Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, February 04, 1869, Image 2

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THURSDAY, FEU. 4, 1863;
We are. lasirom tt reseiviag carrjapimdetc from
all FrUof the State,' reUtlT to the taaterial late
esti of the country, together with tuck, otkar t
er as contributor may deem of interest.
We incline lo the belief that our
Legislature should provide some means
13 render the State Lands available for
the purposes for which they were ori
ginally intended- These lands cover
707,700 acres of land, and deducting
the 500,000 which are likely to be
rarcelled out by the presesession of
the Legislature for internal improve
ment8,we have 207,760 acre of lacd
as follows:
72 sections to aid State University.
72 " development Saline
20 sections to aid State Penitentiary
on . . state liiiutiiDgs
90,000 acres to aid State Agricu'tu-
rnl CftUtttrm.
These lands, we understand, are all
well located in the finest portions of the
the State, and will command ready sale
at a fair figure. They should not be
allowed to remain in the same situation
that the non-Vesident lands in the Slate
-;' tnt should be thrown open to
-rw'seulers at as early a; day as
nrar.f.Mble. Our. Legislature should
pats a law placing these lands under
control of some State Department, set
a minimum price on them, and author
their sale. through the properly au
nf the Slate: aland
inouzeu u&-
commissioner, for instance, who should
hound in a large amount
to fairly and honorably discharge' the
duties of his office ; his salary to be a
certain percentage on the actual sales
We suggest the propriety of seme
such course, for the reason, that owing
to large amounts of land in our Stale
heinr; held by non residents, specula
tors and railroad monopolies, the set
tlement and consequently the develop
ment of the State is seriously retarded
fc;ia the same time the buildings
necessary to the successful operation
of our Slate Government are urgently
demanded by the people.
There are many important .point.
connected with a law putting such a
course as we advise in force which are
highly important to its successful opera
tion. These could be developed in an
Act covering the whole case, and we
doubt not,. that should any leakage
i-ropn into it. there would be some of
- - r
our watchful legislators ready to point
out the defect and secure such amend
ments as would give us a strong and
healthy law. We hope this matter
will meet with the consideration which
its importance demands ftom the pres
ent State Legislature, and that before
the close of the present session we taay
be able to announce the passage
uch an Act as we have indicated.
It will be seen from the late ds
patches that the committee on Indian
affairs in the Senate, reported a bill to
detach the Bureau from the Depart
ment of the Interior and erect i n In
d:an Department, without a seat in the
Cabinet, similar in- this respect to the
Agricu'lual Depntaient, and provi
ding for its reporting direct to Congress
The general impression if? that this bil
will not become a law, at least for the
present. The sentiment in Congress
is in favor of postponing the considera
tion of thu matter until after the close
of the present session. It is to be re
gretted that the views entertained by
-the President elect are not sustained
on this question. We honestly believe
that a great source of corruption would
be most effectually dried up, could ihe
management of Indian affairs be en
tirely transferred to the War Depart
ment, while at the same time, the hon
est administration of the business con
nected with the Indians would forever
allay the hostile feeling now existing
among the various vibes of the interior.
The feeling of animosity to the vhites,
in a great measure, grow out of the
wholesale robberies committed by par
ties connected with Iadian Agencies,
"against the Indians; and this prolific;
cause of hostiliiy once effectually
squelched would' do more to maintain
peace than anything else. Another
reason why the War . Department i?
belter able to control this whole matter
is, that the Army ever has beeu sta
tioned along the frontier and brought
mare or less in CDntact with the 'differ
ent tribes, thereby enabling the officers
to form more correct estimate of Iadi-
' aa character , and ' wants, ' than the
favorite lying friends of Senators'and
Congressmen, who are started from
our great cities, to manage Indians,
and make thair pile, as a reward fur
their valuable services in the various'
: political campaigns in which their con-
. greiiional friends, were triumphant.
We, as a people, look for wisdom in
action of t!iae vd elect to frame
our laws and manage the affairs of our
nation, but if the mainiaiuance of a
great evil must be sustained ihat lucra
tive position may by provided for men j
who" sell their influence to,, secure a
chance at the "perquisites" of .Indian
Agencies, out of which so many have
become wonderously fat., then indeed
has this people come' to a cond'iion that
is clearly deplorable, and should the
decision of Congress b against the
ransfer of the Indian Bureau to the
War Department, no other conclusion
can be well arrived at by the people.
than that our representatives in Con
gress are blind because they will not
see, and deaf bicause they will not
hear. We sincerely, hope ihat this
whole matter will be thoroughly venti-
aied before the final action of Con
gress, and that the immense outlay of
moneys involved in our frequent and
necessary campaigns against hostile
tribes, may be stopped effectually by a
radical change in the management of
the whole family cf "Loa."'
Editorial Correspondence.
Lincoln, Neb.
Feb. 1,1869
As is usual, the latier part of the
session is likely to be crowded with
important business, and it will be
&trange if some measures are not acted
upon too hastily for the public good.
Several important bills are now before
either House, and many more are be
io3 matured. " We hrtve two different
bills up for disposing of the public
lands, and several others are likely to
be introduced sooo. Every man seems
to have some pet scheme cf his own
It appears now very much like the
question was settled in favor of giving
the State lands to Railroad companies
and there is a terrible scrambling to
see who shall gel the biggist crab.
There is a growing fueling, however
that we should give no lands for rail
road beds, but that we should have ac
tual railroad in running order, before
anybody gets a foot of State land.
There ore a very few men who main
tain that these land should nut be gi
en direct to railroads, but that the pro
ceeas or sales only snoutu te given
and that lands should be so! I to none
but actual setters. The Bill abolishing
the death penalty was up for discussion
before the Senate one day last week
and all the oratcrs were allowed to fx
ercise their lungs. The till was de
feated by a vote of eight to fur. Had
the State been supplied with secure
jails and a good Penitentiary, the resu
might, and probably woulJ, hzve bee
different. The feeling was in favor of
abolishing the death penalty, but the
judgment of the Senate was against it
at the present time. I hope to see the
dty when the death penalty will le
abolished throughout the whole land
A bill requiring a majority of the free
holders of any precinct lo sign a peti
tion therefor before any person could
be licensed to. sell liquor, was indefi
nitely postponed last Saturday. An
other bill will probaoiy be introduced,
wiih modifications, as there is a gene
ral feeling in favor of placing heavier
restrictions upon the whisky traffict
A new school bill will be brought be
fore the legislature in a few days, al
most an exact copy of the present law
except that provisions are made for
electing Slate and County Superinten
dents, also for graded schools, and a
few defects in the present law are be
ing remedied. II.
The Nebraska City JVetrs contains
the following items.
Nebraska City is worth Sl.656.2SS.
Bricks. 200,000 bricks are now in
the city ready for the spring work.
The aggregate weaUh of Otoe coun
ty has increased more during the year
1568, than any two previous to that
.The new buildings that will be erec
ted on Main street, during the coming
season, will cost $150,000.
' Fourteen head of ca'tle died in the
vicinity of Bennet's Mill last week of
dry murrin. They belonged to John
McCarthy of Wyoming precinct. Du
ring cold weather eattle should be
driven to water.
James G. Bios 3, formerly telegraph
operator at this place, and now of
Council Bluffs, Iowa, left the city this
morning with his family, for his now
place of abode.
.Meait. the citizens of Wyoming
with malice towar J our young city and
without giving us notice, held a railroad
meeting al thai place on Wednesday
afternoon and evening, for the purpose
of securing the terminus of the "Bur
lington & Missouri River Railroad" al
Wyoming; as an inducement the citi
zens offered the company 3100,000 in
greenbacks and one half of the town
site of Wyoming.- The following gen
tlemen were appointed a csmmittee to
correspond with the officers of the com
pany io regard to the location: F. W.
Itolb, Hiram Hurst. Henry Davi?, i
J.din Mc Carthy and C. H. Cowels.
A. person, who aueded the meeting id-'
formes us ihat ihe most iiitense excite-
jiTent .prevailed during the delibera
lions, and ihat the amount SlOO.000
was subscribed by citizens quickly
and without hesitation. The only ihing
that troubled them in the least was,
how to secure ooe-ha'f of the townsiie,
which rumor says belongs to Nebraska
City man. From our experience in
railroad matters, and particularly wiih
this company, we suggest that they
withdraw that proposition and give the
company one million dollars. It will
bo jui as easy for Wyoming to pay one
million as one hundred thousand. Give
ihe-.n a million by all means.
"Snaix " On January 1st, 1S69,
the son of Mr. Beask'y, farmer near
Nebraska City, discovered a large
nrairie snake ouietlv eniovios his
i -
noon day nap ia. the .New Year sun
shine. , - : . . r
This snake was probably out calling
He was immediately slain. . This
Demonstrates the mildness of Nebras
ka winters. But we hrve aaoiher
proof in the fact that thosame.Mr
Beasley caught a butterfly in the
woods on the 14th of this month, the
butterfly aforesaid being only arrayed
In summer costume and a
The Pawnee Tribune says that on
Sunday , night Ia3t somebody entered
Shellhjrn's Store Room bv cutting the
window sash and taking out severa
glass. The money drawer was pried
open and a little change not- over
three dollars taken. The thief has
not been discovered.
Mr. J. E. Crow, "the big farmer
of Richardson, who is spending the
winter in Pawnee City, while absent
last week; sold a portion of his farm
for S19,000. , Ihe cultivated part at
30 per acre and the raw prairie at
la per acre. JMr. crow still owns
oyer 2,000 acress of the same body o
laud. :
All of this land Mr. Crow enttred
with scrip nine year ago, costing him
not over SO cents per acre
A Seeiods Accident. Afrihtfu
accident occurred to a well known citi
zen. Mr. Phillip Norton, at the corner
of Thirteenth and Chicago streets yes
terday afternoon al about 4 o'clock
which may yei result in the death of
the injured mm. From what inform
ation we could gain on the subject it
would appear that Mr. Norton was at
temptins to stop a team of freightened
mules, and in the effort to do so was by
some means thrown under the heels of
the animal?, when one cf the .rules
began kicking at a desperate rate, two
of the blows being received by Mr
Norton about ihe head and face. One
of the kicks inflicted a' serious scalp
wound, just above the frontal boae
and several inches in length. The
other blow was lodged against the low
er rim of the brow and extended down
ward to the t:p of the nose, mashing
the face and nsse in a horrible man
ner. The wounded man was picked
from the street and carried to his home
where he lay in an insensible condi
lion tor soma li ne. ut. Dan was
called upon to dress his wounds, and
from him we learn that the wounds in
flicted are not of a fatal
nature. Rejyublican,
A correspondant writing from Glen
wood, Iowa, to the Omha Republican
says that ths Westers Siage Company
are putting on a line of coaches along
the line of the B &, M R R. via Glen
wood, Pacific Cuy o:i the line of the
C. B &. St. Joe R. R , PUttsmjuiliand
Salt Creek Valley lo Lincoln, the Cap
ital of your Slate.
This is greatly needed, and no com
pany are as well able to open a good
line as the Western. This line is
expected to be on and in running con
dition by Feb. lOih. 1S69. It is inten
ded to follow the survey of the B &-M
R R R. The work on said road at
this point is being pushed to its utmost,
considering the condition of the ground
for grading.
Tbe following Slate Legislatures
have chosen United Stales Senators for
the ensuincr six year:
Maine elects Hannibal Hamlin, in
place of Mr Morrill:
Massachusetts re-elects Charles
New York elects Gov. R- E. Fenton
in place cf Mr. Morgan.
Pennsylvania elects John Scott. Re
publican, in piece of Buckalew, Dem
ocrat. Delaware elects James A. Bayard
and Thomas A. Biyard, whipping
post Democrats.
Michigan re-elects Zach. Chandler.
Wisconsin elects Mat. II. Carpen
ter in place of renegade Doolittle.
Minnesota re-elects Alexander
Missouri elects Carl Schurz, in place
of the traitor Henderson.
Nebraska re-elects T. W. Tipton. .
Indiana elects D. G, Pratt. ,
Nev Jersey elects Stocking.
West Virginia elect Gov. Bore man.
V January 2S, 1S69.
Senate opened in usual form.
Cunningham of committee on agri
culture reported back "Senate No. '25,
"an act to protect cultivated land from
lra.pass by stock," without reconunen
Ashton, by leave, introduced Senate
No 34, an act to dispose of four sec
tions of public lands to aid in construc
tion of Telegraph line.
Hathaway introduced Senate No.
35, for an act to legalize the official
acts of J N Wise.
House Roll 10, an act to prohibit
sale of intoxicating liquors on days of
Senate No 21 an act to amend an
act to provide for the funding of the
warrants of Douglas County, approved
July 25, 1S67. Passed, by a unani
mous vpte. .- .
Senate No 4, an act providing for
Notaries public and assigning their du
ties. Passed unanimously.
Senate No 29, an act making appro
priation to piy military claims, recom
mitted to committee cf whjle, and
made speciel order for to-morrow al 2
Cunningham introduced Senate No.
36, an act to create the office of Regis
ter of Deeds- Bill read second time.
by its title and referred to committee
on Judiciary.
Gere from committee on Engrossed
and Enrolled bills, reported Senate No
1, an act to transfer Sinking and Mili
tia fund to General fund, correctly en
Senate met at 2 o'clock and went
into committee of the whole on bills of
second reading.
On motion of Hathoway, committee
rose and reported by Mr. Frost, their
chairman. Senate bill 30, an act to ere
ate a Board of Immigration, buck wi:h
a recommendation that it be printed
and made a special order for Monday
House Roll 4, an' act to provide for
terms of Supreme Court, r epmmited
to standing committee on Judiciary.
Report of the committee of the whole
adopted and till disposed of accord
ingly. Ch pin rr.nred that rales bo su pen
d-d and Juint R?o!ti nn for prant of
1-ind to Railroad from Y;inkn'n to Co
,sub is be engro-st-d for third rending
to-morrow. -'
D:i motion of C!iip:ri, r.n'e bill '26,
an act to fix U-rm cf Di.lrici Court in
Lancaster co.n;y, wi3 . eugrosstd for
3d reading to ui:;rrov.
On motion of Cjmi nffbrn Senate
bill 67, on net making Section lines
public roads was made the special or
der for Saturday, at 10 o'clock.
Ou motion of Chapin the Reports of
the Sheriffs of Otoe and Cass counties
were referred to the'cotnnr.iuee on
Finance Way and Me. n.
Stevenson introduced Senave bill 37.
entitled an act to amend code ef-civil
procedure relative to appeal to the Su
preme Court. Read 2d time by its
litli! and referred to the committee cn
Gere introduced Senate bill 38, an
act to amend section 531 of Tiile 14 of
code of civil procedure. Read 21 time
by its title and referred to committee
on Judiciary.
Majors introduced Senate bill 39 an
aci to provide for the registration of
voters. Read 2d time by its tiile and
referred to committed on elections.
Jnnuaty 23, 1S69
LoeIand presented petition of John
N. Kellom, of Omaha, praying tint if
the title of the Capttor Squaru niid
building be transferred to the city of
Omaha, il be on condition thai the said
city redeem the scrip issued to complete
said building. On mocon. it wa re
ferred to a special committee consisting
of Douglas county members.
Tuilis presented peti'.io-j of Schnapp
and others, praying that Section lines
may be made legal roads, reported
back from committee on Public High
ways without recommendation.
Parmelee introduced House Roll 5S,
An act to regulate and establish Me
chanics' liens " Referred.
Hunt introduced House Roll 60, "an
act to md in the construction cf a bridge
across Blue river.'
Tuilis introduced House Roll 61, an
act to amend section 1 of an act enti
tled "an acl to provide for the appoint
ment of Clerks of District Court. Re
ferred to Judiciary committee.
Sena'e bill 5, a Joint resolution for
the relief of Moses H. Sydenham 20
voting in the affirmative aiid 16 in the
negative. The bill passed. It pro
vides for the payment to Moses II.
Sydenham of mileage and per d. em
from the beginning of the session up to
the present time.
Senate bill 21, an act to amend an
act entitled an act to provide for the
funding of the warrants of Sarpy
county. Referred to committee on
W ays and Means.
The House now went into committee
of the whole, to consider bills on their
2d reading; Mr. Griffen in the Chair.
House Roll 35, an art to aid in the
consttuction of linages across the
Plane river" was taken up. and the
discussion on one amendment to the 1st
section t strike out the word Peop'es'.
in the clause "Pet-pie s Platte River
Bridge Company," so thai it will read
"Platte River Bridge Company," took
up the forenoon.
Al twelve o clock ihe committee
arose and the Hiuse look recess until
two o'oolock. ...
reasseitibleil at two ocIo-;S and imme
diately . weni iiiio cotntiii tee tf ihe
whole, Laving iti coufuji raticn II. Ls on
thir 2J reading, Mr- Griffien in the
Senate 19. "an act for the relief of
the Sia'e Normal School," without
amendment. .
House Rcll 24. ' an act to authorize
county Commissioners to pay all per
sons who have been acting as officers
lack fees in criminal cases." .
House Roll 23. an act to annul chap
ter 53, Revised Statutes entitled" Fer
ries," with amendments.
On motion of Prmele the bill fH
R 27) to restrain stock from runmti?
at large in Nebraska, was re commit
led to Agricultural committee.
The President laid before the Sen
ate the petition of Mrs Lincoln, widow
of the late President, asking for a
yearly pension. The petition is writ
ten on note paper with a heavy mour
ning border, and reads as follows:
"To the Hon. Vice President of the
United S'.ates:
Sir I herewith most respectfully
present to the Honorable Senate of the
United States an application for a pen
sion. I am the widow of a President
of the United States whose life was
sacrificed in his country's service.
Said calamity has greatly impaired my
health, and by the advice of my phy
sicians I have come over lo Germany
io try the mineral waters, and during
winter to go to Italy, but my financial
means do not permit me to take advan
tage of the urgent advice given me;
nor can I live in a style becoming the
widow of a Chief Magistrate of a
great nation. Although I live as eco
nomically as I can.
In consideration of the great service
my deeply lamented husband has ren
dered to t-he United States, and of tbe
fearful loss I have sustained by his un
timely death bis martyrdom, I may
say I respectfully submit lo yuur
honorable body this petition, hoping a
yearly pension may be granted me, so
that I may have less pt-cuniary cares.
I remain most respectfully,
Signed Mrs. A LINCOLN.
Frankfort, Germany.
Il was referred to the Committee on
There was once mi independent old
lady who, speaking of Adam's naming
all the animal-, said she didn't think
he deserved any credit for naming the
pig any person would ktow what lo
call him
Waailed, Agents.
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treok at hen-. AIKioit wiil be consigned toAgrat
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fall particular iidr-ps, wi;h tatpp,
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tion extended f,r six in":itba at ndm:niti atr.r of the
entate of 1. F. Fenr.iun, d c'd, I te of Cast eonn:r.
Nelrak. Tb I'ourt ban ap nitted ll.e S:h day
of Februiry. lf!6!?.to Ii ear an I de'eroiine t e mrce;
all i ervini in u reP d i. I appear ( u that day at my
ori.-e, id me Ci:y of riittsuiuiith. at Ii o cl'Kk p. in..
of tiiat day. WILLIAM P. OAGE,
Pri l:iie J Q'tge
Fl attsaiomh. February 1st, IsCS fd lxS.
for the People's Edition of
Conyfceare & Howscn's Life Mid
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August 14, 1567. R. K. LI VISGtjIOW. M.D. 1
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ttit rough dir. tiin for tlie
Culture of FlOwers And Vegetables.
'Hie r'li;rl Guide ii published for th- i.rnefii of my win m it U Per itt ut ai piirniiua
tut will be forwarded to ail who apfly I y nail, lor
Tea Oali, which U But half th c-t
jam ts xick,
Jan. 14. 1S69. Rochester, N Y.
ja G ft. McCALIiUM,
r.lanuf .ct'lier of and dealer in
Saddles and Harness,
Of ey ery description, wholesale and retail. No. 130J4
Main street, between 5lb and 6ih streets, Nebraska
City. jelS
Cheap Cash Store !
7 E have jrjst rpenl a large stock of Ocods ct
W Weeping Water, consisting of.
Dry Goods,
Wooden Ware, JVoiions,
Ard every thing the firmer and mechanic needs.
Styles and grade to suit. To buy elsewhere ra.t be
well, lo buy here is well always well prten bet
teroften best. Call and ee. I.rk at the Goods.
Ask for the price. Con'der well, and do what is
wlsewt. All Goods warranted n ri nreseoted.
July 30 tf.
Western Iowa.
Gleuwood. ITIills Co.. Iowa.
assisted by Competent Tntrne:ors.
Glenweod is delightfully located, healthful, moral
and eay of access by public conveyance. J'asen-
per over the C. B. Jt tt. Joo R. R. .'op at Pae fie
lit y, an J tlieuce taken by Stage three m.les. to
From j lo '.() per Term. Pupils admitted aljany
time. Beard, $2.51) to 3 .60 per week.
Winter Term begins Noyemher 10'h ; Spr'ng term
rehruary tti ; summer te-ni iay 4tn.
tot further part culars ald.e the President.
Les:a. IVolicc.
In District Court 2d Judicial District wiliiiu ar.d
for Cass county, Nebraska.
Perry Walker aminst S. II Walker.
To S. U. Walktr, dtfesdint:
Yni are herei'y nt. ti
tled that Perry Walker. ITaintilT has 9 ed a petition
in the olllee or the Clerk of the District Court of 2d
Judicial District, within and fur Cs county, Ke
bra-kn, tbe object and praye.- of said petition is to
obtain from yuu ' conveyance with covenants ol
esner il warranty for the east half of te nor'h e't
quarter of sot tion No l,in br nship II, north id
raogft 13 east f Ch Principal Meri l ur., in Ca-s
ci unty, Nebrk,i, which i remise kk in poes:on
of Plaintiff, an! whir.h he pn c'msed or you ai d
?aid Ihe full amuuttt of cons d'-raticu the efi.r, iml
for which you executed and dt-livred 10 plstntirt' a
warmnty tieed on the 7th diiy of Jan'wiy, IhSs. iu
tendiu tiieiby toconve said prem s,-. t-t itl liuiiir.bui
throuifh a mistake in the discretion lid iler-! rea s
the K 1-2 of N t t; of sec 1, in I . 10 N. of K. 11 K,
of rj h P. M., whirh tnist.tU- said pet tiou prays may
be cori-ectett a:id a tled ordered for tl.o tract of laud
fii-t atiove tli.scriied.
Tou are r- qirred to answer Slid pttituin on or be
fre the 22 I d jy.of Febraary
1'KRST TT.lI.i'KR.
Ey Maxwell Chapman, tfys fjr prtr.
fjCZnl rVoliec
A Tagdalena 3ierer, r f the town of K.Von. in the
I 1 s-.te of Wi-cousin, w,ll take trntic" th ji ll in
rich Xieyer, 1 f t'n' c uinfy of Cass, in the t'tat i l
Nebraska, did on the !.-:! tl ly of J. moire, n . i.
lSnj, file hi pf-'iiion yt the Iiisiriet Cou I c-f th 2
Jmi'ci) tii-trirt, w 1 ' 1 in x u 1 lor tbecuu'y of Cass,
in s.i'd "State cf Nebraska, agiic-t the said Ma;tla
en:i Meyr. defendant. ettiug forth that liie -iiid
llt'ior.clt Meye s was in-irneri iint ii" a..i I M i'l;ii
M yer in June A . p. 1st t, nd thnt the said Ma lale
na Meyer has been wi fuily abiieiit from tiie said
lb inrich ey r tor the rpjee of iv yeirs la1-! pa-'t.
without any cwne oe j.itii. atiotl theietif ou th
pait of the Mid Madnlena Jli j ff and praying Ihat
he may Le divorced (rum th': si I Mec hi"ea Myer.
The 'aid Madalena Mey-r is timified that sh ? is rc
quired In appear and answ rsai i peti'iuU un or 1 0
f .re the fr.-i u'.iy id Va'ch. j.D. I'rC'J
Dated January 21st, lso:.
Er William W. En wis, his Attorney.
Ordered Published in the NpniAfKA ilrni Ln, four
conseeutive week. WILLIAM L. Wtl.l.S,
Janlwi. Clerk 01 Dist. Crmrt.
Ieal Ioticc.
Ia District Court 21 Judicial District within a id for
Cass enntv. Neb asla.
Wiiliim T-ytitig. 1 Plaintill',
Melm'ta voting, t Eefer.dant.
, To Melindn Youug. defi'ndant, j'n are hreby tin
'Med that William Young, plaintiff, cn the 90ih rtar
f January. IsCd. tiled his petition in the oflice of
the Clerk of the Dioticit Court, wnhin and foi ass
C"tinty, N'ebis ska, rhaegicg yon, the said Melinila
Toung, defendant, with fcaving wiifully ab.ndoued
and absented yourseif fjuin ibesaiii William Voung,
plaintiff, for than two years last past, without
go-id cans e or just ifi'it lieu . and prariog tl at the said
William Tonng, pl.intifT.may be divorced from you,
tbe said Jfelinda Voung, fief . iiiian t.
Ton are reqairrd to answer nid petition on or be
fore the first day ol Jfurrh, 18C9."
Dated January 20th. lfiO.
WILLI A J YOfN'O, PliIntifT.
By Jaxwkll & Csipsu, Atior'y for Pl'ff.
JanJIv. I.
Pannele & Kershaw,,
Dealers in
LiTII. TI1IBEK, &c ,
Plnltsmouth, - - Neb.
Aoguet ftih, 198V.
r. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.;
cat.VV rcgrbMe and kiirmir. It virihrt and enn.a
ABBaa-mrn to miwi all ds-.sibh ro Tobacco. lit
tin- tVxxl. inviroratea tbe system. Duaamses ereat nouinh.
inz a.1 strengthening power, is an excellent touic a I ap
prttzerVnables the stomach to digest tlie heanivjfool.
makes dep refreshing, and estaUishes rohusyroealih.
bmoAers awf caetrer. or surfy years euretf. Pirfce Fifty
reuta per tVx, post free. An interesting tretie a the In
jurious eUArs of tobacco, with lists of testim'Ufi.Is, refer
ences. etc.. sV XT raac. Aeents wanted. Aiirs
lib. r. K. Abbott, Jerse j.ity, J,
For sixteen yesV I was a slave to tobco. smokiur or
OmiA Nebraska.
chewing all this tii. Staling Ir. Burtos Tobacco Anti
dote advertised, I pyebased a bom. IrVIoar days I found
relief, aol In a wee.x i was TnoaoriiLT ccmnor the
taste and disease boiV Aerer frtr amoment, inr then,
luxe I had th lra-t Ut tit ttncA tti uoclcao tbins-.
llusi C Wmwoo. I.D., M. t. Ckmr.
ieatricyiisee Vo., Nebraska.
I hare nsed tobaeco fonVlive Xr. out aee oera cur mi
Cf Ott habit by oite box of D Bion's Antidote.
Paoat TH U. P. TarsscrA, Serrnry s Please
r3 iiuiiiLr, ' g Jiium.
send a supply of the AJiuV- TrA o rtt-nl ha
dan it writ scatLV. r X O. T. tucaB.
Faow Naw lUBrsmRe STATtXPaisosi. Gentlemen
of influence bere, havurt- been cuV I of the appeuia for
toborco by using Dr. Jfurton's An'iVite, wedesua a sup
ply for tbe ririsonersol'iis Instil utio-X
JosF.rH !, Warden of NH. State Prison.
trr Kailioid nrr, "ITTSBCBGH. (A-l have turd
Faow tub OnnrrKsoisJBEii or ratUuKiur Val-
th. Auudo.a witbysreat succesa. It is cui 11 V all my friends.
A' Testiwoitt. (htsBoVnr Asnnnrs
cured my broiir and myself. It hetrb rais.
Key . n. sboehakbb, Kelley's .-Matkm. Pa.
Fbojs th Policb Hbaoocabtkbi, Lts. Mass.
AVlre g-iiwrfl thirty-Ac pound of AWA in thrceyrnonth by
nsiig Dy Barton's Antidote, sad all denr ftrobsc-co ia
removed Wa. L. WaV, Jb.
Fko tub Sorrws Howg Joubsau Baiv.ob,
Ma-lisi box of Burton's Antidote removed all Aemir
or tlfe weed from ma. I take pleasnre hi reeommrHim
u oar reaaers. 1. i.sutib, traitor.
7Vtiem3r; X CnpyigStrd.
1 e-3trr.S-
I.csal IVolicc.
In District Curt of the S I Ju llelsl Di trfct within
and for launders Ceunty, Nebraska.
Tl.omaa J Joc, of t' e Territory of Col.rado,
will laae notice that Joseph II Brewn, of the
rountv of Cass, In th sttte of Nebraska, did on 24
rtHy of January a D Hti,fll hi pfjtton In the
Clerk's Olfice f f tbe D st-ict Cojrt or the 2d Judicial
Distriet, within and for s.,mr!erj county, Nebraska
at tting forth th at the said Tliouti J. Jontsgavea
mortgage Id Tount Bro. ft Co., of the city r.f St.
Louis. Mo , ou the east Im'I (1-2) of the northeast
q-in'ter (V) and lue a l; weit qur:r ) or the
iiTtheast q ii trier ( t, ) and ilia soii'bc,! quarter (14 )
id the northwest quarter ( tjj of aeetion .No twenty,
seven C7). in township No seventeen (17) north of
rauga No .even (7). e-t-t of ihe 61 P. M.. in aaid
mdt r to'intv, N -brn ks, to secura the payment of
Uui ,1 SHI.W, ac-oruiug 10 a certain note r.
r rred to in sii i umrtcTJe ; and that Ntll nolo snj
mortgage ha sirre been aigued t the I'Ljuilitf -
. , ....-.. . ,1 mc niu 1 nomas j . Jonei may cay
hi Stl-n if iitll -.t . . . t . ' . '
- ,11 "e"i' U t't O ITU-, Wlttl
interest ou !u sum- feom the 15th l.i- jf December,
A I) 1.'7, at 0 rer cel. per anntti, or thatstid
premises m;iy be Id to satisfy the same.
Aid ihe :lil I II ,in. I r . 1 .
.. .. , ... ........ atrrs-ij umiutj
that he Is rrq-ur'd t . arpearan I answer a.ild pen.
'i ' "'"re ;ne j.itn uy ..f March, A n 1SC8
i Jt'-lftl H. BRO WS.
By HlLLETr rOTT!3EB, h s Alfy Jan!bw4
laeul IN'olicc
Ia District Ci'tirt of tie 2J Judicial District within
,v, tf.iiinici.cniimj, nr:ir isKS,
Wttllnm Garrlntl f.r Ih. ilia 1 . ;. . . - . ,
... .. ... .TIT,,-, W flj I. Uilli ft.
do. will take n.rlee that K 11 t, . ..
' I ... Kirowo, Ol IUO
county cf Cass, in Ihe .-tt t Xebraska, did on the
M (lay or January, A u- I Sb3. file his petition la
IheClrrk's Office ofthe DimrtrtCo nt 2 I Judicial Clt
Inct within and f.r Saunders Co., Neb,, a tting forth
"iiaiu ii.ri .ou aave i w
Young Bros k Co., ol the city of M. Loui, Mo . on
the southwest quarter of so-iion No twenty-fuur( ll)
in b.wnship No seventeen (17), n .rth of range No'
seven (71. east f the 6th P. M , in tbe aaid Ssuudar
connty, Nebraska, to sec re tbe payment of the sum'
of J57'j; ti, according to a certain nite referred to in
said mortgage, and sa d note ncd mortgaga hit
since been a-signed t3 Plain, Iff; and praying thst
the in ham tiurhsui. any pay said jutn of f.'iTS 6fi
now claimed to be due with interest on tbe Snuie
from the 13:h day of Jlarrh, a ISiS, at 10 per
cent, per annum, or that aaid premises nny b ,)U
to satisfy tbe same And tliessld H i.ii;n GanNon
ia hereby notified Ihat he U reqiiir-, to appear and
answer said peiuioa tn cr the lOtli day of
March, a P IC9.
By ITilmctt Pott BSirn, his Att'y Jati2Sws. '
Jehn Q. A. Owen i f . CoVura'i'H Nu-kols, WlllUtb
Oarrison and Thomas J. Jones. K recti-lun.
Notire is her. by given that I wi oflVr for sal at
public auction at the front door of tbe Court House
in IMaiivnioiith, Ca-s ciunty, Neliraska. on the 1st
.lay of Marih.a.' d, I?6l, at two o'clock p. m. of said
day, the loilowiug drscribed re estate, to-wil;
The xsuhe ist quar'rr of Ihe southeast quarter
(',) of ser:on thirty-four (81). and tlie southwest
quarter () f the southwest quarter ( i I of section
thirty five (.V.) in town hip No twelve ( 12). aorth
of range No thirte-n (13), east of the 6th p. it., in
Cass cr.unty. XebrA.ka : tM)cii as the property of
Wiiliaru Garrison and Thorns J. Jones. aIk, lots
Nenneaud two (1 and 2)iu block N i seven (K)'and
I'd No six (fi;, in b ock No eleven 'II), In the city of
Platlstiionth, Cass cm ty, brasa ; tikea as the
propei ty of Tin mf.s J. Jor.ea All taken on an exe.
cuti.n in favor ( lotin Q. A. Owen, Issued by the
Clerk of the Diitrirt Cou-t , wi t bill and for the
county of Cas, ard !tatti of Neariska, and to sue
directed as bhe-ifl r.f said county.
Given under my banr t!.i Hr):li day of January
J. n. Is6:'.
Jar,2sw.r. F,ij;J!' 5" connty. Nib.
Kstrny IVolices.
Tsken up by th und rs gned.fn the cify f plaits
m itith, al ou i the first .f, ISiJS, one dtik
sorrel pony coif, bald face, both its bind feat while,
and is a last sprit g coil. h. BKN'aEN.
Febroary 46.
Tken up by th ; aub-criber m his residence In
Right .Mile Grove I'r.clnc;, Januiry ISfh, lS'llt one
roan heifer, supposed lo he aliut two years old. one
steer uf a roaoisli color, wiii, r.-,j e rej oii
the no.-, and brntidod with the later K'oti the iefV
hip, anJ supposed t.i be about two years old
Aiso it, e IWi. year old pny ro't. dark bay with
Ma. k and tuil,tt.r-e whit-feet, and s'ar iu
foreuea l J j il A 1 KI E L L
T' cn ut l.y Ih-stiTst-ill er in 1 1,-s-iy p-renl
Cas Couuty. Neliraska, or e l-' ill. whitish cjir ted
ears, t:ppo?ed to he 'Z yersolj pei. '
J"1,-'wf V H It r.VDAI.L
Evergreens lurNebiask;
v x i p ii o t i: ciio rv r
I hare u-cesful)y growii g. In my Na-..ry. at
Fort Kearney, Neb'a-ka, an assortment o line
Voting Kveigreen., rtitisintit.jr
rixcs, nr:s. rKnm. ii:.vr.nrr. vryjv
..l .'(' AXJ A tinliVI lE,
whlh I r.VTv: for sale at IS e-nlj e.rh rr fj.l.fl n-r
I. 'red and njiwnrd, accon. !n to i.'ts. ?uiall
qn.-ntities if the ma'le.t trev c.iu ho sen t y niall
!.r;rrrnu ty ix;ir.-ii. Teri. v). A I lr? '
Jat2?uif. Jott Rr.:.iy, Nebrsks.
Pleasant View Nursery
I !;v on hand and for sal" a flan tiaeBt f
Ci nsisting of the cholct t variety of 3 ytar aid
Adapt-d to this loll and climate. Situated
Tuo and a hi'.f mil-a fouthiccst cf I'lats
mouth, Xetiratka.
I'errv Wnlkrr
Henry Boeck,
Lounges, Tables, Safes,
Of all descriptions and at all pricet.
Metalic Burial Cases,
" I lalaassaaaaaa..a-. '-.-mtm.'
Of all ciies, also
Ready made, md sold chtap for cash.
With many thank for paaf pst'onag. I Invite
all 1 1 cill and exa-cine mv larn r'o'-k of Vurui 'ure
and Coffins. Jan'.V'f.
Havir g pertnaneniiy h eated at
t' n leia 1,1s proft sni. mil .eryicea to th . c:i'i-tn (it
Case county , Nebraska. JmT jtf.
F. Tl Enton v John S ijr-gory. Jr Order of sale
Notiee is be ehy given th.i the nodersigae I, fiher
i.Tof tf;e C nnty ol Ca, will, by virtue of an ord
fsale issued by th- C!e- if the Ui'lrict Court '
I.. liens' r i Coon'iy, Neliaka, in favor of John S
(irei-'orv. J' , and g nnMS II E'.f.n. and t him i!i-n-cled
at two 'c.ock PM, on tho 10th diy of Fet.rj
a y. A ! l-t.9 at the i-ouit II jnse iu PWttsra.iuUi.
.n id Coon y ol Cs, i il.r for sjIb at publ c aur
iou ihe followinr goods and chatties, hi wit:
Uupl1 x wa'ch. iakn m execution In the ab.iy o".
ud ne 1 balisli Pat ent Lever w.iuli. aken on .i
..n'erot i e, all taken as the pruperty ef the ti-1
k. It .j.t.n:
Iiat'd thi!7ih dav of Januarv. A D Iff:'
J W JiiHN.-i'N.
Ih-rllTcf CasaCa bV