Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 28, 1869, Image 2

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, :
if- She ?fbrasha guratd.
An official canvass of the Mills county
vote shows as follows :
For Governor, Mcrril, Republican,; Gilbry, Democrat, 410.
For Representative, Stone, Ilcjmbli
cin, G14; Williams, Democrat, 417;
l'iatt, Sorehead, 20.
County Ticket, Republican.?, G82;
Democrats, 427.
For Hog Law, C74 ; against Hog Law.
Offers better inducements fir the invests
mcnt of capital than the vest ; aivl no
part of the west offers better inlitee
Ji.cnts for the. investment of capiutl thtii
I'lattsaiouth. We have a country well
developed, and need representatives of
almost every branch of mechanical s-kill
r.ud business enterprise, to loer.te in the
to.c. We want merchant--, traders,
mechanics' professional men, laborers
in .t 11 kinds of men except loafers
Mid ro 'el s.
the v.r:;aiT mm kit.
The Omaha Jirjntllican copies our
remarks ujoa the commencement of
track laying nt this place, and a l is :
"Ve unitite our congiatulations with
those of the gixnl people of Piattsmouth
nd South Phtto generally, on the hap
pening of thid important event. Kvery
raiiroid laid tlov.-Q in Nebraska add.-;
millions to the abrogate wealth cf the
State, and the more we t:ct of them the
letter we will be suited no matter
whether north or Fouth of the l'iatte
river, so that they nre in Nebra. k:."
We hie the tone of the above. It
evince. a lilnjialit' of spirit beyond wl at
is heard froij many quarters, airl be
yond vhat is often heard from Omaha.
"Let us Lava peace," and prosperity in
all part3 of this giorious State.
HOVi' 1.4 THAT?
The News says : ''Some of our ex
tremely radical citizens aia 'damninc
the duU;u"- That ay bo the case;
burwoWicVttho'yebraski (!ity Neirs
is the only newspaper in the State that
Ter denominated ths German popula
tion of the Suti as the "damned dutch."
Does Morton remember the time the
Newt was waited upon by. a committee
of Germans Cid rsked to apologize for
what it had said about them as a people,
and do not the old files of the News show
thai ib diil apologize, very meekly, for
its action ? We rather think Thomas
Morton has not forgotton that little cpi
wde in the history of the "oldest news
paper in .Ncbiaska." You should keep
tolerably quiet, Sterling, about what rad
ical may have said about "the dutch,"
as you terra them. Memory is some
times a dangerous thing to new fangled
ideas. We have lived in Nebraska a
long time. .
On UmIL H. im N-fer-la T-r-
npiketl down last Friday morning, and the
first railroad in Nebraska, south of the
PhHs river, was started westward.
While this event might well be consider
ed one of the most important in the his
tory cf Plattsmouth, yet there were not,
pTtleaWy, - a half dozen cilLxs .. if
city, aside from the men engaged in the
work, that knew of the commencement
of the track laying. A frw months :"co
po important an event would have called
forth the entire jiopuiace io v.-itn-j.-s it ;
but now they loo'i upon the li. S: 31. 1.
IL in Nebraska as one of the institutions
of the place, and the matter of the
time of commencing any particular
portiou of the work is not looked ujoii
as of any special importance by the peo
ple. It is a matter of special import
ance however; for the 'commencement
of track laying is the commencement of
a new era in the business of the town ;
and in that light it is of vital import.
The work has been commenced and the
new era inaugurated. Let tho people
therefore rejoice quietly, if their joy
does not find vent in demonstrations of a
public character.
Should the great Salt Springs of Lan
caster county prove as extensive as is
generally believed they will or, rather,
if there is a great source found to this
flow of brine, where it can be obtained
in its purity at all seasons of the year,
without being effected by surface water
then will they prove to be the great
pource of wealth to Nebraska next after
her agricultural interests. The springs
are on the immediate line of the IJ. &
M. road west from Plattsmouth, which
will be completed to them as soon a3
men and money can accomplish the
work, thus giving an outlet to thi3 pro
duct. Parties arc now engaged in bor
ing for brine, and some idea of what
they are doing maj' be obtained from the
following which we copy from last week's
Statesman :
Yesterday wc visited the new salt
works of Dr. J. M. Kvan- & Co. A
building with a derrick, looking like a
small church with the frame of a great
steeple, has been erected on the bank of
Oak Creek about a mile and a half
northwest Irom Market Space, in Lin
coln. In the building is a powerful
steam engine, drums, walkinir beams and
other machinery, all erected at a cost of
near $6,000. The works are under the
superintendence of F. Springier, Ksq.,
an experienced salt maker from Saginaw,
Mich., assisted by two men who have
been in the deep well-sinking business
for many years; and consequently know
what they are about.
On Monday last they commence a
four and a half inch bore, and have made
satisfactory progress since. The drill has
passed through :
Soil and loam 1 4 feet.
Sand and Gravel 20 feet
Red marl 22 feet.
Blue Shales 14 feet.
Very soft white cand-stone 27 ft-ct.
Total to Friday evening 07 feet.
The stratum of sand in which they are
now working is so soft that tubing will
be inserted and continued until a harder
material is reached.
Mr. Sr-nnirler In r-7cn:iiid 1he f-ur-
round'nT country and from the n;jcar-
awes of the f-everai rocks which outcrop, j
judire.s that a .--alt-beariiiir ttratuiit
t; reaclic'l in the in-u'hi2 hot" J ft t!"t
or 700 ft-et from the saifhce. Th;s com
pany is prepared with ca.-h ior :.U ex
panses of .viiikini: their well on i lhou.;ait J
leet, if f rine is not reached -lin t of
that, and will drive the works ahead
without cessation until a satisfactory
result (or 1,0 J) feet) is attained.
its evil rrmcTs.
The Iitabli!tr.i-!itt I oho J Jy Ortler
ui' 'i'lic .linyor.
As the following IVom the Omaha Re
publican, in relation to the evil effects
of this fascinating game, will apply as
well in I!atU mouth u ia" Oiuaiiu we
copjT it entire:
For even or eight wee':s past a tffna
too lonar, V.O ii;!jhr o; .-cr e, by ju-!. ; . vt u
or ei-'iit wecki the in livi' who
run, ana
what Mr
unhap-py who patiuiwz.,
!!! .'! ) v.i.iiiM itrm 'the
: of K'jl.o."' liavc been
:r.i;i!. 'Jhree uia;:itiioth
! mo.-t suc--e.-i.-ful
the v ari'i-'i of e-amblcrs.
nice little '.
hoi lit!-'! c:
have attracted nightly ,'jre-it crowds oi
o'.'r young men, c mj os-d of the gay,
the giddy" and the thoughtless who
we ri" ready to stake their money, ob
tained by honest or di.-d.'-nest means,
upon the turning of the "Wheel of For
tune," which, at the best gave them
only one, out of fifty or a hundred
chances,a.i the c:i-e mi.aht be.ofwimiing a
The result of keno gambli-ig is always
disastrous to the player who keeps it up,
while it atliii'ds to the manipulators o!
the .frame what is expie.-sci in slan.'
parlance as "asiiro tliim;," they rocc.v
i1)'! eif'ij.s- t':!i ;(:r cu:it. on llie money
J-tid in. Jt may .-afeiy a.trU"i that
or two months pa.-t, an early
hor.r in the evening uti'il tin m .rtiisig
hour iviv.ecii four mil iivij h.uidifd
peop le have been engaged in Omaha
ev-ry .e k. nilii, with Um-to and bcluie them, ia this ta.-ci;w-ti:ig
but deme:-abjti:ig ,.anie of chauce.
T pl-iy it r 'o'.'.iics iio exorcise of the
j;iii ii:"iit or i issuing powers, nor yet
evci. kill e.ltaii.ed 'by Kavtiee. it
siinj ly exe!t, r. L-iiml trust iii bu r:, cre
ating a feveti.-h and icrmentin. expect-a:ii-y
of success ;lvit i.; se! !.. ::! j. rat :!ied.
To such a hi-.iiiht was this folly carried
t!. -it the verv limitations o: our hocicty,
wbic'i are
were beinq
icrreet iianits,
-.iinieiiiHii'ioa. ioun.'z men,
clerks in stores, uen'.eeteU
tluir husiness ami ttie o'lsiness o: tlivir
employers, giving themselves over eu
tirc'vto the Lianuistueau of ii.euo.
TheJffee s'irpprr;jrnT'rree irirl: vcJ
at the "palaces" fostered a drove ' of
"dead beats" on the community, whose
avocation3 when driven to the wall, by
-wr,ut or hunger, would naturally be those
which are categoried iu our criminal
code Old and thoughtful citizens,
head of families, and the better class of
our citizens generally, looked upon This
tsUte of a.Tairs with sadness and gloomy
forebcdingj of a logical result. "Let
alcrc," cried some, "Keno cannot last
long, the authorities will soon
come to the rescue of our youth
from the tin and idleness which
it engenderes." But our authorities, like
all great bodies, move slowly. At last
the patience of the solid men of the com
munity was exhausted. "We shall have
no more of this,". they said, and a re
monstrance was talked of to be niimer
ously signed by respectable citizens. A
rumor to such effect was the first notice
of a just enlightened public opinion con
cerning them that caused the kenoists to
tremble in their boots. The proper offi
cers to close the he'll remained- notwith
standing these i:signs of the times," in
Statu quo, und the latch-string of their
doors still hung out to the unwary and
the frivolous. At lut a pressure was
brought to.bfar in a higher quarter.
Mayor Millard was sui plicated and pe
titioned to stop the growing evil it:tl he
responded like a considerate and oQeient
; .mhh ;na;t.
! 1 Vn?rtN. mommi". 1!
ho-.i,..-, oH
is.-i-.i. ti!j'enery iitt30iie; s.otiM
they pl.:.e t!iem--elves in opposition to
tiie law of tl.e land. We nie :.ui;i j.i to
st tle that thev tcoli t!.e oniv wise conrs-:
left for them, conr-qtiently there vivs
raids by tne pohce last v.;jht, and we are
a''le to publish the glad tidimrs this
iiiortiing that Keno is dead ia this cor-i-munity.
it -was amusimr to note the unhappy
visages of tlie votaries sit the -brine of
Keno ia.-f I'Veiiiurr o.i the streets. They
wandered hirhcr mal hither. 1'niv.i on
saloon to another, and looked t.s discon
sviate as rl,e :-;.;'.re Othello when he nro-
nounccs hi.s occii tuition '"gi-ne."
Hon. G. W. Frost "il-livcrcjl the
nna! ut t:ie X.-' .::i--k:i State
or t'a
. ;rnl r-'e hare. un-elitor
like, iei.kc'il it ail tlnonrh carefully. If
c n.'nl the pov.'er of our ':Cnrt H-iu.-e
Clique," or nu n ihttt of the '"People'.-!
p:irty.'' we w.juM iolinoiie ; a fev
thonmil of Chie;iLi:!i-- to cmiirr.ite tn
the fertile stnt-? vli'wi; resinirees Mr.
Frost o f;tithf.i)!y n:irrat'1R. Nehra-ka
is calicj the fir-western state, hut very
spe-liiy slie will heooino what tliespi'-:k-er
calleil h"r, "tho central state."' Her
stock, si'i!. fruits, pr-uiis. lmunif icturcs,
climate .m l jreiior:.! tttlmeiive features
cannot fail t set the enrrent, of teeming
inntiigration in motion. Mr. Fr'.-t has
made a showing f r wltieh Xel ra-ka will
l?itr le grateful, anil we ccrarulaie
all iii jn his omission of the too prca!-..nt
sprca 1 caa'e style for thi t.iv.i.err.te.
so'i.l. gratifying statement w hich makes
u.s aehe to l uj- a plow an J take the first i
train westwaiu.s. JTorthtcivt Christian
A writer in a California paper hoos
at the idea that Indians cannot be civil
ized and tanicil down. He civi-s an
instance the city of f i.o F'ine. in that
State, where seven liort years :i;ro, ho
stool truard .all ni.jht to keep the "red
devils ' from murdering and '"raisin?
thc hair" of the inmates of the little
camp. Now on returning to the same
place he finds these supposed to lo i.--reclaimable
creatures, luairy of them
working peaceably on farms like- white
men, and many others not only Avearir.s
paper collars and swearinpr but ''buek
inn the ti.i-er'' at faro, precisely like the
higher order of christians by whom they
are surrounded. The instance given is
certainly a clincher to the civilization
i-ide of the argument.
The New York Wo rid lias discovoretl
it is a curious fact that the most promi
nent memhers of tho Natimial Woman's
SutiVace Asso;-iat"o!i have as the sceoii 1
initial of their names the letter H, At
the l:it meetini of the AK-latiou Mr.
FJizalieth li. t'heljw totk the chair in
the ahwiuv of Mrs. Ilenry li. Stantcn
anl 3iis .Su-aii 11. Arthonr. ai:J intro
duced Mj-s. Clinrh.tte Ii. Wlllur tf. road
an essay mi Safirar!'. "How Jotholir
t! bus-y U s iiii)rovis each shin'n? hu.'
"II ye v i. e :i i j cut:; and harmlf? a-s
doves." "11 virtuous ivA yrx Til B
happy." leev.-jx.
The election return. fmn th
; w:io!e .
iU- ::' Ohio riv.3 jbr. -. roi,'i!-Il
a-i. fi
governor, a maj irltv of X."i7..
!; roct-i-.fd:..ii.t. from ' Wfttcrs; t-- hi-" tvt -rt- liiun;1f I .-' . ;ham.H'riin Uas -aaiSp
M-i-i-r him to e!.r:e u ?eio h:;:i-.--H :p tots ox. !: iii;J in a ijr.- j tw, i:l-tntr n.orli, noiu'mallo.i ibr (,yv-
( iiaicly uglified of the orders L-'clly." ! (..inwli- ur.--.ii th? r .-....iii'tioii ni..til; -ui
Tle IJin.rK vei on tite War Path.
Tlie Helena (Montana.) Hern I J, of the
!.! ..;,,. fl... v..,,-;,,., ichi.-h
J.;tll, ririiui.ll- 14-- ivaun 111. iivn. ' - .
it v.iil bo cii that the Upicr il;iok j
two months uniformly fiiendiy and inof-
i .1
tensive, an; at last upon the war-path,
and murdering miners and other citizens
of Montana, whenever opportunity of
fers. They are thoroughly armed by
JJriti.-h traders and abundantly supplied
with ammunition. The I If r-til says :
"We 1 jam from Mr. F. . Fea.-e,spe-oiui
agent of the IVaek Feet Indians,
who hai been spending about six weeks
at their wrreriy. on the Teton river, lofty
n.ile- north of Fort Shaw, (hat there are
a. pre-cnt over two hundred of them on
the war path, divided into s;t.'all band:.-.
H- savs thev anj coirt iisua'iy 'i-i. -ing
liack a: id
rth to t
;e .-ettltm jp.l-- ; mil
iys Lave ii'-voi t ni
td of their'oits.
vi tr.ii tv or forty
u.iii! vS::bin t n i.
!u.:r jilan-" or I.o;:.-i
A weei; :vo a party
called at the ag:icy
it:tr whito scalos,
'i.i v -
1 1 riire:Ue:!ed to
Upon their arrival il.ey ';!'e -sed
friend Lip and v.orj admitteu, sayi ig
thryhad been after the 1 Vn d'Oreilles.
There were .i'!Kli them lme old men
who Lu'l nol be-.-u to War
years, and who had iiji-u iirm friei ds to
(he whit.-.-. 'J'ho only evii-o ofliTid is
(hat they remained at the agency, occu
pying their houses aM winter until laU?
m the spring, expe'-thig the treaty vould
be carried out but by a failure of the
Joveiiu.ient to ratify the treaty, the
malcontents had succeeded in .rrettin!.'
about one hlf of the trihe to join in
li akiiif war. and un!e-s there is seme
immediate action t ikvo t: keeup a tb-
i-I-it in the tribe, she M:nr th'nhs an
other month wiil !iud them all involved.
'Jtbas Iven the generr.l imprrs ion
that t he-e Indians are not well armed, but
it is a mi: t-ike, as tiiey have guns and
many rov"!ers and on a iit to the
llud.-on IJ-iy (.'omj.any's .'lountain Fort,
thev obtained a Ian'.' mrmr.t of ammu
nition (at lea-t a I ..::' and are
1 i 'i nui.ii ; ' til.
i . i ', .. (1,.. p.,.;.:
l, v I i o
i tie l mi.-! - ,:. ie
,-e t!
it i
t lind'T
who hive
t; ke, io pacify these India
been en .-a.evt ia th" latr
aii'i mn risers, j que '.ion is smm i
they bo pui :iL'-d immediately, or wait, j
until ;-pri:ig, when they wiil be better'!
prepared thnn now, b v;-i.t all the winter j
to prepare their ne.-il. and collect ai m-r i
and ammunition 1 -o i the Hriiics t- "d 'rs. j
The rea-e.n why they have not already :
attnele I lienton and l'rt Pha-,7, is that I
thev Lar tin-v lutes mav me an I tijtit
tiie'ii tills fill." ' '
'.Ve kr w Mr. Pea?e. sunken ofbvtlie
IfiJzy&ralXll&ii'h. fertttenw-of
perieece in the Indian country,"
and1 thoroughly acquainted with 'the
Black Feet.' I lis fctalements are entitled
to the fullest credit.' Kcjwllicati.
: Exctttment lu Court.'
: One day lat week Ira Wood of Wy
oming precinct was brought before the
Court oq .a charge of ten'enrpt in r :fn.
ipg to comply with au an order of the
Curt, requiring him to pay $50 to his
wife to suable her to prosecute a divorce
s'jit the Court deeming him of Mifficietit
ability to nay the amount WckvJ wis
a--ked what he had to Bay. why be t-iiould
not, ie Ainisnca tor eont.-iupt in mue-mg
to comply with .said Order,' Ife proceed
ed to scate at great length the outr&ce
which had beetj penetrated upon him
by iiis wiie and children. , . , ! -First,
the lioy always put two. lea
spoonfulls of sugar in hia coffee, and that
he would eat wven of eleven epgs for
breakfast and that he treated him very
badly. It was observed that Waters of
tU " CVw.V-?f rras deeply interested in
the proseedlnzs and waa watch'mpr
with melancholy anxiety eveiy word
that fell from the speakers lips.
At la-st the old gentleman, to consum
mate arid cip the climaJt of the outrages
ptrpf trited upon Kim, remarked ; that
for three 'months ho had endeavored to
mollify matters that he had tried to fnn
dlo and caress her, and was invariably
'Jr. ('. Konr,t.2,1ii.-( :.:i.i. :-Il lii 1 1 V l'i ual
rer.l -. 1 fn.ii-.r. !-y !: ; large i in port a
lio'i f.f .'.-..-.tic-: irt (i!if.n:a. an l his
con''":i-;'l.;' ! ul-'.t i -!Vi :. n t f'ii.e
cyei orien'.i'H thr.'u'.frrtMi- the souihein
nr.nt w, rcehei! this city from the K:.m
ve-teru iy inoniin--. " is r.c. or.. pained
'V ui.' sccrc, i!r. Charles J.e;'uy.
Our rem rcallefl upon Mr. rv. at the J
Cozr.-'ns llj'-vl. yestei lay, aiwl learned'
from him that lie h i-1 been in atn. usance
on the Commercial d nvention at Louis- j
vi!!e. -a I: ere h- iiiVrt-hrsn;...-.-! i.'--as with;
r'c'uthern ncn upon t he ifitrO'I,-.-tion oi' i
( 'hine.-c. He ha.- ma-li contracts for the
I'.iru'sim-ijr ot ton thonsaiM. .'Ir. l.
C!int:-.t.--r.s to furni -li a (.'himunan to work
on a pli'.nt-irio'i ut the rate of $S to $li
r er mo it h in -! !; t woi k n a riir)ad
ha cliaraes He expects to do a
laro iiii-me-s io the Coolie line, and has
lied UiiOri imaiia as tho (li-triontim:
j j oint. 31 r. K. le.ives for Ca'.iloriiia thLs
mornin,'. liffuWcun.
In the Circuit Court r.t Djs Moines,
the other day. a till, lank speciaian of
th5 pion-;er class arose to hi.s tallest
atitude. and adrcase I the Couit as fol
lows: "If the Court pleases., I have a
few cti'e.s of not much importance which
demand my at t-;ntion, und, as I am en
ga.jod ia tlie ho:i)rab!e occupation of
cutting cord '.vod at a dist-inee from the
cicy, 1 would repiet the Court to sng-
ce.-tf a time wtstn i uiv exjieer uw cau.-e-
clients to be brought up for trial."
tin; MUiatk-i; and lixeil u time, ni.d the
LTit'-'ritrisiiiir aLlarr.oy flopartci for the
wood i.
'll-o came of base La!l plavc-J on Sat-
, i' 1 1 1 1 . .4'
i nt-iiav t.4.-t ietwcfii a piek-eu einivon oi
th i-iiiv.-dcia.ns jinJ l.r.vyors of tae city.
a irfro c.'(icours ot
i.coi)ie. n
e-caiiiiofc iijiij.jar uiaiiii
liniitiun of hort t-tp of the legal fraicrnity nn.l
sceouJ barman Camlil of the ri.e lieal
frulciiiity ; buth pentleiuen played the
ra:ii: a it lied JStoekiiiijs. l'he piiue
wa- won by tlie lawyers by a score of
one. Ai.M'.i. mi " i
A pn en-horn, standing behind a Sirvr
ing machine ut which a youmj lady was
at work, looked alternately at th.; nia-chi-ie
an. I iu fair oj-ciative, at length
gave vent to admiration with, "By
golly, k.- I'ltrty, '.-i cciany the part cov
erel with eallic o."
As a lady in Franklin county, Ind., 85
years old, v.;i- atteniptiii to rtm ivo a
1iv of honey f.oui a hive on Friday lat.
!le wa stunpr near the temple by a bee.
and dicl in li'.ss than ten minutes.
It is reported in IV.ririan j varnalitie
circles that a new. paper i- to be publifh
o.l by an association -f lately returned
exiles. Itist hi appropriattly called
It! llv venaiit, and Felix l'vatt 6 meu
tlou - d us it editor.
A faV'i'at-.-on
curat 3 phlK.l v
as been r.n by r. !nte
-t. t'rat thrre are 13,-
wo.rls in oiuiiion u-o in llivj-land
I h ;io ;i "t appear irs a;iy (i-.viionary
1 fd'.t):- la n.".! sr.
u . -l i . ;. i ii it:.. : ,
VTi iu" . P TV "1 . 4 t l utU. - .-1.1 .m 1111.'- ',1 i., mil , i i r i , ' ' . . '
risn?v.n. of lh? Ccnvei.tion, a-nd hii-re;un- that
L.V JXisT Jil" MAIL.
There is considerable feeling in Wa-h-ingion
over the cciivcuiion to move the
national capit;J. 1 '
Arrests ct ntinue" lobe mado of leading
republicans in Madrid.
Three steamers have reached Luna
with reinforcements for4 the Spanish,
i ' i ' ' ; . .
Surveyor General Davis, of Nevada,
has taken charge of the effects of the
1-lrst National bank of that State, as
assignee.- v
The Hornet is .-till at Wilmington, N.
C, clo-ely guarded by the Frolic. She
will doubtless be condemned and dis
mantled. The insurrection in Cuba now extends
over 23,000 square miles, or about two
thirds of tho area of (he island.
(b:n?ral Sully tclograplis the interl r
department that Mua!!-pox has brtikeii
o'U badly among the (.'row Indians in
William Grossman was killed at Mus-catir'-.
Jo'J-a, on Thttr-fbu' lnt, in at
t'-mpiing to ttop a span of runaway
Father ITyaeinthe has arrive I in New
York and will be calleil upon to explain
bis view- in regard to Roman Cufholic-i-ni
by the various denominational so
cieties. -
The Louisiana State Seminarvat Alex
e.nilri.i was destroy vd by lire on Thursday
nijjrht la--t. ls 140,u;)0 no insu
rance. The fire is supposed to have been
the work of an incendiary.
The corner-stone of the new cathedral
at Santa Fe, vihich had been laid by
Uishop Larney on the Sunday previous
with imposing eerem-nicr. was taken up
and robbed on Saturdry night.
Tho r.b-couimittee on foreign afltirs,
of which Jmfye Orth, of Indiana, is
chairman, meets in New York on Thurs
day, to consider mat ttrs connected with
the action of Lopez toward the United
Mayor Ilali, of New York, has paid
ncaily twenty thousand dollars to the
mamme- s of the Avon ! i!a relief fund,
contribule 1 mainly by oraeeiv cf the city
Another victim of the ?.!i--?!ssirpi river
i rapids improvements at Keokuk, is re
j potted. John Sw.-inson, a Swede, was
j knocked ba.kward into tho river and
j drowned.
The only member of Congress from
Florida had an interview wkh. General
lerman, ana a-K00 tnat troojs m.'nt
ie ;-ci.t into me
fiutrapes there.
tate tt suj prej.s t.'ie
5 -moral Sh-jrnia.i re-
i'erred him to Uenoial Jerry, whose de
partinent embraces Florida. . .
The-statement teleeraphcd that evi-
j - deace buu U.vtJ.U'jIy ' that
? the , piatea ii'Mi rhii- iw,rijics7
fcit 7-20'e mado, about ; two yeain hince,
were eicctrotyj ed front plates iu
tli-i (.Wpartment, ia denied by tte officers
attbcftreasufiy,- ,-. ,
The Jjondou-T-i'ww., in an artr-le on
General Prim, Fays he has the -raiy in
his hands as Ion,-a?there is no kin;, and
intends fo hftid' it'unti he-can pnt in a
kmioi.hi-s own .tnakin?," an.u tuat will
not be Mont-pensicr.
K;WasKiniiton correspondent. reporU
uit'IIon. W. H, -Chandler.. "of Xew
1 tliat Hon. Y.
Hani ph ire, will be tjfiiulered- Ua, office
of Ai.tant Sojcietry(of Ihe Treasury,
r!B'hurdwjr- wlir'ii tlf lftf . resir.
nation takes place. , . ... .
The 8Acramento Union speaking; of
Horn F. Fj Low, the new Minister to
China says : i "lie ciade a better , than
average Governor and it was the mis
Uke or hia life, and ; mistake of hi3 par
ty os well, that he was not l nominated
for the othce in 1867. Had he been, the
State would now b. Republican."
A writer in the Cleveland Herald
claims the National Capital fcr that city,
fecause .''when Canada, Nova. Scotia,
New Brnnswick, reen)and, and r11 the
remainder of the .North Ameiican conti
nent become a pare of the Great Con
federal Cleveland will be about iuidJ
f way between tae four corners of popuk;-.
'ftenir.eracj'" in .piirasfea.
Morton anvl Milier have been jrroom
in cop-'-.ihead: m in A'ebra.--ka for lo,
thest many years. They have said in
numerallo smart tliint'S talked aooat
the '"preazy, izard-funfc African,"
ridiculed uiaahoyj suffrage apologized
l"r laverv, aui patted the re hois on the
hack throughout the war wrote witty
things about the party "fouuded on a
i crreat nioral idea," assailed personal
j character, and dono various and sundrj'
i thin.-s which they esteemed immensely
shrewd and sure to m, and what is
the reu!t f
Tiiey coiemenee l their career with a
majority in Uto; and Houglas counties,
and with patties about; evenly balanced
in the Territory. Last, fail th? State
cave Grant over 4.U0O majoritv, and
thir party earned rsarny,
Platte and Lincoln. This year Sarpy,
Cumins and fiatte have ail pone lie
pnblican, and Lincoln (North Platte)
with about six dozen iegal voters, save a
Pemocratic majority ! So'itary and
al'-no, as far as heard from, this little
settlement around a railway station,
without a farmer within liny miles of it,
lives in its adheiiea tg... the doctrines
and endorse- the smart of the
two great politicians who havs run Ne
braska leiuocracy into tae ground and
broken it oiT.
l lie llcpul'lican part.v ought, to pen
sion those !?!!cw: in their Tiescnt posi-
tions. Their services cannot ha dis-pcnso-1
with until North l'iatte has been
- S:ch arguments (?J as tho-"South
CciiJ Cunarv-blrd," ".ucaler CoM
hash," "Mr.Gmut," "U. IS. G." Hi
ram tho silent," clc. will make it all
ricLteveu at North Fiatto' before an
other ckx'tion ! Jtrj-uLI-'.-an " ' .
Tti r 3!;vtn2p Order. '
Among the oiheial proceedings of tlie
Grand Lodije of the U. S. of F. and
31. ; which recently assembled, wo find
the Ibllowin; table tdiowinir the member-'
ship of the Order jn the different States
and Territories, It will be interesting
not only to the brethren of the Frater
nity but to the public generally.
Al.i ;ina WA'X Missis? iopi
Arkunsus 7,67) Missiuri
lirita-h C'uluin'uia. 13 .Montana
. 1 'IJ
1,.' I'',
(.'aim iu
PUi. ( Columbia
I l.-ri'JA
I laho
8.1 ki: .Nebraska
S.lCJ Nevmla
New iiranswick
12.TH4 Niw llamiishire
iKiZ Now .Ivrsey
l.T-vi New York
1 .Vorth (.'itn'liiia
1 J.i'lTNiivit i.vtia
J-f- Uio
i.U4.iJ'c-LLt.a lvania
H.-ii-ijiitiivii; Maud
J Oto Soiitb 1'a.rcilina
l!.Kii. Tennessee
.T''1 VirrinR
ls.-57.V- arri-:it&i
1 s.: i; '. .-' irsiiila.
o.'. iVi.:j.i;j-i:i
1 tne trenorai tj lV'irnuiein, in..-' 'u tax mo
j b-nds l3' "rcscrviui'" a pvi lii.ii of the
j ijtere.vt.
P.-M. GliEKN, '
Auctiorr h Ccmmissioil
South SidaMain Sirest,.
, ) IJctjrecnThird and Fourth, . .
' Plattsmouth, Neb sale? TImr.-Ju3 and S.iiuritays. In
side door Biles every any and nigat.
Li'.orcl advancw in cash waJe oa conaisa-ineui-!.
r. S. WHlTK,
i Main St., Plattsmouth,, Neb.,
Ouc door cu.'t of the Court House,
Dealers in Produce, Wines,
Our Stock consisU) of the best brands of
Canned and Dried Fruits,
Buckets, Soap. Salt,
aivl everything krr.t in a Grocery Stor". Every
artiele iri runted ot the best Quality, 'iheliigh
cst prioe paid in i-ah tor
Corn, Gais, Busier, Engs,
and all kinds of I'armsrs Produce.
Cash paid for Hides. ,
Iloueg moved, HEit eaodi o!d by Auction on
-.1 l. . . .... V r V 15 U'llT'l'P
-.J - OUVJI wai iff I ..... '
coisssoii ' Merchants;
FlomT Grain. : Provisions, and
Canned' Goods,:
mess; ; poL,;Vctci,
LCor'ncc Pearl aiii Court ".Street,?, 'J " :
: Uouncis Bluns.' lowa
3 a :- ; j i " : ..; . , ; ;- h.
'' '.; ; ' ' rY-AKD- It I ,-. '
Cor H iWa i u asijl.y tco iitl" Sis ,
; plji rTsuiiQ urn i.jsteb
Kkfehsxcbs. Fint, National Bank, Ctuneil
T;iu.-1 OfTiciT JPlieT, TVi.r.Us r.rn.vJ iyt
t trft rsaiiR, ohikdu: Omalia J;i(itDil
t5;nk, t'miiha : Uojor it-Oo4 t!hpyaimc ; Boupti
ton w liartholow, Bryan: Gilbert rf- Field,
HOii.-aR-o. BujrLh jIoiv, Lewis & Co., St-Louis, Mo.
juljiotf. ' , .
: " 1 i ' ! .
0. L '.-DERBY h CO.,
Wholesale raid Retail
Our motto ia quick sale anil muali profits.
orlli Side ITIain Street,
(Between Secotnl an.l ThLra)
FlCTOIlVVlIJils pus,
On Ihc Wccpiiigr Water-
Good Wheat Wanted.'
j t Exchange of Flour for Wheat aa usual. . . ,
.' . C ,.. .. -v...-
Wheat received on Storage
with the privilejre oftae use of Fanning Mill in
cleaning. ...
lata of Nebraska Citr Mills, has been employed
as miller, and etii'fiii-,i"n will be pivf-n.
octTtf . i'mprieUirs.
Sheldon Bayley,
Are ia receipt tf a large lot of Groceries and
from New TrrV. wiich are otT4TiT ct the l )wt
price fjr caah, oria exchange lor pruiiacc uf all
Cuidrn Syrup for per gal.
7 lb, susrar fr SI.
CVi! :.n 1 '-' for y-nri-Tf.
jrjn .goods i
Greater Inducements- than ver !
. -1 t. : : . ' : j ?
1U880S ana
Feel confident that they can satisfy the closest
and most critical buyers in Excellence, Variety
of Stocks and Low Prices.
August 23, aug.V.irj
-2-1 .T.'l.l 1'-.
JOHN JRUSS11LL. ' i! . ,,:' .. ' t
1 hi i
li '.',' ) . .-. -it -:.,'. .. .'
Agents for, Birdsaii's. Threshers, Bu:xilo- Fitts" Thrcsh'srs
'i't -: : ; p.: ... .: ,.'j,j )
'i . -r
. . :f..".
tittfcGfantFan iwjs," "
:. eeebs. ; JiprnD mowers :
' ow Ycrkor; 'Buckeye ich:i P. Manny's, Climax.
PLOWS Industrial, Dixon, Grand Daioar, Skin-
ner, Iron Beam, ftbd'&lHould Board Breaker.
: f i - i.i i ,i
Sulky Kakci, Revolving Hay Rakes.
. ";
icnnssn s tern aRCHcrs,
VIcr's Walking Corn Plows,
Van BriiiU Broad Cast Gsea'er.
Cucksya Drill &. Bread Cast Seeder.
Union Corn Planters.
Sorgo Cane:fVJii!s, Be!Is, Clc.
Every Implement Warranted.
I'latLsmouth, August 26, 1 SG'..
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
i i unci trruaps
ancj Toilet Articles, Toys, Trusses, Supporters,
Shoulder Braces, Grass and Garden Seeds,
For medicinal purpoeue.
Paints, Oils. Varnishes and Dye Stuffs,
Stationary, Carbon Oil, Lamps, Chimneys,
Glass and Putty, also,
... . .. . - .
C(AFKCTl6Ni;ilY, &e. c.
Having been or?ajff-l iu yelllnir Dress and Orr.cjrips in fli: f i'.v f t t!ie pr.:- 5or"n y ar. wv lirovr
the unt.i of the people in our line of tnrle. and aru prtpu.tid wiiii a lafirc ci 'ti ol.ti.joiid ot liie
best quality t supply tbcue wauts at very luw prices.
Plattsmoulh.' Nebraska; April 21, 1303.
Lumber Lath, 'Shingles
ITaTe rcmoveil their Lumber Yard to the corner of
An l hevo on hand and a-e rci-iTir? Lumber in snfTcient q-iar.tics to Ill all orJir, iu at i iicti
to pa: purrhPicrA. V.'ti Live aiiU ou hJi 1 lor naie l. w l.e-irts
50 Carrelis cf Cement,
5G " Lime,
20 Barrells cf
! We icvite all t rail aa! hee c p.t oar rlr.'-o
1? 71 Tf
biass vvarejL;:;.b
: , . . ' , .
j. j:. )M(.r.
!Lsli 'f I. mm, .!. A Co..)
lit bOItiwI J.
all kinds, Perfumerv.
250 Bashsls Plastering Hair,
1. V. XJ
" 5 w - '
: 1 "' ' ' -
..- - -
L .'ffe;.w'wa.
'Is''-:r' ' ' ': - - v I kl
i.i ;.;- T:t.y,.i,:,
Furni.-hcd i-i 'in; tly en.! ii.:C'y t!,.- ...,
I .v. i -i ! nef .' ! .
Ml U a'ai t cnli. wailo,iL!iJ,:,
111 ! ri'ul u ':t:' I : ii :
? ' .. i tf -:. f A-
liurlingttrn Jfritfge J'irri!.
BurSir.gto.T &, lilisscuri River
In CuIiiiit! iiin i
Chicago Bui ling-ton & Quae
n A I I . H A s
Pr-.-i'iiN to til-- I'nl. lit 1 1 . 4 - r 1 ...... t (J,r, !, i,i...
filii.- 1 I'lil II l'l
()Lii',I.'!i.i'.;r, 1 1 1 ii 4 : : 1 . 1 Yi, n-yi :i r.i:i, .'. nk.
1:1:1 1 i'w Kiifliiml.
PiunTifcrs e I hi- c!iuK; i.i tlit- vai i'u: 1 ni.K
ci ntviiiip :n I. liii-.-if).
J'"!l!l'':,'r l'i'" l'l tlr'-utfjli C'fri, ;':'..
l,!lti': iilVill I'll ! li-- I'll'r 1.1 li.V I J. T I- l:!' .-.
.j -11 11 3' o;: r ( ' - ii pen 'l"t U v: .- :if
Ottumwa rift Burlington
PnHm.'iil'i' t li j.ilt J5!' i 'i ricr C'ir im nil m.'Lt
trains. C. ii. l liJ.M.NS,
A. K. T'll ZAM V. ., t.
T.pii. Ti.l...-t .W Puf'r Ait't.
ti. C. .i K l'i 1 V.
FPpl7 -CtnT rVcitlit u't
-NA-vAfiN '-. ' flPTi; m'.-W.- .
I -.V. TN. VL -
17 A.-. :
Were sold it a the Vcr.r l
i i . i:i.i'ii&i:
XOT OXi: 74.S" EVCIL I Ml.l.D
TO IVt :
tMr. ri. a: : i e or!, it a t ;. , or . i uv
Chartos' Oak C'iovo V. Ji i.ii lvi:,! ii s; v ;
rm.., c"io,i TT.,..:.-ii.,i '
T'Jll TitTTn A UTTf ft?".
Jo'- Simplicity of Ii ia j r;: l.ici.t.
And fcr'C!. a- liwi r.-sn C'uoL".s Z.
i nctj are lit .w.-.j.-,
Maiiui'.ti-t ivi-.l i'l ifip V f.-l. I it ti;- t'.
t lil; V-MI, ul
Western r.nd.:ouihorn
im: o ! t v. .
l:ure!y iit. jro. i !.i i:n.,;.i'( r-.a jl: l'i . W
l i( II (yi -i.i-.
fi k I'Kl. 1. I.:; 1 , 4r::l -
Kxcelsior Mannmeliiri
oi- i- u i X. ;-:t. 7.,,
t- I.I) h
uJliiC- ill w.J
VlatttmurAli, ?l'c?
Lounges, Table?, Safes,
Of all descriptions und at uJl prioos.
Metalic, Burial :.; Cases;
Of all size, r
Ja-Jy rcn-Je, tr 1 hoM ih'xiy fwreasb.
nil t. i-iiil :n'l i-xiiiuina my larvu to K ut Hir
tu.o una Ct.iiiu. ,t ''-"-'2!::
THO. E. T'KTI B. T. K. HANK A. J,K.fUAfc
. . '" ''.
Tcclle, Hanna L. Clark,
I)K.lLlr.3 1'
Gold ami Silver C'oiss.
"SJ.K. and oi'hcr 'Mvh.
anl Ki!r.;i'--. la-;.- r.-ivui. u::J
K-iiili.n i.ivt-'i ;o f"''""- . . .