Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 01, 1869, Image 1

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"7 any man attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the spot."
i0. 52.
VOL. 4.
Vj"Offlee corner Mais street and Levee, second
Vrr. .
Terms: $2.50 per annam. .
Rates of Advertising
O jo lqnare (space often lines) one Insertion, $1 .60
ca subsequent insertion - "
Prcrekftmal cards not exceeding al 11
10 00
Oae-quarter column or less, per annnm
4 eix mootha
three months
O a half coluu twelve tnoothe
a. " six mootha
three month
O-ieeolumn twelve months
alx months - :
three monthi - T
All transient advertlementa must be p
4),f We are prepared to do all kind of
nsbort notice, and In a style that will
faction. -
Solicitor in Chancery.
Platf 8moiith,.Neb.
-Till boy and sell Real Estate, and pay taxes f jr
V nonresidents. .... ,
Improve! and unimproved lands and lots for sale,
Jane 23th nl2v.
Physician and Snrgeon,
Tsndera hi professional services to the citixent of
VRUuienca south-east corner ofOak and Sixth
treets; Office on Main street, opposite Court House,
I'Uttimouiti, Nebraska.
Platte Valley House
Ed. B. Mubphy, Proprietor.
' of Miin and Fourth Streets,
lMattsmoutli, Xeb.
...... i , r..
lined offers Brst-cUiS accorumoditions
be day or week. hivltm Been re o ' '" " '.-
Board by
General Land Agent,
in .no nftbe Court
4 of the State, and
m k ,l ate oil commission, pay
TJTi'i uuy Htm
Titles, c
Maxwell & Cliapmaii,
Solicitors in Chancery.
Ol&ce over Black. Buttery k Co's Drug Store,
Main Street,
. . nf vr.trhp, no a- t.old Pens.
If" ..---------- ... viM.aa and Vi-
olia Trimmings always on hand.,
milted to his cure will be warranted.
April 10. 15-
i. w.-irv. silver ware, r ano-
A II work com
piattsmouth Mills.
C. HEISEL, Proprietor.
.anuireil and n'.aced in thor
.Vuttno'rler Cuslom work done on short
no.OOO flusliels of Wheat
Wanted' immediately, for which the biKhtrke
piice will be paid-
augid tf
General Life, Accident, f ire. Inland and
Witt tk. ri.ksat reasonable rafts in the most reliahl
XO pauies In the Dniled Slates.
i-. t the book store. fla sir outh, Nebraa-
Itllinery fc Dressinakins,
BT Ktss a.m. DBsrai A M.a r. Ka!tDT
OoDOsUe the Cfiy Bakery.
- 7 B would respectfulty announce to the Ladles
VV of PUltsruouth and vicinity, that we havejuar
.el.. alarreand well selected siocaor
-tjjajdn, consist n
a I m mi turn. Ae.
ting of Flowers, Ribbons, velvets, dress
te., Ac. We will sehthe cheapest good.
i,!.it We can accommodate all our
fltBriuiui.'"'.v,v . .. fa vor CI
-old eustom. r. and as many new ones as t.iw m
;. a. ,, .ii w-in,t nf work In our line none to
.. i-.hi.eiiv. Wecanaecomi
order. Perfect, atasfaction given or nochargea
mytf .
Two blocks northwest of Brick School-House.
-- w i . strrr HOirSE.tree to patrons : his
IX rooms Are welt ventiuued, and bis prices are
Juljio nlStf.
Capt. O. LABOO & CO.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Wines and Liquors,
Also a very cho'.ce selection ot'J
Tobacco and Cigars,
Main itreet, second door east of Seymour House,
Kebra.ka City, Nebraska.
Are just receiving a new stock of Genuine Ola
iourbon direct from Bourbon county, Ky., Bitters,
rt. myfS w
la District Court 2d Judicial District within and for
Crm county, Nebraska.
William Dorroogh 1
vs. V Not Ice :
Adeline Dorrough.
Adeline Dormugh, non-resident
defendant, will take notice that William Dorrough,
on the n th day of Karen. lfetj, filed hi petition in
the offin-of the Cl'rk of the D strict Court withia
and for Cass county, Neb.,settlng forth that yon hve
wilfully ab Died yourself and hare wil lully aban
doned blm for moie than three year last pa.t with
out any good cause, and praying that on the anal
hearing of thia causa he may obtain a decree of di-
yerce from you
iicv irttui juu i
You are reciulred to answer aaid petition on or I
before tie the lih day of Aprl,18ofr I
By Maxwell k Chafm ai, Att'j for plaintiff
Attachment IVotice.
William Herold, I
agsinst - Probata Court in and for Cass
O P O'Dell ' J county, Nebraska.
To O F O'Dell, defendant.
Y u are hereby notified
.1 I ....... n a aa.aaai lautul in ilia . li.v
entitled caise on the id day ol March A D 1669, by
ouutr, for the sum of Nineteen and 45-100 Dollars,
and thi.t the same has been levied upon aa personal
property belonging to you in Cass county.Mebraska,
one Cot t n wood Krame House, knowi-as the O'Deli
grocery.situsted on the the lety in t e town of Ke-
nosha, Cass couuty,Nebrska, an.l that trll is set
for Turaday the 1 1th d.y of May. a. D. 1869 at 10
o'clock a, m.,at which time judgmeni win ne
render- d against you If yoa do not appear and show I
cause to contrary.
Dated iiarcb 34, 1369
By Mil well a Chafm ). his AU'ys f.marllw4
Probate IVotice.
Whc-eas Mrs. tlizabeth Smith as made applies
Hon fcr an administration in the estate of tieorge
Snider, late of county, Nebraska, deceased.
Now tL cn the 0urt has appointed the 13th day of
April, at 10 o'clock a.m., 1S69, of that day, to bear
and det ermine tie same. All persons lntereted will
appear at the Probate Court in the city of Platts
moott, on that day
W. D OA&K. Probate Judge.
ATarrh 15, 1SS9 marl8w3
Legal IVotice.
In District Court !d Distrlctin.suil for Cas county,
Thomtta B. Gordon 1
A. n. Townsend. )
A. H. Townsend, defendant,
will pleane take notice that Thomai B Gordon,
plaintiff, has Bled a motion in revivor in the above
entitled action before his Honor Geo. B Lske. Judge
of said Court, and that upon such motion bis Honor
Geo. B Lake, Judge of said Court, has In vacation
made an order dkted Murch 1st. 1. 1S69, that the
said A. H. Tow-send, (how cause on the tw-It h
day of April, a D 1c6!, before said District Court of
the 2l District of the Hate of Nebraska, within and
for CaM county, (at which time the said Court will
be In sesion)why the J.irlgment heretofore recovered
in th District Court of the 1st Dist rict of the Ter-
ritoryof Nebraska, within and for Cass county at
its adj -ur-ed spni Tern, (held June 4t. t , 1861)
by th snid Thomas B Gordon against the said A. H.
Townsend for 854 06 damaires and 9 2 I costs of
.nit lolim nn De rev lfra.WDH n d uiuor um iikb i
Died with the Clerk of taid Court in and for aaid
Chss county.
Deli-ndant will take notice that "unless he appear
and show cause In the premises the raid judgment
will te revived In favor of the said Thomas B. Gor
dou at ainst the aaid A. H . T wnsend.
THO iiA-i B. G0ED0N,
Bt Williim W. Erwis, hi Attorney.
To the QualiJUd Totertqf PluttsmoutK ctiy. Cat
There will be a sessioe of the reuirtrara at the
store of W. D. Usee, in Plattsmouth eitv, Css coun
ty, Nebraska, on 1 liurfdoy and Friday, lit and 2d
days, of i4pril, 1SC9, for the purpose i.f correcting
the List of Lecal voters tor tne city lukuku, i
held on JTanday, the 5th day of -dpril. l&t9. -ill
persons interested will appear before the Board upon
. a a. . n a-. . II V
mose uays.
JTurch IS, 1809,
One door west of Donelans Drugstore,
Dealers in
Ready-made Clothing,
and a general stock of
For the Plains; also, a large lot of
We bousht low and will sell cheap foe cash. Cal.
1 an l examiucourstock before you buy any where elsel
Jyl '6S Wm. 8TADELMAn CO.
V it SIT 1 1
Evergreens wr neDiasKu
I have su-cessfullv amwiDg. in my Nursery, at
Port Kearney. Neb aka, an asuortrocnt a. nne
Toung Evergreens, consisting
rhlch I offer or sale at 13 cents each or S3 CO pr
hundred and upwards, according to size. Small
quantities of the .mal est trees can ,be sen bymail,
larger onea by express. Tems, cash. Address
StUOAS O- O. vus. n nam,
Jan2m4. Fort Kearaey, Nebraska.
Having permanently located at
tendera his professional service to thj ciiisens ot
Cae county, Metmaka. Jan7 6'Jtf
We -ave on hand a large assortment of
Consisting of.the best qualities of
i. H I exclusive! v in Tobacco we can sell
r. h,, than anv.ther store in the Citv.
Give ns a call before you Pnry,"e elsewhere,
- 3 va.WAA.MM a ..-a.
BJp jLl!a"iA 4K- vvXF-i
February 11, l69tf.
C. E. F O R G Y ,
Hanuractarer of all kinds of
Jb arming implements -
Such as the celebrated Rod Breaking Plows, Mould
Board Breaker. Stirring Plows, (Single and Double
Shovel. Cultivator-and Harrow.. Repairing done
on short notice All work warranted.
Having had much experiea-e in the business,
reel Mimi inn & cn give icutiai hubikiivm.
Please give ma a call before purchasing elsewhere.
Piattsmouth, Keb., May 6th, 1S6T.
Ed. Herald: Upon thia branch of
education I wish to say a few words,
partly by way of introducnig a series
of aticles, and partly to give a few
thoughts as they suggest themselves to
my mind at present. I claim for this
subject a great deal, but you will par
don me if I claim too much. This
. .
branch trtreiher with Other "UnitDPor-
. . . i
tant ' orancnes, uas, peruaps, iiwiji
stood at the "foot of the class with
other branches taught in our common
schools. Whether it is really an un
importrnt branch, or whether teachers
know not how t teach it properly, I
Jeave the reader tO Conjecture. . tiOOfJ
spelling, ID my Opinion, does not COD
. , ,
BlSt alone in UtlOWlDg DOW 10 "rattle a
, , , . . . ,
WOrd Oil," but in knowing tne nctUtre
, e , , u - . i '
and power of the WCrd which WB Spell.
Th .- , fiirn nA .Ko first lime
ID llltie ne year Ola, me urst tune
he recites the alphabet, does not know
A'; from a delta, or Jn from a prun
mg book. Some children learn the
alphabet quicker than others. Some
times the teacher is to blame for not
learning' the little urchin his "let
ters" sooner, and sometimes patrons
are to blame for requiring too much
atthe hands of the teacher. Hower.
er, let this be as it may, after he has
once learned the alphabet, too much
pains cannot be taken ia teaching him
bow to spell well and properly.
Teaching to spell by sound is a good
exercise. Teaching from a chart is
another very good exercise; but if our
-.1 i . r..: ,u , .:,k
svuuui-iuuiuj mi o uu ...i-
, mnai nnrnssarilv labor Under
tliem, W6 IDUSl necessarily laoor UUUtrr
inPnnvtrilnr ipa rd do thfl best
many inCOnTemenCieS CQ OO IU8 Oesi
Without such convenience,
W6 Can. W IMOUl SUCH COunieute,
,be teacher might do well to adopt
80me method Or plan of his OWH.
Having pupils to write the letters on
slate or blackbcard, requiring them, in
the mean time, to shade properly encu
Unor I. a t,nrl erprniie. Thia I
ercise might not be uDproniable to tne
more advanced pupil. How many of
rrlr, ran. . wilhmit r.f -
the alphabet, give the propar shade of
each letter. It is not my desire to dic
tate, but merely suggest. Nothing is
lost by a careful study of some stand
ard Dictionary. A vear's time spent
in . c.reful and diligent study of Web-
. . . ,
ster might be ot mere prontto us man
two or three years spent in conning
aver Virrnl. Homer and the "dead
wotks of many other classic authors.
A Little Ihiiead: rayson once
gave notice in Portland that he would
be glad to see any young person who
did not intend to teek religion About
forty came. He spent a very pleasant
interview with them, sayirp nothing
about religion, ti'l just as they were
about to leave, be closed a tew very
plain remarks thus: '-suppose ypu
should see, coming down from heaven
a very fine thread, so fine as to be al
most invisible, and it should come and
I . . . a.
, u Z
lou knew,
e , J
prose, it came irom uoo.
Should you dare to put rut your hand
and thrust it away f tie dwelt tor a
faw moments on the idea, and then ad
ded: "Now such a thread has come
from God to vou this afternoon. You
do not feel, vou say. any interest in re-
ligion. But by your coming here this
afternoon, God has fastened one-little
- - .
thread upon vou all. It is very weak
anrt frail nr. vou can easilv brush it
f. ...
awav .Ri.t vnu will not do that! No!
welcome it. sod it will enlarge and
strengthen itself until u Becomes a
golden thread to bind you forever U a
God of love
Heads Up Brother G., in times
of revivals and protracted meetings, al
ways stepped in and took charge of the
singing. He was very fond of that in
terminable song that begins with
'Where, oh, where is good old Ad
am ?" sod might end with the last man
He had passed through the patriarch
and prophets of the olden time, and
I the New Testament, when John the
Baptist occurred to him. "Where, oh,
where ia John the Bantist? Safe in
as I , . , , T . .
tne promisea ISDU. HO went uu
as D(Jt there WBS 8 dlttlCUlty in hXing
iK. ms-aia nf s0ninii At IpnfTth
1 111 w. .ww ... s.,
wttn aesperate energy, tie put n turu
"He went up without any head on, safe
in the promised land.
It is relnted of a ParUian portrait
painter that having recently painted
nnrtrait of a ladv. a critic woo had mst
j W Wb
dropped in to see what was going on in
ihe atudio. exclaimed. "It is very nicety
, paiDted; but why did you take such
ugly model 1 ' "It is my mother.
eajjiy replied the BrtlSt.
I , . .
don. a thousand limes f
Uh, par
cried the crit
1 1 jQ (jreat confusiion; "youare right-
i , r, .
I I ought 10 DafS perceivea 11. Qui 19'
sembles you completely.'
The Boton Traveler say.: "A re
cent visitor, Mr. It. A. Arnold, de
scribes the present ruinous condition of
Sebasiopoi in vivid terms. Street after
street presents the same aspect of ru
ined grandeur. Roofless houses, bro
ken pillars, walls p erced and torn by
artillery, and heaps of fragments meet
one on every side. But the ruins of
The magnificent government establish
ments, and of the superb docks, are
after all, the saddest mementoes of the
terrible siege and capture of the city.
These remain substantially as left by
the all;es. The finest barracks in the
world, built of the nicetl masonry, and
covering a square of nearly a quarter
of a mile, siill stand rotfless and torn,
in hopeless ruin, as do ihe fine hospi
tal buildings, and nearly, or quite, ev
ery other building in the doomed city.
But the destruction of the magnificent
docks, partly hewn out of solid rock,
and partly constructed of solid maaonry,
and filled and regulated in the most in
genious and perfect manner is. after
all, perhaps the very saddest proof of
the barberous nature of war, even
among the most civilized and cultured
nations The destruction of these ad
mirable works tested the ingenuity of
the French and English engineer,yet
their destructive work ' wis perfect.
Scarcely one stone remaics upon an
other; and the very foundations in sol
id rock ara cracked and opened to a
great depth. Such is war, nnd thus
enduring are the bitter consequences
of war after seme fourteen years of
Value or Vocal, Mcsic is Schools.
I here introduce a fact which has
been suggested tome by my profession,
and that is that the exercise of the or
gans of the breast, by fineine, contrib
utes very much to defend them from
those diseases to which the climate and
other causes expose them. The Ger
mans are seldom ever afflicted with
consumption, nor have I ever known
but one instance of spit'ing blood
among tnem. inis. i Deneve, is in
part occasioned by the strength wnicn
their lunr8 acauire by exercising: them
frequently in vocal music, for this enn-
stnutes an essential brancn ot tneirea
UCStlOn. Dh. RrjSH.
The p1A5ro.Nex( t0 books there is
no inanimate ihino- in . the house that
P'-J "k FrHtat)le pleas
ure as a piano
A library and a piano
are symbols of high civilization. Thse
two spread the nobler banquet where
the soul is fed, without fear of gluttony
or dissipation. As books brin into
our daily circle a familiar companions
i . ... i i
e noblest spirits ina ever wrougnt
anon earth, and permit us to rear our
. . :nPuence oflhe n0
be8l natures, so the piano, with simple
incanttiions. brings us up from their
sleep the brotherhood of song, and per
suades them to dwell among us.
According to a writer in the Chicago
Times, a strong mirded female of Biie-
ton, a Mrs. Howe, has discovered mat
it is "polarity" that makes the differ
ence between the sexes, and that
when a man looses his ''polarity" he
become? a woman ! She says: "You
cannot destroy your polarity
your Da
tive centrality, and circumferentiality
without destroying yourself. Jes so
A Cincinnati Jew who kept well in
formed of the drift of events tu his de
nomination is reported to have said
not long since: "Of two things 1 am
certain; of one I am uncertain. I am
certain 1 will die a lew. t am certain
that my grandchildren will die Chris
tians, but I am uncertain whether my
sons will die as Jews or Christians.
.... . a , a-
A lady having tita good iortune to
have her husband hang himself on an
apple tree, the wife of a neigbor im
I - 1 .1 a. la?
I mediately came to oeg a brancn ot
that tree for who knows" says she
but it may
bear the same kind of
! f ruiu"
It will take a month, at least, to
ventilate, purge, purify, and sweeten
the White House, and make it tolera
ble for human habitation. It is to be
no longer used, we believe, for whisky
storage and other kindred purposes
particularly the latter.
Secretary Waahburne, we regret to
say, is in very poor health, tie has
literally ustd himself up with bard
work. A more fiiubful public servant
cannot be round, and we hope the
change in accepting the mission abroad
will fully restore him.
Ex President Johnstn has, at length
fejry taken
the downwaid i. arrow
i nu I ,4 , n . k .C
. gusge lists nuiiii icau, iu mo uuitc
. 0j a l City alderman. He
igf, Washington not too rapidly Plen
tv of steam aboard. Go ahead!
heu the Bieum mariner puts to
the ea. his prayer is, -'Keep me, my Gou
1 mv boat is so emu II. and thy ocean so
wde !" Does uoi this beautiful prnye
truly express the condition of each of
an us ?
It is one of the singular facts this
year, that do not often occur, that po
tatoes are worth more than corn, and
a barrel of onions will purchase a bar
rel of flour.
The Congregational Church at Du
btiqe ha a 86.000 organ.
The New York Sun calls Chicago a
"rising western town
Six London theaters are managed
by women.
The price of telegraphing in Prus
sia is to be reduced about one-half, lm
mediaialy. A general Commercial Convention
a m a sT WV
win be held at xviempnis, ieno., in
They sell shad by the pair in Wil
mington, IN. U.
It u said that corn is growing finely
in Florida.
Atlauta, Georgia, has an "Ugly
,laka ice is worth five cents a pound
in San Francisco.
The office of collector of the port of
New York is worth $27,000 a year.
A Richmond genius recently carried
the follies of the bal masque to a la
borious and painful degree of comical
ly. He personated -a donkey attached
to a small go-cart, in which the driver
was seated in the guise of a farmer.
The donkey moved on '-all fours" and
braced at intervals.
A Connecticut boy of Danbury late
y undertook the job of drowning'a cat
by putii' g it in a paper bag wnh a
stone, and throwing it into a pond.
The result was that the cat arrived at
home before the boy did.
The water was warmed for the com
fort of the candidates on a baptisimal
. t r
occasion in a uapust cnurcn, in rrov-
idence.last Sunday. The rising steam
caused a general stampede among ibe
congregation and fainting among the
adies, who thought the building was
on fire.
Duriiig the last week in January the
whole population of Sorredto near Na
ples, turned out to witness the act of
abjuring the Protestant faiih by two
young girls.
Seven hundred and eighty-one thous
and seven hundred and forty-six dol-
ars worth of real estate was sold in
New York last week.
Pass it Abound. A Wooden
Wadding Marrying a blockhead.
AGo!den Wedding Marrying for
money. Elmira Times.
A Crvsial tv.4d,nn. "--'j s
"glars eye. Syracuse Courier.
A Tin Weddiue Marrying a mini
ma id. Auburn JVeir.
A Paper Wedding Marrying an
editor. Itasca Democrat
A Silver Wedding Marrjing an
old maid of sixty. Waverly Demo
An Iron Wedding Marrying a
blacksmith. Brandon Repvblican.
A Linen Wedding Marryiug a
laundress. Citizen.
A Bray-ien Wedding Marrying
any jack-ass who spends his time writ
in? paragraphs like the above. Jfo
bile Tribune.
Leather Wedding Marrying an
animal like the last writer, who can
only be managed with a bridal. Non-
Halt er Wedding Marrying an "an-
imile." like the editor of the Mobile
At the recent Christian Convention
in Chicago, Rev. Mr Hareha said one
means be was taking to bring in the
Dour was to abolish pew-renting. It
was working well with him- Prof.
Bartlett, of the Congregational Theo
logical Seminary, said he believed the
first step we needed to lake was to
dress more plainly on Sunday. This
applied more especially though not by
any means exclusively, to the sisters
He would not have us make our
churches any less fine, but be would
have all come as brothers and sisters
with hearis full of piety towards God,
and love toward men, and
not come
dressed as if for an opera or a party
The poor woman has feelings the same
as the rich. She will not, she cannot
go to church in calico and sit beside
silks and satins. It is too much tor
poor human nature to beer. Several
others spoke upon the came point
agreeing with the sentiments of Prof.
Bartlett, and urging strong. y their im
Is is related that the ex Queen of
Spain recently resolved to visit all the
convents in Parts, but a rebutl she re
ceived at one of them will probably
lead her to abandon her design. At
this one she was received without any
sort of ceremony, and on leaving, not
one but the Lady Superior accompa
ntetl her to the door. "Why am I not
treated with more respect than this ?
asked her majesty. The Superior
meekly replied that it was not the cus
torn of the bouse to do extraordinary
honors to visitors. "B it I am a Queen !"
The Superior replied that no exception
wa made in ihe rules for a Queen
Why. in Spain," exclaimed the Queen
anrnly. ''the nuns kneal when I enter
the convent." "Oh, madam." was th
answer, "here we only kneel to God:"
Keans have been selling in tne ini
. . .....
catro market at seven and eight dollars
a hushels. and few of first Quality
be had at that. Wouldn t it pay West
ern farmers to raise something beside
com and wheat exclusively ?
A YVohdebful Fhoit Soap ber
ries are to be found in immense quan
tities throughout Alaska. They grow
on a bush about the same in appear
ance as whortelberries. When ripe
they are red, of a juicy and qu:nine
tate; and generally biennial. One
quart, when placed in a tub the size of
a bushel, will, when stirred, complete
ly fill the tub with froth, and the m.ire
it is stirred with the naked band and
arm, the stiff r it becomes, until yon
can cut it with a knife. It is eaten
with horn or wooden spoons, all the
family sitting around the tub. It is un
doubtedly an acquired taste, but the
commodity is much sought for The
froth 'is of a beautiful pink color.
Green berries will make nearly the
same amount of f roth.but it is ot a white
color, and is not so highly flavored.
Foreigners stir it with port or sherry
wines, and add sugar, in which case it
is a delicious luxury.
"Whtt were the mob saying!" ask
ed the District Attorney, of a Yankee
witness "down East," ina riot there.
"Well, they was a sorter singing."
"What were they singing about?"
"Well, they were singing 'pout a
What was the song what were
they saying? '
"Well, as nigh as I kin keep track
they was a teilin' a Misses Long (her
first name was Lucy) to take her
"You can go.
A Cockney family were lately ga
zing at a shop-window in Rockford, I
IU. Little girl "Oh, mamma! is that
an 'en?" Mamma "No. my child,
that is a howl.'' Father "No. my
wife and daughter, that is -neither a
'en nor a howl; but it is a beagle, the
hembletn of this blarsted country.
They have in Wisconsin what are
called "hard time parties." The invi
tations are written on brown paper,
and request the guests to dress in their
eld clothes. Bean soup, crackers, and
dried herrings constitute the refresh
ments, wnh "cambric tea and water
to wash them down. The guests walk
Young ladyftoFred.with thin egs.)
..v?-j t J: - -
:re.u. 1 aiwavf 9oniiry'V
r leu, l always outline .
I knew wneu 1 first laid eyes on you
that you were brave to rashnsss.' -
Fred (coming up smiling.) ' Oh, don i
my dear. Why do you say that?"
YourjiT ladv "Why. any man
courage who can trust bimseli
a time on such legs as yours."
ong at
Miss Lizzies Buynton, of Crawford-
ville, Ind., having lectured on the sub-
lect. "Alter feuttrage, wnat; receivea
answer the other day in the shape 01 an
old pair of trousers, a jacket, and a dull
Henry Ward Beecher says that when
be wa. a student be frequently walk
ed thirty miles a day. On one occa
sion. to see a certain family, be walk
ed fifty miles. It is to be presumed
I he finally became a member of the
I - W
There are 13.000 rails en ronte from
England to New Orleans, for the B. &
M. R. R. They are to be delivered
by steamer ut Burlingtcn.
A Pennsylvania chap recently tried
to open a bomb-sneu witn a rea not
poker The last seen of him he was
looking for a place to baog his hat in
the milky way.
Since the repeal of the prohibitary
dog-law of Wisconsin, dogs have in
creased four-fold. It is predicted thai
farmers will not dare to return to sheep
raising even when it promises to be
profitable again.
Indian and a she bear were
foun(j lying dead together in the town
of Woodville, Wis. The Indian had
shot ii p bear six times and then at
tacked ber with a knife. She squeez
ed the life out of him in a dying ef
The Turkish government ha? offi
ciatly thanked Count Voa Bismark for
the attitude preserved ty l'russia (lur
ing the discussions on the Cretan quas
tiun in the sitting of the Conterence.
The Odd Fellows of at. Louis are
making the most elaborate prepara
lions for the celebration on the 26th ot
next month, of their semi-centennial
A Wisconsin machinest caught hit-
long and luxuriant beard in some ma
chinery hst week, and had it torn out
by the roots.
We prefer a rusty razor with a doz
en ot nicks.
Ike s last trick was to throw Airs
. . a aT
Partington's old gaiter into the alley,
and call the old lady down from the
,hirA floor to see an alley gaiter.
If harness is washed in warm water
till pliable, never put it away or us
it till it has been theroughiy ouea. uo
i -
- not use Tarnish
to ilkie Uollins
calls the woinans's
rights movement giving men's work to
poor women, aud letting men rhifi for
What is the difference between ac
cepted and rejected lovers? Why, the
accepted kisses the misses, and the re
jected misses the kisses.
"I tell you what, sir," said a Yankee
of bis opponent, "he don't amount to a
sum in arithmetic; add him up and
there's nothing to carry.
Man's happiness is said to hang
upon a thread. This must be the
thread that is never at hand to sew
on the shirt bution that is always off.
A man who had been fined several
weeks in succession for getting drunk,
cooly proposed to the magistrate that
he should lake him by the year at a
reduced rate.
A man who was shooting "for fun"
in C olorado, recently shot an individ
ual who he says, unfortunately popped
his head round a corner and struck lb
As an old woman lately was walk
ing through enfl of the streets of Mon
treal at midnight, a patrol called out,
Who's there!" "It is I, patrol," said
she, "don't be afraid."
An Irishman who wrs asked to fur
nish proof of his marriage, took off his
hat and exhibited a scar on his head.
Here," said he, "is my marriage cer
tificate. Thai's Judy's mark."
"I'll neither tell my age for census
or sovereign, said the cook most res
olutely to her master, who was prepar
ing for the enumerator. "Very well,
I'll put down sixty-five," was the cool
reply. "Upon my honor, sir, I waa
only fifty eight last birthday,'
ed cook.
A good story is told of a German
shoemaker, who, having made a pair of
boots tor a gentleman, of whose finan
cial integrity he had considerable doubt,
made the following reply to him when
he called for the articles: "Der poots
ish not quite done.but der bed ish madi
Mental Activity: If the water
runneth, and holdeth clear, sweet, and
fresh; but stagnation turneth it into
noisome puddla. If the air be fanned
by the winds, it is pure and holdsomet
but from being shut up, it groweth
Kirtr a nit nutrirl TF mental Ka m.
nioved thev .bae .moo,h Ani .niendid:
irj - - ' 1 - -- r -
'nil lay tin an I. thr cnn
vui lav tin n.t thoir innn
lf be earth is labored wit
y,eideih corn; but laying
wi!l be OTerg,own with
lblslies and the better th
neglected, it
bushes and
soil is, the
ranker weeds it will produce. All
nature is upheld in its being, order and
shape by constant agitation: every
creature is incessantly employed in
acton conformable to its designed use.
In like manner, the perservation and
improvement of the faculties depend
on their const'ant exercise; to it. God
has annexed the best and most desir
able rewardeuccess to our under
takings, wen'th, honor, wisdom, virtue,
salvation. Barrow.
A young wife remonstrated with
her husbaud, a dissipated spendthrift,
on h;s conduct. "My love," said he,
"I'm only like the prodigal son, I shall
reform by and by." "And I will be
lik the prodigal son, too," she replied.
"for 1 will arise and go to my tamer;
and eccordicgly off she went
A certain clerk in this village re
cently made the following comment on
Pocahontas: Said he: "Jfocahontas
was a noble kind hearted and true
mau." "Hold on," cried bis compan
ion, Pocahontas was a woman.'"
"She was, -h !" said he; "well, that's
few V J .
lust my luck; how am 1 expecita 10
know: 1 tever read tne uioie :
The son of Rev. Mr. Montague, re-
J siding at Whitewater, Wis,, was deliv-
enng a college vaieaiciory ttnuieu u.
short time ago, wnen in taking nis
handkerchief out of his pockei.he pull
ed out a pack of cards which fell to the
floor. "Hulloa." he exclaimed, "I've
got on my father'a coat." The worthy
divine, who sal in front of his promis
ing son, was more confused than his
hopeful scion.
Something you're always coming lo
blows with Your nose.
On the day before the Inauguration
Thomas Nast. Ihe caricaturist, called on
Gen. Grant, and sank in by Gen ttadae
a sketch representing the President hold
ing a bag lrom which cats were escaping.
Each cat wan to have the bead of the
Cabinet officer, and Nast wanted to know
boss heads to draw to eomtilete the
sketches Grant soon came out, laugh-
:ng heartily, and eiid: "Mr. Isast, your
sketch is excellent ; bat I shall not let
the cats out of my bag until Friday, and
you mast wait till then to get the like-
Dr. Chalmers beautifully says : "The
little that I bave seen in the world and
known of the history of mankind ttaches
roe to look upon their errors in sorrow,
not in aner Whtn I take the butory
of one poor heart that his sinned and
sufferred, and represent to myself the
straggles and temptations it passed thro'
the brief pulsations of joy; the tears
of Tegrat; the feeblsnesa of purpose;
the corn of the world that has little
charity; the desolation of the soul's
sanctuary, and the threatening voices
voices within; health gone; happiness
gone I would fain leave the erring souls
of my fellow men with Him from whose
hands it came.
i t
i '