an.l .-ituatc.l ' . miles from
A -iilan I
Sl'lMlLorfC A wi.i;ia.m.
"IoK SALK. An improvci! F irm, si'o
J iiiiltw from iii.- ciiy of Ii
1 1
Particulars apply to
nnjrrJtt SI- ( I! LOCK A V.TXJMIAM
... . ....... , 11 -ii- .,i; aSII'.-
L Mtuatcil ni'Ie from l'lai: -in.,.1 1 1. :i...l I .11
'-"OK SALK. A Ka
jeies lilokcii, it net- I. aid a r'tory -uml a-ii.iit
pine house.
'-tl Si't LL'lt'K k WIXDMAM.
S " '" tlief.iiln eft lie inioeii-t;c,i,
K. J", I'l('J-,i'"' l'icciiiet, iii Jinn- l.i.t. 01c;
Uai K lii ov. 11 111.1: i- ' i. i., r,....' 1
hil: I I,.,.' .v!:ite. Anv- ..i... :..r ..
. . , ..... ..... 11.1 II, ...... II
'I Hie w !u ea'.o!ir i.t 1 ,i el .1..., . 0.. .1 .. ..:
w i!l he fuii;.L.y 1, leil.
.'.jcl ..,t liAN'.S TI.M M.
TAKCX I'I' l!y the s:r, .,;i.r. in Mt I'le ,.-
1 llllt jivccillet. Nov. I'.'li. 1 -,l .,
steer: one while. I. hi, !.- I.!... I .'.. ..'.' .':"
f re l.-Ks; the other i rt-1 ami white m.,!uc 1- i
n innlcy.
in. vi.w t ; a XS T J M M .
'jUKKN' rP-r,ytl:e-i,'."riorr. op ffcn 1'itl,
1 ilay of Xorei.)( r. A. 1. lsi '.i, ir, ( ; !, i.. ; Ir
Loui-yillc rrr.iii. t. Nrbn. k... one (hi..- V(.r
id .illcy, clie-tiic.i ti.l .r, Hu si::;,e in
the l:iei iitnl tTo white icl.
nov-.-v i S. COOLLY.
'j'AKKN Vl'-T.y I'ae -nl.-e: ih. r. t !iis re f
A ili-iictj 111 LouiKi ii!- prcciu.-t. Nov. IV. Is, ,;),
t It r.... 1., ,.t.. j ...I. i i . s. . ' .
Pujieil ti l.o !,i - .Ti.i . ....... ...n 1 1 . 1 '. . '
---- - - u..,. v... , "IU r:.lil M,rB IU ('.
siIppo-H"! In l.e vmrt ,,U !,! : o.l ; 1 1..
je. two w i.ite put on the l,.ick : a!.-., ons larL-t
nav,-.v.,f S-' ir t: i-iJ;ii-
'i -' h. I I'-I'.y tuo i!,..--. in Light Mi!e
Isli'l oa
... 1 . . ".- -"viv Btiu
oi:i. tiai posc l to l.c aou? throe ycrn o I. rihl
u.nii loot n. ris'it lore p...t v.iic.e, hhir.o lift;
.-.Miirnnrti on uie 1 ei-j croi r.
nov :r'-j'
fr-KK-V I'l'-lJy the sw'issrihcr. at Kiit
1 .Mile (.rove, on the I V h. i-st. ; Ihtci. eat line
iii.ui- n.a-: I. ! ,;iv. I 1 I: 1 1 1 : . 1 I....I v. ..... . , ...
iiner two iire l. .:!i ilarlc iron erav cloi- on..
with I. laze lace, the otli-r w it ii - nin on 1 1,., n.,.-..
uovii-w.-.. JA.MKS ( ItAllTi'.KL.
rJVKKX I P Y.y the ti:i,lcrii.-!ie.!. livinir oub
i lialt mile soin li of 1 i.. u ih ,. (',. I .,-1 v..,.l-
111 jjiiiisv ii, c l.reelllel. t-i i..,ilv . .. I. .... I.
-"- oi.i,-k iiii. su ,pi 1 10 lie tour vi-iik o ,
,me hoif tif rii-bl hoof -wliite;' no oth.-r
iarn or nrana j.erci i! nil-.
""vlSw.". .J J 1 X S A Y LLS A- J; HO.
1'AKEN IT Hy the sahs. riher. at Lis r-i-iteiirc.
in Mount I'li-ii.sunt i.rpein. . C.
cnnnly. Ne!,raVa. V.. -..... .- : I. is. o , .7..
I. .: " . . ' ' v.i.i uivi un o: u
Mirint' s e:i v .ii ,A .1 ...1 1 .... 1 . .
iojih nunr; mt it' ret I v:i i ii ni r k s
v "'.'" 1 1 1 i H Mcit KYNOLDS.
'PAKKN 1 P lly the suhsorioer, three liiil.-i
1 '.vtst ot ci-pin- Wafer l-'alis. ot..: in,k re.l
lififcr t-iili an. I onel-lit re.l steer i-alf with white
st ripe on iiai. k
slippos.-'t to lie iil.ont s inontlM
- novllw-5
'TAKKN t'I'-IJy in Hot k Llutls
n.,'7iX'r;:,s:;!;,t'..'i,!::.,:n,; ,'v,". ri'r
also, one two ytur oil htifir. roan rr.h.r with
stripe on !i f; ear. I. S. WJil'i'E.
'!Mrl' I'l'-Hv
"II ii -ri!.( r in Mount
1'lea-iint prec-in .-t. Xovemiii r 1st. isr.'i
steer, supposed to he tvo years old. p.ii : all
while witn rod ears; nj marks or l.ran.N pt-r-eeival
lv. K. K. W0LSKY.
Wov'Jwo . -. . .
fIV.KKX UI'-Ly the sitosi-ri'.er. at hi- resi
1 denee in .Mount l'lcasant pre -it;ct. Nov. 1-,,
t '.), one red steer, supposed to lie otic t ir nl'l,
prt : sfinre crop oll't lie riicht ear. whir- 0:1 the
belly, white tail, and small -t ir in the forehead.
Al-o, one white heifer, red car-, red I:- be
low the knees, some red spots on both -i li s of
the neck, and some sin:. II red stcti un 'Liferent
profs t.f the tody.
Alo. one rt l lieifi-r cnf. white f.i.i. red
around !th ey, white on the h-'tv. find rif-iif.
hind foot white. WM. LLoYl.
'j'AKKX VP-Wythe snbri!K.r. in;
Colt. si:pne.e.l to be two yt-iir-i old. No m:irk.
only snnill star in the Ion-hen. I.
nov4-.v.".t - ( Al.VIX'ii Ttl'.l-'l!
-- - -'
r,A''' t P Ly th" suliserilier. at his prcm-
i. Pleaiit prceirit-t. Cuss coun-
'y- Nebrtska. on thcoth day otN"oVCUiber. A. V.
i" . one reu Lull. supposc. to l.i- three year
U: no marks' or brands pui-euivable.
uovl'i- J. C. HKKll.
r! 'AK EX UP Lt the sub,ci ib. r. at my rei-
4 dencu, oua yearh:i' staj,-. n an color, of htre
ali-a. CAtil'l-.J'..
rPAKEN I'P Ry tho sab.-criber. on Weci,icif
L ater. in Liberty Precinct, on the 1st of
October, so'.t, one dun colore! mare polity,
white face, ten or eleven ye. us old: n!-o. one
soirel horse, three years .1, st tr in for,-!i-ul.
oct-Tw5 Ml L i OX SWALLKY.
3i. o'ui:::rr, s. a o.'s
And Guide to ihe
jak:i;v, mn t,t.
lNibIi.-l.cI in January. Everv lover of llw, rs !
this tu-w aud valuable work, ti f
charge, should addres, immediate, v M. K tKi i:.
OSt. A Co.. E HHOier A It.-.rrvV R1....L I'..., '.. !
ter, X. T. novl4n7tn
The unaividcd half fr the whole If dc-ire l
of the !
21-horse i.ower enirtm. u,..l I,
icrj or. f,,ot;
i story mill house, ;
bill in. iVi lueh tir, nl:. r -.. iuo s
"1 - ' eep thuif in e tod runiiin order. I
AM (woo jjY:LLy; iousf. !
,,f r..f w..r...-,m n.t II t. . - -
... . -. . v.,... ii, i et.-i.iii. oi tarxieu; CD i
uureot. c. SCilLUNTZ. 1
: x:a,s.
inn.,:. V
t'l I ' ' . I 1 1 ! .M i I I j
li , V. j'.
I'l.ATTsv-irTt! I.ici.K n. r, , ,,
I.. 'iil:.r inc. ;:, llt t., ir ., -;
i.i;t on tin t u in . t.. v j. ,i ' '"
J.X. ,iAN,,s. W. j;."
M.o.v I.. co: V. r. A. V. A .If - r , ..
JMCCtlllKI . f,,.,,l I',!.! ,.'.. .1 ' " ''
.no,:,,,..,,,,,,,,,' '''i;1!11' , V'V
M. I r r I, i i-, Si'c '
Nn:RiM.iluinn..';;; m j.
co., v,..--m-o.,.1 a,i lout'tfi r,,:.:
""'' ( par!, i. i ,i. ill . ,,,.,, 1. ,.,
. KAsTcsrM:pi:;KrFl",. i'i. KK. ii
'""f i-'.o,,,.-,, 'i ,', , "'"f"""
All M.u-:cr .M. ... i ', ' ' 1 ':"'" !!:'"''-''.
.i-..s-ht..,r:,.i,l.i WVrV'S: "
hes inn, i l.coMi-. i !,,, , ,,.,:, i i ', ' '
Mrs. C.A. fllsl;;11o,M'J:i:;'V
I. . O.
Jfcptilar nn i-'iim ,.f p
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or I'ii rvi-coi.I;. :!:.. invili-'l tVvi-it '"
, ... '' si. I'i till; i. ;(.
c I V S , . . , . j. v , . , .
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T. i:. I'.. 1,. ui-. ,C
Deputy. -M. ei- :I, , .'
I. A . I ir' p" '
- it. W i.i.ii.
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n- - i
1 IICmI:.V c i'IiI:!- J .
"'i lio;: lV:up
IIIUV IIITHc-l. ii-.
Lewis. I. I'.; I
House Ua!! i.-i 1 1; of cu- It (,:,.!..
Liiin.c, ,,
. i. !: it
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sat i. uj, ,.u !,.
ST Alt OK i,'..,K I.,
C. 'I'.; Ati'lu-iv '. . 1 , s :
Pleasant e cry ,s...., ;,j .
y t k n: r i,ii.M.i, x'
1 1.1
I t 4
. S.
C l ll!l:-.'.
1 . 1 . .: in. . I. ....... i
AO. I I. I.
l.Ool-o J., p;,tv. J
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V.'r I,
..... ii- j eii : 1 1 j,. r- 1, , ;!a'l ,iv ,.. 1
I HKI K (.it..-, L- J. ,.,..L. No. li.- Ale- . '. ..
..... 1 .. .1.1.., .'!s.ii( l, ..;('. II ... ;
L-ls- ,M, t.,.wryS;.t;1r.,y o'i- -lraw-I,,..
I, .....
lileet with d.
-A' I, . -Ill c ,f (!. V.-Mi-v l-l p.,;,.
evi ion ..1 .,. li no, i tl,. at tin- H-. torv; Una,
"":' "f''l c -l 1 . AI. relay, f May. A.,,.,,.
A ii cm lit r 1- i l,i 1, al A .
1 1 . s 1 1 . f, 1 V 11 ' V, : 1
V. m. L
. i:. e.iv(;siiOA', rri.
l'llYStf r.W AM. SI' -(,.,...KrH i
III I .I.'l, .1. :. I v...-.' I.-.-.- I . . 1 1. :
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- - ei. in i soa 1 tlfjtsl ci 1 I'll I I ot ll.i i,, !
si 1 cci.-: i.iii.-ir 011 . v 1 .-1 1 1 t-ti.(.t,
House, l'lait-inoiitlj. Nc'ira-ka.
i llH
'p;ioMtii ( 'i:i
J. W. Il l VZ.I.Vsi. n. u .
I'll YSICl A AM. Sl'KliLoN.- I ., t-..r
ri'oii-1:1-1 hid i f the Arniv t; tli- I'ot-n .
Matt: inout;,, X,., ;asl;a. IHIicCHCli r. !.'.
pitinv i iii.oii .m.iiii iiiet. upp.,.... o
lions.. I'i ivate r. -i l.-iK , .,1-.,,.,. ,. (( ,
11.11 s;rtcis, two ipior- soulli o! 1'. 1'. iUv.'.
Ilav ii - ly loea:.-! ti n J,.,,l ..
rol. ...,, 1. -. I .i i 1, . . p, , p..,,,, 1,. ,,f (
1 c .-ui loan 1 n; i-.ia m ry, (lUi
Jcpci , 1,111. mi!.. ...,u;!: if town.
e h: i.ii n
lliivint; 1 .1 r.ticiillv Io,-a!e,l 1 t '.'i 1 n - W
tCi- l-'itl!s. 1 1 a-:- .s h. I i. 'i -.i .,.! ..,,.' I ,
eil i.'.-ns tit t .t., iia.unty, tl,rniiii. ' i:i tj? -
D. II. WltrKI.FH. ,.. ,.. n k s fc 1 ;
b. 13. vs::7:i,: si a, .
It fit t L.-l l-itc an, I T.i.v l'.i it, A, -e.,t.. .......
1 tlillie. I ire aiel I. lie I n .11 r.i ...... ... .... 1.1 ..
mouth. .Vebra-kii. ' 'j.,')
t. m. 3a :iiiin: r r,
ATTult XKY A T L W ,i uli.-.i..r . ..A.
cry, I'lattstn.Hiih. .N. hra-ka.
S. MAXWKU., iiM .j , ,,.-...
ATTIII'VI". v; it 1 t f .1 .
Cliaiiecry. flatl 11, ,1.1 !,. i !,r ,kt.
", a"! , 1 , , 1 ' , ,r. 11:
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u line .v i;u:tii s 1 ; h-m(,-,..
jia mn:s..
1. V..!. J'ro, ri lor. .-o 1,. 1 t.; .'itnia t 4 1
J liinl sir, cly. i'I.iim.ii.iiiIi, X. lira K-i - l' 1 V
hi en H-tllol 1.1,1 !(r. i ler:;i-h. t oIjii s 1 , 1,
.l-s U' Cfcl;::ao
i: I' .a. ! i.y t'.t-y -,t 1 el. ,:
""J- I a ii' il.mi!,
.. XT V.,
(iencr.-il Life. Ac -i ItO. Kirr. ! nl.i.i.i au l Ti
InsiirainT A.en.. V. illl.ii.r n:kii. rtn it,
iilile rales in tlui inos: rolii.hle 'uii,p:iiiii ,u ti
UiiCcil State. i;. ,. (,,i,.iu. t!. l oui: ,
lutt-Tii iut.'i, Nt-h. Im tj-lti.
wiiti.U'T T o; ':. '"
ATTORN KY AT LAV,', r:a-t,1;l. N.i,.
Valuable Farm for Sn!o.
Situated on Lour Mil.- Crcrk i' ' m'l - :. r
we-i .,! l' ii:o,it!i. I i iii,. t-.,,,, ,),,.
er. and t!.;-. foiii-tl,. .,f.., ,j,. .
the li. A- I(. )t.. j; I;, , - ,. ,,
tai-in, t i.i,i-i;i,iti7 -.'-o ., ; f ,!,;, i.,,,. i.
anc'l.l which p. I.e: -ooi l:.ii.!. :,l ' (,.,, , r, .
are tin Si r mi 1 ii'm.h- t.inelv n-res in -r.- t-.t
l.iilain i! in (frail, n:i I und'-r , i, ,. ' t!',.
le emi-f- is a doul.le enl,',., fi-.u,,,. I.;,,,. ' j-' . , ,, ,..
with tone lii.-eni..:,!. tahlrs and ..-'.i r ur'
Imildiiic-. iin oi-c!i::r plenty . K 'u ...
never hull.,:: well, a o..d -, ,,.,,) , .;
nt-res of t IiiihI in S.irpy coin.y i.'i ,r ;! ,
tionih f tl,.. Platte river, tils-. 1.,-i' .. .
nx rz a ii.. c, jM !,,,. ; (,.,, lr , . , ,,,,,1 ; .
eiL-ht 17 ard h. i:, ; ; ,,.. ,,ii, dr. .1 an I mi: .
ci-tit il.'v in the , jty of i'i 'i ,
. .lai.iire at !!, premise or of ,!,.. ,
in Siiiiii h is Co. 2.1. i ' I 'i k 1 V
i'iatt.-.uiouth. Arj. V If.
hvr liv
The farm i al.oii; l n,:i. . ,. t fr, , fL.
I.lOil'h. '' Illil.-s we-t . f IJ, .over',. ,,,, tl.r .si..,.. m acres 2t.-is l.,-n i eiihivafi, .u-.-. .
hous-i:( on il. nad plenty of stock w i'-- t :
.soiithwe.-t J ; of section -7. town )J rut "1
acres. a:i ci.utic, t'-, u it!, it is lot 7 m'l ,-,.it!
c-iisl 1 ; o soarh. a-t 1 , i ;-,;,, n -o i;i, ...
and rati'f. tiinl., r- '.' :,i, l so p.o ,',..r, .',.,; k
and W i-li.u i ai re-. Al-o. tin- i, n th-.'. -t
northwest ' , of .j,,,, tv.-.,. 70. , 4,. ,
.Mi Iscouniy ,,,v.t. .; from J !i, : .mu .
and one l ine f.-uin thj ri v cr. hc-.v v f ;n,i . r i -terms
.idi.'r.v.s d lf ,t ,i . . ,
luay'Sll. i;;,.:k,,,i1, 1h...
Kf.'-J' 3 WAT' IIMAKK.t
A n i j i-; w 1: 1 . 1 : H
W ATCK EJS, C U, C 1 1 i" N ,
SUA'Kll AND rr.ATi:i V.'AIt!:.
P.EiKiti- il I St-in 1, Mu'.t. flti vi.
work woii t.l tin- City Hotel. cot. 10 w tf.
Says cf Veeping Water.
"As I wan tePins you. tuy de:ir Mri. in;i. i.
I t-Hii.e on my muie i . V t-cpiiii Water i a i ''
dilii .i dated . ndit ion : bi.t, ' I. :-
stotkiiin in -in. rt. I tt if ii t c it n'l ti
venient up'nirtetiaii -is whii-h ol n.i aiect a -H
di-e-.-cd man l.avii :;: been ii, oiive l of all uT
the mcrcilc-s caviiKi -, w ho even took my n. ."
Thir.kinir 'hat I ;,iiu'ht in tl-.i f., eti-lnns : j-t.
obtain a cco:id-i:nnd bl.-.iiktt, I role u: to
li 'ROW
store, and bit -hinw my mule by th' en:
t.irpe freijfi-t wii'.-n loaded with (.-.'. I1'
I'iiittsinoutti retail tnule. 1 ntt-red. Ju '
"!' "''n-r.-e when 1 was promptty t i.;t
-. an aipi.-ic ou....- iron a .....
''"i ''..ots to i. K"o-e-(,ull joi.thpa-K. U
the li.l
:.d -
. II 1 11 1- ' I o I i ! . il-l l .- 1 s . J -l, .t
naif cents, the 'l i ecu-- i,c:n the pro
(roods. If jon iinyihiiiir in. t-miscH.-neous
line. i!! on them, and if vim d '
tie what vcti wat.t ii-k f.r it. I would r '
ficre that they are ij. aci ..cs, luerul, if i-id I"
ir.- and truthful to a Ju!t."
ili:ht.ivi:l iliu S'ImU
E5"E33I liiKH.
ii.iai is i- ii
- 11 TTK V.u.l I , , ,u(iV
ini'i'liii;-s c.r;. M.n -.i.nj j ,
bi'uLliCM .'tl ay 1 w i -; ;f .